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File: 1419772351256.png (276.52 KB, 392x708, s0oa2tw.png)

No. 34475

Chris was spotted vandalizing a Sonic Boom display in a GameSpot. He assaults the security guard on the way out with pepper spray.

A call made by a CWC ween states that the police were called, but the employee is indecisive on if he is going to press charges.

Another call made by 4chan's /v/ claims that the employee will be pressing charges.

Information gleaned from a recording of police broadcast traffic gives more insight into the situation and can be found in this post: http://kiwifar.ms/threads/chris-chan-sighting-at-gamestop-with-video.6732/page-38#post-460766

Found here originally (with video): http://monozettai.tumblr.com/post/106261810945/so-i-ran-into-someone-today-while-i-was-waiting


No. 34482

God speed CWC.
God speed.

No. 34509

jesus christ chris chan what the fuck

No. 34514

Not surprised. Hasn't he gotten in trouble for vandalizing Sonic merch at stores before? It was only a matter of time

No. 34520

He looked like a woman omg

No. 34521

Everything about this is awful. The hair, the glasses, the weird socks, the sweater from high school, the fucking mace… holy shit.

No. 34526

True but why the f does he have mace? I almost feel like he got it specifically for this occasion.

No. 34528


Someone post his apology to the mall

No. 34531

So gamespot was NOT a place he had previously fucked with, but it's deffo not the first, see this link for the recent apology letters he wrote for all these other places


No. 34544

He's sitting in jail because Sonic's arms are blue.

He truly is one of the world's greatest lolcows.

No. 34596

Copypasta'd from the Kiwi farms:

I was just able to find the incident on the archived recording of the Charlottesville Police dispatch radio (For what it's worth, this happened shortly after 2PM it looks like). Working on getting a copy online. It's badly distorted and cuts out but luckily captures the dispatcher communicating the best part.

"[offender]…is described as a white male, 5-foot 9, with long brown hair. He was wearing two sets of glasses and fake breasts. The name is supposed to be 'Christopher Chandler'."
EDIT 1: An officer relays that Mall Security "Knows who he is". So people who doubted that anybody still cared… Well, they do.

EDIT 2: From what I'm hearing, several officers showed up to search the parking lot and mall for him, and mall security did the same. This is serious stuff.

EDIT 3: The police called Barb. Barb claimed he was driving a "Blue Ford Focus" but she didn't know his plate and didn't know his phone number. It sounds like the police also tried to call Chris.

EDIT 4: It sounds like the police themselves notified the other GameStops in the area, as police are dispatched to a different GameStop when a blue ford focus is seen in the parking lot.

EDIT 5: Chris knocked on some MALE's car window in the Fashion Square parking lot. Said male promptly called the police.

EDIT 6: I cannot say this with 100% accuracy, but from what I just heard, Chris may have been taken into custody.

EDIT 7: "He went into Sears and caused issues and left about 30 minutes ago."

No. 34598

My guess is he believes that since he now has a vagina of the soul that every man in a ten mile radius wants to rape it.

No. 34600

ANd while he wasn't banned from Gamestop, he was banned from the mall that the Gamestop was in. He was trespassing, all reports indicate he is jail now.

No. 34634

My sides have gone into orbit

No. 34635

Wtf man, did chris have a mental breakdown? Why did he knock on some guys car window?

No. 34637

Should we refer to Chris as he or she?

No. 34639

I have an idea. Maybe he dressed up so strangely, with 2 pairs of glasses and all, so that mall security wouldn't recognise him. He went out with the intention to destroy that display, and wanted to go incognito

No. 34650

Chris now identifies as a transgendered lesian male fwith a female soul (https://www.facebook.com/CwcvilleGuardian/posts/722498814511267?pnref=story). The SJWs at Tumblr are in an uproar at anyone who refers to Chris as a male, but they will surely stop whiteknighting for him once they realize they are better off without him.

No. 34656

I'm going to continually refer to Chris as a he since he's only doing this "transgender" shit in a sad attempt to get China.

No. 34663

Agreed. He's not fooling anyone but Tumblrinas who are also busy fooling other people with their specialized brand of faggotry.

No. 34667

Chris-chanxSJWs?!?! New crack ship. :3

No. 34669

There's no such thing as a "transgender intersex male lesbian with a female soul". Trans women don't refer to themselves like that or think of themselves in male terms at all. Chris isn't trans. He's just a crazy faggot.

No. 34689

I am really bothered that he got his taint pierced and goes on to say that's where his clit would be. The clit isn't neighbors with the butthole, what the actual fuck. I don't want to live on this earth anymore.

No. 34700

I still believe that his trans image is a way of segueing into coming out of the closet although he hasn't shown any indication of that yet. It appears that his trans image so far is just another ploy at getting the sweet, sweet, china.

No. 34794

The video's OP expands a bit on what happened.


No. 34834

I'm rather out of the loop. Who is China?

No. 34837

Not who, but what. Chris calls vaginas china.

No. 34847


>CB chatter from the area picked up a report of a man fitting Chandler’s description attempting to carjack an unidentified individual in the parking lot of the shopping center.

Chris you are one dumb motherfucker.

No. 34855

I guess he thinks of his bootyhole as the vagina, in which case the placement makes total sense

No. 34903

File: 1419877323189.png (148.2 KB, 689x795, QeJ9Ivz.png)

No. 34939

could it be?….

No. 34948

Oh my god, how did I miss that part. I'm fucking dying!

No. 34980

File: 1419886863563.png (12.47 KB, 1023x194, rt.png)


No. 34981

is that chris's legit youtoob account or just a troll?

No. 34992


That can't be real. It sounds like something Cartman would say.

No. 34999


Nah, I went to the video and found the comment and clicked it and this is the profile attached to it. It was obviously fake anyway but here's proof.

No. 35046

File: 1419895378274.png (233.24 KB, 1350x660, ChrisChanCourtRecord.png)

Wow, talk about hardcore weening. Anyways, here's his charge. 6th degree felonies and apparently he wasn't on probation because that would be an extra charge.

No. 35047

No. 35081

the apology letters, this incident, and his subsequent response to it together all make me worry if he's going to try to anhero by cop sometime in the future. he is literally living in his own reality at this point. the pain and suffering of other people caused by him isn't real to him. his comics are more real to him than anything else and if hes willing to appear in public looking like that and acted like that, its fair to assume that he's retired completely into that world.

he NEEDS to be fucking institutionalized after he gets out of jail, this kid's issues go far beyond just having autism. otherwise who is to say he wont go adam lanza status, somehow get a hold of a gun and try to get the cops to take him out after he takes other people out. i really think people should appreciate better how mentally far gone he is.

No. 35084

Best thing I've read all day.

>NOT Looking for Trouble, and then HE Startled Me, similar to a potential Rapist in a Dark Alley in a big city


No. 35086

I don't know if he has the balls left to do something like Adam Lanza. Besides, he hates all things masculine and to go on a IRL FPS-spree is a very masculine/gamerbro thing to do. He is severely detached from reality and in need of a psychological diagnosis and the best we can hope for is that he gets either court ordered psych help or in the event that he goes to jail for longer than 30 days he will lose his SSI benefits and have to re-apply. The diagnosis he recieved for his benefits originally is well over a decade old and inadmissable for his benefits now and will be required to get reevaluated.

No. 35096

File: 1419900935468.jpg (157.4 KB, 635x750, 911CHAN.jpg)


He is suggesting that Sega should be sued for not changing Sonic's arm color and ultimately being at fault for this Ass Manager getting maced.

No. 35104

I dunno. I kind of agree with >>35081. Chris has no basis in reality. What we see as hyper masculine could be seen by him as TRIUMPHANT WOMYN TAKIN CHARGE Y'ALL.

No. 35145

Especially considering that his newfound love of social justice and feminism has fueled his already huge hatred of men. Remember this guy spent most of his life hating other guys because they were in relationships with girls he wanted to be with (rape). That's a lot of pent up aggression, and now with a self justified excuse to act upon those years torment which were only torment to him…I also have to agree with >>35081

No. 35150

Well damn. He's lucky he wasn't on probation, also in case anyone is out of the loop on what the 6th degree is

"Felony cases range in seriousness from first-degree through sixth-degree. You'll often hear them referred to as "F5" or "F6," etc. The lower the number, the more serious the offense. For example first-degree murder is an F1, or first-degree felony. "

So basically deep doo doo, but since he's autistic and nuts, he'll get off scot free I'm sure.

No. 35152

Oh man this is going to be glorious, I'm making a sandwich to read with this.

Exactly, SJW is the natural transition for him. It allows for his hatred of men to be justified, it allows him to feel special, it allows him to feel it's ok to while away his life in his room because he's a 'womyn'.

He reminds me of that ahuvia harel guy

No. 35153

File: 1419907401674.jpg (10.2 KB, 236x326, 79c406084a8c395531afdbe4c62a10…)

All I know is that I would love to get a job as an Ass Manager.

No. 35155

>If ‪#‎SEGA‬ had Never changed them, or reversed the change between February and November of this year in the new Sonic Boom video games AND Cartoon Series on Cartoon Network, as well as the Toys and whatever else, I would Never Have Had to Protest and Rebel the way I have, including the creation of my group, FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!

Is this Nigga srs?

He's gotten worse. Way worse. He's literally blaming sega for his vandalism, trespassing and assault.

No. 35156


The original facebook post, including his account, just in case someone here wants to be Christian's girlfriend from the ground up.

No. 35157


He's going to become a commie next, just you wait and see.

No. 35158

With his rampant sense of entitlement and Olympic Gold winning performances at the Mental Gymnastics CWC has literally turned into a tranny Eric Cartman.

No. 35159

File: 1419907868923.gif (939.64 KB, 500x281, chrischan.gif)


>a tranny Eric Cartman

>don't call ME buddy

No. 35160

File: 1419908096884.jpg (119.35 KB, 450x600, 450px-ChrisSonicBoomArms.jpg)

Isn't sega allowed to do whatever they want with their intellectual property anyway?

If they want to start marketing sonic as a toy for babies eclusively, they can do so. They can turn sonic's arms into giant cocks if they want.

What makes chris think he's entitled to a say in sonic's design?

Here's the wiki article for the whole chrischan 'blue arm' saga


No. 35162

Yes, Sega can do whatever the fuck they want but Chris' mommy made sure he made it well into his thirties with special snowflake syndrome.

No. 35163

but doesn't his autism kinda explain why he's this way? I don't have much experience with autistic individuals, but perhaps the way he acts is just due to his autism?…

No. 35165

File: 1419908375943.jpg (45.13 KB, 704x960, 10603318_729319403829208_75976…)


I can't this is too much, someone hold my sides

No. 35166

It's a combination of the autism and the way he was raised. He has literally never had to own up to any sort of personal responsibility and was indoctrinated with the belief that he and his mother and father can do no wrong.

No. 35168

File: 1419908520139.jpg (48.67 KB, 960x704, 10678690_729319370495878_35246…)

>I also HAD Hidden ALL of the Blue Armed Sonic Toys at Toys ''R'' Us here, concealed hidden amongst their metal cupboards, so they ALL would NOT be SOLD, and Best Boycotted for The Protest! They remained hidden for the longest time of over a Month; found and reshelved near the 20th of December to my personal dismay and crestfall. And at Best Buy, ALL Copies of THEIR Sonic Boom Games are STILL SUCCESSFULLY CONCEALED AND HIDDEN from View AND Purchase!

Just when I think this rant can't get any worse, it does. I don't think I'll make it to the end

No. 35172

How has 4chan reacted? I mean its a new age of prosperity when it comes to Chris-Chan. PT was my CWC, so I'm a bit jealous of their tidings.

In dark times, worshippers of the Shine Goddess should be a bit happy I guess. She bestowed us with many Winter Solstice photo-shoots. Our Goddess has not left us.

I'm happy for ya CWC fans and I'mma let ya finish, but PT is the best lolcow that ever lived.

No. 35174

4chan is dead, I think it's against the rules to 'talk about individuals' anyway.

8chan is the place to go for those threads.

No. 35175

Yeah, I'm just happy that she's still posting photos. I'll tend to my PT shrine until I'm old and grey and too weak to continue doing so.

No. 35176

Didn't /v/ call the dude he maced or something though? Could've maybe been 8chan's /v/, idk

No. 35178

this is where most go lolcow news nowadays if not the kiwi farms.


No. 35179

Seriously? What did the guy say? Did they interview him? I need to know the delicious deets

No. 35180

Oh yeah, that's a pretty cool board, too bad they don't have a cute cow icon on the bottom of their page.

No. 35181


Sorry, I think I read it on /cow/ but here's the copypasted story, no source I think:


No. 35182

File: 1419910006616.jpg (107.66 KB, 1088x800, fuck yea.jpg)

>too bad they don't have a cute cow icon on the bottom of their page

No. 35217

He looks a lot like PT here.

No. 35225

Oh hell nah. PT is Aphrodite compared to Chris.

No. 35226

Ironically, the last troll who was pretending to be his sweetheart from the ground-up was catfishing using PT's pictures.

No. 35229


No. 35230

No. 35436

you're kidding, right? that's just /cgl/

No. 35437

No. 35480

File: 1419962817901.jpg (91.08 KB, 720x960, 10489719_691863197574829_70380…)

Nah man, chris is a 1/10, PT is more like 4/10

No. 35481

>you're kidding, right?
Oh how I wish that were so

No. 35486


Have you guys not been watching the latest season? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cissy

Also the callback in the final episode was funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXBVBCpvLPA#t=1090

No. 35487

gross, his hair looks like it's never washed, but regularly combed

No. 35488

chris could look okay if he cut his hair and stopped using shitty camera angles

No. 35504

Hahaha yeah, that was the image I googled for first but I thought the Maury one looked a bit more like him (badly-done bright eyeshadow and all)

No. 35510

File: 1419973288552.jpg (64.01 KB, 480x600, mug of chandler.JPG)

dat pout

No. 35521

Chris should get into having a diaper fetish and finding a mommy to take care of him.

At this rate, Chris is never going to find a normal boring woman to take him.

He went the wrong way of picking the lesbian thing as his guise, he really should have just said he had a diaper/child-play fetish.

No. 35525

He looks like he's hungover or something and he's just been woken up

No. 35530

As far as trannies go, he has potential. He looks more feminine than star at any rate

No. 35533

He 100% just looks like a crazy man who doesn't care any more and let his hair grow out, not a woman of any kind.

No. 35541

File: 1419980029760.jpg (71.18 KB, 320x240, mrs-crabtree_6995.jpg)

looks like the shouty busdriver lady from southpark

ms crabtree

No. 35542


What is his thinking behind becoming a lesbian anyway? Wouldn't he have more luck by pretending to be gay and becoming some girl's gay best friend and going from there?

No. 35543

Don't you know how much gay men confuse and disgust him? Guess this is his way of dealing with it.

No. 35545

File: 1419980811329.jpg (134.5 KB, 560x1000, silenceofchris.jpg)

>"Look for severe childhood disturbances associated with violence. Our Chris-chan wasn't born a criminal, Julie. He was made one through years of systematic abuse. Chris hates his own identity, you see, and he thinks that makes him a transsexual. But his pathology is a thousand times more savage and more terrifying."

No. 35587


Chris-chan hates men. He's hated men even before he started claiming to be trans. Once he discovered trans people exist, he decided hating men means that he's really a girl. "Being a lesbian" gives him an outlet and is a convenient excuse for his fear/hatred/jealousy of other men. Pretending to be gay would go directly against that.

No. 35592

I've never met any lesbians that hated men. I believe it's just tumblr that supports this idea that trans and lesbians have legitimate struggle with ACTUAL MEN and not policy that hurts gender identify and sexuality.

Who would ever know that Chris-Chan would find the mis-guided, bitter, uneducated hateful ally that is SJWs.

No. 35606

File: 1419993722138.jpg (51.32 KB, 459x564, mugg.JPG)

No. 35610


I didn't mean to imply that lesbians hate men. What I meant is that Chris is using "male lesbianism" as an excuse to justify the fact that he hates other guys. Chris' logic can be twisted and difficult to follow at times, but in his mind hating men/finding male bodies disgusting = lesbian. He finds men so unbearably "yucky" that he resents being one, and hence = trans.

No. 35611

File: 1419994608153.jpg (202.34 KB, 480x600, 1419974705403.jpg)

No. 35616

I didn't think ya did. You totally made yourself clear, I was agreeing with you.

No. 35626

File: 1420001251126.jpg (59.69 KB, 400x314, MFWjunji.jpg)

> mfw i read that in his voice
> mfw my name is also julie

No. 35653

I genuinely hope he find a boyfriend free girl. Like what will happen to him when his mom dies.

No. 35654

I wonder what will happen when he sees a real china, or hell even touch one.

No. 35656

He already has, with a craigslist prostitute not long ago

No. 35657

Did he ever gives any details on that? It seems like if he isn't giving details, it went horribly or never happened.

No. 35815

File: 1420063862541.png (36.87 KB, 430x712, Virginbreaker.png)

chris is dumb but not much of a storyteller, he did actually fuck a hooker he found on Backpage. that being said i'm sure it DID go horribly, i mean this is chris we're talking about. that woman probably left with one of the most…"interesting" experiences of her life.

No. 35830

File: 1420071219963.jpg (11.71 KB, 200x253, 10891589_345743975613975_78318…)

just found this on the sonichu boom fb group

No. 35833

leaked fb messages show him bragging about it.

June 28-29

[censored]: What is this task?

cwc: Alright. [censored] has set up a new OKCupid account for me with some info in the Profile, which I updated some of which. She had chosen and contacted a few women on there, but her choices were, shall we say, visible mite over a guessing 200 per woman (I state that with no offense meant to any of them). I prefer the average to slender; Maybe some small amount of tummy over, you may understand. [censored] gave up on contacting women for me; she did try very well to help me the best she was able to. I got a spot of nerve to contact a few myself, but no one replied. I asked [censored]; entrusted her with the details; she must have been too busy with her own life.

Now, I am settling for the "rest", so to speak. I am STILL very shy, and I have been very busy and stressed lately. I am asking you to find and contact some women local to me (with at least 50% match, and acceptable body type; no black women (not a racist; I just really do not feel comfortable dating them, and I have hung out with a few black women in my time; I [message cuts off]

Also, to take you up on your previous offer, can you PayPal me $20 for Gasoline, or rush a Sheetz gift card of the amount? The tank in our van is running low.

[censored]: I thought you had money now. how do you expect me to help contact women? i don't know anybody in virginia. i'm sorry [censored] didn't visit you.

cwc: Money has become tight again; went through the commission from Jennifer quick; a drawing piece with her drag race car. $200 went quick in my mother's shopping list and food, as well as the payment on my Toys R Store [sic] card.


You do not have to know anything about here to pretend to be me in a greeting. Do what you would normally do when flirting with a woman to get her response. I may even learn from you. All I'm asking is for you to find them and begin conversations with the first message. You won't have to send more than one message per woman.

cwc: I find it awkward and difficult for me to make the first conversation move in the message. I seem to come off awkward or something. They're not responding.

Just do what is normal: spot the best matches (high income with a job for her would be good), start the conversation with your version if [sic] "Hey there, Good-Lookin"" [sic] or whatever, and flirty openers.

OKCupid finds the women in Virginia. You don't have to know them personally. Check their Profile, Photos and Details. Oh, and Do Not answer any questions on OKC's Q&A set; I have already answered hundreds of them.

Fair enough?

[censored]: Chris, you're asking me to commit fraud by false identity by pretending to be you. what kind of groceries does your mom need $200 for??!!

cwc: Alright forget the money. It is not fraud. All I am asking is making Greetings, Not entire conversations. I am not a flirting artist, and I more often than naught [sic] Blank Mind Out and Freeze Up.

cwc: Look, here's the info; log in and see for yourself.


[censored]: Look, i can give you advice on what you should say, but i'm not going to do it for you.

cwc: Alright. I am listening.

[censored]: Don't use pickup lines. just tell her you think she's cool and you want to chat.

cwc: Really; "I find you very cool; would you like to chat a while over a light beverage?" Is it REALLY THAT Simple?!!

[censored]: The way you put it looked stilted and unnatural, have you listened to how people actually talk?

cwc: I have listened to how people talk throughout my life. Stilt and Unnatural; NOW do you see why I require Someone else to do the greetings for me, or that SHE has to make the first move?!

[censored]: It was just so… Fake. you can't just be talking to them to get a girlfriend. you need to be genuinely interested in the person and stop being self conscious and she'll talk to you. asking for a beverage date in the first message is a bad idea. i meant just chat in messages. it looks like you only know how to talk about yourself. ask her what her favorite things are and why she likes them and she'll blab for ages.

cwc: I am well aware to let her talk about herself and all that. I was not meaning to sound fake; it is called sincerity.

Yeah, in any case, it is Not that simple.

[censored]: I'm sorry to tell you this, but i'm not a big ladies man myself. i only have gal pals.

cwc: What?!! I thought this whole time you were the total opposite of what you are saying now.


UGH!!! You are really letting the oxygen out of my tank here!!!

[censored]: Why did you think that? i told you those things when you first contacted me. in any case the stuff i'm telling you is not irrelevant. i used to be like you and had to learn how to socialize. tell me, do you really want to have a beverage with strangers you don't evem [sic] know yet from a dating site?

cwc: Call me Old, and Old-Fashioned, but I Super Seriously Feel that conversation over a light beverage in a public place shortly after first contact, IS FAR SUPERIOR. Why the hell (now after all of the deceptive theoretical exes I have had to suffer after each breakup before meeting; all of them never really got to know me In Person. The Only Exception being that one woman liked me through that brown shirt Fake me (her name escapes my memory at the moment); She actually met me in person and liked ME better for the while until when he faked his hostage shit then flew the coop, leaving her at the alter. [sic]

I will not be having extensive conversations with damn faking Anons (for all I would know) upon initial; SHE HAS to Meet Me In Person Near Immediately, and therefore I extend the invitation to a pleasant conversation and light beverage in the public setting. I am NOT going to wait WEEKS TO MONTHS to Hopefully meet up, only to be Broken Up before we even Really got started AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Also, either I missed that detail when you stated it, or more likely I ended up forgetting it. My bad.

Also, either I missed that detail when you stated it, or more likely I ended up forgetting it. My bad.

Also, either I missed that detail when you stated it, or more likely I ended up forgetting it. My bad. [sic (as in he really sent this three times)]

[censored]: That girl with the fake chris was kacey. they were both trolls. she never cared about you. i hate dating sites. don't they go against your beliefts of meeting people in person?

[censored]: Do you think [censored] likes you?

cwc: Who?

[censored]: That girl defending your Facebook statuses, she looks legit. i think you should private message her and tell her thank you. she likes legos.

cwc: ???
I can't find her; does she have a username different from "[censored]?"

cwc: I am drawing Mazarea in a "Flight Over Cwcville" with Angelica now.

Shortly after this is done, Bananasaur plays Scrabble with Punchy.

[censored]: Her username is [censored] (on your violin status)

[censored]: Those drawings sound awesome. can we pm on Facebook? it takes a long time for me to text.

cwc: Found her; she's okay looking in her photos. I'll ask you to communicate with her further to verify her identity, and let you get back to me.

cwc: Nah, I'm not changing my window, and besides I will need to get back to work.


cwc: Seriously, though, for your consideration, do yourself a really big favor: go on Craigslist for your area; find yourself a ho to play with; dump your virginity. For me it was the BEST thing I was ever able to do for myself, TWICE. Now I don't feel as bad, because I won't be dying an untouched virgin. And I have not obsessed about sex so much since then.

Plus, she was a nice woman (the one I did it with); caring mother of two; half Cherokee; she was really good. You pick yourself a winner from your local area, kid. Give yourself the life-changing event, and you won't have to worry about it anymore. Alright, I'll check ya later.

[censored]: You're talking about a prostitute! do you even know how horrible that is?

[censored]: [censored] told me she is not a troll.

cwc: Quote me now: Abstinence is a Really Big, Bad Joke.

I will need more to go on than "I am not a troll"

Anyway, take my advice as you will and suit yourself. But I am serious: Abstinence is a Really Big, Horrible Joke.

[censored]: Did you finish the drawings?

cwc: Yes

cwc: They will be shipped as late as this coming Tuesday.

cwc: All four of them have their certificates and are in a yellow envelope with your name and address on it.

June 30

[censored]: So they are all in the post office?

cwc: I am afraid not yet, because I am still short funded. To make sure my family and I were fed after the last paid commission input, I required a more quick way to withdraw from PayPal than transferring to the bank(two or so DAYS). And I found out Target online accepts PayPal, so I purchased gift cards to buy us food more swiftly. Too much. We will be getting our SSI tomorrow, or I may finally get a check in the mail from a dude who intends to buy the violin. He mailed it like last Tuesday from CT. Not sure if it's US or Canada CT or whatever.

[censored]: Text me when it all ships.

cwc: Will do

[censored]: I am sorry i overreacted. i was slow in the mind and had bad judgement.

No. 35834

File: 1420072743807.jpg (32.43 KB, 483x563, Autism_Boy.jpg)

"I find you very cool; would you like to chat a while over a light beverage?"

No. 35836

No. 35840


Did the hooker force him to shower before going down on him?

No. 35841

top kek

No. 35847

A part of me is glad he got laid, even if it was with a prostitute.

No. 35850

File: 1420078330005.png (3.67 MB, 3056x1056, autist2.png)

for those of you who don't have accounts/don't want him to see you visited his profile to subsequently message/stalk you for the rest of your life

No. 35851

File: 1420078355318.png (241.47 KB, 768x2100, autist.png)


No. 35852

Proof positive that the best photo of Chris in years has been his mugshot photo.

No. 35855

Couple of things.

>Native American

>body type average
>menage a trois with two women


>Says he's a transwoman, but identifies his sex as a male.

>Says he's a lesbian but will also date straight women.

>He will date someone who is up to nine years younger than him, but not one year older.

No. 35857

I'm scared.

No. 35858

>mostly anything
the truest of truths on that profile

No. 35859

He never took drugs?

Imagine chrischan on shrooms or acid. This needs to happen.

No. 35860

when chris gets sent to jail you just need to get arrested on purpose with a vial of liquid acid and a device to record video shoved up your ass. the rest will write itself.

No. 35865


No. 35895

File: 1420104775428.jpg (300.27 KB, 1920x1080, 1420100442778.jpg)

No. 35983



No. 36019

this is my new wallpaper.

No. 36149


No. 36153

No. 36154

File: 1420174362408.gif (613.77 KB, 500x279, giphy.gif)

I'm willing to bet money that given how easily he's influenced by television and movies that this is what he thought he was doing. Being an empowered womyn.

No. 36157



No. 36163

File: 1420180016825.png (10 KB, 300x104, lolcow wip.png)

ask and ye shall receive

No. 36165

Those enemas in the selfie pic, tho.

No. 36167

How can you be serious about Christianity and … nevermind. Not even going there. I don't think he knows what that means.

No. 36168

This is probably the best thing ever created.

No. 36745

No. 37319

File: 1420444633760.jpg (410.6 KB, 803x1024, 1420433675891.jpg)

No. 37324

File: 1420444959318.gif (588.49 KB, 312x351, SonicSallyBump.gif)

I'd buy this.

No. 37350

that sounds like a glorious game

No. 37351

so is it legit? I found the use of the word 'manajerk' by chris unrealistic, I mean does he STILL talk like that?

No. 37409


He does, he uses it on facebook all the time.

No. 37803

File: 1420562916673.png (507.32 KB, 640x427, fPYVIqY.png)

No. 37932

This is amazing.

No. 37950

File: 1420586057046.png (30.94 KB, 488x392, Chris.png)

No. 37953

File: 1420586197833.jpg (41.38 KB, 491x299, umcJvti.jpg)

both of these were posted in the 24 hours or so. it's only a matter of time now before he ends up in the crazy house or the big house.

No. 37982

This is the most autistic thing ever, I never want Chris-Chan's wild to end.

No. 38014

Chris-Chan has literally been broken by the thing he loved most. It's almost too much to grasp when you think about the long ride he's been on since he won that Sonic the Hedgehog sweepstakes when he was in grade school.

No. 38026

It's a tragic love story, where the man loves his lover so much it may kill him or get him in trouble.

Ahem, except in this case, let's switch the lover with Sonic.

No. 39569

File: 1421050239459.png (395.61 KB, 522x706, Untitled.png)

No. 39591


No. 39592

lol he's trying to be rarity from MLP FIM I swear to god

No. 39598

Has he ever mentioned a favorite? I thought he just had a passing interest in mlp til the mlp sunglasses shit, so he's obviously buying the toys.

No. 39613

oh it's not just a passing interest

he used to collect the old gen toys and draw the old mlps

he loves mlp fim as evidenced by his review of equestria girls, desire to own a rare derpy collectable card, the kooky dashy debacle and mostly in the recent incident when he maced that store employee, he was wearing glasses from a MLP toy set

No. 39614

No shape at all male PT.

No. 39616

I think the original reason he got into the old MLP was because Megan (his first "love", now he calls her a nazi) was into it. But yeah, he's definitely obsessed at this point. MLP and lego…

No. 39690

If I were Chris I would be spending my time trying to look as feminine as possible and learning how to suck a mean dick. That's his only chance of survival in jail.

No. 39692

Oh God. Imagine if Chris met the salad king in jail…


No. 43836

File: 1422302644041.gif (6.56 MB, 500x350, CWC.gif)


No. 66380

File: 1426969322242.png (84.16 KB, 872x582, 1426903728323.png)

Nah, he'll make it. He has a pretty badass reputation.

No. 66391

File: 1426971473406.png (3.71 KB, 203x221, 131103165031.png)

No. 76807

File: 1428376017878.jpg (66.81 KB, 960x717, 1428366278081.jpg)


No. 76915

File: 1428393278040.gif (1.1 MB, 230x324, 1425136078533.gif)



No. 77531

I wish people would stop leaving negative reviews on his ebay. It might be funny, but I don't want to discourage him from selling his hilarious bullshit.

No. 77628

File: 1428465363991.png (65 KB, 791x335, chrischancursedgrowth.png)

No. 77635

I what huh omw how did he even get christina never ceases to amaze me

No. 77665

File: 1428470614071.jpg (128.68 KB, 507x800, sonichu.jpg)

No. 77666

My sides.jpg

No. 77682

I'd pay to see sonichu in SSB

No. 77685

every time I think he's hit the rock bottom he just keeps going lower. It's amazing. Even the JULAAY video and sticking the pieces of the sonichu medallion in his ass was enough for me but now he's a MTF lesbian tranny who wants to be a stripper.

No. 77706

Voted Sonichu. God speed Chris-chan

No. 77849

i know it doesn't matter but it seems wrong to troll this guy because he has autism even though he has produced so much lulz i saw that documentary on him and it made me feel bad and saw how someone tricked him into sending his sonichu medallion this seems like it's going too far the guy's life is sad enough and i don't mean to white knight or anything its just sad because he has an actual mental illness. also he looks like a fucking bum now with long hair ew he needs to clean himself up

No. 77853

File: 1428513730905.jpg (16.31 KB, 208x257, 10850021_10152919522347943_390…)

What do we put for the game he's from?

No. 77862

this was posted three months ago and I'm only just now prospering from this glorious laff? fuck

No. 77939

I just put Sonichu.

No. 94884

Today is Chris's trial.

No. 95039

i agree but where is the link to the documentary??

No. 95582

No. 96232


>gift basket

No. 100581

File: 1431480518686.jpg (129.69 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Nothing happened. Just continued, as per usual.

Chris-chan (excuse me, Christine-chan) is really turning out to be a sweetheart from the ground up!

No. 100582

File: 1431480548606.jpg (90.95 KB, 704x960, image.jpg)

In case you wanted the full version.

No. 100583

pls b in london

No. 100590

No. 100607

No. 100626

File: 1431483745869.jpg (30.72 KB, 720x537, 1431479211241-1.jpg)

No. 100628

My body wasn't ready.

I mean I've seen Chris in compromising positions and situations for years, but the wink and the pasties are my breaking point.

No. 100629

No. 100630

Lol god he doesn't even try.

No. 100711

OMG anon, where is this from? Surely not Facebook.

No. 100861

File: 1431496453653.jpg (21.34 KB, 425x412, 123.jpg)

His facial expression literally says "Ladies, hold your orgasms"

No. 100901

What a truly revolting body

No. 106810

File: 1432290985688.png (462.42 KB, 494x1717, 1432206920511.png)

No. 106811

File: 1432291111236.png (34.91 KB, 501x456, 1432209460983-0.png)

> Chris has been fantasizing about impregnating himself and reproducing asexually as a hedgehog.

No. 106953

>not even any autism.

No. 107264

File: 1432341320688.png (358.32 KB, 503x549, chrischan.png)

No. 198915

Apparently, he's looking to meet some special ladies…

No. 198920


This was so embarrassing it hurt to watch… Chrischan you are such a gift to society,plz never stop

No. 198922

I couldn't even make it to the 20 second mark. This was too painful.

No. 198924


Oh Chris.

I wonder how many epic win troll xDDD next clyde cash faggots from kiwi farms are going to e-mail him hoping to catfish him and start a new "sweetheart saga"

No. 198936

Bae is finally back! Please don't fuck this up Kiwi…

No. 198950

I wonder if he would have some luck with tumblr girls who have to convince themselves he's a woman or else it'll be transphobic

No. 198956

Yesssss. I'm looking forward to all of the new Chris milk and bonus milk from pathetic weens.

No. 198978

I just watched the whole thing. I think the bra flashes were the cringiest moments. And the wink.

No. 198980

Well, so much for "online socialisation is a bust, real life socialisation is tops" i guess.
excuse me while i go vomit tho.

No. 198981

I wonder what happened. I thought he was having a good time offline and seemed to have found a community that would accept or at least tolearate a freak like him. Wonder if there was some fallout or if Chris was just delusional the whole time.

No. 198987

I'm guessing delusional and Marvin/Kim set him straight and told him that it was normal to make friends online. Which yeah it is but I don't thing Chris would go back that route without some prodding because he is really set in his ways unless there's the promise of getting laid at the end of the tunnel. And also because Chris is retarded and doesn't learn.

No. 199032

Delusional, clearly. Tried to get lucky and not even them wanted to touch him with a 10 foot pole, so he turned online again.

Can't wait for the new drama this is going to bring.

No. 199040

Lol someone should upload it there and leave his email so they can hit him up.

No. 199043

Oh lawd, it's like it's 2008 all over again. At least he's not a virgin with rage this time around.

No. 199050

This, please, he can find his dream girl on tumblr.

No. 199061

Well it would be a very appropriate job for you given you are full of shit.

No. 199062

He's not even trying. And you are right, pt is def at least 4/10

No. 199063

Lol that doesn't even make sense. Unless hes secretly afraid hes a gay male himself so transitioned?

No. 199064

Kek, this needs to be made.

No. 199068

Chris would look good with a beard

No. 199111

Last time Chris had a "beard", it made his chin look like a ballsack with pubes on it. This was like 2009-2010 I think. I was trying to forget tbh.

No. 199240

No. 199305

She's like a retarded child.

No. 199306

Holy shit she's totally twinning with Chris.
But she also kind of reminds me of Melissa McCarthy.

No. 199307

I can't even tell if she's a troll or not.
>tfw I think I have that exact same dildo

No. 199314

idk but I think I love her.

No. 199315

>that sassy voice
>that bra slip
Holy shit my pussy

No. 199316

Not elaborate enough to be a troll if you ask me.

No. 199376

are you guys stupid
she is a troll, just a shitty one

No. 199393

I wonder if Chris is retarded enough to fall for it.

No. 199598

my ex bf is A LOT like CWC. i don't want to dox him but i have to write this out. there are SO many similarities it's creepy

- both are named Chris
- both are from the rural south
- both have dads named Bob who graduated from SEC schools and did science-y things
- both had parents that divorced and remarried
- one of CWC's half siblings on his father's side is a doctor, so is one my ex's
- both were only children
- both are having problems in their Love Quest right now
- my ex even looked like CWC when they were kids. omggg

This also shows how autistic I am

No. 199601

also i think my ex will go crazy and become a sissy/tranny sometime just like CWC. oh well.

No. 199614

File: 1446601714637.gif (726.82 KB, 200x150, nuqiamdGxD1rl04amo1_250.gif)

Hay. Have some respect for yoself gurlfran. You can do better than a CWC clone.

No. 199656

You should just date the real Chris chan.
Take one for the team friend.

No. 199739

That gif is amazing.

No. 199863

File: 1446649818938.png (88.3 KB, 503x320, Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.09…)

why not?

anyways attached is his dating ad that he posted on youtube.

the email is Anightinchristine@gmail.com.

No. 200104

No. 200107

File: 1446688649447.png (1.1 MB, 800x600, 1421547674353.png)


oh my god

No. 200135

File: 1446694379336.png (420.17 KB, 595x575, mysides.png)

No. 200543

File: 1446761924256.gif (1.99 MB, 400x398, mysides.gif)

No. 207649

Hey caitlyn Jenner is a beautiful woman brah, anyone who says otherwise is a bigot and they'll have to deal with me.

No. 207822

He's an autogynophiliac.

No. 207865

Breaking up with you really messed him up. Take is as a compliment.

No. 207873

she doesn't believe in gay marriage

No. 209477

New video up: Group Embargo on GameStop, Best Buy, and Simon Shopping Centers

No. 209502

>mighty lesbian

No. 209503

It's really difficult to understand what he's saying. He slurs all his words together.

No. 209577

>mfw I was at a Gamestop inside a Simon mall this afternoon.
Sorry, Chris.
The fuck does he even need to go to gamestop for anyway? He hasn't got a job or money. Is he one of those wankers that just goes in and plays on the test consoles for hours? I bet he is. ffs.

No. 209578

He spends his disability checks on video games.

No. 209917

Right. He doesn't have to use his tugboat for rent and bills and shit like that. So he can buy vidya.
I still think he's probably one of those wankers who just stands around and plays on the test consoles in GameStop until they ask him to leave tbh tho.

No. 211822

File: 1449540932690.jpg (75.83 KB, 738x960, lmao.jpg)

I am laughing my ass off. Poor Chris.

No. 211825

so he tried to get his ban removed from the local store and now cannot go to any in his state? If he hadn't made a complaint it would have just been the local store, he made it worse lol
maybe if he keeps fighting the ban it'll go national ban

No. 211833

Aw shit.
He might have to actually drive to Ohio or smth to get his amiibo toys now.
Poor Chris.

No. 211850

Did you watch the video tho?

I laughed so hard I cried. BATTLETOADS!!

No. 211852

File: 1449546655009.png (68.5 KB, 519x463, UNFAIR.png)

Never fear, anon. Make your etsy order now to get it by Christmas!

No. 211853

File: 1449546716054.png (97.61 KB, 523x523, lamestop.png)

He also posted his address, just in case you wanted to send him a Christmas present.

No. 211856


No. 211860

how has this not been posted yet? Chris rubs estrogen gel on his belly, gives bra and vibrator reviews

No. 211863

>We have concluded that expanding the current local ban to a statewide ban would be in the best interest of both parties

holy lmao

No. 211878

File: 1449550803954.png (235.72 KB, 270x434, chrischanwinks.png)

No. 211879

File: 1449550814752.jpg (62.71 KB, 1223x1240, 1441635596490.jpg)

I don't know what to feel after watching this
>mfw chris brings out those vibrating things

No. 211881

>WHAT… is da bloody… past memory… of dose people in dat corporate office.. to turn dem into such cruel, soulless, heartless, BLEEDIN' … bastards.

No. 211883


That's actually something that really bothers me about retail (all stores do this), but oh my god I am laughing so hard at the spergy way he's describing it.

No. 211885


Right here. Right here is the best part of the video. I want to put his word salad on loop.

No. 211888

Wow. Chris has never been an eloquent speaker but that's just nonsense

No. 211891

What the fuck is he trying to say holy shit lmao

No. 211896

>battle toads
How does Chris know that meme? Confirmed for top tier lifestyle troll

No. 211897

Can somebody make a banner with the caption "pristine Christine's seal of approval"

No. 212112

>Bring your own sign
Ya sure Chris. I'll bring a sign… signing the checques and receipts when I'm buying xmas gifts for my cousins. You know what? Chris's boycott of gamestop is making me want to even try and find shit there for my parents this holiday season. They're not game or tech savvy at all, but maybe this is the year to get them into it.

>A lot of people are banned for NO REASON

People get banned from shops, pubs, and other spaces because they make employees and paying customers uncomfortable. ffs.

The way he lists all the places he can still get his damn amiibo toys he really sounds like he's lost it.

And also as a queer person I've never felt discriminated against in gamestop. But I dunno maybe my local gamestop is actually cool? I'd even go work there if I didn't already work fulltime honestly.

No. 212113

Ugh he always fucking does this, and at first I thought it was retarded, but I guess since it's been out there for years anyway (because of those first few times he doxxed himself) he just doesn't see the point in hiding it anymore and we should send him shit.

No. 212115

Transwoman tips: every transwoman I've known who's transitioning for real had to go to counselling for years first in order to get her real meds for transitioning for real (and not horse meds imported from god knows where that Chris bought on ebay). Someone should tell Chris about this, because maybe he could into counselling like he really needs.

No. 212160


Tbh I laughed when he started trying to rally the LGBTQ community against his ban from Gamestop, I wanted to point out all of the Gamestops near me have gay men and/or lesbeans working at them. Not exclusively, but you know, they're still there, and many have been for years. I know he's autistic but I think the way he's trying to say just because he got banned for his behavior, that everyone in 'his communities' are being discriminated against.

But what am I saying? Classic Chris-chan.

No. 212208

lol remember when Chris hated "da homos" though? But yeah now that he sees himself as a part of this community, he's suddenly ok with them and will champion for their causes.
At least that's progress I guess…?

No. 212244

It's not genuine at all. He's not actually trans. He uses the label as a way to get close to women and have some kind of social circle. It's really gross.

No. 212248

Ya I know.
Still not sure if it's funny gross or just regular gross tbh.
The irony of Chris's views now versus Chris's views five years ago is just… i dunno.

No. 212258


I feel you, and I would agree if he was legit supporting the LGBTQ cause, but he's only trying to rally them because HE got banned, for not discriminatory reasons, acting like the community is his personal army it seems. I'm trying to say, it has nothing to do with his sexually or mental illness, but he's trying to make it about it.

No. 212278

Chris, it's common knowledge not to sell your used games to GameStop. They fucking undercut you so bad.

No. 215003


No. 215011

My yammy has never been more dry than after watching that.

No. 215100

the fuck is wrong with his face
its like he's being assfucked the entire time

No. 215334

Nah. If he was being assfucked there'd be a smile on his face, Anon.

No. 215500

What a beautiful angle.

No. 215508


No. 215513

I love a woman with curves.

No. 215582

The lyrics in that song are so laughably bad. It's like something from a Mad TV parody. Although given Chris' dance moves it's a perfect match.

No. 215830

Tick tick tick…

No. 215836

>mfw at 1:25 when the wig almost falls off

No. 215842

I'm pretty sure that's his real hair, the hairband falling totally made it look like a wig though.

No. 215920

Chris "liked" this on YouTube. My poor sides.

No. 215926

it is like watching one of pt's dance videos. Chris-chan makes all of the same facial expressions as well. It is uncanny.

No. 216279

omg… I shouldn't be laughing at this dude, but this shit is funny.

No. 216284

>"purely because he maced s-" jumpcut

This is a masterpiece

No. 216717

that has to be a troll right?

No. 216826

Chris will never learn the bloody difference between a troll and a genuine person though (see: his ongoing friendship with "kim") so he probably thinks this person is supporting him for real.
Surprised he didn't get mad about this kid calling him a man tho. Like isn't misgengedering a huge issue with tumblrtots? Kind of telling that he's not blown up about it.

No. 220443

Who woul even want to go to his sleepover?

No. 220446

>**Self-Photograph(s) of yourself and proof of identity are required upon RSVPing to this invitation. RSVP to anightinchristine@gmail.com, and we will let you know of further developments and details.

>Chris: "We can have a night of fun and frivolous activities"

>looks like he just stepped out of a grease chamber

Who WOULDN'T want to bunk up with Chris, sorry, CHRISTINE for a fun, light-hearted lesbian night?

No. 220455

Half of me feels bad for him and kind of wants to be his friend because he's probably lonely but then the smarter half of me smothers that half so that I don't get murdered by crazy Christine.

No. 220465


It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

No. 220476

File: 1452126584806.png (6.49 KB, 390x470, Laughing-Meme-Face-02.png)

No. 220478

>a night in Christine
>in Christine

So we're just gonna ignore that?

No. 220485

This is how the slumber party is going to go down.

No. 220700

It never fails to amuse me what guys seem to think women get up to at slumber parties.

No. 220793

Because if there's one thing lesbians want it's a sexy time with a bent dick.

No. 221361

File: 1452509867242.png (18.93 KB, 517x298, Untitled.png)

Looks like it got canceled. Figures.

No. 221368

Aww I'm rather disappointed.

No. 221380

too many people pretended to be mtf trannies and were blowing up his inbox wanting to come to sleepover, and since he wants "natural born women" only (the irony of this lol) he cancelled it.

No. 221477

>no mtf trannies despite chris ""being one""
>only natural born women

fucking hell, chris. You can tell he just uses this "im a woman" shit to get close to ""real women""
What a fool, but what else is new.

No. 221483


No. 221667

ughhhhh he's got grandma boobs.

"We have agreed"… nice to see that Kim/Marvin still his hand firmly up Chris's ass.

No. 221679

watching that makes me feel like I've been dosed with something

what the fuck is up with the framing of the shot warping around like that?

No. 221683

How is it that he makes lgbt friends when his intentions are so transparent? As they really that desperate to be accepting?

No. 221692

Chris still can't get that camera-clicker to work at the end, and I always find it hilarious

No. 221762

Well I think 9/10 of the people blowing up his inbox were trolls anyway tbh. So that's how. But LGBT friends in his local community? Probably the same idea as the girls who were nice to him in high school and pretended to be his friend because he was a retard.

No. 221838

Why is he trying to get close to the gay community if hes looking for a girlfriend? He wants to surround himself with lesbians, then what?he does know lesbians dont date men right?

No. 221861

But he's a trans lesbian anon, remember?

No. 223005


Can anyone explain why the footage is warped around the paint bottle caps?

No. 223017

I think it's Youtube's image stabilization badly fucking up.

No. 223020

That or Chris' autism is bending time and space.

No. 223115

Stink lines coming from Chris. Obviously.

No. 223121

Is this Chris's attempt at sarcasm?

No. 227829

No. 227833

I think I may have laughed harder at this than I should have.

No. 227834

I lost my shit as soon as he said Pewdiepie.

No. 227836

>that music
>him confirming that he is, indeed, NOT pewdiepie
>general sperging
I love Chris

No. 227838

chris had better prepare for an onslaught of Pewdiepie fanmail

No. 227842

This is my new favorite Chris video. This is the subtle trolling I miss from the early days of Chris-chan.

No. 245370

Happy 34th birthday CWC!

Here he complains about not getting a PS4

No. 245372

He just made a fb status saying someone bought him one

I want to know who that person was and slap them

No. 245481

First PS4 Broadcast: The end is topkeks

No. 245643

Bleh. Have they not only just moved back into 14bc within this past year and he's already managed to pack his room with this much shit? Looking at that clutter is triggering me.

No. 245645

i will never understand how anyone can live like that. and he used to blame his parents for the hoarding.

No. 245646

I grew up in a hoarder house too, although not as bad as 14bc. And I've had to move back to said hoarder house recently upon finishing college and starting a job that doesn't pay enough. Every other room in the house is full of random shit, mostly crafting stuff and books that my mom said she'd use but has not and probably never will. My room? Clean. I don't buy shit that I don't already have a place for (and no, on my desk doesn't count as a putting away place lol).
Chris blames his mum for his house being messy af, like saying she always brings shit home from goodwill, but he does the same. It's weird af but maybe i just don't understand it because i did different.
Sage because dear diary

No. 245649

It's not unusual for children of hoarders to become hoarders themselves, especially when the hoarding results from a mental illness that is genetic in origin.

I'm not saying that you're wrong - plenty of children of hoarders are non-hoarders or even clean-freaks - just that there's really nothing surprising about his hoarding.

No. 585262

No. 680515

File: 1563161457377.jpeg (465.18 KB, 640x993, 14AE7CF7-3256-4CE5-811A-25E230…)

He’s at it again. Asking for $600 (and “someone” gave it to him.)

No. 680517

File: 1563161804780.jpeg (304.44 KB, 640x873, 73CE0D95-EE08-4AF3-B998-FAE6B1…)

No. 680552

>next month
Chris, this doesn't make sense.

No. 680553

If Chris ever faced homelessness, the public would bail him out, right?

But also, he's severely autistic and mentally ill, so it seems like there must be government services for him.

No. 680559

>June 26th- Has a heart attack according to this tweet he Retweeeted. Put into the hospital.
>July 8th- Begs for $600
>July 14th- now begging for $300 on Gofund me for …" ship several boxes of her Autographed Cards and Fanta Cans"????
>Currently begging the artists in the Bronycon vendor hall to draw him free art for autographs.

No. 680560

File: 1563178709513.png (100.54 KB, 554x711, holy shit the lies.png)

No. 680562

File: 1563178940731.png (35.82 KB, 524x292, cunt.png)

someone draw a mutilated dead sonichu please

No. 680580

Chris is still active? I always thought that by now he would either devolve into a full psychotic break down and be institutionalized or have someone claim power of attorney over him and still have him institutionalized.

No. 680730

Isn't Chris going y Christina now? Last I heard Chris is now trans.

No. 680762

You're like half a decade late, anon

No. 680764

This is so incredibly autistic

Yeah, Chris is Christine now and has been trans for a few years now. He's stuck with it so I guess it's real?

No. 680843

He makes a grand or so off welfare and he has patreon on top of it.

No. 680852


He and Barb have been and are being sued by multiple creditors. The house will be reclaimed when Barb dies.

No. 680965

I don't feel this is a fair trade. CWC's autograph has to be far more valuable than most garden variety artist alley offerings.

I stumbled across some videos not long ago where he was hanging out with some teenagers, exploring an abandoned building and stuff. No doubt they were doing it for the lols, but they were really respectful of him and humouring his absurdities. I thought it was cute.

No. 683364

Imagine being nearly 40 and thinking your legacy is drawing Sonic with Pikachu colors… when in reality it's showing the world how severely autism and self-delusion can manifest on the internet.

No. 689393

ooft. It's so sad. what the fuck happened to this person jesus christ.

I hope he's a piece of shit or it's tragic.

No. 689397

any milk at all on his family? his mom must suffer terribly.

No. 689398

Borb are the reason Chris is the way he is. They spoiled him like hell and didn't allow him to go to the school his doctors reccomended he go to. If Chris wasn't spoiled and had the right support when he was a kid, he would just be a slightly weird but otherwise normal guy like most people on his part of the spectrum.

No. 689414

Barb is still hoarding away and wracking up credit card debt to saddle Chris with once she dies. Her suffering is all self-inflicted.

No. 689661

You can’t inherit a parent’s debt in the US, so that isn’t going to be a worry for Chris.

No. 689807

File: 1565766090962.jpeg (162.21 KB, 750x779, C4FDFBA5-9C62-43A5-97E1-CC3E97…)

New cat.


Have you seen the ledger of debt in their ongoing debtor suits?

No. 689812

File: 1565767179131.jpg (122.53 KB, 900x1200, D-cm6EFU0AAEMpL.jpg)

Are anons aware of this specimen, Jacob Sockness?

No. 689813

File: 1565767594432.png (73.48 KB, 992x575, socknessweirdo.png)

No. 689814

File: 1565767686079.jpg (268.1 KB, 720x871, 20190811_131134.jpg)

No. 689819

Not legally, no, but if a debtor calls you up about your deceased family member's debt and get you to agree to pay it, it becomes yours, and I sincerely doubt Chris knows that he can say no.

Also, I'm pretty sure Barb had Chris co-sign on a lot of these cards, anyway, so it's a moot point.

No. 689887

File: 1565795130153.png (21.92 KB, 578x119, screenshot-twitter.com-2019.08…)


>one of

Of course they are allowing the feral yard colony to run amok unfettered as is the Chandler way.

But I'm sure all the kitties are predetermined to survive The Merge, so no worries!

No. 689889

File: 1565795661828.jpg (469.89 KB, 1227x690, 1.jpg)

For context, Chris took these in April.

No. 689890

File: 1565795704898.jpg (302.13 KB, 1100x619, 2.jpg)

No. 689891

File: 1565795803096.jpg (140.91 KB, 1024x576, 3.jpg)

No. 689892

File: 1565795825901.jpg (377.98 KB, 1227x690, 4.jpg)

No. 689893

File: 1565795850983.jpg (426.9 KB, 1227x690, 5.jpg)

No. 689894

File: 1565795872012.jpg (384.71 KB, 1227x690, 6.jpg)

No. 689895

File: 1565795896314.jpg (199.22 KB, 1024x576, 7.jpg)

No. 689896

File: 1565795921458.jpg (248.81 KB, 1200x675, 8.jpg)

No. 689897

File: 1565795951568.jpg (180.93 KB, 1024x576, 9.jpg)

No. 689899

File: 1565795991428.jpg (912.62 KB, 1289x860, CWChernobyl.jpg)

No. 689940

he didn't take these he just made them, they're all online lol.

No. 690015


Looks like he took them through pokemon go tho

No. 690026

you can reverse search some of the images.

No. 690059


It's his backyard tho. This one literally says chandler on it

No. 690826

I am he who am God to the Goddess Christine Weston Chandler. Respect her divine beauty and know that the dimensional merger is fast coming.(respecc)

No. 690836

ok, this is epic

No. 690855

This is either a sad idiot named Jacob Sockness or someone pretending to be that sad idiot. Sockness paid hundreds for Chris’s garbage on eBay.

No. 690907

There needs to be a thread for Chris's autistic stalkers, some of these people have passed up a-log

No. 691609

File: 1566249645554.jpg (2.22 MB, 3384x2539, 1566247473249.jpg)

Saw this posted on KF but I can't find any other confirmation. Do you guys think this legit?

No. 691611

No. It does not take only a day to get an official death certificate.

No. 691721

Chris just tweeted that it was fake (on the “Magi-Chan” account, because Chris and Magi-Chan have “switched bodies”).

Anyway, she’s not dead.

No. 709376

File: 1569425171139.png (192.36 KB, 438x468, 1569412517390.png)

If there was ever a time to tune into the goings on in CWCville it would be NOW. Jacob Sockness has booked a one way trip to Branchland Court and arrives Saturday.


No. 709387

No. 709397

Christ. I'm genuinely worried for Chris.

No. 709411

File: 1569428381601.jpg (367.02 KB, 720x1149, 20190922_022623.jpg)

No. 709412

File: 1569428404185.png (60.89 KB, 1113x330, Screenshot (45).png)

No. 709432

Yea, he's gonna make a skin suit out of Chris.

No. 709671

I would not be surprised if Chris catches an STD–er, I mean, a magical pox from the ethereal realm sent to cause discord in da true and honest Blood Mojo~
This faggot sends me rapey vibes. And apparently he has a rich, older man sugar daddy that he sleeps with. Which means he's likely slept around with a lot of other gay men and is about to bag Chris. I don't think this toothless mental midget is the type to be careful or not try to take Chris's ass while he sleeps. This is genuinely horrific.

No. 709681


Have you seen the size of his peen in his naked dancing video? Penetration is highly unlikely.

He posted some graphic fic on Reddit but I haven't been able to find it again on KF (shit's spread out across three threads).

No. 709702

File: 1569480611578.jpg (200.05 KB, 720x720, 20190926_104214.jpg)

You joker, you! Ugh.

No. 709703

File: 1569480712762.png (32.5 KB, 485x467, Statement1.PNG)

Imagine being dumped by Chris Chan.

No. 709704

File: 1569480741013.png (28.58 KB, 477x251, Statement2.PNG)

No. 709707

Holy shit, what a rollercoaster. I'm genuinely glad Chris took peoples' warnings to heart. I don't think highly of him, but Jacob is so unstable and creepy I'd be really concerned about Chris being safe around him, not to mention Barb.

No. 709721

>current year
>chris-chan's trolls are still this edgy and retarded

how. why.

No. 740817

File: 1576382755614.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1900x3900, Salvage Demin God 2.jpg)

Chris got himself one hot boyfriend. He'd have to be incredibly stupid to pass this guy up. He's really hot, if Chris don't want him, I'll take him. He's gorgeous, especially on the dance floor.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 748556

File: 1579075746102.jpg (2.6 MB, 2700x4320, Hot Fox 4.jpg)

Chris Chan has one hot boyfriend. I wish he was mine. Oh baby what a sexy man she has. He is so wildly hot! I hope they break up so I can sweep in and take him away! WOW! HOT!(ebin trole xd)

No. 755876

For a long time, from about 2014-2017 or so, Marvin insisted that CWC was keeping a low profile because he was improving and making friends irl who didn't use social media. I kinda believed him, but it's impossible to think that now. Once again Chris got banned from another hobby store.

No. 756051

>banned from another store

Which one? deets? screen shots?

No. 756353

Banned him for the same reason he was banned from The Game Place.

No. 756365

if you really own end games, pls tell us your chris chan stories. I bet you have great ones

No. 762230

0nce upon a time Chris was on the Love Quest (tm). Chris kept asking women if they would date him, they said no because they were lesbians and there fore inculpable of wanting him. So in 2014, Chris decided he was a Lesbian too. Chris from that day on would call ''her'' self a lesbian identified male. (I have know idea in the slightest want that means, so you say you're a lesbian, but you still have a penis … and now an infected laceration to the perineum that Chris calls an un-clit.)

No. 762236

File: 1583546200507.jpeg (190.96 KB, 880x804, 1980_6_7_-_Borb_marriage_licen…)


It's a false flag.
Middle maiden name of decedent's mother is Elizebeth. Not Edna.

No. 762247

thank you for the 6 months late update

No. 773140

File: 1588731516027.jpg (1.43 MB, 1800x4200, Sweet Child 2.jpg)

Christine has a beautiful man that loves her fully and openly witch is the best type of man.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 773179

Pls stop socknessposting it's fucking annoying

No. 778040

File: 1591000218627.jpg (204.11 KB, 768x1024, Me and Chris.jpg)

Me and Christ are made for each other; a match made in heaven. I don't know who is posting as me, but she is lucky she got me to love her for who she is and I will defend that love. You all need to let Christine has love. I'm never leaving, because I'm 100% true to loving her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 778398


No. 779480

I think that actually was Sickness posting. He's known to white knight and thirst for Chris on other gossip sites.

No. 779611

good lord the photoshop

No. 786835


No. 788139

I hope despite this thread being necro'd I can still say I'm glad Chris never got together with Sockness. The guy comes off as a psycho, has even showed intentions towards wanting to hurt Chris and I'm just glad it never came to that.

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