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File: 1414895748315.jpg (123.42 KB, 500x750, wannablaze.jpg)

No. 20550

Figured I'd start a thread on this after seeing it crop up in Yuka's.

WannaBlaze/Kiersten Reitan is an overly photoshopped, former fat ass Weeaboo. Despite openly shitting on other Weebs such as VenusAngelic and fake nerds like Nigri, Kiersten has failed to realize that she falls within the same categories. She lives in Washington state where she spends her days making awful phone cases and trying to be as "kawaii" as possible, with her occasional 3edgy5me bullshit tossed into the mix. I suppose we all need some sort of variety. Below is a post she made on Tumblr after being kicked out of Japan:


Despite being a "fashion major", Kiersten went to Kogakuin University for this program– It's an engineering school. Why? Obviously, for the trip to Japan where she could pretend that eating enough pocky would somehow reformat her DNA.

Kiersten reacting to being called out on her shit by others:


Kiersten has also apparently pissed off some lolitas because she was spamming their hash tags with things that are not lolita, such as Liz Lisa or anything with lace that she bought from Forever21.

Despite having been told that she's an annoying piece of shit, Kiersten continues to have the "YOLO XDDD" mindset about everything while bragging about weed, how nerdy she is, how perverted she is because she has sex with her boyfriend (dude, what), and frequently embarrassing some poor girl she met in Japan by referring to her as a senpai.

No. 20551

File: 1414895825581.png (906.15 KB, 1282x763, dapowaofchrist.png)

No. 20552

File: 1414895858669.png (897.68 KB, 1189x763, what.png)

No. 20554

File: 1414895921074.png (220.41 KB, 1414x543, Screenshot (262).png)

Not that I mind anyone if they want to move from America, but this post is particularly irritating because she's yet another Weeb who can't actually back up anything that she's saying. As usual, 3edgy5me fux murcia XDDDD shit.

No. 20555

File: 1414895956829.png (1021.46 KB, 1303x784, denial chan strikes again.png)

No. 20556

File: 1414895995593.png (881.32 KB, 1193x766, you so dont drink.png)

No. 20557

File: 1414896056096.png (1.78 MB, 1068x1112, 1392747100373.png)

No. 20559

File: 1414896127876.jpg (103.06 KB, 612x612, wha.jpg)

No. 20560

File: 1414896216039.png (979.89 KB, 1302x777, Screenshot (141).png)

No. 20562

File: 1414896423320.png (8.54 KB, 486x130, 1392747441444.png)

No. 20566

File: 1414896867178.jpg (136.73 KB, 640x660, w.jpg)

No. 20567

File: 1414896970697.jpg (79.09 KB, 843x632, wannanigger.jpg)

No. 20568

File: 1414897012710.jpg (58.88 KB, 720x720, whyte womyn.jpg)

No. 20571

File: 1414897303568.png (1.05 MB, 1602x760, Screenshot (264).png)



Pic related, the retard not realizing that Asian people use "White" products, too. This isn't some magical fucking desu shampoo. It's actually cheap and gross.

No. 20573

File: 1414897381861.png (800.02 KB, 1298x786, but they dont retard.png)

No. 20574

File: 1414897445381.png (324.49 KB, 1036x599, oh to be young and retarded.pn…)

No. 20575

File: 1414897631064.png (1011.93 KB, 1313x793, so edgy.png)

No. 20576

ugh her tumblr, it should be illegal to make a wall of text that big with a font size that small

No. 20577

File: 1414897703483.png (1.08 MB, 1315x777, wat r u doin.png)

No. 20578

File: 1414897751936.png (886.88 KB, 1297x791, derp away now.png)

No. 20579

File: 1414897812858.png (985.88 KB, 716x718, fdghbjnk.png)

No. 20580

File: 1414897863388.png (999.96 KB, 1301x773, still retarded.png)

No. 20581

File: 1414897892186.png (117.43 KB, 492x492, 1.png)

>Omg are you Japanese?

No. 20583

File: 1414898083047.png (768.14 KB, 1304x771, you mean like two dollars lol.…)

No. 20584

burgers are so not rori

No. 20586

File: 1414898168346.png (997.74 KB, 1295x770, okay sure weeb.png)

No. 20587

File: 1414898248184.png (1.07 MB, 1598x761, oh now i see why.png)

And, nooowww I see why a bunch of lolitas got pissed off, lol..

No. 20588

File: 1414898462059.jpg (77.59 KB, 640x640, wannanig.jpg)

No. 20589

File: 1414898506697.jpg (94.76 KB, 640x640, not kawaii.jpg)

No. 20590

File: 1414898728732.png (789.09 KB, 1288x772, unaware of what a gaijin is.pn…)

No. 20593

File: 1414899045147.jpg (119.4 KB, 640x640, bv.jpg)

No. 20594

File: 1414899139427.png (873.33 KB, 1288x769, kyary fatu fatu.png)

But, it doesn't fit you..

No. 20596

File: 1414899714068.png (221.43 KB, 512x384, 1359520423001.png)

Oh fuck, I remember this bitch. That story really made me rage the first time it was posted, spoiled little shit. What annoys me the most is that she really knows nothing about japan aside from weeb shit, she would be miserable living there.

No. 20597

This shit pisses me off, it's so insensitive. That picture also has no source. Bitch, you dumb.

No. 20598

File: 1414900321206.png (985.67 KB, 1005x606, likeagookugu.png)

The girl she's fighting with really does look ten times better.

No. 20600

She thinks she does by virtue that she has friends she met over there who she still talks to on IG. The one girl visited her here in the states later that year, but Kiersten doesn't really seem to get any of the culture. Not trying to be all DURRHURR ATTENTION XDD, but my Father's side is Asian and it honestly is a thing to like.. not say how you really feel about someone to their face. It's seen as making waves and unnecessary conflict. My Aunts and Grandmother talk SO much shit once someone has gone, though. Her Japanese is also terrible and I feel like she was one of those people sitting on a train, not realizing that she was being spoken ill of by two girls nearby, but it was played off with some sort of giggle where it was masked to seem polite.

She was only there for a month or so and she cut her classes in favor of spending time with her visiting boyfriend and hitting up Disney and Okinawa. I.. I don't really understand where she thinks she has any place to pitch the tantrum she did on Tumblr. She wasn't attending class. She wasn't keeping her grades up. She was returning to her dorm intoxicated. It does not matter if she is the legal drinking age, that sort of crap isn't tolerated. Her entire attitude is so spoiled and entitled. It's disgusting. I don't even understand how she was able to befriend anyone and I hope for the sake of my own amusement that her "senpai" will just ditch her.

No. 20602

Also, this? This is disgusting.

No. 20604

She's annoying af but does anyone have the link to her pink seifuku? Its pretty cute compared to the bodyline ones

No. 20605

File: 1414901267387.jpg (158.69 KB, 1005x575, ew.jpg)

Hahaha this looks like something out of some kinda schoolgirl porno

That outfit. What the fuck is going on there

No. 20607

Funny you say that; Kiersten's knowledge as far as J-Clothing goes is only limited to Liz Lisa and Bodyline.

Also, try YesStyle's costume section. It's where she gets most of the clothes she claims to have bought "from Japan".

No. 20609

File: 1414901837682.png (1.04 MB, 1291x776, ugly stoned boifuruendo.png)

I went through her followers and who she follows and it was literally as if I were wading through carbon copies; A community of the exact same type of Weebs who rely on photo shop, circle lenses, and shitty phone apps with "kawaii" stickers for photos who are all as deluded as Kiersten is. Of course, they're the same Weebs who buy supermarket sushi with Cali rolls and imitation crab, yet brag about it as if it came straight from Japan itself. The usual assortment of Japanese sweets and strawberry drinks, too.

Really, it's fucking embarrassing. How do you befriend these kinds of people and not want to kill yourself.. How does her boyfriend even tolerate her shit?

No. 20611

Word. It's infuriating how she doesn't bother to learn about another culture before visiting the country, pretty rude. Then again, her behavior goes against basic social norms in the states too, so maybe she knows the social norms and ignores them for speshul snowflake individuality reasons. She's probably not aware of what you said in your post, though, as she thinks people actually like her lol. I bet the jap friend she has was just visiting so she could have a free place to stay while on vacation.

No. 20614

I do feel as though that was the case. She was permitted to stay IN Kiersten's room, after all. The seifuku post pissed me off the most, honestly. She doesn't realize that the only reason why anyone wanted her picture is because she was an embarrassing gaijin and likely because of her blonde hair. Blondes are fawned over in Japan and are often stared at and even flirted with. She wasn't liked for genuine reasons, though. She was being treated as a novelty, because that is exactly what she is and what she presented herself as. Also, those shoes with that seifuku, dear god.. I don't even do lolita and I know that those do not belong.

I hope, for her sake, that she never gets the chance to move there. She will honestly have such a miserable life. She was only there for a month or so. She did not have to take things such as transportation, food, money, a job, and what it takes to actually live on your own into consideration. One can tell that she is indeed spoiled by her posts and what she has. She expected her hand to have been held throughout this college program, but it is COLLEGE. This is HER responsibility and no one else's.

I feel like what was most aggravating is that she didn't even have a place at this school to begin with. She selfishly wasted the time of others and became another body occupying a course she did not need, when someone else who was genuinely interested in engineering could have been in her place.

Just.. fuck her.

No. 20616

File: 1414903524380.jpg (77.02 KB, 594x454, Itried.jpg)

No. 20619

Her poor family. Having to be in constant contact with such a drunken weeb bitch. I can understand why he called her manipulative. I'm sure she warped that story to make him sound worse than he actually is. But if he was letting her live with them I can understand his frustration. It was probably more like an intervention type talk like "Stop being an entitled bitch, get a real job, and get the fuck out of my house!"

No. 20620

File: 1414904153442.jpg (6.81 KB, 195x145, 1362139509001.jpg)

No. 20621

My friend and I have had this theory for a while that her Mother likely doesn't do anything about her behavior or enables it. I remember there was one post where she had an interview for Victoria's Secret and apparently was showing up wearing Liz Lisa instead of something actually.. professional.

No. 20629

i buy that shit at the dollar store to clean my makeup brushes when I'm broke. jsjsjsjs (the exact same scent too…)

No. 20631

File: 1414906159305.png (1.07 MB, 1296x777, lol seriously.png)

No. 20632

I wouldn't mind washing my brushes with that stuff, but I wouldn't put it in my hair. Stuff like that and Pantene have made my hair feel like straw.

No. 20633

Besides, it's less about the shampoo and more about how she's trying to make it seem as if it's this exclusive ~Asian~ hair care when it can be found at literally any grocery or drugstore.

No. 20637

That's the point I meant to make. That it's so not special here that I don't even use it for my actual hair.

That being said, it's made for an amazing cheap brush cleaner. They end up smelling amazing afterward.

No. 20639

ugh judging by this post and others like >>20566 she's one of those snowflakes who refuses to tell anyone where she got anything. God forbid anyone look better than her in something. (Or worse, find out it's not actually from Japan.)

No. 20640

File: 1414907211181.png (1013.05 KB, 1304x781, Screenshot (286).png)

Doesn't make these herself. Her boyfriend does and she jacks the money.

No. 20641

Off topic but I just realized that painting controllers is a good way to scam wannabe kawaii elf girls out of their cash. brb

No. 20642

File: 1414907384203.png (1008.79 KB, 1352x817, GRAPEFRUITS ARE JFASHUN.png)

Oh, she is. She did the same thing with the Sword Art cosplay she bought and then claimed she made it.

LMAO. GO FORTH, ANON! While you're at it, you should make some shimapan since weebs act like you couldn't find any in Target. (I did, at least.)

No. 20643

File: 1414907501518.png (1.13 MB, 1309x857, Screenshot (284).png)

No. 20644

File: 1414907561469.png (973.06 KB, 1335x780, Screenshot (283).png)

No. 20645

File: 1414907616628.png (965.15 KB, 1316x787, Screenshot (282).png)

No. 20646

File: 1414907686240.png (1.19 MB, 1310x776, Screenshot (281).png)

No. 20648

>>ice cream mochi
They have those at trader joes.

No. 20649

File: 1414908127782.png (976.23 KB, 1310x792, this was embarrassing to read.…)

No. 20650

Funny how she doesn't try to talk all kawaii desu and shit here, but is perfectly fine with doing so in her IG videos.

No. 20651

Shiiiiiieeet, that's what she looks like without filters, shoop, and lenses!?

No. 20653

File: 1414911182597.jpg (165.79 KB, 960x960, jfashtard.jpg)

No. 20654

File: 1414911244533.jpg (375 KB, 1275x956, moar crap.jpg)

No. 20655

File: 1414911296674.jpg (280.6 KB, 956x1275, tumblrcrap.jpg)

No. 20656

File: 1414911378563.jpg (99.1 KB, 640x480, circle lense whore.jpg)

No. 20657

File: 1414911426979.png (745.22 KB, 612x816, not kawaii bitch.png)

No. 20658

File: 1414911469400.jpg (376.79 KB, 1259x1888, ew that hair.jpg)

No. 20659

File: 1414911549105.jpg (83.56 KB, 612x612, wannablaze tattoo.jpg)

Her shitty tattoo.

No. 20660

File: 1414911644390.jpg (98.85 KB, 800x450, wannafat.jpg)

No. 20661

File: 1414911771061.png (1.05 MB, 1490x849, Screenshot (289).png)

No. 20662

File: 1414911853564.png (1.23 MB, 1000x750, why the fuck.png)

No. 20663

File: 1414911982588.png (359.63 KB, 500x375, stoned looking tramp.png)

No. 20664

Anyone know what app she uses to get anime pictures on her photos?

No. 20683

File: 1414922734433.jpg (89.67 KB, 640x640, what tho.jpg)

No. 20686

Probably the line camera app.
You can attach stickers, edit your photos and all kinds of shit with that thing.

No. 20688

I feel kinda bad for wanting one. I am a sucker for pastel Knickknacks

No. 20733

I download transparent pictures (google "transparent (insert anime here") and i use the girlscamera app to add the pics

No. 20736

Because Pedophilia is kawaii guys.

No. 20737

If its so fucking bad just leave jfc can't stand when anyone bitches about any country they are from, if you hate it so much leave.

No. 20767

why do special snowflakes always pretend they get drunk a lot like it's a super cool fun thing to do? being drunk feels disgusting after a while. getting high a lot is one thing, but getting drunk a lot is a whole 'nother ballpark.

No. 20839

Its less about her wanting to leave, but more so how she's being a massive weeb about it. She's early twenties yet acts like she's fourteen and in an anime. I could let her shit slide if she were younger, but being only two years younger than I? Nah. Stupid cunt needs to grow up.

She's doing that wannabe edgy weeb shit ignorant kiddies do where they parrot how much America or x sucks compared to Japan, yet she can't back her reasons up. Government is fucked? k, explain how. I know shits not perfect, but I fail to see how shits oh so bad for your spoiled ass. Maybe if you were 60 and in retail because you can't retire. Food sucks? Well, cunt, you seem to not mind blogging about your fast food burgers and you act like Japan doesn't have fast food. Also; What is produce and simply buying vegetables and fruit.

She's just a fucking retarded cunt.

No. 20847



No. 20850

all of you sound so mad jelly that she went to the motherland and you couldn't. There is some record level autism in this thread.

inb4 "ohai wannablaze ur literally a fat ugly cunty cunt! Literally!"

No. 20854

Lolwat. Nig, people are making fun of her FOR going there because she's a massive Weeaboo. Not to mention her shit attitude, but I guess you didnt read anything?

Also, nah, my dream trip is Vancouver or Italy.

No. 20857

Sorry anon but I got over my "I wanna be a famoose mangaka when i grow up XDDD" phase a long ass time ago.

If Japan wasn't mentioned or if it was switched for another country, you bet your ass people would get the same reaction from her actions.

She went on a trip, fucked it up, and then cried about it because she fucked it up. Nothing to envy here.

No. 20858

That was me. :( I would have said something more constructive if I had known she would cry to her friends about it lmao.

No. 20859

>another country

Oh, fuck you, now I'm imagining her in South Africa trying to be black.

No. 20862

She's pretty much Quirkyloverosee-tier with that sort of shit; Both claim to not care about criticism, but are always quick to screen shot a comment and post it in hopes of garnering coddling and white knighting. If it were her on the other end and attacking someone, they'd say she's right.

Also, why does every casual use that same default about 'wasting time to be hateful'? Nigger, it takes less than five minutes to post a comment, lol. Stop grasping at straws.

No. 20896

Lel not even just about fucking it up, but about how it was somehow everyone else's fault but hers :) I forgot alcohol just jumps down your throat and some magical nipponese monster makes you cut class and not do homework

Wah wah life is s-suffering desu

No. 20905

Makes them feel important, I guess. They prefer to think that a handful of basement-dwelling losers are obsessed with them because that makes them feel like a celebrity, when in reality it's a large number of people who take one look at them, think "haha what a failure", maybe take a minute out of their life to comment, and then go on with whatever it was they were doing. Being an object of obsession is more flattering than being an object of cheap entertainment.

No. 20907

No. 20971

>the motherland

weeaboo pls go.

No. 20982

>> the motherland
Confirmed for weeb

No. 20993

this comment deserves to be cross-posted to the kiki thread, A+

No. 21008

Do people around her just.. not know what a weeaboo is? I don't understand how anyone even tolerates her.

No. 21088

Are those the shoes she supposedly bought for her mom?

No. 21094

Why does she think typing like an autistic Weeaboo make her sound cool?

Ganna instead of gonna or going to

Doe instead of though

Nummy instead of yummy, which even the latter word can make you sound stupid in some cases if you're not speaking to a child.


No. 21097

Looks like it, anon.

No. 21108

Christ, how does someone pose and smile like this for a picture and think it's a good idea? She looks so dead behind the eyes.

No. 21112

Because they're equally, if not more weeby than she is and they kiss her ass because she's stepped foot in their fantasyland so that's almost as good as a native nihongonese.

No. 21114

Read nihongese as mongoose.

No. 21266

No. 21554

File: 1415236097310.png (840.24 KB, 1299x775, Screenshot (296).png)

Aw, look who got on the whale acceptance bandwagon late.

No. 21555

File: 1415236153443.jpg (83.69 KB, 640x640, weeb chan.jpg)

No. 21558

Man, she looks like a little kid, so these pics with her tits hanging out seems creepy to me. Also, she seems pretty slim, but you can't see her collarbones at all?

No. 21561

That's because she doesn't really seem to exercise and is relying on diet alone to lose weight. She was on the chubby side too so it makes sense.

No. 21562

File: 1415238396109.jpg (71.73 KB, 640x640, a man.jpg)

She used to be a fatty, but she lost weight. She doesn't exercise, though. She relies solely on Advocare products and fat burning pills at 21.

Even now, she doesn't have much aside from tits. Her body looks like a guy's with that torso being wider than her hips.. Well, she has no hips, really. She's a rectangle.

No. 21567

File: 1415238658947.jpg (99.56 KB, 640x640, nomnom.jpg)

No. 21568

No. 21569

How she also sounds when she's not trying to talk like a nine year old Asian girl:


No. 21574

What did it say? It's deleted!

No. 21575

she looks about the same though, maybe a little less wide. 11 months worth of mediocre
>>21562 is a really cute bikini though, she has some cute shit. too bad asking her where she gets stuff is just met with pettiness.

No. 21588

A lot of her stuff is Liz Lisa and she either gets it from Taobao, Aliexpress, or Rakuten. Or, the LL site itself. Some bags of hers are knock offs of that lolita brand called Angelic Pretty. She also shops on YesStyle and Forever21.

No. 21592

to me the funniest thing about her is that she's involved in a pyramid scheme

No. 21671

Yeah, she's bragged about how she got her boyfriend into their shit and how they're going to make so much money introducing others to it. I'm just here like dude lol

No. 21687

If you're into the style of clothing she has, honestly try Liz Lisa, Tokyo Fashion, 59 Seconds, Sechuna, Flower Idea, or Chuu. They're all Asian brands which focus around feminine floral prints (without looking granny) and cutesy themes.

No. 21694

File: 1415311106251.png (1.01 MB, 1296x768, r00dchan.png)

Kind of a dick move considering you have a boyfriend, and to do it right where he can see it and all.

No. 21697

oh thanks! i know of liz lisa but i've never heard of the other brands

No. 21701

THIS!! I fucking HATE when either gender does it. It's one thing to be secure in your relationship and yak about celebrity crushes but this is just uncomfortable.

my best friend does this on facebook a lot and I wonder how her boyfriend of a year feels about it. kinda obnoxious.

No. 21702

Some people play it off like it's okay to do how secure they are within their relationship, but it's honestly just dickish and rude to your partner. I mean, she constantly floods Tumblr and IG with posts about how in love with her boyfriend she is and comparing him to some anime faggot and true love, then does shit like this? Lmfao, I would've left this bitch the moment I saw this picture. It isn't even about being insecure, but don't tell someone they're your only one and then be ogling others as if you're some selfish poly.

It's also one thing to be able to objectively say that another person is attractive without creaming yourself, but she's blatantly making it apparent here that her panties are soaked by a dude that isn't her precious boyfurendo. What a dumb skank weeb.

No. 21708

I agree. It is a dick move no matter what gender does it. I know I'd sure as hell would never do this to my S.O.

No. 21709

She's totally the jealous type and would flip shit if it were him doing this with a girl..

No. 21710

It gets me how Max is the one calling people retarded…

No. 21711

I'm wondering how does she fit into LizLisa?? I know for a fact I'm smaller than her and I'd have issues fitting their clothes in the bust. My bust is only 34 inches, which is probably her band size tbh.

No. 21713

I've noticed that a lot of her Asian brands (and even some of her American clothes) don't really fit her that well. They either squeeze her chest and she shoves her breasts into a push-up bra so they appear less saggy or her entire dress will look painfully tight. She probably buys what she thinks she'll fit into since she can't be bothered to use a size conversion chart and when she gets it, just squeezes herself in and hopes it doesn't rip. She may not be the butterball she used to be, but she's still not the "petite desu wah azn gurl" frame she wants to act like she is.

No. 21714

Well, she's not SUPER huge so she can probably fit into some stuff. When I was her size I could fit into some Liz Lisa stuff. It was usually intended to be loose but was not on me.

She probably also does the thing I (shamefully) did which is put a dress with a back zipper on that doesn't zip up all the way, zip it up as much as possible and take a pic in it so that I can show off my burando on the internet, and then never actually wear it because I can't zip it. haaa…

No. 21715

At least you don't deny it and take pictures of your doughy gut and shoop it with Instagram filters and use fat girl angles. She looks like a haggard, Boxxy-gone-gyaru wannabe in her video, compared to every IG picture where it's painfully obvious that she's airbrushing everything.

No. 21717

This post is fucking gold..

>i love muh amazing boifriend so much XDDDD

>we're talking about fundz Advocare gives us
>gonna stay in hostels for 2 months in japan XDDDD

Enjoy your shady living arrangements, you retard.

No. 21737


Shady how? Hostels in Japan are pretty decent.

No. 21738

Hostels are grody no matter what country they're in.

No. 21739

Uh, this. I don't know how her naive, inexperienced ass thinks this is going to work. A hostel is shady, period. There are all kinds of people who stay in those. Sure, you probably meet some nice folks, but these are the places that attract drug dealers/addicts, drifters, and just general fucked up kinds within the mix. It's as if she thinks that because it's in ~*Japan*~ that there's absolutely no crime or shitbags there whatsoever.

This girl wasn't mature enough to last a full term in Japan in a college dorm for her school's program because she's a drunkard weeb. Something she still refuses to accept any kind of responsibility for. I don't know how she or anyone thinks that she'll last two months in a hostel, in any country.

No. 21742

File: 1415331373786.png (898.95 KB, 1283x766, why are you such a dumbass com…)

For what purpose? Why would anyone be dying to ask either of you questions? You're not even famous or anything.

No. 21743

She's just desperate to get back to Japan and at this point being essentially homeless is good enough for her.

No. 21761

No. 21764

File: 1415353909202.png (969.15 KB, 1283x766, my sides have ascended.png)

No. 21768


that… isn't that one of those chocolate guns? Even if its not it looks like some sort of toy or prop. Who is she fooling? Gonna go shooting people with a chocolate creme filling?

No. 21797

Maybe if the burglar has lactose intolerance.

No. 21800

I wonder why the vast majority of other cows have found someone desperate enough to date/marry them yet our dear Queen hasn't?

No. 21801

Pretty sure it isn't chocolate, but can't say whether it's real or not since the pink filter makes it difficult to read the inscriptions on it.
For all we know, it could be. Don't know how it is in Burgerstan but at least the guns they make in my country look a lot less plasticky than that. I have an old model though.
Could also be a taser or one of those pepper spray guns or something.

No. 21802

I've stayed in youth hostels all over Europe and they've mostly been fine aside from a few dudebro types, what are you even on about

No. 21803

>Don't know how it is in Burgerstan but at least the guns they make in my country look a lot less plasticky than that

nah thats not it
btw a lot of guns nowadays not just in america are "plasticky" it really is just you having an older model.
it looks real though- i'm lookin around tryna find out. i've looked through like 12 guns and none of them match up.

No. 21804

btw it can't be a taser gun- they're modeled a certain way and it looks nothing like that. couldn't be a pepper spray gun either. if you look closely you can see the barrel is metal and stamped(something required for all guns)
found out btw
it's a beretta px4 compact

No. 21805

File: 1415370613374.jpg (45.9 KB, 617x463, pistolj-crvena-zastava.jpg)

Oh, alright. I'm not very familiar with Western guns, I was just taken aback by how toy-like it looked.
I own pic related, and I only saw similar ones in person so it was weird to me.

No. 21807

oh it's alright really, a lot of people think the same. polymer vs metal pistols are really a preference thing, though. doesn't necessarily mean bad. sorry for kinda OT

No. 21828

>the cops took forever to get here too and they live like 5 mins away
>the cops live 5 mins away from her house
>all of them
Please tell me I'm just misreading this and she's not actually this dumb.

Same. The worst I've ever run into is drunken partygoers (who get booted out if they take it too far) and stinky backpackers who refuse to shower.

No. 21829

I assume she means the police station is 5 minutes away.

No. 21868

Staying in a hotel is fucking expensive anyway, why is it so awful to think she's staying in a hostel?
Dunno if its just that bad in Japan but, I stayed in a hostel/guest house (they call a lot of them guest houses despite being more like hostels. Mine was one of these) and it was totally fine. Most people were travelers and I ended up going out all day with two Russian girls I met.

I also visited two guest houses and was met with the same reception. Simple, small beds with little space, but nice, well kept and functional.

No. 21869

Managed to completely forget to mention the country, I was in Korea, which is in close proximity and comparable in ways to Japan.

No. 21879

>why is it so awful

Because everyone in this thread seems to be missing the point that it's the person, how retarded and obnoxious she is, and how many, many things could go wrong if she wasn't even able to last a semester in a dorm in Japan. A hostel? THIS bitch? Lolno.

No. 21882

Seriously, she thinks grorious nippon is her magical safe bubble where nothing bad could ever happen to her. It's like you were there once, kid. And, you had everything handed to you while you were there– except for your grades that is, lmao. But yeah nah keep acting like you're not some embarrassing fucking gaijin to these people.

No. 21927

I've bet you have never even stayed in a hostel.
I stayed in a to in japan, it's mostly just younger foreigners, and school groups during spring and summer.Not really shady

No. 21937

File: 1415411081894.png (483.11 KB, 796x598, weeablaze.png)

No. 21947

>Sweet Dee


No. 21948

weeb-chan we dont care about the hostels
we're discussing stupid bitches thinking reality doesnt apply to them
we're not impressed
go try neopets

No. 22205

File: 1415584985411.jpg (101.23 KB, 640x640, fucking tard.jpg)

No. 22562

File: 1415744893705.png (760.69 KB, 1282x763, why does this gross me out.png)

No. 22574

>tfw you call your actual father daddy just out of habit
>tfw this whole disgusting nymphet craze makes you feel gross for doing so now
Fucking why

No. 22590

She looks 30 here.

No. 22593

File: 1415749430021.png (653.01 KB, 1283x768, a broke ratchet bitch.png)

Or, you could buy them yourself instead of being a spoiled brat.

No. 22601

>thinking you are entitled to a bag costing 2 grand

No. 23073

File: 1415833405402.png (1.2 MB, 1280x767, this weeb is srs.png)

Lmao, this bitch is retarded if she thinks it's that easy or that she's going to have a simple time. Yet another weeb trying to take the teaching engrish route just to get to nippon.

No. 23078

>being over 5 years old
>calling your dad "daddy"

Yeah, nah, it's still gross.

No. 23137

lel if she's talking about JET, she's not gonna make the cut until after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics blows over. They're now requiring some teaching experience from their applicants to ensure they get people who have some kind of idea on how to teach English to people. How old is she? Like 19/20? No one is going to hire a kid (she'd still be a minor in Japan if that's the case) to teach kids English.

No. 23174

She's only 21 and she has zero teaching experience and no degree. She's a fashion major.

No. 23190

File: 1415847112681.png (723.93 KB, 1028x616, quote fashion major unquote.PN…)

ah yes, let's take a look at some of her designs. what technical prowess and originality.
also lol, f(or-profit)idm. she is really dumb.

No. 23238

>wanting to go to FIDM

Confirmed for dumbass.

No. 23362

>no degree
Why…why does she think she's qualified to teach anything?

No. 23369

I don't get it, if she's petty enough to not want anyone wearing the same clothes as her, why would she become a designer? Also, I think it's pretty pointless to go to a for-profit school for design. With the money she's spending, she could just buy a sewing machine/serger, watch some tutorials on making clothes/go to classes, and make her designs come to life. The dress she drew would be incredibly simple to make.
Because Japan. Let's be real, she doesn't give a shit about teaching anyone anything, she just gives a shit about this weeb fantasy of Japan. I don't see it ever happening for her, but if it does, she'll just get kicked out of Japan again.

No. 23638

File: 1415932581226.png (336.29 KB, 1281x766, a lazy whore.png)

I can understand doing nice things here and there for your guy/girl, but she has a job and still sells her shitty phone cases. She could just not be a lazy, fatass cunt and get her own burrito. I mean, really.

No. 23728

late to the bandwagon eyy
I honestly doubt they didn't tell her about the attendance thing. I'm currently studying in Japan (yay weeb dreams do come tru), and the first thing they stressed to us was attendance and how we would not be able to take the final exam for whatever class we missed too much of (and therefore not receive grades too or some shit like that, and therefore be kicked out of the program). It's not a joke here apparently lol

Also, they probably told her to fuck outta the country bc even though our visas last a long time (mine lasts until next year even though i'm only here for a little under a semester), we apparently MUST leave the country within 2 weeks of officially departing the school. (ofc, if u don't ur just on a tourist visa or some shit i think, but i dont think schools rly tell u. i just found out on my own)

isnt living in a foreign country supposed to help u grow an appreciation for your own country on top of an appreciation for that other country… bitch, if you went to japan to study, don't live as a fucking tourist. don't act like japan doesn't have a shit load of unhealthy things too lol veggies and fruits are meh/expensively priced here (as least where i'm at, but im p sure its the same all around). also, if youre a study abroad student, your first and utmost priority of being here is AS A STUDENT. otherwise, don't waste space that couldve been for someone who actually deserved it argh

i love being in japan and all, but there are things about america that i've grown to appreciate (i.e. a system based on meritocracy vs seniority in the workplace, fruit/veggie prices, probably sexist stuff too- but i havent had to deal w it yet).

JET is sooo hard to get into, i bet one of the really shitty/shady ones probably hired her out of desperation.

ngl im p jelly of her hair and face and the fact that she gets to come back here.

No. 23729

forgot to add but i wonder what level her japanese is at… i'm only on level 2 and somehow manage to get around…

also from what i know, lots of japanese kids ive met are crazy and love drinking lmao doubt they ratted her out. she probs was being a shit/dorm mums probably hated the shit outta her

No. 23768

the police must have contacted her program coordinator lol (also in ~*~*~ glorious nippons~*~*~ now and they call the police on you when you get too damn noisy)

No. 23823

There's nothing to be jealous of and I'm sure you look better. She's very photoshopped in her IG pictures and her YouTube video shows how she really looks, which is frumpy and haggard. She actually looks like someone's Mom trying to relive her youth and failing miserably at it. It's probably from eating like shit for years since she is a former fatty, smoking a lot, drinking (which we know she does often), and staying up late.

Her kanji is shit, that's for damn sure. People have asked her to speak Japanese for them on IG and she said she would make a video, but this was also about six months ago. It's probably also shitty and what little show knows likely comes from watching subbed anime.

No. 23827

She doesn't have a degree and is going to go work in Japan? No degree = No work visa. No work visa + teaching = so very very very illegal.

And Japan doesn't fuck around with immigration and take lightly of people teaching illegally like China or Taiwan does. How does she think she is going to pull this off again? And not just her…BOTH of them found these magical teaching jobs that don't require degrees?

No. 23829

I hope she gets the job. I hope she gets the job and gets caught. Then gets deported and barred from entering Japan.

No. 23830

She has nothing except for her part-time job. She still lives at home and it's been suggested that her family is rich, which is what made her this big of a spoiled brat in the first place.

No. 23892

File: 1416008570623.jpg (83.4 KB, 640x640, dressing ratchet.jpg)

No. 24111

OT but i'm laughing bc this is exactly how my school lost their contract with this one apartment complex that was used for the boys dorm… they partied waaaaay too hard and the neighbors called the police so much that the owners eventually were just like 'fuck u, u cant pay us enough to house ur shitty intl students anymore' to my school lololol

jeez, i know alcohol here is apparently cheap (according to friends) but shit don't go crazy you crazy weeb

i didn't know what to even expect from that video but wow. frumpy and haggard is right. i wonder if tries to be all UGUU w her voice when speaking japanese lol

maybe she'll pull a mira and dump her boyfriend to marry a japanese man just so she can stay in da nippons while she's working here…

No. 24194

No. 24198

>Christmas tree
>15th November

No. 24208

Aw man, is this a bad thing to do?
I put up my small tree in my bedroom in early November every year; I just really like Christmas decorations.
I do keep them out of the rest of the house until it's actually December though…

No. 24209

It's more to showcase how annoyingly retarded she is by trying to act kawaii desu as much as possible. Also, corny ass pink tree.

No. 24234

Nah its not. I put mine up on the first cause I'm gonna be swamped during Thanksgiving week.

(sorry for OT)

No. 24840

File: 1416290537381.png (971.56 KB, 1280x768, cheap bitch you have a job.png)

No. 24851

going a bit too far here, anon. A lot of peopl drop "hints" about their Xmas present wishes and this ring isn't even that expensive

>cheap bitch you have a job

yeah because having a job automatically means you have no bills to pay and unlimited money

No. 24864

yeah i don't like her, but i don't see what anon's point is. i do this too. in fact, this year i even went so far as to make a list of things i want/would use with links, prices and ranking out of ten as to how useful it would be to me.

i'd much rather have an idea of what i'm getting and get something i want and will use, rather then something i don't like that cost a pretty penny.

now, if she was demanding people MUST buy her it, or passing it to acquaintances instead of family/friends, then that's a little annoying.

No. 24865

If you have to ask for a fake-ass $39 ring for Christmas you're a basic cheap bitch, no two ways about it.

No. 24866

>or passing it to acquaintances instead of family/friends

>what is instagram?

No. 24868

I assumed she was asking her boyfriend or something for it and just took a picture for instagram to be like "lol look at this cute thing I am doing"

No. 24947

This. I don't know why this is so difficult to see. Especially coming from the chick who made a post asking for a Chanel backpack, which costs somewhere in the thousands. Blaze is a spoiled, cheap brat who is accustomed to everything being handed to her by her parents and expects the rest of the world to do the same. She sells her phone cases for $25 each. She could easily sell two and buy the ring herself, but that would be too easy and spending her own money.

Also, that's a cheap ass ring probably made from aluminum and plastic. Sorry if you're all too ratchet.

No. 24949

>no bills

She has none. She lives with her parents. The most she pays for is gas. The rest goes towards her TAOBAO escapades ordering brand dresses from overseas and her occasional Mac trip, because cheap bitches use cheap makeup.

No. 24950

maybe they're all black and poor

No. 24972

File: 1416344133264.jpg (56.29 KB, 640x640, wannaweeb.jpg)

No. 24974

File: 1416344356547.png (791.55 KB, 1281x768, 70 dollars.png)

Also, to everyone complaining? She charges $70 for these and she doesn't even make them herself. Her boyfriend does it for her and she sells them. She could more than easily afford a toy ring, but she's too fucking basic.

No. 24976

How fucking dumb are people, like take yo ass to Walmart and but the pink skin Xbox controller for max 40 bucks.

No. 24977

Ohoho, my mistake, she WAS selling these for $70 months ago when she was first having her boyfriend make them. Now, it's only $55.

Wow, look at that. Still more than enough to buy her own ring. :)

No. 24978

Because stupid weeb bitches will buy anything. She used to sell these in blue and lavender pastels and they were gone in like a week. I actually have debated making shimapan and selling those fuckers since weeb girls are so desperate to find striped panties.

Not like you couldn't just buy them at Target or Aerie, which is where I've found every striped pair of drawers I own.

No. 25001

There's a lot of people who have jobs and bills to pay, but that still doesn't excuse them from being greedy bitches and expecting someone else to buy them shit.

Sometimes you gotta make sacrifices and wait until you can afford what you want. Fucking sucks but you gotta prioritize.

No. 25003

I feek so bad because she's so thin i wish i could be this way yet are face is so puffy but that body…

No. 25011

Meh, she was a fatty before and she'll be a fatty again if she can't stop her midnight trips to In N Out burger and drinking.

No. 25014

>implying a ring is useful

Lmfao, how entitled. "I have bills to pay, buy me this stuff?" How about you realize what it's like to be an adult. Maybe also read the thread a little better.

No. 25021

(from the comments)
>I'll give you a discount if you become a distributor on my team
Guessing she means part of her pyramid scheme team?

No. 25038

she's not even super thin though, she looks really average and skinnyfat. she looks like i did when i was depressed and gained 20 pounds from eating my feelings. she doesn't exercise and just relies on pills. it's definitely attainable, just start eating less calories than you need to maintain your weight and exercise. you can do it anon!!

No. 25049

Seconded. She has a board torso and the only thing going for her are her tits– which she only has because she used to be a fatass. She has no hourglass or hips. She's just a box body, straight up and down. Her gut is doughy and untoned, so it's clear she bullshits about working out. She relies on Advocare pills and their processed shit.

No. 25051

She is not really that thin, it's just her sucking in her stomach in pictures.
She was also a former fatty and doesn't really work out, so she's prone to getting fat again because she doesn't really follow a healthy diet.

No. 25054

File: 1416366446919.jpg (79.92 KB, 640x640, oh mai.jpg)

No. 25056

File: 1416366749682.jpg (133.81 KB, 640x640, wannachub.jpg)


No. 25057


Someone made a fan account for her.. LMAO.

No. 25061

I would feel bad for her (granted, I'm a total pussy) if it wasn't for her posting pictures of herself crying. Why do people do that? It's the most blatant attention-whore move.

No. 25062


No. 25065

I don't blame you. For a moment, I felt bad, but then I remembered who I was looking at. Maybe he got sick of her shit at last.

It's pretty obvious who made it.~

No. 25068

Her caption is lyrics from some lame ass Ariana Grande song. I hope she actually did get dumped instead of wasting everyone's time by posting a crying selfie because she got "emoshunal" over a song. It's such a cunt ass, cry wolf move.

No. 25071

i don't know whats more embarassing, her making herself a fan page or someone actually thinking she's cool enough to make one for her

No. 25072

But, anon. NOBODY else can make the phone cases she does!

No. 25081

i'm actually jealous for all of the cute shit she has and her sheer amount of followers. i have an instagram and tumblr but i feel like an attention whore whenever i tag things. but honestly i would like to talk and meet people who have similar interests. idk how to internet anymore, i miss when i was like 12 and could go on gaia or deviantart and just make friends.

No. 25082

Like her clothes or other shit? Her clothing, if it isn't fished from the dumpster known as Forever 21, usually comes from a brand called Liz Lisa. It's gyaru fashion. You could also look into Sechuna, Tokyo Fashion, 59 Seconds, Penderie, Dabuwawa, or Lizmelo. They all make the same, cutesy stuff.

No. 25084

oh thanks for the suggestions! though i guess i should say i'm jealous she has all this extra cash to drop on whatever she wants. like that post where she says she spent 100 dollars on cabochons for her phone cases. i wish i was a spoiled kid who didn't have to work for a living too.

No. 25085

Yeah, there was some post floating around a while ago about her and her boyfriend having spent a shitload of yen in Japan. It was around 1800000 or something. They're both from rich families.

No. 25285


No. 25295

What was it? Did anyone screenshot it?

No. 25368

From what I remember when I saw it on IG . She only said she was having an emotional swing. Idk. Could be that her bf broke up with her like other Anons said.

No. 25418

File: 1416465640486.jpg (67.56 KB, 640x640, granny eyes.jpg)

No. 25446

File: 1416495313647.png (649.88 KB, 540x660, Untitled.png)


She still has it on her Tumblr.

No. 25662

File: 1416556217079.jpg (111.48 KB, 640x640, paxew.jpg)

No. 25674

That curved fence lmao, that's basic shit.

No. 25704

Costume bought online from cheap ass Chinese eBay retailer and calls self cosplayer. I just googled and there are so many better cosplays of that character. The hands are hideously inaccurate, but that's what you get for buying instead of making. Not to mention, this shit looks like a trash bag.

No. 25729

Did she photoshop her ass?

No. 25750

Oh, yikes. Queen of FGAS right here.

No. 25751

It's pretty unfortunate. She was a fatass, still is a chubster, and her short legs, box torso, and lack of an ass don't really help her situation. It's probably why she focuses on her tits so much.

No. 25753

>"Many people wouldn't guess that I was an insecure girl."

Are you serious? Your entire profile and every selfie you take pretty much screams that.

No. 25783

Looks like it!

No. 28488

File: 1417904104705.jpg (28.79 KB, 400x400, cash cow.jpg)

Somewhat OT but would anyone be interested in making a custom / cute lifestyle thread in /b/?
>mfw I like cute things and I want a cute controller too

No. 28489

Yeah, I looove cute stuff.

No. 28529

Why would anyone ask about her workout routines or eating habits, she is still chubby as hell

No. 28530

These are actually pretty easy to make yourself, anon. Just find a guide on taking them apart, buy pastel spray paint, and your done. I'm not sure if the xbone controllers are just as easy though.

No. 28549

No. 28550

Because she does have retarded followers who fawn over her ~*perfectu desu*~ body and call her a princess. Literally.

She doesn't work out, though. What little she claims to do is for like an hour and she cares more about buying hundred dollar Lorna Jane active wear more than actually exercising. She just takes those fat burner pills and calls it a day.

No. 28553

>What little she claims to do is for like an hour
An hour a week? Because an hour a day is a lot for most people…

No. 28556

She's probably not serious about exercising if she's already got pyramid scheme fat pills and poorly disguised energy drinks as her plan. Nobody I've known goes for only an hour. It's usually an hour and a half with a rest and stretching.

No. 28557

If literally everyone you know who has ever gone to the gym has been there for at least an hour and a half I have to say that you probably hang out with mostly fit people. I agree that she's probably not serious about her fitness so much as just simply losing weight, but if she does exercise for an hour a day I wouldn't really discredit that. I would say for people who are out of shape or going from a completely sedentary lifestyle to the gym (which she clearly is), a daily hour workout is pretty standard and even high for many people.

But with that said, I'm not really here to defend her. I don't think she goes that often at all. She's lost weight but not more than someone would lose from diet pills/not eating much. Even if she were doing just elliptical or light lifting (even weight machines) she would have a much better body doing that for an hour a day in conjunction with diet pills and restricting.

No. 28564

Ahh thank you so much ♡ I didn't think of this, I'm so dumb.

No. 28566

File: 1417936377066.jpg (97.86 KB, 640x640, wbg.jpg)

Sorry, I'm not trying to be nitpicky, but I'm really not feeling the hair.. It looks like literal sheepdog..

No. 28758

File: 1418000685015.jpg (91.21 KB, 640x640, oh god ew what.jpg)

Without all the filters.

No. 28760

File: 1418000723143.jpg (108.98 KB, 640x640, wannauggo.jpg)

No. 28766

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA wow. She looks horrible. Her face is, like, massive.

No. 28785

Further proof that she just filters the fuck out of herself and is still a doughy, ugly weeb with a fat head.

No. 28791

That's such an unflattering haircut

No. 28803

The person she is with is actually a fitness blogger on YouTube. Oh the irony.

No. 28812

Eugh. She on steroids? She has a serious case of moon face. Looks totally different fr the op pic.

No. 28819

Her armsand upper body are kind of chubby, but she's not a landwhale at least.
Her head, on the other hand, looks like the fucking moon.
It's unfortunate as fuck and I just feel bad for her

No. 28876

No. 28920

Yeah, that's Cassey Ho from Blogilates. This chick certainly doesn't look like she does her videos, or she doesn't stick with them at least

No. 29067

If she's such a huge fan of blogilates why is she still fat?

No. 29079

MTE. I laughed at her quick attempts to look like she actually does her workouts. The only time I've ever seen her mention pilates on Instagram happened to be right before she met Cassey. That kinda makes me mad, someone that is really dedicated to Blogilates could have taken her place and met her.

No. 29190

File: 1418257199851.jpg (113.26 KB, 640x640, blaze what the fuck.jpg)

No. 29192

It's one of those trendy, White girl things like Starbucks, leggings as pants, yoga pants, and yoga. So, I'm not really too surprised that Blaze hopped onto it the way in which she did. She's painfully spoiled, White, and without an ounce of work effort within her. Especially when she's had the audacity to beg people for gifts for no reason other than she wants something, yet is too lazy and spoiled to work for it on her own.

Prime example, the car she just got.

No. 29199

>She's painfully spoiled, White, and without an ounce of work effort within her.
>painfully white

Spot the SJW 2014 edition, white people suck and can't be poor.

No. 29201

Are you serious? I left halfchan in order to avoid this kind of shit. Why is everyone having knee-jerk reactions to shit by yelling 'SJW' or 'Tumblr'? They didn't invent the spoiled brat who gets everything handed to her and I said White because, yes, she's White. As fuck, even. It's a part of what makes her what she is, because she's a massive Weeb.

I can't fucking believe we can't point out real stereotypes which have always existed and aggravated people now without it being dubbed SJW. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 29202

>poor white girl detected

No. 29204

anon, blaze's family is rich and her parents have even called her out on being spoiled, ungrateful, and manipulative so where the hell have you been for this whole thread

No. 29206

I guess we're not allowed to make mention of PT or any other weeaboos, rich or otherwise, in regards to their whiteness now or else it's SJW.

No. 29207

Her posts about family fights only ever seem to include her dad and her brother calling her out on her shit, so I assume that her mom probably just stands in the background and does nothing as a parent or enables her shitty behavior. What a winner they bred.

No. 29534

pft she deleted the post that called her a spoiled bitch

No. 30152

File: 1418688587298.png (897.23 KB, 1286x765, stuck up twat.png)

May not have revealed the identity, but it's sort of shitty to have put your friend's issue on blast like that and then make it all about me me me. A picture of your face with that bullshit caption? The least you could have left was like a picture of Pusheen or some motivational shit. Trying not to sound like I'm grasping at straws, but this rubs me the wrong way because it reminds me of what Quirky does where she milks her friends issues for attention.

No. 30157


No. 30161


No, I totally agree. I used (keyword: used) to have a friend like that and it always pissed me off so much when she would tell people pretty personal shit like that to play martyr rather than, you know, just being an actual friend. I'm sure her friend would be angry if she saw that post, even if it doesn't name her.

I wonder if this bitch will ever learn to be a decent friend or will always be a spoiled attention whore who has to make everything about her.

No. 30169

Holy shit. I just read through this entire thread. I actually hate this person. At least with orange and quirky I just laugh at the stupid things that spew from their mouths. But something about kiersten elicits genuine anger and hatred. Wow. I'm losing my mind?

No. 30173

It's just so fucking arrogant, man. I actually had to walk away from my screen for a few minutes. Seriously.. "HAY EVERY1 IM A PERRFECT PERSUN FRIEND LOOK HOW AWESOME I AM IF UR EVUR FEELIN SAD GANNA TALK 2 ME HERE'S MUH FACE XDDDD"

It's arrogant, obnoxious, and words I can't even think of at the moment to see such a smug selfie with a caption so depressing.

No. 30179

File: 1418702587111.png (987.03 KB, 756x2306, 1418688587298.png)

fucking disgusting

No. 30180

Because there is a huge amount on this board. Many of the users here are directly from tumblr, reddit, or PULL. Also, you would have gotten banned if you said that about any other race, just saying.

No. 30181

Part of the reason she pisses me off so bad is because she reminds me so much of this other spoiled retard I know and it's just infuriating. The girl I know went to an entirely white mormon school and brags about doing drugs, watching porn, and she's just full of edge. I think these rich kids just grow up in these prim environments, so they want to separate themselves from that, but it's entirely fake and it shows. They also tend to be the biggest SJW's, despite having no interactions with none-white people. I think they just try hard to be cool and ghetto, but in the end it just shows how fucking spoiled they are. All that money, and all you do is fuck around.

No. 30488

File: 1418886458269.jpg (110.43 KB, 640x640, fat moon face.jpg)

No. 30492

File: 1418889745648.png (126.25 KB, 528x297, lel.png)

I knew her head reminded me of someone

No. 30831

File: 1419026046748.png (811.43 KB, 1281x764, princessdoughgut.png)

No. 30832

Is she sniffing her pits?

No. 30859


No. 31741

File: 1419217756881.jpg (86.87 KB, 640x640, WHAT THE FUCK THAT FACE.jpg)

No. 31757

Girl in the back looks like an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean.

No. 31766

I hate when people photoshop themselves in pics but can't do the same for their friends so that they look better too

have some fucking courtesy

No. 31794

the girl in the back looks way better tbh, even without shoop and in a candid. She just looks much more interesting in her facial features. Not like, goddess material or whatever, but she has nice eyes and a genuine smile.

No. 31795

Maybe that's deliberate rather than just selfishness. Judging by those unshopped pics where you can see her moon face in all its glory, her friend must be 10x cuter than her irl

No. 31796

This bitch. Srsly.
I live in Washington and no one here makes a big deal about smoking weed unless they're a teenager and have to get their cool older friend/sibling to acquire it for them. You can easily walk to a legal pot shop and get it without a card. People like this make us all look bad.

Fuck, the cops don't even really care as long as you're not driving while stoned. Just last night I was chilling with some friends at a show and smoked a joint out front. No one gave a shit.

Just goes to show that she is incredibly immature and only cares about her "supa cool edgy asfuq" image to her online friends. I bet if she acted like that in public around real people they'd laugh at her.

No. 32460

File: 1419374315674.jpg (88.88 KB, 640x640, saggy face.jpg)

No. 32533

She looks like a cartoon chipmunk.

No. 33936

LMAO tru

No. 34032

File: 1419703576957.jpg (60.59 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nh7mxyM6VA1qaff5to1_500…)

Can we discuss her head?

No. 34048

Just what the fuck is up with her face and the weird size of her mouth. It looks like someone shooped her face in from another photo.

No. 34058

it looks like she bloated her eyes w/ liquify tool but took it overboard.
note how the right eye/iris is noticeably larger than the left & her under-eye bagline follows an unnatural curvature.
essentially she made her features too big for her head, which is why it looks weird–esp. in comparison standing next to her boyfriend, whose features haven't been retouched.
compare to >>28760 and the shoop is stupefyingly obvious. I can't believe this cunt is dumb enough to think this looks believable.
wannablaze grosses me out.

No. 34064


Is her hand shooped too? Her tit? She just looks all kinds of fucked up in this photo.

No. 34091

I can't believe she even thinks this looks good.

No. 34103

Hand's probably not shooped but she most likely used shoop on the underside of her breast/the gut that's visible between her boyfriend and her cardigan. the shadow there looks really questionable.

No. 34377

File: 1419750350626.jpg (102.4 KB, 640x640, selfie stick.jpg)

smells like newfag in this thread. please keep your autism to a minimum.

No. 34379

File: 1419750397577.jpg (87.12 KB, 640x640, fucking moron.jpg)

No. 34412

Seen better deco than the shit she makes on here:

No. 34431


Some of that shit is 40$. For real? No one's going to buy that ugly shit.

No. 34456

Actually, people do.

No. 34466

lel all my shimapan are from Kohls in the juniors and target's little girl section
ide understand why someone would pay more than 5 dolalrs for something with stripes on it.

No. 36415

This post makes me want to throw up.

No. 36915

No. 36918


No. 36920

File: 1420359873864.jpg (75.14 KB, 478x642, Screenshot_2015-01-04-00-21-42…)

>Nobody told this girl to take pictures.

No. 36928

So basically this requires hardly any effort at all.

No. 37020

wow, she's looking haggard these days.

No. 37175

She's always been haggard. She just uses Instagram filters to look better than she is.

No. 37176

This is really fucking me up right now

No. 37496

File: 1420488795106.png (901.34 KB, 1016x593, Screenshot_1.png)

Just came out of lurkdom to bring ya'lls attention to this. How fucking rude is she?

No. 37499

Vile. I bet if that were her photo, she would've been yelling at her friend to take it down until she was blue in the face, and would've sent her fans after her.

No. 37511

Someone should repost the picture of her with her fat head and compare it to her filtered selfies, see how she likes to be made fun of

No. 37520

whats their beef? i looked up this girls instagram and its private. reposting someones private pictures on your public account is pretty shitty

No. 37528

she's a bitch lol this is not surprising at all

No. 37545

She's doing it again.


Going after a shooped pic as if she doesn't filter herself to death on IG. Fucking cunt hypocrite.

No. 37576

Like she doesn't shop that fat moonface of hers into oblivion. Bitch is gonna look like pre-op Renee Zellweger in a couple years.

No. 37679


No. 37681

Ironic, huh? Kiersten says in her weight loss video that she was bullied so extensively by one girl back in high school that she needed a restraining order. Now, she bullies people on Instagram and tries to act like she's some sort of hard bitch, but I bet if her bully showed up she'd piss her knock off burando right there.

No. 37949

That's why I took a screenshot of it HAAAAAA

No. 37957

poooooost it

No. 38094

No. 38100

>lemme take a selfie about how I'm trying to accept my body while sucking in my stomach as hard as i can

No. 38296

I'm the anon from >>37496
I knew she'd probably delete it because it was so random and bitchy

No. 38341

No. 38359


So, her stupid ass is having car problems with the shit her parents just bought her for Christmas and she's apparently trying to be a nanny now.

..Lol, this self centered, drunkard weeb cunt. As a nanny.

No. 38633

File: 1420760092292.png (1.1 MB, 1329x816, Screenshot (353).png)

No. 38636

File: 1420760487460.png (1.09 MB, 1329x823, Screenshot (352).png)

No. 39003


No. 39005

no, she changed her url to miki.bunni and went private.

No. 39006


Pft, that's so fucking sad. I thought she was oh so hard and liked to act like she was tough shit?

No. 39007

Lmao what a bitch. She couldn't ever delete her Instagram for real, she needs the attention.

No. 39011

Of course! Kiersten isn't unique enough to grab attention on Tumblr, so she NEEEEEDSSS her precious Instagram. It's the only way she can feel accepted with her delusional, weeaboo fantasies.

No. 39076

File: 1420877728750.png (15.11 KB, 389x245, 私を殺す, jugglekingstone- people …)

Please post more content in her introduction next time, like >>20551 and her YouTube page.

What's the deal with >>20552 though? Does she schlick to little girls?

No. 44029


lel shes back on her original name

No. 46146

File: 1423011832407.png (135.01 KB, 956x256, Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.0…)

What the fuck she's selling this item for 4 times its price

I can't believe this shit

The original price is like 100 jpy

No. 46148

Dango is so fucking easy to make at home and tastes way better than pre-packaged shit. The ingredients are super cheap and some recipes only require two ingredients. They're popular for a reason, they're cheap and easy. This bitch is dumb for buying shit from overseas when she could just google what dango is made out of.

No. 46150

Because she's a spoiled cunt who thinks nobody will notice.

But, anon! Then it won't be in the magical Japanese packaging she could show off to everyone to prove how weeaboo she is! It HAS to come from Nippon!1!!1!1!1elevendy

No. 46198

she looks like a balloon fish

No. 46923

Why is this bitch reselling DAISO goods on her ebay anyway? Are people really that stupid to buy her stuff?

No. 46938

Honestly some people are dumb enough to pay jacked up prices for stuff from daiso.

I remember some chick was selling earmuffs and fur collars from daiso in the egl sales for $10 and $15.

No. 47659

she's beautiful to be honest, she's not like skinny or anything but who wants a bitch that's anorexic? definitely tone down the "kawaii faze" though. And then she'd actually be a decent 8 out of 10.

No. 47661

No. 47673

/cow/ pls go

No. 47770

We have different definitions of an 8/10.
regardless: the only pic I think she's looked decent in is the one in the OP.

No. 47806

Ironically, that's the only one besides her pilates one where she's not shooped to death with Instagram filters and caked in makeup.

No. 48629

lol you guys are all fags hahahahahha this is the most entertaining site i think i have ever stumbled across. A site purely dedicated to serving a purpose to your sad miserable lives by literally bitching on a site about people you don't know. Every comment screams insecurity. Every comment i've read has made me laugh that someone would sit here and pretend their some judge on a show like your words have some actual meaning that would impact someones life. Keep it up, seriously i feel fucking famous ^ . ^

No. 48635

keep lurking bby ;^)

No. 48637

kek, why are you taking the time to reply if it doesn't impact your life?
>i feel fucking famous
Close! Try adding 'in' to the beginning :^)

No. 48644

So Kiersten how does it feel to be gelatinous and chubster despite your hard attempts of sucking in your gut in pictures? Like damn girl all that advocare and zero results, kek.

Also you're famous for all the wrong reasons.

No. 48645

Yup, like I said. She doesn't seem to know the difference between fame and infamy.

No. 48646

File: 1423648317717.jpg (9.75 KB, 180x252, kiersten.jpg)

No. 48648

Fucking nailed it.

No. 48677

Hahaha yes

No. 49616


Did this stupid cunt seriously bump her own hate thread once it was dead just to talk shit? Yet another white girl desperately trying to be Asian and embarrassing herself for all the world to see, then getting indignant once she's rightfully called out.

No. 49797

Kiersten, why are you such a weeaboo?

No. 56520

Fucking hilarious.

No. 56530

calm down anon. on the west coast and in major cities, there are many japanese stores to buy fruity little weeb things

No. 56532

the more you look at it
the funnier it gets

No. 57441

Bitch still hiding, lel.

No. 57445

File: 1425537517319.jpg (536.06 KB, 1280x1707, so skinny amirite.jpg)

Maybe if you worked out instead of using shitty diet pills

No. 57452

how the fuck does she has a bf?

No. 57453

only pic where she's qt as fuck
i guess it's the makeup? she looks a lot slimmer

No. 57454

She could've at least picked up those papers before taking a selfie

No. 57481

Heavy makeup and Instagram filters. Also, sucking it in. K-Weeb has no ass to speak of, rectangle torso, and heavily filters herself to look more attractive than she actually is yet goes around shitting on everyone else.

No. 57577

Lmao this is so sad

No. 57583

oh gosh.
her tummy used to look a lot better. what happened. her face is bloated too. i mean it always was, but sometimes it looked better than this trainwreck. lord.
and all those nihongo notes on her floor lel

No. 57588

what does this globefish do for life? college? work? suck on dicks and pills?

No. 57639

Once again, she was always chubbers. She just heavily filtered herself on Instagram. Still does.

Used to work at a golf course, now works as a nanny (not even certified so just a regular babysitter). Still lives at home, is a spoiled brat, parents call her out, etc.

No. 58318

looks like her "babysitting" job pays well.


No. 58338

All I see is her empty instagram.

No. 58359


is this what you were talking about?

No. 58413

ewwwwwwwww money is so dirty why would you rub it on your face.

No. 58508

I'm fine with making $14/hour considering I haven't gotten my degree yet. Not sure what there is to be jealous of if that's what she's trying to imply.

Both she and her boyfriend seem like rich, spoiled kids who aren't responsible with managing their money. I can't really imagine someone is if they still live at home with their parents footing trips to Japan only for them to get kicked out for being a drunk who skips class. Also..

>implying that you'll flash money to people who don't like you

..to what purpose? To make them like you?

No. 63746


speaking of, someone go follow her IG so we can get more updates lol

No. 64128


No. 64131

She posts all her stuff from Instagram on her tumblr.

No. 64143

You first. ^_^
Since you act like people haven't seen you shitting up threads for hours.

No. 64574

File: 1426641689553.png (431.98 KB, 394x558, kiersten you arent asian.png)



Next video is saturated in lolsorandum


Tons more weebness here


No. 65050

>trying to squint eyes as much as possible

No. 66087

Lol apparently she hates Rachel (that girl in the purikura picture) because she jacked shit from her house when she stayed there.

No. 66107

Bahahah. How do you know? I thought they were rather tight knit. They went to some con together, from what I remember.

No. 66112

because she's posted about it

No. 66124

From what i saw on her tumblr awhile ago she posted about how weird the girl was when she last visited. They were good friends but i guess something happened to make blaze unfriend tofu. I think tofu is nice, but you never know how people you meet on the internet might be in rl. Maybe she's too weeby for blaze hahahahaha?

No. 66127

kiersten probably just feels threatened by any girls weebier than she is

No. 66128

OH MAN. Racheltofu is a real faggot. She pretends to be so shy and reserved but shes such a brat. I saw her at a con last year and she keep bitching about people smoking and how mookichan was a drunk slob and distasteful!

No. 71144

her instagram is still set to private? holy shit.

No. 78166

She deleted her Tumblr :( She was my fav underrated lolcow </3

No. 79055

I thought she liked being famous lol

No. 195897

No. 195979

Clearly she gives sexual favors in exchange for fast food.

No. 195990

> This thread and every post in it is made by one person

No. 196931

Moved to >>>/snow/49698.

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