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File: 1459538859633.png (673.62 KB, 917x573, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.2…)

No. 254761

Last thread is about 4 posts from sage, and the site is lagging like a mofo.

Mags has locked Venus out of the venusangelic YouTube account by filing multiple DMCA takedown claims, and then skipped away from her Tokyo crack den on holiday with the revenues from Venus's videos back in her river monster claws.

Margo claims that Venus is the one who hacked her / locked Margo out of Margo's youtube and fullscreen accounts in the first place, thus justifying her actions.


Pastebin of the general dramu of Venus's escape from Margo in Korea to her husband Manaki in Japan, and Margo's pursuit of her child paycheck.

No. 254763

File: 1459539145637.png (93.4 KB, 342x557, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.3…)

omg look at that muffin top

No. 254775

File: 1459540509682.png (42.82 KB, 353x153, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.5…)

god i literally hope she dies.

No. 254777

File: 1459540639105.png (37.85 KB, 413x90, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.5…)

she's a fatty chan. slutty thunder thighs. vile troglodyte

No. 254779

Lolling @ those nasolabial folds

No. 254781

File: 1459541126071.png (674.68 KB, 920x580, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.02…)

That mira face.

No. 254782

File: 1459541228484.png (54.08 KB, 342x221, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.07…)


What the fuck did you just say to me nasty jellyfat alligator skinned potato nose.

repulsive pullfag

No. 254784

catty hunchback.

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No. 254787

File: 1459541888415.png (440.45 KB, 919x581, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.16…)

salty sandy hideous fuckboy.
alien-fingered instawhore.

No. 254789


you lolcow
saggytitted troglodyte

No. 254793


Gorgeous wrinkles you wrinkly triple-chinned hamgalaxy.

No. 254794

File: 1459545316444.png (34.35 KB, 348x176, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 2.14…)

She's such an ultra embarrassing wrinkly ana chan.

No. 254796

holy shit go away dakota, you catty jealous goblin
hamconstellationish tryhard methface

No. 254799

File: 1459548278473.jpg (56.3 KB, 955x537, 12507487_972774956091288_23474…)

laughing at those nasolabial folds

No. 254800

File: 1459548512844.png (503.1 KB, 911x582, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.08…)

She's a chubby triplechinned hunchback.

No. 254801


you horse-faced fucking pleb

No. 254804

File: 1459549876521.jpg (128.11 KB, 720x1100, _20160402_003021.jpg)

Are you literally retarded, honey.

you fucking batshit crazy fucking skeleton

No. 254806


hahahahaha enjoy your ban, girl.

No. 254807

File: 1459550179117.png (503.37 KB, 908x539, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.35…)

god i literally hope she falls off a cliff

No. 254810


Nice blog, girl.

No. 254811

File: 1459550568391.png (75.36 KB, 413x315, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.42…)

I hate her. salty snowflake. yeasty racist-chan

No. 254813


check your privilege, fam.

No. 254814

you're a grimey anachan

No. 254817


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No. 254819



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No. 254820

wow ok wrinkled summerfag

No. 254822


Greasy enormous fucking racist-chan

No. 254823


Go away ashley, attention whore

No. 254824

Hi ashley, hon.

flabby fat assed fatty

No. 254826

god i literally hope she gets attacked by bees

No. 254827


what the fuck did you just say to me jealous fucking fatassed embarrassing fatty

No. 254829

nice try

No. 254830

You're a jewish pig.

No. 254831

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No. 254833


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No. 254834

Christ look at that muffin top

No. 254835

You pullfag
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No. 254836


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No. 254842


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No. 254848


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No. 254858


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No. 254865


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No. 254866

keep eating

No. 254873


hi OP


No. 254874

File: 1459558792622.png (87.99 KB, 348x576, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 5.58…)

this girl is a motherfucking newfag.

No. 254890


What the fuck did you just say to me desperate fucking 32 inch waist-chan.

No. 254893

lol i know this girl she's a FAS fucking ugly robotish two faced fatty.


No. 254894


you're such a fucking methface

No. 254896


die in a fire

No. 254897

File: 1459567406234.jpg (95.44 KB, 480x720, bina&mana.jpg)

omg what a catty jealous weeb

No. 254898


you narcissistic stubby degenerate ass cunt.

No. 254899

Omg look at the cankles

No. 254900

Hi himezawa, you fucking narcissist.

No. 254903


I love you all.

No. 254905


go back to reddit, hon.

No. 254906

File: 1459570982114.png (752.81 KB, 917x586, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 9.21…)

autismal two faced mouth breather

No. 254907


Keep eating

No. 254910

File: 1459574595925.png (50.09 KB, 761x214, njm.PNG)

Wow she's adorable.

No. 254914

File: 1459577273909.jpg (46.55 KB, 799x293, adorable mama.jpg)

You slutty vile fatass

No. 254919


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No. 254920


Fuck off kiki, you shameless delusional nasty shameless airhead.

No. 254922

Omfg look at her muffin top

No. 254924

File: 1459581910785.png (147.09 KB, 640x424, 9af802fb-d0cf-4577-b2e4-186efc…)

She really looks like keira knightly.

No. 254925

This girl really looks like keira knightly

No. 254926

File: 1459582248670.png (2.43 KB, 221x88, aprilfools.png)


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No. 254929


Not a chance u robot-ass twat.


No. 254932


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No. 254933

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No. 254934


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No. 254935


Praise zozzle.

No. 254938

so gorgeous

No. 254939


Yeah ok quasimoto.

No. 254941

Trip down a flight of stairs you scaly tool, fucktard!

No. 254943

god i hope she contracts HIV.

No. 254946


R9k detected, fatty-ass fucking sandy dragon-skinned fatty

No. 254947

You twat.

No. 254949

god i hope this girl gets chlamydia.

No. 254950

File: 1459590458695.jpg (353.37 KB, 928x594, Nagoya.jpg)

she is so adorable

No. 254955

wow she's adorable.

No. 254956

Your vaginal yeast could bake 700 baguettes, u haggard pudgy wannarexic retarded vile shameless mouth breather

No. 254959


No. 254960

File: 1459595653813.jpg (129.78 KB, 720x1110, _20160402_131119.jpg)

God i literally hope she gets maimed by wolves.

No. 254961


you twat

No. 254962


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No. 254964

You're such a fucking cow.

No. 254965

Laughing at those nasolabial folds

No. 254966

File: 1459599124014.jpg (21.91 KB, 281x211, when_will_the_autism_end.jpg)

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No. 254968

File: 1459601221185.jpg (73.47 KB, 916x592, ven.JPG)

This girl looks like angelina jolie.

No. 254969


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No. 254970

you're such a fucking redditor.

No. 254971


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No. 254972


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No. 254976


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No. 254977


You're an embarrassing narcissist.

No. 254979


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No. 254981

i can't stand her.

No. 254982

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No. 254983

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No. 254987


Your vag yeast could bake 700 crumpets, hon

No. 254988


Nice blog

No. 254993

File: 1459612118599.png (976 B, 190x73, refreshthatcachemoney.png)


Vile slut. slut.

No. 254995

delete that, lolcow, hun. you fat attention whore

No. 254997

File: 1459613910095.png (402.25 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-04-02-12-17-06…)

holy shit she's so fucking kawaii

No. 254999

hi berry, girl.

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No. 255004


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No. 255011


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No. 255012


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No. 255013

she's a fucking self obsessed cum trough

No. 255014

File: 1459621222032.png (472.84 KB, 798x587, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 11.1…)

wow she's beautiful.

No. 255016

i detest her!

No. 255017


You're cute.

No. 255018

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No. 255019

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No. 255021

I vehemently disagree, you sandy bulldyke. cuntwad. B^)

No. 255022


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No. 255024


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No. 255026

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No. 255027


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No. 255029


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No. 255030

File: 1459624048392.png (18.27 KB, 321x76, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 12.0…)

this girl really looks like tyra banks

No. 255031


Sad jealous crazy sad cow.

No. 255033


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No. 255037

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No. 255043


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No. 255048

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No. 255049

File: 1459630012644.png (31.42 KB, 314x166, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.46…)

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No. 255054

pull detected, fam.

No. 255055

File: 1459632168419.jpg (10.03 KB, 604x129, she does tho.jpg)

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No. 255072

omg what a fat vile cuntasaurusrex.

No. 255074

She really looks like kate upton.

No. 255085


You whore

No. 255086

File: 1459644273477.png (849.94 KB, 922x583, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 5.43…)

Obvious self-post

No. 255087


>implying my BMI is over 17.

No. 255088


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No. 255090


not even close you thirsty greasy thundercunt fucking dyke

No. 255091

File: 1459644807994.png (706.66 KB, 921x595, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 5.50…)

i detest this fag

No. 255092


what the fuck did you just say to me you jealous yeasty cunt.

No. 255094


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No. 255095


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No. 255096


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No. 255097


>implying my BMI is over 16, you fucking shithead faggot cow.

No. 255099

File: 1459645489640.png (360.37 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160402-192809.png)


Wow lolcow.

No. 255100

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No. 255101

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No. 255102


i strongly disagree, you thicc gross pullfag.

No. 255103


You're an embarrassing fatty


No. 255106

File: 1459646212973.jpg (117.2 KB, 720x1007, _20160403_031510.jpg)

I hate her.

No. 255107

Wow ok u frumpy weeb. 8^)

No. 255109

File: 1459646519391.jpg (150.75 KB, 720x1122, _20160403_032039.jpg)

Such an obvious boob job.

No. 255112

File: 1459646598652.jpg (151.11 KB, 720x1110, _20160403_032102.jpg)


OP detected, girl. u scaly frumpy hunchback.

No. 255113


Goddamn faggot mouth breathing instawhore. blatantly shooped.

No. 255114


i love you.

No. 255117

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No. 255118


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No. 255119

you're an awful racist chan.

No. 255120

File: 1459647718578.png (734.39 KB, 929x584, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.41…)

God i hope she gets eaten by a lion

No. 255121

File: 1459647811680.png (643.96 KB, 931x587, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.43…)

Wow so cute

No. 255122

File: 1459647967518.png (57.84 KB, 341x312, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.44…)

wow she is cute.

No. 255123

praise kljasd!!!!! o.o.

No. 255126

this girl is a motherfucking cancer

No. 255127


you're such a fucking cancer :'^)

No. 255128


fucking mouth breather fucking racist-chan. :'^)

No. 255129

Blatantly fake breasts.

No. 255130

No. 255133

File: 1459650628318.png (1.65 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-04-02-22-29-44…)

God i hope this girl gets attacked by bees.

No. 255134


You're an enormous fucking slimey buck toothed fucking ass two faced fag ass hamplanet ass degenerate bitch ass crusty ass gross shitposting ass 32 inch waist chan

No. 255135

Pathetic attempt, u enormous fucking awful fucking dyke.

No. 255137



No. 255139

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No. 255140


Super attractive saggy tits u faggot

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No. 255141

File: 1459651519531.png (116.38 KB, 429x268, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 7.44…)

i detest her

No. 255142

File: 1459651626403.png (64.49 KB, 359x332, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 7.46…)

I'm dying look at that mira face.

No. 255143

Christ look at those cankles.

No. 255144

File: 1459651655346.png (95.72 KB, 348x545, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 7.46…)


hahahahaha >implying that i'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call!

No. 255145


What the fuck did you just say to me you shitposting fat skeleton.

No. 255146

you fucking ultra fat assed ass faggot ass pitiful ass moldy insufferable ass self poster.

No. 255148


alien fingered ultra fucking thunder thighs.

No. 255149


Yeah ok, cuntrag.

No. 255151

How long until the Daily Mail picks up this story? They wrote about her when she was a living doll

No. 255152


I don't think it'll happen. That daily fail stuff was Margo's doing afaik; Margo isn't shilling her daughter out to any available media outlet anymore, plus they don't live in the UK (the daily mail likes to cover D through z list celebs as long as the live in the country).

Since Fullscreen is located stateside I can see them getting a bit more coverage out, like in this Vice article. But they'll be miles more strategic about it than Margo ever was.

No. 255154

File: 1459655476253.png (465.86 KB, 393x811, 35fb91bc-3291-4306-9c17-7e027e…)

caption: "Having soo much fun in Oosaka!"

No, this is a homeless crazy drunk person. Look at the clothes- she's been wearing the same clothes for two days now. Look at that face- no makeup, haggard, dark circles under the eyes, hair a mess, shoes untied.

Where did she sleep last night, the street? on the train? at the train station?

Does she have a place to sleep tonight?

She's spiraling. Losing her shit along with whatever tenuous grip on reality she had left.

Bye marge

No. 255155

File: 1459655559745.png (103.88 KB, 250x268, c7a313db-cae7-43b4-bd8e-16f177…)

"having so much fun!"

No. 255156


>resembling Gollum going batshit insane after the loss of its precious more and more.

Someone photoshop Manaki's face on Frodo's body.

No. 255157

She's projecting (again,) like she always does
>losing her mind
>no contact with anyone
>time to face herself
>can't deny or she will break down

all this is happening to her.
Also more preoccupation with death, wishing Venus would die. Maybe fantasizing about killing Venus herself, who knows? She keeps coming back to this:
>alone to turn crazy and die in his hands

No. 255158

File: 1459656914430.jpg (57.88 KB, 1065x637, look_at_the_flowers.jpg)

Really though, she only does that because she knows someone's going to screencap them, so she'll say how she really feels and go back and edit so her insta doesn't flood with discussion on the stupid shit she says and won't have to face any sort of repercussion.

No. 255160

Reported the video because I'm sick of dramawhores trying to get efamous by abusing other drama whores' situations.
>venus is popular???
>better find the common link between our two channels so I can have an excuse for a video!

Aaaand right after bitching about one person hopping on the train, I do appreciate this. While I wish it documented more of margendo's craziness with screencaps, I think it's a concise article.

Suddenly losing $10,000 a month can upset catastrophically, even if they were theoretically only putting half of that into expenses and pinching the other half for a rainy day/honeymoon

for someone so into micro expressions she sure as hell can't tell a real smile from a fake one.

No. 255163

I was thinking the same thing!

No. 255164

Just saw this posted on FB:


Petition for YT unlock her account.

No. 255165

It'll just happen anyway though. If Maggot takes no further action other than holidaying in the 14 days since the notice, the notice expires. Then channel is unlocked, the strike is removed and Margo is nowhere. Since Maggot has so little money her only hope is to trade sexual favours for any professional advice.

No. 255170

Maggot's video of how she lives in filth contains copyrighted music. It'd be a shame if people reported it.

No. 255171

Why can't Megrog just let it be

No. 255173

I thought that theyd only accept reports of copyright infringement from the people who own the music

No. 255175

File: 1459666578050.png (554 KB, 805x594, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 11.5…)

At least Manaki is taking Venus on lovely weekend holidays. You KNOW mags is tore up every time she sees her daughter smile.

No. 255177

Marggot really mother of the year.

No. 255178

Is it only coincidence that venus and maggot are both doing "weekend getaway" type things at the same time?

No. 255179

For how long has margo been in Japan? Isn't her 90 day-stay nearing it's end?
What is she going to do when her time is up? Go back to Seoul?

No. 255180

File: 1459671641649.png (506.24 KB, 806x597, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 1.19…)


No. 255181

File: 1459671695296.png (688.98 KB, 921x591, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 1.19…)

Maggot's being an asshole again? Better have a hello kitty tea ceremony.

Your argument is invalid, maggot

No. 255182


Maggot's visa should be up around 4/15.

No. 255185

Ckearly a meth head evil psychopathic bully and her stalker pedophile abusive mastermind husband who keeps her imprisoned..lolmaggot hahahahaha

You know she's fuming furiously over this.
"Look how happy wenoos is she loves to see me suffer BULLY!!" gnash gnash eeeeeeeee

No. 255186

Her expression, eyes, and body language look so more relaxed than when she was with the rotting maggot.

We're looking for microexpressions, Maggot, and they all concur: burn in hell, you abuse twat.

No. 255187


I know that when I really want to see my enemies suffer in the worst possible way, I have a tea ceremony with Hello Kitty. The UN has classified it as a human rights violation.

No. 255188

JFC those comments…

No. 255189

It's the weekend, at it seems Manaki has a job to go to during the week.

For Maggot - dunno, maybe she had to clear out of her lodgings for a few days, another booking I guess?

No. 255191

File: 1459674784912.png (1.16 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160403-050819.png)

from manaki's IG

suck on THAT, festering maggit. mwahahaaa

No. 255194

Maggot is probably screaming in lizard language in anguish.

No. 255196

File: 1459675898398.png (153.92 KB, 773x446, methpls.png)

>margo logic

No. 255197

Venus should be reporting her mother for stalking and harassment. We all know marrgot would do it to her and really a grown woman calling her daughter a cyberbully is laughable. Any legal argument margot can dream up will be nullify by her repeatedly contacting venus. Venus needs a restraining order on her mother

No. 255198

It gets difficult once someone deletes stuff. Margo put all those conversations up and that violates the law, but now they're deleted so its not as easy to get a case going.

No. 255199

also to say, yes Margo should get done for it.

No. 255201

Yes but only things have been deleted on herend and everything she sent to Venus. Venus still has a copy of not to mention screenshots of abuse can be used in court there plenty of sources containing evidence of her harassment and abuse towards venus. Even a report would cause margo to be be cross examined by police for statement in association deny the aligations she would say so many hurtful hateful things that can be categorised as abuse and harassment and throw herself in jail

No. 255202


Mags is in all those cities and all you see are those manga kissa places and maybe some flowers. What is she doing all day? Normally she always loved to show people her exciting travel life by making pics of the most famous places of her latest place she visited. But now only these weeb cafes which she is surely way too old for. And I thought she is already broke af.


happy to see that venus has a good time with her hubby.

No. 255203

This is such a nice photo, she looks so happy and real. No meth here.

No. 255204

She is broke af. She's sleeping in chairs in manga cafes for $9 a night and riding around in trains & wandering the streets all day like a fucking hobo.

No. 255206

As an older ex-weeb I am a little jelly of Venus' Sanrio experience.

No. 255207

I think the problem with contacting the police is more their reluctance to do anything. There's something of a taboo against contacting the police in Japan as not keeping quiet about bad things is seen as almost as bad as causing them yourself. My friend had to phone the police after his house was burgled because his parents refused to "Make trouble" by calling themselves.

No. 255212

File: 1459688403876.jpg (11.12 KB, 261x189, 12066019_1218823858144527_7695…)

>Let it go, like a fart: caused belly pain but it's good now
Nice, now I've got this picture of Margo farting in my mind.

No. 255215

jfc I hate Margo more each day, she's going to get all of Venus' money and Venus can't do anything about it

No. 255216

The police in Japan doesn't really understand cyberstalking yet, BUT! There's also a good thing: in the U.S., it's only libel if it isn't true. In Japan, it's libel even if it is true, if it damages the image of person talked about. So if Venus and Manaki consult a lawyer, they can definitely sue the maggot for the things she's saying about them and insinuating, like meth user, anorexic, pedophile, etc. They wouldn't even have to prove they're not meth users, pedophiles, and anorexics.

No. 255217

I really wonder where maggot goes next. And I'm curious what the next video will be about - if there will be another one. And this entire manga kissa sleepovers thing is going on because she moved out of her "old japanese mansion"?

No. 255219

just her forehead tho

No. 255221

melodramatic much

No. 255222

>I'm a vegetarian

lol no

No. 255227

I appreciate that Manaki is trying to cheer her up, taking her places and stuff, but I really hope she makes some friends outside of just him and her fans if that even counts.

No. 255231

My assumption is that for now he's probably trying to keep her away from Margo. There is no saying what Margo might do if she finds Venus. As soon as the witch is gone i hope that Venus feels safe to go outside on her own

No. 255234

No. 255241

except venus is clearly wearing makeup. pls keep your tumblr art

No. 255243

No. 255252

File: 1459708304428.png (569.48 KB, 853x431, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.3…)

Lol, maggot decided to delete her lovely fart analogy; now she's just against negativity.

No. 255270

File: 1459714642068.png (528.58 KB, 923x438, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 1.15…)

… does this mean Venus is now in contact with her grandpa and aunt? Or is grandpa ferenc just saying that Venus and Manaki are in love?

Venus did just say a few days ago that she has no parents, grandparents, aunts or any family at all in that short lived sad post of hers.

No. 255271

File: 1459714948536.png (541.06 KB, 930x451, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 1.18…)

And is this a sick burn on Margo by her dad?? He loves his kids, but Margo isn't represented here.

Unless Gitka is a nickname for margaret - but I'm pretty sure maggot has 2 older sisters, then szu and her brother are younger, and her sis naomi was born way later (naomi is around Venus's age.) That makes 5 kids total, and without Margo that's a kid for each candle.

No. 255272

Gitka is a dimunitive of Margaret

No. 255273


this entire fam confuses the hell out of me tbh.

And idk but I think it's still such a stressful time for venus that I don't think that she wants to have any connection in this direction - I don't blame her.

No. 255276


Got it.

>>this entire fam confuses the hell out of me tbh.

Agreed. Grandpa kind of weirdly stalking V, just not as insanely / loudly as mags is.

No. 255279

According to Zsuzsa they are trying to reach her, but in a weird way imo. Idk, I think they are not very skilled with the internet/social media…

No. 255283

I think the main issue is the language barrier and considering their ages they didn't have english lessons in school as it only started to become common in Europe in the 90s.

No. 255285

you should get that yeast infection looked at.

No. 255290

Does anyone else get secondhand cringe from this? Like imagining them going to this and constantly taking pictures and recording a video…

No. 255292

It's a theme park. Why would it be cringey for them to take pictures there?

No. 255295

Not as bad as this, I can't find the one where she's in Ikea either

No. 255296

Found it. This is worse than them going to a place where a lot of people take pictures.

No. 255298

This one wasn't filmed in public but is worse than both of them, in my opinion.

No. 255300

Fucking hell am I glad this era is over. We pretty much know that Maggo was behind these surreally sexual vids, right?

No. 255301


Yeah, that babysexual persona doesn't seem to be part of Venus's personality. I've wondered if Margo calling Venus asexual like it was a bad thing in her whole animal abuser/aspie/kidnapped/alcoholic screed is because Venus doesn't share her mom's nasty raunch persona.

No. 255303

I can just picture Maggot on the other side of the camera doing all moves so Venus can do them properly.

No. 255313

Consider what she's been told about that family all her life. No wonder she can't reach out to them right now. But Venus must broaden her relationships this year because she can't invest all in one person for too much longer. A partner cannot supply everything relationships-wise. Her next phase of life needs to start.

Margaret has effectively trashed her reputation even while she still had Venus in control, through all these creepy vids and the sock-puppeting. It must be hard for Venus to reach out to other people in the community there, or them to her.

No. 255317

File: 1459727270303.png (766.04 KB, 927x589, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.47…)

Margo's up, pretending nothing happened yesterday

No. 255322

File: 1459728425539.png (287.82 KB, 640x1024, Screenshot_20160402-192809_zps…)

It's all so bizarre & fucked up. Auntie Zsu & granddad both made IG accounts right when this whole thing busted open, just to wage this strange campaign to try to contact Venus via IG. It seems like they had no contact whatsoever w/her all this time since she thinks she has no family but marg, but they must have been following her because how else would they know exactly when she 'escaped?'

Fucking marge must have been monitoring her SM like a gd prison warden, just to make damn sure she thought she was all alone in the world with NO FAMILY but her.

No. 255323

No family or friends really. It's part of the reason I don't think Venus will branch out socially as >>255313 suggests. Cling to one person, it's all you can trust etc.

No. 255324

it still pisses me off that magz and her defiled my waifu like this.

No. 255337

I am >>255313 and I don't think Venus will branch out either, which is da. I think she must try if things are to get better, yet she shows no sign so far which is not good. She says manaki has a 'brain just like hers'. This is a bad sitch: as soon as that person lets you down, and being human they will, life goes on the rocks again.

No. 255338

^sad, not da.

No. 255341

Venus has literally depended on one person her entire life, so she's definitely modeling her relationship with Manaki that way. I'd bet it hasn't even occurred to her that healthy adults don't live like that.

Her cunty mother isolated her on purpose so she would never learn to be close to anyone else.

No. 255346

ikr? major feels at the thought that she will stay trapped.

No. 255349

File: 1459737848910.png (569.62 KB, 926x587, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 7.42…)

She's still wearing the same clothes she's been in for 2+ days. But she's still in Kyoto / Osaka, hasn't moved on yet. I wonder if her stuff is back at her Tokyo air bnb.

No. 255350

no bag at all, and those shoelaces are still a mess.

No. 255352


Shoes are unties, and wearing white sneakers with all black is making her look like a bloated old secretary about to walk to the subway after taking her easy spirit pumps off.

I'm still wondering if Mag's is on meth, since she's had a history of accusing Venus of doing whatever Mags is doing. It would go a long way towards explaining the erratic trip, spending all nighters up in a mangakissa, and wandering around looking cracked out in 3 day old clothes.

No. 255353

>Now, life is living me.

How high is this Lady?

No. 255354

File: 1459738544081.png (88.11 KB, 398x403, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 7.54…)

Mags collects other crazies like flies. Check out fangirlwithnoragrets page - she's a celebrity stalker (Ashley Benson / Pretty little Liars is her thing. Pathetic.)

No. 255355

File: 1459738961369.png (86.07 KB, 331x536, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.02…)

"People will know my daughter robbed and bullied me in time"

No. 255358


Omg, Maggot thinks Venus published her address?? Conformed that Mags lurks! Hey maggot: YOU published photos of your house. You don't want people knowing your business? Then get the fuck offline.

No. 255359

>Published my address

So confirmed that she lurks here but thinks Venus is the one who found her out? Or is she referring to something else?

No. 255361

Obviously it was Venus that released Margs adress because everything is her fault.
I guess Margs is on the move because someone might send her Denny's vouchers.

No. 255362


In Margo's fucked up little mind, ANYTHING that happens to her is Venus's fault, I think. Margo doesn't have any money because she doesn't have a job? Venus's fault. Margo says shitty things about her daughter that make people angry? Venus is a bully, and it's Venus's fault. etc etc.

No. 255363

Dont forget Margs couldnt get a boyfriend or have a successful youtube chanel because of Venus. Totally all her fault you guys!

No. 255364

File: 1459739518970.jpg (82.6 KB, 982x834, mommy margaret.jpg)

Adopt meeee, Margendo

No. 255365


Right you are. Margo probably thinks the attention Venus gets has been stolen from her. Like if there were no Venus, that SHE would be the one with a successful youtube career, fans, etc. She doesn't understand that she's the problem, it has to be someone else and Venus has always been her scapegoat.

No. 255366


Yeah, Margo gathers some real winners around her. I can only imagine the kind of dudes who have dated her.

No. 255368

ikr?? Even crazy old porn lady NJM was grossed out & "shocked!"(lol) by marge's fucking YT videos.

Please, PLEASE someone who can still comment on her IG go on there and ask her why she's been wearing the same clothes for three fucking days?? Has the bitch even showered? WHAT DOES SHE SMELL LIKE by now?

No. 255369

Ooh look, it's marge the happy hobo!

No. 255370

Well, she is riding the rails…

No. 255372

Serioysly, wtf is going on with this trick? Who leaves on a trip & doesn't even pack a change of clothes? Even if she was kicked out of the bnb woukdn't she have packed a fucking bag? It's like she ran out the door with just the clothes on her back and jumped on a train. And that all black scarecrow outfit..in April? What IS that??

And what kind of "tour" stops for one day per city, then on to the next? That's not a vacation trip that I ever heard of.

No. 255373

File: 1459742560083.gif (988.2 KB, 500x307, kek.gif)


Reminds me of this

No. 255374

>And what kind of "tour" stops for one day per city, then on to the next?

No. 255376

>>It's like she ran out the door with just the clothes on her back and jumped on a train

Since Maggot mentioned that her last address in now known - although she blames that on Venus and not her own stupidity - she may have done just that. I suspect that her meth accusations might be telling of her current mental state. Mags is a paranoid fuck at the best of times, but if she's cracked out AND has churned all of her various conspiracy theories into full blown paranoia, she may well have just run out the door with the clothes on her back, with no plans.

No. 255377

>>what kind of "tour" stops for one day per city, then on to the next

Cruises do, although it's clear maggot isn't on any cruise other than the S.S. CrazyCunt. But she may well have bought a package tour of train tickets. And she's been in Kyoto / Osaka for 2 days now, it was just Nagoya where she was crashing for 1 night in a cafe.

No. 255378

Holy shit, I remember this one. I was a 2houtard back then, and I remembered cringing my eyes out. Definitely not how Patchouli is.

No. 255380

She just escaped from 19 years of "prison" a couple of weeks ago, take it easy. It probably left loads of scars and will take a while, maybe even years to heal. Margo was all she knew she is not gonna magically be some amazing social being right after that

No. 255383

File: 1459745935162.jpg (65.06 KB, 298x222, Correction.jpg)

No. 255388

File: 1459749341657.png (847.64 KB, 921x584, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.3…)

Maggot must've blocked a whole slew of people, because the comment numbers of her photos dropped significantly. Just asslickers and other crazies left now.

No. 255389

that little shit probillionaire makes me laugh.

No. 255392

File: 1459751142988.png (327.02 KB, 356x952, 1be663be-d662-4445-93ab-68cf40…)

Hobo marge, cracked-out paranoid fuck on the S.S. Crazy Cunt tour. #GOALS

Good point though, the "she's on METH" thing is new & just popped up out of nowhere, and marge totally projects all the time. Plus she's been extra hyped up and bizarre lately, even for her.

Question: if you were an unsuspecting tourist on the streets of Osaka and this thing came flapping up to you in that all black undertaker's outfit with shoes untied, that mop of frizzed-out overbleached hair and that crazyface, shoving her iphone at you and asking you to take peekchure please, what would you do? I'd run, seriously. She looks like as escaped mental patient who's been sleeping at bus stations.

No. 255393

She's gonna be even scarier looking once those roots start growing out.

No. 255395

Why does she keep calling it oosaka?
Isnt it romanized to Osaka?

Saged for OT.

No. 255396

Because Margoese. We should be compiling an English<->Margospeak dictionary.

No. 255397

Afaik Osaka is the most common way to write it in romaji, but Ōsaka, Ôsaka, Oosaka, and Ohsaka are also equally correct. I could be wrong though.

No. 255398

Oosaka is technically a correct way to romanize it, but I've literally never seen anyone else use that form before.

No. 255399


No, you're right! There's a long O at the beginning, but in English there's not usually a distinction between long and short O-sounds when spelling out a word, so they're all correct. It just depends whether you want to be really explicit about the long vowel. /weeb

On-topic, I really hope Magoo isn't trying to "coincidentally" run into Venus and Manaki…

No. 255400

>Venus published my address
I wonder if she fled the house thinking the HATERS and BULLIES were going to attack her or something.

No. 255403

It's kind of an admission of guilt in a way, that Margo did something so bad she knows she should run away.

No. 255406

To be fair, I would be freaked out if a bunch of anons knew where I lived.

No. 255407

but it's timed with her doing this fucked up thing too.

No. 255409

…or her paranoid delusions are getting worse. I think she's losing her shit. Look at her rants recently- "losing her mind" "be crazy and die in his hands" "on meth" "she is destroying my life" "she published my address" "death threats" etc. etc.. death & insanity and evil plans everywhere and she really does seem to be running from something, this is no ordinary vacation.

Her money seems to be running out as is her visa. She can't work without a visa and can't even be a prostitute/hostess or whatever looking like she does. I wouldn't be surprised to see her wandering the streets mumbling incoherently to herself until she's picked up & sent to a mental hospital in the near future. She's just about there now. And I hate to say it but I wouldn't even give a shit if that happened.

No. 255413

>this is no ordinary vacation
yeah right.
the idea that she might have had a bit of meth herself is not so farfetched, given her rambling at the mo'.

No. 255414

File: 1459761590898.jpg (58.27 KB, 540x460, ^03CE841E2518EE0CD05892E50B231…)

i would say the meth accusation is not a delusion.

it's something that's convenient for her. as the "venus is a psychopath" thing didn't get very far, she's trying to pretend that venus' Facade is cracking and that she moonlights as a ratty little tweeker. what do you suppose venus' demographic is? such a thing is scandalous and would turn away viewers and/or any potential fans/support.

No. 255415

Not the same anon but that's a very good point. Like she says things about Manaki to undermine his status (being hafu, being poor). This has that effect for Venus - well, Margo hopes it does.

No. 255427

Do we know anything about her relationship with Manaki's family? Also if she were to make friends, I doubt she'd post them on her social media as long as her crazy mother is around.

No. 255429

I'm sure she has mentioned Manaki's family before? I thought they lived with his family up until they moved out?

No. 255430

Am I the only one who's starting to think that all these "they will see" from Margo means she's planning something? She keeps going on and on about how "time is on my side" and "people will understand" it's starting to sound really creepy.

No. 255432

perhaps she has connections to a powerful sausage lobby

No. 255433

no you are not the only one. "Now, life is living me." - shudder.

No. 255434

oh for the days when Margo could afford a sausage.

No. 255436

Damn that's an ugly baby.

No. 255437

No. 255438

Apparently Manakis dad hit on her kek

No. 255439

If we're lucky a dumptruck will hit her.

No. 255441

I don't think so. "Psychopath" was being thrown at marge a lot early on in this debacle (which is not far from the truth,) then she latched onto it and started flinging it at Venus so it's not something she just came up with randomly. Meth just kinda popped up out of nowhere so that seems like it's either totally random or another one of her projections, i.e. something that's happening to her, like all the "losing her (my) mind" stuff.

Lol at us trying to psychoanalyze the insanity of the maggotbrain though.

No. 255442

So did Manaki as I recall. All men lust after the margg.

No. 255451

Nagoya is the meth capital of Japan though, they even had a visual kei band there called meth. The drummer is now in a band called cocklovin.

No. 255460

Last night, I dreamed that Margo confronted Venus and called her a horrible daughter and Venus actually stood up for herself! And Venus didn't have a accent or ridiculously high-pitched voice, she sounded normal and confident.

And Manaki was in my dream too, Venus was being bossy and telling him to make her tea and stuff. Oh, and they had a pet bunny.

I wish this would happen irl.

No. 255462

Margo has been in Japan since the beginning of February, right ?
So, how many months does she have left on her non perm visa ?

No. 255464

it automatically runs 90 days, but apparently a 90-day extension can be possible by application. or she can go away for a while then return. I wonder if she has the means to leave now. perhaps via river is best.

No. 255471

here's my theory: Margo doesnt have enough money for a flight back which is why she's going around everywhere in Japan because she knows she'll have to leave under 'bad circumstances' (aka having to ask for a leaving flight) will mean she'll probably be rejected entry for a while.


she has an exit flight but knows she doesn't have money to return anytime soon and is trying to 'live it up' on her last few yen


she's running around to avoid immigration when they start trying to find her.

No. 255474

So if you're broke in Japan you can just ask for a flight out? Do you get to choose where?

No. 255476

?? Either you get a flight or you get deported. There isn't a check here for free flight back home counter.

It's more likely she has a back flight since thats they check when you enter a country.

No. 255478

Don't they try to get your relevant embassy to pay up? Apparently many African countries don't give a single shit, or their embassy is one room in some office building where no one ever show up for work, so they are stranded in detention center for a very long period of time.

I'd love for maggot to be stuck in a detention center for a while. Otoh, that would get her so much misplaced sympathy from her sycophants, they'd try to harass Venus into helping her.

No. 255480

File: 1459781926466.png (421.84 KB, 545x705, 2d0b55a7-22e4-4c41-80f8-c1a7bc…)

She's up late posting on IG

looks v v psychotic.

No. 255483

>looks psychotic

No. 255485


Tomorrow morning the festering maggot is going to claim that Venus is pregnant, but Manaki is forcing her to have an abortion and is going to eat the fetus like the manipulative white-slave trading hafu that he is, wait for it.

No. 255486

That was supposed to be >sarcasm

No. 255487

omg yes. She is clearly being held prisoner, just look at the micromimetics. Probably high on meth too.

No. 255488


Her evil, long-term Machiavellian plot to kill margendo is written in code on the back of those pink curtains. The sheer evil genius of it!

No. 255489

Awwww, venus safe in her lil pink-and-white room.

No. 255490

Wait, is she being held against her will or an evil psychotic mastermind? I can't keep it all straight.

No. 255491

porque no los dos?

Magoo is loco.

No. 255493


I thought that she looks cute in this outfit. Still fucked up from the past days but at least not so bad like mags does these days.

No. 255495

my mistake

No. 255498

How do you expect them to get deported? they just toss them? obviously they're given a flight back. Especially with Margo's record of staying for the full 90 days or almost that they would be more willing to get her out because she's got all sorts of red flags on her travelling.

the euro countries tend to take people back pretty easily
but I'm still hoping for that because that means she wont be able to travel back for a few years

Also I doubt margo planned to stay in Japan for 90 days. Remember she quickly flew over from Korea to steal venoos back so her original return flight was probably within a month at most. There's no way she thought Venus wouldnt come back with her in the beginning

No. 255499

>How do you expect them to get deported? they just toss them?
toss them into tokyo bay to be eaten by gigantic octopi and goblin sharks

No. 255502


>>going into river

No. 255505

>it all returns to nothing

No. 255507

I doubt maggot has an exit flight ready or planning to get one any soon, she hasn't achieved her goal of getting Venus back. Third one is unlikely as she's been wearing the same clothes for 3 days and has no luggage around, which means she left everything at the hostel (and has to come back for when her renting expires.) I'd wager this running around Japan is because her location was found. She'll come back soon, but meanwhile I doubt she has any intentions of leaving Japan. Maybe she'll start running once she gets her things.

No. 255511


I remember that the AirBnB places was booked until 7th April so she will run around for the next 3 days.

>because her location was found

maybe it was just a coincidence but wasn't her place found at the same time/day when she posted her video about her daily morning routine. Maybe I'm just looking too much into this rn.

No. 255520

I feel so bad when I see Margo's Airbnb account. It was already bad to imagine them moving countries every few years but now, we know they lived in so many other people homes.
That can't be healthy for a teenager.

No. 255521

she looks like a cute housewife here

No. 255526

I've been hoping for her to take a dip in the river from day one of this SNAFU. I don't particularly care, but it would be entertaining.

No. 255537

She and her mom have matching phone cases

No. 255539

kek she sounds so jealous of her own daughter here, how pathetic

No. 255541

Well maybe all these air bnb locations are where Venud was able to compare her mother's behaviour to that of fairly normal people and families and realize her mom is all sorts of fucked and she had to get out?

No. 255546

sanrio puroland isn't a weekend getaway

No. 255553

If bottom right is how she will look when older, she will be quite a beauty in a cute way.

No. 255557

kek, Margo must be seething at how Venus is so much more attractive than she is. I keep thinking she developed a complex about it while she was a kid, seeing how much prettier her sister was.

No. 255558


mags will be forever and ever the ugly person with an ugly personality.

btw I really want to know what mags is doing right now. I want more homeless hobo pictures.

No. 255562

Ugh. This walking filth hasn't killed herself yet? yawn

No. 255563


Sleeping, most likely (if she's come down from her tweek and found a bridge to curl up under). It's just before 6 am in Japan. And Margo informed us that she wakes promptly between 6 and 6:20 with no alarm clock needed.

No. 255567

But if life is living her now, maybe the river is going into her also?

No. 255570


God that phrase is so self centered, no wonder it resonated with maggot.

No. 255582

File: 1459810792073.png (830.02 KB, 919x587, Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.59…)

Back in Nagoya; did she run out of meth?

No. 255583


I suspect she's on her way back to her Tokyo air bnb; she has to be out of there on April 7. She's got to be in full panic mode by now. It looks like she took off for the remainder of her rental because people knew her address. She knows she's done something wrong, otherwise she wouldn't run (not like anyone is interested in going near her, but she likes to flatter herself.) But I guess we'll see whether she's got any cash left at all after the 7th to either get another place to stay, or to leave Japan.

No. 255584

File: 1459811364461.png (101.27 KB, 353x572, Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.08…)

She's also answering questions / spreading crazy on her comments again

No. 255586

Her place was found before that video was posted.

No. 255587

File: 1459811714935.png (45.87 KB, 335x271, Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.14…)

Here's the comment Margo was responding to; someone who thinks Margo and Venus had the best mother-daughter relationship ever. They're not joking. Margo agrees that everything was perfect until "that stalker".

No. 255597

>she left because she knows she did something wrong

You're assuming she has logical, rational thought processes. We've all seen how whacked out she is, she's paranoid & delusional as fuck. Maggit doesn't think she's done anything wrong; she probably thinks Manaki sent the Japanese mafia after her when her 'address was published.' All part of the Dark Plan, you know.

No. 255604


Nonono, VENUS published maggot's address as part of her dark plan to steal margles' macbook by making her fans send death threats after google (not Margo) hit Venus with a copyright claim - but Manaki is the stalker who made Venus go crazy, and she'll soon die at his hands. At least, that's Margo's story from yesterday and today. And time is on Margo's side, we'll all see her truth soon.

It's clear as day.

No. 255605

File: 1459818326300.png (1.14 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160404-205558.png)

I like her face here without makeup, PS or goofy expression. 10/10 keep it up

No. 255608

Damn, Manaki is treating Wenus so bad. All those plushies, restaurants and getaways… No wonder she needs meth to bear all this misery.

No. 255609

don't forget, we all know how easy it is to get drugs in japan. i mean japan is like meth capital of the world amirite?

No. 255612

In other news, another #japantrip selfie and yes, it looks like hobo marge is STILL WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES. What is it now, day 4??

No. 255617


If I had the time and the money I'd start following her around dressed like a ninja.

No. 255618

File: 1459820627554.png (296.64 KB, 679x353, retards everywhere.png)

everyone still following her is stupid as a rock.

No. 255620

A dog? What's next on the hobo list?

No. 255622

File: 1459820842361.png (263.43 KB, 690x355, maggots new home.png)

Her new abode.

No. 255623

I just wish she doesn't get her mom's nose in the future

No. 255635

these dogs she photographs are like 'no please go away'. it shows how little empathy Marge has… she can't even read the body language of a dog that is pulling away from her.

No. 255636

think about it Maggot.

No. 255637


Is Maggot finally going into the river?

No. 255640

Dogs know.

No. 255646

Considering that she is 19 thse days, I don't think her features will change much anymore.

No. 255647

Extreme weeaboos are one of the types of idiots that believe that Margaret and Venus had the "best relationship ever" because their parents don't support them making an ass of themselves in public. All they see is Venus' large assortment of wigs, Lolita clothes, circle lenses, "dolly" clothes, stuff from Japan and traveling all over the place and envy it. What they don't see is how Venus is physically and emotionally abused, isolated from family, denied friends and was raised to be sold to a disgusting dirty old rich man. They're idiots.

No. 255656


Yeah, dogs aren't fond of emotionally disturbed persons, either. Makes them nervous. Plus maggot must stink like crazy after 4 days in the same clothes, and dogs are also sensitive to smells. The dog is probably torn between wanting to bolt from the crazy, and wondering if it's food because it smell like trash.

No. 255671

I'm starting to see Venus resemblance to Margaret less and less these days. Sure, it's there but I think the festering maggot's delusions are making her look more haggard.

No. 255675


You know… after re-watching her video of the way she lives in filth in that old Japanese house, I noticed something with the music. Did some searching and that's music from Epidemic Sounds and there's no way in hell she can afford their ridiculously expensive usage fees for their royalty free stuff. I think she signed up with one of the shittiest YouTube networks there is: Freedom! Network. They let you use music from Epidemic Sounds but they more often times than none, don't pay you your earnings.

Freedom! specializes in gamers in their network and the only useful thing is their huge sound library, but it isn't worth it in the end. If this is her way of trying to one up Venus by being with a YouTube network, she's a dumbass who dun goofed.

No. 255677

File: 1459837367573.png (192.87 KB, 1225x300, Capture1.PNG)

Nah, she's part of Fullscreen

No. 255678

Hers was the channel she signed to them, oh and also the channels she manages, like Venus. But it was margo's deal, let's not forget.

No. 255684

She ACTUALLY has a fullscreen deal?? Even if she demanded that she get management along with venus, I'm sure she doesn't any more. Remember maggots rant about venoos hacking her fullscreen account? I think fullscreen cut maggot from the roster the second venus got free, and maggot interpreted that as venus hacking her.

No. 255686

Holy shiiit http://socialblade.com/youtube/user/venusangelic

She lost so much money

No. 255687

Fucking Margaret… I hope she gets karma soon.

No. 255706

File: 1459846412476.jpg (165.37 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Much cringe.

No. 255707

it always irks me to see old people trying to use memes to appear cool and young.
Especially when they're outdated,
and especially when they don't even have a proper grasp of english to begin with.

No. 255709

it probably has a timeframe on it though. Let's face it they still get a slice. I'm sure they knew what they were doing. I wonder if they paid her a 10K bonus though???

No. 255710

The idea that Margo is on the run because we talked about her address is so much bullshit. She could just move on, once, and stop showing pics of interiors if she was afraid for her safety. Instead she's rambling around the country taking happy snaps and tagging her location every time. Margo's truly losing it and that's why she's running around.

No. 255711

So what was signed to Fullscreen: the channel, Venus as an Internet entity, or the company name Venus Angelic LTD? Margs thinks she is the one in control over all 3 of those. How does it work and what or who is signed?

No. 255712

I would try Fit Vegan Ginger recipes to see the Palermo's contract with Fullscreen. Margo would have sadly been heavily involved since Venus was a minor at the time they signed, but aside from bigger corporate clients they seem to focus on the youth market.

No. 255714

and wearing the same set of clothes for 4+ days now, sleeping in chairs in manga cafes and who knows where else, just one step away from being a true hobo and her head full of dark plans against her and fantasies about her daughter on meth and going insane and dying at the hands of her evil mastermind husband. Yeah, she's coming unraveled for sure.

No. 255715

Maybe Mags was forced out because someone had rented the airbnb in advanced? Maybe she can go back when the booking is over?

No. 255717

That doesn't make any sense. Margo had rented it until April 7th. The homeowner would get in trouble if they overbooked like that.

No. 255718

Me too, I've been wondering about this a lot. Lil Venus obv. knows nothing about contracts and such. I was hoping Manaki might be a little more savvy but idk. Do they have anyone helping them, have they hired anyone, is Fullscreen working with them? And when does whatever contract the marghoul signed expire? Can it be cancelled or invalidated? So many questions.

No. 255719

Apology? Remorse? Did I miss something??

Also.. more pretty flowers!

No. 255720

File: 1459850261438.png (173.35 KB, 637x517, a5c87fba-6b2a-4202-9ebe-cffffb…)

sorry, pic here

No. 255721

She looks like Manaki here

No. 255722

I have no idea how social blade works or whether it's accurate, so does this mean that Venus isn't earning any money at all from her YouTube?
(Sage for ignorance)

No. 255726

Don't take my word for it, but apparently she got kicked out for telling the Spanish chef's girlfriend that the chef was hitting on her.

No. 255727

I think Margo perceives saying hello as being hit on. She's delusional in that aspect. First Manaki and his father, now the chef? I don't buy it.

No. 255729

OMG all these getawaaaayssss!!1!!11 Reality: one day in puroland. TBH I would rather travel around in Japan with Margo than stayed tied up to a marriage just for a visa, specially when you are so damn young.

No. 255732

She does love him though, and wants to be with someone she trusts right now. It's not a visa-prison but probably pretty co-dependant.

No. 255734

If the booking changes over to another guest with no gap, you won't see that in the calendar. It only shows available nights not who booked what. It's possible someone else had booked these few days a while back. Margo doesn't carry any bags with her in any picture nor is she changing clothes. Her things could very easily be at the host place.

No. 255737

Whatt? Where'd you hear this?

No. 255738

You'd rather travel around with a crazy person sleeping on the floor in cafes, seriously? okayyy

Venus' situation is not a dream come true or anything but I bet it feels like heaven compared to life with a fucking psycho.

No. 255741

File: 1459860213010.jpg (54.69 KB, 1200x755, margo.jpg)

Ikay so Margo now tells us she carries 20kg. I guess this means her bag? i wonder why she doesn't change clothes then?

No. 255742

'Okay' not Ikay

No. 255743

do tell.

No. 255747

20kg is clearly the weight of the chip on her shoulder she bears regarding Stalker Manaki and Ungrateful Weeenos

Yeah sorry dude, I am going to have to ask for sauce

No. 255748

Personally, I would like to follow them around with a documentary team. It would be like hanging out with Big Eadie and Little Eadie.

The last few days Margs has even started to dress like Little Eadie. She just needs some sweat pants on her head and the transformation is complete.

No. 255752

Nah, she won't. If you have seen Magoo's childhood pics in the other thread, you may have noticed that her nose's always been big since the early years. Venus didn't catch that shit nose genetics, so she's safe

No. 255759

Venus was saved by her Dave Coulier-looking dad's genes

No. 255782

This video just popped up in my youtube sidebar. I didn't see anyone linking it yet so putting it out there

No. 255790

Whoa she looks so mature in the thumbnail

No. 255794

Why do we care what this fat, tumblr fag has to say?

No. 255795

File: 1459872211608.jpg (64.11 KB, 1024x505, image.jpg)

i got this ad and lost it lmao

No. 255796

i'm losing it

No. 255798

So this is idle speculation, or do you have a source?

No. 255799


lmao I almost forgot about the Swarovski jewelry. I wonder why she never mentioned them anymore …

No. 255803

It's bait.

No. 255808

According to her everyone wants the maggina.

>look weenoos I'm prettier than you and everyone wants me even your husband

No. 255810

File: 1459875090879.png (16.89 KB, 803x88, maggot.png)

No. 255812


I hope she can fix that with FullScreen asap.

No. 255816

God this bitch is so annoying, does she have a thread? I'm watching some other of her other videos and all she does is complain about every single fucking thing. Sage for OT.

No. 255819

I'm surprised this hasn't been resolved yet. Its been almost a week by now.

No. 255838

You make it sound like she's only with him for a spousal visa. It's pretty obvious they do care about one another very much. I'd rather be with someone that i love and cares about me than an abusive crazy person that's just using me as their walking ATM and denied a chance to live life.

No. 255844

Didn't someone say earlier that the next step would be for Venus/Fullscreen to file a counter claim on marge, then marge has a certain time frame to respond to that if she wants to continue the case (I think it's 2 weeks?) and if she doesn't the claim is dropped & Venus gets her channel back. So marge would either have to hire an attorney(lol) or use her Google finger to represent herself(haha) if she wants to go forward.

No. 255846

Anyway the wording of the statement suggests it is being dealt with.

No. 255852


maybe it's one of the reasons why mags seems to be so "lost" these days because it looks like she is loosing this case? Idk but I get the feeling that she something went wrong with her "masterplans" and that's why she is so lost these days.

No. 255853


or better say she is more confused than ever.

No. 255855

Marge has 30 days to respond. And Lord knows she's not in a hurry to let v get her channel back. The only way mag doesn't drag this out the full 30 days is if she wants the cash from venus's channel earlier (it'll be in escrow until the dispute is settled.)

No. 255856

File: 1459884067080.png (67.14 KB, 313x463, Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.2…)

Mags being self righteous, as usual

No. 255857

File: 1459884080925.png (55.17 KB, 328x377, Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.2…)

No. 255858


Is jasmin_phil jassyrose?

No. 255859


>Would have loved to travel with my daughter but she chose a different life (…)

And that's a good decision of venus. She has finally the chance to experience what it means to have a safe place where she can always return and have her own private room.

No. 255860

File: 1459884343007.png (62.15 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-04-05-15-25-47…)

Venus chan el has been disabled

No. 255861


Welp, fullscreen is gonna pull out the lawyers now for sure. It's just a waiting game now. Venus should start a new channel in the meantime, and then connect the 2 channels when she gets her main back.

No. 255862


oh shit - for me it says it has been canceled because of the copyright thing??? ?
Is it now gone forever?

No. 255863

File: 1459884545390.jpg (70.7 KB, 1157x536, qp9wi.jpg)

What a bitch, Margo is the worst.

No. 255865

Fullscreen's lawyers can't do shit for Venus' old videos because they don't own them. I'm not even sure if they own Venus' new videos - none of us know the details of the contract they have worked out.

No. 255866

holy shit, you're right. I guess all the false copyright claims led to auto deletion.

This happened to a youtube let's player back in 2013 and he was SOL until his fanbase hounded popular youtubers and the yt corporation. I hope they've improved their system since then, otherwise Venus Angelic's youtube career just got smashed into a million pieces.

No. 255867

Damn.. that sucks. I'm so sad for Venus.
I hope she doesn't give up and open a new channel :/

No. 255868

>she did this to herself

Basic cluster b excuse 101

No. 255869

>I hope they've improved their system since then, otherwise Venus Angelic's youtube career just got smashed into a million pieces.

I explained this a million times in the other thread - It's not youtube's system, it's the DMCA itself. Every website has to subscribe to these rules unless they want to take personal responsibility for everything that gets posted on their website.

No. 255871

Since Margo is the one who edited the videos, I hope Venus will tell them it's "her manager- Margo" 's fault for her to have those copyrighted stuff on her channel, imo.

No. 255873


but does it also means now that maggot won't get any cash because since the channel is gone she will also get no money for venus's videos?

No. 255874

That's also true

No. 255875

So 41-year-old crazypants is up at 5AM arguing with teenagers on her phone. LOL

No. 255878

Margo smashed her last source of income. I'm wondering how she is going to survive this now that she already look out of money.

No. 255879


so in this case maggot fucked herself up. Venus can - if she likes - open a new channel but what will mags do now?? her situation gets more and more hopeless every day what the hell.

No. 255880

I feel so bad for Venus. She doesn't deserve this. Margo is such a fucking bitch. I hope Venus just starts a new channel and then everything will be hers. Margo will have no ownership over any of that then. Well, I wonder if she will try to take claim of the "stage name" Venus uses. Venus may just have to call herself Venus to avoid any possible bullshit from Margo at all. I really hope she can get her channel back. You can really tell in pictures that this stress is getting to Venus. Here's hoping things will get better for her.

No. 255882

She sure did–just like when she bricked Venus' laptop out of spite…then bitched & whined that all her "art" photos music were on it and she couldn't access them. Bitch is so blinded by her twisted anger & quest for revenge she shoots herself in the foot every time she lashes out.

No. 255883

The expression you're all looking for is "Cutting off your nose to spite your face"

No. 255885

So that's what Margo was planning, and waiting for.
I really hope Venus opens a new channel. She should do it, so she won't be related to evil margo anymore.

No. 255889

File: 1459886376056.jpg (33.51 KB, 407x600, 1432800081472.jpg)


No. 255892

I hate that Margs channel is still up.

No. 255895

Expecting Margo to post a new video in a couple of days for Fullscreen money. All of Venus's fans will be mad and flock to her video to spam her their rage, meanwhile all their views will give her $$.

No. 255898

Ad-block, though

No. 255900

Maggot is of course still up and deleting comments on her insta. I wonder what she will post next.

No. 255901

I have the feeling it probably is that dumb cunt. She never learns her lesson.

I have refrained from wishing ill upon people… but Margaret definitely deserves it.

No. 255902

I doubt every single one of Venus's fans have adblock. I just have low expectations for them since I expect the age range to be on the young end especially those coming from instagram.

No. 255903

And that is why I use Adblock whenever I troll that evil bitch's videos.

No. 255904


If by some weird chance Margo is actually still repped by Fullscreen, I would anticipate them garnishing her wages to pay for the revenues she's lost them.

No. 255906

didnt she say she was going to post every Wednesday? its interesting thats the day Venus would post videos. So, Margo got Venus' channel taken down so Margo can take her place on Wednesdays? gross.

No. 255914

I just wanna know if she's changed her clothes yet.

No. 255915

File: 1459888754397.jpg (14.57 KB, 500x293, b7a5b5d9a27386d1f9024c71f92584…)

I think Margendo deserves to get her channel taken down. I think farmers should all spam it with copright claims. I know >>254894 says we shouldn't but Margo's dragging this out without us doing anything. This bitch doesnt deserve 1 cent of revenue she gets from her own channel, even if its only for month

No. 255917

She said there'll be new videos every Wednesday so we'll see.

No. 255918

fuck. dis. bitch. hard.

No. 255920

Kinda hoping for an ultimate meltdown style "TRUTH!!1!" video from her since she's been getting crazier and crazier as of late. The others were kinda emotionless and boring.

No. 255921

Venus did edit her videos herself, she even posted photos of editing them once a while on her FB and Tumblr in all the years.

No. 255922

You only get money when an ad was fully watched.

No. 255923

Really do wanna see Margo go into river now. She's really pissing me off

No. 255924

Venus is gonna be distraught as fuck when she wakes up and sees this. I mean she looked 9000% done when she was just locked out. I hope Manaki will be able to cheer her up again.

No. 255929

I get this eerie feeling Margo would be happy is Venus killed herself/harmed herself from this

and she'd blame Manaki for it

No. 255930

I hope not. I doubt they'd go on another day trip so soon after Sanrio Puroland, but I hope Manaki does have something excessively kawaii up his sleeve since this is gonna destroy Venus emotionally.

No. 255931

Also that is actually something Margo would probably want.

No. 255932

File: 1459890442594.jpg (16.94 KB, 320x320, 10914245_874965979204388_39846…)


No. 255933

Yeah but Manaki has got to be equally tired of it as well, especially if he has to balance work and Venus's mom creating an emotionally draining home environment.

No. 255935

True, but since he doesn't have a long history of abuse from Margo he should at the very least find it easier to keep a level head and prevent Venus from doing anything too drastic, even if he has to work and can't take her on anymore day trips for a while.

No. 255938

So how many copyright claims are needed for channel deletion? Because the youtube message says "multiple parties". Im assuming that Maggot created some sockpuppet accounts to do this.
It also means someone could do the same to her if they really wanted….

No. 255939


It's Monday, Manaki has to go to work. He won't be able to stay home all day to cheer Venus / take her out, especially given that they're now having to live on 1 income until Venus can revive her channel or make a new one, and get her views back up.

No. 255940

File: 1459891488953.png (49.98 KB, 503x533, Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 2.23…)

Ok, so there is no more "Venus Angelic LTD". So Margo can have no claim to content made under that company name.

No. 255941

I wonder if Manaki knows how to comfort Venus without showering her in kawaii gifts everytime Margo does something crazy and manipulative to her. He needs to let her know that Margo wants to see that Venus is horribly distraught and upset over her actions. As long as they don't give up, and Margo's power is taken away from her, they should be ok. It's not like she can get a gift (to make her feel better) everytime Margo does something crazy/stupid.

No. 255942

File: 1459891607378.png (64.01 KB, 931x505, Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 2.24…)

More info on V A LMT; Mags incorporated it in February 2013. That was right around the time Maggot stopped working / started digging her claws into Venus's brand. But Venus herself was working, making videos, editing, etc for 2 years before Mags created this company. And Mags let the corp lapse, so it no longer exists.

No. 255943

This may not end well then.

No. 255947

File: 1459892393985.png (661.22 KB, 922x578, Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 2.38…)

From grandpa ferenc. I don't think he's gonna be handing cash over to mags anytime soon, it doesn't look like he approves of her actions.

No. 255948

It's interesting that youtube doesn't work behind the scenes with a youtuber when they have a lot of subscribers

No. 255949

serious question, if Venus sues her mother on the basis of false copyright, will fullscreen represent her or Margo, since we know that Margo probably signed onto Fullscreen for Venus under VA LTD and so was the content id owner. If Venus starts a new youtube channel will she seriously get IP banned?

No. 255952

I find the Ferenc side so intriguing. I can't decide if they're just inept with social media and therefore over sharing or if the posts are a sign of them being nuts and attention-seeking like Margo. It's certainly interesting that they're keeping up to date and posting publicly about it.

No. 255953

Of course, Midge is being retarded as usual and didn't think about the end result of her scheming. She'll have some satisfaction from Venus losing her channel but Venus can start over again with a new channel/life, Margo is utterly fucked, no income, tax debts in multiple countries, no job prospects (at least for jobs she deems "worthy") plus her 90-day visum is ending. It's prostitution or the river for her now.

Good job, you fucking loon, can't even get your petty plotting right.

No. 255954


Venus. Because:
1)Margo cannot have "signed on for Venus"; Venus was a legal adult when she signed, which means the contract must be with her. The company dissolved some time ago. Venus has a contract with Fullscreen on her own.
2) Venus was the moneymaker. Margo was something Fullscreen had to tolerate in order to sign Venus and profit from her channel. Fullscreen's client is Venus.

No. 255955


No. 255956

I find them a bit strange tbh.

No. 255957

Has anyone spammed her with reports yet? If only a few do, they'll just get ban themselves for misuse.

No. 255958

Meant to respond with >>255915

No. 255959

Youtube doesn't give a shit. They only support very, very popular youtubers when it comes to copyright issues. A lot of youtubers had problems with false claims lately.
Also networks tend to leave you alone in these situations as well. But Fullscreen might be different.

Venus might have to get a job offline now which I think is best for her.

No. 255960

>implying Margo ever was popular
Anon plz

No. 255961

I am worried for Venus now seeming as she said "Although I do have dark thoughts when I think about loosing my channel forever." a few days ago.

No. 255962

She'll never get a job with no qualifications lol

No. 255963

What about Magibon?

What can we do to take down margo's channel?

No. 255964

How was that post implying Margo is/was popular…?

>Venus might have to get a job offline now
I really think this is the best option for her. It'll be a huge change and terrifying at first but Margo won't be able to affect her life as much.

No. 255965

I was thinking of doing it with a throwaway account. And Im assuming that the ban on her account would be automatically generated once she gets a certain number of claims. Like >>255959 said, Youtube doesn't care, they only want to cover their asses

No. 255966

I've been doing that for a few days now. I've been doing it for child abuse though. Not sure how I'd do it for copyright claims.

No. 255967

She knows multiple languages and graduated from college right?
I'd say she has as good as a chance of getting a job as anyone currently.

No. 255968

No, "college" was Margo-speak for language school. Venus never even attended a proper high school thanks to Maggot.

No. 255969

Yeah this. She knows multiple languages and that's about it, but I think you need at least a college degree to teach language in Japan, if I'm not mistaken?

No. 255970

But men don't usually want a woman with a nose that looks like a penis.

I agree. Even if they fall out of love, a lot of couples get along in a sort of best friends relationship. They might even break up in the future, who knows, but they might still part as friends. What strikes me is that Manaki seems to be a lot more respectful of what Venus wants than maggot ever was. They probably have like real conversations and shit, while maggot was just throwing tantrums at Venus non-stop, like the Gollum that she is.

Not exactly the kind of evil psycho relationship maggot makes it out to be.

No. 255971

I did one for nudity (the asmr cthulu thing) and the new 2 about Venus for bullying

No. 255972

Venus can still make new channel with all new videos, right? As long as she can prove she made them and they're not contaminated by any maggottery.

She can rebuild her fanbase easily since so many of her fans follow her IG.

No. 255973

I found this online about DMCA takedowns, about what happens after a claim & counterclaim have been filed:

If a copyright owner (alleged copyright owner, i.e. margg) wishes to keep the content disabled after receiving a counter notice, they will need to initiate a legal action seeking a court order to restrain the user from engaging in infringing activity relating to the content on the YT channel.

If the (alleged) copyright owner does not give the channel operator notice within 10-14 days, by sending a copy of a valid legal complaint filed in a court of competent jurisdiction, YT will reenable the disabled content.

So…maggit has 2 weeks to file a formal legal complaint in court or Venus gets her channel back. I don't think this something she can DIY with Google, she'll have to hire a lawyer (with what money? lol Bitch is sleeping in cafes for $9/night.)

No. 255974

If her channel gets unterminated - which it can, once Youtube actually review the claims - all her videos will still be there. I saw this happen to IHateEverything.

No. 255975

She would probably look better without that nose anyway.

No. 255976

Get the info from the band she stole her music from, pretend to be them, file dmca with their info (it's not hard, just use the flag button), voila!

No. 255977

It'll be fine. If you grow up like Venus, with a crazy abusive sorry excuse for a mother like maggot, your own feelings never come first, it is always about the maggot, always about doing what the maggot wants, always about calming down the maggot's hysterics. By now Venus knows that Manaki cares about her the way maggot never did, and she wouldn't do anything that destroys his life just because maggot is trying to destroy hers.

That Manaki actually works instead of trying to leech of her like the maggot, that alone is already proof he respects her more. And she may have a weird accent, she's not going to go full retard like the maggot.

No. 255978

You're correct, anon. Let's stay positive!

No. 255981

>She can rebuild her fanbase easily
Only her diehard instagrams fans that actively follow/interact with her will make the effort to follow her on a new yt channel, she will still lose a huge chunk of followers
Renaming/rebranding also loses you your google reputation (the stats that get you to the feont of a google search), too.

No. 255982

Anons here have speculated that Magoo got pregnant with Venus so that she could trap Venus's father into marriage, aka leech off of him, do a longass drawn out divorce, etc.

If Venus has ever given any thought to how she was brought into this world, it must devastate her. Growing up with Margo was bad enough, but it seems like she was literally Margo's personal ATM from the start.

No. 255983

i sincerely hope both of them drown in their misery

No. 255985

Even still at this point I think it's worth it. She'd have a huge bump from reuploading her 'how I ran away' and starting off with a 'my mom ruined my life so I'm starting fresh with my new life in glorious nippon'

fuck off. At this point Venus hasnt done anything wrong.

No. 255986

Because Margo took Venus's channel down with copyright claims under her Margaret Palermo name, duh.

No. 255987

I don't know if Venus has the business smarts to pull it off, or even to attempt it whilst the iron is hot enough.

I'm just so distraught that Margoyle seems to be getting away like this, can't Venus somehow rally the Fangelics into some sort of protest towards youtube?

No. 255988

Anon, Venus was at FernUni while she was in Spain and that's an university…

No. 255989

>Youtube only supports popular youtubers when it comes to copyright issues
>clearly referring to Venus' current struggles with false copyright claims

Yeah, duh. Thanks for your input, dumbass.

No. 255991

>while replying to posts regarding Margo's copyright claims

No. 255993

I guess you mean the Netherlands, not Spain.

No. 255994

Did she graduate with anything though? A certificate, diploma, degree? Cuz if not, that still won't do her any good.

No. 255995

File: 1459897725752.png (376.54 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-04-05-19-06-47…)

She is seriously so goddamn psychotic

No. 255996

File: 1459897750554.png (347.02 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-04-05-19-07-22…)

No. 255997

Wouldn't she have been super young then? I don't think they spent 4 years in Spain, so it's unlikely she has any valid paperwork from that Uni.

No. 255998

The posts were about Venus and her issues with the copyright claims, not Margo's actions. Sorry that you can't follow a basic discussion.

>Youtube doesn't give a shit. They only support very, very popular youtubers when it comes to copyright issues

>>255959 was talking about Venus' ongoing issues with the copyright claims.
Nobody even remotely implied that Margo is popular and nobody was saying that Margo's copyright reports have any weight because she's 'popular'. You can't read.

There's always that one person in the Venus threads who's clearly ESL with a super smug attitude.

No. 255999

No, Spain and yes, she did, both her and her mom made videos for their contest about graduates back then, Venus getting praised as their youngest.

No. 256000

"The second video of our competition is here: Venus is only 14 years old and has begun to study at the Academy FernUni next to the school. The fact that they will soon be starting the Bachelor's degree program in psychology, she says in her video clip…."

It seems like she only started studying at an academy next to FernUni, or did I translate it weird and the acadamy is FernUni?

No. 256001

Any "meal" Venus can "cook" is way better than the sour mama´s kitchen vomit you gave her.

No. 256002

She took an online course, there isn't any FernUni study centre in Tenerife. The only thing this academy/university requires you is to speak german basically.

>It seems like she only started studying at an academy next to FernUni, or did I translate it weird and the acadamy is FernUni?

I think it means that she started the course besides going to regular school.

No. 256005

She is. Venus doesn't have to pay for a goddamn thing if she never negotiated the deal. It's easy to prove at this point that maggot is crazy and any company negotiating with her is a masochist

>Weenoos has to pay, Weenoos has to pay

When this bitch is fifty she'll still be wandering the streets singing this song.

No. 256006

She deleted all that shit. She's just fucking with the teenagers on her IG right now…she knows they're all watching her comments and she's posting & deleting shit to get them whipped into a frenzy. She's a malicious twisted fucking ghoul.

No. 256007

Just wanna point out for amerifags and UKfags, a lot of european countries/people use full stops instead of commas in numbers, so 10.000 in this is 10,000. Just in case.

No. 256010

She keeps going on about Wenoos messing up Google like she thinks Google has to do with the copyright issue.nIt's like when she was emailing all the jvliggers advertising her self as a "celebrity manager".. she thought Micaela had her own network named after her.. seemed to not have a fucking clue what a network was or how they work. She's batshit crazy AND dumb as a rock as well.I wonder if she thinks that just filing that DMCA claim will shut down Venus' channel forever.

No. 256011

Lol imagine maggot on the HEP5 Ferris wheel all day, trying to feel on top of the world.

No. 256014

That anon >>256002 is correct but it should be noted that the bachelor in psychology was supposed to be her next one, she already finished something else with them before that but as the video is gone I can't say for sure what it was.

No. 256015

Or trying to find Venus.

No. 256018

That squint so her eyes can look Asiany lol

She should just make a new yt channel. The old one probably has a lot of bad memories tied to it anyway because of her mom

No. 256019

No. 256020

She never graduates from secondary/ high school. Mags pulled her out of school to be famous. And most of venus's language ability is conversational, which is great for travelling and not much use in a job situation.

No. 256022

File: 1459903480179.png (443.87 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160405-203544.png)

Now the bitch is just being straight-up vile & pervy. This is some shit NJM would say. Her mind is a fucking cesspool.

No. 256024

She's just exploiting the situation for views and is her voice… aaargh.

Super Princess Tea Party has made three videos to Venus so far and is being much more real about it - she ran from an abusive parent too.

No. 256028

It wouldn't make Fullscreen happy but I hope this is Venus makes a new channel. Her back catalogue is full of things Margo 'directed'. Not only does Margo have grounds for a settlement case (if she could afford a lawyer) but these represent the bad times of venus' life. Being forced to give them up could grant Venus some kind of freedom (not financially but personally).

No. 256030

Didn't you watch her 'morning routine' video. Kek, she shows herself in bed on the phone… doing just this I expect.

No. 256032

I think this will fuck maggot's chances. Let's say the channel stays closed… all maggot's precious potential dollars are gone. Enjoy wandering the streets, maggot!

No. 256033

Mags has her own youtube channel, allegedly signed to a network : >>255677

No. 256034

Margo should go home to pops. He'll give her the switch then put her to work in the family business. No more holidays for margo!

No. 256036

If the baggage or potential legal issues would be that big of a deal for Venus, I think a better idea would be to keep her channel once she regains control of it, privatize or delete the videos she knows Margaret could reasonably have some kind of claim to (she would know best which videos she had sole production of and which ones her mother was involved in) and resume from there. She would keep her branding, her channel, her subscribers, she wouldn't have to start from scratch, but she would be in the clear in terms of legal ramifications from Midge (not that she could ever afford to take legal action) and have a bit of a "clean slate" feeling by ridding herself of the baggage of Margaret's influence over her channel.

No. 256040

Someone should send her into a mental asylum.

No. 256041

Yeah but it doesn't earn money at all considering the views unless you can live from few bucks a day.

No. 256042

Going through Margo's instagram, Life was one big vacation for her and she used Venus to do it. Dragging that kid along and scheming for money at every turn. That's no life for a kid just to support her mother's lifestyle.

Now Venus is grown up and wants to settle down and her mother is throwing a tantrum. Even now that the vacation is over, Margo is desperately trying to preserve that irresponsible lifestyle made possible by her daughter while cursing Venus the entire way.

No. 256045

True anon, and when a notice expires, the strike gets lifted. If a legal case has been launched, the channel and strikes stay as they are until the case is resolved. Magg will have to show proof of the legal stuff, they won't just take her word for it.

No. 256046

It's certainly better for Venus to keep the subscribers she has if she can. Hiding them would only deal with current, not past revenue issues. Margo wants a cut, both of Venus' money and her wellbeing.

No. 256048

File: 1459909000674.png (766.68 KB, 933x568, margo4.png)

God what a giant fucking cunt she is. At this point I'm seriously believing she keeps going to riverbanks just to get high and give blowjobs to homeless men.

No. 256049

Putting her in kiddy clothes and getting a hard-on from seeing Venus eat??? Isn't this LITERALLY what SHE did to her daughter??

No. 256050

File: 1459909187922.png (868.09 KB, 933x568, margo5.png)

No. 256051

File: 1459909619448.png (141.53 KB, 602x670, comp.png)

Midge's going full psycho. Must be the visa expiring soon.

No. 256052

Why would Venus have to pay the network back, unless they already took the money?

No. 256053

File: 1459909739095.png (21.93 KB, 291x188, margo6.png)

No. 256055

>people like you harm her
I thought this cunt wanted Venus dead?

No. 256057

File: 1459910133418.png (11.57 KB, 288x97, 789759.png)


No. 256058

File: 1459910200814.png (21.05 KB, 316x76, 54323456.png)

Magoo insists she wanted Venus to be an American girl-next-door type and not a living doll lolita lol

No. 256059

she's toying with us. she knows we hope she'll wander in.

No. 256061

…lolita is so evil, that's sure why Margo stole and wore Venus's lolita clothes all the time. She even posted herself sleeping in some oldschool BTSSB when she was still together in Japan with Venus.

No. 256067

Huh, that might be what the whole "cheesscake" thing was about. She might have been turning V into the girl next door type, but a highly sexualised one.

No. 256068


Only a few days until WHAT, Margo? I really hope she's just talking about her visa expiring, and not some crescendo to her master plan of harming Venus in person.

No. 256071

File: 1459912255663.png (95.24 KB, 387x286, Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.09…)

Moar crazy. Venus is being held hostage.

No. 256072

File: 1459912307658.png (102.12 KB, 360x372, Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.10…)

… but somehow, in addition to being a hostage, Venus "steals and bully" maggot.

No. 256074

File: 1459912715592.jpg (Spoiler Image,181.68 KB, 800x540, 1459903611366.jpg)

Is this VA?

No. 256075

Fuck this 40-year-old freak arguing back & forth with a bunch of teenagers on the internet.

No. 256076

Are you new? Are you Margo? This is obvs not Venus, so stop trying to defame.

No. 256080


Fuck off with that shit. It's not Venus and you know it. Don't derail.

No. 256082

File: 1459913550012.png (690.59 KB, 923x588, Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.31…)

Maggot changed her shirt, it looks like. At least, when she was in Nagoya. All these photos aren't current, she's just posting them now.

No. 256083

get the fuck out robot!

No. 256084

it's a robot, they posted this on r9k…(it got linked in a /cgl/ thread)

No. 256085

Fuck me… I have to admit this is kinda hot

No. 256086

Ugh, this dead silence from Venus is making my stomach turn..

No. 256087

The AV that Venus did is the reason behind the dead silence.

No. 256088

in the left pictures that woman looks more like unedited dakota if she had bleach blonde hair

No. 256091

That's Amelia Earhart and has been doing pr0n longer than Venus is known online…

No. 256093

margaret has the face of a ferret.

No. 256094

As much as I understand that you need your RDI of reminding every female in the immediate scope interaction with you exactly why we'll awkwardly try to make distance by telling you that you're a REALLY good friend, please see

No. 256096

oh brilliant, now when they talk about lolcow posts childporn, we can reply with "oh no it just looked like child porn, it wasn't actually child porn"


No. 256097

Why the fuck do you have that on hand anon

No. 256098

Well, all I can say is thank god for hellweek.

Anyway, I agree with >>256086 her silence is unnerving. I hope she isn't over there crying her eyes out.

No. 256099

Because one of Bodyline's models was from them too.

No. 256100



Why is that even saved to your HD?

No. 256101

And?? Like I wasn't aware that saving CP to your computer was chill so long as it was just to keep dirt on some randoms

No. 256102

Not saved, it was one of the results when I googled the av actress's name.
That's not CP.

No. 256103

You never heard about junior idols? Even Kyary got DVDs like this.

No. 256104

This may end up with someone angry, but I wish she'd come more online for support.
Not really, but yes for milk, but also because by being isolated by dishwater Marg, she's actually giving her abuser a feeling of power to some extent.

I don't mean talking shit, but just.. Talking. Let it out.
At the very least, if she put it on a new channel for now, she may get subs quick.

No. 256105

That's awesome. Go make a thread about it somewhere else and stop shitting up the thread about VENUS and MARGARET.

No. 256106


Yes we've fucking heard of them. You think we're reacting badly because we didn't know they existed and not because your distributing images of children being sexually exploited for monetary gain?

No. 256107

It's damn close enough. Also sage your shit bruh

She's been processing the majority of this shit in the public eye. Obviously all the emotional upheaval has been off-screen, but I imagine she's having a breakdown right now and when she's tried so hard to be positive for her fans I don't blame her for wanting to keep her hard emotions more private. I just hope she's in contact with Fullscreen and they've informed her about the 2 week process so that she understands there is a chance she'll get her channel back, and it isn't hopeless.

No. 256109

i just thought of something, and it worried me before, but in Maggot's psychobabble she was talking about owing Fullscreen $10k; could this just be her blabbing because that was a condition if the contract was broken?

No. 256110

It's nonsense, I know others working with fullscreen and they never had to pay them shit.

No. 256112

That's true, Venus has handled this all with extreme poise. I guess what I meant was more so I thought that she felt the pressure to appear stronger than what she was at the current stage.

She shouldn't have to pressure herself into making a huge wall of this strong front if it's too taxing at this point, because that's completely okay.

No. 256113

Oh definitely, I've hoped that for her from the start. When she made the video about Maggot bricking her laptop and she grabbed her alpacas and flower crown, my heart broke. She's trying so hard to be strong but I can't imagine how crushed she's actually feeling. It's one thing to suffer so much harassment, but for it to come from your own mother is a whole other level of bullshit.

No. 256115

Venus' dumb channel is gone (I'm happy tbh) but Maggie should delet herself and her channel too. Crazy weird ass family. I hate how her ugly ass face is on the front of /pt/ always

No. 256117

Are you new?

No. 256118


Kill yourself you ham-faced slut.

No. 256119

Still curious about "running out of time" means.

No. 256120

So much rage, care to explain?
No, why?

No. 256121

Before this becomes lolcow simulator, let's ignore the troll.

Margo looks like she's in her 70s here. And she's going full on tourist right now. Living it up before her several year vacation is up.

No. 256122

Do you understand the definition of trolling? Voicing an opinion is not trolling.

No. 256124

You mean trolling, as an attempt to derail conversations by say…offering a shitty, unpopular opinion with no substance that baits other anons to immediate insults?

Nevermind. >>256117 was right in her assumption. You are new. Welcome to lolcow, faggot. Keep on topic. It's indefinite Hell Week so keep your skirt at knee's length.

Back on topic:
Bets are on. Is Margo freaking out because she's out of money, got kicked out due to her sexual charisma, or finally getting deported?

No. 256128

I can imagine her having a mental breakdown over how Venus's channel is gone. Wonder who she will blame this time as she us obviously never at fault.

No. 256129

>It's indefinite Hell Week so keep your skirt at knee's length.

kekked at this tbh

No. 256133


You're new. Get out.

No. 256135

I think she should, one that isn't tainted by Margoyle's influence and bad blood. She could move onto more experimental things too.

I'd love to see videos of her learning to cook traditional japanese foods and cutifying their apartment.

No. 256137


You are replying to yourself. You're the only one who fills out the email section.

No. 256139

Ikr? Margo writes and acts as though something is coming to a head soon. The end of her visa is coming sure, but I wonder if that's really what she means.

No. 256140

Agree. She can't keep up these 12 year old eat-the-whole-pudding fantasies. Start again and become more of a young adult jvlogger. Less income but it's better than no income.

No. 256142

But she won't have any income, it takes a long time before you can earn money with youtube.

No. 256143


I am >>256129
I saged my post because I was being off topic. Do you know what 'sage' means?

No. 256145

Could you stop already? Stop being offtopic. You dont have to comment on everything ffs.
She could work as a kawaii waitress fulltime and have a partime unpopular youtube channel.

No. 256147


>she thinks saging a thread is "filling out the email field"

No. 256150


Regarding V getting other work in Japan: are you allowed to work on a spousal visa there? I know in the US, just having a spousal visa does NOT allow you to legally work here. You can get sponsored for a job (your employer gets you the visa) but you can't get sponsored for an entry level gig. Venus doesn't have any work experience beyond entertainment. She doesn't have the education or experience level to get a sponsored work visa on her own. Does anyone know if persons married to a Japanese national are allowed to work on their spousal visa?

I agree, V getting another gig and having something to do besides social media celebrity work might be great for her. I just don't know that it's possible. Maybe she can finish her education?

No. 256151

Assuming that I posted anything else except for kekking at that one person's comment. Stop trying too hard to be an oldfag, dumbass.

No. 256154

File: 1459921428853.png (118.1 KB, 345x542, Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.4…)

Is jasmin_phil our little jassyrose? She's in 'straya. Claims to be 22 - younger than jassyrose, whose bday was in 85 or 86 - but the tone is extremely similar.

No. 256155

Considering that Yuka did legally work on the side while on student visa, I don't think why it shouldn't work for a spouse visa.

No. 256160

>"Think about people writing stuff like this to you!"

Fucking seriously? I am convinced that this is jassyrose. Who the fuck else can be this stupid? If I were receiving the type of comments the festering maggot is getting, I'd know I fucked up somewhere an was in the wrong. When you have thousands of people calling you out on being a crazy, manipulative, horrible excuse for a mother, you have to sit back and think not scream, "BULLIES!!!!1!!111!!!!!"

No. 256167

agree it's likely jassyrose85. things got a bit awkward when she realized how much info she freely gave the public about herself. this will be her sockpuppet / 'internet activist' account. ironically here she's probably using part of her last name here (unless her bogan boyfriend is named phil).

No. 256168

whinge whinge whinge. get on with talking about the actual subject, or get out.

No. 256169

I wonder what venus will do to get her channel back. god i'm scared to see her reaction when she finally comes back online.
kill yourself autismo

No. 256170

by the way I'm not the same derailing anon from further up, but thankyou for the free autism diagnosis.

No. 256172

Maggot deserves every shittycomment she gets

No. 256173

She's from Germany according to her instagram, writes in german and has german commenters too. She just went to a bar called Down Under in Hamburg two weeks ago. Doesn't look like this is jassy tbh, just another creepy fan of Maggo.

No. 256176

Yes, there are no restrictions on the jobs you can do once you have a spousal visa, unless the job itself is illegal from the get-go (see Kabuki reign, but there's zero percent chance of Venus getting into that).

No. 256177

This just makes me wish Nasty Hose's dad had abused her harder and put her out of her misery. Now she just has brain damage, the poor thing.

No. 256178

You're not actually allowed to work on a student visa unless the work is directly related to what your studying.

But! No one gives a shit since students from China especially provide heaps of cheap labor that benefits large companies. There is no chance of the police ever coming after you unless you work in a dingy hostess club that provides sex work on the side.

No. 256179

what the fuck

No. 256183

You need three strikes to have your channel deleted, and its possible for one person to make all three strikes on different videos

No. 256188


That's wrong. You are allowed to work 28 hours a week except of night work. Do you research!

No. 256190

I'll actually miss Venus's Youtube channel and hope it can get unterminated. Fucking cuntface Margo…fuck off out of Japan and go live in the Bermuda Triangle or some shit. The bitch literally has no soul.

No. 256191


You are all the same person. If you want to actually be anon - because, you know, this is an anon photo board - take the text out of your email line. All I can think is that you revel in having people know who makes the same comments. Which is antithetical to an anon board. Go join kiwifarms if having a rep is so important to you.

No. 256192

Not the anon(s?) you're talking to but
do… do you not know how to sage???

No. 256193

>being so new that you don't know what sage is or how to use it
Sage goes in the email field on lolcow, you'll notice that probably ever single hoverable (blue) 'anonymous' on this site will be 'mailto:sage'

No. 256194

samefagging but fuck I shouldn't need to spoonfeed someone so salty.

No. 256195

Does anyone have her videos downloaded anywhere? We can probably upload those to a separate site, and then reach out to Venus to see if she is willing make a new channel

No. 256196

File: 1459932724083.png (597.57 KB, 522x574, na0w05TxjS1ru22woo3_540.png)

>lectures about anon boards
>doesn't know what sage is

Anyway, Margo is still at it and deletes unwanted comments on her instagram. Note that the ones which outright threaten or insult her don't get purged.

No. 256198

File: 1459933412461.png (84.32 KB, 357x447, Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.02…)

No. 256199

File: 1459933429094.png (72.66 KB, 338x389, Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.02…)

No. 256200

File: 1459933440221.png (35.59 KB, 341x224, Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.03…)

No. 256201

File: 1459933453539.png (36.52 KB, 344x208, Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.03…)

No. 256202

File: 1459933607023.png (119.37 KB, 353x516, Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.05…)

No. 256203

File: 1459933626362.png (112.53 KB, 342x569, Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.06…)

No. 256204

File: 1459934343446.png (261.72 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Lmao, looks like our old pal Rima still lurks from her trailer park palace.

No. 256205

This pisses me off so much… the stupidity of this comment.

No. 256206

File: 1459935375912.jpg (57.01 KB, 491x600, 491px-MargaretPalermodress.jpg)

No. 256207

I am now forming the impression that it isn't about money (as in, amassing a pile of cash and having bling bling things) for Margie. The money allowed a comfortable lifestyle gained very easily by doing very little. It seems to be about control, being the top dog and having the last say. It shows with her relationship with her family and her husband. because if he was really a jerk and you wanted him far away, you'd probably finalise things as quickly as possible. Only someone wanting to get back & make someone suffer the way she thinks she suffered would drag it out. Now she is doing the same to Venus.

No. 256208

I really hope Venus gets her youtube account back. Because that will break Marggot 100%.

Also Marggot saying this is just business. LOL. She has been attacking her personally nonstop.

No. 256209

The orange spray tan and the awful eye makeup makes her look especially trashy here. Old ass slut.

No. 256210

Do you guys think that Venus is gonna try/even be able to get her channel back, or give up and start anew …?

No. 256213

I honestly hope that Margles kills herself. She is toxic and I don't see her ever being a decent person.

No. 256216

Margaret could have done a turn around, realise she's a dick, got some serious help for her shit and grow the fuck up with a slight 1% chance of being civil with her daughter but no. This multiple copyright claim against her resulting in her Youtube channel being terminated was just the final nail in the coffin.

I hope Venus actually starts anew and has backup of her videos, in fact it'd be nice to just see her videos that were uploaded since being in Japan and not her old persona, because they're a constant reminder that the cunt was there being her manager with 24/7 control of V's content. The new Venus we've been seeing lately is so sweet and more confident, but all Margo is trying to do is ruin her life. This shit makes me so sad…

No. 256220

File: 1459943607880.jpg (78.98 KB, 720x920, IMG_20160406_124731.jpg)

There's a lot of chatter on instagram about how creating a new account would be circumventing her ban, and so would just lead to further punishment from youtube
Also she wouldn't be able to make much money from it for a while

No. 256222

Lol now margo shares satanist pics

No. 256223


I wouldn't be surprised if Margo thought "well if I have to be broke and nearly homeless so will you" when spamming the copyright reports to Youtube. She knows Venus's channel is her main source of income so seeing it terminated is probably made her very happy.

No. 256224

Margo has gone crazyyy lol
Look at her IG

No. 256225

File: 1459944724636.jpg (156.58 KB, 829x597, margo.jpg)

No. 256226

Although it fucking blows that Margo's a selfish cunt, at least Venus can make a new account and (hopefully) get away from all of Cumstar's fanboys.

No. 256227


>doesn't understand sage


No. 256228

It will definitely cut most of them away. But I wonder, if she does make a new channel, will fullscreen still take her on? Because her main account was inflated with a bunch of fake subscribers and if she makes a new account she'll only have some of the genuine subs that she had before. Or maybe fullscreen will find it easier to just drop her.

No. 256229


Considering Margo's with Fullscreen and only has a little under 14k according to >>255677
Venus shouldn't really have a problem with getting back to Fullscreen with real subscribers unless they flat out say no because of the copyright claims.

I thought you had to have a lot more subs than just 14k in order for Fullscreen to even consider you? Unless Margo's channel was part of the deal with Venus's.

No. 256230

Networks often sign small channels with not many subs as well as larger ones because the people that own them are less experienced and therefore less likely to know when a network is ripping them off.

No. 256231

I'm the second two of those and what I'm doing in the email line is called saging. Write "sage" in the email field if something doesn't contribute for a topic or you don't want to bump the thread for some reason. If you want to yell at people about writing in the email field, at least hover over what they've written to see if it is a sage or an actual email. hot tip: this site has rules: visit >>>/meta/ to read them.

No. 256232

>Unless Margo's channel was part of the deal with Venus's.

That's exactly what happened though. In Margo's malfunctioning mind she was the star of the FS deal. Clearly they wanted Venus and signing Margo just came with the territory. Margo refers to this in her letters to the jvloggers re Fullscreen.

No. 256233

FFS Margaret! The meth theory is gaining traction.

No. 256234


I kind of figured that's how it went down. I never saw a channel go to Fullscreen with that low of a view count.

No. 256235

Also Venus is on a schedule but Margo hasn't been on one… she's just come up with one now but clearly FS don't give a fuck if she posts or not.

No. 256236

Margo needs an asylum. Although, I dunno who's gonna want to touch her to bring her in…

Woman can't let anything go…

No. 256237

the thing is the ban can't last forever. the strikes get lifted eventually if Margo doesn't follow up with proper legal action. so the creation of a new channel might not be possible now, but soon it could be.

No. 256238

courage to do what needs to be done… what the hell is she leading up to. I hope she doesn't have Venus' address.

No. 256239

File: 1459947352254.png (374.61 KB, 880x625, hell on heels 6-4-16 2.png)

She is in full edgelord mode right now, talking about smashing faces

Also, jasmin_phil is a self-declared laveyan satanist too lmao

No. 256240

well now we know what links these fuckers together.

No. 256241

i fear for the day they get chain gang anal piercings together

No. 256242

File: 1459947682785.jpg (140.54 KB, 510x721, f281533c42e432909baa7abadf767b…)

Margo definitely doesn't follow any LaVeyan rules of Satanism…

No. 256243


She broke every one of those rules…couldn't even follow one.

Has Venus said anything about her channel getting taken down?

No. 256244

>>Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
The satanic mating signal is flickering your forked tongue and rolling your eyes back into your skull fyi. Maggot does this every evening down at the rivers edge to passing males, she does this to make some cash monies to spend at Denny's the next morning.

No. 256245

File: 1459948153622.png (88.79 KB, 606x414, jasmin_phil.png)

Jasmine's 'best friend' is a satanist. Okay jassy, Margo's your best friend. You sad bitch.

No. 256246

it's just a fantasy to her, one where she has power and agency, and is justified in her actions. how convenient.

No. 256247

number 5 always cracks me up. not that i disagree necessarily it's just that the wording is so autistic

if she's into laveyan satanism then she's doing it poorly

lol ohmygawth

No. 256248

She officially blew number 9 some time ago.

No. 256249

#4 seems out of place compared to the other rules

No. 256251

She's so fucking Adelaide. So obviously jassyrose85.

No. 256252

someone had a pet peeve about annoying guests?

No. 256254

She's damn shame if I've ever seen one. No matter what she says she just isn't trustworthy. Or something to give pity to. If this is her fantasy then she can enjoy destroying her own life more and more.

No. 256258

>tfw I'm probably the only one who drinks Margo's milk in peace because I'm laughing at her not hating her

No. 256260

File: 1459949580754.jpg (110.54 KB, 720x798, _20160406_152439.jpg)

>she's into being a basic human
>implying she's not a basic bitch

This cunt is so full of herself, it's funny at this point bc she's just a horrible middle aged woman getting what she deserves. Venus is suffering, but she's young, if she's strong enough she will overcome all this and live a happy life. Probably next year things will be solved or just a thing from the past, even if she loses her channel.
But Maggot? Magott is going to live the rest of her life in a miserable, lonely and sad way. And that's good.

No. 256261

I'd like to assume she's talking to FullScreen and getting her channel sorted out

wasnt her account verified? Youtube makes sure verified channels don't have fake subs

No. 256262

I don't mean that I feel sorry for her. She has no power in this situation except to send notices that will only be temporarily in effect. In a situation of no power, one might take action to try and change things, or just retreat into fantasises where you do have some power.

No. 256263

I know you don't feel sorry for her. I don't think a lot of people on here do. I meant it as I don't see how there are people who can feel sorry for her. I see what you mean. She's in deep shit and desperate. A fantasy is all she can do is quench her thirst.

No. 256264

ah okay… I misread.

No. 256265

As long as she gets her channel back eventually, this may be a blessing in disguise for Venus. At some point she will have to start thinking about a life beyond Youtube. Most people who are fulltime Youtubers have an education and/or held down a proper job before, Venus hasn't been anything else since she was 14?

No. 256266

Could she do anything outside of youtube? Like be a waitress or go back to school or something? I know that if some youtubers don't have a college degree, they've at least been or finished high school. Hope Venus can do something outside of youtube.

No. 256268

Not that I don't feel some real life education/work experience would be beneficial, but I disagree.

People keep saying Venus needs a "real" job, but if she is able to continue to make a living from YouTube that IS a real job. It may be unconventional in the sense of not being traditional, but assuming she gets margo off her ass it won't kill her.

I think for her to be able to continue with social media/online without associating it with her mom/abuse is much healthier than forgetting about it completely and escaping to the 'real world' (how backwards that sounds…).

I do agree though she could use more real life friends/connections outside of manaki, but all things come in time. She's not even been free for that long.

No. 256270

whatever her day job, doing some distance education to catch up what's she's missed would be good for her. she should do it with a german speaking school or something she feels comfortable learning in, english, whatever.

No. 256272

A ha ha go Margo, you crazy fucking bitch. I just love how straight up crack head entertaining she is with her fuckery. It's like a train wreck full of stoned circus clowns. Bizarre.
>Weenous is such basic bitch, not at all like mee
>Check mah flowers

Speaking of which, we must be due some more flower photos soon, surely

No. 256274

Well since both Venus and Margo are broke the best thing they can do is work together, if you know what I mean :^)

No. 256275

NJM in da house for reals?

No. 256276

oh how I wish this were real.

No. 256277

I doubt it.

No. 256278

How terribly disappointing. I was hoping for some Margo PMs

No. 256283

She could work in a maid café. Her japanese level might be enough, and she is into childish stuff.

No. 256284


mags will be forever my fave edgelord.

No. 256286


Do maid cafes even consider hiring foreign girls? Plus I wonder what Manaki would think considering they're hotspots for Japanese male otaku and creepy neckbeards from time to time.

No. 256287


samefag but doesn't maggot needs go slowly back to tokyo since her AirBnB stay at the shithole is almost over?

No. 256290


She'd be a great employee for a cafe or store, especially a kawaii-themed one, given her fan base. However, it would be way too dangerous with Margo lurking around. Especially in Japan, an employer is not going to want the hassle of dealing with a creepy stalker type hanging around & causing problems. Venus is kind of stuck while Margo is in Japan.

No. 256291

They do, the most famous one @home cafe got like half of the staff foreigners these days as tourists flock to maid cafes.

No. 256292

Do you guys think maggot will keep on her video "schedule" while on the run? At what time did she upload the last one? I'm dreaming of some quality milk this time, I hope she delivers.

No. 256293


Interesting to know, maid cafes look so fun to be at. Cheers anon!

Margo would probably go to Venus's employer just to put them off even keeping her as part of the team. I imagine she'd cause so many problems for her if V was to work outside of home as long as she's in Japan stalking her daughter like the freak she is.

No. 256295

I bet maid cafés have procedures on how to handle crazy stalkers, even if it's their mom. Also, I bet Margo's japanese isn't good enough for throwing a tantrum on how Weenoos should be fired.

No. 256298


I await the day I see this bitch forcefully deported with no say in the matter. She's nothing but a scrounger living off her 'friends' and whatever income she has left after sponging off her daughter. The parasite.

No. 256300


I get the feeling that there won't be a new video. Sadly.

No. 256301

Margo, the Kabukireign hooker from another thread, 500 other weeaboos working illegally… and then they all casually stroll back through customs with no problems.

No. 256306

edgelord/cracked out wannabe satanist/hobo margoloid's supposed FS "schedule" is EVERY WEDNESDAY according to its previous video. Wednesday now several hours old in U.S. and over in Japan.

As the marghoul would say…"Proofs!" that she/it is a lying whackjob hobo. (the margoloid shall be referred to henceforth as "it.")

No. 256310

I really hope Venus is only not posting while trying to make the best out of the stituation as Manaki has to work and can't be there for her 24h.

No. 256318

It looks like there's something crazy going on in the "insta friends advice" private chat group about Maggots satanism. I bet there'll be some lulzy gibberish from the Maggot herself, going to upload it to imgur then

No. 256319

File: 1459970490544.png (39.09 KB, 595x170, 4a9e1f57-e1e1-4e7e-adf2-f2cd60…)

>so edgy
>so cool
*someone's been googling.
"look at mee! I'm edgy & dark you guise!"

No. 256320


>hail maggot

No. 256321

No. 256322

File: 1459970868290.png (149.47 KB, 290x398, 59b9c7e4-7c26-4d56-aa31-43724a…)

marge in marge's mind: edgy n dark 14 year old. free spirit. rebel.

marge to real world: mental patient hobo wandering the streets of Japan. looks about 60. balding, disheveled, crazy. Run!


No. 256324

She looks like a runaway from a mental hospital

No. 256325


No. 256327

It's not much lulz from Maggot herself up until now unfortunately. Even though "God is a bully" amused me kek
But I was free to cap some screens from one of her most devoted followers (queen-whateverhername) finally discovering Maggot may not be the good person she thought she was and she always defended. It's heartbreaking!
And some random crazy stuff, it shows how you yourself have to be mental to follow Maggot. Such weird people….

No. 256330


I really have a hard time believing that mags is in her early 40s.

No. 256331

Margo projecting again. Obviously she likes to watch little girls stuff their face.

No. 256333

File: 1459971514919.jpg (133.15 KB, 550x488, 671579ab378f0839619269ffd30ed5…)


Every time I see Maggot's face I'm instantly reminded of a Kappa.

Maybe this explains her affinity for rivers and going into them.

No. 256334

>use angel sprays

Magoo should start peeing in a bottle and sell it as Satan Spray. Instant money!

No. 256335

what kind of drugs is she on?

No. 256336

"race and interest are free to choose" maybe Mira should begin following Satan, he makes her Japanese kek

No. 256338


I was wondering that too. I don't think she's said anything yet but I can imagine she's upset.

No. 256341

>God is a bully.

Top kek. At this point wouldn't be surprised if she states her anus is a bully because it produces shit and farts to abuse her own nose.
I've never seen anyone using this word so gratuitously, it's amusing and I can't understand how she doesn't realize that it makes her look deeply stupid lol

No. 256343

File: 1459972747055.jpg (73.84 KB, 640x640, 12912392_255350201478693_65656…)

It's up at 4AM Jap time posting on IG

No. 256345

File: 1459972851986.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160406-155954.png)


No. 256346

#1 defender of the maggit @queenjuhina is 16 years old

No. 256348

It looks abandoned, maybe she's crashing there for now?

"was", according to her screencaps she's now embaressed she ever defended this disrespectful satanist kek

No. 256350

There's something really satisfying about Margo's stans turning against her

No. 256351

She might not be Venus, but she's real cute.

No. 256355


Maggot has either discovered that meth is a cheap alternative to paying for housing (because who needs sleep?), or she's hit a manic phase.

No. 256356


it might be maggot at some point in the near future for sure.

No. 256357

Whatever is going on meth mental illness or both, she's been spiraling for days now

No. 256359

As if maggot would ever manage to rise above being a cheap whore. She might try though, once she gets comfortable with prostitution. Do it maggot! Chase that fame!

No. 256360

"There" s a tree in the gouae. Treehouse? No, housetree!"

What is a gouae? Is that a word? Translation anyone??

No. 256361

>new video every Wednesday


No. 256362


It's the crack of dawn there. We've got all day to speculate what kind of cracked out rant she might have prepared while train hopping.

No. 256363

Probably mistyped "house" and didn't correct it since the letters are next to each other.

No. 256364

It's the crack of dawn Thursday in Japan. She missed her "schedule."

No. 256365

Venus hasn't posted yet.. I'm worried for her

No. 256366


She's probably depressed as shit. Keeping up a cheerful, determined front under the onslaught from her mom has to be hard.

And it's possible that fullscreen told her to keep quiet while this channel thing is being contested, so nothing she says can be misconstrued.

No. 256367

I can't believe it took these dumb fucks a Christian figure to show them just how fucking crazy Margaret is.

No. 256368

This reminds me of a chapter of a Junji Ito manga where there was a gateway to Hell in the hot spring. Fitting.

No. 256370

File: 1459976925758.jpg (15.62 KB, 476x334, Grudge1Screen37.jpg)


Kinda looks like the dreary place she's been living in that she's briefly posted on IG a few times judging by how run down it looks outside. Maybe she'll become trapped there and haunt the place, she's well on her way to looking like a ghoul anyway.

No. 256371


Are there any notifications on her other social media? I know she made a new Twitter and Facebook page not long ago as well, unless Margo launched herself at those too. Poor thing…

No. 256375

It wouldn't surprise me if Margo was already gunning for them. She has nothing better to do than that and walk around looking like a bum.

What the hell compelled this woman to walk the streets looking like that anyway? Ew.

No. 256376

I hope she gets hit by a bus.

No. 256378

ikr??? All the vile insane shit she's posted - no problem! but a satan worshiper? now THAT'S too much, I'm OUT! lol

No. 256380

File: 1459978926295.gif (893.96 KB, 480x480, benous.gif)

ah this explains everything

No. 256381


Ah, her infamous "I'm a white chick dating a back man" hair era.

No. 256384

okay, that makes sense. I thought I was missing something there. But that leaves us with "There's a tree in the house. Treehouse? No, housetree!" wtf is that? Humor on Planet Margoo??
See also: "What I learned in Oosaka. Now life is living me!" or what thefuck ever it was.

No. 256385

She thinks she's so smart #mensa

No. 256386

I laughed pretty hard at that too. "Every evil and crazy thing Margaret has said and done was okay until I found out she worships the devil!" Lol teenagers are so fucking dumb.

No. 256387

File: 1459979757826.gif (486.76 KB, 381x268, 2883529-9435525416-wtf-e.gif)

What does half the shit she says even mean?

No. 256388

We need a Marglish translator. It's impossible to understand what she means the majority of the time.

No. 256389

Or just the drugs she's taking lol

No. 256390


So people feel sorry for her. I can imagine the bullshit stories she's spat out to people who have very little interaction with the Internet about her devastating life and how her twisted daughter has left her to rot like the ungrateful child she is.

No. 256391

We really do. Although she might change the meanings of what she says so it suits her at that moment so we might not get very far in understanding the mental Margo.

No. 256392

File: 1459980560058.png (706.79 KB, 915x584, Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.08…)

So is she just briefly sleeping when her eyes close, then snapping awake to post frantically again?

No. 256394

The problem with Margo is that she likes to 1:1 german sentences into german, the "Now life is living me!" is supposed to mean something along the lines of that she is so successful that even "life" is jelly.

No. 256395

Lol the Satanist comments. I heard there were different branches of it but by looking at >>256242 it sounds self-centered and cruel as fuck. Annoy, hurt and destroy people? Perfect edgy shit for a festering maggot.

No. 256396

*into english, derp

No. 256397

The Satanist comments are hilarious. There are different branches , but all of them are tryhard and attract edgelords. Being an atheist and/or do your own thing isn't enough for these people. They still want to be special snowflakes and justify being asshats.

No. 256399

She picks a spot to nap for ten minutes then goes to photo snappin'idk. Lol all those satanist comments…

No. 256406

>If a guest in your home annoys you, treat them cruelly and without mercy.
>If someone bothers you, ask them to stop. If they do not stop, destroy them.

Aka be an ass.

Who the fuck wrote those rules? An angry 13yo teen?

This figure is cuter than you, moggot.

No. 256409

File: 1459982589540.png (108.57 KB, 355x528, Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.42…)

It's jassyrose, for real this time! Back with a private account

No. 256412

File: 1459983047243.png (293.03 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160406-183249.png)

last maggot dispatch: 10:30PM AVE SATANAS
creepy house IG posted: 4AM

yep she crayyy

No. 256413

This shit is bananas.

>get clearing medicine on YouTube

>angel spray

The maggot being developmentally arrested at about 13 is no surprise, but these retards feel all the cruel, psychotic stuff she's done would be just fine if she were a Christian and not an edgelord. Not exactly a glowing recommendation for their interpretation of Christianity.

Lol she really pissed off her core group of supporters. I wonder if she'll find new ones.

That's because it is retarded. That old, washed up Lolita Tifferet is into it too, and she's 52. Every middle aged asshole who never wants to grow up.

Atheism isn't spiritual enough for them. Remember, margoloid needs her Swarovskis to contact the astral plane about her next step.

No. 256414

I kind of want to give input about venus' grandfather and the ig. i have extended family and friends in parts of eastern europe and these types of edits on social media are super common especially in older people. they think theyre really fancy and cool ways of expressing feelings so honestly they may be entirely normal people who really do care about venus

No. 256417

She's awake thanks to the powers of Satan, of course. He gives her boundless energy!

Seriously though. Margaret is psychotic as fuck. With her revealing her Satanism (which some of us already fucking knew about), her core dumb fuck teenage defenders turned tail and ran. LOL Why are people so afraid of such imaginary shit? Things like that can't hurt you if you don't believe in it, for fuck's sake.

No. 256419

File: 1459985651201.jpg (51.23 KB, 640x416, 1379398235712.jpg)

Did she just pull this satan shit out of her butt? Right now she sounds like those 13 year old goth wannabes who talk about cutting n all that.

Ey satan spare some energy so I kick Margo.

Idk why people fear that stuff either. Ngl i may scare easy sometimes but come on satan of all things though…i doubt satan cares about a bunch of little kids or the edgey af margo.

No. 256420

Sadly she didn't. She has had a legitimate Church of Satan Membership card for some time now and she seems to subscribe to the same subset Felice Fawn did?does? Which is basically all about being an asshole who never has to grow up and realize that not everything will go your way like >>256413 mentioned

No. 256421

File: 1459985990188.jpeg (132.2 KB, 640x687, image.jpeg)

No. 256422

File: 1459986066238.jpeg (131.64 KB, 640x702, image.jpeg)

No. 256424

File: 1459986146421.jpeg (97.43 KB, 640x672, image.jpeg)

From earlier

No. 256428

File: 1459986389982.jpeg (112.52 KB, 640x652, image.jpeg)

No. 256429

So she's still trying to claim it was Google that did that shit and not her? When there is fucking proof that it was done by her? God… Margo needs to go to the damn river already. She is providing this planet and never will do good by anyone or anything. The more I see of this bitch, the worse I feel for Venus. I really hope that she'll get her YouTube channel back soon since the maggot can't afford a lawyer.

We all see how desperate she's getting. Thinking that by shooting off false copyright claims will give her all of Venus money and it didn't do shit but cut off her last lifeline for money. I doubt her father is going to give her money after all the evil she's been doing to her own daughter. Margaret was living in filth, couldn't afford her precious Starbucks coffee and had to drink instant, could hardly afford to wash her god damn clothes and now she's the gaijin penis nosed wandering hobo of Japan.

No. 256431

Oh geez…I've met people who throw hissy fits but this just sounds like a person I would knock out. I'm sure not all are like that but Margo really gived the impression of it being so.

This is like a waiting game with this youtube channel thing. I feel like Margo is waiting for Venus to say something and flip out. The lady needs to get over herself and stop being a mental bum. You'd think she learn by now that all she's doing is making herself look worse and worse.

No. 256432

File: 1459987036975.jpg (160.93 KB, 622x960, IMG_20160406_195534.jpg)

She isn't vengeful tho, venus just left her no choice!

No. 256434

this bint. I'm sure she was jasmine_phil too but she lurks here and would have read us talking about it last night, so has changed it.

intelligence is strong with this one. hail satan!

does your mum know you're a satanist now jassy?

No. 256435

thanks fro putting grandpas IGs in context.

No. 256436

>developmentally arrested at 13

^that's exactly what she IS: a dark gothy 13-year-old "satanist," in an internet feud to the death with another teenager (Venus, also at a 13-year-old level, just sweet & kawaii) who DID HER WRONG AND IS GOING TO PAY.

Only maggot is actually 41 and her mother.

No. 256437

Oh my god, maggot. When someone is making fun of your defenders, they are not complimenting you. At all.

No. 256438


^^Hail Anon^^

No. 256439

File: 1459988522865.jpg (59.3 KB, 640x327, image.jpg)


No. 256440


I'm having a difficult time knowing Margo is 41. She has the shittiest skin and hair under all that filter she edits her selfies with. She'll just keep growing older and older like the ancient hag she is.

No. 256441

Sometimes whenever I question my own sanity, I see Margaret's and realize… it could be worse. I wish an ambulance would just rush down the street, paramedics jumps out and ambush her with a straitjacket, lock her up and just have her isolated in a padded room. This bitch gets crazier and crazier. I, worried about her whole, "Something will happen soon" shit. I really hope she hasn't found Venus' location. Bitch is still stalking her but I have the sad, sad, sad sinking feeling that she's in her room curled up and depressed over all the horrible shit her own mother is doing to her.

No. 256442

No amount of expensive ass Chanel cosmetics can make her look good. She really does look like she's near 60. Father Time has hit her hard. It's really a no brainier why she's so jealous of her own daughter. Hell, Midge looked like she was 60 when she was 10 and Aunt Zsusua always looked prettier.

No. 256443


I'm tickled that both of MagHag's little sisters are gorgeous, and Zsu is aging like a fine wine (Naomi is only a couple years older than V so time will tell with her.) You know it kills that bitch. She must've tortured Zsu as a kid for having the nerve to be prettier than her.

No. 256444

Arent we supposed to get a video from her on Wednesdays now?
Its Thursday and I want my video.
Get it together Margs.

No. 256446

Has anyone tried contacting the authorities or the Hungarian embassy in Tokyo?…
I am genuinely concerned for Venus considering
she hasn't posted anything in over a day which is kind of unusual…

No. 256447


It's still Wednesday in Japan. But if Margo isn't at her air bnb - or she pissed off the chef finally and he kicked her out or he won't let her use his laptop for crazy internet rants anymore - she's only got her 2-3 phones to make videos. And maggot is a label whore (chanel makeup, only mac laptops, etc) who wouldn't make a truth video last time until she had a laptop to do it with.

No. 256448


I'm sure Manaki is looking after Venus really well throughout all of this. The thoughts that must be running through her mind must be insane, especially as how it looks like she'll never escape from Margaret who wants to live the hobo life in Japan.


She better start making her own makeup from flour seeing as her plan to take over Venus's income backfired and now the cunt literally has NOTHING as Youtube are bastards when it comes to terminating accounts. No money for either of them, which sucks hard for Venus but is great for Cuntface. Karma will turn into a beautiful thing soon I'm sure.

No. 256449

No, it's Thursday morning, 10:30AM in Tokyo anon.
Maggot has no "contract" with Fullscreen, no "schedule." that was just more of her lying harassment mind games campaign against her arch rival, the evil WENOOS.

No. 256450

Poor Venus probably doesn't knoe what options she has right now. Her mom royally screwed everything. I wouldn't blame the girl if she was scared shitless. Margo is a lone nut on the loose and she's out of a job cause of the woman.

No amount of makeup can help Margo. The only thing that would help her is a nuthouse and a paper bag on her face.

No. 256451


My bad!

No. 256452

Venus' YT account is not permanently deleted. It was temporarily taken down after maggot filed the DMCA complaints, which will expire two weeks after they were filed unless the maggot responds with a genuine legal complaint filed in court, i.e. written & filed by an attorney. Which of course marghoul has 0$$ for. So…in 2 weeks Venus gets her channel back.

No. 256453

This. Considering her channel was taken down, and that Maggot has been harassing, insulting and stalking Venus… what if Venus confronted Maggot about the channel, Maggot snapped and did something to her? Something bad?

Wouldn't it be our moral duty to alert someone? Anyone? Her hungarian family at least?

It seems that Maggot lost a screw, and I am really getting a bad feel about this, specially with the satanic shit she posted.

If something bad actually happened to Venus and you fuckers did nothing just to talk about something else, I'd be very disappointed in you.

No. 256454


That's good to know at least, never knew how Youtube really works as the copyright thing at the moment is a complete mess.

No. 256455

There's no way Margo will go to court. She's too broke and probably didn't think that far. You can't expect someone like that lady to think things through. She's just being unnecessary.

No. 256456

It's been a day, calm down. If Magoo was back in Tokyo she would have posted something about it and Venus is probably taking some time away from the internet until all of this is sorted out. Yeah Margo's crazy, but if she physically harmed Venus i have no doubt we'd hear about it.

No. 256457


Margo's family already knows she's crazy - Aunt Zsu confirmed this back in January. There's nothing to be done unless Margo makes a direct threat against Venus's life. Even then, I believe Venus has to be the one to report it.

No. 256458

Good point.

No. 256459

It's a shame b/c I'd love to see more maggot vids.
My Homeless Morning Routine:
- wake up at 4am, no alarm clock!
- search alley for discarded ciggy butts…


Travel Tips on a Budget:
- manga cafes! sleep in a chair with access to shower- only $9 USD/6 hours!(more for longer stay)
- travel light! one set of clothes is all you need. clean clothes are for plebes.

No. 256460

With this mentality, it is Kitty Genovese all over again.

>we would hear about it

>Venus should be the one to report it

You are agreeing Maggot is crazy. What if she did something bad after snapping all of a sudden? She wouldn't say anything incriminating, but would post "hints", like the satanic shit. And Venus wouldn't even be able to report it.

Is there anyone in Japan that visits them? A friend of theirs who may confirm if they are okay?

No. 256461

This is old, but:
>Once you have submitted a counter-notification, the copyright owner has 10-14 business days to respond and notify YouTube that they plan to file a lawsuit seeking an injunction prohibiting you from posting your video (in most cases, highly unlikely). If they fail to do this within the allotted time (YouTube's policy says 10 days even though the law gives them up to 14), YouTube will restore your video. In my personal experience, this whole process takes about three weeks.

>Please be aware that after you file a counter-notice, the only way the copyright owner can keep your video off YouTube is to sue you. While no regular YouTube user has yet been sued over a YouTube video, there is a possibility that filing a counter-notice could provoke them into filing a lawsuit. Please keep this risk in mind when deciding whether or not to file a counter-notice.


No. 256462

That is disgusting. If she stays there I wonder how long it'll be before she gets deported.

No. 256463

Unless hobo maggot makes explicit threats I doubt there's anything the cops could do.

No. 256464


Chillax. Today was Margo's last day in the air bnb (if she ever went back.) She's out of money. She doesn't know Venus's address. Ranting online about time running out and revenge is frightening, but there's nothing to be done unless Venus herself wants to press criminal defamation charges. Margo hasn't made an overt threat to venus's life and that's the only way she could be arrested, other than the defamation.

I'm sure Venus is more than aware of how dangerous her mother is. The kid survived 19 years living with that psycho. Giver her some credit; I'm sure she's being cautious.

No. 256465

As long as it takes to find her.

Thought: Margs probably gave immegration Venus' adress and phone number as evidence that she had somewhere to stay and proof that she wont do exactly what she is doing now. Does that mean that they will call Venus when Marg's Visa is up?

No. 256466

Margo doesn't have her adress in the first place.

No. 256468

We don't know that.
Margo probably saw the address when she locked the macbook.

No. 256469

She could have seen the gps address of the macbook when she was tracking it. GPS is not just by satellite, the IP from an internet connection can be used to determine location.

No. 256470


Mags never had her address. Venus agreed to meet Margo at the airport to get her things that Margo promised to bring. Margo thought she was coming to live at Venus's house; Venus thought Margo was there for a short visit before returning to language school in Korea and never said anything about letting Margo stay with them.

No. 256471


I though Margo and / or Venus said V didn't have home internet, so she was uploading everything at a cafe. Therefore: Margo never got the address, she only got the neighborhood. Which is why Maggot kept wandering Shibuya / Harajuku.

No. 256472

IPs aren't a very reliable way of finding someone though. Mine reads I'm in a high school way across town when I'm at home. Never even been to that place. I don't think the IP would help Midge at all.

No. 256475

In many different occasions, at different places, my location through IP was very accurate, within 10 meters. Where do you live?

No. 256476

Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tokyo is a big area so hopefully the IP that the festering maggot got is also super off?

No. 256477

Is there anything that would stop Maggot from filing false claims anytime Venus sets up a new video? I mean if it's automated like you all said, then wouldn't she just be in this same predicament?

No. 256479

What's she gonna do with the IP if the location is off? Go door to door asking "hey have you seen this girl? I'm looking for her!"???

No. 256480

You walk around dressed in a way that doesn't give your identity right away, looking for your target at a distant.

Every few rounds, you change your attire so no one starts to get suspicious of the same person walking around the area all day.

If you spot your target, you follow it cautiously, trying to find where they live.

No. 256481

Mags would have to wear a hat, that straw hair of hers is a dead giveaway.

No. 256482

That is true. With hair so fried that you've gotta flat iron it? You know you've fucked up. Plus Midge is a foreigner. That alone adds 100 suspicion points.

No. 256485

This whole edgy satanist bs also puts maggot's accusations of her family being "hardcore fundamentalist Christians" into perspective. Neither grandpa nor aunt Zsu have tried any Jesus talk with venus. They're probably just average Catholics who made fun of maggot getting hardcore into satanism.

No. 256486

let's not make this a tips board

No. 256487

Margo is signed with Fullscreen too but we can be sure it was the only way they could sign Venus. I doubt they give a fuck what she does, posting wise. They probably don't even answer her calls.

No. 256488

File: 1459995432325.png (239.81 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20151227-115648.png)


This is a SS of what you get if you do an IP address lookup in the U.S.
City, state, country, postal code. No street address. idk where you would get a location "within a few meters" from an IP address.

No. 256489

She can possibly launch claims against new videos each time. How tolerant YT will be of this we don't know. As far as any individual videos she's already reported, Margo will have to start formal legal action to back up her claims or drop the whole thing.

No. 256490

Find My Mac is not about IPs, it shows an actual map. However this map is based on where the computer last interacted with a network. If that's at your home you are pretty much busted unless you live in a big apartment block. Hopefully Venus just used it somewhere like a Starbucks. https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT204756

No. 256492

I think you can file a claim against an entire channel, which I think is what maggot did (since the whole channel was taken down, otherwise they would have just taken individual vids down?)

So- doubtful she could file more claims against the channel. Individual vids in the future, I don't know about.

No. 256493

>Find My Mac is not about IPs
>this map is based on where the computer last interacted with a network

And how else would anyone know where the network is if it were not for the network's IP?

No. 256494

>tips board

That is common sense, tbqh fam, unless you've got a trisomy in a certain 21st pair

No. 256495

Sounds straight out of Denko-chan. Oh man, now I can't help but think of this situation like that.

>My daughter says she doesn't want to speak to me. Her phone is probably going dead, should I try to go to her house instead?

No. 256496

moar liek

>My source of income says she wants to leave me. Her money is not reaching my wallet, should I try to go to her house instead?

No. 256499


Anyway, I don't think maggot has their address. Back when she was making threats against Wenoos ("bring MY STUFF to my address by 6pm or it's bye bye spouse visa") she never said anything about knowing where they live. And she was in Tokyo so if she did know their address I bet she would have lurked around their apt. building, taking pics and posting vague threats on IG to freak Venus out even more.

bitch is all bluff, empty threats and mind games. All those posts about "Venoos has evil plan to drive me insane/make me have breakdown!"? More projecting. That's exactly what her crazy ass is doing to Venus.

No. 256502

She's already crazy on her own. No one is doing anything to Margo except herself. Hell, I wouldn't talk to a woman like that if she were my mother. All Margo is doing is trying to play hobo stalker and she's doing a poor job at it. I think she's more interested in taking random ass photos and slathering herself in the lotion of satan right now at odd hours.

No. 256503

She's probably up doing prayers to the dark lord and other dumb shit. I respect Pegans and Wiccans but Satanists? They're just a bunch of edgy children doing dumb shit. Maggot is forever 13 years old. The only thing she has to do now is some shitty art and upload it to deviantArt.

No. 256504

File: 1459998492421.jpg (21.5 KB, 559x324, latest-1.jpg)

The dark lord is coming.

If Margo started doing art then I would question deviantArt more than I already do. She'd probably expect shit loads of money for it since she no longer has a piggy bank anymore. She should use any money she has to clean up or go back home. Preferably both but we know that won't happen.

No. 256505

Can we all just troll her into making a deviantart account and upload her drawings? it would be lulz worthy

No. 256508

File: 1459999063228.jpg (228.41 KB, 537x853, 2016-04-06_23.11.22.jpg)

Just wow…

No. 256509

File: 1459999221278.jpg (214.1 KB, 525x746, 2016-04-06_23.14.58.jpg)

No. 256510

File: 1459999320375.jpg (77.68 KB, 1680x803, asdasd.jpg)

Oh no no no no this isn't good.

Venus' channel is no long searchable on Youtube and no longer displays that it's terminated; it outright doesn't exist.

No. 256511

so, shes got a new video up? whos going to watch it? I dont want to give her views…but im curious what its about

No. 256513

>my earnings.

She doesn't think a penny of that goes to Venus. Fucked up cunt.

No. 256515

shes in a mangakissa whispering about train tickets while someone snores in the background

No. 256516

She's as greedy as they come…

No. 256517

This is making Margo a potential danger to others. This elaborate delusion will justify any action, just like her edgelord satan picture says. She's building up to something and I don't think it's a long swim in the river unfortunately. At least she can't afford Tokyo anymore that we know.

No. 256518

No. 256520

She's looking haggard. She seems stressed. Good. Rot, bitch.

No. 256521

Kek I hear the snoring!

No. 256522

This is literally the shit homeless Nippon do. This is literally the best. Venus is living in luxury …anyway Margendo tries to ruin her it hits Margendo threefold in misery lmao

No. 256523

She needs to get snatched up and deported. Really all anyone can do is sit and wait to see what happens. Imma just assume she's all talk cause that seems to be what she is but you never know. She's a nutjob.

Hasn't this woman run out of money for transportation?

No. 256526

Fucking maggot on IG replying to "19 y/o asexual atheist artist" explaining what satanism is, according to her EXTENSIVE RESEARCH:

maggot sez: YASS!? (heartemoji)

fucking GROW UP you pathetic 41-year-old wannabe teen

No. 256527

File: 1460000883913.png (12.41 KB, 699x88, satanpls.PNG)

I feel like forbidding contact to other people really means he just doesn't want her to talk to her mom and for good reason, she's a fucking psychopath.

No. 256528

File: 1460001237627.jpg (9.38 KB, 302x220, dressedaslambs.jpg)

'maybe if i try hard enough some of their young might rub off on me'

No. 256529

Guys, please read:

Isn't there a single video from Margo with copyrighted stuff in it? Any way for us to take down her channel in retribution for her crimes?

No. 256530


Hahaha SHE DID IT! "My Budget Travel Tips" LOLLL Thank you hobo marge THANK YOU

fucking riding the rails sleeping in $9/nite cafes like a true hobo and looking like one too…that HAIR! Oh and she's still wearing the same. fucking. clothes. kekkk maggot


No. 256531

oh my god anon MY SIDES! I CAN'T BREEVE…..

No. 256533

or should I say YASS! (heartemoji!)

No. 256534

This is from back in Nagoya. Kek at this bitch sleeping like a homeless person using a public computer to make her super important video; she probably had to wait until she got back to another cafe to post it.

No. 256536

the maggotbrain on IG 'explaining' what others so unjustly call her "bullying" of Venus (i.e. abusive posts etc:)

"Well THE FANS were asking so I HAD TO say something!"

No. 256537

Some of her videos use what sounds like public domain music. The Cthluhu ASMR thing and the remix are from a musician (High Priest? Who knows) she was involved with in some way, so that's probably not going to work. She does have an ad for the Lithuanian chat show she and Weenoos appeared on, and I'm sure she didn't have consent to upload it. Good luck in getting the channel to care though.

I want hazard pay for sitting through Mergeret's ass-shaving tutorial, damn it.

No. 256538

Lmfao. This fucking penis nosed hobo

No. 256539

Im just curious what happens when you flag a video? you have to fill something out? then youtube looks into it? or what

No. 256540


i think it's possible to take her down the same way she did to venus, youtube's takedown system is a mess.

minute 13:11
"if i want to file a claim on somebody's video, even tho i have no copyright ownership to it, i can simply submit a copyright infringement notification and this will initiate the DMCA takedown process. here i can fill out whatever bogus information i want, the video will be taken down from youtube, and youtube will issue a copyright strike to the content creator's account.
And if somebody who's intended to abuse the system really hates somebody, all they have to do is file three of these claims back to back, the content creator will receive three copyright strikes back to back and their account will be terminated"

so margo probably just sent three bullshit claims back to back and now she's acting so smug about it, like it's a masterplan and not just a shitty move anyone could have done.

No. 256542

Well then, I guess we know what to do to take down the Margoyle now? Let's get to it.

No. 256543

Imagine if Margo actually did just bring Venus' stuff and left, I'm pretty sure that Venus would agree to talk to her by now if that's all she did and she acted like a sensible adult…

Her projection is eerily strong, this bitch is not ok

No. 256546

gg. All of those retards couldnt even do a quick wiki skim. 2nd paragraph first sentance Lavey is Atheist. He pretty much just called it satanism to make people butt hurt and be edgy.
Come on margo. If you were Lavey satanist you would know god doesnt exist….

No. 256551

Come now, these are dumbasses that think mothers can do no wrong. Of course they couldn't be ass'd to do any actual research into Satanism.

No. 256555

"My earnings!!1!"

And we get to the heart of the matter at last. Margo doesn't believe it's possible for Venus to make her own money. Margo owns Venus; thus, everything Venus has, does or makes also belongs to Margo. Margo is the worst kind of narcissist: too stupid to know they're stupid, convinced they're smart, beautiful, right all the time, etc etc. They're terrifying toddler brains mid tantrum in adult bodies. So painfully stupid, and dangerous because of it.

No. 256556

File: 1460006919894.jpg (56.05 KB, 700x450, fellowkids.jpg)

No. 256557

Venus must know better than that. She had to grow up with this freakshow. That she won't talk to her is more proof that when maggot is angry, she's dangerous.

No. 256564

Yeah, god knows what that kid had to endure growing up with this fucking malignant nutcase (besides what we all know about- yanked all over the planet, isolated from family and peers, NO friends, suicide threats "I'll KILL MYSELF if you don't ___!")

No. 256566

If we leave her alone she produces her best milk without prompting. The satanic 'coming out' for example.

Covertly making a video while someone snores in the background of a manga cafe is gold… there is more gold to come.

No. 256567

Margo lies here (what's new). She can withdraw her three claims anytime and Venus' channel would be reinstated.

No. 256568


>like it's a master plan and not just a shitty move anyone could have done

^ Bingo. Another stunt designed to terrorize this naive, sheltered kid, just like everything else she's pulled. This one was pretty effective too- look how freaked out a lot of posters here are, and we're not even her targets.

No. 256571

Oh my fucking god, it hurts to breathe.

No. 256575

We do or otherwise Venus would have showed up at her place and like others mentioned, Venus used an internet cafe at that time as the apartment they oved in had none yet.

No. 256578

mods owe you a gold star for this one

No. 256581

Both venus and margo will eventually disappear from the internet I think. This is a sign. A weeb tragedy.

No. 256582

Margo aside, I really dig the concept of that mangakissa booth thing. It seems pretty cozy, like a "home away from home". I wish they had those outside of Japan too.

No. 256583

Don't think so considering that even Manaki was active online before even knowing Venus. I mean, who doesn't use some public social media these days?

No. 256584

I just put a comment about using adblock and she deleted it in a matter of seconds, while the comments defending Venus are still up. Maggot is a sneaky little bitch.

No. 256586

Venus still has a chance of getting her YouTube channel back. I remember this happened to LittleKuriboh many times in the past, but his fans fought hard for him to be allowed back. Venus has a chance, guys.

No. 256587


Yeah, people are forgetting that Maggot has zero funds, and if she wants to pursue this copyright claim within the next less than 14 days, she'll need to escalate with a court filing. If she doesn't the channel will be reinstated. It sucks that Venus has to experience this, and that she's losing a half a month's wages over it, but the most likely outcome is that the channel gets reinstated after the 14 day respondent period. In the meantime, V's likely either too depressed to post right now, and / or Fullscreen told her to lay low while they do legal stuff.

No. 256588

Me. The anti social media folks are rising. I just use private social media aka texting.

No. 256589

File: 1460013127190.png (788.15 KB, 924x594, Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.1…)

So is Mags still traveling on that 5 day pass. or are these photos all shot previously?

No. 256590

File: 1460013173623.png (85.37 KB, 389x332, Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.1…)

Mags changed the caption; now there's no mention of the channel takedown situation

No. 256593

Margo always speaks retarded but she now speaks like an autistic robot just like her daughter……….she needs treatment ASAP.

No. 256597

She might make more claims though, in fact we should expect it. She's a turd in human form.

No. 256603

Same person, making multiple claims and not following through, letting them lapse then making more claims? -don't that's gonna fly.

No. 256604

That is true but there will come a point where her making claims won't do a thing anymore. Little Kuriboh got terminated… well, I lost count after the third time it happened. 4Shits Entertainment basically couldn't do anything anymore after how many times they did it and couldn't prove that they owned the content, especially with all his editing and voice overs. That and they were only the licensed North American distributors.

In Margaret's case, how can she prove that she shot Venus' videos? How can she prove that they're her work? She can't because those videos belong to Venus. I doubt she can provide evidence to claim otherwise.

No. 256605

That is true but there will come a point where her making claims won't do a thing anymore. Little Kuriboh got terminated… well, I lost count after the third time it happened. 4Shits Entertainment basically couldn't do anything anymore after how many times they did it and couldn't prove that they owned the content, especially with all his editing and voice overs. That and they were only the licensed North American distributors.

In Margaret's case, how can she prove that she shot Venus' videos? How can she prove that they're her work? She can't because those videos belong to Venus. I doubt she can provide evidence to claim otherwise.

No. 256606

That is true but there will come a point where her making claims won't do a thing anymore. Little Kuriboh got terminated… well, I lost count after the third time it happened. 4Shits Entertainment basically couldn't do anything anymore after how many times they did it and couldn't prove that they owned the content, especially with all his editing and voice overs. That and they were only the licensed North American distributors.

In Margaret's case, how can she prove that she shot Venus' videos? How can she prove that they're her work? She can't because those videos belong to Venus. I doubt she can provide evidence to claim otherwise.

No. 256607

Welp. @sb_lee4, daughter of god and former maggot stan has a change of heart since the HAIL SATAN post and Marge is now an EVIL WITCH.

and commenting under mag's latest pic, quote: Die followed by (in Korean) at full throttle
Followed by (korean again) at full throttle at full throttle at full throttle…

Another one bites the dust, alas. b/c you can be a psycho dick to your daughter but worship THE DEVIL AND YOU'RE DEAD TO MEE

No. 256608

Yeah I figure Margo will get a few goes at it before YT deems her claims irrelevant. This could drag out a while in the meantime.

No. 256609

holy multiple post, batman!
and no, she can't prove shit. Or afford a lawyer to take it to court to even try. As stated before it's nothing more than (yet another) empty threat to freak Venus out and cause max suffering to her.

No. 256610

Yeah I figure not.

No. 256611

File: 1460016842131.png (31.22 KB, 791x308, VA4.PNG)

Are you searching for venus_angelic?
Because Venusangelic still exists

No. 256613

Does Margo write the shitty things in her descriptions so she gets extra hate comments, then deletes the shitty part of the description so it looks like people are bothering her unprovoked?

No. 256614

Yep. That's her master plan. It isn't a very good master plan, but she's determined.

No. 256616

It's a fucking raccoon JassyRose you dumb bitch. Fuck you and fuck Adelaide.

No. 256620

And fuck you for being a weeb.

No. 256621

Do you think YT will knock back future claims by Margo?

No. 256623

Jassy ya bogan. Welcome back!

No. 256624

File: 1460022928028.jpeg (98.53 KB, 640x691, image.jpeg)

Manaki said she's fine

No. 256625

I can't stop thinking this whole thing was staged

No. 256626

We now. It's always the same shitty anon who sages for no reason who's also a conspiracy theorist.

No offense, but research shows that belief in conspiracy theories is a marker of low IQ. Case in point: maggot.

No. 256627

File: 1460023286170.jpg (26.6 KB, 268x309, 1440427672526.jpg)

Fucking golden!

On topic:

Not bothering to quote every single post, but goddamn, Margo's projecting is out of control, she takes EVERYTHING she did to Venus and spins it in her crazy mind that it's Venus who is doing these things to her, every-fucking-thing. I'm actually getting scared thinking about what must be going on in that hare brain of hers, stone crazy!

No. 256628

Same but its still so addicting to watch.

No. 256630

"Its always the same shitty anon"
"Conspiracy theorist are crazy"
make up your mind girl

No. 256631

Manaki seems to handle the situation with grace, how sweet.

Staged for what? They don't get revenue when the channel is down. You seem delusional.

No. 256632

File: 1460024024754.jpeg (140.34 KB, 640x691, image.jpeg)

No. 256633

Perhaps. Ignore what I said then. I guess I am delusional because this case reminds me a bit of a different internet drama what turned out fake.

No. 256634

omg please tell. on second thoughts, don't bother.

No. 256635

She only cares about Manaki -living a better life with her money source- She doesn't care about Venus, as daughter, at all.

No. 256636

Notice how Margo sees this as a matter of her getting the money, or Manaki getting it. Venus doesn't even rate a mention.

No. 256637

Kill yourself fam. Dont rage if you dont agree with a shitpost.

No. 256638

Make up your mind already, Margo.

No. 256639

Not that anon you quoted but it seems highly unlikely that this is staged because neither Midge nor Venus are profiting from it in any shape or form, it is purely destructive from Margos side and fits perfectly with her overall behaviour in recent years.

No. 256640

Yeah thats why I was changing my mind a bit.

No. 256641

>why should I eat shit and MANAKI enjoys a 3bdr apartment
Got damn she's bitter and obsessive, it's eating her up inside. That's why her face is so ugly and old looking, it's the evil seeping out.

Also she's following her usual pattern lately, start out all nice & calm & get more unhinged as the day goes on. What a venemous repulsive creature, ughhh

No. 256642

Margo lady, idk what you're smoking but no one is makin' ya eat shit. You're doing that to yourself. And in what way does Manaki live in a fancy apartment. Of course I bet if you've been sleeping in cafes it would seem fancy.

No. 256644

Manaki deleted it

No. 256646

Huh? I havent been lurking here for a long time but did venus really said this?screenshots?

No. 256647

No. 256648

ow, I really got told.

No. 256649

She didn't just say it, she posted proof that Margo filed copyright claims. It is still on her instagram if you roll down a bit.

No. 256650

She always loses her shit when her plans to ruin her daughter's life backfire and can be somewhat fixed. It's fucking hilarious.

No. 256651

File: 1460027017793.jpeg (119.21 KB, 640x654, image.jpeg)

She has been blackmailing Venus the whole time then. "Venys come to mama or I delete your channel!"

No. 256652

And also that must be the reason why she was always mentioning "time is in my favour blablabla"

No. 256653

Can this shit be used against Cuntface? Lots of her rants bout removing Venus's channel were removed by her and the bitch knows she lied her way through to get YouTube to remove it.

No. 256654

You'd think Margo would take a hint that what she's doing isn't getting Venus to come back. The more damage she does, the less likely it is the girl will return. She's wise for not going to Margo. Is Margo able to get in trouble for blackmail and harassment?

No. 256655

File: 1460027708012.png (939.67 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160407-065834.png)

More maggot spew
>your daughter said she was having dark thoughts about losing her channel
>she didn't have dark thoughts about MY STUFF

No. 256656

File: 1460027758554.png (598.04 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160407-070234.png)

before she deletes

No. 256658

File: 1460027816004.png (592.26 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160407-070423.png)


No. 256659

Wouldn't it be a shame to send all this bullshit to the Hungarian Embassy in Japan.

No. 256661

>You're acting irrationally, that's probably why she wants time away from you
>Well she's not worried about my STUFF

No. 256662


Yes, because Venus and Margo want to lose their MAIN income because that totally makes sense.

No. 256663

File: 1460028575799.png (20.3 KB, 616x84, hijacked.png)

projection intensifies

No. 256664

There is one in the netherlands.
That reminds me, venus tried to visit the mangakissa during a dutch convention but she walked away pretty quickly.
She looked pretty scared everytime I saw her.
I thought she was just very shy but looking back at it it might have been because of margaret's presence.

No. 256665

Manaki has no real income and neither has marge. Venus is still a cashcow. So sad…

No. 256666

Post receipts or gtfo.

No. 256667

First it was the copyrighted stuff, then Google blablabla
Lots of BS margo

No. 256668

I thought Manaki had a job of some kinf?

No. 256669

So are we taking Margo's word now? I mean Manaki isn't wealthy by any means, but he does have a steady income and job.

No. 256671

*of some kind

No. 256672


If he has a job, he has income. What's your definition of "real" income?

No. 256673

I bet manaki has more than one job. Japanese people are known to be hard-working, as far as I know.

No. 256674

What does he do for a living then if he has an average income?

No. 256675

I'm sure him and Venus can pull something together until things work out. If he's working then not all is lost.

No. 256676

No one said anything about average income anon.

No. 256677

Thats exactly what I mean. Marge is jealous Manaki now gets to eat in fancy restaurants and shit instead. Venus needs to learn not to share her money all the time.

No. 256678

I doubt he will make her pay for all the stuff tbh!

No. 256679

If I'm not mistaken I thought Venus hasn't had a lot of her funds for a while. Maybe only recently with the videos she put up, but before then , especially when she was trying to get her Pin from Margo, it was Manaki treating her? I don't know, their relationship doesn't strike me as one where he will want to mooch off her.

No. 256682

File: 1460030265374.jpg (363.52 KB, 810x720, 33.jpg)

Thought it might be a funny story.
But it's just margaret not allowing venus to have some fun. nothing new.
Pic related was venus' event that nobody visited.

No. 256683

Next she will be spinning this as her Grand Plan to expose Manaki as a grubby little freeloader. She'll be all "oh yeah, I shut down the channel deliberately so Venus can see exactly what he is #toughlove #motherknowsbest"

No. 256685

Manakin posted this on his IG 20 hours ago:


translate, anyone?

No. 256686


No. 256687

Basically: Ok >>256624

No. 256688

It just says "okay!" with a cute kaomoji.
Nothing of importance.

No. 256689

It was in response to this:
ちゃんに美味しい物買ってあげてね。皆んなは応援しているって伝えてください !

No. 256690


Something about buying delicious things for someone. Google Translate's a PoS

No. 256692

So she'll smash her own daughter's income to expose something that may not even be true? Is there some goal for her trying so hard? I don't think whatever she's trying to accomplish exists. We all know she's the real foolish freeloader.

No. 256693

>Why should I eat shit and Manaki enjoys a 3br apartment??
She's pissed. I'm sure she's sick of living on cafe vending machine crap & noodles, and Manaki & Venus both posted pics of food they had on their little outing over the weekend. So she's been seething and ruminating over that for a few days now.

Plus she hates to see Venus looking happy. HAAATES it

No. 256695

Thanks guise. At least they're alive.

No. 256696

Has anyone done anything like publicly tweeting youtube or whatever? Surely it's in the interests of youtube's PR to get this smoothed out if a lot of people kick up a fuss.

A fangelic made a petition but it wasn't that thought out and has not been useful https://www.change.org/p/we-the-free-venus-from-margaret

No. 256697

wow she is so pathetic

No. 256698

Oh my holy hell is this woman for real? No one is making her live on cafe food and junk. She's choosing to do so and maybe she'd have more money if she didn't choose to stay train hopping all the damn time.

No. 256699


I never got the point of these petitions. 500 people isn't going to make a difference.

No. 256700

I don't get why Margoose(and other people) assume that manaki is poor af just because he was living in a dorm. What if his pay was actually ok but he just lived there to save money? I know the concept of "saving hard earnend money" is abstract to the Maggot but a lot of single guys are living in a dorm or with their parents even if they could aford an apartment, just to move out once they get a gf.

No. 256701

It would make sense if he was doing it to save money. You never know when shit may go down and you'll need some emergency cash to get through it.

No. 256702

Here's a few we could try to flag


she has a few lets plays that we could probably claim false copyright on

No. 256703

nah don't. it'll ruin the milk. also she'll take it out on Venus somehow.

No. 256704

On her nicest place on the internet video, did she seriously rehearse how to react to these people?

No. 256705

and she swore black and blue that evil weenos micro-mimicked everyone lmfao what a psycho

No. 256707

Do you think he's going to tell anyone online exactly where he works when flaming trolls who are thirsty for every single detail of their lives would start harassing his work place?

He and Venus are smart now to post everything all over the place. Fact is: he is working every day of the week except weekends, that is a stable job. And another fact: from what we've seen from their apartment, it's sparsely furnished with the kind of decorations Venus wants for her vids. It's definitely not large nor luxurious, it's modest and probably within their means. Maggot is just saying whatever because she's a festering piece of shit, eaten up by rage. Those kids are by no means perfect, but they are at least twice as smart as the maggot, and have a lot more dignity.

No. 256708

It says, "Make sure to buy [her] something nice to eat. And tell [her] we're all rooting for you!" Japanese doesn't do a lot of pronouns.

No. 256709

>now to post

NOT to post.

No. 256712

Awww, that makes me feel a little bit better. Thanks, anon.

No. 256713

If nothing Margo is doing works, then I sonder what her next step will be? She has no means of doing anything besides whining on instagram and being a hobo.

No. 256715

*I wonder

No. 256716

She's doing this all now because she has about a week until she needs to be out of the country and still thinks she'll get Venus back at this point

No. 256718

It'll never happen. Venus is smarter than her mother thinks. Margo should just pack up right now and bounce onto that plane.

No. 256720

Is she going to be deported forever? I mean, once the 3 months visa expires, she can't go back to Japan?

No. 256721

Pretty much flailing.

I love how she's so deranged, instead of realizing she's out of money and should head back home with the little she has, she desperately hobos it out in Japan.

Venus's silence is probably well advised. I'm sure Venus preserving dignity by going silent is driving Margo crazy.

No. 256724

She won't have any money to leave if she keeps spending it on sleeping in cafes and train rides.

No. 256726

Margo does realize that the reason why Manaki and Venus possibly can't afford their apartment anymore is because Margendo filed the copyright claims that shut down Venus's youtube account? Doesn't she realize that she's trying to ruin her daughter's finances by destroying her online resources?

Margo is an evil fucking person.

I'm honestly kind of worried for Venus right now. Poor kid. Hopefuly Manaki has supportive parents who can help them out for a bit until Venus gets her life back together and Margo descends into the pits of hell.

No. 256727

Perhaps they could downgrade to a less expensive apartment? It might suck but it can help with some costs if Manaki's parents can't do anything. It'd be way better than going back to Margo or becoming a hobo just like her.

No. 256728

Her smile never looks genuine, it's pretty creepy.

No. 256729


as much I remember I read that they live of manaki's savings when venus has no money. And even when they can't afford the apartment anymore they can sure stay at the place of manaki's fam. They will not end up like the homeless hobo mags.

No. 256730

tbh I'd like to assume that they have more than enough saved up for rent for at least a month or two especially since they're making frequent weekend trips

Also maybe that's Margo's plan? She thinks she'd be able to get away with staying longer and when immigration comes knocking she'll be like 'my weenoose stole all my belonging i did not break the law' and thinks it will actually work

No. 256731

Well isn't Margo smart? what stuff did Venus actually steal from her? I would imagine they'd ask Venus about it and see what's up. They probably don't care if Margo has some missing stuff lol.

No. 256732

Hopefully venus will get her account back in the next week or so. Margo literally cannot bring her to court as she has no money so she can't follow up the copyright claim.
I'll be dying to see margo's reaction once she's deported and her daughter becomes untouchable again at the same time. She's going to go apeshit.

No. 256733

Margo can be smart but she's insane and desperate. to her? She needs Venus back no matter what. That's why the entire time she STILL wants Venus back and tries to stick to the 'she's brain washed/a prisoner'

The authorities dont care if she's missing stuff but she obviously thinks if she keeps tossing anything she can at Venus something will stick in the public eye. Either way I can only hope she stays past her allowed date and isnt allowed back in.

No. 256734

Venus took Margos precious swarovski collection! Or at least that's was Margo claimed a few weeks ago. She never mentioned it again if I'm not mistaken.

No. 256735

OKAY, so I'm gonna say this.
Sometimes jobs in Japan require employees to live in dorm rooms for 1-3 years (depending), so if he was new to working at the company, he might just have HAD to live where he did due to his job contract.

> source being friends who work in Japan, one has to live in a real shit dorm like apartment thing for the first 2 years while working for a company, as does anyone who gets hired to the company fresh from uni.

No. 256736


no matter what - it's still so much better than everything margo has right now and ever will.
I love to see what butt hurt piece of trash she is. I really want to see where she will be in a month from now on.

No. 256737

Margo is tripped. Venus didn't look like a prisoner last time I saw her. If she stays past her allowed date does she get kicked out permanently or only for a little while?

I don't think she did mention it more than once or twice. If she really did then Margo would be raising more hell about it than just saying something once or twice.

No. 256738

I had a dream Marge died suddenly and unexpectedly. And that I was too busy to keep up with the drama eventhough I wanted to just sit on here and read all day. lolcow getting into my head…

No. 256739

idk Japan's rules but most places have a several year period where the person isnt allowed back in

No. 256741

Not that anon but whats the big deal? They only have white knights and even here, the vendetta playground, they are always defended. Even if you say you dont like Venus' outfit she will get defended. Not that I care but what could hurt him if he revealed what he does for a living? They basically broadcast their life anyways.

No. 256742

Even if Margo was banned from Japan I don't see this ending. She'll just keep harassing Venus online for a long, long time. I can't see her stopping, she's a bitter old hag.

No. 256743

It'll probably keep going on forever. At least if Margo gets the ol' deportation Venus won't have to worry about running into the lady.

No. 256744

No, if she leaves within her visa limit, even on the day it expires, she's welcome back. Even if she overstays for a few days, she might be able to talk her way out of it, claim she forgot or something. But if she's in Japan after her visa expires, let's all report her to immigration, anons! Or at least those of use who are Japan anons.

Call this number: 03-5796-7256

Or fill out this form: https://www.immi-moj.go.jp/immimail/datainput.php

Works on safari but not firefox. You'd have to be able to tell them where the maggot's lair is.

No. 256748

File: 1460040427066.gif (979.52 KB, 500x220, report the bitch to immigratio…)

Japanese police and immigration notoriously do not get involved with private matters. If maggot had any proof of theft she'd already gone to the police. They might contact Venus and Manaki just to see what gives, but if they say HELL TO THE NOPE! they'll cart her crazy ass off. Foreigners living legally in Japan have absolutely no legal obligation to look after their illegal gaijin crazy ass parents, and Japanese nationals sure as hell have no legal obligation to look after their illegal foreign in-laws.

A few weeks in a Japanese detention center, without internet access and with only shitty food (and no Chanel!) will break the maggot. I am looking forward to it.

No. 256749

It's modeled after the military. Living in the barracks is so shitty many young military man choose to marry the first landwhale that comes along.

No. 256750

They do not. Do you know what a public figure is? They choose to reveal certain parts of their lives, but others not. They don't owe you every last detail. You sound like the kind of person who'd go snooping through celebrity's trash to sell an old sandwich Johnny Depp took one bite out of for $$$ on ebay.

No. 256751

>Even if you say you dont like Venus' outfit she will get defended
>what could hurt him if he revealed what he does for a living?
Its not about the 'fans' and the such it's about Margo. Who honestly doesnt seem to actually know what Manaki's job is since she changes it every time
>They basically broadcast their life anyways.
So tell me where they live, what they had for lunch? Where are they right now? What do they do from day to day?
but no you're right they 'broadcast' their entiiiiire lives

No. 256752

This exactly. We get waaaaaaaaay more milk from crazy Margaret than we ever got from Venus. Now that Venus is finally free of that witch, she seems to have learned pretty fast not to make a complete ass of herself online.

I don't care about Venus' outfits either way, I am here to see Margaret implode spectacularly. She doesn't have to die, just seeing her arrested would put a smile on my face for days.

No. 256753

Margo gives us so much milk like holy shit. Venus doesn't have a lot of milk so Margo is gonna keep milk milk milkin' away. How long before she dries up and can't give us anymore?

No. 256756

File: 1460041680664.gif (440.21 KB, 400x183, tumblr_inline_mvp8od7ZTU1rz2ce…)


Tomorrow is exactly one week until her visa runs out, right? And she's as good as penniless. I can't wait!

For as long as she's in Japan, Venus is in danger of mother Gothel tracking her down and literally stabbing her in the back with a fruit knife.

Once maggot leaves Japan, or gets kicked out, she'll still be making a spectacle of herself online, so we'll have milk for a while. But at least Venus won't have to fear for her life anymore.

No. 256759

File: 1460042137832.gif (68.27 KB, 480x320, oh-goodie.gif)

Margo is gonna probably be too broke to pay for wherever she lives back home. She's gonna blow all he money.

I wonder how Venus feels about Margo being a hobo in Japan? I'd be embarassed as all hell!

No. 256761


I say she overstays and soon we will see her with Sere and her squad.