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File: 1447686561782.jpg (63.22 KB, 637x960, 1447599624018 (1).jpg)

No. 204635

Previous one reached its max.

They are still in Seoul. Venus did a ice cream mukbang stream. She got cold feet when there was an "error" in the paperwork for her to marry Manaki and decided not to marry him. Venus and Margo are attending Lexis Korea, which is a language school. An article starring Venus was published about her and mukbang.

No. 204636

If the update is a bit wonky, I do apologize. I'm exhausted and wanted to go ahead and get this thread up.

No. 204638

I also forgot the shitty website for Venus that Margo made.

No. 204643

OP you're supposed to also include links to Venus' social media accounts in the OP.

No. 204648

does her face look oddly blurry compared to the rest of her.
also her face is 10 shades whites than her hand

No. 204652

I honestly get the feeling she's just erased her entire face and just photoshopped a new face on it. Look at the angle of her ear next to her face, and the stretch of her neck. That's some major photoshopping there.

No. 204656

Wait, I'm not up to Venus, but she WON'T marry Manaki now?

No. 204658

Holy shit you're so behind.

No. 204659

Her hands look so unhealthy thin now. Ugh.

No. 204660

File: 1447693304623.gif (2 MB, 339x336, EntitledGamers.gif)

>shes not marrying Manaki now

heres my chance, how do I marry Venus

No. 204661

Guys I'm off to pull updating myself about peenus raibu while drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Will be back later

No. 204664

LOL guys. Type in prettyuglylittleliar.com instead of net. Lololol

No. 204665

my fuckin sides

No. 204666

K'I'm up to date now.
But I'm just like wtf?!?

So Japan isn't cool enough for her, let's dumb husband and her model carreer lol and move to kankoku to become a famous popstat lmao or what? Hahahaha oh sorry guys this is just too funny

No. 204667

that giant picture of her face is really weirding me out. Like its a horrible jpg or something.

Couldn't they have use a better picture

Well the problem Miss Satanic Trips is that Venus and her mom have no idea what they want to do.

First it was youtube fame and that slowed down, even regressed.
Then modeling lolita shit but that happened like one time
then Venus tried that embarrassing kickstarter which failed miserably to kickstart a singing career (wut?)
then ASMR videos on her youtube channel

It just goes on and on

No. 204671

Would have been easier to only include her website as it links to all anyways.

No. 204673

Her new website makes it obvious she is still the usual japanophile considering she made japanese language options for things like her blog.

No. 204705

File: 1447700278738.jpg (14.58 KB, 240x240, image.jpg)

Margo reminds me of Little My from Moomin

No. 204720

File: 1447701437184.jpg (182.47 KB, 948x600, 45678987654567472.jpg)


so..this guy goes to her class?

No. 204721


Oh, I didn't see them in the last thread. My bad ^_^;

No. 204723


I still think that she saw Manaki as a walking spousal visa. The error came back to her, she didn't go through with it because people KNEW her real intentions. Now i'm sure she wants to be a mukbang star. ech.

No. 204724




No. 204725


Sorry, that was weeaboo-ish.

No. 204729

It's not that it's weeby. It's that it's newfag.

No. 204730


Ah, alright. I've only been here for like half a year maybe and started posting a month later, so I guess it would make sense that i'm still a newfag. Anyway, let's get back to Venus and Margo.

No. 204736

That's not hard considering that Lexis Korea is the largest language school in Gangnam-Seoul.

No. 204738

Haha wow. I wonder how this is going to work and and I wonder if Crazy Margo will flip knowing some guy that knows her from the Internet is in her class.

No. 204743


No. 204748

RUN KEVIN RUN! Margo is going to eat you!

No. 204752


No. 204778

You don't know that Gangnam is in Seoul???

No. 204791

Oh god! I'm such an idiot! It's just like NottingHill-London, right?

No. 204794

How predictable of them to move to a location where they can constantly lurk around in order to get noticed for being special white gaijin snowflakes just like they did in Tokyo.

No. 204798

Theres only a few thousand white people in korea, anywhere you go you would be noticed for being a

No. 204950

Did you guys saw margos album for 9.99?

No. 204953

No. 204967

No. 204970

File: 1447774677866.png (686.34 KB, 898x597, iiwa.png)

> To the guy on the left saying "mukbang is dangerous": It's just food, nom nom. NOT eating is dangerous!
> Her only talent is eating ?? how pathetic

No. 204971

>but actually i was collect 786 photos of my lovely living doll

Jesus Christ.

No. 204972


Isn't that the guy that posted a picture of a noose after Venus said she was marrying Manaki? If it is, his creep level from 1-10 just went to 11.

No. 204974


That's him alright. Fuck knows how long he's been obsessing over her, but he needs serious psychiatric help.

Another post by him:


No. 204976


Obsessive people like him scare the shit out of me. I'm worried that when Venus rejects him (because let's be real here, she'll turn him down like a sack of bricks.) he'll kill her like some obsessive fans have done in the past.

No. 204977


Part of me wants her mother to step in and tell him enough is enough because it IS concerning. Crazed fans are the fucking worst ie. the 90's Latina artist Selena and the official fan club owner decided to murder her in cold blood.

No. 204978


We can only hope that she's smart enough to tell the dude to fuck off.

No. 204982

what exactly does margo DO to be able to afford all this traveling and classes and moving and shit???

No. 204986

She released a music album. Cant copy the link, but go on margaretpalermo.com

No. 204987

Sugar daddy and evading taxes, maybe.

No. 204992


Woah I have never heard of this case before wtf ty Anon.

No. 204994

File: 1447781018576.jpg (31.84 KB, 405x607, enhanced-17300-1416429987-12.j…)

There's a movie about it staring Jennifer Lopez. Sage for OT.

No. 204995

can someone elaborate on this? What is this anon talking about?

No. 204996

bless you anon for the Selena reference. RIP my childhood

No. 204997

No. 204999

I don't think that album is her…

>Once the genre-challenging, independent rap scene got underway in the late '90s, High Priest's avant-garde hip-hop trio Antipop Consortium further pushed that envelop, blending glitch and IDM into their b-boy postures. High Priest, Beans, and M. Sayyid gained a significant following touring with the likes of Radiohead and DJ Shadow before they ended up going their separate ways in 2002. However, High Priest briefly teamed up with M. Sayyid a few years later to form Airborn Audio, releasing Good Fortunes on the indie label Ninja Tune in early 2005. High Priest did record some solo 12" records for Sound-Ink during the Airborn Audio stint, but his official album debut, Born Identity, did not arrive until February 2007. On the song "Keep Time" from the LP, he collaborated with members of experimental rock group TV on the Radio. ~ Cyril Cordor

I think she was just crediting the music for her creepy website.

No. 205001

File: 1447782171931.png (123.52 KB, 678x492, notadoll.png)


I was reading her about page and it seems she's trying to get away from the whole doll thing and even sort of imply that she never called herself a doll, but it was other people who just ran with the one picture and the one video and she just had to go along etc etc…

Her about page also conveniently leaves out basically her entire "career" as an internet person aside from mentioning and explaining away her doll persona and her jpop dance videos.

She always mentions the movie she was an extra in and that Thai beauty pageant as if they are things her viewers care about.

No. 205003

File: 1447782347361.jpg (18.62 KB, 328x283, Suicidio_Ricardo_Lopez.jpg)


Speaking of celebrity stalkers my favourite case will always be Ricardo Lopez.

I've watched all of his tapes twice now and the extent of his mental degradation in such a short amount of time and the fact that he actively documented it is such a treasure.

Watching the tapes back to back is like watching a documentary on the spiral of progressive insanity. I especially applaud the climactic end :^)

No. 205005

He was Björk's stalker for those who don't know.

But we should really not derail this thread anymore. Someone can make a thread in /b/ if they want to talk about celebrity stalkers.

No. 205010

the weight loss suits venus and her kawaii living doll persona. her hair color is quite ugly though.

No. 205013


Oooh I might just go do that.
The minds of the criminally insane are fascinating.

No. 205061

Tbh it's more like she's humble bragging. She's implying that she never had to call herself a doll, it was all other people doing it because she's so beautiful and perfect.
In the Swiss article from the last thread, the author randomly describes her as having a "doll face". Venus does not dress extravagantly anymore and she's just a normal teenager really. Nobody would look at her and think "Wow, she looks like a doll", so you can guess whose choice of words it was. She's probably going to be more subtle about her doll gimmick now that Mukbang is her thing, but I'm sure she will milk it for as long as she can.

No. 205069

I think the doll thing was always an age thing, tbh. Lots of little girls are described as dolls, and Venus had a babyface longer than most girls. You could dress many children or tweens like Venus was dressing at those ages, and they'd look just as doll-like as Venus did. As she's growing up, she looks less and less like a doll, and more like an average white girl, just like every other white girl her age.

No. 205091

Omg noooooo

No. 205108

oh shit, didn't need to see that again. thanks for the nightmares

No. 205109

My favorite as well, his documentation is kind of fascinating. Poor Bjork though. I liked her cute pixie-girl image before he scared her off into only doing mature art.

Yeah, she dresses pretty normally now. I kind of miss not always seeing her clad in bodyline.

No. 205114

That was already explained billion times, they get money from Switzerland until Venus is 25, not to mention also used to get money from Venus's dad until she turned 18, then there is also the money for interviews, Youtube channels, ads on their website, etc. Also, Margo still claims to be employed with Fitness First and their worldwide locations shouldn't make it much of an trouble to keep a job while moving all the time, would explain were Venus goes "working out" while not becoming poor.

No. 205118

why does she get money from Switzerland

No. 205123

That's the benefits you get for having children and Venus is still registered as swiss citizen, guess why.

No. 205124

But what about dat Indonesian visa. Since she's exploring…er….sorry…touring Asia. She might as well.

No. 205179

Why should she? It wouldn't bring her any money as there aren't any inonesiaboos nor is it kawaii.

No. 205189

you mean Margo's the one that always has to bring it up.
100% guarantee margo wrote everything on that site.

No. 205275


Not to mention I think she figured it out that she could rake in money for mukbangs. When was the last time you saw someone from Indonesia doing a mukbang? She's gonna pull another Manaki in Korea (that is if she actually goes through with it). Run Maskman. Run as fast as you can.

No. 205276


Well, she DID create Venus's website. 100% sure it's Margo's writing.

No. 205288

Indonesia is a Muslim country. :3

No. 205303

Ok and?
I wasn't being serious but there are always x-boos for every country. Believe me, I'm Russian and to my surprise I've come across several Russiaboos. Having said that, I agree it's not kawaii, but heck, it's still an Asian country to exploit, right? lol

No. 205305

"Looking like a doll" is a dumb concept in the first place. Dolls are modeled after (beautiful) people. They look like people. Most of them have big eyes and small faces because they are supposed to be children, but that's the only feature they have in common really.
If she was still wearing sweet lolita on a regular basis it would be a different story. If you didn't know anything about the style and saw a lolita walking down the street, your first thought would probably be your grandma's creepy porcelain doll.

No. 205308


Indonesia is also in Asia.

No. 205362

Kawaii hijab time.

No. 205366

I'm Canadian and I've even come across Canadaboos. Nick Bate being an example.

No. 205373

lets get ellejay in here

No. 205475

This anon keeps going like ",not to mention" and "hence." Sounds like a familiar PULL member

No. 205501

I don't think there are as many as weebs and koreaboos tho, she needs to leech them for her youtube income and her indian? makeup tutorial never got as many views as her others even with the SJW shitstorm.

No. 205502

File: 1447904596157.png (563.04 KB, 935x589, 3423.png)

Of course she had to announce it with an unrelated selfie.

No. 205509

Lol, she's using YourCam to add lenses and lashes

No. 205520

koreaboos are only after those cute k-pop boys and girls, not some washed up white girl

No. 205523

And anon to reconizing another PULL member… this place is getting full of PULLers…

No. 205525

why is Marg chubby asf then?
She was so slim 1 to 2 years ago

I don't think she works out anymore

No. 205527

But they search for "how to look korean", "how to look japanese", etc tutorials all the time.

No. 205529

File: 1447913724036.jpg (43.24 KB, 600x375, c857ebc557f494a1a2f1f1a1d2a41f…)

How does she look chubby? She always had thick legs with flabby knees but that's what happens when you work out.

No. 205545

No. 205546

But really, what 3 year old Says Venus "Fotomodel" or Venus "Schauspieler". You can already hear that her psycho mom conditioned her to be a mindless mannequin.

No. 205547

My friend has been taking a health and nutrition class thing at college/university, and he asked about competitive eaters. Apparently competitive eaters don't absorb the calories, and they just shit everything out.

So maybe Venus has been preparing for competitive eating after her vegan phase? If that's the reason why she's losing weight, she's probably perfectly healthy, in terms of cals in/cals out.

No. 205548

>Apparently competitive eaters don't absorb the calories, and they just shit everything out.
What? You know absorbing calories isn't optional, right? It's part of the digestive process. The process which ends in you shitting it out anyway.

No. 205550

Not sure i am buying the no calories thing but i know some competitive eaters use laxatives to the extreme just to speed up the process of you pooping it out faster.

No. 205552

The logic being that if you eat 2.5k-4k calories in one sitting regularly, the opposite of starvation mode, where their bodies are basically like "okay, I'll just take what I need" and just shit everything out. Should have phrased it as "don't absorb all the excess calories"

>>205550 that could be an issue too.

No. 205553

Sure thing. Then how come people with Binge Eating Disorders or fatties who regularly indulge themselves in huuuuge meals still get fucking fat? This sounds weird.

No. 205555

File: 1447933003136.jpg (327.03 KB, 850x568, a5c162436ecd8757af5838dfafcdb7…)

Looks like her next video might be actually mukbang. 5 chicken boxes, I don't know what South Korea's portions are in their McD's.

No. 205557

another anon here who's not a nutritionist but has tried "intermittend fasting" (that's what it's called when you fast for 16 to 24 or even more hours and then just have one meal in a short timespan, as much as you'd like)
it works because b/p people
-might have entered starvation mode already in case they don't binge daily
-they usually don't schedule their binges so that it's in a intermittend fasting rhythm - 16hours of fasting at least is neccessary

and another idea: purging itself might trigger some kind of starvation mode, no matter how much you actually do get rid of

No. 205558

congratulations to Venus for finally looking like a potato. haven't seen a pretty picture of her for a long time now… she looks so deformed

No. 205559

I think it's the amount of time they consume it. A fatty would eat 10 bowls of rice across the whole day, but Yuka can eat it all in one sitting. All of that one sitting digests at once, so not all of it can be digested in a way that someone who's eating consistently throughout the day. That's my assumption anyway.

Plus, if they're exercising as well, they'll have a faster metabolism. So the digestion process is faster, thus less calories digested.

No. 205560

Her face is wasting away too now

No. 205561

Maskman already ran, he looked like he was thinking "what an annoying brat"
I bet that was the last time they met

No. 205563

No. Starvation mode doesn't exist the way you think. If it did, holocaust victims would not have lost weight due to lack of food.

No. 205567

because they were able to binge?
I don't quite get your idea.
Of course they did not gain weight, because when they ate, it probably was around 600kcal or less. Everyone loses weight then. I'm talking about 2000-5000kcal meals here

Many b/p persons binge once in a few days or if not, very irregularly.
They then DO enter starvation mode if they tried to eat child's portions for a whole week.
Also, as I said they don't schedule their 16 to 24h fasting, which would actually work (if interested read about intermittent fasting)

No. 205569

How do you know? Suspicious

No. 205570

No. Just no. It has nothing to do with binging, it is a fact starvation mode as we know it is not real. Starvation mode is a marketing tool to get diet companies to sell their plans.

No. 205572

Oh, yeah, Maskman was awkward as fuck. Got a real "what am I doing with my life" vibe from him.

No. 205573

Why no at least have some veggies with that? Oh my god.

No. 205574

Brainwashing children is so easy.

No. 205575

Im pretty sure they puke it all out afterwards and stay relatively healthy outside of competition (they train - stretching their stomach - by eating pounds of iceberg lettuce, its super low calorie)
The goal is only to keep all the food down while the clock is going.

No. 205580

Anyone who does this is bulimic and I laugh that there are sheeple ignorant enough to believe it to be anything otherwise.

No. 205588


Agreed. There's no way that these people burn all that off with exercise.

No. 205590


So did Venus just get this idea from that youtubers react to video she was in? 'cause it honestly seems like it.

> inb4 someone already said this

No. 205600

What is the appeal of mukbangs anyway? I would think it's just a fetish thing, but it seems too popular for that. Why would you want to sit there and watch someone eat junk food for an hour?

No. 205601


Apparently it's to do with loneliness at meal times? So you enjoy the company of someone you don't know eating in the masses online for pure entertainment…or something.

No. 205610

That would just make me feel more depressed about eating alone tbh

No. 205618

eww just imagining eating all that shitty food makes me sick to my stomach.

No. 205621

Are you serious? Just look at the top search results for her videos or into the comments.

No. 205623

I agree. I'd rather watch a t.v show or a fun Vlogger or something instead of watching someone shove a shit ton of food in their face.

No. 205629

The fact that she can go from "I'm vegan now to eat healthier and because of the animals" to eating this in like a month just proves how fake she is.

No. 205634

Im only tagging you anon because you posted Yuka

she apparently just has a fast metabolism. There was this video where she went to a doctor to have herself checked but the doctor was actually just baffled at how normal she was

No. 205644



To end all the fucking "why dont they get fat" shit so we can fucking move on already

this video explains how it works (at least for this person)

>>205634 was talking about this vid

No. 205652

1. She's lying. That makes no sense and doesn't explain anything physiologically.
2. How will she prove she just shoots out a bunch of "undigested" and "unabsorbed" food? Show us a picture of her fresh dump?

She pukes it up. End of story. That's why competitive eaters love drinking copious amounts of water and ingesting laxatives. It's bulimic behavior.

No. 205657

She looks so drained and fed up

No. 205660

stop being fucking jealous and move on fatty

No. 205665

I thought the same.
Very kawaii, stuffing your face with fatty animal corpses. And fast food is just the worst, eating a steak now and then wouldn't even be a problem.
But she just eats like a pig for the sake of eating and "look at how I'm still thin"

No. 205710


Too right. Venus definitely has a eating disorder and nothing else will convince me otherwise. God forbid her gullible followers start wanting to be mukbangs too because it's kawaii dolly fun eating disgusting amounts of crap.

No. 205718

It's not like they do this every day though, it's not impossible that they just eat healthy/very little the rest of the time and stay the same weight.

No. 205721

wow i forgot about that
well i guess because marrying for a japan visa didn't pan out, and koreans typicalyl eat so much meat, being vegan wouldnt work out there

No. 205728

Does it matter, though? whether or not she is bulimic is her problem. If she is purging it'll catch up to her. I was a binge purge anorexic and I got esophogeal ulcers and a hiatal hernia now.

I've stopped though for a couple of years but the hernia is something that won't go away. I may consider surgery in the future if it continues to be a problem.

No. 205731


Everyone points to that and with it being questioned multiple times, yes to both.

No. 205732


I actually watched a documentary about mukbang and eating together (with friends or family) is a very large and loved tradition there. With people living alone and get lonely, they turn to mukbang streams and eat to feel less lonely.

No. 205743


Turns out it's the "100 Nugget Challenge"

No. 205744

All that deep fried grease…delicious.


No. 205745


damn this bitch is making me hungry for nuggies

No. 205746


That mayo cup makes me wanna throw up…

No. 205748

First I thought it was Ice Cream!

And jesus christ her mouth just looks like Magros.

No. 205749

File: 1447967211348.jpg (47.86 KB, 500x247, dankmemeage.jpg)

so the awkward and obvious cuts in the video while its going fast motion is when she gets up to go puke right

No. 205750


Inorite? I love Mcdonald's chicken nuggets but can barely eat a box of 20 let alone 100. Seeing the mayo cup made me want to throw though, the thought of eating so much greasy content makes it worse.

No. 205751

I got curious and looked up how many calories 100 chicken nuggets are. 4676 calories WITHOUT sauce and not counting the calories of Coke. No way she exercises all that off.

No. 205753


That mayo sure wasn't low fat either. She looks ill in the video as well.

No. 205754

im a chubby male and i get sick at mcdonalds after 2 mcdoubles and a milkshake

100 nuggets for a thin girl like her is rediculous

No. 205755


Watching her eat so many nuggets made me want to be physically ill…

No. 205756

the worst part about the video is the horrible fucking audio

the music is so loud I can't even hear anything shes saying

No. 205757


Ya, i'm a overweight female and I LOVE their nuggets, but I can only get past 7 out of the 10 and 3/4 of my medium fries and be like "I gotta lay down and let everything rest" I don't think I could even get through a 20 piece box.

No. 205758

Now, I don't know how big their sundae cups are (but i'm ASSUMING it's a cup)
McD's regular mayo is 1 cup = 1,577 calories.

No. 205760

really now? im thin and while i couldnt eat 100 mcnuggets, i sure as hell can eat more than 7 and a handful of fries. im calling bullshit.

No. 205761

Holy shit she didn't wipe her even once and you couldnsee all the grease and crumbs. Also she really starts to look like margo, feel kinda bad for her about it.

No. 205762

File: 1447968168025.gif (526.41 KB, 570x496, aW826Xq.gif)


the fuck…

No. 205763

Sorry my english is ridiculous after being shocked by that video

No. 205764


Some people's stomachs can only tolerate so much processed food in one go, either they feel hungry as hell still and keep eating or become too full to eat a single fry.

No. 205765


(overweight female anon here) Before, I could no problem because I was too fixated to a tv/computer. I eat at a table now and more aware of when I'm full. Still though, McD's makes me feel sick nowadays and only eat stuff from them on rare occasions.

No. 205766

Ah i see, yeah i guess when i havent eaten fast food in a while there's a 50/50 chance ill have to run to the bathroom half an hour later. But that wouldnt be because it made me feel full necessarily

No. 205767

No. 205768

She mentioned the calories in the description (but rounded them down to 4000). She's definitely doing the 'look at me, I can eat a shitton and not get fat' thing.

No. 205769

Did freelee the banana girl answered?

No. 205770


Don't know who she's trying to fool, ever since her fans and random people pointed out about how frail & unhealthy she looked back in Japan she took up this mass eating for attention to prove a point. It proves nothing and will only fuck with her health.

No. 205772


Someone said they're unsubbing her because of her eating the nuggets and what they're made of. I'm chuckling.

No. 205773

I don't understand people who say shit like that. Even if they did put the 'gross' parts in, there are people around the world who eat that stuff anyway.

No. 205774


On 38 she looks like she's thinking "Is this seriously my fucking life right now"

No. 205775

"The things I have to do to stay relevant"

No. 205776


Ya, I don't either. It's like everyone saying "don't eat hot dogs it's made from scraps" like they think everyone is all of the sudden going to stop eating hot dogs. I actually enjoy chicken hearts, never had neck though.

No. 205777

Most people don't fucking care anyway, if it tastes good, they'll eat it.

No. 205778


Looks like she was about to give up right there, that's a borderline about to vomit but must keep going face.

No. 205786

She has horse legs. Its sad. She has nice curves tho.

No. 205787

I miss venus's golden era aka when she was like 13+.
Sure she was a damn weeb but i thought she was cute. I like her video of the chocolate face mask but now its just boring.
Shes like becky: they had their 15 minutes of fame and now its over. They need to get over it

No. 205791

Could she just not be eating for like two days? 'cause 4000 calories for two days minue any exercise isn't too bad in terms of gaining weight.

No. 205792

Yeah, but it's terrible in terms of maintaining a healthy body

No. 205793

Well yeah. I'm just offering an alternative to bulimia.

No. 205794


As much food as she posts on Instagram, I doubt it.

No. 205795

Well who says she's eating everything she posts?

No. 205796


Sure, if you take pictures of other peoples' food and saying that I ate it.

No. 205799

Or she eats a little then throws it out. Who knows.

No. 205805

>You sit at the resraunt with your young son, he says he is hungry. You agree to get him dinner. You open up to the kids menu, your child is far too young for adult food. Chicken nugger stares at you from the page. You don't understand. Your palms get sweaty and your son complains. He says he is hungry. Your mind strains, searching for an answer in a world of sweer potato and french fried. You try to order the chicken nugger, but you cannot. The words cannot escape your lips. Your son is hungry, he complains. The waitress stares at you, her head a spinning chicken nugger, her arms swinging french fried. Your son cries the tears of a chicken nugger-less child. In your mind you scream. It is raining sweer potato, you have french fried engraved on your left temple and you do not understand. Your son weeps in the corner, he is starving. Starving for chicken nugger.

No. 205806

well, thank you for that

No. 205807


Idk why, but I am crying.

No. 205808

File: 1447977017027.jpg (49.92 KB, 585x535, whatamidoingwithmylife.JPG)

No. 205809


Lmao what the fuck.

No. 205810

This bitch's palms always looks like she has been eating Cheetos..

No. 205812

File: 1447977562850.jpg (78.76 KB, 941x397, unsubscribing!!!!!.JPG)

She's going to lose subscribers to this. She seems to forget that most of her subscribers are weeabos who want to see her kawaii Japanese girl act and want to see beauty related videos. By becoming a Mukbang she'll probably lose a significant portion of her audience with the risk of not gaining a newer one or gaining a much smaller audience. Great job on losing part of that Youtube income Venus and Margo

No. 205813

File: 1447977727533.jpg (51.74 KB, 600x338, 1446955223985.jpg)

Who the fuck can support, or even excuse, this behavior? Even if she doesn't outright disgust anyone because she's not fat, that's still wasteful and far more gluttonous than any fattie I've seen eat. How can people on this board hate fatties but aren't calling for blood over this? She's wasting food, promoting disordered eating, and thinks it's entertainment to show off gluttony even if it is staged.

We all know she didn't fucking eat 100 nuggets, obviously between cuts she either spat them out, threw em up, or somehow managed to keep it all down before excusing herself to the bathroom at the end.

No. 205814


She lost even more of her audience when she moved to Korea. That's already kawaii, but not as superior as the great Nippon.

No. 205815

File: 1447978210360.jpg (9.49 KB, 480x360, whyboner.jpg)

No. 205816

I never want to eat a McD's nugget again… I got nauseous when I saw my mayonnaise jar in the fridge after this. THAT much mayonnaise PER NUG? There is no way she's even fasting that off.

No. 205818

File: 1447979061645.jpg (54.49 KB, 944x472, mukbangs.jpg)

If Venus wants to fulfill this mukbang thing she could at least eat far more decent looking food like these ones. So far she's done instant spicy ramen, ice cream, Peperos and…chicken nuggets. Exciting.

No. 205821

Really wow…
I never expected kawaii dainty living doll Venus to turn into a gross mukbang. Oh my god i absent myself and stop reading about all the drama for two years and in the span of two years she has done so much things i never EVER expected to happen (marriage,lolnope out of the marriage just like her mother do with the taxes,going to Korea and trying to cater to it,…)
14yo me admired her so much for her kawaii lifestyle in 2011 and now the weeb part of me feels bad.

No. 205822

File: 1447979270868.jpg (19.99 KB, 443x332, images.jpg)

So it looks like our dear Penus has sold her soul to Ash the screeching skeletor.

No. 205824

inb4 the Krispy Kreme doughnut mukbang.

No. 205825

The video's comments are blowing up big time.

No. 205827

How do they stay thin though?
It seems delish but i have a small appetite and eating ALL that food? No way. I would just get all bloated and roll along with the wind.

No. 205828

for some reason i found your reply very endearing anon

No. 205831

Well it seems like the ramen challenge was only one pot. That doesn't seem like much if that's all you eat for the day + exercise. Same with the peppero.

No. 205833

File: 1447980196940.gif (831.18 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mwl4q1SfnE1t0naa1o1_500…)

How do they stay thin though?

No. 205835

Nah even without exercizing i stay at an average size and sometimes,i confess my sin,i eat like shit like two boxes of Pepero and a ramen bowl and call it a day with maybe some soup for dinner and a square of chocolate or a handful of gummies lol. But there they have HUGE plates of spaghettios and noodles and whatever no one could stay thin by eating that much nearly everyday if not everyday unless you exercize a lot.

No. 205838

Why does she have to eat everything like she's licking the cum of someones dick?

No. 205839

>tfw getting out of bulimia atm
>ate a bit much today and try not to feel terrible
>that gif
Anon why

No. 205840

Venus this shit is not kawaii wtf are you doing with your life go back to wearing frilly shit and doing crappy tutorials with your fake wobbly voice and "songs". At least she was interesting. Now it's a trainwreck

No. 205841

I remember when Venus criticized zero calorie jelly diets and promoted heathy eating

No. 205842

That was…pretty repulsive…how she had all the food around her mouth really made me feel sick to my stomach. That's such a pet peeve of mine.

No. 205843

Orange palms=sign of too much vitamin A or diabetes

No. 205844

File: 1447981295703.jpg (97.15 KB, 811x680, fractured ass.jpg)

How much farther could she go in terms of pandering

I thought her rock bottom was the two shitty "asmr" videos she did

now this

No. 205853

they use trigger warnings on tumblr :3

No. 205856

wtf dude, this is very interesting. the more trainwrecky the better

No. 205858

this is so nasty and stupid lmao

No. 205888

Besides it's much less wasteful than cutting a few "good" pieces off of an animal and throwing the rest away. I've eaten tons of weird animal parts and enjoyed most of them.

No. 205889

Makes me sick just thinking about eating that much, especially disgusting mcdonalds.

No. 205896

I don't get it either. It seems so shitty to stuff yourself with more food than you need just to get views online. I don't understand mukbangs at all and people who eat for views.

No. 205918

shit i stopped at the 5th nugget
This is what binge dreams are made of
I feel like im watching those sick ED documentaries about bp disorder

No. 205921

File: 1447992609053.gif (437.77 KB, 500x240, tumblr_inline_mwj358CoTK1rsud0…)

Starting to notice comments on the latest video about her being bulimic and showing off her disorder. Knew this would begin to happen.

No. 205923

And imagine Margo bringing her a bucket to purge into

>Come on my daughter, you must not get fat

No. 205933

File: 1447993688634.jpg (174.95 KB, 700x1050, tfw no daughter.jpg)

>Venus my son it is time that you choose
>you can either purge into this bucket and be a D list youtube celebrity
>or live a normal life and dress it cute clothes
>Nah, I'll just choose for you


No. 205944

I honestly feel bad for her. she just wants to be cute and do fashion stuff and her mom forces her to eat 100 chicken nuggets on camera and seem happy throughout it.

she would never willingly choose to do this. her poor tummy must have been so swollen and in pain. meanwhile the poor thing has to keep stuffing her face someone told her this would get her e-fame.

No. 205945


Margaret reminds me of the main protagonist's mother in the film Black Swan.

No. 205946

File: 1447995090093.jpg (108.76 KB, 687x960, IMG_20151119_214946.jpg)

Not gonna lie, I enjoyed watching her eat ice cream. Something about how small her mouth is, and talking with mouth full and how effortless she makes it seem. Id be sick after one sandwich.

No. 205957

The video actually cuts after that.
I wouldn't be surprised if she did purged after that.

No. 205960

Legit lol. What the hell is this?

No. 205961

I'm not sure why you're acting like she's the one who came up with this shit, Mukbang is a thing, it's a Korean thing, so why are you acting like Venus made it up.

No. 205963

Uh guys, why are you all blaming Margo for her Mukbang choices?
Didn't Venus say herself in the react video that this is something that she is interested in? What if this is the only decision Margo decided to let Venus do herself, and is just there to be like, "yeah whatever".
Tbh, neither position is good, but since 2 years ago or so, Venus always had questionable eating choices. Now, as people like to bring up, she's 18 and making 19 next year, so she should know by now these are not healthy choices got her to make.
>God forbid she becomes a mini Aly in the next 2 years

She looks EXACTLY like her mom in the thumbnail, creepy. Smile lines and everything, just due her hair brown and viola! Mini Margo.

Yeah, and she also posted great and healthy food items and dishes in her blog.(Okay, somewhat maybe. During her 100 day clean eating challenge.)

No. 205979

File: 1448001668309.jpg (34.61 KB, 400x400, nugger.jpg)

old pasta about this menu

No. 205981

File: 1448001927519.png (88.59 KB, 300x224, 2010-10-05-screenshot20101005a…)

Penus just ate a fuck ton of this. That stupid cunt is going to get cancer before she gets fat again. That video was beyond disgusting. Mayo is 100cal per TEASPOON, on top of all that factory harmonies pumped chicken that's been sitting put for who knows how long. This stupidity surpasses the lipgloss on eyelids and I never thought it would get that bad. Bitch is seriously brain damaged from huffing eyelash glue or some shit. I also think it's kind of funny no matter how much weight she loses she has a turtle neck just like Mag. Like a turkey thang goin on.

No. 205982

Hormone pumped chicken

No. 205983


No. 205984

I'm not saying Margo forced her into it, but as her mother she shouldn't enable such behaviour.

No. 205985

It's mysterious that she loses weight, gains speculation of an eating disorder then trying to make use of a new "talent" she found of expanding her stomach from bp'ing.

No. 205986

Tbh i never got why people freak out about this, i worked fast food and we got totally normal chicken but once spiced and processed it looked just like that… its just pureed chicken and spices basically.

No. 205997


No that Anon but when you stand back and look at it, it's kind of vile and atrocious.

I mean we as humans have constructed a machine of numerous blades that when powered, spins at such a rate that it turns to mulch everything it touches, and then we push chickens into it, and we consume the mulch.

No. 205998

It looks gross as fuck but when youve watched the process a lot I guess I just got over it. Its just the texture I guess. Anyways we only used the paste for egg rolls (regular fast food joint but we had fried rice and chicken egg rolls for some reason)

No. 206000

Sorry to bring Yuka back into this, but 100 chicken nuggers ain't that much compared to 62 burgers.

There's absolutely no way that Venus woke up and decided that she's going to binge eat on YT. She's been working up to this. This definitely has been going on behind the scene before she started eating online.

Does Margo encourage her to throw up? I really don't think so. Margo at some point was a personal trainer, and knows about nutrition. If she had any control over Venus in that aspect, she would have made her a body builder.

it's like prechewed meat that you have to rechew. nbd.

No. 206002

Well the concept of cuttung B-class meat as small as possible and stuffing it into something isn't really knew. How do you think sausages came into existence? Usually sausages consis of leftover meat, guts, blood and organs and all the other "gross" stuff people usually wouldn't eat, all mixed up and pressed into the intestinal.Throw in some spices, Yummy!

McDonald's is just the more industrialised version with more flavour enhancer.

No. 206003

Remember when she claimed to be vegan? lmao

No. 206004

File: 1448015417353.jpg (10.98 KB, 200x200, what.jpg)

how… how is that humanly possible?

is this an actual thing?

i used to suffer from binge eating disorder pretty bad, it's like people are paying her to watch her binge eat… like, extremely massive binges.

is she vomiting when she takes breaks? i wonder what her shit looks like after that abuse.

this is what venus is doing now? man what the fuck. that's not healthy.

i don't binge eat anymore but even if i would make 100,000 a year from bingeing on camera i still wouldn't go back.

No. 206006

I know the dude on the right is like a crazy workout dude and he says that he uses mukbang to load up on carbs and shit before exercising.

No. 206007


Must've went over my head then. That HAD to be either a "I need to purge before my body digests everything" or "I need to purge because I can't eat anymore nugs" face.

No. 206008

that is the most retarded shit i've read all day

No. 206009

the fuck does this have to do with being butthurt? cringing so hard

No. 206011


It's no different than hot dogs. We still eat it because we like it and think it's good. Don't like what it's made of? Don't eat it. Simple as that.

No. 206012

ikr? i have no idea why i enjoy watching her eat.

No. 206016

I agree with you anon, but you know what you can do? Just don't eat it. Most people don't think about how it's manufactured as long as it tastes good, and it's no worse than sausages.

No. 206017

I mean, I can't blame them for not wanting to watch her binge-eat on camera. It's pretty gross, especially when she keeps talking with food in her mouth.

No. 206027

Nobody is saying she made it up, she's still shitty for participating in it. Does someone have to "make up" a new method of stealing in order to be considered shitty for still being a thief?

No. 206028

People in the comments keep mentioning she ended up throwing up.

No. 206034

those fucking edited on eyebrows good lord.

No. 206036

File: 1448027469549.jpg (66.74 KB, 800x540, black_swan.jpg)

Venus will be just like Nina in Black Swan when she gets older. Still trapped and alone with a piece of shit mother who restricts every aspect of her life.

No. 206046

She's a professional eater. I'm pretty sure they train her by making her bloat herself with gallons of water and juice to stretch her stomach out.

100 burgers is no joke though. that's taking a fun little concept too far. like I imagine her stomach's skin is pretty elastic but at a point you're going to damage it. If she didn't stop at 62 she might have seen herself at the hospital.

what the fuck indeed

No. 206061

Its just a random pic I attached. No need for the autism

No. 206068

if you're struggling, head towards Ashley's thread and stare at her pics for 5 straight minutes. That is what you'll become if you don't stop hurting yourself. 3 meals a day keeps the chair grave away. Best of health to you.

No. 206073

>what is an imageboard

No. 206077

People blame Margaret because apart from being a shit mother who does not understand that letting your brat do whatever she wants does not a good parent make, she is an even shittier manager.
In past interviews Venus always bragged about how much of a role model she is because she's inspiring other weaboo spergs to be themselves or some shit. A role model would not do Mukbangs. A role model would realize that advocating disordered eating is not any less fucked up when kawaii Asian people do it. She probably should have considered that advocating eating disorders is probably not a good idea when a large part of your target audience is young teens.

No. 206081

Why are you guys so fucking butthurt by mukbang? You're all so pathetic.

No. 206084


If you don't see any problems with mukbang, gtfo.

No. 206085

Who gives a fuck if people want yo eat a ton if food at once. This is off topic. Someone should make a thread in b or something

No. 206086

I found a pretty good article on competative eaters. Not exactly the same as Mukbang but pretty similar. http://www.m.webmd.com/food-recipes/features/competitive-eating-how-safe-is-it

Some quotes:
>"Chestnut, 23, a project engineer from San Jose, Calif., says his success results from intensive training. "I slowly make my body adapt to my goal," he says, comparing himself to a bodybuilder or a marathoner.Chestnut trains about once a week, eating mass quantities of whatever food he's expected to consume for the next eating contest…"
>"Chestnut also practices by drinking up to a gallon of milk in a single sitting, which he says trains his stomach to expand.Chestnut says he prepares carefully for practice and competition. In the days before a competition, he stops eating solid foods and limits his diet to protein supplements."
>"For a day or two after most competitions or practices, Chestnut admits that he "doesn't feel so good."
>"He goes back on the protein supplement diet as his stomach empties out, he says"
>"So David Metz, MD, a gastroenterologist at the University of Pennsylvania, was thrilled when competitive eater Tim Janus offered himself as a guinea pig for study…Metz studied how Janus's stomach handled huge amounts of food. In normal individuals, he tells WebMD, a full stomach sends a message via the vagus nerve to the brain, which then orders the stomach to contract and send food into the small intestine. Competitive eaters somehow block that signal…Metz suspects that competitive eaters may have some natural ability to stretch their stomachs and may also be able to train the muscles in the stomach wall. To know more, he says, he'll have to study an eater over the course of a career. But Metz does know enough to be concerned about some potential long-term effects of competitive eating."
>"Another serious risk, Metz says, is gastroparesis, or stomach paralysis. If the stomach muscles are repeatedly overstretched, they may ultimately fail to contract, and the stomach will lose its ability to empty itself. Usually associated with diabetes, gastroparesis can cause chronic indigestion, nausea, and vomiting."

No. 206088

Take it to /b/.

No. 206090

Looks like margo here kek.

No. 206091

Okay seriously what the fuck is wrong with korea. This is so nasty.

No. 206092

Being a personal trainer does not make you even remotely qualified to know about nutrition. That is a completely separate education entirely.

No. 206094

File: 1448043377326.png (61.26 KB, 1232x240, 1442750521460.png)

How much does a nutritionist know about nutrition when eating crap food almost every (other) day? A healthy minded nutritionist would know sugar is the biggest crap one could eat, yet they go and eat cakes, pastries, icecream and even candyfloss.

She let her daughter eat vegan for a month until her daughter says she wasn't able to keep it due to weakness.

What an awesome nutritionist.

Noone could take her seriously as a nutritionist.
Wonder where she got those "She's a nutritionist!" papers from.

I wonder what body builders have to do with anything here.
Venus needs to be a kawaii ugu doll, of course she's not going to be a body builder… but she needs to be tiny then, right?
Margo might control her to lose weight though.

Pic might be related but nobody really knows.

No. 206095

sorry, my limited vocabulary becomes quite obvious here. I hope you get my point though.

No. 206098

File: 1448043831207.jpg (10.38 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

but that 'oppai' ice cream was just perverted and she knows it

No. 206151

Not sure if I've posted this before, but I kind of wonder how her and her mother afford to eat out constantly. Always posting meals out they've eaten, coffee shops, McDonalds, etc. Surely a YouTube partnership doesn't pay enough for both of them? Most people and families can only afford to do that a few times a month after bills are paid off.

No. 206153

Read the thread, thank you.

No. 206157

File: 1448051503539.png (8.45 KB, 869x161, 2323.png)

Plus this.

No. 206172

> Most people and families
depends where you live and your priorities….

No. 206185

Why are you so butthurt? Sit on it and twist, fattie. People think it's gross and it just so happens to be what Peenus had picked up recently. No shit people are talking about it.

No. 206191

I thought she was a vegan?

No. 206194

Slowpoke, that was only for like 3 days.

No. 206202

I don't know if this has been stated already but I might want to clear thing up about competitive eaters. They don't just have buckets in the front of the stage for losers who puke before the bell. They also have places to throw up in the back as well.

It is dangerous to keep that amount of food in your stomach and for anyone who has eaten 3-4 plates of food it is VERY painful. You don't just walk around with all that food in your stomach.

I also hate to point out in the videos of her eating buuut. Near the ends of her nomming videos she always looks a little sick and she always has an updo hair style (To make purging easier)

Keep in mind Venus just started doing this. Her stomach isn't ready for this. Also you will notice that her videos are cut off randomly. I'm sure after like 25 nuggets or so she purges it out and continues.

No. 206217

oh wow I didn't even notice that (probably because I don't like looking at her face for too long).
it's painfully obvious editing on the right of her head.

No. 206228

It's gross and unhealthy and it feels horrid to have competitive eating when people are starving every day with barely enough to get by.

No. 206236

There are a lot of cuts, maybe she spit out most of it?

No. 206245

For that we would have to know where the video was recorded as doing that in a MC D would be wierd and the other guests would report it to the staff.

No. 206301

I honestly wouldn't be surprised. My boyfriend's roommate tried to do the 100 nugget challenge and could only get to 40, and this is a guy who eats a LOT regularly. Venus has only been 'eating' in large quantities for a month or so.

No. 206316

File: 1448095164974.jpg (80.42 KB, 784x669, paste.jpg)


Purge Indeed.

No. 206317

Is this from your chatlog anon or is this an old photo?

No. 206341

Really not very fair on her that you are sharing this when she trusted you ngl.

No. 206342

Shut up who cares

No. 206343

This, I find this behavior selfish ad ignorant. It's like the roman ages all over again.

What irritates me is that in the video there are some people trying to defend her. There is no-one that can eat 100 nuggets straight. If a grown man can't it, you know she can't.

No. 206344

oh my.
well, I do agree she is purging - it's obvious she's obsessed with food, WAS chubby and is skinny now but eats like a fat pig.

But this isn't proof at all. It is your second account or your friend's or a fake's.
Why would Venus write about something like that with her "Venus" account and not a nickname? She isn't THAT stupid.

No. 206368

i doubt she'd use the metric system

No. 206373

That's not that odd tbh. If you know you're talking to a person from another country, it might be more convenient using measurements they're used to.
I still call bullshit on the screencap though. There is no proof whatsoever that this conversation is legit.

No. 206375


Butting in here with personal experience but I'm British and was anorexic in my teens and I opted to measure in lbs instead of stone because it's easier counting each individual lb rather than every 14lbs since 1 stone = 14lbs.

Pretty anybody with an ED will use lbs (go look at MPA, nobody uses kg/stone) so this kind of strengthens the argument more tbh.

No. 206388

Not to mention, if you look at any non-American ana blog on Tumblr, they all have their goal weights, current weights etc. in lbs. Like I've never really heard ED folk going on about how they hope to be 40.82kg, but 90lbs on the other hand…

No. 206389

Anyone else find the way she's talking at the end of that vid really weird? She sounds like she's drugged. I talk like that when I'm high as fuck. Does binge eating fuck with your brain or what?

No. 206413


She's probably feeling bloated as fuck + gagging to go purge ASAP.

No. 206423

she ate 100 of McDonald's pieces of crap, she's probably kind of "poisoned" from the chemicals/flavor enhancers I think

or dizzy from purging

No. 206446

Have you ever eaten too much junk food and felt sick? It's that, except worse since she ate 100 fucking chicken nuggets

No. 206473

nope. have no idea what it's like.

No. 206479


No. 206517

I ate more than 3 kg of meat with a friend and I couldn't move, I thought I was gonna die (no joke). I will never do this again. So mukbang makes me remind this and I feel sick

No. 206518

even if this people really ~dont~ absorb the calories by some magical anatomy or whatever, wouldnt it still be painful, cramming your gut with all that

No. 206521

The weebs may have shit taste (like actually liking her horrible makeup and fashion videos) but I can't blame them one bit for not wanting to watch her bloat herself on disgusting food.

No. 206522

I'm the anon you're replying. I don't get fat, but you know, that could change. My father was like me when he was younger, and he started to gain weight at 27. So I started to be careful with the amounts I eat. But yes, is fucking painful. I started crying because my stomach hurted like if I had an alien inside. My friend and I refused to throw up so be were like vegetals on the sofa praying not to end up in the hospital. It hurts a lot. All the mukbang stars throw up, they can't fool me :v

No. 206523

we were*

No. 206524

This is so fucking disgusting. Eating that many chicken nuggets and dipping them in fucking mayonnaise?! The thought makes me sick. Hell, the thought of any McDonald's food makes me not want to eat anything for the next day and a half.

No. 206526


No. 206529

that sounds horrible. i've never done any binge eating whatsoever and have never eaten a lot of meat to begin with so i can't imagine what that must be like. i don't want to know. i don't understand how one can go on eating once they're full. i lose all appetite at that point and simply can't go on eating at all

No. 206531

I just watched it and she eats like… she's not enjoying. She looks like she's suffering.
>Margo u r the mother of the year 4 letting you daughter do these things and then throw up (more likely, making your daughter do these things)

No. 206533

Well if she ends up in hospital from doing this stupid binge eating/mukbang shit for Youtube I have no sympathy.

No. 206536

File: 1448152777951.jpg (2.86 KB, 118x113, 1445115362655.jpg)

Not to be mean but I really hope she gets fat.

No. 206537

File: 1448153392459.png (563.62 KB, 457x572, venus_IG.png)


Doesn't look like that'll happen with anti-fatty Margo around. Plus she looks ill and exhausted in her latest IG photo, like she's wasting away.

No. 206538

Wow she does look sick there. I feel bad for her. :( her mom is really a piece of work.

No. 206539

she also looks old…

No. 206542

She looks so different…

No. 206543

Her face looks better thinner but perhaps not that thin :/ so tired looking

No. 206549

>all those angry vegans in the comments

No. 206550

If she dressed in a mature, sophisticated style, put her hair up and spoke in a normal voice I'd actually find her attractive. Why can't she grow the fuck up and enlighten herself about things that are actually important? I want to see her grow up already, I rly do

No. 206551

Because Margo controls Venus's life from A to Z

No. 206552

I think mukbang is gross but it's not a big deal lol

No. 206553

I agree. I keep imagining her dressing in elegant clothes.
she could be sophisticated but noooo

No. 206562

Give it a year and she'll be making a video called "My eating disorder" and all her fans will feel sorry for her

No. 206568

might be because she was vegan.
and said "animals are friends" and "go vegan"

she's insincere af

No. 206569

She could probably do just as well eating a regular portion of interesting or visually stimulating food. Not all mukbang fans care about how much you can eat, but more about the quality of the video, how well you interact With the Audience. Venus could just dress cute, talk and eat normal Portions. I think people would still watch.

No. 206612

what the fuck. Her neck and collarbones are just-odd- and she's like a bobblehead now.

No. 206616

Disgusting gluttonous bitch. I really hate all this mukbang crap and overeating for no reason. It's so horrible.

No. 206632

No. 206638

I was about to say she looks very much like a porcelain doll here.

then i realized that is because she looks like a sickly frail little girl.
How can margo look at her daughter like this and be ok with it?
If i look the slightest bit tired my mother starts overdosing me with vitamins and care.

No. 206639

If she wants to be this thin that is ok she does look more dolly with a thin frame like this.

But i have a suspicion the way she's going about it is terribly unhealthy and if she does it the healthy way she'd look much better and much less tired/older in the face.

She's clearly lacking some vital vitamins in that picture

No. 206640

Sure she looks sick, but I think the worst part about this picture is her eyes. Idk if it's just the filter or what, but she just looks so dead inside

No. 206641


Mukbang fan here.
She's doing it absolutely wrong anyway. People who like this odd shit don't watch it because we want to see a person eat as much food as humanly possible. It's more about just sitting down and eating casually. I for some reason enjoy it as background noise, especially when I'm also eating lol. But other people it can be like…a date kind of feeling. Or eating with a friend. A Mukbang person is someone who's just calmly eating and also talking a little. This craze with eating more and more food is something that most of us hope will die down.

Where she's messing up specifically is though is that she's muted the actual sound and put music over it. Not good. Also, she's making faces and trying to look very cute. Annoying. There's really no point to the video if you can't hear the Mukbang talking/eating and also they're not casual at all and focus too much on how they appear as they're eating. Venus doing this is pointless. In the exact same way that anyone who does an ASMR video with their face in it and also loud talking is also useless and should never make videos again.

No. 206642

I could be wrong, but I don't think she actually intended it to be a mukbang at all, so none of that really matters. She called it the 100 nugget challenge, which is a thing in its own right, like the draw my life thing and other tags you see on youtube.

No. 206645

you're actually humble bragging about your mum on an image board? #notyerpersonaldiary

No. 206648

No. 206663

Yeah, I was just about to say that too! I was wondering why people were calling it Mukbang when she called it a challenge herself..

Probably if the discussion goes off too far into Mukbang territory she can just butt in and say "Well I wasn't trying to do Mukbang so…".

No. 206668


Oh here we go.

Anon, who cares if she looks more dolly? Venus doesn't look healthy and her body doesn't even look like it's built for this either. Fuck appearance for five minutes please, think about her health? Venus hardly looks dolly anymore because she's OLDER, TALLER and her style is changed. Anyone could loose that much weight but it doesn't mean they automatically look "dolly". Just unhealthy.

Venus is only doing this to gain Korean fanbase, probably some sympathy on the side because sooner or later this will turn into ED and you'll have them all going "awww poor venus! its okay venus we support u". The same shit you see with other cows basically.

Venus was never wanted by Japan and now she's doing anything possible to stay relevant.

No. 206673

so…if I happen to not eat any meat or dairy for a week or sth I can say that I was vegan too?

No. 206676

ot but can you recommend any good, normal mukbang people? i'd actually enjoy watching, if they didn't gorge themselves on huge portions and maybe had interesting things to say

No. 206678

File: 1448198326456.png (697.02 KB, 795x587, Untitled.png)

Am I the only one slightly bothered by this? It's obvious Venus has some sort of disordered eating and this comment just feels so passive-aggressive. And of course the person who made it is a Kota wannabe, so it makes me feel like she's purposely making a remark about Venus' weight as a snide jab at her.

No. 206685


Sounds like some of the jelly ass anas that post here. She looks thinner than ever in that pic.

No. 206686


No. 206688

Looking at that girl's instagram, she rings a bell. Hasn't she been posted here before?

No. 206689

Holy shit, Venus is wasting away

She's starting to get those thin face wrinkles next to her mouth

Ugh she looks so bad, I hope she will realise soon that she's sick and needs help

No. 206690

And she looks wayyyyy much older now

RIP Venus

No. 206691


The only thing I can think of is how much she looks like a grandma. She looks like a petite grandma to me.

No. 206694

that's what she did, it has been exactly one month though.

don't forget to eat 100 pieces of chick mash and try to act like it's cute once you're not vegan anymore

then purge

No. 206695

But you guys were all calling her chunky and outright fat only a year ago.
Isn't this what you wanted?

No. 206696


I think most of us wanted her to lose weight, but not like this.

No. 206697

Is your mother as shitty as Margo?

No. 206699


her mom is going to lead this girl to an early grave, it's really sad.

No. 206703

I was wondering the same thing.

No. 206704

there is a middle way between her bodyline chubbiness and the wasted granny look.

How about she'd just eat healthy instead of pastries and junkfood?

No. 206705

Sorry but the way I see it you guys all sound like hypocrites.

You don't get to rag on a 16-17 year old girl for her weight calling her fat when you know exactly the kind of life she leads, and then develop troll's remorse and start acting horrified when she takes your gilded advice.

I never understood why do many of you took pleasure in shitting all over Venus anyway, we ALL know that Margo is the puppeteer pulling the strings here.
Venus has been brainwashed and controlled and deprived of any real education, a chance of making friends, a real home life, stability etc. get entire life.
I mean fuck, do any of you actually believe that it was Venus' desicion to try and marry Manaki and that Margo wasn't crouched down whispering in her ear that she should do it for the Green Card, for the welfare of the family, that she's sacrificed so much to raise her already, that isn't this what she's always wanted, to live in Japan as a citizen?

Margo may as well be her fucking pimp and she is prostituting Venus no doubt.

You know underneath all the makeup and frilly clothing and saccharine pitch I think you have a very unstable, extremely fucked up young woman, and everytime I see one of you attacking Venus and not Margo I cringe.

No. 206711

I agree with this. 100%. All the people talking about how skinny she is are still talking about how chubby she WAS. It's ridiculous. Venus was a cringey weeb but the moment people knew more about Margo they should have laid off Venus. She is an abused child with no sense of self outside of her internet personality.

No. 206712

well, true enough.

I wish it'd be easy to separate them.
But their moving around makes it even harder

Worst thing is, Margo reading this might get even angrier and the only person who's there to let it all out is her daughter.

Maybe she'll even get mad at her for being bad at hiding her sadness in public.

No. 206713

I liked her bodyline chubbiness but I think slightly "chubby" girls like that are cute

No. 206718

That won't get her attenton, though.

No. 206735

she looks her best in her cute "chubby" phase. I write "chubby" with quotation marks because she was healthy for her height and bone structure. Her european features look best with a bit of meat, she looks downright ill right now. Quite sad.

No. 206741

hold you horses, dickens

No. 206747


This alone makes me sad, I'm no fan of Venus but she was hardly a fatfuck to begin with. I don't get why people kept thinking she needed to lose weight when she actually didn't. She looked perfectly alright then and that was only over a year ago. Now she looks dead inside and ill. No no no.

No. 206748

Tho skinny is my preferencei think certain people look better with a little meat. Venus included.she doesnt look right being this thin

No. 206767

First of all, you all as in this whole thread? Because I'm pretty sure that not everyone has disused her about her weight.

Second of all, as much as we can all agree on how much of a fucked up mother Margo is, I don't think putting all of the blame on Marge helps. Why? Because Venus has had friends before. Before Margaret and her precious snowflake went to England, she has had friends in Tenerife and Japan. So you're trying to tell me that no point along the way (not like she was completely isolated), she didn't try to say,
"Wait just a freaking minute, this is pretty fucked up…"

But to be honest, while I abstain poking others about their weight, Venus has placed and sealed herself into a position that requires you to be almost perfect, ~like a doll~.
Is her audience not supposed to judge her when she basically spouts "I was born with a naturally dolly face, skin, body, and color!!"

Lastly, Venus has ALWAYS had a fucked up view of weight and weight gain. Even before fans began to call her chubby and fat, she made that "No one has ever seen a fat doll!!" comment on Tumblr, she had the hundred day eating challenge, she admitted to fasting while on said challenge, and of course that fatty fatty boom boom (or some shit like that) video.

Basically, Venus ain't no angel.

No. 206768

And I want to add, so saging.
Just because people said she should lose some weight, that doesn't mean they wanted her to get this far. Of course there are the assholes and ana-chans, but some still has concern because she's human.

No. 206769

she didn't need to lose any weight

No. 206773

>waah wahh it's not my fault! I never did anything bad! She did it all to herself anyway QQ
Nice trolls remorse you got there, friend. If you participated in the shit talking threads, you are just as much to blame as the ana-chans who called her a fatass all the time.

No. 206787

You know, I did not think this was a possibility but it seems Venus is even more retarded now.

No. 206790


Well, she's not far from what she told Margo in that blog post. "I want to be cute and retarded forever!"

No. 206792

Sexual frustration.

No. 206793

I like how venus said that it was not her thing and yet here we are watching her doing mukbang videos in korea
but then again it was probably margos idea

No. 206794

>If you participated in the shit talking threads, you are just as much to blame as the ana-chans

My main point wasnt trying to push the blame on others, but the silliness of saying 'all of you', when its an anonymous board and you can't properly identify who's actually doing shittalking.

Myself and I'm sure many others have defended this girl when we saw clear bullshit, so saying that we're just as bad is stupid.

>troll remorse

Lol, how is it troll remorse for me when I said that I never shat on her regarding her weight? Unless just pointing out someone is chubby is bad now apparently?

Lastly, I never said that some fans haven't contributed to her weight loss, but to push all the blame onto her mom and fans is a bit far considering that she has always had a skewed view of weight in the first place.

No. 206795


>basically, Venus ain't no angel.

She's not an angel because she has disorder eating? Because that's basically what you've talked about in that mess of a post you just made.

No. 206796


Shut up, nobody cares about your pitiful, backpedalling diatribes.

No. 206798

Nah, as in pushing the blame onto her mom and fans is stupid as she already has a ducked up standard of weight already. But I'm repeating myself, so sage.

No. 206802

Okay, and how am I backpedaling now?

No. 206806


>"weeeeh weh, I dindu nuffin', Venus IS the bad one! She has an EATING DISORDER, she's no angel!"

No. 206811

Lol, dude. I never said it was right or that she deserved getting a eating disorder.

All I said that it wasnt right to push all of the blame on her followers and her mother. Is that so hard to understand. Can you point out in ANY of my post that I said it was all Venue's fault without using the greentext to create a one sided argument?

My point is, to blame everyone on here (in the first post that I replied to, anon said that they were disappointed in ALL of us. Making my first argument), and her mother (who I agreed is a fuckwad, also in my first post) is a pretty hard accusation.

While no one should feel bad for having an ED, how can you blame other people, when the person in question has always have a fucked up view of what her weight standards are in the first place (in which I pointed out examples). Basically, no one should be blamed for this.

>inb4 you blamed Venus!!1!

No, she just happens to be the one with the ED, so yes I'm going to point out her perception is warped and she needs help.

Lastly, I did say in a saged post that there are trolls and ana-chans, but they do not make up the majority nor did I ever deny that they amplified her perception of weight.

>inb4 shut up and go away with that long paragraph

I didn't mean to write so much, but just replying with sarcastic greentext is pretty silly imo

No. 206813

File: 1448227474604.jpeg (15.22 KB, 225x225, image.jpeg)

Please commit suicide

No. 206814


Can you stop with these fucking long-ass, wall of text replies. Nobody gives a fuck what you think.

No. 206837

A lot of arguing in this thread now. Seems like guilty conscious.

Without a doubt, a few kids here really were saying Venus should loose weight. Now she has. Now you hate that too. "We wanted her to get thin yes, but not like this!" Then like how? Eating healthy? What is healthy to you? Think realistically. No matter what she eats, you will find an issue with it. Venus cannot win. You'll call her too fat, too skinny, eating the wrong thing, not eating enough-but never actually recommending to her what she should eat or what she should do. And even if she followed one of your guys advice, another one of you would shout that it was wrong.

I have no opinion on Venus as we all know she is only a puppet. I think she's quite brainless and should stop doing videos on things she doesnt understand, but at the same time anyone is this thread that argues over her weight is also just as brainless. You are very very stupid. And also wasting time. No one wants to read your back and forth useless crying. Admit that you obsess over someone elses weight for no reason when really you should just be worried about your own and move on.

No. 206838

A lot of arguing in this thread now. Seems like guilty conscious.

Without a doubt, a few kids here really were saying Venus should loose weight. Now she has. Now you hate that too. "We wanted her to get thin yes, but not like this!" Then like how? Eating healthy? What is healthy to you? Think realistically. No matter what she eats, you will find an issue with it. Venus cannot win. You'll call her too fat, too skinny, eating the wrong thing, not eating enough-but never actually recommending to her what she should eat or what she should do. And even if she followed one of your guys advice, another one of you would shout that it was wrong.

I have no opinion on Venus as we all know she is only a puppet. I think she's quite brainless and should stop doing videos on things she doesnt understand, but at the same time anyone is this thread that argues over her weight is also just as brainless. You are very very stupid. And also wasting time. No one wants to read your back and forth useless crying. Admit that you obsess over someone elses weight for no reason when really you should just be worried about your own and move on.

No. 206880

Agreed. It's sad to see her go this route of obvious ED and starvation.

No. 206882


Healthy isn't eating an ungodly amount of food and puking it all up. Healthy isn't eating all the garbage that she's posted on her instagram.

No. 206884


I should mention that I'm one of the people who thought she was at the perfect weight before all this shit started. I don't know why I said us as in I thought she was fat also. Must've been the fatigue talking.

No. 206903

It's not a surprise, though. TBH I kind of expected it. She's the sole breadwinner and she has a stage mom.

No. 206906

god damn everyone is on the rag today

No. 206909


It is said that when large congregations of women come together their periods synchronise…

>tfw based contraceptive pill

No. 206915

Venus hasn't posted anything in a couple of days since her poorly looking selfie. Usually she's on her social media stuff everyday. Maybe the challenge fucked her health up?

No. 206926

man shut up

No. 206935

That doesn't mean anything. It isn't common for her to post nothing for days and her mom would have said something if something bad happend but she still spams IG.

No. 206936


No. 206940

While I don't agree with that, I have been noticing something similar: she didn't post a picture of herself in good quality for a long time now. (and if it's good quality, there's too much lightening)
I guess she is very insecure lately, can't blame her for that.

No. 206946

No. 206948

lol shuddup totemokawaii

No. 206957

I haven't been paying much attention last time I checked she was living in England why is she studying in korea? studying what? and how I thought her mother didn't have a steady job? and her videos didn't pay much. Surely it's hard to live on guest spots and adverts you get once every couple months?

No. 206960

My friend, you have missed a lot. Since England, she's moved to the Netherlands, Japan, and now korea. When she was in Japan, she was gonna marry this guy called Manaki who 's 5-ish years older than her. But she chickened out and moved to Korea.

They're both on student Visas for the times they were in Japan and Korea

No. 206971

No, healthy eating as in what she advocated for in the past. Like speaking out against the Japanese jelly diet, saying she eats a lot of vegetables, eat in smaller (not ed small) portions, and exercising?
(On another note, I think she should be following her own advice. For one, she would be healthier and two, her younger more impressionable fans wouldn't find themselves going down the ed route either.)
If people told her to lose some weight because she wanted to portray a dolly image, and become a model, do you seriously think the genuine followers who doesn't hate her guts would want her to go the ed route?

No. 206973


The only thing they're studying is the Korean language. I'm sure it was probably the easiest to study to keep their student visas.

No. 206981

and cheapest.
language schools are like $2-3k for a couple months. some are under 10k for a year even

No. 207017

File: 1448297436390.png (531.45 KB, 618x374, venus.png)

at Margos age, Venus will be her clone

No. 207035

File: 1448307932530.jpg (52.36 KB, 680x454, venus-palermo-su-mama-margaret…)


Dat shoop. Margo looks far older than she should even in past pics. She can filter all she wants but it'll never be effective. Same for Venus, she looks older now than she ever has done with the rapid weight loss.

No. 207036

Margo looks so evil. She looks like she diddles kids.

No. 207038


She looks like a Disney villain.

No. 207041

god. why the fuck did margo get dreads??

No. 207043

File: 1448309876066.jpg (16.03 KB, 432x314, gothel-rapunzel.jpg)

Mother knows best.

No. 207044

Didn't she have a Jamaican bf around the time that pic was taken?

No. 207045

It's uncanny.

No. 207046

Aw, Venus looks real cute here.

No. 207052


venus actually looks cute here tbh

No. 207053


Or a Death Eater.

No. 207057

File: 1448312487082.jpg (33.97 KB, 500x288, DSC00061.JPG)

No. 207059

I hope the person who wrote this confession is still young enough to be this naive.

No. 207060

File: 1448312999139.gif (921.47 KB, 245x140, tumblr_n22r1kkxh01ryqrrdo2_r1_…)

>>207035I wonder if margo did this shit on a daily basis to venus when manaki was around tho

No. 207063

yeahm i remember seeing a video in which margo had dreads and she explained that her bf was jamaican so she was having a jamaican hairstyle….

No. 207065

File: 1448313583288.jpg (40.41 KB, 639x343, mrs-white-prays-for-carrie-and…)

Margaret and Venus reminded me of the 1970's Carrie and funny enough…Margaret, but without the extreme religious brainwashing. Trapped, no friends, can't live a life freely as a normal teen…yeah.

No. 207067

wow this literally portrays their life
margo as some monstrous pond scum dwelling creature
venus, cute and healthy with a twinge of saddness in her eyes as the pond scum creeps over her shoulder

No. 207070


Nah Manaki was their meal ticket to living in Japan, she wanted their relationship to last for as long as possible. But it backfired anyway, which I bet pissed her off and she probably did go full Gothel after they decided to be just friends.

No. 207076

omfg lol

No. 207078

venus looks squishy and adorable here. well she looks kinda sad but otherwise i mean.

No. 207080

Margo is the satanistic version of Carrie's mom

No. 207092

No. 207108

he's kinda cute. haven't heard his vice yet (got no headphones rn) but damn, do i see a new kink for watching guys eat on the horizon?

No. 207121

man, i wish i could get paid to eat..

No. 207143

I hate how this movie made dark+curly hair=evil though. But Disney made Hunchback Of Notre Dame which evened things out whatever

No. 207154

File: 1448333293330.jpg (70 KB, 699x409, autinaction.jpg)

No. 207182

>muh oppreshunz

No. 207188

Are you retarded? Literally everyone else in the damn movie besides Rapunzel was brunette/ a redhead. Because her blonde hair was supposed to be special and stand out. Hans in Frozen was a ginger does that mean Disney is trying to say gingers=evil now?

No. 207198


It's a movie. Do you see people stopping others on the street saying "You have a curly dark hair, that means your evil because I watched Tangled!"

No. 207199

When I saw people actually being offended that a Disney villain was being mean to the heroine I couldn't believe it. That's how these stories go.

And I think Venus is looking rather wasted too. She's on the fast train to looking just like Margo. She can't help her genetics but she can improve the odds of not looking as bad as her mother at an early age.

No. 207317


its so creepy how this actually fits. Oh please won't someone free weenus from her ebil momma?

No. 207372

I wonder how the mokbangs will pander to her obviously western audience.

They are insanely popular in Korea, but it's a cultural thing. Maybe she'll start streeming on Afreeca TV for Koreans as an easy way to earn money, but with her limited Korean I assume she wouldn't get too many viewers.

No. 207376

There have been comments on her instagram (see >>205812) and probably her videos about how people don't want to see her eat food. It doesn't appeal to her Western audience at all. The weeb/Koreaboo stuff did have appeal, because her most of her audience are weebs and Koreaboos, but mukbang is far too different for them.

No. 207630

File: 1448420322261.png (691.11 KB, 468x513, 41673d7b5850aeb05ff362c96775fb…)

I don't know if it's all the filtering, but she looks like a walking corpse.

No. 207631

No. 207630

If those are her legs without editing (I see blurring, lightening, ect ect), then she is losing weight very quickly. I wonder if it'll get scary soon….

No. 207636

Walking corpse? Lol you guys are ridiculous. She's getting thin but not corpse-like. She's most likely borderlining underweight for her height. She's actually pretty tall and has a lanky appearance plus photo stretching. We've yet to see protruding sternum and actual BONES which would suggest being a corpse. She's just getting thinner than we're used to seeing her. Give her a few months and maybe. But considering the food shoveling and amount of time it takes her to eat shit she is absorbing plenty of calories still. Purgers can gain weight too ya know. Especially with her choice of food. Its not like your stomach waits until you tell it you're done to start digesting.

No. 207646


I wasn't talking about her weight. I was talking about her skin ("I don't know if it's all the filtering") because it looks white/gray as fuck.

No. 207670

Margo literally looks like a wicked witch.

No. 207671

This. It's so sad, but Margo ruined Venus' childhood and we can now watch Venus physically be ruined by all these bad habits.

No. 207678

venus looks so cute here. sad, but cute. :(

No. 207717

Venus should go back to this style and weight

No. 207719

Style? Yes.
Weight? No.

She looks great right now, yes she may have reached it in an unhealthy way, but if she had just done normal diet and exercise it would have been fine. She used to look so chunky and slovenly

No. 207727

And now she looks washed out and frail. How is that any better?

No. 207728

> she looks washed out and frail.
No, she doesn't. That's just your warped American standards talking.

No. 207730


Thin being in isn't only for asia you know. Runway models in the west doing the whole heroine chic 90's style was popular. American, Asian - whatever standard of beauty you want to use, she's too thin. Too thin is still the norm in fashion. How is this hard to understand?

No. 207731

People are endlessly bitching about how models and celebrities are too thin. You've forgotten what a normal, healthy body looks like. That's all there is to it.

No. 207739

>>That's just your warped American standards talking.
Nice try I'm European. And how anyone can look at her current images and images from last year and see how corpse-like her skin has gotten from lack of nutrition, her hair (which I never thought possible) looks more brittle and fine than before and she just generally looks ill.
In this pic alone >>206678 she almost resembles my grandmother in the weeks before she passed away.
There are plenty people who are naturally very skinny and also healthy - Venus is not one of them and it has nothing to do with 'warped' standards.

No. 207741

Except it's a runway models job to be thin. That's a lot different from Venus.

if I were really tall and pretty, I'd love to get paid millions to be thin!

No. 207744

Fuck these ana-chans derailing this thread again.

No. 207755


So people have bitched about supermodels for a long time, decades, but you think it's the warped america perception that's become popular in the last decade that's the cause of it. You really can't think of any reason why the bitching about supermodels weight before the perceieved fat-acceptance movement?

No. 207773

take your 32 inches of waist and gtfo

No. 207796

Haha, where does that post even say anything about fat acceptance? Are you ok anon? It's been going on for decades because the western world has had an obesity problem for decades. If you look at current pics of Venus and think she looks "sickly" and "corpselike", that's just evidence that your standards are warped. In 1950 she would have been considered an average sized, healthy girl.

>wah wah stop saying things that hurt my feels

No. 207798

"Sickly" and "corpsely" don't just refer to her weight, they refer to how she LOOKS regardless of her weight, which is sickly and corpsely, most likely due to an unhealthy method of her losing weight. She looks sick and haggard and her getting even thinner is not helping anything.
Get your ana chan shit out of here, no one gives a fuck that you're a bad ass bitch who has a better standard of fat than all of us plebe amurricans (ps I'm not american).

No. 207799

"I have a 32" waist" = "in my country they'd be fat"

No. 207800

The only one with a warped standard of anything is yourself.
>>washed out
>>corpse-like skin
>>hair looks more brittle and fine
>>generally looks ill
None of these refer to her weight, only her general health. And all of them are true. Again, there are many healthy skinny people out there.
The girl looks ill. She could be fat as fuck and still have the above traits and she'd still look ill. Fuck off with your pro-ana bullshit and stop thinking everything is "fatty fatty two by four can't fit through the kitchen door".

How many newfags say the same shit in every thread and don't bother lurking or learning shit?
Google. Use it.

No. 207802

Excuse you?
I was comparing the two. "She's fat in my country/she's only skinny because you're American and I'm not" is becoming an attention whoring equivalent to "I have a 32" waist/I'm thinner than her did you notice"

No. 207816


I'm thinkin 80's and onwards was when the real obesity crises ramped up, at least overall in media and coverage.

I don't know where you're getting the "people used to be thinner!" thing from, the book Personal Hygiene and Physical Training for Women (1911) says a 5'3 woman should be exaclty 133 lbs with an upper limit of 160lbs (she has some funky math, but whatever.) That's 'ideal'. Now? Psht. The normal range is between 107 - 141.

No. 207817

Can we fucking quit it with the weight talk. Take it elsewhere if you want to argue to the death about obesity and who's fat and who's not, I'm not interested and I don't want to see it in a Venus and Margo thread

No. 207826

File: 1448490102906.jpg (102.11 KB, 723x1020, DSC00061.JPG)

look what i just found on ebay

venus really has lost some weight hasnt shit jfc

No. 207829


Give it a year and she'll be on some show for anorexia and ed with her bitch mum at her side like "i tried tu a help her buh venos no listen and want to be lyka doll so i dont kno wot tu du… can u help? maybe sum money for venos recovery"

and videos she'll make "please fund my daughter and her illaness, if yu sapport venos much then yu will du this!"

venus be all crippled looking and sickly in her videos caked in bb korean pale face cream, hair all dried up ansd thin, still giggling and looking all skeletal in a seifuku cosplay outfit pretending its all fine when it isn't.

No. 207830


Thing is a supermodel has to look and be a certain way. Venus isn't a supermodel, she's a young naive girl who thinks she's a doll and is making herself sick in favor of her mother so they can live comfortably for youtube in the hope that the doll gimmick will still continue

No. 207832


Margo will probably blame her daughter's illness on the haters and bullies, you know, because her daughter isn't fully capable of inflicting this on herself to remain relevant in the kawaii dolly world.

No. 207835

I actually chuckled at this, because I can imagine it so clearly.

No. 207836

Her face is actually cute here at least.

No. 207843

The cynical part of me is wondering if Venus and Margo take pics of Venus looking thin for more attention/YouTube hits. People are talking about Venus because of her weight-loss and have pretty much moved on from Manaki, too.

No. 207856



No. 207857


Fuck you've typed that perfectly I can hear her in my head.

No. 208039

No. 208126

she was kawaii af back then. kuddly, squishy and huggable.

No. 208132

At that point she probably would lie about her being ill, just like when she claimed venus cuts herself to sleep or something like that because of haters.

No. 208133

File: 1448591310847.jpg (63.17 KB, 640x640, 12277377_487583774754180_51027…)

I am done with her photos.

No. 208145

Why is Margo trying to act like a teenager? it's so fucking creepy

No. 208147

She looked the best like this tbh

No. 208166

I can't bother to read through all the posts to see if this theory has been discussed, but here we go. Do you guys think she's losing so much weight because she's going through some kind of crisis about being considered an adult now? It was always a big part of her charm, that she was this young and quirky girl. Maybe she's losing weight to look more petite and young. Idk, maybe I'm projecting, since I know I thought it was a big deal to turn 18 when I did.

No. 208172

I don't think it is a big deal to her, since she basically has lived like a child up until now. I do not forsee her mother forcing her to be more mature. If she were to be more mature, than that may entail wising up to Margo's bullshit and moving out/cutting her off.

I think her weight loss is definitely related to good old Margo though. She is probably telling her she looks fat, etc.

No. 208174

Venus looks perfectly fine. It took her months, if not a year, to get her body now; it's not like she lost a drastic amount of weight in a short amount of time. She's also above average height for a woman, which makes her look slimmer.

No. 208178

how tall is she?

No. 208183

new video

No. 208184

I feel bad because I actually kinda enjoyed watching that.

No. 208185

Although I gotta ask; Is it a common theme in these overeating videos to not tidy your face after each serving? Is it part of the fetish to have food covered lips throughout? So gross.

No. 208187

>dat beat at the end

Is it a cry for help? "pls help my mommy is making me eat mcdonalds and killing me"

No. 208188

more like her mom is making her throw up everything she eats, yeah.

No. 208189

Why does she eat it like a dick

No. 208196

Are…are those glasses added on via app? 0.0

No. 208197

They are! hahahaha. Man she's so pathetic.

No. 208198

She uses YourCam to fix her skin, add eyebrows and eyelashes

No. 208205

With all the editing and the camera 'not filming', I'm convinced she went to puke at some point. Even if she isn't bulimic, that chocolate is SUPER sweet, and there's no way she could eat fifteen of them and not feel sick

No. 208206

I couldn't help but think she deserved not getting the Hello Kitty toys she wanted. She was acting like such a spoilt brat and making it out to be a bigger deal than it is. I guess it's part of her persona, but it really ticked me off

No. 208209


I seriously hate the way that she talks.

No. 208214

Kinder eggs taste good but they look so fucking disgusting jfc

No. 208217


Gotta appeal the very little male fans she has left.

No. 208219

I liked it. It was funny. And I can eat those 15 eggs too. If you noticed, it doesn't come a lot of chocolate and when I'm dad I can eat an entire jar of nutella

No. 208220

I mean sad

No. 208221

They don't even taste good though… The chocolate is so plasticky.

No. 208227

this pic is just wrong. everything about it

No. 208238


She's an idiot for thinking that those 3 egg packs will have 3 HK toys.

No. 208240


Looks like she fucked up her editing on her saying it's ok she got 3 of the same ring.

No. 208241

Yeah when I ate dairy last year, on my birthday I got brought 5 boxes by friends and ate the whole lot in one sitting at lunch time. That was when I was unaware of my eating disorder - definitely not normal to eat this many.

No. 208243

How do you guys sit through her videos? Am I the only one who skips bc she takes so damn long getting to the point of opening shit and eating it? Like, all that bullshit talking in the beginning she could also easily do while she's into the unboxing process.

Also I'm REALLY surprised there wasn't a glass of water or milk nearby, and the premise of the video is that she ate that chocolate stuff straight and nonstop. My throat would be so clogged and dry…euuuuuugh.

No. 208245

Watching this makes me feel sick. idk what the Korean ones taste like, but if it's anything like the normal eggs, they're horribly sugary.
Plus the toys are shit now anyway. Not worth it.

No. 208285

Is she deaf? Because she talks like my deaf aunt

No. 208301

No, she just thinks it's cute to speak incoherently.

No. 208310

Anoder= another
Todal = total
Tree = three
Mudaded = mutated

It's like Kailyn Wilcher is teaching her how to speak.

No. 208316


There's been video evidence that she can talk normal, and people who have met her in person have said she can speak normally too. She just puts on the babby voice for videos, but tbh it's actually really distracting and she should just talk normal during videos too (except she's in way too deep for that at this point honestly.)

No. 208361

Someone fell for the squats meme

No. 208365

actually it's very difficult for german-speaking people to pronouce "th" sounds

she actually has a very strong german accent but with all the fake voice and slow talking speed on top of that make it sound even more strange.

No. 208369

except someone upthread said venus is capable of speaking normally.

No. 208371

Normally doesn't mean without accent and no, she doesn't, I have met her before.

No. 208372

Didn't say she spoke without an accent, I just said it's been stated she's capable of talking without a stuipid baby voice and ridiculous mispronounciations.

Besides, I though Venus isn't even German German. Isn't she Austrian and Hungarian? German and Austrian are a bit different, no?

No. 208375

It is something you can learn tho

No. 208377

This tbh. I would have no problems eating that many eggs in one sitting. Last night I think I ate 15 mini chocolate bars at once. The nugget challenge I'd start having regrets before 20 tho.

No. 208382

Her mom is Hungarian, but she was born and raised in Switzerland so she has a Swiss German accent

No. 208386

That's gross, anon. it weirds me out when people eat more than like, one or two squares of chocolate at once. How can you stand it?

No. 208399

I know, right? Like gawd, fucking fatties. I personally cut a small apple into 20 equal pieces and can only bear to eat one a day.

No. 208406

Germany and Austria are culturally pretty much identical.

No. 208407

they are only "culturally identical" if you are neither German nor Austrian.

She is Swiss and Hungarian. And no, Switzerland is not "identical" to Germany or Austria.

No. 208409

do you honestly think she gives a fuck what's in there? she's acting like a kid for the camera that plastic shit is going straight in the trash

No. 208412

Yes, because an apple is totally the same as a sugary, fatty candy bar. Why do you feel the need to defend your awful eating habits?

No. 208413

haha you're so funny.
but no really your sarcasm is lame. more than like 3 pieces of chocolate in one sitting is kind of… gross.

No. 208422

5'7 I think

No. 208423

>entire jar of nutella
ugh you're disgusting

No. 208438


Ok, and? Acting or not she's 18 and acting like a 5 year old over plastic.

No. 208440

anorexia-chans detected

No. 208442

yep cause not stuffing your face with candy all day long is totally anorexia

No. 208453

Cuz having more than one square off a bar of chocolate is totes stuffing your face with candy all day long, anorexia-chan

No. 208454

I know the nugget video was like a week ago, but I find it amusing that the fine brothers are one of the tags.

No. 208461

well, it shows that you have poor taste and lack self-control
do you really think it's normal to eat that much chocolate?

No. 208481

Well, half of the eggs aren't even chocolate. It's just a few scoops per egg, so totally normal, yes

No. 208485

>le chocolate
le shitty ass maymays died a long time ago.
this is 2015, venus. get a grip

No. 208486

File: 1448692391808.jpg (298.57 KB, 1600x1200, 1346677346124.jpg)

No. 208487

Anon you replied to here. Yes, it is fucked up to eat 15 chocolate bars and I have fucked up eating (also ate an entire large pizza and a whole batch of cookies plus other shit last night and puked it up). But it isn't hard at all to fit 15 chocolate bars in stomach-wise but one time I bought 20 nuggets and I had to vomit in between to eat them all.

My point is 15 little chocolates is fucking nothing especially since she did 100 nuggets.

No. 208491

I'm pretty sure no one every questioned how you can fit 15 chocolates in your stomach, the issue is more about how sweet and sickly it gets

No. 208510

File: 1448702027683.png (1.72 MB, 1280x1213, 2015-11-28 10.11.38.png)

No. 208512

I had been craving chicken nuggets since, and I bought 20 last night just to see how much i could eat. Aside from my 20 minute break, it was fine.

To add, I had no sides or drinks, and I hadn't eaten for 9 hours beforehand.

No. 208521

very interesting

No. 208537

Is it bad that the main reason I don't believe this is that I doubt her mom would let her talk to someone?

No. 208553


Different Anon but holy fuckkkk 15!? 15 chocolates is NOT nothing.
Anon your eating is fucked, you need to start disciplining yourself before you end up with beetus.

No. 208562

ikr!? if you don't cut one square into quarters and eat just one a week you're a tubbo.

No. 208563

Anon meant 15 chocolate bars, not squares.

No. 208566


You dumb, fat whore eating 15 BARS of chocolate is not normal.

No. 208567

Read upthread before replying you retarded cunt

No. 208578

Are people in this thread really saying it's normal to eat more than like two squares of chocolate at once? Is this an American thing or something? Wtf

No. 208582


margo doesn't look half bad here, but wtf them stickers tho.

No. 208618

Nobody is going to talk about their visa??

No. 208630

Wow, you're really saying you'd eat TWO squares of chocolate at once? Wtf, you gross pig. When I get chocolate cravings I simply Google pictures of a chocolate bar and that's PLENTY for me.

No. 208631


no, the fact that she ate some chocolate or something is more important. But, ooh boy, tine to see thr dramu unfold in kawaii korea.

No. 208637

You're not funny at all. Please stop.

No. 208641

>buys chocolate bar
>has enough food for two weeks

No. 208642

yeah she is, stop being such a dried out joyless feminist

No. 208643

lol I only eat 1 microscopic piece of celery every day xDDDDDDDD! take that ana-chans! btw i weigh 300 lbs

No. 208649


Stop samefagging. You're not funny.

No. 208650

File: 1448742328757.jpeg (26.74 KB, 500x281, image.jpeg)

>this fucking thread

No. 208664

File: 1448746134450.jpeg (12.86 KB, 238x195, image.jpeg)


No. 208679

Nobody cares about how much you fatties or anas can eat chocolate, shut the fuck up and stop derailing.

No. 208709

Are any of you Venus and/or Margo? No? Then no one gives a fuck how many squares or bars of chocolate you can eat. This is a Venus/Margo Thread, not a thread where all of you determine what is a normal amount of chocolate to eat without being a fatty.

No. 208730

You probably eat one and a half, you disgusting swine.

No. 208757

she looks really thin and sick now compared to back then

No. 208785

She probably took one bite and threw the rest away, I doubt she ate the whole thing.

No. 208858


Chocolate makes me sick, so nah.

No. 208891

Venus "ate" ~1.6kg Chicken Nuggets in one sitting and you fucks are arguing about 300g of chocolate?

No. 208902


Is that a visa? It must be stupidly easy to get one in Korea then. I wonder why more rejected weebs don't go there, you can take a boat to grorious Nippon on weekends.

No. 208903

File: 1448786896816.png (367.14 KB, 479x307, image.png)

It's an alien registration card. If it's like Japan, you get one when you are no longer a tourist

Isn't getting a Korean visa easy as shit tho?

No. 208904

File: 1448787107508.jpeg (185.64 KB, 750x802, image.jpeg)

No. 208905

File: 1448787135777.jpeg (199.27 KB, 750x895, image.jpeg)

No. 208913

she actually looks really cute here. dark hair and a little meat suit her really well.

christ, her fans are dumb.

No. 208929

No. 208935

the neckbeards can finally have their date with weenus :-)

No. 208936

Another ploy to get quick money - anyone remember that German school bullshit? And once that went tits up, she had so many more mac products.

No. 208937

loooool, begging for money

No. 208938

So why did the japanese dude leave her? Or her him?

No. 208939

My guess:

- They dated
- They broke up
- Venus' visa was expiring
- Venus realized she could use him for a new one
- Venus and Manaki get married
- Her spouse visa was rejected
- She ditched Manaki & went to Korea

No. 208952

Please read the campaign because it explains everything!
> Please read the campaign because it was my mother's idea and I don't know the details. Also I am a puppet and marketing tool for my mother's money grabbing schemes so she doesn't have to work. BYEBYEBUUBUBUBUBUUUUU

No. 208953

So she's pulling an EYK(correct me if I'm wrong) then?

If her fans were smart they would question why she would need such an expensive studio when she has been doing videos in her living and bed room for years just fine.

Also, why donate so much money when they aren't even permanent citizens and they move around a lot?? Besides, does she not think most of her fans don't remember her German school fiasco, or her "singing career"?

It's obvious they have ran out of money, but I guess instead of mentioning it right out, they have to come up with a reason for getting money.

Imo they should just move back to Europe as they (mostly Venus) seemed more happier there. Probably they should consider somewhere in the US (as much as I personally dont want them to, as we have our own situations, and the last thing we need are more freeloaders that will just chit talk the country when they leave) for immigration or back to tow UK or Hungary.
Truth is, it seems that Venus is just not that interested in Japan/Asia anymore.

No. 208958

She needs to be more specific… What size place? Is it co-working, or is it a living/ working space. Just asking for $40k, wow.

No. 208963

She answered to comment on yt. She is also going to rent an apartment and make a room tour

No. 208964

God her English is horrible

No. 208966

File: 1448802174033.png (374.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-29-13-59-11…)

Screenshot droppings, just in case
1 / 7

No. 208967

File: 1448802192255.png (259.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-29-13-59-42…)

2 / 7

No. 208968

File: 1448802231600.png (187.29 KB, 1080x1130, Screenshot_2015-11-29-13-59-01…)

3 / 7

No. 208969

File: 1448802261874.png (257.74 KB, 1080x1588, Screenshot_2015-11-29-13-59-17…)

4 / 7

No. 208970

5 / 7

No. 208971

Oh fuck sorry my fucking phone is messing shit up

No. 208975

>Though I was an unprivileged child, I didn't turn to bad habits or bad friends but pursued my studies and hobbies.

No. 208978

>unprivileged child
>never had to work a day in her life
>has been to more places in the last 5 years than some people in their entire lifetime
>dressed in lolita as a young teen
>grew up having wigs, circle lenses, false lashes and other dumb weaboo crap
This bitch

No. 208987

Is her speech regressing or what? She talks more and more like a retarded person, not even hating here, watched some short films yesterday with Down's Syndrome actors and they talked exactly like her. She can't even pronounce Nutella correctly, what the fuck?

No. 208990

she's deleting the bad comments on this so quickly, lol. And a lot of her fans complained about this campaign also, poor Penus, losing a lot of fans too (except for the neckbeards, who will love to have a date with her -and her mom-)

No. 208993

>she actually has a very strong german accent

No she doesn't, her and Margo just have a very poor grasp on english pronounciation and put no effort in to better themselves.

I give you the th, though, it's not only hard for german speakers to get it right, at least they don't pronounce it like a straight F sound like some do.

No. 208995


I'm surprised this video is still up tbh

People are either arguing about her or defending poor penus-desu


fucking hell

do people ever do any research?

No. 208997

her whiteknights are blind af, or maybe they just can't accept the truth. Whatever, those guys are now going to pay for her studio AND her apartment. Such a hardworker Penus :')

No. 209000


Whoever predicted that Venus will make (or Margo made her) some kind of campaign, you guys are either really good at guessing or one of them is watching the thread. lol

No. 209001

Well… someone's taken over this link www.prettyuglylittleliar.com

No. 209003


That's very interesting that (I'm assuming Margo did that) they would have the com redirect to Venus's website.

No. 209004

That's fucking bizarre of her.

No. 209007

Especially because outsiders won't get the "stab" at PULL and wonder why they call themselves pretty ugly little liars.

No. 209019

She looks so odd in the new video, she is talking like she is pissed up, grey teeth, her head looks like an over inflated football; I don't know if it is the hair style or make-up which aren't doing her any favors. Her appearance changes so much from video to video it is strange.

No. 209027

Someone requested more alpaca videos, but Venus said she couldn't take her alpacas with her from Japan to Seoul. Did they just grab what they could and got the fuck out of Japan or something?

No. 209030

she also said she wouldn't go back to Japan any soon

No. 209035

holy shit, this is getting dangerously close to prostitution. feel free to tell me i'm overreacting but damn, this shit is getting out of control

No. 209042

Old woman offering some playtime with young girl. Check.
Service is paid. Check.

No. 209046

File: 1448811047229.jpg (17.64 KB, 689x85, boohooo.JPG)

It's getting really Dickens up in here.

No. 209053

File: 1448812283530.png (16.57 KB, 435x138, ss (2015-11-29 at 10.51.06).pn…)

No. 209056

I actually feel so sorry for Venus. I don't believe for a second that this was her idea.

She's a clueless, dumb puppet and Margo has ruined her.

No. 209064

Late but basically what you're saying is that it's Venus' fault that she has an ED? Because all your posts are pointing toward that.

No. 209071

Lol. Yeah, Venus, you totally need a studio for your YouTube videos considering you're not very significant now that the whole "living doll" niche trend is dying. She's already lost a ton of subscribers.

No. 209073

I reported the video on yt as spam. And that is what it is. Jeonse is money you get back after you fucking move out. So she won't spend any money on equipment or a studio. She just wants to rent an apartment and pay the jeonse (the 40.000 dollars) and when she moves back to god knows where she will get the money back

No. 209076

Christ, the ways she speaks is so fucking annoying. It's like she mentally retarded and can't hear herself. I don't know how anyone sits through her videos with that fake nasally voice. It's like ear suicide.

And eating that many Kindereggs? I love chocolate but holy shit, that is way too many. I agree with the Anons that says she eats like she's sucking a dick. It really does look that way.

No. 209092

Yeah, right? She's talking really weirdly these days. Her speech is sort of slurred/sluggish. She sounds tired or depressed or stoned or sth. People are mentioning it in the comments, too. I mean, I know the high energy, bubbly persona was an act but still…

No. 209093

I wonder, if they decided to leave Korea, where they'd go. Switzerland is expensive as fuck, so that option is out. I'd assume that living in Hungary is dirt cheap but we all know that's not somewhere they'd move. We could actually start taking bets on where they'll go next.

No. 209096

File: 1448819689658.jpg (24.02 KB, 288x345, 29312983.JPG)

next she'll upload a vid of herself walking through snowy streets, peeking through shop windows at all the christmas presents, freezing.

No. 209097

selling half blown/sucked on pepero sticks

No. 209121

They won't be able to, do you really think a bunch of weeby kids and neckbeards could raise $40k?

No. 209123

File: 1448825803676.png (1.31 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

She just uploaded a video about an indie go go campaign to raise money to get herself a studio and pay rent….

No. 209125

…but you can rent 렌탈스튜디오 studios for like $200 a day in korea, like haenuli and alot of indie companies do. you can rent equipment and everything and they're everywhere. unless she doesn't know how much won converts over to….

No. 209126


Who knows, maybe she'll luck out and some aspiring sugar daddy who wants to be her new visa husbando will pay it all for her

No. 209127

Weeby kids spend their money on random useless stuff, so why not funding their idol's dream? But yeah, I agree, I don't think she will get even $1k lol

No. 209128

She's not getting anything. Her fans are too young to have that kind of cash

No. 209129

I feel like most of her fans are 35+ creepy dudes.

No. 209130

She even said that on video "maybe you can get the money from your parents or friends as gift". And her fans are dumb af, they'll milk their parents on this.

No. 209132

I know not all parents are like mine, but they wouldn't give me money for this bullshit if I asked them. And if I didn't tell them what it was for, then they wouldn't give me a lot of money. If it's as a gift, they'd have rather bought the thing for me.

I don't know how kids would even be able to give her the money. Does Indiegogo need credit cards?

No. 209134

Eh, kids would rather spend money on something tangible, like another pair of cat ears. Maybe they'd give a dollar or two to feel like they're contributing, but they wouldn't give enough to get to $40k. She doesn't even have a million subscribers on Youtube

If a 35 year old dude is the type to be a fan of an 18 year old 'living doll', he's probably not in a position to be able to donate significant chunks of change either.

No. 209140

File: 1448830443657.png (53.68 KB, 637x380, adc34cb6225ce01b4bd98816165e71…)


No. 209141

File: 1448830470680.jpg (191.26 KB, 1140x578, 34234.jpg)

She just disabled the comments in her youtube video due to 'bullying.'

No. 209142

No. 209143


> my team

No. 209145


>my mum

No. 209146


Nah, the older men would spend their money her, that's how idols in Japan make bank.

No. 209150

This isnt close to prostitution, what is wrong with you?
theres nothing sexual behind this

No. 209158

EYK is fucking SHIT

No. 209160

I think a minority of her fans are old men.
the majority of her fans seem to be teenagers who just think she's different or cute tbh

No. 209165


Not same anon but it's basically charging 1k for.. A date. It's only creepy because we can picture Margo and Venus creepy fans on that.

No. 209190

Hey im not 35 okay

Although even if I had the money I wouldn't spend 1000 dollars just for a date with her

No. 209201

well i don't know about you but i don't sell my dates. call it escorting if you like that word better but i find the two pretty damn close

No. 209202

File: 1448837862996.png (168.28 KB, 1279x585, image.png)

And now Venus was PRESSURED (not by Margo) into marriage by a pedophile "factory worker" (gasp!) stalker

No. 209204

>party evening
Ooh, it's a party evening now, is it?

No. 209205

i dont know too much about korea but it seems like japan would be a much better option for her.
is there any where outside of seoul that foreigners could survive or even want to live?

No. 209206


>kawaii desu daddy boyfriend


>let me speaky mind

Christ, Margo, learn to type/speak in English properly.

No. 209207

>let me speaky mind

No. 209210

Just saw, from browsing on Business Insider, that South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world.

I REALLY don't wanna say that maybe Venus might be asking $40k for plastic surgery, but then again, what the hell would she want though? I don't know, I just found it kind of interesting.

No. 209213

Person who have lived in Korea here, it depends on what kind of survive you think about. Do you mean survive of being a pretty foreigner? You have a way bigger chance of being regarded as Beautiful and getting special treatment outside of seoul since the western genepool is considerable smaller there. There are so many foreigners in Seoul these days that the hype about us has died completely down.

If you mean only getting by by using English or wanting to eat food other than Korean you're fucked unless you're in Seoul or Busan.

No. 209217

Venus is cute though, she doesn't need plastic surgery unless its on her vocal cords so she can speak normally

No. 209218

"18 years young"

Get a fucking job like the rest of us, Venus

No. 209221

I wonder if they got in trouble during their wedding stuff, because of their tax invasion and it catching up with them

No. 209224

I wish there was a way to contact Manaki so he can see Margo calling him a pedophile online. But all his accounts probably became Property of Margo Palermo in exchange for touching her precious money maker.

No. 209231

Yes… but why not just live in Seoul?

No. 209232

How is this news to you tho?

No. 209234

tax invasion lol

No. 209244

I gave 5 dollars because I wanna hear those mp3s and have my tiny picture on her website as a badge of shame.

No. 209245

Please do come back to report your MP3 experience

No. 209255

Well manaki is a pedophile lol I don't feel bad for him even if margo and Venus are horrible. People are starting paint him as a victim like akira.

No. 209268


Because I don't care about SK enough to randomly look up articles about it.

No. 209282

she should get a sugar daddy

No. 209291

reminds me of eatyourkimchi

No. 209305

For all we know they're banned from Japan for visa violation.

No. 209327

File: 1448858551693.gif (3.72 MB, 347x244, lol_vladimir_putin.gif)

B-but what about Margo? Doesn't anyone care about Margo???

No. 209333

It was only like £100 she received from that.

No. 209334

That English was somewhat difficult to read.

No. 209340

>5 years
>1 million subscribers

Some let's players have been doing this for a shorter amount of time and have 10× as many subs… how sad.

No. 209373

Let's players upload consistent content, though. In the 5 years she's been on Youtube, Venus made dancing videos, japanese vlogs, creepy pedobait shit, makeup tutorials, reviews, a few recipes, hair tutorials, candy testing videos, ASMR, awkward japanese boyfriend vlogs and now she does eating disorder tutorials. She jumps from one trend to the next as soon as she doesn't become instantly successful, rather than sticking to one thing she is good at and focusing on improving the quality/quantity of her videos, which makes it hard to maintain a fanbase.

No. 209375

I'd wager at a significant majority of her subscribers don't even watch her videos anymore. Pulling numbers out of my ass, but I'd say only 20-30% of her subscribers actually have any interest in watching her videos, if that.

No. 209427

anon, r u rich?

No. 209429

Tbqh I don't see him as victim because he probably knew what the Palermos wanted but calling him a pedo is such a stretch. Stalker? Yes. Pedo? No, we all have had boyfriends who are older than us. It's not like he's 50 and she's 13 still. Also, Margo was trying to talk shit on him being a factory worker as if it was a bad thing like, Margo you're an unemployed mother making money out of your daughter YT career.

Either way L O L at her constantly whining about filming in a corner. That's basically what 75% of youtubers do. Zoella, Grav3yardgirl, etc.

No. 209430

Hey Emily, I like your red hair.

No. 209431

File: 1448894998035.png (97.53 KB, 922x767, image.png)

Venus would like some cheese with all that WHINE-ING?

No. 209432

The funny thing about this is how quickly Margo goes from praising him to bitching about him.
When he was dating Venus she would brag on PULL about how rich he is and expressed being proud of him for learning English, but every time they're broken up he's poor, a sexual deviant, a pedophile etc. She was okay with her barely legal daughter marrying a dude in his mid-20s, but now that he's no longer useful he's suddenly creepy. Kek.

No. 209435

Please use a funny photo, like a Nigarian scammer from 419Eater's wall of shame

No. 209436

Plus if it was a genuine relationship they would still be together even though they decided not to marry (yet)

No. 209437


Fucking hell, Venus. Treat people like they owe you donations and you're doing them a favour by begging for handouts. That'll make the money roll in.

No. 209439

>When other YouTubers hit a subscribers milestone:
>Say thanks to their fans.
>Organize a giveaway/contest to show their appreciation.

>When Venus hits a subscribers milestone:

>Doesn't acknowledge it.
>Doesn't say thank you.
>Asks for more money.
>Becomes pissy when her underage fans can't pay for her rent.

Also telling an 18 year-old to get a job is bullying. Someone is triggered.

No. 209441

>>Work hard, party lukewarm
Because Venus knows about working hard - a girl who has never had a job a day in her life. Oh wait, she's acting as if this is her job and her fans are obligated to pay her to fund her lifestyle. Jfc.

No. 209443

She is such an entitled bitch, this is Himezawa level guilt tripping 'fans' right here.

No. 209446

>You can ask your parents or friends to get yourself one of my signed photos, books etc. if you don't have the funds for it.

Well, Christmas is coming. Imagine someone asking their parents for a signed photo of Venus Angelic as a Christmas gift tho.

No. 209448

Her mom writes all that, right?

No. 209454

Yeah margo definitely wrote all these.
Venus may not have the best English skills, but her English isn't this shitty. Just looking through her Facebook posts, you won't see many grammatical errors and has a more upbeat, non-bitchy tone than margo

No. 209464

True. It's all on Venus account so can you imagine her fans seeing this bitchy tone coming from her? Must suck.

No. 209475

File: 1448907952254.jpg (35.74 KB, 450x495, ▄█▀ █▬█ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▀█▀.jpg)

>1 day
>267 dollars raised
This is gunna bomb harder than her kickstarter

Don't worry though because flexible funding will make sure Marg- I mean Venus gets some money at least

No. 209491

im pretty sure no one makes over 10k from these things unless they need some ridiculously expensive medical treatment or that 'sexy princess peach' girl

No. 209492


Anything over 1k for this shit is a fuck ton already. 267 in one day is too much, I think. I thought it'd be like, 50 on the first day at most.

No. 209496

yeah but damn, i still think it's a lot for doing absolutely nothing. fucked up shit

No. 209512


No. 209528

File: 1448919977256.jpeg (78.75 KB, 640x589, image.jpeg)

Margo be mad y'all

No. 209529

>be an entertainer
>talk shit about fans

No. 209531

Goddamn, Margo is so fucking dumb. Every cunt and their mother wants to be a youtuber now. If Peenus stops making videos people will just move on to someone else, who most likely doesn't have a psycho mom that screams at them to give her money. I'm guessing they're running out of money, which is why Mags is freaking out so much. Their Japanese marriage visa plan flopped, not enough people care about Venus's videos to gain a suistainable income for two people, they're slowly running out of options. Venus is also quickly looking less "living doll" and more homely, potato faced Hungarian woman, in a couple more years she'll have lost her only selling point completely.

No. 209533


Margo is going all out. Maybe this is a publicity stunt

No. 209534

File: 1448923051055.png (19.12 KB, 585x105, 00ab3847ffa7c89d04e0629da59818…)

>financially illiterate children

Sure Margo. Suuuuure.

No. 209538

Looked at her tags on the video. Only 1 of them (maybe 2 if you count doll, though I don't think that's relevant anymore for her) is right for the video.

No. 209539

File: 1448923355711.jpg (47.36 KB, 1002x543, 6sense.JPG)


>in a couple more years she'll have lost her only selling point completely.

Tfw you legit fear that at that point Margo will Mischa Barton her.

No. 209543

File: 1448923670071.jpg (8.86 KB, 200x161, images (8).jpg)

Oh, Margo. If she wasn't such a cunt I'd probably pity her right about now. As it happens, it's kind of funny to watch her freak out and talk shit about fans.

No. 209550

>I'm guessing they're running out of money,
I think they get some sort of dole from Switzerland until Venus is like 25. Unless that's coming up sooner than Maggro wants us all to think. Wouldn't surprise me tbh… wasn't there something going around earlier about Venus being older than she lets on? So if she's coming close to that child benefit cutoff point, of course Maggro would be scrounging hard for money from other sources.
Gosh if these people were American, they would've been on Toddlers and Tiaras like dozens of times I bet. When I watch Venus and her mum I feel like I'm watching some euro version of Honey Boo Boo.

No. 209553

But, seriously
How hard would it be for Venus to pick up some entry level job? Margo is a grown women and could pick up a job. Why are they this fucking lazy?

No. 209554


Probably because any potential boss would look at her YT (Twitter/Instragram for Margo's case) and go "Uhhhh no"

No. 209556

>Mischa barton her
Isn't that the actress who was on Gossip girl or whatever? what happened to her?

No. 209560

>Hong Specimen

No. 209561

>Pulling an EYK
Hah! Seriously. Is it that easy to just beg for money in Korea if you're a foreigner doing foreigner things? I should head over there so my fans can pay for my apt and living expenses without question.

No. 209563

File: 1448925880941.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, 1430349081062.jpg)

>a working area instead of a kitchen table
>A filming area instead of a corner beside my mattress on the floor
I'm playing the world's smallest violin for this cunt

No. 209567

off topic but, i went to watch some of her old videos when she was in her prime (which i believe is like 2012??) and i found this gem.. there are probably a lot of cringey videos like this but out of the 3 ive watched for a bit this one had a hilarious beginning

No. 209570


Ahh…the retarded animu weeaboo phase.

No. 209583

Will you come to Seoul within the next 12 month after this campaign is over? If so, please spend some Real Time with me. We are going to have a traditional Korean Beef BBQ together at the locals, then we head to Karaoke. Just as any Korean would do! I will also personally give you my Autographed Book + Puzzle and we will shoot a Polaroid together! What a memorable evening! Food+karaoke+taxi from restaurant to karaoke included. (Flight/acommodation etc whatever not included)

If I were rich Kardashian level I'd give her 1k so I could meet her, laugh and take pics for the lulz. You know, rich kids dont give a fuck about money, I'd do it lol

No. 209589

she is fucking lying about this shit. holy shit.

No. 209601

>$40k for a deposit
>in Korea
>muh fucken sides

No. 209606

her indonesian stalker fan should rly get out shose 1000 bucks now

No. 209607

does she know that won has a similar system to yen? she probably thinks 40,000 won is same as USD.

someone had said earlier, they have a daily rental photo and video studios everywhere you can get for only 300,000 won daily.

No. 209609

Maybe that money isnt enough to live off of. Anyone know how much Swizerland gives them? Wouldnt it be just enough to cover minimal living expenses but not anything extra like eating out everyday and traveling to different countries frequently?

No. 209610

Margo has large gaps in her work history, and Venus has too much of a princess attitude to get a proper education, let alone work. Their visas may not even allow for them to work

No. 209611

I've seen people say they get like 200 euro per month, or something.

idk why everyone is making it out like that's SO MUCH money to live on, and they can live off of that like queens. That's just enough for maybe food for the 2 of them, if they didn't eat out.

I don't think they should be receiving that money, if they are, however. It's really odd to me that people who do not live in Switzerland receive benefits. Even in Canada, Chinese people scamming the gov't have to show up here once a year or so to keep it up…

No. 209612

I don't think anyone said they receive a lot, it's just some money that they get. Venus still gets around 100k views on her videos, so that's gotta provide something too, but I wouldn't know exactly how much.

No. 209615

File: 1448935800967.png (482.84 KB, 469x589, venus_IG2.png)

There's something very off about her face in this Insta snap of her.

No. 209616


The fans are the ones supporting her and Venus financially in the first place so she best stop being an ungrateful cunt.

No. 209617

she has that smile of someone who gets molested all their childhood and is hiding behind the pain

No. 209619

Poor child. She is starting to look like her mother

No. 209620

she seems to have meitu'd some cheeks. She didn't want to look spoopy.

No. 209621

im screaming whats wrong with her fingers

No. 209622

*also gave herself some pixelated blush

No. 209623

I know what you mean.
Not molested, but smiling behind the pain of being controlled her whole life. I've always imagined that Margo yells at her a lot for perceived wrongs behind closed doors.

No. 209624


From what i've seen in videos, her fingers have always been pretty long and skinny.

No. 209625

Jesus Christ. Idk if she was molested but I agree that her smile is screaming for help. Poor Venus.

No. 209626

File: 1448937017446.gif (921.83 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n22r1kkxh01ryqrrdo2_r1_…)

No. 209627


You know when Venus first arrived on the scene with a bit of weight on her and an actual smile? This Venus looks pretty lifeless. She doesn't even look like her tbh.

No. 209628

File: 1448937194521.jpg (10.78 KB, 236x354, 23991caf15a9bbcd1af8b05b93f672…)

No. 209629

File: 1448937441744.jpg (171.77 KB, 700x1200, DSC00061.JPG)

No. 209630

bitch is homeless in korean tryin to play off like it's some vacation/great time cause her mom won't get off her ass and get a real job. she probably needs this ~studio money~ to afford food at this point.

No. 209632

I wouldn't be surprised if she's exaggerating again. If I remember correctly, she asked money to go to a private school in London and the only private school in London was a fraction of what she was asking.

No. 209633


Was thinking the same thing. They're so desperate to live out there that they probably are struggling. Maybe time on the streets will do them some good, as they're both nothing but liars and have no concept of money.

Shouldn't have spent so much on 100 McNuggets!

No. 209635

She needs to go back to this

would creepystalk like an indian man

No. 209638

File: 1448939402779.png (225.89 KB, 500x493, a2017ef80ac3325e7fa87defcbcd84…)

Well, she may find out if he actually DOES get $1k

No. 209639

what a fucking liar. She wants to live high on the hog and use the jeonse system, when in fact, she can just pay monthly and use the wolse. why has noone tried to call her out on this yet?

No. 209642

File: 1448939734992.bmp (3 MB, 1366x768, cynthia.bmp)

No. 209643

there are other cows too you know

No. 209644

No. 209645

well, i am saying, nothing really.
i needed an excuse to up dis.

No. 209649

File: 1448940547224.jpg (3.96 MB, 375x375, f48912.jpg)


This thirsty nigga prob would donate a grand to her. Keep an eye out for him.

No. 209650

This would provide quality lulz. I'd say epic, but with Venus, it's always epic.

Idiot. Post this on /snow/ or /b/ or something.

No. 209652

With Margo and Venus's grand money scams I'm surprised they haven't done the classic move of auctioning off one's pure virginity online for desperate neckbeards. Some have made a fortune off that shit and didn't even have to give up the vcard.

No. 209675

knowning venus luck I'd get to take her virginity five dollars and a side of mcnuggets

No. 209732

a mattress on the floor? that's trashy as fuck. figures…but i never thought they lived like that, since the apartments they stay in always look kind of furnished in her vids (at least from what you get to see in them).

do you guys think they eat out every single day? i really have no idea how they afford it (and yes i know about the money they still get from switzerland).

No. 209733

yeah, i mean, it's a form of child abuse to deny your kid any kind of stability all they're life, never allowing them to get attached anywhere to anyone because you keep packing your bags and leaving. can't imagine growing up like that.

and then of course the whole stage mom thing.

No. 209734

looks like these russian posing shots. you know, candydoll and the like. the kids have the same vapid, slightly apprehensive expressions.

No. 209735

Made me laugh.

Now that I think about it, I have kind of been creepystalking her myself. Now that she starts looking less like a kid and losing the chub I'm kind of butthurt.

No. 209736

omg i need to see this happen. someone start a crowdfunding page for this young gentleman

No. 209737

anon, don't watch wintet's tale ffs. what's wrong with you?

No. 209745

File: 1448976979293.jpeg (46.02 KB, 301x500, image.jpeg)

No moar Draw My Life or Wedding Videos* Because of cyberbullies targeting Venus AND Margo!!!

*im confuse because I thought now Manaki was a stalker pedo and they never even got married in the first place?

No. 209747

Yes, she said that she never got married in the first place. She also said she would never make a draw my life video because she doesn't like making sad videos. I would say that makes her come across as even more of a spoiled brat, but her life really does suck.
Anyways, what this translates into is: We are not going to make the videos we said we were never going to make in the first place.

No. 209751


I wonder how long they think they can bitch at the few fans they have left and get money and asspats in return

No. 209754

Holy shit, Margo is really the worst.

No. 209755

fucking hell, venus is not a child. this pic is almost as bad as posting a crying pic

No. 209757

File: 1448983387341.jpg (77 KB, 1147x593, creeeepy.JPG)

She looks so sad, though.

No. 209759

File: 1448984460249.jpeg (4.21 KB, 98x103, image.jpeg)

Seriously nobody is gonna mention that fucking eyebrow above her bangs? Meitu Xiu Xiu has gone too far

No. 209763


This is getting absolutely ridiculous. She's 18 years old and acting like a child as if she's saying "I'm not playing with you anymore!"

If Venus wants become any kind of youtube star/celebrity, she needs to get thick fucking skin.

No. 209764


I find it a little scary that out of all the expressions Venus made, he chose the saddest expression. You would've thought he would chose one where she's smiling.

No. 209767

I don't understand how she has fans. Can someone explain?

No. 209768


Weaboos, koreaboos, and creepy guys like Ridzal and Manaki. Enough said.

No. 209771

The cutest venus

No. 209773

Little girls think she's living the dream because she's beautiful (thanks to editing and angles), speaks japanese, doesn't have to go to school, doesn't have to get a job, has a ~cool and supportive mom~ who enables her, gets to travel all the time and lives in a kawaii Asian country. She seemingly lives like a princess and has zero responsibilities.

No. 209774

She was on The OC. But that's not what anon was talking about. She also played the little girl in the Sixth Sense whose mother was poisoning her (hence the photo).

No. 209775

Ahh! Thank you for clearing that up, kind anon.

No. 209780

I thought she meant she was filming on the floor beside her mattress [which is not on the floor].

No. 209827

Like the others have said, mostly weebs and creeps.

But she seems to be losing fans too. Most of her eating videos don't to 100k views, unless they have some sort of novel twist to them, like 100 nuggets or the 'spiciest' ramen. Her hair and makeup videos are more popular, as well as her videos while she was in Japan, some of which got to 600k. In contrast, her latest plea for money hasn't even got 40k. However, there is the factor of how long they've been up to take into account

No. 209843

She really should just get a McJob tbh

No. 209845

Pffffthahaha soon she won't be able to shoop the Margo features away anymore

No. 209860

you know. I actually doubt venus could get an actual job.
Could you imagine her in the interview?
She'd need her mum next to her to answer all their questions.
Also Venus sounds legitimately retarded whenever she does actually answer instead.

No. 209866

Guys, her crowdfunding campaign made 1 whole dollar today

I'm so proud of her!

No. 209871

being a vegan works anywhere when you're not a fuckwit

No. 209879

I feel really conflicted about my 5 dollar donation. On the other hand I feel bad for Venus and want to protect because I am the trainwreck result of a helicopter parent who sheltered me. My mom is also always coming up with ridiculous schemes to make money. But I'm still giving money to Margo. Which is slowly killing me inside.

No. 209881


From what I remember, she started losing fans when Manaki came into the picture.

No. 209882

Makes me wonder how much of her fanbase was dirty old men and neckbeards tbh. Neckbeards probably wouldn't admit to being a fan of Venus, but she does look vaguely like an anime and they're into that. What neckbeards aren't into is the girly they fancy getting a boyfriend.

No. 209886

Giving money is only going to encourage them to come up with more scams and delay facing reality (that they're running out of money/fans and living in Korea isn't going to be affordable).

No. 209888

Yeah sorry but you're just encouraging Margo. I kind of get where you're coming from tho. A lot of us would love to see Venus pocket the money herself, run away, and be free from her horrible mother. But unfortunately I think she's in way too deep now, which sucks.

No. 209889

They literally chose one of the most expensive countries for ex-pats: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_expensive_cities_for_expatriate_employees

No. 209898

File: 1449015933411.png (866.55 KB, 935x592, 34324.png)

Considering it is student visa's, yes.

No. 209899

It's not a stab, they seem to have registered the domain in order to get more view and views=cash.

No. 209901

I don't think it's tax evasion, Manaki and his family are probably pissed as fuck. Remember how they were living with his family first and then got thrown out? Yeah and now the shit with the wedding.

No. 209905

Holy shit do they just hand out student visas like candy in Korea or what? Granted the only student visa I've had to apply for is a UK one (where you've got to be studying at a legitimate school for a degree that's higher than any you've earned in the past, and you have to meet strict financial requirements, and also UK visas are hard to get in general). But damn they're just going to a language school like part time or smth and can just get a visa for that?

No. 209924

$268USD raised of $40,000 USD

Fucking kek

Were they really expecting 40k?
Wait for Margo to delete the Indiegogo when she realizes no one wants to donate. She'll come up with some shitty victim card lie about why they deleted it.

No. 209926

Even then, she kept the young weebs because kawaii Japanese boyfriend. Her newer stuff, mostly eating videos, don't really appeal to weebs. Even the Hello Kitty eggs video has only 85k views, compared to several hundred thousand on her videos from when she was in Japan

No. 209927


I don't think we thought the people leaving because of Manaki were the weebs. I think we thought it was all the pedo neckbeards because their waifu was close to becoming an actual waifu.

No. 209929

Its flexible funding

they will take that 400 dollars it'll make by the end of the month and buy some cocaine

No. 209949

Isn't it like this everywhere once you got accepted at some school?

No. 209957

I know, the point was that the move to Korea has cost her more fans than Manaki

No. 209958

No they don't. Most asians primarily eat veggies and rice. You can easily be a vegetarian or vegan in Korea.

No. 209968

I don't think its either

Its her retarded choices when it comes to videos. Instead of focusing on doing one single thing well, she does a bunch of different types of videos to exploit their popularity. Most obvious of these is the shitty asmr videos I didn't watch because the very idea that she did that was ultimate cringe

No. 209970


She trying so hard to stay relevant after being on the 'living doll' scene for the past 4 years. It's about as cringey as seeing all the other wannabe Youtube idols from around that time or earlier that keep milking what they have left. Venus should have just stuck to dance and kawaii culture videos.

No. 209973

>Venus should have just stuck to dance and kawaii culture videos.
That doesn't really work for her as she gets older though. It becomes less cute and more sad. She's not ageing well, and idk if her face now suits what she used to do

No. 209977


Seeing her dance again would be cute, even to Kpop, but the rapid weight loss and looking more like her mother just lately despite only being 18 wouldn't be a good mix. That's the only downside to it I guess, you have to look cute 24/7 and she doesn't unless she shoops her face to death.

But having said that there are idols out there who look ugly as fuck and still manage to hold down that title. Who knows, atm though Venus looks like she's stuck in limbo. Being a mukbang won't last for long either.

No. 209980

mukbang didnt even last 1 video

everyone fucking hates her eat videos. All the comments on her videos are shitting on her

No. 209985

The most consistently popular videos in the past year or so (and probably longer) have been the hair/fashion/makeup videos, as long as they're not stupid as fuck, like the heart bangs one (though I will make an exception for the unicorn horn one because it's hilarious). Videos that actually have some relevance to her viewers are the most popular one, no one wants to see her sit there and eat 100 nuggets or 5 Kinder eggs.

No. 209986

She's aging just fine. People act like she's just about to enter her 40s. The real issue is more like..Yukapon syndrome. Yuka had a nice naturally round face but then lost a shit ton of weight and looks fucking disgusting now. Venus is doing the same thing. She's listening to idiots who are calling her fat and losing weight. Uncle fans LIKE the baby fat look. Fucking a skeleton is not appealing to men even in the slightest. Venus losing too much weight makes her once round and baby-like face suddenly look strange.

Also, she photoshops too much. An issue girls don't realize when they photoshop their pictures is that once they try to photoshop less or just want to quickly post a picture without editing because they're in a good mood..once you do this, someone will see that nonshopped picture and think you look haggered or aging or etc (just like when they don't wear makeup vs when they do). When in reality, that's just how you naturally look. All of us take selfies and know how you look before correcting it.

I think a lot of people look at normal things such as face lines or thigh thickness and make a fuss as if they don't have the exact same things. Venus could have kept leading the Kawaii train easily for a few more years just as Kyary is still leading her train.

No. 209989

off topic but I saw Kyary live one time and she is literally one of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen in my entire life

pictures actually make her look worse. Its bizaare

No. 209990

With that indiegogo campaign Venus set up to afford a decent filming studio and different living accommodation, I find it hard to sympathize with her after seeing the McNugget challenge.

If she and her mom didn't waste so much fucking money on fast food, eating at restaurants, Starbucks and shopping they wouldn't be in such a mess. They want to live a cheap free life with everything catered to them while they do what they want with no responsibilities. Pair of idiots.

No. 209993

Seriously? That's pretty cool.
I definitely agree that Venus and Yukapon went through the dramatic weight loss and lost their baby fat/chubby face appeal. It's doing so much more harm than good, especially on their health.

No. 209997

I'd donate.

No. 210001

why doesn't margret get a job tho. She'd still make money off pimping out Venus but at least they'd have some kind of true income. Did they really think this would last forever?

No. 210002

Because either she can't work due to her visa type, or she's just too lazy

No. 210022

koreans eat tons of meat

No. 210023

oh and "most asians"? most asians are chinese and the chinese eat enormous amounts of meat if they can afford it.

No. 210024

No. 210028

Japanese too. My sister is a vegetarian and she had huge problems in Japan because all the "good food" people take you out to is with meat. We really struggled to find a restaurant with more than one vegetarian option for her…

No. 210029

uuhhh that whole fake section between her legs? (I know this is a day old, catching up).

No. 210035

Yeah, she should not have listened to idiots like Totemokawaii who said Venus had quarterback shoulders and bowling pin legs when she was 13 with long brown hair.

Her shoulders just looked big in comparison because her face and head is naturally small. Do people forget she is a real person and not an anime? Bone structure can not shrink from fat loss.

No. 210039

That's unfortunate. I have no problems making traditional chinese food with no meat. I guess Korea and Japan has changed in the last decade with food.

No. 210040

It's true. She has a naturally small head and her legs were fine. It's unfortunate she was bullied into weight loss. I hope she gains it back.

No. 210052

Tbh if it was because of comments she would have done this earlier but Venus doesn't care much about what's written on the internet. Therefore I think it is rather because of the high expections of her mom, don't forget all the tweets she made along those lines in the past.

No. 210054


I said this before guys, Venus SHOULD have stuck to Nico Nico and kept that up. She could have been in Japan, idol with jap fanbase like she wanted.

No. 210060

This. It might also be because her japanese idol plans fell through. If you think about it, she has been working towards this for 5 years so it must have been a blow when nobody wanted to hire her.

No. 210061

No. If you look at the top, it's there too. It's just part of the frame going up the window.

No. 210063

New Peenus video. Still acting like she's an innocent young kids, geez.

No. 210064

Some countries (like the UK) are really tough on what sort of school you can go to though. A part time language school probably wouldn't cut it, and you'd have to already have clearance to stay for another reason. It's not like Venus and Margo are going to university or anything like that.

No. 210065

She's such a stupid cunt
>I'm 18, so i'm still a kid
No, you are not. Most 18 year olds have jobs by now or are in freshman year of college.

No. 210077

i think visa in western countries are much harder to get. also we dont really have language schools or other small shitty schools that would sponsor visas (we dont really need it. we speak english. if you dont know english an cant access it in your country, you probably cant afford to come to language school in US/UK/AUS (other wise you would enroll in normal university)
idk are east asian language school visas that easy to get? i guess so

No. 210078

did she really wanna be an idol tho? i feel like she was just doing her own thing

No. 210089


"I never watched Shin-chan"

fuck off

No. 210090


When they found out youtube could give them money then yeah probably

No. 210092

I freaking hate when tumblr or youtubers say teens are kids. It's just a way to infantilise themselves and deflect any criticism.

And Jesus her shaky voice, I can't believe her accent still hasn't improved after so many youtube vids.

No. 210094

That's not beer, that's an abomination.

She sometimes sounds like she had a stroke, or her face is still half numb after visiting the dentist…

No. 210100

It's a way to shake off real world responsibilities. it pisses me off. 18 is most definitely not a kid.

No. 210106

>$40k for a year's studio rental
>jk only $10k for the studio and equipment

which is it margo??? i didn't know korea had such high taxes lol

No. 210108

I need that Shin Chan beer stein.

No. 210113

I can understand that since her Japan visa was running out she would have to leave before she went back, and then she would have to deal with manaki and his family if she went back, but weeb stuff is her key value and she's being an idiot to think she can change to something else and keep her fans.
Living in Korea and vlogging about uzzlang versions of kawaii or whatever makes more sense than binging on chicken nuggets,what the fuck is she doing?!
Even if she's getting old, she can still keep a decent fanbase and live okay if she's willing to perhaps work part time. Keekihime or whatever she's called is constantly being called out on being an old hag that used a greencard marriage to stay in Japan, but her glorious nippon videos do just fine with the weebs.
Giving up on that Japan visa so soon after years of being a YouTube weeb is so sad.

No. 210117

>Keekihime or whatever she's called is constantly being called out on being an old hag that used a greencard marriage to stay in Japan, but her glorious nippon videos do just fine with the weebs.
You are confusing her with someone else as Keeki is neither in Japan, nor is she old, nor is she married.

No. 210119

Ok 18 is most likely not a kid at all. If you stretch it reeeeeaaaaaallll far, you're a teen at most. A teen that is old enough to respond for your actions.

And probably old enough to drink real beer, in some countries.

So no Venus stop it. Is it that hard to say "I don't have any interest in knowing what alcohol is like but I sure want to know what this kid's beer tastes like!"?

No. 210122

Tbh it just sounds like you guys didn't know what sort of dishes to get? All these countries have sizable Buddhist populations and thus vegetarians. Plus consumption of meat didn't become a commodity until more recently so there are a lot of dishes that originated from peasants that are veggie-based. But that's off topic anyway.

It's honestly so eerie to see her lose weight so alarmingly fast. Especially when you see her Bodyline model photos.

No. 210124


In SK, you can't drink until you're 19 so she can't really know what alcohol is like until a few months later. Her b-day is Feb. right?

No. 210129

Lol "can't drink". You can choose not to drink but you definitely can drink under 19 there. I'd say less than 40% of establishments check ID, if that, especially not if you're a foreigner.

No. 210130

In Korea I think it would be easy to be vegetarian, lots of vegetable only dishes or dishes where you can pick the meat out. Vegan would be harder though because a lot of the sauce and soup bases in Korea are made from animal products.

No. 210131


18 or not, drinking age in SK is 19. Still illegal.

No. 210132

Kinda also makes me wonder if Margo would even buy alcohol for Venus and LET her drink?

No. 210135

I feel so bad for Manaki like he just wanted a Loli looking white waifs and now his dreams have been crushed.

No. 210145

Nobody was talking about the legality though, autist. The point is that it would be easy for her to drink and it's likely she has.

No. 210147


"Likely" I don't see Margo allowing her to drink though since drinking is very "dolly" or "kawaii"

No. 210149

What kind of self respecting 18 year old has never drank beer?
She really needs to drop the innocent loli act it's just embarrassing and autistic at her age.

No. 210150

As controlling as Margo clearly is, the odd glass totally off camera and unreported wouldn't be that crazy. Nobody's suggesting she drinks all that much, especially since she doesn't have any friends to do it with. Not to mention the calories!!

No. 210156

This kind of furthe93rd my thoughts that Venus may be a year or two older than what she claims to be.

No. 210157

Wtf are you doing phone?

No. 210158

Why would it though when, as others have explained, it's easy to buy booze? It is in Korea especially, but even in stricter countries no-one will question Margo etc.

No. 210159

Ah, never thought of it really. All I saw was people saying it's illegal and stuff So I just wanted to chime in, and say my thoughts of Venus being oldest than what she is.

No. 210161

Never thought of it… when other posters have explained it's easy to drink before being legal. Have you never known anyone in your life to drink underage? I mean, I also think she's older than she claims but k.

No. 210168

Whoa chill down pal. Just cause you and your drunk friends all started drinking at 18 doesn't mean everyone has to.

It's easy to believe she is very childlike and naive when she has a mother that is treating her like a puppet. She never had a chance to do crazy things young people do.

No. 210172

she's from europe, you know, the sane rest of the world that actually lets 18 year olds drink. you're either american or prude.

No. 210177

I brother told me that when you reach a certain number of subscribes youtube gives you a studio, and there is one in Korea. What if she already has one and is actually getting this money for herself?

No. 210178

my** ugh

No. 210180

ive never heard that before

No. 210181


I very much highly doubt they would give a studio to someone who doesn't even have a million subs. IF they even give out studios.

No. 210182

It's so tiny tho… like a quarter pint or something like that. Cute for little sampler tastings I would think. I kind of want to get this just for that little beer stein but I would probably just bin the "beer" mix that comes with it. It reminds me of emergen-C, so it's probably bad stuff.

No because Venus is a sweet innocent babbychild whose precious lips would never touch real alcohol, and that's how Margo wants to market her.
Also I imagine Margo to be a health nut since she used to be a "personal trainer" when they were in London (that's a job that's apparently very easy to get in the UK judging by the job adverts I get in my inbox every day). Like a really preachy health nut even. I dunno. Maybe she's not. All I really know about Margo is that she loves to whore out her daughter Mama June style.

I have but I grew up around a lot of Lutherans, a couple Mormons, and some even stricter bible belt megachurch style Christians, so there's that.
Venusdesu grew up around Margo and only Margo, who honestly doesn't even strike me as the sort to keep a small bottle of cheap bourbon stashed away in the toilet tank.

No. 210183

i dont think they do that. wouldnt onion be telling us all about it. he has almost 2 mil

No. 210184

Sorry, I thought she already had that much. I don't actually see her channel since she was doing animu shit

No. 210185

Me either, I've never heard that before. My brother works with this stuff and he just told me that. But I didn't know she didn't had enough subscribes.

No. 210186

There is studios, but none in korea it seems.

No. 210187

>self respecting
Nigga, stop. Not everyone wants to drink beer or give into the stupid peer pressures of underage drinking.

No. 210192

not everywhere is murrica…

No. 210194


>stupid peer pressures

Calm down, Just Say No.

No. 210197

Considering that Margo posted a photo of them drinking a bottle of cheap red wine for Venus's 18th bday, yeah.

No. 210198

They don't give you studios, YouTube owns studios that you can have free access to as partner, views and subs don't matter.

No. 210436

did she delete her instagram?

No. 210437

Nope. www.instagram.com/venus_angelic/

No. 210438

My favourite part about this video is that it almost has more views than >>208929 and it's only been up for a day.

And she's still only at $268

No. 210440


Lol I bet Venus and her mum have gotten pissed together at some point you know. Bottle of whatever, two of them watching stupid kawaii shit on youtube and dancing around their hotel.

No. 210449


Koreans don't care about Youtube as much as other places

No. 210450


Ah, alright. I'm assuming Margo posted on Instagram? I don't have Instagram, so I didn't know that Venus did drink wine.

No. 210481

Venus seemed tipsy in those karaoke videos she posted while in Japan. The sad ones where it's her and her mom alone.

No. 210504

Give money to someone actually in need. As I see it, if you can fly around the world and buy lots of kawaii crap and shitty food, you don't deserve handouts.

No. 210506

I do too. Holy shit. Where can we find this… Time to hunt.

No. 210507

No. 210628

I really want Venus to be happy, and I can tell that she isn't now.

No. 210647


She'll never be happy as long as her mother revolves around her life. Thanks to her she'll never have real life friends, a loving relationship with someone, a decent educational background, an actual job to fund her Youtube lifestyle and so much more.

They don't get to live in their favorite country anymore which was Japan and are stuck in a room together making videos for fans in order to stay relevant online in the house of a host family in South Korea until they're kicked out. Venus probably has no say in any of the things they do, as it's all down to Margo because "manager".

Venus turns 19 next February and I doubt it'll get any better. It's a lost cause and a very sad one at that.

No. 210649

Lowkey reeling in the pedos, strategic move, but fairly disgusting.

No. 210786

Legal drinking age in south korea is 19. So I guess technically she can say that, but legal drinking age in a lot of countries is 18, sometimes down to 16, so idk.

GG Venus, keep reeling in those pedo views, however, maybe next time pretend you're 17. It's not like anyone really cares.

No. 210848

File: 1449282596756.png (29.56 KB, 519x100, yukapee.png)

this is a yuka tweet btw

No. 210851

cocaine's a hell of a drug Yuka. Doesn't she know that Venus and Margo won't be returning to Japan for while(or ever?)

No. 210862

File: 1449285796408.png (943.47 KB, 936x592, 3432.png)

Now I am pretty sure the weight loss is Margo's fault.

No. 210863

Jodie is definitely american.

No. 210886

Anyone wonder where Venus' father is? Is he dead?

No. 210892

I thought he just left them after margo got pregnant? Don't blame him. Imagine getting that thing knocked up.

No. 210919


Definitely not dead, because this year Margo finally got a divorce. I'm ASSUMING that was Venus's father she was divorcing. Their story about him changes quite a bit. From him not even being there to him being there for some of her childhood.

No. 210921

Checked to see how she's doing on her indiegogo, hasn't gotten a single donation for 3 days. Still on $268.

No. 210947

It's a literal example of "never stick your dick in crazy"

No. 210999

Ya know, Margo looks kinda approachable here. Like the caring, soft Mum she thinks she is.

I think a few pounds more would really suit her, would make her less hag-like (and less wrinkly).

No. 211002


I think she and venus are people who look better with a few pounds.

No. 211004

While Margo is a crazy bitch, let's maybe not encourage men to leave women after getting them pregnant and voiding all responsibility. That's some massive bullshit too.

No. 211008

i actually agree.
tbh as you get older, it's probably better to be slightly plump (A FEW - i am not promoting landwhales) because it helps fill out wrinkles instead of making you look a scraggly witch

No. 211014

OT but if a man has no interest in the child he created, it's best he fuck off. Growing up without a father is much less emotionally scarring than growing up with one who doesn't give a fuck and hates you for existing.

No. 211027

No. 211030

I guess it's just the fact a man has the choice to leave while the woman is stuck being miserable, alone and pregnant. It seems Margo probably hates Venus in her own way and is bitter about a lot of it. She can also be reliving her youth through venus, but mainly, it's a huge form of control because Venus has no one else (parental figure) to turn to or other family and it's quite sad.

tldr; guys get off slack free for being dead beat dads while moms are usually left with a ton of burden, even if they abort.

No. 211031

Then maybe he shouldn't have been a piece of shit and knocked up the woman to begin with.

No. 211032

that's why women need to be safe and probably have sex with a good person that they know will stay. lolmaybe margo was fucking shit to the man?
i'm sorry but who would want to stay with margo?

No. 211033

or the woman shouldnt have been stupid to have sex with him

No. 211035

You guys seem to forget they were married, huh?

No. 211036

personally i wont judge the guy because we have no idea what happened.
maybe he's a jerk, or maybe margo fucked up everything.
i have no idea man

No. 211037

I agree.
it's best to have no dad than grow up with a shitty ass one that will make you sad.
same goes to mothers though (for dads who raise their sons/daughters alone)

No. 211038

it's so obvious margo just wants money. she's greedy as hell.

No. 211039


Any parents whether mother or father if one or both are doing shit jobs, no good then the kid is better off without them. Common sense.

No. 211040

I agre. Th ere are two sides to every story and we've only heard Margo's. She lies all the time.

No. 211060

Considering that Margo wrote that she got interested in Japan (aka turned a weeb) in uni because one of the professors was japanese, meaning before she married, it could be that Margo did hide her powerlevel in order to find some semen-donator and went nuts again when she archived her goal.

No. 211145

I would LOVE to hear what Margo and Venus were like from Margo ex-boyfriend(Jamaican guy is an ex, right? I forget.) and what Margo was like from her ex-husband.

No. 211147

>Margo is a coalburner
>yfw Venus dates a black guy next

No. 211151


I forgot Margo likes her dark chocolate. Venus really disliked him judging by her immature Tweets during the time her mother was seeing him in the UK, like he was stealing her away.

Bitch is probably a closet racist knowing her.

No. 211155

The relationship between Venus and her mom seems toxic and co-dependent. Seems like neither of them will let the other have her own friends/life. Sad.

No. 211166


Which is probably why it failed with Manaki even if it was just for a Visa. Venus could happily go to Japan but her mother couldn't and that'd be like the end of the world for either. That paper work issue was such bullshit.

No. 211167

It seems pretty clear to me that Margo is a narcissist who is both living vicariously through her daughter, and needs to control every aspect of her daughter's life because to a narc, a child is an object you own forever, who exists to love you on command, not a person with their own thoughts, feelings and goals.

Both my parents are narcissists so I have a fair bit of experience with this shit. Generally, narc parents react one of two ways to their children: they ignore the child completely after they're beyond toddler age (because the child no longer lives to love and adore their parent/s and starts having an independent personality), or they need to control each aspect of the child's life so as to forever re-live their OWN youth. I don't think you need two guesses to pick which kind Margo is.

For me, it was easier to break away from the abuse because my parent's were the first kind. This made me independent and able to function on my own from a young age. They also had more than one kid, which means they already had a kid to infantilize forever (my sister), and didn't need another one.

Venus is not only stuck being her mother's conduit to the attention Margo thinks she's always deserved - she's got no one else to take the heat off of her (sibling, stepdad, etc.) It's possible for someone like Venus to break out of that abuse cycle, but it takes serious planning, serious balls, and an outside support network.

Margo has made damn sure at each juncture that Venus has no education, no self esteem or self respect, or anyone in her life besides Margo. My heart goes out to her, but she's also the only person who can break the cycle of her own abuse. I really hope that she gets out from under Margo someday - even if that means the milk dries up on this one.

No. 211198

Venus is being bullied so she apparently has to open her shop a month early. http://venusangelic.com/shop/

No. 211216

>autographed polaroid
Even if it includes shipping, that's a lot of money for a goddamn photo of a has-been internet 'celebrity'. Does she actually think anyone will buy it? Her younger fans, if they even care about her anymore, probably don't have the money or a credit card, and she pissed off the creepy older guys (except that one dude, it seems) with the whole Manaki thing

No. 211218

Fun Fact:
The black 25yo boyfriend from England, who was a fitness trainer, died from a heart attack while in the relationship.

No. 211219

File: 1449376261280.png (21.67 KB, 524x158, tumblr_m6ktt46UYc1r76gowo1_540…)

Very related.

No. 211225

File: 1449378216515.png (51.58 KB, 994x746, EA conference feels.png)

>venus is a person

No. 211231

For all we know, he could be the one paying for Penus's bullshit. Margo sure as hell doesn't work hard.

No. 211251

Heart attack from poisoning maybe?

No. 211252

She is a person, Totemokawaii

No. 211254

A tard, but a person nonetheless

No. 211272

holy shit source pls

No. 211276

Problem with the 'no dad' thing is some other 'father-figure' is bound to turn up in your life one day. I lived that particular nightmare. The 'no dad' thing still affected me but it was deeper, more subtle than the obvious damage my stepfather did.

No. 211277

(same anon here) Obviously Venus didn't have that experience so I'm going OT.

No. 211364

Didn't she message margo and venus when they were still in tokyo that she wants to meet up?

No. 211372

Kids raised by single moms are unbelievably fucked up on average. Canada recently started almost always doing 50/50 custody instead of sole custody to the mom because of the strong evidence it fucks up kids beyond repair.

The Penus thread sometimes makes me sad because she never had a chance.

No. 211416

Really? Fucked up in which way? It kinda surprises me because I was raised by a single mom… I'm genuinely curious

No. 211420


fuck off retard

No. 211429

Yes as she is a two-faced bitch doing everything to get relevant again.

No. 211435


I was raised by a single mother too and I'm willing to bet so was at least 50% of this board so if you want to start calling people retards for having their fathers die or walk out on their family, not desire to commit or just wanted a divorce you better start making those posts now because you've got a lot of work to do starting now.

No. 211436

She would tweet a lot about it back when it happend (2013) but it seems she deleted the posts on most simes and screenshoots were only on the old PULL.

No. 211438

*sites, not simes
I think it may be possible to still find Tweets but that would be days of scrolling considering how much she spams.

No. 211443


Wasn't her ex this guy? Because this was the only piece of info I could find. What a very sad way to go at such a young age…


No. 211450

No, that's a well-known fitness trainer.

No. 211451

The one who died is the one who Venus always would shittalk about on Twitter, that was in the first half of 2013.

No. 211455


My bad then. But damn fitness trainers sure do have serious health problems.


Venus was a right little bitch on Twitter about him as that's around the same time I started following her. Like a child having her favourite toy taken away.

No. 211467

His name is Serge Camarou and he did die. https://mobile.twitter.com/SERGEKAIGNE

Look at the recent tweets

I doubt she knew him as a friend though, idk

No. 211477

In every way? More likely to have mental illness, addiction issues, risky sex behavior (for girls it's called "daddy issues"). If you're interested Google using terms like single parent statistics and there's a ton of evidence.

Plus it's just common sense really. Obviously a kid raised by 2 parents will have more money and more stability than one raised by a single mom and whatever multiple random dudes that are highly likely to molest them.

And the guys raised by single moms are likely to be crazy and violent so I always drop a guy instantly if he didn't have a dad.

No. 211480

>>And the guys raised by single moms are likely to be crazy and violent so I always drop a guy instantly if he didn't have a dad

This made me crack up.
For some reason I wish this was a banner. lolcow is full of cold hearted bitches.

No. 211485

I just watched soul eater and she reminds me of Crona

No. 211488

Funny considered that most people posted here were raised by both parents, best example the Ostrengas.

No. 211490

>best example the Ostrengas
>not PT, the person the whole board is named after

No. 211492

>implying PT's father isn't Japanese
Don't dishonor her heritiji!

No. 211497


Yup, Dakota, Kristen, Pixyteri, even Charms was raised by both parents until yet split when she was in her teens.

No. 211504

Why is Marco bragging so hard? She's gross.

No. 211524

Oh gee the sample size of maybe a couple dozen cows. Who cares about sex worker, prison, and drug user statistics. All kids should be raised by single moms because they do a way better job all by themselves and kids don't need a father figure at all.

I'm going to stop shitting up the thread but i feel like I'm taking crazy pills or most people on lolcow don't know who their father is and are defensive about it.

No. 211619

File: 1449491794084.png (30.02 KB, 628x291, magr.PNG)

No. 211620

File: 1449491939287.png (418.63 KB, 536x540, margggg.PNG)


No. 211622

She looks like an alien wearing a human suit.

No. 211623

File: 1449492107301.png (26.11 KB, 625x267, CREEPY.PNG)

Did she mean chopsticks?
So creepy tho

No. 211624

Yes, Margo, what a coincidence that EYK also had a fundraiser for a studio in Korea, over three years ago.

At least now we know where she got the $40000 figure from.

No. 211626

Geez, Margo, that's not creepy at all.

No. 211627

Holy shit, she looks SO much better here than she does now. Not even overweight.
She has aged terribly..

No. 211630

Disgusting. How lonely/hypersexual do you have to be to find your own child sexy?
Reminds me of that time Venus claimed she would date her mom if she was a non-related male. Their relationship is so creepy.

No. 211632

Holy shit. Do people actually really believe that Venus wants all that shit? If you grow up and you parents, or in this case that Margot witch, keep talking you into this bullshit then obviously you are going to do / believe it. What else can she do? She has been homeschooled and his no significant contact to other people. For all we know her mother probably keeps her passport away.

The whole thing is really sad. I just hope Venus doesn't wind up dead somewhere, when her mother starts to sell her off again like she tried in Japan. Fuck this shit.

No. 211640

File: 1449501201959.jpg (29.09 KB, 616x270, 12345.JPG)

I guess EYK didn't want to collaborate with them LOL

No. 211641


What does she expect? They've scammed people before and it'll never change. Arrogant bitch.

No. 211642

The only person who seems irrationally angry or even cares about how many parents someone has though is you. So yes, stop shitting up the thread.

No. 211643

No. 211644

Eat Your Kimchi

No. 211645


Nah what Korea has is a lot of private studios. If you look at rising/mid-tier Koreaboo youtubers like chongnumigooksaram or whatever and her crew, they have a studio they all share, and in the same building Korean youtubers use the same space. So there's probably a Korean media company that keeps an eye out for consistent youtubers based in Korea and gives them contracts/recording spaces and opportunities for collabs.

Maybe that's what Penus is counting on or they aren't being reached out to cuz dat instability.

No. 211646


If that collaboration ever happened it would be like that time EYK did that terrible interview with SHINee, but with EYK being SHINee and Venus being EYK in that situation.

No. 211653

eeeeeeew omg omg i can't

No. 211656

>And the guys raised by single moms are likely to be crazy and violent so I always drop a guy instantly if he didn't have a dad.
Five weeks after your marriage you sit at dinner with your spouse and his parents. You ask his parents how they met. "oh, anon, after my divorce it was really hard but when anons spouse moved out I met him in a bar haha." He was raised without a father. What have you done. "Anon are you okay?" What have you done…

No. 211660

>marrying a guy without knowing anything about his family or how he was raised


No. 211661

It's so sad to me that Venus probably thinks this is normal. This is a normal relationship to have with your mother. Fuck you Margo.

No. 211665

Maybe the guy just accepted the stepdad as his dad and there never was the question as if to he is or isn't his real dad lol

but let's not get worked up over an imaginary story

No. 211672

She is so fucking disturbing. Venus too.

No. 211722

Not sure why people find this strange when Venus once tweeted if she was a man she'd date her mom with a winking face back when they lived in Nippon.

No. 211723

I was thinking that she actually looked like a cute and approachable person. Maybe a little over weight but still a sweet lady. Its crazy how things can change.

No. 211735

did venus make a new indiegogo campaign?

Goal is only 500gbp..

No. 211736

Next goal will be 50GBP

the tryharding is real

No. 211737

actually, on second observation.. the user doesn't appear to be email verified so it's probably trying to scam.

Marg's hella salty at how much they raised.
Don't spend that $245 all in one place.

No. 211745


Who the fuck says that about their DAUGHTER? Why do I sense some kind of incest thing going on?

No. 211746


Maybe someone can explain it to me, but I don't understand what's so coincidental about it?

No. 211750

Yeah, I don't get it either.

EYK = living in Korea for like almost a decade (I think?) and founded their channel on them talking about korean topics. their fans all like them because they all like korean things too. Thus, when they crowd funded their studio, their fans did it because they wanted more korean videos. Makes sense.

However, Margo and Venus just jump ship from trend to trend and visa to visa, and have never shown any interest in Korea until their ridiculous mukbang shit, and now all of a sudden need a korean studio. Why would her fans fund that? Her fans are largely weeaboos and pedos, who don't give two shits about korea.

No. 211752

They deleted their indiegogo video, and campaign? When?

No. 211753


The video's unlisted, but the campaign's still there.

No. 211758

it's sooo shady to me…
they unlisted the video because it was having negative feedback.
I bet Margo is soooooooo mad

No. 211766

File: 1449530670728.jpg (96.9 KB, 640x641, waifucouch.jpg)


But anyway the drama isn't funny anymore i just feel sad. When she was a young teen it was cringy and funny to laugh at now that she's an adult it's just sad.
I'm feeling depressed about life now

No. 211774

Margo, parenting tip: call your daughter beautiful, not sexy. This is disturbing.
This was back in 2012? I have no idea. Probably mad they did well on their fundraiser unlike margs and penus.

No. 211801

would we be shocked? margo is insane (as we all know) and seems to be way too in venus' case (again, known fact) and venus obviously doesn't know what a healthy mother daughter relationship is so it would be easy for her not to question it.

No. 211809


I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that she's trying to use EYK's campaign as an example of why they need the money for a studio. Cause everyone's calling it a scam, which in the end it will be, they're using EYK as an example to say 'hey look how much THEY needed for a studio, we need it too' HOW EVER what she obviously doesn't comprehend is that we all remember the other scams they've done, and where the money REALLY went.

And tbh, I think her fans are realizing she's just a visa/ trend hopping has-been. Why should the fans fund a studio, in Korea, when she just recently gives a fuck about Korea, and the vast majority of her fan base is in it for the weeb aspect of the channel? They know as well as we do she doesn't need a whole studio for this shit. EYK was well funded because their channel has always been based on Korean aspects, and they live in S. Korea because I guess they genuinely like it or sth, idk much about them but yeah.

In another universe, had they earned the sheckles they were after, we all know they would have suddenly ran from S. Korea.

…sorry for the blog.

No. 211812

No blood relative should ever say their kid is sexy. It's just so weird. In her case, it feels really fame hungry, like she wants people to view her child like that.

No. 211815

File: 1449540193237.jpg (414.65 KB, 1200x1200, singlemoms.jpg)

No. 211818

Take it to /b/ no one cares.

No. 211821

They asked for the stats and that was the only image I had on hand at the moment, I know its a little too /r9k/ but you can ignore that

No. 211824

I think your sample's a bit skewed since when parents divorce a child will USUALLY end up with the mother. If it were an even split, you might have a case.

No. 211829

Everything about this comment screams moron. I don't even know where to begin.

No. 211838

Kek I saw this and saved it off 4chan last night thinking about this thread. But it's pointless arguing with the single mom defense force straight from tumblr.

The argument for this thread is against single parents so it applies. She even said ignore the sexism.

No. 211847

It's pointless in arguing because you're shit posting. Stop it, you fucking cunt. I don't care if single mothers are equivalent to the whore of Babylon, this is just derailing to single mom = incompetent. Keep your daddy issues to /b/, faggot.

I thought this was hilarious, but it probably isn't Venus. I just can't believe they'd aim for such a high goal when their fans are weaboos and they're in fucking KOREA. Maybe Venus is insane enough to believe her fans think she isn't defined by her interests. … kinda makes me sad.

No. 211872

>saving one of those pics that was probably constructed by a /pol/tard and using it as evidence
kek. We all know Venus is screwed up because of Margo, but do you think if her father was around things would be any different? She would probably never let him have a say in how the money is spent or how Venus is raised and if he ever tried to disagree with her, she would castrate him on the spot. Having a parent that does nothing while the other parent fucks you up is even worse than being raised by one shitty parent.
Does Venus still have a chance at having a normal and happy life? Will she ever escape from her mother?

No. 211902

She's at $144 now.

No. 211904


Whoa whoa whoa, where was that $250+?

No. 211911


Yeah if her father was around he would be probably fucking and making it worse for her

No. 211912

*fucking her

No. 211916

What the hell?
Can they cancel their donations?

No. 211917

File: 1449558958426.png (577.36 KB, 518x645, hgfd.png)

She just uploaded this. Bad comments like "you look gaunt" appeared instantly

I guess that's why she deleted it.

No. 211918


Good god, her neck makes her look so old.

No. 211919

I'd love to know why she likes to lengthen her jaw with meitu.

Her tiny jaw is just fine as it is, kind of enviable. It's what makes her face doll-like.

No. 211922

I don't know if it's just the angle, but her calves look disproportionately smaller than the rest of her body

No. 211923

It is flexible funding, meaning Venus and her Mom can take the money whenever they like.

No. 211924

Because she doesn't have a visible jaw usually.

No. 211925


Could be the angle and/or photoshop. She's always had sticks for legs in her pictures.

No. 211926

Everyone has a jaw, and hers is kind of tiny.
A long face (due to long jaw) doesn't make her look attractive.

No. 211927

The number of backers has decreased though. Before it was 11 and now it's 9…

No. 211928

So, I just looked at the site and I see why the number of backers decreased. Contributors can request a refund before the end of the funding period. https://support.indiegogo.com/hc/en-us/articles/526876

No. 211930


Looks like the 2 donators finally saw through Margo and Venus's bullshit.

No. 211931

Why is she begging for money? A boobjob?

No. 211932


Apparently for a studio, but I wouldn't be surprised if she turned around with that money and got a boobjob.

No. 211959

No. 211960

No. 211961

But I really want to know about adoption. Is that acceptable to anon?

No. 211967


No. 211976

File: 1449567938166.jpg (73.5 KB, 432x257, va.jpg)

No. 211984

Looks like they'll have to get a job/sugardaddy now. Poor babies.

No. 211993

she looks like a tired old housewife.

No. 211998

Approaching spoopy territory.

No. 212002

I got my five dollars refunded. Merry Christmas?

No. 212005

File: 1449572051355.jpeg (161.09 KB, 640x731, image.jpeg)


No. 212010

Oh please, Venus and Margo are just butthurt because nobody wanted to donate and they didn't get more than like $200.

No. 212027

Ok I'm honestly really confused…who is this?!
It looks way too old to be Venus yet far too young to be Margo..? It doesn't look like either of them.

No. 212028

I'm pretty sure that's Venus. She lost a lot of weight, so her face doesn't look as round and cutesy anymore.

No. 212030

Margo cosplaying Venus?!

No. 212032


I can imagine Margo skinning Venus alive to be able to cosplay as her.

No. 212039

Dammit, I wanted to compare their indiegogo with EYK's because the perks seemed really similar. I was looking at EYKs at looking at the polaroid, makeup kit, and the highest tier meeting reward, it reminded me of those on Venus'.

Oh well, guess they wanted to cut their losses before they embarrassed themselves because no one actually cares about them.

No. 212040

iirc didn't it say on her website that her dad was there, but not there for her and that Margo took Venus when she was 7 and left. I'll try and find.

No. 212042

File: 1449582760810.png (543.97 KB, 928x593, Untitled.png)

Her teeth appear to be getting more yellow-ish.

No. 212045

stomach acid will do that.

No. 212046

Purging really destroys the enamel, not a surprise.

No. 212049


"What shall I cook today?"

Why even bother Venus, you'll only choke it up in a few hours time anyway.

No. 212051

She legit looks like she's on drugs.

No. 212055

I like how the first comment on the screenshot is suggesting to cook meth.

No. 212056

If Margo ever googles a recipe I don't think that's off the table for income opportunities.
Look out for a kitchen indiegogo campaign.

No. 212057

she had yellowish teeth for quite a while now, I think it's because she loves coffee.

Look at her last throwback photo too, she had yellow teeth even back then.

No. 212061

trying to look grown up/like a 50s housewife?

No. 212062

Promise to Santa you'll never do it again and be a good girl now. Ho ho ho

No. 212064

No. 212094

They're a bit grey-yellow too, like a smoker's. Idk if she actually smokes but fuck tho I'd be wanting cigarettes if Maggro was my mum honestly.
But yeah also stomach acid from most likely purging, and she is a coffee drinker as well, but still maybe should see a dentist about whitening maybe?
There's something really sad about the expression on her face too. Like a forced happiness and I just want to rescue her.

No. 212095

File: 1449595289162.jpg (29.73 KB, 615x326, theirony.JPG)

The ironyyy

No. 212097

She looks exactly like Margo here– even looks like she's in her early to mid 40s. DAMN

No. 212098

So many of her fans commenting on her latest pic like "don't cook anything just do a makeup tutorial".. "is it all about food now? i dont like this be".. "be yourself and do beauty thats why we like you!!"

is she blind and dumb? can't she see she is pushing her few fans away?

No. 212105

does she not know that pakalupapito is a novelty account?

No. 212107

I doubt it haha

No. 212109

Her whole gimmick was being a 'living doll' with somewhat decent makeup tutorials.
She doesn't even act 'dolly' anymore or wear cute outfits. I don't understand what direction she's trying to head in. People won't want to watch her eat food forever. She could've created a fashion/makeup line or anything if her and Margo were actually smart.

No. 212122

what the hell.
they eat fancy bakery shit every fucking day.
they are on shopping sprees weekly.
and yet they needed funding.

No. 212123

her recent IG posts are really melancholy imo, the bunch of childhood photos and the pic of her cat when she was living in switzerland, maybe shes missing that time and stability, i would be… i wonder what she must have had to do with her cat… unless he wasn't alive when they left .. she must be so tired ; ;
all i have is sympathy for her basically a lot of people already said it but her life seems really sad
she's having alot of material things yeah but very lonely

No. 212125

yes material that is, I think she rarely got the chance to appreciate friendship or freedom (like being alone for a few hours strolling through nature), a "real" hobby besides makeup and "eating"

to be honest, I think the whole "food is my life" thing speaks for itself. it's the same with many eating disordered people. She fills "empty space" with food - and it's not an empty tummy.
It's probably one of the very few things in her every day life she actually enjoys.

No. 212143

What a colossal cunt. If she keeps shooting down fan requests like that she'll have to actually get a real job.

Her English is so horrible that I've actually had to learn Margo speak to understand her.

She should just politely decline certain requests. And usually when people ask for better sound quality there's a reason. If you had a job Margo then you could buy some better equipment instead of begging for 40k for a studio.

No. 212153

tbh the food thing is the only reason why i'm still mildly interested. i just like looking at food i guess and i wouldn't come for her personality lol

No. 212157

File: 1449603832719.jpg (15.24 KB, 340x105, ugh.JPG)

Doesn't sound like someone who is proud of their "career"

No. 212162

Venus is definitely emotionally stunted though thanks to Margo. I wouldn't put her at adult in that sense. I doubt she could live on her own or function as an adult but that's due to how she's been living her whole life as Margo's kawaii little marionette. So I'd peg her as a perpetual child, sadly. It really is tragic.

But the candy beer thing is simply pandering. The "Giggle! I'm just a kawaii little girl!" thing is really getting old. It's one thing to say "I don't like beer but I'll try this candy". But I am tired of the cutesy little girl act. I'd think that after Manaki her old man pervert fans would have jumped ship because they can't fantasize about stealing her purity anymore.

No. 212171

Her food videos are shit though. There are a million other channels out there who do food videos, and they do them better. And you're not Venus' fans either, the majority of them started watching for her living doll schtick, and they don't care for her food videos.

No. 212172

They go to Starbucks and Krispy Kreme. Not exactly French patisseries and high tea. I also don't think they shop that much. They're not really living a luxurious or extravagant lifestyle, they just need funding because they have little/no income because they're lazy as fuck.

No. 212177

all I want to say is: priorities.
They live on a low budget. Starbucks and krispy kreme stuff which your body doesn't need (luxury food) isn't usually included in a "low budget day".
Yet they complain about their equipment.

I never go to starbucks and being a student I'm as poor as they are, I saved money for expensive equipment though. It's possible, and you don't have to eat potatoes and oatmeals only. Just brew your own coffee.

They really need to learn to handle money.
I agree with the lazy af part though.
Will Venus ever know what that mysterious "working" normal-people-thing is?

No. 212178

Yeah, their priorities are definitely fucked up. I feel like they put all their money into being successful in Japan, and when that fell through, they're just trying to grab on to whatever is going to keep them going in the short term. People who are short-sighted like that usually do throw away money on things that they could do without, and I'm not surprised Venus and Margo are exactly like that.

I don't think Venus and Margo will ever have 'normal' jobs any time soon, it'll take for them to reach rock bottom before that happens. They're still grasping on to Venus' YouTube and internet 'career' in order to survive, and it'll run out sooner or later, and they'll have to do something to live. Venus' life is really no different from those 'child star gone wrong' stories, except her mother is mixed up with her.

No. 212188

File: 1449614217092.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1585, Screenshot_2015-12-08-17-33-34…)

Her app-induced eyelash doesn't even match up to her eye. I even think these are things you can fix in-app. I don't even think she's trying anymore.

Also- c'mon Margo, "tired of wearing fake lashes"? Please.

No. 212190

Margo is just so unattractive. Not in the sense where if she looked after herself she could look good, but she's just genuinely unattractive (or maybe homely is a better word?)

No. 212195


I think she'd seem much more attractive if she was a normal loving, caring mother and not a narcissistic, toxic harpy.

I don't know whether it's just because we already know what she's like or if it's also the general vibe she gives off, but it's hard to look at her photos without being reminded of what an awful person she is.

No. 212196

>>212188 it says "tried out wearing falsies" not tired of………..

No. 212197


Oh sorry what is the reading of the English language. However, my point still stands, she's been using this shitty app for so long.

No. 212198

Margo could approach attractiveness only if her nose was half its size, and her lips were twice as large. As they said back in the day, she's pork chop ugly.

No. 212200


Don't forget dem wrinkles. I think her resting bitch face is what makes me find her ugly, though. I don't think I've ever seen her smile.

No. 212220

Personally I'm triggered by the hideous contrived facial expressions she always makes in photos. I can just tell she contorted her face into that pout and retook the photo like 10 times until she found the one where she looked "kawaii".

Margo, stop trying. You are repulsive. Even if it was raining dicks you'd get hit with a brick.

No. 212221


Yeah, she's been around long enough, she should start thinking of it now. If she used her fame the right way back when the kawaii living doll thing was new, she could have partnered with a liz lisa type business.

Maybe she should call up mr. Yan …

No. 212226

Their reputation is so bad. No one wants to collab with them time for a real job, Margo and Venus.

No. 212238

Starbucks and Krispy Kreme were pretty pricey when I went to Korea. It wasn't the most expensive coffee but it definitely wasn't average prices either. Especially the pastries.

No. 212259

>Even if it was raining dicks you'd get hit with a brick.
I hope you don't mind that I steal this phrase

No. 212268

Yeah Starbucks is considered "vanity" in Korea… Krispy Kreme not so much but yeah it was kind of taxed..

No. 212270

It's frightening how they lack self-awareness.

No. 212271

I think the Starbucks was more in Japan. Is it viewed that way in Japan too?

No. 212272

It is seen as expensive, especially when you could just go to Japanese chains instead and pay less. Still both are hugely popular.

No. 212276

One of the reasons why I think Venus has lost weight is because, well, she's living in Korea. Big pressure to be thin, not only by the media but the girls around her.

No. 212290

She's probably more unattractive than usual to us because she has such a toxic personality and is in general an awful human being.

No. 212319

Uhhh, she moved there recently and was already worryingly skinny months before that.

No. 212334

nobody in korea gives a shit about fat foreigners. The pressure is only for Korean girls.

No. 212356

lol i never said i was a fan. i don't see anything to be a fan of. i just like the drama and i happen to like watching her eat unhealthy shit that i would never eat. maybe i'm just a bitch

No. 212359

Exactly. When I went there and ordered stuff like two pastries and a coffe it easily added up to something like 20 dollars. I spent most of my money on food.

No. 212360

Are you dumb? Do you really think that she has had any social contact to anyone else besides Margo? lol

No. 212369

File: 1449672482306.png (829.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-09-06-46-56…)

No. 212371


What is Venus trying to do? Like I don't even understand what their aim is in Korea…

No. 212372


It's true, she was developing some kind of eating disorder before korea.

No. 212373


Pretty much, Koreans only care about their own. Venus isn't really relevant. Even if she went on Get it beauty (same show dakota was on) they'd just laugh her off stage anyway. Japanese woman went on that show once too, pretty she was and Koreans with their dried up hair dye and bb wash out pale skin laughed her off.

No. 212382

She looks better with the mature style of dressing. but fuck that hair is fried.

No. 212386

Looks like she just got out of bed after getting only an hour of sleep.

No. 212390

Why does she have lips now?

No. 212391

that's kinda hot

No. 212401

I like this style on her, her hair does look kinda fried though

No. 212409

When your make up is on point… sure not right now!
Her hair is so ruined it looks like an old cheap wig (I know she wears extensions too).
I don't think she can ever be successful in Korea. She should do kpop reviews if she wanna super tryard LOL

No. 212410

>Lindsey Logan

No. 212411

I've just noticed it ahhahahaha

No. 212413

I would like this better if she didnt look so tired and sickly. The shirt colors and lighting just emphasize her dark eye circles and glassy eyes

No. 212425

File: 1449680861236.png (524.14 KB, 490x596, lolwtflmao.png)

new photo

No. 212427

Wow she looks haggard. Trashy extensions are trashy.

No. 212428

a duckface? lmaoooooooo didn't expect that shit from a kawaii innocent living doll

No. 212429

This makes me uncomfortable

No. 212430

Looking spoopy!

No. 212434

She should dye her hair dark, keep it dark and take out those extensions.

I will say I envy her legs.

No. 212456


Maybe she's finally taking the kota koti 2010 route and trying to become a "livin porcelain barbeh"

No. 212462

Ugh blend your fucking hair extensions. If Venus ever came to my city with that hair she would be laughed at endlessly

No. 212465

i read that as new potato

No. 212477

She looks kind of like Devon Aoki here

No. 212479

Such a 2006 myspace pose

No. 212483

File: 1449691009195.jpg (51.79 KB, 600x800, creepychan.jpg)

>venus will never go creepy-chan on us
I would fly to Korea and propose if she did that

now that I think about it, why doesn't Venus try getting on one of those America's Next Top Model kinds of shows?

No. 212485

This new look she's aiming for suits her but those extensions need serious work. Dry and straggly isn't kawaii.

No. 212486

Eewww hair extensions. So she's becoming a trashy ghetto ho now?

No. 212487

that's scary affff

No. 212488

> why doesn't Venus try getting on one of those America's Next Top Model kinds of shows?
She might be tall and skinny, but she definitely doesn't have the face for it.

No. 212489

Plus there's no role for Margo on a Top Model. Venus comes as a package deal.

No. 212490

Margo can join Americas Next Top Model with Venus no problem! She even could win…..

No. 212492

File: 1449692374785.png (243.38 KB, 380x506, smize.png)

>For a late night I would like, ah, something lightweight and sheer. Long lasting. Cobergirl.

No. 212495

how tall is venus?

No. 212497

5'5"/165cm according to Wikipedia, but I don't think anyone actually knows for sure. There are photos where she looks taller, and I believe she's claimed to be shorter at other times.

No. 212498

I read 5'7" a while ago.
If it's 5'5" she wouldn't be tall enough to compete on ANTM.
>tfw same height
>tfw i tried

No. 212503

Stupid pose, stupid expression and those extensions look cheap. Otherwise, I like this new look. >>212042 this is creepy as fuck

Maybe her pathetic campaign led her to realize that her fanbase will not give money and needs to change the kind of views she attracts? She looks 18 in these new pics.

No. 212506

She's trying to stick to her babyface dolly looks with a mature style and it makes her look really haggard, especially in that previous close up with her 'makeup'.

No. 212514

She's not tall enough. 5ft8 is usually the limit. Plus, she's not very photogenic.

No. 212530

I like her new look.

No. 212543

Everyone does when making a duckface+ she is drawing over her lip.

No. 212544

File: 1449702110403.jpg (99.79 KB, 640x640, 12301142_868734313247552_29359…)

Wearing Venus's clothes again I see.
"we have the same shoe size etc we give each other things to wear whenever the other needs it"

No. 212548

lol looks like COEX but for real what are they doing ? walking around Seoul until someone notices them? It's hella easy to be a "model" in Korea if you're white… a lot of nasty Instagram chicks have ~model in Korea~ on their bios… if they were smart she could be on Stefani Michova's level in a few months (dating OPPA and being the token horse-face European in kpop videos)

No. 212551

Top Model is over though .. OT but Tyra announced that this past season that just finished would be the final season..

No. 212554

They have to finish business school first.

No. 212570

they're just trying to stay till they can go back to japan.

No. 212578


Haha Japan won't be having them back any time soon.

No. 212580

of course not, but it'll be easier if they're right across the water from there.

No. 212590

The way she said that they weren't going back to Japan made it sound like they were in trouble with the government. I bet they got caught with their tax invasion when she was sorting out the wedding papers for her visa (or it already got rejected because of that)

No. 212593


Also prob realized their "marriage" was a load of bullshit from day 1.

No. 212598

I can't imagine a mom taking a picture of her daughter in such a pose. Margo is like the Kardashian mom, or Alexis Neiers' mom

No. 212604

Venus got a tripod for years already.

No. 212607

File: 1449716670053.png (1.15 MB, 934x522, managermama.png)


She may have a tripod but I bet half the photos are taken by her mom.

No. 212623

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's Margo who takes these photos. She really is like Kris Jenner in many ways.

No. 212627

Margo needs to learn how to fucking smile, oh my god. Her resting bitchface is only making her look older. She clearly wants to avoid looking like an old hag, so why doesn't she start wiTH FUCKING SMILING??

No. 212629

It's such and easy and instant way to look more youthful, like, jfc.