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File: 1502259143676.png (588.48 KB, 1280x720, moomoo.png)

No. 421206

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

Recent: Did a Stocking cosplay, looked horrid. Revealed she tapes her jowls off her face to look thinner.

Posted pics of her harassing her cat. Poor thing.

Has been reposting old cosplays and POV shoots from at least 50 pounds ago. Is "working" on a Cindy cosplay from FF15 despite supposedly being on a break. Also commissioned a kigu that makes her somehow look like even more of a bloated whale.

Chimped at a friend for wearing the same bra in two different Patreon sets while always wearing the same Nike bra and underwear in her own, showing the usual amount of hypocrisy we've come to expect from Momo.

Is buying more bootleg figures, each worse looking than the last.

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly, resorted to getting liposuction
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Mei costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $10k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations, alcohol, drugs and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest
>lewded a dragon loli after people told her not to and massively backpedaled after she couldn't just laugh off the backlash
>had a major fallout with her boytoy KBBQ bc he didn’t want to fuck her, who we hope brings some new milk to these threads
>constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that’s happening to her when she’s done the same
>goes off on social media tirades and then immediately back pedals

No. 421214

Old thread: >>415824

No. 421227

File: 1502261075826.jpg (436.1 KB, 1928x1287, IMG_4977.JPG)

Jnigs teases a game of thrones cosplay, Momo suddenly starts and binges game of thrones and says how much she loves it

Can she be any more transparent with her ass kissing? Holy shit

No. 421228

>while im doing cardio
MooMoo you misspelled 'Carbs'

No. 421244

Seriously, she's so obvious. Who starts GoT this late into the series just completely out of the blue? Just like how she suddenly got into Jojo when she was desperate for KBBQ to like her back. Or when she starts talking about cosplaying Cindy after previously shit talking FF15 and suddenly vying for Leon's attention? I wonder who is to blame for her sudden Fate obsession? She's never mentioned the series and all of a sudden she's buying shitty knockoff figs and spamming her twitter with how she's just the biggest fate fan ever.


No. 421247

This is why nerds give cosplay girls the 12th degree. Bandwagoning thots like this.

No. 421264

File: 1502266698176.png (129.24 KB, 640x875, IMG_6478.PNG)

Looks like she offers services at truck stops. Full service, fast and cheap!

No. 421265

She'd make a great Whoredor. Oh wait she already is one.

No. 421266


Jesus no. All that cottage cheese will be on display.

No. 421268

She wouldn't be half as cringey if she got clothes that fucking fit, but that would mean admittjng she's fat now.

No. 421270

I'm glad the jacket is small and cropped. Will make it easier to get candids to show how fat she really is. shame her hammy, stretch marked arms will be hidden.

No. 421274

File: 1502267313023.png (277.07 KB, 604x270, kek.png)

cant wait for the skin sui- i mean handmade cosplay for jolyne, jotaro and dio!!!!

No. 421280

I'm genuinely excited to see how she'll fuck these up, buffalo thighs and fat wings ahoy!

No. 421283

Is anyone going to be at the gathering on Sunday? I am.

No. 421284

that bra just don't look right

No. 421285

and why her room look like a cheap hotel

No. 421288

sage for OT who's Leon?

No. 421291

Lurk moar, you cunt.

No. 421295

File: 1502272782020.jpg (113.04 KB, 850x630, twttr.jpg)

This one from twitter

No. 421300

That zipper is barely holding on. I can't stop laughing. She looks so bad.

Leon Chiro. A douchey, but decent euro cosplayer. It's funny she decided to try to get his attention of all people, he seems really shallow.

No. 421307

She posted an insta story saying she's excited for dinner and alcohol after the event. Does she not realise that both of those things will reverse all the effects of the apparent cardio she claims to do? If she stopped the meals out and alcohol for a month at her size she could drop a good 10 pounds without even trying.

Leon Chiro is huge at them moment. Girls are desperate for him and will blindly follow him. Anyone Leon says he likes, his fans will like too. That's something Momo needs.

No. 421308

File: 1502279149886.jpg (128.08 KB, 1405x746, not_a_landwhale.jpg)

Pic of Cindy for comparing purpose.
It's like a game of "find the 7 errors", but with a lot more errors.
- goggles are wrong
- quality of the pic too shitty to get the details on the cap but color seems wrong
- jacket barely holding on
- second pounch attached to the belt missing
- gloves missing
- don't know what the red thing is around her waist but the waistband of cindy's panties are visible in the game
- there's no white parts on cindy's shorts
- pockets on jacket are wrong. The buttons are supposed to be the metal part of a seatbelt.

And we yet have to see the boots.

No. 421313

Like couldn't Momo just cosplay characters that might actually maybe kinda suit her body type?

No. 421319

honestly i'm fully expecting her to get some thigh high boots and just painting the bottom white. she won't be able to get thigh highs to stay up without garters.

No. 421321

That's if she can find some in her size and is willing to shell out money for them.

No. 421322

File: 1502284750719.gif (1.59 MB, 480x270, momo.gif)

my mutuals with moo are sharing her video and I want to barf every time I see this autoplay

No. 421325

File: 1502285371992.gif (2.57 MB, 480x270, stop.gif)

No. 421326

File: 1502286025038.png (1.14 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2017-08-09-06-30-00…)

To add from the post before:

>posted on Instagram that she is "making Cindy" and is collecting items from sweatshop eBay as she does.

>had to point out her saying "Hey guys" made her sound fake. Why not that cheesy boob grab?
>is shooting Star!Yoko, Cindy and one other cosplay. Remade the stars but it doesn't matter if her top isn't stable.
>is going "to that beach thingy" around 12 pm

No. 421327

File: 1502286087577.png (1.08 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-08-21-42-18…)

No. 421328

oh baby what is you doing

No. 421331

File: 1502286947495.jpg (23.34 KB, 516x285, images (1).jpg)

Looks more like Ellie than Cindy. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 421332


Jesus fucking christ what's with those cow udders. How can her chest be so huge, but so flat at the same time. It's like her wide pancake ass.

No. 421333

why does every piece of clothing look so dirty?

No. 421334

>inb4 "abloo bloo bloo i'm getting death threats! here's the guy, get em my dudes"

No. 421335

it's "weathered"

No. 421336

File: 1502288146677.png (211.42 KB, 720x923, Screenshot_2017-08-09-07-12-06…)


No. 421338

File: 1502288194225.png (424.16 KB, 720x933, Screenshot_2017-08-09-07-12-19…)

No. 421339

File: 1502288228651.png (292.53 KB, 720x921, Screenshot_2017-08-09-07-12-30…)

No. 421340

Fucking KEK
Moomoo never stop

No. 421341


Lol holy fuck. She really doesn't have any kind of wit or bite. Every time she gets roasted she tries to clap back with the most basic and predictable comebacks and every single time she gets completely schooled. Just take the L and go home Moomoo. You're only embarrassing yourself.

Also, I'm sure she'll pathetically go stalk his social media and look for something completely unrelated to come back at him with and will sic her neckbeard army on him.

No. 421342

>two weeks of training with a "personal trainer" and manages to get fatter.
It's not like I didn't see this coming. But how can you show off to people that you are dieting and going to the gym when there are no results to show? I bet she's the type where when she gains weight she will say "it's just muscle weight my dudes." Holy shit Moo if you're going to get lipo just say it already and save yourself the embarrassment.

No. 421343

File: 1502289356528.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170809-073959.png)

Thank God. Now if only she could fix the wig and the accessories and the rest of the outfit too. She says she is shooting this— expect overly photoshopped crapwork

No. 421344

wtf is that? what is it even made from? why is there a heat gun, did she waste thermoplast on this?

No. 421345

File: 1502289923445.png (1.51 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5888.PNG)

I'm so sick of seeing her post stories with that stupid bunny filter. And her "hey guys" story was so fucking hard to watch she's such an annoying bitch.

No. 421347


And because of what you just said, it will want to make her do it more. She practically gets off on pissing people off, since she is such a miserable cunt who hates it when it happens to her.

No. 421348

She remade them out of the same fabric though, so I don't see how this will be an improvement.

No. 421350

I don't see why she even bothers responding anymore. She only makes herself look worse

No. 421352

She's so obsessed with her dad… it's creepy. The Elektra complex is real and alive.

No. 421354

The red thing in Moo's photo looks to be the panties, but not because she is wearing them and has them hiked up. Nope. Looks like its because she can't button the front of the shorts.

No. 421355

>look at my body builder dad
Yeah but what does this even have to do with you? Are you really going to ride his fitness coat tails when you look like a bowl of expired cottage cheese?
She will always use this type of stuff as a way for her to preach the body positivity thing. People will give her pity points and share her positivity spiels and that gives her basically free promotion. So it would make sense for her to love this type of shit.

No. 421357

Okay I was really depressed about the Cindy thing at first but she looks absolutely terrible and the cosplay itself is so cheap looking. Saving graces from this cow.
Yes she cosplayed your waifu and ruined your fandom but in reality she just attempted to cosplay your waifu and winds up looking like a thrift store knockoff every damn time.

No. 421359

Sage for tinfoil hat, but what if everytime a cosplayer doesn't like her she uses her body positivity bullshit to force them to like her?

For example, if Leon doesn't respond to this, or blocks her, or tells her to eat shit, what if she threatens him by going off on a tirade about how "it's sad such a talented cosplayer is so shallow. I wish you the best love yourself my dudes no matter what"

I would love to see it backfire on her somehow but it probably won't. I just wonder if that's her trump card to manipulate influential people into pretending to like her. "they don't like me because I'm fat and that's sad" could ruin people's reputations.

No. 421361

File: 1502293422383.png (388.07 KB, 457x722, butt go where.png)

Why does she turn to the side EVER? She HAS NO ASS.

No. 421362

She should get her doc to suck some fat from her thighs and put it in her sad, flat ass.

No. 421363


That's usually her plan of attack: Shame everyone into supporting her. Any time someone has a problem with her she immediately plays the "You just hate me because I'm fat. You're so shallow and sexist my dude" card when most of the time it is never in the conversation.

People don't hate you because you're fat Moomoo. They hate you because you are a lazy cow who is ruining cosplay with your halfassed bikini and shitty wigs cosplay and the constant drama you start with anyone who doesn't lick your asshole and tell you how great you are.

No. 421365

Thanks to the second photo posted after your comment, I think that huge red thing is actually supposed to be the very thin line of red running along the length of Cindy's belt…

No. 421366

File: 1502294366325.jpg (10.37 KB, 234x215, yikes.jpg)

This is going to look like a steaming hot pile of shit when she's done, wow. Did she not think to sand her prop? Or to try not to glue everything on crooked as fuck? Lmao what a mess, can't wait to see this disaster of a "big build"

No. 421369

File: 1502295799141.png (499.68 KB, 720x949, Screenshot_2017-08-09-09-17-11…)

This is great. All week we had a look at her personal pages and their hate comments…but I went to Sabrina Nichole's Reddit and people shit on her there too. I hope she shits on everyone enough to disappear like UsagiKou.

No. 421370

i hope she disappears. she's getting so uppity, look at that.

No. 421371


body positivity, good craftsmanship and everything else aside, it looks like her clothes are literally hurting to wear.

No. 421373

>her dad: ripped bodybuilder who trained years for his looks and strenght
>moomoo: ate for years and looks like she'll use a motorized cart at Wal-Mart soon
Really makes you think.

No. 421379

UsagiKou has at least owned up to being a slut for money and is now a spoopy ana camwhore. What sort of evolution will we see from Moo in a decade's time? Lipoed her way onto an episode of Botched? Making actual feeder porn?

I am so looking forward to seeing candid shots of her Cindy, those shorts look painful on her.

No. 421385

they fit her worse then her lucoa camel toe ones.

No. 421388

File: 1502297822937.gif (129.59 KB, 500x278, IMG_5426.GIF)

Moo seems like the type of person who wears smaller sizes to make herself believe that she is smaller than she actually is.

No. 421389


Oh god. Those shorts looked haunting on her. It looked like they were cutting off her circulation.

No. 421390

there goes that choker again

No. 421392

She looks terrible…like this is the worse I have seen of her so far. Yoko was bad, but this is just low. She will probably show up at the event for an hour like she always does and then just leave probably making the excuse

No. 421395

File: 1502298673517.png (326.01 KB, 446x855, Untitled.png)

Can't trust Kinpatsu anymore :(

No. 421396

kinpatsu reacted oh-so maturely.

No. 421399

It's not really insulting so Kin whatever her name is needs to relax and not sperg out. Mariah does lewd 90% if not 100% of her cosplays, and has been quoted as "sex sells" therefore doing it for the likes. It can be considered rude and blunt but not talking shit. Hope it was worth losing a fan Kinpoop, seems like Mariahs toxic ass attitude rubbed off of you too.

No. 421400

seriously, all of this. i hate to see this attitude. no one is above criticism, harsh or not, if it's too harsh or hurts your feelings then say so, and they'll either be an asshole or apologize. people like moo always act borderline insane at everything becuase their egos are so fragile.

No. 421403

used to be a fan too, until she started sucking to cos thots and cosplaying shit she doesn't care about but she knows that will sell.

sage for having one of my favorite cosplayers ruined because of dumb e-fame

No. 421404

If you think bullying someone cause you dont agree with their work and comparing me to them is fine then PLEASE unfollow me. You wont be missed. I dont do bullying. I don't do elisist attitudes towards cosplay. Your dislike of me is no skin off my nose really XD Bye felicia(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 421406

File: 1502300182465.jpg (55.41 KB, 625x626, 10417755_803757683053397_43608…)

get out

No. 421407

"hurr durr derpadurr" - kinpatsu

No. 421408

lol if any cosplayer was so quick to stalk this page and write something within an hour of someone posting about her i wouldn't trust her anyways

No. 421409

Kinpatsu actually has skill and talent, unlike Momo.

Sidenote, is Momo really still salty with Steff about that contest years ago, or did something recent happen. Hard to believe she could be so immature to still be upset after years.

No. 421411

holy shit moomoo just get a fucking brazilian buttlift already to help with your saggy hank hill ass

No. 421412

if she gets a buttlift she'll have no overhang.

No. 421413

lol kinpatsu is a joke and a tool
she's just sucking on moomoo's dick for that sweet fanlikes, her cosplay isn't even that great

No. 421414

I think it was that Steff was unfollowing/stopped supporting friends that decided they wanted to kiss Moo's ass for that cosfame and one of the whiny bitches probably said something to Moo. But Steff actually does care about her craft and is a good cosplayer…I don't blame her for wanting to stop associating with fake ass bitches who just want the fame and $.

No. 421415

so will you address Mariah posting the social media information of those who posted relatively innocent things to her thousands of fans to harass?

No. 421417

Aww you're just like early Moomoo! Do you want us to make a thread about you too? Not that you have much milk to give, you're quite boring aside from your fake personality and your e-fame cocksucking.

No. 421419

she is so dry she would barely make to snow. at least mariah is full of milk. watch and learn kinpatsu, because you will become obsolete or the new wannabe jnig very soon.

No. 421420

Ugh Moo has been sucking up to her on her personal facebook - probably because Kinpatsu is good friends with Nigri.
Kinpatsu has become her own cringefest though, she's also acts needlessly aggressive and banhammers anyone who disagrees
sage for OT, tired of her shit and everyone else licking her boots

No. 421421

File: 1502302260230.png (969.7 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2017-08-09-11-09-38…)

Sure, Jan

No. 421422

>banhammers anyone who disagrees

atleast she's saving people the trouble of unsubbing themselves.

No. 421423

Cows of a feather shit up the hobby together!

Is the Patreon Thot Madness ever going to end?

No. 421424

imagine, having skin so bad not even shit blurry iphone photos make it look okay.

No. 421429

Nice deoderant on the sides. Armpits so fat and shirt so small, that she can't avoid it. Jesus christ Moo. You're too fat to wear skin tight athletic wear. You really looks like a cow now. So much for now looking like that in your pinned and edited sponsored photos.

No. 421430

File: 1502303912965.jpg (41.22 KB, 384x288, umineko-dawn-youre-a-moron.jpg)

Kinpast-who? Irrelevant.

No. 421431

>those eye bags even through iphone and numerous IG filters


No. 421432


Her clothes are always so tight it looks like they are choking the everloving shit out of her. You aren't fooling anyone Moomoo.

No. 421433

why is her face so damn orange and discoloured? at first I thought it might be the lighting but… the discolouration…. jfc moo, the drugs are starting to show

No. 421435

The heavy alcohol abuse seems to be starting to catch up to her, too. Bet she's in early stage liver failure already.

No. 421442

File: 1502305264971.gif (929.94 KB, 250x250, 1486599079729.gif)

Bait or not, Kinpatsu, you just proved yourself to be just as trashy as MooMoo. BYE FELICIA!

No. 421446

> globbed spray paint

Can she do anything right jfc

No. 421447

At least it's not flappy

Kek if she did I'll lol so hard, it could be craft foam but it's so Moo to waste thermoplast or worbla on that shit

No. 421453

yo girl since you are here, please fix your eyebrows. the same (disgusting) shape for every character is dumb af

No. 421459

how do we know it's not flappy? it's got uneven edges just from that photo. a 5 year old could cut out better stars than this.

sometimes i want to get back into cosplay just to blow some of these cunts out of the water (but i have too much pride)

No. 421468


Went to this girls page thinking she was somebody but she only has 12.7k followers. Kek

Sage for offtopic

No. 421490

Looks like she has jhondis or something. Skin discoloration is evidence of malnutrition and dehydration. Mariah, eat healthy and drink water!!! It's not like those luxuries are expensive for you! Healthy food and water and no drinking alcohol or consuming pho and sushi will make you look healthy again.

No. 421492


No one here follows you? Lol wow. That was lightning fast. Get a life. No one was bullying and no one was elitist. Except your friend Mariah. She definitely has an elitist attitude.

No. 421513

And who are you? You sound just like Mariah in the early threads. Get over yourself, you're not that relevant. Advice to you is to stay away from Mariah and stay in your lane sweetie :) you would be better off

No. 421514

I'm sorry but…it's jaundice. Which I doubt she has.

No. 421522

to be fair she has 153k followers on instagram. sage for off topic.

No. 421533

Nice makeup for the gym. Clearly you're gonna workout hard, Moo, and not just take selfies.

No. 421538

I'm actually really fucking disappointed in her honestly. She's good at what she does. didn't realise she was so immature.

sage for not about momo

No. 421554

She has 150k on fb. Not sure where anon got her number from.

No. 421556

Still just another jnig wanna be . One of the I'm a fan of the series but has no knowledge on it. She was already on this site talking shit about moomoo just admit it and stop tryna white knight for the neck beards

No. 421573

Notice that the people who side with Momo are mostly people who do not know her well. It seems like it is the people who know her very well or have been around her for a while are the ones who hate her which shows that she's the type that gets shittier the longer your around her. This would explain why people in the Vegas scene hate her and even her Vegas crew talk shit about her. Probably why we don't see them hang out with her anymore. It's also easy to see that even her photographers from Vegas are tired of her shit and don't want to work with her. It would explain why she always goes to California for shoots instead of staying in Vegas. I am even willing to bet that Vamp is tired of her shit too and only sticks around because Moo probably pays her bills. That is the paradox of being ~famous~ -people will lick your ass because of popularity and it just inflates the persons ego-. The reason she think so highly of herself and does what she's wants it likely because all of her ~friends~ and fans give her all the asspats she wants and never want to argue with her to mooch off of her.

No. 421585

Orr/also it could be easier to not risk pissing off Momo and causing drama between them (not that I don't think she should eventually leave). She could end up like Kbbq. I don't get why people only apply this logic to her more distant associates. It's not like Vamp really has any influence in the cos community, unlike someone like jnig does. Some farmers really are bullies or what?

Sage because this isn't Vamps thread

No. 421586

Hey, at least she's wearing deodorant. No one wants to smell that shit.

No. 421616

File: 1502321530007.jpg (85.37 KB, 480x720, IMG_7763.JPG)

1/4 just posted onto her facebook.

No. 421618

File: 1502321546666.jpg (60.36 KB, 480x720, IMG_7764.JPG)


No. 421619

File: 1502321570254.jpg (61.92 KB, 720x480, IMG_7765.JPG)


No. 421620

File: 1502321583959.jpg (56.49 KB, 480x720, IMG_7766.JPG)


No. 421623

File: 1502321830008.jpg (19.55 KB, 251x221, IMG_1524.JPG)

No. 421633

Why is her right eye so much droopier than her left one, or is it just the angle? I get the contacts are supposed to be different, but still.

No. 421637


She is just fucking haunting to look at.

No. 421638

Steff unfriended every person that went to watch BATB with Mariah. Like targeted that party. Kind of extreme and weird like she was just trying to stir shit up. Steff is a sack of shit too. Not every person who hates Mariah just gets a free pass. Steff is a bloody cunt. She's known for being rude to multiple cosplayers and complains about every event she goes to. Makes good costumes but shit personality. she's a farmer too hi Steff lol.

No. 421644

thats what I was thinking. I thought it could be a combination of her makeup/the different lenses though

No. 421646

What up, Moo-riah?

Fun, baseless accusations aside, at least our cow is finally getting professional pictures taken outside of her bedroom or hotel rooms again.

No. 421647


Hi Moomoo

No. 421649

good job moo…you always gotta use that 'lol' at the end of a sentence.

i'm a nobody and steff has never been anything less than kind as can be to me. maybe she just doesn't like you dumb bitches that ruined her hobby and treat your fans like shit. you also invite creeps into the fandom and let them get away with saying disgusting, sexual things that go on to say those things to the cosplayers who aren't showing their tits and ass for money.

No. 421650

also the only event I've ever seen steff complain about on social media was katsu and that's because it was revealed you were talking about her to a bunch of the east coast cosplayers and made them think she was an elitist so they would avoid her while she was there.

No. 421656

is she having a stroke?

No. 421658

Hi Steff!

No. 421660

File: 1502324979390.jpg (2.71 MB, 1728x2592, devil_within___dante_dmc_cospl…)

I dunno why. Leon photoshops like a mofo and he gets a pass on being a slut because he's a guy. Male cosplayers are worse than female ones half the time by being attention whores and doing the same bullshit but not getting called out on it because they're men. I can't stand Leon

No. 421661

Why she gotta do Cindy dirty??

No. 421662

I've been seeing this guy alot on my facebook page. Is he big in the US cosplay scene now?

No. 421663

Are all these cosplayers literally the same attention whores who need patreon for likes and money? It's so sad. What has happened to the cosplayer community? Sucks because she is genuinely talented in her craftsmanship but chooses to side herself with trash.

No. 421667

OMG SHE IS 100% USING GABRIEL'S CINDY COSPLAY! No wonder she looks so fat in it!! Ahahaha!

No. 421670

Kinda, yeah. He actually travels around different countries for cosplay, getting invited as a guest to different cons. He just got invited to the Dominican Republic recently.

Momo is def NOT going to catch his attention. If I recall correctly, he bashed a cosplayer for being too fat for a character.

No. 421671

He has tons of candids where he looks the same as his photos and his body is legit. Go be a miserable hater elsewherr. This thread isnt for you to cry about petty non moo related shit.

No. 421672

Not surprised.

No. 421674

Why not make a seperate thread in snow for slutty male cosplayers if you're so mad no one calls them out?

No. 421677

nope. y'all can honestly think steff trash talks moo all you want maybe she does idfk but every experience ive had with her has been good…moo on the other hand is a cunt

No. 421679

No one cares about shitty male behavior unless it's onion tier. It takes insane levels of awful for men to ever get brought up here. The population is mainly women and everyone knows how much women just love to shit on each other.

No. 421681

doubtful that actually was Kinpatsu.

>>421620 Momo actually looks decent when she smiles. When she tries to look sexy, it just doesn't work.

No. 421682

leon has only done like 2 things that i know of that he got dragged for immediately on his social media and apologized for like a "black facing" incident and about being too friendly and handsy with other cosplayers at katsu. there just isn't enough milk for him cuz he actually apologizes when he fucks up…moo could learn a thing or 2 instead of always playing defense

No. 421693

he's ugly though?

No. 421695

He's good from the neck down, which is more than can be said for most male cosplayers.

No. 421706

I honestly don't consider that picture to be his best…it's all personal preference but he has a ridiculously low fat % and one of the few male cosplayers I've seen with a legit 6 pack of solid abs

No. 421715

Sauce for that?

No. 421720

Steff and I have mutual friends, and that might be why she's nice to me but she has always been nice for the span of the last 3 years of knowing who she is, seeing her at cons and making small talk. Sorry, sperg somewhere else Mariah. No one buys your shit on here.

No. 421731


Does anyone else notice that part of this sounds exactly like Moo's recent rant video on Twitter? Nice try MooMoo…

No. 421732

Moomoo is binging GOT lol good luck trying to fake that moo! Those fans are hardcore and protective of the series and the books. They will tear her ass apart if she tries to cosplay from it.

No. 421733

I'd love her to try Walda Frey. She'd be perfect, actually!

No. 421736

People say this every time she announces some new cosplay or gets into a new fandom and it never happens.

No. 421737


ehhhhhh apparently his ex has said he has ab implants. He still definitely works hard on his body regardless, which is more than can be said about Moo.

Every progress photo she posts looks like a fucking pigsty. I can't believe she lets her cat in that room when its full of fumes from spray paint and contact cement.

No. 421742

Moo will probably do Daenerys.
If I'm judging right from the previews Nigri posted she'll be doing some kind of Dothraki genderbend and Moo will want to squeeze her way into that somehow.
What a fuckin sideshow she would be.
Unless she was Walda Frey.

No. 421743

I'm morbidly curious to see how she'd be received. GoT fans aren't that hardcore and a good number of them are casuals for whom GoT is their first "nerdy" fandom. On one hand, she could potentially just get more popular because casuals have no taste and make everything go viral, on the other, it opens her up to a much larger audience, which means way more people shitting on her for her weight and appearance.

No. 421749

see I'm here with you on this. GOT =/= ASOIAF fandom. Those two are very different. ASOIAF fans can be insane (i'm one of them and while I can't stand the show past season 2 I think a lot of ASOIAF fans are extreme even for me)

No. 421751

i notice it looks like that more in other photos

No. 421754

GoT is HBO garbage. It's super popular and Momo will be shielded by all the other hams thighs obsessed with the series. Years ago the fandom was pretty exclusive, but she's lucky she can just binge watch em. In the books, I remember Danenerys gets dysentery or something and is graphically described taking huge dumps by her dragon. I can see Momo doing that.

No. 421755

I'd pay money to see her actually read the books, she would last past the first page.

No. 421756

The costumes are so elaborate and detailed. What the hell would moomoo even do? A wildling? Because than that would require to cover up everything.

No. 421759


Stop breaking rules you hams

Sage because I hate people saying "hi cow"

No. 421761

Don't forget Cindy is wearing a bikini top, not a bra

No. 421764

File: 1502337414643.png (1 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2017-08-09-20-52-49…)

She said when she bought the boots she didn't realize it had lacing on the back and she said if people want to give her shit then fine. She then asked how to fix it?

No. 421765

File: 1502337503172.png (964.46 KB, 717x1184, Screenshot_2017-08-09-20-51-58…)

Her room is a mess. Even more so. Also >painting on the floor

No. 421767

namefagging and cowtipping all at once. you played yourself

No. 421769

This is someone else's property, for gods sake would it be too much for her to pay for a goddamn tarp? It's like 6 bucks. if moomoo actually owned this house it'd likely look much much worse though.

No. 421770


sage to be safe, but I fucking own my house and I still put down a paint tarp when I'm doing stuff in my craft room.

No. 421771

File: 1502338525677.png (139.21 KB, 494x640, Screenshot 2017-08-09 at 9.11.…)


OT but I saw this today, also. Notice how she says nothing about her shitty character and Moomoo thinks that's enough. Her friends are doormats.

No. 421774

File: 1502339585290.jpg (74.64 KB, 582x623, 41865464.jpg)

>hey mariah i'm supporting you, please give me some neckbeards

No. 421775

>I've seen a lot of growth in Mariah
Yeah, we all have.

No. 421776


lmao her pulling her shirt up. jfc the trash.

No. 421777

girl, why your shirt coming up off. it's a gym, not a nightclub

No. 421779

I doubt she would get viral
GoT has been on the market for a while so there are basically perfect Cosplayers as well as thicc ones.
And even tho many fans are casual they will still see her inaccuracy.
Only different thing is she already has a large following so doing lewd stuff would be a little bit new in the GoT fandom I think ? At least it's not that common as in anime fandoms still doubt it would get viral.

No. 421781

Nigri's doing Genderbend version of Drogo. Oh fuck me.

No. 421782

I noticed in her instagram stories, she has Game of Thrones playing in the background almost midway through an episode. Then in the next clip (not too far apart in time) the intro to a new episode begins even though the last episode was barely done. She's trying to pretend like she watches it, fucking kek. It's so obvious she only has it turned on in the background to make it seem like she gives a shit about the show.

No. 421783

i dont have a good space to work on either but holy fuck at least put news paper or wax paper down on the floor before you start painting, sanding, whatever what the fuck

No. 421784

File: 1502342617282.png (233 KB, 720x786, Screenshot_2017-08-09-22-21-36…)

No. 421785

File: 1502342665993.png (162.52 KB, 720x735, Screenshot_2017-08-09-22-21-19…)

Oh my god stop

No. 421786

Thats what I was thinking too. Because it all looks soooo small on her. Especially the jacket and she did just do that set with Gabby. Jesus Moo. Stop trying to borrow other people's shit and buy your own shit. Go to eBay where you belong and buy all your stuff from China.

No. 421787

Except riri still looks the same/good in candid photos, unlike this cow

No. 421788

File: 1502342823819.png (1.2 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-08-09-22-25-34…)

No. 421789

Were these taken with a cell phone? Like.. Walking around Fanime and out of nowhere she turns to Vamp or someone and says "I want a shoot. NOW." Like.. Not even a good cell phone. Like its an old ass fucking phone with shitty photoshop or filters over top. Im hoping its the latter and just garbage filters because whoever took these is one, an awful photographer [Ive seen my 12 year old sister take better angled shots] and two: the FUCKING POSING is disgusting. Its SO awful.

No. 421790

Humidity, not at all coz it was a shit styling job and she is insecure.

No. 421791

You know its Moo because she fucking abbreviates everything in the most stupid way possible.

No. 421792

From personal experience living here…forever, iirc, Downtown LA doesn't get too humid or at least humid enough to destroy wigs. If she was near Orange Counter, closer to beaches then maybe? But Downtown LA?

Is she trying to remake this for PAX or is this probably something she's going to try to bring with her to the Beach meet-up?

No. 421793

>wanting to attain a 230 lb landwhale who has to lipo herself every 6 months
Bitch, you know the kind of neckbeards that fap to you, don't even play the "I'm so sexy because I'm a woman and I'm being me that makes me SEXY" card. Humility you fucking worthless cow.

Beauty and the Beast was last year, which is way too specific of detail to remember. Moomoo is dumb enough to leave specific shit in.

No. 421794

No, bitch it died the moment you thought you could cut it up into that chopped ass pile of wasted money garbage

No. 421795

tbf Facebook lowers photo quality

No. 421796

Moo posted in her story that she had a bunch of friends over at her place to watch BATB just a couple days ago

No. 421797

I bet she is going to paint over the holes and fill them and just leave the back open because she's a dumbass like that. WHY doesn't she ask Vamp how to fix this type of shit if she lives with her? If she has all these cosplay friends who she can 'depend on' then why not ask them? Or even Google? Its so fucking annoying.

No. 421800

Saged, but I was there the weekend after AX and boy was it fucking humid as shit. Hot AND humid. LA had me dying, but yep. Highly doubt humidity ruined a wig of all things.

No. 421802

"not everyone looks 10/10 at all times"
is anyone else getting tired of these skinny fat/actual fat cosplayers preaching this just because they get caught posting a photo where you can see what their actual body looks like

No. 421805

File: 1502347805128.png (1.06 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2017-08-09-23-48-03…)

??? So when again? Cause before it was 12 pm because 10 was too early

No. 421806

File: 1502347948535.png (183.34 KB, 711x934, Screenshot_2017-08-09-23-51-32…)

No. 421807

File: 1502348157414.png (35.93 KB, 608x188, Screenshot_2017-08-09-23-48-44…)


>Like she targeted that party.

>Started a sentence with the word "like".

It's either Moomoo or one of her brain-dead friends.
Anyways, this sums it up nicely. She says this person is the one being immature, however, you don't know if the bitches that were actually at the party talked shit about mariah the previous week and maybe that's why she unfollowed them. Because everyone around Moo is a backstabbing cunt who uses her for efame.
As for telling someone they're being immature, how about not posting a very public threatening message towards somebody about how pathetic they are and trying to bully them into getting them to like her?
None of the rant made sense. It was such a disgusting trash bag move honestly.

No. 421808

Fucking barf. Next thing you find out it's her mom's fucking blind. Also moo's photog isn't even a good one. Her opinion on being "fluid" is invalid. She's literally shown no progression in her photos except for showing more skin as time went on.

How is everyone so damn blind

No. 421810

File: 1502348715142.png (134.67 KB, 720x840, Screenshot_2017-08-10-00-03-08…)


So much passive aggressiveness lol. Why even subtweet?

No. 421812

she said she's having a yoko shoot

No. 421814

Aren't Tasha and Mooriah friends? I thought they did Ranma together a while back.

No. 421818

Tbf that's exactly how she talks and it's the kind of thing she would do. I wouldn't be surprised if it was her.

No. 421820


I rather think the person is dying to get attention and makes this up

No. 421821


Why is she name dropping?

Also this shoot isn't open to fans, so why is she blasting that out? It's strictly a cosplayer + photographer event. This is so stupid, you're not special Mariah. No one gives a fuck that you're going, it's not a con.

No. 421839

Because she's not popular enough to garner an actual gathering so gotta name drop more attractive cosplayers than her, and she can do the whole omg guys can you chill my dudes?? I'm trying to get a shoot done and you guys are interrupting, this is moo the queen of never knowing how to read a room/situation because she needs to be the center of it all

>>sage for ax weather, it actually was one of the most pleasant ax in terms of heat, it was bearable and kinda cool at some points of the day, humidity my ass, I was wearing wigs more styled than she had and they still held up for the majority of the day

No. 421860


Yup. The true makings of an insecure cow. Whenever she gets comments about her weight she immediately goes to "I'm such a strong woman and I won't let some man put me down. You all feel threatened by me so you find ways to tear me down".

Bitch, get over yourself. If you were such a strong woman, then you wouldn't need to go on insecure rants and tirades ever week. Strong women don't need constant emotional and sexual validation from men. They don't need to post pictures from 50 lbs lighter so that guys will still think they are pretty.

You aren't a strong woman who intimidates men Moomoo. You are an insecure cow who needs to constantly be told you are still attractive and desirable by men because you can't handle rejection because deep down you are still that fat loser who sat back and watched all the pretty girls get attention that you desperately wanted.

No. 421866

File: 1502370713211.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7299.PNG)


No. 421869

File: 1502371520481.png (904.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-10-06-24-36…)

No. 421871

the first thing i saw her as was mei and i thought she was disabled

No. 421872

She's just…so bad at everything. How can she not have learned even ONE thing when she's been cosplaying for as long as she has? It's sad

No. 421885

Because Moo is so busy hustling, my dude! She works like, way hard!!! She has booze to drink, pills to pop, pho to slup, prints to never mail out, asses to lick, and cocks to suck on her way to ultimate e-fame, why do you think she has the time to improve her craft?!

She has the money at this point to have actual pros make her shit, but she's still so hilariously cheap with her so-called craft and it really shows.

No. 421896

File: 1502377847347.jpg (551.73 KB, 1964x2048, IMG_1170.JPG)

Please no, don't tell me she tried to do this …

No. 421913

I have a feeling she new they had lacing, because how else will she squeeze her legs into those boots??

No. 421914

i just don't understand why you'd make a regular, carpeted room a work room. Does she not have a garage or something?

No. 421920

No fam. I can't say too much because a mutual I have with Tasha told me this but Tasha finds Moo annoying and sees her as an attention whore. I was told this around the time they all did ranma together. So not sure if any thing changed.

No. 421925

moo looks just like the gross neckbeards she caters to. fuck so ugly.

No. 421926


No. 421961

File: 1502391385779.jpg (67.22 KB, 500x707, IMG_5007.JPG)


Why are the bangs sweeping the completely wrong direction…
And what are those tentacles at the top what the fuck

Not only are the spikes poorly executed they're not even in the reference????

No. 421971

File: 1502392374869.png (390.95 KB, 706x905, Capture _2017-08-10-12-11-39.p…)

No. 421976

File: 1502393322018.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170810-122544.png)

Moo appeared on some live, looking more gross than usual

No. 421978

File: 1502393584932.png (419.83 KB, 697x472, mariah anna.PNG)

Tried to get this before the makeup. But the stream kept stopping.
Anyway, they really should have chosen a better dress.

No. 421979

Wtf? Isn't being fat supposed to smooth your face? She look like a 35yo mom.

No. 421981

Holy shit. Next thread pic please

No. 421983

Look at those shoulders…

No. 421984

what the hell how wide are her shoulders
to be fair no one looks good without eyebrows but she does look like shes melting

No. 421985

No. 421986

Fat makes people look older.
What is this about? I didn't recognize her at first.

No. 421987

Watched it for a bit, think I'll come back once it's finished to be able to fast-forward/rewind but damn, Moo really doesn't know dabbing's been dead
Kudos to this page, with Moo's bloated, ill-defined face and absolutely haunting physique, I'm spooked

No. 421988

File: 1502395505471.jpg (47.73 KB, 697x479, moomoo.jpg)

Every time the make-up artist turns her back, Moo makes stupid faces in an attempt to be funny.

No. 421992

File: 1502396012928.jpg (39.04 KB, 1024x435, IMG_0254.JPG)

No. 421996

File: 1502396629282.png (424.82 KB, 697x470, real life collar bones.PNG)

wondering if they chose her because its easy to follow her facial lines.
But she doesn't look much better with eyebrows. I guess it works because this does look pretty creepy.
They did a really good job drawing on the collar bones.

No. 421999

This makeup looks terrible

No. 422000

File: 1502396998740.png (777.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170810-132831.png)

this artist sucks and moo as the model was the worst choice ever

No. 422001

File: 1502397207499.jpg (56.51 KB, 695x479, screenshot.jpg)

No. 422004

File: 1502397490584.jpg (60.21 KB, 693x475, creepy.jpg)

No. 422005

She looks like Marilyn Mansons afterbirth

No. 422011

And here I thought Annabelle was gross to look at before.

No. 422013

I mean, she kind of had to get ones that lace up in the back, I bet. Her calves are too big for most knee high or higher boots. She can keep pretending like that's not why they have the laces though… kek.

No. 422015

Holy mother of blending.

No. 422030

File: 1502400388409.jpg (55.49 KB, 593x414, portrait.jpg)

Really good pinhead cosplay tbh.

No. 422035

Ahaaaaa, I know a lot of artists who shade the collarbone to make it more pronounced but it you look at >>421978
Moo has zero collarbone she is so swollen and massive I know some pretty chunky people who still have their collarbone just goes to show how massive her upper body is compared to her lower due to all that lipo.

No. 422043

hahaha wtf is this i am dying xD

why are they doing this? even dogshit looks better. and her shoulders omggg. this isnt humam(xD)

No. 422046

File: 1502402928499.png (1.5 MB, 1071x851, moomooannabelle.png)

No. 422047

Wow, it's not even moos wig and yet her very presence causes it to get nasty!
For real though, they couldn't get a wig that didn't come from Party City?

No. 422049

They chose Moo of all people as a model, do you REALLY think they can afford anything decent? Even the makeup artist is crap.

No. 422060

File: 1502405106115.png (667.89 KB, 720x942, Screenshot_2017-08-10-15-44-12…)

No. 422061

File: 1502405398410.gif (725.47 KB, 498x278, partycity.gif)

No. 422063

I see yt beauty gurus doing better sfx makeup.

No. 422066

I guess it really is true that anyone can be a makeup artist nowadays because this is horrendous, even without Moo not having the right face for this

No. 422076

This looks like an SNL skit
I cant think of a reason they would choose her other than being friends with the person or they know she is a "hot topic" right now

No. 422077

shes just…not that cute. the poor dear.

No. 422086

Most of the SuperNews comments are about her dabbing/moving/talking while the person is doing the makeup, her shoulders or her being fat.

No. 422099

Lmfao they didn't even try with the wig ya'll see the white strand pretty sure that's a Anna from Frozen wig.

No. 422101

All of this feels like a cheap attempt for her to claim that she's a famous, legitimate cosplayer after all, my dudes.

As usual Moo and her associates fuck it up big time, which means more delicious milk for us.

No. 422104

File: 1502414754415.png (3.29 MB, 1970x1568, Moomoobelle.png)

No. 422105

it just looks like they smeared mud on her face

No. 422107

File: 1502415043775.png (541.58 KB, 664x659, Screenshot 2017-08-10 at 6.30.…)

She remade her Yoko but it still looks bad?

No. 422113

I would be so embarrassed to be a part of this. Christ.

No. 422114

File: 1502416171268.png (549.72 KB, 998x725, ihopeimnotgivingmoomooideas.pn…)

No. 422116

She'd be a good marshmallow.

Sage for shitty joke

No. 422133

Well thank god I have no idea what the heck "Super News" is.
I'll just assume they have no standards.

No. 422134

How hard is it to be able to tell these >>421961 are not sideswept? They are fluffy but they go down, not to the side…

No. 422135

File: 1502420058462.jpg (96.46 KB, 500x377, image.jpg)

all i can think of when i see her Annabelle cosplay tbh

No. 422149

w…why are the boots so dirty…… wtf….

No. 422152

They're not dirty, they're """weathered"""

No. 422154

Those boots look horrible. I don't understand how she can make the same cosplay twice and it still looks this bad…

At least the tit stars look less floppy?

No. 422170

These could make very good reaction memes.

No. 422174

Madre de Dios! Es la Muñeca Diablo!!!

No. 422210

Also the parting is still on the wrong side and she still has those two thick strands of hair in front when adult Yoko only has one, only young Yoko has two. She just doesn't care.

No. 422212

I think they're supposed to be the Cindy ones…

No. 422214

The parting may be because the photo is mirrored or something so we won't know until the final photos come out if she has the part on the correct side or not

But the thing overall is just a mess

She should have bought a prestyled yoko wig off eBay instead of trying to get Arda's attention by giving them all of her money which is what she's obviously trying to do. Because they actually care about craftsmanship.

No. 422234

What did she do to those shoes?!

No. 422255

File: 1502459119741.png (780.04 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5797.PNG)

Why the fuck does she keep saying she did a "different outfit" for Kanna? It was literally the exact same thing with no variation .

No. 422258

fuck i was right she used some kind of thermoplast on these or something. how pathetic, she can't even make them part of the fabric cause her tits are too gross.

No. 422262


Just shut the fuck up Moomoo. You obviously care what people say otherwise you wouldn't keep bringing this shit up. You aren't fooling anyone with this fake tough bitch act. You are such a transparent, insecure cow that refuses to accept any kind of criticism and the only one who will be "boohooing" is you when you be back next week doing this same shit. But sure, please tell us agin how you "sooooo don't care". I'm sure we'll believe you this time.

And yes, you are ruining cosplay. And not just because of your shit wigs and swimsuits. It's because of your constant drama whoring and starting shit with anyone who doesn't kiss your ass and tell you how great you are. You literally bully and chase people out of the community because they didn't lick your asshole and grovel at your feet.

No. 422263

if two people
put on wigs and props and do things as two characters ESPECIALLY from the same series?
That's cosplaying imo
When Jnigs or kay or whoever puts on a random colorful with and props and shit THAT's when you can stop calling it cosplay. If you are ACTIVELY depicting a character even if it's just wearing a shitty bikini? that counts in my books. It's shitty and lame but it counts.

No. 422265

She has to be on drugs. She wore BOTH her child outfit and some BS ita dress for adult with no imagination whatsoever. What is she talking about?????

No. 422269


And it's stupid shit like this that is ruining cosplay. Girls thinking that they can just slap on a wig and bikini and act like trashy sluts who want to fuck everyone and call it cosplay. It's lazy, low effort bullshit that is only done to attract neckbeards for attention and money. Meanwhile, the girls who actually put hard work into their props and costumes and actually make an attempt to look like he character are ignored because they don't show enough skin or act slutty enough.

Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

No. 422271

I still dont think it's ruining cosplay. When i'm at cons unless they're SUPER well put together the girls walking around in swimsuits dont get any attention meanwhile the full armor suits couldnt move because of people asking for cosplay. I feel like this is only a thing on the internet because people arent scared to say they fapped to someone online.

If anything i prefer it cause it helps weed out the girls who were only in it for attention in the first place and makes it easier to ignore them.

No. 422272

Thats not how it is at cons. Good cosplays always get the most attention

No. 422273

Wtf her bangs are still not straight. It wouldn't be so hard to straighten them still if this quality is shitty. I mean her hairs were shitty too in the movie

No. 422274

They're still attracting creepers. That's the issue. This type of sexualization and desire for people to sexualize them attracts people who sexualize women, which will and does bring them to cons. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. A lot of dudes who like anime or identify as "otaku" are creepy enough as it is without girls showing them it's okay to think of them as sex objects.

Another issue is that people like J-nig, and to some extent Moo, make other girls think it's okay to sexualize themselves and they end up attracting creeps that they might not be able to handle.

This is supposed to be a hobby, and while it's fine to do what you want, people should realize what they do absolutely does affect others, especially if they're going to an event. If you want to use this as a career, you can go ahead and try, but these girls are inadvertently role models for others. People like Moo especially, groping her friends, pretending to get fucked, and trying to act 'bro', contribute to the idea that sexualization of women is a positive thing.

You have to remember, people aren't smart. A lot of people don't have inhibitions and already will touch girls inappropriately, if the girls act sexual, the guys most certainly will think they want shit like that. And even though that's not true, it creates a bad dynamic. Same goes for the girls, they probably don't realize that people will try to creep on them.

No. 422277

File: 1502463711383.png (225.75 KB, 491x282, 20170811_100112.png)

When u zoom in on this moo moo looks so gross

No. 422278

It's starting to show that she's getting closer to porn. Sabrina, the girl who cosplayed in the bikini with her, has vids on Pornhub of her blowing her ex. Masturbation videos too that people pay for. A bunch of these costhots think that what they do liberates other women but it doesn't it just an excuse to allow the girls getting paid to do what they supposedly want. Even though in truth they still have to beg dudes for validation for sexual shit.

No. 422280

I personally am totally against the idea that sex work is liberating. It makes women reliant on pleasing men sexually, which just adds to objectification.

No. 422281


Exactly. It's not that "Oh, well the truly good ones get the attention they deserve and it helps weed out the fakes". It's that girls like Moomoo are setting a precedent that it's okay to treat female cosplayers as fuck meat because girls like her act this way online and at cons. They are attracting creeps who have no issues with groping and touching girls inappropriately because "Well they asked for it. Only slutty girls do cosplay anyways and are only looking for attention. Just look at the stuff they post online". Instead of trying stop that behavior, Moomoo actively encourages it because those are the people that pay her bills.

No. 422282

File: 1502464106413.jpg (476.97 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170811_100511.jpg)

So some people are calling her fatass or saying she is showing her insecurities by responding to the haters but only replys to this girl

No. 422283

It's sad really that more women think that being openly sexual as a model helps other women. It doesn't. Wages don't get better, healthcare doesn't improve, and nothing changes. Only thing that does is the model bank account but even that doesn't improve their life when they have to delude themselves with " Women shouldn't have to be sexualized as objects but while you're here buy my grope set or me fingering myself." One step forward two steps back type of shit

No. 422284

this pic is so awkward again, like her hand looks so placed n unnatural

yeah porn is like the opposite of empowerment

No. 422285

The most hypocritical thing she said is the last sentence. The boohooing people do stuff that other people don't like grow up. Isn't that she's edactoy doing and has done with her crying vids

No. 422287

she looks like she's got hoverhand over moo's tit. which is understandavble, no one wants to touch that.

No. 422291

File: 1502465634952.png (236.62 KB, 1242x1130, IMG_0246.PNG)

What the actual fuck

No. 422292

Yikes. Spoiler that shit.
That's terrifying.

No. 422293

Her legs look awkward as fuck

No. 422294

Birds of a feather flock together. Sabrina has masturbation and blowjob videos up online. Momo keeping her company is certainly going to reflect on her sooner or late, particularly since Sabrina has such a huge following and Moo would do anything to degrade herself for followers.

No. 422295

Big girl, tiny vagina. Probably smells of hummus and self hate.

No. 422299

I'm not surprised about finding out Sabreena has porn. I kinda thought it was weird for her to do a set with Momo in the first place, but that explains it.
She's also following Momo's groping trend PoV shoots. Rae Kay is going to be her grope buddy.
Whats with these girls getting Asian guys to grope them lol

No. 422300

Those thigh highs are begging for death's sweet embrace.

No. 422302

Theres only 2, sabrina and momo and momo wasnt the first to do a grope set.

No. 422303

the photoshop on her face is just ridiculous also this "position" is so greasy, yuck

No. 422304

Well you see the company you keep and she's getting cozier and cozier with people who do pornographic material. Muslim Dad approved career choice Moomoo

No. 422305

Please stop taping your face Moo. It makes you look worse.

No. 422306

how does she even put them on with her ham hocks?

No. 422308

File: 1502468130224.png (322.4 KB, 720x535, 20170811_181304.png)

Oh boi can't wait to see this train wreck

No. 422310

Moo is one step even closer to porn. considering she is now collaborating with one. time will tell

kek she's going to be a pregnant cow. how appropriate.

No. 422311

im gonna throw up
is she doing this for us!

No. 422312

Why can't thots just stick to porn/sex work (and if they just looove slutifying characters, why not do fantasy porn)? I think they are a threat simply because they get followers easier, giving them influence. Notice how they all support eachother too. While that isn't the worst thing, it still sucks because it solidifies a niche in the community for them that could grow left unchecked. Cosplay (community) just wasn't supposed to be for thots and they can't seem to get over that, but rather take advantage of the hobby for a percieved easier route to fame and money for little talent, effort and zero passion. Regardless of some anons personal experiences, they do/have ruined the community for others who have or should have MORE of a right to be there than them. All that being said, the least they could do is respect that fact, but costhots like Momo don't, not as long as they have their little gang and "fans"..then suddenly they "have a right" to be there.

No. 422313

They just crave being touched by asian fuck boiis. Rae Kay is already a creep to begin with. He was always drunk at Katsu and tried to make out with me and did the same thing to my friend at a different con.

Sage for OT

No. 422314


Damn that sucks. When I first met him many years ago he used to be the sweetest guy (even drunk…because lets face it he always is)
Now even his ex says that he's changed.
Just more proof cosfame just makes you worse.
Moo and the people like her are like warning signs.

No. 422315

Why do you keep saying thots and costhots over ans over? It sounds so stupid and everything you said just also sounded retarded. The only people who think sexy cosplay has ruined anything are the ones who hyper focus on it and only cosplay for attention. If you like cosplay, not getting swarmed by neckbeards who just want to see tits and ass like the slutty girls do wouldn't bother you. The people who deserve the attention still get it. Just look at the cosplays that go viral. I mean ACTUALLY go viral not just the shit that gets up voted on reddit. The talented people get a ton of recognition. People with your mentality are also cancer to the community because you make it a popularity contest.

No. 422316

Exactly, lets all just sacrifice our dignity/development as species to please men sexually/put ourselves beneath them. Even if you are getting paid, it's only after bending backwards doing dumb, embarassing, soul sucking stuff to pander to them. Maybe if you like that stuff in the bedroom, go for it, but I just don't see how glorifying this helps women (or humanity for that matter). Heck I doubt they even care about women anymore, I mean society does put them benesth us (as it should). I'd be salty too, lol.

No. 422317

They may get viral attention but it's nearly impossible for a non-lewd cosplayer to monetize and make a living when they're competing against the girls selling what's essentially porn. Yaya and Kamui are the only female cosplayers I can think of who haven resorted to only/mostly doing boudoir shoots. Sexy cosplay isn't "ruining" the hobby, no, buts it's setting a precedent for what allows a cosplayer to succeed financially, and people like Moo and JNig are contributing to that precedent.

No. 422318

The biggest irony is that these girls all talk trash about cosplay deviants when they are doing the exact same thing.

No. 422321

Ok but it was like that before the sexy cosplay patreons started. Cosplay is a HOBBY! No one wants to pay for someone else to indulge in their own hobby. Funny how when cosplayers started trying to get paid off their craft people bitched and now that women are using sexuality to get paid people are acting like it's stopping people from paying for normal cosplay which no one was doing before. The only acceptions are yaya and kamui.

No. 422322

The part is definitely on the wrong side. That type of styrofoam head tilts towards the left and the position of the barcode on the can of Got2b Glued hair spray indicates that she took the photo without any mirroring (which usually only happens when taking selfies anyway). This whole time I thought the reason she was getting the parting wrong was because she was styling wigs on her head in front of a mirror bit damn, even styling it on a wig head she gets it wrong. She probably never uses references when she does this shit.

No. 422323

I never said they ruined it, but they aren't helping the community, just themselves/eachother gain influence.

No. 422324


Ray Kae lives in the same city I do and will blow off anyone who isn't cosfamous. He was piss drunk at Colossal and his friends had to help him walk. I wouldn't be surprised if he crawls up Momo's ass for more cosfame now that he's dating Sabrina. I also wouldn't be surprised if some nasty 3 way groping set shows up eventually. This whole ordeal is like episode 1 of season 3 of Black Mirror. Everyone is so obsessed with "likes" and internet fame that they will do almost anything to get it.

Sage for OT

No. 422325

Not that anon, but they are still bringing bad, unwanted attention to others. I personally have been harassed and have had friends harassed more and more at cons by creeps. And yes there are more of them, and yes they are being lured by "lewd/sexy" cosplayers. Girls are also being lured in to become "lewd/sexy" cosplayers for efame. It may not be ruining or destroying the hobby, but it is definitely becoming more inviting to unwanted demographics and anyone who doesn't see that is blind.

No. 422326

It may have been a hobby before but now it's become an industry. People CAN earn a living and build a career in it… it's just a shame that the guaranteed way to do so is lewd patreons because that's what the standard has been set as by these girls.

No. 422327

Anon is right. The ratio of lewd to craftsmen making a living off of cosplay is very skewed towards the lewd cosplayers. How many can you think of besides Yaya, Kamui, and maybe one other? Not many.

No. 422328

>No one wants to pay for someone else to indulge in their own hobby
do you realize what thread you're in?

No. 422329

they themselves said no one wants to pay for someone's hobby. also, i'd go as far to say yaya doesn't count because she got fake tits/used to put tits out for cosplay.

No. 422330

samefag, but my point was that yes, fap material isn't someone's hobby.

No. 422331

He isn't even that great of a cosplayer though. The only cosplay I see him wear is hanzo and it isn't even that good. I can see why he clings to Moo though. They're both untalented people who gained fame through going viral from their only decent cosplay.!

No. 422332

This. Those people putting work into their art may get a lot of people coming up to them but I promise they aren't getting $15k a month on patreon. It's reAlly sad the community rewards the laziness of doing boudoir and swimsuit cosplays more than anything.

No. 422334

Yup. It's literally the same shit over and over. He and Moo are just riding whatever fame they can.

No. 422338

File: 1502475507720.jpg (323.34 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20170622_110917.jpg)

On the brightside, at least her pubes aren't on full display this time?
Holy fuck, she's totally embracing her brand! Cowhoe!

No. 422340

Am I the only person who doesn't think this is actually as bad as it looks? I think it sucks that she's acting as if Moo is a friend, but if someone tagged me in something like that or posted on my page, i'd be telling them to stop as well because the last thing I would want is to be dragged into shitty drama with another cosplayer. It's an overreaction, but I can see why she's responded telling them not to do it.

No. 422341

File: 1502476299107.jpeg (253.95 KB, 1920x1920, received_1663892673623433.jpeg)

No. 422342

i disagree, people share posts all the time and it's their freedom to post what they want about it. kin responding just shows her poor PR skills. you should never respond negatively to someone sharing your shit because sharing gets views. even with the shade that girl is throwing momo, kin has lowered her chances of getting residual likes, especially since it was promoting her against people like momo.

No. 422360

TBF, Yaya also knew when to slow down. She has her fabrics/patterns/cosplay supplies deals to keep her afloat. There's no shortage of weeby bright eyed kids who will blow all their parents money on her 'exclusive' stuff. sage for ot

No. 422366

That looks like a damn Telletubby. Not far off honestly

No. 422375

that may be, but her tits propelled her to a position where she could do that. No one is going to trust moo's judgement on that.

No. 422388

I feel like Jnig and such are better examples? Not defending Yaya, I feel as if Yaya may of started the costhot trend, but Jnig def propelled it. Plus Yaya got her tits when still stripping, it wasn't like now where girls wanna do just for cosplay. sage ot. Speaking of tits I wonder if Moo would ever get hers done since she wrecked her reduction.

No. 422391

File: 1502482636858.png (890.2 KB, 1022x573, target audience.png)

No. 422399

Damn this is really sad. There have been a lot of comparison pics but these are the same bikini and the same pose. Yikes.

No. 422400


Oh shit. Here comes another "Yes I gained weight, so what! I love my body and I don't care what anyone else says!" rant

No. 422403

I follow plenty of big Cosplayers who get invited to Conventions but don't have a patreon. I feel like there.are so many big ones who only view it as a hobby and don't care about the money (Hikarin for example)
They don't go into that hobby because of the money on the first place.

No. 422404

His Garen was pretty good, he also had a Tryndamere. He has some sort of skyrim thing he also wears. But since he got famous for Hanzo thats all he wears.
At least Moo wears more that just the 1 costume. Maybe he'll start doing more since they may just become buddies through sabrina

Sage for OT

No. 422408

Yes, we get it, people cosplay for fun too, people also cosplay to monetize it, of course they don't start by out doing that, that's stupid, they have to gain traction. people who see cosplay as fun but also a way to profit don't belong in the community, lewd or not.

No. 422416

>people who see cosplay as fun but also a way to profit don't belong in the community

So any artist who finds a way to profit off their art doesn't belong in the community? Sorry, this is what happens when a hobby goes mainstream and legitimate corporations monetize it. Obviously people like Moo are going about it in a toxic damaging way that harms the community, but I can't see saying that people like Kamui, Volpin, or Bill don't belong in the community just because they monetize their work too.

No. 422421

File: 1502488351455.png (972.67 KB, 1440x1806, 20170811_145133.png)

No. 422424

Oh no, people are making money off of their hobbies. Even the ones who don't start drama and are just doing it for the sake of doing it. We have to stop them from paying bills and eating!

No. 422429

Please stop derailing the thread. Nobody cares about muh cosplay community, or people making money out of it or not or muh lewded dragon loli (it's a fucking cartoon, get the fuck over it already). It's one thing to talk about all of this in relation to Mariah, but it's turning into a dumb moral debate and no1curr.

Sorry for losing my shit, but it's tiring already.

No. 422436

Even the wig got worse…

No. 422438

if you don't care about the cosplay comm why do you care about momo, she's only a cow in relation to that. otherwise there's no milk for you.

No. 422444

Stop arguing about the cosplay comm

No. 422447

File: 1502492637033.png (942.93 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2852.PNG)

Be honest, Moo.

No. 422450

>in denial about body image
pick one

No. 422452

File: 1502493206041.jpg (73.2 KB, 960x640, 20727994_1141321992679415_7443…)

Anyone have her Stocking set? I'm intrigued and disturbed in equal measure

No. 422454

File: 1502493472461.jpg (38.03 KB, 869x319, Kinpatsu.jpg)

It was her, I emailed her from a throwaway account because I did genuinely like her. I hate how everyone thinks that 'clapping back" is necessary. It just makes you seem insecure and mean.

saged for not momo

No. 422455

there is no way she only ways 177

No. 422462

177?! MAYBE AFTER LIPO! She is easily over 200lbs. Does she really think having 177*, a weird number, will make it more believable? No. You are over 200 Moo. Admit it. Don't fucking lie to people like LoeyLane does about her body. Jesus christ. She is probably the least inspiring, body positive person in the community. Its so sickening. I have already had to tell my sister to NOT look up to this bitch. Knowing I have to TELL people close to me who want to get into the hobby which people to avoid is so fucking sad and I bet a lot of people have to do that to friends or family who are interested. Not only is her shit awful quality, but how she lives is horrible, how she acts is horrible, her personality. Fuck. MOO. GET PROFESSIONAL HELP. A counselor or even a LEGIT nutritionist for YOUR body. Not your meathead father who has been out of the runnings for decades now.

No. 422463

The editor had to do so much work on her thighs. You can see where the overhanging skin covering her vagina was. LOL. The sides were removed and then blurred/shaded back in. This is so pathetic. She has such low self esteem that she can only see herself in the edited photos.

No. 422466


Good fuckimg lord, who is she clapping back at this time?

And who are you trying to fool Moomoo? 177? I can already tell that you are full of shit. I'm only about a foot taller than you and you easily outweigh me. Put down the fork and bottle and actually go to the gym for once. Ride a bike. Something other than sucking the fat out.

No. 422468

moo you can lie to your fans all you want but the scale doesn't lie…she probably has to expend so much energy for such basic things that she actually does feel accomplished doing them because she's so unhealthy and overweight. but i guess that's what happens when you only have your dad who probably overused steroids and god knows what else as an example to get buff.

No. 422472


No doubt her dad used something like HGH or steroids to get buff. Bodybuilder muscles are for show, not function, so they focus on looking as big as possible. And I'm sure a dipshit like Moomoo wouldn't know that and is expecting to look like a supermodel.

No. 422475

holy shit. i used to admire her so much because her construction is so clean and she was so friendly that i even ignored the fact that she started cosplaying things that she actually gives no shit about just because they are the flavor of the month.
i found her when she was still really small and thought she could be a breath of fresh air from cos thots but money always speaks louder right?

sage and sorry for blog post and ot

No. 422479

File: 1502498769118.png (984.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-11-17-43-55…)

She literally swapped costumes with GabbyC…Gabby had her MeMeMe photographed by Moo this weekend

No. 422480

File: 1502498834419.png (357.31 KB, 929x596, Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 5.46.…)

No. 422482

Why do they share cosplays so much? Also makes me wonder how she isn't stretching the hell out of them

No. 422483

Because Moo would rather buy her shit and not care about quality of the cosplay before or after

No. 422484

There is also a live story on her instagram if anyone cares

No. 422485

the editing on her face in this makes her look like a man

No. 422486

File: 1502499603197.jpg (57.03 KB, 640x960, FB_IMG_1502499569549.jpg)

These thighs could crush metal

No. 422487


aren't the thot filters on snapchat supposed to make everyone look cute? how can you be so fat and ugly that filters that are literally to make people look skinny and cute stop working?

No. 422488

File: 1502499746385.jpg (Spoiler Image, 180.43 KB, 527x667, 177pounds.jpg)

>177 pounds…

Sure MooMoo.
(From her live video just now on IG)

No. 422489

File: 1502499781946.png (822.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-11-17-59-40…)

No. 422490

File: 1502499933166.png (996.44 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2017-08-11-17-59-55…)

She tried to do a pose where she either pulled the straps to her MeMeMe top or pull the cups but she realizes she's wearing a black bra and her top would bust so she just cupped her underboob area

No. 422491

flabby thighs crush nothing. she has zero muscle. 100% fat. This whole cosplay, set, posing, editing.. everything is so bad.

No. 422492

No. 422493


when she gets called out for lewding infant characters:
>"fuck the SJW's i do what i want! fuck all of you. get triggered you fucking cry babies!!!"

when someone calls her fat:
>"fuck men and fuck society for making impossible standars for women. you guys are disgusting and need to see women as PEOPLE, you guys are gross!!!"

some onision shit smh

No. 422494

That corset is digging so hard into her sides.

No. 422495

FUCKING LOL REALLY????? 177lbs??? Bitch plz. I use to weight 177 and I didn't look like a fucking whale. You're fat and you know it. Stop lying.

She looks like a fucking alien.

No. 422497

I actually think that having bangs makes her 10x better looking. Maybe I'm biased out of rage at all her lazy sidesweep bang bullshit, but I feel like seeing her in a properly styled wig and a well made costume makes her look like an entirely different girl.

Too bad she's such a fuckhead and destroys that potential in every possible way

No. 422498

Might crush something if she just sits on it

No. 422501

To be honest I think she looks rather good here too.
Much better than most of her Cosplay.
And bangs are kinda slimming her face down.

No. 422502

>supposed to be a flowy skater skirt
Dayum Moomoo! Back at it again with the hotel bed shoots!

No. 422503


You must've miss the memo, she's using face tape to slim down her face

No. 422504

It is super obvious you pull your whole fuckin face back with tape, it's not appealing.

No. 422508


She's gonna have a saggy ass face pretty soon.

No. 422514

I care even less about the character, but the choice of swim wear that very much does not fit is absolutely disgusting.

No. 422515

File: 1502506595598.png (382.37 KB, 1080x1517, 20170811_225405.png)

She was posted on the Acen page again. Someone always shares her either trying to start a discussion or thirsting after her but the comments always rip her apart

No. 422516

File: 1502506627022.png (956.03 KB, 1080x1308, 20170811_225427.png)

Part 2

No. 422522

File: 1502508035629.png (111.16 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0132.PNG)

She looked alright compared to her other trashy pics but you can tell in the live that the wig is ratty as fuck. The pic I got is her camera man helping pull stray hairs from it. Also I didn't get a pic of it, but when she lifts her arms her armpit fat is severely hanging over a corset under the dress.

No. 422525

File: 1502509045732.png (903.75 KB, 720x1008, Screenshot_2017-08-11-20-35-28…)

Its barely seen but does she have two marks on her inner right leg now?

No. 422531

I can't get over how the hotel room looks like a fancy east Florida McDonald's bathroom

No. 422532

File: 1502509814622.png (705.4 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2901.PNG)

This actually isn't a terrible set! The wig is making me sperg but otherwise it's not.. totally awful.

Is this shoot the reference to hentai she made? Lmao

No. 422533

she can tape her face but a slimmer face doesn't take away from the fact her body is soooo wide like holy fuck

No. 422534

stop subtly complimenting it

No. 422535

File: 1502509902187.png (729.6 KB, 427x903, Screenshot_2017-08-11-20-46-50…)

No. 422540


her mouth… is terrifying
how do people find that attractive

she looks like shes gonna try to suck your soul out of your body

No. 422543

File: 1502511703430.jpg (88.26 KB, 960x540, IMG_6725.JPG)

How saggy are your cow tits that you have to wear 2 bras? Also, LOL at her shaven off jawline

No. 422547

>Gloves and kneesocks the wrong colour
>Veiny tits
>Wig frazzled already
>Taped and shooped jaw
At least the mouth horror is canon but her eyes are totally dead and soulless. Mariah, if you're not enjoying yourself why not stop? Oh yeah, you're too busy chasing after more neckbeard $$$ to waste on pho.

No. 422548

With how much she makes on Patreon a month, why can't she go to an actual Boudoir photographer? They actually have the proper furniture and set ups for this shit!

No. 422551

A lot of cosplayers wear two bras, some wear even more.

No. 422557

There's the add 2 cups black bra,the striped non padded bikini, and then a layer of titty padding.I assume that was because it was intended to be worn without something under it and the padding served as pasties/cutlets. But you know Moo, gotta make every attempt to be the busty waifu dream. Btw those quotes are in reference to the AMV/source. To sum it up blue hair girl is a fake and represents otaku culture and it's toxicity on transforming people into "shut ins", the guy ruins his relationship with flower in the hair because of anime. So it really is the best fit for her in regards to her need to be the center of attention and be basically a clone of other thots in pursuit of fame and $$$

No. 422561

Sage for nitpicking at details but that's not Gabby's and Gabby shot that cosplay like last year. It happened like 6 threads ago. And the Cindy wasn't Gabby's either.

No. 422564

reported to fb, barffff

No. 422565

Bangs look good on Moo. I kind of thought like she was one of those that didn't want to do straight bangs possibly because she felt like they didn't look good on her. Those bangs really balance her face and minimize her bugging eye baggage (could just be ps though)
Still, I like it
Too bad her natural hair is too thin and fried to do this

No. 422566

i'm so confused because she looks legit beautiful in these to me? i know that there is a a lot of photoshop but still, she looks cute and i'm baffled.

No. 422567

Sex sells, sell-out

No. 422568

Unless you are cute to begin with, this ahego face shit is so unattractive. In fact, I think Ive only seen like 2 people do it well enough. Not even Nigri looks good doing it. Its so trashy and very fitting that she wear MeMeMe and does that pose and face. She's so pathetic that the whole parody of otaku culture is right over her head.

No. 422569

100% going to reuse the Love-Ru wig.

No. 422570

The problem with her taping her face slimmer is that it looks so disproportionately small to the rest of her body, like a reverse stereotypical alien. Taping is more effective on thin people; on overweight people it results in a baby head on a… well, decidedly not baby body.

No. 422571

And probably going to buy this because strings and fitting her wide load and hiking it up her nonexistant ass.


No. 422575

File: 1502516054365.png (260.81 KB, 573x343, 15981043d45951ed3334c11df7964b…)

Moving up on getting cozy with pornographic cam girls.
I'm still baffled twitter will get on your case about cursing, but let's this account keep up a pinned masturbating & ass jizz video.

No. 422580

im sorry, I have never seen twitter get mad at someone for cursing.

Sage for ot

No. 422587

Yes, please focus on just that part instead of any other contribution.
Google it.

No. 422593

Moomoo, 177 at your height is still considered obese. Also we all know your lying about 177 you are way over 200.

No. 422596

File: 1502521536541.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.03 KB, 180x169, IMG_0690.JPG)

No. 422598

File: 1502521913867.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.17 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1502521306439.jpg)

"Spoopy" instead of spooky? Are spelling errors supposed to be cute?

No. 422599


It's a meme thing.

How grainy the photo is just makes the make-up look more cakey and fug as hell

No. 422603

File: 1502524316562.png (Spoiler Image, 91.22 KB, 611x1037, IMG_6544.PNG)

No. 422604

Good for you? Seriously tho, behaving as if you're the adjudicator for what is and isn't empowering for other men and women you don't even know is kinda gross and hella patronising.

sage for annoyance

No. 422605


God, she looks terrible. I know it's a creepy doll etc but she looks so damn old here, the makeup is really bad too and that dress makes her head look oddly small compared to her massive frame.

No. 422608

File: 1502527989518.jpg (125.01 KB, 640x895, image.jpg)

I'm assuming this is her response to lolcow? Also I'm dying at that comment

No. 422609

Momo being 177lbs isn't unrealistic, shed have a bmi of 30 something which makes her just in the obese catagory.

No. 422613

She's at 626 night with other cosplayers and is screaming "IF YOU EAT MORE FOOD THEN YOURE TOO THICK AND THEN PEOPLE CALL YOU UNHEALTHY" wasted out of her mind.

No. 422615

she looks like a stuffed sauasage here

No. 422622

She has also taped her face so it appears less fat. You can tell from her eyes too

No. 422625

Lol she probably had no idea what it even meant before it came up here.

Also, Momo, the word you are looking for is MODERATION, not portion. Gosh she's dumb.

No. 422631

maybe she meant a moderately larger portion? Sex workers aren't really known for their brains, soooo…misusing words seems par for the course. She's not quite a pornstar yet, she's still at that tipping point where she's pretending to have a bit of substance rather than admitting she just exists to fulfill the needs of desperate men with a few dollars to spare

No. 422633

Eehhh, you can say what you will but the truth is sex work is empowering in the sense that the majority isn't willing to do it.

Anyone CAN. but not most WILL.

Moo is ugly, bad at posing, bad at
constructing cosplay, etc, but willing to be more sexual than other cosplay girls. Willing to be more gross than others, well, that will get you ahead in some ways and drag you behind in others.

In the end though primal instinct thrives soooo… ehhh. maybe we shliyld ALL be sex workers like mariah

/sage for blab blah

No. 422635

hahaha she has to wear a bra underneath to make her tits look nice. atleast she learned from the kanna bikini.

No. 422636

Spoken like a true male conossieur of porn attempting to justify his consumption of it.

No. 422637

how is it empowering to take a shit job that most people won't? are you saying migrant workers are also empowered? sex work pushes the rhetoric that women -want- to be sex objects.

No. 422638

get your neckbeard out of here

No. 422639

What does shitting on sex workers have to do with Moo? She's not a sex worker and, even if she was, that wouldn't have anything to do with her being a terrible person.

Point is, it's supply and demand. There are people out there that want a particular service and people that are willing to do the work - just like any other job. Sex workers probably deal with more crap than anyone else and yet you still have people calling them stupid and vilifying them. If sex work was easy, everyone would be doing it.

I may not like Moo but she already gets tons of hate just for taking some lewd photos which is tame compared to what she could be doing. Fact is, it DOES take lot to put yourself out there like that, knowing that you're opening yourself up for degrading comments. It's not an easy choice and I doubt it's always fun. It's a job.

No. 422640

File: 1502543009216.png (107.32 KB, 612x1085, IMG_0237.PNG)

No. 422645

>what does this have to do with moo?
>proceeds to baww about sex work shit

just stfu already, you said yourself it's not relevant so stop trying to convince people. they're not going to be convinced. lets all agree to disagree so we can get back to agreeing that moo is a fat piece of shit. her issues are both what she is doing and how she does it.

No. 422646

Same thing can said for miners and military of how they get shit on. But they have a practical use while sex work is a luxury role. So with what you're saying just sounds like either you're one or a friend of yours is. But nvm. Moomoo keeps trying to sniff Trishas Paytas butthole

No. 422647

I would put money on Moo doing some sort of actual porn before the end of the year if she's hanging out with all these porn cosplayers already. She's already doing things she said she'd never do.

No. 422648

she just can't see past the $$$$

No. 422649

>Because I am fat I automatically am unhealthy? Wrong!
My Lord, she went full HAES.

What the hell is even this expression…

So that Moo can save more money from her Patreon for booze.

You need some standards. She looks just like in every other shoot.

No. 422650

*has a pic of nowi

I would say this is a joke tweet but considering Moo's fans I doubt it.

Can you imagine her cosplaying Nowi though I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 422658

File: 1502553700899.png (402.34 KB, 720x909, Screenshot_2017-08-12-08-58-55…)

No. 422663

… how did this cow manage to grow rolls on her fucking neck?

Even if this is supposed to be the uggo annabelle doll it looks nothing like the doll and the makeup just looks bad not like the bad painting on the doll

No. 422664

Hidori rose is fucking disgusting and I hate that she's been getting a following just from cosplaying.
She basically does the same things Moo does with lewding characters but doesn't really have any milk. I guess I can be alright with the fact that she's honest about herself.
>sorry for OT rant

No. 422669


It figures the only thing she can actually talk about "knowledgeably" is a ten minute video that's 90% tits and ass. She's even too lazy to just watch a regular 13 episode anime season. This is the only way her attention span won't run out. Maybe that's why she's doing hentai shit now. That stuff's usually one-offs that even she can focus on long enough to read. God, I bet she hasn't read a book in years.

No. 422671

File: 1502555590685.gif (176.73 KB, 250x250, G3dEpes.gif)

MY DUDES! IT'S 2 DEEP 4 U Tho!!!!

It's literally not that deep and people are overthinking it. I hate how she tries to be a intellectual too. This is what she did with Fate and was caught in lies left and right.

No. 422674

Agree lmao and I'm like "how"

The idea of the duct tape is brilliant imho

No. 422676

Yeup. And there's more money in hardcore than softcore. If everyone has boudoir and lingerie shoots, people will start wanting more for their money to differentiate her from the other Patreon girls.

No. 422677

Is it just me or does the face taping thing make her mouth look… off?

No. 422679

Just looked up this chick's twitter and want to puke. I've always been okay with porn but this sort of shit is disgusting. Literally anything for likes and a bigger following. But yeah, let's keep calling patreon thots "cosplayers."

Sage for OT bitch rant

No. 422680

I believe it's not just taping. That looks like a legit dorito chin

No. 422681

Thanks for the laugh

No. 422682

Cosplay is technically a porn category now so it's whatever. This isn't really new.

My issue with Moo is that she won't admit it. Instead of saying that what she does is for views/money/attention like the others, she tries to pass herself off as somehow better while simultaneously trying to be a part of the group. I'd have less problems with her if she didn't lie. Lewds and/or porn isn't my issue, the lying and backpedaling is.

No. 422699


Even when she did admit what she does is porn, she tried to drag everyone else down with her "If you do budouir sets, then you also do porn as well". Which of course pissed off her cosplay "Mom" Nigri, so she immediately backed off.

It's never enough for her to admit she was wrong. She has to drag everyone else down to her level so that she doesn't have to feel bad.

No. 422705

Roxychan probably told her to do this…problem is is that it doesn't look good on any person.

No. 422707

File: 1502561951325.jpg (33.38 KB, 606x370, mooo.JPG)


I was just going through her twitter when I saw this under this >>422291 post. When did she admit it? Was it the one video she made a long time ago on YouTube?

No. 422709


Ivy Doom Kitty and a bunch of other cosplayers like Nigri got on her case when she passive aggressively admitted what she did was porn. 'cept she made a spread comment that EVERY cosplay that does boudoir does pornographic material like she does.

No. 422715


It's really a huge sign of her immaturity, despite her claims of "I'm so much more mature and baletter than all you hating losers".

Whenever she catches shit for something, instead of ever just owning up to it and acceptin any personal responsibility, she always either spouts the same "I don't care" bullshit or she tries to deflect to everyone else in the community. When she got shit for lewding Kanna, she deflected to "Well how come you don't say shit about those Misty cosplayers". When she gets accused of doing porn, she says "Well everyone who does budouir sets does porn too".

She is like a fucking child who gets in trouble then whines to her parents about why her siblings never get punished.

No. 422716

Yeah, she 'admitted' it by trying to put everyone in the same category as her which pissed everyone off because,again, she refused to take responsibility for her own actions.

If she really told the truth and didn't care, she wouldn't go off on everyone for telling her that a bikini and a wig isn't cosplay

No. 422720

File: 1502563485859.png (171.44 KB, 711x924, Screenshot_2017-08-12-11-42-15…)

No. 422722


Her excuse is always "Im not the only one who does this, so why am I being singled out and getting shit on?"

Which she will then proceed to play the "Its because I'm not a rail thin skinny supermodel.", because as we know, she refuses to call herself fat and she sees herself as a picture of perfect health. Pt it's because "You're all sexist gatekeepers who feel intimidated by a strong woman like me so you for any reason you can to tear me down".

No. 422724

NSFW Reddit but people showing disgust again. There was another post but I think it got buried in Sabrina's Reddit


No. 422727


I find it hilarious that outside her own little bubble, everyone else thinks Momo is a fat, disgusting slob. To them, she isn't "thicc" or "curvy". She is a disgusting, cringey hambeast that just needs to go away.

Maybe there is some good in the universe after all.

No. 422728

Which makes me wonder who are the ones still paying for her Patreon? It's clear that less adn less people are finding her attractive

No. 422729

How do we know she tapes her face? Was it visible in some older pictures? All I'm seeing is photoshop.

No. 422732

Someone posted a screen in the last thread of her instastory. She was playing with her cat and had a wig cap/tape on her head

No. 422734

Most people look better in wigs with bangs because wigs are fuller than most peoples real hair, and it covers a lot of the face. That's probably why

No. 422740

its funny because an official explanation was never given. it's supposed to be up the watchers interpertation. so her trying to school people on it just looks stupid af

/sage for slightly OT. just irks me she constantly acts like she knows all this shit she clearly has no idea about

No. 422741

Itd only be ahegao if her eyes were rolled up tbf. This is just a facial expression that character does, but Moo's bug eyes make it look odd.

No. 422742


She does that with everything. She gives some pseudointellectual bullshit essay that does nothing but lick her asshole about how "deep" she is and how she "gets it".

No. 422743

The weird part is she used to be "better" at doing that face. How do you get worse at it? Unless its the face tape preventing it. Which i hope it is lol

No. 422746

So glad I unfriended her yikes

No. 422754

Maybe I'm a old husky lady, but what the hell is even the difference between XXX and R? they want her to pose nude to sexually arouse people? Isn't that basically what PORN is? There is no cosplay erotica. stfu, Moo moo

No. 422755

Oh shit, she's admitting it finally??

No. 422756

I think she also directly said she did in a post, citing drag inspiration. I'd have to go find the post though.

No. 422764

I feel like this could be the first step to her doing actual porn or camgirl shit

No. 422767

she said that like 2 threads ago its old news

No. 422791

File: 1502576669644.png (136.34 KB, 720x867, Screenshot_2017-08-12-15-20-58…)

No. 422800

File: 1502578648244.png (24.16 KB, 491x168, Screenshot 2017-08-12 at 3.56.…)

Some gems

No. 422801

File: 1502578671315.png (28.52 KB, 495x170, Screenshot 2017-08-12 at 3.56.…)

No. 422802

File: 1502578693829.png (9.97 KB, 450x78, Screenshot 2017-08-12 at 3.54.…)

3 deep 5 u

No. 422804

>i've always been
sure jan

No. 422806


Goes to the gym and lives a healthy lifestyle apparently but just days ago posted on her IG story a snap of eating deep fried calamari rings…lmao. She's in complete denial (which explains why she gets far too offensive about it) that she's gotten obese in the span of only a YEAR. Any photo you look up of her taken last year and there's a massive difference and she just can't own up to it.

No. 422808

it's actually something drag queens do for their wigs. She definetely shaves her jaw line though

No. 422809

File: 1502579519801.png (944.99 KB, 720x1131, Screenshot_2017-08-12-16-10-26…)

No. 422810

File: 1502579551470.png (1013.33 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2017-08-12-16-09-52…)

No. 422811

File: 1502579653403.png (817.83 KB, 711x944, Screenshot_2017-08-12-16-13-04…)

No. 422812

it's got nothing to do with wigs. it's to change their face shape. Look at Miss Fame's tutorials. It can help with certain face types to look more feminine.

No. 422813

Collabing with moomoo is the best thing any costhot can do because you get het stupid neckbeards that have money and you get to look SO much better by being next to the aging landwhale. I'll honestly never judge anyone who collabs with her cause it's win win for them.

No. 422817

No one was acting as an ''''adjudicator''''. One anon was giving an opinion.

No. 422819

>she wants being mean

this and the classic "i am a women". is she illiterate?

No. 422821

For all Momo's talk about how big her breasts are, Sabrina looks like she's around the same size at half the weight. Maybe it's just the angle and pose, though.

No. 422822


Sure Moomoo. Is that why you ballooned to the size of a whale in just year? How about you actually go to the gym and and not just take selfies and put down the fork instead of getting the fat sucked out of your flabby ass.

So obvious she is so insecure about her weight, that's why she keeps clapping back at anyone who mentions it without telling her how "thicc" and "curvy" she is.

No. 422826

Funny how she bitched about going to Michigan for her dying grandpa would mean she had to miss the gym but she's here 2 weeks later and fucking around with friends, but no gym.

No. 422827

Mariah will lie out her ass if it meant selling her own family out for money.

Did you expect her to be fit? We didn't even see her with a personal trainer let alone SEE her in the gym.

No. 422828

I don't know if Moo is just oblivious or really stupid but doing photoshoots with girls that look 100x better than you only makes you look even worse. I get what they get out of it but she really gets the bad end of the deal

No. 422829

File: 1502583006671.png (171.63 KB, 750x1039, IMG_1167.PNG)

She's getting called out for Kanna's dress and buying it. I never watch her videos, but people are finding out that before on her IG live she said she made it, but its something she bought on Amazon. The Amazon part I already knew, but I figured this was something to look at

No. 422832

File: 1502583569506.png (1017.41 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1170.PNG)

Link to post about Kanna dress; https://www.facebook.com/aurora.dare.1/posts/343573686072097

And she has another post about the MeMeMe dress and not giving credit right away: https://www.facebook.com/aurora.dare.1/posts/343852356044230

No. 422833

File: 1502583611186.png (170.23 KB, 750x1079, IMG_1168.PNG)

Whoops meant to post this one

No. 422835

No. 422836


Who ever this is, is my new favorite person. She gives no shits and isn't afraid to call Moomoo out on her bullshit.

No. 422837

File: 1502583852979.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6802.PNG)

Good lord…

No. 422838

File: 1502583939593.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6805.PNG)

No. 422840


Pffft. Holy shit that gut. How many days a week did you say you hit the gym Moomoo? How impressed did you say your "trainer" was about your workouts?

No. 422843

i see she filled out her lipo

No. 422846

better than watching people talk about how fat she is/is getting

No. 422848

About Kanna's dress, to us yeah it's old news, but it's actually being talked about outside of lolcow.

MeMeMe was like basically this week though, but same thing. Being exposed here is less impactful than people doing it on places with a larger audience

No. 422850

It's definitely blowing up. Someone on my Facebook was even talking about it. I hope this makes more people think twice about supporting her

No. 422854


I can already imagine her prepping her camera to post her sobbing video so that everyone goes back to feeling sorry for her again.

No. 422860

so is this sorry excuse for a clapback

No. 422863


Must be Moomoo. She is the only cow I know who is as unoriginal and stale when it comes to clap backs.

No. 422864

This just popped up on the dbz page I follow of all places. Damn near spat out my drink when I saw it. It may be old milk to us but this is some damn fine cheese seeing it breaking containment like this.

No. 422867

File: 1502587488183.png (1.18 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2017-08-12-18-22-14…)

No. 422868

File: 1502587575134.png (1.11 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2017-08-12-18-21-32…)

No. 422870

File: 1502587711783.jpg (190.16 KB, 899x1200, DDrEJiCV0AAl4tL[1].jpg)

she's noticeably gained weight since her last yoko cosplay. what is she eating???

No. 422871

I wouldn't be surprised if she gained weight but maybe this one is photoshopped

No. 422873

File: 1502588615017.jpg (233.3 KB, 750x1334, 1499476393321[1].jpg)


fair enough. here's a candid.
you can especially see weight gain between pic related and the pic in these 2 posts

No. 422878


Strange to see Vamplette not in costume alongside her.

No. 422880

I swear to god her body looks different in every candid cosplay. Where did the awkward, weird bumpiness on her belly go? I thought she began to gain weight in awkward places since some anons were saying that's what happens when you gain weight back after lipo.

No. 422882

where did all the "abs" go?

No. 422889

This is super late but its not like she came up with the idea on her own. It's just the generally accepted theory thats been talked out for eons. Her acting like she's smart for saying it is really stupid

No. 422894

I JUST posted the link to that dress in here yesterday. I wonder if this is cowtipping tbh. It could also be someone who followed someone's link via kiwifarm that was posted on one of her updates recently.

No. 422903

blocks your path

No. 422906

File: 1502594986686.png (Spoiler Image, 38.25 KB, 396x402, Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 10.0…)

The girl who posted the callout might have seen the link you had and just used it for her post. I'm the one who screenshotted it and posted it here, so no worries about cowtipping. It was actually sent to me by my bf

OT for useless shit and spoiler because no1curr

No. 422912

Oh wow, didn't see this… this is super insulting. I just can't understand classifying an entire genre of photography in such a way.

No. 422918

You're a huge Harry Potter fan, why didn't you say anything with John Hurt died earlier this year? He was far better as Ollivander than the Minister of Magic and you've claimed you've been such a huge Harry Potter fan forever! You even looked up to Hermonie.

No. 422921

Samefag but it also irks me that she's showing more remorse over n actor that passed than her own grandfather.

No. 422923

File: 1502601209294.png (84.3 KB, 720x510, Screenshot_2017-08-12-22-11-20…)

I wonder if she was triggered

No. 422925

again with this dumb misinterpretation

No. 422927

File: 1502601542021.png (991.78 KB, 710x1195, Screenshot_2017-08-12-22-16-31…)

Mind you this instaclip before this she had a whole plate of fried rice

No. 422928

File: 1502601771421.png (1.09 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-08-12-22-14-50…)

She told a story of when she was shooting and some guy took a pic of her and she said to stop. Apparently the dude said "are you kidding me" and his wife said "oh he's famous"

No. 422930


Those bags under her eyes. Holy fuck Moo, who are you kidding with this "I'm totally healthy" horseshit.

No. 422932

As of now their collab pic Sabrina posted on her social media has been taken down. Sabrina deleted it off her Reddit as well. Do you think she saw this thread's posts? Lol

No. 422933

There's important details missing from this

No. 422935

Speaking of KBBQ, but did anyone ever figure out what happened between him and moo? Or is it still a mystery that he'll take to the grave

No. 422937


Guess she is trying to duck all the negative comments that Moomoo is attracting.

See? Moomoo, you are an actual cancer that turns everything you touch to actual dogshit.

No. 422938

Its still on her instagram. Wtf are you talkig about?

No. 422943

I hate that she is trying so hard to lie to her fans that she is working out and eating right. It has been 2 weeks since she has announced that her trainer (possibly just her dad or a figment of her imagination) and she has shown zero results. I understand that results do not show instantly but on top of that she seems to still be going out to eat and drinking a ton of alcohol. Her body in her Yoko today looked bloated like a whale. If you are just going to get another procedure done Mooriah just fucking say so. Stop lying to the fans who ~look up to you~.

No. 422944

Knowing Moo she probably threatened him to not open his mouth about anything. I doubt we will know anything unless someone here has a way to contact him.

No. 422951

Not only that but she never mentioned when Alan Rickman died, at least not on her Twitter. Yes I know it was last year but I remember because I wanted to see if the so called greatest Harry Potter fan evur would even mention it. Wasn't on Twitter or Instagram maybe she posted something on Facebook? But that right there makes me laugh and roll my eyes when she tried to justify the bandwagon flavor of the month lewd Hermione by being a "sooper fan"

No. 422962


She's not a Harry Potter or Star Wars fan. She's stated how she doesn't like Star Wars on her twitter before. But she's now faking being a fan for both.

No. 422964

File: 1502608800901.png (438.57 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3515.PNG)

That's just her face? LOL ok then.

No. 422967

At this point, the only way I'd ever believe her is if she live streamed her gym sessions and vlogged her meals and other health related stuff consistently lmao

No. 422968

File: 1502609209163.png (65.68 KB, 715x1079, IMG_7869.PNG)

totally not either bored out of her mind or internally judging

No. 422969

>that's just her face

damn moo. couldn't come up with something a little better for your friend? or you know, better yet you could just not say anything

No. 422970

Does she not know how to walk in heels? What is she doing? I'm honestly quite shocked she hasn't broken heels before walking like that at her weight.

No. 422971

they're not even bags, they look more like super dark indents… what the fuck

No. 422972

the entire cosplay is just a mess and looks like its ready to burst apart at any moment. probably she fucked up when fixing the shoes and cant properly walk in them.
that, or they're too small for her cankles so she has to walk awkwardly.

No. 422973

File: 1502609601663.jpg (158.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

(my) dude, put that thing away

No. 422975

I'm kinda fat and even I dont walk with such a wide gait. She's so daggy.

No. 422978

File: 1502610510577.png (52.94 KB, 750x367, IMG_7870.PNG)

on one of her mememe pictures

No. 422983

The difference in her body shape when she straightens out her posture is pretty startling. She's still obese, but her slouched shoulders and curved back visually add 40+ pounds to her. Stand up straight Moo.

No. 422990

File: 1502615972342.png (124.74 KB, 720x972, Screenshot_2017-08-13-02-17-33…)

No. 422992

File: 1502616271563.png (392.26 KB, 720x871, Screenshot_2017-08-13-02-22-22…)

No. 422995

File: 1502616470874.png (29.54 KB, 456x273, Screenshot 2017-08-13 at 2.26.…)

No. 422997

Well, the top does look… less terrible. Stars still look crooked to me, but at least she's not falling out of it. The wig is still an inaccurate mess.

Lol sure, Moo.

No. 422998

File: 1502617161520.jpg (361.63 KB, 1365x2048, 20728904_1625531790819986_5472…)

No. 423001

She honestly should stick to this kind of cosplay. Fully covered.

No. 423002

Even this very simple cosplay fits poorly. Her tits look crushed down, like she's wearing a binder.

No. 423004

I wonder why she hasn't made youtube channel, if she has been working posting video in the gym or while working out would've been easy.

No. 423005

The comments are just full of thirsty white knights. She's becoming just a soft porn model than cosplayer.

No. 423006

The deodorant stain in the shirt is a nice touch tho.

No. 423008

File: 1502625480267.png (161.41 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0247.PNG)

The negative comments become more and more 1/2

No. 423009

File: 1502625540025.png (141.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0246.PNG)

2/2 But again these are just jealous of her..

No. 423011

Probably her Nike(tm) sports bra just working overtime squishing them.

How the fuck is she bragging about re-styling the wig when she made the exact same mistakes this time around? The parting is on the wrong side and she still has two front hair strands instead of one and the pony tail is still too low. If anything she made it look even more inaccurate. The stars aren't falling off this time around I'll give her that but they're still just slapped on when they should be part of the top. The gloves are still inaccurately shaped. The top is still too high.

No. 423021

>But you can't change being a shitty person
Gotta agree on that Moo, you will never change.

She really is deluding herself with this 177 lbs lie.

No. 423028

File: 1502632813521.jpg (26.48 KB, 600x164, bmi-chart-women.jpg)

Her weight can be speculated by this bmi chart here. She's around a 36, she would've been well over 37 if she didn't have lipo. 1/2

No. 423029

File: 1502633005878.jpg (94.57 KB, 525x454, body.mass.index.chart.ladies.j…)

She said she's a 5'4" with this twitter post: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad/status/762207393031725056
With that we can say by using this ladies adult bmi chart that she's well over 200lbs. 2/2

No. 423032

i so called that her dumbass wasted worbla on that. worst part is that it's supposed to be a fabric part of the top, but moo is so inept she didn't understand how to make it work properly. the entire outfit is recklessly innacurate, it's pathetic.

No. 423034

File: 1502634801415.png (135.79 KB, 750x730, IMG_1633.PNG)

Vamplettes got busted for lewding a character and misrepresenting her and lying about playing Persona 5. Moo moo had to run to her defense. People are starting to call out the hypocritical costhots.

Sage for Vamp related (although moo does have to involve herself of course)

No. 423036

nah this is just grade A autism. This person has been trying to do this shit to a bunch of P5 cosplayers using the 'ann gets embarrassed when dating joker' as if that means it would stay that way forever? Like yeah if vamplette actually lied about finishing the game that's stupid but this person isnt 'busting' anyone.

No. 423040

File: 1502637122067.png (1.74 MB, 1435x1061, angryusaf.png)

>you can't change being a shitty person.
Nigga, wat? At this point she cannot realize that she is the shittiest… I was a fan of her but I can't anymore because of her shittiness.

She can never admit her mistakes, the time she "apologized" she just justificated the hell out of her. She always try to drag others with her when people call her out. She is so childish and always trying to get ass pats and smelling to get more drama out of nowhere thru random "haters" comments instead of ignore them.

She is always lying. She doesn't credit in all her pictures the things people make for her or the things she buy, and sometimes just credit when people ask. I remember a video of her saying that she'll had the social media of some "cool girl" she knew at a con in the video's description and those links were nowhere to be found in the fucking description nor the comments.

How can she say that she has been always a "big girl" when she was really slim and fat shamed a lot during that phase of her life??
Even last year when she was already a "big girl" she was a lot less heavy than she is now.

Yes Moomoo, you get fat eating healthy and going to the gym, yeah right, that's normal. AND EVEN AFTER GETTING A LIPO THAT GAVE YOU FLACID SKIN/UPPER ABS ROLLS THAT YOU FUCKING TRIED TO PASS AS A 6 FUCKING PACK when you were taking a lot of selfies at the gym after your lipo, because you thought you were gonna look smaller and you were trying to hide it, wich is obvious cause you never admitted your lipo… How can you? because you look fucking fatter after it, and yet you are going to the gym and eating well. Yes, that's how it works, MOOMOOKUNT, that's why obese people exist, because they eat well and go to the gym…

Sorry, sage cause rant.

No. 423041

File: 1502637123616.jpg (145.47 KB, 1152x902, IMG_1630.JPG)

She did lie.
Part 1 of 2
Saged for Vamp. Somewhat Relevant because momo does the same shit and tried to defend her

No. 423042

File: 1502637169090.jpg (163.61 KB, 750x751, IMG_1631.JPG)

Part 2 of 2

No. 423043

Yeup, it's a known fact that you gain weight back a little faster after lipo due to your body freaking out to something being taken out unnaturally. It's meant to be in conjunction with a change to a healthier lifestyle, as is also true with gastric bypass or a lapband. She's using it as a "this will fix it and I can sit on my ass and do nothing~!" method, which is wrong. She's only going to keep getting bigger.

No. 423044

Not stale for social media.

No. 423045

well, at least she looks happy here…

No. 423046

Here's a novel idea moo - learn how to fucking applique like a real seamstress?

No. 423049

File: 1502638960208.jpg (80.9 KB, 720x960, 20729755_1388093184630890_2990…)

Ya'll have to have seen this already, right?

Drawings of Moo are my favorite things on these threads

No. 423051

whats better is that she had it redrawn and used it herself

No. 423054

does anyone have the link for this etsy store? I wanna see how much this dumb cow spent on this cosplay that she could've made in about an hour if she actually tried.

I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find it

No. 423059

Exactly. My guess she's 215.

No. 423060

I only found the storeenvy for her prints http://ladyxxzero.storenvy.com/

No. 423062

This one's my favourite. I think it was an anon here who made it, right?

No. 423067

I love this one because it portrays moomoo in reality perfectly hiding behind her internet persona. Her insecurities, poor hygiene, self-obsession and terrible relationships. The truth is that she would secretly hate and be jealous of Nigri but in order to become famous has to be like her and suck up to her. She is very selfish and ignorant. She is obsessed with herself and her online image pretending to love herself and be body positive. Deep down she is extremely insecure for good reasons and tries to brush it off with the 'hater' excuse. Im sure she knows perfectly that she is the opposite of body positivity with the lipo and hypocrisy but denies and doesn't admit it because it will ruin the whole thing she has going for her. This all leads to her massive break downs but the neckbeards, other fat people and lewdplayers support and inflate her ego all over again. In the end she just wants attention, money and fame and will jeopardize herself and others in any way she can while trying to get there. I apologize for the rant.

No. 423068

This was used as the OP thread image a while ago

No. 423069

File: 1502641453809.png (140.21 KB, 720x511, Screenshot_2017-08-13-09-19-39…)

No. 423070

File: 1502641477001.png (172.05 KB, 720x922, Screenshot_2017-08-13-09-21-14…)

No. 423075

No moo, people thought you bought it because we know you're a lazy ass

No. 423078

File: 1502642945269.png (2.4 MB, 1848x1029, yhuiop.PNG)

i know no one believed her anyways so its dumb, but to add to her whole "i'm 170 lbs comment". moomoo is 5'5, trisha is 5'4 so they're pretty close in height.

in january of this year trisha had gained 15 pounds, making her about 245 lbs. she later lost them through lipo.

this is what she looked like at 200+ lbs, and this is what mariah looks like at "less than" 200 lbs. all the screengrabs of trisha are before her lipo. i tried not to use ones from her social media because like mariah she shops the shit out of them too.

now, again, in what universe is mariah 170 lbs? >>422992 why do whales need to lie like this? you're not fooling anyone

No. 423080

Nah people people believe she's 177 lbs. It's quite stupid tbh

No. 423083

I wonder if she pays taxes with all those patreon money. If she can't even send prints to her fans, I wonder how well she handle those taxes.

No. 423086

Do you even get taxed for patreon work?

No. 423088


I thought it was 500 but in the US you have to report it.

No. 423090

File: 1502644734825.jpg (141.49 KB, 695x576, mmmm.jpg)

Momokun generally gigantic edition.

No. 423092

What she gets is considered income tax.

No. 423093

Now we see the whale's evolution, it is said that as she grows, her ego grows with her.

No. 423095

keep in mind there's been multiple weight loss (lipo) sessions between these photos.

Imagine everyone around noticing but you :(

No. 423096

I hope she sees this.

No. 423097

tf you sayin?

No. 423101

honestly a nitpick, ivan perez

No. 423104


He's saying the income from Patreon is taxed like normal income. I bet she is gonna have a rough time come tax time.

No. 423105


Of course she's always been a 'big girl'. She needs to be called out for that bullshit too as she was never always the size she is now but preaches about it to lap up the praise.

No. 423112

oh okay. i got confused cause 'income tax' means the tax on the income, anon should have said taxable.

No. 423115

ugh that 3rd pic haunts me

No. 423118

File: 1502648869501.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6842.PNG)

The difference in the face within 24 hours is astounding

No. 423119

File: 1502648966083.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6836.PNG)

pointed the phone down for a sec and you can see just how wide she is

No. 423120

File: 1502648995748.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6831.PNG)

No. 423125

Those shorts are cutting off her circulation..

No. 423126

jfc she's vaping now? I assume it's probably weed/thc

No. 423127

This is some feeder fetish material. Moomoo could always break into that scene and have people actually pay to watch her shove food down her gullet. She'd probably make a lot of money.

No. 423128

they both look busted as hell. i know ppl were defending vamp but fuck her face is nasty.

No. 423130

File: 1502650325256.jpg (58.71 KB, 600x1122, 07a.jpg)

Vamp's face reminds me of pic related.

And why am I not surprised Moo vapes. Just another thing she thinks will make her seem "cool".

No. 423131

File: 1502650467937.jpg (68.96 KB, 774x305, 3.jpg)

sorry for all the comparison photos it just makes it easier to see what's going on.

No. 423132

File: 1502650514960.png (4.05 KB, 456x44, Untitled.png)

Someone tried to use weight distribution to justify her weight. How the hell does height change your weight?

No. 423133

How the fuck does anyone see her as being remotely attractive?

No. 423135

Probably None, most of them probably go there for the "sexy" body, It's a real fetish I think.

No. 423136

this pic perfectly describes their friendship lmao

No. 423138

Moomoo is 5'2. 5'5 177 is kayfabing the shit out of her numbers

No. 423141


I'm dying to see a full body candid photo of this hot mess. You can already guess that those shorts are being eaten by her giant tights omg

No. 423146


i'm sorry, in one of the threads that i read months ago someone said that she was 5'5. i honestly didn't know.

i wasn't trying to defend her at all. you actually made everything better lmao. if she's 5'2 her bmi must be beyond fucked.

No. 423153

File: 1502653052992.png (77.09 KB, 720x499, Screenshot_2017-08-13-12-35-28…)

No. 423156

>someone said negative stuff about me
>oh I'll tell them I love them
Anyone else hate that argument? It's so fucking phony and makes the user of the argument look like a big league chew piece of shit.

No. 423157

I thought she was talking about her fans for a second there. She's just your basic bitch now.

No. 423166


Funny coming from her since she doesn't have anyone in her life who actually gives a shit about her that isn't a blood sucking leech.

Also lol at her again trying to act like she has the high ground in any of this. She's the insecure cow who blows up at anyone who doesn't kiss her ass, but sure, it's the "whiny bitch boys" Moomoo.

No. 423168

I remember when that the third image (the one with her blue image) was first posted here and people collectively lost their shit. It was the first time we really saw just how much she had gained in less than a year, at the point. And now she just keeps getting bigger. She is in so much denial she won't ever admit she's over 200 lbs, why would she? No matter how much weight she gains, and no matter how much people drag her, she's still making $15k on patreon.

No. 423169

oh vamp what is you doin

No. 423170

More bogan than daggy.

No. 423174

Ouuuuch Vamp, I know Prompto has weird ass under eyes, but it's not doing wonders for your face. Should've make-up tested it.

At least Moo can hide behind her big ass collar this time

No. 423176

File: 1502657384973.png (943.69 KB, 1064x720, Screenshot_2017-08-13-13-47-09…)

Any farmers there? Moo seemed low energy in this clip

No. 423177

File: 1502657550101.png (1.22 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-08-13-13-50-44…)

No. 423179


Vamp looks downright fucking scary. I knew her face was always busted, but holy shit.

No. 423180

They're probably trying to say she looks fatter than she actually is because she's short.

No. 423181

When you're taller, you weigh more if you were to look human rather than skelly. So when you're shorter, the pounds are more noticeable. Which is fine, but having a little extra doesn't mean you go from normal shoulders in
to fucking linebacker shoulders.
>her thighs are bigger in that yoko cosplay than her waist in the first pic
And that's with the clothing holding shit together. All of that lipo, booze, coke and high calorie pho is going to catch up to her real fucking quick. Moomoo at 26 is going to be a real eyesore.

No. 423182

She's going to start having health issues pretty soon, maybe a year or 2. Then she's most likely going to cry about it.

No. 423190

File: 1502661490277.png (196.41 KB, 481x801, 1Capture.PNG)


No. 423191

File: 1502661527532.png (161.61 KB, 503x797, 2Capture.PNG)

No. 423193

File: 1502661587592.png (115.53 KB, 477x819, 3Capture.PNG)

No. 423194

anyone know how long shes been there? I might head out but idk if she is leaving soon

No. 423195

what group good sir?

No. 423200

ok anons. imma try my luck. i'll post pics if i see her. should arrive in a bout 40 min

No. 423209

I wish mariah would cosplay a genderbend donald trump. She has the physique for it and think about all the new followers she'd get

No. 423210

Vamp looks like a scary witch
>photographing Cindy at the beach
>no cars in sight
>covered in grease
Yes this makes so much sense.

No. 423239

File: 1502665222627.png (833.35 KB, 720x883, Screenshot_2017-08-13-18-21-04…)

No. 423242

This picture triggers me

No. 423243

Is it me or does it look like she has a massive bulge? Also what is on the guys mouth? Looks like drool or seagull shit. This picture seriously emphasises how much she's gained.

No. 423249

Thats one of the least flattering pictures of anyone that I've ever seen, for both people. Moomoo looks down right terrifying. She has massive fucking cheeks, but a more visually protruding jaw, comboed with sunken in eyes and a mouth that looks disproportionately large.

No. 423253

File: 1502666615541.png (349.49 KB, 2000x1200, IMG_3048.PNG)

This immediately made me think of the Pretty Princess Points meme. that had to be intentional, right??

No. 423260

those shorts are seriously cutting off her circulation, jesus

No. 423262

2 planets in orbit?

No. 423266


it looks like she's wearing a diaper

No. 423274

File: 1502669463301.png (268.23 KB, 459x294, camel toe I cry.PNG)

I really wish she had gotten bigger pants. That looks painful. Also makes me question if she is wearing underwear. Because if she is then thats two layers of fabric being wedged up in there. That has to hurt.

No. 423285

File: 1502670096821.png (283.84 KB, 1215x2018, IMG_4966.PNG)

Why Cindy at the beach? She lives in the desert and fixes cars. Vamplette made the laziest prompto as well, why not short and spiky?

They barely played the game I swear. But that's become the norm with this pair.

No. 423291

this looks like a horror movie ffs

No. 423299

I worked as a mechanic for about 6 years and never once got grease across my face like that. Pisses me off.
Saging my autism.

No. 423300

File: 1502672115732.png (379.2 KB, 812x595, Screenshot 2017-08-13 at 5.54.…)

No. 423301

Damn Vamp kinda looks like Kiki here

No. 423303

File: 1502672665250.png (135.54 KB, 750x1097, IMG_7897.PNG)


No. 423304

samefag but I'm really disappointed in ladyxzero. shes a favourite cosplayer of mine but to see her support Mariah… makes me sad

No. 423310

I love ladyxzero and narcissius (sp?) cosplay cause they're really accurate with their ff/square cosplays but I don't think ladyxzero personally gave the mememe dress (if it's not gabbys) and cindy hat to her, I think she might of just commissioned it from her or bought it off her site but who knows!!!

No. 423312


those shorts are so ill fitting i'm getting a yeast infection just looking at this, ugh

and on the beach, too, goddamn those must smell

No. 423315

Narcissus is so shooped I cant tell if his work is actually good or all editing. Also pretty sure momo bought the hat.

No. 423316

>grease monkey
…isn't that what farmers call Onision? I've never head anyone actually use that term for anything else.

No. 423317

wtf is this?

No. 423318


This is so obviously fucking shooped. Who are you trying to kid, Moomoo?

No. 423320

it's slang for Mechanic

No. 423321

Holy fuck her face is so bloated

No. 423322

Your anger is completely valid here, anon.

No. 423325

i like the very obvious shoop on her face to make sure we saw 1/3 chins

No. 423328

why does she shoop everything but her camel toe jfc

No. 423334

Sorry, I couldn't get a picture to show, but her shorts were shoved so far up her ass that after sitting on the sand, standing up to wipe it off, a whole load of sand was stuck in the entire length of her ass crack. It was both disgusting and hilarious.

No. 423340

Backtracking a bit, but with the way small business income tax works, the government takes about half of a Patreon fund's total income. So for example, JNig's 60k probably equates to more like 30k after taxes. Sage for random financial statistic.

No. 423342

did you get any pics at all while you were there?

No. 423351

File: 1502681858853.png (1.02 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2017-08-13-20-35-02…)

No. 423355


So I'm guessing that means that Moomoo maybe is only actually taking in 7.5k a month then? And considering her shit spending habits it sort of makes sense why her cosplay looks so cheap.

No. 423359

File: 1502682492196.png (1.13 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-13-20-47-07…)

No. 423361

File: 1502682527292.png (936.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-13-20-47-02…)

No. 423363

File: 1502682576863.png (602.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-13-20-47-35…)

No. 423365

Her legs are so gross. I like wide hips, but jesus fucking christ. The back of those legs with the added circulation cutoff of the tights and shorts must make the most gut cringing cottage cheese possible. No WAY in fucking hell is this literal whale 177. She needs size 18 shorts, not size 14.

No. 423366

File: 1502682840278.png (213.35 KB, 720x944, Screenshot_2017-08-13-20-51-33…)


No. 423367

File: 1502682871870.png (149.11 KB, 713x839, Screenshot_2017-08-13-20-52-08…)

No. 423369

File: 1502683020240.png (147.24 KB, 720x825, Screenshot_2017-08-13-20-51-39…)

No. 423371

File: 1502683168901.jpg (Spoiler Image, 482.63 KB, 540x720, tumblr_omztrpfQIg1uuxr1uo2_540…)

177lbs?? LOL, her legs are 177lbs on their own.

No. 423372

File: 1502683197892.png (156.74 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2503.PNG)

Forgot this one

No. 423374

She looks like she has elephantitus in her thighs, it's almost as big as her waist holy shit.

No. 423376

Thanks. For some reason my mobile was not loading them all in one thread

No. 423377

That's wwhat happens when you eat yourself to 200+ lb.s at almost five foot nothing and try to lipo your waist back into a normal range. Her proportions are getting all kind of messed up.

No. 423379

File: 1502683496882.jpg (18.6 KB, 421x364, heh..jpg)


No. 423380


Ohhh this should be fun to see. Another person Moomoo tried to fuck over and now she is trying to play the victim. Wonder how shitty she'll come across this time and what horseshit excuses she will use.

No. 423381

File: 1502683922979.png (172.4 KB, 550x482, Screenshot 2017-08-13 at 9.11.…)

but anon she t h i c c

No. 423382

File: 1502683943466.jpg (337.22 KB, 1120x381, potmeetkettle.jpg)

So you can show your camel toe vag. on the internet but you don't want to pull your top down too much in public? What the fuck kind of hypocrisy is that lol. I'm stunned no one has commented or called her out on this.

No. 423383


Jesus fucking christ she looks like a beached whale. 177 my ass Moomoo.

No. 423385

Im just thinking about the excuse she made about not knowing she bought laced up boots. Bitch. We can easily see that you can't even LACE those. Your fucking fat calves are too big! THATS why you bought laced boots. You lying sack of shit. This 'plus sized' cow is NOT who I was representing the larger side of the cosplay community. Its so embarrassing and Im shocked shes not embarrassed.

No. 423387

File: 1502684101789.png (1.36 MB, 1046x634, gammy.png)

>forgot the photo

No. 423388

File: 1502684186622.png (300.58 KB, 536x464, Screenshot 2017-08-13 at 9.15.…)

btw I guess this photographer shot her when she was still ~famus bodysuit desu~ Samus. I'm digging but I must know what happened. Sorry for autism

No. 423390

She's wearing a strapless bra. Who she fuck is she kidding with this 'im braless because yoko has big boobs anyways so i ditched the bra i wore before and went commando'. Bitch. Stfu. You are the biggest liar in the community.

No. 423391

File: 1502684483992.png (475.72 KB, 451x594, filter harder.png)


No. 423392


Does she ever wear clothes that dont cut off her circulation

No. 423394


". . . We're going to need a bigger boat"

No. 423399

Who Tha fuck would be able to find this but plusfox Justin dude?? Justin is a farmer confirmed or just really good detective farmer props 2 you.

No. 423401

File: 1502685272250.png (418.03 KB, 722x720, smug_cu.png)

Chill out. There's something called Google and something called typing in usernames and this pops up. You can try it if you want.

No. 423402

now i wanna know which photos he shoot

No. 423403

File: 1502685547499.png (3.41 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0316.PNG)

No way her waist is that small. Def shooped.

No. 423406

lipo has ruined her body jfc.

No. 423408


wtf does she look so bloated in this pic? is it because of the lipo? it's ruined her stomach and thighs so bad

No. 423409

File: 1502686069170.png (548.72 KB, 945x319, WEAR CLOTHES THAT FIT.png)

WEAR THINGS THAT FIT! Just because anime fucking draws it doesn't make it actually appealing. These losers commenting that this is their 'religion' are so pathetic.

No. 423410

File: 1502686403570.png (642.06 KB, 649x523, posing.png)

Ttly just posing my dudes!

No. 423412


is she running after yet another asian

No. 423413

File: 1502686787158.jpg (195.25 KB, 552x640, 17-08-14-00-58-46-845_deco.jpg)

Since she looooooves jojo so much kek

No. 423414

honestly if she keeps this up, one of her outfits will just rip or bust apart. it'd be hilarious, and at this point it's not unrealistic. she's always so in denial about her weight so if she keeps squeezing herself into sizes too small to convince herself or others she's lost weight or that she isn't a whale, eventually something will rip and fall apart. we can only hope at a big con.

No. 423415

Didn't her Wicke start ripping open at a con before?

No. 423416

yep. the seams on the side of her skirt started to rip apart.


she looks stupid out of place filming this on a damn beach. Cindy works at an auto place ya dumb cunt

No. 423419

>she looks stupid out of place filming this on a damn beach. Cindy works at an auto place ya dumb cunt

But anon, my dude. Cindy is wearing a bikini so therefore she's down to go to the beach. Don't judge me unless you know me. If you can't handle me at me worst you dont deserve me at my best. HAES, my dude. Don't hate. Let me love you because no one else will! My Dudes. Blah blah love live laugh blah blah generic basic bitch shit.

The cow is drunk off her ass or stoned all of the time. Thats the only way this could make sense.

No. 423421

When you put it like that it starts sounding like Kiki's ~Empathy Goddess uwu~ crap. All cows do start becoming the same, don't they?

No. 423427

I looked at these photos and now I'm at urgent care with a UTI

No. 423430

Her proportions are so wonky. I'm struggling to figure out how anyone can't see she's way past 'THICC' at this point

No. 423431


Holy shit.

Now watch Moomoo try to play the "lol I don't care. love yourself. bye bitch" card instead of either ignoring it or responding to any of her criticisms. Because as we know, if another girl dares to criticize Moomoo, she'll try to clap back at them and desperately lob whatever insults she can to make them go away.

No. 423432

yes, but for the love of fuck at least read over what you're writing first before pressing send to not make this "your" =/= "you are" mistake multiple times.

No. 423434

File: 1502692199954.png (718.31 KB, 2000x1200, IMG_3091.PNG)

It's Pretty Princess Points, anon

No. 423444

fuck. the pasta in what i suspect is a betty crocker plastic colander from the dollar store fills me with shame and sadness

No. 423445


If you're a commissioner and you get tagged in your clients photos, it's a little rude not to at least "like" it.

Doesn't look like she's supporting Mariah because she doesn't like or comment on anything else she does. She just likes the photos where she actually tags and credits her.

No. 423454

Maybe I'm just dim, but I don't understand this series of memes. Sage for OT.

No. 423456

What a fucking bitch. She's trying to throw him out to the army of homicidal angry moomoo AND angry jessica fans by dropping her name in there to silence him. Glad he didn't back off.

And yeah sure it was because "he kept bathmouthing my friend, JESSICA! You hear?!" and not because he had enough of your awful attitude.

No. 423458

i think they look like there's more to them than there is. afaik they were started by fembots on /r9k/ to illustrate that women can also be depressed NEET shutins with terrible hygiene and 'pretty princess points' instead of 'good boy points.' some of them are self portraits and some of them are imaginings of various cows and personalities. they do all have this eerie energy wafting from them though. i don't know if there's anything else to them.

No. 423473

File: 1502708680332.jpg (Spoiler Image, 256.11 KB, 898x721, Screenshot_20170814-040256.jpg)

She has a dick coming out of her mouth.

No. 423476

File: 1502712815495.png (261.07 KB, 600x400, 01c.png)


i just can't get over how fat her legs are in those tights, especially on the right. she had such a nice body, and as a chubster myself i'm honestly upset that she's ruined it with junk and lipo. she'll never look right again.

No. 423483


I swear momo is still a bitch stuck in highschool. "You bad mouthed my friend" weh. Bitch cry more. Jessica is a full grown adult and she's had worse then him. Im sure she doesn't need you to hold her hand.

Starting to believe y'all when you say momo does drugs. This bitch is outta her mind and looks nasty af for someone whose in her early 20s

No. 423491

Google it. Its a series of green text stories from a thread about chicken tenders. I'm dead wtf the CRINGE lmao. I love the internet sometimes. Sage for derailment.

No. 423495


That is the perfect way to describe her; a bitch still stuck in high school. The constant drama whoring, the "you talked bad about my friend". The constant petty insults. It's some Mean Girls high school type shit that she should have grown out by now. She is such an immature brat.

No. 423502

She knows what she's doing by leaving out credit. Even if it's from amazon a simple "from Amazon" blurb would be fine. But by leaving it out her dim witted fans will think she made it. She did the same thing with the Cindy jacket. Credited gabby for weathering it but not where she actually got it. It's also why people think she made her mei cosplay

No. 423505

But anon, she's such a strong, busy women! She USED to be a rampaging cunt but now she's a businesswomen who is too busy for pettiness, my dude!

Sadly I do think Moo is going to manage to asspat/asslick/dicksuck her way further up the fame ladder, but I don't foresee her having a long and fruitful career, even if she dickhops to something other than cosplay.

No. 423506


Even when she does credit, it's only after everyone has called her out for trying to pass it off as if she made it herself. And then she cries to her followers about being bullied.

No. 423512

She is such a manipulative bitch. She knows that her fans will assume she makes her cosplays as long as she leaves out credit because she is a ~professional cosplayer~. I don't understand how this thot lives with herself. She should have more than enough free time to improve her skills.

Is the beekeeper Mei skin her next cosplay? Because in the last thread I think someone posted the body suit for it. I'm curious to see how much of it she will make herself and how much of it she going to take credit for.

No. 423513

Moodunna reminds me of that chick in high school that asserts she's popular and everyone loves her, but whenever she isn't around, people talk endless shit about her.

No. 423516

Her mommy Jessica talks shit about her too I bet.

No. 423520

File: 1502724336959.jpg (169.2 KB, 1024x1024, Collage 2017-08-14 08_21_08.jp…)

"Just posing my dudes"

This is almost an identical pose, in terms of stance and whatnot. Sure she is sucking in like her life depends on it in the photo on the right, but its so obviously shooped.

No. 423534

File: 1502725593395.jpg (117.47 KB, 978x286, Screenshot_20170814-104435.jpg)

No. 423538

Where'd your abs go, my dude?

No. 423539

her bra is so illfitting good lord. she's prolly one of those "i'm a DD" fatties who's really like a 40F or something.

No. 423551

i am actually patreon of narcisse and zero so i saw that its all good legit stuff. they make those costumes for months and his tutorials are so legit i had a hard time to believe he is real with all that makeup. i kind thought thet use photoshop a lot, but, they are just good. also met them at con this month - i dont know how they do it, but they look so good

zero was selling those hats on etsy or sth, dont know about the dress(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 423555

File: 1502728306650.png (Spoiler Image, 691.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170814-112824.png)

Those neckbeards keep mentioning a "subtle squish" in the area where there thigh and sock are, i know the meme/religion but there's nothing subtle about that indent. Also she sinks a good 3-4 inches into the sand

No. 423558


I'm sure we've all been to school with a Mariah: the fat, cringey girl who would constantly weebspeak about how much she loves anime and manga and how she was going to move to Japan to become an animator and she hit on every guy in the group because she was such an insecure cow who was terrified of not being the center of attention and she thinks she friends with everyone when really they can't wait until she leaves so that they can talk shit about her.


Everyone keeps saying that, but I don't think thats what's going to happen. She is only going to become more fatter and unattractive since she refuses to put down the fork. She has practically burned every major bridge in the community, so much so hat her name is being spread around cons as a toxic shitbag who you should take steps to avoid. And hers cosplays aren't getting any better and she still keeps welching on content she is supposed to be releasing to her fans. Not to mention the constant blow ups on social media, getting into fights and drama with both fans and her contemporaries.

I give it maybe another year or two before this all comes crashing down.

No. 423565

Funny how she cares enough to become a mod in her thread so she can ban free pics from leaking from her Patreon, yet doesn't care enough to not check up on it and see that shit like this is happening. Lol. What happened to promising to post exclusive content there to pretend like she actually cares? She doesn't post anything anymore haha.


No. 423574


She is mostly just there to shadowban anyone who talks shit about her. Guarantee all the people criticizing her in that thread won't be able to post there anymore.

No. 423578

can we get caps?

No. 423579

File: 1502731735581.jpg (406.26 KB, 1045x938, Screenshot_20170814-122750.jpg)

No. 423580

File: 1502731769668.jpg (556.69 KB, 1047x1063, Screenshot_20170814-122806.jpg)

No. 423583

Imagine spending all that money on lipo and your gut still hangs out in everything you wear

No. 423604

File: 1502734164823.png (Spoiler Image, 1.93 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6871.PNG)

No. 423607

good god, thanks for the spoiler.

No. 423609


Fucking lord she is such a train wreck. And she hasn't even hit 30 yet or had kids. Seriously, get professional help Moomoo before it's too late.

No. 423612

File: 1502735093429.png (68.88 KB, 865x537, uhhhh.PNG)

No. 423616

File: 1502735399139.png (190.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170814-132409.png)

No. 423617


I agreee with you anon. Another year or two and she will be done. I take pleasure in that fact. Her highschool attitude and shitty cosplays arent getting her anywhere.

Easy come easy go~

No. 423618

Please let this be the beginning of the end

No. 423619

so bitter

No. 423622


Typical. Truth gets thrown in her face and she can't say jack shit except some lame comeback. What's the matter, can't handle the heat Moomoo?

No. 423623

Isn't that Kimi girl the one Luna Lanie always brings up in her threads?

No. 423624

File: 1502736272464.jpg (415.08 KB, 1071x1334, Screenshot_20170814-144238.jpg)

Must be…but I know Loonie posted a bunch of her personal info in her threads cuz she assumed it was only her trash talking her

No. 423626

This kimi bitch is so annoying with how blatant she is about being a farmer. She came here namwfagging a while back. She wants attention for riding the momo hate train so bad.

No. 423628

She's been calling moomoo out for a while and ppl have screen capped her calling moo out in multiple threads

No. 423631

i don't see anything wrong with someone bringing the topics we discuss here to the general public

No. 423633


I'm sensing another "you're all so sad and pathetic that you have nothing better to do than hate me/let me love you since no one else obviously does/I don't care what the haters say/I'm a strong woman who won't be brought down by all your negativity" rant coming.

No. 423635


Moomoo will forever be in her own little delusional world, where she believes she has haters because she's ~famous~ and not because she is just a shitty cow who is toxic to all those around her

No. 423638

Sage, maybe I'm petty but what annoys me about Momo is imagine hanging out or just trying to do something with someone whos CONSTANTLY on their phone. Replying to tweets, getting likes and comments around the clock, checking what everyone says. Like yeah it's an ego booster but does she focus on anything else than internet attention?

No. 423639

I also sense a weird hypocrisy for one farmer calling another farmer out…even if she is a farmer she isn't name fagging here and is friends with mutuals of moo yet still calls her out on her shit

No. 423642

Didn't she namefag on loonies thread cuz someone posted photos of her when she made that self white night thread? Loonie was posting a lot of really old photos of sss Kay and other random girls

No. 423656

File: 1502741486880.png (1.11 MB, 932x606, liposcarshoop.png)

There's definitely some pphotoshop going on in the second pic. You can see where they tried to cover her lipo scar, but left a weird light skin patch there instead.

In some earlier photos you could definitely see the blurry edges from them pulling in her waistline too.

No. 423659

how did they fuck that up so bad?

No. 423660

Browsing her Patreon page and spotted she has a 'pick a cosplay' $500 tier reward, since when did she have that? That's fucking ridiculous.

No. 423661

Probably improper sampling from another spot of her stomach. Her photoshop is always super sloppy. You can even see where it's blurry along her waist to the right of the shooped scar. They pulled in her waist and blurred enough that her jacket band suddenly becomes smooth along her right side too, suddenly no more ridges in the elastic.

No. 423663

Nice Moo make your tiddy bigger too FOR NO REASON

>>423660 Shes had this. Where do you think her shitty Evangelion cosplay came from

No. 423664

File: 1502743096611.jpg (24.11 KB, 492x525, goteem.jpg)


No. 423665

File: 1502743100352.png (902.82 KB, 1024x1024, b983d7993b343882176591a7051f87…)

Kek, every inch of this bitch is photoshopped.

No. 423666

You know what I don't understand.
If she is going to keep being inconsistent and bad with photoshopping the scars out, why not just put makeup on them. Then they are gone in every shot and you don't have to try and hide it later.
The hardest part would be getting a setting spray that is strong enough to survive the constant rubbing.

No. 423667

File: 1502743171706.png (333.35 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-08-14-16-31-48…)


No. 423669

File: 1502743418980.jpg (57.82 KB, 720x1080, FB_IMG_1502743326001.jpg)

I think her ass got smaller

No. 423670


LOL awaiting the rant all over her social media about it now.

No. 423671


That is the saddest ass ever…and the shorts really don't do it any justice.

No. 423675

>> that left foot in the sand

No. 423677

Not smaller, the fat is starting to sag. Also what happens when you don't actually work out your ass

No. 423681

I think this picture looks nice if you only look at the top part.
Once you reach the fat spilling out it just looks disgusting and don't even start talking about her hank hill

No. 423682

File: 1502744356760.jpg (35.38 KB, 460x259, am8o5Q2_460s.jpg)

>those boots
>her legs
>back fat spilling over her too tight jean diaper

No. 423684

no moomoo is just so thicc she has tits on her back too.

No. 423686

File: 1502744870445.jpg (269.2 KB, 720x1080, 17-08-14-17-06-08-564_deco.jpg)

Tried to shop her with my shitty app because her wonky parts triggered me so much.
Looks more like her 1 1/2 years ago.

No. 423687

Why would you wear heels on the beach and then put your weight on the heels and let yourself SINK INTO THE FUCKING SAND

No. 423694

Momo is so interesting to me because most women who parade around half-naked in deliberately sexually provocative outfits have put some effort into their bodies and appearance. Even the "thicc" and plus size girls who Instagram their way through life have great manicures, lovely hair, good skin, nice fashion sense for the clothes they do wear. You get into the batshit areas of "fatshion" and this may not play out but overall women who want to look sexy put in some effort.

Mariah takes no pride in any element of her appearance outside of flaunting her sexual availability via poor costuming and yet expects so much praise and adoration for being brave enough to be fat and nearly naked on the Internet. She has zero pride but demands so much respect. She should be a case study for some enterprising psych major.

I'm just… This is so awful. The unlaced BOOTS in the goddamned sand. The thigh muffins, which are less muffins now than uncontrolled flesh tsunamis escaping all that lycra. All the shooping but no one took care of that bruise under her left ass cheek. The sagging, shapeless ass with so much fabric crammed in her crack that she's gonna need butter and a crowbar to get out of those shorts. The Zoidberg-like back rolls. The smug look on her face. It's too much. Before long she's just gonna show up, unshowered, wearing nothing but a tampon and colored contacts and her fanboys will still give her cash.

Also if she farts everyone behind her will be covered in bits of shredded ass denim.

No. 423699

Why did you do this anon? She is going to use this version now

No. 423702

Why should moomoo improve if she's getting checks every month to be a fat lazy sack of shit? Why should she even bother to look passable? Why should she lay off the booze if it's not affecting her income? Why should even bother improving her cosplays if she's making almost 6 figures off shit? She already has her money, why even try?

Even her defense is half-assed saccharine facebook bullshit. Why bother defending herself if her thirsty fuckboys are sponsoring her behavior and defending her?

Expect a lot more moomoos, ugly, out of control slobs who quarter ass cosplay and get paid for it.

No. 423708


No. 423710

File: 1502747566037.jpg (57.43 KB, 625x417, 8006789bb0cc3734ca56a33a79d266…)

No. 423714

Even if she does people will call her out on using a shoped picture.
Will give us more milk kek

No. 423720

What photo did you report?

No. 423722

It appears to the one with her pulling on her underwear as stocking to show camel toe.

No. 423728

File: 1502750811792.jpg (231 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170814_154513.jpg)

We have receipts from plusfox's twitter

No. 423729

File: 1502750891186.jpg (256.84 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170814_154524.jpg)

No. 423730

File: 1502750949297.jpg (301.93 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170814_154400.jpg)

No. 423734

File: 1502751132440.jpg (279.19 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170814_154350.jpg)

No. 423735

File: 1502751201146.jpg (268.2 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170814_154407.jpg)

No. 423738

File: 1502751350836.jpg (223.68 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170814_154339.jpg)

No. 423740

File: 1502751508257.jpg (260.94 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170814_155410.jpg)

No. 423741

File: 1502751542298.jpg (265.25 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170814_155415.jpg)

No. 423743

File: 1502751608427.jpg (215.68 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170814_154516.jpg)

No. 423744

why the fuck did i click this jesus christ

No. 423745

her back rolls sagging over her shorts are puke worthy

No. 423752

Why does Moomoo even bother to open her mouth on social media? All is does is make her look like even more of an immature dipshit.

Seriously, she is the one being toxic in that conversation, trying to shame anyone who has a different opinion than her. They come at her with logic and being objective and all she can muster is "YOU INSULTED MY COSPLAY MOM! REEEEEEEEEE!!! Kill the nonbeliever!!"

No. 423753

She's so fucking triggered holy shit
This was before jnig even was friends with her

No. 423755

Deep down, she knows she counts.

No. 423764

that spot healing brush

No. 423767


Moo knows that she is trying very hard to emulate her mommy. I find it ironic that as hard as she tries she is nothing like Jnig. Jnig knows how to keep a public image. Hell, Moo has only a portion of the following Jnig has but has 100x more haturz. Jnig does not even have this many threads. How long are you going to lie to yourself that we hate you because we are jealous Moomoo? We hate you because you are a toxic bitch. You are toxic to this community and have nothing holding you back from corrupting the influence you have. Stop trying to call yourself a professional cosplayer and a hardworking business person because you are not. You are just masturbation fodder for neckbeards and you gained your popularity through that. Jnig at least has skill in cosplaying even if she is annoying. Your just annoying.

No. 423768


Mariah is such a fucking creep. Sucking Jnigs dick even before she was 'friends' with her.

No. 423804

File: 1502816446020.png (117.64 KB, 1242x778, IMG_2793.PNG)

Sure Jan

No. 423814

File: 1502816762460.png (604.86 KB, 921x440, 2.PNG)

this caption tho

No. 423815

File: 1502816824173.png (486.37 KB, 595x445, 3.PNG)

it goes without saying at this point but she really has no ass

No. 423817

could they really not shoop out the fat bulging over those thigh highs?

No. 423831

File: 1502818080559.jpg (251.2 KB, 1038x978, Screenshot_20170815-122604.jpg)

so what did moomoo poison her cat with

No. 423832

She posted on her insta story that she took her car to the ER. That Jaeda, the cat, has engorged blood vessels and lungs are inflamed. Maybe because she vapes and blows smoke in the cats fucking face but hey that's just a hunch.

No. 423833

That 2nd tweet doesn't even make sense…

No. 423835

Mariah's pets always die young and under mysterious circumstances. She is much more fucking crazy than many of you realize.

No. 423836

pretty fucking sure it was the fucking fumes from the contact cement and paints and whatever else she uses in her house when she "works" on cosplay. she's such a fucking idiot. i dont even let my dogs outside with me when i work with contact cement it's poisonous.

No. 423837

…. is she threatening/implying suicide with that last tweet?

No. 423839

She always has her cats in her work room as shown in instastories so that wouldn't be a surprise. Not to mention that inside an actual house the fumes stay strong indoors. And the whole hookah thing in the middle of the damn living room.

No. 423841

maybe the cat got in her drug stash, weed smoke is bad for animals for example

No. 423842


No. 423850

I doubt she's serious.

No. 423860

Please, we can at least be more civilized.

No. 423874

Just watch her then exploit her cat for more money & sympathy, or Munchausen syndrome by proxy on purpose?

No. 423875


first and foremost i hope her cat is ok.
secondly i hope it gets taken away from her and given to someone who won't poison it

No. 423880

Surely the cat was showing signs of her health failing before being needed to be brought to the ER. Way to not put creatures who depend on you before your pursuit of e-fame and dick, you shitty fucking cow.

No. 423883

come on anon she was busy frolicking on the beach with her best friends ^___^

No. 423884

how can you say you love your cat but still choose to go to California for a whole weekend for shitty hotel shoots and being a beached whale?

No. 423886

Seriously out of all the things to call her out for, her very very old cat is not one of them. Do any of you people have souls? Jeez you guys are rough. I hope her cat is okay.

No. 423890

she is the responsible about her cats state right now so we should indeed call her out. i hope the cat is ok but she doesnt deserve a owner like mariah.

No. 423904

huh? whos saying they want the cat to die. its obviously sick because of what she exposes it to

No. 423919

Dude, every cosplayer goes away for cons, vacation etc. No reason to hate on her for that, she creates enough cringy material to whine about.

No. 423920


I have no doubt that she will be begging for more moneybt pay for her cat's medical bills. And I'm sure her retarded fans will pay out the nose for it. Because if there is one thing people love supporting more than trashy hoebag cosplayers, it's taking care of sick animals. And Moomoo is going to milk all the sympathy that she possibly can out of this.

No. 423928

Why are cows always killing off their pets? Raven and marmalade, onision and reptar, Sheena and Monty, hell even Luna almost offed her cats with that peace lily.

No. 423931

>sheena and Monty
Dark but true

No. 423946

She's already started by being over dramatic. It really sucks her cat is sick but the whole world doesn't need to know about it. This would be a perfect example of keeping private matters private.

No. 423947

Please don't give her ideas

No. 423952


I'm sure she already had the idea. As we speak she is prepping a sobbing video about how her cat means the world to her and she doesn't know what she would do without her and will beg even more on her Patreon to "help take care of the bills".

No. 423953

May we know which photo was that, good sir?

No. 423954

what photo?

No. 423955

The one with the camel toe

No. 423968

Her cat is already old I think 10 years then her dumbass just poisoned it by not cleaning up after herself with her cosplay room then smoking/vaping. I feel sorry the cat but I don't feel sorry for someone whom if animal control was notified about the cats conditions to then walk in on that house would more than likely take the cat away.

No. 423974


Not surprised the cat is suffering, all she cares about is cosplay and profiting from it all, leaving her house to look like a war zone while the cat has to live in the filth.

No. 423977

10 really isn't all that old for a cat tbh, maybe for a dog. Every cat I've ever had has lived until at least 20ish. Sage for OT.

No. 423994

?? Care to elaborate?

No. 423999

Just watch the cat probably has leukemia. Honestly it probably got worst with her bs

No. 424029

has she updated anywhere about her cat? i didnt see anything on twitter

No. 424039

File: 1502840609671.png (12.86 KB, 649x117, crazy.png)

No. 424040

File: 1502840781257.png (20.81 KB, 539x252, can't work during the week for…)

No. 424043

File: 1502841099780.png (392.54 KB, 575x444, LOOK MY DUDES, I SEND PRINTS O…)

No. 424045

that signature looks tricky, no wonder it takes her so long to sign all her copies wow

No. 424052

why dont these people understand how bodies work youre not gonna have visible abs if theres 50 pounds of flab covering them

No. 424067


A six pack of beer maybe. What the fuck is this dipshit talking about? What abs? She's a huge flabby mess and this retard is talking about abs? She's not going to bang you dude, get over it.

No. 424084

Talk about desperation

No. 424088

>4 months of no reward
Come on man, let it go. The cow ain't gonna do it.

No. 424106

men are so dumb, omg

No. 424113

she could do a good roadhog. big gut with no ass. at least it would be accurate. sage for off topic kinda

No. 424117

She actually talked about doing Roadhog about a year or so ago? Harassed the shit out of Zergie Cosplay to be her Junkrat and do a sexy shoot together. Was back when she was sucking up to mid-teir popular cosplayers since she was still below 25k followers.

No. 424119

Difference is I would have sex with Roadhog

No. 424121

fucking. kek. anon
thank you.

No. 424122

Back when she was religiously posting gym selfies, her loyal autists thought that her lumpy post-lipo stomach was shredded abs, my dudes! These are the same sort of dumbasses who think her lipo scars are ~freckles~.

No. 424123

What a quick turnaround from cat worry to reposting art when it takes 30 seconds to do a reverse image search

No. 424127


These are the kinds of dipshits she attracts. The betas who think they can friendship their way into some pussy. That if they say all the nice things to her that she might maybe want to fuck them. Which of course she doesn't and all it does is inflate her ego.

No. 424134

yeah so much worry. i guess the cat is shoved into the kitchen bin underneath some old pho containers right about now?

No. 424137

File: 1502853967532.png (564.29 KB, 815x594, Screenshot 2017-08-15 at 8.22.…)

I like how Sabrina was probably told to take down this picture >>422811
and reposted this one instead…without Mariah. I'm tempted to buy Sabrina's set to see what she did in them.

No. 424138

Me too. I'm pretty sure she changed the image because she knew fewer people would pay for this set or she'd lose patrons if their first impression of the set was Moo

No. 424139

File: 1502854822084.png (259.97 KB, 574x240, Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 11.3…)

they blew off me' shins!

No. 424142


These are some of the stupidest fucking reaches holy shit. Animals can get so many health problems for so many reasons including how they were breed, what breed they are, just age, and more. My cat was in perfect health but suffered a heart attack at 7 because she was a pure breed.

She clearly loves her cat and fumes or vape didn't "poison" it. Christ you guys can be stupid sometimes.

No. 424143

This is so unflattering
Awkward stomach shadows
cutoff shins
Super saggy floppy boob

No. 424144

File: 1502855292440.png (236 KB, 633x510, Screenshot 2017-08-15 at 8.47.…)

on twitter when suddenly

No. 424145

Oh please, we're not the ones painting, gluing, and spraying chemicals into our rugs while leaving the floor of our craftspace a disgusting stained mess that no living being should be around.

No. 424146

go suck mariah's ass somewhere else. you can love something but still put it in harm's way. mariah has done that over and over you don't just ignore warnings and hope it doesn't affect you or something you love lol fumes from paint and especially contact cement are detrimental to OUR health too so i can only imagine how much worse it is for animals. that shit clearly says to use it an open area with a lot of air with a fume mask if possible. she uses it in her fucking room with her kitties just wandering and getting all over the place.

don't be delusional, fool.

sage for rant

No. 424150

It might be a reach if there wasn't photo evidence of her using working with toxic chemicals in her house and letting her cat come in and sniff everything as she worked. She may not have deliberately poisoned the cat but there's evidence she didn't give enough of a shit to keep it safe from easily preventable harm.

Sage for stupid arguing.

No. 424154

my dude you're not going to mention the photoshop tumor that is her ass??

No. 424155

I wish this was a close up or torso up shot. I actually think she looks pretty.

No. 424156

While I do think mariah cares about her cat, judging by the symptoms the cat is having and the fact she has openly posted about the cat knocking over open contact cement onto her rug and has had video of the cat being around it multiple times… not really a reach anon.

No. 424157

File: 1502856865887.png (354.29 KB, 408x600, Screenshot 2017-08-15 at 9.13.…)

No. 424160

WHAT are you guys looking at? The original one with her and Moo is still on her instagram. So are about two others. They aren't 'gone' or 'deleted'.

No. 424166

Can't hide that hanging gut

No. 424167

Why would a chubby girl ever want to cosplay as Cindy Gabby and Mariah are beyond delusional.

No. 424169

No. 424170

Sometimes I wonder if Mariah is trying to force herself as still hot because she gained so much weight after losing so much before. There really aren't that many fat girls who are obsessed with dressing as skimpy as she does.

No. 424171

low res but someone is uploading some of her clips to YT from social media if anyone missed it

No. 424176

Sabrina's instastream with Moo

No. 424177

I thought gabby looked good. Again, this isn't about big people cosplaying little characters, its about how shitty Mariah is at costumes and being a decent human being

No. 424178

-turns around and shows ass in her bikini, saying how her butt looks good.

-Moo pretty much spend most of the stream complaining about "adult Kanna" and even said "Hey Gabby, look! I'm lewding the dragon loli~ 'cept adult version".

-When people said Nigri was on her stream she stopped everything trying to search for her comments. She says at the end how Nigri could've joined her "group" and had so much fun.

-makes shots at self saying how "Kanna got fat" and poking at her boob vein saying how big it is

@ 24:16 in this video you see her on the ground sleeping next to her laptop and phone.

No. 424179

damn, granny tits

No. 424182


> painting, gluing, and spraying chemicals

She used contact cement indoors. Big fucking whoop. That doesn't poison an animal you idiots.

I've used contact cement indoors PLENTY of times with windows open and fans on and my animals are perfectly fine. I use it indoors with my windows closed half the time. A sharpie fume is worse.

She's not pouring bleach into her air conditioning. She's not spray painting indoors. She's not letting epoxy cure in a 5 x 5 ft closed room.

I hate her as much as the next person but when you guys make these ridiculous reaches you make ALL of us look stupid and less credible.

No. 424183

doesn't clean up that pig sty

No. 424184

Jesus Moo. Way to make a friend feel like shit in front of a bunch of people. Mariah is such a cunt. Those could easily be seen as a Bowser thing.

No. 424186

True lol

No. 424189

The picture of them both on their back is gone. Clear your cache or something, it's not there any more.

No. 424194

I've never caught any of these lives, but how can you exist with all your shit against the walls like that all the time? I don't get it.

No. 424195

Jesus Christ it wasn't that big of a deal but she had to screech about it like 4 times. Calm your udders moo

No. 424197

I hope at the end of this he learns an important lesson for that $50 a month. Poor kid.

No. 424201


Okay this kinda sucks because Rae Kay totes himself around as a super positive kinda dude who always is really happy (like when I met him at Colossalcon?) and his insta (esp his story) is full of this "I'm positive and nice guy who loves everyone" vibe and I kinda actually dig it? I'm a little disappointed, especially if this stuff is true, because the scene needs more Real people who aren't in it for attention :(

No. 424213

I found out about him when he was dating a different girl but I didn't know what her name was. I saw in this thread a flabby girl with her tits hanging out all over the place and allegedly has some blowjob videos or something and I was thinking that doesn't sound like the girl I saw.
Yeah it's not. And looks like every photo of her was removed from his IG. Wonder if he jumped ship to this girl for more attention.
Sage because not moo

No. 424220

what even is this shape

No. 424223

The "two bras one top" shape.

No. 424271

File: 1502888285408.jpg (235.61 KB, 1080x1139, Screenshot_20170816-085627.jpg)

Lmfao do it moo I fuckin triple dare you to attempt lulu

No. 424274

File: 1502888371134.png (290.32 KB, 935x450, Screenshot 2017-08-16 at 5.58.…)

Moo get off lolcow and go buy a new personality

No. 424307

Lolllll do it. Why not. I almost want to see how badly she'll fuck it up.

Is that dirt on her stomach or just bad editing?

No. 424311

What the fuck is she even doing with her mouth? Not sexy at all, she's so fucking ugly lmao.

No. 424312

"Uuuuuuuuhhhhh, how do fix car?"

No. 424314


What a passive aggressive comment. And yes, anyone who has played Persona 5 knows Ann's character is modest and isn't into lingerie or anything kinky. ugh. These costhots need to stop

It's the same argument Jnig uses. 'I'm not even mad! so let me write a big post about how not mad I am. '

This is beyond awful. someone take the cat away. beasts shouldn't be allowed pets.

No. 424320

She really has no shape at all in her midsection. Lipo really destroyed her body.

Her attempt at weathering just looks dirty. Wash yourself, Moo.

No. 424323

i just want someone to ask why the hell she has grease stains on her face at the fucking beach she looks so dumb

No. 424325

Cuz our precious MooMoo wanted to show us haterz that she can make an accurate Cindy cosplay, my dudes! Cindy totes has grease all over her sexy body don't 'cha know?!

You're fucking it up horribly as usual gg, Mooriah.

No. 424327

I don't get why she doesn't just use the millions of reference concept art, 3D models and screencaps from the game etc. etc. cosplaying well is not impossible, it just takes effort, which moo won't put in.

No. 424342

You'd think she'd be really into JRPGs since she's a fucking weeb. FFX is like babys first weeb journey.

No. 424344

I've seen a chubby person cosplay as lulu and it doesn't work, her costume was good, but it just doesn't work, I wonder how will a lazy pig do it though.

No. 424346

most lulu cosplays don't work in the first place, the belts are really hard to do so they look a mess if not done right. moo would look bad regardless of her weight cause she sucks at making cosplays.

No. 424349

She'd probably avoid doing it since it's too hard to do or it won't show skin.

No. 424353

I can't even imagine how bad she would fuck up that wig/hair accessories/makeup since all those things are a significant part of Lulu's look. She won't do this unless someone on her 500(?) tier pays her to.

No. 424359

File: 1502900242769.png (1.08 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-08-16-09-15-05…)

No. 424365

I found a 2 links to lulu amazon costumes:

No. 424368

good lord that 2nd one is fucked.

No. 424376

He is just another fucc boii in the scene for attention. The guy has a patreon and parades around cons only as Hanzo. Even when I saw him at Katsu and Ax he was running around in it at 2am just chugging drinks. When I first met him I asked him for a selfie and he immediately got touchy with me (made me really uncomfortable) and tried to kiss my cheek (I have a boyfriend, who was standing near me).

No. 424378

So he's a male Moo, more or less? No wonder she wants his dick so bad.

No. 424380


The second one is near MooMoo's crafting level. I have yet to see someone nail a Lulu cosplay. Every element of her costume, her and make-up is very difficult to emulate.

No. 424382

It's not even a reach though? Her cat's lungs were inflamed? It's very possible it could be related to being exposed to toxic fumes on multiple occasions. Calm down, anon. Stop taking this so personally? Also, learn to sage your OT.

Best part is his $50 a month is now at least $200 in total with zero prints sent his way. You would think these guys would cut their losses at some point. I remember there were people who hadn't received their patreon rewards as far back as December 2016, fairly recently, I wonder if she's caught up on them at all yet?

It's cute that she's always biting from lolcow. The drawanon tanktops she threw a bunch of patreon money at, calling herself "momokunt", the "moo" socks she got recently, now this? What does she think she achieves with this? Are we supposed to be bothered that she's such a sad sack that she has to follow and participate in her own hate threads? kek.

No. 424388

Before I clicked on this picture I thought it looked really nice.
Then I zoomed on her face and bam gone.
Still like the colours in it. Better than her normal boring white sheets bedroom background

No. 424397

Even Yaya's Lulu looked rough and Yaya is leagues better at crafting than Moo…I'd love to see her try lol

No. 424409

yaya's face is rough, she can't pull off lulu

No. 424436

Yaya is also in her mid thirties though, so it's kind of understandable if her face is looking a little rough. Mariah is in her early twenties and is looking just as rough if not worse. Moo lulu would be a nightmare.

No. 424443

File: 1502914988762.png (54.35 KB, 720x318, Screenshot_2017-08-16-13-19-31…)

No. 424444

File: 1502915023401.png (48.36 KB, 720x332, Screenshot_2017-08-16-13-19-38…)

No. 424447

Lol did nobody else notice the constant sniffing? Stuff some more coke in your fucking face why don't ya? Unless she conveniently says she was sick during that filming, she has the exact mannerisms of a coke head. Sinuses are fried.
Plus the way she talks, the complete lack of shame, I think a lot of these Patreon girls are just using their money to party and do drugs in all honesty. I didn't believe it so much with moo because I thought she'd be too much of a pussy to do heavy drugs but if these are the people she's around…

No. 424454

Arab backgrounds? Is she trying to pretend that she's more than just Lebanese now? Funny how she used to hype her Italian side and hide the Lebanese side and now it's reversed so she can try to get points for being a poc and muslim.

No. 424461

The shitty oil stains on everything is so bad. Why would you ruin a costume like this.

No. 424466

Yeah but yaya did that costume a good 10+ years ago is what I was trying to say…actually I think the only decent Lulu I've seen is Indra.

No. 424468

File: 1502917340724.jpg (215.07 KB, 466x700, 5f9b40217ebc2b2a8df5e4f06f6106…)

Ok it was like 14 years ago…so wouldn't it be about the same age?

No. 424472

The difference is that he's actually fit. He just milks the Hanzo cosplay over and over.

No. 424507

TBF, it could just be Moo's house is a dust riddled nightmare. How often do you think she vacuums? If Sabrina has even a mild dusty allergy I'll bet Moo's place is hell for her. She was having trouble with her eyes too which I relate to having a severe dust allergy.

No. 424525

this looks like my bf in drag…

No. 424533


I think Yaya should get a pass for not having a pretty face because she actually makes her costumes. It's not like Moo who literally shoves her hamhocks into a too small costume and that's it. Those types of cosplayers are literally just marketing themselves as models. Yaya markets herself as a costume designer. Don't get me wrong, I don't like Yaya, but her looks are not what she solely relies on to make it in the cosplay world.

No. 424535

File: 1502925303000.png (451.8 KB, 1080x698, moarbutter.png)

"hey y'all i'm paula dean and this is my cindy cosplay! hope y'all like it :^)"

No. 424538

there's that smudge on her thigh pretending to be an ass again.

No. 424540


I love the reveal that yet again she could not find thigh highs that could fit her girth. She probably had to cut those holes in the feet so that she could pull them up higher, since her legs stretched them out so much they were more like knee socks. Or they're some weird dancing socks she had to special order in her size. Either way it doesn't make sense to wear them with boots unless it was the only thing that could fit.

Moo, you are too fat for socks. TOO FAT FOR SOCKS. That's when you know you have a problem.

No. 424541

her socks are ripped wtf is this

No. 424545

Did she lose one of her nail? Speaking of nails, why would Cindy have long black talons as a car mechanic?

No. 424546

And you just know the bitch is too cheap to go to Sock Dreams or any of the other specialty places that has thigh highs for lardasses. Nope, she has to milk them $2 specials from Walmart!

No. 424552

File: 1502926606383.png (134.86 KB, 750x1187, IMG_2723.PNG)

Kek "strong quads"

No. 424553

Her nails trigger me the most out of anything she ever does. I'm betting that she hasnt filled them in in so long that you just can't see the nail on that finger because it's grown out and blends in with the sock

No. 424554

this isn't how anything works.

No. 424555

haha still cant get over the fact that this bitch went to the beach dressed as a mechanic

No. 424556

Seriously. I get freaked out when my nails have gone even a day over 2 weeks. It must hurt to do anything with them.

No. 424557

except the part where she got big fake titties and made them the forefront of her brand for 4+ years until she realized the creeps she was getting. i mean, atleast she knows those creepers are a problem.

No. 424558

If she wanted to play mechanic at a beach. Why not have her posing near some boats? Or buy some car with the beach in the background? Afterward she could have done some beach shots.

Oh wait, Moo never played the games.

No. 424559


Again with the stupid faces. She is utterly incapable of being sexy.

No. 424566

these shorts are disgusting. It's almost like she got some stretch denim pants from good will and cut them herself thinking it looked good…you can just go to a gogo/stripper shop and find better micro shorts..

No. 424580

File: 1502929235434.png (604.88 KB, 933x596, Screenshot 2017-08-16 at 5.20.…)

No. 424583

File: 1502929487170.png (591.93 KB, 935x597, Screenshot 2017-08-16 at 5.24.…)

No. 424592

Can we keep the Yaya talk to her own thread? It's OT here. Farmhands have already requested we stay on topic in order to keep the momokun thread in /pt/.

Looks even worse without the jacket on as it's even more obvious it's just a bra and not a bikini top like it should be. Also, did she try to paint her abs on?

No. 424597

She looks so dirty. I know so many people said this already, but it's so obvious how dirty she is without her jacket.

G r o s s

No. 424605

What is this face she's making? And the thigh highs look so ridiculous

No. 424607

>dem hairy arms
>dat uncovered pink hair
shitshow all around

No. 424608


she looks like she's falling over drunk bottom right

No. 424610

It looks like she has her mouth open in 99% of her photos to hide the fact that her face has gotten really fat.

Fuck her arms are as big as the other girl's head. I can already imagine Momokunt going online to tell people that it is muscle or they're a genetic from her dad.

No. 424619

Her posing is like horrible or forced acting. Just relax and be natural, moo. Her expression and pose is tragic and I feel awful for having to look upon it.

No. 424623

Her nails and that bra… is that even the right color? Jesus fuck. I mean, at least it's the only shot she looks kinda happy with, probably cause there's alcohol in that cup. >_>

Does Yaya even still have a thread?

No. 424627

File: 1502932511791.png (94.01 KB, 720x526, Screenshot_2017-08-16-18-11-49…)

Door mats only. You deleted people who were critical of you. No wonder

No. 424629

File: 1502933008302.png (891.78 KB, 720x1171, Screenshot_2017-08-16-18-21-25…)

No. 424630

wasn't the cat sick???

No. 424634

That poor cat looks miserable poor thing it must be in such pain. Wasn't she just spouting off about bringing her to the ER?

No. 424635

that cat wants to die

No. 424637

aw the cats face is making me sad. did she explain what was wrong with her?

No. 424638


Fucking lord she is such a lumpy mess


Except you literally deleted anyone who didn't kiss your ass. Go fuck yourself.


Wasn't she so worried and acting like the cat was on it's deathbed? Surely this isn't another case of Moomoo lying her fat ass off for sympathy?

No. 424640

File: 1502934995298.png (631.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-16-18-53-03…)

Is this bad shooping or are her thighs really just that lumpy from lipo?

No. 424642

not only did her thigh highs roll all the way down, but the pose looks ridiculos, and she's literally filthy…..she was wearing a jacket when she covered herself in dirt/grease right…? or is that just her own filth because goddamn that's nasty. she's shooped here too lol. this is a mess all around.

No. 424650

File: 1502936256179.png (138.33 KB, 304x403, 20170816_191643.png)

No. 424651


Luna is that you?

No. 424653


. . . Shoot me

No. 424655

File: 1502936823527.png (532.77 KB, 604x600, Screenshot 2017-08-16 at 7.26.…)

Not sure if this was posted but if anyone needs a pic of her lipo marks..

No. 424658

File: 1502936969138.jpg (25.76 KB, 304x403, MOOCAT.jpg)

No. 424662

Her lipo marks under her chest, her belly button and the line of her stomach makes a smiley face

No. 424665

I really do feel bad for that poor cat, it looks utterly abject. Poor kitty probably only exists to be an accessory to moomoo's vanity. A companion of mere convenience. Not taken care of, not cherished, not loved. Just a prop.

I'm sorry, poor catto has me feeling things.

No. 424666

her head is so small compared to the rest of her it's hilarious

No. 424667

RIP Moomoo's neck. Without a neck, that peanut head stands out against her enormous body.

That cat looks like it's saying, "End my misery, please.".

No. 424672

It's always sickening how she doesn't see pets as pets, but props for her photos. She just said her cats in pain but man handles it for a quick selfie. It's just like if she sees a stranger with a dog. I hope one of these days an animal bites her in the face.

No. 424673

Some of the responses to Cindy on her subreddit lmao
>ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag
That one got me. Lololol I have a sneaking suspicion this was a farmer's throwaway.
Without her constantly hovering as a mod it is starting to all go to hell.

No. 424674

File: 1502941597532.png (85.42 KB, 750x1065, IMG_0613.PNG)

Whoops forgot to drop the pic

No. 424676

I feel like you are reaching here.
Someone said that her cat is pretty old and well when cat's get older some of them wear it in on their face.
Had a couple of cats and some looked tired when they got older.
Maybe I just don't want to believe that she would fuck with her cat.
I mean she never really posted her that much so I doubt she only sees her as a accessorie.
I still wonder who looks after her when she and vamplette are gone for days.
I mean you can leave cats alone for a few days, still doesn't mean that you should all the time.
Especially because that cat is all alone. Pretty sure she is bored all day because I haven't seen any cat like decor from her videos (but who knows it's not like she gave me a house tour lol)

No. 424678

saging for OT but the beach is really nice.
Shame about the thing in front of it.

No. 424679

This photographer's style/editing really makes them stand out lol

No. 424680

For stupid kids who think they're freckles, freckles are not symmetrical!
I can't believe how much lipo she's had and she's STILl fat and lumpy

No. 424682

File: 1502942643354.png (156.41 KB, 500x522, 1500186496598.png)

>obvious lipo scarring
>cellulite everywhere
>veiny and horrible
>no neck

Should not have clicked enlarge. But seriously, I'm surprised she let this out. If I didn't know better I'd think this photog was deliberately highlighting how nasty her body is.

No. 424683

Do those marks go away? Lipo just for cosmetic reasons seems worthless if it will just leave a bunch of obvious scars. She could have probably coverrd them up with tattoo concealer though if she wanted to keep it secret.

No. 424687

File: 1502943283899.png (1.25 MB, 1764x2508, specimenmomokun.png)

not unless you exfoliate and moisturize will any scar go away..it seems like she did not wrap herself and quickly showed off her disfigured body to her doormats because ~she's not fat my dudes~

No. 424688

File: 1502943418959.jpg (177.47 KB, 1365x2048, 20785785_1628683490504816_5852…)

No. 424689

this is so fucking painful to look at LMFAO

No. 424690

This photog needs to learn retouching Jesus Christ.

No. 424691

varicose veins, rip

No. 424692

File: 1502944223992.jpg (1.98 MB, 2560x2413, 17-08-17-00-29-11-280_deco.jpg)

It's so interesting to shop her even if it's just with a shitty app.
You fully realize how fat she actually is

No. 424693

i love shopping momo. she is like really hard to make beautiful so it's a nice challenger for my shop skills

No. 424694

Can we stop with whiteknighting for her cat? As annoying as the "she's murdering her cat" posts are, the essay long cat whiteknight posts are 10x more annoying.

York in a box is my fav. Her skin is a dimpled, veiny, flabby mess.

No. 424695

File: 1502945551450.gif (2.2 MB, 357x238, disgustingsamus.gif)

I hope everyone who was at that even brought the appropriate amount of eye bleach to cleanse themselves after seeing this.

No. 424697

not sure if serious about york or love that he didnt retouch. which is surprising because he retouches all of his normal girls. So seeing momo in her natural state maybe york doesnt like being upstaged as largest creature in the cosplay community?

sage for slight ot

No. 424698

Is it me or has her face been getting really bloated lately? I guess anons talking about lipo ruining your proportions and pushing the fat to the fat cells you have left were right. I mean we used to talk about how her only saving grace was her relatively thin face and now it's so round and chubby.

No. 424699

She drinks alot. She parties almost every night. She eats out every night. She clearly is growing a guy despite lipo. And she probably smells like alcohol all the time

No. 424701

I really have no fucking idea how she thinks that mouth half open like a bloated corpse expression looks sexy. She seriously looks retarded, as in literally mentally challenged with that face. Interestingly enough she pulls off cute faces way better than these "sexy" ones because I guess her interpretation of sexy is being a tacky whore.

No. 424702

Generally round shapes are considered cute, and her face is the very definition of round.

No. 424711

Long time lurker
She has the same signs as someone who stumbles into the dubstep scene, hits the drugs super hard, haggard af all the time, and even talks like Riddim kids. Dresses like them too. There's probably a lot she gets into that nobody knows about ha

No. 424727

Stop fighting about her cat.

No. 424729

Look at the cats condition. When it's animals, we go down.

No. 424740

File: 1502961170543.png (56.46 KB, 737x513, IMG_6753.PNG)

Sure moo

No. 424747

File: 1502962446216.gif (1.93 MB, 500x281, sob.gif)

legit nothing funny to laugh about. this is fucking depressing. why would she do/post this. fuck her.

No. 424759

Overreacting. Cats aren't humans, their faces don't display "sadness" the same way human faces do. sure, she probably mistreats it, but we knew that before a zoom in on its face.

No. 424771

To be fair: I only have a cat tower, fountain and some toys, but my cat is allowed out and has fun there. Also, we play without toys too, maybe Mariah is more like that.

I'm just hoping the cat is fine.

No. 424778


Sure Moomoo. And you've totally stopped drinking too, huh? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit

No. 424793

i don't understand this, pho isn't -that- bad for you. the only issue is the sodium content, which you can lessen by not drinking all the b roth. but i guess moo needs to eat it every damn day to be happy. not trying to blog, but i've never 'cut out' anything 100% from my diet, but then, moo has no self control i guess.

No. 424795

She ate it every night for a week when she went to cali for the kanna shoot, and before that any chance she could.

No. 424810

File: 1502984611390.png (792.46 KB, 720x713, Screenshot_2017-08-16-19-20-34…)

>cuts pho
>not the sushi, KBBQ, alcohol and snacks she eats every single fucking night.

Sure, Jan. Be selective and see if you lose weight.

No. 424816

If she would at least cut the alcohol she would probably lose so much more weight. She probably has no idea the amount of empty calories she's taking in by all that drinking and she probably eats more while drinking as well.

No. 424817


Her skin looks like a fucking mess. But sure Moomoo, you've totally cut out pho and alcohol. And you're absolutely crushing you're workout routine according to your "trainer"

Like, does she think everyone is stupid or blind? Anyone with a functional brain stem can see she is full of shit.

No. 424819

she also likely drinks sugary booze.

No. 424821

why is her tummy so red?

No. 424824


Probably from wearing her shapewear for too long.

No. 424825

Sunburn. Remember, she's arab doesn't need sunscreen ;^)

No. 424826

Was this in the Anime Jungle store in LA?
The background looks so familiar

No. 424828

Okay maybe this seems nit picky but holy fuck. No cat wants to be held like that, and shaken. Especially not an old sick one .

And she doesn't have a carrier.. poor thing needs to feel secure

No. 424830

Idk man my cat likes being held like that, she also likes hugs when i first walk in the door.

But they already told us to stop fighting about the cat so meh.

No. 424832

w o w what's it like having met every cat in the world??

the carrier things dumb as shit but if she won't even buy furniture why would she bother trying to make travelling safer for her cat which i imagine rarely travels.

No. 424833

sage for OT but carriers do not make every cat feel secure. Mine hates it because he associates it with the vet. Please stop pretending you're the "all-knowing cat owner".

No. 424835

I actually think she looks alright here which is weird because she usually looks terrible when she's out normally

No. 424836

I kinda wanna see her line her cosplay up like, from first cosplay to the latest so she can see the just how much fabric it's taking her now. She's built like a loveseat now.

No. 424837

Jesus her legs are turning purple from the shorts cutting off her circulation.
Quit trying to squeeze into these costumes moo and wear shit that fits.

No. 424854

File: 1502994238286.jpeg (206.2 KB, 1365x2048, PSFix_20170817_152234.jpeg)

I swear it's so fucking hard to shoop this wale skinny. Used facetune and PS fix.

No. 424863

It's tragic that this was her a year and a half ago. It's like those before/ after drugs ads, except this is before/after bad choices.