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File: 1497992177617.png (234.31 KB, 478x297, Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 23.5…)

No. 399285

Liveblog your thoughts about the stream here! Here's the link: https://www.younow.com/laineybot

No. 399293

This ~debate~ is going so great huh?

No. 399297

i cannot believe how stupid joy is being, wasting this opportunity makes me fucking rage

No. 399298

You can tell by the look on his face he thinks he is winning

No. 399301

I don't know which one of them is worse

No. 399302

This is going fucking nowhere.

No. 399303

Same. She sounded so level headed in the released convo, now she looks hysterical

No. 399304

They both need a slap on the chops for wasting all this time.

No. 399305

I hate them both lmao but at least Joy isn't being a pussy

No. 399306

yeah she's not bringing up the relevant stuff. sigh

No. 399307

Joy is factual at least. Onision keeps deflecting and repeating false information.

No. 399308

He always thinks he's winning. He could have a shark gnawing on his shin bone and he'd still have that shit-eating grin.

No. 399309

instead she's being insane, though

No. 399310

Joy's fucking it up, but he's definitely not winning. These semantics she's focusing on are soooo stupid rn. She could be covering SO much.

>Ooooh, coming for Lainey!

No. 399311

i thought maybe joy was gonna try to act sweet and calm to piss him off, but she literally just got tricked by him so easily. like she could of been able to make him rage so hard but she literally couldnt handle it even though she likes to act like she can

No. 399312

To be fair how fucking frustrating would it be to talk to this moron.

You almost have to talk at twice the speed to get a word in edgewise.

No. 399313

"What's the definition of a liar?"

No. 399314

did anyone else actually think Kati was going to accomplish anything? hell fuck no. all this is accomplishing is showcasing mental illness.

No. 399315

Uh oh they used female pronouns for Lainey prepare for the tears

No. 399317


He is winning.

A - She's on his stream, so her YouTube stunt failed.

B - She's squirming so hard that you can barely follow what she's saying.

C - She's emotionally unhinged and he's stone faced and has not given her even a single agreement.

No. 399318

>bohoo Lainey has anxiety

No. 399323

I appreciate how Joy laughs in his face and he gets mad

No. 399325

File: 1497992485920.jpg (39.99 KB, 500x550, narcrage.jpg)

I can't even follow this. It's such a shitshow. They both just want the FAAAAX and definitions and keep interrupting the other.

It's not about having a debate, it has never been about that. It's just about talking over the other.

>you fool

>you dumb fuck
>you idiot

No. 399326

He's holding it in but if Joy gets it together and gets him in the right spot he'll lose it

No. 399327

she made a huge mistake in bringing in a biased mod as well. If she hadn't gotten that dude involved but searched for a more neutral party she could have brought that person into the debate now.

No. 399329


That makes her lie in tweets about the situation with billie? I like how he says him and lainey "talked about it". So he convinced lainey to only say his side as the accurate one. LOL.

No. 399330

Greg basically just admitted Lainey was lying and he said he doesn't trust her cause she has 'high anxiety'

No. 399331

Onion is cursing now! I love it!

No. 399332

Joy should have known better to drag on that mental illness vs physical illness thing regarding her fibromyalgia He's was trying to get a rise out of her and she played into his hands.
Goddamn, this is what I get for having hope.
Lmao but his raging. "You fool, you fuck, "bitch" god he hates women

No. 399333

the triggering has begun

No. 399334

You're also right, putting up with him sounds so frustrating. He's always interrupting, insulting and spewing bs

No. 399335


Meh he'll definitely blame joy """attacking lainey""" after this.

No. 399338

The Lainey talk has triggered Greg major… she called Lainey out and used his own logic against him hahaha

No. 399340

name-calling has started, we have a narc rage coming

No. 399341

His losing it! It's so funny. This is a shit show

No. 399342

He's getting angrier, and won't let go of her fibro issue

No. 399344

He literally said she's crazy cause she wont get a hair cut

Explains why all of his girlfriends shave their heads

No. 399345


No. 399346


No. 399347

this is actual cancer oh my god

No. 399348

take a shot every time Greg calls Joy a cunt

No. 399349

>go fuck yourself you dumb cunt
ooh he's losing it yes

No. 399350

This is milk-christmas! Drink it up!

No. 399351

ONFG… she's rocking like a fucking mental patient!

No. 399352

he's gonna take this out on lainey and that sucks man. press f to pay respects

No. 399353

I'm trying to capture some moment for y'all

No. 399354

I'm in the minority, but Joy is a good agitator, giving low jabs to him. I'm seriously enjoying it.

No. 399355

kati. don't bring up his children. don't drag them into it.

No. 399356

File: 1497992773728.png (6.55 KB, 212x196, cowherd.PNG)

Looks like all the cows are out right now.

No. 399357

Is anyone recording this

No. 399358


No. 399359

Sarah is watching the stream and Joy just called Sarah out for tweets

No. 399360

Yeah countdown to meltdown. Gog isn't even responding he's just screaming at her.

I love joy just repeating "SUE ME GREG, SUE ME"

No. 399361

>that's why sarah left, because of the BDSM

Oh hell this is getting milky. I want to see Sarah's tweets.

No. 399362

Joy is mentally ill. 6 vids, including 6 hours of live streaming is not normal. Especially if she's so sick.

No. 399363

I can't believe I'm actually around for this milkkkk

Joy is speaking truth about his garbage, but she's still totally obsessive.

No. 399365

Why is she bringing sarah into it? Now lameo is going to be furiously texting sarah interrogating her and tell her to tweet something to support them LOL.

No. 399366

god i hope someone is recording this

No. 399367

I'm way more entertained by this than I should be. Look at those crazy Grease eyes.

No. 399368

save some for me

No. 399370

Onion is just talking over her and sperging out yet he looks like the less insane person on there oh my god

No. 399371

Why are all these people giving him exactly what he wants. Debate him calmly, one issue at a time. She just looks mental rn.

No. 399372

I'm honestly surprised he hasn't kicked her out yet. is this real life

No. 399373

LOL Greg's raging and apparently, Adrienne's in the chat too?

No. 399374

Sarah just left lol probably to go delete the tweets

No. 399375


this has culminated into the best spergout I have ever seen. What a time to be alive!

No. 399376


No. 399377

Build up rage. They finally have the opportunity to give him shit, but spouting it all out at once makes them look crazy.

No. 399378

Does anyone know what tweets shes talking about? I cant find them either.

No. 399379


I honestly think Joy is lying on this one cause I haven't seen anything

No. 399380

Nah I've looked back to September and all she's said is something about Lainey's pronouns

No. 399381

cuba libres all around!

No. 399382

Lol I remember watching DP a few weeks ago and they brought up something I can't stop thinking about.

When Onision debated his male haters all those years ago, he spoke to them so differently than he does to Joy/Jaclyn.

He just outright insults and gaslights these women who are above being manipulated by him.

Also unrelated but Younow is so shitty holy fuck

No. 399383

If he reads out one more fucking definition.

No. 399384

File: 1497993122695.jpg (19.59 KB, 788x130, Capture.JPG)

No. 399385

why is she eating on a livestream that's so rude guh

No. 399386

Onion constantly bringing up exact definitions is so fucking annoying.

No. 399387

She has her right to privacy

No. 399388

I checked in long enough to hear him monotone repeat the definition of 'debate' and cherrypick comments in his favor. Hope someone brings up the IRS about to take every cent he has.

No. 399389

Apparently someone in the chat found the tweets soooo we might see some milk

No. 399390

JFC way to back up your wife by saying she has a "Self diagnosed" mental illness. Such a doormat

No. 399391

LOL not after she actively decided to get involved in this shit.

No. 399393

Lainey is coming

No. 399394

Joy shouldnt bring up shiloh by name and sarah by name. Like stop dragging other people into attacking gerg. It's only going to make lameo message sarah and make sarah show her loyalty to them.

and oh no, lameo is coming in.

No. 399395

Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee comes Lainey!

No. 399396

OOOOOOOOOO, Plank is coming.

No. 399397



No. 399398

Oh… look at her face, she's pissed.

No. 399399

She lives her life on YT. What privacy?

No. 399400

greg raging is like every dennis reynolds rant from iasip

No. 399402

Joy calling Lainey a 'pretty girl' is my favourite bit so far

No. 399403

HAHAHAHAHAHH FUCK will Lainey be able to get it done without crying lmfao.

How much u wanna bet Gurg will be spying from the mansion.

No. 399404

>I'm down to talk with lainey, she's a very pretty girl

Ewww joyyy.


Went to look after the kidlets so Lainey can rage on YouNow

No. 399405

Agreed, but let's be honest - she's a terrible option for debating him to start with.

No. 399406

Lameo has anxiety guys, she cant handle confrontation!

>comes into stream to argue with "hater"

>brings up anxiety immediately

No. 399407

>A fucking fidget spinner

No. 399408

File: 1497993408146.jpg (13.97 KB, 535x82, Capture.JPG)

No. 399409

Lainey is actually being very calm about this

No. 399410

Wait why the hell is lainey here? This is dumb

No. 399411

Lainey is shaking already

No. 399412

This is milk.

No. 399413

Lainey said that she's ~literally shaking~ and Joy is kissing her ass, "Nooo I'm not some horrible person, I just have problems with your husband, you're fine!" lmao

No. 399414

She looks like she's going to cry

No. 399415

You can tell through this Lainey ain't taking shit at least she is grounded

No. 399416

How long until Lameo cries live on stream?

No. 399417

cause she feeds her husband's craziness. She should not be encouraging his drama craziness, but she jumps right into it.

These people have two kids, and this is what they are doing.

No. 399418

I want to see her actually get mad, not so much crying

No. 399419

>Greg: we're having a formal discussion

I'll give it to Joy, she got him there.
And I'll give it to Lainey for staying calm (for now)

No. 399420

Uh she is probably used to walking on eggshells with her giant manchild.
I feel bad for her but then I also don't. She supports his abuse of teenage girls. I know she has Stockholm syndrome but come on.

No. 399421

File: 1497993579088.gif (628.6 KB, 250x177, IMG_2553.GIF)

No. 399422

I wanna see her finally expose Greg.. wishful thinking.

No. 399423

She's so lifeless. It's like hearing a zombie talking

No. 399424


No. 399425

>Greg is entirely different off camera and I know people are going to call me a liar for saying that.
>If he does something I disagree with I tell him.
>I can't control what he does or what he thinks.

No. 399426

Please tell me there is a basedanon out there that is recording this fiesta

No. 399427

This is the closest to getting therapy plain is ever gonna get

No. 399428

Yes someone from the /Onision thread was recording it all.

No. 399429

We're at least two people recording.

No. 399430

Lol she wanted to end on good terms with billie?

>texts how unfair it is people are sympathizing with billie

Uh huh…sure.

No. 399431

yeah don't know why we're applauding lainey for being "surprisingly calm" i mean, being the biggest enabler for a hot tempered manbaby will make you pretty calm.

No. 399432

Thing is, this is how an actual debate should be. I'd pay money to see someone sane debating Gerg and Gerg responding calmly like Plain is currently.

No. 399433

Apparently there's Billie now?

No. 399434

Billie is apparently watching the stream

No. 399436

I thought she had her blocked? looks like Greg has some explaining to do.

No. 399437

Greg is back

No. 399438

How many people can we squeeze into this shit show! All we need now is Shiloh, Shane Dawson and Skye.

No. 399439

Dat door creaking, is Gurgles back?

No. 399440


Trisha was in there for a bit

No. 399441


No. 399442

Also I noticed how Joy is way more calm now, so it was really Greg's fault after all

No. 399443

waiting for a "YOU DUMB CUNT" to come out of no where.

No. 399444

"i also have anxiety"
"i also had a 3 year relationship that ended for the same reasons"
"I am also anti drug"
shut up Joy, really.
Also Lainey is using this to bash Billie cause she knows she's watching lol

No. 399445

Think Onion is going to jump back in?

No. 399446

Did she really just bring up examples for her children… ummm

No. 399447

Most likely.

No. 399448

Count on it

No. 399449

Love how people keep sperging out about Plane's pronouns in the chat

No. 399450


I find it funny he supposedly came back after he heard billie might be here. I'm surprised he didnt jump in and start yelling at her LOL.

No. 399451

Pot is evil yet Greg screaming and calling other women cunts/bitches is healthy! the more you know

No. 399452

When Joy mentioned the basement Lainey looked behind her shoulder, like she was expecting Onion to butt in

No. 399453

They have another woman there? I just saw a woman in a white shirt walk by

No. 399454

I wasn't going to watch the live stream, I was just going to wait for the moments but the hype is infectious.

No. 399455

Next thread art PLEASE:
Lainey is crying onto her fidget spinner
Greg and Joy yelling insults at each other
Jaclyn and SR watching and giggling

And far away, a happy Billie with a joint in her mouth and her boyfriend by her side

No. 399456

it was a woman in a white tank top. You can see the reflection in the mirror when they come in through the door.

No. 399457

Lol when did billie ask for the "Extreme terms" and say the chained in the basement was the "one she likes"? She said he always goes for extreme things after he suggested them, and she agreed to it after calling her boring and shame her. Lameo is so manipulative too.

No. 399458

like a starving dog picking up the scent of a freshly grilled steak

No. 399459

Maybe Plainey's sister? (if she's still there)

No. 399460

I think Plaineys sister is there.. not sure

No. 399461


It's Laineys sister, she's there to babysit and keep Lainey company for the summer.

No. 399462

can someone make a gif of lainey crying with a fidget spinner please

No. 399463

>Lainey: he did a lot of things that were unfair to me and hurt me

Shes legit about to cry

No. 399464

I hate how people keep saying "Joy be gentle, Lainey looks anxious" in the chat, like she's already being nice to her, what else do they expect her to do?

No. 399465

Don't know if I can record anymore my internet is making this stream lag so horribly. Hope someone else got this

No. 399466

File: 1497994255202.jpg (13.47 KB, 474x146, Capture.JPG)

No. 399468


No. 399469

if my sister was doing this shit, i'd call her an idiot. wtf is this shit.

And here comes lameo crying!!

No. 399470

she's crying cause Billie is in the chat

No. 399471

Aaand she's crying

No. 399472

Well she's crying. That didn't take long

No. 399473

Billie's in chat now apparently.

No. 399474

Joy made Lainey cry!!!!! YAAAASSSSS

No. 399475

Lamo is crying

No. 399476

Ahhh, there are the tears.

No. 399477

She's crying with the fidget spinner, omg…

No. 399478

The Billie in the chat is 'fake'

No. 399479

is that actually billie? Cant people pretend to be someone by using the same name?

No. 399480

Laineys fucking crying again just because billie is in the chat. Thats it.

No. 399481

I legitimately feel bad. Forgetting everything for a moment, the young girl her husband was going to leave her for is now in the chat, that must sting.

No. 399482

She's so weak.

No. 399483

I can't watch it, for some reason it is telling me I need to update my flash player, which I did and it is enabled but it still won't play the stream!

I'll just have to make do with reading the comments and any captured moments later. On the bright side, I don't have to hear either of their voices.

No. 399484

So ugly and busted = anxious now? That entire family is anxious. I'm expecting her to dip out on claims of an "anxiety attack" when it gets too hard for her. Cry harder, bitch.

No. 399485

Check the security settings on your webrowser.

No. 399486

The dad wasn't a lawyer after all LMAO

No. 399488

chrome://settings/content/flash and disable the "ask first" option

No. 399489


It's hard to watch, tbh.

No. 399490

The comments are basically kissing Lainey's ass and "oh joy please don't go hard on Lainey poor baby's crying aww"

No. 399491

I legit feel that Billie is laughing at Lainey's "pain". LOL BE SAD.

No. 399492

Whoever said this was the closest thing to therapy lameo is gonna get, it definitely feels like that now LOL.

Lameo should see a therapist.

No. 399493

At least Lainey is actually listening and not just interrupting with repetitive bullshit, unlike greg

No. 399494

Most likely a troll, not Billie.

No. 399495

C'mon Lainey get it through your head that Billie was only there for Greg from the start..

No. 399496


The Billie in the chat is fake

No. 399497

It's like we're watching lainey on dr phil without dr phil I love it

No. 399498

she's learning that all she has to do is cry and both her and her husband are absolved of everything lol

No. 399499

Im highly amused that Lainey is taking the opportunity to basically vent about onion and his role in the billie saga lololol

No. 399501

Can Joy fucking stop sucking Plaineys dick?

No. 399502

I'm rolling my eyes so hard every time joy kisses Lainey's ass. Why the fuck is she sugar coating everything.

>the brain doesn't fully develop before 25

>when I was in my early 20s I was a mess
>OH but not you Lainey you got your shit together, you're a mom you got a degree

No. 399504

"I should've spoken to him about it" (regarding boundaries with Billie) Ummm…. you shouldn't have to tell your HUSBAND that you don't want him to fuck YOUR girlfriend…

No. 399505

She's probably trying to get her to dump greg

No. 399506

Doesn't want to scare Plain off.

No. 399507

thats the only way lameo will not cry, have a "panic attack" and bail.

lameo so hard defending greg's cheating on her lmao.

No. 399508

She's said she wasn't on board with things with Onion so many times. He has no respect for her and she's too stupid to see it. He's a grimy sleaze who wanted teen pussy and she didn't realize he did that with her too.

No. 399509

Soooooooo did Greg just bail the debate? it seems like he forced Lainey so he can hide

No. 399510

Such a boring conversation. I dont understand why she has such a low cut shirt on if she is so body conscious.

No. 399511

It's a good thing, it's easier to milk a cow when it's calm is it not?

No. 399512

>young girl


No. 399513


yes he sperged out and fled. he always needs someone else to fight his battles.

No. 399514

Its annoying but i think its giving lainey a false sense of trust in joy and is resulting in her being more open. If joy came at her and made her feel defensive then we wouldnt be getting laineys genuine thoughts imo

No. 399515

He jumped off screen, but you can bet on him sitting in the house watching along, taking notes, readying the basement for Plank.

No. 399516

And yet Lainey got anxious and cried even with all that sugarcoating. Imagine if she were confronting, I don't know, a normal person that has no interest in sucking her dick.
Imagine if any of us were at Joy's place.

No. 399517

Lainey just spilled that in January she burned some things her and Billie shared

No. 399518

I can just picture him furiously masturbating in the basement while watching on the projector.

No. 399519


No she didn't. She just said she sent everything to Billie

No. 399520

Lol lameo

>i didnt burn her things!

>…there were some things that got burned, but they were things we were sharing!

Lol the unicorn she sent her back, billie sold on depop.

No. 399521

Joy is being smart, she knows that you catch more flies with honey and it's working really well so far

No. 399523


Thank you Anons, I did need to change the ask first option.

Is there anything she doesn't blame on her memory?!

No. 399524

Cause Joy wants this to be Fatal attraction. Befriend the wife to get close to the husband.

No. 399525

I can't believe we are hashing out this old Billie/Onion/Plainey drama again.

No. 399526

Yeah, and she probably knows greg will be pissed that they're actually having a civil conversation

No. 399527

"He's one of the most laid back, quiet people in real life. People don't really know him" Sure, Lainey…

No. 399528

File: 1497995121994.jpg (36.23 KB, 599x449, 4ae.jpg)


No. 399529

I know but she's nearly groveling

No. 399530

Does joy really believe gerg's personality is all an act or is she just sucking up to Lainey? She sure lost her convictions real fast

No. 399531

I can believe Joy is praising Onion, ew

No. 399532

>that nasally fucking voice
>lamey's face
>rehashed points we've already heard
This horseshit is unwatchable. How do you bear it for more than five minutes?

No. 399533

Yep, just like the movie.

No. 399534

Well, Plain, it's understandable it bothers you when your husband is a jackass online and apparently laid back irl ( don't buy it, Sh, Sk, and AJ incidents speak for themselves ), but isn't that something to talk to him about? You can't be frustrated at someone else for taking his shtick seriously.

No. 399535

Lainey's sister is there, they were talking and she said "Clearly, I'm like crying, that's why I don't talk about this stuff, people think I owe them explanations"

No. 399536

Lots of rum m8, lots of rum.

No. 399538

Plainey said she doesn't like to talk about stuff online. Your husband does all the time. We know all your damn business.

No. 399539


i think she's sucking up to Lainey, honestly.
Lainey's like an Abra–a boring, whiny, crying Abra. Of course, that means Joy has to sidle up.

No. 399540

So lameo admits when he gets on camera he becomes a completely different person and doesnt act like he normally does….

but hes the most honest youtuber ever i thought??

Honestly its working and has made lameo talk about shit. That's the only way lameo will talk. She will run away if anyone shows hostility. lol. Joy is a cow, but its actually a smart thing to try to sympathize with the person you are talking to to make the person open up/feel comfortable.

I like how shes upset people assume gerg is this way when thats what he portrays online and attacks people, calls them "retarded", "bitches"/"dumb cunts". lol. That's okay behavior because he does it only with the camera on/online? Hes still attacking people.

No. 399541

sorry but your husband having an entire different "abuser persona" is stupid. how can anyone fall for this?

No. 399542

Apparently his behaviour is different irl but the opinions are his actual opinions

No. 399543

Where's Onion? Is he coming back, or…? I missed all the shit with him.

No. 399544

Im surprised gerg has butt out of this for so long.

It's great that gerg has his wife as his PR person to protect his terrible behavior.

lol she said it as if its no big deal. His opinions are terrible in themselves. Also its bullshit that hes not aggressive/insulting in real life when sarah/billie both mentioned he insults them. And he self-admitted hes verbally abusive.

No. 399545


Joy is one of the most manipulative people I've ever seen, so it doesn't surprise me that she knows how to play people like a violin. She knows to get the most out of Lainey she needs to be sweet and butter her up and from Onion she wants him to become unhinged and lose his shit so she's pushing his buttons in a different way.

No. 399546

Probably not coming back, but you didn't miss much. It was a disaster oh his, Jeff's and Joy's part.

No. 399547

it pretty much went down like this

No. 399548

Lainey is laughing at Joy when she called her sweet lmao and Greg is bailing

No. 399549

I'm archiving a bunch of memorable Lainey quotes with the capture feature. You can see them here https://www.younow.com/opana/channel

No. 399550


No. 399551

why would lainey laugh at that? idk i thought it was nervous laughter

No. 399552

he apparently is leaving to livestream on discord

No. 399553

oh i'm sure he's a very fun, chill, laid back guy as long as he's in company that always enable him and kiss his ass. narcs tend to be that way!

No. 399554

yeah it sounded like the kind of laugh people do when they don't know how to respond to a compliment

No. 399555

Lol you can tell lainey doesnt buy her compliments. Also lameo is probably not used to being complimented this much. Onion just shames her all day.

lol he completely ditched, got his PR wife to protect him, and never came back. Guess he admitted defeat.

No. 399556

Also her sister was talking to her in the background

No. 399557

"sweet" is like, the only compliment he gives her though. sweet, nice, supportive, kind - that's all he ever has to say about her

No. 399558

Wow, that is definitely Gurg-like. Still, can't wait til someone's able to upload… seeing him lose it gives me life.

No. 399559

Exactöy this, there are so many different sides to people, I'm sure there are those who's only seen his good sides and think he's a real nice dude

No. 399560

i wonder if greg ever stops and thinks to himself why all the women in his life have to aggressively coddle him and stop him from talking to the public bc they know he's going to put his foot in his mouth and it hurts them to see it. he is like a dying baby bird and lainey/sarah/onionmom/tomato are his dedicated caretakers

No. 399561

I haven't been around enough lately to know that there's been another debate attempt between these 2 for some reason… but it's happening on Laineys younow? So Gurg has pretty much taken over her personal younow as his own property to stank up whenever he pleases right?

No. 399562

It came across as a 'Yeah right you are such a fake bitch' laugh to me

No. 399563

Greg didn't admit defeat. I can't be the only one who was super frustrated by joy when she kept on woth her bullshit. I would have the left the conversation too. She was completley fucking looney while talking to him. By the end, joy was the one looking like a dumb fuck because she didn't pay attention to what lainey was saying and couldn't understand that lainey wants her to stop making videos about their husband.

No. 399564


It just ended. He goes on her Younow every so often under the disguise that he wants to make her money.

No. 399565

Yeah honestly, i can get he has good sides and is chill…but only under certain circumstances he demands. If you start doing something he doesnt like, he will insult you, post publicly online about you, reveal private info about you. That's not an "act". These are real things hes doing to people. But lameo wants to ignore it and say…but look at all the good things about gerg!!! You wouldnt be saying that if he divorces you and shits on you online for 10 years.

No. 399566

You're killing me anon. Dying bird, fuck lol

No. 399567

You weren't the only one. Joy seems insufferable to talk to because she looks and sounds looney. She talks fast like a manic and won't let you get a word in. Gregma is insufferable because he'll try and bait you into his traps and namecall to rile you up. That's what three year olds do.

No. 399568

You're not the only one. 10 minutes were spent on screaming "fibro", that's really saying something.

No. 399571

According to him, if you ditch a debate, it's admitting defeat, so he did. He just bailed. If anyone did that to him, he'd be tweeting about it. Joy is insufferable to talk to, but so is gerg, so maybe he finally understands what its like to talk to himself and why everyone finds him annoying LOL.

No. 399572

Well, it's not like it would end any other way than this, considering the way that they all act.

No. 399573


In one of Joysus' many, many videos she claimed that if she really likes someone in "that way" she gets all giggly and laughs a lot because she's nervous… just saying… despite what she says about him, she would flop on her back in a split second if Greg even winked at her.

No. 399574

Yeah it was like watching two retards trying to bait one another and both unaware that their taking each others bait while trying to avoid it.

No. 399575

Did anyone record this? The captured moments are all over the place

No. 399577

Exactly. The only thing she proved yelling with him is that she wasn't willing to have an actual discussion with him to prove she's right and of course had to be the victim because she has illnessws and "fibro" and "memory issues", can't use his name because of "muh brain fog" but when lainey get on she uses his name consistently…makes sense.

No. 399579

I said he was insufferable too.

Yeah they all acted like children. Sadly Lainey was the most calm out of them, including the moderator.

No. 399580

sorry for bad grammar/spelling, much rum was had during this

No. 399581

Joy is on youtube again with Jeff talking about the "debate."

No. 399582

It's hilarious in it's own right. The moderator was the one who spazzed out the most and it was very cringy.

No. 399583

The "moderator" was a joke.

No. 399584

I completely agree. That was fucking cringy the way he fell into Onion's layers.

No. 399585

Am I the only one that loved how Joy triggered him?

No. 399586

File: 1497997057782.png (227.15 KB, 550x594, 1.png)

It's a huge file. It's gonna take a bit of time.

No. 399587

Sarah's apparently going on Joy's stream on YT, so there may be some Onion related talk there.

No. 399588

He got too excited that joy was cheering him on and being encouraged by her chat.

No. 399589

forgot to link.

No. 399590

But she didn't, anon. It looked like he was the one triggering her. I felt he insulted her just to be "edgy", not because she actually got to him.

No. 399591

I'm disappointed he walked away, too much hype and he's the one who left? maybe he will ask her again and he just wanted lainey to have a say.

No. 399592

Didn't take much for him to lose his cool, he made the grave mistake of not studying the onions habits enough before attempting to interact with it

No. 399593

File: 1497997172352.jpg (122.43 KB, 611x307, doormat.jpg)

that's because Jeff is not used to talking to psychopaths like Greg who just try to get a rise out of you and not honestly debate. I've seen him moderate other debates on YT and he's really nice and respectful always.

pic unrelated

No. 399595

Grub bailed. Cowardly loser lol

No. 399596

He actually left the stream in a massive temper and got his wife to do it, Believe me joy actually triggered him.

No. 399597

Not only did he bail but he's got Lainey and now Sarah fighting his battles for him. For someone who chimps out with rage he's a wet noodle when it comes to debating and making a point when he can't get his way.

No. 399598

But he entered the debate with bias. That alone made him fail.

No. 399599

Wait.. Is that Sarah on Joys stream..

No. 399600

Eh, calling her a bitch is hardly a massive temper. Perhaps I was just expecting more.

No. 399601

No. 399602

File: 1497997347469.png (960.97 KB, 1289x727, 2017-06-21 00_21_56-(29) ONISI…)

Yup. Sarah is on joys stream!

No. 399603

Yes, she's also saying he's different off cam vs. online, but again, past wife/gf experiences speak for themselves.

No. 399604

I watched a debate he moderated between blaire white, who is his friend, and a girl who heavily disagrees with her. he stayed calm and objective for both. he's capable of not letting his bias show.

No. 399605

stuff like this really pisses me off and makes me feel bad for sarah/lainey. abusive people are not mustache twirling villains who jump out of bushes to smoke cigarettes and pound beers. grow up.

No. 399607

Do you think Onion and Plain sent Sarah out to defend them on Joy's stream?

No. 399608

That isn't nearly what happened in this case . He came in bias, ended bias and cringy.

No. 399610

So are we supposed to believe that he "pretends" to me manipulative? Oh, okay.

No. 399611

Why the fuck is Sarah on the stream. This girl… jfc. She's just as thirsty for milk as Joy.

No. 399612

This is why the he's a nice guy argument fails. Lainey and Sarah are the only ones who would say "he's a nice guy." Billie, Ayalla, exes, Kati, Shane Dawson, Richie and Jaclyn, all of these people wouldn't. If a man gets arrested for a horrible crime and gets exposed but then a few friends come forward and say no he's not really like that who are you really going to believe? Gurg needs to take a long hard look at himself and stop leaving his harem of two to defend him.

No. 399613

yeah…. which is why i said this >>399593

No. 399614

I think sarah just gets off on inserting herself into their drama, she keeps saying she doesn't want to be involved or talked about and yet she always fucking shows up

No. 399615

Joy's classic inappropriate use of language causing problems I see! Sarah was not keen on Joy describing her as being 'pimped out on camera' by Gurg. Ugh, why does she always have to go for the more vulgar way of saying things?

No. 399616

Usually when you know that someone is a psychopath, you know that they play games and to come prepared.

No. 399617

He's going to cum crying too during one of his infamous showers.

No. 399618

She actually got the fucking blue hair. God damn, kid, just go to school and stay off the internet

No. 399620

Why did Plain's sister join??

No. 399621

Lainey's sister is on…

No. 399622

omg this is great

No. 399623

And now he's got Plain's sister defending him. It just keeps going. Fucking gold. Ain't none of these girls know how to do their eyeliner.

No. 399624

Even jeff is like "this is amazing"

No. 399625


No. 399626


That was so beautiful. DON'T GIRL ME, DO NOT GIRL ME

No. 399627

Heh, her sister seems fun. Hope she gets riled up.

No. 399628

please tell me someone is recording this

No. 399629

Lol Onision talked shit about her sister and regularly slanders their father. Lauren is an idiot.

No. 399631


No. 399632


No. 399633

I hope someone brings up him calling her a slut

No. 399634

You've muted the only milky person currently in this debate, congrats.

No. 399635


she's lost it. this is hilarious.

No. 399636

her sister is so dumb, like onision makes videos about other people's lives all the fucking time but shes telling joy to stop??

like joy is dense as fuck but gerg is no better

No. 399637

File: 1497998280328.gif (1.9 MB, 355x200, 200.gif)

Bitch interrupts everyone but doesn't want to be interrupted.

No. 399638

Youtube automatically saves videos.

No. 399639

Wait what stream are we talking about now? Link?

No. 399641

I can't believe all the people he has sucking his dick. He sprinkled some cuck magic on them.

No. 399642

No. 399643

I had to go to a job interview and i only caught the first 30min of the debate. any recording will help so i can catch up

No. 399644

like i get why sarah would want to be like, pls dont fucking talk about me. but instead her and laineys sister are trying to defend him saying hes never mean to them or to lainey.

which he has proved to be a fucking asshole to all of them???? i dont get it

No. 399645

No. 399648

Listening to Sarah makes me want to kill myself. She has such a difficult time articulating her thoughts.

No. 399649

lainys sister quit the stream

No. 399650

That's too bad. Bye bye, milk :(

No. 399651

because he's befriended them and convinced them that he's right. you would not believe how readily people will lap up bullshit because they're your "friends"

No. 399652

She so desperately wants to be seen as a rational adult

No. 399653


All she does is roll her eyes, run her hands through her hair and lick her lips while saying "like.."

Aaaaand Joy compliments her and says "you seem like a smart girl, you're beautiful"

Yeah… because only in Joy's twisted universe, does looks = brains

No. 399654

This rant from Joysus after she attacked a 17yo herself… wow… just wow.

No. 399655

lol Sarah's comment about their age difference.

No. 399656

This sucks. They should have just let her vent for 15 minutes, she's a firecracker.

No. 399657

yeah true… just its weird when hes actively insulted both sarah and laineys sister and they still defend him.

No. 399658

she might have adhd or something. I feel she probably does because I do the same thing when im talking in big conversations with a strict subject if that makes any sense??

No. 399659

Jeff's unlisted stream if that's helpful https://youtu.be/WhNgffA_wcc

No. 399660

I think she's just kissing ass to make her feel comfortable, that seems to be the way she operates

No. 399661

Joysus uses the "you're just a kid" defense when referring to the trinity but it clearly doesn't apply to her attacking a child.

No. 399662

lol sarah with blue hair, is she trying to get back into the basement?

No. 399664

I'm pretty sure it's because she is fucking 16 years old.

No. 399665

yeah more then likely lol

No. 399666

onion's PR team: a 16 year old girl, his wife, and someone who pays to hang out with him

No. 399667


She has ADHD. She confirmed a while ago when the anachan rumors were spreading, because she had started taking Concerta (I think), and she lost some weight because of that.

Still, she's interjecting herself into the drama to "clarify" stuff for the Greases, when she in fact doesn't do anything or says anything of substance.

>peopleee…. are different with different personalities… We all have different experiences, Lainey is an actual person, so is Greg

No shit, Sarah. Thanks for the word salad.

No. 399668

It's so weird Sarah's taking one for the team on his behalf when Billie was her friend. Is? Idk if they talk anymore.

No. 399669

to me it seems like sarah's playing the snake game where she's still totally cool with billie! they're friends, they're civil! but when push comes to shove she's still going to support greg, because he's like her friend you know?

No. 399670

Here we go, Joysus talking about her "pain."

No. 399671

shes probably just dumb and sticking her nose into something she should stay out of. ADHD is one thing, not minding your own business is another

No. 399672

Cringing at Kati talking to a teenager about BDSM and marijuana use.

No. 399674

Greg should be the one defending himself. He's the adult and it involves him, not Sarah.

No. 399676

She definitely is a better friend to Lainey than Billie. Sarah is too young to talk about any of this because she keeps saying she never saw any abuse, heard of any abuse or experienced any abuse. Also, she tried saying that since Billie is a consenting adult, she could have left whenever.

She's far too young to be in this drama, too bad she keeps placing her dumb blue haired ass into it to stay relevant and ~different~ from her peers.

No. 399677

current stream for anyone confused


No. 399678

This is really sad that this 16 year old and 22 year old girl have to defend greg's actions.

It's actually depressing to see sarah think the shit greg does is okay and try to justify it. I also thought i knew everything when i was 16. Then I got older and realized i did dumb shit. She will too.

It's also sad how she is brainwashed to blame billie for all the problems and think her having to "repent" for her sins by buying them gifts, making videos is the right thing to do.

No. 399679

Sarah is more rational than Gurg to defend himself. That's pretty sad. She's still too young to be in on this but whatever she thinks she has a dog in this fight.

No. 399680

Mhm, I'm also just about fed up with her "listen I'm not putting you down, you're young, you may not understand this."

No. 399682

OMG Sarah is using the b-but it's a really nice basement with a massage chair defense.

No. 399683

Joy is the one who brought her up.

No. 399684

sarah and lameo have both parroted gerg's excuses he has for everything. He made sure to brainwash his PR people well.

No. 399685

She keeps saying "Greg's the adult, he should know better" to all of the situations they're talking about but Joy's an adult and she should be saying the same to Sarah. She just said she's been in abusive situations before. That's personal. No one needs to know this. Even with her volunteering that information, some things should be kept private.

No. 399686

It's been like six months and billie chained up in onions basement apparently is still the most relevant thing to discuss about him, c'mon joy.

And sarah should just fucking move on already, no one really cares about her any more anyway?

No. 399688

why are you all fucking sageing? your comments are 100% relevant to the topic so you have no reason to sage. (i'm sageing this because it's not directly relevant)

No. 399689

They could be talking about his tax evasion but why talk about something recent?

No. 399690

Better to be safe than sorry on here.

No. 399693

Sarah talking about "not feeling judged" at gerg's sums up pretty much everything she brings to the table

No. 399694

When in doubt sage? I didn't want to shit up the thread, especially when the conversation started to die down.

No. 399695

Sarah goes on and on about Billie consenting… but coercion is NOT consent. Sarah's not going to understand how totally fucked it is to ask someone that. I was involved with older men when I was her age, and it didn't matter what anyone said about those relationships, I defended him. You don't get it til you're older.

No. 399697

The joy/onion livestream ended, makes sense to sage any further discussion but keep posting in this thread since it's related to the topic

No. 399700

Joy definitely came back too fast to wash her hands after peeing

No. 399703

She doesn't look like she bathes, I doubt she washes her hands.

No. 399704

IKR! How fucked up has this childs life been that being confined in the onion manor was the most free she's ever felt?

Joy was trying to make sure Sarah knew that sort of treatment is not acceptable in relationships and Sarah seemed to kinda, sorta get it but then she said well Billie consented and she's an adult so… face palm

No. 399705

Kati's pretty creepy now. There's her and all these teen girls and the topic is 'was Sarah potentially groomed'.

No. 399707

Not watching the stream but god I wish Sarah would fuck off. More drama with her? Hi Sarah we know you lurk, just go away.

No. 399708

It sits so wrong with me that Sarah was defending Greg and blaming Billie about what went down. It's a shame. Like, it was annoying to hear all that sort of shite from Lainey after it happened but that was understandable given how she's so Stolkhomed. But the fact that Sarah doesn't see what happened as coercion is rubbish and I had higher hopes for her.

No idea why I did though. I've learned from that mistake now!

No. 399709

>Greg's the adult in the situation.
>Also an adult, continues to milk teenagers for drama.
Are we really surprised?

No. 399710

yeah she's not really a good "friend" to lainey as much as she's just her own little enabler.

No. 399711

Some of us keep saying this. Joysus is no different but she somehow doesn't see it.

No. 399712

Some friend of lain is there giving her opinion on things, why do people do this, I'm way too old to understand this shit. I'm 28 and feel like this is just super weird, but joy being 30+ is there like it's the most natural thing in the world hosting a bunch of 16-20 year old girls talking about shit none of them were directly involved in. I need more rum.

No. 399716

same anon. Seems like they all just need to log off of twitter

No. 399717

We take any little inch and make it into a mile~

No. 399718

Sarah is talking about us

No. 399719

im so fucking sick of sara avoiding legitimate questions. all she wants to talk about is pointless trivial shit

No. 399722

Can they stop saying everyone has anxiety? It's actually a legitimate, non attention-seeking thing for some people

No. 399723

Kek, true a lot of the times.
Yeah, these conversations almost feel weird to listen to right now? It's something that they should talk about in private.
>aww gurl I didn't mean it like this
>no gurl I would talk to her if she said she wanted that
>aww gurl I understand that
And then you see Joy's creepy very invested face for a few seconds reading a totally unrelated comment

No. 399724

It's like a group therapy session at this point, with 2500 people watching. What is life

No. 399726

especially when billie said she self medicated HER anxiety with weed and got shat on for it

No. 399729

Nire is fucking annoying and won't even show their face

No. 399731

i fucking love nire
im so sick of sara someone needs to call her out on her bullshit and stop babying her

No. 399732

I like this Nire person. She has a nice voice and isn't tip-toeing around Sarah.

No. 399733

Who even are all of these people???

No. 399734

Sarah is a fucking mess. She literally has nothing relevant to come with, she has no backup for her shit behaviour.


I think Nire is Erin, or "niretho". The girl who said she was dating Lainey and did a long interview with Joy alongside Luxymoo. She's kinda a cow herself, she kept crying about muh anxiety and abuse when Joy released the interview. She's hella cute tho. Luxymoo is there too, I think.

No. 399737

Lainey is on YouNow!

No. 399738

I think sarah just loves having people listening to her talk about herself, I'm so sick of her

No. 399739

Not surprised Lainey is crazy enough to burn her ex's (Billie's) stuff after they left them

No. 399740

I can't with this shit..

Sarah making her getting kicked and no longer pampered a " short end of the stick" is utter bullshit. She's almost Lainey tier of " self victimizing ". Every time someone says something she injects herself in the victim seat " yea, well it hurt me more and you don't understand". " I …. and well also Lainey too got it worse "

Sarah's just mad she now has to go to school and be a normal kid and doesn't get paid to watch children cry.

No. 399743

Seems she sent all billie's stuff back but burned shit they shared/was bought by gerg.

No. 399744

Nire: "I am so far removed from this drama"

No. 399747

I don't understand how you guys can watch this shit; everyone involved sounds insufferable. You're all champs.
any waterworks yet?
I wonder who's watching the kids…

No. 399748


Bitch subtweets all the time about the drama, just today she tweeted teacups when Greggles went live. She's not far removed. Also she lurks here. A lot.

No. 399749

Makes sense when she's been friends with lameo all this time. Lameo sees telling her greg did something bad and that you feel bad for Billie is what lameo considers a bad friend and will get you dumped. Lameo only surrounds herself with enablers. Sarah enables lameo who enables gerg.

Sarah will grow up eventually and realize the dumb online drama she got into was stupid. She needs to distance herself from these people who will give her bad advice. I can see her ending up in an abusive relationship because she doesn't even understand that abuse can be more than hitting someone. And that abusers aren't always mean 24/7

No. 399751

She's not guesting right now because she's "getting worked up" about allayah's being in the chat. admits she was crying before because she saw the fake billie-acccount in the chat. says she doesn't like joy for making videos about her and lying about her. She's getting a bit upset, might get milky

No. 399753

Who wants to bet that thats Greg/Lainey texting Sarah's phone non stop thats making the really annoying noise.

No. 399755

In joy's stream, it was confirmed that Greg bullied Billie due to her making raw vegan lasagna (zucchini noodles) and forced her to eat it all. Sarah had some but Onion told her to stop because "it's slime and it will make you sick - ew don't eat it!"

No. 399756

Welp, the guys Plank is guesting are pretty cringy so far.

No. 399757

What on earth?! Who said this and was it confirmed? I totally believe something like this could happen though holy shit.

No. 399759

Plain says she's grateful for sarah defending her in joys chat and thinks she's being a good friend

No. 399760

about 11 minutes ago (from me posting this in the stream sarah talks about it

No. 399763


It was on Joy's livestream, Sarah confirmed when asked about. I went back and they were talking about how Billie fell ill at the Grease house to the point where she couldn't move and some shit.

No. 399764

Kek what a fucking vegetarian he is…

No. 399765

Why did this happen? What was the context? Wtf.

No. 399766

I think it was Nire (correct me if I'm wrong)who brought it up because it angered her that Onion says he helped Billie with her eating disorder. She said Billie made a vegan casserole with zucchini noodles and that onion insulted the meal and called it gross. Then Billie started eating it all. Sarah confirmed this happened. Sarah said that after Billie started eating it that onion told her she should stop and that she would make herself sick if she continued.

No. 399767

Also the girl who brought that incident up said she has screenshots of the discord convo if anyone was going to deny. But Sarah said that did happen.

No. 399768


WTF is wrong with all of them. It's one thing that Onion would think that a home made meal would be "gross" since it didn't come out of a fucking box, but why did Billie eat it all? Lol.

>muh anorexia

>eats an entire zucchini casserole to spite Onion

No. 399769

These are some wildly differing accounts

No. 399770

>She's getting a bit upset, might get milky
Hopefully. Her meltdowns are pretty entertaining.

No. 399775

She's going to file a lolsuit.

No. 399776

looool, seriously? Why?

No. 399777

Same reason Gurg was. The amount of videos she's made. She said she's well within her legal right according to her lawyer. People in her chat are saying that it's harassment because they're ass lickers. So Kiki Kannibal isn't going to be the only loon who tries to sue the internet.

No. 399779

I hope she goes through with it; imagine the shitshow.

No. 399783

Sarah is making such a fool out of herself defending onion, just get off the internet and go to bed or something, good lord.

No. 399784

She is within her right to sue, anyone can file a lawsuit for any grievance they have…but that doesn't mean she has a good case or that it will go anywhere. Many lawyers would be happy to take her money and file the paperwork at her request. Annoying and weird as Joy is it is still legal for her to make as many videos as she wants on any public person regarding information they themselves put on the internet.

No. 399794

What an absolute shit show.

No. 399795

What's with all of the people gushing over Taylor in the chat? Will people stan literally anyone with a camera?

No. 399796

I don't know if that was an accidental typo or intentional but that sure is an accurate representation of what it will end up being if it gets filed.

No. 399799

I have been away for a few hours is it still happening. How the fuck does she have health issues she has been livestreaming for about 18 hours in the last day ffs

No. 399801

Maybe that's why she has health issues. Her ass is always parked in front of a camera and yelling.

No. 399802

Joy is still going at it, sarah just left but there are plenty other children there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGhoz7IWJ7M

No. 399805

For you guys still in here, the YouNow debate:

No. 399806

100% intentional. This is a lolsuit in every way. I can't wait for the Onions to sue the internet.

It's her day off! She streamed for 4 hours in the early AM hours, it was about 6 AM her time when she finished. She put up a video about Onion suing her and then ate lunch (it was her breakfast lbr) and jumped on YouTube for the debate. That was at 2:30. She's been on the internet all day. I know we're following this but Joy has been on her ass the whole time in the same spot except for when she went to piss and now she's eating with her dirty hands.

No. 399808


I was just watching Lainey stream. During her stream, people were saying Lainey's sister had shown up in Joy's stream. Is that true? If so, when? I've been rewinding trying to find it but no luck so far.

No. 399809

The eating is so unprofessional

No. 399810

She showed up to tell off Joy, Joy sperged, put her on mute and then her sister left.

No. 399811

Why does everyone say joy put her on mute, It was jeff that muted the SIL.

No. 399812


Did the sister talk at all? Like how far into the stream is it? I'm still looking for it haha

No. 399813

jesus. his eyes are nightmare fuel. i'm not exaggerating. he looks batshit insane.

No. 399814


Was it the current stream Joy is still doing or an earlier one that the Sister showed up on? Fucking hell, how does this idiot Joy stream like this all day?

Oh that's right. She has no life.

No. 399816

Current stream, after the "debate" ended.

No. 399817

She did.

My bad, he did. Joy didn't bother telling him to unmute though. They all sperged today but put her on mute for "not acting like an adult".

No. 399823

Samefagging, Complainey's sister was basically telling Joy to mind her own business in a rant. Joysus got mad about her sister interrupting her and Jeff put her on mute for it for the rest of the stream.

No. 399825

Jeff told her she could unmute herself but she just left instead

No. 399826

She's still eating stuffing her face like a piglet. Get off the internet and have dinner. This isn't a social eating stream.

No. 399828

Gotcha, thanks for the correction, anon.

But that would mean being away from attention.

No. 399829

Everytime I see her she is fucking eating and this girl explaining heathers looks utter insane

No. 399832

File: 1498008141490.jpg (149.87 KB, 1066x500, what.jpg)

some tard is on comparing this whole thing to the movie heathers

No. 399835


That's a Joytard. One of her inner circle. Name "Cy That Nerd." All of Joy's pals are mentally deficient.

No. 399836

barges onto Joy's stream uninvited to tell Joy to mind her own business

amazing lack of self awareness

No. 399838

Yeah that flew over her head, but seeing her make Joysus sperg was great.

No. 399840

This has been a shitshow from the beginning but now it's literally a bunch of kids talking shit about the onions and joysus listening stuffing her face with cereal or something. I can't believe I'm watching this but at least I'm just a baffled spectator.

No. 399854

She revealed her true nature though than nothing more than a drama dick rider because this was a mockery of a debate nothing constructive at all just a bunch of kids given internet privileges for 12 hours. I am further disappointed in the guy before who was a mediator and was bias as hell I have seen some of his previous work and he is with some good guys well guy who lost his invite because as someone in the Skeptic community I am utterly disgusted at how he represented us and his colleagues should check too.

No. 399859


"Guy before" was Jeff Holiday and he's clearly an idiot if he can get triggered by Onision so easily.

No. 399866

I'm not familiar with "the skeptic community" but you taking it so seriously makes you sound like a cow yourself.


No. 399867

Thanks bro; tbh I think Onision actually won this. This livestream is honestly full of tards. It is like watching a kid stank up to someone and then it just degenerate into lord of the flies

No. 399869


I think he won it 100%. Everyone who talked to him ended up in a max-tard melt down looking like mental cases.

No. 399870

He didn't win shit, he walked out in a childish temper and demanded lainey to take over, Who I might add stated in livestream that she didn't expect to end up on it.

Nobody won.

No. 399872


god that's the fucking boy/girl (idk what it is) that 'cosplayed' onision in Joy's stream when Onision didn't show up to the first debate. It was so cringey and bad that I wanted to die

No. 399873

Basically people like Blaire White and Warski, some black guy. Cough@~@ TJ aka Amazing atheist are the casuals until you get up to Sargon who is technically not part of it because he denounced himself a part of it. I giggled tbh Anon because it does somewhat make me a cow but I like the community that Joy is trying to intercept and get in because if she does that it, it will lose so much ground and go full tard.

It reminds me a lot of Atheism plus when they got Ketchup in on the news and it crashed everything. Believe it or not Thunderfoot is a part of it. lol

No. 399874


She's the poster child for the freak show that is Joysus' "inner circle"

No. 399875

Oh god it is

No. 399877


At one point, watching her current live steam I was thinking that this must be what SJW live streams sound like… a bunch of people hate-bonding over the story that they make up about reality.

No. 399879

LITERALLY same thing I was thinking, collecting evidence atm to compile it all into a commentary

No. 399880

no1curr gtfo

No. 399887


this chick is def creep… She has the same face red stripes that Onision had in the debate. She tries to act like him to 'make fun of him' but looks psycho like Joy

No. 399891

Joynision child?

No. 399915


Jeff said on Joy's stream he knew what Onion was doing, (everyone with a brain does, he ALWAYS does this same manipulating shit where he's "nice" at first and compliments the person for some reason and then starts attacking them/calling them dumb to trigger them until they get mad and he tries to act like the cool, calm collected, reasonable one) but he figured it wasn't going anywhere anyway so he just told him off. I enjoyed it. It's impossible to get through to Gerg or debate him anyway. Nobody has never succeeded, and likely never will. His fans are brainwashed, along with Lainey and her friends. Fuck him, he deserves to be locked away for the shit he's done. Every time I hear about him I get more and more annoyed. He's done so much reprehensible shit and if anyone is defending him now, they're either braindead or severely brainwashed. Ugh.

No. 399916


Like when you're trying to be cool by being nerdy, but you're actually, truly nerdy, so you just look awkward AND nerdy so the whole thing backfires and makes you look like a big try hard and everyone's embarrassed for you….yeah. Sounds about right. But that's not just Cy, I think it's all of them. Trying so hard to being ironic and awkward to fit in, because that's how they see everyone else acting, not realizing people are acting like them as a joke. Now that's ironic.

No. 399918

File: 1498012618620.png (927.17 KB, 1080x1279, 20170620_203428.png)

Was watching The Blargh and had to screencap the related videos. I just love how it says "no views" on onion's new video. Very indicative of his future on Youtube.

No. 399919

Jesus… watching the Joysus stream and these people have been hate watching Onision for YEARS! This is the first time I've ever seen him because… well, I'm not a tweener girl… but, what the fuck? It sounds like these people have been hate watching this guy for at least three years. I could not even imagine doing something like that.

No. 399925


I mean, at least 20% of his audience must be people who hatewatch him and roll their eyes and hug their children after watching this self hating faggot spew hate.

No. 399930

lmao have you ever been to his thread? Hatewatching cows for years is what we do here, like where did you even come from

No. 399931

it's crazy, u can actually find out years worth of people in a matter of hours thanks to the internet!!

anyways. people who have the biggest voices in the anti-onision community often are the cringiest/craziest/most obsessed. I wish it was different so people would take it more seriously…. shame..

No. 399932


Saw her "fake cease and desist" video on Andy Warski and she was a stupid idiot in that video, so googled her name.

They (in the Joysus stream) just said Onision picked on Joysus because she's MORE popular… Um… his video (that they're watching) got 15k views in an hour… it takes her a full day to even get close to that with an Onision video. They're so deluded in this stream.

No. 399933


I have been hate watching him for 5 years.

No. 399935


Well… Joysus is disgusting from SO MANY levels… like there's something fundamentally wrong with her as a human.

No. 399940

She's been streaming for 5 hours… that's not obsession at all…no, not at all.

No. 399941

She's obsessed with him and he's obsessed with his ex-girlfriends and Andy. Stalker vs stalker.

No. 399944

If her idiot asspatters weren't there to egg her on it would've ended sooner. She'd have run out of things to talk about but she keeps pulling more and more people in and they're rimming her hard. It's so pathetic.

No. 399946

Kek, on and off since 2009. I miss the golden days drama so much. While we've had good milk it doesn't compare to pre Plain days by a long shot.

No. 399947


This was her day… she recorded and put up a 20 min video (after having streamed a total of 6 hrs and put up two videos the day before)… went on first her stream, then his you now… and THEN started the 5 hour stream that she's on right now.

Talk about not having a life this was all on a Mon and Tuesday. So, it isn't even that it's the weekend.

No. 399948

I mean, she DID have more viewers in her chat, by a long shot. Also, she keeps gaining subs while he keeps losing them. Hes going down hill while shes gaining momentum

No. 399950

Which is sad cause they should both be losing subs.

No. 399952

Also her videos about him show up pretty high in the results when you search his name on youtube, this annoys him so they're not exactly wrong.

No. 399954


Her videos show up above his because she's breaking the YT TOS with tag stuffing.

No. 399957

Okay… not having seen Onision before… I have to say, the anti-Onision crew is a complete freak show that sort of overwhelms anything they may be bitching about.

No. 399958

Why yes, they are. It's the same pattern: they look somewhat sane in the beginning and then they turn out to be raving lunatics who actually have a lot of similar personality traits he has.
However, if you're going to look into Gergle's past drama you're in for a fun ride - the guy's pretty batshit.

No. 399962

Yes, do take a trip down the onion-hole, it's a wild ride.

No. 399964

Onion made a new vid about the situation

No. 399974


Thing is, I don't really give a shit about Onision. So, not interested in the ride.


Have to admit he made good points. Not sure which were aimed at Jeff Holiday vs Joy Sparkle BS because both did similar freaky melt downs…but both of them came totally unglued and it's really hard to understand why they did that. Especially Jeff Holiday. I've been watching his stuff off and on for a couple years. He's never struck me as such a spaz. Definitely lost a lot of respect for him in that YouNow guesting.

No. 399984


He talked about it on Joy's stream…he did it cause it's pointless to debate Onion or try and talk with him. Onion prodded Jeff til Jeff got bored of his shit and told him off. Maybe he could've not gotten upset but man I don't blame him Onion is truly the worst. Whatever. How Onion boy still not in jail anyway? He's done so much shit.

No. 399986


Here it is… he lost his shit completely… there was no "got bored" about it. He lost his shit because Onision called him stupid or some equally harmless name.

No. 399987

Lol he lost his shit because he fell for Onion's bait, not because he got bored. Come on now, anon.

No one in that debate brought up the one thing that could send Onion to jail which is tax evasion. He's still under investigation.

No. 399988

You sure get off on defending Jeff left and right. He's not in jail because it's not illegal to be a shitty person.

Exactly this.

No. 399991

Pretty much. He could have simply left. This guy was suppose to be the moderator, lol. If Gerg had this type of a meltdown again it would have been called a win.

No. 399992


Bet that call at the end was his wife or someone calling him to tell him to stop making an ass of himself. :-)

No. 399993

Everyone in this thread is ripping on everyone else over onion??

No. 399994

It's a thread about the debate, or the fail that it was. So yeah, obviously we're going to comment on everyone who was involved in it itt.

No. 399996

Not really. U mad that we're calling you out? kek

No. 400002

What are you talking about, anon? Everyone's getting ripped on here lol

No. 400005

I've been following him for years and have never watched his videos or so much as heard his voice. Can't bring myself to do it. I'm sure other anons are the same.

No. 400008


Interesting, most seem to be on jeff's side. idk, im on the fence.

No. 400011

No, most seem to think he made a fool out of himself.

No. 400013


there might be a jeff fan or two who are trying to save face for him… but, objectively, he spazed this fuck out and definitely lost cred.

No. 400014


Quite literally every single person who took part in that debate is a fucking spazzcow. All dipshits.

No. 400015


So why the fuck are you here if you can't stand the Onion man?

No. 400046

OMG… watching the debate again at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtXeDw7m1Q0

at the 21 min mark, she starts rocking back and forward and look at Onision's face. I think he was genuinely scared when she started doing that.

No. 400069

>as someone in the Skeptic community

lol anon pls

No. 400074

any links up yet to what was recorded?

No. 400075

>>400074 Are you blind? See >>400057

No. 400078

Just wow.
Since you seem to need your hand held…

See this post >>400057 The actual clips of the debate are the 3 links labeled (YouNow Debate Clip 6/20/17)

'ONISION Guests JEFF HOLIDAY (YouNow Debate Clip 6/20/17)' livestream on The Blargh (21:01)

'ONISION Guests JOYSPARKLEBS (YouNow Debate Clip 6/20/17)' livestream on The Blargh (31:45)

'LAINEYBOT Talks to JOYSPARKLEBS about BILLIE During ONISION's Debate (YouNow Clip 6/20/17)' livestream on The Blargh (43:14)

No. 400079

There's also Lainey's After Debate livestream, where she guested random people after Joy left. It was just posted about 30 min ago.

'Laineybot YouNow 6/20/17 (AFTER ONISION DEBATE)' on The Blargh's channel (58:10)

Also, only semi-related but before Onision talked to Jeff Holiday on YouNow he guested Jaclyn Glenn and Social Repose. They didn't really say anything about the debate but including the link anyway.

'ONISION Guests JACLYN GLENN & SOCIAL REPOSE (YouNow Debate Clip 6/20/17)'
on The Blargh's channel (4:16)

No. 400098

this is def. outta curiousity and saged but why did you use an abra for comparison

No. 400099

Not that anon but she's clearly a boring abra. Can't do anything except cry and run away lel

No. 400110

Cool for posting links but do not link to videos on gregmas youtube. We aren't here to give him views on his drama mongering shit.

No. 400117

File: 1498047892425.png (193.92 KB, 1724x648, socialbladeccomparison.png)

If you look at his social blade this stunt hasn't really helped him….he didn't get that many more views, they were well within his usual range, and his subs took a bigger dive than usual yesterday. All it did was help Joy a whole lot, which has to be the opposite of what he wanted. She gained almost 2K subs yesterday and today has already gotten twice as many views as usual.

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