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File: 1421415419802.jpg (117.63 KB, 454x543, Peasants.jpg)

No. 40500

No. 40502

File: 1421415681390.gif (369.19 KB, 512x599, legit.gif)

No. 40503

File: 1421415833449.gif (288.05 KB, 478x600, AllNatural.gif)

No. 40537

i don't think i would have recognised her from the video. the make up doesn't seem like the one in her pics.
looks different but still gorgeous though.

No. 40545

That's all photoshop? There's such a huge difference I would think she's had surgery. Also, I kind of prefer her original face. Goffic make-up aside, I think her normal face is so much more interesting.

No. 40580

LOL did this chick just do a selfie with a controller? gamergurl

No. 40614

shame she shoops so much. Her natural face is pretty in a heroin chic way. She could totally make it work with the right hair and makeup.

No. 40618

Agreed, she is still pretty in the shoops but kinda basic and boring. Her own face has a sort bad girl vibe that i prefer way more

No. 40792

File: 1421479548575.png (457.62 KB, 808x583, Realdeal.png)

The funny thing is, she claims she doesn't alter her features on photoshop (aside from ''removing pimples, if even that." & sometimes fixing her nose bump)

No. 40793

File: 1421479632038.gif (149.74 KB, 384x444, unedited.gif)

No. 40794

File: 1421479708164.png (176.11 KB, 500x293, lol.png)

No. 40795

File: 1421479828932.png (175.39 KB, 500x246, Perfection.png)

No. 40796

File: 1421479870050.gif (211.36 KB, 500x585, TheWindowsJustLikeThat.gif)

No. 40797

File: 1421479984257.png (183.62 KB, 500x292, REALLL.png)

No. 40809


Holy fuck, without the shopping she's gorgeous as is.

No. 40812

The shooped face actually looks freaky af in comparison to her "video" face. The bone structure, it's a fuckin triangle!
I absolutely agree.

No. 40813

She wants to be Angelinajolie-chan though, but this overdone shoop stuff is ugly as hell.

No. 40816

So I don't know this chick, but am I the only one who thinks that 80% of the difference could be down to lighting, makeup, and angles?

Even pictures like >>40502 are slightly different angles which combined with lighting and contouring explains a lot.

The only thing that really changes is her jaw, but even that could be due to weight loss.

No. 40817

Sup Johanna

No. 40825

Completely explains why she has a COMPLETELY different nose-shape, lip-shape, jawline.

No. 40829

File: 1421492751991.jpg (220.7 KB, 2000x2000, Lipsu.jpg)

Her edited 'bare lips' compared to her real lips.

No. 40834

Her nose also shrinks (see the tip) and her lips balloon, but yeah it's all angles.

No. 40836

To be fair (I'm not Johanna), her head is titled upwards in her photo. My top lip looks really full from an upward angle but nearly disappears from a downwards angle. No doubt there's at least a bit of makeup/PS foolery involved in that size and shape change though.

No. 40839


These side by side pics are pointless when the left pic is from below/level and the right pic is from above.

Not saying she isn't shooping but the pics people are picking are not comparable.

No. 40844

No. You're not. It's another case of everyone from PULL thinking they can detect photoshop when they know fuck all about photography to begin with. It's annoying as fuck but there's no reasoning with idiots who're convinced they're experts. Dunning-Kruger effect in action.

No. 40859

Are you fucking kidding me ? You all have super skewed ideas of what is shooped and what isn't Jo is clearly 80% photoshop. Just use your fucking eyes.

No. 40887

maybe in the second pic, but examples like this comparison >>40797
where the nostrils are angled identically is an accurate angle to use for comparison.
obviously the nose, lips, jaw, brow and eyes have been edited. Even if Johanna makes the excuse that she was ~tensing~ or some shit for the majority of her photos, it doesn't explain some of the massive tweaks that other anons have pointed out. this girl's face is 100% manufactured.
She has a good template to start with but she is not the immaculate goddess she would love to pretend she is. she's pretty, she could probably even get work as a commercial model, but her unadulterated narcissism is jaw-dropping.

No. 42410

Don't forget her super tensed neck. She definitely has good genetics and makeup skills to work with but her shoop is still undeniable, she's just very good at it. Unshooped she looks great and her cheek bones are killer.

No. 43357

She's so fucking beautiful even without the shoop. She obviously doesn't need it, but that just goes to show how everyone wants to fit into beauty ideals. I get people getting on her case for lying about the extent of her ps, but it wasn't drastic enough of a difference to garner this much of attention imo

No. 43372

Seeing all those totally normal looking young girls on her instagram go "omg I'm ugly 😢💔" "I wish I could be as beautiful as you", when she is actually just as normal looking as them.
She is pretty without photoshop, obviously, but her shooped pics just sets completely unrealistic standards for those young girls, it makes me kinda sad.

No. 43580

that's the point? all her selfies are perfected with shit tons of makeup, repeated angles and lighting, and photoshop. the stills from the shit MV just show what she looks like without her usual get up.

No. 70146

This thread missed JH's whining on haters, self-complimenting disguised as "confidence", etc

No. 104661

File: 1432039090538.gif (2.14 MB, 257x360, ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif)

I don't know if people still care about her, but she got signed at a "model agency" which really is a scouting website and is sad that people don't recognize her without photoshop.

No. 104730


This looks just as photoshopped though, only in a different style

No. 104991

What really bothers me is that when I see candid photos of her, her eyes look whack af. She almost seems cross eyed or lazy eyed. I hate seeing her face at a 3/4 angle because it creeps me out something fierce.

And her makeup….her makeup looks disgusting. Her eye makeup looks a damn mess lol. It looks sloppily applied. It isn't complimenting the outfit either. Dark/Edgy makeup with a flirty/floral dress? C'mon Jo. This is Kota-tier coordination. Plus, her and those other girls are remeniscent of each other; they all have the same type of makeup.

Good God. I never found her attractive to begin with, but this was the ugliest she's ever been IMO. I really do prefer her unedited face but she just looked sloppy at this event.

TL;DR She looked tacky and could've done better.

No. 105152

Boring Felice Fawn replacement. Just as high photoshop lies, less known private drama.

No. 105528

File: 1432118031968.png (1016.74 KB, 768x1024, 1.PNG)

Her make up is gross imo

No. 105529

File: 1432118092450.png (691.42 KB, 640x960, 2.PNG)

The one she posted (?)

No. 105555

Her brows are too long for her face

No. 105600

Really? Oh my god. Honestly it makes me so pissed when people do this shit. I do some photography work and seeing the client fuck up my work is one thing, but if one of my models messed with my work and posted it I would be furious. Oh hey nice painting of me you painted let me scribble all over it. Nice electrical work let me screw it up. Johanna is so far up her own ass she can't even see how obvious she is.

No. 105601

is she overdrawing her lips like mad or is it just me

No. 105607

Overdrawing plus duck lips

No. 105618


The thing is she índeed got a lazy eye. You can see in some pics - even a few edited ones.

I agree fully - her high ponytails only made her look balding with awful hair, the clothes don't suit her at all… Very shitty for someone who profits off her very face and vanity on instagram.

She didn't post that shot though - the one edited. Someone took the original one and edited it in a similar way to which she usually does :P

All in all. This is about her: self-absorbed vanity queen, claims she's a scouted model, no real work done, won a contest with Make Up Store for basically being famous on insta… Rich White girl who thinks the world is against her and.. Loves to whine on Twitter about haters, Internet and the time her boyfriend penis "slipped" into her anus

No. 105624

that make-up is not a good look. the too-strong brows and overdrawn lips make her look comical.

and ok, so her make-up was pretty bad, but this? this is just hilarious. first of all, the warping and pixel blurring is incredibly obvious as it is with most of her photos, so i really hope she isn't denying photoshop usage. but she went and ruined the only good thing about the original photo, which was her facial structure. do any of these lolcows even know what human anatomy is? she is trying to push the ~*alien princess~* schtick too hard by shaving off her jaw and enlarging her eyes/brows, and warping her tear duct. her eyes were a very pretty shape to begin with. so stupid.

i would actually love to see someone de-photoshop one of her photos, like >>40795, and put a jaw back on her just to see if the end-result if more believable in regards to anatomy than the shit she is putting out now.

what i love about lolcows is (usually) they start subtly. take a look at dakota; she started off using photoshop in a relative subtle way, but know she looks like a caricature of herself. this is the same situation for joanna, although i don't know if she even started off that subtly to begin with.

No. 108741

Fuck off, johanna. Your self posting is obvious

No. 108742

Her VK fan page edited this pic because when they posted the nonedited version, it was hit with backlash.

No. 108747

I don't get why she gives herself a creepy point fucking alien chin. There's nothing wrong with her actual human chin.

No. 108748

Implying the photographer didn't photoshop it to hell and back. It's still edited heavily, just in a different style than what she does.

No. 112984

why does this girl always shoop her pupils to looks dilated? Hope she knows that only happens in the dark or when high on drugs, not in a photo where the sun is hitting her face.

No. 112990

To look thinner

No. 112997

Mine are huge even in daylight… So it's possible.

No. 113100

Same here. Didn't realize it until my mom randomly flipped shit when I was 16 and insisted I MUST be on drugs. Nope, totally sober, didn't even have legal drugs like Advil in my system. I thought I had normal pupils up until that point. 9 years later, my pupils are still unreasonably dilated.

Could still be shoop though. Having large pupils makes your eyes look bigger, so she's got a reason to do it.

No. 136949

I'm sorry- she's totally beautiful and her photoshop is minuscule compared to some tumbrinas. I mean , really? Just sounds like a bunch of jelly brats here. Lol.

No. 136974

>bumping a month-old thread to call people jelly
You should know better, anon.

No. 137005

kek, now we gonna make fun of her.

No. 137077

Lulz :3 no really

No. 137107


summer lolcow is here, they don't know better anon.

No. 137140

Hej Johanna. :D

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