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File: 1406090318899.png (435.35 KB, 1535x791, sp.png)

No. 2946

Deviant art autism thread? Deviant art drama cows also welcome.


This girl is kind of cute, but holy shit. Her south park head canon is insane.

No. 2947

File: 1406090430070.png (401.42 KB, 1558x826, inflakike.png)

No. 2948

File: 1406090495239.png (415.09 KB, 1569x870, hfgfds.png)

No. 2949

File: 1406090675414.jpg (120.55 KB, 900x698, harmony_and_love__s_hatred_by_…)

No. 2950

File: 1406090733803.jpg (95.74 KB, 900x715, to_think_i_had_hated_you____by…)

No. 2953

File: 1406091857749.jpg (463.44 KB, 1440x1468, 1401493793894.jpg)

No. 2955

>Sorry I'm not good at drawing birds
Bird is actually kind of decent, but wtf is that neck/head?

No. 2958

File: 1406092992418.jpg (61.75 KB, 815x561, 1401492634182.jpg)

No. 2960

File: 1406093337078.jpg (135.89 KB, 1024x606, 1401467236579.jpg)


He hates mlp because it's about friendship, thus reminding him of what he doesn't have. He made his own autistic version of it to cope.

No. 2961

My sides, omfg I can't breathe
The second picture, "crystal air"
What the fuck

No. 2981

File: 1406115089188.jpg (33.48 KB, 201x228, 1406091857749.jpg)

No. 2986

File: 1406123321462.png (38.81 KB, 470x404, Neo-classic-neko-naruto-porn.p…)

I miss her.

No. 2987

I kinda admire the amount of effort put into something so autismal.
You can tell he really put work into editing scenes from MLP and Teen Titans and redrawing shit.

No. 2988

I am laughing so hard at this, wth..
Also I am imagining the shampoo lube will make her fart bubbles for a while. And we shall call it Bubble Butt.

No. 2992

You should've been around for the Tumblr saga. Attempted birthday suicide, running away from her mom to live with some creep who wanted in her pants, going off on some bronies at her workplace.
ginsengteacat's a fucking legend

No. 2997

No. 3070

Oh man she sounds like a gem, does she have an Encyclopedia Dramatica?

She sounds so annoying. ''I mean like, I was totally like, you know like'' and she is stupid too, what a surprise. ''DONT HATE MY ART, YOU ARE RAPING ME IF YOU DO THAT!''

No. 3076

No. 3083

I miss her so much. Thanks to Homosuck retards, she got chased away from Tumblr. She was even more entertaining than Queen Pixyteri if you ask me.

No. 3098

These are the funniest things in a long time to me everything about them is killing me right now.

No. 3104

File: 1406144979164.png (249.67 KB, 1553x828, Untitled.png)

I'm glad you like them, I'll just post some of my favorites by him.

No. 3105

File: 1406145000134.png (113.05 KB, 1000x840, a_crystal_and_rainbow_dash_s_h…)

No. 3106

File: 1406145096112.png (241.13 KB, 1528x841, why.png)

No. 3107

File: 1406145140885.png (68.71 KB, 908x902, twilight_sparkle_sick_in_hospi…)

No. 3108

Thank you kind anon, I am already having a good time here reading about her being very rude to actual FTM just because they tell her she is not Trans for wanting to be a Kawaii Uke boy

No. 3110

Was she legit? I always suspected she was a troll. I mean, ED got her full name and everything but she seemed to have completely disappeared from the internet and there's absolutely no information on her today. It's a bit weird.

No. 3117

Wtf at all the "crystal" comics… like… is there a backstory here? Why are they so obsessed with crystals? Why does it cause hand growing? The plot thickens.

No. 3140


This crystal guy seems more like a parody to me, they just seem like they're deliberately trying to be weird/dumb. The art style and writing reminds me of Chris (Simpsons artist).

No. 3164

File: 1406167438910.png (201.49 KB, 1517x706, Untitled.png)

No. 3168

File: 1406168798804.jpg (250.7 KB, 1024x524, onlythedeadcanknowpeacefromthi…)

this. i got to know. is it this guy's fetish? seems to be he has a being deathly ill kink mixed with… hand growing. I don't understand.

No. 3170

This one never stops being ridiculously autistic
Why are there so many of these people on Deviantart, anyway?

No. 3172

I remember this shit. There were a ton of autists agreeing with it because they never read the original fucking fairytale. Rapunzel has always had golden hair.

No. 3182

Anon you might have legitimate autism

No. 3277

I've had three EEGs and they never once shaved my head. Although it does really give you a bad hair day.

No. 3340

so many good artists wasting their talent drawing homestuck fanart

No. 3358

File: 1406264581057.png (1.87 MB, 1024x731, the_harley_to_his_joker_by_tz_…)


Speaking of Homosuck

No. 3379

File: 1406278852972.jpg (358.66 KB, 984x1710, frozen__elsa_the_snow_queen_by…)

No. 3405

at least they tried…..

No. 3407

File: 1406305378296.jpg (208.62 KB, 900x973, judge_judy_by_corad-d3c1u6o.jp…)


No. 3470

oh lord

No. 3477

File: 1406346592476.jpg (211.4 KB, 1500x670, fart.jpg)

>AnimatedJames, who has 130,000 subscribers on youtube, draws cringe worthy fart fetish sonic porn on another account

No. 3478

File: 1406352229316.jpeg (101.35 KB, 1191x670, amy_farts_on_cream_by_sonicgir…)

No. 3481

File: 1406352588029.png (917.18 KB, 1533x933, poop.png)

No. 3486

>few months ago
>the comic gained a lot of attention on the cringe threads for whatever reason (it wasn't even that bad)
>it eventually got it's own thread
>a lot of people were there because nothing better was happening
>some anons pointed out that the style looked exactly like animatedjames
>some anons confronted animatedjames about it
>he quickly left the discussion and the tumblr and deviantart related to the comic disappeared soon after
>he later posted this on his webpage http://www.animatedjames.com/post/85407729182/sigh

No. 3488

Wtf am I seeing here. Why is this guy so obsessed with fats and shit

No. 3504

OT: That post sounds almost exactly like a guy I knew IRL when I found his online accounts. I realize nobody cares, but jesus christ it's unreal.

Why does he have to act as if it's the fault of the people who confronted him? They didn't make him draw or upload that shit.

No. 3529

No. It is not okay. I have aspergers syndrome.

No. 3531


This is kind of autistic. The way I saw it, Rapunzel's hair turning brown represented her transition into adulthood/freedom. A lot of times, kids have blonde hair that turns dark as they get older, and that was sort of how I interpreted the movie.

No. 3539

>"Princess" is one of those magical aspirational, glamorous, unattainable girly jobs, like air hostess, hairdresser or film critic, that many little girls grow up yearning for.

This person is a moron. Why do the morons always become bloggers? It makes me sad.

No. 3540

The fact that she thinks that hairdresser and flight attendant are "unobtainable jobs" makes me wonder if she's flipping burgers or working at Walmart.

No. 3541


At the very least she could have gone with actress, singer, or model. I'm not even sure many little girls even know what a film critic is…

No. 3542

Pretty sure that's sarcasm. I think she's trying to criticize things that are typically marketed at girls, like barbie hair styling dolls.

No. 3545

I agree, that was my interpretation too. She grew out of her sheltered life where mommy knows best. And she became an adult that can make decisions for herself.

Besides people should get the fuck over themselves. I am a dark blonde, but very close to Brunette. Ofcourse I heard the saying ''Blondes have more fun'' but I just always reply ''And Brunettes do it better'' Really I don't see any emphasis on blonde being a better hair color. Blondes are usually seen as dumb bimbo sluts, so why so angry about blondes.

No. 3575


You don't need a shaved head for an EEG, although if it was freshly shaven it would make the contact points better it's not usually necessary. People who have been bald for a while are awful EEG patients because the skin on their head thickens /offtopic


Is this girl real? She looks about 10 years older than I was expecting, not just from the art style but the way she types is extremely childish.

No. 3621

File: 1406491374631.jpg (455.02 KB, 1920x1080, 2014_07_23_00011_by_fruztal-d7…)


This guy has an entire gallery of 3d fart fetish porn.

No. 5374

File: 1407294447048.png (Spoiler Image, 254.91 KB, 1280x904, 1336334474.tbfmoldart_tbfm_art…)

This guy….

No. 5375

File: 1407294537119.png (Spoiler Image, 964.67 KB, 808x1050, 1354948603238.png)

No. 5376

File: 1407294597891.png (Spoiler Image, 966.46 KB, 870x744, 1354951082177.png)

No. 5381

what the fuck

No. 5663

Im so confused I cant even come up with a question that could help me make sense of this

No. 18085

File: 1413439365607.png (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1128x1183, 1413234226405.png)

No. 18088

File: 1413441326661.jpg (190.37 KB, 900x1129, best_is_all_by_cartuneslover16…)

No. 18090

File: 1413442887032.png (44.38 KB, 274x346, lois_griffin_goomba_by_allthes…)

No. 18094


>>class projects

He turns this shit in for a grade. I wonder if they do group critique…..shudder. There's always a few spergs and about ten weebs in every art class. Fuck the art department, seriously.

No. 18153

Pure nightmare fuel.

No. 18163

Lord, it took me a moment to realise what was happening in the last image but then… urghhhhh

No. 18228

File: 1413526429529.png (1.87 MB, 1748x1199, 1413233671309.png)

No. 18229

File: 1413526807511.png (360.01 KB, 906x589, 1403111807765.png)

No. 18230

File: 1413526864175.jpg (111.22 KB, 950x620, 1403066414106.jpg)

No. 18231

File: 1413527066784.jpg (121.25 KB, 950x620, 1403056231542.jpg)

No. 18232

File: 1413527235112.jpg (434.71 KB, 1256x2744, 1369324189002.jpg)

No. 18234

File: 1413527671846.png (544.19 KB, 600x488, ihadtofa.png)

No. 18239

What is it I don't even

No. 18240


Man, these guys really, really like pads and even inspire to become one. There are a lot of strange people out there.

No. 18243

what the fuck
i can't tell if they fetishize it or condemn it.
probably both.

No. 18285

I feel like the "artist" is some mildly overweight weirdo who's both turned on and terrified by the thought of becoming obese.
Why does DeviantArt even attract this sort of people?

No. 18286

I have so many questions… And none of the answers would ever make sense…

No. 18288

I don't get why deviantArt attracts so many crazies… The overwhelming amount of shit on this site completely overshadows the few good artists left there. Saddening.

No. 18299

If I was some kind of world-class hacker I'd take dA down and watch the drama ensue as all these strange people are forced to go outside into the real world

No. 18781

File: 1413874962674.jpg (Spoiler Image, 188.04 KB, 1066x686, FineArtSearchDA2.JPG)

No. 18783

Lol pornz. Way too sexual for an artistic nude.

No. 18784

>>tramp stamps and dyed hair
>>shaved pussy

No. 18956

I haven't been on DA in years, but is this shit allowed on there? Disgusting.

No. 18960

I think they remove images like that after like 24 hours or something.
Pornographic shit always pops up in the newly submitted stuff, but it seems like they remove most all of it (unless it's changed in the past few years).

No. 18965

They really only remove it if it has a penis or is gay art(the yaois) Its always been like that.

No. 19069

Uh, what is the point of this? I don't get it.

No. 28432


permanently delitized guy

No. 28836

I wonder if autists are more likely to have these weird fucking fetishes… Or if they're just more likely to think it's socially acceptable to tell people about it? Like do you form this shit because of your lack of ability to socialise effectively or are lots of people subconsciously attracted to twilight sparkle i need to know this shit

No. 28843

Unfortunately, I think it's a mix of both. Autists are more likely to fixate on certain things that non-autists don't, but I'm absolutely positive there are more secret furries in this world than we would expect.

No. 28848

File: 1418077647616.jpg (106.42 KB, 737x1083, bonnie_x_chica__my_bloody_love…)

No. 28851

File: 1418078435304.jpg (269.53 KB, 786x1017, dinner_time_by_horrormadnesspe…)

This drawing just awful. You can only marginally tell which horror movie mascots are in the drawing.

No. 29117


This gallery is everything wrong with tumblr.

No. 29121

god that style is awful

i bet it gets 10K in notes on tumblr tho

No. 29125


The art influence tumblr has had on our youth needs to end.

No. 29131

Drawing fat/chubby characters as slim is a crime against humanity, but drawing slim characters with thunder thighs is a-okay. Ugh tumblr.

No. 29134

File: 1418222977352.jpg (70.46 KB, 865x509, Koleyl__s_ID_by_Koleyl.jpg)


I hope this is just a dumb kid on dA. Judging from that quote, I doubt it.

No. 29136


The "Just because your a adult, doesn't mean you should stop thinking like a kid" quote on his page."

No. 29156

File: 1418238625301.jpg (71.94 KB, 717x960, me_as_lola_bunny_by_fungal16-d…)

Going to be posting a few favorites that I've had saved for a while.


No. 29157

File: 1418238757588.jpg (72.3 KB, 600x800, 1ca4ba43b318cd6b69f2cfd5a063fc…)

Artist's best friend and little niece. She sketched them and "did a fine job."


No. 29159

File: 1418238830498.png (54.82 KB, 766x784, ThanksGiving_At_The_Pataki__s_…)

No. 29160

File: 1418238920468.png (Spoiler Image, 97.63 KB, 2032x1260, base_i_made_by_x_BellaSonAmy_x…)

No. 29164

No. 29165

File: 1418239882128.jpg (93.32 KB, 577x474, spongebob_turns_yandere_by_nek…)


Fuck, hit send waaay too early
But holy shit this person's spongebob shit. I thought it was a joke to begin with but I'm not entirely sure now. Either way it's fucking hilarious.

No. 29177

No. 29189


>Hamplanet status

>Yellow teeth that looks like butter
>Horrible paint job


No. 30045

File: 1418646397292.jpg (61.62 KB, 1024x768, a_rather_forced_kiss_by_suzuki…)

No. 30047

File: 1418653234386.jpg (247.36 KB, 1079x1399, IMG_20141215_081441.jpg)


No. 30052




No. 30235

File: 1418756114185.jpg (325.56 KB, 650x939, more_babies_please___by_nenith…)

I'm so tired of that idiot posting her shit in my group.

Yes. This is Loki and Tony Stark mpreg seme uke uguu.

No. 30237

this person's art looks a LOT like the art style of some hilarious lolcow weeb i used to know. it's not the same person but it makes me wonder why all the people who are this specific flavor of weird have almost the exact same wonky art style.

No. 30266

I guess it's because they all draw from those nightmarish how to draw manga books and copy popular weirdos on deviantart rather than.. I don't know, look at a real human being or something.

No. 30269

File: 1418776100312.jpg (294.01 KB, 678x825, spongebob_you_wana_by_nekothey…)

>>tfw I like spongebob a lot

No. 30905


Used to be on deviant art, but it was shut down. :( Also,

No. 31008

File: 1419095373526.jpg (95.98 KB, 774x1032, spongebobyaoi.jpg)

There seems to have been rumours on tumblr that she died or something judging by the comments on her dA? I hope it's not true, she doesn't seem like a bad person, just going through a really, really embarrassing phase.

SpongeBob yaoi though, holy shit. Never change, internet.

No. 31035

File: 1419098015716.jpg (202.39 KB, 900x1200, spongebob_badinkadink_pg_4_by_…)


No. 31036

holy shit I actually lol'd

No. 31281

File: 1419135952516.jpg (229.49 KB, 1024x623, I'm sorry HD.jpg)

Does anyone remember shaloneSK? She was infamous for her sparkledog/mary sue syndrome in the storm hawks and spyro fandoms. Even had her own ED page before the original site went down.


No. 32538

No. 45288

File: 1422741065030.jpg (34.73 KB, 300x393, haha.jpg)

No. 45302

>Be depressed and sad as fuck
>Sees this
>Laugh til no tomorrow.
OH hahahahhaa, fuck this can't be real

No. 45325

File: 1422748245839.jpg (153.88 KB, 900x953, league_of_legends___vladimir_b…)

You guys will like this one.

No. 45514


Holy crap I remember this artist, she had an entire blatant Sailor Moon rip off story but the characters were all based on the Zodiac signs. Does anyone know where she went?

No. 45531

why does everyone make OC's based off mosaic signs?

No. 45532

*zodiac kek

No. 45536

probably because it's an easy "theme" that gives you a set variety of character types, with basic/lazy mythology behind them.

it's just like how everyone's "Sailor Earth" OC is named Terra, lol.

No. 45540

Tru fax. When I was a dumb teen I had a shitty set of OC's based on the Greek zodiac and the villains were all the Chinese zodiac.

We also can't forget all the "sailor Sun's."

No. 50986

No. 51006

She should have her own thread.

No. 52928

>We also can't forget all the "sailor Sun's."

You ripped off my idea, asshole! She has orange hair, a yellow sailor fuku and a cape, and she's the most original OC ever seen!

No. 55195

File: 1425007415971.jpg (188.12 KB, 646x719, ganondorf__s_coming__by_doulyo…)


Does anyone else remember this girl?

No. 55201



and wow that DA page. she still hasn't gotten much better :/

No. 55214


The frayed edges hurts my feelings so badly. Christ.

No. 55226

Every 90s kid had a Sailor Sun or Sailor Earth. Ah, those innocent days.

No. 60458

it only makes me harder

No. 123214



No. 123229

File: 1434589306319.jpg (7.72 KB, 200x252, 714062b7540b2932cecc5e1b35cb32…)

No. 123269

File: 1434592317188.jpg (107.28 KB, 757x1023, 0pfdC.jpg)

No. 123690

I heard he's really sick so he's in the hospital all the time. He has a friend with Marfan's syndrome so that's why he's so obsessed with long fingers.

No. 123704

That's really sad now that I think about it.
>have friend who suffers from Marfan's Syndrome
>he always feels like a freak
>want him to know you love him and everything about him, even what he considers deformities
>draw comics where characters' fingers grow long because of magic crystals
>meanwhile, people on the internet are really creeped out and mock you without knowing your intentions

No. 123762

File: 1434666175662.gif (980.46 KB, 390x310, 6Y7pP7U.gif)

His art reminds me of David Firths creepy art style.

No. 123764

his friend died iirc and that (if it wasn't people trolling the page constantly) was part of why he stopped coming online. he said the crystals thing was an idea he'd had since he was a kid (where crystals could heal people)

No. 123927

File: 1434686162193.png (1.31 MB, 900x900, madoka___frodo_stars_by_erinpr…)

No. 123932


That scares me. And I just realized they're supposed to be sitting, not weirdly dancing/ walking. Oh god.

No. 123981

that pink haired thing looks a little like megan

No. 123985

I test people with EEGs, and we don't shave heads. All we do is put a conductive gel on your hair and put a cap on top.

This guy seems to have a fetish with shaving, my little pony, being sick, crystals, and hand growing…

No. 123986


This is weirding me out. The coloring is pretty basic but not too bad, but the drawing is horrible. And that flat grass and sky makes the whole thing look so trippy.

Also it looks like a giant, hairy spider latched onto Frodo's foot. Eeeugghh

No. 123994

:( All of his comics were super creepy but that makes me sad.

No. 129471

File: 1435629941435.png (270.25 KB, 1508x1584, dexter_s_mom_farts_by_weirdoan…)


So, I guess Animated James is doing "this" now and he's completely open about it.

No. 129472

File: 1435629981642.png (488.55 KB, 1414x1761, done_with_depression_by_animat…)

Oh and he's a baby.

No. 129668

File: 1435675006468.png (420.77 KB, 1024x740, t.png)

internal screaming

No. 129673


No. 129675

File: 1435677048275.jpg (132.59 KB, 752x955, rowdyruff_belly_buttons_pierce…)


This guy is obsessed with belly buttons for some reason.

No. 129792

This is some David Firth shit

No. 129873

He doesn't want to be a Feminine Pad anymore. He actually transitioned into a woman. How bizarre, I don't know how you mix those two desires up.

No. 129876

That's what I said, lel.

No. 132347

Because people thought DEVIANT Art was a fetish fan art accepting site but those users are fuckers since Deviantart wasn't suppose to be a porn art site it was a normal art site. And it's because Devaint means sexual person or somethin forgot it. Who's the idiot who name the website?!?! The users should submit it on fetishart.com

No. 132405

It's like TheGoldenKnight suddenly learned how to draw but kept his retarded sense of anatomy.

No. 132544

>>No. 18285 Non

No. 132888

Hell for the fictional characters I'd say, they should do it on their shitty OCs instead.

No. 132894

>>18299 Would be good if you know how to delete with some coding even tho you not the user to delete yourself.

No. 132907

File: 1436152166862.png (2.54 KB, 342x30, dick fed.png)

No. 137412

Have you seen Chris Chan's account?


It is gay!

No. 137490

Wut Chris had an account?

No. 137657

If Nick Bate had an account there I wonder what it would be like?

No. 138360

He does, he's had one for a long ass time. Where ya been?

No. 138367

File: 1437025623275.jpg (9.68 KB, 230x200, This shadow s better _217ee378…)

TFW she died before the poorly drawn porn came out

No. 138482

File: 1437067469600.jpg (74.6 KB, 643x423, shrek_and_shadows_baby_girl_by…)

I'm scared.

No. 138486

I notice that shadow is wearing a ring but shrek isn't. Those fucking degenerates at deviantart, man.

No. 138507

I checked some of the comments. Apparently Chris' original account was banned and this is a fake with his Sonichu stuff reuploaded.

No. 138511

I died. Thank you anon

No. 138513

Shadow x Shrek is a meme, so many of the fanarts are just trolling.

No. 172006

File: 1440960780411.gif (Spoiler Image, 6.63 MB, 1247x1247, wut.gif)


No. 172007

File: 1440960852768.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 1247x1247, 1440887129558.gif)

No. 172009

The fuck did you find this!????

No. 172014

What the FUCK?
Who has these kinds of thoughts??????

No. 172018

No. 172024

File: 1440963309245.jpg (177.38 KB, 900x1200, foreverial_tiedup_basil_by_raf…)

The classic

No. 172025

File: 1440963397407.jpg (227.97 KB, 900x1238, sparky_changed_by_rafe15-d30ck…)


>The Pikachu sparky has undergone a changed, fully delitzed, full permanent bologna bodied, full permanet bologna organs and bologna insides, two permanent bologna and ham ears, two permanent ham lips, a permanent bologna, ham and cheese tongue, two permanent bologna feet, a full permanent bologna head, a mixture of ketchup, tomato, pizza, bbq and taco sauce as his blood type running through permanent bologna veins to all his permanent bologna organs and bologna insides. literally he has been fully delitized the same way as foreverial tiedup Tbone, he has been fattened at the same time that he has been fully delitized, he has been completely wrapped up, tiedup, rope mummified, covered complete in permanent rubbery rope bondage leaving only his head, feet and part of his tail exposed through the bondage, now his name is foreverial tiedup fat sparky.

No. 172032

File: 1440964611438.jpg (620.17 KB, 795x750, uHXaiBG.jpg)

No. 172200

this post was a wild ride.. sometimes i think i can't laugh out loud at things on the internet anymore but god this got me

there fucking fanart wtf is this

No. 172202

Me too
I thought my autism was bad but seeing this thread is making me feel slightly more normal

No. 172203

ok so i looked this fucking thing up cause ive never heard of it before and
this guy fucking posts his street address and for some reason is obsessed with the mouse from the rescuers down under?? i'm starting to think sometimes when you're autistic your brain just focuses in on the most random shit and obsesses over it for YEARS?
deviantart seriously needs to close now. it is literally cancerous

No. 172212

holy shit what has become of this guy
like where is he now
he's seriously mental
i would think he's a troll or this was some kind of joke if he hadn't been uploading stuff for so long

No. 184502

He knows a lot of medical terminology, and he explains it the same way a doctor might explain it to a scared kid or a retard or something.

I'm kind of concerned for his wellbeing.

No. 184505

Where are his eyes?!

No. 184546

Please tell me there is more

No. 184588

No. 312275

File: 1478524324360.png (39.88 KB, 1200x900, เนย รวง เจน.png)


No. 312898

File: 1478709260346.png (33.47 KB, 651x521, pinkie_pie_in_icu_w__crystals_…)

Though his shit is more creepy than anything else

No. 312916

File: 1478716860685.jpg (23.78 KB, 500x281, tumblr_ofxnrsHkJ41u78ib9o1_500…)

is this some kind of fetish..?

No. 312929

File: 1478720019991.png (174.54 KB, 762x1048, niggi_horror_mag_cover_illustr…)

Anyone remember the Niggi girl? lel

I'm certain she has nearly 30 accounts but this appears to be her most active right now.


No. 312965

Moved to >>>/b/116704.

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