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I noticed the last thread about her 404'd, but I've been kind of watching her with a few friends to figure out what she's been up to. I'm sorry if this post isn't fantastic, I've always been more of a lurker.

Last time, she was selling overpriced and low-quality photosets, much to the dismay of her boyfriend at the time. It was uncovered that she had a drug problem possibly spawned from the passing of her father, and was pretty loose with friends if they didn't give her what she wanted.

This time, she has broken up with her boyfriend, and almost immediately after started posting pictures with a scene boy. She is claiming to be homeless, and crying for money by advertising her nudes some more. Unfortunately , with some of the math done, she's already made thousands off of the money, but still seems to be "just a couple hundred dollars short".

She's also posted pictures of herself looking pretty high, and recently got a few face piercings at a swap meet. Possibly getting high with a portion of her earnings?

She is now regretting doing the erotic modelling, realizing it wasn't as glamorous as she once thought.

There may be some holes in my story, as some of her stuff gets added and deleted fairly quickly, and I only check on occasion.

Pic related, it's a recent screenshot of an instagram story she posted where she isn't looking too good.

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No links or caps?

No. 319011

I wish there was more info on her. I've been following her for a bit on tumblr and things are looking kind of weird from her end. I wanna know what's happening. Also what did her boyfriend look like? I thought the scene guy was her bf

No. 319044

She has a thread in snow as well, there's more of a discussion there

No. 319047

Thanks, man! I completely missed it.

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