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File: 1424299803577.jpg (192.05 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg)

No. 51205

(Drama begins at >>133414)

Himeka(honey kitten momo) and her sister bibi(right).

Himeka has been copying Yukapon with pee blogs and shitty dance covers for years. She's changed her name over the years because she kept getting banned for distributing and selling CP of herself on tumblr. If anyone says anything to her about it she immediately yells "racism" or that they're "jealous"of her success and money as a pedo pandler. She's scammed many shops. She claims to be popular and have fans but they're all refollowers since she follows a bunch of porn accounts for the attention her daddy never gave.

Bibi on the right is trying to be a kawaii aidoru and claims to be "gyaru". She's nearly 200 lbs overweight and doesn't know enough japanese to know most of her "fans" are calling her fat and a nigger. The other 25% only wants her because she's practically naked.

Tldr; weeaboo sjw sisters who have been scamming for years,calls everyone jealous and fills the void of their daddy issues with Japanese perverts on the internet.

No. 51222

> for the attention her daddy never gave.
This is literally true, actually.
She used to Tweet about her dad neglecting/ignoring her from time to time, and once he called to tell her he was taking her off his will and she just said "Okay, but can I have a new phone??" or something like that.
Another time she wrote this long post on one of her old Tumblrs about how she's very depressed and actually enjoys pedos fapping to her and that it makes her happy.
I actually feel a bit for her. I feel like we could've been friends in an alternate universe where she doesn't have such a shit attitude tbh

No. 51227

Oh my favourite lolcows, please don't let this thread die.

Don't forget, Momo used to be in Oishii Minicherries. She got kicked out for her inappropriate blog content IIRC. I think Momo's 18 now too, or at least she'll be turning 18 this year. She's gonna jump straight into camming I swear.

No. 51233

She cammed privately on skype. I wonder if she still does that, maybe more privately now.

No. 51240

They must have different dad cause they look nothing a like.

No. 51241

I remember himeka use to bash her sister for doing well in school so I always imagined her sister to be decent but I guess not.

No. 51242

Bibi's videos are hilarious

No. 51276

the singing. the dancing. it's all a mess.

No. 51277

No. 51279

Bibi's tumblr has terrible French, wtf.
♡ salut~ j - je m’appeles bibi et j’ai 15 ans ♡
>Je m'appelle Bibi, et j'ai 15 ans
M’anniversaire est 6/21/1999
>Mon anniversaire est le xxxxx
j’ai habites Florida , e - et j’adore Japonais
>J'habite a Floride et j'adore le Japon/Japonais
mode alternatif
j’aime mode gyaru ♡ ,
>J'aime la mode gyaru, particulierement Gyaru Princesse
particulièrement gyaru princesse
Envoie-moi à la littledebbi@hellokitty.com
>Envoie moi un message a xxxxx

Going on and on, and is she fucking stuttering? I feel like hitting this girl.
Kinda shocking to find out she's only 15

No. 51283

Why does she always keep her skirt that high, and why is she fat as fuck.

No. 51286

I saw her youtube vids…. why do she embarrass herself?

No. 51296

She's fat. That's probably the narrowest part of her body and the only place it'll fit. Or…"fit."

No. 51311

Wait shes 15? Never thought she'd be my age. I thought she was like 20-21

No. 51326

File: 1424315589246.png (10.06 KB, 499x73, bibi.png)

o bibi

No. 51340

I can't read this, why would someone do pink on top of pink?

No. 51344

I actually asked her this twice. no reply yet. what a stupid ho.

No. 51354

Because it's kawaii of course.

No. 51359


what ever happened with that shit show oishii project? I actually liked some of the girls.

No. 51366

File: 1424320705355.jpg (397.73 KB, 960x1280, 2015-02-18-23-34-15_deco.jpg)

Bibi is becoming such a stellar lolcow

No. 51370

Well they are done but that 4te thing is going on with a lot of those girls.

No. 51372

>she hated me from day one

but…they never said what she's done?

No. 51376

Being in the same friend group as aminyan, I didn't know Himeka/momo that well but I know ami kept saying she was worried about Himeka because she did cam shows and said she wanted to move to Canada to become an escort instead of going to college. I know for a fact Himeka and her sister bibi would talk shit about ami behind her back and to her face but ami never really argued back. She really doesn't deserve this. Anyone who knows their character will know they're lying.

Micky is also super insecure because her current creepy bf was obsessed with aminyan in 2012 but after she completely broke ties with him, he used micky as a replacement for her. So micky has been bitchy to ami since then.
Himeka is only using Micky for her anti-Aminyan tirade and Bibi is just riding along. There's so much more I want to write that aminyan told me about Himeka but I don't know if she would be comfortable with that……I wish she could just take revenge on Himeka for once and all to shut her up. She always follows the pattern of "friends while talking shit" then suddenly hating so called "friend" for no reason.

No. 51377

Baby–chan.tumblr.com is Himeka's tumblr which she will probably change.

She has a tumblr just to reblog her anime CP lolicon shit and post herself naked. I'll link it when I find it.

No. 51382

They are clinging on to that little screenshot its funny. Both bibi and himeka have this childish temper. I wonder if himeka influenced bibi to do all these sexual things for attention? Maybe she noticed himeka getting shit from sugar daddies online so bibi jumped on that train.

No. 51385

That screenshot looks fake as hell.
And Bibi is just emulating her sister and her sister is emulating Yukapon who as a bad example to start with.

No. 51387

File: 1424323307867.jpg (31.5 KB, 443x332, image.jpg)

No. 51390

>gaijin gyaru
>wearing no makeup , hair is basic , basic clothes …….

No. 51398

She got a bubble neck so I call her miss bubble neck.

No. 51411

Lol I'm pudgy chan.
This dumb bitch was gonna scream "YOU IS AMI I KNEW IT BE YOU".

She didnt even get why I called her fatass a weeaboo.

No. 51413

Peoples true colors show through when they need to. It seems like Ami doesn't stand up for herself till shes been pushed too far. I get she has an image to protect so good for her for being the bigger person.

No. 51416

This girl literally scares me. I remember first seeing her in the gyaru tags and I had such a wtf moment I just got off the computer entirely.

No. 51418

God she looks fucking old.

No. 51422

I wish Aminyan wil succeed just to annoy these girls. Also whats this thing about them being "NDD famous"? What are their communities?

No. 51423

Dont forget she's a fucking fat ass. It seems one of the many unspoken rules of gyaru is to be either in shape or stick thin. No whales allowed.

No. 51427

She's nnd famous probably because she's a joke to a lot of the viewers, and cause she's underage and acts as if she's staring in her own junior idol dvd.

No. 51429

she doesn't look old she just ugly af.

No. 51440

I'm 95% certain Momo/Himeka has a new loli shit CP porn blog up. I recall back when her Twitter himekangel was still up, she'd say shit referring to her tumblr but she never linked it. It's not her baby–chan one either, she rarely ever goes on that one anymore.

Their real names are Angela and Deborah [REMOVED] and they live(d?) in [REMOVED]. Don't remember high school but they went to the same one, Momo/Angela/Himeka was into cheer so she stayed relatively fit.

No. 51442

No. 51444

I think she said her mom was a nurse or doctor so it may not be her.

No. 51446

Aminyan revenge

No. 51457

File: 1424343557551.jpg (89.26 KB, 768x614, Screenshot_2015-02-19-05-53-02…)

No. 51528

IIRC she said she had like seven half-sisters or something, so

No. 51698

File: 1424386660521.png (320.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-02-19-17-54-17…)

No. 51870

I know their school because momo mentioned it a few years ago and emailed their school about them selling CP. I don't think their parents found out because any reasonable parent would've taken their internet.

No. 51872

Bibi said Lolcow is petty but her and her sister talking shit all day isn't? She said because it's anonymous? By that analogy robbing a bank is perfectly fucking fine if you don't wear a ski mask. I hope these girls grow up.

No. 51876

File: 1424402996740.jpg (202.24 KB, 768x1133, Screenshot_2015-02-19-22-24-29…)

No. 51878

>muh sistuh only iz 15!! It's totally fine she promotes herself as "G Cup, Middle school 3rd year student", shows her ass to the whole internet, talk shit about other people, scam businesses and follow porn accounts but don't fucking say shit about her cus she only 15. oh and u racist!!!!!!

No. 51881

File: 1424403566235.jpg (58.44 KB, 768x448, Screenshot_2015-02-19-22-29-30…)

You can turn anonymous questions off on mobile, the fuck is she talking about?

No. 51885

File: 1424404302822.jpg (115.9 KB, 768x744, Screenshot_2015-02-19-22-39-04…)

>it's obvious to tell who's Ami

I'm pretty sure that girl gives zero fucks about you, your sister, and Micky's bullshit, Bibi.

>I'm not scared but she's crazy

Proof? Oh right, you have none because she isn't crazy, she's just done with all your bulshit.

>she just wants me to delete so she won't have any competition

I don't even know to start with this one. Top kek for sure

No. 51892

These girls are truly delulu … they don't have actual proof that Ami is wasting her time on pure garbage

No. 51895

You mean to tell me she looks 15?
get real nigger.

No. 51902

File: 1424405873031.gif (1.09 MB, 248x200, 632.gif)

No. 51903

File: 1424405880126.jpg (102.86 KB, 768x682, Screenshot_2015-02-19-23-11-43…)

Aminyan truly doesn't care about her or her sister and were just laughing or ass off at how dumb Bibi is. She can't even give any solid evidence.

No. 51904

Ugh why there are so many Aminyan whiteknights?

No. 51907

I think there are more Plp that dislike Micky and the musky sisters then there are people who honestly care for aminyan. But she seems nice so why so bothered?

No. 51911

File: 1424406675488.jpg (172.23 KB, 768x1052, Screenshot_2015-02-19-23-12-10…)

No. 51913

She had to go close to the end of her broadcast too find something creepy positive that she actually understood.

No. 51918

File: 1424407496897.jpg (44.52 KB, 766x342, IMG_20150219_233624.jpg)

Just in case the screenshot is hard to read.

so everyone who is disgusted by how much you girls lie is suddenly ami? lol plenty of people have replied off anon. were the people who reported you for selling cp aminyan too? Is the reason your parents hate you her fault too?Who cares if your sister is 15, she wants to talk grown so she'll be treated like it. she's following in your footsteps of devaluing herself online for followers. you and your sister always have problems with other people. You're obviously the problem.

what problems with other ppl? minding my own business while u girls try and find my school address, full name and other personal info. get the hell out of here. my sister is doing her own thing and i can assure u NOT selling her body. i never devalued myself for followers. i like my body think its cute and have no issue takin pics in cute panties . get with it or get lost . if u wanna support an abuser and liar go ahead but dnt act like u kno anything about me. also my parents love me? hence why i have all the amazing things i do and go to all the amazing places i go too ?um ????? goodbye."

No. 51920

Bruh I hate idols and I wish her the best out of these two dumb fucks.

No. 51921

Since she's 15, I can't look at her in the same light as I do most, if not all adults who do the same thing she's doing. She likely sees this as a way to fit into a community, and I don't fault her for that because a lot of teens are just trying to find a place to fit in and feel accepted. The thing that boggles my mind is that if she's this far into her aidoru bs, then she should know that she is literally the complete opposite of the image that people into this shit are into. The only thing she has going for her is her age, which shouldn't have made her think it was enough to sway anyone into liking her.

Trying to put myself in her shoes here, I think she might have been under the impression that she can add something new to the whole aidoru image, as I think a lot of non Asian girls in general think too. But fuck… idk if this makes me a racist but I think I'm most surprised because she's black. Wouldn't most black people ridicule her to death and back if they saw this? I think the same thing with white people too though, most of my friends would think people making videos like this have no life lol

No. 51926

I'm just gonna give up on these two they have thick skulls. I think they know that a lot of those anons aren't aminyan but they'll say its her to try to bring her down. They are like crabs in a barrel. Who stole my 25c per pop for pssy pics doe? lol jrcach must be having a field day reading.

No. 51951

> oh and u racist!!!!

Kek, spot on.

No. 52055

>aminyan self hate
>both covers their faces with masks
>aminyan is jealous of us
>literally unknown

No. 52201


Her face looks like it's popping off of her body right at you.

Like someone photoshopped it on. And whatever filter or editing she used makes the face look light at plastic like a doll (not a compliment)

No. 52282

Her skin color and nose was super photoshopped

No. 52299

That skin shoop tho.

On the plus side at least she's wearing her glasses properly. She always fucking wears her glasses like halfway down her nose in OP's pic and it makes me cringe.

No. 52402

i don;t see what about her face makes her look old. yea she's a fat fuck and has huge sloppy tits and lumpy ass, but the face looks like it could be a teenagers. she's just ugly.

No. 55761

File: 1425178223415.jpg (86.1 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

the photoshop though

No. 55763

Love how her top lip literally just fades into the rest of her face.

No. 55826

Jesus Christ. How bad can you Photoshop?
And honestly, I find them both hideous. Especially the girl in the picture.

OT, but I wonder if there any of these black lolis whatever who uses natural hair? My hair is curly and pretty long, they can do that too.

No. 55829

Let's not be a 34 inch waist chan nobody cares about you wearing your natural hair.

No. 55953

File: 1425246113644.png (471.7 KB, 646x644, ll.png)

Besides all that blur and tilting her eyes and liquifying her nose d-did she shoop out her top lip lmaoo

No. 56004


Eugh, she's like a black Tokki.

No. 56005

There waaas a black lolita posted in one of the kawaii black girls thread on PULL I believe. Or she was mentioned. I don't remember, but she was a sweet lolita. Don't know if she's still around though.

Plus there is another girl who is a classical lolita used her natural hair in a shoot. That's it.

No. 56014

File: 1425261116692.jpg (117.6 KB, 768x866, Screenshot_2015-03-01-20-43-43…)

I wonder had it occurred to her that maybe men don't want her because she's underage, not very attractive and has a shitty attitude?

No. 56019

>Those tags.
Just Christ, what the actual fuck.
Do they actually like her? I can't read moonspeak but I hear they talk shit about her crusty ass most of the times.

No. 56021

She is more of a fetish to japanese men than she will be in America.

Japanese men don't love her and she hasn't had a relationship with them extending beyond her sending nudes and them jacking off.

The post seemed serious enough(the original one she was referring to) but she hijacked it by self promoting herself. What a bitch.

No. 56024

>it's sad to leave the country to feel like I'm worth something

What? Black people are treated pretty shitty everywhere but if a man loving you is going to validate your worth, you have some internal problems babe.

No. 56025

Micky also replied "Himeka you're so perfect!"
Yet you're the one who shamed her for selling nudes a few months ago (micky does literally the same thing). All of these bitches are laughing stocks.

No. 56039

>making babies.

Lol what a whore. She gonna duck up some old jape dudes life by getting pregnant.

No. 56045

lol I doubt any self respecting Japanese dude would actually date her. There's no doubt she'll probably still attract unattractive weirdos like she does here. Any Japanese guy that might just date her will probably do so because she's ~*~*exotic*~*~ in the eyes of the Japanese ("haha wow look at my FOREIGN girlfriend")

No. 56078

it's weird that she did, because if she kept the top lip in in this picture it'd be much cuter

No. 56085

Wow, she is really delusional in regards to Japanese guys. I'm not saying that everyone over there is a fetishist but with that kind of mindset, she'll be bound to encounter guys who are only interested in her because how ~different and exotic~ she is.

No. 56119

Speaking of Micky, what happened to her thread?

No. 56124

Bibi being 15 doesnt change anything tbh shes still an ugly fat piece of shit lmao

No. 56128

Still here just nobody replying

No. 56155

Isn't japan getting more SJW and politically correct nowadays?

They could be loved in japan, esp. in tokyo where you have TONNES of black immigrants, esp. from africa.

No. 56176

>isn't Japan getting more SJW friendly
Nope and I don't reccomend it for anyone sensitive. Especially tumblr feminists who react to everything. They'll realize how good America is if they come to Japan.

>tons of blacks

Nope. There's some but they're rare.

No. 56341

Can we call this one Niggerteri? This is seriously the black version of our beloved Queen.

No. 56371

This girl is still young enough to be doing this. She's no PT.

No. 56373

i feel bad for bibi because once she matures and grows up, those pictures and videos online can actually effect her career etc. with pt its not that big of a deal because shes too far gone and too old to grow out of her ways. bibi is only 15 so there is still a chance she might change. But by the time shes ready to change, too much damage will already be done.

No. 56399

>tonnes of immigrants from Africa

Are you high? Japan's immigration policies are super strict and they're extremely homogeneous. The African immigrants flock to European countries because they already have established communities in there, they offer welfare, it's closer to Africa and they don't have the point system for immigration like Japan.

No. 56407

>if you're not attracted to black girls or they aren't in your preference, you're racist.
What the fuck am I actually reading? This bitch serious?

No. 56409

Lol you're making it seem like 1.Japanese guts are gods, and 2.they're all the same and have the same interests.

No. 56410

That's the general interests of most japanese men though. The ones that do marry outside their race are usually ostracized by their jobs and coworkers.

No. 56414

I used to get so annoyed at this too, I was never romantically/sexually attracted to black/dark skinned people growing up, even though I had friends who were black. Idk why I wasn't and despite thinking about it one day because of wanting to know whether this was do to subconscious racist reasons, I couldn't figure out why.

Then I realized, the problem wasn't my "preferences" as much as it was the way I was thinking about it. I always said "I'm not attracted to black people," as though they all looked the same or as though I've come across every single ethnic group of black people and didn't like any of them. In saying I wasn't attracted to black people, if someone wanted to set me up with someone and said, "oh yeah, they're black btw," I would immediately say, "oh thats too bad, I'm not interested" without knowing that they're like or look like. It's unfair, but mostly it's nonsensical because idk if I'm not attracted yet.

Also, there is a difference between saying I'm not attracted to black people and I'm not attracted to dark skin. Ex. some people would date beyonce, but not lupita nyong'o.

No. 56419

Outside their race or ethnic group? Because some Japanese people can't even get with Chinese or Korean people whom they share certain characteristics with without getting crap for it. They likely will get more if it is dark skinned person vs a white person, but I think it's more of the whole Japan vs everyone else mindset.

No. 56420

Certain ethnicities tend to share certain traits. I can see what you mean since saying 'black people' is a very broad term since black can mean someone is from Africa or the Caribbean or even Haiti. I just don't know. I myself really like Chinese women and Brazilian women. I don't really think I need to justify my preferences to make someone feel better. There is someone out there for everyone imo.

No. 56422

Japan is actually the most accepting east asianers of black people. As a black person I've been treated better in Japan than Korea by a large margin.

No. 56423

Japan is just kind of a disgusting place. They pretty much hate all other asians and get shit for dating outside their own ethnicity no matter what.

No. 56424

Hahaha. Oh man. If only you could hear all the shit they talk about you behind your back.

No. 56426

I agree. I'm tired of people on this site saying "Japanese men wouldn't dare date THAT" as if Japanese men have god teir standards. Japanese men are men. More Japanese men marry non-Japanese than Japanese women marrying them.

No. 56428

There's racism in Japan, but I speak Japanese and Korean and I'm saying blacks are treated better in Japan. Almost any black person who has been to both countries will confirm this to you. Koreans are extremely racist.

No. 56429

I'm black and my bf is from china and I dated a guy from japan once. is it shocking?

No. 56432

A lot of Japanese men marry fillipino women. It's a lot easier for a Japanese man to marry outside of his race, than a woman marrying one of those loser back home nerdy white guys. This discussion is super OT though.

No. 56435

Most of the people who say Japanese men don't like black women, aren't even japanese, they're white and just assume it.

No. 56436

im the anon you just replied too. I use to think east asian guys had really high standards and wouldnt date girls unless shes white or asian…but in reality theyre really no different from guys from other races.

No. 56442

They're reluctant towards marrying a white girl too.

No. 56446

Lol no. I don't know about Chinese or Japanese dudes but my husband is Korean and his family and I get along fine. I've also had old Korean dudes try to set me up with their sons. Don't generalise like that. I know tons of other girls who are non east-asian and married to Korean men although most of these girls are white or white-passing.

No. 56456

From what I've seen on youtube from people documenting their experiences, some Korean people act like black people are mythological creatures and want to touch their skin/hair, while others scream when they see them and runaway because they're criminals, though they've never met a black person before. They say it's supposedly because in the movies all black people are criminals. Koreans just seem pretentious in general though, they seem more quick to like an ugly white girl than Japanese people.

Fuck ngl, if I were black theres no way I could see myself wanting anything to do with countries like these. Why do these girls do it to themselves, outside of the self hatred/low self esteem? Or is that just it?

No. 56457

high standards = white or other east asians? wow

No. 56461

if youve dealt with racism all your life u have a thicker skin, that is why some white weeaboos hate japan after going there because theyre not use to being treated differently.

No. 56462

I dont think most Chinese or Koreans would date Japanese considering their history. Japan kind of fucked both of those countries over and refuse to admit they ever did.

No. 56463

opps. meant for >>56456

No. 56470

Exactly. What black people face in Japan is a walk in the park compared to some parts of America. As long as they're in Tokyo, they'll be treated the same as a white person.

Can we stop the OT though

No. 57704

File: 1425596134230.jpg (171.83 KB, 575x1024, image.jpg)

Proof of Himeka actually saying shit about aminyan and not the other way around. Some guy tweeted this to aminyan because Himeka told him this on LINE.
"Have you seen Aminyan's live? She's too ugly! That person is too bad. Do japanese people like that girl? No I think."

Well, this goes to show bibi, her sister and micky were full of shit.

No. 57706

File: 1425596250800.jpg (33.36 KB, 341x341, image.jpg)

"Bad sing
Bad clothes
Bad dance
Bad face
Everything bad!"

Her Japanese is terrible. I wonder why this guy decided to turn against Himeka.

No. 57716


No. 57724

>aminyan bullied us


No. 57736


I'd turn against her too if she butchered my language like that.

No. 57745

I hate how she doesn't use kanji. I get she's trying to be kawaiiuguu but only using hiragana makes things illegible.

No. 57747

"Only Japanese men love me! I'm moving to Japan"

No. 57748

File: 1425600609609.jpg (323.28 KB, 800x1014, IMG_20150305_190408.jpg)

She posted this on her blog not too long ago

No. 57750

All lies. I'm pretty sure this "stalker" is the one she's talking shit to aminyan about but he was an aminyan fan and exposed her. If she's being stalked so bad why not take a break from the internet? Why is her sister still posting nearly naked shit and bragging about being 15?

She just wants sympathy from the "omg! ! 1 this is super important111!!!" Tumblr crowd.

No. 57751

*talking shit about aminyan to.

No. 57762

File: 1425602761725.jpg (149.39 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

>we're going to Japan in October 2014!
>never went
It's hard for me to believe Himeka is moving there.

No. 57772

File: 1425604447081.jpg (112.22 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Her and her "stalker" she's telling him to buy her shit and gets mad when he said no.

No. 57942

I wonder what her line is

No. 57944

She doesn't even use katakana either, just solely hiragana. It's so bad and confusing.

No. 57971

Jesus, she just keeps going on and on with talking shit about Ami. You know how jealous she is when she feels the need to constantly put someone down to someone who doesn't even care. Well he did, but she didn't know that.

She used some pretty harsh words too. Busu? Fucking busu herself.

No. 58038

File: 1425687484665.jpg (50.45 KB, 764x711, Screenshot_2015-03-06-19-11-56…)

She knows she's lying, she doesn't want her followers to see how full of shit she is.

No. 58048

Her twitter got disabled for CP not deleted.

No. 58054

Just checked. She was himemerody123 and bibi was princessbibi99 and twitter deleted both of their accounts for child porn.the stalker didn't do it. Can someone PLEASE make a post on tumblr calling this bitch out? Besides bullying and making up shit about aminyan she's done this to other people. Even though I hate Yukapon's personality, she was the one who pretended to be her friend, then leaked everything(some was Margeret but a lot was her). She's a huge dumbass who calls everyone who warns her about oedophiles "jealous" and has no grasp on reality saying she's going to Japan every 3 months. I fucking hate tumblr but it would be nice to see her sjw followers turn on her.

No. 58081

http://somethinblr.tumblr.com/ has been responding to some of Himeka's posts

No. 58086

This is great

No. 58087

File: 1425700886096.jpg (38.42 KB, 645x346, Screenshot_2015-03-06-22-54-52…)


Micky is so gullible

No. 58094

And these screenshots don't show but she had her gentians exposed

No. 58097

File: 1425704143786.jpg (137.3 KB, 768x952, Screenshot_2015-03-06-23-51-01…)

She tried to get rid of the evidence.
Someone please shut this dumbass down.

No. 58099

File: 1425704570157.png (253.8 KB, 1061x1824, ayyyy.png)

People are reporting them.

No. 58100

File: 1425704852036.jpg (88.29 KB, 768x810, Screenshot_2015-03-07-00-02-15…)

She's still trying to defend this mess.

No. 58102

File: 1425705089910.jpg (111.75 KB, 768x888, Screenshot_2015-03-07-00-06-35…)

>th-this is cyberbulling

Not even close

No. 58104

>this is cyber bullying!
>Lolcow is bad
Is this girl forgetting that not that long ago she and her sister made a wall of text post saying aminyan is ugly, and a bunch of jealous shit. When nobody agreed with them they tried lying saying she bullied them. When that was obviously a lie, they started making obviously photoshopped "proof". If anything it's good their shit is being called out. "My family almost sued her!" Your family needs to figure out why both of their underaged daughters are making softcore CP for old japs

No. 58105

File: 1425706342071.jpg (88.22 KB, 762x1018, Screenshot_2015-03-07-00-26-25…)

>he just sent me these texts

Yeah right


It's obvious she gave him her number, why is she trying so hard to play stupid and lie?

No. 58106

Her English makes me want to rip my eyes out.

No. 58108

Yeah no. This guy isn't a stalker. It's one of the many Japanese men she tries to use for free shit. Yukapon did the same thing now look where is.

No. 58112

File: 1425708150685.jpg (154.93 KB, 768x1051, Screenshot_2015-03-07-00-55-56…)

The mental gymnastics here are astounding. Someone should let the FBI take a look into this because she just admitted her school and parents didn't care.

No. 58114

The "they over sexulasing you" shit.
No fuck this.
She is sexulasing her self you dumb fucking cunt.

No. 58116

File: 1425709308717.jpg (133.26 KB, 768x856, Screenshot_2015-03-07-01-15-27…)

It's really crazy how they let something like that fly, I think the person who originally reported her should have went to the police.

No. 58117

I don't even mind that they're being slutty. The problem is that they're being slutty while emphasizing how young they are, which is obviously for pedos.

No. 58118

And twitter did delete their accounts. If you tried going to their accounts(her and her sister's) it says "this account has been suspended". If her "stalker" deleted it, it would have been just saying it doesn't exist.


If you've had a stalker for 1 1/2 years and he keeps hacking your stuff, WHY don't you reboot your computer and clean that shit off? This makes no sense.

No. 58134

I am so tired of these girls I really am.

No. 58135


Is there a way we can contact the cunt's parents?

No. 58142

Why are these mad weeb pedo pandering twata ALWAYS fro
m Florida?? Is something in the water there?

No. 58144

Lolcows tend to either be from somewhere in Canada or Florida. I don't know what it is, either.

No. 58148

Cause theres so many insane ppl in Florida already (like if you see a weird crime on the news chances are it happened in florida). My theory is that a lot of old people retire there and they're having kids and the kids are turning out weird because their parents are old people

No. 58150

FL is a conservative southern state with a massive drug problem, everyone there is either old or young and having kids they can't take care of and don't know how to raise. That inexperience coupled with the religious crap that gets spewed all over this state + the beyond shitty school system creates ignorant, dysfunctional angry kids with no futures who feel like they were cheated out of the decent life they feel they deserve and take it to the internet.

I have no idea where the weeb shit fits in, though.

No. 58151

* no futures and nothing to do, forgot to mention. There is literally nothing to do unless you live close to Tampa, Orlando, or Miami and have money.

No. 58153

Himeka( Angela [REMOVED]) and Bibi ( [REMOVED]) are very spoiled by their families so they have means. I don't know if their parents would care if anyone contacted them. The fact that their parents want to sue someone who calls their kid out on CP rather than banning their kids from the internet shows they aren't being raised right. Reflected in their attitudes too. Kind of reminds me of Christian Weston Chandler because the parents always blame everyone rather than have their kids take responsibility. Headed for a road of destruction.

No. 58157

Even people with money in this state just don't seem to give a shit about their kids, don't get them into hobbies or go on family outings or trips or do anything families are supposed to do to make sure their kids have a healthy amount of self esteem, self respect and are content enough that they don't have to pander to pedos online.

Fl is where shitty parenting is considered adequate and nobody really gives a fuck about… well anything.

No. 58164

it's not wrong to say that japan is mostly japanese people, but while i was in tokyo for a while i did notice a lot more black people than i expected, and they were all from jamaica. i dont know any sources but i feel there could be truth in it? obviously not nearly as much as euro countries though

No. 58181


At this point the only way to get them to stop for good is to involve the authorities. That's it, otherwise they're just going to keep doing this.

No. 58183

Bibi is 15 so there's a chance to get her but Himeka is almost 18 so I doubt they'll care

No. 58185

Also I've noticed flaws in her story.

A few days ago she said aminyan told her alleged stalker private information about her, but today, when she's been faced with Screencaps she says "My stalker fumiya doesn't like Amina and neither do I"
Ok if he doesn't like her then how did she feed him information as you claimed days ago. And 2 If you don't like Amina so much why did you keep bringing her up to this guy who is obviously ignoring you talking shit about her. There's so many holes. She still has yet to prove aminyan "bullied" her. The only scrap of proof was Micky's screenshot which was proven to be a photoshop lol

No. 58230

File: 1425749450844.jpg (105.72 KB, 768x854, Screenshot_2015-03-07-12-23-44…)

No. 58243

I was watching Bibi's youtube channel and she was alright in 2012 but then in 2013 she became a fatass.

I feel so sorry for this girls, but not bad enough to not laugh at the stalker situation. Is this dude poor? that's why himeka doesn't like him?

No. 58252

The tags. The fact she wants to prove it so bad makes the whole thing seem even more fake.

No. 58320

I feel she was promising that she'll meet with him, he probably isn't the only one. Maybe she wants a sugar daddy while in japan, getting to Japan the keekihime way.

No. 58373

Do girls really look for Japanese sugar daddies on tumblr?? wtf

No. 58389

File: 1425777374465.jpg (61.02 KB, 768x585, Screenshot_2015-03-07-20-11-52…)

No. 58393

i got really bored and thought "why the hell not?" lol

but damn, she's annoying and dumb af. i'm also not really familiar with their drama though, so idk how to combat them that well. i mean, other than calling them pedo enablers.

No. 58394

got u. 👌

i don't really follow weeb drama so pls hit me up with these "receipts".

No. 58400

Shit, I hate passive aggressiveness with fucking emoticons. Applies to every one.

No. 58421

Uh oh. She's praying for us.

No. 58422

Don't worry, it's just something conceited religitards say to make themselves feel superior to others.

No. 58427

Lmao I'm dead. Girl, please. Get your life. Your messy self needs Jesus, so don't go "praying" for anyone but yourself.

No. 58819

File: 1425859154223.jpg (119.21 KB, 768x939, Screenshot_2015-03-08-19-53-50…)

No. 58824


"No one will ever know, it's perfect" Public ask.

No. 58855

File: 1425863653686.jpg (190.15 KB, 768x1056, Screenshot_2015-03-08-21-06-19…)

No. 58857

File: 1425863827152.jpg (78.88 KB, 768x637, Screenshot_2015-03-08-21-06-56…)

I wonder if they would pull the whole, "it's not cp because I'm not having sex" in a court of law.

No. 58907

Yeah no. Aminyan posted something similar to "you would think black girls would support each other" and she's actually accomplished a lot so she had the right to say that. Bibi, Himeka and Micky are jealous of aminyan. That's just the fact. Bibi didn't speak out against Aminyan's "bullying" until aminyan was featured in an article. Even though aminyan is being recieved well in Japan, most people saying she's cute, there's still a lot of people on Japanese message boards giving her shit for being black. And Aminyan doesn't have stereotypical "black features" and could very well pass as half. Bibi and Himeka are straight from Africa, wide noses, and fat. It's sad to say but Japan will never accept them unless they're getting naked for a cheap curious thrill. If micky wasn't fat she would still have a hard time because of her huge nose. Bibi hasn't "broke any barriers". She doesn't know japanese, she thinks she's gyaru but wears no makeup and she and her shitty sister tried ruining aminyan for no reason. I honestly want to know what bibi thinks she's accomplished.

No. 58909

This bitch is literally topless on twitter bragging about being a high schooler. Her parents don't love her, and she don't love herself. Whenever someone says "how can your parents love you and let you do something like this" she replies "My parents just bought me ______!!!!" That ain't love. A good parent wouldn't let their teen daughters whore themselves out for LINE stickers.

No. 58919

Did you just take this chance to be ignorant?

It's honestly shocking How himeka is in denial about her being in the wrong, she probably spends her days bad mouthing aminyan to Japanese. And she isn't the first black girl to broadcast on nico so she dint break any barriers.

No. 58925

Saying she has a wide nose isn't ignorant. I'm not saying having a wide nose is bad but we all know if we compared Bibi, Himeka and Aminyan American and Japanese people would pick aminyan everytime. Aminyan isn't even that attractive so that's saying a lot.

No. 59082

File: 1425893286275.jpg (100.27 KB, 640x968, image.jpg)


Since Bibi is convinced she's so popular, I've taken the time out to look at her video commens to confirm.

Here are the comments
"black pig" which is said a ton of times
"Get the fuck out"
"Well Amina is cute…"
"At least her tits are huge"
"I want to eat this black pig"
"The camera workmanship is great"
And all of the comments are along the lines of this. Her average 30 minute stream gets 300 viewers. What barriers is she breaking? She's a joke.

No. 59083

"This girl is 15 years old…?"
"She's so ugly"

No. 59086

inb4 bibi or her ghetto sister wants to reply "these comments are all aminyan!!!!" You can see the user IDs and tell who they are.

No. 59184

Can somethinblr please post this in reply to her someone please call her out lol

No. 59431

Oh god this is sad

No. 59438

Wow… And she really think she's popular? Hate views and racist comments don't do anybody any favors. I thought these chicks claimed they knew Japanese?

No. 59440

No just hiragana, a few phrases/vocab and basic sentence structure.

No. 59470

kek they know enough to shit talk.

No. 59498

No. 59513

I'm getting the feeling they're going to try and claim those are actually compliments and >>59082 is lying to make them look bad

No. 59518

It literally says black pig lol. You could even go to the video and use google translate.

No. 59671

thanks for your post but i'm pretty sure "消えろファキンニガー" translates into "Go away/Go home fucking nigger" which isn't better but oh well bad for her i guess

No. 59856

No. 60008

her face is covered, people still call her nigger and she's showing her tits. If she's really so successful do a live with your face showing and wearing a proper garments……

No. 60020

Yeah piss off fucking nigga or osmehting like that.
I really laughed at

No. 60035

God, I made a NDD for this girl, and my ears are gonna explode, and the comment sections aren't available so I cannot enjoy it fully ;(

No. 60046

thanks fam. i fucking hate katakana.
lmaoo i died. it's my favorite one tbh.

No. 60050

> i fucking hate katakana.

In romaji it' just: Fuakinnigaa

No. 60053

"Aminyan is jealous of us! She bullied us"

But your fans call you a fat black nigger?

No. 60161

Don't speak weeb, can anyone translate it

No. 60177

File: 1426046612213.jpg (125.98 KB, 768x1050, Screenshot_2015-03-10-23-56-30…)

We need self-confidence? None of us are stripping on camera while Japanese creeps hurl racial slurs just to get some line stickers.

No. 60221

"I don't care"

No. 61754

Hey did anyone get to report these girls on Tumblr? we should tell their parents about what they're doing. Not because I care about them but it would be nice to see them face the consequences for once.

No. 61773

i would love to see bibi getting busted by her parents while doing a nico show

No. 61776

If anyone wants to show screenshots to their school about what they're doing(selling pussy for LINE stickers), bullying, making CP if I remember correctly this is the info they wrote about themselves a few years ago.
Himeka Is Angela [REMOVED], Senior
Bibi is Deborah [REMOVED], Sophomore(even though she's 300 lbs over weight)
They live in [REMOVED] and theyre at a private school called [REMOVED]

No. 61777

Their dad is a deadbeat nigga and their mom apparently doesn't care. She probably gave up on them. They've never worked and besides Himeka claiming she's going to Japan every year(I really doubt she's moving there) they have no aspirations. Probably will live off of government money to buy lolita dresses they can't even fit. PT 2.0

Contacting the FBI at this point might be more productive. What they're doing is highly illegal.

No. 61782

why is bibi so ugly

No. 61790

because aminyan is jealous of her duh
It should be illegal for parents to allow their kids to get so fat. Bibi isn't just chubby but she's fucking obese.

No. 61792

once Himeka said on her blog she wanted to go to college in Canada because prositution is legal….

No. 61806

baby–chan is now deleted. what's her new blog?

No. 61812

Where do people get these weird ideas of Canada? I'm Canadian. Prostitution isn't legal here and it's dangerous as fuck. A girl I knew started doing that shit and she's been missing for two years and police don't do shit to help if you're a hooker. It's a big problem here, actually, because police don't want to get involved.

No. 61823

It's baby-ponfu-ponfu or something like that. I follow her and saw the new URL on my dash.

No. 61824

she probably is just repeating something she saw SJWs say on Tumblr like she always does.

No. 61826

She doesn't sound like she is college material.

No. 61840

she doesn't know the difference between then and than

No. 62124

selling sex is legal here, but there's a bunch of rules and shit. You can't buy sex though.
So, in a sense she's right, but she's also misinformed.

No. 62131

Is this Himeka? why is she so goddamn boring.

No. 63565

File: 1426522371191.jpg (132.79 KB, 1280x720, 1394852744636.jpg)

Watching Bibi's NDD live show like

No. 66084

Someone needs to translate this shit.

No. 66085

> I wanna see your ass!
> You have a big house
>Cherry pie

wow so copying yukapon in 2015 is still a thing

No. 66132

I don't get what's so "eww" about this pic? Now if her face was in it then i'd be vomiting, but otherwise it looks fine. Also that fucking randoseru makes me want to kill myself.

No. 66133

Also, why is she not as fat as I thought she'd be?

No. 66152

So copying Yukapon is still a thing people do? If she knows what's good for her, hopefully she won't be peeing on camera anytime soon.

No. 66153

She got a nice ass tho.

No. 66163

Himeka is slightly less fatter than Bibi. This is Himeka.

And Himeka has a weird obsession with Yuka. She supposedly hated her, was her friend and ended up turning against her but copied her in every way. Like she does with aminyan.

No. 66219

In addition to reporting her to the FBI for producing and distributing cp, it might be worth it to report her to Florida CPS. I think they are required to investigate once they get enough complaints.

No. 70689

Does Himeka have a job?

No. 70738

Does selling nudes for line stickers count

No. 73937


>cheap looking dress


Really Himeka?

No. 106899

Whatever happened to these two? They have pt tier potential

No. 108048

They're both still on twitter and doing lives for fabricated affection from pedophiles.
Bibi is constantly being banned on Twicast and NND though.She looks like she's lost a few pounds though which is good for her.

These girls are cute but I just wish they'd not do the whole borderline CP thing

No. 108073

File: 1432437863480.jpg (9.94 KB, 300x314, Gt powerlifters mad that they …)

but aunt jimima, you can't be kawaii

No. 108079

pedos arent even fapping to her and she knows it

No. 108084

File: 1432439485535.png (11.6 KB, 700x100, lol ew.png)


No. 108116

Well… Guess that explains why the song sounds so god damn disturbing,

No. 108330

You know… like how you go to other countries and black people get slander? Well, thanks to bitches like these, that's why it happens.

Mini hair hatted BT 1000's on the go… ain't it precious

No. 112977

>>108048 What are their Twitter accounts?

No. 112994

guys please don't let this die. I love watching ugly black idoru girls attempt to be kawaii

No. 112999

is Bibi banned for the content of her lives?I wouldn't doubt it but I'm curious now

No. 113004


Some translations with my limited Japanese:
"I can see her ass!"
"Cherry pie"

No. 113015

Bibi has two accounts

Report them both for CP

No. 113019

I don't know why they think Japanese would accept them. They're obese, dark, can't speak Japanese, wide noses…aminyan is pretty much the opposite of them but still gets shit from Japanese people.

No. 113020

Admin please get this asshole for saying hair hat. It's getting really fucking annoying.

No. 113022

Plenty of Japanese people have wide noses?

No. 113025

That's true, but Japanese people don't necessarily like it and call it garlic nose. The biggest thing other races make fun of black people is their nose. The way they look, they couldn't even be accepted in America unless they played the loud funny crazy black woman. No way they could be "kawaii" in japan.

No. 113026

File: 1432867550115.jpg (162.76 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Tumblr URL is princess–bibi

Hasn't lost weight, just uses 4 filters and shoops a bit. You can usually tell because she puts stickers next to the shooped area.

No. 113028

And yes she keeps have to start new communities. Most of her comments are hate comments.

No. 113032

How can she even breathe in that?

No. 113080

i never heard anyone use that term before on here and i'm a regular
i think you are just getting triggered

No. 113094

Never heard of this girl before (bibi) but I just had the bad luck to run across her youtube videos.

What the fuck was that.

And as a gyaru I'm offended she'd ever call herself gal

No. 113103

She said she's gyaru because pikarin is gyaru…

No. 113104

No. 113108

Maybe in this thread or the micky thread. They tried framing aminyan saying she was jealous of them(lulz) and bibi said she was famous on Nico Douga and had tons of admirers. Somethinblr on tumblr uploaded a screenshot of Bibi's comments and 90% of them were calling her a black pig, fat bitch, nigger.

No. 113110


The reason all of this shit happened is because Bibi's sister Momo or himeka or baby–chan came here to talk trash about aminyan. When the tables turned they started shooping pictures as "proof" that aminyan bullied them, but there were a shit ton of inconsistencies. Also one of aminyan's fans uploaded a screenshot of himeka asking if aminyan was famous in japan and trying to turn her fan against her. These two are nutcases and make new accounts because of CP deletions.

No. 113113

LOL. Oh, to be young, dumb and fifteen. Or however old Bibi is.

No. 113114



They call everyone racist or "jealous of their success"(kek) when someone brings up CP they literally say "This isn't CP" or "you're wrong for sexualizing a child!" They also got caught trying to sell nudes to Japanese old farts for LINE stickers lol. These two really bring lulz if you dig more

No. 117917

bunny0199 is new twitter. She posted a pic to a gravure twitter I follow and I doubletaked when they posted her ~lowleg pantsu~ photo.

No. 125838

No. 125845

No. 125849

No. 125854

Whats the Japanese word for thot?

No. 125855


I dunno but her selfies are horrible


No. 125857

Man, if my mom caught me doing live shows in some of those outfits I guarantee I'd getting a whopping right then and there

No. 125938

Seriously. Where are these girls' parents?
Also she really needs to stay away from like half the clothes she wears. They're made for rectangular, skinny girls and they just make her look fatter.
The pink swimsuit/bodysuit thing is the only thing that actually looked good on her in that entire tag, it's upsetting

No. 125940


Fatties do it all the time, wear things that don't suit them. It's become a normal thing now.

She wants to be kawaii, lol simple

No. 126040


I'm guessing her parents don't really care. I just wanna know how she cam afford some of this shit. At 16 i had a job and couldn't even think of getting knock of liz lisa… its kinda hard to think her parents are okay with some of the shit she buys.

Not even because its ill fitting, but because its "weird" for a black girl to be into that shit.

No. 126043

She more than likely sells nudes just like her sister does.

No. 126044

Black parents are surprisingly flexible about things like this tbh, at least in my experience.
I'm a black weeb and I was really into Jfash since I was in middle school. My mom thought it was odd at first but never expressly forbade it (except when it came to thigh highs), and now she actually thinks it's cute and doesn't mind at all (I'm in HS now FWIW). My dad doesn't seem to care much.
I remember Momo used to make posts about her family not understanding her, though. It seems they've gotten better at accepting it, though, esp. since she (allegedly) gets to visit Japan sometimes.

No. 126555

I feel like they send themselves a this bullshit.aminyan hasn't even mentioned them but they keep talking about her.its like a sickness.

No. 126556

she uses her parents credit cards without telling them. once she did that and they cancelled the order but she didn't tell the store and they wrote a long blog calling her a thief.

No. 126561

Not trying to be a famous aidoru? Than what the heck is her channel aiming for

No. 126568

She got called a fat black pig by her "fans" and when tumblr found out she looked dumb. Now she's trying to shade the whole idol thing because she can't be one.

No. 126580

What gets to me is that some of the stuff she orders or receives is very not safe for parents to see if you are a teenager?
Remember when she begged on her Tumblr for someone to buy her a collar that read "BITCH" on it? How the fuck would she intend to sneak that past her mom once it arrived?

No. 126599

It seems like the better Aminyan does, the more Bibi and Himeka shit themselves and make up shit about her. It's hilarious.


No. 126603

>she's making herself out to be crazy

B-but she hasn't even mentioned these hoes ?

No. 126622

They wish they were that important to her.

No. 126764

It just keeps making them look worst to be honest.

No. 126766

It just keeps making them look worst to be honest.

No. 127011

File: 1435198818446.jpg (135.93 KB, 640x636, image.jpg)

Amina is in duh illuminati yall hurrr hurrrrr she try and act all innocent but she down with 666

No. 127013

Damn, seeing her face after such a long time really drives the point home. She is so much cuter than both Bibi and Himeka.

No. 127016


Yeah, pretty hilarious.

No. 127019

Man, I've heard of her on here so much but never really bothered to look her up but wow she's cute in action my heart skipped a beat I can see why they're so jealous

No. 127022

Her voice is horrible. Otherwise, cute

No. 127027


She's seriously cute. Those ugly ass ratchet bitches don't have shit on her and will never get that far. She's living the dream while they're permanently stuck in the shade.

No. 127045

To cut her some slack this video is pretty old(you can tell because she was still chubby here) and she mentioned taking voice and dance lessons before going to Japan. I've seen some of her recent stuff like when she was on TV and her voice is improving a lot. It's not good enough to be a real singer but for an idol it's pretty.

No. 127047

the kyun kyun part where she threw candy was so cute!

No. 127049


No. 127052

this ones more recent right so cute

No. 127068

File: 1435206545173.jpg (1.85 MB, 2448x3264, CAM00107.jpg)

I met aminyan

No. 127069

she looks younger damn how old is this picture? you saved it all this time?

No. 127071

was she a totally homicidal bitch like bibi says?

No. 127135

I like aminyan but she pulls that high voice thing but I guess that's normal in Japan, I wonder how far she'll get.

No. 127138

in japan women act like little girls it's normal there

No. 127142

I'm a shameless ami stan simply because she causes drama by existing. Meanwhile these bitches circle jerk each other and sell CP for attention. She's cute and winning and these bitches ugly and losing. It's hilarious watching them be angry and talk shit but ami to busy living their dreams to even acknowledge them.

No. 127145

No. 127156


Ok I see that. But that was very eloquently spoken.She never adresses them directly she didn't say names she just said "a few girls". Even though most of us know who she's referring to.

No. 127216

She posted this yesterday. I wonder if people are personally harassing her on the behalf of Bibi and Himeka now.

No. 127469

No. 127501

to be fair she never said anything about starving
i'm going to assume you are the anon that asked her that stuff and say that you should probably just watch the cows from afar
your coming off as weeny when you yell "OMG YOU'RE NOT ASIAN UNKAWAII FAT BITCH"
half decent milk never comes from being annoying and unfunny
next time try giving her a backhanded compliment like "wow! your really cute! well, for a black girl who dresses in asian clothing"

No. 127508

>i'm going to assume you are the anon that asked her that stuff and say that you should probably just watch the cows from afar

Nope, not even close.

This came from her post

>Its not like I can’t be thin ( anyone can starve theirself )

No. 128177


these girls are disgusting(bibi and babypofupofu). Ami is a million times cuter why would she need to harass them?

No. 128180

That Himeka girl was trouble from the start. It's sad she has to mention her "money". How insecure. Bibi seems to be in her footsteps.

No. 128181

File: 1435422622670.jpg (145.46 KB, 640x827, image.jpg)

>are you psyhic?
That makes no sense at all.

No. 128182

No. 128184

More than one person called her a nigger on nnd. Lmao

No. 128185


>she felt threatened by us

Why would she fell threatened by three talentless fatties who sell nudes for line stickers and cheap Chinese clothes.

>Us 3 selected girls that poor little ami just couldn’t stand to see doing better than her in something.

Again, why would she feel any way toward three talentless fatties? None of them can sing, dance, or speak Japanese properly.

>She goes psycho crazy bonkers over little things like getting more views on NND than her.

Why would she care about NND when she's constantly doing live shows and on TV?

>NO ONE is jealous of Aminyan. NOBODY.

She's gone full retard if she thinks we're gonna buy that after what she's said.

>She wants to dance around in Japan posing as an idol( which she’s not doing too well )

If she wasn't doing well she wouldn't have as many fans or do live shows or be on TV. Like she must be protecting at this point.

>I’m not jealous of her because we have different aspirations in life.

If you call stripping on NND for old Japanese men while being called derogatory words just to get some line stickers and cheap Chinese clothes an aspiration, you live a truly sad life.

No. 128187

Almost every person on their called her one. Views aren't necessarily good. pt and Chris chan get lots of views. I also asked how she was gyaru because honestly just look at her, no response. Himeka also said ami is poor and took out a student loan? so literally 100% of American students?

No. 128188

Looks like they're just grasping at anything now. What's next, are they going to rag on her for working while in school?

No. 128189

Has anybody noticed there's no pictures of these girls outside their rooms? Haha.

No. 128190

File: 1435426192325.png (194.69 KB, 1317x627, go to hell you rat bastard.png)

Makes me giggle to see so much mouth-frothing rage and ratchet behavior with such a kawaii theme.

No. 128195

>She gets no favorites on any of her tweets considering she has thousands of followers (which are all ghost followers because they were purchased).

Funny because if you go to her Twitter her last tweet had 16 retweets and 22 favorites. She's clearly in denial.

>I got more views on niconama with this “lard ass” than ami.

Why does that matter when the girl is on national television and doing live shows.

>OK SO? I STILL GOT MORE VIEWS AND COMMENTS THAN U IN THAT BROADCAST. and people call you uncle. Bald headed uncle. They call u kappa a reptilian creature. They say ur wearing a wig too. It’s that noticeable… Wow

Getting views because you come off as some side show freak is not something to be proud of. Ami was on a show that was on network tv, a hell of lot more notable than streaming on NND. And how does she know what they said about Ami when she doesn't even know what the comments on her NND are constantly like?

No. 128197

I've watched her streams. The uncle thing is making fun of aminyan's fans who are typical idol otakus.they mentioned kappa because aminyan made a joke asking where they are in Japan or something. Bibi clearly can't understand japanese.she even admitted to watching Amina's streams which is a lot for someone who "abused " you. They're probably the ones writing the rude comments in english.n

No. 128199

Now according to bibi aminyan is proana and hates fat people. oh god can this get any better lol.

No. 128200

>if you try to hurt my little sister the way you hurt me i’m coming down to tokyo and beating your ass and i am not joking.

Empty threats, she's too yellowbellied for that.

>i’m not into this anon petty internet shit, i will come down somewhere and smack the shit out of somebody if i have to and i’m about to.

Again, empty threats, and she thrives on petty anon shit.

>i felt bad because i know ur broke and living off of student loans so i let u go.

The girl is an idol and more than likely working outside of that. So she's living comfortably. Himeka is fucking delusional.

>i’m about to be living in a high rise in miami at age 18 and honey i’m feeling good.

And watch as she posts about not being able to get it. Again, the girl is fucking delusional.

No. 128201

Himeka also did anon responses and deleted them. Where is these girls mother? Aminyan lives in japan how did she ruin anyone's life?

No. 128202

>I never copied Yukapon

No. 128203

Can someone please explain to me how Aminyan almost rude Himeka's life?? Does anyone know the story??

No. 128205

Bibi says "She won't tell publicaly". it's all a big lie for sympathy and publicity

No. 128226

File: 1435432690894.png (164.59 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-06-27-15-15-15…)

What is this supposed to be on? Facebook? What's "date of pwning"?

Hey post about what Aminah supposedly did to her

No. 128227

Posted the post but forgot to tag you guys >>128226

No. 128254

does anybody know what happened between himeka and that girl she use to bc with?

No. 128259

black people trying to be kawaii is so gross

No. 128261

File: 1435438780222.jpg (53.78 KB, 960x720, cgl.jpg)

Fuck off

No. 128273


Throw back to when they use to be the best of friends.

No. 128277

Not him but I kinda agree. It just doesn't fit them

No. 128281

File: 1435442636953.png (294.26 KB, 350x509, tumblr_ngi5wd9hlh1tmlwbno1_r1_…)

No. 128283

In what way is that kawaii? She looks like a stripper in a pseudo school uniform tbh.

No. 128284

does it look good on anyone not asian to be honest?
subtle cute like korean fashion looks good on whites and black people but obnoxiously cute stuff like lolita only works for asians and even then it looks shit.

No. 128289

Unless you have a childlike face it'll look simply wrong.

No. 128292

File: 1435443730200.jpg (156.39 KB, 400x534, tumblr_mx3u7ttsYc1qanyoko1_400…)

>S-She's not cute! She looks like a stripper!
Literally what? There's nothing stripper-like about her appearance at all.
tbh you're probably thinking that because you subconsciously sexualize black girls for some reason. Next you'll be telling me Willow Smith looks like a prostitute.

No. 128294

thats the strange thing about lolita, its too expensive for an actual child but apparently its only for the handful of women 25+ who look like kids?

No. 128295

Why are you so butthurt about it? It's not like I insulted anyone and no she doesn't look like a prostitute but kinda sad

No. 128296

Yeah, but if it works out it looks simply amazing.

No. 128297

>only asians can wear lolita!!
>a-anyways they still look stupid in it!!

So, were your measurements too un-kawaii to fit into burando or were you bullied out of the community for your asinine opinions?
Up next:
>lolitas are all sluts, bullies & spoiled bitches, too!

No. 128298

File: 1435444183229.jpg (130.66 KB, 591x880, maki et asuka.jpg)

well, the creators of angelic pretty dont look like kids. most people who wear it dont look like children, because the majority of the people who can afford it are 25 and older. thats just the reality of it all.

No. 128299

File: 1435444486894.jpg (325.18 KB, 1000x1500, tk-2013-05-18-009-001-harajuku…)

how can you be bullied out of wearing a style of clothes?people can wear what they want but lolita just looks less ridiculous on asians.

for example this girl doesnt have a nice wig, makeup etc but she still looks normal/ presentable in lolita. it just looks like something that suits her.

No. 128300

Calling someone a stripper is considered an insult in the world of people who are not autistic, anon.

No. 128305

It's a noble profession anon

No. 128310

>how can you be bullied out of wearing a style of clothes?
You just went full retard

No. 128311

If you had a lick of self confidence you wouldn't think that it's retarded

No. 128312

Even the most confident person can be bullied out of doing something.

No. 128313

She let her greed get the best of her. Or maybe she never really cared for her.

Y'all gonna get banned

No. 128329

This was proven to be photoshopped some time ago.

No. 128331

>lolita only suits asians
>posts the tackiest coord they can find on the most haggard-looking asian woman I've ever seen

You have a really strange idea of what 'suits' people. The other anon has a point, though–take it to /b/ so the rest of us can set you straight without derailing this thread, though.

No. 128342

I know but I never saw the proof.

No. 128410

Let's remember how all of this started. Himeka went to the micky thread on here not saying aminyan is mean but instead saying she's ugly and shit like that. Everyone told her ass off because it was obviously vendetta. When she didn't get the ass pats she wanted she and her sister made up lies and shit saying aminyan bullied them with no proof whatsoever. Their accounts constantly get deleted for selling child porn they have no respect for themselves or ther families.

No. 128413

Stop derailing shit.

No. 128415

Proof that it was photoshopped? That's never been her Facebook profile picture, the picture is grainy and low quality af. Micky also uploaded a chat log of "aminyan" and it was also photoshopped(dates didn't add up, wrong pictures, etc)

No. 128433

Oh. Figures.

No. 128445

Why does Himeka say she's living in a penthouse or something when it's not like she earned it? It's a lie anyways so I don't know why I'm questioning it.

No. 129113


>The kicker is that she was completely bi-polar about it. She'd cry about her parents, and then immediately get over it and bring up her new Sanrio character merchandise. Shit was jarring.

No. 129117

She'd complain about her family constantly. There was always some sort of malicious behavior going on at her house, and her mom apparently once told her she wished she was dead.
I wasn't sure what else to do but comfort her.
The kicker is that she was completely bi-polar about it. She'd cry about her parents, and then immediately get over it and bring up her new Sanrio character merchandise. Shit was jarring.

Dear god how did you find this. She's worse off than I thought.

No. 129118

>She was obsessed with lolicon, as well. She had posters of loli characters in her room, always bought weird clothes from an online Chinese store, etc. She called me "onii-chan" once, and I told her to stop that shit so she did and kept quiet about it.
I eventually found out she had a Tumblr account, where she posted hentai and shit, and told her I knew after a few days. She got all pissy about it and said "so what", so I left well enough alone. I really shouldn't have just let it be.

No. 129120

>She started taking "requests" and would title read-more posts things like "T-shirt for onii-chan x333", "Maid costume~" etc. People offered to buy her things, sent her asks like "OMG you're so pretty I wish all black girls were like you" and she complied.
Eventually, she put up a fucking Amazon wishlist on her page, and I suspect she actually got presents from strangers.
I was still too beta to properly confront her about things. Sooner or later, her blog got temporarily shut down. She made a new blog and whined and whined about it. I knew all of this but kept my mouth shut. The pictures got progressively less SFW, too, but I didn't realize that until it was too late.


She deleted all the pictures of herself from the Tumblr, I just saved them beforehand to confront her with. Plus, she CONSTANTLY changes her URL. It used to be milk-kitten or something, then honeymomokitten, then cinnamomoroll, etc. Sorry.

No. 129123

I think Himeka has SERIOUS mental problems if it wasn't obvious before it is now.

No. 129129

File: 1435560627694.jpg (225.61 KB, 900x900, original.jpg)

what is with these bitches and lolicon?
never any other niche like oppai or any other anime niches? (pic related)
it's so weird that these cows always have the loli obsession

No. 129130

Daddy issues

No. 129259

This is not a reliable account of what she's like IRL. I'm very sure I made this shit up years ago just to bump the thread and dump OC pictures. Nothing on /r9k/ is ever true. I'd believe it if something like this actually did happen, though.
The details about her Amazon wishlist, trading nudes for dosh with strangers online, weird fights with her parents, obsession with lolicon and her hentai blog are all legit though.

No. 129261

If you've noticed, they like to mix a lot of these. You can do that loli shit as well as the aidoru, imouto, neko, dojikko, etc. It's all fake weeb personas

No. 129284

>this isn't accurate but it is accurate


No. 129295

Just don't want to muddy the waters with false accounts anon.

No. 129298

There's nothing false about it.

No. 129420

I remember her and yukapons argument about himeka pimping herself out.

No. 129441

I don't know if I'm right but I guess a lot of western tumblr girls don't even know any other anime niches, plus a lot of them have ageplay fetishes so lol

No. 130264

It's funny how Bibi gets so many views because of her avatar is of her tits. Watching her is awkward af cause all she does is fix her hair and purse her lips.

No. 130416

Still don't get how that gif has more than like 4 notes on Tumblr. She's not kawaii at all.

No. 130429

She's black and fat, so basically she'll get a shitload of notes.

No. 130432


I thought you had to be asian or white to get notes tho? wow, ive neglected dumblr for so long…

No. 130441

That's actually more movement then ive been seeing tbh if that's possible.

No. 130446

Yes usually.
Fat and POC with an alternative style=Sjws looking their.shit happily
White/pale/Asian/skinny=regular kawaii Asian bloggers

No. 130453

That kawaii stuff seems played out on tumblr

No. 130462

>using hiragana for "live" instead of katakana

No. 130465

None of them are cute. Seriously, being an idol and having to please old greasy otaku men is not kawaii, it's fucking disgusting. All idols are trash, it's sad that aminyan decided to be trash

No. 130466

except the asians she post are not in shape nor healthy, they're too skinny. sorry but bibi is obese but those asian girls she post are disgustingly too skinny to look kawaii. gross
bibi should lose weight though

No. 130477

Half of idol fans are girls. The only reason creepy old men come is because they're the only ones who can afford all that stuff.

No. 130480

Yeah, sure. Whatever you say, Bibi.

No. 130481

tbh I hate that Himeka and bibi are trashing aminyan because they wanted to be an idol but they're too fat and disgusting….so they sell nudes for line stickers

No. 130482

Yeah, they start rumors and get people to harass but can't take the time to better themselves. I guess they enjoy being untalented cows.

No. 130483

Based on the r9k thread posted here I think they're both mentally disturbed or some type of abuse happening at their home. It would explain why their mom doesn't care that they make cp

No. 130489

I'm mad because I'm not a landwhale like her + I'm actually a cute black girl (according to what other people have told me at least) and I'm lucky if my selfies break 6 notes.

No. 130490

You have to be really fat or disabled or some shit to get the SJW likes / reblogs or really beautiful for everyone else.

It's funny bibi said aminyan's streams were only popular because of pity…what does she think she looks like? I sent her "gyaru? bitch where?" But she didn't respond lmao

No. 130496

Seeing as she and her sister lurk on this thread, she's more than likely going to answer soon and blame Aminyan, like they usually do.

No. 130779

If you're a landwhale you have to have a good style, otherwise you won't get a lot of notes
Or have some quirky style and a good camera
Bibi has shitty style and a shitty camera, so her notes only come from perverts and DDLG ppl

No. 130781

wtf report that shit

No. 130790

Is SweetYoungMarie supposed to be Aminyan?

No. 130791


Was she hacked or something? How old is Ami anyway… jesus christ.

Oh my lord

No. 130793

That needs to be reported to tumblr, as well as Himeka and Bibi's posts slandering Aminyan. She should sue them or something.

No. 130794

it's clearly not her blog, someone made a new blog and started posting picture but the original blog no longer exists

No. 130795


Is that Ami's pictures though? Like was she actually hacked? God, that's well bad.

No. 130798

The original was probably made by her ex. That new blog is definitely Himeka's doing though. Especially since she said something about it before.

No. 130803

I don't think so, in one of the videos you see the bottom of the face and it doesn't look the same, even if these are her, she would have been underage at the time?

No. 130804

We fucking get it Bibi, you don't need to post the link more than once
You're still a fat whore so, yknow who cares

No. 130807

Shit someone report this. I want them to go to jail.

No. 130818

>i'm a cute black girl
calling yourself cute is one of the saddest things
>people tell me so
no, thristy neckbeards online that would say that to any girl doesn't count
you are WAYYYY too fat to be a loli BTW
why can't people like you face that a loli just isnt your body type? if you dressed good for your body you wouldn't be on here
nobody is going to jail
just go cry to mods and see what they think :^)

No. 130821

we get it
fucking stop posting the link
chimping out just makes you look worse

No. 130823

I don't have a tumblr account

No. 130839

i didn't even mention tumblr
fucking idiot

No. 130841

100% sure that anon was talking about the second response.

No. 130844

I reported the blog.
And oh my god you are a psyhco. If you were a decent human being you would have reported yourself.

No. 130846


everyone, instead of just sitting here saying this stuff go report the blog.

No. 130848

[REMOVED CP].tumblr.com

No. 130849

i didn't mention tumblr in that whole post
can't you read?

No. 130850

File: 1435878022242.jpg (11.68 KB, 300x200, 4892289 _3a6155e7602ec3d4bb6d1…)

i'm a psycho? why? because i said that being a loli looks bad for you body type?

No. 130852

If this was Himeka or Bibi would you guys be saying "omg psycho report" Doubt it.

[REMOVED CP].tumblr.com
Accept the fact shes a disgusting whore.

No. 130853


No. 130856

You mentioned mods, I'm sure they thought you meant tumblr. Stop being autistic.

No. 130858

Fuck off Bibi. You and your sister are shit.

No. 130860

you seem upset
get some tea and calm down
just report the tumblr if you think its that bad. i dont give a shit about porn i just wanna laugh at cows. is that so wrong?

No. 130862

What? Nobody's mad. All I did was point out that the anon thought you were talking about tumblr because you said mods. Why are being a cunt about it?

No. 130865

>ttly not mad
just shut up
lets get back on topic and laugh at dumb people or stop being a party pooper
report the tumblr and be done with it

No. 130867

I don't see how that's me being mad when you acting exactly in that manner. I also don't get why you think I'm the original anon you repsonded to. Not to mention I've already reported that blog and Himeka's blog.

No. 130868

then who cares? stop going on about it
it's all i'm saying

No. 130872

…ummmm I was talking about the Ami blog…not the fat bitch that made it. I agree with you there. You're just confirming more and more that you're crazy as hell.

No. 130873

Ok momo.

No. 130875

You're the only one.

Anyways, Himeka is pretty bad at covering her tracks since she mentioned that blog that's on the magii page in this post.


No. 130888

Is this really aminyan?scandalous, i love it.

No. 130891

If all those pics are proved to be aminyan- it really begs the question- is there a single decent person in the weeb movement? Also lol at the Aminyan Whitenights… all I hear is crickets hahaha

No. 130894

i love how the same guy liking her porn and saying how he wants to bang her is a real thirsty guy who has porn with girls who have nipples covering most of their boobs lol
how pathetic is that guy?

No. 130897


>>130803 said it might not even be her. If it is her, then it's more likely her ex posted them since he doesn't like her.

No. 130900

Pretty sure one of those is actually a picture of Himeka. It was posted here before and I said "Huh, she kinda looks like Ami".
Fucking kek

No. 130903

don't immediately jump to conclusions
it COULD still be her
that whole "barely legal" thing seems like something she would say

No. 130904

Damn I feel bad for aminyan. Wasn't she fat before doe? It Does look like her doe. Smh poor girl.

No. 130906

That explains she's so comfortable with the wota lol

No. 130908

its the way she was posing in the first pic. sucking in the gut and stretching

No. 130910

>calling yourself cute is one of the saddest things
>thirsty guys
No, girls tell me this too. Sorry. :^)
>why can't people like you face that a loli just isnt your body type? if you dressed good for your body you wouldn't be on here
What. Wait, do you think I'm Bibi or something? Is your reading comprehension completely shit?

No. 130912

Which one? Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if those were actually Himeka's pictures. It's already odd she already knew about the page before that blog popped up.

No. 130914

Innocent until proven guilty. We can't be 100% sure that all those pics are of Ami

No. 130915

is there a single decent person in the world though? is everyone perfect? stop acting like you're an angel from above when you're a filthy human just like everyone else.
is she not allowed to get on with her life and do something she wants to do? unlike these girls she's not trying to hurt anyone. fuck these ugly obese turds.

No. 130920

How is this any different from Himeka's blogs then? You whiteknights are so quick to judge others but when its ~*Princess Aminyannn*~ Its suddenly OK? Lel. I actually love the level of BS this drama is exposing

No. 130923

The face shot. I can't remember whether it was posted in the Himeka or Micky thread, actually.
This girl's certainly too light skinned skinned to be Himeka, but too thin to be Micky.
This "sweetyoungmarie" porn blog most of the nudes are reblogged from was deactivated in 2012, it seems.

No. 130924

No. 130926

Not everyones perfect okay. All of a sudden that's the case with Ami but not everybody else talked about on this site. She's still a hypocritical whore. Stop making excuses for her. Ever heard of a white knight? Not cute. Grow up.

No. 130928

Himeka was a minor and LITERALLY selling nudes, aka CP for material possessions.
Since the content from what's allegedly Ami's porn blog was most likely up in 2012 (according to the "-deactivated2012" addendum and the dates some of them were reblogged), and Ami is 22 now IIRC, she would've been 18 or 19 in 2012, making these nudes legal (inb4 "oh but she called herself barely legal" - terms popular with jailbait fetishists are not admission of anything, or else most of the porn online is illegal content).

No. 130931

People are defending aminyan cause they like her and think she's a genuinely nice person. Are you new to life and human concept?

No. 130932

Isn't aminyan 18? She just graduated high school a year ago.

No. 130933


>most of the nudes are reblogged from was deactivated in 2012

Isn't that when she was dealing with all that drama between her ex and Micky? This really makes me think that this was something her ex did, and she told Himeka. And Himeka is now using it as blackmail.

No. 130935

>Hi, you can call me Marie and I'm a bit of an exhibitionist. I'm half Japanese and half African American. I live in Arizona. I'm a legal teen(so no worries) and I love anime, hentai, ageplay, porn, and all types of things. Especially older guys. I'll post nudes of myself here because I love the thought of guys jacking off to me. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

>I'm a virgin too:)

No. 130937

Is Ami from Arizona? Does she have any siblings?

No. 130947

I think you'll find Aminyan is 18, turning 19 in September. Take several seats.

No. 130949

Well this changes everything.

It's been said before she's from Michigan.

No. 130954

>Anonymous asked: why stay anonymous?

>Anybody can find and stalk me. Plus, as a kid, I was a junior idol U12 when my mom and I lived in Osaka. I guess someone could find my name through those old pictures haha

No. 130955

lol. Are you or friend or know her personally? You're a white knight and just about everyone else on here is too. It's fine if you don't like Himeka or Bibi. I don't either. But Ami is shit too and this blog proves her as a gross slut. Posting undersged porn is illegal for Himeka and Bibi but just a mistake for wittle baby Ami. Puh-lease.

No. 130959

File: 1435885115355.jpg (36.13 KB, 400x317, lawdylawd.jpg)


Well this is…a interesting discovery.

No. 130963

No. 130964

Wait wait wait, does this prove that this is Ami or that this isn't Ami? Am I missing something .-.

No. 130966

Taking into account the archive links, and the fact that the one and only faceshot available is NOT reblogged from "sweetyoungmarie" but it was posted by the owner of this blog, I'm willing to bet this isn't Ami.
Almost the perfect plan.
>look through a bunch of porn blogs
>find some random black jailbait + make sure it's mostly of the same girl and reblogged from a deactivated blog to prevent any evidence getting stacked up against you
>make sure to avoid face pics, then post a face picture of the girl (which was never posted on the porn blog) you're trying to frame

No. 130967

No. 130968

>insist it's her to try and dirty her reputation
>now she's trash like you

No. 130971


No. 130972

What happened? I missed some blog against Amina?

No. 130973

Wtf is this person tagging jrcach anyway? Ew

No. 130976

Alright, then provide some substantial evidence that this is Ami.
I can imagine a weeb like Ami lying about being half-Japanese in her teens, but what was the need to pretend to live in a different state? That's a bit overkill.
Things aren't looking good for you, anon.

No. 130977

With a quick search on Google, her old 2012 Instagram pictures have that same orange bad lighting hue as the supposed leaked nudes on the newer Tumblr page.

No. 130980

hi, ami!

No. 130981

While it's not unlikely the girl is the same color as Ami, it's already been figured out that she isn't Ami.

No. 130982

Himeka gtfo

No. 130983


If you want to anonymously do some weird or sneaky shit and not want anyone to find out about it, you'll go to extreme lengths to make sure of that. Some people make out they live in completely different countries let alone states.

No. 130984

hey ami, you embarrassed?
it seems like you regret posting porn of yourself on the internet
maybe it will teach you next time to not to do that
just leave this site and live a normal life and forget this whole anime loli shit
you aren't too far gone to stop and ruin your personal name and stop you from getting a job
go low brow and don't post yourself on the internet unless you want to be a target for places like "the pink meth"

No. 130985

Why just change the state and not country, then?
It's not like anyone would try and call her out on believability if she ventured as far as to say she's British or still living in Japan tbh.
Alternatively, why even mention where she lives? It's just a porn blog, and if someone wanted to meet up with her for fucking or whatever, she could easily answer their asks privately and set things up.
Unless you're trying to say she somehow knew people would discover not only her nudes, but have an archive of her blog 3 years later and meticulously planned ahead.

No. 130986

I'm not Ami lol. I'll even post a timestamp if necessary.

No. 130987

>the pink meth
I thought The Pink Meth was kill

No. 130988

These post already pointed out it's not Aminyan. Himeka just give it up already.

No. 130989

why are you namefagging

No. 130990

File: 1435886439708.png (244.74 KB, 830x467, l9k8f.png)

not that anon
but here is a picture of you right now

No. 130992

there are lots of sites like that still going

No. 130994

Himeka is retarded, that's why.

No. 130995

I don't watch Bob's Burgers but I'm just talking common sense. A paranoid person would either not mention their whereabouts at all, or say something like "I live in Brazil" when in reality they live somewhere completely different

No. 130997

well i do that sometimes when i'm lying about where i live
it's not THAT out there. come on

No. 131003

how fucking mean and evil can you be? she is doing what she wants to do. her dream. and she shouldn't have to be forced out of it by some vendetta having bitches. what if someone came to your job or whatever and told trash about you from the past true or not? why would you want to ruin an innocent persons life that has moved on and doing well? you are obviously the ugly bitch himeka jealous of ami. how about lose some fucking weight and put on some makeup and try your best instead of trying to tear down others doing what you want.

No. 131005

not that anon but seriously, who the fuck would lie and say they lived in fucking raggedy ass hell hole arizona?

No. 131006

im just telling her if she makes a fool of herself online it may affect her real life when people google her full name

No. 131008

im not himeka because im not some fully grown black woman trying to be kawaii

No. 131009


Not buying it. The hair in the selfie shot looks almost exactly like how she used to have it around that time and on IG she has what looks like eczema scar marks on her chest that show up dark because of her skin tone, just like in her shirtless one.

No. 131010

Odd dichotomy with a huge lie (eg "I'm half Japanese half African American") and a much smaller lie ("I live in Arizona" as opposed to "I live in Toronto" or something).

No. 131012

both ami amd hime need to lose about 60 pounds
im not hime just because i am trying to give advice to not make yourself a awful reputation that could affect your life seriously

No. 131013

Ok but in this context, are you saying that you'd normally mention where you live (even as a lie) in some weird Tumblr bio on a porn blog? Be honest, anon.

No. 131014

If that was your goal, then it would be likely to use fake pics from a deleted account. You don't need real porn pics of her if you're trying to ruin her name. You just need some faceless nudes of a skinny black girl and tack her name onto it.

Not to mention, Himeka has some searchable nudes out there herself and has sold CP. So wouldn't it be wise to not poke around with this, Himeka.

No. 131016

i dont do a tumblr porn blog because i'm not stupid

No. 131017

im not cock-eyed himeka, ami
im saying this whole loli shit will affect her IRL life as that she will be known as that 20+ year old blacl girl pretending to be a kawaii asian. she could easily turn into a black pixy

No. 131018

But if you were? Don't skirt around shit, you have to admit it's fucking strange. There's more reason to believe this chick isn't Ami than there is to believe it really is.
Not even going to touch the obvious vendetta from the one exposing her ("Karma is real. You are a liar and your skeletons must come out of your overflowing closet. Everything on this blog is 100% true. These are not lies just facts.")

No. 131019

No. 131023

>thinking that's Ami


Himeka why are you obsessed with her?

No. 131024

File: 1435887585969.png (105.25 KB, 289x283, tumblr_m9cn5mLFKu1qikoq3.png)

get back on topic and stop accusing everybody of being hime or ami
they are both ugly laughable wannabe asians and we could be laughing at them instead of whiteknighting and bitching

No. 131025

Micky gtfo

No. 131026

You think people would care about that? Look at Yuki. She was semi-famous and had loli/pee fetish stuff. It didn't ruin her. What ruined her was her rape accusation.

Plus, you have nothing really. Unless you have nudes with face shots, she can deny it. Just as people here don't fully believe it, others won't.

Your vendetta is sad.

No. 131027

everybody makes fun of her for the loli pee thing
but you know, if you want to be known for that i wont stop you
but can't we just make fun of lolcows? why do we have to argue, anon? :^(

No. 131030

just stop arguing holy shit
go back to pull if you want your drama
just look, you guys are either going to accuse me of being ami or hime or micky
because i have just been called all three

No. 131032

Idk why this is even being argued after >>130966 pointed out something important

>Taking into account the archive links, and the fact that the one and only faceshot available is NOT reblogged from "sweetyoungmarie" but it was posted by the owner of this blog, I'm willing to bet this isn't Ami.

>only faceshot available is NOT reblogged from "sweetyoungmarie" but it was posted by the owner of this blog,

No. 131034

maybe everybody should get the sand out of your vaginas
can't we all agree that pretty much all "kawaii loli" black girls are laughable?
yes, that includes micky, himeka and ami and bibi

No. 131035


stop trying to act like you're doing something for her. you are just trying to fuck up her life.

No. 131037

Can you stop? It's not even her.

No. 131038

Ami needs to lose 60 pounds?? WTF

No. 131039

nigga how the fuck do you know

No. 131041

File: 1435888578521.gif (598.4 KB, 250x168, Wow such edge _3f7803afb1c949b…)

wow, sorry

No. 131043

im actually a white gay guy
but they wont believe me, don't even try
>inb4 omfg himekaaaaaa

No. 131044

she's not pretending to be jap she's trying to be an idol and she's doing fine. what the fuck is wrong with that?

No. 131045

also i didn't so stop chimping

No. 131047

how about we drop it?
i think idol shit is weeby to begin with
but eh, different strokes for different folks. you like ami? good for you

No. 131048

what the fuck does you being gay and white have to do with anything. gtfo faggot.

No. 131049

>thinking the idol bullshit is admirable

No. 131050

File: 1435888964757.gif (20.13 KB, 168x140, ani-phoenix-document.gif)

tbh the vendettafag's mistake was reblogging shit rather than just saving everything and reposting it.
Because the blog was deleted and all these porn pics/vids had like 20 notes tops, there would be a very low chance of being able to reverse image search them and find the source.
Without a secondary source for the images and the fact that they all have the same shitty "orange" tone like >>130977 said, there'd be no reason to believe it was anyone but Ami.
But it looks like our Anon (aka Himeka) got too big for their britches and thought they could frame her for an entire porn blog and phone sex requests on top of that.
What's all but assured is that Ami isn't this Marie chick, and since Marie's the source of the nudes, everything falls apart.
>inb4 the text posts and pics suddenly start disappearing and then reposted one by one

No. 131051

what happened? why is everybody at a frothing rage?

No. 131052

oh shut the hell up. some people just want to do this shit just like other things that are like that, but why is it a problem for you? that's what they want to do, so fine.

No. 131053

idols are serious business
aren't they?

No. 131055

no they're not. and they don't make alot of money either. they do it because that's what they want to do. like i said.

No. 131056

Bibi/Micky/Himeka tried to damage control when people threw suspicion on her and this happened

No. 131057

i didn't know they were all the same person??

No. 131058

also who the fuck is ami?
can someone explain
sorry, super confused

No. 131059

It's one of them, but we don't know which

No. 131061

Ami's some prettier, thinner black girl Himeka and co. are mad at

No. 131063

Have you been living under a rock?

No. 131064

they are like trolls under a bridge that come out together.

No. 131065

well i came here to laugh at fat black "kawaii" girls
soooooo can we stop arguing and just shut up about ami?

No. 131067

it's not
and even if it is, it's child porn so, don't get happy

No. 131068

sorry, im not on this site every minute at everyday
i kind of don't live under my rock enough to always know this shit

No. 131070

let's just shut up about ami and laugh at himeka and bibi :(
i don't care about ami, she is boring and normal and not fat

No. 131072

this is obviously aminyan
http://[REMOVED CP].tumblr.com/image/123061060016

No. 131075

That was posted by Vendetta-chan, not sweetyoungmarie (aka the person Vendetta-chan is trying to pass of as Ami). Read the thread.

No. 131076

I'm gonna go to bed now but I seriously hope things get even more scandalous after this whole fake nude/porn blog incident

No. 131077

i dont know where it came from but thats her.

No. 131078

you can make a seperate thread for her so you dont shit up this thread with arguing
if you REALLY need to

No. 131081

Yes, we've covered that but that doesn't corroborate any of the other shit on that blog.
Her "naked" parts are covered too

No. 131083

she's not an lolcow.

No. 131084

i dont know about the other pictures.
but that picture is aminyan.

No. 131085

The only picture of ami on that blog is the one of her face. Besides that all of those reblogs are from years ago so it's CP. Reporting to tumblr.

No. 131086

i know but im tired of this stupid ami drama bullshit

No. 131087

Her or not I hope she'll be Okay I think she failed that audition and now this. She's being quite so she probably knows.

No. 131089

Himeka is so fucking jealous.

No. 131090

yeah, i dont care
i want to laugh at himeka and bibi…
i mean you can make a ami appreciation thread on b? sorry

No. 131092

Aminyan is not a lolcow so i dont feel there is a need to make a topic about it.

im just sayin thats clearly her

No. 131093

are you fucking new? ami was always a big part of himeka and bibis drama. they hate her.

No. 131094

I don't think this is ami. The nude ones aren't at least. The one showing her face is her but it's not a nude or anything. Plus ami's skintome is lighter than this.

No. 131095

but this is getting a bit off topic
this is more of a ami thread now it seems
the only time you guys mention hime or bib is when you accuse someone of being them

No. 131096

if we dont talk about it how can we find out if himeka or bibi is behind it?
the drama is not off topic imo.

No. 131098

talking about how ami lost her audition isnt going to help with finding out who did it IMO

No. 131099

either doxx them or dont
going on about ami's idol career isnt going to help us with anything :/

No. 131100

if himeka and bibi are behind this regardless if its true or not aminyan is screwed…

they probably accomplished what they wanted.

No. 131101

this drama was started by them though. this is apart of their drama as well. if you want to talk about bibi and himeka this is a big thing included……

No. 131102

>skeletons in closet
It's obviously Himeka who made it. If the nudes were or weren't ami they're at least 3-4 years old. She obviously went on to do something with her life unlike momo/Himeka. Even if she posted nudes it doesn't prove that she "bullied" hi meka.

No. 131103

File: 1435891179421.jpg (290.74 KB, 1770x1000, doxxing 101.jpg)

stop being lazy assholes and find who made the tumblr yourself

No. 131104

Tumblr will probably take the blog down because it violates their CP rules. I don't think she's screwed. Himeka would need a Japanese VPN to put it on 2ch even

No. 131105

The sheets in this picture do not match the sheets in the other pictures, all of the other pictures have brown sheets and these are green. Also her arms are really small in this picture and we know that Bibi likes to photoshop shit so this could be photoshopped

As it stands there is no proof that Amina took the pictures on this blog, and even if she did distributing them is illegal as Amina would have been underage in 2012.

Even if all the pictures are of Amina this doesn't prove any accusations of her being a bad person, as it stands there is no proof that she made the original blog, someone could have used her alleged pictures to make it, having talked with her, she really doesn't seem like the kind of person to talk in a vulgar way but this is just speculation. This is pure jealousy at it's core, no if ands and or buts about it, I would be inclined to belief if I actually saw face shots, and as someone said the jaw on the girl in the video doesn't look the same. Bibi and Himeka are just trying to bring her down to their level. In reality, nudes will do nothing to destroy your career as idol as gravure is popular and a girl I know who is currently going to japan to perform soon has had her nudes leaked by an ex on 2chan. After all even otaku understand that pureness isn't real, they're perfectly fine with jacking off in their hands and then shaking hands with their fave aidoru.

No. 131106

keeki was kicked because of untrue rumors and many idols have been.

No. 131107

i dont need any proof etc
I have eyes and i see thats her face.

No. 131108

who the fuck is keeki and why does she matter? sorry, im not a weeaboo

No. 131109

No Keeki became an idol even after she stole 3,000 bucks for a guy in promise to fuck him. She was kicked because of visa. even that girl in akb had nudes released. as long as their fans don't care the companies don't cut them.

No. 131110

on one picture?

No. 131111

Then gtfo you're in a goddamn thread about idol wannabees

No. 131113

Jesus anon, they where just asking who she is.

No. 131114

File: 1435891583265.jpg (224.71 KB, 708x1128, tama_at_connichi_2014__4__by_k…)

shes a popular niconico broadcaster and she was kicked from her idol group because jrcach spread some lies about her

No. 131115

I have a feeling Himeka and bibi are in this thread lmao

No. 131116

>idol wannabes
>expecting me to be fluent in weeaboo

No. 131117

The face picture is for sure Ami, but it's not sexual at all. Looks more edgy. The nudes aren't her. Jaw, skin color and body type don't match. Himeka takes nudes all the time so I don't know what the problem is lol.

No. 131122

Aminyan was obese two years ago? The face picture looks like her but I don't think those videos are her. Anyways that akb girl is Japanese in a huge popular group with a huge following so that may be different. Aminyan would be lucky if this has no huge affect on her on a career that barely just started.

No. 131123

i'm sorry but i'm not enough of a weeb to enjoy schoolgirls in sailor fuku dancing to vocaloid
i dont think its her either
the pictures dont really match up

No. 131126

ok anon, sure
it's more of a hobby than a full time serious job

No. 131129

This. It's pretty obvious the whole thing was faked to make Aminyan look bad.

No. 131130

http://babypofupofu.tumblr.com/ask here's himeka's tumblr. Asked her about living in a "Miami high rise penthouse at age 18" but no answer yet lmao

No. 131132

can we just shut up about ami? if you guys want to know who did it doxx them. i just posted a doxxing 101 diagram and you guys are still going on about ami's idol career
who gives a shit about her career? can't we just find out who did it and shut up about idol shit that isnt lolcow tier?

No. 131138

You can do it

No. 131144

We've been talking about them for the past year. This is some new juicy content and were gonna ignore this find to talk about these girls we've been talking about for years to no avail? I'm talking about ami idk about you but, her nudes have been leaked for crying out loud.What's so important about himeka and her sister?They are ugly and fat. Anything new?Ami the "angels" nudes have been leaked!

No. 131147

I'm the ex boyfriend from the r9k thread and I've been following this for a while. Over the last year Angelina(Momo) had been getting weirder and weirder at school. She didn't have friends really. Her real name is Angelina [REMOVED] in [REMOVED]. I have her number and shit too. She's a real nutcase.

No. 131148

The nudes aren't her. You aren't fooling anyone Himeka.

No. 131149

We're Yukapons nudes edgy? Or himeka and bibis?No. Why is everyone in denial when it comes to Ami but for everyone else,everybody believed it right off the bat even without proof. Why wouldn't that be her? Do you really think these stupid girls just picked this random deactivated blog out of the thousands of blogs on tumblr? I think they would've gotten a more recent active blog.her nudes aren't edgy they are disgusting what the fuck

No. 131152

Himeka. The face picture hardly looks like a nude you can't even see her body that's why it looks "edgy". Just a stupid fail wannabe artsy pic. The other pictures aren't her and even if they we're she decided to do something with her life unlike you. 2012 was 3 fucking years ago. Again I don't even think the nudes are her. You're so jealous omfg

No. 131156

Why are they not her?im pissed. I'm here to see people roasted and i don't give a fuck who. This whiteknighting bullshit needs to stop because you do not make sense. Why is this not her?Because it's a black girl same body and shape same moles too.Please, can we just call a spade a spade and understand that this girl is a slut like the other ones.

No. 131157

I did the doxx on Himeka's babypofupofu blog. Won't post her full address but other info I found on her.

Her real name is Angela [REMOVED]
And here is her mom's info I found by doxxing. her mom's name is [REMOVED]. And she's a child psychiatrist? Hopefully she can get her daughter the help she needs.

No. 131158

The chin, lighting and background doesn't match at all. Body type doesn't euther. I think Himeka made the sweetyoungmarie thing and used it herself honestly.

No. 131159

then make a thread for her on /b/

No. 131160

i hate the whiteknighting alot too, thats why im saying we should shut up about ami
if you care that much about her go and make a different thread somewhere else you think fits
this is a himeka and bibi thread. not a ami thread

No. 131161

Meh aminyan isn't a lolcow. If this was a recent thing she would be but nudes from years ago that May or may not even be hers is just meh.

No. 131163

Agreed. the Ami stuff is juicy but there's no way to prove it's her or not so fuck it. I want more juice on bibi and himeka. did the doxx person find any more?

No. 131164

No. 131165

she isnt funny so why are people talking about her idol career? i dont give a fuck about her or her idol career

No. 131167

File: 1435894757511.jpg (68.62 KB, 640x582, image.jpg)

lmao still waiting for the "Wahhh stalker a and bullying me!!!!!" Posts

No. 131169

File: 1435895121222.jpg (22.47 KB, 225x400, image.jpg)

remember when Himeka asked for those stickers lmao

No. 131170


No. 131171

There were threads on Himeka on 4chan and PULL years ago. Why they all of a sudden want to blame ami instead of their own cringe is really dumb.

No. 131172

lol Himeka you don't need to post more we already know the link dear.

No. 131174

How old is Himeka?

No. 131175

She's 18 now

No. 131176

No. 131177

Actually this picture is Himeka talking shit about Ami out of the random. I think she's obsessed.

No. 131178

Some dox was removed due to the belief the girl is underaged. If the same person provides some evidence that she's 18, they may repost all of the information as long as they exclude parent/family info.

No. 131181

Is it just me or is Himeka actually pretty?

No. 131183

Its just you.

No. 131184

She's quick to crack. Lol

No. 131187

She's not as ugly as bibi but she has a shitty ratchet hilarious ghetto oniichan drink my pee personality.

No. 131188

File: 1435897059679.jpg (63.71 KB, 640x427, image.jpg)

we got a winner guyz
we're all just jealous of this totes bbw gaijin gyaru breaking borders Loli. aminyan is shaking in her boots.

No. 131196

it's you
it's you himeka

No. 131204

How old was aminyan in those pics? Is it really CP?

No. 131210

The pictures are from 2012 so if it is aminyan she would have been 15.

No. 131212

I was looking through a Florida cosplayer's instagram and a girl who looks exactly like BiBi popped up. kek.

No. 131227


> i was on lolcow for 10 minutes

> im not lurking

No. 131235

>Im popular
>u think I care?!?!

ok lmao Himeka

No. 131239


It's hilarious how hard she's trying to deny she's not lurking here and how she doesn't care. Not to mention that whole fucking vocaroo.

Speaking of that vocaroo, it sounds like one of those "h8rs maek meh famous!" scene girls. Someone should put it in a cringe compilation.

No. 131240

>I don't care

but you made tons of blogs about this lol
>when did I say I wanna be an idol
like a ton of times lol

Who are these fake azalia banks wanna be girls

No. 131244

>one negative comment
9/10 comments on Bibi's shit was calling her black pig and ugly.
>I'm not living my life for anyone hunty!!!!
kek lmao
Does she mean same fagging?

No. 131251

>me and my sister have money and good looks

are they serious lol this is hilarious.

No. 131253

She and her sister went on for eight minutes. Also

>everything on lolcow is fan fiction

I don't know how she thinks facts backed by evidence is "fan fiction.

No. 131258

The reason all of this started is because Himeka posted in the micky thread back in December trying to trash aminyan for no reason. After everyone thought it was micky someone remembered her from her honeykittenmomo days and how she was kicked from oishii project for being a slut. That's why all of this started.

No. 131261

>we have a life and friends and money

yet nobody has ever seen a picture of these fat weebs outside their rooms and they're notorious for scamming online.

No. 131266

I remember when tumblr SJW had Himeka or momo's blog deleted for CP selling and she said "everyone is jealous of my success" and called them racist. Fucking hilarious.

No. 131269

Why are you telling me this?

No. 131270

File: 1435902471145.jpg (81.67 KB, 640x640, 1425178223415_meitu_1.jpg)

i tried

No. 131272

I'm not Bibi you fucking dumbass. Any girl wanting to be an idol including Bibi is fucking trash and has daddy issues.

No. 131273

We should ask Himeka for a non photoshopped no sticker on nose picture.?

No. 131274

Most of idol fans are old creepy men. Go look at their handshake events. its fucking gross

No. 131283

Stop derailing

No. 131336

They're like Berry, but worse.

No. 131388

No. 131389

She's so insecure. If she wasn't, she wouldn't have to mention wealth all the time. Only poor people do shit like that.

No. 131390

>someone known to seek validation from absolute strangers
>strangers whose attention she can only seem to attract if she flashes her tits and ass
>"lol ya'll jelly of my confidence"

No. 131392

>"I was on Lolcow for 10 minutes"
>rants about every single thing getting posted
Top kek
>"This is literally grown 20-25 year old women"
Lmao half of us here are your age or younger Himeka. Suck a dick. Bitch can't even pronounce "gravure".

No. 131395

Lol no you're not, I admitted to making that up

No. 131398

How'd you find her e-mail? I've tried looking other people up on pipl but it's a lot more complicated if you only have a Tumblr username at your disposal.

No. 131401

She literally said lolli as in lollipop instead of loli.

No. 131440


Aye and the shit those two get up to is things 20-25 year olds CAN get up to and not little girls, such as themselves.

No. 131442

File: 1435928054312.png (600.07 KB, 502x502, o050205021331557046770.png)

Aye but real quick
The lighting in this pic and the lighting in those videos is the same.

No. 131452

Please read

No. 131456

How many gofundme things does she plan on doing before getting a real job lol http://shootingstar.jp/projects/1884 she's already in Japan, so what exactly is this for?Her living expenses?Please…

No. 131460

Lol she said this money will help her get more gigs.What?I think singing,dancing and looking better will help her get more gigs but hey.

No. 131465

It says 166cm lol! She's tall as hell and she knows that! She's like 5 foot 9 what the hell! She grows shorter?she towers basically over every girl she takes a picture with lol!!! Wow, what's going on here at this point this is a mess.

No. 131467

Omg wow look at this thing,it says her favorite brands are swankiss and wait it gets better, HERMES.I've never even seen her wearing swankiss and definitely not Hermes.Ultimately,thats ironic since she's using crowd funding to get money just to live.

No. 131470

Himeka please, this is not an Ami thread. We're here to laugh at you and your ratchetness

No. 131471

File: 1435933004897.jpg (67.61 KB, 600x337, image.jpg)

She went on local TV looking like that?

No. 131474

I'm not any of these slutty dumb ass whores.I'm just here for keks

No. 131475

It's funny how anyone who's anti Ami's dumbass is Himeka or Bibi. Really shows the kind of people posting on this thread. Stop sucking her dried up pussy.

No. 131478

So uh, why are we talking about Ami? We can make a thread for her honestly if her internet presence is that bad. This honestly seems like Bibi/Himeka/Micky trying to clear their names. Even though they're making it worse. Who else would derail a thread this badly? I doubt Ami would want bad reputation for herself knowing Japan's Akiba idol standards.
Yo! Bibi, Himeka, Micky, if y'all reading this, let it the fuck gooooo. I don't think Ami cares and if she does, she's doing the smart thing by not discussing it directly.
Like, I don't even like Ami (even tho she cute) that much, and I would've created a thread in /b/ or dig back up the old Kawaii Black Girls thread (Idk if it saged?) to talk about her/girls related to her.

No. 131481

Those three are just so, so stupid.
Even when they have the advantage of being anon, they don't know how to clear the air of their names or even take someone else down without getting called out a mile away.

No. 131482

She looks super cute even without filters and stuff.

The thing is Ami doesn't need a thread because she's not a lolcow like this fat whore who always tries to drag her.

No. 131488

The fuck did you do to her mouth ?

No. 131489

Oh my, although I have no hate against Ami, and this whole argument is toppest kek, you guys are worst than cgl when it comes to arguing.
Some people not might care for Ami, but don't go assuming they are BiBi or whoever the fatties are.

No. 131491


Aye, I do think Ami is very cute and she seems really down to earth. I think shed make a cute natural but then again if she didn't have the weave, Japan would… Y'all know.

No. 131492

Literally the only ones who actually give a fuck about Ami enough to find out she has a fundraiser, and subsequently complain about it, are those three.

No. 131495

It's not like they haven't done it before anon. These girls have been trying to defame Ali's name from day one. WHO ELSE would go to this thread and talk non stop shit about AMI in a Bibi and Himeka thread? Got dirt that isn't lolcow worthy? PULL or /b/ simple. I guess we can call this vendetta and have all of these messages deleted if it isn't Himeka then. Besides if it ain't them, it's friends who have also found their way in the former Micky and black girl thread. And if it ain't friends, you making these girls look worse than they already are. If it's Anons who just want milk, good job cause this is top fucking kek

No. 131497


>And if it ain't friends, but fans,

Lmao I hate typing on my phone sometimes.

No. 131518

Can someone pull up screenshots of everything you guys say lol.I see some interesting things that have no back up evidence.Can someone pull up bibi selling herself for line stickers?Where are Himeka and her fat sisters nudes?We've seen Amis nudes WHATEVER,but where are theirs?

No. 131520

File: 1435938022919.jpg (315.6 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg)

There's thousands of twitters with Japanese middle schoolers to high schoolers posting erotic pictures with thousands of followers.It says this girl is 16.

No. 131523

Thanks for the link you twat, im now gonna go help her out. go cry more you fat ape.

No. 131525

File: 1435938141214.jpg (186.74 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg)

Same girl she's 16 and has thousands of followers.She has tons of followers too.Are we going to report her?

No. 131526

Sure why the fuck not.

No. 131527

File: 1435938189729.jpg (282.31 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg)

LJK = Ero high schooler

No. 131531

File: 1435938272471.jpg (299.3 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg)


No. 131532

Himeka are you seriously trying to trick people into posting CP and getting v&
Really girl

No. 131535

File: 1435938556190.jpg (Spoiler Image, 338.14 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg)

This is the girls bio stating she's 17 from the picture above.

No. 131540

are you mad, because we got your fake blog taken down?

No. 131542

File: 1435939749069.gif (1.57 MB, 250x158, srsly.gif)


You sound bitter.

No. 131555


It honestly hurts my heart to see you this defensive over nudes. Why? Are the pedos the only knes givjng you attention in life? Girl, learn to love yourself, or else you'll always have people making fun of you behind your back and to your face.

You're trying to hide the fact that you're hurt by us making fun of you, and its just making everything worse. Honestly, just stop. Leave the Internet alone for a while, focus on school, friends, working, anything irl. Just log off for a month, you'll probably feel better.

(This goes for any cow lurking this thread, we'll forget about you if you stop being funny, promise)

No. 131619

166 is like 5'5 what the hell are you talking about

No. 131620

She's not gorgeous but she's certainly not hideous

No. 131627

File: 1435948997365.jpg (363.97 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg)

Ami you just deleted the post stating your height…Just so you can lie some more on lolcow.

No. 131637

No. 131639

File: 1435950735584.gif (859.76 KB, 268x268, beurselfbitchstepyapussyupgeta…)

Himeka please, you look…so dumb
You're embarrassing yourself

No. 131641

Well she's not 5'5" though according to the post

No. 131645

Who gives a shit, Himeka? No matter her height, she's still cuter and skinnier than you. Classier too lmfao

No. 131651


u know yr a ratchet cunt when an anonymous catty board defends another lolcow over u

No. 131853

Himeka why do you stalk her? And look at the Japanese skills on that. Obviously her company made that. Her Japanese isn't that good.

No. 131856

Himeka you have a private twitter devoted JUST to put up pictures of your dusty ass for old Japanese men. You even lie and say you're "haafu" on it. It's private now but it's @bunny0199. Her main is @pink_choco__ one week on there she says "hate America moving to Japan!!" And the next week she'll say "can't wait to go to Dubai". She's a fucking crazy bitch.

No. 131857

>if Japanese can post CP so can I too!

you're fucking pathetic you fat whore.

No. 131860

>aminyan is 5'9
I'm pretty sure none of that Japanese clothes would fit her. She's like 5'6. Himeka is a fucking retard

No. 131872

Christ, are you guys sure that she's fifteen? She looks like she's in her early thirties, dead ass.

No. 131874

It's all the KFC.
Amina isn't Beyoncé or anything but how these sideshows think they look better than her is beyond me.

No. 131890

Damn bibi looks really mature for her age, I actually think himeka is pretty to bad for her shit personality. And the glasses at the tip of her nose is ridiculously lame.

No. 131892

Yeah the glasses thing is really weird. I think she does it to make her nose look less wide, but it just makes her look like someone's auntie.

No. 131893

I'm genuinely curious if the comments would have been as racist if she were white/Asian.

No. 131897


Eh, doubt it. The monkey ones probably wouldn't be there, but if she was still fat and ugly they'd probably call her out on it.

No. 131898

Her nose is unappealing. Where's the racism? 9/10 of the cows on this board are white so what's your point?

No. 131901

No. 131907

>GCup Gaijin 16 year old!!!
>we're minors leave us alone

you don't get to chose to be a minor when you don't want to face consequences but actively advertise it for views lol.

No. 131910

>You need to register as a member to use Nico Live
Cba to sign up. Can someone with an account watch and report how it goes?

No. 131914

it says the show is over for me ;_;

No. 131915

File: 1435984120156.jpg (113.91 KB, 640x1100, image.jpg)

Went to her video comments
>only one comment is bad!!!!
Literally all of them are calling her a fat pig, telling her Amina is cuter, calling her a nigger. ONE of them called her cute. The rest are fucking terrible.

No. 131916

She doesn't know Japanese so of course it's boring. If you look at the IDs of the commenters it's the same 2 guys.

No. 131917

File: 1435984279338.jpg (141.51 KB, 640x915, image.jpg)

>related to this stream

1 is smelly feet
2 is something about Brazil
And 3 is about fat people lol.

No. 131919


The fat and ugly part only adds on to the fact she's black lmao

No. 131921

File: 1435984624011.jpg (261.02 KB, 1125x1875, image.jpg)

Most of her comments aren't really racist they are just ew…

No. 131923

why do fatties think they can be cute? like especially fatties wanting to get big in asia?

No. 131924

File: 1435985639919.jpg (262.92 KB, 1026x1792, image.jpg)

Ew it's just thirsty japanese pedos calling her cute.Does she have like some sort of fan Twitter that retweets all of her shit?I thought we reported her.

No. 131925

File: 1435985714914.jpg (142.81 KB, 1125x1517, image.jpg)

She's too fucking ugly to be getting all of these favorites imo

No. 131926

No she has two accounts because she kept being reported for CP. Oh and the reason she has that many followers is because she follows porn accounts or known Japanese pedos. Look at the list of people she's following. So much for confidence.

No. 131927

It's only because she follows porn acc

No. 131930

File: 1435986019090.jpg (367.89 KB, 1125x1908, image.jpg)

Why do these ugly bitches follow so many people???What the fuck ten thousand.This whole thing is dumb as shit.

No. 131935

I don't know why Himeka and bibi keep coming into this thread to keep bringing up ami. you girls are still trash.

No. 131941

this isn't the aminyan thread. stop lashing out because your fucked up fake blog was deleted himeka.

No. 131945

File: 1435988115018.jpg (364.54 KB, 1035x1840, image.jpg)

It says black imouto idol and than laughing.What the fuck?????These Japanese people are dumb as shit.

No. 131949

Get a life, lose some weight, learn how to put on makeup, get plastic surgery.
Stop wasting time on here trying to pretend that Amina isn't succeeding right now, especially over you. Posting fake porn did not go well for you so spamming us with this shit isn't going to do anything, time to come up with a new strategy, yknow, actually fucking trying.

No. 131950

Japanese weirdos
But she is cute

No. 131951

There's trolls in Japan too. She's still popular over there.

No. 131952

Remember when in the vocAroo they said they're rich. Why not get rhinoplasty then?

No. 131953

I'm still laughing at these wanna be azaelia banks bitches

No. 131955


No. 131957

When I was friends with Himeka she would always complain how deborah(bibi) would stretch out her clothes or say she was a ghetto hoodrat in real life. these girls even gossip about each other. Himeka back in her "momo" days even pretended to be friends with Yukapon and was obsessed with her. She was also the person who leaked some of yuka's shit(besides Maggie and akira). She's really weird. She becomes obsessed with her so called friends to the point of jealousy.

No. 131963

>Me and my sister have my money
>Me and my sister have good looks
I giggled so hard I farted

No. 131969

>"I'm a minor, that's illegal"
And yet posting pics of your ashy booty is a-ok. Seek christ.

No. 131986

She does the glasses thing cause of some anime type of style thing or something.

No. 131994

Himeka made another fake blog and I will report it to tumblr because it's going too fucking far. The URL is aminadujean.tumblr.com

No. 131997

She put up her address too wtf

No. 132006

wtf that's going to far

No. 132023

hairhatted hooligans at their finest

always the ghetto bitches

No. 132036

>we have lives
Yet they make two fake blogs over the course of 24 hours.
At this point they just want a reaction from Amina which I just don't see happening.

No. 132039

No. 132040

Amina doesn't even live in america? What's the use of putting her home address?

No. 132041

Aminyan and himeka use to be friends and I think they visited eachother before? I wonder if aminyans mom knows about himeka and has had contact with himekas mother.

No. 132043

Maybe she wants people to harass her family.

No. 132045

Amina actually made a long post on her tumblr about this a few weeks ago but deleted it after a day. Supposedly she was on a family trip in Florida and was supposed to meet Himeka but plans got changed and she couldnt. Himeka had a huge lesbian crush on her and that's when she started hating her. If you look at posts when they were friends Himeka was stanning her just like she did yuka. being in the mutual friend group Himeka talks shit about everyone to everyone else. It's hella annoying. Ami dodged a bullet by dropping her. The bitch is crazy.

No. 132047

Himeka would even talk shit about bibi calling her fat and ghetto.
I think the porn blog is actually himeka's old blog,it doesn't match aminyan's writing style at all.
That's why her name is always changing online because PayPal is always freezing her acc for CP And her tumblr is always deleted. Search Honeykittenmomo and you'll find tons of shit on her.Himeka's mom hates her and knows what her daughter does online but doesn't give a shit.From what I can tell ami's mom seems supportive of her daughter.

No. 132049

I guess she has problems keeping friends. She use to bc with another black girl and they were bffs and that suddenly ended.

No. 132051

Himeka is creepy. She obsesses over girls cuter than her but talks shit about them within her friend group.as of now bibi is her only friend. She lies a lot too. Just a few weeks ago she said she was moving to japan then canada then Dubai now miami. gonna post screenshots from her twitter.

No. 132052

>>132047 right, I use t follow himeka on twitter and tumblr back then cause of the dumb shit she'd say. It was hard keeping up with her cause she always had to create a new acc. I remember she'd talk shit about her sister cause she Did well in school. Yukapon and himakas friendship actually officialy ended on a post himeka Did bashing her sister.

No. 132056

File: 1436018390715.jpg (64.08 KB, 640x521, image.jpg)


No. 132073

File: 1436021343804.jpg (458.85 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nqohguGXYU1rp0lqeo1_128…)

Ew, she makes me really ashamed to be Nigerian.
On another note: Look, three girls all a hundred times cuter and less ratchet than, Himeka, Momo and Bibi in just one picture.

No. 132074

ewww shani and cute? bitch is the same

No. 132075

Obv I meant Micky


No. 132085

Please, lord, I hope she isn't Yoruba.

No. 132088


Cute… but all that weave though. Again if they didn't have weave, Japan would throw a fit tbh.

No. 132092

all nigger women are fat and ugly and not like us beautiful skinny white girls

No. 132093

gr8 b8 m8

No. 132096

But Most black women in Japan are natural. Take your tommy sotomayor ass back to /b/ you derail every fucking thread.

No. 132107

If she and her family are Nigerian I can't understand how her mom hasn't punished her and her sister for this nonsense (she'd suffer so much if she were Igbo lmao). She also claims to be half-Trinidadian.

No. 132108

Her deadbeat dad is Trinidadian and her mom is Nigerian. apparently she has more successful older siblings so her mom has given up on her. she used to run to tumblr and cry about being called a slut by her mom.

No. 132143

File: 1436031560056.jpg (219.23 KB, 1125x1865, image.jpg)

Aminyan made this years ago I guess. Says here she's 20 or 21.So in those nudes she was probably 18. http://www.livejournal.com/profile?userid=35956252&t=I

No. 132148


Oh piss off, it's true. If Ami and the rest weren't wearing weave then Japan would obv… oh you get the picture. Aint' sitting here arguing with you. Not my fault TS speaks the truth most of the time anyway.


No. 132149


And apparently I'm derailing the thread.

Ahh stormtroopers and their nazi sidekicks are back guys

p.s fuck off no one cares

No. 132151

No its Not true ignoramus. Not all black women wear weaves dummy. You keep Derailing the thread everywhere you go with your unnecessary racism. Shut up.

No. 132152

To be honest those uses could be Amina because back in 2012 when I was friends with her she was chubbier and her phone always had that weird orange lighting plus she use to always post how she was a A cup and how small her boobs were and that video she has the same chin and bottom lip like how she does now. JS

No. 132154


Fuck sake.

I think those skirts are bad enough on thin legs let alone fat legs. Sad part is, the tumblrina feminist do-gooders will support this bitch's clothing of choice and laugh at her behind their computer screens so they can clown her further.

Oh Japan, what have you done to the world.

No. 132156

File: 1436032155488.jpg (48.49 KB, 640x462, image.jpg)

No. 132160

Damn she's old af

No. 132162


Because negroid women look like apes when you take the makeup and weave out. At least Asians and us white girls look so cute without all of that.

No. 132163

All of you, please kill yourselves

No. 132164


How am I even being racist though? See this is the problem, people call out racism just because someone mentions black or black hair or whatever. Stop using that card and twisting it around, it's getting old.

Course they don't all wear weave, I know there is blacks living in Japan with natural hair. But even if Ami had natural hair, I'd be very surprised to see what their reaction would be like if she didn't have the weave. Weave is like kind of expected isn't it? Y'know to fit in with the cutesy scene there. Again you go in the tumblr tags /blackulzzang and /blackhime ect it's all weave. Yeah, I get it's to fit the style/trend/cosplay. But I'd love to see a black aidoru who will actually show off her natural hair some day. If it happens, they'll be mixed and even then I bet the mixed one will still call themselves "black" and piss off a ton of black women.

No. 132165


Mature eyeroll

No. 132166

Was she lying about graduating high school last year? Plp in this idol thing tend to lie about age. I think shes 18 now doe.

No. 132167

Looks like someone's mom trying to be kawaii.

No. 132169


yes buz white and azn wimmin r sooooo perfecttttttttttttttttttt

No. 132170


That isn't even 'kawaii' or anything. The only thing kawaii is probably that shit weave she's flaunting off Aliexpress

No. 132171


actually its fried ass semi relaxed hair and hot comb

No. 132172

File: 1436033156780.jpg (44.56 KB, 480x640, IMG_2730.JPG)

No. 132174

File: 1436033222226.jpg (32.8 KB, 480x640, IMG_2730.JPG)

she looks like tweety

No. 132175

Idk she said her birthday was September 22nd 1994 herself.Thats weird to lie about your age like that.Maybe graduated late

No. 132177

File: 1436033280155.jpg (38.97 KB, 480x640, IMG_2730.JPG)

No. 132179

File: 1436033545964.jpeg (70.44 KB, 500x667, a.aaa-lady-bear.jpeg)

Bibi-tan xo

No. 132181


> implying bibi has that much natural hair

No. 132182

File: 1436033710228.jpg (118.85 KB, 720x960, IMG_2730.JPG)

She was thinner at one point?

No. 132183


crackin up

No. 132185

Omg if you see a racist comment here just ignore it, this is lolcow It's filled with anti sjw type of people.

I wonder whose number that is posted on the tumblr.

No. 132199


It just looks like she failed at editing herself thinner. One leg looks bigger than the other.

No. 132206

She posted pictures of graduating Highschool last year and she's turning 19 this year. They don't let 20 year olds as seniors. She's been saying she's the age she is now for years so unless she has some elaborate scheme I doubt she's lying about it.

She probably put her age up for that website because some sites won't let you join unless you're 13 or 16 or whatever.

No. 132208

>nudes proven to be fake
>She's lying about her age!!!!
bye himeka

No. 132210

Himeka keeps trying to humiliate aminyan but she's just making herself look worse and worse. It's so obvious when she posts here trying to derail the thread from her and her sister. Get a fucking life you ugly whore.

No. 132222

Where are her eyebrows?

No. 132245

My little sister said Bibi should cosplay as a pig lmao.
I can't help but notice….everyone sees her as a pig. This must mean something; it can't be coincidental.

No. 132505

Suuuure ya do. lmfao. Why does this imageboard attract so many delusional low self esteem psychos?

No. 132506

Anti tumblr sjw doesn't equal racist………

No. 132524

Lol Okay.

I wonder if aminyan told her mom about the address thing.

No. 132893

I think Amina has been starting to things get to her now on like lolcow, nude accusations, and Bibi and Himeka. And she as been talking about how she hasn't been eating i'm kind of worried. Is that bad??

No. 132896

I actually think that Japan isn't as magical and KAWAII and OTAKU and ANIMU as she thought it was going to be and she got bored

No. 132899

That's pretty dangerous honestly. Especially since she's active very often.

Who are you even talking about?

No. 132917

I am talking about aminyan.

No. 132986

>doesn't even know how to quote properly

She never thought any of this >>132896 and had said before it's not that kind of place. You must be Himeka or Bibi. Either way, fuck off.

No. 133001

Report these blogs:
Himeka has literally no life lol.

No. 133005

I like how she first insisted the nudes were CP to smear Ami's reputation to bring her down to her own level, but now that she knows she's getting deleted for illegal content she's going "S-She was totally legal in them!" and posting an incorrect DOB (ie not the one in her FAQ: http://aminyan.com/faq). Take several seats, Himeka. If these are real, you can be charged with possession of CP of not just yourself, but others as well.
Of course, none of these pics (except the one where her face is shown and the actual nudity is covered) are actually her.

No. 133071


>I don't even like posting personal info on the internet due to a certain crazy person I know…

Yet she has no problems posting other people's personal information.

No. 133355

Can anyone please provide evidence of Himeka's current age?


No. 133367

She was born 7/21/1997. She just graduated from the Canterbury school.

No. 133371

According to the information given on most of her Tumblr accounts, she was born in 1997. I'm pretty sure the anon who doxxed her has more concrete evidence.
>try Googling her old URLs
>get actual nudes (Aka CP) where she mentions her ~*princess parts*~ being tingly
>n-no thanks

No. 133378


>Konichinyan ~ I am Honey Momo ! I am 14 years old and I want to become an Akiba idol

Yet she claimed she never wanted to be an idol

No. 133414

Himeka sent a request to delete this thread due to her and her sister being underaged. The email is below.

>Child Porn

>[link to this thread]
>This thread is filled with images of minors in suggestive poses and clothing. The people on this thread have posted these girls full names, school, personal phone numbers, among other information that can be read by clicking the link. One girl is 17 and the other is 16. Please remove this thread or legal action will be taken. Thank you.

I deleted all potentially "suggestive" photos, as well as all personal information (except for first names).

She has (obviously) been the one spamming links of another girl's nudes, which, ironically, I understand to also likely be CP.

She is forbidden from posting in the future. Any future posts she makes will be called out.

When she turns 18 on July 21, personal information of her (but not her sister or other family members) may be posted again.

Here are some of her posts. Many others she made were deleted for linking to CP.


No. 133427

Omg she posted about her own sister lol

No. 133430

File: 1436233219031.gif (5.62 MB, 320x240, mj-laughing.gif)

No. 133442


>if you contribute or post to any sites like PULL, lolcow, 4chan, or whatever the case may be. please for the love of god block me, unfollow me, and don’t talk to me. it’s disgusting, pathetic, petty, and just gross. i do not like you and want nothing to do with your existence.

So wouldn't she be pathetic, petty, and gross then? Seeing as she has several posts on here.

>i have problems with ONE PERSON IN THIS COMMUNITY because of their craziness, manipulative b.s, stalking, and just deplorable behavior. she hasn’t changed at all and continues to do what she does. using anon and lies in order to cover herself

She calls Ami a bad person but not did Himeka make several tumblr blogs to "expose" Ami, she through her own sister under the bus.

>i don’t see myself coming back to my twitter, personal blog, nico, or anything because honestly i do not feel safe. i guess everyone hates me anyway so who am i posting for?? i’m turning 18 soon. i’m too old and grown to be involved in this.

First she uses the "I'm just a kid!!" excuse, now it's "I'm too old!!" If she really didn't like the drama she would have already apologized and moved on with her life. This girl is miserable as hell.

No. 133454

What a surprise, Bibi totally igonres how her sister threw her under a bus, posted CP, and them both ugly. Also, telling the admin to kill themselves is pretty stupid.


Everything Bibi said on the post.

"I have had to post on that site to clarify allegations regarding me that are totally false. If I didn’t report the posts regarding personal info it would still be there. Although a lot of the claims are baseless and just false if I didn’t report it or bring it to any ones attention no one would have said anything and that’s the sad part. Honestly the admin can literally kill his or herself because they know they are wrong. What they did was put my sister at danger even more by basically saying “IN 2 WEEKS YOU CAN DOXX HER AS MUCH AS YOU WANT” well fuck you. Yeah I said it and idc. Obviously the people in charge of this site are fucking dumb as hell. And you hoes on lolcow, what did I do to you? Like what did I do to YOUR irrelevant self to make you even want to put my personal info on the Internet? I’m “too dark and fat and I don’t deserve any of the attention I get because it’s all pity”? Is it my Twitter which doesn’t exist anymore where I posted slightly revealing pictures of my own self? Or is it because of Aminah Camara Johnson slandering my family and posting my personal information? I’m not even going to say get a life because you know you need a life. I have the right to post on my own thread because this pertains to me and my info. As for the random people posting their two cents with no relevance I’m completely disgusted."

No. 133455

I come on this website mainly for suzy drama but then I just saw this on my dash and immediately thought ??? who the fuck is this and what thread can I read about them because this is hilarious

No. 133478

I always scroll past these ugly gorillas but damn this is good

No. 133484

File: 1436236592671.jpg (24.9 KB, 236x310, 35t564.jpg)

oh my god
she is acting like we are obsessed with her because she is a popular ~idol~
and she didn't HAVE to "pose" as us either, we didn't hold her parents hostage like isis or anything, wow

No. 133555

What was the point of her throwing her own sister under the bus

No. 133584


Rather indignant attitude from someone who literally spammed CP and was banned for it repeatedly.

No. 133590

I like you, badass admin
Are you a waifu or husbando

No. 133593


The mystery is exciting

No. 133609


admin-kun is mai waifu bback off

No. 133611

You can have the top half, anon.

No. 133685

she did! Look at the bottom right of the bed! It's bent

No. 133686

she looks like a fat black mama in a mid-life crisis

No. 133692

omg i see it

No. 133700

Wow this is just the best thing I have read all day
she's so bad at pretending to be anon

No. 133702

File: 1436262573981.jpg (248.76 KB, 612x736, 1399342272817.jpg)

Goddamn this is some good milk. What kind of insane bitch shits on her own sister, posts child porn of herself and others and then turns around and calls people who call her out on it pathetic and disgusting?

No. 133703

>me and my sister literally had to post stuff posing as some of these crazies who frequent lolcow, in order to somehow and someway protect ourselves. like….?? and the admin is going to say “i outed you!!!” … like what? but top kek right ^u^
You don't understand guys, they HAD to ""pretend"" to be one of us to protect themselves!
That's totally why it's ok to shit on your own sister and make five child porn blogs over the course of 2-4 days.

No. 133705

Wow,this is some new level of pathetic.And I still don't understand her massive hateboner for ami.

No. 133709

Someone who drags their own flesh and blood for no reason will be hateful for anything.

No. 134022

This cunt needs therapy if she still believes her little real life fan fiction of Aminyan harassing her when it's really the other way around. This fatass gets zero sympathy from me.

No. 134078

I wonder if bibi has turned on Himeka now

No. 134081

god i hope so

No. 134091

They both deleted their tumblr's it's all over now. So are we done with this thread? I mean I don't think they are coming back so what else is there to say?

No. 134094

>please stop talking about it
>they deleted their tumblrs even though they are probably still online somewhere
>its all over, go home


No. 134095

Welcome back, Bibi/Himeka. Come to accept that you are "disgusting, pathetic, petty, and just gross"? :^)

No. 134096

>I had to protect myself by pretending to be one of them
But none of her posts were clearing her name. They were all encouraging farmers to bash ami or himeka's own sister.

No. 134111

No. 134114

Pretty sure they're not gone yet. Himeka REALLY likes to "disappear", and by that I mean change her URL, move blogs, change her "moniker" (like she changed from Momo to Himeka), Twitter acc, etc but it's actually not that impossible to find her if you know how to follow trails online lmao. She loves the attention she gets online way too much to ever stop. Not sure about Bibi, but she's probably the same way.
Guys, I'm going to ask you not to broadcast her new blog(s) or whatever unless something really lulzworthy happens. She changes URLs and blogs faster than underwear, and since she frequents this board it'll just make things cumbersome. Btw does the "archived copy" thing work in this thread? Google cache isn't too reliable.

No. 134115

Oh jfc I'm too late

No. 134120

You should probably delete this post before they bawleet everything (again)

No. 134127

No. 134136

If you hover over the links on a non-mobile device you can see the archive linkes. Can't really view them on phones though.

No. 134137

just in case
>this is going to be long

>if you contribute/post to/follow/like any sites such as PULL, somethinblr, lolcow, 4chan, or whatever the case may be. please for the love of god block me, unfollow me, and don’t talk to me. it’s disgusting, pathetic, petty, and just gross. i absolutely do not like you and want nothing to do with your existence. i stopped the idoling thing three years ago. the summer of 2012 after i came back from japan. you can see it on my old blog angelysugar. (i never said i never wanted to become one?? the same people obsessed with me are the ones who are mixing me and my sister up ok) i stopped my ddlg/”selling cp” blog in spring of 2014. i have too much going on in my life to be distracted by this anymore. me and my sister literally had to post stuff posing as some of these crazies who frequent lolcow, in order to somehow and someway protect ourselves. like….?? and the admin is going to say “i outed you!!!” … like what? but top kek right ^u^

>i have managed to ignore the thread for months but now it’s like.. really? i have problems with ONE PERSON IN THIS COMMUNITY because of their craziness, manipulative b.s, stalking, and just deplorable behavior. she hasn’t changed at all and continues to do what she does. using anon and lies in order to cover herself up. not only that but she manipulates people into hating my guts. if you hate me for posting pics of me in my underwear/cosplay in 2012, or i’m ugly and too dark skinned, or i cover my nose in some pictures, or because i ignored your ask, or i’m open about my sexuality, or i am honest with my feelings and emotions, or i like moe stuff, that’s fine. totally fine. but posting my personal info, getting my irrelevant family involved, spreading straight up lies (i read that post about the “yea i knew her in school! she was a nerd and no one liked her” i did laugh ngl) is absolutely not okay

>i’ve been on a hiatus for internet activity off and on for almost a year now. my twitter is 100% japanese and i only have japanese followers, the same applies to my nico. right now, i’ve been on a hiatus for over a month. i don’t associate with the western idoling/jpop community because i know how malicious they are. acctually, one of my biggest regrets in my entire life was starting this entire thing. if i stuck to mmo’s, gaiaonline, anime and whatever i would’ve had a much better highschool experience and a much better outlook on myself and my life. i tell all girls who i know who are interested in cute stuff/idols/jpop to stay AWAY from this toxic and disgusting community.

>if you absolutely need to talk about me to sleep at night, have fun. but have fun fueling off of stuff/lies/rumors from literally 2012/2013/2014. i’m done with this stuff. i don’t see myself coming back to my twitter, personal blog, nico, or anything because honestly i do not feel safe. i’m turning 18 soon. i’m too old and grown to be involved in this. i’m moving, starting a new life in a new city and doing productive things. i’ve been thinking about this for quite some time and i’ve decided it’s not worth it. i’m not putting myself and my family at risk for something so trivial and superficial. i’m working on extracting all negativity out of my life and the internet is honestly the number 1 negative thing in my life even though i have basically left.

>happy aminah? you got what you wanted. (you had nothing to hide except sweetyoungmarie, samefa*ng all over anon hate sites, and posting MY personal information like my NUMBER and MOMS number, SCHOOL, FULL NAME AND OTHER THINGS ONLY YOU WOULD KNOW BECAUSE I WAS YOUR FRIEND FOR 4 TERRIBLE YEARS. among other things ^w^) she’s so innocent and sweet though and perfect and angelic and such a successful idol so everyone go support her ^3^ i literally tried doing the same things she does to me to get her to stop and she doesn’t. this blog is going to be 100% images and i will not be posting information on my life or ratchet, gross, no faced, fake, lying, bumass, people i have mentioned in this post. (including the lolcow admins tbh.)

No. 134138

I noticed the archive links don't show up for specific posts like >>51876. Is that how it is normally?

No. 134142

File: 1436324826061.png (66.66 KB, 500x397, 101010.png)

>Bibi and Himeka (HoneyKittenMomo) were doing sexual things on Nico Nama (on World Otaku Mate channel)

No. 134145

hey JRCHA fucked any cute cats lately?

No. 134146

No. 134150

looking at their conversation… they're talking about getting money off of some guy whose a teacher apparently.

No. 134152

Funny considering jrcock claims to be a teacher.

No. 134154

>I'm Princess Marie
>I said you were Angie
Very interesting.

No. 134158

what's her point? she and Aminah used to be friends; so?

No. 134159

Why does she keep trying to drag ami? Even if it's proven all this stuff she says is true it's from fucking 2012. They're making themselves look worse and worse regardless. Plus she talked shit about her sister for no reason (lul). Why should anyone believe her after that…

No. 134161


What the hell did ami even do to deserve this hate? Like, are they seriously that mad about ami being pretty and successful in japanland?

No. 134162

>I'm done now…

She keeps saying this lol

No. 134163

I think the point was to proof that her name was once Aman nyan or whatever. Since ami said that was never her name. So I guess she did lie lol but probably because it seemed like they were both gold diggers well according to the conversation they were having. She said she got 400$ off of that teacher….

No. 134166

reading that convo made me love ami even more, get it girl

No. 134168

I reposted it on YouTube for anyone that doesn't want to go on her blog (she has statcounter lol) or in case she deletes it

No. 134172

lol watching that video made me feel like ami ain't the shit she's portraying. but that applies to everyone on this website rn. In the end. These two fatties are still lolcows, but they were able to prove something that has peeked my interest.

No. 134174

The archiving was only added a few months ago, after that post was made. All links in new posts are being archived, but everything posted before the feature was added will not be archived.

No. 134179

I mean no one is ever completely innocent so its not that surprising for me. What's funny is they're going all out of their way to show us who ami really is. Like cool ok you claim you dont care about our opinions but you're jumping through hoops to change our opinion on someone. Sounds like you care an awful lot if you asked me lol

No. 134181

damn were they participating in finance domination in their early teens?
And yeah, Ami knows she has to play up the "moemoekyunkyun men r v kowai i'M innocent virgin" to keep her fans which are mostly men.

No. 134184

That video just makes her seem insecure. A person can change in a matter or months or days if they shed the group they hang with.

Maybe both her and her sister are spoiled brats? Maybe Aminyan is just fake? Sorry but I agree with >>134172, even if Aminyan is playing the Yuka game and is portraying a false identity to get ~tru idol statusseseses~ I'd rather she do that than scramble posting stupid old ass FB messages.; She's STILL salty about Aminyan and this thread but acting like she doesn't care? Please. Cry into a mason jar and let us drink your pathetic tears, cow.

No. 134185

himeka and aminyan were doing the most back in the day

No. 134186

I don't think people ever truly change.

No. 134188

I disagree. I believe people do change if they really want to. I'm not saying it's easy but I do believe its possible

No. 134189

>>134188 >>134186
I understand. It just seems weird for someone like Hime to weird out like this. Aminyan is occupying herself with idol work etc. while Hime's crying over stupid stuff and could very well be doing the same thing.

No. 134192

Oh thats because Hime has always been tragic. She holds grudges and she doesn't get over anything. She says shes done now but just give her a couple of weeks she'll be vague posting about her on twitter or something. I truly believe she doesn't know how to let anything go. News flash: Saying you're done doesn't actually mean you're done if you're still making posts about it momo

No. 134193

>and could very well be doing the same thing.
Let's be real, anon. Japan would tear Himeka apart for being dark skinned and not super skinny.
Bibi may get the brunt of the "black pig" comments, but Himeka would literally have to hide her face and suck in 24/7 to avoid getting mauled by netizens and wota who demand perfection even though they themselves are ugly as shit.

No. 134194

in all these years she never gave up the aidoru dream and she said she wants to do bikini modeling in the future…
she probably still likes using men for money.

No. 134213


Ami is just doing what every other idol/wanna be idol is doing, playing cute and innocent. Personally, i think it's dumb, but hell its working for her. She's a pretty cute girl, and seems happy enough. The main reason why i can stand her is because she isn't lurking lolcow slamming her sister or hurting anyone.

I'm willing to look past all this shit from hime's old facebook, because as it stands, no one cam prove Ami is currently trying to scam some dude out of his money.

I'd be willing to look past Micky's old twatter posts too, if she even gave the illusion of cleaning ip her act. I'm seriously not one to hold shit that minors do against them (unless its rape/murder/gramd robbery), because i know what it's like to be a stupid ass kid doing stupid ass kid stuff.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we don't really care about old facebook posts, Hime. Or fake ami nudes, you and your sister keep digging the hole deeper for yourselves, and you look more and more desperate the further you reach.

Idk what you're trying to prove, because no one with common sense is going to think Ami is some delicate sweet flower that never does anything bad. She's human, like the rest of us, and scrambling for old facebool messages and spreading fake nudes just makes us feel sorry for her.

Also, how low do you have to be to talk shit about your flesh and blood just to blend in on an anonymous image board to talk shit about some black girl in japan? Lower than Micky's tits, i guess.

No. 134216

>>134213 also >>134184 , i know you aren't himeka, just making sure she knows im talking to her

No. 134231

I kinda feel like himeka and micky are pulling out ami's old shit because the same shit we're laughing at them for she used to do when she was their age.
And I guess if you try to look at it from their perspective that'd seem kind of irritating/unfair. Let's just hope and pray that when they're older they get their shit together. I mean, looking at micky's old tweets vs. now she was way worse back then.

No. 134234

Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if aminyan visted these threads.

No. 134260

Amina is only one year older than them and she cleaned up. Whatever ami supposedly did Himeka has done times over and hadn't learned.

No. 134308

Aminyan has visited lolcow,probably to scared to post but after plp pointed out her voice being fake she made a post about it on fb. unless she got comments on her voice thru anon on tumblr.

No. 134310

Why is it that both Micky and Himeka quickly scroll past certain parts of the conversations? Are they hiding something?

I kind of agree with this, but all this time Micky, Himeka, and Bibi have been bitter. All them saying things directly or indirectly about Aminyan. While she dropped of the insanity of it and actually worked toward her goals. It's pretty ridiculous how bitter these girls are toward her because she didn't want to waste her life away being like them.

No. 134311

Well it seems like most of the craziness with himeka started when she was like what? 16 or 15? I'm pretty sure that's when she started posting nudes on her nsfw blog.

No. 134313

Well it looks like those messages are from 2014, 2013, 2012 etc so it'd be a pretty long video if they scrolled through the whole thing lol.
It looked like micky was just trying to show the recent screenshots she took to show they weren't shopped. idk what the fuck himeka was trying to show.

No. 134314

What if Amina really does have a secret vendetta against himeka or micky though? In the micky's last thread it was shitpost after shitpost and at that time micky was hardly doing anything lolcow worthy tbh. she was just boring and fat.

No. 134315

With Micky, I noticed that those bits were out of context as what she skipped through showed they had two different conversations about two different things.
I definitely agree with Himeka's video, I didn't really see the point of it.

No. 134317

Micky and her white knights were posting in her thread, as well as some stupid racist anon that continuous tried to derail the thread. She also made it know she lurks on here.

No. 134318

i'm not talking about that part. that part was awful. but if you read some of it it's like god damn. someone must have really hated her.

No. 134325

What do you mean?

No. 134340

it didnt sound like some random person made the thread about her. unlike himeka and bibi, micky isnt really that well known. she might've been in her scene days, but as far as i know she's never done nico nama or made dance videos or any of that stupid shit.

No. 134343

They're plenty of threads about cows who aren't doing things on nico nama or making dance videos. What's your point?

No. 134345

okay but here me out here anon
compare himeka's cow shit to micky's cow shit

No. 134348

I'm beginning to think you're her or some white knight. There's no difference, gtfo.

No. 134361

Micky is probably more of a cow tbh

No. 134377

lol even if this is true, it doesn't make me hate Aminyan, bitch is smart as fuck, I don't feel bad for men who willingly sign up for financial domination. Being fake is what idol life is all about, so no I don't buy the innocent Aminyan act but I also know that she clearly wants to be idol because there are far easier ways to get attention, so it just makes Himeka and Bibi look even more pathetic, trying to drag down someone who surpassed you, it's sad.

No. 134387

you think so? i dont know man. bibi and himeka are basically cam girls like jcrotch said.

No. 134471

File: 1436366624583.jpg (110.85 KB, 640x655, image.jpg)

Aminyan has lost a lot of weight compared to now. But she is still cute though.

No. 134492

Her face looks more childish and cute when it's fatter.

No. 134625

She had tree trunk legs, back then I was like Damn she cute but she'll never make it with those treelonka legs, good think she lost weight.

No. 134768

let's shut up about ami and talk about how pathetic himeka and bibi is
because thats what momo and bibi don't want us to do

No. 134773

how is this incriminating evidence for ami to show hime's innocence?
it seems like himeka was in the same boat and they were sharing johns that gave them money?
i could be wrong but stuff like
"i told him i'd share him with you"
"yeah he did that for me too"
if anything she was more in the camwhore game than ami. Momo just showed how long she has been selling sexual stuff and how ami grew out of it and turned into a adult while himeka is still a gutterwhore

No. 134777

it kinda proves that the first screenshots micky posted where ami said she wanted to punch her and called her a whore and all that were probably real.

No. 134819

Yea It's real,idk those are more innocent than the other clips but those are from years ago. She needs to let go.

No. 134823

but ami is right
she was just stating a fact
himeka is a whore, and grass is green. whats so wrong about that?

No. 134827

And how did she explain the voice thing?

No. 135531

She never called Himeka a whore

No. 135532

She never called Himeka a whore

No. 147698

Any updates on these two?

No. 147732

File: 1438340323924.jpg (26.7 KB, 500x281, tumblr_nreankX9p61rdaosho1_500…)

They've been really quiet lately, but that's not saying much.
Bibi's learned to shoop her selfies and stop showing her face as much lol

No. 147870

yah i don't think you're a SJW if you're tired of people calling you a nigger.

No. 147872


No. 147879

Oh my god, even Dakota shops her flat chest better than this. Bibi doesn't even have small boobs so why does she need to shoop them?

No. 147884

She shooped her waist small. She's fat so she has big boobs already.

No. 148000

My redneck roommate likes to call me Niggerloli, it's not cute and when I politely ask him to stop he calls me a SJW. It's just not a nice thing to be called period, black or white, I don't like the word and he wouldn't like it if I called him uglycrackerman.

No. 148207

okay. This is either hime, Bibi or Micky
nobody in the real world casually calls someone a loli. Also, racial crap belongs to /b/

No. 148219

What the fuck? Is he (literally) autistic?

Racism aside, I can't imagine anyone calling somebody that. Especially a roommate.

No. 148236

It's probably Himeka or Bibi trying to change the convo off from themselves, this convo is for /b/. As much as I hate people using the n-word, Himeka/Bibi's obsession with being a loli and trying to change the subject of this thread. Aswell as nobody randomly using the word loli IRL. So in this situation it's prolly them trying to change the subject off of them

No. 148453

What have you ever met weaboos in rl? Loli,yaoi, and shota are used so much It's so embarrassing. Doubt that's them, they've been so quite they'll be on this site again once the drama blows up again. Do they still mention aminyan and bring up those nude blogs?

No. 148647

Are you fucking serious? This sounds hella made up. Why would anyone room with a racist? Niggerloli, oh please, as if normalfags know the term "loll." You are either Himeka or Bibi.

No. 148857

File: 1438466807777.jpg (52.51 KB, 400x533, tumblr_ns5whlBQGk1t0ij5do3_400…)

Sorry for being off-topic but isnt that yukapon?

No. 148860

Yes it is, wouldn't it be best to post it in the Yukapee thread? I wish Ami would quit smiling like an autist though. She's cute and all, but fuck I hate that smile.

No. 148879

Isn't she like actually autistic?

No. 148898

She is.

No. 148933

She looks like made of wax or plastic. And her smile is ew

No. 148941

You put that in the gaijin Tokyo thread too and I still don't get it.

No. 149088

this whole picture is so disgusting lol. Ami looks like a fucking alien.

No. 149089

himeka stop bein OT :)))

No. 149601

Most of the girls Himeka has idolized in the past and to this day are pretty trashy and disgusting which explains alot

No. 149654


"Ami is soooo ugly, I'm a black LOLI!! Normal fags kno the loli fetish!!! They call me one all the time!!" Fucking really? This isn't going to work
stop trying to change the topic
we are going to laugh at you Himeka (or Bibi) and you can't stop us

No. 149662

10000x prettier than hime or Bibi
those girls look like middle aged black girls in a mid-life crisis

No. 150364

No. 150495

himeka and bibi try and say how hard it is to be a kawaii black loli and calling ami ugly and trying to change this into a ami thread even though she is totally uninteresting

No. 150500

No. 153522

she deleted her youtube and tumblr

No. 153526

This shit made me really thankful I have a dad who cares about me.
Her father really is a deadbeat.

No. 153536

she thinks she deserves to be in japan for no reason

No. 153549

>bibi thinks she deserves to have mommy take her to japan
she probably wont even like japan
i bet she is expecting to go there and just be a kawaii idol or something

No. 153599

Is temple really bad? Isn't that where aminyan goes? That would have been awkward if they bumped into each other.

No. 153681

I think she's only shitting on it because that's where Aminyan goes.

No. 153698

Lol this is kinda like a "WELL U DIDNT WANT TO GO SCHOOL THERE ANYWAY!", but I feel h bad for her really. I'm into education and love the concept of school, when I was rejected from getting into one of the schools I wanted I cried for half the day. Same if I did get accepted, and, then I realised neither I nor my parents could've paid.
Probably she could have considered going to community college or a public college and then transfer to a university for her majors to make an easier agreement with her parents (Assuming she didn't do so).
Besides, it'll be good to be living in Florida initially because she gets In-state tuition.

No. 153700

Idk why my auto correct is switching out my letters and words..

No. 153770

i don't understand why anyone is pitying her tbh. She can just take out loans like everyone else who wants to go away.

No. 153782

Not only that, but her horseshit attitude kind of deters any feeling of sympathy from me.

No. 153835

Temple is totally a visa factory but you'll have a free ride to Japan for 4 years and a degree.

No. 153847

Also I have no sympathy for her. She was just bragging about *~18 years old with a penthouse in miami~* and shit on Amina for taking out student loans which is normal as hell. Obviously her daddy is a deadbeat which is why she lashes out on other girls and panders to pedos for LINE stickers.

No. 153910

> She was just bragging about *~18 years old with a penthouse in miami~* and shit on Amina for taking out student loans which is normal as hell.

She's such an idiot especially when she said this.

>i visited yesterday and pleaded with the financial aid people, telling them my mom couldn’t pay the 38,000 by herself and honestly, she shouldn’t have to.

She really let that livestream shit go to her head. She thinks everyone suppose to give her whatever she wants.

No. 153975

I feel a bit bad cause obviously her family sucks and her older sister is a bad influence but..her attitude sucks so Idc that much, she should go a diff route if she can't afford uni, that's what I'm doing. Her mom would send her sister on trips to France and Japan what happened I thought they were well off.

No. 153977

You're confusing her for himeka

No. 153997

i would feel bad if she didn't have such a huge sense of entitlement

No. 153999


No. 154027

omg on her google account she commented on a idol video
"You complain alot about how aesthetic the Idol community is. You should've known that . The idol community is looks and personality. And you seem to forget that most of the girls that have become 'popular' idols in the US have had someone in the background yuka : akira, keekihime : all the guys she messed with in japan ( if you dont know that scandal…. ). Talent is not necessary it is not hard to sing a song and learn a dance . Do you honestly think Keekihime has talent ? And beckii got chosen because she had a unique look at the time. You need to understand you have to have a certain charm , you have to be easy to sell in other words you have to have the LOOK. And you say being an idol is fake? Its not fake its more of an act. If you want to become an idol go to japan audition and try."

No. 154081

Post a link

No. 154309

She does have a point doe lmao

No. 154317

just go on her google account and look through her posts
don't be lazy, anon

No. 154318

no she doesn't
arguing on weeaboo "idol" bullcrap will always be pathetic, no matter what side of the argument you are on

No. 154331

It's pretty commonplace here for people to give links and screenshots.

No. 158281

File: 1439468389498.jpg (102.51 KB, 641x818, image.jpg)

Himeka is back on twitter. In case she makes private again I took screenshots! Her @ is bunny0199 and she follows and unfollows all of aminyan's followers and guys from Japanese Loli porn twotters. She's also lying about being half japanesez

No. 158282

File: 1439468409185.jpg (66.55 KB, 599x800, image.jpg)


No. 158312

Is this Himeka? lol

No. 158339

She's 18 for real though, righ?!?!

No. 158340

Sorry for the double post, but maybe she means English speaking and Japanese speaking? Since I do not speak Gook, I do not know.

No. 158342

No half in her context means half Japanese half black

No. 158343


If she was half she would look like miss japan

No. 158347

Um no there's darker halfies especially if their dad was African instead of black American. Himeka is just 100% negro.

No. 158369

File: 1439477061188.jpg (42.33 KB, 212x238, 1402388164045.jpg)

Hate to be devil's advocate, but my sister is pretty dark and we're Jamaican/Chinese. Like how there are white/black children who look extremely white.

Anyway, I hope this doesn't turn into another discussion about race.

No. 158522

This. I feel like a lot of people on Lolcow (or one very autistic racist-chan) doesn't realize there's more than one way to look/be mixed.

No. 158523

Forgot to add that Himeka is 0% Japanese obviously, lmao.
Half Nigerian, half Trinidadian, all hoodrat.

No. 158528

I dug around her twitter and found out that she's moving to Japan in may next year. I dont know if this is just a lie tho lol

No. 158529

File: 1439490934606.jpg (8.87 KB, 225x225, madotsukipuke.jpg)

Oh jesus christ I have the same phone case as her.
I always thought those anons who post about having the same possessions/body types/whatever as lolcows were just being 32 inch waist-chans, but it really is a specific, sickening kind of feeling. Like why

No. 158565

Probably a lie since she said her mom wasn't going to pay for her to go and she spent a whole paragraph dissing it.

No. 158807

these girls don't even look slightly asian!
who would believe this?

No. 158809

File: 1439508968598.jpg (142.77 KB, 500x620, disgonnagetgud.jpg)

LOL micky is following her
kawaii hoodrats stay together and obsessively stalk ami-sempai all day every day
this jealousy is getting hilarious

No. 158854

File: 1439512542241.jpg (29.39 KB, 600x800, CMMgGy3WIAAK5Md.jpg)

"Rumors of me like can we get ??"
they ain't rumors if they are true..

No. 159148

Bunnycandy97 is her new twitter handle. She must lurk here.

No. 159160

from the way she acts, i'm pretty sure she spends way more time on this thread than any anon

No. 159161

and…. i really hope she didn't actually name her puppy

No. 160534

File: 1439691768015.png (34.71 KB, 800x400, Screenshot_2015-08-15-22-17-36…)

>匿名 asked: im sorry, i would love to buy those shoes, but flop flops for $50? i can find better with the price reduced to a sensible level.

>thats less than how much i paid and … well theyre liz lisa and i don’t know where you can find them w/o a expensive shipping service or if u can find them at all. if ur that disgruntled about the price give me an offer and msg me off anon?


No. 160572

god her theme is so eye straining

No. 166581

She has a new porn blog and she's telling minors to leave her blog. While posting pictures of herself from when she was underage. Oh, the irony.

No. 167379

looks like a downie

No. 167763

nice tits tbh

No. 167826


>i am sooo anti-not communicating. stop being petty and childish and learn how to talk to people when you have a problem with them. instead of ignoring them for the rest of eternity OR jumping to conclusions, how about like.. talk to them? chill out with the block button? makes you seem like such a fucking idiot. and yes this is a subpost at someone who keeps on ignoring my messages @ them and keeps on harboring unnessecary hatred when literally i didn’t even know they existed until a couple weeks ago ??

No. 167850

Can you stop being an ami white knight or some shit?
Nobody is bibi nor himeka here.
We all agree they're fugly but ami is still ugly.
What's with people worshipping any of them?

No. 167853

her body seems nice tbh
maybe its just the angle but her boobs are good

No. 167864

Aminyans weave is busted I'll admit but what is ugly about her features?

No. 167888


>Nobody is bibi nor himeka here.

Admin already confirmed that they have posted in here

>ami is still ugly

Ok Himeka

No. 167894

File: 1440366244894.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.48 KB, 640x854, https://41.media.tumblr.com/87…)

Well, it finally happened.

No. 167906


Oh great.

Lol maybe we should sent this to Jrcach

No. 167920

>?? i’ve never done something like this before but i hope this is okay
lmao she needs to stop with the lies

No. 167963

Lol that long ghetto weave

No. 168020

If ami is ugly Himeka and bibi are subhuman.
she's been selling these for line stickers for a while. Looks like a horse

No. 168051

File: 1440376995519.gif (526.41 KB, 570x496, 1431930238812.gif)

No. 168054

I like it.
Say what you like.

No. 168100

i'm thinkin arby's

No. 168104

File: 1440381626724.jpg (97.48 KB, 1280x720, kotoura_san-01-haruka-psychic-…)

No. 168265

Hi himeka
you are still ugly compared to ami

No. 168340

looks like a dude trying to disguise balls

No. 168410


It does look like a horse's ass. Lol this ratchet hoe.

No. 168442

File: 1440425115664.png (150.53 KB, 449x442, 1439276458395.png)

>Gee someone has a different opinion
fuck me for replying.

No. 168458

File: 1440428555049.jpg (39.2 KB, 600x583, IMG_20150415_180545.jpg)

You can't get upset that they said that when you put

>Say what you like.

No. 168543

No. 168607

File: 1440447935800.jpg (87.86 KB, 854x859, hell being abstract.jpg)

>say what you like

No. 168612

i actually think Ami is cute
and it has been confirmed that himeka and/or bibi has posted here

Why the fuck do these girls have such a hate-boner for ami?

No. 168626

Because they're jealous of her.

No. 168633

>thinking everyone that says ami is ugly is himeka
man you're retarded as fuck

No. 168634

they're all fucking ugly
ami, himeka and bibi
they all look disgusting

No. 168646

I'm willing to bet Himeka is behind this post, based only on the fact that she's not above shitting on herself/her sister in order to discreetly shit on Ami.

No. 168696


cos ami is like the black dakota rose

and dey jelly

No. 168702

Didn't himeka get banned tho?

No. 168704

Straight up looks like an axe wound. This is a pretty severe case of manwich pussy.

No. 168706

Can't even see it tbh. Just look like she got a turd stuck between her legs.

No. 168756

Calm down Himeka

No. 168764

Only if you quit talking shit about me, Bibi. I'm your sister for fucks sake, gawd.

No. 168772

She should be since this post >>133414 but these

Seem like something she would post. So maybe she's ban evading.

No. 168790

What disturbs me more about this is her attitude
>uguu I've never done this befoooore u///u
But well… Ageplay was never a turn on for me.
Absolutely disgusting.

No. 168799

Why can't people find other people ugly? Or not attractive? I'm not Himeka, but I actually like the pictures of her booty, and that is my opinion.

People can have different opinions and that's okay, no need to be all sour as fuck.

No. 168808

File: 1440462299812.jpg (16.98 KB, 261x271, 1440124207311.jpg)

>thinking you need to be himeka to say ami is ugly
this thread is really going downhill for sure.
Himeka, bibi and ami all look like shit.
some of you remind me of the faggots from the berry thread that keep thinking everyone is berry.

No. 168813

File: 1440462940275.jpg (83.84 KB, 735x611, IMG_20150409_023143.jpg)

>Expecting no one will say you're Himeka after she made several post saying Ami is ugly

>Honestly believing Ami is as ugly as Himeka and Bibi

Now I'm not saying the girl is drop dead gorgeous, but she sure isn't ugly.

No. 168820

You don't get to be upset about someone calling you Himeka when the post said,

>Say what you like.

No. 168845

I'm not talking about myself, I'm talking about in general. Say what you like, yeah. But in the whole thread when people disagree with an opinion, they use come up with Himeka is posting!!

Yes, it was proven she posted here, but doesn't mean everyone posting against the tide is her.

No. 168852

Some anon's are just totally desperate to be the hero who calls out someone for self-posting. Just ignore it and stay on topic, or they'll continue to make a big deal out of it.

No. 168854

File: 1440465786669.jpg (19.37 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1440330647110.jpg)


No. 168863

considering they have an obsession with calling ami ugly
it's a BIIIGGG chance that anyone who says ami is ugly on this thread is probably himeka
admin confirmed that all the posts calling ami ugly was from himeka and/or bibi

No. 168864

but himeka and bibi seem to be way more ratchet

No. 168865

lol no

No. 168866


Dont forget barbie lol

No. 168867

>thinks ami is ugly
>says himeka has a good booty
>sour as fuck
you aren't even trying anymore, are you?

No. 168868

>admin confirmed that all the posts calling ami ugly was from himeka and/or bibi

Yeah there's even a link to Admin-sama's post in the OP's post showing all the posts she made.

No. 168873

I never implied ami is as ugly as them, but she's not pretty either.

No. 168875

File: 1440467138128.gif (162.73 KB, 214x119, 3993337 _7f0b8ad6abae96c7057ed…)

Not the anon youre talking to but im only >>168873 >>168808 >>168634
so there are different people here. only i called ami ugly. not another anon.

No. 168877

oh, sorry. Yeah, they are all kind of ugly, just ami is less so IMO
>i actually like pictures of her booty

No. 168878

is any of them doing something lolcowish recently? bibi's youtube works now

No. 168879

File: 1440467483423.jpg (21.3 KB, 552x303, 10202958302.jpg)

No. 168880

care to give me the link?
ami should start wearing ribbons in her hair
she would look much cuter

No. 168882

Not the anon you responded to but, here >>168873 you say

>I never implied ami is as ugly as them

But here >>168634 you say

>they're all fucking ugly

ami, himeka and bibi
they all look disgusting

So what's the truth?

Besides Himeka selling nudes for dirt cheap shit? Who knows.

This is a Himeka/Bibi thread, go make an Ami thread if you want to discuss her.

No. 168890

I meant they all look ugly but obviously Ami looks much better (shes not fat plus her personality is good) than all of them. I just wish ami would learn how to smile better tbh

No. 168947

File: 1440474601366.jpg (94.53 KB, 640x643, abstract.jpg)

No. 168989

File: 1440481999837.jpg (53.93 KB, 360x480, image.jpg)

If you look at pictures other people took of her she looks pretty. She just smiles awkwardly in selfies.

No. 169046

what makes you think her personality is good?

No. 169198

No. 169199

well, she's drama-free

No. 169200

File: 1440521097230.png (1020.35 KB, 1108x704, Screenshot_2.png)

was this her panties?

No. 169201

File: 1440521160471.png (1.1 MB, 1292x712, Screenshot_3.png)

no, it's just shorts i guess?

No. 169209

she's educated, realistic, has goals, drama free and isn't a ratchet age playing fatty

No. 169213

You should just ignore them, it's more than likely Himeka or Bibi trying to derail the thread again.

No. 169221

I wonder what happened after the admin exposed Himeka for trashing her own sister, calling her ugly and posting her twitter in this thread

No. 169242

They probably fought, or Himeka lied to her about it.

No. 169321

her niconico videos are even more embarrassing

No. 169347

>drama free
did you not see the messages between her and himeka lol? ami used to sell nudes and shit too on her sweetyoungmarie blog

No. 169463

Difference is ami cleaned up her act.

No. 169507

That wasn't her blog. Gtfo Himeka

No. 169607

Choke on jrcach's dick and kill urself himeka

No. 169789

Why does Himeka still post here and so does micky but they condemn lolcow lmao

No. 173346

Moved to >>>/snow/21481.

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