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File: 1420402487699.png (688.55 KB, 1047x575, Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 3.29…)

No. 37121

instagram: @xiaxue
blog: xiaxue.blogspot.com

can we have a thread about this rainbow haired bitch? she's rly popular and posts openly about the drama she's involved in. i just don't know her story personally.

No. 37123

File: 1420402621524.png (582.01 KB, 959x569, Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 3.31…)

No. 37129

Her husband looks like Red from that 70's show

No. 37131

Ugh god, I hate this woman. She posts all kinds of racist shit then goes, "Oh, just kidding!" or "To make up for it, here's some cute Asian kids!" I think she is fucking confused despite being FOTB.

Her blog is toxic so I stopped visiting a long time ago. I don't want her to make money off my visits.

No. 37134

Don't really know that much about her. I tried reading about her year long expose on that rival blogger company but I got bored. She's pretty ugly. I don't know why girls like her so much. Especially Apple from pull she has a raging hard on for her I never understood why lol

No. 37136

I hate seeing her son everywhere. He's not even that cute.

No. 37143

I followed her a really long time ago (before she got a lot of her surgeries – like, I think she and Mike had just started dating) until about the time she got married. It wasn't really like I liked her but for some reason I kept reading. After that it was all advertorials so I got bored/jealous and stopped keeping up. Now I guess she's just a mommy blogger.

I never really kept up with her drama with other bloggers because they usually weren't interesting…she ended up giving them more popularity I think.

I am torn between admiring the way she sticks to her old statements even when they are hella racist and such (I believe she said once that no one would call it rape if the guy was hot?) but also a bit disturbed by how she refuses to learn from anything that happens.

I want to say she's not nearly as popular as she used to be but maybe she is, idk.

No. 37146

I guess missmistake or hoglee made this thread

No. 37148

I know it's supposed to be heiress of glee or some shit but every time I read her username I just see HOG lee. She should have thought that one through.

No. 37151

She is annoying as fuck
- A pissed off PULLtard

No. 37152

File: 1420408229757.jpg (80.37 KB, 400x504, IMG_0904.jpg)

her posting openly about the drama she's involved in is pretty much it. she started her blog at a time where there weren't many other bloggers like her, and her inverting the "delicate asian" trope by just being bitchy and a little too "honest" (brutally) really drew in a lot of people. as she states in her FAQ, though people read her blog all because of that and because she has "interesting viewpoints" (see >>37131 and >>37143)

i think one of the nice things about her is how honest she is about the photoshop she's used, her beauty regimen (lots of hair bleaching and circle lenses, diet pills etc) and surgery she's gone under (pic related is her age 16)

she's dumb as a rock, though, and doesn't learn from past mistakes ever lol

No. 37159

The only thing I like about her is that she was open about changing her entire face to be pretty.
She's very vapid and superficial, and I find it annoying.
Her son is cute, but sometimes I get really irritated with how much she posts about him.

No. 37160

There was this one white guy who catfished as his own (Asian) girlfriend for years on a Twitter account, then insulted Xiaxue one day for no apparent reason. She proceeded to mercilessly out him and his fake girlfriend on her blog. That was golden.
Apart from that, though, her blog doesn't really interest me.

No. 37164

Speaking of HOGlee, why don't we have a thread on that self-absorbed bitch yet?

No. 37165

I remember that. That was pretty amazing.

No. 37171

Yes please.

No. 37172


No. 37188


Yes yes and yes.
She's like the xiaxue of the gaijin weeaboo gyaru community

No. 37207

I actually like her. Besides her accent and the 500 pics of her son she posts daily.

I love that she is so open about everything regarding her surgeries and shoops and that she doesn't take herself that serious.
She also tags her sponsored posts, I hate it when blogger go "OMG love this product!" and it's a sponsored product and sucks in reality.

I wouldn't call her dumb though, she maybe looks and sounds a little dumb, like be smart act dumb. Her replies are always pretty sharp, I don't think I would want to get in an argument with her.

They way she exposed Gushcloud was just hilarious. She knows how to destroy these people in the most cruel and sneaky way. And I love it. This is the Xiaxue I've been missing since. That guy with his imaginary gf made one single nasty comment towards her and she made him look like a loser on the internet for a lifetime.

No. 37209

isn't she the one who insulted celebrity babies and when people insulted hers she got all rage

No. 37218

bet my ass that you are either hoglee or missmistake

No. 37219

She knows she's a fake bitch but she's open about it and owns up to the shit she says, so fair enough. Better than all these girls on the internet trying to act like "kawaii desu ne" pure angels when they're actually cunty as hell.

No. 37233

What I love the most is that she actually looks like one of those fake nice innocent kawaii dolls, but then you discover her rants and hear her swearing every second sentence and it's the complete opposite of what you thought
I guess that is also one of the reasons why a lot of people like her

No. 37242

I'd be in favor of that. All I know about hogshit is that she's an annoying as hell and cunt on PULL.

No. 37244

No. 37282


No. 37289

is Hoglee a highschool drop-out or something? her English is pure shit. Someone please make a thread about her.

No. 37313

She got boring after Dash was born.

I don't hate him or anything, but just boring and full of ads now.

No. 37315

I like her for this reason too.

Not being PC is just so refreshing.

No. 37316

She is definitely not dumb, I mean you, me anyone sees so many girls just sitting silently, watching their loserly whiteknights defend them if anything goes down, but xiaxue actually defends herself and her opinions and can actually back it up.

I mean, thats pretty darn neat-o in my eyes. Others will just try to sweep it under the rug, or respond in such a roundabout way without actually even answering it.

No. 37322

Agree. And as >>37207 said, she's pretty fucking sharp at times, especially when she's in an argument. I remember thinking she seemed pretty ditzy a few years back before I really watched/read into the stuff she posts, and after that I realized she's quite smart, which admittedly shocked me.

No. 37323

I certainly don't see her as being a lolcow in pretty much any regard.

No. 37335

How is she a fob when she is still living in the country she was born in?

No. 37419

I agree on the toxic part.

I don't think she's as smart as people might believe. She's not dumb but her way of trying to get famous IS stupid and toxic. She's a grown up and a fucking mom but still has so much insecurities and take them out on others, it makes me shudder for her poor son.

She fully admits she only feel like losing an argument when the other person is prettier (wow what mature mom) and I tried to check her twitter once after her son was born and found a tweet where she insulted a random woman because she didn't smile at her son. Sorry Xiaxue you're not the center of the universe as you'd like to believe and sooner or later everyone is going to forget you again.

Xiaxue knows only one way to get attention and it's to be a bitch intentionally. Basically she says something really controversial and stupid, waits for it to blow up and then post a raging answer on her blog to convince sponsors she still got visits. She can't produce interesting content unless it's bashing on people and people are only mentioning her outing that catfish guy which was a long time ago now.

No. 37540


She's not honest in her recent reviews though, in many cases it seems she hasn't even tried the products she's writing about.

Just one example of many, people on her IG outed the fact that she used McDonald's chicken nuggets to advertise the air fryer that was sent to her (these nuggets have a distinctive shape). Only months later did she start posting about how she was using the air fryer and it strongly came across as if it was her first time using it.

Maybe she was honest in the past, but in her latest advertorials it's very transparent that she just advertises things that will get her a paycheck.

No. 37550

File: 1420496436732.jpg (459.91 KB, 1600x1060, DSC07087.jpg)

I feel that her child is going to believe he is the most special child in the world…

No. 37571

This thing bothered me too. Like, wtf??

No. 37575

File: 1420499453142.jpg (304.54 KB, 640x1008, youtubecompare.jpg)

>So. She has a lot less subscribers than me. And let me just buay paiseh-ly say this. She is a lot less popular too. Especially since my videos are all of Dash and he is… well… popular.

Oh my god she is completely delusional about her utterly unremarkable, bog standard baby.

No. 37602

I never really had strong feelings towards Xiaxue either way, but having watched some of her vids on YouTube I have to comment how remarkably articulate Dash is for his age and what a good mother she seems to be.

No. 37604

She always puts waaaaay too much effort into taking these people down. These graphics and the posts are always super long too. Chill the fuck out.

No. 37610


holy shit. that's pretty insane.

No. 37620

Remarkable? He seems pretty average for his age range. XX just likes to push "GENIUS BABY!!!!" while creating fake subtitles for what she believes he is saying.

Also, she likes to cut up videos and make Dash parrot what she is saying to make it seem like he is talking or reading something. Kids his age talk, but not in the way she's trying to prove to us.

No. 37704

She's the mother of course she'd think that.

Honestly, being loved is much preferable to being meh, whatever, you're normal to a baby.

It doesn't matter what she does someone will say something.

I don't know how it is in SG, but here in Australia you can buy the same nuggets that McDonald's uses(Ingham). They don't advertise themselves as such, but its basically the same.

No. 37720

80% chance that anyone who likes this wench is under the age of 20.
I used to like her for being open about everything too.
But then I began to recognise being honest in order to be trustworthy.
& being 'open' as an excuse to be a raging cunt.

No. 37742

File: 1420533629263.jpg (68.29 KB, 640x513, ellenwithdash.jpg)

Didn't she also come clean about sleeping until 4PM on weekdays while her mom and paid nanny watch her son?

No. 37743

that kids is gonna be really confused a to why he looks nothing like mommy and daddy when he gets older

No. 37744

No he wouldn't jeez
Just like any other child with a parent who has surgery, all he has to do is ask, and all she has to do is tell and show him a photo if how she looked before.
Most likely he wouldn't care until he's an older kid or tween, because he doesn't look too different, so if he can use the internet chances are he can research things himself.

No. 37749


I was gonna say, what is is axially aware of our gives a shit about genetics when they're that young?
You don't, your mummy is your mummy and your daddy is your daddy, you don't even know that you're supposed to look like them because most of the time you don't even know where you originated from.

No. 37751


Actually*, autocorrect :l

No. 37754

That's how I first heard of Xiaxue and it was beautiful. Other than that, though, I think she's kind of boring. There's nothing interesting about her blog when she's not involved in some scrape. Mommybloggers who believe their kid is the centre of everyone's universe are so annoying.

No. 37758

I'm 200% sure she will tell him she got ps, like she tells every other person in the world.

No. 37858

Unless she finally gets her daughter and poor son is gonna be ignored so fucking hard.

No. 37860

I don't know about her being a good mother but that's not reaaally hard for her cause she can't even take care of him by herself.

It's not even like she has the most difficult job in the world, I know professional writers who produce intelligent content on difficult subject several times a day, and all she does is sometimes post a badly written blog post with a 22px font. She acts like it's so damn tiring she has to ask her mom and helper to take care of her son, she's a damn lazy mom.

No. 37903

No. 37908

I work at a daycare, so I'm around children his age often, and dash does strike me as remarkably clever for his age.

No. 37910


roqq already proved otherwise.Go back to PULL.

No. 37914

She is a working mother.
My mother never worked a day in her life, but still needed help (Maids (one was an 'ironer', specifically ironed our clothes since my mom didn't like ironing) ,gardeners, her parents moved in with us, ect ect ect.

It's pretty normal in SG to have a nanny, and XX works, and is still a wonderful mother.

No. 37948

Its very easy to simplify things.

Soccer is just kicking a ball around.

No, most people would rather live in lies and in a nice bubble. If you grew up you will understand this concept very clearly. eg. do i look fat in this?

> I began to recognise being honest in order to be trustworthy.

And since when is being a raging cunt also not being honest? Maybe she's a cranky bitch all the time, and she just openly shows it. But to you, if you're honest in the "wrong way" its suddenly not trustworthy. lmao.

No. 38132

>needed help
>didn't like ironing

So.. she didn't need help. She was just lazy. Thanks for proving the point.

No. 38133

everyone on PULL loves this troll. Why don't you go back there so you can frolic with your kin?

No. 38135

well she can be a raging bitch all she wants, but if she's so 'open' about who she is, she really has no place to be indignant when people find the things she says/does off-putting.
You can tell she's an extremely insecure person.

No. 38136

I know it's the culture in SG to have a maid. Sorry I'm from a different culture where my great grand parents would raise their kids (often a lot) while working on the farm. So yeah seems lazy to me, sue me.

Even if she didn't have a maid or her mom, being a blogger like she is and taking care of a kid doesn't strike me as challenging. If she worked a real job I'd reconsider (and again, I consider people who write real interesting content professionnals)

No. 38139

Right. Maybe if Xiaxue was even half as popular as she was in her prime she'd at least have more events to go to (which she would need a babysitter at best imo). Her blog's been dead for years now.

No. 38152

There is a place, you don't need a place to disagree.

She has already said multiple times she does it cause she does, its her thing, it brings people in who hate her and give her views and spread her around, like OP is doing actually. Like everyone is doing every time they bump the thread.

And you, you didn't even acknowledge
>But to you, if you're honest in the "wrong way" its suddenly not trustworthy. lmao.
One of those girls who tip toe around subjects so they don't have to admit they're wrong.

No. 38153

Agreed all she talks about it Dash now, its boring.

No. 38187

why? Did you spend like an hour thinking up that super 2deep5me line or something?
It's not that it makes her untrustworthy & it's actually not what I said at all.
What I meant by the last line, was that she's using her position as 'being open' as a reason to be openly hateful (like saying haiti is a shitty country that deserves natural disasters for one.)

No. 38204

Politically correct.

No. 38328

'needed' as in wanted.
I just meant even people like my mother hire help in 'maid' cultures. I don't think XX is lazy for hiring help, since she is a working woman.

No. 38330

You're not making any sense.

No. 38332

but her being a blogger means she has to have a very bendable time-table
(she might be called for a gig any moment)
She also seems to travel every now and then.
I think a nanny is a good choice, for Dash's well being and for her careers well being.
Her mom being around to help is SO SO SO normal for asian families.

No. 38333

I agree with her about haiti.
Fuck africa. The cancer of the world.

No. 38334

Yes, political incorrectness is a breath of fresh air.
Proves not everyone on this planet is a moron.

No. 38368

They are shit. Helping them makes them even shittier. Take a look at the dole program in your country, then apply it to a country. Thats what its like. Her being openly hateful is still honesty. What don't you understand about it? You think everyone is a cute kawaii angel? She's openly being a cunt = shes a cunt = shes being honest about being a raging cuntbag.

You're still going at the "if its not done in a nice way then its not honest".

No. 38369

And what exactly is wrong with being openly hateful?

Doesn't run with YOUR morals?

No. 319088

File: 1480157234949.jpg (480.27 KB, 1366x720, Untitled-19.jpg)

I know this thread is dead af but I just came across this thread on some random forum after googling to see if Xiaxue still lives in Singapore (just watched her dubious makeup video and wanted to convert how much she paid in my currency).
I knew a lot of people hate her but fucking hell. These guys are psychotic. They actually got someone to scout out/stalk her and find out where she lives?
It's a couple years old but I hope she's aware of this.
(Blurred address and shit because I don't want to risk possible ban)(necromancy)

No. 319096

For fuck's sake. Don't bump a nearly 2 year old thread with ancient old info. No one gives a shit anymore.

No. 319145

I'm glad her son came out looking so white so she doesn't have to pressure him into unnecessary skin bleaching, makeup, and plastic surgery in order to not look like the rest of her brown family and herself back in the day.

No. 319451

I don't care for her but geez some people are gross :(

No. 320026

Wut? her son doesnt look white. He has dark hair, the yip nose [xx's old nose] and she filters/lightens his skin with phone apps.

No. 320079

File: 1480541907613.png (444.18 KB, 830x416, Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 4.36…)

I enjoyed Xiaxue's blog back in like, 2006, when I didn't have shit like lolcow or whatever. Could always rely on her to 1. stir shit up unnecessarily and 2. exploit her own drama ruthlessly.

One of her more famous posts was about her using a larger handicap bathroom stall when there were smaller normal ones available, and how a disabled person came into the bathroom, saw that the stall was occupied and then chastised her for it when she came out. The whole post was her rattling on about how you can use whatever stall you want and disabled people can wait like everyone else blah blah blah

She'd also go after other no name singaporean bloggers like Celeste Chen etc. and try to incite them to respond so that she could profit from the public spat. It was fantastic. She was honestly a pioneer of milk, in a way. Then her whole blog turned into adverts for diet pills and pics of her below-average-cuteness baby.

Pic related: You can see that she's still trying to stir up controversy by doing a blackface makeup tutorial of a notoriously controversial pokemon character, but no longer has enough social media traction for anyone to care

No. 320089

>He has dark hair
so does Mike and other white people

i loved her blog posts humiliating people. like Peter Coffin, some guy and his asian wife, and the facebook haters. her latest one is really pathetic though. some middle aged dad yelled a mild insult at her at a kids' park, and she dragged a whole blog post about it, even adding a photo she sneaked of him when he wasn't looking

No. 320099

God her eyes are botched.

No. 320515

Yes, but Mike also has features of a caucasian person, Dash does not. And again, she filters her pics to make Dash look white. in videos, he is considerably darker and more olive toned instead of the pale child XX wants him to be.

No. 320601


who the fuck would do this?

can you imagine if a bitch did this IRL? she would think this is popping while everyone would be thinking "this girl crazy". i don't know, i feel like (without fancy lighting and what not) it would be very easy to tell you're using fucking tape instead of eyeshadow.

No. 320708

File: 1480715455464.png (87.44 KB, 876x822, IMG_1337.PNG)

her whole face is botched. sticking western features on someone with the base bone structure for it just doesn't work

No. 320719

File: 1480717730055.jpg (221.8 KB, 634x811, lilkim.jpg)

No. 320749

Wow I wouldn't even recognize her now, she looks like there was a point she could have stopped having work done but kept going. Looks like she stopped with the diet pills after having a baby tho.

No. 320780


Kek even with her 2 (3?) eye surgeries they're still line tiny peanuts. Unless she adds a bunch of winged eyeliner and lashes and edits the fuck out of her selfies.

I used to like reading her blog 5-6 years ago. Her posts were rude but I found them quite funny and she was witty. I don't know if I've matured or she's just let the fame get to her head, but I totally did a 180 at some point and now everything she does seems pathetic, bitter and petty. She has no friends now as well which makes me think that rude, snippy personality shown online is… all there is. She doesn't even seem to give a shit about her husband or kid (unless it's for exploiting for a sponsored ad or showing off to the jelly haters)

No. 320781

Meh, I think her natural face is always gonna look that much worse because the carefully edited and perfected selfies she puts out are so far from the truth as it is. So seeing her without make-up is already shocking, then we see her without a tiny v-lined tight jaw, without huge circle lens eyes, and a dick-and-ball-shaped nose and it just makes her even worse.

No. 320919

ya'll are so catty and savage i love it. i'd also give her some benefit of the doubt it's maybe post-pregnancy bloating.

No. 320936

holy shit i couldnt even recognize her anymore without looking at the thread name lmao, disgusting

No. 320952

I used to kind of admire Xiaxue and thought her feisty, edgy persona was an act cos she seemed really popular and always had pics with other bloggers and friends.

But she never talks about her friends anymore. Her best friend Qiu Qiu fell out with her hugely recently because Xiaxue didn't stand up for her when Nuffnang decided to sue QQ for not keeping up with blogging contract due to depression stopping her from making posts. I think this just shows how XX values money and fame over all else.

At Dash's 3rd birthday no friends were there. Just her mom, husband and Clicknetwork to record it (for dat ad revenue!!!)

No. 320959

File: 1480809727258.jpg (41.64 KB, 337x480, wendychengxiaxue.jpg)

This picture is still probably edited, but looks WAY better than what she is now.

No. 320962

>Nuffnag decided to sue QQ
>Depression stopping her from making posts
Damn, I haven't kept up with QQ in ages (her depression was postpartum, right?), but all that sounds out of the left field. Feel sort of bad for QQ, especially since a lot of her surgeries really fucked up her face.

Cheeserland seems to be doing the best out of this friend circle, but that really isn't saying much…

No. 320974

I think QQ still looks pretty cute. What's with the Singaporean bloggers and botched surgeries? Are they cheaping out on their surgeries or is sg just a shitty place to get their faces done.

No. 320987

File: 1480821167650.jpg (393.67 KB, 1600x2400, image.jpg)


I recently checked out QiuQiu as I was wondering why it had been such a long time since Xiaxue stopped mentioning her. And I found all this stuff like she got sponsored to get fat injections in her forehead/nasolabial folds and even a v-line jaw surgery. All sponsored by a doctor in SKorea. Pic related.

Shortly after Xiaxue turned her back on Qiuqiu, wonder if it's because she's way cuter than her lol.

No. 321004

I used to love watching XiaXue but the moment her amazingly unattractive, "magical" mixed baby was born that's ALL she posted about. I came for her humor and interest in beauty but it was literally "Look at my kids that's automatically cute because it's half white".

No thanks.

No. 321036

QQ used to call her face sunken, tired and manly. She was just not happy with it.

No. 321059

She looks really cute here. I know it was her choice and she's probably happier with it but imo she looked so much nicer before the heinous amounts of plastic surgery.
Her nose wasn't even that big or wide, it suited her. It looks so unnatural now. The bridge is fucked.

No. 321060

How is her skin so bright and pale compared to before? The bottom one is a filter and bottom left looks like indoor lighting but it has to be more than that

No. 321062

I don't even think it's western features, it just looks like a series of horrible nosejobs and lip fillers

No. 321067

Most likely skin lightening/bleaching products and treatments.
OT but she hardcore reminds me of Sooyoung from SNSD. Both pre and post-surgery.

No. 321103

I think it's shoop because she seems dark in some candids. Her nose is jacked up tho.

No. 321569

Oh, if that's recent, her surgeries have healed up tremendously.
At some points after her pregnancy though, the swelling made her surgeries look fucking awful. I'm sort of sad she got the v-line surgery done since I found her original angular jaw more modelesque–sort of like Nana from After School/Orange Caramel's.

And Xiaxue is definitely the type of person to cut out someone for getting cuter than her, though.

The deterioration of the Singaporean/Malaysian blogging cliques had been fun to follow, but I wish there was more milk.

No. 321638

Exactly this, she's basically using Onion's way of trying to create drame to drive up the views and I always disliked her for it. Whenever she's bored or sense a drop in her views she do something so drastically stupid and cruel that it's ridiculous.

Anyone remember the "I'd prefer to have a rapist son than a slut daughter" tweet ? She only did this to craft a blog post (if that wasn't written all along already) to answer the "haters", it was so obvious it was all for show.

Ultimately I'm kinda pitying her because it must be stressful to place so much importance on fickle things like how cute you appear to be, how cute your son is, how popular your blog is … She already looks like a sad bloated auntie because of all the surgeries. Her son is gonna be an asshole or extremely embarassed of his cringe mom with pastel hair trying to compete with his future girlfriend over who's the prettiest.

>And Xiaxue is definitely the type of person to cut out someone for getting cuter than her, though.
In the Peter Coffin's fake gf post, didn't she admit she was mad at first bc Kim looked so pretty ?

No. 321692

can somebody explain what happened between qiuqiu and nuffnang/xiaxue?

No. 321781

the reason why she went on that vendetta against yan kay kay (another former friend) was out of jealousy because kay kay's blog was getting popular while xiaxue was struggling to stay relevant. xiaxue has a jealousy problem.

after reading about it on this thread, i tried to find out for myself and the legal problems i read about (currently ongoing) are that qiuqiu has signed some shady as fuck contract with nuffnang/churp churp. it auto renews and can only be cancelled by nuffnang, not by the blogger..? like, if they want to they can force you to stay in this contract until you die. qiuqiu had a verbal only agreement with nuffnang that she could cancel if she wanted, a condition of her signing it, and she gave them notice last year that she didn't want to renew her contract with them, but they aren't honoring it or something.

they got salty that she was featuring products on her insta/blog that they hadn't brokered the deal for. qiuqiu contests that she wasn't paid to feature the products but just got them sent to her for free as a PR thing,she posted the reviews because she wanted to, and she didn't believe that their contract covered that. she also says that since she did it after she had given them the notice that she didn't want to renew, they have no right to claim that she has caused them loss of revenue etc. she also claims they didn't keep up their side of the deal and promote her properly, and also that they turned down work for her without consulting her and put other bloggers they represent forward for it instead even though it was actually offered to her first.

she's crowdfunding some of the legal fees and doesn't know when it will be over.

No. 329840

That's really not their problem. She signed that so she needs to honor it. Like why is it someone else's fault you're a dumbass? You don't really expect Nigerian princes to be so kind and return money to you, do you?

No. 329880

i feel sorry for the cuck who married her

No. 330076

That anon posted their own version of it which happens to be QQs side on it. Aka very biased. You don't sign a contract that clearly tells you to eat shit and whine when they ask you to because YOU didn't read the contract. I don't feel sorry for her at all, at her age she should know about legally binding contracts.

No. 332303

Surprised she has a thread here. I've followed her for a bit, kind of on and off. Her "bff" Shuyin and her appear to be feuding right now (You know, that girl that was always her +1 to everything because her husband refuses to go out to events with her). She has like no close friends left, just people that hang out with her due to mutual interest (want to feed popularity off each other) like Rachel and Roz or just a few of her childhood friends that she seldom mentions. Pretty funny that she used to gloat that people only hate her on the internet but she had so many people that loooove her in real life. Does not appear to be the case. QQ, Yutakis, Miyake, Sophie, Cheesie etc no longer speak to her. Add that to the list where all the bloggers she scorned like Kay Kay, Dawn Yang, etc. reside

No. 332337

She was so full of herself it stopped being funny and went too far. Of course she would never take responsibility for any of these failed friendships - she'd probably just say "they were jealous of me because I'm prettier/richer/more famous than them!" Even though she's only famous in Singapore, isn't even that rich, and looks like an auntie and has aged herself by getting too much plastic surgery. She took it too far and now she looks like an old person trying to reverse time.

What's happening with Shuyin? Is that the live-in nanny? I can't keep up with the amount of people leaving XX's life

No. 332452

File: 1483462805868.jpg (99.64 KB, 1280x720, hm.jpg)


lol she gives an air of desperation because she's always looking for the next thing that might keep her relevant. She jumps on every trend, and what's worse is that she has no pulse on what's coming up, so she's always late to everything. Like using on fleek, when it's been dead for 8 months. Look how she tried to be an insta baddie with Rachel who is like 8 years younger than her. It's really pathetic. Another example is how now after years of photoshopping herself to look like a stick and calling anyone above 115 pounds fat, now she shoops herself a booty, because it's what's hot. Even said she wishes you could get botox (wut?) on your butt to make it bigger when before she's gloated how her butt is her favorite body part because it's "cute and perky". This auntie keeps chasing trends and controversy to keep her numbers up, but every month she gets less and less engagement on social media lol

Shuyin is the one that looks like a Filipino and is always carrying dash behind XX like a maid so I can see where you'd be confused. They went to school together. She blogs a bit on dayre and now gets ads on some instagram posts… maybe managed to step on XX's toes and that's why they're not talking.

No. 332454

its amazing that she still looks like such shit after all her plastic surgery

No. 332499

File: 1483472555475.jpg (9.75 KB, 320x180, 41537706.jpg)


idk why but xiaxue sometimes reminds me of honey boo boo's mom. maybe it's the double chin.

No. 332503

OMG I always wondered who she reminded me of!

>>narrow eyes when smiling

>>gummy smile
>>chubby cheeks
>>gurning chipmunk aesthetic

No. 332504

Thanks for clearing that up anon. Lel, she palms her kid off on all her friends like they're her maids. No wonder they all left. I think Shuyin was the last one. Wonder when her cuck husband finally gives up and leaves?

No. 332553

She still wants to get MOAR surgery like facial contouring (jaw shaving) in Korea. She got offered a sponsorship like QQ. But her husband doesn't support it. However I'm sure she'll get her way eventually. Like when she did her first or second nosejob she did it behind his back lmao

She already admitted there is no romance in her marriage like they are some old married couple, but her husband is a total aspie so he'll never divorce her. And she'll never divorce him because he is the white man that can give her prized eurasian babies.

No. 332556

Ew, is that recent? She looks like Suzy.

No. 332564

i am pretty sure these sponsered surgeries are all just botched jobs. look at her nose in >>332452, the nostrils are totally different sizes and it lookes like the one size is melting. the first she ever needed was the v shape jaw shave. i'm surprised its taken her so long

No. 332659

Yeah her nose came out lopsided both times she had it done. Her eyelids look like shit too. Had them done three times. She can't help these results I think, It's almost like you can't polish a turd :(

Tbh when she first became popular facial contour surgery wasn't a mainstream thing. And when it started taking off she was stauchingly anti-korea for no reason and in lurve with nippon so she never would have taken the offer. But now that everyone is doing and she pretends she wasn't racist against Koreans to get likes and Wons she'd go for it no problem.

No. 332665

File: 1483498532738.jpg (1.82 MB, 1840x1840, 20170103_215155.jpg)

among her usual nastiness is her stoic belief in doing her makeup like this at all times, even in professional videos….like…look at that nose wtf

No. 332667

But she always shaved her jaw down into the V shape in her pictures, so even though she was anti-korea for so long i'm still surprised she didn't get some shitty botched version of it in Singapore

No. 332669

File: 1483498801231.jpg (39.33 KB, 422x237, Daya-and-Brett-wedding-e141961…)

She looks like daya from 90 day fiance

No. 332705

What season of Drag Race is this from?

No. 332768

Her husband is the kind of guy I'd like to date to be honest, he's cute, smart, and seems genuinely sweet. She always mocks him for being a "nerd" and I feel really bad for him. Seems like he has a touch of the yellow fever though and that's why he originally contacted her, which is what started their relationship. He saw qt azn waifu, she saw white american sugar daddy/ halfu baby factory

No. 332891

He's okay. I don't find him particularly cute. He's like 5,8". And he's extremely cheap. Not to mention he's a weaboo.

I feel like he is completely complicit in almost everything she does so it's kind of funny when he's characterized as this poor guy. He loves to be recognized and when her fans ask him for pictures. And he loves that his kid is famous. He comes to her defense all the time, brags when her vlog goes viral and tells people back home that he is dating a celebrity. He's not so much of a cuck though he has beta tendencies, he's just a huge aspie. He knows he holds the upper hand by virtue of his whiteness. If he was a cuck he wouldn't have dated her for five years with no ring, she had to beg him to get married. She also had to beg him for a number of years for a baby.

No. 332896


No. 332897

I guess their relationship is mutually beneficial. Huh. shrugs

No. 332904


Sugar daddy? She always earned more money than him

No. 333200

File: 1483631883809.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.8 KB, 350x467, IMG_1371.JPG)

She was honestly kinda cute in like 2005-2006 or so. Even in videos. Like yeah she was no stunner but she should have stopped the surgery because she's worse off now.

No. 333201

Shit accidentally spoilered.

No. 333217

Her eyelid surgery is really so poorly done. How the fuck do you live in the plastic surgery bubble and get such a shitty one done

No. 333229

In her fantasy she was going to be married to a promising white american engineer who would be making an outstanding salary by now. She said herself her dream was for Mike to be rich in the future so she didn't have to work. I don't know what made her think Mike might have had such potential, his family is poor and he's not ambitious in the slightless. She'll always be making more than him.

No. 333231

She's cheap, she went to Malaysia to get it done. It honestly looks like the eyelid you see now on aunties that got theirs done in the 80s. Can she even close her eyes?

No. 333823

Hopefully she will be on the newest season. Her makeup game is stepping up to a drag level recently.

No. 340009

Honestly nothing gets me more than how low her self esteem is. I also love how when she was 19 she blog about a black girl on a show being too thick, have too thick of lips, but here she is trying to be thick and trying to make her lip plump.

Side note is that there's no better justice then dash getting her old nose that she hated so much. There's no way of knowing how mix child is going to come out but she probably googled Eurasian baby's and hoped for the best.

No. 340010

File: 1484847166128.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0215.PNG)

Forgot to post it

No. 340030

Her face looks…awful. Theres dimpling around the chin and lower cheeks. Why did she get those implants? Also whats with that generic instagram ho body??? Terrible putfit too. I havent checked on XiaXue in years since she got really boring after her shitty kid was born. This is atrocious.

No. 340039

pretty sure it's a joke

No. 340144

Oh thank god

No. 340161

I also thought she sucked after the baby stuff, but this is worse. Hopefully she has another baby and grows up while the sponsorships die out but people have a taste for shock stuff like this..

No. 340270

Oh. My. God.

She's so desperate and trashy. Showing more skin doesn't make you any more relevant or young, Wendy. Mutton much?

No. 340290

It's just make up photosho and padding. She made a video transforming herself to look like Kylie Jenner. Those boobs are just a breast plate not implants or her actual boobs.

No. 340297

I know that but she's past scraping the bottom of the barrel here for content.

No. 341688

Her "transformation" was shit and she looked nothing like Kylie. She just looked like her regular self with bigger boobs.

All these transformation videos just really show how awful her technique is. Her blending was a mess. Didn't even get the contouring right. And didn't put any effort on the lips either. The least she could have done was actually watch videos of how Kylie gets hers done and copy that. Pony did it way better.

No. 342516

I sorta remember the qiuqiu thing. when qiuqiu had a baby, she also had post partum depression, stopped working and left some of her advertisers hanging. then Xiaxue called her out on being unprofessional and lazy (Xiaxue was/is? the co-owner of one of the advertising company)

No. 343140

I've followed her for 5-6 years and she's always been a goldmine of cringe.

A few of my favorites:
>Being proud of the fact that she reads her husband's texts/goes through his phone to make sure he isn't cheating on her
>Writing long rants about how girls with short hair are disgusting and unfeminine
>Blatant hatred for girls with red hair for no real reason
>Saying she intentionally hired a nanny who was "not very pretty" so that she wouldn't have competition
>Talking about how she always uses the handicapped restroom stall and if disabled people have to pee they can wait like everyone else

I'm sure there were more that I can't think of at the moment. But the think about her nanny especially struck me…I hope that poor girl doesn't read her blog and see that she was only hired for being unattractive.

No. 343348

I barely know XX and cringe when I see girls fangirling over her because her pics are pretty and she's supposedly funny and brutally honest.

I checked her insta and twitter once or twice and instantly found a goldmine
>I want a rapist son over a slut daughter
>Was referencing 10/11 years old girls sleeping with older men, so basically rape victims
>dat woman didn't smile at my son omg how dare she ?? twitter rant
>Acting like her son is a goddamn celebrity
>Milking the greyeyes hashtags until she couldn't even delude herself
>Regularly trying to go viral again with petty drama like what happened with Peter Coffin

No. 343353

I know this comment is fucking old but it made me lol. Haiti isn't located in Africa. Surprise, surprise, it's actually a NORTH AMERICAN country. Google it.

No. 343361

>Saying she intentionally hired a nanny who was "not very pretty" so that she wouldn't have competition

This is actually a real thing, I do some dealings with the IB crowd. Basically young guys who want to party and do the rock n roll thing go to Asian branches when they're in their twenties. They make bank compared to the local people and they go there because they can get away with what ever they want to (hence that IB guy who killed those hookers). They go there, even if they have a wife, get some farmgirl/low income girl and hire as her a nanny/maid and well.. Let's say they sure get to work on their knees. Why do you think a lot of Asian lowerclass females who work in prostitution have also worked as maids before that?

Apparently it's like this in all expat Asian locations, they bring in money, local government in exchange looks away. Not whiteknighting Xiaxue, but saw this and decided it'd be good to shed light. It's not really jealousy but a real concern there. Remember her husband is white and she knows what the young expat men do there. Is she being jealous? Yes.

As for the short hair, that's a cultural thing in Singapore and prolly some other Asian countries.

No. 343366

Haiti isn't a North American country either, you knob. It's a Caribbean country.

No. 343464

I thought Xiaxue makes the money in that relationship. Her husband seems too basic a nerd to have a sideline. She really shouldn't be worried.

No. 343493

The grey eyes thing was pretty funny. First she pretended her son had "stormy blue" eyes by doing x10 zoom on his iris. Then when it was apparent his eyes weren't blue she started saying his eyes were grey, when they weren't either. Remember #blondeeyelashes too?

In her birth video the FIRST thing she says when she sees her baby is "his noise is so small". She was so desperate not to pass any of her features to Dash she made her computer and phone screens pictures of white babies and read The Secret over and over through her pregnancy - wishing the universe would give her a son with light hair, a small nose and colored eyes. Not kidding. And btw, if you tell her that Dash has her nose, she will take it as an insult and block you.

No. 343644

>Her husband seems too basic a nerd to have a sideline.
Guys like that will always jump at the chance though, and remember that in Asia even a boring nothing nerd can get girls just by being white and not old/too hideous. She's being ridiculous but I can understand her paranoia.

No. 343730

I know that this is a thing that happens frequently in Asia but in that case it doesn't really matter if the girl is pretty, in fact the less pretty ones are usually willing to do dirtier things.

Not to mention, XX is the one who would be home all day with her while Mike is at work, so it seems a bit excessively paranoid.

No. 343746

Guys hooking with the help is worldwide phenomenon not asia only. The most recent big story like that I can think of is Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child tbh.

No. 343751

Yupppp … Girls need to realize that guys don't need to see a gorgeous girl to cheat, I had countless very pretty girl friends who got cheated over someone uglier. I guess it's the novelty aspect.
Also if you think a plain dude is gonna treat you better than a handsome one ? Lol yeah no. Bad plan here, go ahead and date the pretty boys cause the results are exactly the same /blogpost

That kid is gonna grow up wrong … Seriously I'm worried. She treats him like a demi-god while pushing crazy expectations on him. I hope she's going to mature in a few years because I can see her trying to compete with Dash's future gfs. XX is justnomil material.

I'm glad french officials have started warning idiotic parents against posting pictures of their kids on social medias and warning them about potentially being sued. Poor kid got his face everywhere even on a tacky looking car, I bet there's dollar signs in her eyes when she's looking at him.

No. 343761


Hooking up with help is normal everywhere, but in Asia it's like a whole other galaxy. It's hard to describe and I'd rather not share personal stories as I'd be easily identified. These guys go there to work so they can do messed up shit. This is their ONLY motivation to go to Asia.

There you have the fact that it's the pretty young help who aren't actually help( again poor girls who are doing everything to escape poverty), the older ones rarely do that stuff. Why do you think she also checks his phone? He's a prime material for this lifestyle and women go out of their way to pray on these guys. The fact Mike is also a minor celeb(by association), makes him surprisingly attractive.

>It’s often not even a function of choice. I had a colleague get chastised by our boss for not attending an important client’s bachelor party trip to Manila. “You have a pregnant wife at home, so what?”

Again, I'm trying to just expand on this on how big this thing is and how deeply ingrained it is in their society.

In other news, he should lay off the contouring off her nose totally. She has a decent nose when it's not contoured. With Contour she's on her way to Catlady/ Lil Kim status.

No. 343781

This sounds like Latin America.

sage for not contributing

No. 343785

Her maid is not ugly though, just povo looking like any filipina maid. So she did a crappy job picking. She should leave Ellen alone and be more worried about Mike getting some hookers on all these business trips he is going on to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

There is this Taiwanese blogger's son that is also white/chinese that looks a lot like Dash. The other blogger says oh yes they look similar. But when people tag wendy in his pictures, she never acknowledges it. Imagine how much it ate her up inside when she discovered Dash looks are in fact common and not that speshul. I can see her being an awful MIL too. Many times someone has called her ugly and she has used her son as a shield, saying that even someone ugly like her can have a "perfect" baby. Obviously, the reason she does that is to bait the other person into saying something about Dash in return, you can't comment on a child's looks otherwise you're a monster. Other times when she has created some controversy she posts Dash's pictures instead of selfies, then her followers start attacking people, how can you leave a nasty comment under the picture of a child?? A normal mother would never throw her kid in the fire like that.

No. 344340

A lot of people have speculated since he was a few months old that dash is autistic, and tbh I think it's likely true. Probably mild, but it seems like his dad is a bit of an autist as well, and wendy goes out of her way to try to disprove it (or at least she used to, she doesn't so much anymore).

We know she's already disappointed that she didn't have a beautiful white-passing daughter, imagine how disappointed she must be to have an average-looking (and very asian-looking despite being mixed) autistic son.

No. 344370

That shit does not happen in latin america
Asia is fucked up

No. 344372

It does. There's plenty of sexpats in Latin America. I had the bad luck of being with someone like that. So many brothels open and also free pussy if you are a visa opportunity to get out.

No. 344843


as a Venezuelan, I promise you it is common here. Sadly, too much poverty and not enough opportunities for most

No. 354702

File: 1487993044002.jpg (262.22 KB, 750x1764, IMG_2819.JPG)

Someone is feeling irrelevant today and trying very hard to get attention

No. 354704

File: 1487993436123.jpg (387.16 KB, 1498x1522, IMG_2821.JPG)

No. 354738

To be fair, this is pretty gay.

No. 354739

Tbh this just reads as someone trying too hard to be edgy and blunt. Or maybe she's just mad these dudes who look like "trannies" are all easily better looking than her.

No. 354756

These folks never seem to catch on to the fact that she does this to gain relevence.
I'm laughing at her rebuttal to the backlash on Twitter tho. "I'm not homophobic! I tweeted about watching Drag Race once, see? Jeffree Star is my favourite YouTuber!" What a shit show.

No. 354757

Oops, *relevance

No. 354775

They're photoshoots though, it's entirely posed and fake. I assume they're kpop idols (I can't recognize the new gen groups), and if so they might have a slightly higher chance of being gay just because it's an arts/performance industry, and they often play it up for fanservice, but the vast majority of them are regular straight manwhores who picked a job that will get them leagues of easy fangirls.

No. 354810

Xiaxue is like how old? Freaking 32? Yet she has been tweeting against teenagers about this kpop shitfest for the entire day. Doesn't she need to look after her child or something?

No. 354817

Her nanny watches him. And she stays up until like 3 am every day. She has plenty of time to attention whore, it's kind of her business model. Her thought process is "I see these guys have a lot of young fans, how can I get them talking about me?" Nothing more.

No. 354836

why is her head looks so big?

No. 354849

This is kind of a terrible thing to say, but I think I'd have a laugh if her son turned out to be gay down the line.

No. 354853

She already low key hates her kid because he doesn't look white, I don't wish it on him to be gay too. Poor hapa baby lol

No. 355017

It is ok I feel the same tbh

No. 355031

Her Twitter is still blowing up btw, she's currently replying, have been for what looks like 24 hours.

No. 355039

She is doing a meet up now for the "haters." Honestly why is a 30+ year old woman entertaining minors. Only preteen kpop fans act that way. Not that surprising though, she said she supports trump because of how entertaining he is. Also made a 20 minute video on bullies and hypocrites when she is the biggest bully/hypocrite.

No. 355049

I find that really hard to believe, especially since everyone and their son is supposedly 'autistic' these days (ahem, Barron Trump, Vladimir Putin).

No. 355065

i don't get it? i thought it was just South Korean culture for males to care about their looks, fashion, dying their hair etc. way more than males of other cultures? is she calling them gay because of how they look?

No. 355099

She claimed she was trolling people. When the fact is that she would never ever show up to confront any haters irl. When confronted with the opportunity to run her mouth in person she never says anything but instead cowers back to the internet. She's a perfect example of a keyboard warrior. And I guarantee these egg accounts calling for her family to die are all created by her for sympathy, she has done it before. Who replies to death threats to their son by posting more pictures of him?

No. 355101

she's admitted to this. in one of her latest blog post, photoshopping a hater, she says she would never confront someone irl because she's very short and always wears high heels and basically can't fight

No. 355165

Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, this woman says is snarky and sarcastic. She doesn't actually mean any of it or stands by it. She does it to shit stir and get a rise out of people. The more reaction and attention she gets the more she feels validated. She likes to shock and sensationalise because that gets the biggest reaction. I wouldn't take anything she says seriously. Just sit back and make more popcorn.

No. 355293

File: 1488179515918.jpg (76.4 KB, 453x445, 21jasg4.jpg)

Her homophobia is weird to me considering I'm almost positive her brother is gay. She's never mentioned it which leads me to believe she's ashamed, but he works as an interior designer and looks gay af. Seen here standing next to MIke.

No. 355297

Her brother is prettier than she is, awkward.

No. 355301

Yeah he's actually really cute!

No. 355302

I kid you not, my first thought when I saw this was "oh, I didn't know she had a sister." He looks like a pudgy lesbian.

No. 355303

i don't think she's homophobic. she's written once before about "crazy homophobes" briefly in one of her blog posts

No. 355316

She used to be friends with Yutakis/James right??? Isn't he gay??
But honestly I think she's selective with what gays she's comfortable with cause wasn't there a blogpost a while back where she was super transphobic and homophobic? Idk maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I do know gurugossiper has tons of screens of her behavior
Anyways lowkey think she's jealous of kpop stars, I mean they get the best everything and this bitch had what 2-3 botch nosejobs and 2 botched eyelid surgeries???? And she still looks like shit
Also kinda can't wait for the shitstorm that's coming to her, saesangs are crazy af

No. 355657

She just hates koreans. But she can't say that plainly nowadays obviously, so she "hates kpop". When somone said Dash looked like kpop star Nichkhun she got offended. Until the fan clarified that Nichkhun is Chinese, then she was happy with the compliment.

She's not homophobic against gay men specifically. She's just transphobic. She thinks supporting one cancels out the other.

No. 355893

It's pretty common for Chinese to hate Koreans and Japanese, becasue everyone always associates Koreans and Japanese with being the most attractive asians and chinese are salty.

No. 355896

Autism is just an insult to throw at the kids of people you don't like at this point.

No. 355939

lol This.

No. 356048

Well, maybe more to do with a long history of armed conflict and trying to annex ech other's countries, but in XX's case I think you are right.

No. 356891

She made a video addressing the haterz about the kpop controversy and has officially reached a whole new level of pathetic. I mean, really? Picking fights with 13 year old koreaboos to try and stay relevant, that's all she can do now as a grown ass woman with a fucking child? Wow.

No. 357106

She probably knows she's been irrelevant for years because she's now trying to have twitter fights with Americans and JK Rowling.

No. 357117

Well it's the most engagement she's had on twitter in like two years. She's grasping at what she can get. Can you give a tl;dr on the vid? I'd rather we didn't give her views

No. 357118

People need to keep @ clicknetwork so she's out of one of her jobs pls

No. 357163

went to see her twitter. jesus, that's pitiful. i remember her once praising JK Rowling and saying she'd read anything she writes even if it's on toilet paper.

also, went to check her followers to see if she follows Rowling, and she does lol. as well as many harry potter related accounts and all of the actors

No. 357256

She's obv doing this to get attention and a rise out of people even though she doesn't believe what she's saying.

No. 367419

She's on reddit asking about autism symptoms. Is this related to her son?


No. 367438

An aside, but do people with autism ever actually refer to themselves as autists?

No. 367465

This bitch is trying to use her son as special at any costs, even painting him as autistic.

How sad and attention whore can you be at the point of probably public ruining your kid's future like this?! What. The. Fuck?!

No. 367484

Actually, it's other people who have been always been speculating he might have autism and she's always denied it. This reddit post might suggest she's starting to suspect something too.

No. 367497

I know that. Been following the dramawhore. Is just I got the feeling that this is going to be her next step to get some attention.

No. 367498


I found this odd too. I thought "autist" was a derogatory internet term like "sperg".

No. 386446

File: 1495310558412.jpg (530.91 KB, 2654x2921, IMG_2995.JPG)

Wendy's next quest for attention.

No. 386447

File: 1495311401310.png (870.73 KB, 1536x1840, IMG_2994.PNG)

Posted on Hapas defending herself against accusations that her son will grow up with psychological issues stemming from her self-hating.

Claims not to hate asians, and that most of her male friends are asian.

Claims not to know who Elliot Rodger is (lol).

Defends her husband. Says Mike is not a Trump supporter and is not a beta cuck male, claims that he is just introverted.


No. 386450

everyone knows that kid of hers is kinda special tbh, no wonder she on reddit bc of it

No. 386455

She only supports trump because it gives her attention and knows it will get people to talk about her.

No. 386458

>ackowledging the mentally ill wankers on r/hapas in the first place

No. 386470

Allegedly this is the reason she fell out with her best friend. Her friend was trying to help her see that dash needs some evaluation. The friend is a teacher, and her own little sister is deep in the spectrum, but Wendy kept shutting her out.

No. 386598

She looks so much like her arch nemesis Dawn Yang here. We've come full circle.

No. 386802

The /r/hapas tl;dr:
WMAF bad, AMWF good

No. 388919

Because there are heaps of Asian masculinity LARPing as hapas there. Apparently white women race mixing is a-okay, great decision, super confident lady who makes great decisions, isn't actually a gold digger but god forbid an Asian woman(6 gorillion of them to go around) does it.

No. 388979

Sometimes, but usually in a joking or self-deprecating way. The only times I've heard it used seriously was by older mental health professionals who haven't quite caught on that 'autist' is the new 'retard'.
>when you're such an autist you just have to respond to month old posts

Poor kid will probably grow up with plenty of issues. Not necessarily because of his race, but because his mom has issues enough for the both of them.

No. 389552

She's blatantly promoting herself on The Donald. She made a post to tell them that mean liberals attacked her, linking to her twitter lmao. Are they seriously that retarded that they can't see what she's doing?

No. 390744

I think it's funny that she tried so hard to deny that Dash is autistic a few years ago when she was constantly whoring him out on GTL for everyone to see. I know fuck all about raising a child, but you can look at any of her peers who are mothers and see how their kids behave and realize that he has issues. The videos of him were so boring too, and it was cringey to see her go on about how he's the cutest baby ever when he wasnt. even. doing. anything.

She had him on the recent ep of GTL which I wont link here because it's not interesting and I don't want to give them views, but spoiler alert: he's absent mindedly playing with a fidget spinner in almost all the shots of him.

No. 391191

Is he still unable to hold a normal conversation with her? I don't want to give her views. But that always stood out to me, he could never really answer back questions like a normal child his age.

No. 391290

I'd say yeah. I remember seeing another vid of him recently too, where she's talking to him and he's just staring off into the distance and doing something else. She barely posts any videos of him anymore, probably because people have been hyper critical of them.

Back in the day when he was first learning words, she'd try and edit clips on her Instagram to make it seem like he was answering back on his own, but it was still glaringly obvious that he could only parrot terms immediately after she said them.

No. 391358

No offense but she's a mother, surely you'd adore your own kid and find it easy to shittalk other kids?

Tbh I have to wonder if BQQ is itt, who would even know about some nobody knowing that they suggest Dash is autistic? Oddly specific.

XX has admitted herself that being an attentionwhores is her thing… yet people keep paying attention, quite funny.

No. 391361


Are you the same goddamn faggot who shitted up the other older XX thread and accused farmers who actually posted milk of being other Singaporean bloggers like Grace Tan?

No. 391703

File: 1496296564512.jpg (74.56 KB, 640x640, 10569966_320697261430849_90530…)

Throwback to the days when she was photoshopping his eyes and hair!! Aw~ ! so cute~!

Yeah, uh, I'm definitely not from Singapore at all and that's obvious in how I type. I've followed Xiaxue's GG thread since 2011 where they have extensively cataloged this shit. And to answer your question: no, I'm not a mother, but even if I was I wouldn't find the need to "shittalk other kids," or parade mine around in the way that she does. I know plenty of mothers who feel the same.

Also I think you should reread my comment because I was referring to the general masses making that assumption about her child, not any of her friends in real life. But as far as I can remember things like that were cataloged on the threads there too.

No. 391811

Why so salty? I'm not defending her but her actions are understandable.. and they do garner the attention she craves.

Seriously how does anyone even know about something like this? >>386470

Plus her thread was dead for ages and then suddenly people are worked up, a two year old thread can't even fill itself out. Pretty suspicious.

No. 391887

Ugh, bless him, but I just couldn't take it anymore when she kept insisting that his eyes were blue. I had to unfollow her insta.

No. 391897

xiaxue is such a fucking hot mess. she is as desperate as that black woman at that music award show who wore the donald trump dress.

wendy, could you stoop any lower for attention? thought scraping the bottom of the barrel was below your standards, apparently not.

No. 391902

File: 1496336572527.png (295.09 KB, 485x311, XX.png)

No. 391971

Literally everyone posted on this site loves and craves attention. What's your point?

No. 392055


> not denying that you're the same person from the last thread.

> consistently accuses other farmers of being singaporean bloggers like Grace Tan and Qiu Qiu even though most of this shit is speculation.
> condescendingly implies that whenever anything is posted about Xiaxue it's all ~the bigger picture~ (e.g 'you're just giving her the attention she wants' 'are you -insert singaporean blogger-? because no one cares about her as much as you' 'surely if you had kids like her…')
> mentions that the thread was dead for ages, yet has been somewhat active for the last few weeks.
> "why so salty?" just because i used the word faggot
> doesn't even acknowledge >>391703

This thread has been posted in at least once a week for the last month, not "suddenly".

You may not be outright saying shit like "Dash is fine you guys are just reaching bitches lulz", but it's painfully obvious that you still defend her – not even her kid – whenever the topic of Dash and autism come up. You definitely only come here to spout some bullshit like "lol isn't it soooo weird that you're saying this shit about her when…?"

In your words, "Pretty suspicious".

sage for being a sperg.

No. 392071

File: 1496365203562.jpg (100.51 KB, 879x451, die.jpg)

Welp it was already said, but you're clearly too dumb to read so I'll help you out: They got that information from her guru gossip thread. Hopefully now that it's been repeated you can fuck off. Or, maybe you should just go there and ask the person yourself how they know this.

Right, a 2 year old thread on Xiaxue can't fill itself out because she's washed up, but people are reminded of her time and time and are still looking for closure on older issues such as her autistic fucking child.

No. 392156

File: 1496387912917.png (1.57 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2491.PNG)

Has anyone seen this retardation?

No. 392158

that's so obviously fake lol

No. 392159

She branded herself with a shitty meme just to get a temporary attention on social media.

I don't think Dash is the only one who needs treatment…

No. 392160

Are you people seriously dumb enough to think that's real? Jfc

No. 392168

File: 1496394480913.jpg (106.33 KB, 623x671, xxijxis.jpg)

So classic of Xiaxue to screenshot her own tweet, and then repost it to twitter with an analogy that doesn't make sense. What a dumbass.

No. 392194

Funny how you can't address points. No I'm not the person you're obsessed with, sorry to burst your bubble. Yeah, she's a hot wrinkly old mess and she's boring as hell now. Two year old thread and nothing. Yawn. Waste of a bump.

Insider info here: your mom told me you're retarded. Solid network and proof I got, right? I suppose one could go into any cows thread and pull that amayzing proof out of their ass.

No. 392275

I feel sorry for Dash. He needs friends his own age, and if he's going to school, why doesn't he have playdates, parties etc with other kids? He spent his 4th? birthday going to a FAN STORE. No friends, just cake and fried chicken with his insular shut in family.

Like I know it's hard when your friend group basically dumped you (Yutaki, Miyake, Shuyin, QQ, Cheesie, even Audrey seem to be avoiding her) but like doesn't Dash have friends in school?

It's more fun to follow Cheesie and QQ because their babies actually interact with others. Junya gets to hang out with other babies even though Cheesie has to do all the mommy work by herself on top of blogging/work trips. Same with Meredith and QQ. Like I love all the cute moments between Meredith and her cousins.

Even her BabyStyleIcon business partner has a kid about Dash's age. Just make the time XX.

No. 392287


she's been trying too hard lately even for her

No. 392331

Whatever happened to her reality show? Did it get a second season?

No. 392383

File: 1496442390407.jpg (45.31 KB, 385x441, 18156864_10155351014507431_172…)

Her latest comeback to all the backlash on twitter when people insult her looks is "I know, haven't I improved?" Has anyone not bothered to inform her that she looks even worse than before she had plastic surgery? She keeps dyeing her hair fluorescent pink and curling it and it just looks so bad. Xiaxue, for the love of god stop. Pic related: recent unphotoshopped Xiaxue picture. So hawt!

Dude, I'm not even the one who put that in this thread to begin with. I was just showing you for the umpteenth time where that rumor started. If you want people to stop bumping the thread over bullshit then you can start by leaving or sage your posts because they are irrelevant and your replies suck.

It's so annoying to me that she is inserting herself into American politics when she has never lived here. But I guess that's fine, she has her token white husband so she's allowed to be the megaphone for a president of a country she has never lived in. I'd at least kind of respect her anti-PC crusade if she applied it to Singapore.

No. 392445

>I didn't put it there in this thread
>but I just did and I'm showing you.

Okaaay. Hahah.

No. 392449

Different anon, can you stfu with the derailing or gtfo? You don't have to read this thread.

No. 392465

nah. she looks much, much better after surgery. i'm actually surprised that picture is unphotoshopped, usually her unedited pics are super bad. she looks close to her shoops here.

No. 392501

>>392445 HEY IDIOT >>386470 is where it was first brought up two fucking weeks ago, which wasn't me! Can you fucking read? So, why did you even reply to my post? I supplied the screenshot to show you where the anon got that rumor from. I never fucking mentioned it, yet you replied to MY comment accusing me of being QQ.

Seriously, go away lol

No. 392510

Just report them, they're shitting up the thread for literally no reason.

No. 392533

She looks deranged. And it might not be photoshopped but there are several filters on this picture. You can't even see any pores.

No. 392676

File: 1496520395012.jpg (384.19 KB, 2896x2896, 20170603_154900.jpg)

This pic is shopped af. Made a collage of her tagged pics as a comparison.

No. 392678


kek she wants to look like a white girl so bad

No. 392701

Her nose is just so unnatural looking and doesn't suit her face at all.

No. 392804

Its gross. Her nose looks like a penis.

No. 392809

What kind of penises have you been looking at, anon?

No. 392812

newfag here, can someone point me to specific examples of dash's autism?

No. 392854


unless something new has happened, it's been mostly reaches tbh

No. 392891

File: 1496562810648.jpg (576.13 KB, 944x429, kill me.jpg)

If you look at it and compare it to her photoshopped pictures, it's really not (unless filters=photoshopping, which I guess I personally don't consider to be the case but happy to concede that I'm wrong).

She usually photoshops herself to look like an elf (shrinking her chin, nose, making her eyes bigger ect.)

Side by side comparison, same lighting. Left is shopped, right is not.

No. 392973


She looks more like left than right tho in the original pic. Well the best way to determine is where the pic was taken from. Where did you find the original pic? If it's from her Insta or Clicknetwork or a video thumbnail it's more likely to be shopped

No. 393716

>i said i didnt do it
>but straight up admit that you did post a screenshot to show mEEEe!

Why are you so triggered that you posted it for me?

Yep, but sperg chan did nothing wrong!

No. 395833


No. 479978

I see where you’re coming from, but would like to add that birthdays generally aren’t that important in Asian culture. They weren’t even a thing at all in Japan until the 50s, and even then, not so big. Birthdays aren’t celebrated at all in many Asian cultures and various parts of Asia. I myself only had 1 actual birthday party when I was 7. The rest were spent basically like any other day lol (and my parents are very loving and normal people).

But yeah, just thought I’d point that out! Otherwise, I do hope she’s a lot more involved with him as he grows up.

No. 516465

File: 1525851386591.png (Spoiler Image, 417.34 KB, 840x395, Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 12.p…)

dont want to bump an old thread but im surprised nobody is still talking about her. She went on a rampant bitchfest on her instagram story about how other girls got shitty plastic surgeries and her's is ~ideal~. she went as far as to make another instagram called "xiaxuestories" to post the stories about all her critiques on other girls' nosejobs etc. Yet here she is getting her nose job revisioned for the millionth time lmao. When is she going to get her chin fixed to look like her shoops? spoiler bc nasty.

No. 516493

File: 1525856244645.jpg (43.66 KB, 583x549, CVHFw7uXIAAwIvl.jpg)

This is so nostalgic. I used to be obsessed with Xiaxue and her glamorous pink life back in 2010-2011. I even ignored the fact that she was cringy as shit.
She hasn't posted anything interesting since she gave birth, her blog now is 90% her son, diaper ads, children parties and shit. Same happened to her frend QiuQiu(now has 2 children).
Do people seriously like those "full time mommy" blogs?

No. 804016

File: 1604824417584.png (632.06 KB, 1415x1869, 1.png)

I'm not too clear about the whole story, so I hope other anons can contribute if they know more. I mainly heard about this because a local politician got involved.

Seems like a few months back, a girl called Elouise (@elouease) tried to cancel Xiaxue on Twitter. This ended up in protection orders filed by both parties against each other. A few days ago, Elouise retracted all her statements and issued an apology.

No. 804017

File: 1604824800124.jpg (122.55 KB, 790x632, yeo3.jpg)

A local politician and criminal defence lawyer called Charles Yeo commented on the issue. He first ran in the Singapore 2020 general elections, under Reform Party. Between his poor Chinese ability, un-present teammates and critical personality, he became quite a meme locally. He often comments on (read: critiques) local news and events through his Instagram story and lives. After Elouise retracted her statements, he commented on it on his Stories.
This exchange was covered here https://www.asiaone.com/digital/xiaxue-and-rp-chairman-charles-yeo-trade-below-belt-sexual-insults-instagram

No. 804018

File: 1604824846137.jpg (145.46 KB, 790x632, xx3.jpg)

Xiaxue shoots back.

No. 804019

File: 1604825164560.jpg (54.22 KB, 960x540, xiaxue-960x540.jpg)

Since it's been a while since this thread was updated, some things I found while searching about this story.

From https://www.sammyboy.com/threads/dear-wendy-cheng-aka-xiaxue-have-you-gone-for-hiv-testing.281199/
>1. She enjoys bondage, and has participated in orgies before marriage.
>2. She is a sucker for anal sex.
>3. Her cup size is a 32A, and that is the reason most sexual activities are carried out with her bra on.
>4. She loves the unique smell of american cocks. Once said they tasted like salted tuna with a dollop of sour sauce.
>5. She once shat during anal sex ; she claims it was because she was too deeply penetrated.
>6.She harbours sick thoughts of incest, and therefore do not be surprised by her recent frenching of her toddler son. I think she has more in store for him when he grows older.
>7. She once made one of her ex bfs not wash his penis for a month, and then scrapped off a sizeable serving of smegma from his pecker to try. Said it tasted like edam cheese, even added some as a topping to a slice of pizza.
>8. Once upon a time, she tried sticking 2 dildos into her cave at the same time, and it tore her labia majora. Required major surgery to reconstruct the damaged structures. It was said she fell in love with plastic surgery from that accident.
>9. Allegedly shouted out Lee Hsien Loong's name while climaxing during one sex session, and bf broke up with her shortly after that.
>10. Once during a threesome, she slapped the other female participant because she slurped on the male Brazilian's cock for a little too long. Xiaxue felt she was deprived of the action.

She has also "come out" as a Trump supporter (pic related).

No. 804020

File: 1604825846069.png (1.23 MB, 972x1685, afa907e2-c4bb-11ea-86df-6d5616…)

During the 2020 elections, she also accused another politician, Raeesah Khan, of stirring up 'racist sentiments'. It ended in the hashtag #PunishXiaXue trending on Twitter and an online petition asking for Xiaxue to be punished for some things she's said over the years. The petition reached 27,000 signatures.


Petition: https://www.change.org/p/singapore-punish-xiaxue-for-seditious-content

No. 804077

lol…that sounds. fake.as.hell.
Xiaxue hates anal sex. I used to read her blogspot for years and she mentioned once how she thinks anal sex is disgusting, but do whatever you want (she was talking about gays). And i'm pretty sure if she was such a freaky sex-addict she would have shown plenty of signs of it in all the years she's been talking shit online and doing photoshoots of herself in different costumes. I mean there are plenty of signs she's an Asian white supremacist and often jokes about it so…. This forum you got the info from reeks of Singaporean girls trying to make up claims about her, "Xiaxue the cumwhore slut" because they hate her.

Also she has been a trump supporter for a looong ass time. She had Convevef tattooed on her arm the year Trump made that tweet, and even had on her twitter/insta bio “I’m not a libtard”. If you don't know Xiaxue was a trumpster, you must have never heard of her until now.

No. 804165

Whoever made all of that shit up wasn’t even trying to sound convincing. Are you sure it’s not satire? Xiaxue is a vain, ignorant, bitter asshole so if you want to make her look bad you just have to point at her and she’ll do the work for you.

No. 804348

This. The whole list is immature as shit and she has always been enough of a cow without needing these OOC rumors. Dated misogyny like this isn't helping Singapoors who hate her to be taken seriously.

She's always been a Trump cow but it's another call for attention like everything else she does. She's a cow but at least she's been consistent.

No. 804553

My favorite thing about her is how she talks so much shit about others then runs to threaten legal action and gets protection orders on people that troll her.

No. 804772

I have a feeling her kid is more retarded than ever. She showed a video of him parroting math answers that he had memorized and his affect was just completely dull - head bobbing around, zero focus on the moron asking him questions, no curiosity, no social skills, nothing. At this point it's not hyperlexia any more.

He's about to turn 8 and he still talks like a robotic toddler. She was absolutely desperate to shill him to the point of making a meet and greet on his 1st birthday but now? The writing is on the wall, XX!

No. 804774

File: 1605307531488.jpg (92.81 KB, 750x1334, 20201113_174423.jpg)

Her husband is also so mediocre that the best photo of him she has is a blown out color corrected deep fried image with his hair standing on end

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