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File: 1421398987056.jpg (33.88 KB, 399x600, 399px-Mommysanta.JPG)

No. 40451

Saw this on 8chan, thought it would be interesting to discuss it here as well. Quite the spectacle.

Her ED page:


She's some insane 55 year old vegan sex worker from Vancouver who isolated and abused her son until he was 16. Luckily it appears he was saved by child protective services and seems to be having a normal (as can be) life. He answers questions about his mom on his askfm page:

But idk, I wouldn't bother him if I were you.

No. 40452

OH my god this ladyyy
I remember her (and her compost videos)
I'm so glad that kid got away from her, good for him.

No. 40454

More of his links:

It looks like he's in school and going to raves.

No. 40456

god her son is so hot now
i remember in like 2010 she was complaining about how black people cut his hair off or something

No. 40459

Yeah he's really fucking adorable.. <3 I think he may have a girlfriend?
He looks better with shorter hair though.

No. 40476

where are his lips?

No. 40477

No. 40480

File: 1421411633393.png (6.44 KB, 650x95, Screenshot 2015-01-16 at 14.31…)


No. 40484

right shit i was thinking the same thing. where is his mouth in general all i see is chin???

No. 40510

Oh I remember this, poor kid. Good to know he got away from it all.

No. 40511

Yeah, he's a cutie pie now. He has a lot of issues left over from growing up with her, I'm sure, but he seems to be doing really well. He seems to be really confident and a bit of a goof.

No. 40513

What's catheryn up to?

I think she's known as rawsome mom now


No. 40515


the (in)famous fake blog catheryn wrote

No. 40517

File: 1421420274266.png (259.6 KB, 807x760, thegubmint.png)

ummm ok

No. 40520

kaelin's christmas present from his mum

no joke, this was her present for him

No. 40523

her current twitter


her -massage- business page


No. 40524

No. 40633

yeah we talked about her a bit in another thread. glad she has her own thread now.

so fucking sick.

No. 40674

What's with the "this fucking blog sucks" post? Who typed that?

No. 40679

That's been her facebook.

How long ago was her son taken away?

No. 40681

nvm did the math disregard me

No. 40709

I have 3 theories

1-It was Kaelyn. Katherine was writing most if not all the blog posts, but she still let him have the password. He made the post, perhaps the only post he ever made, to let people know how he feels.

2-It was katheryn. She wanted to spam something to make it difficult to scroll down and read the rest of the entries. She didn't delete them for whatever reason. She's nuts anyway.

3- weens hacked or phished and got access to her blog

No. 40710

It's her new facebook

No. 40711

The description for this video

Kaelin posted this video from last May, after being returned 2 years ago, post traumatic 7 month MCFD take. Placed in a gay foster home and forced to eat Burger King and fast foods daily. Seven cavities and a severely interupted lymphatic system later … One brave little boy speaks his voice and heals."

No. 40873

No. 40896

File: 1421522400468.jpg (52.28 KB, 448x507, goodgodhe's riped.jpg)

sweats nervously

It looks like he's in regular contact with his Dad. Well, good for him.

No. 40902

>"What happened, when you weren't raw?"
>"Remember I told you to ask me when you pour that? You tend to go a bit too liberal."
>"Why did they take you anyway?"
>"They thought that I was starving you."
>"Katherine saved my life."



No. 40903

No. 40904

oh, fuck

Looks like he's into raving now.. probably needs some drugs to cope with the insane shit his mother did to him.
But gosh, isn't he cute? He seems like he has some good friends and a relatively normal life now. I'm so happy for him. I hope he doesn't have to see his mom again :c

No. 40906

Dayum son.

Well, he certainly doesn't look like he's eating parsley extract and flowers for dinner anymore.

No. 40907

File: 1421527370728.jpg (61.84 KB, 538x225, cray cray.jpg)

Oh my God. Who does that? Who seriously does that? Who actually wakes up at 5 am to call someone and spew crazy at them?

No. 40908

Holy shit, he got hot.
Would wife/10

No. 40912


He seems like he's pretty normalish now but I really wonder how fucked up on the inside he must be. He doesn't seem to resent his mom or anything. Which I guess is good, but it doesn't seem healthy. I don't know.

No. 40916

YEESS. This crazy bitch, and her fucked up relationship with her son, fascinate me to no end. I always wondered if Kaelin would make it out alive.

No. 40917

not necessarily. going to raves in vancouver is just something that almost everyone does. not a lot of people do drugs because of it

No. 40919

I have two gripes:

>when did barely legal teens start looking this gotdamn attractive

>where the actual ever loving fuck were they when I was 17 and hot for a dicking

No. 40936

I don't know why but there's something really gross and uncomfortable about her "poetry".
>Puppies lick my naked feet as I awaken.
>Thelma bathes my face with her tongue
What the fuck?

No. 40938

must've been dying for actual nutrition

No. 40945

File: 1421537779105.jpg (95.34 KB, 625x417, enhanced-buzz-14730-1364321796…)

I'd be doing drugs if I were in his situation, (I do drugs now so take that with a grain of salt) but he seems pretty well adjusted so you're probably right.
I'm only 19 and I feel a bit creepy oogling him..

No. 40962


No. 40963

What a massive hippie

No. 40970

Does anyone else get a Norman/Norma Bates vibe off this? Obvs, now that he's been freed from living with that looney tune, he's doing much better- but I wouldn't be surprised if this whole thing turns into something crazy again like kitchen knives and showering crazy- Psycho gone real life.

No. 49282

She is now homeless. Kaylin moved out out, cut his hair, and bulked up. He now is a self described raver and is very happy to be away from her.

No. 49312

Meh, he's a 5/10. The woman who birthed him is disgusting, though. I'm shocked that she is even allowed access to the internet through which she can observe him and obsess even more.

No. 49314

Why did u dig up this thread just to rate him wtf

And he is hot to a lot of anons, not everyone has the same taste in guys

No. 49487

Yeah exactly, not everyone has the same taste in guys so why is what I said a problem? Besides, 5/10 is considered to be average it's not like I said he's ugly.

No. 805614

Just wait until you're pushing sixty. She looks damn good for her age.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 805650


>replying five years later unsaged just to say this

No. 805658

We were on our high horse for 5 years till this person came and put us in our place. Gee.

No. 806625

Dead? Institutionalize? Her mental health was deteriorating. Shouting banging drum at all hours. After posting 5-10 X's a day every day her Facebook went silent July 7 .
Not a word and weird vibe.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 806638

nobody cares

No. 807105

Maybe I don't know the rules what does that even mean? I abhor rejection.

And she could be missing.

Or dead.

,But Maybe youre right , no one cares .(ban evasion)

No. 807160

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