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File: 1484496847575.gif (3.1 MB, 306x394, kick da haterz.gif)

No. 336817

New Vicky Thread

Previous Thread: >>327539

Vicky has been laying low recently since Kiwi shut her complaints down, but she still has time to make shit up about herself!

For newbies:
>29 year old tattoo scratcher who works out of her apartment, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo properly scars people's bodies
>Former myspace scene queen with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore who describes herself as a 'real life Final Fantasy character'
>Can't talk about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be well-versed in psychology, astronomy, quantum physics to name a few fields of study (despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields)
>Posts videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a 'sword fighter'
>(Poorly) fakes a British accent
>Known on Lolcow for selfposting hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her irl
>Tried to DMCA lolcow and kiwi, claimed the Attorney General of Canada had to be involved

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody. Image sources:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/
Personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder/

No. 336818

File: 1484497177548.png (55.46 KB, 445x445, marital arts sounds cooler i g…)

No. 336824

Does she not do research before she lies.? Even the American military only requires 24-35.

No. 336826

File: 1484498034478.png (873.19 KB, 960x636, VickyCivky.png)

I was gonna post this earlier, but couldn't make a thread. Thanks OP for making one.

No. 336828

File: 1484498510769.jpg (170.4 KB, 604x720, 9604030650f9825ac5a2baaf730cde…)

Thanks so much for making this, anon! I've been missing my Sticky-fix but was too lazy to create a new thread.

No. 336830

File: 1484498786703.jpg (22.43 KB, 236x360, af63054cde5ff01fad0ef8ea98a2c2…)


this is so bizzare…when did she adopt this accent?

No. 336832

when will we ever be this beautiful, farmers?

she has so much shit on her eyes she has to hold them open so fucking wide

No. 336837

OP, i love you for that gif! Thank you, it always makes me smile :') love you, vicky. Ur so skilled, gurl

No. 336853

File: 1484506950830.png (39.32 KB, 440x268, ff.png)

No. 336855

Tf. I'm dying lol. Victoria, I think he meant you don't look real because you look like you're made of fucking plastic and Photoshop. But i gotta admit you are really talented– you took what he said and made it work for you by making a compliment to yourself. Lmao

No. 336857

File: 1484507345028.jpg (821.98 KB, 175x166, lel.jpg)

>real life final fantasy 7 character

No. 336860

File: 1484507717553.png (19.75 KB, 334x165, ff2.png)

No. 336862

File: 1484507949136.png (146.74 KB, 885x902, F7E9DCF4-B311-4AEF-A36A-26B0CE…)

No. 336863

File: 1484508131682.jpg (69.58 KB, 620x349, 1hpmtv.jpg)

No. 336865

File: 1484509562680.png (48.76 KB, 531x429, cringey.png)

Just read through her old threads since this one went up, and I've gotta say I think she's my new favourite bovine.

Everything is an opportunity to rack up them dream girl points.

No. 336866

File: 1484509829754.jpg (33.61 KB, 506x326, elegant.JPG)


sage for samefag but her fb is a goldmine.

No. 336870

TFW you own the same stockings McVic is wearing in OPs gif

Spoiler: They are VERY cheap Chinese Amazon stockings.

No. 336871

That can't be possible anon, she is elegant and rich.

No. 336874

File: 1484512954364.png (75 KB, 750x1144, IMG_0755.PNG)

>real life ff character

No. 336877

Wow. she complimented herself for being suuuper tiny but being able to kick ass in just one post. Jesus.
I wonder what people who interact with her think lol. I would avoid her like the plague

No. 336881

She's the same in person. Taking every opportunity to milk compliments from the people around her no matter how uncomfortable the vibe. She's not a tactful narcissist. It's as difficult to be around her as you would imagine.

No. 336887

Is this cow real?? She is batshit delusional.

No. 336889

Did we ever get the dirt from the girl whose brother Vicky dated?

So funny. Her waist is shooped so tiny it's literally twice as small as her upper body. What a dumbass

No. 336890

Let me guess…she thinks she's some kind of "bimbo Tifa" version

No. 336946

She must be doing it wrong. I can do 600 of half assed sit ups too.

No. 336954

Does she live with her parents? There's no way she has a job. How else could she have enough time to put on the amounts of makeup and extensions she wears, "do 507 sit ups", take 9001 selfies to post the best one on her social media, film and edit videos of herself flailing about, and stalk her threads here and at kiwi.

Hell, it'd be hard to get to a job on time just with her everyday makeup, let alone all the other sad shit she does

No. 336960

no, lightning 100%

No. 336967

my gut says she def lives with the parents. an egotistical oversharer like herself would constantly be showing off all her edgy shabby chic decor if she had her own place. But that requires money, which requires a job lol.

I'm just giggling that this near 30 year old woman quietly waits for her parents to leave the house so she can film sword videos like some teenage neckbeard hahahaha

No. 337033

She said ff7 tho, Lightning is in ffxiii

sage for kind of OT and because we all know she probably never even touched any of the games

No. 337074

File: 1484587738504.png (34.08 KB, 259x386, shingles.png)


Guys, I figured it out. She does look like a FF7 character, see attached.

No. 337075

File: 1484588218943.jpg (34.49 KB, 359x612, cloud.jpg)

You have the wrong part of the game. She's Cloud when he goes in drag.

No. 337078

Oops you're right, thanks for clearing that up anon.

No. 337081

Ew this tattoo she "fixed" looks hideous: https://www.instagram.com/p/BPCA0mBFnwj

also she's seemingly dating this new guy, who is just as insufferable and self-righteous as her: https://www.facebook.com/rodrigo.romero.16

his status updates are all oh woe is me, why can't we all go back to the 50's when women barely had rights so I can feel useful and manly?

No. 337098

>>Women who wear makeup are fake!

But… Shingles looks like she practically sleeps in that shit 24/7.

No. 337104

I tried to see the link but it didn't work because I'm not on Facebook. Is this guy Rodrigo a Brazilian tattoo artist? Because if yes I may know him. (Still, Rodrigo is a fairly common name for Brazilian men).

No. 337137

File: 1484609950608.png (184.37 KB, 750x1009, IMG_0946.PNG)

Jesus Christ.

No. 337141

Good god he's as cringe as she is

I can't wait to see this meltdown lmao

No. 337158

File: 1484620147800.jpg (27.59 KB, 685x167, ss (2017-01-16 at 11.22.30).jp…)

She was featured in a mag from my country, and the note is hilarious. it says (with my shitty translating)
"Victoria Bella-Morte: besides being a huge international model, cover on a lot (?) (a quantity, countless?) of mags, is a tattoo-artist whom's artwork has been acclaimed by artists like Mike Devries."


No. 337182

Judging from what little I see on his Facebook, he likes to boast about what a good guy he is. And appears to be super salty about his ex GF who decided to date other people after they broke up.

They are meant to be.

No. 337185

File: 1484639035239.jpg (44.1 KB, 589x431, 1476581314049.jpg)

speaking of trying hard to be a FF character, remember this disaster when she tried to be (what looks like) Aerith?

No. 337186

>those dead eyes
>dem thin ass eyebrow
>those lopsided braids

The horror!!!

No. 337189

Terrible Aerith aside, she looks so much better without her tranny make up.

What the fuck is wrong with you Vicky?!

No. 337192

I won't offend her just for the sakeof offending: she looks SO MUCH BETTER without all that glue and crow's feathers attached to her eyes. Soft make up, Vicky!! That's your thing.

But yeah, those eyebrows… They need work.

No. 337195

Oh but Anon, you missed the most important bit! Vic is not JUST suuuper tiny, she also has huge titties which were causing her back problems. But never fear, she strengthened her core and now she can comfortably be a living FF character!

No. 337209

File: 1484666222971.png (46.71 KB, 2400x259, citaton-needed.png)

>>huge international model
>>whom's artwork has been acclaimed by artists like Mike Devries

Do journos/writers not fact check anymore before regurgitating lies and publishing them as truth? I mean that Mike Devries comment could get the mag sued for defamation.

No. 337251

…did she just shoop herself into a screenshot

No. 337395

File: 1484693842460.png (150.38 KB, 750x678, IMG_0784.PNG)

This is old but definitely one of my faves. Every post she has ever made is basically just her jerking herself off/lie-bragging but trying to make it look nonchalant.

No. 337509

Bitch is delusional.

No. 337515


lol this sounds like what would come out of the mouth of a 40 year old man trying to rp online as a hot grill

No. 337579

Why's she British now??

She talks about being on the honour role and stuff but if that's the case she in her lie she moved as a child and somehow retained an awful accent??

I moved from one part of the uk to another and lost my regional accent in three years and I'm an adult like wtf who does she think believes her bollocks.

No. 337592

Okay so on get fb she says she's from N.I but talks like she's watched too much TOWIE, wtffff.

N.I people have distinct af accent esp. Cities in bumfuck nowhere.

No. 337632

Omgggggg her accent in her new insta video is unbelievable. SO FAKE.

No. 337690

…what a stupid thing to brag about lol

No. 337699

but she doesn't even look like THAT. "light makeup" or not, she still shops the hell out of her face.

God how is this dumbass not everyone's favorite cow hahahaha

No. 337846

Why does she cover her chin in so many of her IG videos?

No. 337905

double chin chin chan. After effects is hard to operate, why do you think Dakota barely posts vids?

No. 337916

Two in a week alone. Damn. Vicky I don't believe you please post caps

No. 337917

She has a gross cleft chin that's why kekeke

No. 338019

She's claiming to be from the North? I cannot at all hear that when she speaks. For any anons who aren't from Ireland, here is a clip of a typical N.I. accent. Of course there are variations, but everyone from Northern Ireland does tend to have several common characteristics such as cadences lilting upwards at the end of phrases/sentences. The thing about the Northern Ireland is that while geographically it is considered part of Britain with England, the accent doesn't sound remotely English (which is what Victoria fakes in hers), but Scottish due to the Scottish plantation of N.I. centuries ago. You'd think if someone were going to claim 1) to be from N.I. but aren't and 2) to be an intellectually inclined person, they would've at least looked that up on wiki or looked up some Youtube videos of a person from N.I. speaking to learn how to speak like someone from there.

No. 338032


Lmao she deleted the terrible accent video.


Looool top notch anon, I cant wait to see her try to lie her way out of this.

Also, does anyone else think its hilarious that she hasn't posted a gratuitous shoop since the "fashion show"? She's just letting snapchat filters do the work for her and making stupid cringey videos.

No. 338281

File: 1484772428456.jpg (222.48 KB, 514x537, 1442866062043.jpg)

No. 339265

File: 1484777221028.png (491.23 KB, 563x690, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 2.28…)


No. 339410


She and her brother are actually from Ireland.

No. 339417

Which proves that her terrible accent is 110% fake (as if it wasn't obvious already lol)

No. 339423


Yep. There were no doubts about that.

No. 339690

not that I don't believe you, but proof?

and her atrocious fake accent makes more sense if that's irish pretending to be "posh british"

No. 339712

File: 1484798761263.png (19.39 KB, 488x139, vicky.png)

"new shop"

uhuh, and whats the name of this new shop? Because I'm pretty sure every tattoo artist I've ever interacted with has been quite proud to announce which shop they work in… Did you pick a different room in your basement?

No. 339753

She keeps talking about her "new shop near Toronto" but I have a feeling it's her same old dirty house (Guelph is about an hour and a half from Toronto with no traffic). I can't imagine any self respecting shop would take her.

No. 339910

Is there any actual proof of her living in the North for a few years earlier in her life or is this a case of her parents are from N.I. but she was born/raised in Canada? Anyway, the main point of my post was that her accent and where she's claiming to be from, does not match in the slightest. Even if she had moved to Canada as a kid you'd still hear bits of a N.I. accent come out (especially if she was surrounded by the accent in Canada i.e. her parents), not a faked English one.

No. 339920

Same anon as this post: just found a clip from 2010 where you can actually hear a N.I. accent slip out when she says "group dedicated for about a year" and "photography" (esp. the cadences lilting upwards at the end and the syllables are said quite quickly/syncopated). At this point, she seemed to be trying to hide it with a lot of vocal fry which made her sound very American (not Canadian) for most of the clip. It just shows she's been trying on different accents for 7 years at least.

I still wouldn't take her accent changing into a N.I. one in parts as definite proof that she's from N.I. (you can have a parent from there which can influence your own without you ever living there).

No. 339964

File: 1484835925536.jpg (266.38 KB, 968x354, 1429851959548.jpg)

>Duuude, dating tips?!

No. 339975

File: 1484841145360.png (16.7 KB, 505x203, You first.png)

One of the very few instances of her talking about being from Northern Ireland. She implores her audience to "educate themselves" because "Northern Ireland is NOT Ireland, nor does that make you IRISH." except that's not quite true: 1) Northern Ireland is on the island of Ireland and is considered part of Ireland (though not the republic/in political terms) in the same way saying someone from England is from Great Britain and 2) Because of the Good Friday Agreement (anyone in Northern Ireland and the Republic who loved there during the 90s knows what this is as it helped to bring peace after the Troubles) any citizens of Northern Ireland could choose to be referred to as British or Irish or even both and could apply for either or both passports if they wanted. Back then, she was clearly not well-read about it and whether that has changed since is another thing. But if she was raised there during the Troubles (In the late 80's/early 90's - before the peace process started), I find it a unbelievable that she's that ignorant/uneducated about it. I mean just check the comments of that post: she starts copy/pasting the opening lines of Wikipedia articles about her birth country to prove a point: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=178839198874874&story_fbid=276441612447965

No. 340236

someone pointed this out earlier, but how many brits actually refer to themselves as "British?" Everyone I know from there says they're "English" and I don't think she's ever said that

No. 340273

If someone asks me where I'm from I say England but I generally refer to myself as British. I don't think it's weird.

No. 340321

So is her cringy aristocratic accent genuinely her native accent? Or is this more of her "sophistication-signalling".

No. 340334

Nope. her accent is just plain weird. It sounds like it's coming from the oposite side of the British Isles to where she claims she's from.

No. 340344

I've been around her in real life and I can promise you there is no real accent when she's not putting it on for her followers.

No. 340356

Britfag here. (If someone asks where I'm from I say England. But I'm told by Scots boyf I should say I'm British.)
The fact that she's so keen to be called British when she was born in N.I. speaks volumes. She just wants to try and legitimise her accent, which is so blatantly fake. The Irish all love the fact that they're Irish. She wouldn't have that voice if she grew up in N.I. and even if she was over in mainland England, I've never met anyone who talks so stereotypically posh.

Sage for two cents and semi blog

No. 340592

That was another thing I thought was weird, the irish are insanely proud, why wouldn't she claim it? I guess it's not a glamorous lol

No. 340638

Yeah her accent is terrible. Any British person would catch it as fake instantly.

No. 340689

File: 1484882440807.png (9.35 KB, 338x160, tumblr.png)


I did some digging on instagram and found that Victoria's photographer for that wedding charity event is dating her brother. When you search up Victoria you find nothing. When you search up Laird you find this.

No. 340782

>laird in a DD/LG relationship with someone who has BPD

haha oh wow is anyone in that family sane

No. 341446

The Irish in general are proud of their heritage, however, as she was born in the North it gets complicated due to the whole Catholics vs. Protestants and Irish vs. British clashes. She can call herself British as being born in Northern Ireland allows her to do that. However, my issue with it is when she starts sounding off about how being born in Northern Ireland doesn't make you Irish as anyone born there has the choice of calling themselves British or Irish. It just shows how narrow-minded and ignorant she is about politics there really if she thinks it's clear-cut. And of course the other issue being her faking a posh English accent despite clearly not being from England.

Just asking for clarification: so are you saying, if she knows her followers are around, she'll put on an accent, but then doesn't have the accent when they're not around? Also, do you know what does her accent actually sounds like when her followers are not around: are there hints of a Northern Irish accent as shown in this video >>339920 ?

No. 341452

I remember in the early early MySpace days, she had listed that she was from British Columbia. She changed the theme/ layout shortly after (to a goth-clown thing… lol) and also changed where she was from to Britain. She also always had lyrics to the Goo Goo Dolls' song "Iris" posted in her description for whatever reason. She also claimed to have had surgery to get permanent eyelash enhancements and was really defensive about it, lmao. Sage for relatively useless information from probably more than a decade ago.

No. 341455


There's still generally a sour patch between the North and South.
The republican Irish are indeed most proud typically, Norn Irons seem to rest in the shadow to a degree or wear the British banner over the Irish one.
That's the somewhat general gist.
Overall however if someone was born up north, the accent would shine through more so.
It would regardless of being born in Ireland or in the U.K.

Sage for blogspot and Vick's shitty impersonation of a limey.

No. 342199

I've been lurking this thread for awhile but I haven't really have much input until now. But I've know Vicky for years and she has been living in Niagara Falls, Ontario growing up with her. She has a normal Canadian accent like most of us Canadians have. She is trying to do the British accent thing because our other friend, Bunny has always had an off again/ on again fake British accent. Vicky and Bunny would often copy random personality traits from each other and I guess now she's doing the fake ass British thing. Fucking lol

No. 342253

While this seems plausible, you've got to show some proof. We would all be interested.

No. 342265

Agreed. I don't buy shit anyone says here anymore without receipts, no matter how believable.

No. 342324


I'm sorry but I don't have any proof. I don't even know what proof could be of that. That's why I hesitated to even say anything but seeing you guys wondering about her accent for the last couple days I thought I would just give you the answer to clear up the question. Believe me or not, I'm just putting it out there.

No. 342359

Mte. Her accent sounds like badly faked RP English. She didn't even bother to go northern English which might have made it more believeable as a mixed accent

No. 342367

honestly i believe it lol. there was a vid someone posted way back of one of her ex bfs and her normal voice was in the background. this bitch grew up in niagara falls like COME ON. bunny stopped with the british shit i'm pretty sure. too bad victoria hasn't moved on and gotten a real life :((((((

No. 342510

File: 1485038568387.png (932.89 KB, 594x594, yikess.png)

christ this looks awful

No. 342513

File: 1485039165594.png (117.95 KB, 750x917, IMG_0816.PNG)

Jesus Christ.

Also it must be really hard to breathe when you're this far up your own ass.

No. 342718

oh lord, the delusion, the editing

No. 342745

I love the random scribble by her face to hide her fat jaw

No. 342795

File: 1485065611556.png (82.89 KB, 750x738, IMG_4287.PNG)

such a natural beaut. You plebs should be so lucky to look upon such perfection.
You'd have to be a fool to think she's anything but a real life Final Fantasy character that isn't like other girls and is just one of the guys.

No. 342817

Vicky you need a new phone. The quality is terrible

No. 342820

That's the point
Less quality means less pixels to Photoshop

No. 342889

The quality fits her being stuck in 00s internet.
Never change, Shingles!

No. 342890

File: 1485086634873.png (582.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170122-080207.png)

This is what she does to achieve those beautifullll sexy lips. She needs a lighter lip liner… They look infected.

No. 342905

Wtf even is this tattoo, everything about it makes me sad. Those lips, dat half tiger face with a full human nose, and is it just me or does most of the female character tattoos she's done have a slight resemblance to her face? It's a daily reminder of the face who fucked your skin up. :(
oh well, more victims = more lulz for me!

No. 342926

Literally every time she tattoos a girl on someone it basically looks like her shopped pics because she's incapable of doing anything else, she has no range lol. That photoshopped image of herself has been burned into her brain for eternity. So basically, don't ask for a tattoo of a girl from slick Vic unless you want it to look like her photoshopped pics.

Ethier that or she's so narcissistic that any time someone asks for a tattoo of a pretty woman she assumes they mean they want her ~bootiful photoshop mug~.

No. 343066

This is really just grotesque – I cannot comprehend how she thinks it's flattering in any way. She literally looks like a drag queen.(sage your shit)

No. 343311

It looks like she did microblading to her eyebrows

No. 343415

specifically says no foundation or eyebrow stuff… fails to mention the really obvious eyeliner and lipliner half way up her cupids bow

No. 343418

Not to mention the obvious filter. Her followers must be dumb as fuck to humor this delusion lmao.

No. 343483

FUCKING KEK. Please tell me that Vicky is doing this on purpose to sound like a completely self absorbed narc. I can't believe someone would say this type of thing publicly without feeling embarrassed lol

No. 343695

File: 1485226752919.png (105.67 KB, 733x961, IMG_0855.PNG)

Her makeup is so tragic, it looks like she has two lazy eyes.

Also, stop hiding your fat chin Vic, everyone knows it's there. Posing for candids like that is so cringes.

No. 343697

File: 1485227121481.jpg (74.1 KB, 699x561, commercial-awning-2.jpg)

those awful eyelashes are likw awnings for her cheeks. god they're terrible

No. 344318

I think it's quite hilarious that she hasn't been posting hardly any "modeling" photos since she found her threads on here. A few years ago, she would post new photos almost every single week. Admittedly, I've been keeping up with her hilarious antics ever since I was 15. I wish I could find her old Formspring account so that I could show you all just how in to herself she really is.

No. 344686

She tries so hard to be ur real life fantasy gurrrrlll that she can't stand her shoops being called out because it destroys the illusion.

Her formspring was cringed but no more than her photocaptions nowadays. She can't go two sentences without stroking her own giant dickego.

She's honestly getting kind of boring. Her delusion was hilarious for a while but now it's just sad and pathetic. It's hard to make fun if someone who is so delusional. She just takes it as an ego boost.

No. 344800

File: 1485508145369.jpg (63.11 KB, 636x465, asfddfghfghj.jpg)

>tfw you give yourself eyelashes using photo editing software and then forget to make them as blurry as the rest of your potato-quality pic
>tfw you insist you're "tiny" but don't have collarbones
>tfw you have no idea how to make boobs look big without the liquify tool so you end up with a buttcrack on your chest

If every time a guy speaks to you, his girlfriend assumes he's banging you, it's not because you're hot. It's because you're a whore with no respect for other peoples' relationships and can't be trusted.

But the whole thing is made up so whatever.

No. 344990

This makeup combined with a shorter bleached medium cut and she'd look like a less pretty Elizabeth Cuthbert. I dunno, I can see it.

No. 345026

File: 1485559207411.jpg (27.28 KB, 319x604, 8c9b7660-7598-45dc-b2fb-800e6d…)

Still pretty lulz worthy no matter what. Her cringe is never ending and I hope she keeps pumping out content or ridiculous narcisstic rants. Shell never stop being an egotistical cow with her large wave of idiot fans. I'm actually shocked that there are a lot of ppl who are even into her nowadays especially with the rise of insta hoes.

No. 345029

That drag looking eye makeup…

No. 345034

She definitely has a following of beta cringe but she definitely bought most of her facebook followers. Her facebook has over 100k but even her most popular posts only get 500 likes max. Not to mention, she only has 5k on Insta and she's had it for at least a few years.

No. 345197

File: 1485624771815.gif (397.84 KB, 500x306, bottomsup.gif)


No. 345628

this is the worst marilyn monroe drag queen i've ever seen

No. 345632

File: 1485753433371.jpg (41.36 KB, 500x674, eaffa7faa86232262507c1e93fa974…)

She put the mole in the wrong place. FFS Vicky get your shit together.

No. 346301

File: 1485968206936.png (24.93 KB, 459x301, unicorn.png)

No. 346474

File: 1486002107952.png (119.94 KB, 750x492, IMG_0945.PNG)

Lmao at her abandonment of "WANT INKED"

Also apparently she's "opening a shop" in Guelph. I have my doubts (it's probably a new room in her moms basement).

No. 346476

Sorry for double posting but wasn't she always open to the public? If you were "by appointment only" why would she post WANT INKED on fb every other week?

I assume she was low on cash when she posted her grovelling WANT INKED statuses abs she's looking for an influx of cash currently with the whole "new shop" lie.

No. 346477

A tattoo artist wouldnt be open for appointments if they were in-between shops.

No. 346515


So… how many times can one drop "shall" in a thirsty post? Many.

No. 346532

god she's so narcissistic. Did she really need to comment that….

No. 346535

wow a phone line, very professional!

No. 346615

>my assistant

I'm not saying the assistant is Vicky using a shitty(er than usual) accent

but I am strongly implying it.

No. 346933

File: 1486153341107.png (119.37 KB, 750x1013, IMG_0960.PNG)

>muh icy eyes
>they change colour
>pls acknowledge that I am special
>in case you haven't noticed let me tell you that I am the most speshulll girl

No. 346963

I wonder if a comment from her exists where she isn't talking or bragging about herself.

No. 346967

Her pupils expand in low light? Wow what a unique trait to have. I don't know anyone who's pupils and eye color change based on the light.

Fucking real life unicorn u guys.

No. 346977

It costs a ton of money to open a tattoo shop, not to mention all the papers you need for health inspection and having proper tools and a sterilized environment to use needles. This bitch is lying.

No. 346987

File: 1486162800607.jpg (38.36 KB, 477x640, 264715_496838873679202_5490442…)

TBH I don't think she is lying, there are a few video clips of the 'shop' and it seems to be a commercial building; my best guess is her parents feel bad for her because of her 'harassment' and are helping her with the cost/paper signing.

Judging from her moving around so much and "having 7 phones", her credit is probably shot.

No. 347175

Jesus she looks like a drugged out crack whore here. She actually looks so filthy that I can almost smell the sewer/homeless stench that you get from the bad side of the city. My god I don't know which I can't Stand more- the abuse and lies of filters or facing the truth with her bare, unedited face.

No. 347192


>dat flawless porcelain skin

>dem icy eyes

She's actually just so plain average without editing. Jesus, where do you start when you decide to begin lying so brazenly about every aspect of your life?

No. 347201

I'm beyond triggered. Her makeup looks like she slept in it, woke up and just reapplied more makeup.

No. 347245

File: 1486248244249.png (1.35 MB, 1064x1639, 2017-02-04 14.38.23.png)

I didn't know she had a cat.

No. 347278

She's never posted about her cats name before, has she? Because honestly it's safe for me to not be guilty about assuming she's lying about naming it Vegeta lol.

No. 347339

Uhhhh my eyes do the same exact thing vick, sorry.

No. 347370

Stop the fucking presses a girl who likes dragon Ball z? Must be the only one in the entire world. /s

No. 347545

Right? I hate this shit. Like90% of my female friends like Dragon Ball, most millenial women like it or are at least know of it.

but no, she's just gotta be the neckbeard fantasy girl.

No. 347560

Oh my! So beautiful and unique!

This. It's so stupid. But hey, if she actually wants neckbeards lusting after her, idk, whatever works i guess.

Wow, your pupils expand in dark and contract in light? Holy shit that's so special. Not like 99.9% of people have the same thing happen do their eyes. Gosh this woman deserves a medal for her super special eyes. Wow.

No. 351241

File: 1486880459841.png (46.45 KB, 750x332, IMG_1213.PNG)

I'm dying at her 30 year old ass sub-statusing. I guess her relationship fell apart faster than we anticipated. Also, her new profile pic on her personal fb if pure nightmare fuel.

No. 351244

Wtf is wrong with native speakers writing of instead of have?! How are they so fucking terrible at their first language?

No. 351246

They are terrible at life in general. Therefore it stands to reason they are bad at typing too.

No. 351263

>should of

Is this the new your/you're? I seem to see it everywhere lately, triggers me to no end.

No. 351310

File: 1486915192169.png (197.74 KB, 494x766, bus.png)

Selfie videos on a city bus…………….k.

No. 351312

File: 1486915256472.png (355.26 KB, 491x571, bus2.png)

No. 351318

an adult fucking woman.
It's so amazing how an adult fucking woman thinks this looks good and is so stuck in 2008. I love how her new profile pics comments has a guy talking about a beach shoot, is she gonna be advocating beached whales?

No. 351321

>"Daily tongue wag" on the public bus
>Lookin like a washed up old groupie

Lmfao what a trashy ho

No. 351518

her makeup consistently gets worse

No. 353099

File: 1487454160789.png (109.37 KB, 750x1056, IMG_8048.PNG)

Looks like she made her Instagram account private ?

No. 353142

It won't last. She won't stand having it private. She needs the neackbeards and the gross comments.

No. 353299

File: 1487538462397.png (755.5 KB, 570x570, meltdown.png)

As you said, she couldn't stand it for longer than 10 minutes.

She put up a bunch of videos bitching about 'Anons', which is hilarious because the thread has been dead for a while. I wonder if anywhere else people have been talking shit?

I've compiled the weird meltdown videos below, on the off chance she deletes them. It's funny because her 'hater' voice sounds most like her actual (not fake accented) dialect.


No. 353300

Nah she's not really noteworthy enough to be talked about anywhere else, I think she's just trying to drum up attention from her h8ers and greasy insta followers because she can't stand not getting attention. Because what else do 30 year olds do right? Especially when they're sooooooo busy opening a tattoo shop.

No. 353301

File: 1487539539876.png (79.76 KB, 750x774, IMG_1301.PNG)

Sorry for double posting but her teeth keep getting more disgusting I'm fucking triggered. She looks like she smokes meth. How is she letting it get worse.

No. 353342

i like how she says fuck off twice and can't make it sound the same.

No. 353365

I love how she barely moves her face; she can't shift from that angle or the facade will crumble.

No. 353376

She tries so hard to keep her shitty hand tattoo visible

No. 353398

it was probably there just to hide her chin lol

No. 353409

I think her buck teeth are cute. They could stand to be brushed more often so they didn't look like there's an inch of plaque on them permanently though

No. 353423

File: 1487569468426.png (220.01 KB, 1287x867, plsloveme.png)

Her fledgling relationship failed because her expectations vs. reality is fucked as usual. Funny how she considers 3 years a very long time for a relationship.

No. 353428

Holy shit…that meltdown is so cringeworthy, I kinda feel sorry for her.

No. 353429

Vicky, you just keep dishing out more and more gold. ????

No. 353431

File: 1487570701829.png (125.3 KB, 724x1046, IMG_8055.PNG)

Sure, Jan.

No. 353435

This is nitpicky but I hate when people post screenshots from someone else's page and don't bother to crop the name out.

No. 353437

File: 1487572354691.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8056.PNG)

The kinda girl who "made guys hit signposts when she grew up". Really? Come on now.

No. 353440

File: 1487572961647.png (157.86 KB, 750x1071, IMG_8058.PNG)

Über tomboy. Much cool.

No. 353474

A very average chubby potato. That centre part is doing no favours for that jay Leno chin.

No. 353539

File: 1487601980073.png (1.42 MB, 659x1012, new vickster.png)

I actually like her more than in any of her shoops. She looks much more realistic, get rid of the ratty extensions/makeup and she would be pretty.

New video btw about this post on her fb
The horrid accent is back and she makes a weird mistake
"That's why like HE's totally irrelevant, that's why I spend all my time tlaking about HER"

No. 353545

Looks like this was posted beforehand. Also

I found an older Vicki post again in TheDirty, selfpost? Anyone know where to look for proof of Vicky being actually from Broughshane?

No. 353594

File: 1487617838970.png (509.02 KB, 1260x1584, SO YUNG.png)

Just accept that you're 30. You don't look under 20~ is that a joke? Yeah you might look youngER taking off your clown/drag makeup but gurl no.

No. 353678

So much for ickys accent being real. Watch from 3:06 till 4:20 for her real voice. LMFAO.


No. 353693

BUSTED. ty anon

No. 353710


NP <3

Don't worry Vicky I backed the video up for you should you delete it ;)

No. 353711

She really does look so much better in this pic.

No. 353855

File: 1487707803177.png (42.83 KB, 249x342, IMG_7065.PNG)

Can someone quickly save this video. Her British accent is like nonexistent in this. Lawl.


No. 353871

File: 1487710721505.png (209.78 KB, 638x589, Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 3.49…)


In this video you can hear her using her real voice, asking her friend to thumb wrestle. The jigg is up, Everyone allready knows your a fraud. thats why so many guys stop talking to you when they finally meet you in person lol holy catfish.

No. 353888

File: 1487715087797.png (87.71 KB, 750x723, IMG_1367.PNG)

She's literally a catfish of a character she created. Too bad people are starting to see through that hilariously thin veil of lies, she probably doesn't know how to live as herself. She does seem to be aware of her saggin boobs however because she wears a bra under her swimsuit. So much for those gravity defying, beach ball photoshop boobs hahahaha.

No. 353915

even TS Madison did 'do something useful suck a dick' better

No. 353934

File: 1487722968553.jpg (59.13 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1487722612920.jpg)


No. 353936

File: 1487723056163.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170221-191702.png)

This butchery is on Mel Rose, the girl who photographed that "bridal runway" kek.

No. 353953

File: 1487724893777.jpg (564.98 KB, 1632x1632, IMG_1374.JPG)

Yep, she's pretty shit. She's going to be just another small town shop pumping out garbage like this. It's not uncommon but it's definitely unfortunate.

No. 353963

File: 1487726890410.png (1.02 MB, 720x960, vickypass.png)

I did a fake 'Vicky Pass' on this bad boy.

WOW does it look terrible though, and this was just a couple of months ago. :/

No. 354000

What the fuck is going on??? It looks like she traced some generic clipart and then added in a shitty jem on top…but like, it's not centered or anything?? She actually went over the clipart and didn't scale the jem so it looks uneven as all fuck.

And did she freelance those frame lines going down left and right? They're ultra shit compared to the stenciling she did, it's jarring!

No. 354058

Jfc why are her lines so uneven? She looks pretty heavy handed with the needle too, I feel bad for the poor fucks with the inflamed skin in these pics.

No. 354078

Because she never had any professional training or apprenticeship because she was apparently born a professional. Only an idiot would go to someone who historically has no professional training for something so invasive.

No. 354080

File: 1487783346940.png (77.67 KB, 863x402, dont need no apprenticeship.pn…)

Yeah she got offered an apprenticeship last time in the autumn and she turned it down because she was SO GOOD. She even bragged about it, the irony is, she really needs an apprenticeship and it was a pretty respected shop in Washington.

No. 354081

Thats not a tattoo apprenticeship though. The guy who offered it to her was a confirmed fedora bro follower of hers. I highly doubt she would have been validated with an actual position in a field that she has absolutely no training or experience in. Dude was just trying to get it in.

I dont believe anyone could be stupid enough to look at her LinkedIn resume with all the conflicting dates and information (general physical impossibility to be enrolled in programs on opposite sides of the united states simultaneously while also living in Canada)and take it seriously.

No. 354084

Fucking hell. This woman. I really was thinking some thirsty tattoo guy was feeling sorry for her, or better yet she misinterpreted his kind words as an offer. But nope, she made it up.

No. 354171

File: 1487806460850.png (68.03 KB, 732x445, IMG_1368.PNG)

That nose

No. 354175

File: 1487807574476.png (75.65 KB, 750x530, IMG_1375.PNG)

That wasn't a tattoo guy anon, it was apparently some guy offering her a job at the Washington observatory, based on her experience in astrophysics. She would never get a tattoo apprenticeship in the area because she has a reputation in her city and a 200km radius for being a shit tier artist because so many tattoo artists here have had to fix her botch jobs.

No. 354282

>astrophysics job
>at an observatory
She doesn't even try, does she? The woman is a fucking retard. Really tells how crazy she is to think people would buy it…

No. 354304

…She looks a million times better here without all that drag makeup. Wtf Shingles?

No. 354311

Tbh this sounds pretty normal. My BF is from Northern Ireland and whenever he meets my American friends who thinks he's Irish, he gives a speech like this. In NI they hate the Irish since all the Irish there are IRA supporting cunts

No. 354313

I can actually agree to this. I was born in Northern Ireland, although my response isn't usually like this because I don't really remember the troubles, my family always has that same rant anytime someone assumes they are Irish rather than Northern Irish.

No. 354357

She is seriously unattractive, even for someone who wants to look like a porn star bimbo… with the amount of flaws she has in just her facial features alone, her makeup does zero favours for her; if anything it just emphasises them.

Just from looking at that photo, you can feel the narcissistic vibes coming off her like a really shitty stank.

No. 354359

He wasn't even offering her a job though as >>354081 said, it was an average (at best) compliment that she could do his job if she made the effort, he even lowkey insulted her that she does "home tattoos"… where are you getting that shit from? He was just a neckbeard fan of hers who happened to have a job there and he was complimenting her because he wanted a piece of the sweaty meatbag.

No. 354360

File: 1487876748010.png (310.77 KB, 315x499, wtfisthis.png)


No. 354363

File: 1487877421414.jpg (52.05 KB, 604x453, vickyshingles1.jpg)

Her nose and cheeks look huge in unphotoshopped pics. Also her tooth to gum ratio makes me uncomfortable.

No. 354401

Is this shopped in anyway? Because she actually looks pretty nice here.

No. 354506

The background is super blurry so it's safe to say probably. She's notorious for shooping her potato webcam pics.

No. 354678

File: 1487983498053.png (91.64 KB, 740x720, IMG_1398.PNG)

I bet it kills her that she never even came moderately close to Christine dolce status on MySpace even though she's such a pandering, narcissistic try hard.

No. 354967

Guys she says these designs are her trademark but other actual artists have been doing these designs for years. Beautiful piece done by Cloud N9ne Tattoo Studios in Illinois. I need a side by side comparison yall

No. 354968

File: 1488079278799.jpg (240.75 KB, 1440x1440, FB_IMG_1488079015795.jpg)


No. 354978

Her trademarks are as fake as her lawsuits and internet persona

No. 354979

on the topic of her tattoos I actually had no idea that she was apparently so shitty irl with them.
I had found her online and was planning on making a trip to get a tattoo from her cause i loved the look of those gem/diamond ones and wanted something like that….
literally as I was on her parlours fb page to find info to book I saw a status that was made about her being fired due to extremely terrible customer service and possible stealing of her co-workers things…. unforuntately that status is long deleted cause it was pretty unprofessional and they had replaced it with a brief update of her firing.. too funny to see this all now… im having a major sigh of relief

sage for blogpost

No. 354980


Totally OT but Christine Dolce died of heart failure.
I'll bet Vicky smiled real big with that news.

No. 354981

I mean liver failure

No. 354996

sage for OT but holy shit seriously she died?? I never knew too many of the MySpace famous people but I remember her

No. 355001

Yea. Apparently she was a severe alcoholic. I used to be so envious of her in high school.

No. 355005

Lol. I'm not even Vicky but that makes me smirk at how people throw away so many opportunities to drown themselves in booze.

No. 355012

Yeah, well it's an addiction. No need to smirk, bitch.

No. 355013

Didn't mean to dis your ladycrush who had all the money and privilege to get help, sis.

No. 355016

I don't even know who that dead chick is. I just don't like assholes judging alcoholics.

No. 355018

They did it to themselves. Also, this doesn't belong in the thread, pls take your alcoholism elsewhere

No. 355459

File: 1488237139832.png (133.42 KB, 746x584, IMG_1456.PNG)

Her use of ellipses makes it sound like she's out of breath all the time. I know she's trying to be mysterious but It comes off as if she's struggling to breathe over a family bucket of KFC.

No. 355470

dear god

No. 355837

File: 1488339302185.png (138.67 KB, 750x1013, IMG_1479.PNG)

Soooo shingles is looking to get nailed? She has to understand the implication here. She's been lurking this thread since day 1. So thirsty.

No. 355840

File: 1488340464886.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.55 KB, 285x285, 285x285_What_Does_Shingles_Loo…)

Oh Vicko… when we refer to you as "Vicky Shingles" this is what we liken you to, not some wooden slat roofing tiles.

If anything, wooden would be your intelligence, but not your "infectious" personality.

No. 356480

File: 1488518303914.png (106.07 KB, 744x854, IMG_1550.PNG)

Her age (and unrelenting dickthirst) is showing.

No. 356481

She looks so much better without those giant fake lashes on though, I gotta admit.

No. 356488

What a cunt

No. 356514

Her boobs look like they start at her collar bone. What the–

No. 356598

she looks so much better here, for fucks sake can she not lose those ugly lashes and just stop wearing so much foundation? She doesn't need to look like the doll she wants to be - she's not an UGLY woman, but she's going to age herself so much with all of the makeup she wears. I'd be surprised if she had any eyelashes at 50 at this rate.

No. 356624

File: 1488579511661.png (123.93 KB, 750x908, IMG_1565.PNG)

You mean this

No. 356635

Always hiding her fat face with her hand.
Kills me every time.

No. 356638

Why do girls think drag make up makes them look attractive?
She would look way better if she didn't put those clown eye lashes and that heavy contouring. Girl has to be delusional if she thinks this look good irl

No. 356643

she looks like she's in Halloween makeup everyday. looks especially ridiculous around other women.

No. 356717

she has the same kind of smile as traci hines

No. 356767

Wow… she's had to pull her tits right up to her neck to give them some semblance of shape.

No. 356788

I bet it kills her that she's not the prettiest girl in this picture.

No. 356960

That's not a girl. That's a man in drag photobombing a pic of girls

No. 357965

File: 1489017814442.png (58.44 KB, 729x416, IMG_1665.PNG)

just like any person who wears baggy clothes. Do you want an award?

No. 357966

She must not be getting many thirsty neck beard comments seeig as she hasn't been posting any new ~totally real final fantasy imvu character balloon-titty shops~ lately. Seems like she's really hurting for it.

No. 358009

Oh my god, it's like watching a teenager internally realize she's not the hottest girl on the block and grasping at little straws to convince herself she's still special.
This is so painful to read.

No. 359204

File: 1489389355745.png (746.24 KB, 1018x1494, Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 12.0…)

Vicky defends cropped ears, claiming it's for health reasons.

I hope she doesn't have pets.

No. 359208

As long as the dog is given regular baths and the ears are cleaned, infections shouldn't be happening. I wonder if she defends docking their tails too?

No. 359716

Her `new shop`looks like a gaudy funeral home. Unable to post screencaps currently, but she referred to it as a `high-end tattoo parlor`in her instagram comments but she just filled it with tacky thrift store crap. Kek.

No. 359765

I'm a vet tech. The only legitimate medical reason to amputate anything (ears/tails included) is injury. Injuries that bad are uncommon. Ear cropping is just a cosmetic procedure and actually leads to MORE ear infections when the crop doesn't stand correctly or generates a lot of scar tissue. You're a fucking moron, as always, Shingles. Guuuuuhhhh.

No. 359815

She claimed she was told this by a vet.
I find that hard to believe.
She is a moron who shifted it as "bad info from a professional".

No. 359915

>like having tonsils taken out

Since when is it normal to remove a healthy person's tonsils on the off-chance they might possibly have a tonsil infection someday?

Even if a dog does get an ear infection, it can be treated by keeping the area clean and possibly using medications such as antibiotics, cortisteroids, etc. Surgery shouldn't be the go-to solution, especially since wounds can themselves get infected!

No. 359935

To be fair, when I was a kid, my mom was told to do the same to our dog's tail for health reasons (and the dog was perfectly healthy). We took or dog to the vet and he had his tail docked. Lived a long, happy life. I don't remember the details but I remember that's clearly what happened and I think it used to be way common 10-15 years ago. Maybe she just believes outdated and wrong information.

No. 359954

tentatively raises hand
Both my friend and my mother would get tonsillitis all the time. Tt was a huge pain in the ass, so the doctors asked them if they just wanted to have them removed and avoid further throat fuckery in the future. They were healthy, no tonsillitis, when they had their procedures. It's such a minor procedure that some doctors are like "Hey, ya down for some tonsil removal?". Same thing with wisdom teeth. Most people get theirs extracted even though there's nothing wrong with them, they just wanna avoid the potentiality for shit going wrong down the line.

I'm not a vet, so I can't say whether or not they'd have them removed to avoid complications down the line in the case of a dog, but they do it with people all the time. If some part of your body that isn't particularly important and can be easily removed keeps getting infected and causing you trouble, doctors will often opt to remove it just to make life easier.

Sage for blogging and OT.

No. 360667

I'm the same vet tech anon. Ears and tails are extremely important to dogs in that they're the most effective communicators they have, so it's nothing like removing tonsils or an appendix. It's hard to read a dog's body language without their ears or tails being intact, and that goes for dogs and people alike. When I see dog bites on a dog, 9/10 the bitten dog has cropped ears or a docked tail. They're mostly strays in intake from the same pack, it's sad. I can imagine those dogs putting their ears back like "don't bite me, ahhh!" but all the other dog sees are these pointed amputated nubs and they don't understand. The more of the ear that's removed, the less able to communicate the dog is. The kind of crop I see most around here is a "battle crop" on pit bull type dogs. People already think those dogs are dangerous and prone to biting, so they need an ear crop like a fucking hole in the head. Fuck you, Shingles, get an education.

No. 360851

File: 1489813847412.png (530.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8227.PNG)

Has anyone seen her new Instagram vids? She's been making multiple videos talking about people "needing to fuck off". Her mental instability is starting to become more and more obvious. Oh, and here's some gold from the comments section. She's a total fucking bitch. That's probably the real reason she stays single for so long and then can't be maintain a long term relationship when she finally suckers some poor sap into being with her.

No. 360852

She's so mean to the guy who was just trying to be nice to her.
Like christ girl pull back the snark and work on yourself for once.

No. 360854

I know, right? It's absolutely absurd how quick she is to be mean to someone just because she suspects he/she disagrees with her in any way. I swear she's psychotic.

No. 360871

She is so 'not affected' by all the haters. So much that she's still constantly trying to change everyones opinion of her to great, or nonexistent.

No. 360890

explains how both her hygiene and style can be so terrible at age 30, like all cows she refuses to take good advice. I feel a little bad for her tho bc she's clearly mentally stunted.

No. 363329

File: 1490542825592.png (954.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170326-113908.png)

It's also a great way to hide the massive bump on your nose which is why you're really doing something that weird and then explaining why ;)

No. 363374

We all know she has a hook nose, it's in every photo… what is she even doing? She isn't even frowning, screwing her eyes up and hanging her head… there's no expression on her face, that's what happens when people are in disbelief.

No. 363390


>touches nose

>takes potato quality picture
>makes up a long-winded description about some inane habit which no one cares about

i love you victoria. never change.

No. 363459

It is quite interesting watching the evolution of Vicky. Terrible phone quality, heavy Snapchat filters, and covering her face with her hand because she is too lazy for Photoshop these days. Not to mention the way she types. Scene queens that are old and refuse to grow up despite how embarrassing they are. I used to envy this girl lol

No. 363516

I get tail docking. A big excited dog can clear off a whole coffee table in half a second or give someone a black eye.

No. 363552

a child throwing a tantrum can clear off a whole coffee table in half a second or give someone a black eye, you should just cut their arms off

No. 363561

had a fuckin laff mate

seriously tho I agree don't dock tails unless it's medically necessary

No. 363670

File: 1490644285112.png (246.4 KB, 380x417, FAT TRASH.png)

Lol, Does she realize she posted a grainy photoshopped picture next to a grainy video of her self looking about 200lbs heavier? like you're not fooling anyone, how beyond sad, narcissistic and delusional.

No. 363671

File: 1490644330444.png (293.26 KB, 377x491, TRASH.png)

Lol I mean come on you posted them next to each other are you blind shingles?

No. 363706

Lmao in the comment section one of her neck beards says "it's a skinny mirror and hides your great hips" kek

No. 363723

Lmao at her holding up her flab so her stomach looks flat. She does that in every photo where her stomach is showing, everyone knows what shes doing. She needs to stop.

Pushing her hand into her ribs and hiding half of her body behind whatever the fuck she's wearing on her shoulder. And it didn't even make her look thin lol. Again, everyone can see that. Who the fuuuuuck does she think she's fooling with this shit???

No. 364042

File: 1490769507625.jpg (137.29 KB, 537x743, bellamoo-rte.jpg)

some crazy bitch on my fb i follow solely for the lols unironically reblogged this abomination

No. 364043

File: 1490769522534.jpg (78.45 KB, 427x753, shinglesinthewild.jpg)

No. 364097


Lmfao at the last comment.

No. 367970

File: 1491930835005.jpg (299.51 KB, 2048x2048, FC1BC8CB-18EF-4292-B91C-F09910…)

Anyone else notice how fat her arm is and how her waist isn't even remotely small in this video, compared to her shooped photos? Her potato quality camera phone videos are probably impossible to edit haha

No. 367988

is she recording her videos on a potato lol why is it so bad?

No. 368022

that potato. how broke is she?? is she doing ANYTHING for cash atm?

No. 368279


She opened up her tattoo shop apparently, and also seems to have a new boyfriend.

No. 368819

>>a potato
>>that potato

(Sage for was trying to find a potato in the pic…)

No. 368823

I love how she's even trying her hardest to make her waist look smaller by draping a jacket over her shoulder.

Just curious, but she's wearing actual stockings and suspenders in this video, isn't she? Why are they hanging down to her knees? She can't dress herself worth shit.

No. 369377

File: 1492206174900.png (99.91 KB, 750x1245, IMG_8292.PNG)

Oh yeah, total dream girl rolls eyes

No. 369496

real life final fantasy girl~!

No. 369525

Another GuelphAnon here. I work at a popular teen/young adult consignment store and Vickers decided to show up the other day. I work fitting rooms and people have to approach me to ask for a room - i had my suspicions as a long time lurker and knowing she was in my area for some time i was always hoping id run into her in person. Also her makeup. Damn. Gross. She wasn't with any friends and confirmed my suspicion by speaking to me in that godawful accent. Anyway vick tried on around 25 items, pretty much all of which were black or too small… And a couple of size 11/12 pants. (not that i can really judge her there, i wear a size 10 - but shes def not the "tiny" katana edgy goddess she portrays)

I wish i had snapped a pic or two but we can't have phones on the floor. If i ever see her again ill stroke her ego so i can get a nice unfiltered pic.

Sage for really no contribution, but im keeping my eyes peeled hoping she comes back during one of my shifts. Something tells me she cant resist all the 3 dollar forever 21 "band tees".

No. 369736

Why does she keep touching her fucking face every single time she takes a video????? It is literally every single video she posts on Instagram and it's really cringey.

No. 369811

File: 1492303844233.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8295.PNG)

In real life, she has such a square body, with no shape to it.

No. 369961

Her aesthetic is stuck in the early 2000's. No one likes this shit anymore

No. 369970

She does this in almost all her photos too. it's to hide her wide face and double chin. Some of her photos just have a legit scribble at her jaw line. It's sad, honestly.

No. 371866

She's really quite very pretty. I wonder how she gets her eyelashes so perfect?

No. 371888

File: 1492518308193.jpg (37.98 KB, 619x619, b4a.jpg)

No. 371898

Duuuuude, dating tips?!

No. 371963

How can i bag such a sick chick

No. 372023

Haha looks like she's back to jerk herself off a little more. She never can resist the opportunity.

No. 372078

Back to the cuckshed Dyn

No. 372817

Go away, Victoria. You're ugly.

No. 373832

"When girls hate on you, but you were nice enough to ignore their boyfriend in your DMs"

It's cringeworthy enough when a teenager posts this stuff but a 30 year old? Shouldn't you be more focused on your pension plan right now?

No. 374128

I looked for this to see what the comments said but I can't find it. Where's it at?

No. 374140

No. 374175

Wow, that was horrible. And what's even more horrible were comments below it. God damn, some people are so thirsty…

No. 374185

Horny neckbeards and sad girls/women who think some of Vic's "fame" will rub off on them, even though she hadn't been relevant anywhere but satire sites for over a decade.

No. 374948

File: 1493008847475.png (116.51 KB, 733x524, IMG_8305.PNG)

How can someone be this far up their own ass??

No. 375135

She dresses down to see who is real or fake…? What?

No. 375138

Why does she always say she dresses down/like a tomboy/hardly wears makeup? Like you better back that up w evidence lil girl. You have:
A poor quality camera to hide your poor quality face
Haven't NOT used a filter so far
Wear more makeup than Jeffree Star

I need answers

No. 375169


It's painful. You cut yourself off from so much happiness when you get lost in fantasies of grandiosity like that. It's not too late to be happy… to learn how to be humble and honest with yourself and others. Unfortunately a narcissist never changes. They tend to go down with their sinking ship rather than grab a life boat and adapt.

No. 375771


>"i'm probably not what you would ever expect me intellectually…"

supreme kek.

No. 382397

File: 1494298986794.png (1.42 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2917.PNG)


No. 382398

I get why she's trying to contour herself behind Vicky Vox there but corset tattoos were probably not the best idea she's ever had.

No. 382404

everything about this picture is fucking tragic, that blue lipstick is just the worst

No. 382410

God damn she is wide. So hilarious how in all her photos she shoops her self to look
Like a size 2 and not a size 12.
There's another photo where she covered her face again with both her hands. Just diet if you're so unhappy with your size.

No. 382457

"She's sooo tiny!!" this silly bitch.

No. 382518

Lmfao 2 hands wide waist! this picture gets funnier the more I look at it

No. 382548

This is what I don't understand. Most cows are too fucking lazy to lose weight and would rather just shoop themselves. Most of them don't even have to lose that much to look okay. Pure laziness. If they took the same time to exercise as they do having photoshop open, they would see results.

No. 382659

Slick Vic still isn't the prettiest girl in the picture – just sayin'.

No. 382889

File: 1494432609333.png (91.36 KB, 675x938, IMG_8418.PNG)

"ps….I like boys not girls."
Seriously? She felt the need to say that even though tons of girls take photos like this, regardless of their sexual orientation? That's like someone saying, "No homo" after doing or saying something that wasn't even going to lead anyone to think they were homosexual. It just irks me for some reason.

No. 382890

Dude, it's a peck on the cheek. It's the Tumblr equivalent if licking pussy,don't you know?

No. 382925

The girl she's kissing looks just like all of her ex boyfriend's anyway

No. 382926

Had she never shopped her body, I think people would have found her to be more beautiful. She's really not fat, she just seems that way bc she shops herself so small and the entire internet aside from neckbeard know she's a persona. That's what makes her so ugly.

No. 382928

It's not just the body shopping anon, it's the fact that she relentlessly blathers on about how ~tiny, thin and toned, two hands wide, perfectly hourglass shaped final fantasy character~ she is. She's blatantly lying, obviously based on the very square photos of her in real life and then preaching "LOVE YOUR BODY even though you'll NEVER be as perfect as ME". She's a pathological liar and a narcissist.

No. 383017

Agreed. She chooses to be ugly

No. 383019

File: 1494461182731.png (260.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170510-200548.png)

Do I laugh or cry???

No. 383021

>382397 idk how you found this but you are amazing as she is so good at hiding her tru form on the internet

No. 383022

She's delusional!! I'm so excited to see this! I hope the photographer doesn't let her get her sausage fingers on the photos before they're posted!

No. 383023

Hard to say. She ovbiously does her own "shoots" self timer, shitty shopped bg, shitty shopped body. No actual photographer would let her damage their name. Except Mel Rose who is just a fan who got a shitty tattoo done by vicky

No. 383031

Victoria allegedly requires photographers to hand over their rights to photos they take of her. It's how she gets away with sh00ping them without any backlash.

No. 383035

Ever since that Simons Hammond shoot revealed her ~real flappers~ I guess she would have to in order to keep her image up. Kek.

No. 383061

File: 1494471842386.png (111.45 KB, 750x736, IMG_2844.PNG)

These extensions are horrifying and everything I hate about extensions and more.

No. 383068

I'm not sure what type of voice she was going for here.

No. 383137

How can anyone think this looks good??

No. 383145

What. I mean I get the want to have long hair but like this is a bit much Shingles

No. 383164

Almost sounds like she's having issues with her fake accent.

I also like the obvious Snapchat filter you can see up in the corner…

No. 383181

What is the Simmons Hammond shoot?

No. 383182

File: 1494527204953.jpg (32.47 KB, 275x275, b9b45f32e01c69b6a2535594a32ba3…)


And its photos from a photoshoot that she didn't get to edit herself. Here's a comparison from her first thread in /snow

No. 383215

Holy crap her boobs are closer to her stomach than to her neck. This is why excessive push up bras are a bad idea

No. 383218

When she uploaded the shopped pic, she claimed she didn't retouch her boobs at all. She was dating Adrien at the time I wonder what all of her ex thought. Maybe she never showed herself naked to them. Sex in the dark every time???

No. 383380

File: 1494593126237.png (141 KB, 750x1239, IMG_7633.PNG)


LOL what a tiny slim hourglass ?
Even her boobs look small compared to how large and blocky she is everywhere else. It's really sad to be SO so delusional

No. 383385

Based on the way her back leg is angled it looks like shes hiding a significant amount of mass behind the other girl as well.

No. 383410

I'm gonna need someone to make a Victoria Bella more fan page with only unedited photos captioned "omg she's so tiny"

No. 383429


I have the account made already. I'm waiting for my phone to charge so I can post pics on it.

No. 383430

File: 1494609996515.gif (495.05 KB, 500x375, costanza-answering-machine.gif)


pls link

No. 383433

No. 383434

I love you

No. 383435


How long till she gets this one deleted hahaha

No. 383441


Keep us posted for when she inevitably ~siccs the attorney general of canada on u~

No. 383460

I mean so long as it's a fan page and you are careful with your wording the fuck is she gonna do

No. 383461

Must have already been deleted

No. 383463

She got me deleted </3

No. 383467


intsafag here- she had me deleted because I was posting old pics of her. Literally I had no mean captions on the pics… Still deleted because insta probably pays her

No. 383471


She only has like 5000 followers. In instagram terms that's barely anything so I highly doubt she's getting paid lol.

No. 383472


Still funny she reported an account freshly made with 0 followers for the sake of hiding the truth

No. 383474

lmao so she's still here

hi vick you nasty cow

No. 383477


I'm not even kidding when I say I had that account for not even an hour. She probs stalks this thread…so.. Hello, icky Vicky.

No. 383478

Did it tell you the reason exactly or was that it? How is that against the rules?
I think you should try again but not be as obvious.

Well the account followed her so she got a notification about it

No. 383479


Fan pages always follow the person they are for. She still had me deleted super quick without any reasoning. My captions were not mean or anything.

No. 383480


protest it on instagram. It didn't violate any terms soooooo…

No. 383481


She claimed it for bullying….

No. 383483


Photos posted of her that aren't 110% photoshopped and of her real face/body is bullying. Kek.

No. 383506

nah, you can protest that. nothing mean or hateful and there's a chance you can get it restored.

No. 383509


Currently working on it

No. 383573

File: 1494643532713.png (136.87 KB, 749x1085, IMG_8421.PNG)

She's seriously wearing cut up yoga pants with a gold corset. What was she thinking when she put those two clothing items together? O_o

No. 383583

what was she thinking with that god awful makeup

No. 383754

File: 1494689040761.jpg (113.59 KB, 897x926, heyvickyyouresoicky.JPG)

yet another one of her ugly as shit tattoos… You can tell this picture is heavily edited. It's already fucking peeling…..

No. 383789


How is the filigree already blown out.

No. 383793

This is exactly what she was thinking:
>this corset will make me skinny
>i also can't fit into anything but these yoga pants

No. 383822

File: 1494699390467.png (178.15 KB, 750x756, IMG_5212.PNG)

These look like open sores tattooed on someone leg.

Posting picture of what a good gem tattoo -should- look like.

No. 383827


The shading is so bad.. My dad works in a tattoo shop and he said Vicky should be taken to court for this.

No. 383996

File: 1494730827213.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170513-225839.png)

Maybe it's scabby bc her place of business is dirty. She's always trying to hide something when she uses pretty excuses as the caption lol

No. 383997


No. 384007

Well, her personality is.

Imagine how fried the ends are.

No. 384010

…What is any of that supposed to be? It looks like a toddler got a hold of some markers..

No. 384086

Holy fuck those tattoos are going to scar so badly. She really shouldn't be allowed to touch skin. : /

No. 384131

File: 1494778443339.png (154.82 KB, 744x793, IMG_8423.PNG)

Seriously, if she's so "not bothered" and supposedly doesn't read what is said about her, then why does she keep putting these cringy as fuck posts on her FB?? "Because im still going to be hot..smart…"
Like wtf? First of all, you're not that hot without tons of Photoshop and corsets. Second, if you were truly smart, you would know to put an apostrophe when using contractions and you would know to capitalize the letter "I" when using it to refer to yourself, you would know what a run-on sentence is and would use commas where they are needed instead of a bunch of periods, and you would know that using "em" instead of "them" is not acceptable.

No. 384132

Because she's a narcissist and narcs have to reassure themselves constantly of positive, attractive aspects that they don't actually have. It's the only way they can self-soothe when their personal inadequacies have been exposed by others.

No. 384134

She's lost

No. 384138

File: 1494784628632.png (46.39 KB, 493x656, repostingtoshowhowmuchyoudontg…)

She reposted the status onto her fanpage half an hour ago because she really doesn't care what people think and totally isn't doing it for validation or anything. Nope. She just wants to remind people once again that she does not care what they think because they have forgotten since the last time she reminded them on her social media a day ago.

No. 384142


She posted it on her instagram too. Kek. Show people how little you care by writing a long paragraph about how little you care and repost it everywhere you can spending a considerable amount of time telling people how you aren't going to give them the time.

No. 384185


Hey y'all. I made another fan page. Let's see how long it takes her to see this and rage.


No. 384202

Sage for kinda OT but how well-done gem tattoos age? I can see that they use a lot of white and there isn't any outlining in the gem. What does one of these look like after 5 years?

No. 384203

how do*
ugh sorry

No. 384234

probably not well, same with those watercolor tattoos.

No. 384263


Genius haha keep uploading!

No. 384387

LMFAO love it. Be sure to use hashtags kek

No. 384445

Added some more pics and hashtags. I'm shocked she hasn't had it taken down yet.

No. 384450


Just be sure to not follow her because she will report you

No. 384470

File: 1494872012133.png (165.37 KB, 750x1121, IMG_3009.PNG)

When you're not intelligent enough to actually debate online so you just shit out some thesaurus salad. She uses the same 3 long-ish words all the time when trying to sound smart. Kek.

Bonus fedora in the message bubble.

No. 384471

She didn't even use half of those words in accurate context. She is so fucking stupid

No. 384472


She is reeeally obsessed with presenting herself as some intellectual, alt 'dream girl'. LOL at the fedora orbiter.

No. 384473

This screenshot was posted by her, to clarify. To prove to her fans how semi-cohearantly she can read an online thesaurus.

No. 384475

File: 1494872802237.jpg (76.67 KB, 640x893, 18516241_1718412258188193_9843…)

I must admit I will mourn the loss of this beautiful fanpage once Icky Vicky inevitably sees it and has it destroyed.

No. 384476

File: 1494872959254.png (66.75 KB, 750x478, IMG_3010.PNG)


Also posted under this nearly heartbreakingly pathetic status update. when you photoshop your entire face/body without mercy and then proceed to reap the compliments as if that's what you look like lmao. Anyone who has seen her mug/tits in person knows that she hasn't had any work done kek.

No. 384477

Goddamn, she honestly sounds like a neckbeard/fedorabro… either she's been hanging out with them far too much or she's actually become one herself.

No. 384478

Most obvious humblebrag ever…"ppl think I'm so hot that I've had plastic surgery but joke's on them because I'm NATURALLY this hot!"

You photoshop yourself to unrecognizable levels, Vic. That's even worse than plastic surgery.

No. 384480

I don't think anyone in these threads have ever suspected she's had any cosmetic surgery done, we all know it's photoshop and she's even gone to the extent of cutting out other models body parts and pasting them to herself like this >>383182 even the lingerie is a copy/paste job.

It's a shame she doesn't put those photo manipulation skills to a more constructive practice, she could even make a bit of money creating Second Life and IMVU skins for weebs.

No. 384517

Really how has she not been submitted to /r/iamverysmart already? She's so delusional, if she found out she was posted there she'd think it was compliment.

No. 384555

Right. No one has said shit about plastic surgery because Victoria Bella morte isn't plastic surgery fake, she is Photoshop fake. Right, Vicky?

No. 384566

Geez, if she had plastic surgery, they didn't do a great job. I wouldn't look at her and think anything other than the fact that she is weird looking.

No. 384581


If she did copy/paste I would love to find the picture/model those boobs actually belong to and have a side by side comparison because they're definitely not Vic's.

No. 384605

she auto blocked me on facebook when I mentioned 'Good thing photoshop doesn't count' on her plastic surgery. She was so confident to make a post of how proud she was to be plastic surgery free, but you get a ban hammer if you even mention her photoshop. You alright, icky Vicky? a little scared to actually get in a debate all of a sudden? or do you have something to hide.

No. 384615


Careful anon, she might beat you to death with a thesaurus.

No. 384701

File: 1494943770716.jpg (58.88 KB, 640x827, 18554865_1719261221436630_1047…)

So I'm in a bitchy lil mood today and decided to call Vicky out on her bullshit for fun. Took screenshots because we know she is not going to allow any truth on her page.

No. 384702

File: 1494943783698.jpg (44.85 KB, 640x824, 18518419_1719261211436631_2122…)

No. 384703

File: 1494943794149.jpg (112.75 KB, 907x960, 18554572_1719261228103296_1139…)

No. 384717

did she respond?

No. 384719

Nope not yet. Probably too busy schooping a picture.

No. 384721

Lmao this is the 1st time I see her facebook page and it is hilarious how almost every post is about her hotness and/or the haterzzz. She's still so clearly bothered.

Vicky, your thread has been really dead because besides your funny photoshops you are irrelevant to us. Don't feel too special, hun.

No. 384731

File: 1494948730396.jpg (72.16 KB, 640x777, 18515999_1719331418096277_5926…)

The cow responded. Apparently I'm some girl that 'stalks' her? I have no idea who she's talking about, but whatever makes her feel better I guess.

No. 384732

File: 1494948743150.jpg (68.75 KB, 640x826, 18555101_1719331421429610_9845…)

No. 384738


Nah, I'm like 50% sure it was about me (facebookfag who trolled her with the 'good thing photoshop doesn't count) I look nothing like her which is fucking hilarious. On one of my other comments she tried to claim that I was trying to "be" her.

No. 384744

File: 1494952523072.jpg (103.81 KB, 561x851, 1476749326584.jpg)

Someone please out this one on her comments. It is recent and repulsive

No. 384745

I would but she blocked me of course haha

No. 384747

She seriously says that about everyone. According to her, everyone is trying to be her/look like her. Her delusions of grandeur are so prevalent, that she might very well be a paranoid schizophrenic.

No. 384749

It is honestly hilarious because I have green hair and know when to stop putting on makeup. Icky Vicky has to add those pounds of makeup to try to hide her pounds of fat.

No. 384750

File: 1494954115761.png (85.93 KB, 739x484, IMG_8425.PNG)

No wonder she thinks so highly of herself. She has neckbeards like this one stroking her already massive ego.

No. 384751

Why does she always blame it on how old the pic was? During the time period of the runway photo, she was uplading the same Photoshop pics. It's all the same

No. 384752

Whyyyy doesssss she talklkk likee thissss? Because she is soooo intelligenttttt?

No. 384753

Well damn. Wish I had a fb. I need to make one just to put this lil hoe on blast

No. 384754

Because that's literally the only excuse she has for why she looks completely different from her photoshop magic.

No. 384756

File: 1494954422842.jpg (147.82 KB, 1022x767, icky.jpg)

No. 384759

Is she talking about here? Vicky you lurk every day. And I don't know why cows always think it's like one or two people on these boards.
>Muh bully! Muh Stalker!

No. 384762

She thinks it's one or two people because she is a narcissist. She doesn't realize most people aren't as stupid as she is and see right through her cringy internet persona

No. 384767

Wait, she seriously is claiming that it's only one or two people that are commenting here? I'm assuming shes saying that one of them is the OP of the first failed thread in snow?

No. 384789

She's said that about multiple people. She's even sent threats through Facebook private messenger to a few people saying that she's going to sue them. Carly Vickery, the girl she tattooed that shitty looking Elvis on was one of them.

No. 384875

File: 1494973444869.png (1.05 MB, 1334x750, IMG_8428.PNG)

She posted a new video on Facebook "proving" she's not using Photoshop. She's clearly using after effects, as well as using the plastic bones in that cheap ass corset to their full potential. The way she's squeezed herself into that thing, I wouldn't be one bit surprised if the boning completely broke after that pathetic so called "photo shoot".

No. 384876


But she TOTALLY doesn't care about the haters opinions.

Side note: even with all of that after effects and corset/face hiding she's still so stumpy and wide compared the the other girl. Not to mention her boobs are smushed up so high she's almost choking on them. Kek.

No. 384877


Her friend looks a lot better in a corset than she does. Vicky's fat looks like it is ready to burst out of her top while her friend's corset looks like it is her size

No. 384879


oh merr gerrd such a model!!look at how model I am touches face and does same pose the entire time

No. 384940

File: 1494988287129.png (103.52 KB, 750x517, IMG_3045.PNG)

First of all, who did this lmao.

Secondly, she's obviously doesn't care about the haters because this is a perfectly unbothered reaction to a negative comment on her appearance

And third oh my god she's 30 where is her family stopping her from humiliating herself like this.

this was posted under her new video

No. 384952

How does one manage to squeeze themselves into a corset (something that is supposed to drastically reduce your size) and still look that huge.

No. 384954

She's so fucking illiterate, it kills me. There are multiple syntax, grammatical, and punctuation errors in her comment, but I'll just say this one thing: Using "your" when she should have used "you're" should let everyone know that she's nowhere near as intelligent as she tries to seem. She's seriously at 2nd grade level, at the most.

No. 384977

File: 1494994142976.gif (189.79 KB, 716x402, stretchy_vicky.gif)

Video forensics anon back.

The video is stretched all retarded (and she didn't even do a good job hiding it, you can see the uneven black bars on each side) so I've taken the liberty of un-stretching it and uploading it here.

Both of them looked outright strange in the original video, but she also looked way more 'noodley' compared to the 'golden corset' picture she uploaded the other day. In this video, it looks a lot more like the picture.


Gif comparison on the left as well, for those curious.

No. 384979

File: 1494994591165.jpg (200.98 KB, 1200x2000, 1494731720503.jpg)


>Can't use photoshop to touch up the image but still tries to find a way to change things

No. 384999

only going to say it was me because the best part is my fb about says mom of two DOGS

how is she so dumb

No. 385000

ah also despite calling me a pussy she blocked me ? ha

No. 385068

File: 1495025606824.png (225.26 KB, 750x829, IMG_3048.PNG)

She's coming unhinged again. So much for the i don't give a duck what anyone thinks about me charade. At least her true colours as a self-obsessed idiot are showing. She also managed to insult young mothers, called another woman a "broad" and "ugly" like a 12 year old all while talking about how great she is in the process. Her personality is so disgusting, i can't understand how anyone can read shit like this and still follow her. Pure garbage.

No. 385077

File: 1495028678313.jpg (60.94 KB, 640x480, 18518900_1720221388007280_1679…)

Called her out on the video and was blocked within MINUTES, hahaha!

No. 385081

File: 1495029339761.jpg (18.03 KB, 275x208, 1476744645608.jpg)

I posted this and said it wasn't that old and both images were posted around the same time frame. she deleted it and blocked me so no she didn't keep that shit up fucking liar

No. 385083

File: 1495029438725.jpg (7.56 KB, 265x190, images (1).jpg)

Lol no Vicky corsets just help with your unfortunate mid section figure. Corsets also help you put your hands around your waist that you feel obligated to do

No. 385085


If you look in he background of the pic on the right, her reflection isn't edited. Nice tummy.

No. 385098

doesn't really look that significant honestly

No. 385100

File: 1495033006679.png (188.08 KB, 1536x1895, IMG_9514.PNG)


she's edited this comment three times and the other five over a while, someone's upset

also she deleted the video comparison comment

No. 385103

blocking people before they can ever reply and deleting the posts comparing her crazy shoop to an unedited pic ah yes vic you've sure shown your "jealous haters" DOMINATED for sure

No. 385105

File: 1495033576848.gif (498.4 KB, 500x400, uno1.gif)


I've had my fun with her

God what a cringe comment. And it took her three tries to come up with it. I think ol' Vic has almost completed her transition into actual neckbeard. I am so tempted to submit some of this nonsense she posts to a fedora cringe board I follow because she sounds exactly like them. Not to mention her ~INTJ~ personality claims and thaty she literally ~studied the blade~.

No. 385123

Her mirror pic was def edited, just not well or the same bc she is literally the worst at photoshop

No. 385124

Omg please do xD

No. 385149

vic piling on the makeup makes her look like trashy british club girls

she's actually pretty, outside of piling the makeup on and drawing weird eyebrows, she could be a cute alt chick if she wasn't fucking insane and could learn decent tattooing if she wasn't so far up her own ass and refused to learn from other artists

and she's chubby but she's lost a bit of weight, i don't see why she distorts herself to oblivion with shoop and filters, she's chubby but she's not as much of a heifer as she used to be

her crazy delusional narcissism is really the hallmark of why she's such a lolcow - all these retarded gross male fans of hers feed those delusions of grandeur

wonder what she'll be like at forty that makeup is gonna age her so badly i doubt she ever takes all of it off

No. 385236

How deranged would a person have to be to keep posting blatantly manipulated representations of themselves online like this… and promoting them as real?

i guess the tattoos are just another extension of her obviously distorted self image.

I wonder why she's so obsessed with hiding the sides of her face with her hands.

No. 385239

Because her face isn't slim

No. 385278

File: 1495068184874.png (1.37 MB, 1156x812, vickytatt.png)

Another stolen piece of art for a Vicky "original"

No. 385287

it's so awkward to see her constantly use her hands and ridiculous hair to hide her face ! i noticed that too - in all her photos she's doing it

No. 385345


I want to make a Vicky shingles drinking game:

1 shot > attempted sexy expression
2 shots > touches face
2 shots > crushes stomach with hands
2 shots > sticks out tongue

3 shots > photoshop/after effects fail
3 shots > Fake British accent
3 shots > Mention of she doesn't care what you think
3 shots > screamo background music

4 shots > ninja skillz
4 shots > "want inked up??????!!!"
4 shots > "haha I look like a boy when I tattoo"
4 shots > "photoshop free!"

No. 385379

Brilliant anon. Brilliant.

No. 385446

Anon, we'd all get alcohol poisoning in the first 15 minutes.

No. 385473


Are you trying to kill us?!

No. 385474

That's the kicker. She's mildly attractive (don't let it get to your head, Vic, you're a 6. Not a 7+) but absolutely destroys it with the clown makeup/eyelashes.

If she wants to be a legitimate model she has to lose weight, period. I think she could get a few small gigs if she was slim.

Her attitude ruins everything, though.

No. 385489


Vic could never be a real model. They're just tools of the fashion industry and have no real control over how they look in photoshoots if they're getting paid by a company. She's way too self absorbed to let that happen. And as far as being an "alt model" you won't make any money at all unless you get naked or somehow manage to become famous for something else. The term alternative model is so overused and is such an empty credit, especially when you take and edit all the photos yourself. That's not modelling, that's just called being a narcissist with too much free time.

No. 385513

I don't think anything is wrong w her real body tbh it's the fact that she pretends she has a final fantasy body and isn't even good at lying about it. She's so easy to troll bc of how she puts her insecurities out to the internet but is too oblivious to realize it. She thinks everyone is actually drooling over her freakish morphed photos. Only the neckbeards, vicky

No. 385515

it's vicky, trying to get us dead so we can't post here anymore, lol

No. 385527

Yep this is the only reason she's made fun of. Her real appearance is completely normal and fine but she goes out of her way to pretend she's a goddess and brag about her completely average self.

No. 385529

it's one of the reasons I find her thread so enjoyable, she's not that unattractive but she's just never grown out of her chuunibyou phase

No. 385543

File: 1495136951402.png (88.29 KB, 1014x298, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 2.47…)

I love how deeply meta this is. She's reaching Inception levels of talking about herself. Never change, Vicky.

No. 385559

'Teethies'. How old is she again?

No. 385619

Who is she trying to fool? She has buttered corn "teef"

No. 385630


When you try to make you're reprehensible dental hygiene sound "cute". Getting your teeth whitened doesn't save you from gingivitis and periodontal disease, not to mention shit breath and general foulness etc. Not to mention that she smokes. Only proper home dental care can do that and if she hasn't learned how to brush her teeth by 30 then she never will.

No. 385669

File: 1495157610869.png (76.9 KB, 1093x408, IMG_9541.PNG)

called her cingeh in an instagram message over 72hours ago and she's still pissy about it

No. 385670

File: 1495157718455.png (135.22 KB, 1044x973, IMG_9540.PNG)

her excuse for being a (shooped, fake) slut hahaha

No. 385675


No. 385696

I wanna punch her. Brady bunch KKK. Bitch shut the fuck up

No. 385747

when did smoker's yellow become white af, vicky?

No. 385822

Lol that's not what troglodyte means.

No. 385825

Shut up anon, Slick Vic is ALWAYS right. And she's also much smarter, more beautiful, has whiter teeth, and guys want her more than you and me and all the rest of us troglodytes. Know your place!

No. 385826

And she totally doesn't stink.

No. 385956

I think she believes if she can convince other people she's smart, skinny, hot etc then it'll somehow become true. I think before she got posted on these sites she was accustomed to having full control over her public image online. Moderating comments, etc. The fact that she can't stop us is probably driving her absolutely insane. These truth forums are highly visible when you search her online.

I'm just shocked she's been able to continue tattooing despite the butchery she does.

No. 385975

File: 1495226896484.jpg (124.37 KB, 1154x778, Capture.JPG)

there she goes with that INTJ bullshit

No. 385981

Yeah iirc thedirty stopped posting about her because Nik said he got a lot of annoying emails from icky Vicky and she just wasn't worth it. IDK if you guys remember the blog internetroyalty but they got shut down by dmca requests from icky Vicky as well.

This girl constantly searches her name online. It's kinda sad.lol

No. 385983

>>INTJ's take a long time to explore or express a feeling!

>>Reacts immediately to any criticism with jealousy, bitterness and insecurity dressed up as self-esteem.

Sure Vicko.

No. 385987

isn't this girl like 30? why is she acting like some young bimbo? she doesn't even look midly attractive. She wears pounds and pounds of makeup which isn't very good for your skin.

No. 386038

File: 1495237693732.png (139.13 KB, 1122x590, IMG_9549.PNG)

oh my fucking god i don't think anyone posted this but it's hysterical

No. 386039

File: 1495237733815.png (163.95 KB, 1064x1346, IMG_9552.PNG)

she posted this a bit ago but when someone criticizes her the first thing she attacks is their appearance

No. 386061

Looks like Simon Hammond was bullied into deleting the pics he took of her too

No. 386067

File: 1495245796005.png (791.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170519-220155.png)

I suck at screenshots but in this vid, she let's go of her ribs completely for a split second and it shows her rib cage is actually double the size she is trying to sell. Knowing how hard she's squeezing her ribs makes mine hurt

No. 386068

Her boobs look so lopsided what am I witnessing

No. 386069

File: 1495246143786.jpg (132.5 KB, 1063x1071, 1495246054940.jpg)

She claimed to have been bullied back in the day but imagine going to school with this girl who has thousands of myspace friends gawking at this mega photoshopped goddess online but you seeing her true potato form at school every day. I'm sure so many questions ran through her classmates heads

No. 386071

i think she's wearing a corset or shape wear. she insists there are all these videos of her proving she's not photoshopping but they're easily filtered, bad quality, and never show her actual tummy. i don't think it's wrong for her to wear that stuff but it's fucking stupid how she lies and acts like all the unedited vs photoshopped images are just "rumors" spread by "jealous hatersss"

also why…does she type…like this…….it makes her thesaurus word salad because she's so intellectual even funnier

No. 386083

this video gave me IBS

No. 386307

File: 1495275627987.png (166.54 KB, 1071x727, 2017-05-20 03.18.14.png)

She posted this yesterday and I had a giggle at how people's jokes in the comment section were going completely over her head.

No. 386309

File: 1495275669934.png (497.91 KB, 1079x1757, 2017-05-20 03.13.27.png)

No. 386311

File: 1495275716920.png (287.21 KB, 1067x1034, 2017-05-20 03.12.37.png)

No. 386328

She has no sense of humor. Or she's just an idiot. Por que no los dos?

No. 386329


No. 386334

File: 1495285632661.jpg (12.44 KB, 203x190, 1495247054281.jpg)

Was anyone able to find the video to this? I remember seeing it forever ago

No. 386604

Her gut is wider than her shoulders…

No. 386625

She deleted the dominatrix post. I guess she didn't want people seeing what an idiotic twat she is.

No. 386929

File: 1495425800728.jpg (112.87 KB, 958x515, IMG_8448.JPG)

No. 386930

File: 1495426105501.jpg (60.06 KB, 939x506, IMG_8449.JPG)

No. 387241

File: 1495511458906.png (68.37 KB, 750x1074, IMG_3178.PNG)

Can we just appreciate the irony here?

"I don't have to put other women down to feel good about myself"

"Other women are insecure pieces of shit and want to be me"

I'm beginning to believe Vicky is seriously dumb or even mentally challenged/autistic because so many of her statements are contradictory or just plain stupid.

No. 387257

Too bad she won't stop wearing extensions and go for a softer makeup. Yeah, she's heavy in this picture but I believe she has potential be cute, even if heavy, so I think she'd look lovely if she did change her hairstyle and makeup.

Not like it's going to happen since she's kept the same look for like 10 years

No. 387265

but everyone who points out her shopping is ugly and plain and just jealous

also if she's so secure what's with the shopping and filters and pounds of makeup? lol

No. 387266

shooping not shopping oops

No. 387363

I've 'followed' Shingles on Facebook for possible hilarity but instead I just keep getting 'Vicki Shingles reacted to this post' and it's always a piss poor Britain First-like infographic/meme type thing.

For someone so intelligent she's certainly hoovering up a lot of dumb reactionary shit. Is desperate patriotism supposed to cement her English identity?

No. 387540

File: 1495575193814.png (129.49 KB, 750x1040, IMG_8455.PNG)

Found a little bit of that double chin she's been trying so hard to hide.

No. 387557

File: 1495577998189.png (46.66 KB, 640x399, IMG_0306.PNG)

Yea I'm so sure she ran 7miles "for fun"

No. 387563

(what actually happened) vicky made it a couple laps around her suburban street. Pulled out her phone to update everyone on the situation, they have to know how badass this is. Includes trips to the fridge in her stats and multiplies it by 2 because her boobs and extensions weigh too much. Does halfassed crunches in an attempt to get abs but it's ineffective without variation and losing weight.

No. 387580

File: 1495582169280.png (80.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0311.PNG)

I can see her gut through that dress

No. 387582

She looks like an 80s grandma

No. 387587

I always kinda feel bad when someone has uploads selfies with this shitty of a resolution. It's definitely a struggle phone. A decent Android phone with a good camera is only around 250 bucks, she's broke

No. 387646

File: 1495592949604.png (76.92 KB, 640x646, IMG_0328.PNG)

Her LinkedIn has so many lies about past jobs it's great


No. 387652

this bitches personality disorder is legit sad. Who the fuck lies about so much all the time? It seems so exhausting.

No. 387655


how professional.

No. 387656

beat me to it.

No. 387657

i am 110% sure she has her phone set to take the lowest quality pictures that the option menu will give her. potato quality hides her flaws and makes shooping less apparent. it's totally intentional

No. 387664

I've met this girl before without even knowing who she is. I live in Toronto and someone I know met her on Facebook and invited her to a party. She is absolutely repulsive in real life. Her extension rat nest bothered me so much she's about 5'1" tall and is really wide with a gut. She put on her shitty fake accent and told people she's British. When I seen her Facebook profile I couldn't believe it was the same person at all. She was wearing fishnet leggings that were so tight on her elephant legs it stretched the design it had in them. I can't believe how fake and delusional this freak is.

No. 387671

Did the person ever acknowledge how deeply catfishing they were

No. 387672


No. 387678

From what I heard she gave him a blow job and some of that sweaty pussy and then he sent her ass back to whatever shit hole town she lives in (which was and hour or more away from Toronto) and didn't speak to her again. He also paid for her getting here and back. She's too broke to even afford transit, tragic.

No. 387682

File: 1495598144736.png (637.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0337.PNG)

Remember last year when she put on a garbage wig and claimed to have dyed her hair dark and in a couple days it was magically bleach blonde again?!

No. 387683

This girl is a serious pathological liar.

No. 387685

Disgusting. She's clearly slow so I feel like she probably gets taken advantage of by guys a lot. She couldn't make the drive on her own? Did she not own a vehicle?
She looks better with darker hair if you ignore the stupid face she's making and drag makeup

No. 387689

File: 1495599303905.png (75.08 KB, 640x485, IMG_0305.PNG)

She could drink a whole 26oz bottle of liquor to her face and not feel anything and used to be able to drink a whole 40oz bottle of liquor to her face too. Yea I'm soOooOo sure about that, Vic.

No. 387691

So, 26 shots of liquor and feel nothing? And at one point she could drink 40 shots and feel nothing as well? Seems logical

No. 387693

Nah. Shes just poor. She can't even afford extensions, toothpaste and what have you. Her only source of income is tattooing and it doesn't seem like she has a lot of clients.

No. 387697

Not sure what a 26er of Jack is, but I'm thinking she means that, plus a "40". Like, a 40oz malt liquor. It's hard to decipher what she means here really. Doesn't really matter since anything she says about herself is bullshit by default anyway.

I figured she was pretty poor as well judging by the potato pay a you go tier phones she always takes selfies on. That has to be what she uses, it doesn't even seem like there are many phones besides that kind that have such low quality cameras on them nowadays.

No. 387700

In Canada a "26" is a 750ml bottle of liquor. It is called a 26 because it has approximately 26 shots (26 ounces)

No. 387701

"Im no dainty lady I DRINK LIKE A MAN"

yea ok Vic.

No. 387711


Hahaha she is this old, trying this hard to appear ~high-class~, and she is just now trying champagne? And then humble bragging about it?

I judge these "I drink like a man so I'm better than other girls" types so hard.

No. 387713

File: 1495607463900.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0342.PNG)

Vic the whale in her natural habitat. Notice the fucking bra under her bathing suit to pull up those saggy titties

No. 387714

>I judge these "I drink like a man so I'm better than other girls" types so hard.

same, anon.
Literally everything about her is I ______, not like other girls!!!!

No. 387717

Who in the world wears a bra underneath a bathing suit??

No. 387718

Someone who can't afford push up bikinis from Victoria's Secret. Lol

Lol you're fucking retarded or Vicky herself. BITCH IS BROKE.

No. 387722

File: 1495613302246.png (111.51 KB, 636x894, IMG_0351.PNG)

She posted this to instagram yesterday. "I'm not fat I'm just wearing a puffy furry coat" get the fuck out of here, Shingles. It looks like the same shitty faux leather jacket she frequently wears.

No. 387723

File: 1495613375924.png (1.06 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0352.PNG)

The jacket has lots of padding I swear!!

No. 387728

I feel so sorry for that horse

No. 387859

That's so fucking funny. It's clearly her leather jacket. She needs help.

No. 388019

File: 1495656341483.png (61.44 KB, 545x530, IMG_0365.PNG)

Who remembers this gem?

No. 388022

File: 1495656884277.png (137.92 KB, 742x1184, IMG_3193.PNG)

A new autist tier shoop~~~

No. 388029

File: 1495657431766.png (59.73 KB, 640x370, IMG_0367.PNG)

Basically a picture of ~perfect health~

No. 388037


The nurse called her a cow LMAO

No. 388040

I've noticed a fat girl obsession with ~athletic heart rate~ lately…

bitch you are not athletic…

No. 388041


Because that is totally how real boobs sit on a chest without a bra ok… riiiight

No. 388043


If her boobs really looked like that then she wouldn't have to wear a bra under her bathing suit lol.

No. 388046

Who bothers to share this mundane shit on Facebook? Like anyone but Shingles herself gives a single shit?

No. 388048

She shares it cause she was everyone of her neck beards to believe she is some sort of goddess. The sad part is that her makeup and shooping still makes her look ugly

No. 388049

it literally looks like she needs her entire breast tissue to achieve that if the baggy jacket wasn't over her, you'd see how flat the sides are and how big the rest of her is.

No. 388056


did this girl really photoshop a pair of tits on herself?

No. 388057


She smashes them together as hard as she can and then inflates them with photoshop. I actually have a sneaking suspicion that she steals the cleavage off of other models photos to stamp in the middle of her ps inflation nightmare because we all know what her real cleavage looks like.

No. 388060

File: 1495659057382.jpg (157.45 KB, 742x1184, vickyew.jpg)

if you take away that little boob touch thing (? idfk how to say it) you can tell how flat her tits really are.

No. 388068

Her hands look so hammy

No. 388071

Did she fuck up her eyes in Photoshop or does she have a lazy eye? The right one is wonky

No. 388083

Some anons have pointed that out In Previous threads. Not sure if photoshop mud or a real life lazy eye. But her face is truly a disaster in this one. Humans don't look like that.

No. 388150


She thinned her face out and made her chin smaller, subsequently making her nose look massive. Not to mention her eyes and eyebrows are way to close together and her face is smoothed out and liquified to the point of looking flat and one-dimensional. These are rookie photoshop mistakes. 0/10 Vic.

No. 388151

i like how she's resting her hand in the middle of her stomach but pretending she's hooked her thumb round the side to show off her 'tiny waist'
i reckon real life lazy eye, it always looks like that

No. 388156

>boob touch thing
Goddamn she is flat. And why would she shoop cleavage that clearly doesn't line up with where her tits indent the dress? It's that or she has teacup saucers for nipples.

No. 388160

jfc this look is so trashy that i'm weirdly charmed by it

No. 388166


She made her boobs look like Hank hill's ass. Small and pushed together real close.

No. 388177

Notice how her jaw has its own gravitational force that draws her hair to where she usually has her hands to cover her face…huh…strange

No. 388178

Someone shop her Simon Hammond boobs (aka her actual boobs) on this pic xD(xD)

No. 388275

File: 1495680678978.png (224.53 KB, 987x1491, IMG_9575.PNG)

her responses to these comments - it's just like the doninatrix post. she's really, really stupid

No. 388277

File: 1495680792638.png (204.82 KB, 1018x1564, IMG_9576.PNG)

photoshops herself to death and never let someone her actual body be shown on camera or video but posts ~body positive~ garbage

No. 388281

her editing history is hilarious, i am so glad fb allows that to be viewed now

also that's def her cheap faux leather jacket, and she appears to be the same size she is in the unedited photos we've seen although she'll tell you THOSE WERE SEVEN YEARS AGO

No. 388445

What's so funny though is that she's starting to get so big, that she's wearing things like corsets and jackets in all of her photos because they're becoming too tiring to fully edit.

No. 388855

File: 1495775548306.jpg (56.65 KB, 321x1038, 1495775472377.jpg)

Hwr hair around her jaw and boob are doing the weird warp thing again. Maybe vbm is a huge hoax and this whole time she's trolling fuck boys with her awful photoshopped body and copyright infringed boobs. One can be optimistic right?

No. 388857

I just love that she calls everything a photoshoot even though it is obviously her taking pics on self timer either with her crappy decor in the background or a white background so she can shop so weird ass scenery. Her edits are literally all the same. Lighting, editing, makeup, extensions that may come to life, bit you, and give you the black plague…the "photographer" is her. Also notice how she never gives credit to the photographer esp never any tags

No. 388893

who lies about shit like this? it's so fucking embarrassing.

No. 388955

Damn all the people on her instagram need to stop telling her she looks like fucking Lightning Farron from final fantasy. Her lard midget ass doesn't look like her in real life or in her digital painting shoops

No. 388995

>heart rate
>not resting heart rate
She…she didnt even see a nurse or a doctor in reality…She…is so fucking deluded jfc.

No. 389210

File: 1495842516361.jpg (184.13 KB, 500x750, IMG_8461.JPG)

For real though. I don't see the resemblance whatsoever. Lightning has pink, medium length hair that curls at the ends and the facial features are completely different.

No. 389247

File: 1495845694660.jpg (621.23 KB, 2048x2048, 01F07C2F-BA4E-43D3-8037-244B6B…)

What you think you look like. What you actually look like. Lol

No. 389253

god she really is a very short, chunky girl. it's not like, that if of a deal, except that she had this image of herself and digitally manipulates/uses filters/hides her face and all candies of true appearance. like, night and day. she is so delusional, like not even insecure, just delusional, with how beautiful/perfect/smart she is

lol and how skilled she is with swords or whatever, ugh so cringey

No. 389502

Could those people be trolling possibly? Even so, it's not funny and only makes her head bigger than it already is.

No. 389767

She's small, but not exactly flat. Pay attention to the lighting and shade on her chest.

No. 389940

File: 1495954340615.png (355.66 KB, 768x1280, IMG_20170528_024914.png)

Uh…what the hell @ these insta videos? Good lord.

No. 390110

File: 1495987026416.png (263 KB, 977x1316, IMG_9633.PNG)

after this, i commented with this

No. 390112

File: 1495987131017.png (129.79 KB, 1082x603, IMG_9631.PNG)

relevant because today she posted this. still so salty trying to explain away unshooped photos

also i found this hilarious post about how some school bully was mean to her friend and she said she'd fight them, and when she came to school the bully was sobbing

vic thinks she's some kind of badass and so strong haha oh god

No. 390115

File: 1495987249785.png (1.26 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_9635.PNG)

related, see her continuing reply

"this body could crack your face open"

lol oh vic

No. 390116

That was disturbing. Is she seriously trying to do the whole slut thing now? Or is she trying to show everyone how she maintains her "skinny" physique?

No. 390121


She's calling him out and blaming her frumpy body oh his skills as a photographer. Funny how none of his other clients had any issues. Pretty sure Vic's distorted image of herself is to blame for that and it's not his fault.

No. 390132

i think this shit about her eye color is ridiculous. it has to do with the light around you, how close the camera is etc.

No. 390134

lol on her fb she said in a relationship now, too

i can't believe this, gross gross gross

No. 390449

You're ridiculous.

No. 390456

File: 1496026374575.png (155.11 KB, 1035x1258, IMG_9638.PNG)

guys she's totally one of the boys despite being a respectable lady (not a slut so classy!) and being totally hot


No. 390458

so ladylike

No. 390482

So's your contribution to the thread.

Well, her face is (at least in certain angles), for starters.

No. 390546

>90% masculine
>40% feminine

How is she so dumb. How does she think she's so intelligent. HOW.

No. 390567

Is narcissistic personality disorder a disability? This seems so debilitating. The anxiety she exhibits towards her true nature being revealed (like her normal appearance, lack of a decent career, inability to form lasting loving relationships due to narcissism) strikes me as a complication of her disorder, one which could lead to major depression as she ages. Unfortunately the prognosis for a narcissist is very dismal, especially when they adamently refuse to accept treatment. Very sad.

No. 390575

File: 1496069813022.jpg (79.46 KB, 506x743, use-big-words-i-dont-understan…)

this is why she is one of my favorite cows. she tries so hard to be ALL THE THINGS and fucks it up majestically every damn time. then she doubles the delusion and more hilarity ensues.

No. 390601

Of course it's not a disability. It's not sad, either. People with NPD are less negatively affected by their disorder than the people around them, her narcissism will always make other people much more miserable than it will ever make her.

No. 390609

A bit off topic, but does Vic live on her own or is she still living with mommy and daddy? I can't imagine her living by herself.

No. 390620

I don't think she has NPD. Margo or onion would be better armchair examples.

Vic is just very, very stupid. Really stupid people are often narcisstic (as in the trait, not the personality disorder). Look at mira.

It's hard to wrap our heads around, but some people are actually just this dumb - no special reason

No. 390660


Is she mentally retarded? She legit sounds like someone with a very low IQ.

No. 390666

File: 1496086677961.jpg (53.41 KB, 480x500, IMG_0489.JPG)

The way her arm is shooped here is killing me

No. 390669


She's still at home with mom and dad, I can't imagine her being able to survive on her own. It must suck to be 30 and still not be able to drive/have a licence/have a car/your own place. Kek.

No. 390670

It's very telling the fact she isn't friends with any women. 29 and no best friend or long lasting friendships. The only one I recall her having is Bunny who started looking and acting like Vick, and she's such a narcissist that's the only reason why they got along (temporarily)

No. 390676

Her arm looks like a midget's. And I don't like the way she's holding that kitten.

No. 390677

Any proof? I'm too lazy to check the previous threads.

No. 390678

women who consider other women to just be "drama" are almost always the problem. how dysfunctional are you if at 29 you don't have a single meaningful relationship, friendship or otherwise?

i feel like her daily life must be pretty pathetic, like outside of gross fuckers following her on social media and her absolutely abysmally bad reputation in the tattoo industry in her area, she has nothing

she doesn't even work with that radio station anymore lol

No. 390680


She posted videos of her on the bus a little while ago and more recently about her taking the train. I mean, people who drive and have cars do both of those things as well but she would take heaps more ~car selfiessss~ if she actually had one. Plus she's always in the passengers seat when she does post anything in a car. Aside from the mustang she used to photoshop in to her photos kek.

Some anons on the previous thread took her address from the legal complaints she sent to kiwifarms and google searched it and its a nicer house in a subdivision. There is literally zero chance of vicky being able to afford something like that on her own.

No. 390685

Thanks. I figured that those bus videos were more factors of her lies. Even if she can't afford the house on her own, I wonder if she pays rent or not?

I'm amazed that her tongue hasn't turned black from all those lies yet.

No. 390687


she doesn't have any meaningful female friendships because she sleeps with everyone's boyfriends/ Husbands. she doesn't even bother to check if the men she's picking up have spouses, she just doesn't care.

No. 390697


Insinuating that Vicky would be capable of stealing anyone's man

Come on now, anon.

No. 390740

Implying that men have standards.

No. 390752

Not to defend her, but can you tell us more about this "Vicky sleeps with other women's boyfriends/husbands" business? I've just never heard this before.

No. 390766

this might be OT (saged accordingly) but she is from my area, and I may have had an impact on her getting into tattoos in the first place.

about seven or so years ago, she used to co-host a radio show called Anger Management on the Conestoga College radio station in Kitchener with a guy who calls himself "Gruesome Geddes" (pictured here >>354363) and another man who called himself Viktor Vanastra (might be a spelling mistake, been a while). My girlfriend and I at the time never missed a broadcast, and eventually ended up befriending the actual host (Geddes). during this time, fueled by a lot of heavy drinking I decided to order a scratcher kit from eBay and told them, as a joke, that I would tattoo myself live on webcam during the video portion of their broadcast. for weeks, I would continue to tattoo myself while they would narrate over radio, and every time she would critique "how cool would it be to be able to tattoo myself?"

after a few months of this, the hilarity of being drunk and tattooing myself on radio died down and I moved on but the three of them were still friends of mine on FB and eventually I started seeing posts by her asking people if they wanted to be tattooed by her. a lot of lip service later, never saw a single person who actually did - until one day her bf posts a picture on his facebook that she reposted of an absolutely horrid scratcher job on his throat.

to this day, I feel as though my actions on those particular radio shows may have lead to countless people being exposed to scratchwork or perhaps worse such as countless diseases, infections. FeelsBadMan

No. 390787

thats wild anon, but trust me. even if you had influence on her into getting into tattooing, it's not your fault shes crazy… so don't blame yourself!

No. 390794

pls tell us more about her anon!! did she have the fake accent then too? lol

No. 390798

there was never an accent. she was always pretty quiet unless they dragged that bunny alexander chick into the studio with them. in maybe 3 years on-air I don't recall her saying much of anything at all, certainly nothing of value. I'm trying to see if anyone recorded any of the stickam sessions. seems the guy originally hosting the show has moved it to another radio station - angermanagementradio.com

No. 390801

No. 390804

File: 1496115141653.jpg (110.25 KB, 720x960, IMG_0499.JPG)

The latest butchery

No. 390805

for a second I legitimately thought the berries were a breakout of hives or some shit, lol.

the tattoo as a whole looks really blurry and almost old looking. that thing is going to fade so bad on that poor person's foot. even good tattoos fade pretty fast on the foot.

No. 390807

oh good god…
a few years back i was looking into her to get a gemstone tattoo like this, I found her on insta and thought her photos were unreal…
She got fired from her studio a week after I found her…
after reading through all of her threads and seeing the afters of her tattoos and the shitty unedited versions of her tats, i think the universe did me a big favour…

sage for blog

No. 390815

File: 1496117304631.jpeg (10.46 KB, 254x198, 6854652.jpeg)

>bunny alexander

No. 390817

Shit, that looks infected.

No. 390828


Reposting this the right way. Good find anon

No. 390876


>that manhand cupping her tiddy

No. 390882

Yeah, whose hand is that?

No. 390883

Hers, she couldn't photoshop it without it being OBVIOUSLY obvious I'm guessing.

No. 390902

I wonder what happened to her and the whole radio crew, they almost look like they were all friends. Maybe that was the begginging of the whole shitshow that is vbm and they dropped her lol

No. 390904


Bunny was dating Viktor (Adam Hinz) at the time, and she is a very unstable, borderline personality disorder woman. Her and Victoria obviously had a toxic relationship based on mutual attention seeking and melodrama. From what I recall, Bunny got Viktor to ditch Victoria and that caused the rift.

No. 390918

No fake British accent..very interesting.

No. 390927

Bunny is now a washed up stripper married to a bouncer she met at her club.

No. 390935

Talk about the definition of hot mess.

No. 390939

Why do Bunny and Vicky both do the same makeup (cake face, thick eyeliner, falsies, red lipstick)?

No. 390941

Bunny found VBM on social media and emulated her. She was just 18 I believe. I actually like Bunny. If you look up her tumblr stripperwife.tumblr.com you can see a video she made about how she struggles with mental health, borderline personality disorder, etc. She's a lot more open about her shortcomings and flaws, and seems to be a pretty empathetic person. She's also naturally quite pretty. She may resemble Victoria but she's definitely more authentic and likeable.

No. 390945

Like, Shingles has to heavily manipulate every image of herself before sharing it publicly. Bunny is not misrepresenting herself. I'm sure she posts images with filters, but she's actually cute. Besides some surface details and a love of attention (which Bunny admits to) they're not really that much alike.

No. 390947


They used to both fake a British accent. Bunny doesn't do that anymore. But Vic used to be jealous of Bunny because she had the body that vic used to photoshop onto herself (bunny used to have an ED and photoshop herself as well but she was definitely smaller/curvier than vic). I'm glad B is speaking out about her past actions/BPD and at least being authentic now.

No. 390951

Correction: B still shoops for sure but it's nothing compared to Vic. I just checked her instagram and there's definitely a few weird warps around her waist/butt/chin.

No. 390960

That ankle tattoo she posted looks so different than the one posted on here. I can't imagine how her clients feel knowing their tattoo artist had to edit the tattoo they received because it's garbage.

No. 390962

Forever covering her face. Speaking of bunny, she looks kind of like 2011 bunny here. I always kind of liked bunny she did the Victoria Bella Morte persona better than Vicky did. Too bad she has poorly done tattoos all over her body now. Probably done by Vicky Shingles herself

No. 390963

File: 1496161995033.jpg (34.59 KB, 526x480, 1496161832776.jpg)


No. 390973

Bunny's tattoos aren't my favourite but I think she's kind of going for that Harley Quinn style reckless look… at least she is doing it to her own body and not other people's. Most of what people mock Bunny for happened while she was a teenager. She's an adult sex worker who speaks candidly about her struggles now… definitely not a cow. sage for off topic.

No. 390976

Also, only one of her tattoos was done by Shingles, it was the cameo sternum piece and she covered it over. That was her first tattoo - She was probably barely 18. I know her ED and outrageous behaviour was the worst when she was around Shingles. Who, by the way, was an adult at that time.

No. 391001

The comments on this post of hers are great. She just shows how retarded she actually is.

No. 391109

File: 1496186701620.jpg (431.88 KB, 1632x1259, IMG_3278.JPG)


Peeked at the comments on this, hilarious. There's more too. You can't argue with true and genuine stupidity, I guess.

No. 391131

If you dig deeper that guy made a public status about it and she commented on that too and everyone called her out for being stupid and she blocked him kek

No. 391132

Hahahaha what a dumb bitch. This is gold. I wish Vicky was more active like in the past. She is neverending entertainment and laughs.

No. 391150

Just read the status he posed. My sides.

No. 391158

No. 391160

Haha I can't read the convo because she blocked me

No. 391163

No. 391194

My favorite part is when they laughed at her claims of 200iq and 7 years of astrophysics studies listed on her linkdin profile.

No. 391359

Sage for irrelevancy
But that guys a /snow tier cow himself lol

His fb is full of /b-esque posts and neckbeard teir rants

Just proves: that icky's fans(or ex fans in this case) or cringey in their own right

No. 391366


>tfw a mentally unstable stripper seems happier and cuter than Victoria

No. 391371

Doesn't take much to be happier and cuter than puketoria

No. 391399

I don't really think bunny is relevant or attractive anymore tbh esp those tattoos Vicky probably butchered her with out of jealousy but least she's honest now. Vicky is still stuck in 16 yo Myspace days. She blames her shitty pics on being years old as if she's any different now

No. 391433

>His fb is full of /b-esque posts and neckbeard teir rants

I noticed the same thing too.

No. 391489

File: 1496259652247.jpg (202.14 KB, 1632x1632, IMG_3285.JPG)

There's some kind of black gums going on in her new video, didn't she just go get her ~teethies pro cleaned and lazered~ recently? Or is this just the filter. I know smoking can turn your gums grey but why do they still look so gross?

No. 391490

She said in a previous video '0% snapchat filter'. As if the obvious Instagram filter isn't a thing…

No. 391491

File: 1496259890051.jpg (Spoiler Image, 286.55 KB, 1632x1632, IMG_3285.JPG)

Just took the exposure down to normal and this is what it looks like.

No. 391519

Oh god her gums are disgusting!

No. 391546


Maybe that's why she always covers her mouth/face in candids and videos.

No. 391555

That's actually caused by crowns.

I don't know what it is, it's something about the metal they use to fuse it on. Her "whitening" was probably a crown replacement which is needed every like 10(?) Years.

No. 391675

in another video before she made fun of girls saying no filter either an obvious filter and it was so ironic, considering her claims of her appearance and heavy photoshopping and filters

No. 391677

with not either, fuck sorry mobile

No. 391939

Someone needs to destroy their body by getting a tattoo from her so they can snag a pic and see what she looks like irl. Though her excuse would be "it's 7 minutes old"

No. 392012

All these anons who live near her should go to her "shop" for a consultation for a tattoo they won't even get and snag some pictures in that moment instead of mutilating themselves. :p

No. 392013

give me an address, I'm the anon in
I would gladly let her tattoo me bringing my own needles

No. 392016

It's in Guelph, Ontario. You have to mssg her on Facebook WANT INK or some bullshit so she will see it in her inbox that overflowing with all the men chasing this ~absolute goddess~ and then take it from there.

No. 392018

You're our hero anon. Taking one for the team like a champ.

No. 392020

File: 1496353118911.png (55.32 KB, 745x402, IMG_8465.PNG)

I swear she has the mind of a fucking 13 year old. What person in their 30's posts shit like this? It's just plain weird.

No. 392021

do you think, as someone who has sterile equipment that she will do it? I mean, if I pressure her to use the equipment I use?

I'm willing to take one for the team, but I'm not willing to catch something for a meme

No. 392043

She probably would. Would save her from using her own crap

No. 392077

holy fuck this would make me so happy

No. 392122

It seems to be an early sign of gingivitis. My ex was a smoker and she didn't brush as often as she should of and was starting to get grey splotches on her gum lines. Pretty damn gross if you ask me.

No. 392188

Omg please do it! You are the hero we need.

No. 392222

honestly, even if all the equipment is sterile, who knows what's in that shop and if she cleans it properly [if at all] so that combined with her seriously shitty 'skills', you're still putting yourself at a high risk, just saying.

No. 392224

i am 24 and have been a pack a day since 19, but brush 2-3 times a day and floss and see my dentist. i imagine it's poor hygiene on top of smoking, i mean look at Vic's hair or consider she probably never takes off her makeup. hygiene isn't her thing lol

No. 392607

Are crowns on the incisors common? I thought veneers were used for front teeth. Sage for being ignorant about these things.

No. 392965

File: 1496594284262.png (376.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-04-18-33-49…)

Holy fuck shingles you are the least subtle person to walk the planet.

Spend less time lurking here and more time cleaning up your grotty cave and diet.

No. 393014

Oh my god she's getting torn to shreds on her fan page right now because she's been posting a TON of islamaphobic articles from unreliable sources and trying to weigh in on British politics but failing miserably to defend her points. Too much to post here. Y'all should go see it before she deletes everyone's comment who isnt kissing her ass.

No. 393027

Please screenshot!

No. 393028

It's not a thing, to be fair.

Go back to Tumble and stop defending people who would kill you in an instant no thoughts about it.

No. 393034

Pls go. This is about laughing at vickys hilariously misguided attempts to look ~intelligent and cultured~ not your personal views. Sage for OT.

No. 393043

File: 1496608334595.png (128.34 KB, 975x740, IMG_3338.PNG)


Most of her comments are as per usual riddled with spelling and grammatical mistakes, copy and pasting random paragraphs repeatedly from unreliable sources as proof all while managing to air out her ego and make sure everyone knows how great she is at every opportunity. Never change, Vic.

No. 393130

this definitely didn't happen lol

No. 393418

Honestly. How many "tattoo shops" have no Facebook page, no Google review function, and no public location? This is a scary level of scratcher because it's so cleverly masked. How she can get away with this is shocking. She's destroying people's skin and somehow gets away with it ???

No. 393426


This is the same person that thought the attorney general of Canada would come running to her aid because people were being mean on the internet. She thinks she can get away with whatever because her perception of reality is so heavily skewed. Nobody in their right mind would go to a tattoo artist whose had no apprenticeship or professional training, but here we are.

No. 393494

It definitely should not be legal.

No. 393584

If she's using dettol to sanitize and prep clients' skin instead of green soap, then she's definitely getting these compliments; but it's definitely not because she takes care of her shop. Dettol just has a strong scent.

sage for nothing contributing.

No. 393649

File: 1496724202247.jpg (51.53 KB, 436x604, IMG_0482.JPG)

Was going through some of her pictures and laughing at bad shoops and this one is just ridiculous.

No. 393650

File: 1496724259473.png (816.89 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0676.PNG)


I turned up the brightness and her body just doesn't make any sense to me where her hammy hand is

No. 393682

Well, although both are on the same topic, I agree that Anon didn't need to blog about it.

No. 393692

Looks like two boobs on top of each others. Who wouldn't want double boobs, kek?

No. 393723

She tried to shop it to look like shes holding a part of her ribcage, aka thin enough for ribcage to show. Too bad she has never seen her ribcage, so it didnt turn out well.

No. 393760

jfc it looks like she is smuggling a cantaloupe under her coat.

No. 393761

Can't unsee it now. Kek.

No. 393766

File: 1496766054703.jpg (106 KB, 1072x1369, 1496766024769.jpg)

Her corset tattoo is so stretched to give herself a fake ribcage..look at that top piece, no wonder she photoshopped it so dark

No. 393768

The saddest part is that she's even worse with Photoshop now. Those wedding photos with the warped wood still haunt me. That is textbook Photoshop noob behavior and she's been hiding her actual self for years

No. 393772

File: 1496767115103.png (218.03 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3350.PNG)

This is possibly one of my favourite vickyshoops. The top hand was compressed by her enlarging her boobs and the bottom hand was stretched to death from her pulling her waist in.

No. 393774

Also that MS paint-tier fake necklace shoop tho.

No. 393777

And the fake curls to her right under her boob

No. 393847

One gigantic yaoi hand to compensate one midget hand. Seems legit.

No. 394135

File: 1496825324915.png (92.03 KB, 588x905, IMG_0754.PNG)

Shingles posted 3 instagram videos speaking in her shitty faked accent and the last one posted is my personal favourite because she tells people to just "be themselves" something she can't even do while speaking in a horrible faked accent and 6 different filters on her face.

No. 394161

File: 1496845240117.jpg (38.47 KB, 450x450, tumblr_o5wplxrLjK1ursdxpo1_500…)

That Wilson tit tho.

No. 394177

You can actually hear her natural Canadian accent slip out. She can't even fake an accent convincingly.

No. 394178

i like how she posted a video of a snack that was perfectly clear yet every image of her/her shitty tattoos are grainy, filtered and shooped yet still look like crap.

No. 394188

She keeps using Snapchat filters over her insta videos and the glowy pink flower crown one that she seems to use all the time thins your face out significantly/lightens and enlarges your eyes and smooths out your skin. She needs to stop pretending it's unedited.

No. 394211

File: 1496856738743.png (41.65 KB, 750x265, IMG_3359.PNG)

Commented on her recent insta video with at least two eye lightening filters layered shared to fb. Her lies are unreal. Kek.

No. 394215

Why is there a dead bird in her hair?

No. 394303

wears feathered headpiece
is instantly filled w/ new age hippy wisdom to impart on the troglodytes of the nation

No. 394312

File: 1496876596702.jpg (51.91 KB, 354x500, IMG_9725.JPG)

No. 394313

File: 1496876628606.jpg (44.8 KB, 361x500, IMG_9723.JPG)

No. 394314

File: 1496876660327.jpg (27.2 KB, 500x349, IMG_9726.JPG)

No. 394315

File: 1496876676295.jpg (42.78 KB, 310x500, IMG_9727.JPG)

No. 394316

File: 1496876734051.jpg (83.12 KB, 568x960, IMG_9730.JPG)

lol oh wow

No. 394317

File: 1496876771574.jpg (41.29 KB, 450x600, IMG_9718.JPG)

No. 394318

File: 1496876793174.jpg (38.39 KB, 400x728, IMG_9715.JPG)

No. 394319

File: 1496876874426.jpg (37.51 KB, 308x500, IMG_9724.JPG)

k done with my dump if some photos i hadn't seen posted sorry for any reuploads

No. 394322

Is this actually her? If it is, this style suits her so much better than whatever mess she's doing now

No. 394327

That's Shingles??? Are you serious? I can't believe it. No freaking way. There's actually a legitimately pretty face under all that drag makeup.

No. 394328

She looks really good there. I finally understand the people who claimed she looks like Lightning from FF.

No. 394329

i believe it is. found it on a fb profile from 2012. all other images were of her - the thing about vic is she IS naturally rather pretty, not a knock out, but idk. it's her awful styling and filters and gaudy tatstes and tacky crazy photoshop that's the issue. and her ridiculous delusional personality lol.

i doubt there's any hope for her, in her work, appearance, and mentality and self image.

No. 394330

I don't think that's her anon.

No. 394332

shot i am an idiot then. idk why it's in russian seems like someone was posing as her. here's the source https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=108501015961322&set=pb.100004042728616.-2207520000.1496877476.&type=3&theater
my apologies for shitting up the thread then

No. 394335

File: 1496878332742.jpg (22.48 KB, 402x495, 384181_519169508112805_1259555…)

Definitely not Shingles, but girl is attractive.

Here is some actual old Shingles.

No. 394337

File: 1496878516230.jpg (32.4 KB, 360x479, x_b84fd64e.jpg)

No. 394344

haha that's the mug we know ! thank you anon, sorry again for confusion

jeez she really doesn't do herself an you favors with that ridiculous harsh makeup

No. 394480

File: 1496904855518.jpg (24.29 KB, 244x324, IMG_0774.JPG)

~blowing kisses to the haters~

No. 394482

File: 1496905254339.jpg (51.64 KB, 720x551, IMG_0770.JPG)

No. 394483

File: 1496905276927.jpg (50.53 KB, 337x500, IMG_0772.JPG)

No. 394484

File: 1496905549873.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0775.PNG)

Shoops herself poorly and into a horribly obvious photoshopped background. Claims to be in Spain. What the actual fuck.

No. 394494

God, it's like she really liked those trashy fantasy paintings with chicks with big boobs, wolves and daggers popular 10 years ago and never moved past that.

No. 394503

Right? It's like you can FEEL the velvet background

No. 394531

She reminds me of an IMVU character.

No. 394553


A video not made/edited by Vicky… lots of gold in there.

You're welcome.

No. 394554

Holy shit, does anyone notice how super model skinny her left left looks compared to her right leg in this photo????? Hahahaha my fucking sides are splitting!!!

No. 394555

File: 1496930932041.png (490.6 KB, 922x483, wg5YsNs.png)

This confirms my suspicions, Vicky used to be thin but she started to get fat. Then as she aged, she had to start shopping to keep up the look. Which in part, made her so delusional.

Dumping vicky screenshots, she appears multiple times for half a second.

No. 394557

File: 1496931123507.png (731.86 KB, 882x493, 1L2c0lV.png)

Her wrists are tiny here and she legit looks about 120-130lbs.

Basically, something wrent mentally very wrong with her after this. Her makeup looks decent, her hair and extensions are OK (not great). She looks thin and happy, even energetic.

It's bizarre.

No. 394559

Left leg*. God damn autocorrect.

No. 394560

File: 1496931526399.png (892.47 KB, 1119x500, XiUiNh8.png)

I wonder what happened, her arm is actually thin here and she looks pretty good? (She's clearly crouched over, so no nitpicking the stomach, thats fucking stupid)

No. 394561

File: 1496931721601.png (969.29 KB, 1097x498, earZVYr.png)

Best vicky bodyshot comparison to the other people. She's actually thin for real, I mean she's clearly not fit.

No. 394563

File: 1496932076822.png (885.36 KB, 1086x432, lTtjYVC.png)

No. 394564

File: 1496932164225.png (64.69 KB, 481x875, IMG_8467.PNG)

Another pic not edited by Vick.

No. 394565

ok nvm her makeup was terrible even back then.

At least she wasn't fat.

No. 394577

File: 1496936366205.png (71 KB, 736x749, IMG_9947.PNG)

Around 3:12 you can see a better full-body image. No, anon, she wasn't "skinny" then. She's never been a skinny girl. She's just gone to great lengths to appear that way to her impressionable teen followers and neckbeard men.

No. 394578

File: 1496936680189.png (31.24 KB, 518x534, IMG_9949.PNG)


Maybe less than now, but still not a "thin" girl. It's digusting how she promotes this standard of beauty that she doesn't even possess.

No. 394596

File: 1496938454215.jpg (283.04 KB, 988x2048, w_11da197c.jpg)

In some photos with her ex, she does look fairly thin. She's gained and lost weight a few times over the years.

No. 394597

Agreed. She was always chubby and square even at her "best". Shes trying to give the impression of an hourglass figure with her shoops but shes really blocky in real life. It's not the worst thing in the world but it's definitely not what she's trying to portray.

This photo was edited by Vic so honestly it can't be trusted.

No. 394600

File: 1496939132280.jpg (57.83 KB, 371x700, y_71f773a7.jpg)

Oh no, she definitely shooped it but it doesn't look completely unreal- my point was that she was either genuinely slimmer (and shooped herself well) or she's always been big and has gotten horrible with Photoshop over time, if that makes sense.

No. 394605

File: 1496939863456.png (49 KB, 750x965, IMG_3368.PNG)


You can see how warped the doorknob is behind her in this, she tried to blur it but it didn't really work. I think she's just been putting on weight and her shoops have been getting worse because it requires more liquification. She was never thin but it was at least easier to photoshop when it was only shaving off a few pounds. Apparently she's always blown her boobs up to insane proportions compared to her real ones though.

No. 394628

She was definetly thinner, she has never been good at shooping her hands, here they're pretty much non-shopped.
Yeah looks about 120-130lbs at 5'1, I believe she's super short? I mean she's crouching over a bit in it, so the pooch is hard to judge really.

She definetly was a lot thinner, but not fit. She's probably actually apple shaped.

Exactly, she probably used to shave off 10-15lbs with photoshop, which could be pulled off irl as good poses.
Now she photoshops off 40lbs, so it looks like shit.>>394605
for vickys photoshopping skills, since she has no idea how to fix the background, she didn't shop it nearly as much as she does now.

No. 394661

File: 1496952366445.jpg (61.35 KB, 500x375, gjhgjhg.jpg)

Okay so, when I was young and stupid I used to follow her and Bunny a little bit. I'm glad now looking at these old photos because they don't look completely unrealistic like some of her other photos. Still shooped but when you're a young scenie weenie you expect them to at least look somewhat like their photos in real life. It seems like back then, she didn't need to shoop half as much as she does now.

No. 394662

File: 1496952580463.png (214.2 KB, 291x400, 264if5v.png)

Here's another. Not sure how old it is, but sometimes she would do more minimal makeup and actually look believable. You can tell she was still on the chubby side though.

No. 394664


I dont think i've ever seen any photos where her collarbones are showing (except one reeeally old one and she was trying). Generally people who are thinner or sometimes even a little chubby have visable collarbones but she has never had any? This is why im hugely skeptical of the whole "vicky was thin once" because even in her old photos there is no evidence of them anywhere.

No. 394690

File: 1496959149154.jpg (122.98 KB, 769x1024, 0cOnPvrSUMX.jpg)

Huh, I never noticed the collar bone thing, nice observation.

More old Vicks.

No. 394694

>>394661 ugh Bunny used to be so hot. She's like the hot friend who shopped like Vicky but never actually need to

In other news, Vicky looks awful imo she looks like the mom who wants to hang out with her kids friends

No. 395001

Anon, where did you find this picture?

No. 395002

vicky's in a "scene kids: where are they now" article and she's the only one who didn't change lmao


No. 395005

just by her face vs candids now you can see she was significantly thinner.

No. 395007

christ she really has not changed her hair or anything in a decade. it's so weird - a lot of these ex scene queens went on to different kinds of "alternative" fashion (or appealing to different kinds of people, i guess - hanna beth's more streamlined brand ambassador/socialite thing comes to mind) - but vicky shingles is so stuck in the past and it's amazing to me how… well, generally uncool? she is - she really works hard to essentially be a walking Ed Hardy t-shirt and appeal to the trashiest, most "yikes!" people. i get major secondhand embarrassment from it

(also, is hilary haywire MyCherryCrush? they look awfully similar)

No. 395008

Yes she is mycherrycrush

No. 395010

>first on the list is Kiki


No. 395394

She's so condescending "see the difference between me and other people…"

There is no difference between you and other people that would make you better than anyone. You have flaws, imperfections and insecurities just like everyone else.

You live in a glass tower and it must be very lonely.

No. 395428

File: 1497124826042.jpg (76.06 KB, 645x486, Emo_2dc6a4_2825272.jpg)


i wouldn't say glass tower; i envision her in a swamp made of caked up makeup and cigarette smoke, like a scene Shrek.

No. 395532

at least shrek had awareness that he wasn't the hottest shit around. also easier on the ears

No. 395551

I had to delete her off Facebook. I seriously couldn't stand seeing her talking about herself out her ass and trying to sound smart while making spelling errors. And she takes offense to anything someone says unless they are directly sucking up to her ass saying how beautiful she is. If only they knew her true non shooped form. And people seriously buy her hacked up fake accent on her 30 layer filter videos

No. 395722

File: 1497215529048.png (986.61 KB, 1105x819, received_1350634765026158.png)

Lmao I want to know more about this nutter butter and what happened between them

No. 395863

File: 1497247257389.png (215.5 KB, 726x1114, IMG_8475.PNG)

He's just another neckbeard who seems to hang around a ton of slutty women. But apparently his daughter's mother is another alt model.

No. 395876

File: 1497250914708.png (856.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0462.PNG)

He has a type.

No. 395883

>my Daughter's Mother
what awkward phrasing

No. 395921

local anon here, hess, or more commonly known as Hess Village is the dirtiest part of hamilton. would expect shingles to be here

No. 395992

Saw all 5'0 158 lbs of her last night at a concert in toronto caked in makeup. her schnoz in person is huge. she does not even remotely look like her online persona… kinda freaky.

No. 395993

What concert, anon?

No. 395995

File: 1497298555646.png (171.5 KB, 750x957, IMG_3526.PNG)

You mean this?

Smashed herself into that gold corset like a summer sausage again, apparently.

No. 396011

File: 1497301942311.jpg (401 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170612_171107.jpg)

no anon, she totally does look like that irl, she was just drunk and the lighting was bad

No. 396012


>wearing a fucking sunhat indoors

No. 396015

Rise against, she was wearing that hat haha

No. 396016

She has no wrist ahahha and that bracelet or whatever the fuck is digging into her skin.

No. 396017

I wonder if her friends get annoyed by her constantly commenting excuses for her non shopped self to save face online. It would drive me insane.

No. 396021

'Shitty lighting'…nope that's just your fat face Shingles.

No. 396025

"his daughter's mother" is so much better looking than Icky Vicky. this girl's style is tacky as hell just like Vicky's, but she looks waaay more put together than her

No. 396072

Rise against, deftones, thrice

No. 396089

I wonder how loaded Scott tolerates her. In every pic he's ever uploaded, she complains about some lighting or some other shit.

No. 396140

File: 1497330333082.png (102.72 KB, 564x616, IMG_0896.PNG)

Damn she is such a hammy girl

No. 396141

File: 1497330378340.png (97.2 KB, 640x626, IMG_0895.PNG)

That super wide un shooped waist.

No. 396142

Those extensions are frightening.

No. 396154

Looking at her rotten looking mouth makes me want to never stop brushing mind

No. 396155

Lmfao I just realized her hand is up because she's trying to hide her witch chin

No. 396156

File: 1497333275251.jpg (274.77 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170613_014923.jpg)

I was lurking for cringey comments / comment edits from Vic on FB and laughed my head off at this. This guy made up a conspiracy theory that a conspiracy theory is a conspiracy to cover other conspiracies. Her fans are ridiculous.

No. 396157

Her eyebrows are so unflattering and aging, changing those alone would do wonders

No. 396164

File: 1497334826265.jpg (432.88 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170613_021823.jpg)

just … raw

No. 396202

File: 1497358784190.png (78.26 KB, 750x517, IMG_3540.PNG)

Just peeked at the comments on the buzzfeed article and there is not one mention of her anywhere aside from "who the fuck are these people" and most of the comments are "I only know Jeffrey star". And correct me if I'm wrong but is she stating that she is/was more popular than Jeffrey star here?

No. 396204

Does anyone actually remember her as a scene queen? I sure don't, and I followed most of them at some point. Is someone at Buzzfeed also a farmer, or does her thread show up high in search results for washed up scene queens?

No. 396252

He's not entirely wrong, it was a saying in the olden times. It meant you were an idiot or backwards. Literally only recently have people been believing the earth was flat due to celebrities.

No. 396258

yeah I definitely remember seeing her face all over Myspace during her prime, her pictures were everywhere

No. 396284


>tfw when this broke bitch living in butthole of nowhere gets to see deftones and thrice and i can't

No. 396285

Pretty sure she only goes to shows when loadedscott buys her tickets and drives her there tbh.

No. 396312

File: 1497379184567.png (446.79 KB, 516x543, Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 2.31…)


This is true, she was there with Scott.

No. 396341

Yeah I saw her in myspace. I was a scenie fag and saw her mostly used for those follow for follow trains things but never saw her as a scene queen or be labeled as such Hana

No. 396421

Both of those bands are always touring it's ok anon. But holy shit she low-key reminds me of Tiffany Joy Vine (a cow in her own right if you know who I'm talking about). I love watching washed up hags go to these shows looking like a hot mess.

No. 396474

File: 1497406470303.png (14.74 KB, 498x165, lipstick.png)

She really is a 40-something washed up mom, good god.

No. 396478

do people even do lipstick parties anymore??? did they ever??? kek that post is so embarrassing

No. 396490

this post is about as current as her fashion sense

No. 396588

She's so frustrating because her "buxom bar wench" style adds about 20 lbs to her frame and ages her immensely. I actually think she's quite pretty and has that Jessica Simpson bone structure. She just needs to be updated badly.

No. 396690

File: 1497452860337.jpg (29.78 KB, 604x434, lol10.jpg)


No. 396692


Taking the extreme exposure off of her candids is nightmare fuel. ~tru form~

No. 396693

File: 1497453207628.png (124.12 KB, 1334x750, IMG_3548.PNG)

Whoops forgot pic

No. 396814

looks fine to me. everyone uses filters nowadays and she doesnt even have them on that many photos but even if that were the case, so what? I happen to like that particular pic, filter or no filter. Stop nitpicking

No. 396816

What are you talking about? She has filters on every photo and video ever. She layers her filters like crazy and will have more than 1 on most.

No. 396818

Her teeth are the colour of movie popcorn

No. 396821

Think many of us anons in this thread agree Victoria has the potential to be pretty; I personally think she has a lovely smile (since she got her teeth whitened). But the look she's going for – fantasy-perfect video babe – just isn't working. And no amount of bleach, extensions, corsets, push-up bras, makeup, filters and Photoshop can make it so.

But she keeps trying to convince us. It actually makes me sad for her .

No. 396822

real mature. Dunno what popcorn you been eating mate

No. 396835


Is vicky back in this thread?

No. 396839

No. Just because I happen not to agree with what has been said it does not make me her. I'm sure this girl has done plenty of horrible things, she must have as this post on her has so many replies. I just think its grasping at straws and a low blow insenuateing that shes got popcorn teeth just because the picture in question has a warm filter over it

No. 396846

Seems awfully samefaggy here over her yellow, nicotine stained teeth.

No. 396851

Sure is Vicky in here.

No. 396857

You're not very good at subtlety, Vic.

No. 396891

"insenuateing"? jesus christ

No. 396900

How are those delusions of grandeur and compulsive lies treating you these days, Vic?

No. 396947

Buttered and yellow just like those smoke stained teeth

No. 396986

ngl, that sounds pretty disgusting. but why say that on FB anyway, jesus

No. 397014


You're teeth are yellow even in the lightest filter! Bleach your teeth again, or better yet get a deep cleaning. Brush and floss. It's not that hard.

No. 397088

File: 1497526175250.png (79.44 KB, 738x941, IMG_8477.PNG)

Just found this gem

No. 397092

File: 1497526567818.png (59.62 KB, 750x851, IMG_8478.PNG)

No. 397094

File: 1497527392411.png (113.85 KB, 750x1085, IMG_8480.PNG)

No. 397095

File: 1497527440600.png (103.67 KB, 739x1030, IMG_8479.PNG)

Don't know if these have been posted but they need to be.

No. 397096

File: 1497527968912.png (889.92 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8481.PNG)

And this one is so…odd looking. It may be the fact that Vick and the girl on the left both look so manly.

No. 397103

File: 1497533016364.jpg (528.28 KB, 2048x2048, D03DABF6-128C-40F4-988D-E71979…)

Can anyone spot the difference?

No. 397180

File: 1497553111743.jpg (47.24 KB, 540x288, IMG_20170615_145618.jpg)

This status in combination with that lipstick party one just makes her seem so out of touch. Your age is showing, Vicky.

No. 397184

File: 1497554230375.jpg (59.39 KB, 540x521, IMG_20170615_151530.jpg)

When you share a post making fun of people for bagging on one band, then bag on an entire genre of music a few days later.

No. 397503

Yea such a tragedy men don't want to stick with one girl and end up sleeping around. eye roll

Obviously poor icky vicky has been tossed aside a lot. Seems to be a projecting status as who fucking cares if people choose to sleep around ? No one needs to stick with one girl or one guy.

Maybe if you grew up Vic, you'd find someone who doesn't mind being stuck with you for more than a month.

No. 397718


Will she ever grow up though? I mean, she can't be THAT immature and self-centered for all her life.

No. 397742

File: 1497647472627.png (293.77 KB, 529x629, received_1356201897802778.png)

First she thought a party hoax was a real thing, now she thinks this came from an actual Christian group. It's from a meme page. I fucking can't. #behindthesepalegreeneyes

No. 397766

File: 1497650786011.jpg (29.37 KB, 540x262, IMG_20170616_180522.jpg)

I died

No. 397768

You can't be serious my fucking sides.

No. 397770

She fucking misspelled painful , too.

No. 397795

One of the many reasons she's the perfect example of an lolcow.

No. 397805

She literally has no idea what a joke is. Humor and satire are like second languages to her. Every time a fan or follower had a joke, she responded like it was serious and they had to always explain to her that it was a joke.

New banner Imo. This is gold.

No. 397860

I agree! Make this into a banner asap!

No. 397864

aha agreed, new banner pls. oh vicki never change with your delusions of grandeur despite being considerably less intelligent, talented, and attractive than the average person.

No. 397865

hashtag was a great touch thanks for the laugh, omg. she's so dense

No. 397918

File: 1497673994443.jpg (393.06 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170617_002741.jpg)

Lol my friend posted a comment, Vicky deleted it, messaged her an empty threat then blocked her.

No. 397923

This is pure gold.
Talks shit about a wig
Has the most ratchet rat nest extensions I've ever seen. Vic should take her own "advice"

My sides. RIP

No. 397928

File: 1497675947901.png (31.22 KB, 497x306, painfull.png)

>the follow up
>no reply


No. 397930

Hahaha she's lost it.
"…and do another shitty photo shoot"
Hmm…what about all of those pathetic little "photo shoots" she does in her hovel?? She's practically the queen of shitty photo shoots.

No. 397932

Also lel cause my friend buys nice wigs from reputable companies and can afford to live in Toronto cause her modeling career is doing well unlike ickyvicky.

No. 397934

Hahahaha this is fucking hilarious! She's so damn stupid, it kills me.

No. 397961

File: 1497684389514.jpg (48.78 KB, 540x506, IMG_20170617_032338.jpg)

Nah she didn't misspell anything , she totes meant it

No. 397965

Makes fun of wig; but wears ratchet extensions

Asks person if they're 5 for "putting someone down"; puts person down by attack their looks and profession

Implied other person does a bad job at modeling; literally the worst model after momo

Vicky is the queen of projection.

No. 397997

it's totally fun to "purposely" misspell words while making fun of other people for being stupid! bitch, get real.

No. 398099

File: 1497729985288.png (20.74 KB, 506x175, received_1357180501038251.png)

I see a pattern here …

No. 398154

I feel like she's borderline disabled and her 2001 MySpace fame went straight to her head where the fantasy has remained ever since.

Note that her VBM illusion is shallow and the topics she posts are either 1) fishing for compliments 2) im not like other girls 3) failed attempts at being political and oh so intelligent or 4) want inked?

Not much going on up in that noggin

No. 398313

File: 1497789429546.png (258.09 KB, 865x368, sickburnsbyvicky.png)

Looks like Vickys camera isnt shit has been proven, she purposefully tones down the resolution to keep up the facade. This far it has been speculation, but she posted a video that proves it.


Vicky also spent her time trying to shame some girl publically with her sick burns

No. 398314

To be technical, Myspace wasn't around until 2003. Just thought I'd correct you on that, anon.

No. 398335

File: 1497799556218.png (277.37 KB, 1063x1591, IMG_9830.PNG)


No. 398338

Is she going to "sew the owner senseless" again? I love Vickys legal escapade sagas, because somehow she always fucks it up. Like by sending Kiwifarms a legal threat instead.

No. 398340

File: 1497801589646.png (123.58 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20170618-022621.png)

No. 398342

File: 1497801729774.jpg (Spoiler Image, 251.52 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170618_120111.jpg)

Then she messaged on everything and commented on my photos with insults ?

No. 398343

File: 1497801835520.png (156.71 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20170616-183939.png)

Fuck accidental spoiler in last one and sorry for samefagging but this is my bf "hitting on her"

No. 398346

File: 1497802623316.jpg (10.32 KB, 275x240, 1494353450068.jpg)


Did you just doxx yourself on lolcow?

No. 398347

Yeah just realized I forgot to blank out my shit cause I'm fucking retarded

No. 398349

you can delete before 30mins is up.

No. 398357

reads this 45 mins after

No. 398373

File: 1497808678759.png (139.88 KB, 517x919, iconic.png)

>>having Natural Born Killers as your cover photo
>>posting pic related

No. 398380

Not my post, but I did send that person the link and didn't explain anything so my bad.

No. 398385

I wonder if a class action lawsuit from the people whose skin she's fucked up will teach her a couple things about the law?

No. 398449

File: 1497824968023.png (133.93 KB, 716x1055, IMG_8493.PNG)

Wait, I'm confused. So you wrote everything that's in blue in this picture? It would make more sense if she said these things.

No. 398465

No man, she sent that shit.

No. 398532

I really really want her to try and sue someone. It'd be amazing. You think the Attorney General would have to get involved again on her behalf? Maybe she'd get served a dose of reality?

No. 398559

If this is the FB messenger, then the blue ones are anons, the gray ones are Vics. Sent messages are on the right, hers would be on the left. At least that's what the standard layout is.


No. 398565

Nnnno? I just checked right now and it's the opposite, Vic sent the blue. Also the check mark next to the messages show that they've been succesfully sent but not recieved.

No. 398617

>come here and say it to my face
take your own advice Vic. like you sit there shit talking people online, why not just square up in person? oh right, b/c you're a photo shop failure that would probably use other people to fight for you.

No. 398623

File: 1497883829152.jpg (129.07 KB, 865x1080, IMG_20170619_104332.jpg)

Nothing we don't already know but still funny when people who know her IRL confirm

No. 398636

the wild thing about this is it was taken on the same day, in the same outfit. she'd still probably whine about angles and a bad photographer or some garbage or this was seven years ago!!!

No. 398658

I love that it's always seven years ago xD

No. 398726

File: 1497903954494.png (68.04 KB, 640x860, IMG_1001.PNG)

What a fucking mess

No. 398732

File: 1497905324821.jpg (30.9 KB, 540x248, 1198488.jpg)

got inspired after hearing one of her replies to someone for something or other

feel free to use

No. 398781

Ugh yeah she called someone a troglodyte and I was instantly like "but you don't know what that means"

No. 398806

She looks like a 90 Christina Aguilera drag queen. & No Vicky, that is most definitely not a compliment

No. 398874

File: 1497933360408.png (54.73 KB, 200x120, uGdukQd.png)

I just read all the threads about and I'd just like to sing my praises to whoever made with this signature for her.
It's just so perfect and fitting.

No. 399013

File: 1497975241788.jpg (408.43 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170620_120910.jpg)

Lol , Vicky trying to sound informed … Has to edit the status 4 times and stole it from Wikipedia anyway.



No. 399073

File: 1497983913511.png (87.68 KB, 1080x542, Screenshot_20170620-193445_01.…)

Oh the professionalism is staggering!

Booking appointments and failing to take down anything but first name and not noticing until the day? Now I'm not super hot on the whole tattooing thing but surely..

No. 399089


tattoo fag here
everybody has different ways of handling their books, but you'd think she'd at least have a consultation or proof of deposit sheet stored somewhere accessible with lauren's full name, telephone number, appointment date and time, and what she wanted tattooed during her session.

permanently altering someone's body is a big deal, vic; especially when the possibility of blood borne pathogens is involved. maybe you should take your job more seriously.

sage for nitpicking

No. 399107

Been at it for 10 years and her pics are still Mogel Mayhem-tier. Has she not looked at a photoshop tutorial since the myspace days? It's all contrasted and liquified to shit. Her idea of a stylish look is a cheap corset, no pants, fried hair mixed with fake hair, hands on top of head/face. Be more boring and repetitive, Vicky. She should watch how Bella Kotak edits her photos if she insists on these gratuitous fantasy glamour portraits.

No. 399110

That's more or less what I would expect from someone who blames her customers for shoddy work and thinks stencils are a waste of time. Shit like this is why a reputable shop would never hire her.

No. 399299

She went through the trouble of removing the citation numbers from the copy/paste, but thought re-writing it in her own words would be, what, too time consuming or too difficult?

Also noticed that most of her "official" page status likes rarely break rarely go beyond 400 even though over 100k "people" have liked her page. Compare it to her instagram where she has 5k people following her and gets a similar amount of likes per post. It's safe to say many of those FB page likes were most likely bought. The pit of her insecurity really has no bottom, does it?

No. 399503

Shes's a walking Dunning–Kruger effect.

No. 400019

File: 1498021909663.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1028.PNG)

Such an awkward pose she's trying real hard to suck in all she can so there's less to shoop away. The tits are fuckin lol

No. 400020

the face is what gets me, even more than the shitty shoop. like holy shit yikes

No. 400021

That's her only pose, other than the hand covering her face. She seems to believe hands hooked at the elbow and touching at the middle finger over her waist indicates being thin? Or so she said


No. 400022

she's on the same time as me and this was around 4am…girl what are you doing, you're thirty?

No. 400085

File: 1498038347472.jpg (66.76 KB, 540x691, IMG_20170621_053402.jpg)

The latest botchery. Just looks infected. But she's in looooove.

No. 400165

>>400019 her friend Mel Rose photographed the "bridal runway" kek. I'm sure if someone who wouldn't allow her to altar the fuck out of their photos was present, she wouldn't have taken part

No. 400179

i'm not a tattoo expert but is a fresh tat supposed to look so infected?? the chains linking the flowers and the ruby look like poison ivy.

No. 400185

Man I want to see the unedited version of that tattoo

No. 400201

I have a bunch of tats, one of which did actually get infected, but never had such ridiculous swelling. My room mate has even more and says she's never had one swell that bad either. Gonna go ahead and say that's not normal. AND there's filters over that shit, so lord knows how bad it is IRL.

No. 400437

why is everything she does 'in progress'?
why does she think using so much white is a good idea when it ages poorly?
why is there such solid/heavy shadows?

those 'beads' or whatever, i'm surprised she didn't humble brag about how this is freehand like it's not obvious. also, while freshly done tattoos can be irritated/swollen looking, hers seem excessively so like she was pushing the ink in as hard as she could b/c she thinks that's what makes it bold.

No. 400749

File: 1498162247719.png (57.02 KB, 640x407, IMG_1063.PNG)

Want inked??? Iconic.

No. 400769

Tetanus shot not included

No. 400770

How new are some of you? The links are light so they're showing the inflammation a lot more. I've had a lot of my tattoos get hella red. It depends on how heavy handed the artist is and/or how much time the artist spent on an area. It also depends on the person being tattooed. Chill.

No. 400771

There's redness and there's poorly drawn, scabbed up anal beads

No. 400785

Dude she has a history of pressing too hard and just generally doing an awful job. Why would you defend this butchery?

No. 400789

Yeah. Fresh tattoos swell but not so soon after. This girls tattoo is way too swollen for it just being done by vicks vapor rub. It's heavy handed tattooing which ages badly and heals badly. I feel for whoever got this done.
I had a huge thigh tattoo done a year ago and it swelled but it took a few hours for it to actually swell. First three hours I was fine. Sage for blog

No. 401185

were you too lazy to read a couple posts up where it was recognized that tattoos tend to be red/swollen when fresh but the ones she does seem to have an excessive amount? chill.

yea idk how people keep allowing her to put shit like this on them other than they know little to nothing about how a decent tattoo should look.

No. 401904

God, she is so unnecessarily rude to everyone who is nice to her! I've never seen her say "thank you" to a compliment, she just fucking agrees with them and continues to compliment herself! What an unlikable, ugly brat. She really has no redeeming qualities. You can't even pity her for her stupidity, lack of talent or beauty, because she's just a complete bitch. Wow.

No. 401933

File: 1498364310158.jpg (411.62 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170625_001723.jpg)

Not only rude, but lack of reading comprehension as well from both her and some idiot fan…

No. 402395

File: 1498491717310.png (608.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170626-114107.png)

No. 402403

What is this

No. 402407

you should block out your profile picture in screenshots, you keep doxxing yourself.

No. 402408

Looks like a painting of a room.

No. 402438

File: 1498503575836.jpg (44.5 KB, 625x414, sometimes-i-think-i-want-to-ki…)

No. 402439

How fucking new are you

No. 402475

Wait she paints her shitty studio around insects? I'm weak

No. 402490

Is this monstrosity really her studio though? Did she spray paint it? It reminds me of the plywood backgrounds done by the art teacher for elementary school programs or something

No. 402877

>>402395 Looks like a low budget nail salon

No. 402885

File: 1498590729139.png (873.14 KB, 1118x552, killme.png)

No. 403027


No. 403114

File: 1498618042646.png (104.96 KB, 640x634, IMG_1170.PNG)

Oh god everything about this is so horrible. All her tattooos look so muddy and shitty. She is so bad with colours Jesus Christ my soul weeps for her victims

No. 403356

Her age old excuse "needs more work" or
"Not finished"

It's crazy how her fresh tattoos look 10 years old already.

No. 405243

Vic is posting a status for Canada Day that says, "Happy Canada Day Weekenddd <3 luff you Canadians..you guys are raddddd" Does this bitch seriously not consider herself Canadian?

No. 405574

she's "british" lmao

No. 405802

An an actual Englishman, her fake accent pisses me off so much. Even moreso that dumb fucks fall for it.

No. 405890

File: 1499060747897.png (172.68 KB, 540x960, 19756303_1773079019388183_1349…)

She got called the fuck out.

No. 405898

Preetty sure he's a farmer

No. 405899

I'd guess anyone who isn't a deluded 'fan' of hers probably is.

No. 405948

File: 1499071365873.png (334.45 KB, 1001x1673, IMG_1581.PNG)

Interesting how she didn't respond to the veteran who actually knows what the fuck he's talking about re: governments in the Middle East unlike her who reads a few articles linked on FB and thinks she's an expert.

No. 406063

File: 1499103601592.jpg (129.59 KB, 720x917, 19265012_1773748245987927_2591…)

No. 406083


She's fucking stupid. Has she ever looked at a map? Britain is a completely different island to Ireland, and Ulster being a province of which Northern Ireland is only a fraction of. She can call herself British if she wants but at least acknowledge that the United Kingdom is officially called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland because the two islands are fucking separated by the damn sea.

Sage for rant.

No. 406086

He's right, she's being inauthentic. Yeah people from Northern Ireland are technically both British and Irish, but her accent is fake as all hell. Some Irish don't like being referred to as British, even though it's part of the UK islands. So is fucking Scotland but most refer to them as Scottish. She moved to Canada as a small child (allegedly) but her ~UK pride~ is just another thing to make her feel like a snowflake. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 406092

This is correct. I have Irish family and they would go insane if anyone referred to them as British. She's trying to look cultured and special.

No. 406093

Everything about her is fake, from her photos to her voice. It's so pathetic.

No. 406199

She reminds me of going on chat sites in 2002 and all the preteens would lie through their teeth about the stupidest shit and say whatever to defend it even if it made things sound worse

Except she's like 30

I will never understand how a person can be so… well… stupid.

No. 406384

File: 1499154501689.jpg (76.73 KB, 720x928, 19756090_1774438479252237_1404…)

No. 406385

File: 1499154513215.jpg (84.01 KB, 720x934, 19758248_1774438465918905_1901…)

No. 406431

>>Ulster is British
And yet Ulster Irish (one of three main dialects of the Irish language) is a thing. Also not to mention that the county of Donegal is in Ulster but is also part of the republic (is definitely Irish not British)…she needs to get her head out of her ass and start reading and understanding those wiki articles in full instead of quoting the lede paragraph on a topic that is far more complicated and nuanced than she thinks. However, anyone from the island of Ireland (regardless of what they consider themselves) could tell you this without having to quote fucking wikipedia.

No. 406434

Forgot to mention that Cavan and Monaghan are also in Ulster but are also part of the republic. Not to mention that there are thousands in Northern Ireland who consider themselves Irish not British. So she can't claim that Ulster is British (because its very complicated) like she can claim herself to be British.

No. 406504

BAHAHAHA she deleted the exchange on her Canada Day post after the dude owned her. Classic Vic.

No. 406505

Further proof that her accent is completely fake. The Northern Ireland accent is very similar to most Irish accents. It sounds absolutely nothing like the accent she's been faking for years, which sounds like a very bad "British" impersonation.

No. 406650

I'm cringing out of my skin seeing all these fucking Americans talking about Ireland like they know shit. Northern Irish is a British country. Saying Northern Ireland is Irish is like saying South America is North America. In Northern Ireland people are so heavily encouraged to identify as what they want that you can get either a British or Irish passport, but the country is legally British. Over 50% of the country identify as British. There are terrorist groups that kill people to make it NOT British, so all you Americans talking big on here saying its not British have zero clue what you're talking about. Vicky identifying as British is an entirely average thing to do in NI. She is a British citizen with a British passport. She is British. I think you're confusing British with English.

No. 406651

Because your family is Catholic, and that's how Catholics identify. Protestants would "go insane" if referred to as Irish. There are two cultures in Ireland, not one. Vicky is clearly Protestant.

No. 406675

Local anon here. I understand that there's some political heat here but I have spent a significant amount of time with Vicky spanning over several years and I can say honestly that she has no natural accent. Not when she's drunk, not when she's sober. I had to unfollow her because hearing her put it on for her followers made me incredibly uncomfortable. The only time she uses it is online and when there are new people around she feels the need to impress. She is a very fake person and being around her is intolerable because she makes up lies on the spot even if people know they're untrue and can be easily disproved.

No. 406680

do we have proof of her being british citizen or r we just taking her word?

No. 406688

Okay but that accent she does is NOT Northern Irish. Like you can see that, right? I'm just an ignorant American but even I can tell that fake accent is bullshit.

No. 406689

You should call her out on it and tell us how that goes haha.

No. 406700

File: 1499225829392.png (215 KB, 1099x374, whumafedacall.png)

No. 406719

Tbf one person said that NI wasn't in Britain and a few others were confused over how those from NI can call themselves British or Irish etc. Just correct and move on: no need to seethe or cringe in your skin…

I (a ROI anon) argued in >>406431 and >>406434 that Ulster can't be called British like Vicky said here >>406384 as 3/9 counties are part of the Republic (therefore Irish) not to mention the thousands who identify as Irish who live in NI. I wouldn't call Ulster Irish either for the same reason because it's complicated and not an issue easily settled by quoting Wikipedia like Vicky likes to do a lot. Ulster is not exclusively Irish or British therefore it isn't correct to refer to it as being one or the other. Anyway, to me, her over reliance on Wikipedia to prove a point about her claimed home country shows insecurity and ignorance about NI on her part at best, or it adds to the evidence that she may not be from NI at worst. Her accent (which we know is fake based on how she used to sound in videos years ago) seems to be based on the wrong part of Britain: sounds more English than a Northern Irish accent. The issue here is not whether she can call herself British if she's from Northern Ireland, the issue is whether she is actually from Northern Ireland like she claims.

No. 406751


Vicky said she was from Britain. She's not. NI isn't in Britain. It's in Ireland and formally makes up a part of the United Kingdom. What I said was correct. The clue is in the name - Northern IRELAND. I suspect the reason Vicky and other NI loyalists use the word 'Ulster' is cause they don't want to allude to their Irishness by saying Northern Ireland. They're disgusted by anything Irish and can't even acknowledge that they were born on the fucking island of Ireland.

And as I said before, she can call herself British if she wants - she has that right as an NI citizen. But she can't fucking re-draw the geography of the goddamn islands to suit herself.

No. 406780

Anon, I apologise! You are correct and that'll teach me for writing posts when I'm half asleep. She probably thinks she's from Britain because she can call herself British thinking one is the accompanying term for the other like Ireland is with Irish. When the correct term would be saying she's from the U.K or she was born in the U.K. She's not the first person to make that mistake. But popular incorrect usage doesn't make it correct. And while Unionists do refer to themselves being from Ulster for those reasons, Vicky is doing it out of complete political and geographical ignorance: she hasn't a clue!

No. 406803

Her accent is so fake and English, I have no idea whats going on with that. However, if she was born in Northern Ireland, she WILL have a British passport. I am Northern Irish, I have a British passport. I live in England now, and am regarded the exact same legally as anyone from England. If I were from the Republic of Ireland I would be treated as a foreigner legally. Vicky's accent is so made up I'm pretty sure there's nowhere on Earth that has one like it lmao but if she was born in NI, then she IS a British citizen, as much as anyone from England or Scotland.

I reckon she is from NI because if she was going to lie then surely she'd lie that she was from England?

Northern Ireland is literally in Britain. Read what I wrote above. I'm Northern Irish living in England and am treated no different than any English person. If I was born in the Republic I'd be treated like I was from France or Spain, or any foreign EU country. Ancestral decent speaks a lot about the general feelings of an area, which is why "Ulster" exists. If you knew anything about NI, you'd know it is divided up into areas, either Catholic or Protestant. Areas of English/Scottish descent are Protestant areas. That is where she is getting "Ulster equals British" from. Ulster is a term used by all in NI, not just loyalists. I assume you're either American roleplaying as Irish or from ROI, both of which don't know shit about NI.

No. 406815

i can't believe vicky is from here i remember her on myspace, i think i found her thru swiftkaratechop. i'm from county down, in northern ireland. it's regarded as british. vicky claims to be from broughshane, that's a loyalist/prod area so her saying she is british is completely normal and how her family would refer to themselves.
we have duel nationality in northern ireland because of the culture, you can claim to be irish/northern irish/british and be correct.
personally i have an irish grandmother from down south, and a family that hails from the shankill lol, i have gotten called a half caste once in my life by a christian.

i think i saged

No. 406864


No, I'm from N.I too - I've just never referred to the U.K as Britain and have never heard it being called that. Britain is the island across the water, the U.K is the country we are all a part of. If your use of the terminology is different, fine. I've also never been treated like a foreigner in the Republic but I definitely was when I was living in England myself (they just called me Irish and didn't even know about partition). We'll probably never be on the same page about it, which is our country in a nutshell, so I won't comment any more on it.

No. 406869

It's all semantics. The main point is that she uses a completely made up, trying-to-sound English accent.

No. 406880

Another NI poster- I'm from County Antrim and went to school near an army base so I've known a lot of people who have a mix of an English and Northern Irish accent, and Vic sounds like nothing I've ever heard before. Her videos she makes for instagram all sound like she's rehearsed them and they still sound incredibly fake. My guess is her family actually is from Northern Ireland but she's got an average Canadian accent that isn't special enough for her, so this ridiculous bullshit has become her life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 406888

Just let nature take its course.

No. 407574

File: 1499370906091.jpg (237.01 KB, 672x492, kill me.jpg)

if shingle ink could talk

No. 408960

File: 1499658340533.png (71.47 KB, 1047x397, IMG_9999.PNG)

or make hundreds of posts on the forum of anonymous "hate" defending yourself, ya know

No. 409506

File: 1499797767690.png (224.54 KB, 477x611, Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 1.24…)

Lol the Irony of a 30yr old slob who lives with there parents posting this…

Shingles might find this article worth a read


No. 409548

better to do a bit of anonymous hating than carving ugly tattoos into peoples' skin, imo

No. 409587

File: 1499810579806.jpg (524.35 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170711_034333.jpg)

Like this latest monstrosity. Yeah yeah, in progress, blah blah but so far it's looking like yet another mutilation girl

No. 409613


it takes a lot of talent to make a fresh tattoo look decades old

No. 409627

Seriously, but what if it's not so faded and dulled out irl cuz of filters and it's bright. Then the inflamed, red skin would show up more clear as well.
Sage cuz I'm high and that shit looks painful.

No. 409848

File: 1499880765555.png (244.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170712-182957.png)

She's so laughably desperate.

No. 409859

Someone ITT said something almost identical to that post…. thought she was "ignoring anonymous hate" ? You can't do that if you're still obsessively reason here sweetie.. Haha try harder vic

No. 409886


Her analogy doesn't even make sense. Canada isn't a part of another state, Northern Ireland is. Canada and the US don't have dual jus soli citizenship, Ireland does.

Now, if she said "it's like calling Canada 'America'" (because they're both part of continental North America, she may have made sense.

No. 410116

File: 1499930651524.png (235.42 KB, 998x392, Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 3.23…)


oh my god

No. 410124

File: 1499937397568.png (441.04 KB, 894x423, vickyudum.png)

Lol but stuff like angles and lighting is what helps make it a good pic? Also, I feel like this is her way of getting at people that compare her candids to her selfies, but girl, your shit isn't a matter of unflattering angles. You shoop to hell and back, that's totally different.

No. 410174

You know what I don't like vickums.. I don't likeeee stupid people who place the emphasis on the wrong part of the word when typing an enunciation…. it alters the intent and embarrasses the "writer".. pls donnnnnnnn't reproduccccccccce.

Sageddd for giving a shit.

No. 410175

Correct me if im wrong, but is ol vic implying that she has any level of celebrity and THAT is why she's discussed and 'hated on' here? We know she doesn't post anything that isn't about her and for the sole purpose of blowing smoke up her own ass so…

She has like 5k followers on instagram, which is completely pitiful in the grand scheme of things. There are people on instagram with over 100k that have never once referred to themselves as any kind of celebrity. Girl needs her head checked.

No. 410197

>Its not angles its called a good pic
Reminds me of the "workout lines" logic Our Queen used.

No. 410203


Not to mention even on her most popular page (her fb ~FAN PAGE~) which has over 100k, she maybe gets 300-500 likes MAX on her most popular posts? Reeks of purchased followers and dead accounts. Which makes the reality of her over-inflated ago and false sense of celebrity even sadder because her audience is almost entirely bots and dead accounts. I wish she would just slip into irrelevancy with dignity, it's painful to watch.

No. 410296


I love it when she complains about superficial women tearing other women down, while she herself tears other women down in the same sentence.
She acts like she's better than most and has a better outlook on life when in reality, she's just as shallow and insecure as the women she tears down.

No. 410303

File: 1499971809941.png (129.89 KB, 750x1118, IMG_3961.PNG)

Some new Vic cringe.

No. 410725

For someone who claims to be so highly intelligent, she sure is wrapped up in her appearance.

No. 410951

Wow…she's in her 30s so in 20 years, she'll be in her 50s. Taking that into account along with the fact that she smokes, drinks pretty heavily, and isn't a healthy eater, I'm pretty sure that without all of those filters, you could easily see a few wrinkles. So just imagine what she'll look like when she's in her 50's. Not hot, by any stretch of the imagination.

No. 411044


Her refusal to do proper outlines, and her over-use of white (instead of skin breaks) for shading, really show how much she SHOULD have done an apprenticeship. Not to mention how bad she hamburgers all of her clients. I've seen stick & pokes that look better than anything in her portfolio. I'm so confused. How does she even get new clients? Who is funding this studio she is apparently opening? How long can it possibly sustain itself? I'd bet good money on her closing up shop within a year, less than six months if her parents aren't pouring money into it.

No. 411268

I doubt she would get even a conditional pass in terms of a health inspection and I doubt any legit artist would be willing to work in her "shop"

No. 411376

File: 1500204505997.jpg (57.74 KB, 540x559, IMG_20170716_072513.jpg)

I need to remind you all that I can totally sword fight even though this is a post about laws in Texas which is nowhere near me cause I live in Canada but def not Canadian forced "British" accent

No. 411395

right because vicki is a badass sword fighter final fantasy character come to life!!! jesus this bitch

No. 411463

File: 1500236161275.png (135.8 KB, 749x875, IMG_4007.PNG)

She is literally a parody of herself.

No. 411481

"My glorious blonde locks" it's literally a fried sad mess with the nastiest rat nest weave I've ever seen.

No. 411517

Yep her hair is brassy and hideous. One of the worst parts of her appearance imo and that's saying something haha.

No. 411719

File: 1500316189743.jpg (104.18 KB, 851x315, Big Ian Approved.jpg)


No. 411739

File: 1500318221509.png (637.45 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1514.PNG)

I like how she's saying it's all fake but last year claimed to have actually dyed her hair brown (even tho it was so obviously a wig) this girl seriously lies about everything it's pretty sad. She can't even keep track of her lies

No. 411741

Does she work digging ditches with her bare hands? She's had dirty nails since her threads started here almost a year ago and most of her photos from previous years her nails look fucking filthy. There's no reason so have nails THAT gross especially if you're tattooing people. I love her random out-of-the-ass excuse of "dye being under her nails" though. Putrid.

No. 411758

File: 1500324430980.png (626.83 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1512.PNG)

I think someone called her out on that instagram post because she already deleted it.

No. 411759

Said it was her real hair last year and how she's already ~a beautiful blonde~ again

No. 411784


her lips look like a sticker

No. 411829

She's so deluded that she seriously thinks no one could possibly know how much work/time/damage is involved when going from blonde to black and blonde again. Then again maybe she decided to lie because she's so retarded that she herself doesn't know.

No. 411923

File: 1500352727046.jpg (468.82 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170718_003545.jpg)

Oh no anon, her hair is just naturally super thick and she can dye it an unlimited amount of times without consequence. It's just amazing. Like her totally not plucked ass , edited ass brows which miraculously just grow in like that.

No. 411941

That's like when she said "my eye lashes are real i don't even need mascara they are naturally black as fuck and long!"

No. 412235

and she definitely doesn't have ratty extensions! her hair is just naturally that long and "beautiful"

sometimes i wish i could be this delusional just because she's so obsessed with herself. is she so narcissistic that she isn't actually insecure? i don't know. she hides her face in her friends instagram posts of her (i will dig that up after work never posted this video of her that's hilarious) and photoshops herself beyond recognition.

idk she's my favorite cow

No. 412442

Ooh I want to see the video you're talking about!

No. 413948

Where is this video, anon!

No. 414607


tubby and covering her face, it's not that exciting I just found it humorous how she had to do that since she couldn't edit her image or pose

No. 414616


here's another to make up for hyping it and then it being really not that exciting, just humorous to me that she refuses to appear in candids and so carefully hides herself when she does

No. 414659

How has nobody called her out on obnoxiously putting her hands all over her face in every picture/video? Like I mean she looks fucking retarded.

No. 414760

File: 1500746692301.png (12.84 KB, 512x132, UHHUH.PNG)

I'm gonna stop you right there, Vic

No. 414787

Wew icktoria I didn't realize you were so deluded you consider yourself a whole society! Maybe that's a testament to your chub, though?

Kinda weird you seem to think you have friends though…. is that what you call your neckbeard followers now? Little desperate ain't we now

No. 414856

File: 1500761969267.jpeg (40.48 KB, 540x540, received_591338924588095.jpeg)

The irony of posting a status telling folks to shut up if they are uneducated on a topic and then mispelling a fairly simply word in a comment on that very status…

No. 415033

File: 1500789835911.png (908.43 KB, 503x615, 4541302.png)

that ~beautiful super thick~ hair

"I do not value make believe eutopia" makes her sound like english isn't even her first language

No. 415111

I love how she hasn't changed her hair since 2006. Maybe earlier. Most ~scene beanzzz~ have changed at least a little and to a more age appropriate style. She's still
Clinging to the one style/era that she was remotely (and I mean remotely) relevant in. It's just a bonus that it covers 75% of her face.

No. 415147

her british accent is fake. no one pronounces their Ts like that

No. 415497

File: 1500906538422.png (297.52 KB, 960x699, 20156054_466171913761029_55148…)

I think it's hilarious how much traction the "intj" personality type is getting as a meme these days. Most fedoras identify as an intj, just like ol' vic. The neckbeard of personality types. Why am I not suprised.

No. 415716

People take these online personality tests seriously? lol. I've taken some of the same ones multiple times in different moods , and got different results lol. Or different ones will give me different results when I've taken one right after another.

No. 415771

Yeah they're pretty inaccurate. But Vicky seems to take great pride in her ~super speshullll and rare intj personality~ and has referred to herself as a unicorn on several occasions because of it. Anything to blow smoke up her own ass.

No. 415901

Well, unicorns ARE mythical creatures…kinda like her online persona.

No. 416048


and body type….

and intellect

No. 416357

MBTI was actually created way before the internet. It can be a great tool for learning how to better empathize with drastically different people as well as overall self-reflection but that's clearly not what she's using it for.

sage for kinda ot

No. 416686

File: 1501176956938.png (135.86 KB, 750x785, IMG_4256.PNG)

This just in, Vicky still can't string together a coherent sentence to save her life. She's really getting her money's worth out of that ivee league edjukation

No. 416689


She don't talk so good.

No. 416690

File: 1501178950593.png (443.06 KB, 792x581, Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 10.5…)

Now she's freehanding her apartment which now looks identical to her tattoos. Also in perpetual progress. Also needs more white highlights.

No. 416695

This is so gaudy, blech. I'm not surprised though. I can see what she's going for but she missed it by miles. It just looks like shes covering her walls in really terrible tribal tattoos.

No. 417409

In my experience INTJs are also low-empathy-bordering-on-sociopathic narcs with no self awareness so that makes sense.

No. 417625

File: 1501432021208.png (254.05 KB, 1536x1099, IMG_0322.PNG)

i love how vicky spots things like this on fb:

and made this post on instagram about kylie jenner

like she's always insisting it's just posing, lighting, camera angles
bitch no it's crazy levels of photoshop

No. 417627

samefag but her insistence that her "haterzzz" are just jealous because she's famous and so gorgeous and we're all just jealous ugly fat girls is hilarious to me

No. 417701

File: 1501448922185.png (48.11 KB, 750x400, IMG_4413.PNG)

Wasn't she just bragging about her brand new ~super high tech phone with an in ear translator~ (lie) and then when farmers called her on her potato quality videos she was quick to say (lie) that she still uses her old phone because she's just used to it? She can't keep track of her lies apparently.

No. 418934


Lol she's spamming mbti forums of Facebook with a secondary account.

No. 418979


Photos or links?

No. 419267

File: 1501927084548.png (321.26 KB, 494x574, Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 10.5…)

she actually thinks this is real? kek

No. 419295

She thought a meme page was a real Christian group so I'm not shocked

No. 419313


She's unbearably stupid. Good god.

No. 419430

Don't really get why she's so obsessed with sharing (propaganda) articles about things happening half a world away in the UK.

Oh, that's right, because she's toootally British and not a gross Canadian!

No. 421517

File: 1502311355690.png (409.43 KB, 496x630, Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 4.41…)


No. 421518

File: 1502311394638.png (46.7 KB, 498x230, Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 4.40…)

No. 421519

yes Vicky, you're the only human on the planet who hasn't taken hard drugs. You get a gold star for being the most special, ever.

No. 421734


"Can you say you're not a smack head?" - meme

"I can't" - Vicky

Double negative, intentional or is she dumb?

No. 421750


Coke and molly are hard drugs? Shit I've seen people do coke and molly at parties

No. 421811

Oh my fucking god it's from Emilie Autumn's book.
Wonder if she bought the ebook or just stumbled upon the quote.
When cows collide

No. 421824

Do you have some kind of cognitive disability, by chance?

No. 421825

people do hard drugs at parties? well I never!

No. 421826

I noticed that too but yeah, she's just dumb

No. 421861

File: 1502369956712.png (470.92 KB, 493x822, Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 8.49…)

No. 421862

File: 1502369991667.png (23 KB, 496x74, Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 8.51…)

No. 421863

File: 1502370019092.png (401.63 KB, 495x631, Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 8.49…)

No. 421887


Christ, does she not see how unnatural that pose is? Her chunky wrists up in the air, hiding her face - her hands aren't even doing anything, i.e. maybe striking a Vogue square or holding up a double peace sign. It's just so irritating and obvious.

No. 421894

File: 1502377804277.png (41.86 KB, 496x211, Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.0…)

Just Wow

No. 421895

File: 1502377846302.png (365.84 KB, 492x748, Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.0…)

she's losing her marbles

No. 421898

but it seems kinda legit, i think.

No. 421902


Seems like shes not getting enough attention these days. Spamming MBTI boards photos of her face and idiotic rambling in the most obvious attempt to garner compliments. Imagine being this desperate.

No. 421904

She has to get the attention from somewhere!


No. 421907

File: 1502380510661.png (18.81 KB, 499x152, eyes.png)

Are we sure that the account is legit? It doesn't seem to have her typing style.

Found a few old screenshots that I adore. Never change, Vicky.

No. 421908

File: 1502380727752.jpg (145.76 KB, 685x882, guitar.jpg)

From her old Tumblr, the caption is gold. The end is written in third person, but you can tell just by that typing style that she wrote it all herself.

No. 421911

lmaoooo wait, so she has one bum eye and one eye that is 10x more speshull and unique that all other people because she can see in the dark because her eye glows? My god this girl is a fucking psycho.

No. 421919

If she could even play a chord, there would be a bunch of potato quality vids of it lol

No. 421929

File: 1502386186767.png (623.05 KB, 556x615, Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.5…)


No. 421932

All natural, #nofilter

No. 421939

I would love to see vic try to figure out how to photoshop herself actually playing a real guitar because we all know that's another fat lie. also can we talk about wtf she did to her face???

her eyelashes look so gunky and give me the creeps.

No. 421946

File: 1502388276501.jpg (533.44 KB, 1920x1280, 1466183971-annabelle.jpg)

Reminds me of Annabelle kek

No. 421953


that's not death stare that's duck face.

No. 422007

File: 1502398059913.png (87.73 KB, 750x1019, IMG_8803.PNG)

I can only assume she actually looks like this irl, at all times.

No. 422008

THAT'S her speshul "INTJ death stare".

No. 422010

She looks like an unconvincing drag queen. And I'll never understand the eyebrows…

No. 422022

File: 1502399820551.png (248.21 KB, 486x551, Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 5.16…)