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File: 1403851635351.jpg (3 KB, 160x90, weenus desu.jpg)

No. 426

Weenus/Venus/Penus Angelic thread

On her last video she (magically) dressed in a kawaii frilly Bodyline duressu. Does that mean she's coming back to milking the dolly image? Gosh she's so desperate for it yet I can't help but feel like it's the only thing she has…She got no one except her crazy mother.
I also feel that before,she was a carefree weaboo doing cooking,"kawaii" stuff,.. and it was much more fun to watch than her "~i'm shy and slow ^_^~ look at me stuffing my face with candy" boring act

No. 766

No. 782

They're living in a boat? WHAT, lol

No. 785

Yeah, they were since they moved because the rent is cheap as fuck.

No. 804

Well, at least she can say she's lived an interesting life.

No. 805

At least this time it isn't for tax evasion.

It is quite common in The Netherlands. If a city has a big canal there are probably some houseboats floating in it. In Utrecht we even had a red light district for a while where instead of houses with the ladies in front of the windows, they were in front of the windows of these houseboats.

No. 813

Really? I remember some pictures being posted on SR of a rather garish second-floor apartment in Rotterdam.

And the road running parallel to it was always congested with slowly driving cars, haha.

No. 814

That was their first choise but they didn't take the apartment anymore after everyone and their mom found out the adress because of Margo being stupid.

No. 816

It was always such fun to do the following games:
1. Guess how much ladies will actually try to lure you in instead of playing games on their phones, smoking, looking bored.
2. Spot the married man: Stare at a certain car, get off your bike and pretend to make a call. If said car suddenly speeds away, you know he is cheating.

No. 817

Well I guess they are lucky. Rotterdam has a lot of bad neighborhoods. If the apartments are cheap and garish, you can bet on it that your neighborhood will probably filled with petty thieves, white trash and junkies. I think it would have given a kid like Venus a heart attack, since she isn't really used to the outside world.

No. 837

Didn't they live at a shitty area in London though?

No. 842

He was being attacked by a group of internet crybabies and lashed out, hardly reason to have his entire career vanish imo. Not to mention the fact he apologized.

The new world of political correct bullshit just keeps getting worse and worse.

No. 844

Wrong thread?

No. 851

Oh yeah I don't know about that. But Venus always strikes me as a kid who doesn't have a lot of life experience. Especially because Marge used to keep her from making friends by homeschooling her. I mean her whole ''Waaah bra store so embarrassing'' tweet especially gave me the idea, that she has no clue how to act like a normal teen and not like a kawaii dolly desu.

No. 1063

Still nothing new, why are all big lulz-worthy snowflakes disappearing…

No. 1588

File: 1405008953681.png (360.79 KB, 526x525, 10419473_707787139256739_22625…)

She just promised many new videos with school being over.

No. 1590

I thought JonBenet Ramsey was dead?

No. 1639

She actually looks pretty nice here… Despite all the damn shoop.

No. 1644

She looks like a ghost…Venus stay out of your mothers make up!!

No. 1666

Compared to her old photos it isn't even /that/ much shoop anymore tho. I remember that she was only eyes and mouth when she started her living doll persona.

No. 1668


Not everybody likes looking like an old leather bag.

Pale skin is superior, and more free of melanoma.

No. 2076

No. 2115

File: 1405380383512.png (229.33 KB, 554x559, 10488055_709487435753376_91421…)

So innocent desu~

No. 2216

What's wrong with that, it's a towel. Oh my GOD SHOULDERS, how she has sinned. Seriously, stop. It's a cute picture, she's not showing cleavage; she's petting a cat.

No. 2217

Are you new? She did brag herself that showing skin is impure plus her mom called people making photos like this a slut.

No. 2221

Where did she say it's impure? I know she was bra shaming, is that what you're on about? But I can't remember her ever saying showing skin is impure seeming as she posted that pic when she was about 15 with her tits hanging out. Her mother prances around in next to nothing often, so I don't see how she has a problem with other people doing so. Anyhow this is not a sexual photo so I don't see the big deal. Correct me if i'm wrong, i'm sure you'll be happy too :)

No. 2223

It's either that or they are both big hypocrites. Same fag as above^

No. 2367

File: 1405520852385.png (376.5 KB, 526x524, 10559963_710516928983760_18337…)

Dat shoop.

No. 2374

I think Venus has become a bit more normal now they live in The Netherlands. I see less of her ''I am so dolly'' crap, and more of her just having fun. Is it true that she even goes to an actual school now and that Marge isn't homeschooling her anymore?

No. 2375

She said she just finished school on FB.

Btw, she changed her Tumblr layout and it is horrible, it looks all those nymphet fad Tumblrs.

No. 2376

No. 2404

How to become half-japanese gayz!

No. 2442

I think the thicker eyebrows suit her.

No. 2519

File: 1405638445712.png (537.11 KB, 526x525, 10387325_711255762243210_66918…)

I wish she always would dress like this but since her mom refuses to work she will always have to milk that weeb crap in order to to afford their lifestyle.

No. 2541

SJW found the video, sure will get tons of money with the views now:

No. 2545

Lol wow. Idiots. If they're so angry about the video then why view it? SJWs are some of the dumbest people on the planet. It's common knowledge these days that you can earn as revenue on YouTube so they dun goofed.

No. 2546

I think it's pretty telling that they're so butthurt about Venus trying to look half-japanese btu make no mention to the fact that she's just riding a japanese trend to look half-white.

No. 2548

She looks amazing here.

No. 2552

The comments at that post are even worse, there are plenty that basicly say people should murder her and all white people.

No. 2553

I've always been slightly repulsed by her but she looks stunning in this photo (+PS)

No. 2554

She actually looks cute here, and not in that retarded "am I kawaii? uguuuuu OuO" weeaboo way. Even considering she turned up the lightness and contrast, the style of makeup and her hair compliment her face better, too.

No. 2559

i wonder if that is how she'd like to dress and look all the time but margaret forces her to continue the weeb shit

No. 2563

I'm surprised by how good she looks here. Usually she looks ugly but here she looks great. I know it's a shitton of filters but the outfit, makeup, and hairstyle suit her well.

No. 2599

whats so funny is that 90% of the people saying this are probably white

No. 2777

I've been trying to find "uranus devilish" parody. anyone have it?

No. 2779

Venus copyright claimed it from everywhere.

No. 2783

Oh lawdy her whole tumblr makes me so angry.
"Yeah white people can't ask question here btw" gp back to your cotton field pls

No. 2784

If she was trying to look more Japanese why would she wear green contacts? Fucking idiot.

No. 2785

Because that is part of the trend.

No. 2835

Tumblr won't do anything, they pretty much allow anything that won't get them arrested or shut down.
There are a ton of blogs like that, they're entertaining.

No. 2846

that would be fine for a japanese person trying to look half, but she said this video is the opposite. with brown eyes she would look more japanese.just saying she has to work harder for it to work the opposite way.

No. 2856

like tumblr will give a shit. I've found legit childporn blogs for girls around age 14-17, and tumblr told me since I wasn't on the blog myself they couldn't do anything. I saw actual girls from the blog complain to tumblr support about this, but tumblr never responded to them. the staff literally does not give a shit. I know it was dumb of these girls to post nudes in the first place, but a child porn blog? thats fucked up.

No. 3225

Omg, she can speak normal.

No. 3242


My BDSM blog on Tumblr got banned in 2010 or 2011 and the ban email said it was for inappropriate pictures of minors (even though 99% of the pictures were from legit adult sites like Kink.com etc). All my pictures were frequently reblogged but no-one else had been banned and no images were removed. When I tried to ask support for exactly why I was banned or what I had posted that was against the rules I never received any replies.

Admittedly I had turned the blog into a bit of a misogynistic troll blog as I really enjoyed all the hate mail I received. I would frequently get pretty funny contradictory hate mail about how I'm violent and need to be beaten, or how I trivialise rape and deserve to be raped. But it was all pretty jokey and I would get ten times more fan mail laughing at the haters.

When I Googled for the exact wording of my ban email it seemed like it was pretty common for a Tumblr staff member called Meaghan (of Pitchfork fame: http://gawker.com/5473520/tumblr-screws-hipster-underclass-to-appease-hipster-overlords-at-pitchfork) to treat the site like her personal domain and ban anyone she didn't like. Her blog was full of feminism but she had banned a whole community of gay guys that disagreed with her about something I can't remember.

I later learned that it was a thing (and still is) for SJWs to report blogs they don't like as child porn. Maybe this is why support now doesn't take real child porn seriously?

Funny thing is, Tumblr is now full of BDSM blogs like mine. But I never created a new blog because why bother if they can arbitrarily ban you and never respond? I had thousands of followers and at least 20+ notes on every post but I never received a reply from support explaining why I was banned.

tl;dr Tumblr support sucks.

No. 3243


Self reply.

Also if they had banned me for copyright violation (it's not like I owned any of those pictures) or something similar then I would have been fine. It's the fact that they called me a pedo and refused to explain why that really pissed me off.

No. 3245

Man, I had no idea. This "Meaghan" girl seems like a self-important cunt.
Tumblr's just pretty sketchy overall, I'm kind of surprised it hadn't stopped being a "thing" long ago with all the frivolous reports, drama, illegal content, death threats, doxxing, etc.

No. 3253

I actually like this video. It is a nice clothing review and the clothes are actually cute instead of ill fitting ''dolly'' bullshit and shiny ass party city wigs. I really wonder now if they have some of those cardigans/sweaters in my size too, even though they are teen clothes.

No. 3319

Just BC u don't have pale skin it doesn't mean u have skin problems retard. Pale skin is sensitive to the sun and is more likely to have problems. It also ages faster.

No. 3320

Can't wait for Venus to start lookin old which should be soon

No. 3322

Your post doesn't make any sense at all, she is only 17 and most people don't look that much different to their late teens when being 20 besides the ones that go too much into tanning salons.

No. 3323

Agreed. JNig is a great example since she goes to the tanning salon 3-5 times a week and looks like 40-something year old leather despite only being 25.

No. 3325

I was talking about people who are natural tan. The person who I responded to said pale skin is "superior" which was fucking stupid.

It does ample sense what they said about her looking old soon. She already has nonexistent lips like an old person and just look at her mom.

I think all skin tones are nice I just don't think any are superior to each other….

No. 3326

Um…most people in their late teens look the same when they're 20 because 20 is that fucking far from being in your late teens. You said that as if you were comparing late teens to 30

No. 3327


No. 3329

It's retarded as fuck to value one skin tone over another. End of.

No. 3330

Pale skin makes you look younger are is much more beautiful.

No. 3331

you can be ugly af with pale skin or any kind of skin.

obviously you have pale skin and you're trying to get validation that you're a kawaii godess because of it but most likely you're an uggo like 60% of the population.

No. 3332

It's bullshit that pale skin makes you look younger. If you look old, you look old.

No. 3333

Being light is characteristic of neoteny. I though this was just common knowledge. Black girls are considered less attractive because they have black skin and masculine facial features. White girls who keep their skin light are far more sought after. Magazines always Photoshop black girls to have lighter skin, it does this with women in general.

No. 3334

except no one was talking about black girls. fuck off.

No. 3335

Black women don't all have the same type of features dummy.

No. 3336

All skintones are beautiful, for fuck's sake. Stop shitting up the thread with unnecessary shit.

No. 3337

the video was a fail in every way

No. 3350

ITT: Pasty basement dwellers trying to convince everyone they're kawaii by shitting on other skin tones.

I'm pretty sure >>1644 only said Venus looks 'like a ghost' because it's pretty obvious she shopped her skin paler, anyway. And before anyone says I'm 'jealous', I'm pale as fuck, myself.

No. 3351

I was talking about people in their 20, not people that are 30 and I wasn't even the anon you replied to in the first place.

No. 3359

File: 1406265591072.png (41.55 KB, 238x160, 1405798063733.png)

>Pasty-chan pretending looking like Casper magically makes her witch features kawaii

No. 3360


No. 3364

>>magically makes her witch features kawaii

No, I'm saying it's one feature, among many, that makes you prettier. I'm not just pale, I'm also very beautiful. I have a small nose and other kawaii features, unlike black girls.

No. 3368

File: 1406271552479.jpg (3.71 MB, 3200x2400, 140212495169.jpg)

>I'm not just pale, I'm also very beautiful. I have a small nose and other kawaii features, unlike black girls.

No. 3374


No. 3380


No. 3394

>I'm also very beautiful.
Confirmed for uggo

No. 3399

File: 1406302882085.jpg (12.52 KB, 236x330, c4ecda1ce11ec1196083dda09384a5…)

Don't compare me to PT. She is so far beneath me. I'm much paler naturally and not from just staying indoors. Pale people in general are far superior, but there are always exceptions. PT's skin tone is her only redeeming factor.

She also fails at makeup, which can ruin your superior paleness.

Here, see my beauty for yourself. Don't even bother trying to bash me in a jealous fit.

No. 3402


No. 3403


No. 3408

Top-tier aesthetics, 10/10

No. 3409

>>PT's skin tone is her only redeeming factor.

Except she's not pale.

No. 3412

Beautiful Chola. 10/10

No. 3421

File: 1406308653859.jpg (55.78 KB, 364x548, tumblr_n7g1rimtUh1te3etmo1_400…)

Do you really consider her tan, though, anon?

No. 3422

No. 3423

Well, she shopped herself light here. She's more like >>3368

No. 3432


Can we meet? I think I'm in love


No. 3433

Excuse you, I'm not a spic.
As you can see from my photo I'm a beautiful Caucasian woman.

At least she isn't shit colored.


No. 3440


Spics = Caucasians dumbass, look it up.

No. 3441


No. 3444

Chola can refer to any race actually:
They usually have thin, arched, angry looking tattooed-on or penciled-on eyebrows, brown or dark red lip liner, 'Monroe', eyebrow and nose piercings, tats, Converse or Nikes, flannel shirts, lots of gold jewlrey (with their name and crosses), crunchy gelled or moussed hair either down or gelled in a high perfect ponytail either straight back or gelled in a design, and they go out with cholos.

Fits >>3399 perfectly. Sadly I am not a cholo, seeing what a beauty she is. Or else she would go out with me.

No. 3453

You are stupid.
Common vernacular should tell you I'm talking about brown people.

God it's so frustrating being so smart and beautiful.

I wear very little makeup actually. Jealous? I thought so.

No. 3455

Jealous of your boyfriend. Why don't you respond to my advances my love. I always dreamed of a girl like you.

No. 3456

You've got to be trolling. There is no way you're serious.

No. 3457

No shit, Sherlock

No. 3458

No. 3460

I wasn't even the one that started it but I was wondering how shitty I could be before I was called out.

I wonder if Venus could make chola kawaii

No. 3466

Doubt it, chola eyebrows are never kawaii. I hope to see more of her in normal teen fashion, she looks happier and more like an actual teen girl. Same goes for her instagram pics. Maybe Maegret isn't pushing Venus anymore to be so tryhard kawaii

No. 3479

Oh give me a break shes still light as heck in that picture. Lighting also changes the way your skin tone looks. Like when people take shitty bathroom selfies in shitty orange lighting.

No. 3480

I agree she looks much cuter without all the kawaii dolly bullshit.

No. 3502

Doesn't Venus go to an actual school now? She probably toned down the dolly shit and then learned how to be a normal looking person there.

No. 3506

No, she doesn't anymore, she did graduate already.

No. 3510

She graduated, but she did for a time? I can see how being around kids her age helped calm her style choices down more.

No. 3515

It was only for like 3 months.

No. 3519

Plus she already started with that back in London at her fundraiser.

No. 3535

That sounds quite… Strange? She's been in school for only 3 months or so. Did the Netherlands accept Margaret's bullshit home schooling or what?

No. 3547

File: 1406454874491.jpg (40.28 KB, 500x627, rich girl1256272199.jpg)

Pale skin is a universal measurement of female beauty. Men are naturally more attracted to lighter girls, you can look that up. When given the choice, men always prefer woman of any other race than black. Keep trying to tell yourself that your shit colored skin is pretty, it's not. If it's natural, it's ugly. If it's from tanning, it's ugly. Enjoy being the second woman, black men are unfaithful for a reason.

No. 3549

Well, home schooling still counts as school and even if your education was shitty, most countries will still put you in the class that people of your age are at.

No. 3551

File: 1406459991367.jpg (203.21 KB, 640x480, paleness.jpg)

Why are you trying so hard?

No. 3552

I wonder. Usually we are very strict. I know a girl who got her diploma in Tunesia and when she came to the Netherlands it wasn't accepted and while she didn't have to start from the bottom, she still had to do 3 years of high school. Maybe when she said she graduated she meant that she is going to the next year?

No. 4151

No. 4153

Poor Margo, seems like she will have to find a job soon since they wont have much of an icome without her videos.

No. 4156

In addition: Nekonyapii did fall for the same network scam too, they basicly get the access over all your YouTube channel and income, the only solution is deleting all old videos and making a new account.

No. 4161


After doing some research I still don't understand what this company is; can you explain further how this scam works and how Venus may have fallen for it?

No. 4163


They basicly to promise you to get more money with them instead of being a YouTube partner, the contract you sign:
"This email is to inform you that I, __________ authorize YouTube to link my YouTube Account ___________ to Maker Studios’ YouTube Account. I understand that by requesting this change, I am terminating my partnership on good terms with YouTube. I understand that once my YouTube Account is linked to the Maker Studios’ YouTube account, Maker Studios will receive any YouTube revenue generated by the YouTube Account that was formerly mine, and Maker Studios will be solely responsible for the ongoing administration of that YouTube Account."

After you signed it, you will get a mail from YouTube that the network is now in charge of your account:
"Hi YouTube channel owner,

We have terminated your partnership with YouTube. Don’t panic! Your network contact will be in touch with you soon to finalize joining their network. They will be sending you an email with detailed instructions shortly. In the meantime, if you wish to join the network, please hold tight! If you accept invitations to monetize with other networks or re-initiate your partnership with YouTube directly, this will interrupt the transfer process.

Network owner: we’ve unlinked this channel from their existing content owner. Please allow up to an hour for our servers to process the change.

YouTube Partner Operations"

If you search for "Marker Studios Scam" you will find plenty videos and posts about how many people did fall for their BS already, including semi-famous YouTubers.

No. 4172


Isn't that just how Youtube networks work? I don't see where the scam is.

Even Pewdiepie is part of Polaris which is a Maker subnetwork.

The point of joining a network is that you get access to music licenses, promotions, more relevant ads with higher CPC, etc. But there's absolutely no point in joining if you're some tiny little channel that can't capitalise on what networks offer you.

Even stuff that everyone complains about like Youtube's 50% cut, Makers 40% cut, etc (leaving you with 30% of revenue) is actually really competitive compared to traditional methods.

No. 4174

It is a scam because you will never get a working access to your network accounts from them and therefor no money.

No. 4182

Seems like big nosed Beckii fell for the same scam. She still has her videos up though.

No. 4192

Your videos don't go away on its own but it is the only way to avoid that the company gets your money since they get the full control over your adsense.

No. 4193

Seems like the problem got solved, she is still a minor so the contract wasn't valid anyways.

No. 4273

File: 1406816392408.jpg (51.1 KB, 851x314, 10562930_717175421651244_66520…)

I can't get over her current FB timeline image.

No. 4298

it's me or there's some strong hairy armpit game going on this pic?

No. 4300

Didn't even notice it until you pointed it out, judging from her outfit video it is indeed armpit hair.

No. 4301

wow.sooooo inspiring desu~~~
yeeaaah, i bet she's going to end up looking like her crazy mother. gives me the creeps

No. 4304

Not gonna lie, I think that skirt is super cute.

No. 4316

agree.she keeps saying how "naturally dolly" she actually looks but she doesn't.plus ,now that she's gained weight her face looks like a giant fucking potato. she looks like an average european with makeup and contact lenses to me. she looked kinda dolly years ago but these days are over lol

No. 4324

File: 1406838716511.jpg (30.93 KB, 557x557, 10456011_716407421728044_54486…)

That's only how her face looks, has nothing to do with gaining weight, she is actually starving herself quite often.

No. 4331

It looks like she's sucking it in here. She doesn't look unhealthy or anything though.

No. 4333

This outfit is so very Kelly Bundy now that I think about it…

No. 4346

Probably wearing her mom's clothes like usual.

No. 4355


I was thinking the exact same thing. I want it.

No. 4366

she's so pretty and has such a nice tan skintone here. too bad the bitch can't act.

No. 4367

that color hair is ugly af. needs to go more blonde, or more brown….idek it doesn't look good on her.

No. 4368

She probably doesn't use toning shampoo. Bleached blonde hair normally goes yellow after a while if you don't maintain it properly.

No. 4382

shes obviously sucking her stomach in. IMO shes chubby. not fat but chubby. i lold when i saw the comments saying she needs to eat smth because she looks extremely skinny LOL

No. 4386

She isn't chubby at all, just skinnyfat.

No. 4397


There is something wrong with you if you legitimately believe she is chubby or skinnyfat.

She is a slim and perfectly healthy weight for her height and age.

No. 5015

Because some US convention invited her as guest and pays here everything, there will be tons of fanmeets.
Anyone of you going?

No. 5061

File: 1407179893576.jpg (261.92 KB, 952x725, olivia palermo w bikini.jpg)

Skinnyfat refers to someone who is thin but has a high bf% and neglected muscles. Usually people like this look nice in clothing but flubbery when naked. The bodyfat/muscle mass ratio is actually much more important than just weight - it's likely that someone who is fit but chubby is a lot healthier than someone who weighs little but sits on their ass all day every day. Generally when someone claims to eat like shit without exercising or getting fat, they look like this.
I personally don't pay enough attention to Venus to make judgements about her health, though. Just explaining the terminology.

Pic is completely unrelated (?) Palermo I found on the Googles.

No. 5069

File: 1407181770634.jpg (155.29 KB, 400x533, 131225083424.jpg)

Keep telling yourself that, tubby. If your fat, but work out, you're still fat. You're just the stocky version of fat. It all depends on how your body fat distributes itself.

No. 5091

I'm actually one of those people who sits on their ass all day but weighs very little (TMI: similar to the girl in your pic but a bit flabbier and with cellulite on my thighs). Sure most fat people are less healthy than I am but I also know a girl who is bigger than me who can jog up two flights of stairs without breaking a sweat. When I try that I end up like a sweaty tomato and start grabbing for my non-existant inhaler.
People of all sorts of shapes and sizes can be unhealthy, lazy shits! Let's hold hands and sing, anon~

No. 5196

No. 5223

Is that Orange?

No. 5228

couldn't be. no potato nose or fugly hair

No. 6280

File: 1407687508636.png (196.13 KB, 553x612, Venus.png)

Have fun, she will stay there for some weeks before her final travel to Canada, she got invited as special gues for Otakuthon and they pay her everything.

No. 6291

Her mouth makes me uncomfortable. I can see old-lady Venus already.

No. 6292

Well, she does look like her mom at this photo, the only difference is that her nasal and undereye lines aren't as deep as hers yet.

No. 6299

Who wants to bet they'll try immigrating to the USA or Canada next? Canada actually has standards for their potentional immigrants, such as having a legit skill they can use in their country. The USA however… They'll welcome them with open arms despite them being leeches.

No. 6300

They just moved few weeks ago and are almost bankrupt from moving so often and having to pay the damage of the house boat, Margo even said she is sick of moving so that won't happen again anyways.

No. 6423

I can't speak for Canada but the US does not take tax evasion lightly. You do NOT fuck with the IRS.

No. 6424

Haha that is true. I don't know why their British tax evasion slipped my mind. Try that in the US and she could do 20 years in the slammer.

No. 6503

No. 6504

Lmao wow

No. 6891

Now they even try to milk Robin William's death for attention, hell, Venus never saw her father according to all her interviews.

No. 7458

Normalfags are sooo boring..

No. 8284

New video, she's jumping on the Frozen bandwagon long after it departed. Seems like she wants to be a regular ~makeup guru~ now.


No. 8295


No. 12020

File: 1410220625886.jpg (69.48 KB, 640x960, 10649988_731612553540864_52840…)

I am suprised nobody posted about her awful modeling for BTSSB/AatP yet.

No. 12023

The coord is horrid, but she looks nice here.

No. 12024

She made the same strange poses, that she also made for the Bodyline photos, at the fashion show tho.

No. 12025

Either her mouth moves in unnatural ways, or that audio is off

No. 12028

Why is she so bad at posing…

No. 12057

Looks like she is surfing, also looks like she has a dirty sock on her head.

No. 14764

So Goth Loli…not, I think it is one of her worst tutorials and she already did many bad ones.

No. 14854

File: 1411695155436.jpg (45.81 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ncdj96Wgj91qlkpdmo1_500…)

What is on her eyes? Is that lace…?
And can we talk about this selfie? She looks 9.

No. 14857

If you would have watched the video the question would have answered itself, it is lashes.

No. 14863

What's with snowflakes and big foreheads lately? That doesn't look natural at all.

No. 14870

I think she looks cute in this, though.

No. 14893

She needs to stop making all these alternative makeup tutorial videos; it's so obvious she doesn't even care about the fashion or know much about it. She needs to admit that her dolly/alternative phase is over, it's not like her new vids of her more normal teen clothes are bad. In fact, they're substantially less cringeworthy than a lot of her dolly era vids.

No. 14960

Her forehead is huge, she looks deformed

No. 16484

File: 1412384379761.jpg (105.23 KB, 960x576, 10354879_743740202328099_56911…)

Another BTSSB modeling photo.

No. 16517

Some of these girls look as if they have downs.

No. 16598

File: 1412436343926.jpg (141.94 KB, 500x667, images.jpg)

Does anyone know what happened to the winners of VA's 'living doll' contest? I remember hearing that only one or two of the girls ever actually received their prize packages, and the contest host 'Lily' mysteriously disappeared from the internet afterwards. There was a rumour that she was checked into a mental health institution?
my personal suspicions were that she was one of margaret's sock puppet accounts all along but there's no evidence, people seem to have forgotten all about what a fiasco it was.
it's worth noting that one of the wigs, a pastel rainbow blend, showed up on Venus's head a couple months after the contest ended.
reposting since first image was for ants.

No. 16599

I thought she got that wig from Dreamy Bow's stall at Hyper Japan or MCM tbh.

No. 16602

you can find the same style of wig all over ebay. i never saw her cite where she obtained hers, though.
the facebook page was obv. deleted and the wayback machine doesn't have archived images, but there were pictures of this wig and a few other cosplay-ish styles on the tigerlilycute contest page.
if i remember correctly, her long blue/teal wig was another that was being offered.

No. 16616

Some got their prices, some not.

No. 16618


I was one of the girls that won and I never got shit, and the girl that was co-hosting the competition deleted her Facebook shortly after >:l

No. 16620

These wigs are everywhere… At much better prices than that shitty stall.

I'm still surprised the scam competition never got that much attention.

No. 16675


I was also one of the girls who one, I got my prizes. Don't worry though, they weren't that great. The wig was okay, besides that everything else was crap. I think I only got mine because I complained about not getting them and the post got some attention.

No. 16676

No. 16677

File: 1412481712015.png (16.9 KB, 485x295, 1.png)

I went back to find my messages on "Lily's" excuses. I found it really creepy because I complained on a form that no where had my name or any link, completely anon and yet she still found me.

Photo 1

No. 16678

File: 1412481761048.png (20.45 KB, 483x348, 1.png)


No. 16764

File: 1412535141849.png (19.99 KB, 481x335, 1.png)

It was weird that this "lily" person was doing this for nothing in return, no publicity no anything. Just a random person giving away free stuff for Venus?

No. 16805

Also someone who won, and never got any prizes. When I messaged her asking if/when she needed my address, she made it out like I was harassing her, and that other people were too over the contest.

No. 16806

File: 1412559705186.png (20.83 KB, 500x463, lily whatserface.png)

I still had the chat in my inbox, but her messages are gone since she deleted her page. My reaction to her probably makes it obvious how over the top her reaction was though.

No. 16811

same here. won one of the pro tier slots, messaged lily, gave my address out, never received any kind of explanation or mail package.

No. 17239

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_2a7daC1hM Help I'm scared - wtf is this shit.

No. 17252

Seriously wtf was she thinking… 38 minutes of this shit?

I never noticed quite how much she looks in (what I assume) is the camera screen. She looks so in love with herself when she's watching it the whole time at the end.

No. 17255

Looks like she is gaining weight again too. It was a terrible video, I thought she was getting better at improving content but noooo.

No. 17257

lmao what
She's doing ASMR now?

No. 17773

Her ASMR channel, it is quite obvious that she doesn't get ASMR since it is about creating calming noises with things, not annoying people with your voice:

No. 17789

i really think she just loves the sound of her own voice. that's the only reason i can think of for her making these videos. she should be aware that her voice just isn't soothing with all the complaints she's gotten over the years.

No. 17798

Yeesh. I'm really into ASMR, it helps a lot with my anxiety, but Venus is so poorly suited for the job.

No. 17806

I feel like Princess Peachie's voice is super suited for ASMR, her voice sounds calming, sweet, and genuine. Her videos always calm me down and I can fall asleep to them because they're peaceful.
I feel like Venus is just doing this to try to get more people to watch her? like she's trying to get an even bigger amount of people to watch her

No. 17816

I also think Peachie's voice is really relaxing!

As for Venus doing ASMR videos…I'm sure she will get better. There are quite a few people on YT with somewhat annoying voices imo who seem to be doing well with it.

No. 17873

she's doing it for views bc she's running out of ideas.

No. 17875

And money, don't forget the money.

No. 19018

File: 1413993526448.jpg (29.06 KB, 526x526, 1526980_753698494665603_399146…)

Her editing skills go downhill again.

No. 19020

Why doesn't she just invest in a light reflector, hell you can even make one with tinfoil at home.

I doubt she's so hideous that she NEEDS all this shooping, come on. Why doesn't she take more normal/natural photos? It would look better.

No. 19024

I remember that she used reflectors before but it seems like her fans are more into her looking 2D, at least they always complain at her natural photos.

No. 19053

I…think this looks cute though…

No. 19054

My thoughts exactly. I didn't say shit because I didn't want to get accused of being a thirsty white knight.

No. 19098



No. 19159

Her figure is so skinny and nice.
But she became so normalfag and boring. Her things are ew for 2 or 3 exceptions (the sailor blouse,the totoro cape and maybe the polka dot dress)
Venus is getting boring and normalfag and not dolly

No. 19181

Them roots. She's going to go bald soon from all that hair bleach and heavy extensions.

No. 19183

Can excessive hair dye really make u go bald?

No. 19184

If yous scalp gets damaged from constant bad self-bleaching, yes.

No. 19214

Yeah, normal venus isnt cringe like her dolly phase or weeb phase. But at least she was entertaining.

No. 19238

She just announced that she will be in a TV show again talking about her lifestyle as doll, seems like she will never be abel to get out of it as long as this is their main source of income.

No. 19436

No. 19462

In fear of sounding like a Venus white knight, I feel like she's really grown into herself lately. I think she's actually kind of likeable when she's not doing the weeny dolly shit and how to look like a half Kawaii uguu tutorials.
Her brassy dye job is so awful. What happened to her white-blonde hair, anyway? It was still fried but at least it was long and the right color.

No. 19865

why do you have such a hatestiffy for a person on the internet, christ

she#s going to be a guest at eirtakon this year and some people were fairly anal about her, saying they want to kill her and so on

No. 19869

I don't think they were being seriously, Anon…

No. 19901

she's probably doing that on purpose, look up ASMR
everyone and their mom does apparently.

No. 19902

What's the music she listens to in this?

No. 22883

File: 1415810137497.jpg (27.91 KB, 370x555, 10547468_767181106650675_37420…)

This looks so bad…

No. 22903

So kawaii Venus obaa-san desuu~

No. 25920

I figured that maybe she's trying to get more into normalfag fashion because she's actually going to a real school now (I'm pretty sure) and can no longer wear 'dolly clothes' all the time like when she was home-schooled. Also, it gives her a much broader potential audience.

Yes! I feel like I melt a little inside every time the says "Baby, the Stars Shine
Bright". The way she says it just sounds so romantic and dreamy.

No. 25964

She doesn't seem to go to school anymore since they are traveling the whole world again for milking the remains of her efame at cons.

No. 26050

I tried to watch her wardrobe video to understand your POV but I couldn't find a a single example in the video even after skipping around extensively.
every other second:

I always wondered why lolitas seemed to have a hateboner for this girl.

No. 26296

where's the video that was posted with her and her mother? it was her an hour ago or so

No. 26325

Do you mean the interview that was posted on /cgl/? Or something else entirely?

I'm surprised no one posted this here already.

No. 26327

This video is everything that is wrong with the world.

No. 26360

I feel so bad for Venus, having Margaret as her mother.

No. 26369

Margaret looks like an even more haggard version of Red from Orange is the New Black here.

No. 26375

i've commented before on how venus has a really ugly, pudgy "old woman" face, but…it looks worse than usual in this video?? she's just a big doughy, shiny mess. she needs to learn how to contour more than anything, i think.

venus will be a lot better off when margaret dies. she is an awful influence on her and always looks like a parody of the stereotypical trashy european alcoholic skank.

No. 26386


I think Venus is very pretty. I feel sorry for her, that entire interview, jesus.
Her mother is so fucking manipulative, patronizing, condescending, and controlling. How can she have her daughter paying all the bills and isolating her like that?

That interviewer was boss calling out Margaret multiple times.

No. 26391

I hate Margret for doing this to Venus. I finally had the feeling with her going to school and all that she could have a normal life. As a Dutch person i was so glad they moved to the Netherlands, because that meat that Margret wasnt allowed to home school anymore. As far as i know you need a degree in teaching for that if your child is not disabled. I only know one mom that was allowed to homeschool and her child has severe autism and freaked out at school/became aggresive with teachers. So i hoped she would have at least 2 years of normal school life. Because you cant drop out until you are 18. Is she still living in the Netherlands? Because you are obliged to attent school until 18. And if you miss too much days at school an official will stop by to check what is wrong (for example: Is your child indeed stricken with severe mono or is your child commiting truancy. And if so do the parents know about this?)

No. 26392

This interview is such a trainwreck. I feel sorry for Venus. Margret keeps interrupting her and answering for her. It really shows the controlling and manipulative side of Margret.

No. 26393

I saw venus at eirtakon at the weekend and margaret just helicopter'd around the entire time, it actually made me so sad. Venus couldn't do anything by herself without margaret standing over her. Lots of people were being friendly and wanted to hang out with her but margaret staring everyone down the entire time made it so uncomfortable and weird.
She's a grown woman… how pathetic do you have to be to not let your daughter have fun and make friends at an anime convention just because you don't have any friends of your own? I'm not saying venus is this poor victim incapable of fault or anything but I still feel really bad for her. Margaret is such a bad mother and I wouldn't be surprised if she was physically or mentally abusive to venus behind closed doors, she's so controlling.

No. 26394

Margrets reaction on the video (she got a lot of hate in the comments on youtube)
Don't forget: you are watching an edited video, not a live interview. 50 minutes of material cut down to 12, well I guess I have no choice, this is entertainment industry. You get invited, fucked and lol bye. Whatever you do is wrong, the interviewer tricked me. I learnt from it. Venus will not change, why should she? She has this personality and look, and yeah someone was right that it is hard for her and for me to understand that Venus feels normal looking and acting like this and it's not harmful at all. Instead of thanking me letting her being herself, I am asked why I force (dafuk) her to do this. I answer 10 times, the 10th answer is getting it into the interview when I'm already upset, well lol shall I hang myself or shit. I've heard this interviewer has this tactic with everyone. Lesson learnt. BTW he said something like he doesn't have contact with his mother, and made Venus so angry the last sentence was Venus saying: : "I so much would like to punch you in the face". Cut out of course!
Bloody manipulative interview it was, learning lesson I must. 

No. 26395

Btw if someone could screencap the reaction on youtube that would be great. I am on ipad so cant do it right now.

No. 26396

Margaret makes Venus look like a brainless doll sometimes. She answers for her and manipulates everything she says. I'm sure she coached Venus into not giving answers. She looked like she was going to cry in the interview because she looked so confused and could not speak for herself. And note how Margaret has no real job and is just using Venus as a means of income. Perhaps why she is so controlling of Venus. Because if Venus realizes she does not need Margaret she would be homeless or off committing crimes.

The interviewer kept making a point that Venus is 17 and is pretty much an adult. You could see the fear in Margaret's eyes when he said that. She got super defensive and kept repeating "She will turn 18 and? And then what?!" And then she will turn into an adult and think about leaving. I'm sure if Venus ever stopped the living doll thing or had no income Margaret would force her into the doll stuff by being very mentally abusive. She always blames other people for her crazy bitch reactions. I'm sure they had to cut the interview because it was mostly Margaret talking and Venus looking like a "Brainless doll." I'm sure they cut it to make the interview seem less hostile so they wouldn't be seen as fucking crazy but too late for that.

No. 26397


Pretty much how Margaret treats Venus, but more controlling since she will call Venus a whore if she dates and NEVER lets her outside alone or do an interview by herself Still a funny watch

No. 26398

>And note how Margaret has no real job and is just using Venus as a means of income.

here, actually I was at her Q&A and someone asked her what she wanted to do after school, if she had a profession in mind that she wanted to enter or did she want to do youtube, etc. Venus said she didn't because you can't earn a living from youtube and you wouldn't be able to live off it.

Which begs the question; if this is true (which I very much doubt myself), is there something either Venus or Margaret are doing on the side to earn more money if youtube isn't enough? I just can't see it tbh.

No. 26399

I wonder if Margret even realizes that Venus cant keep doing this forever. Now she is a teenager with teenage fans who think it is all cutesie. But Venus will grow older and so will her fans. Her fans now will grow out of their weeby fase and she wont attract new ones because an old woman prancing around in jfashion is just creepy and not cute or inspiring.

No. 26400

She knows it but she's in denial. Why do you think she is in a hurry all of a sudden to get venus to attend these meet and greets all over the world at conventions? She knows venus doesn't have a lot of time before her popularity starts waning (which it already has and has been doing for a while) so she is milking free flights and hotels while she still has the chance.
It's probably also (partially) the reason why venus is doing normal type videos nowadays, she's looking to attract a new audience. She growing older so she needs a newer, more mature persona for people to watch since as you said no one will watch someone who isn't a cutesy teenager doing these things. But also she is probably acting more normal and interested in mainstream fashion since she goes to school now.

No. 26401

You are probably right. I do hope Venus will go to college though. She seems bright enough to do so. I mean even the most professional sportspeople have a degree or are studying to get one, because they know that they will be too old at a young age and need something to secure their future.

No. 26403

What gets me is that Jen Okazaki is obviously intended to be a caricature and stereotype, but here is Margaret displaying all the exact same traits. Margaret is fucking Venus up so much, Venus has been conditioned and trained to do exactly what she wants and act exactly how she wants. I feel like Venus would genuinely be lost without her mother, and Margaret knows it and that's how she wants it. Venus has no one else as far as I'm aware: no friends and little/no other family.

No. 26412

File: 1416930353713.gif (916.69 KB, 500x320, giphy.gif)

Oh my god, it's so true! I can't believe I never made that connection before. It totally is Margaret and that's actually really sad.

No. 26421

Pretty much. Venus has a pear shaped head and really could benefit from some contouring.

No. 26422


I think she has a heart shaped face.

I really don't get you girls saying she's ugly or has an unfortunate face shape. She's a pretty girl, she's really cute, try as you might you can't take that away from her.

Her mom on the other hand…

No. 26428

>Do you mean the interview that was posted on /cgl/?
Yes, I confused my browser tabs. Thanks for posting it, it's truly terrible

No. 26446

I thought it was round?
I can kinda get why people are calling her ugly, because she does make a big deal about her looks and how doll like she is. But she really isn't ugly, I'm incredibly jealous of her nose. The only feature I can see as a "flaw" is her lip shape/size.

No. 26450

Since when did I say she was ugly or have an unfortunate face shape? There are 7 facial shapes and none are "unfortunate." All I'm saying is that she should wear makeup that's more flattering to her facial type. Way to put words in my mouth.

No. 26451

This video is so very cringeworthy. I wanted to punch Marge in the face only a few minutes through. Good lord, why is this woman always so angry???

No. 26453

Same ! At first I wasn't fond of Venus but she didn't bother me that much and I found Margaret to be cringe worthy at best but she really is manipulative. She doesn't even do it for Venus interest she does it for herself, that makes me so fucking mad !
What kind of mother let her daughter thinks she can do youtube videos forever ? She doesn't sing, draw or do anything worthwhile. Heck I bet even the most famous youtubers know their fame will fade sooner or later.

I don't even think Margaret was offended, when she said his questions were rude (like people looking at her videos a certain way) because she didn't mind when her daughter made sexual inuendos, and didn't she shoop a fake pic someone posted of Venus ? She clearly doesn't give a fuck about how people see Venus, if she made banks by letting old perv jack off to her, she'd do it.

I'm pitying Venus more and more because she clearly has no connection outside of her mom, and I'm sure Margaret goes as far as spoiling her relationships with some girls to avoid being ditched. I'm ESL too and can see why her speech is so strange, because she doesn't talk a lot with native speakers. I had a hard time speaking in english with a natural flow before I made real british friends and then started to mimick their speech.

No. 26454

Most youtubers I know who 'make a living' off youtube also have business projects on the side which they can always fall back on. Their youtube channels have helped them make connections, which have helped them become legitimate entrepreneurs. Venus doesn't have any of that, all she does apart from youtube is attend conventions as a guest, which is not going to last forever

No. 26455

Yup, and it totally contradicts Maggro being all "I'm logical and all" but thinks she can milks Venus fame forever ? She doesn't even have a job and can't stay in one place.

Margaret is a lost cause, she seems to really see herself as an intelligent, logical human being not a mess of a pseudo adult. I hope Venus can break free and study while she still can or she's gonna be working at a shitty job to pay her mom's bills. Funny how she can't stop saying she's brilliant but treats her like she's 3, putting her hands over her head (it wasn't even needed ? I still don't get why she thought Venus shouldn't hear that)

No. 26456

I'm actually not convinced Venus could survive without her mother at this point. She has no friends or family, all she has are fans who are generally quite young and therefore unable to help her if she needs it. Margaret probably controls all the money too. All Venus knows is singing, dancing, fashion and makeup, she can't even cook (as evidenced by her cooking videos). And because she's 17, it's probably too late for authorities to intervene anyway. Margaret has fucked her up for life IMO

No. 26459

Yes and then she gets all buttmad, because the interviewer points out that Venus is 17 and can speak for herself and shouldnt have her ears covered by her mom.

I hope not. Even though Venus is a bit weird I cant hate her, because she is so obviously the puppet of her mother and i really wish a better life for her, away from that manipulative wench

No. 26470

Don't get me wrong, I definitely think Venus would be better off without Margaret. I'm just saying that I think without someone to support her without being manipulative and selfish like Margaret is, Venus won't fare well. She is very dependent on her mother from what I can see. Unfortunately, Margaret wouldn't let someone get close to Venus, and Venus is probably not going to break away from Margaret of her own accord.

No. 26474

Sadly I think you're right, even if I think Venus started to mature and tried to answer questions on her own sometimes during the interview, she would probably be scared shitless to leave her mom because she probably drilled into her head that she can't exist without her.
It's disheartening to think a mother could sabotage her kid to live off of her.

Plus she probably convinced her that other girls are out to get her or are sluts, like when she said "No you know those girls" when Venus says there's no "normal" teenager for her. I don't even get why she's hellbent on Venus not wearing any jeans.

No. 26475


Reading this makes my heart hurt. I just feel so fucking bad for her. You can say whatever you like about her but she is messed up and has no one. She doesn't even really have margaret because the moment venus ever tried to be her own person margaret would go apeshit and probably coldly shun her. She has no friends or family, no people who really care about her or who she has a real connection with all because of margaret. How fucking sad and lonely is that. I guarantee by 10 years time venus will recognize the abuse but by that time the damage will be done. Fuck pageant moms.

No. 26476

We don't really have pageant moms where I live, but from what I know about them, Margaret is even more extreme than they are (at least, the majority). Most pageant moms let their daughters attend schools and have friends, even if they are other girls in a similar position to them, don't they? Margaret doesn't even let Venus have that.

No. 26478

Probably because they want them to appear normal and perfect though. Those moms helicopter just like margaret does. Margaret is only so "extreme" because venus is popular online so she can exploit more from it.
I've read similar stories before once on leddit. I can't remember the sub because I don't go on there much… something about being a child of a narcissist or a golden child or something? Well anyway I've read a few stories of people with moms similar to margaret. They wouldn't let them have friends, would emotionally blackmail them, would stress them out and give them anxiety if they weren't perfect, fuck me there were even some stories with sexual things in them (like their moms being so controlling she forced the daughter to give some guy a blowjob and stood over here/walked her through it to do it perfectly). They're nuts. They don't see their kids as their own people, they feel entitled to control them. If the kid isn't perfect then that reflects badly on them so if the kid isn't doing something up to their insane standards then it's their fault that they look bad. Same as margaret. Which is why I don't doubt for a minute that margaret is either physically or psychologically abusive towards venus for definite. That's why she's so obedient despite her mother being so crazy. I just feel awful for her.

No. 26479

You forgot the part where Venus said a a blog post about halloween that she is afraid someone would kidnap her.

No. 26480



No. 26484

No it was r/raisedbynarcissists but it's pretty similar

No. 26563

File: 1416973083700.png (383.16 KB, 549x395, 10358753_773920195976766_21629…)

So edgy.

No. 26564

This feels like kawaii Felice Fawn shit..

No. 26571

Ya, I mostly just feel bad for venus, she needs2 get out of this toxic relationshit she has with her mum.

No. 26576

I wonder if in time, Margaret will allow Venus to meet guys (or girls, if she is that way inclined) have romantic relationships.

No. 26580

Probably not until she's 18-20, which will most likely result in Venus having fucked up relationships because she hasn't ever experienced one before and her partner has.

No. 26585

I would have thought 18-20 is still too young for Margaret to let her go, she would still be at an age where Margaret can milk the whole living doll schtick to make money, and a relationship would get in the way. It would also be a way for Venus to escape, and Margaret needs Venus to survive because she has no way of making money on her own

No. 26597

Is margaret some sort of psychic vampire for real

No. 26599

She's controlling, manipulative and lives vicariously through Venus. So yeah, she is.

No. 26623

I've been wondering this as well. I can't see it happening until Venus is 30 and those will not be healthy relationships. Margaret is a monster.

No. 26693

She always looks so old…

No. 26698

Nah, come on, she looks her age. What is she, 18?

If she didn't wear these kid clothes whilst posing like a ho, she wouldn't look like a 'barely 18' porn star, but she kinda does, so I can see where you're coming from with the 'she looks old' remark.

She looks her age, but the way she dresses really ages her. She's acting 8. It's as bad as a 50 year old that dresses like a gothic emo teen.

No. 26700

I don't think Margaret even need to be physically abusive, I bet everytime Venus express a contradictory opinion she might say something like "It's thanks to me that you're so popular, who moved you to London, who raised you, you must be gratefum to your mom". I'm not saying single parents are bad but she had at least a dad or other mom she could sometimes side against Margaret but she only got ONE monolitic parental figure she can't disobey.

I'm pretty sure Margaret will try to shelter Venus as much as possible so she can't live on her own, like having no idea how to take care of banks accounts, insurance, etc.

My only hope is she fall in love with a dude, he realize her mom is pretty crazy but keep it low to be liked by Margaret and elope with her.
The problem is I feel that Venus is annoying as hell, being childish and being convinced she's oh so special (I need make up to even look human!), with this attitude she won't be able to hold a relationship without alienating her partner or not falling into an abusive one.
The more I think about it, the more I realize Margaret has really set up her daughter for failure.

No. 26715

>My only hope is she fall in love with a dude, he realize her mom is pretty crazy but keep it low to be liked by Margaret and elope with her.
I have no idea how Venus would even meet someone to start a friendship with, let alone a relationship. And even then, Margaret would probably just have to say something like "look at everything I've done for you" and Venus would go back to it, Venus has been psychologically fucked over by Margaret for years and it would be VERY difficult to reverse it.

>The problem is I feel that Venus is annoying as hell, being childish and being convinced she's oh so special (I need make up to even look human!), with this attitude she won't be able to hold a relationship without alienating her partner or not falling into an abusive one.

That's also another problem. Margaret has brought Venus up with the mindset that she is a special snowflake and that she's above everyone else, I don't think I could tolerate her for very long. No one could.

No. 26719


>My only hope is she fall in love with a dude, he realize her mom is pretty crazy but keep it low to be liked by Margaret and elope with her.

At the panel at the weekend someone asked her if she's ever had a boyfriend and she vehemently replied that she has never had one nor does she ever want one, ever. I'm pretty sure margaret has already brainwashed her into thinking men are all scum who will leave you and turn on you at the drop of a hat so they're not worth bothering with. So I don't think there is much of a chance of her getting a boyfriend (or even a girlfriend) anytime soon.

No. 26721

Nah, margaret didn't seem to think her rasta bf was scum.

It's strange that venus doesn't want a bf, even asexuals like having relationships. Is there a reason for why she doesn't want one, or is it just part of her kawaii innocent image? Idols get unpopular when they get bfs, and scandals erupt if there's hints at intercourse, in korea anyway.

No. 26724

She is probably the type who is angry at men but desperate for a man at the same time. Did she break up with that guy?

I'd say it's probably margaret's influence and also that she's sort of afraid of people in general.
My friend was in a similar situation to venus growing up (only herself and her mother) and she used to tell me all the time that she could envision having kids and that but never being married, she would always see herself as a single mom. She didn't have much experience with older men (she had lots of male friends her own age no problem) but the experiences she did have were violent and scary so I think it completely deterred her from wanting a relationship with a man. She's gotten older now and has gotten over that but maybe it's a similar scenario for venus.

No. 26802

I sympathize. I often feel like I'm the only one who thinks Venus has an overly pudgy face which can look greasy and haggard when she's using either shit makeup, shit lighting, or having bad skin care products. Yet, there are so many naysayers who insist that she looks her age. I honestly don't know what teens they've been looking at, unless they're also burnt out from having a shitty lifestyle which affected their skin.

Venus' videos are still stupidly aggravating and she has remained the same diaper baby. She tries to sound cute, but it always winds up sounding like an autistic white chick trying to be kawaii. Seriously, every video is..


I don't feel sorry for her, but I guess people are inclined to have a soft spot for her because of her controlling mother. I don't really have any pity for the bitch. She's a puppet and she'll die a puppet to someone else.

No. 26808

Anyone who thinks venus looks old needs to get their peepers checked

No. 26819

Without all of the high contrast (that cute little trick teenagers do to make acne seem less noticeable), photoshop, lighting, and makeup? Yeah, actually, she does. Especially in that video posted a few posts up. She looks thirty and "old" doesn't necessarily mean 70 with sunspots and wrinkles. It has to do with sebum levels on your face, how deep your naso folds have gotten, structure, etc. Also, women with sparse brow hairs tend to look older than they actually are. When Venus doesn't fill her brows in, she actually does look like Walmart moms I've seen.

No. 26834


Go back to PULL little one, we don't like autism here.

No. 26837

So someone having a differing opinion from you is automatically an autistic PULL user?

No. 26849

no, they're an autist, which means that they're also a PULL user

No. 26850

My opinion is different than yours and therefore I'm from a forum I'd never even heard of until using this place.

Really, dude? Why don't you go back to /cgl/, because you sound like the paranoid bitches who cry neckbeard, Tumblr, samefag, and autism at every little thing they're unable to refute.

No. 26867

I've seen her IRL. She looks her age and pretty similar to how she looks in videos actually.

No. 26868

Yeah she looks her age, but in real life she looks tired, frumpy and fat. She looks nothing like her videos, but like in the Irish interview and the TV show. Greasy slimy looking makeup and badly coordinated clothing.

No. 26878

>She looks nothing like her videos

Were her videos shot in another dimension?

No. 26879

Do you know nothing about camera trickery, angles and lighting can be very deceiving.

No. 26880

File: 1417117694903.png (524.09 KB, 705x492, 7mgOWYJ.png)

Yeah, totally the same.

No. 26883

She does not look old on the left, she looks like she's in her teens. She looks like a teenager. Your face would be shiny too if you'd been sitting under lights all afternoon.

No. 26885

File: 1417118985529.jpg (122.47 KB, 300x517, Venusangelic.jpg)

No. 26886

You're right, she looks so much prettier on the left than on the right.
Whatever she wore as a makeup highlighter looks like it was gold based and goes really nicely with her hair.
The only thing that's ugly here is the dress. And Margaret.

It's an unflattering picture, she has her lips pursed, and those colors don't suit her. The bright red lipstick washes out the rest of her face. Terrible pose overall.
She was correct, she needs makeup to give herself some color because she is pale as fuck.

Please spam us your pictures, I'm sure you have never taken an unflattering picture of yourself evverrrr. You must have so many Japanaroo business men chasing you around asking for your maiden hand to be their eternal everlasting wifu.

No. 26888

I don't see old and haggard. Sure her video's use trickery. But she still looks like a teen in rl. She is just shiny because of the studio lights. And yes in this >>26885 pic she looks haggard, but that is because she is pale as fuck and wears make-up and clothes that don't suit her. I don't think she looks like a real life doll, but a cute teen, sure. Especially in normalfag clothes and make-up.

No. 26889

File: 1417120240277.jpg (93.48 KB, 634x930, article-2223209-15AEA826000005…)

That's from a interview video, she looks like this the whole time and you don't get permanent undereye and laughlines until your mid 20s.Also nobody claims she looks like a granny but she looks old in comparison to other people her age.

No. 26890

File: 1417120274097.jpg (115.23 KB, 896x322, mil4y.jpg)

So by this logic I should look for the most flattering picture of myself under the best lighting and my good angle and go "this isn't how I really look, this picture is deceiving" then take a random candid picture my friend took where I look like shit and go "that's how I really look. If people ever met me they should expect this"

That's basically what you're doing. Pretty Venus = video trickery, ugly Venus = how she looks irl.

People look different under different conditions, and all of them are their real appearance, sometimes you look bad and sometimes you look good. It happens to everyone.

No. 26891

You must be really blind if you don't see the editing going on at her own pics and videos.

No. 26892

File: 1417120571921.jpg (38.68 KB, 552x309, 10687152_775326432502809_42690…)

No. 26893

Different anon here. I don't think Venus is the ugliest girl ever, but she's certainly not especially attractive. She does look markedly different in her videos then in reality. I mean, you can tell it's obviously the same person, but she doesn't look youthful or "dolly" like she keeps insisting she does. Her features are creepy and don't age well. She's really starting to look more and more like Margaret, which obviously is not a good thing.

I suppose I'm an autistic PULL user now as well, right?

No. 26895

All I see is caked on makeup, which Venus is notorious for doing. That's unflattering on anyone.

No. 26896

Off topic, but what is with this Bart Simpson print? I see it everywhere, even in real life, on everything from harem pants to knitted sweaters.

No. 26897

In 2012 Jeremy Scott started it, other brands like Forever21 made replicas, then everyone and their mom bought it because the original is so ~high fashion~.

No. 26898


I don't really care what you do you jelly cumdumspter.

Those are candid shots of her, I don't see anything haggard about her, are you sure you're not confusing her with the crazy woman to her right? Because she looks trashy, washed out, wrinkly, jowls, ratchet tattoo, etc.

Just give it up. She doesn't even dress herself, her mom does it. When she speaks, it's Margaret speaking. Margarets words. This girls whole life is controlled by Margaret, from her accounts down to her fucking socks.
If you should be hating anyone, it should be Margaret.

But ok, stay a jelly doughnut.

Go back to PULL and find the truth.

No. 26899

Not everyone here that is saying she looks older than her age is one person, just saying.

No. 26900

You sound deranged.

No. 26901

We do see the editing, but just saying that cherrypicking the most unflattering pictures of Venus in real life and comparitie those to that editing isnt really fair. She looks like a normal teen, not a doll, not haggard. Some people have deeper lines then others. And most of the time her lines are exaggerated because she cakes on make-up. They really arent that bad.

No. 26902

It's not cherrypicking because she herself says all the time that she got naturally flawless skin and even made a tutorial about it while she doesn't.

No. 26903

No it is, because she looks pretty normal in >>26880
Compared to >>26889

She loops terrible in the second one, because she wears clothes that don't suit her and caked on make-up. So if you want to make a point, don't handpick the most unflattering pics and then yell "See she is old and ugly"

No. 26904

And why on earth do you care so much if someone thinks she looks "old and ugly"?

No. 26905

I am not the person that vallen the other user an autist from Pull.. Just sayin i think we should laugh at her for legit reasons and not be catty nitpicky bitches. Lets keep the objectivity as high as possible, so we are actually be believable when we expose lolcows.

No. 26906

>expose lolcows
…for somebody that hates PULL so much you sound exactly like the average user there. This site is about shittalking, not being a truth blog.

No. 26907

And what if some of us "legit" do think she looks haggard? There are people posted here who are infinitely more attactive than Venus who get called ugly, yet no one is foaming at the mouth calling people "jelly doughnuts" in their threads. If you are so against "catty nitpicky bitches" you are in the wrong place tbh.

No. 26908

Dear anon, you are confusing me with >>26898 we are not the same person. I love shittalking as much as the next person, but i come her to shittalk about legit things like Margret being a cunt and Quirky being a fat bitch. Pull is really SJW, but i want lolcow to be a perfect balance between PULL facts and shittalk.

No. 26909

Well that is your opinion. I don't give a fuck if you think that, again not the same anon who gets so defensive about it. However I think she doesnt and apperantly if you don't find her haggard you are blind or haggard yourself. I just pointed out that that isnt really fair as these are very unflattering pictures of her. Any one would be haggard with caked on make up, a weird facial expression and clothed that don't suit you.

No. 26910

>Any one would be haggard with caked on make up, a weird facial expression and clothed that don't suit you.

But that's what she exactly does 24h while calling herself naturally flawless. It's the hypocrisy that makes people talk about it, just like how we do it at Choke while she isn't exactly ugly.

No. 26911

Okay then i misunderstood. I thought you guys were claiming she was ugly and old because of her facial lines/in general, which only looks bad when she does cake on make-up. I mean in that interview she recently did she looks normal, shiny, but normal. Not dolly, not ugly.

No. 26912

Clearly you do give a fuck otherwise you wouldn't be so pressed about whether people are being "fair" or not.

Half the stuff posted about the lolcows isn't "fair". Peenus-chan is no exception.

No. 26915

JFC, too much angry samefag in this thread

No. 26916

Its samefagging that three people are talking? Really, nigger?

No. 26918

Even more than three since there are at least 3 anons alone (myself included) that say she looks older than she is.

No. 26919

No, nigger. It's the person saying that everyone is retarded and autistic for disagreeing with them.

No. 26921


lol why are you so angry? It's Thanksgiving, go give thanks that you don't have a mother like Margaret, give a hug to your parents you dumb ungrateful sloppy cunt.

No. 26926

Can we talk about Peenus again instead of fighting among ourselves. I mean ladies behave, i know it is hard dealing with PMS, but that is not a reason to fight each other, lets project our cuntrages on the lolcows.

No. 27029


I literally just saw her on the weekend, I was right beside her up close. She doesn't look frumpy or fat. I don't know where you guys are getting that she looks old from.

No. 27030

No. 27031

>I was right beside her up close

lol, were you getting her autograph?

where have all these peenus white knights suddenly crawled out from and why are they so obsessed with people not saying Venus looks old? do they have a loli fetish and hate the idea of their queen aging? do they think they look like her and take insults against her appearance personally? i don't get it.

to me, she looks older than her age and is gradually starting to look like a plain, middle aged housewife.

No. 27033

oh god, that outfit is awful. what was she thinking when she decided to wear that? the tights and shoes are the worst offenders in the entire outfit, they're so hideous. the outfit would look a billion times better if she just tucked in the top and changed the tights/shoes to actually match the color scheme. it wouldn't make the outfit good, but it would be a world of improvement.

No. 27034

How paranoid can you be? Why am I a whitenight because I am telling you she doesn't look old or ugly? You can spout it all you want, it doesn't change what I've seen with my own eyes. It's so weird you're adamant on telling people she's ugly and old looking even though I'm not the only person in this thread who's disagreed.

I dunno where you are getting chubby from but she doesn't look chubby to me in that photo at all. It's a bad picture, venus has tons of them. Why are you so shocked by this?
I'm not defending this picture or outfit btw, it's obviously awful. But you're trying to convince me what I've seen in person is wrong and obviously I can't agree with you.

No. 27037

File: 1417189558308.png (868.32 KB, 942x603, FaUplA5.png)

In combarison to her shooped photos she looks chubby tho, she even shoops her legs slimmer these days.

No. 27038

Erm, there are people in this thread literally calling people autists and having shitfits because they said they think Venus is ugly/old looking. So no, I'm not being paranoid.

You can spout "My precious Peenus-chan isn't old or ugly, I've seen it with my own eyes! She's not! She's not! Stop saying she is!" as much as you'd like, it doesn't change my mind that I think she looks haggard and ugly. It's so weird you're adamant on telling people they're not allowed to think she looks bad, even though I'm not the only person in this thread who thinks she does.

It's honestly fine if you don't think she looks old or ugly, but stop telling they're not allowed to think otherwise. No one cares that you've "seen her with your own eyes" when you were getting her autograph or w/e.

No. 27039

A balance between SWJs and PULL. Fuck you. You don't get to decide the attitude of this community. You've forgotten this site was mad for PT followers who became refugees ever since the Mad King Moot purged CGL.

Known for it's drama, ultimate fighting shoops of PT, and obsession, we're a group that's pretty shitty overall. We have no agenda, so this "expose" talk should be thrown out the window. All we want is gossip so we can judge and have a good laugh. We, at lolcow, are horrible cunts, but we've got a nice sense of humor about it.

Venus Penus. Girl ain't hideous, but she can be a bit scary looking with those butthole lips and puffy face. If she dressed normal, she wouldn't look fat, but seeing her in infant clothing combined with that bloated face makes her look like she's a jelly bean stuffed sausage.

No. 27040

I'm glad she's not bleaching her hair but that black is rather shocking. I wish she'd go back to the pretty chestnut color she had so many years ago.

I also noticed she has at least 2 decent sized soft boxes for lighting! (Reflection in the window) seems she's trying to up her games with her videos…

No. 27042

How is this 'classy'

No. 27046

Actually this is supposed to be brown, it probably turned that dark because of how damaged her hair is from the natural > bleach > brown > bleach > strawberry blonde > bleach > brown route.

No. 27064

I am wondering that too. Those heels look like stripper heels to me.

No. 27078

Just look at her "dolly stockings" video, she even used red sexshop ones with billion holes there, she got no fashion sense.

No. 27081

Yes, you are being paranoid. You went into a fit calling me a venus follower because I said she didn't look old. That is definitely being paranoid.

See, you're even doing it right now. So because I don't think she looks old or ugly I think she's great and am in full defense force? What is wrong with you? I'm sorry people are disagreeing with you and you can't seem to think that people might not like venus but still disagree with you when you call her old and haggard looking. Get over yourself.

>It's honestly fine if you don't think she looks old or ugly, but stop telling they're not allowed to think otherwise.

This is the most hypocritical thing in this thread, oh my god. People in this thread started saying as fact she was old looking. When people disagreed, people started sperging out. So please stop. You're embarrassing yourself here. No1curr if you hate venus and think she's ugg. You may THINK she looks old, fair enough. It doesn't change the fact that she doesn't actually look old. Whether you think she's ugly or not, that's totally personal perception that I can't really say you're wrong about since we might hold different standards of beauty. But saying she doesn't look her age when cherrypicking unflattering photos? No, she does look her age and quoting other people to tell them they are wrong for disagreeing with you on this is ridiculous.

No. 27084

People already explained to you WHY they are thinking she looks older than her age, yet you still throw a fit about it when they don't agree with you.

No. 27085

Ok objectively speaking, how does she look old?

She doesn't have wrinkles, sallow skin, bags under her eyes or anything else associated with old age.

No. 27087

>You went into a fit calling me a Venus follower because I said she didn't look old.

No, you absolute dumbass, I called you a Venus follower because you claimed to have been "right beside her up close" just last weekend. But I'm sure you "just happened" to be there, right?

>People in this thread started saying as fact she was old looking

>It doesn't change the fact that she doesn't actually look old.

So you're allowed to state your opinion as fact, but no one else is? In YOUR OPINION she doesn't look old, you may THINK she doesn't look old, fair enough. I doesn't actually change the fact she does actually look old. See, I can do the exact same thing. "No1curr" if you don't think Venus looks old, it's when you start trying to dictate what people can and can't post in thread and what photos people are allowed to make fun of that it gets annoying.

And actually I haven't cherry picked any photos, I haven't posted a single photo of Venus in this thread. I am going off all the unedited videos of her IRL to reach my opinion. The only person embarrassing themselves is you and your desperate white knighting.

No. 27088

She has quite bad eyebags in unedited photos. I wouldn't say it makes her look old, just exhausted.

No. 27094

Unfortunate facial features, like some girls have facial features that make them look like men, she has ones that make her look homely/middle aged. That and eyebags, puffy skin, large jowels and yellow-ish teeth.

No. 27098

I think some of it is those tiny old lady lips.

No. 27106

Bags are actually things that can make you appear weathered and aged.

Multiple anons have told you several fucking times and all you're doing at this point is asking everyone to reiterate, just so you can disagree and insist that you're in the right. Nobody gives a shit if you don't agree with us. People give a shit that you're not reading and just insisting that you're right no matter what and that anything said isn't "fair".

Nigger, you're on a fucking site for shittalking, things don't need to be fair here. If someone thinks that Venus looks haggard, they're allowed to and you need to shut the fuck up and deal or just leave.

She has unfortunate features and she's homely as fuck. Her round face doesn't make her appear youthful. She looks just old. She insists that her features are doll like when they're anything but. Especially in her Bodyline pictures. She looks like a 27 year old ginger desperately clawing at her youth.

No. 27107

She looks older than other people her age. I don't think she looks old old.

No. 27123

You really should stop with this mentality of being "durr if u dun agree u must b frum PULL XDDD"
It's the same shit /cgl/ and 4chan as a whole pull.

>you say x or y go back to tumblr

>you say x or y go back to leddit

you just look autistic. Stop.

No. 27174

No. 27176

I think the weirdest thing is that hair slide she's just shopped randomly onto her forehead.

No. 27181

I don't think the slide is shooped on, since she is lying down on something it looks more like if she just placed it on her head.

No. 27196


Exactly. Thank you. Both the SJWs here and the anti-SJWs need to quit pulling this "go back to Unichan/Reddit" and "go back to PULL/Tumblr" shit with people who disagree with them. On just about any thread here you can find some kind of derailment that essentially boils down to "gb2 reddit u fedora neckbeard" "no u gb2 PULL tumblr sjw" and it doesn't do anything except wind people up

No. 27235

Black hair, really? She honestly looks better with brown/blonde shades.
She's done this before, so I'm not surprised.

No. 27263

I miss the old Weenus when she was. 14/15. She's so boring now and trying way too hard to stay relevant when her 15minutes of fame are long gone. Her hair is awful on this colour it makes her older. Plus those frumpy lolsospeshul or normalfag cheap ass clothes,…

No. 27337

Her clothing hauls are so cringeworthy, you know the shit is so cheap that it'll fall apart after one wash.

No. 27428

This is how I imagine Venus' first blowjob will go down (from 39 seconds if the url doesn't work properly)

No. 27438

she seems like the kind of kid who wouldn't have been allowed to watch the simpsons.

you know those weird families?

No. 27481

Who needs THAT many crappy taobao sweaters anyway? They are just going to all sit in the back of her closet. I understand the temptation to buy something just because it's cheap, but I would rather have one really nice sweater then 10 shitty ones.

No. 27482

I'm sorry but that clothing is utter shit

No. 27483

Why are people so obsessed with her? Have they never seen a roundfaced white girl before?

No. 27486

Probably because it's part of her 'job' (because let's face it, Venus is never going to have a real job). She needs to keep up the appearance of being cute and fashionable, and no one wants to see her wearing the same thing twice.

No. 27487

>Venus is never going to have a real job
She knows languages, isn't stupid, has good grades, is young and can go on to uni. What makes you think she can't get a real job?

No. 27495

Her mother.

No. 27534

Well at least she knows german and english, even with a terrible accent and is learning dutch. I doubt japanese will help her a lot in europe except in the tourism industry I guess, and the rest of the languages she pretends to know is kinda bullshit as it was proven she can't speak spanish that much.

I could be wrong but uni in Europe in itself isn't that helpful, you don't get a vague degree in art or language and get to be teacher for example. She needs to know what she wants to do and from the interview the more specific thing she mentioned is astronaut which is bullshit. She should try to see what she'd like to do for real and stop believing she can make videos or be a star forever.

No. 27536

Was she kidding? How old is she?

No. 27540

17, apparently.

Does she actually go to school, or is she still homeschooled? I don't know how it works in the Netherlands, but where I live, you have to be able to show that you've studied to the equivalent of the appropriate year of high school to get into uni. I highly doubt Margaret has put much of an effort into actually getting Venus and education, so she wouldn't be able to go to uni anyway. Not only that, but having job experience is often more important than having a qualification, which Venus doesn't really have either.

No. 27543

Yeah, I call bullshit on the astronaut ambition as well. If anyone is actually serious about going into such an advanced, high risk level of science, they'd sure as hell wouldn't let their crazy mother home school them for so many years and control every aspect of her life. Penus isn't dumb but God damn, that was such a bullshit claim on their part.

No. 27544

In the Netherlands, school is compulsory until the age of 18 but considering how they are flying all around the world for cons again, I doubt they take school serious at all…

No. 27547

So there goes the idea of uni. And it seems like Margaret has drilled into Venus' head about how special and precious she is, I wouldn't be surprised if Venus thought she was above a McJob or other entry level work that doesn't require a qualification.

No. 27645

I am still wondering how Margret and Peenus are not in trouble for this. I had a friend who skipped school a lot and a governement official eventually stopped by his house to inform his mother. I don't really know what happened after that. But i do know you can get your ass in deep trouble if you enable skipping school.

No. 27671

I can see her going to uni because I believe she can study but doing that alone doesn't give you a job. I'm not 100% sure about her country university, but in mine it just serves to prepare you for a specific field. Ex you want to be a elementary school teacher, you have to get a master degree then pass a special test, hope you get in then get in a specific course and even then, if you don't do well during a test year you get booted out.

I wouldn't say it's dramatic but at her age students start to know vaguely what they want to do, in a few years it's going to be too late and way more difficult or she'll have to settle for a basic job. And I agree with >>27547, she'll never accept to flip burgers or earn the basic living wage because she's a little doll and dolls don't do boring, tiring jobs.

I wouldn't want her life because I'm sure she'll figure out her mom failed her parental job by directing her into a hopeless career and then she'll realise she wasted a ton of time and has to live with her stupid mom without a single friend (making friends outside of school is damn difficult)

No. 28181

Penus isn't skipping school, Margaret is the one taking her out of it.

I feel bad for Venus, it can't have been easy to grown up with a mum like that. I always feel like she'd like to move on but Margaret has her under control. She's been brainwashed from the day she's been born.

No. 28195

File: 1417714136641.jpg (57.85 KB, 540x960, 1959952_778574272178025_261944…)

Seems like she is pulling a Kiki, she announced a "new" video with this photo that is apparently from it, meaning she probably recorded lots of videos a single day but uploads them later since her hair hasn't been blonde anymore since quite a while.

No. 28197

Her hair is awful now… She needs a warm tone and she needs to take care of her dolly hair jfc. Also she is so boring at least she was fun in her 14yo weeb days

No. 28206

She looked so much better blonde.

No. 28243

With how much she has traveled in her life, and her interest in learning other languages, I wish she'd go for something with those experiences.
A major in Linguistics? I'm sure there are avenues with that. (No Idea.)
All I know is that it is far more realistic than… Astronaut. Not that I want to shit on her dream, but I doubt it was a genuine answer.

No. 28246


Venus is just a puppet. She wont be able to think for herself or be herself until she gets away from Marg. Seeing as how Marg never let her have any friends, no family, not even online socialising, this girl doesn't have a leg to stand on.
Marg ruined her life. It's sad because Venus is pretty and smart, she had so much potential had she been born to a normal person.

It's just kind of sad at this point.

I think she might end up running away with some guy, and I hope it doesn't turn into a disaster. She deserves to find herself and get out of this stupid living doll shit.

No. 28247

As a linguistics major…unless you want to be a professor or work for the government/military (which you would have to be very highly qualified for, which I don't see happening), there are not that many avenues in linguistics. Aside from that, the most sought after languages are going to be the ones she doesn't speak – middle eastern languages, Chinese, Korean, etc.

Does she edit her own videos or mama? I think she could do well in something like mass media or video production. Not that her videos are amazing or anything, but she has more experience than a lot of high school students being in front of a camera, dealing with criticism, and editing.

I think she will probably go to university and find it overwhelming and quit, though. Her best bet is somehow turning what she's doing now into a career or just running away and starting over.

No. 28250

She is not a puppet, only spoiled. Remember how she did insult the shit out of her mom's bf on Twitter last year? A puppet wouldn't do that, not the mention the time when her Tumblr likes still were public, there were tons of pages filled with thinspo and lolicon.

No. 28288

she could still get a simple job as a translator for travelers or something like that, given how many she speaks. swiss german, i assume spanish since she lived in spain, english, and is she decent at japanese? if she's not shy (and i assume she isn't given her experience with interviews and such) she could definitely be a tour guide

No. 28297

Maybe she could work on videos but would need to follow a graphic design cursus and in this field, simply knowing how to edit a bit a video isn't enough. I know I could do a video course in my school but it requires good graphic competences and it's more for openings of tv shows and pro stuff.

Tour guide probably but I think you need to be fluent at least in two/three languages ? Even her english is lacking and it's very annoying to listen to. Also people have said her spanish is very very basic i guess her japanese is slightly better but probably not fluent

No. 28298

I don't think she's a puppet either, but I think she and her mother are more, I don't know, co-dependent on each other? But not necessarily in the normal way, Margaret has manipulated Venus to do what she wants, but Venus' opinion is apparently very important to Margaret. Margaret has said that Venus would come along to a date if Margaret had one to check on the guy. Maybe that's another manipulation trick, to make Venus and the world think that Venus has her own opinions.

No. 28329

her english is actually very good in my opinion, its her stupid accent and way of speaking that makes her sound retarded

No. 28337

Well I guess I should rather say at the moment it's not perfect which is understandable but for a language like english, you get a lot of competition. Also she IS pretty good with writing but she seems to take a considerable time to answer questions orally and then lose track of what she's saying (latest interview video).

Still not impossible, I don't think it's that fun of a job though.

No. 29183

File: 1418252972602.jpg (30.52 KB, 320x568, 10857879_782287798473339_65310…)

"Tokyo night lights 💫"
So she is in Japan again, huh? Doesn't look like it.

No. 29185

And Venus obviously went to school, foreigners have to got to a preperation school first tho and Margo bragged about how Venus finished the first year of that school within 3 months:

No. 29195

She is in Japan actually.
A friend of mine on FB saw her at the immigration office in Japan. Apparently her and her mom were there.

Wonder what theyre up to..

No. 29200

Even if they want to move there, I doubt that they will get a visa because Margo never worked and Venus isn't even done, hence, she actually should be in school right now by law but they evade it for stupid reasons like cons.

No. 29203

Margaret said they are visiting friends in Roppongi‬.

No. 29737

File: 1418507776576.jpg (40.85 KB, 540x960, 10846188_783709174997868_42615…)

No. 29760

Lol that blur tool under her eyes and on her nose

is she even trying anymore

No. 29771

But she is totes born ~natural dolly~

No. 29784

photoshop aside, she actually does look a LOT better with dark hair. it suits her features more imo.

No. 29822

nope, i doubt. it's like they've never seen any fair skin blonde girl with legit dollike features before so they praise the cheap mediocre version (venus)

No. 29842

File: 1418570998515.jpg (63.23 KB, 721x960, 1655559_784347018267417_264147…)

Now she joined the ranks of people that shoop their forehead bigger.

No. 29843

Some thing just looks off about her face. Like when I look at it I start to feel uncomfortable and my insides scream at me to stop looking at it. :S

No. 29844

The blur tool is what's wrong

it's like she's using the japanese genitalia censor tool on her nose

No. 29849

File: 1418579235088.jpg (42.77 KB, 475x475, 37327_130233637012095_1829903_…)

She also did shoop her nose way smaller and her duckface doesn't make it any better.

Pic related.

No. 29998

and margaret claims her daughter looks naturally dolly

No. 30025

Her skin looks like it's made out of the stuff they make those hyper realistic sex dolls out of.

No. 30028

She looks cute and normal here. Someone get her away from Marge.

No. 30037

Why does she even shoop her nose? It looks perfectly normal.

I guess she's so vain that anything that doesn't look like it was ripped from an elf's still warm corpse is ugly.

No. 30113

Because she needs to maintain her living doll image. Unfortunately, she is/was at an age where her body goes through a lot of changing and growing, and so it's harder to maintain that image, and that's where shoop comes in. It seems to me that your nose is something that changes quite a lot in your teens, but usually goes by unnoticed.

No. 30135

Splis nosetips aren't kawaii and the more she ages the more it looks like her mom's.

No. 30137


No. 38361

…and this took her months to make?

No. 38364

>cutting bangs with huge false eyelashes almost touching
>"doesn't take a lot to have cute bangs"

Hey, you're right for once Venus, so why make a video?

No. 38374

Probably in order to keep getting YouTube money for not much efford.

No. 38391

Okay, but I did not know those fringe level things existed and that could have made my life 100x times easier. So I'll give her that

No. 38405

I dont really like peenus but this video was pretty helpful

No. 38410

That's because they only get made by Etude House.

No. 38411

File: 1420689265009.jpg (59.64 KB, 600x900, 07.Etude House Bangs Cut Kit.j…)

No. 38412

And of course she didn't state that anywhere.

No. 38425

I need this in my life.

No. 38457

You're kidding, right? Those are all over Aliexpress for less than 5 euro.

No. 38459

Her bangs aren't even. This shit was supposed to make it easy but apparently not.

No. 38485

yeah I have that thing too and it's really not as easy as they want you to think.
>forever uneven bangs

No. 38509

You know how many sellers on Aliexpress use stolen pictures and crappy bootlegs? Because Etude House got a patent on those things so no, you won't find them made by anybody else.

No. 38510

Besides that many people don't notice that they are not holding their head straight.

No. 38524

I think anon knows that…it's literally just a plastic clip with a spirit level attached and a pair of cheap, blunt thinning scissors. They may not be ~official Etude House~ but they're not an especially unique device or hard to emulate. So yes, you can and will find them made by plenty of others for a fraction of the cost.

No. 38788

File: 1420814731572.png (348.04 KB, 1061x889, ali.png)

This anon >>38524 is spot on
Besides, I've bought some myself on ali and they don't seem any different from those of Etude House.

No. 39816

Has anyone seen her wikipedia page recently? It looks like someone with a mental deficiency wrote it…

No. 39817

So basically Margaret wrote it. Looked up the IP responsible for most of the edits and they're based in the Netherlands.

No. 39821

>In 2003, one-hundred-six-year-old Palermo took part in the Swiss movie production Ready, Steady, Charlie! as an extra
The fuck

No. 40053

>[…]Regarding Thai solar calendar it was in 2549.

No one cares about the Thai solar calendar though.

No. 40234

File: 1421337291446.jpg (46.1 KB, 640x640, venusfb.jpg)

>First love for both of us! #boyfriend #purikura My mom Margaret Palermo Official congrats

No. 40235

That shoop makes her look like a sex doll. Also I wonder if he realises Venus and her mother will treat him like a fashion accessory

No. 40236

That posing is just so damn awkward. Idk about other couples, but my boyfriend and I generally hold each other closer and look more 'coupley' when we take photos.

No. 40237

And also look more happy to be with each other.

No. 40238

Aww this is adorable.

No. 40245

Holy shit, Margaret allowed Venus to have a boyfriend? This is big news.

It's some really shitty purikura machine, and they usually make white people look like aliens.

No. 40248

Wait - you actually believe this news? Haha.

No. 40249

How do you kiss when you have no lips?

No. 40252

She even said herself later that it was only a joke and that it is a friend that is living in Japan, therefore wouldn't work anyways.

No. 40255

Link or screenshot of her saying it was a joke?

No. 40256

You maybe should read the comments at this pic at FB.

No. 40257

She hasn't been in Japan since New Year's Eve anyways.

No. 40259

File: 1421346531805.jpg (12.98 KB, 587x117, tumblr_ni75ngXeLd1rylc8bo1_128…)


No. 40261

Margo should stop posting drunk.

No. 40266

Venus has not commented once, so idk what you are on about.

No. 40270

People that are online friends with her said it was only a joke by her mom, hence the post is by margo because she wants to get grandchildren already because she herself got venus with a that young age.

No. 40271

File: 1421351236007.jpg (41.06 KB, 492x219, tumblr_nhpnwnkL8c1srti12o1_500…)

Pretty much.

No. 40273

File: 1421351345188.jpg (121.05 KB, 470x577, tumblr_nhpnwnkL8c1srti12o3_500…)

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