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File: 1403829359788.jpg (27.03 KB, 397x297, laci green the dildo queen.jpg)

No. 399

>Laci Green using the Elliot Rodger shooting to further her retarded agenda
This fucking cunt..

No. 405

Who is she?

No. 406

No. 407

click the image to play the video btw

No. 408

I agree with some of her points, to be honest.
It's not like Elliott is the only depressed sperg to ever get psychotic or murderous over not having a girlfriend.
What's your deal, OP?

No. 412

Elliot killed more men than women. The killings had little to nothing to do with gender.

No. 414

>She's actually making it seem like Elliot wasn't as responsible for his actions because our culture taught him to be this way.
In a way, it did. People seem to miss that he didn't really want a girlfriend, he wanted the popularity that came with having a girlfriend and having sex. His entire personality was shaped around being "the best" because he was a narcissistic aspie. That's partly why he very specifically wanted a blond, physically attractive one and not some shy plain bookworm girl. He thought things worked on a completely heirarichal level and disregarded being a decent human being. Since he was already rich and not ugly, it made him mad that he couldn't achieve this one thing. He didn't consider the women he wanted real humans, just trophies.

The sad part is that this isn't even new or isolated to himself. You'll see plenty of men think this way if you look at the forums he used to post on or read some of the comments on articles about him. It largely is a societal thing (at least IMO).
You're right about the fact that he'd probably murder for some other reason even if he did have a girlfriend, though.

They had everything to do with gender, anon. He specifically meant to go a sorority house and shoot a bunch of girls, it was in his "manifesto" bold and clear.
He killed more men because he was a fuck-up who didn't plan things out properly and had no idea what he was doing, just that it sounded good.
Instead of getting to his destination, he flaked out and decided to open fire in public and shoot at random, killing some men and two women he probably wouldn't even have wanted a relationship with. In a way, it's almost disgraceful.

No. 416

>He specifically meant to go a sorority house and shoot a bunch of girls, it was in his "manifesto" bold and clear
And so was his fantasy of killing any man he deemed better than himself, or unworthy of sex or whatever. Again, it had little to do with gender and more to do with a narcissistic psychopath telling himself he was better than everyone despite the fact he was not.

No. 419

Yes, but the shooting itself was based on killing women, not men. He made no mention of shooting men at all. Are you really going to try to deny that?
I agree he was a psycho who hated anyone doing better than him, but in the context of relationships most of his vitriol was aimed at women for not sleeping with him in the first place.

No. 422

> He made no mention of shooting men at all.
This is so untrue.
The very first person he wanted to kill was his half-brother, to upset his step mom that he hated.

No. 438

Did you actually read it or are you just cherrypicking details to dodge the truth?
He wanted to do that and talked about how he wished he hadn't "saved" him as a child, but he specifically wanted to shoot women when actually planning to kill. Really m8

No. 449

Yes, I actually read it. It's pointless to analyze a mentally disturbed person's psycho fantasies and say that he was motivated purely by misogyny or whatever. It's just dumb that feminists try to turn dead bodies not even in the ground yet, most of which are male, into some kind of proof that women are being oppressed. I think feminists have no shame and will grab at any straw they can to try and stay relevant.

No. 586

Speaking of grasping at straws, you're doing that a whole lot yourself, bub.

No. 650

He killed his little brother so he wouldn't SURPASS him as he grew older, as he was already accomplishing things Elliot never did at his age.

He also DID want to kill men, He made it pretty obvious he despised women most but he also hated any men that were having sex.
He said in his manifesto he would kill anyone who even LOOKED that they would have had sex (read; attractive people he assumed would have done it).


No. 654

Are you retarded, or?

Yeah, he killed men, and wanted to kill men. But he did so on the basis of them associating with women more than he did. Get your head out of your ass. I hate Laci Green as much as anyone else, but this is clear as day.

No. 657

>But he did so on the basis of them associating with women more than he did

herp derp.
That's exactly what I said in my comment.
>he also hated any men that were having sex.
BECAUSE elliot wanted sex but couldn't get any.

I didn't add that because that bit was already 'clear as day'

No. 659

He had severe NPD with no source of supply or scape-hosting along with severe up and down cycles. He would have had a lethal psychotic break no matter what, that's what makes it disturbing that people want this to be a gender issue.

No. 660

Maybe people are making it a gender issue because the very notion that something as small as simply having sex and getting a girlfriend would be on a narcissists' list of things he must achieve or he will go insane is sort of disturbing.

No. 661

This. taking the thoughts of a severely mentally disturbed individual and using this as some kind of proof that society teaches men to be entitled to sex is so fucking retarded and pathetic.

No. 683

Yes. If you bring up the fact he was mentally ill all you get is
Which may be true, but I think it's safe to say that people willing to go on a shooting spree can never really be called "Sane"

No. 686

I agree. I'm a sperg (though not a NPD sufferer afaik) myself and I think people should be allowed to make a distinction between harmless mentally ill people and mentally ill people with a history of bitterness, entitlement and outright hostility against other human beings. The warning signs were obviously there with this one. Someone with extremist beliefs like this guy had should be kept an eye on, ESPECIALLY since his mental illness made it more likely that he would act out eventually.

No. 715

Yah but that's not sexism, that's the way someone with NPD or MNPD thinks, including female sufferers. Whatever is seen as a stereotypical entitlement becomes real and vital to them and gets integrated into their cycling. Eg. A female will feel entitled to a males un-yielding adoration, she can do no wrong and he frequently becomes the villain if he doesn't spend all of his money and time on her. I once he's drained of emotions and resources she moves to the next one. She'll frequently demonizing and "punish" men who don't giver her what she feels she's entitled to, by manipulating their lives (trying to get them fired, rape and molestation accusations. Stalking and mental or physical abuse). She'll grow obsessed with what she feels entitled to and will get it at all costs. NPD people don't see others as human, but as objects to be used for their enjoyment and "supply". Male NPD will operate the same way but because physical aggression is more encouraged will become more lethal during psychotic breaks than females.

No. 733

>I think people should be allowed to make a distinction between harmless mentally ill people and mentally ill people with a history of bitterness
Or just not to paint all, or any, mentally ill people with the same brush.

Obviously the overwhelming majority of people with asperger's aren't anything remotely close to this guy. I don't think people should blame asperger's or NPD or even really a combination of them, or any specific disorder, and instead blame this particular guy's concoction of carefully crafted mental issues since he was born.

He suffered from a serious personality disorder, which could be called a particularly severe case of NPD worsened by asperger's, and a lack of empathy and ability to blend in with society, though it's impossible to just assign a few labels to a broad personality disorder. When you're dealing with someone clearly so pathologic, you can't reasonably make assumptions about the causes of their actions that fall in line with what other people might do.

That's why I think Laci is wrong to blame his thoughts or his actions on an overly masculine society. I think it's no better than saying that Columbine happened because the 2 guys played Counter Strike and Doom a lot and were influenced by it.

No. 774

File: 1404264391060.jpg (225.38 KB, 900x400, mad.jpg)

And the majority of who Breivik killed were white.

No. 775

File: 1404264777520.png (138.07 KB, 1798x528, redpill.png)

No. 776

Yaaaahhhh you can blame NPD though, because it's an axis two personality disorder and it's malignant form (which he had) were so deeply ingrained that he would be a threat to anyone. Kids who are brought up with NPD parents frequently become disordered themselves or commit suicide with the lucky ones escaping with some kind of anxiety disorder or PTSD. An axis two personality disorder isn't something you can excuse or tolerate, people with them are predators and dangerous. However, those types of disorders are rare. Most mental illnesses (especially common ones like aspie, depression and anxiety) are not harmful to other people and just effect the sufferer. People keep ignoring that he had NPD and was diagnosed with an axis two and seem to be favoring the one diagnosis that was non violent. People knew he had a dangerous disorder before the shooting happened.

No. 778

Did people know he had NPD? I knew they knew about the assburg. I remember hearing that therapists are careful about diagnosing a personality disorder, as they have no cure and the carriers are often reluctant to behavioral therapy.

No. 781

>looking to youtube comments to make general statements about society

If you look at the Youtube comments for lots of huge videos, you'll find hundreds of comments saying Hitler was right, the Holocaust never happened, slavery should be re-instated, etc.

The people in those comments who are being serious and also misogynistic (which is about 5 of them; some of those comments are clearly trolls) are very fucked up, but again, you can't extrapolate about society based on that.

No. 786

They knew, I read it in one of the earlier statements but it wasn't referenced in many articles. When you read his manifesto he is a text book covert narc. However, you are right, therapists are very careful and it's very possible only his parents and therapist were aware of it while keeping him unaware, his therapist even has the "life coach" which is a nick name therapists get for PD behavioral treatment or those who are ashamed of therapy. But it is documented that he was NPD diagnosed, and his parents knew which is likely why they had to call the police a few times.

No. 802

And there were not nearly as many people trying to excuse what Breivik did because of his mental disorder.

No. 803

Saying that they did it due to mental illness isn't excusing the behavior it's providing closure as to why they were sick as heck

No. 823

When a nut job kills for racial reasons, everyone blames what happened on racism. When a nut job kills out of sexism, he has a mental illness and gender had nothing to do with it.

No. 835

He didn't kill out of sexism though, that's the thing. If you would read his manifesto he hates males just as much as he hated females. He used women in general as part of his scapegoating AND glorifying (a factor of NPD cycling). He never used males as glorifying material but as constant scapegoats (another NPD sign). These men were "stealing" his entitlements while women were denying him. No one said it had NOTHING to do with gender but you have to take his axis 2 into account. Someone with NPD views human beings as things they are entitled to. This is true for both men and women. Male NPDs are harder to secrecy and their objectifying behavior is seen as somewhat "normal" in a sexist society. You have to look at BOTH factors, you can't just claim it's all about gender in this particular case.

No. 132750


No. 132751

Fuck laci green, I'm gonna go home and masterbate to the thought of plugging her up anally aginst her will, and there's nothing she can do to stop me from doing that

No. 132758

Why so edgy?
This woman isn't even a lolcow imo.

No. 132759

Wasn't he a mens right activist and went into a women-hating forum? The killings obviously had something to do with women.

No. 132762

it was because he was a major mad virgin and that hurt his self esteem

No. 132765

Personally I think Laci Green is a huge lolcow but this discussion is mad /b/ material.

No. 720322

God my cock is so hard right now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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