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File: 1525044448870.jpg (717.46 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180429_185704.jpg)

No. 512412

Last Thread : >>485956
The lack of work and social life , as well as being painfully single has left Vicky with nothing to do but spend all her time on social media and lolcow while drinking alone and taking photos with self timer which are marked as "Frankie photography". This has resulted in a slew of angry outbursts and outlandish claims , which are usually followed by posts about how totally unbothered she is. She has also been doxxing and harassing random women, insisting they have been stalking her for years , are copying her and/or are mad that their boyfriends are hitting on her because she just can not cope with the fact that a multitude of people are laughing at her. Her fan base has dwindled down to a handful of alt right neckbeards which she is desperately pandering to with some new edgelord personality. She is also relentlessly battling bullying by telling people to kill themselves, that she wishes she could beat them up and being condescending any chance she gets.
>30 year old tattoo scratcher who works out of her apartment, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo properly scars people's bodies
>Former myspace scene queen with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore who describes herself as a 'real life Final Fantasy character'
>Can't talk about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be well-versed in psychology, astronomy, quantum physics to name a few fields of study (despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields)
>Posts videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a 'sword fighter'
>(Poorly) fakes a British accent
>Known on Lolcow for selfposting hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her irl
>Tried to DMCA lolcow and kiwi, claimed the Attorney General of Canada had to be involved

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody. Image sources:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/
Personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder/

No. 512430

File: 1525047909859.jpeg (88.22 KB, 639x627, D57233A3-B9C5-4382-A70C-EE17E7…)

Every non shooped pic of this cow she has saggy tits. She has fat chick tits that are flat and flabby at the same time.

No. 512436

I've noticed that too. She shoops them to look like implants but she has long pancake boobs. One of my nicknames for her is "fat tits" lol.

No. 512440

>>512430 jfc she looks like an edgy grandma here.

No. 512502

These pics are hilarious!

No. 512506

The best part of it is one is a serious posted photo by her, and one isn’t. They’re both so awful it would be hard to tell which.

No. 512508


In the bad picture on the left her arm on the left is so meaty and then the one on the right looks like a noodle

No. 512517

File: 1525065342884.jpeg (1.6 MB, 4096x2731, 06E04328-F59D-4831-A5F5-A8A7CD…)

Tried with another photo to reverse photoshop one of her train wrecks. She was missing a leg in the original. Also I don’t understand the background still, it’s so blurred out but theirs an outline of a tree behind her hat, but then it blurs into looking like a beach. It also look like the same window as the other photos but in one of them there’s a house behind her, which has disappeared in this one.

No. 512518

anon she wasn't missing a leg, she's sitting with her legs crossed, obviously she'd be bigger but don't try to reverse photoshop if you can't even tell what the subject is doing.

No. 512539

File: 1525070291142.jpg (655.08 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180430_023533.jpg)

Have you not noticed the difference in the version she uploaded on insta versus FB? And why are you even defending her?

No. 512543

File: 1525070848120.png (1.03 MB, 1434x1530, Screenshot_20180430-024502.png)

And sorry for double post but she is really stuck in MySpace era

No. 512557

Next to Moo, she has become my favorite cow. I just can't wrap my head around her brand of crazy. Isn't she supposed to be in Spain?

No. 512613

It’s called a joke, anon. Obviously she has her legs crossed but she warped her legs together so much it appears that way. Even with her legs crossed it wouldn’t look like how she has her photo. Please use your brain.

No. 512616

File: 1525094145577.jpg (129.96 KB, 817x600, vic.jpg)

No. 512620

That fried hair tho

No. 512622

It's the comb over that kills me. Vickie, do your fucking hair right. This is dated and embarrassing.

From the Beatles to 90s grunge, 80s post-punk, 70s punk…00s indie this is what she considers the golden era? How will she ever be a special snowflake with this basic bitch garbage?

No. 512624

>Shitty res because I didn't clean my phone.

Bitch all your pictures are shitty res.
Despite what others are saying, I think she looks loads better here without the shitty spider lashes and bad makeup. The hair is fried but looks better without the shit extensions and the outfit is okay. It would be better if she didn't have the ugly Egyptian ebay top underneath and just had a plain white top, but I honestly reckon she looks the best she has in a while.

She's still a cunt though, not whiteknighting.

No. 512625


> shitty res because i didnt clean my phone

because that's how resolution works

No. 512627

Let’s see the god damn stomach tattoo!!! Ffs.

No. 512628


its spelled Tutankhamun vicky

No. 512630

>that quality
>the quality of literally all her photos
Is this the true power of Samsung phone cameras?

No. 512631

Unless she is using a Nokia from 2005, her photos shouldn't look that shitty. Vic, no one is buying it - we all know you've loaded the thing with filters and airbrush apps.

No. 512639

Pretty sure doors aren’t sideways like that.

No. 512641

Vic, you look retarded as usual, pigtails with your old lady face and yellow teeth make you look like a meth addict. Also, she shooped so much her entire house shifted and slanted.
Her mouth looks more and more like a prolapsed anus as time goes on

No. 512643



No. 512647

File: 1525105418023.png (44.57 KB, 513x461, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.1…)

Lol, I wonder if this was the same day. "Lack of makeup" bitch is wearing more makeup then I do when I go out.
Guess what Vic, I'm actually 22, I have naturally blonde hair, I weight 120 and am 5 "6, hope you have a wonderful day you old crusty hag.(no one cares)

No. 512648

File: 1525105654545.png (420.15 KB, 805x577, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.2…)

>>No makeup
I see mascara, foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, AND SO MANY GOD DAMN FILTERS EVEN YOUR BLACK OUTLINE TATTOO IS BLURRED BEYOND RECOGNITION.
All her followers are fucking retards.

No. 512651

>All her followers are fucking retards.
No shit. They're the kind of men that say they prefer women without makeup and point to models with natural makeup as an example.
Remember the literal neckbeard that offered Vicky a job in the observatory he works at because of her totally real degree in astrophysics? That's the kind of people we're talking about.

No. 512660


come on vic, give poor frankie a bath

No. 512665

I’ve always thought she looked better with less makeup and her natural hair. Her attire in general reminds me of a 45 year old rocker Mom who’s trying to relive her 20s because she never had a chance to.

This look isn’t great but compared to her usual trash esthetics, i think she looks decent. Still incredibly shooped and edited though.

No. 512672

File: 1525111762760.jpg (198.91 KB, 962x642, 2D319C4200000578-0-image-a-2_1…)

Not sure if anyone's linked this, but THIS is the photo she's used for that godawful "I'm in London" picture. If you look closely at her shop, you'll even see the dude's Nike trainers. Fuck sake.

Image found here. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3267417/Don-t-look-Daredevil-photographer-captures-London-s-dramatic-skyline-scaling-rooftops.html

No. 512674

File: 1525111945949.jpg (961.75 KB, 896x696, 1524769684140_LI.jpg)



No. 512679

I have a Samsung, I've always used Samsung devices for phones and tablets and while the photo quality is crap (compared to iPhones) it's not that shit. The only issues I've ever had with my Samsung phone camera is that the zoom is shitty and sometimes the focus isn't great.
>>512660 - This anon gets it.
>>512674 - Sloopy is her "aesthetic"

No. 512683

File: 1525112709404.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, 23DB6B58-0172-4BEB-BB2C-E7F179…)

She got really sloppy with her last shoop. Only a matter of time before someone from Guelph identifies that two-storey stone house across the road from her shack.

No. 512711

In the other recent photo there’s a tree behind her hat that disappears

No. 512716

Holy shit anon, you made me realise just how much she vertically warped this entire scene- just look how ridiculous and extruded the Gerkhin looks in the background. I don't get it, she could have shopped herself skinnier and then pasted herself in, she can't help but warp a background she's never physically been in!

Keeks used to pretend to be in other countries too but at least she didn't attempt to shop herself on top of the Tokyo Tower and post it along with a bullshit story of parkouring her way down to ground level while brandishing a katana like Vic probably would.

No. 512720

File: 1525120881111.png (555.4 KB, 822x533, oprahs.png)

You're not seriously saying she posted this genuinely pretending it was a snap of her in London?!

No. 512725

File: 1525121696886.png (538.65 KB, 678x632, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 4.54…)


do you think she genuinely pretended that the fireworks she put here were real?

No. 512727

File: 1525121779982.png (387.75 KB, 585x452, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 4.55…)


or that this drivers license (or car) were real / hers

No. 512731

File: 1525122520466.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x779, evol333.jpg)

I call this: Evolution of the Shoop

No. 512732

Honestly I hope she does that.

No. 512789

i said that in my original post. you should use your brain and stop with your shit reshoops.

No. 512790

i'm not ffs you guys calm the hell down. how is saying that she's bigger but not simply standing defending shit?

No. 512803

Quit your bitching. Her legs still look crossed in the reversed one.

No. 512838

File: 1525137677557.jpg (273.62 KB, 1437x1518, Screenshot_20180430-212304.jpg)

Poor Vicky can't get a date

No. 512852

so busy doing what? photoshopping while drinking alone?

No. 512854

Haha that's so sad. Unfortunately noone 'cute' is going to respond. It's going to be neckbeards galore

No. 512856

Fan- Your hair looks adorable like this.


Lol…where did that girl say anything about the length? She just said it was cute. But nooo Vicky has to compliment herself further.
Once again, it's that privatioboni chick. God what a stan.

No. 512858

You forgot to add that she will be wearing guyz clothz because she’s such a tomboy, but really she has no man in her life so I picture her shopping in the men’s section of the thrift shop.

No. 512859

Bitch doesn't look in her 20's at all. In her filtered 'no makeup' ones she maybe looks 28 at the youngest, but even if her skin doesn't have age lines, her facial features are mature. Long horsey face, long nose and those thin arched eyebrows. None of those things are attributed to youth at all. The pigtails and sceney hair could make her look younger with snapchat filters but in real life, she'd just look like a 35 year old mum trying to be a sceneybopper.

Also going back to before, I doubt her skin is not damaged anyway, because she drinks alcohol a lot, smokes cigarettes and I've never seen her talk about skincare. She regularly wears thick makeup and lots of crap around her eyes. I bet candid photos of her without filters look worse than that one ugly picture of her people keep posting with the purple hair. The one where she looks 40 and it's taken from the side. I bet that is a better representation.

That pic is old too, so imagine she's even worse now.

No. 512860

Is it wrong of me to say that Vick is where I could see Kiki in 10 years? Both are delusional narcs. Kiki photoshops a hell of a lot better, and is slightly more self aware, but their humblebrag statuses on social media is identical. They both brag about anons telling them they look younger, they both brag about their hair and looking like certain celebs, they both lie about travelling to different countries. They both act like they are legit models and business owners. They are both washed up scene losers. They both do the omg I'm a quirky hot girl thing.

Kiki is doomed for this path!

No. 512861

Oh I forgot, they both like to pretend they are god's gift to animals.

No. 512862

I laughed at the spelling too.
I hate how this bitch always writes like 'thisss' as well. She rarely writes 'work' it's always 'workkk'
What's with the drawn out words? Is that a scene thing or is she just illiterate? For someone that calls themselves a nerd and a geek, she has fucking terrible grammar.

No. 512872

I think she feels incredibly stupid for posting that status that was all "being around stupid people is painful" and getting called out for misspelling painful as painfull. Her response was that she likes to add extra letters and has been doing it like crazy ever since then.

No. 512950

She posted a comparison picture of Elvira in her 30s and then her 60s with the caption :"Metal and Goth girls: we age well"

Bitch, you ain't no Elvira.

No. 513140


Well, the comparison is appropriate in that Vicky trowels on as much makeup on the daily as Elvira wears for appearances.

No. 513141

If metal and goth girls age so well why does Vick look like someones alcoholic grandmother

No. 513145

For anyone who hasn't heard ol' Vick on the radio, there's some podcasts (she hasn't been on since 2015) but if you want to hear her get run over in conversation, a terrible accent that she constantly stumbles over and slips in and out of heres a link. Bonus keks in episode 8 where she tries to make it about herself by talking about "a friend who copied everything about her" and got completely disregarded.


No. 513167

File: 1525205429226.jpg (30.11 KB, 504x192, dumb.JPG)


No. 513177

Dunno if this has been posted already in one of her threads, but I found her shitty website. It's thru the free Wix template, something extremely easy and primitive and yet she still managed to make it look like a sloppy mess. No clue when it was made but I've never seen such a shit "professional" website. Nothing is in order, there's barely any information (she did, however, link her facebook and post those fake magazine shoots, cause that's what people look for in a tattoo artist), the heading and the tabs are basically invisible, there's a blog section that has nothing to do with Vic or tattoos, it's just like a shitty Tumblr that a 14-year-old with too much time would make.

No. 513181

File: 1525207370004.png (222.17 KB, 1030x584, Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 4.39…)

samefag, just wanted to let you guys see the glorious "about" section of her website. She didn't include anything, she just kept the sample text in and threw in a stolen photo and quote by Picasso.
Great job Vic!

No. 513183

File: 1525208168402.png (64.98 KB, 1077x559, Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 4.48…)

And here is where Vic displays all her fake friends. That's right, you can try to click their names and nothing. Wanna see their art? Well, ya can't. Tried to search these names to see if any of them were artists or tattoo artists, nothing came up. I even went to Vic's facebook page to see if she had at least ONE of these people as a facebook contact, nope.

No. 513191

It has been posted but it's hilarious that she hasn't worked on it at all since then and it still looks like a piece of shit. Also hasn't posted the location of this so called shop and threw a shit for over a Google maps image of the shack being posted. Some business she's running.

No. 513224

Does she say she owns and runs her own tattoo parlour? Cause I'm just gonna call bullshit on that now, people need to know where to go to get a tattoo and the list of fake artists, she definitely doesn't own her own parlour. Either she works at a parlour on commission or contract but I do not believe for a second that she owns and operates her own business. She's far too dumb and talentless.

No. 513237


she definitely owns it, its registered with the government as Bella Morte Studios and as we've seen in the pics, it's ridiculously painted red and gold just like her insane painting in her apartment


No. 513245

She might “own” it, but she sure as hell doesn’t employ anyone and is barely there herself. I’m surprised she is able to buy tattoo supplies, but maybe that why she was forced to open a business when the hair salon she tattooed in in Fergus fired her ass. Yes, just so we are clear, she used to tattoo people in a hair salon, not a real shop, and sucked so much that they let her go. Nor did she apprentice with anyone.

No. 513270


So wealthy yet constantly wears shitty fake designer clothes.

No. 513273


absolutely, she's the only one who works there

agree that it's most likely after getting canned from the salon and unable to get hired anywhere, just got the lowest rent shed she could find so she could still do this legally

according to her its also a professional photography studio (lol)

No. 513353

File: 1525228607586.png (171.49 KB, 1440x823, Screenshot_20180501-215548.png)

If you gain weight and inconsistently Photoshop your bloated body, you too can be a shapeshifter! Also whiskey, cigarettes and sitting on your ass is healthy, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They're just jealous and bitter about their unfaithful boyfriends hitting on you.

No. 513373

The elvira bullshit was definitely a response to all the recent comments here about v-money looking a hot middle aged mess. A bunch of anons point out how much she looks like a rock mom/ rock of love contestant and all of a sudden she's telling us she got mistaken for 21 at the shop.

Now vicky, I don't care about your crusty whiteness aging like spoiled milk in a hot car on a summer day, I just don't believe you work with a photographer. I'm wondering if posting that here enough will lead to you telling us someone tried to hire Frankie to shoot the cover of vogue but Frankie was like no I only work with one muse, or that a rando in the street saw you being photographed by "Frankie" and thought that Christina Megan Foxguilera was playing Marilyn Monroe in a new movie.

No. 513557

Has anyone noticed that she has 6k+ followers on instagram and can barely get 500 likes. You’d think she would at least get 1,000.

No. 513561

Her Facebook page is worse. She has over 102k followers, but gets somewhere between 100-300 likes per shooped image. She also gets far less when she posts alt-right nonsense so you'd think she'd take a hint.

No. 513562

Pretty known stuff she use's what little money there is after cheap Chinese extensions, smokes, and whisky to buy followers.

No. 513808

File: 1525306613562.png (347.1 KB, 1432x2466, 20180502_201817.png)

I may very well eyeroll myself to death

No. 513939


The replies and comments on this are so fucking cringe. She thinks Trump ended the war between north and South Korea. Wow.

No. 513985

Frankie is always telling her, in between photo shoots.

No. 514002

Jesus Christ… I never thought I'd see the day where Icky Vicky drank the Fox News cool aid, mixed with some Breitbart fecal matter mouthwash. Her confirmation bias living in a fucking bubble world where no facts get in has become 10 times worse than when I knew her. Literally, everything she reports about Trump is based on fake news. Virtually all of it. This, after she said fake news should be made illegal and opinion news should be made illegal.

No. 514004


Five inches and six what? The correct way to write a dimension is 5'6". You're just as boneheaded as Vic.

No. 514043

Goddammit, can she be anymore thick in the head? It pains me because even though she buys most of her followers, some people might actually buy the shit she spews

No. 514045

File: 1525353713241.png (100.67 KB, 187x206, MoonJae.png)

Especially since he actually said it sarcastically. Asian humor.
>Mr Kim Dae Jung won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000 for his role in the first summit. His widow, in a congratulatory message sent on Monday, told Mr Moon she hoped he could also win the prize, set to be announced in October.

>"President Trump can take the Nobel prize. All we need to take is peace," Mr Moon said in response.

Trump had been going on about how he's bringing peace to the Korea's for weeks and how he deserves a Nobel. Asian humor ensues. Pic related, just look at how smug Moon was.

Mr Moon was literally shading Trump and Vickster took it as an actual compliment. How fucking dense can you be?

No. 514354

File: 1525404725227.png (199.17 KB, 1440x864, Screenshot_20180503-233052.png)

I have no words… other than thanks for lurking and hope you're watching the alcohol intake, Vic.

No. 514355


More of her usual "not wearing any makeups!" (is really wearing a ton)

No. 514381

The only reason people say she looks younger is because when they ask her, she says 'guess'
If you say guess, people are always going to try and say a lower number. Although I doubt this interaction happened.

Her insecurity about her age is very clear since she feels the need to mention that people think she looks younger all the time. She even let her insecurity slip in that status too when she said 'i felt 50'. That's unusual for her, because she normally talks herself up.

No. 514382

I thought we established that loaded radio was dead? If she's still doing it, I want to hear her fake accent hahaha

No. 514384

I smell a load of shit, she never talks about that stupid radio. Then someone here mentions it, so does she?

It's a podcast-type thing, yeah? Aren't those archived?

No. 514386

Vic sweetie if you think you look 20 without makeup on why do you keep painting anna nicole's death mask on your face every day? Drink some water, put on some moisturizer and some mascara and a single coat of lipstick, use that katana to cut the crispy cheetos you call hair extensions off your scalp, take a break from the white supremacist part of the internet, and shut frankie off for long enough to do some real self-reflection.

No. 514389

Yooooooooo has anyone seen her linkedin it's fucking INCREDIBLE

this pendeja claiming to have been studying astrophysics at Stanford from 2011 to 2018??? And psychology at Yale from 2014-2015.. and she did "humanitarian relief" by DONATING GIFTCARDS what in the sandwich artist euphemism hell

No. 514392

No. 514397

cap it, you know she's going to change it.

No. 514402

I know this girl. She has a high school education from Centennial in Guelph, and that's it. The rest is a load of horse shit.

Secondly, the "gift certificates" she donated were essentially coupons for FUCKING TATTOOS. Yes, Victoria, the people who were in a fire in Brampton, what they really needed were discounts on tattoos, your utterly shit tattoos. She often claims giving discounts on her tattoos as "charity".

She is a liar and a fraud. Not only did she claim to vote for Brexit, she either is full of crap and didn't, or if she did, she has attempted to commit voter fraud. Someone should report her, because you can't vote in British elections after 15 years of leaving the country, AND you need to be registered to vote when you leave the country, which we know she wasn't since she wasn't 18 at the time, she was "extremely young" according to her (not really enough time to develop a permanent accent, as evidenced by her siblings having no accent).

No. 514407

File: 1525425181652.jpeg (62.29 KB, 634x830, 0038BC53-7279-48D9-B62D-131A0A…)

Her LinkedIn is hilarious. Imagine and employer looking at that and she can’t give any references or proof she studied at those universities. It claims she also knows how to speak French and Japanese!

No. 514424

>Head Cook
>Catering, cooking from scratch at 5 star restaurants. Organizing and instructing staff, training and assisting hiring of new chefs and cooks.

No. 514427

File: 1525430600713.jpg (17.04 KB, 401x208, wwww.JPG)

>:P :D When I paid attention
Yeah, very educated, very professional

No. 514432

File: 1525433742698.png (112.41 KB, 800x1240, Screenshot_2018-05-04-12-24-36…)

Imagine going to yale to study psychology/astrophysics yet your only qualification from such highbrow academia is a basic a health and safety certificate.. lol. Never change icky.

Iirc this was posted in earlier threads but it still makes me chuckle.

No. 514444

not sure how i missed this, but bitch is claiming she was in the paper for drawing comics. right, that's why you failed art twice and your tattoos look like shit.

would love to see her post one drawing to show us her ~siiiiickkk skiiilllss~ lol.

No. 514445

File: 1525438786598.jpeg (28.51 KB, 349x324, 30908780-EEDD-4E8B-8C1F-63298D…)


No. 514458


good point, people are just being polite / dont want to overshoot and be insulting

> how old do you think I am? ~~tee hee~~

> I dunno, 35?

Not an interaction she'd want to post about

No. 514466

She probably meant her school paper, they'll accept pretty much anything if it gives them content

No. 514499

File: 1525452943335.jpg (547.91 KB, 2048x2048, 1359B550-4B08-4704-A9D3-1E774C…)

I would have guessed 40.

No. 514514

She's not been posting a lot lately, I wonder what is going on? It's Friday, she should be chugging Jack Daniels all day and posting stupid shit.

No. 514515

She's so ugly

No. 514532

Are you serious??? These people lost their homes in a fire so what they obviously need is to have their bodies permanently mutilated too.

You say discount and I'm sure that was her scam, that the "disaster relief" she provided would be scarring people's flesh with blown out, scratched in fan art of her own face, then to top it all off she'd still make them pay for it.

Lying about studying astrophysics at Stanford is an amusing sort of pathetic but advertising yourself as having done "humanitarian aid and disaster relief" when you really inserted yourself into a tragedy to attempt self promotion is disgusting.

What's next, you heard there was a fire and you spat in the general direction you thought that province was in and your newest linkedin experience listing will say "volunteer firefighter, directly participatedddd in battling and destroyinggg a fire, I saved countless livesss, the fire department offered me a job but I was too busy running a charity dojo teaching sword skills to the burned children of the cityyyy"

Victoria, get a fucking grip.

No. 514729

She is ugly on the inside, which is the most important. She needs to sort her shit out or she will die alone.

No. 514766


LOL. Do people still say epic? Or epicness? Reeks of ten years ago.

Like everything she does.

No. 514787

That will never happen. She's too far up her own ass to admit she is ever wrong and she's not smart enough to recognise her problems. She just thinks everyone is 'jealous haters'

She will never sort her shit out because she's stupid AND mentally ill.

No. 514792

She will die alone.
But not before marrying someone equally deluded out of sheer desperation. Probably some dude who’s still living with Mom and “verbally abusive” step-dad, front man In some shit band that plays weekly at a failing venue, drives a late 90s PoS, doesn’t have a job because his band is totally going places, wears outdated clothing and has the same haircut from high school, wears eyeliner, goes by Reznor but his slave name is Spencer.
They’ll be married for two miserable years, Vic gets fat, cheats on poor ol Rez, and they spend be rest of their lives miserable and alone.

No. 514794

She doesn’t think they’re all jealous haters. She just says it to seem unbothered, which just makes her seem bothered. Secretly she knows she’s retarded but she just handles things like a 13 year old would.

No. 514854

Legit question- what's the deal legally/professionally with pretending you went to school somewhere you didnt? Im not saying anyone should contact stanford to ask if vicky is actually an astrophysics phd candidate (since she been studying there since 2011???) since idk if that counts as cowtipping plus we already know the answer but damn, how can you blatantly lie about something so huge and crazy like that. I do wonder though what she would do if confronted with evidence disproving this big of a lie because narcissists will spin anything to play the victim and flatter them self but what could she say if the astrophysics department head at stanford was like nope this loon has no affiliation with this institution whatsoever?

No. 514861

Me internet too wonky for pics rn but here's a treasure trove of vintage vic if anyone wants to post highlights http://miss-victoria-murder-oo.skyrock.mobi/2.html

No. 514869

File: 1525529713121.jpg (53.22 KB, 598x399, vick.JPG)

Some actually look nice. When she was young and skinny. And obviously less ridiculous editing.
I don't understand, people can have bleached healthy hair and how the fuck she was unable to grow healthy bleached hair within 10 years?! How she didn't learn how to take appropriate care of her damn hair. Guess she is just really lazy skank. Yuck

No. 514870


As long as you don't try to apply to jobs with a fake degree I doubt the institution cares.

Plenty of people like to bullshit and pretend they went to Harvard or Yale.

No. 514871

File: 1525530020230.jpg (48.18 KB, 594x519, wtf.JPG)

Also, wtf is happening here

No. 514882

Holy crap, how many decades has she been using that tacky velvet loveseat and flocked wallpaper as a backdrop for “photo sessions”?

No. 514900

She looks copy pasted on the photo, which she probably is yet again

No. 514907

It’s funny how, in these photos, she seems happier with the way she looks. She appears confident, which, IMO, makes her look really pretty. Too bad her dumpster fire of a personality has ruined any potential she had. Vic is clearly extremely unhappy with several aspects of her life.

She really needs to stop wearing her drag queen make up. She goes from a high 2 to a generous 6.

No. 514916

nah, that's the fun of vick:
>I'm a retard, what can I do about it
>"I studied astrophysics and nasa wanted me but it was too simple for me"
>damn it, now they think I'm even more of a retard. how to fix that
>"Also I'm a sword fighter and the police wanted to hire me but I'm just too badass"
>damn it, now they think I'm even more of a retard. how to fix that

and on, and on … she's well-aware of what a fuck-up she is but her narcissism won't let her do anything other than double down on the SoCool(tm)

No. 514991

Yeah, in some of them where she's really smiling and has barely any makeup on she legitimately looks great. You could go back to this vic. Be happy being you.

No. 515003

File: 1525548402636.png (349.16 KB, 300x450, 675249-crypt_keeper_large.png)

this bitch's hair so fried she looks like the crypt keeper. no offense to the crypt keeper.

No. 515040

File: 1525555024971.jpg (532.13 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180505_171844.jpg)


No. 515041

File: 1525555098503.jpg (9.58 KB, 194x259, 2ljw5nY.jpg)

I remember seeing this photo back in old Myspace era and thinking how gorgeous this girl was. No wonder Vicky can't leave her Myspace days; she really did peak then.

No. 515042




>studied astrophysics


No. 515089

File: 1525563774169.jpeg (41.08 KB, 480x480, 33358BAE-DC18-443E-A4A5-8CEC08…)

She looks like she has a lazy eye, and what's up with that neckbeard-short-sleeve-button-up-flame-shirt motif shooped onto her hair? It's like she tried to outdo Kaka's gross shooped raccoon stripes.

No. 515226

Agreed. Not sure why she was even popular then, she just looks like a regular bleach blonde scene thot with too much makeup, nothing remarkable. Even Kiki was slightly beautiful back then, Vicky was and still is average as fuck.

No. 515279

File: 1525601197750.png (900.27 KB, 1409x1657, Screenshot_20180506-055916.png)

Totally unbothered

No. 515280

File: 1525601237603.png (367.7 KB, 1253x2114, Screenshot_20180506-055952.png)

It's all just a joke guys

No. 515287

File: 1525603090518.png (23.76 KB, 573x472, VickyDepressed.png)

Did someone call Vicky out on her bullshit in real life too? Or is this another reference how the farm laughed at her "joke of a LinkedIn" as >>515279 posted.

This was posted at 4am Toronto time, which means chances are it's Vicky's drunk posting.

No. 515299

File: 1525610963791.jpeg (109.66 KB, 750x643, FB991790-5A36-44AA-9E27-7907F8…)


Looked up to see if this is another bogus photographer. I mean, with the quality of some of these photos I’m inclined to believe so. Sry if this been posted

No. 515300

File: 1525610999193.jpeg (197.33 KB, 750x1246, 142059CC-671D-4422-87DA-0A0C58…)

Ayy lmAo

No. 515301

No Laurie is real and does photography as a hobby. She is the mother of one her former clients Mitch (one of Adrien’s friends)

No. 515304

File: 1525612055212.png (81.5 KB, 815x628, IMG_3869.PNG)

This was 8 years ago and she looked used up even back then, yikes

No. 515306



No. 515354

that huge chunk of extensions just hanging off the back of her head. also, international supermodel, when and where did this happen besides in her deluded head.

No. 515363

what happened to
>call police
>report possible intruder
>"want me to deal with it?" because katana and nunchuk queen

No. 515376

Brandon said fire, give him some tattoo discount gift certificates

No. 515394

Vicky apparently has two LinkedIn profiles:
- The one we posted caps of here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victoria-bella-morte-0a5a1899/
- The lolz so randum one she posted about here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victoria-bella-morte-772283124/

No. 515396

Fucking kek. She fucking created that one just recently to make that lame "it's just a joke guyzXDD"post on fb

No. 515424

This is 100% what happened. She lost the login to the one we were making fun of, so she created a new one and is trying to pass them both off as jokes, in case anyone tries to call her out on the super srs first one, where she super srsly studied at Stanford, UCLA, and Yale.

No. 515425

Damn, she must stalk this page daily. Hi, Vic! Keep on smashing the keyboard with your fingers full of cheeto dust. You're our favorite cow!

No. 515445

This is such an audacious fucking lie. Vicky has been on the Internet since well before 2011, and hasn't missed a single opportunity since then to brag about every mundane thing in her life—"I'm sooo sore from the gym!" "Someone said I look young!" "I can swing my sword so fast!" "I'm a real-life Final Fantasy character!" "I'm just one of the boys!" But we've never heard her say she's studying, going to class, taking exams, writing papers, much less graduating after seven years of fucking astrophysics or being accepted at Yale. She never mentioned living in California or Connecticut. And she was supposedly studying astrophysics at Stanford while studying psychology at UCLA, and then Yale across the country?

And pretending she actually did all that, why would she go back to bumfuck Guelph afterward just to do shitty tattoos out of a shitty shack?

I know no one here really believes this shit, so no one needs me to debunk it. I'm just in shock that she actually makes these claims in the first place. She thinks she's a genius, but it's so easy to poke holes in her stories. I wish one of her neckbeard orbiters would ask her about this stuff.

Vicky Shingles, never change.

No. 515450

And sadly once and a while a neckbeard will call her out but Vic is always at the computer to quickly delete, block, and remove anyone who questions her tots legit lies. That's why she doesn't use twitter cause ya can't delete other peoples tweets or comments.
Favourite is a strong word anon, although she is a big fat cow that just oozes milk and her thread is always a good laugh. I hope she never changes.

No. 515451


She actually has a twitter. Anon. She uses it frequently and tweets several times every day. Her most recent tweets are from a few hours ago the link is here


No. 515452

That's actually not the photographer's Facebook profile, this is. Took a look thru all her photos on Facebook and Instagram, no sign of Vic anywhere.
Thank you for letting me know anon, I had no idea.

No. 515458

Lol and no one likes or comments on her tweets. And it’s all the same shit she posts on FB. Why bother?

No. 515465

File: 1525649766473.jpg (58.12 KB, 561x743, 89478694514563.JPG)

What in the hell is she doing with her lips in this video?
It looks like she's having a stroke or is about to vomit or something. It's literally one of the most unsexy things I've seen. Her lips look disease ridden and like they're about to fall off kek.

No. 515466

She obviously didn't forget mascara, she just isn't wearing those disgusting spider falsies that she claims are her real lashes.

No. 515469


Her chunky man hands always make me so uncomfortable

No. 515472

File: 1525650578377.jpg (132.59 KB, 1281x2000, 1614290_468521883293477_505420…)

I honestly believe this is some sort of sockpuppet account, 95% of the images are of Vicky, and with her hilariously shitty shoops.
If this was legit the account of a professional photographer why would they post ONLY pictures of Vicky, photoshop them to DEATH, post a few photos from some concert, and maybe 1 or 2 photos of other people.
All other photographers I've seen (except Frankie) posts pictures of a variety of different sessions and motifs. There's also the not-humble bragging of how truly amazing and talented Vicky is.
Nah I seriously think this is a sockpuppet.
Pic related, it was posted on https://www.facebook.com/Laurie.Munro.Photography/ and if this photo doesn't reek like Icky Vicky spent hours on end shooping this then idk.

No. 515473

Sorry for samefagging, but also this wouldn't be unthinkable when it comes to Vicky's enormous ego and narcness.
What's the best way to be able to post endless amounts of pictures where you think you look great, and thus receive more comments about how beautiful and talented you are? Multiple platforms, profiles, etc.

No. 515475

She would be better off lying that she went to UofT if she wants to claim a more believable lie of her going to a prestigious university. Why would a Canadian go to an American university and pay the international student fee on top of the already crazy pricing? Unless they had a scholarship or there's really not much reason to do so. Especially for someone who lives so close to Toronto. Sure there are those who do it but it tends to be pretentious twats or people who have a very specific program they wish to do. She's given no reason for it, she hasn't even thought of lying about one. My guess is she wants to please the crowd and since I'm guessing most of her following is from the US she's using fancy American universities to brag about since they probably don't know/care about Canadian ones. Kind of like her talking pro-trump as if she's American

No. 515479

And also, the photos of Vicky are tagged with either nothing, or "Laurie Munro".
But the other photos of other people are all tagged with "Collective Aspects", and some are the same ones posted on the actual facebook called CollectiveAspects.

No. 515483

even with the multiple filters and stupid lips, i think she looks way better with dark hair and no scene combover.

the shadow looks like her actual proportions lol.

No. 515494

Concerning her Linkdin, I seen another anon call her out on it and asked her questions exposing her for her lies (wish I took screenshots now) and she deleted all the comments and then made that “iz jussssst a jokes guiz I’m so randum and funnehhhh” bullshit to try and cover her tracks. She’s such a sad and pathetic soul. I can’t believe she was born in ‘87 and acts the way she does. It’s time to grow up, Sticky icky. The clocks are ticking and time has not been kind to you in the slightest. You’re going to die alone

No. 515515

File: 1525659996613.jpeg (112.13 KB, 581x816, 1CC1FD96-D850-4145-86CB-0F3AA1…)


Not only did this cow have to remind us how she totally forgot to put on mascara, but that her eyes are totally icy and pierce into your soul, so that they may appear darker here. Her insecurities and needed validation is shining bright

No. 515521

her mouth looks like a puckered anus, how does she think this looks even remotely flattering??

No. 515550

>>515515 she looks like fucking Cher

No. 515551

I wonder if Laurie Munro has pics of Vicky in her true form online or if Vicky threatened to sue her if she didn’t shoop her to death

No. 515556

Laurie Munro is definitely a real person but I think Vicky made the page. Just like she probably did with this page. It’s a page for a model but most of her pictures have Vicky in them lmao https://m.facebook.com/Amberlilly-352486661528380/?ref=page_internal

No. 515557

No, Laurie Munro never photographed Vic, Vic made the sockpuppet account. This is the actual women's photography account and as you'll notice, there's not a single photo of Vic.

No. 515558

No. 515559

File: 1525665325504.jpg (92.6 KB, 615x750, cher.jpg)

Mmmmaybe 2018 Cher but even so that's a stretch

No. 515560

Here's the photographer's website that links to her facebook account, linkedin, and instagram. Not a single photo or mention of Vic anywhere. Vic made that other account. I'm thinking of contacting the photographer cause that's just fucked up Vic.

No. 515562


the idea that vic made the other account is getting a bit crazy, Laurie has two pages and even announced it in 2014


scroll, people, scroll

No. 515637

Ew Cher is talented and funny and was once extremely beautiful. Don't liken Vicky to her.

No. 515678

Damn, she claims she voted in brexit too??? Vicky PLEASE prove us all wrong and post pics of your stanford and yale transcripts and your dated British voter's registration. You let us know your makeup is less spidery when you "don't have mascara on" or that your eyeballs change color because of shadows so why not explain this one homie, it's just a teensy little bit more serious

No. 515679

This is eerily similar to that shoop of her in the last thread with an actual bonobo asshole for lips

No. 515688


Holy shit this "British accent" is a fucking defcon 5 cringefest. She can't maintain it so it just disappears entirely at points then she tries to mask it by extending vowels in a generically theatrical way and she sounds fucking Australian because she picks the wrong vowel sounds since she has no idea what a real posh accent sounds like. I hope she gives up this venture but keeps her delusions of Englandeur and transitions into trying to convince us she has a cockney accent instead and goes full michael caine in batman begins.. i pho-o shop a rooby tha soiz uv a tanjoreen

No. 515694

'No mascara' lol this bitch really thinks everyone (who isn't a dude who doesn't know better) falls for her shit

No. 515702

File: 1525699868494.png (40.09 KB, 445x199, Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 9.31…)


all a joke except in her interviews with these online mags she did years ago, also claimed to be an astrophysicist

No. 515703

File: 1525700176241.png (1.25 MB, 735x1136, Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 9.29…)

This may be one of her worst shoops, btw

No. 515709

ah yes astrophysics is def one of those careers you take as a backup to being a tattoo artist

No. 515714

I've never seen her actually talk about astrophysics, or astronomy in general. I took astronomy classes (which touched on astrophysics) in college, and they were super complicated. It's impossible to imagine idiot Vick grasps even a quarter of those concepts, much less studied it full-time at Stanford, kek. She appears to have no strong subjects. Not even Photoshop or swinging around a fake katana.

Also: her Facebook bio has some garbage about her ~pale green eyes~ but the only time they look green is when they're obviously shooped. She only claims to have green eyes because blue is super common and she's NOT like the other girls. She lies about everything in order to appear unique, while doing nothing positive to actually set herself apart. It's almost sad.

No. 515715

Whatever concoction of filters she used, she nearly blurred her hand tattoo right out. That just shows how heavily altered these dumb videos are that she posts. Also, it's 2018 Vic, no one is buying your blurry vids. >>515714
I've had conversations with her before and she tries so desperately hard to sound smart and when the conversation starts to make her look dumb she resorts to insults and talking in circles. She can't carry a decent conversation for longer than 2 minutes.

No. 515717

Omg anon this is a gold mine. You are totally right, she does sound australian. Other times slightly irish. She struggles to keep just one accent, it's so weird.

No. 515718

Not to mention she adds absolutely nothing to the show. The other two guys sound somewhat professional and she sounds like an annoying child in the background

No. 515719

I've actually never seen her have an intelligent take on anything—politics, astrophysics, psychology, or literally anything else, for that matter. Truly intelligent people don't have to brag about how smart they are. It just shows in conversations with them. If I had to guess based on her posts, I'd assume she never even finished high school, and then insisted she was too smart for it.

No. 515729


episode 8, 8:18

that is NOT an English accent

No. 515735

Yeah and she occasionally tries to yell over them which is super irritating as it is, and then it turns out she is yelling just to regurgitate what's already been said or attempt to talk about herself.

No. 515789

These were all recorded in 2015, while she was supposedly at Yale studying psychology, after a year at UCLA (and four in astrophysics at Stanford, kek). Most of them are discussing studies they found relating psychology to \m/ METAL \m/, so you'd think she'd make some mention of her work at fucking Yale, or at the very least show some degree of expertise in the topic, but nah. All of her input is dumb, and makes it painfully obvious that she has no idea what she's talking about.

My boyfriend did postdoc work at Yale (in a different department tho), so I showed him Vicky's LinkedIn, and then read her Facebook bio to him in her stupid accent. He's dead now RIP.

>There is nothing betrothed in the afterlife. I’ll watch the stars like immortal specters and see them fall to dust…i’ll play in crystal constellations, and hope it holds my infinitesmial heart in it’s intricate web of glowing beauty, like luminescent fireflies in it’s inverted heartcrushing paroxysmal complexity.

>Behind these pale green eyes of mine lurks a delusory intellect that apon first notice, you'd most likely wouldn't identify is there

He said he would be genuinely surprised if this woman even graduated high school.

No. 515798

File: 1525718827549.png (103.21 KB, 494x496, Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 2.46…)

No need to fact check when you're a genius like Vicky.

No. 515804

File: 1525719837536.png (570.7 KB, 975x2495, 2018-05-07-14-51-www.factcheck…)

Victoria, you absolute dunce.

No. 515806

File: 1525719868861.png (228.36 KB, 765x1040, 2018-05-07-15-03-mediabiasfact…)

She really needs to get off Facebook.

No. 515824

File: 1525721196414.jpeg (48.69 KB, 300x403, 082AEF72-8F83-43B4-BBA0-886C64…)

This is one of my favourite shoops because she shooped a tiny waist on one side more than the other side and you can see her gut sticking out over her pants under her shirt

No. 515826

File: 1525721286506.png (50.37 KB, 492x174, Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 3.25…)

When has Vicky ever ~uplifted~ another woman, unless it's in service to herself? Like, "oh yeah people say I look like Megan Fox and Christina Aguilera and Marilyn Monroe alllll theeeee timeeee, they're totally hot babessss"

No. 515829

What the fuck is going on with her hand on her hip? For someone who spends most of their life photoshopping she certainly doesn't get better with time and practise.
No wonder she failed art twice, she has no concept of anatomy.

No. 515836

File: 1525722296045.jpeg (15.51 KB, 300x360, 73BC9B72-19FA-4CEC-A9F9-7E01AA…)

The hand on her hip is legit making me nauseous.

No. 515839


holy shit she's dismissing Snopes now? lol

and is that a George Soros jab of sorts? Only a matter of time before she starts blaming all her problems on the Jews or Illuminati.

Waiting for her to up her game and start sharing infowars or globalresearch.ca

No. 515843

I screenshot this but you beat me to it hahahaha. I literally out loud said "bitch when"

No. 515894

File: 1525728715644.jpg (59.46 KB, 569x960, 31961649_10160452101355442_899…)

No. 515895

File: 1525728737577.png (143.34 KB, 503x878, 31957704_10160452088635442_462…)

No. 515896

File: 1525729028255.jpg (146.34 KB, 503x875, IMG_3969.JPG)

Not that I agree with Corey.
Just laughing at the roasting

No. 515898

ok he's just obnoxious but I might have to start using "for an INTJ you're an idiot" what does that even mean!

No. 515905

some men can be so retarded. when they fail to hold a woman's interest they always blame it on height or dick size, whichever is shorter.

No. 515910

The episode where they talk about how metal makes you calmer supposedly, she talks around in circles when the guy asks her the science behind it. She literally says the same thing round in a circle, it's hilarious, give it a listen.

No. 515912

Since the podcast topics are mostly focused on psychology, I wonder if she actually told them that she studied psychology at Yale and UCLA?

Holy shit, she sounds so fucking stupid. She starts out by calling it a "science study," kek. And she's literally just reading the article in The Guardian, rather than the "science study" itself.

No. 515913

Wow, that podcast show is trashhhhh. They spoke about how metal fans are less likely to cheat because they are longtime listeners and loyal to their bands unlike top 40 listeners.

Yeah because your music taste indicates your fidelity. Okay.

No. 515914

I don't know if they take her seriously tbh.
On another note, it's hilarious how in some of the podcasts she says 'hello daaahling' in the fake posh accent. I think Vicky uses ab fab episodes to train her phony accent kek

No. 515915

She has claimed several times that she has the INTJ personality type. It's based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test and according to what I've read, the INTJ personality type is supposedly very rare in women. The traits are introversion, intuition, thinking, and judgement. Of course, it's just another line of bullshit she feeds everyone to prove that she's SO UNIQUE.

No. 515916

Sorry to blogpost but a narc friend of mine whom I try really hard to distance myself from tried to contact me yesterday and started telling me she's an INTJ and holy shit she reminds me of Vicky so much. She even has outlandish claims like Vic. I don t know why people claim to be this personality so fucking often, it says on wikipedia that it's super rare and even rarer for women. All the people I've seen that claim to have it are all irrational narcissistic women…

No. 515917

They claim they're INTJs precisely because it's so rare, and narcs always have to be the most special and unique.

No. 515921

I just listened to this one. They spend over half of it talking about Johnny Depp.

It's not a 'study' as they claim, it was an informal survey by The Mirror and some cheating website: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/jazz-rap-heavy-metal-types-5865846

She says it showed that blues fans were 20% more likely to cheat on their partners than metal fans, which is definitely not what they said. It only shows that of those surveyed, 16% said jazz was their favorite genre, 6% blues, and 2% metal. That just means it's unpopular with the people who took this survey on this particular affair website.

I think they may also be conflating that survey with this data released by Spotify around the same time: https://insights.spotify.com/us/2015/04/02/loyalest-music-fans-by-genre/

It showed that metal fans were more likely to return to a core group of artists within that genre. That doesn't necessarily mean anything either, other than that metal fans are less likely to branch out:
>We looked for repeated listens to the core artists from each genre — the ones sitting right at the “center” of the genres, as it were. So one could also reasonably conclude that Jazz, EDM, Classical, and Blues listeners play more fringe artists from those genres.

You'd think someone who studied at Stanford and Yale would be able to parse this stuff, kek.

No. 515970

Icky Vicky, you fucking moron… those lies you posted about Snopes were written by people who were discredited by Snopes -_-
She will believe virtually anything that helps to prove her right, with no analysis of the evidence, and will automatically throw out any evidence proving her wrong, like Snopes, with no valuation of that evidence, and she tries to tell everyone she's logical and fact based only.
Snopes and Factcheck.org are some of the greatest websites if you just want facts and no opinions, and Vicky believes the most retarded things about them. Get your head out of your ass, Vicky.

No. 515981

And she just deletes anything anyone with a brain posts on her stuff because it makes her look bad. Even her brother called her out for doing that; it’s in the last thread.

No. 516027

File: 1525767125303.png (327.16 KB, 1440x1619, 20180508_040909.png)

Wtf is she trying to say here ? If a girl pisses her off then she's going to attempt to make herself feel better by hitting on their boyfriend? Kinda desperate and sad, Vick.

No. 516035


>I don't sleep with people's boyfriends because I'm a classy lady and girl code……UNLESS THEY ARE A CUNT!!!!

Uh, sleeping with someone's boyfriend regardless of whether you like them or not is not okay and also trashy as fuck. Is she admitting that she would fuck someone's boyfriend if said person was a bitch to her?

What a whore.

No. 516036

Do you reckon she fucks anyone? She can’t photoshop her naked body and something tells me her wrinkly knee-knockers sand engorged stomach really betray her edits. Guys are stupid but they aren’t that stupid, and word would probably spread around fairly quickly. Gonna take the high road and not even bringing up the deli counter sea monster underneath her muffin top.

Hey Vic, since I know you’re here, smoking makes your tits even saggier because it destroys your elastin.

No. 516061

doing/saying 'horrible things' is a broad spectrum with her, considering the amount of times women make comments and she lashes back with her word vomit and kys suggestions.

would like to see her show an example of this 'girl code' she keeps talking about b/c she doesn't even pose w women since she knows how much better they will look in comparison.

No. 516105


Yeah, most normal people would never dream of doing something that pathetic purely out of self-respect, even if the girl is a bitch.

>I would never do something to provoke/hurt another person!!

>Unless I feel like they deserved it in some way

I'm sure Onision and Raven have said that exact same thing in the past. It's like the battle cry of people who use their victim complex as an excuse to be a shitty person.

No. 516111

File: 1525794088102.jpg (84.67 KB, 1080x1080, rarevic4.jpg)

Rare incoming Vicky's I have hoarded.

No. 516112

File: 1525794108803.jpg (128.66 KB, 1080x1080, rareVick.jpg)

>baboon butt lips

No. 516113

File: 1525794185622.jpg (114.69 KB, 1080x809, rarevic6.jpg)

No. 516114

File: 1525794270217.jpg (107.93 KB, 1080x1080, rarevic2.jpg)

She looks like a bad drag queen n a bender that a bunch of drunk random people took a picture with, since one of them once saw an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race.

No. 516115

File: 1525794325627.jpg (80.53 KB, 1080x1080, rarevic3.jpg)

My favourite one saved for last.
It's the most flattering and still she manages to look at least 40.

No. 516116

I love that Vicky sucks at literally everything she does, but she tries her hardest to look like the best. She literally spends all day photoshopping herself, but still somehow sucks at it. She is a mediocre tattoo artist at best and doesn't draw any of her designs (they're all photoshop/mashup images from the internet). Her hair is fucked and her looks are fading fast. She hasn't probably worked out in a good ten years. She's alone and no one wants to put up with her shit - hence why you rarely see her in photos with the same person over an extended period of time. She buys cheap fake clothing or outfits from Amazon to try to look well-off and it comes off as pathetic. The fake posh accent isn't fooling anyone. Don't get me started on that damn sword nonsense. She's dumb as a post and can't carry a decent conversation. I am amazed she has kept this charade up as long as she has - times ticking Vic and I can't wait to she hits 40. I am guessing she rides this out till 40 and has a crisis about what she will do with her life because she has zero skill or talent.

No. 516119

I wouldn't really care and would actually have some sympathy if she wasn't such a dick. She seems like such a mean person judging from her facebook interactions.

No. 516120

Wearing sunglasses at night inside a club. What a douchette.

No. 516121

Um, she looks almost 50 in this one, no joke.

No. 516123

Everyone in these pictures look like they stink of ciggies and whisky and need a good bath.
Most attractive is probably the skinnier blue haired chick and that's only because she's slightly less hideous than Vicky. They all look like you'd catch a bad case of the crabs if you slept with any of them christ.

No. 516125

Man those disney villain eyebrows are doing her NO favours. If she went for a thicker, straighter soft brow and ditched the harsh eye makeup, she might look a bit younger. Like it would shave off 2 or 3 years.

Girl also needs to lay off the booze and cigarettes, her skin looks like there's no elasticity. That piled with thick makeup and fried hair….what a hot mess. If she looked after herself and ditched all the horrible makeup she might be able to look as young as her mother.


No. 516132

Is Rock of Love still a thing? I desperately want to see Vicky on it, or some other trashy reality show.

I love that she claims to have been a "Stylist Adviser / Acting Manageress" at CosmoProf. Who in the fuck would go to her for styling advice? The hair, the brows, the makeup, the clothing. It's all a disaster. She looks like every dude in an '80s hair band combined.

No. 516134

File: 1525799394803.png (696.93 KB, 881x763, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 1.09…)


No. 516136


This just shows how detached from reality this cow is. She thinks she’s soooo desirable that she can take anyone’s boyfriend. Sorry Vicky but I’m pretty sure you messaged girls boyfriends in the past who bashed on you and they think you’re insane. Men that are in their 30’s and late 20’s and in relationships are looking to get married and start a family. They are not going to chase your filthy wench ass sorry bitch. Another example how she acts like a teenager. She literally thinks she can take any girls man she’s so insecure and dumb as hell. No wonder she only sees younger guys the last guy she seen was like 8 years younger than her and he stopped wanting to see her because her ego is so inflamed and he didn’t give her enough attentionnnn

No. 516138


What the fuck is this garbage? All she did was shoop a bunch of shit onto a picture. She didn’t digitally draw anything herself this is embarrassing

No. 516139

File: 1525800455508.png (454.32 KB, 916x762, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 1.27…)

No. 516140

I'm shocked she used black and didn't post about it needing more white.

No. 516153


Is this supposed to be in progress like all her tattoos or is It the finished product? Because the face of the wolf is going to fade away

No. 516155

File: 1525804689800.png (228 KB, 812x803, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.37…)

kek, it's because she's using a basic site template on Wix. If you Google all of the names together, you get results for basically every site that used this template and never bothered to change it (like Vicky).

No. 516157

File: 1525805004523.jpg (55.12 KB, 351x604, 4ab9e535c3ea6.jpg)


No. 516164

I got herpes just looking at his. Gross, anon.

No. 516165

>>516111 - Hide face with hair
>>516112 -Hide face with sunglasses (plus stupid anus mouth)
>>516113 -Hide face with hand and hair (plus stupid anus mouth)
>>516114 - Hide face with hair and hand (plus drunken anus mouth)
Such a wonderful ""international model""

No. 516167

File: 1525806280914.jpg (191.68 KB, 1000x667, flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg)

Photoshop inspo

No. 516173


kek what is that nose contour? Holy shit.

No. 516177

File: 1525808204433.png (57.13 KB, 591x219, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.34…)



this sounds like her but im not sure,
this was funny regardless

No. 516185

File: 1525809114652.png (457.96 KB, 601x455, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.41…)


this fake account is full of hilarious pictures of shingles the potato body.

No. 516187

File: 1525809284390.png (57.63 KB, 589x197, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.50…)

She is really implying she went to the VMAs. She was studying at Stanford at the time, so I guess it's possible kek.

No. 516193

File: 1525811437129.jpeg (115.58 KB, 640x455, 66B6671D-C61B-4B2E-8D10-8EF5B4…)

People always think I’m so young! I’m so tiny too! teehee

And this is an old picture too so you know she looks even more rough now

No. 516220

No. 516221

File: 1525814499912.jpg (300.54 KB, 2048x1430, 8676140292_3fe76fe698_k.jpg)


No. 516224

File: 1525815100455.png (671.54 KB, 635x477, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.29…)


No. 516225

File: 1525815119977.png (698.64 KB, 635x478, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.30…)

picking her nose

No. 516226

File: 1525815139862.png (510.33 KB, 600x449, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.30…)

the birth of Anus Lips

No. 516228

File: 1525815292807.png (668.76 KB, 632x488, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.33…)

Anatomy, how does it work? pt 1

No. 516230

File: 1525815311375.png (501.51 KB, 681x488, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.34…)

No. 516233

File: 1525815398580.png (392.4 KB, 433x487, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.35…)

Fat even after shoop, holy shit. She did her regular "hair naturally follows my waist, tee hee" thing, but left herself a lard barge still

No. 516235

File: 1525815550131.png (326.13 KB, 309x489, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.39…)

No. 516236

File: 1525815623762.png (340.83 KB, 353x486, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.40…)

This is one of the few she didn't get to do her own face shoop on

No. 516238

File: 1525815653091.png (393.17 KB, 632x388, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.40…)

closeup - she'd never show her wonky teeth and smile

No. 516240

File: 1525815868301.png (178.23 KB, 417x324, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.42…)

real profile 1

No. 516243

File: 1525815965211.png (854.06 KB, 814x700, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.44…)

And 2

Vicky, if you laid off the spider lashes and the hooker makeup, you have a very interesting and strong look - not classically delicate and pretty, not a Final Fantasy character, but you're not dog ugly in all lights. Or you weren't ten years and 1,000,000 packs of smoke ago.

No. 516250

tbh the 1st one looks more like a final fantasy character than any of her shoop'd pics ever will. probably because it's b&w tho…

No. 516322

She looks fine here. I will never understand her weird mascara spiderleg application. It looks terrible.

No. 516327

I agree but it's still very photoshopped, not her real profile. Just look at her ear in comparison to her face proportions. If she didn't have the fucked up eyebrows, nasty toothy yellow smile, clumpy spider false lashes, and such a disgusting personality, she might be decent looking. Sadly she ages like a banana in the sun and keeps getting worse and worse.

No. 516336

Also the lack of bulbous hook nose. It's definitely shooped, just not as glaringly obvious as her other photos.

No. 516452

File: 1525846765113.png (394.16 KB, 1440x1640, Screenshot_20180509-021951.png)

Uh huh ok vic

No. 516458

>hair and tattoo studio

the 'shop' she used to work at posted it so that's probably why.

so she got her education online? what is an "astrophysics observatory"? she is so bad at lying and trying to explain herself but it's always entertaining.

No. 516460

To be clear, Vicky was offered a job by an old creepy guy who worked at an observatory. He was trying to Harvey Weinstein her but she's too dumb, gullible and narcissistic not to know this, and actually thought she was qualified to work at an observatory because a creep who worked at one said he would hire her.
If he did, he would get fired for hiring someone with zero experience or education, and had no business being there. You can get lectures online but that's not even close to what you need to be able to analyze properly.

No. 516463

File: 1525851285988.png (333.08 KB, 1440x1713, Screenshot_20180509-031510.png)

Dear Lord the comments ugghhh

No. 516471

File: 1525852487100.jpg (43.99 KB, 542x800, riQX-Ip1MzQ.jpg)

Some gems incoming from the vk page. pardon if these have been posted but i haven't seen them before. the shoop is too juicy

This one, for example, where the corset is not only being worn backwards but 80% ms-painted on.

No. 516472

File: 1525852553738.jpg (116.31 KB, 730x960, NbhJCOg4WTM.jpg)

"My hair just naturally clings to my boobs as though it's been plastered down"

No. 516473

File: 1525852681091.jpg (44.27 KB, 509x721, yB6Ftohzpvw.jpg)

"anyone who says I photoshop is just a jealous hater, it makes complete sense that my arm is out of focus but my torso and leg are not"

No. 516474

File: 1525852751591.jpg (27.59 KB, 519x800, Z4izyDsE9q4.jpg)

Her hips in this one are honestly breaking my brain. But you're so petite right vic??

No. 516476


No. 516483


this one's a fuckin' trip, the longer you look at it the less sense it makes

No. 516486

File: 1525854578096.jpeg (576.6 KB, 1024x977, D7954DAE-03FE-4293-A7DA-D407E9…)

Hi vic

No. 516488

I always laugh at the tits in this one. One is shopped so much bigger than the other.

No. 516491

Hey anon, some people have one tit that's naturally two cup sizes bigger than the other, it's normal okay

No. 516512

She photoshopped a towel into her hand to hide the remote kek

No. 516513

tinfoil: vic's a fat virgin

No. 516523

Holy shit, what even is anatomy? The torso… The arms, the legs… Nothing makes sense

No. 516529

This is as close to her real proportions she will post. I’m sure she hid her gut, but her legs are huge for someone just over five feet tall. I’m surprised she didn’t shoop this more

No. 516549

In other words she watched a youtube video on the subject and is now claiming that she avidly studies it online for fun.
I watch planet earth and David Attenborough documentaries…does that make me a wildlife expert?

No. 516550

>spicy memes

She tries too hard. It makes me cringe. She sounds like Kiki. Remember when she tried to get down with the internet lingo and said meme like me me? I swear Vick, Onision and Kiki are stuck in a time loop of 10 years ago and are unable to intergrate into today's internet culture.

No. 516552

File: 1525875625035.gif (996.57 KB, 245x240, ln8zivD.gif)

i love how one of her favourite things to brag about is watching lectures on youtube lol like how does that make you smarter than other people? how's your research going? what exactly are you doing with all this wealth of knowledge you supposedly have? ugh this stupid, stupid bitch

No. 516562

File: 1525879076769.png (2.52 MB, 965x1750, IMG_20180509_121048.png)

So in this picture I honestly think she looks really good. It's a shame she let go and also let her narcissism consume her so much. On the VK site she had 11 different self portraits (no other art), and that metal finger set has 12 pictures! And it wasn't even a proper photo shoot or something, she sat in bed doing 12 different poses of the same thing to post online! Not even going into how many she likely didn't post. How can someone honestly be so full of themselves? I can understand game getting to someone's head but she wasn't even "famous" then. It just seems like she's always been obsessed with herself

No. 516563

Her boobs are normal sized there…so Vic,care to explain those fucking balloons you keep photoshopping onto yourself? I believe the no surgery angle because she's poor so either they are 100% photoshop or you gained a TON of weight.

No. 516564

File: 1525879762409.png (949.04 KB, 934x1566, IMG_20180509_122030.png)

The weight gain totally added to it. However I doubt the weight gain gave her a more defined waist curve…
Not that her body looks bad here but she really doesn't have the defined curve she makes it seem she has now

No. 516565


> Im curious as to why

> such as the aforementioned assumption

people who never went to school but really want to try and sound smart trip-type like this.

also kek, claiming she was "asked to be flown out to work for an astrophysics observatory as an unschooled amateur"…that is not what happens when you take an interest in something, they dont pass over interns and graduates for someone who like a youtube video

lastly…she honestly thinks watching a lecture is the equivalent of attending these schools? some profs just read the textbook verbatim, it varies; the point is that you only learn so much from a lecture and that's why there is course work, tests, labs, and discussions - so you can actually understand what's going on, not just regurgitating quotes.

but why attend school when you can just grade yourself and call it a day

No. 516566


Lmao vic are you really curious? Could it be the fact that you posted that you had seven years of a Stanford education in astrophysics on your linkedin profile? You used a professional platform to hold yourself out as having a formal enrollment in that university, and are only now backpedaling by explaining what you really meant was you watched some youtube videos. You should have put "watched some youtube lectures" on your linkedin then.

No. 516568

her whole torso looks painted in here.

No. 516571


The background is still stretched to hell here anon. Check out the road behind her around her waist. Shes always had a keg body she's just always shooped it.

her entire body is blurred, it looks like she tried to edit in a ribcage, gave up, and then blurred the entire thing to putty. the curvature of her edited spine also makes it look like her back is broken.

No. 516574

Unless she deleted the comment, literally no one on Instagram is saying that. We know she reads here daily. She's just looking for an excuse to address it in an attempt to make herself look less like a lying idiot. Vicky, all of this information is from your own LinkedIn. It's not like anyone just guessed that since you're so well-versed in astrophysics, you've obviously studied at Stanford for seven years. YOU put that information out yourself. It's fun to watch you backpedal though.

No. 516576

I would kill to see a chat between her and onision. honestly.

No. 516584

File: 1525884486504.jpeg (316.69 KB, 640x502, 9314D3BB-FB43-4489-B4F9-BA9684…)

I’m actually surprised, I think she looks beautiful in one single photo ever taken.

No. 516590

Its a great photo of her comparatively but her eyebrows plucked that way will always drive me mad

No. 516600

File: 1525885860869.png (366.68 KB, 485x487, Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 1.09…)

It that an antenna sticking out of her head?
>>516564 - 100% photoshopped
>>516562 - 95% photoshopped
Since ya'll seem to forget what our Queen of Photoshop really looks like, here's a few of her candid unedited photos ranging from when she was younger to older (sorry for the potato quality, it's a screen cap or a screen cap so there's not much I can do about that)

No. 516601

She looks like an old, haggard witch in the nonphotoshopped pictures.

No. 516603

File: 1525885958943.jpg (47.99 KB, 604x453, 1474758614355.jpg)

samefag but a forgot another candid of her when she was younger (I think around the same time as this one >>516584 but I could be wrong)

No. 516611

File: 1525886568063.png (108.9 KB, 419x415, Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 1.21…)

>>an old haggard witch
Why ever would you think such a thing anon? She's tots an IRL final fantasy character!

No. 516624

File: 1525889855853.jpeg (105.29 KB, 640x386, 8B86A93F-3F1C-4528-9E43-E7C273…)

"It" meaning being "flown out to work for an astrophysics observatory with no prior training other than my own initiative to learn about it via lectures and research."

No, you peasant, Vicky already solved all the mysteries of astrophysics on her own, just by watching YouTube videos.

No. 516654


It was posted on her Facebook not her Instagram. She deleted all the comments of the anon that exposed her then she made that other LinkedIn being like look at this funny joke guys! I’m so quirky and hilarious. The old one is still there I really think she did forget the password to that one so she panicked. This cow always posts her bitching posts late at night it looks like she posted that crap around 3 in the morning. She’s really trying to cover up her tracks and lies and it’s funny to watch the dumpster fire that is vic burn. I just picture her drinking in the AM hours of the night and being like “how can I fix this”. Maybe if she didn’t lie about every aspect in her life she wouldn’t be so tangled in her web of lies she spun.

No. 516662

not to tinfoil but kind of weird how so many people are posting "candids" and stating how pretty she is without photoshop? yet the "candids" are actually extremely photoshopped photos.
Like miss shingles has been photoshopping since myspace days.

If anything, the only differences in her photos then and now is that she almost got worse with her shops.

No. 516663

"It takes a strong alpha to find that hot."

I am at a loss for words. how has she not grown a neckbeard yet?

No. 516666

Found the answers she wanted to know?
So basically she watched a crash course episode on something she was a bit curious about and didn't bother learning more. Makes me wonder if she even found the answer to her questions given her serious lack of fact checking and learning the full story on things

No. 516668

File: 1525897790981.png (32.2 KB, 720x585, 123444.png)

I wonder if she's retarded enough to think people will believe this? Anyone who has a bachelors or even an associates knows you can't learn advanced science and math by watching videos. As >>516565 said, you can only learn so much from lectures. Of course Vicky has to go so large that it's not believable. She couldn't just say physics or mechanical physics (something practical), it has to have a cool sounding name like ASTROphysics.

Pic related. This reminds me of vic and people like her.

No. 516721

She read Steven Hawking's book "A Brief History of Time" and found her answers. I've met a couple of people that think that book and "The Universe in a Nutshell" taught them all they needed to know and now they're geniuses. Someone needs to ask Vicky how her math skills are, because astrophysics math is beyond ridiculous for someone like her.

No. 516730

The reflection in the mirror is an entirely different person, I'm so confused.

No. 516732

probs just googled "does the earth revolve around the sun or moon" or something like that

No. 516770

File: 1525908963945.jpg (492.38 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180509_192817.jpg)

How many times is she going to make this stupid fucking joke? Vic, you're 30 for christs sake.

No. 516819

File: 1525916727895.png (300.08 KB, 750x1334, F0745C11-6D5C-402B-89DC-FB8F19…)

No. 516826

I would believe this.
I genuinely cannot imagine her allowing people to see her true form. She’s a never nude like Tobias Funke.

No. 516857

Same! It would be battle of the narcs

No. 516862


Did anyone call her out by specifically bringing up the linkedin shit? The OG profile isn't going anywhere so her claim to have studied astrophysics at Stanford for seven years is still out there for the world to see

No. 516867

Idk if her yt has ever been posted here but it's got some gems like this serbian murder basement arthouse film https://youtu.be/23f4I3YJTZc

Also the playlists she has curated for herself are quite delightful. I was hoping to find a Stanford education on there but there is a sick playlist called SWORD that I will be watching on an endless loop for the rest of my life

No. 516921

File: 1525951312740.png (6.75 KB, 276x463, victorialcubierre.PNG)


truly amazing

No. 516922

File: 1525951392583.png (6.62 KB, 771x151, qweqw.PNG)

samefag, her summary is fucking cringy too

No. 516942

Her YouTube channel is Victoria B M so can we call her Victoria Bowel Movement from now on

No. 516946

File: 1525962991891.png (33.43 KB, 800x127, Screenshot_2018-05-10-07-33-55…)

No. 516949

>deleted you for your stupid statuses
there are probably tons of people who either did the same or are just following her for the trainwreck.

watch her claim she never said she had a degree, just that she studied via the internet lol.

No. 516952

File: 1525964631700.jpg (223.44 KB, 982x699, vic.jpg)

Also looks like UCLA only offers Social Psychology as a graduate program, not undergraduate. Not that it matters because we all know she is full of shit.

She probably is claiming MOOC's as education. EdX has a lot of partnerships with notable institutions like Stanford, Harvard, etc. I am an academic and I can tell you that these hold zero weight for tenure or on your CV as anyone can take them and you don't have to pass a test at the end unless you want a certificate.

No. 516970

File: 1525969555763.png (23.61 KB, 578x267, vickyFoodpoisoning.png)

She has a food poisoning? She's suddenly developed a three day food poisoning and immediately posts this after that.

How much money on her being violently hungover in reality and trying to cover it up?

No. 516971

Vic's been drinking alone with her cat again. The poor cat probably has PTSD.

No. 516982

File: 1525973285707.png (154.39 KB, 521x788, Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 1.25…)

Lol, Ok vic truth is you are a catfish that just cant keep a man.

No. 516988

She's like penis repellent. Actually, I'm sure women don't like her either so she's basically unappealing to the majority of the population. Except for neckbeards, and even they would get annoyed by her and pissed that she looks nothing like her pictures.

No. 516989

She wouldn't be so bad if she stopped with the gross makeup and hair and never spoke.

No. 517021


I am really curious to hear her " Fake British accent" esp as if she kept her accent she would sound North Ireland, which sounds nothing like a Brit accent. Is there a youtube link etc where I can hear her talk

No. 517031

Check out the shitty podcast she was on, daaahling. >>513145

No. 517043



This has been posted before but it’s a YouTube video of a real Northern Ireland accent and it sounds nothing like the posh botched British accent Vicky puts on

No. 517056

I think this is more of a response on the comments that called her out for not giving back a security deposit when she cancelled on the client. Even if it was a "health emergency", shouldn't you refund the client their deposit unless they specifically state that they want to reschedule? What if they don't want the tattoo anymore, or they've found someone better?

No. 517057

>its such feminine behaviour

what the fuck does that even mean

No. 517064

she hates women + she's not like other girls

No. 517080

File: 1525994048317.jpeg (30.62 KB, 480x433, 5D41B246-2E81-4FF9-AFDD-C365BA…)

>…they cannot ink you”

Harvard Yale Astrophysicist superwoman amiright?

No. 517117

File: 1526001379405.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 2C187549-61DF-482A-B234-B74ECD…)

No. 517125


Almost is right, not quite a tattoo artist cause you wouldn't do a proper apprenticeship and scratch out of a badly decorated industrial space. And she gave this chick a thicker version of her horrendous brows. Gross.

No. 517128

Jesus Christ, I pity the person that has that monstrosity on their body forever. The lazy eye, the fucked up teeth, even the tiger looks like it has down syndrome and the fangs are fucked up.
I find the realism tag hilarious. Vic couldn't do realism if her life depended on it

No. 517132

Clearly it needs more white

No. 517173

Vintage milk on Vicky is the best. She has not changed in over a decade. Remarkable.

No. 517176

The more I look at this, the worse it gets.
What happened to the left side of "totally not Vic's overly photoshopped Disney villain" face? Is it hair or is it a scar?
It honestly looks like a bad photoshop job… but in a tattoo… she designed… bravo Vic, bravo

No. 517189

It doesn't surprise me she was cheating on any of her boyfriends, by talking to guys with girlfriends and then later claiming "Guys with girlfriends are a turn off"
That's how she started dating Quentin Carter, he was dating and living with his girlfriend Megan at the time and it didn't stop her.
The "if you're a cunt I'll hit on your boyfriend" shtick she does was precisely what she was doing back then. She was best friends with Quentin's GF a long time ago, Quentine breaks up with her and starts dating Megan, at which point Vicky writes a scathing passive aggressive status about Quentin saying "Have gun getting STD's", which pissed off Megan immensely. Later, when Megan and Quentin break up because Quentin was talking to other girls (and had been multiple times previously) Victoria swoops in immediately and dates Quentin, probably before they were officially broken up since that's what Icky Vicky is like.
Megan and Victoria then became friends after Victoria and Quentin broke up, mostly because Megan is an insecure idiot.

No. 517190

>>517117 THE TEETH ARE SO BAD. & this is Vicky’s photoshopped version so you know it looks even worse irl

No. 517237

File: 1526019036605.png (265.55 KB, 424x542, smile.PNG)


from the way the strands look, its SUPPOSED to be hair (matches the other side of the face) ut for some reason some strands disappear behind her eye, and others start at the bottom and go up

like seriously the "spike" to the left of the mouth, wtf is that

ALSO, what is going on with the corner of the mouth? Does she have a Glasgow smile or something? That's now how mouths work

No. 517239


I've got two gripes with the theme itself

1. The tiger's head is smaller than the woman's…is this a baby tiger?

2. Why is this Amazonian woman wearing Vicky's dollarama fake lashes?

No. 517240


I'm really curious about this deleted comment >>517165 lol seems like it was milky looking at these responses

No. 517247

File: 1526031222546.png (19.39 KB, 576x235, Vikcy'swetdreams.png)

She deleted it all except the original food poisoning post.

Meanwhile, after tattooing, she's now bragging about how she did not have a wet dream about her friend, but a friend of her friend.

No. 517277

I was just about to agree with her that it IS annoying when you go to say you have a dream about someone and especially if it's a male, they always laugh and say 'hahaha was it a sexy dream?'
It annoys me and I was about to find common ground and then she added the whole 'but nah I was making out with your mate' thing and I could no longer relate.

No. 517281

File: 1526048793163.png (214.49 KB, 514x559, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 10.2…)

lol girl you were 21 and supposedly on your way to Stanford when this song was a thing. But yeah totes mindblowing lyrical genius.

No. 517283

Some of her stuff would look nice as artwork, obviously not this monstrosity, but there's a few ones like her speed tattooing a bull terrier and a few others where I am thinking if she learned to use an airbrush/paint air gun and painted them on large canvases or bits of ply, she could make a decent living as an artist.

She wouldn't even need to be original, many people pay for those big airbrushed pics of biggie smalls with the crown or animals or whatever. She seems okay at copying shit from images, why not just do that?

Hell, if she went down that path, and mastered the spray airgun, she could do murals for people. Some people pay quite a big for people to mural designs in their children's bedroom or the fronts of their cafes/small businesses.

She needs to realise that tattooing is not for her, as she sucks at symmetry, and I personally don't know shit about tattoos, but it's obvious from all those ex-customer's photos, that they are NOT healing correctly and she doesn't have the skill downpat.
I fucking hate her and she's a fucking idiot but I do think she has some artistic skills, she needs to use them in another way.

She probably won't though, as being a painter or artist is not as 'PuNK RawKer' enough for her.
Such a shame.

No. 517296

the way the face melts into the hair on the left, omf, and the shading/highlights on the teeth make them look like tiny crooked tombstones haha.

she could've been airbrushing vans with her photoshopped form but i feel like she doesn't even understand the basics of art or anatomy.

No. 517297

Fuck, now I want Vicky to start a new life as a Luis Royo copycat artist.

No. 517301

You are right about anatomy, she's terrible and has no clue, same goes for her sense of depth and symmetry, but I do think she has some talent. If she painted women in a more cartoony style, maybe the anatomy would be forgivable and perhaps if she just stuck to faces/animals her paintings would be okay.
She's not artistic in an original sense, even though she claims to freeeeehanddd shit and make shit up, often it is copied from random images, but it's a bit unfair to say she has no artistic abilities whatsoever.
My main point though was the medium that she's doing namely tattooing. She needs to either get more training or quit butchering people and just stick to painting and drawing on canvases and paper. Or even vans as you mentioned.

But even then, she needs to fucking PRACTISE and that means more sketching and learning about basic anatomy and depth, rather than fucking up people's skin from just copying a picture one off and freeehanding it.
For example if you don't usually draw horses, you would probably practise drawing a few and do a bit of a study first rather than pulling up 'horses' on google images and trying to copy it the best you can.

No. 517305

File: 1526054143590.jpg (65.07 KB, 401x604, IMG_0767.JPG)

Never forget.

No. 517306

File: 1526054227999.jpg (69.34 KB, 401x604, IMG_0768.JPG)

No. 517308

I know everyone always jokes about how fat she is in these photos but the thing I can't get over is HOW SAGGY HER TITS ARE. Like, not trying to shame anyone who has similar breasts or anything, but holy shit they look so so so soooo fucking different from the fake big round breasts that she shoops on herself. They are literally pancakes my god.

No. 517312

File: 1526055762596.jpg (435.93 KB, 2042x2033, 662E65DA-8F4B-42FA-B67D-D7BFD0…)

Classic before and after photoshop.

No. 517313

If she'd worn a padded push bra, these pictures wouldn't have been that bad. She'd still look vastly different from her shoops and still kinda chunky, but the padded pushup bra would have lifted her boobs, made them look bigger and given her a bit of cleavage which in turn would have balanced out her fridge body and given the illusion that she isn't as fat as she appears. A corset or waist cincher combined with the push up bra would have improved things even further still.

The unfortunate flapjack tits really emphasizes the chunky fridge body damn. No wonder she fought to get these offline.
Also all her features except her nose seem so small on her fat face. She appears to have a skinny face in her shoops, here she's such a fat head.

No. 517316

File: 1526055878462.jpg (433.42 KB, 2048x2048, 10D6FFD6-FE41-461F-A9A2-660620…)

If she looked like this in her 20s, you know how bad she must really look now that she's in her 30s.

No. 517317

File: 1526055923871.jpg (394.22 KB, 2048x2040, 968EB8BB-417A-4672-B074-9861D6…)

No. 517318

File: 1526055959855.jpg (478.28 KB, 2048x2048, 2482C601-AAFD-4AD8-BFB0-215FB6…)

No. 517319

File: 1526055992108.png (98.1 KB, 750x872, IMG_0771.PNG)

No. 517320

Bitch goes on about being so pale she has natural eyeshadow when in reality it's the dark skin from having eyebags from not enough sleep and drinking alcohol.
That's not eyeshadow vic, nobody wants puffy dark circles.

No. 517321

It's not just the flat tits, she has no waist, stumpy legs and midget proportions…the whole picture looks just horrendous. I would feel really sorry for her, if she wasn't such a cow. Her Photoshop self looks like a completely different person.

No. 517323

File: 1526056163352.jpg (412.77 KB, 2048x2048, B3C79725-B5F7-493B-AE2C-174CAB…)

And for some reason, she can't seem to keep her fingers out of her mouth. Your hands are disgusting and this doesn't look sexy, so just stop.

No. 517324

Looks like a normal girl here, just needs to lose the retard eyebrows and bleach her piss yellow teeth, maybe lose like 3 to 5 kilos and she'd look okay. I prefer pictures like this because at least the smile seems genuine and she's not doing anus mouth or the fake marilyn monroe wannabe horse grin.

No. 517325

File: 1526056289360.png (76.19 KB, 561x749, IMG_0774.PNG)

Last one for now, promise. Look at the photoshop disaster here on her boobs. It looks like she failed so badly to make them look big, that she had to crop them out of the photo.

No. 517326

Oh I know anon, I was just trying to be optimistic and looking for ways to improve her photo without using photoshop hahahaha. I'm one of those annoying anons that like to imagine what cows look like if they changed up their style, eg- Kiki needs bangs for her receeding hairline ect

No. 517327

She looks SO fat in the right pic, wow. Ah yes, the old covering her chin/fat face with the hand trick.

Claasic Vic

No. 517328

The face on this one wouldn't be bad if she didn't have those AWFUL FUCKING EYEBROWS. Someone shoop them normally please, I'm so triggered!

No. 517330


this one's my favorite. stifler's mom! <3

No. 517333

File: 1526057493105.jpg (61.96 KB, 350x604, res_1526057287669.jpg)

I used a beauty app on my tablet to make her eyebrows a different shape and recoloured her hair dark instead of the bleached shit and she already looks 200 times better.
The eyebrows shave off a few years, she really needs to get rid of that thin arched shit, it ages her so much. Unfortunately I don't know how to shoop or remove the panda eye spider lash makeup, but that would definitely improve it further.

No. 517337

File: 1526058295057.jpg (795.77 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180512_010147.jpg)

Eyebrows make such a difference. These aren't perfect, the app made them kinda spermy, but the thicker brow definitely suits her more.
Also, I will state again, bitch needs to ditch the bleach.

Vic, brows and bleach ages you like crazy, word of friendly advice.

No. 517338

Went from Pamela Anderson to Carmen Electra.
The bargain-bin less hot versions of course.

No. 517342

Except Jennifer Coolidge has more charisma

No. 517344

Her eyes look super close together. That eye makeup certainly doesn't help.

I wish she'd stop doing her lips like that too. I can't not see a John Waters pencil 'stache every time I look at her.

No. 517349

>>517337 christ the eyebrows make such a difference. It really is true that eyebrows frame the face and can make someone look SO different. Hopefully she reads this because honestly she could look way better if she took better care of her hair and did her eyebrows differently

No. 517357

File: 1526065495272.jpg (62.26 KB, 450x705, angelina_jolie_face.jpg)

The thicker eyebrows soften her face overall.

She probably thinks the arched eyebrows look dramatic and 90's Angelina Jolie-ish but they make her look old and weirdly angry/suprised in her shoops.
They look downright bizarre in her candids and kind of make her seem permanently angry, and it looks weird when she's smiling because angry eyebrows with a big toothy smile is just strange.

For an example see
When she isn't grinning the arched angry eyebrow thing doesn't look as bad because it just looks like she's attempting to look 'sultry' or something but paired with a grin it makes her look actually crazy.

Even Angelina Jolie herself doesn't do the super thin arches anymore like the photo here and has opted for a thicker shape since she has aged and her features aren't as soft and feminine as they used to be.

She really needs to buy some kind of serum to grow out those overplucked harsh lines.
If she has trouble growing the hair back, she could try getting them microbladed tattooed into a nicer thicker shape.

The bleached hair and bad false eyelashes have to go. Girl needs dark hair, loads of conditioning and coconut oil treatments and maybe just some simple falsies or fine eyelash extensions to enhance the eyes instead of these Alyssa Edwards spider drag queen spiky heavy fake lashes. Also enough with the racoon black shit around the eyes.

But what's the point, Vic knows best and she'll argue that it's her ~aEstHetiC~
Fashion director and hair stylist my ass Vic. It's obvious that she knows nothing about fashion and beauty.

No. 517359

File: 1526065851151.jpg (788.27 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180512_031000.jpg)

She's a bargain bin Alyssa Edwards omfg.

No. 517360

File: 1526066724984.png (965.44 KB, 750x1334, 9F0D2CA0-AC20-40DB-B503-AFCF20…)

Hun, this is not a photo worth bragging over. Christ she needs to see a hairdressers and about 8 litres of coconut oil.

No. 517367

It's like someone threw a crusty blonde toupee on top of a crusty black long wig. Why would she even think this looks good?

Coconut oil stat.

I mean if she wants to do the whole blonde thing, it's her prerogative, but she should at least condition it so it doesn't look like straw and maybe forget about having it long and have like an Elisha cuthbert/Cameron diaz style choppy bob.
Or if she simply MUST have fucking long blonde hair invest in a nice long blonde wig. Her ratty ends look like shit and her extenstions are probably from her scene days over 10 years ago. Personally I agree that the brunette looks better, but if you wanna go blonde, be prepared for the maintenance.

No. 517368

File: 1526067775367.jpeg (13.67 KB, 343x428, images (1).jpeg)

Like this.

No. 517370

What I find more alarming is that 85 people liked this photo of this crusty mop. Ew.

Also kek at her acting like a fan asked her this question. Can you imagine how her response would have gone down had someone asked her this on facebook? She'd respond defensively just like she does when someone asks (with no malice) why she takes low res pics.

>What does your real hair look like now without extensions?


No. 517372

Black and blonde hair together is sooo fucking trashy. Only xtina pulled that shit off and even then only in photos and music videos. In real life, she looked trashy too.
It just screams white trash.

No. 517379


She needs a fucking haircut so badly. It literally looks like a bail of hay unraveled on top of her head. This looks like a 15 year old scene girl was left alone with a pair of kitchen scissors

No. 517381

File: 1526069766316.jpg (925.18 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180512_041356.jpg)

Sorry, last one for tonight, I'm obsessed with giving her makeovers on this app. It's especially fun to change the eyebrows because it totally changes her face.

No. 517382

Those eyebrows are so ridiculous! I could have sworn she put it was their natural shape somewhere on the web because she is a special snowflake and whatnot

No. 517384

Yeah it's gross. Nothing looks even either. Like I know scene hair is meant to be choppy and super layered but this looks like someone just hacked the top layer randomly with scissors and left the bottom. It looks terrible.

No. 517387

Yeah because people's eyebrows grow into ridiculous arched triangles kek!

I honestly can see what she's trying to achieve, but it's just so bad and doesn't suit her.

Vicky…It's time to put down those tweezers girl.

No. 517388

It’s just snapping and breaking randomly because of years of heat treatments and bleach. It’s horrific!

No. 517397

File: 1526072859119.jpeg (140.58 KB, 640x813, AF1FC471-DFB0-4B25-B367-12D175…)

“I have a ton of gorgeous extensions!”

only ever see rat nest ratchet ones. Just bought a wig to play with! But totally not like other models who always use wigs. Crispy looking extensions only

No. 517402

you did good considering the material you were working with.

way to avoid giving a definitive answer. are the extensions in the same imaginary land as her tattoo awards, b/c it looks like she still wears the same ones from her myspace days.

>messy today

no that's your natural state vic, how did you think posting that pic was at all worth humble bragging about lol.

No. 517414

>when I'm modeling
She such a well-known model that she has her own photographer, the ever elusive Frankie. Bitch is so delusional.

No. 517426

>unlike the majority of models who wear a wig nowadays
Why is she always trying to turn everything into a casual brag?
Look at her.
Yeah Vic while you “model” for your self timer Frankie, you also photoshop yourself half to death so you might as well be wearing a whole ass mask

No. 517458

Maybe I'm reading too much into it but I felt like she was shading other girls for wearing wigs.

>I only wear wigs for photoshoots and creativity unlike all those fake basic bitches who wear them all the time!

She probably doesn't wanna appear basic or like a bandwagoner because wigs are popular these days.

Newsflash- you ain't original Vic, millions of basic hoes used to follow the scene look. Maybe you SHOULD try following a current trend for once, scene died well over 10 years ago.

No. 517465

gorgeous extensions

Also, she never once acknowledges what her fans say, just answers the question about herself and throws a brag in. Like she could have answered the extension question and maybe said something to the girl like 'oh blonde and auburn sounds nice' or 'I'm sure you'll look beautiful!' but she ignores people every time unless it's a compliment about herself.

Even when her brown nosing super fan privatioboni talks to her, the biggest response is 'haha' or 'thankssss xxx' then she resumes talking about herself.

I laughed at the majority of models
Just because the kardashians, and a bunch of instahoes and youtubers popularised wigs, doesn't mean the MAJORITY of models don't have natural hair you bufoon.
She's acting like she's the only one that uses extensions too. Nah Vick, people still use them but aren't stuck in the myspace era and opt for tape ins rather than those bulky ugly clip ins now.

God, it's like she only stepped out of a time machine from 2006 yesterday. Get with the times you crusty wannabe.

No. 517519

I feel like she words everything so cunty. She could have replied like- Wigs are cool, but I personally prefer extensions as I find them more comfortable and I'm used to them. Or-I haven't quite got the confidence to wear wigs out in public, I'm not sure I know how to style them yet.

But instead she sounds like she's above the wig trend or something.

>unlike the majority of OTHER models.

She's so shady and rude. Why feel the need to even mention other people?

No. 517660

File: 1526118659351.png (211.92 KB, 1440x872, Screenshot_20180512-054033.png)

This is like the 3rd "stalker break in" so far this year. Come on Vic, no one believes this shit. No one stalks you, you're just insanely bothered by these threads. It's not stalking to laugh at what YOU fucking PUBLICLY share. You're the one who is obsessed with checking the threads and then reacting to them. If you weren't such a ridiculous mess then we wouldn't discuss you but you insist on making up silly shit (such as this status) and trying desperately to come off as some celebrity online. We can't help but laugh, girl, but no one is stalking you and coming to your house or tattoo shack.

No. 517663

File: 1526119104458.png (115.14 KB, 1440x1637, Screenshot_20180512-055839.png)

And this was posted at like 4 am lol. Drinking alone and depressed , are we?

No. 517672

Because narcissists do not truly love themselves, they crave the attention and adulation of others and twist that into their own self-esteem, and when they can't get their supply of it from people praising them, they try to bring about the same feelings in reverse by praising themselves and pointing out how great they are as compared to others. A narcissist can't just exist independently and build self-esteem from within, it always has to come from an external source even if that means throwing some rando under the bus for the most asinine thing like wig wearing.

Vic will only ever feel pretty when she feels prettier than someone else.

No. 517684

Lol people joke about visiting her scratcher's den but I doubt anyone breaks into her fucking house. What made up bullshit. I check and post here often to laugh at this bitch and I live in a completely different country. I feel like she has the same theory as Raven, that it's just 5 people here on this entire website. What a loon.

Also her bye status is so attention seeky. It either implies suicide or 'I'm leaving the internets for good!'

We all know she's not capable of leaving the internet. She needs attention and asspats. Oh wait, yeah she CAN leave the internet…I totally forgot, she's super popular and people tell her she looks super young and amazing and talented in real life too! She totally has a life!

I find it hilarious she's whining about stalkers and bullies when this is the same bitch that claims to be an intj with a cold hard of steel, calm and collected and totally not affected by haters!

No. 517685

She's doing this so she can get a personal army. I doubt she'd actually post the link to this website though, her 'fans' would then see her candids and bullshit lies plastered all throughout these threads.

No. 517687

File: 1526127699335.png (409.15 KB, 1440x2421, Screenshot_20180512-082255.png)

Sucks to be her cause no one seems to care.

No. 517690

the lips crack me up, this really highlights her original lip line and it's just hilarious. kinda like a milk mustache, but with greasepaint. tremendous!

>Vic will only ever feel pretty when she feels prettier than someone else.

no way anon, vicky doesn't even understnd why girls hate on each other! she actually loves to uplift women, see >>515826

icky vicky 4 eva <3

No. 517691

Maybe someone saw that insta pic with no extensions and thought she had extra crack in her house to steal.
Mystery solved.

No. 517699

File: 1526132353436.jpg (543.96 KB, 2048x2048, CE07AAC1-EA03-4137-B5D0-3827D1…)

Lol speaking of Myers Briggs. She's been active in the groups.

No. 517700

File: 1526132422733.jpg (654.41 KB, 2048x2048, 7A3FA772-9B4D-4F2B-B1B5-383796…)

The irony that one of the internets biggest catfish posts a response like this lol

No. 517701

Also don't kid yourself vic I've seen you in person and you and your keg body have never had anything less then a 26 inch waist in your life 100%

No. 517702

She claims to have a 22" waist. This delusional bitch lmao

No. 517706

does she live above her scratcher shack, b/c when that Tyler dude was around he was staying in a room that was just as terribly painted as her ~ink parlor~. why didn't she just use those sweet sword skills to scare them away.

this is great, i wonder how many times she's done this before and people are over it.

No. 517709

I would bet she's not been under 29 inches in a decade.
She is so fucking delusional, there's no way that her waist is even 28 inches. She's like 5'3 and 180lbs at this point.
Please let this be true, I'll lose my shit if she really lives on an industrial site. It's too funny, please be real.

No. 517711

>>517709 yikes. The thing is though, even a 28inch waist which is on the higher end of her supposed prefered waist sizes is still pretty small. There is no way her waist is that small even if she is short. 28inches is like a uk size 10/US size 6 I think.

No. 517713

kek she also claims to be a size XL in "boobs and ass." That's 41"–44" and a US size 16–18. 22" waist is US size 00–0. We already know she's short, fat, and shaped like a refrigerator. I'm sure even in a corset, she can't squeeze herself down to 22". Vicky, how can you be this delusional?

No. 517720

That would be hilarious if she lived above her shop. My friend in his 40s has his own workshop in an industrial park and he built an upstairs to live in when he was going through a divorce. There are 3 men that I know of on that site (I buy weed off them sometimes) that live in their work spaces. There's a general bathroom on site, but no showers or anything, just toilets. That would be hilarious if Vicki is just starting out in her 30s and already squatting in an industrial office.

No. 517723

Hahaha the fat chick is still more attractive than her

No. 517757

File: 1526150732369.jpeg (75.25 KB, 750x518, 7482B4B6-3709-4D42-AE52-CCB8BA…)

Sure you don’t care, Vic. That’s exactly why you stalk here and try to prove yourself every time you’re called out for something.

No. 517765


>I’m numb to it now

Yet posts all the time bitching and complaining.

No. 517768

Numb or too drunk to feel?

No. 517773

!! I actually lowkey suspected she did, because she was literally painting a red carpet on the stairways, painted wonky straight lines on the walls, painted fake window/wall panels, etc, and we all know that she doesn't own her own house or we'd never hear the end of it.

But from the photos of her "business" posted here, it looked like it only had one floor.

No. 517781

>i dont give a fuck
>constantly mentions how she doesnt care
>says we broke into her house??

No. 517792

File: 1526156648073.png (304.58 KB, 1425x1736, Screenshot_20180512-162128.png)

Comments on this are a cringefest


No. 517793

File: 1526156677089.png (324.46 KB, 1440x2046, Screenshot_20180512-162207.png)


No. 517794

File: 1526156795410.png (222.72 KB, 1440x1390, Screenshot_20180512-162245.png)

3. And no way her lazy, drunk ass is a registered gun owner, it's not easy or cheap here…and no one would sell her bragging ass an illegal weapon either.

No. 517796


As a Canadian I highly doubt this fat bimbo bitch actually has a gun. She wouldn’t be able to get one

No. 517797

She apparently just carries her swords wherever she goes.. oookay

No. 517801

I love how much she tries to act American while remaining coy about if she has a gun or not (even she knows not to advertise online having an illegal weapon whether she has it or not).
Dumbass might as well move though, new town with a new reputation. Then she can even support Trump and it actually would mean something too.
I doubt she'd do it though. Despite her Trump leanings I doubt her self-employed ass would want to leave the free healthcare and new Ontario prescription drug policies. Not to mention she can't spastically wave her gun around and look "cool" doing so…

No. 517805

while i 100% doubt vic has a gun, small business owners in canada are allowed to have firearms for protection purposes provided they've got their firearm training certificate.

No. 517806

No thanks lol. She's Canada's problem!

No. 517808

Has anyone else ever noticed that she defaults to a range of like 5 narcissistic fantasies?

~ Crazed fans stalk her and police are so impressed with her self defense skills
~ her eyes are magic & light green and her eyes have natural eyeshadow
~ she's not interested in your boyfriend and alpha males only need apply
~ it's almost like i know how to inked up
~ the English rose fantasy

No. 517819

"Daredevil Photographer" Because she couldn't steal just a regular persons photo, it has to look like she's a ~total badass~ too and she couldn't live with herself if it wasn't

No. 517823

That's because all the men in her area have concussions from hitting those lampposts, it's a hard life for Vic.

No. 517830

File: 1526163620106.jpeg (289.97 KB, 1252x1252, faqOHneX.jpeg)

Looking like this will be her future

No. 517836

Are people just messing with her? If I told my friends that someone had broken into my home for like the third time they wouldn't be all "lol get your sword" (you know if I was pretending to be some kind of sword master like her)

No. 517838

How dare you, those are her real lashes and She is naturally a platinum blonde. It's all her own hair, in case you were wondering.

No. 517840

I still don't understand the ~natural eyeshadow cuz I'm so pale~ thing. I wear NC10, and my eyelids and undereye area are both the same shade as the rest of my face. What the fuck is she talking about? What a stupid humblebrag.

Anyway, the only people I've ever seen who have that "natural eyeshadow" look are those with darker skin, and pale people who are unhealthy. Like Vicky who smokes, spends all night drinking alone, and probably eats like shit.

No. 517853

File: 1526170714185.png (47.37 KB, 516x419, Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 8.17…)

Anyone wanna take one for the team?

Fair warning: the band is fucking terrible.

No. 517855

File: 1526170974746.jpeg (138.46 KB, 436x670, 8544534F-4E6F-4FF8-BDE4-039AB4…)

Was just going to comment she shoulda gone in on him with her ebin sword martial arts moves when I read someone “broke into her house” and lmaO this mememachine just keeps on giving

No. 517871

imo its not cool to go out of your way to humiliate someone plus this is exactly the kind of shit that would feed her need to believe people are legit stalking her but honestly if i did coincidentally run into her , im not sure I could resist snapping a candid hahah.

No. 517884

I could be wrong, but I kind of doubt she'd have any hyperpigmentation given her ethnicity. I don't think caucasians can get it, I've seen lighter skinned Middle Easterners with it as well as Native Americans, but even the palest ones are still not genetically caucasian/white (or at least not fully). Unless there is something other than hyperpigmentation that can cause the "natural eyeshadow" effect I don't see why she'd have it

No. 517939

File: 1526186200099.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, AF05EAD5-FA1F-454E-B6BC-FC9409…)

She just posted a throwback shoop on ig and wtf is going on with her foot? It’s like she had a hard time squeezing her fat feet into her shoes and forgot to shoop it.

No. 517948

No one is stalking her; she just like to say that because she’s a “celebrity”. Honestly, no one gives a shit about her and most people who know her want nothing to do with her. I haven’t seen her at a show in ages because she’s a hermit and only goes to shitty local stuff (some great bands come to Guelph but she likely can’t afford to see them).

No. 517961

File: 1526192437454.png (1.4 MB, 1440x2270, Screenshot_20180512-214311.png)


yeah this was another lolcow response , we discuss the old laurie munro shoots and bam

No. 518001

File: 1526209463854.jpeg (1.84 MB, 4096x4096, B09976CB-5609-4CD0-BDFF-25A6F9…)

That’s a big double chin you’re trying to hide, Vic.

No. 518012

i have a ton of gorgeous extensions..

Okay Vick,so where’re you hiding them? Because all I‘ve seen you wear is either stringy, frizzy extensions that stand out from your real hair like a neon sign, or those cheap, super shiny acrylic curls that don’t match any better than the first option.

No. 518029

She legit looks like she's pushing 50.

No. 518031

She looks like a drunk drag queen that's past their prime, also the dude behind her looks like he regrets everything in his life that has led up to this point.

No. 518054

Anon, where did you find this one?

No. 518055

File: 1526234267175.png (3.99 MB, 750x1334, EF56D416-3F2F-42B8-880F-788BC4…)

It’s a video on her instagram story.

No. 518056

She has her hand on her face like that the entire video. Pretty obvious she’s trying to hide her double chin.

No. 518087


She’s always using the same angle when she does her stupid live videos. She’s trying really hard to hide the fact she’s an overweight mess. Too bad it’s still really obvious even with those fat chick myspace angles.

No. 518091


poor guy got catfished

No. 518093

File: 1526239988639.png (464.17 KB, 485x480, Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 3.32…)

of fuck i just realized who she looks like. but if Kameron Michaels didn't bathe for weeks at a time.

No. 518094

Who is this poor sucker? One of Vic's tattoo victims or a tinder date that is just realizing he's been catfished by edgy grandma?

No. 518095

File: 1526240190636.jpg (81.76 KB, 750x422, trxiemattel750x422.jpg)

I see more of a Trixie Mattel that hasn't bathed in months and fell down a flight of stairs in a drunken stupor.

No. 518097

RIP, poor kameron lmao. only in vick's wildest dreams would she ever be that fit.

No. 518098


lol i'm just saying that if someone told me that Vick was a man in a wig with shitty makeup i'd believe them tbh.

No. 518111


I know that guy he’s pretty weird. I think he lives in Guelph too. Vicky is just a groupie of his shitty metal band. They aren’t physical with each other as far as I know he probably just sees her as a friend. The girls he’s been with in the past were all skinny alternative chicks Vicky isn’t his type. But I bet she wants to hit it

No. 518112


I am offended on behalf of these beautiful queens. How could you do them so dirty? Vicky's like a really bad Cher meets Amor Hilton cosplay.

No. 518142

She looks like she reeks of stale cigarettes, Jack Daniels, burnt hair, cheap body spray, and fish.

No. 518145

File: 1526248439183.jpeg (61.1 KB, 640x308, 6E2D834B-6624-4777-A33C-1CD290…)


No. 518146

File: 1526249824161.jpg (212.42 KB, 840x1024, 840px-The_Three_Graces,_by_Pet…)


> my body is art

No. 518166

File: 1526253867076.jpg (71.76 KB, 300x429, 10.-Woman-III-by-Willem-de-Koo…)

Art indeed.
Vic no one has ever said that about you, you were probably too drunk and misheard them saying "dude did you just fart?"

No. 518170

File: 1526254306380.jpg (542.41 KB, 1136x1136, 56372bf325db9e1e49add80af0f386…)

My body is art. Yeah the only art you'll ever be is one of those weird fat Renaissance babies

No. 518172

File: 1526254697342.jpg (138.89 KB, 450x665, tumblr_lrkk1bLYDy1qggdq1.jpg)

The only work of art vicky would be is this hairy man with tits

No. 518174

File: 1526254857366.png (99.84 KB, 1440x398, Screenshot_20180513-194209.png)

At least she knows she's gonna be a crazy cat lady

No. 518176

Vic, you're single because your terrible, not out of choice. Don't burden another cat with your bullshit, I suggest a pet rock or cactus.

No. 518178


At least she’s accepting the fact that she will die alone. Nobody wants to marry a narcissist who lies about the self constantly and always blows smoke up their own ass any chance given. Shes an ugly keg body bitch with a shitty personality and attitude where she thinks she’s gods gift to men. Nobody would be able tolerate and spend their lives with that shit show

No. 518182

File: 1526255807796.png (162.94 KB, 543x896, IMG_0792.PNG)

I think I found the best drag queen comparison for her.

No. 518184

When a drag queen has a better ass to waist ratio than vic.

No. 518185

Close, just needs cheaper extensions, cheaper tattoos, cheaper lashes, more girth everywhere, saggier tits, and a cigarette stained toothy grin.
Funny how we often compare her to drag queens, despite the fact they often look 100x's better than her. Vic, you don't need a man, you basically are a man.

No. 518202

That's an insult to Rubens, at least he never painted them built like a fridge with pancake titties

No. 518241

right, like she posts that throwback pic with the stupid dragon print chunk and extensions several shades lighter than her hair, where you can obviously see it ends, after saying she has tons of gorgeous ones.

if you look at this the right way, it looks like his hand on her chin. wonder what they were doing.

No. 518275

File: 1526269031635.png (958.14 KB, 640x1136, 27461B11-E5D1-4FD8-8A5C-7AA513…)


Muh icy eyes

No. 518276

Honestly it's probably from drinking and staying up late and or lack or nutrients. Around my eyes gets brown when I'm sick or low on nutrients. I'm mixed race so it may be hyperpigmentation, but I have seen white girls with it too. It normally affects all around the eye though, so she's basically bragging about having eyebags as well as being unhealthy.

No. 518279

more like they said it was a lump of clay.

I can't believe Frankie turned out to be a stalker. Things seemed to be going so well.

No. 518297


what a u-turn from >>496013

No. 518321

She's probably bragging about some cheezy line her drunk one night stand said to her before he boned her and left in the morning once he sobered up and woke up next to that fat ugly bitch.

No. 518351


I have a feeling the dude was referring to her 'body art' as in tattoos, and somehow she translated that into "nice ass"

No. 518361

You guys are giving her too much credit, this almost definitely didn't happen. Vic was probably butthurt from sitting alone and watching all the happy couples together so she fabricated this little line to make herself feel better.

No. 518386

My theory is that everytime she goes to a bar/club and gets totally ignored she invents a guy complimenting her. Or that every once in a while she feels the need to remind her fans that she is pretty and they should keep complimenting her

No. 518397

"Someone was cute enough to say my body was art"

This reeks of a sentence she made up herself. but just imagine someone approached you at a bar and actually said that. Would you be flattered and post that for everyone to read? I would ask them to keep their eyes to themselves if I could even bring myself to respond. Gross and lacking in class.

Maybe one of the reasons she struggles to find a partner is that she finds disrespectful and immature behaviour like this attractive and is prone to flattery.

No. 518414


You know what I think happened? I bet Vic heard the song Black beatles by Rae Sremmurd and there’s a line in the song that goes “your body like a work of art, baby” (I always hear it on the radio) and vic probably was like YEA THAT’S SOOOO ME!!! And made a status about a guy calling her body art lmao.

No. 518451

Yall got me crying.

No. 518464

I would kill to see Vic on the TLC channels show "10 years younger" or "what not to wear"

Do those shows even still air? Someone nominate her.

No. 518465

Or even My Strange Addiction; "Victoria is 42 and addicted to faking a British accent, she does this to keep up with an online persona she created complete with a back story"

No. 518467

File: 1526337499880.png (76.67 KB, 1374x366, cringe.PNG)


cringe city

No. 518471

All them self insert tattoos is more what we mean Vicky

No. 518472

Is this a jab at her shooping?

No. 518475

I don't think her 'fans' think that deeply

No. 518504

I agree. If someone said that to me, I'd think it was cheezy af and would think the person was a creep, even if I had a bunch of tattoos and they were 'admiring' them.

Plus, I've been approached by creeps before with some piss poor pickup lines but I can guarantee you that even the creepiest crackhead that tried, had a better pickup line than 'your body is art'

She made that shit up.

No. 518530

I wonder if she has any grasp on who she genuinely is anymore, or if there really is a personality under all the shit she made up.

No. 518571

probably not. i mean she seems like a pathological liar so she probably doesn't even remember it's not true.

sorry for blogpost but my friend dated a pathological liar and he puked when confronted with the truth

No. 518578

File: 1526356377680.png (3.44 MB, 1334x750, 67C210C8-E899-4F05-A098-181669…)

Surprised she let this dude tag her in this

No. 518580

File: 1526356685725.jpeg (132.88 KB, 1440x810, 18E231FB-9E2D-40F5-9148-B965BA…)

Also this (on his page and not hers)

No. 518581

File: 1526356775306.png (50.82 KB, 465x340, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.5…)

>self portrait paintings

No. 518594

File: 1526360263237.jpeg (94.45 KB, 640x993, 694CB0DB-A0F5-4EB4-9EBD-9005A4…)


Her face is soooo round. No wonder she still rocks the scene kid bangs peep that unfortunate hairline under her thinning hair. She has a masssive forehead

No. 518599

>>518580 she looks better than 100% of her photoshopped pictures. She needs to embrace her tru form. Definitely no final fantasy character but freeing herself from living a lie sounds nice

No. 518600

She looks like such a basic middle-aged mom who has her initials monogrammed on her SUV, wears platform flip-flops, named her kids Braelynn and Weston, sells LuLaRoe, Scentsy, and Pure Romance, and wants me to buy some kind of body wrap.

Now I see why she's always hiding her jaw with her hand, hair, or both. Woof.

No. 518617


I for one am glad she's resorted to wearing a mask to cover her ugly face.

No. 518660

These still look at least filtered and with a shitty camera, can't help but laugh at how creative she's getting with her chin covering. The only thing she's ever been determined about was covering that chin

No. 518663

File: 1526372455911.gif (642.11 KB, 240x138, SillyFabulousAmoeba-max-1mb.gi…)

No. 518673

Honestly the most accurate description along with >>517830

No. 518711


you can see her double chin through the mask. lol

No. 518717

File: 1526390903976.png (80.18 KB, 704x1091, IMG_0800.PNG)

Oh shit. She's not aging well at all.

No. 518731

I reckon even if she was a bit chunky she wouldn't look so bad, but it's reallllly obvious she drinks regularly. Even if she lost weight, she'd still have the eye bags and fat jaw/chin. It's bloat from the alcohol. I bet she eats lots of salty food too.

No wonder she hides that chin. It ages her by 50 years.

No. 518733

Shut up you jealous stalker. Can't you tell she looks 20? Especially when she has no makeup and pigtailsssss

No. 518748

Yea shut up ya jelly stalker i just ran into a streetsign because of her. Kek.

No. 518749

This pic lowkey looks like Raven if she put a ratty blonde wig on.

Their chins and necks are same.

No. 518750

tbh she looks fine - it's the fact that she photoshops herself to oblivion and talks total arrogant crud online.

No. 518752


where did her ~natural super long lashes~ go?

not to mention her ~icy eyes~, can't really blame that the "picture is too dark so my eyes look dark" on this one

No. 518769

>>518750 I agree. She’s not awful looking, it’s the fact that we’re comparing her to the shopped creation she pretends to be. She needs to accept who she really is not pretend to be a bimbo swordsman astrophysicist

No. 518783

Her eyes look hazel there

No. 518882


Remember anon, ~they change colour~

No. 518897

Sorry for potential derail, but
I mean, idk guys I think they DO look similar.
The eyebrows don't help at all, but in this one >>518594 for some reason I seriously thought "shit she looks like Raven in this one wtf." Add some fake blood, throw a black wig on, besides the nose they would look similar.
After all we don't know shingles' true and honest unfiltered, unshooped, good-quality, up close and current form. I think next to each other with the same hair and makeup on both of them you could mistake them for one another.

No. 519037

File: 1526441503210.png (176.83 KB, 1440x743, Screenshot_20180515-233106.png)

Its the middle of month lol congrats on being booked 2 whole weeks in advance…which is likely about 4 appointments and one will be cancelled due to a hangover.

No. 519043

>if you have existing ink by me and want it finished fast

does she not finish her work? why would a tattoo artist send someone off when it isn't finished? what a fucking hack omg

No. 519045


My thoughts exactly. I'm no tattoo expert and I only have one tattoo, but aren't half finished jobs usually put on priority?

If it's not (by standard practice, not Vic's), that's hella messed up.

No. 519056

File: 1526443966140.jpg (136.26 KB, 1432x646, Screenshot_20180516-001530.jpg)


Usually , you'll book the next session after you finish the first. Victoria can't seem to stick to appointments or even fucking just set a date to begin with. Like why does this person need to wait for a text? Just make the appointment and stick to it.

Doing multiple sessions isn't uncommon but I wouldn't be surprised if she throws in the towel after a few hours out of laziness or if she digs like crazy , trying to pack white ink everywhere and clients just tap out early.

Speaking of tattoos… where is that stomach tat you supposedly did in one 8 hour session in yourself, Vic?

No. 519095

Ok, if she knows that she has a totally filled schedule this month why doesn't she know when that girl's appointment would be? That literally makes no sense. She sets her hours, schedules the appointments, then can clearly see openings. Even if she uses the damn calendar app on her phone she can do this. Fuck, a piece of paper even. Literally anyone can schedule things as far in advance as they want. Also how many of her half finished job clients check her Facebook to see her updates? It shouldn't be up to the client to hound the artist to give them another time. That should be done at the end of the previous appointment or at the very least vicky should prioritize them for any openings as they come up. How is she so incompetent? It's making my blood boil so much

No. 519098

old but that's her hand tattoo. doubt he'd wanna put his hands on her

No. 519163

When you work 2 days a month it does get filled quickly

No. 519167

Vic, you've found more victims who don't know you're a shitty "artist"?

I would think you would have run out of people to butcher by now. One upside is you keep real artists busy fixing your work.

No. 519190

'literally absolutely' - jeez - most artist will simply say their books are open, or are taking bookings for whatever month. Clients that have ongoing projects with the artist tend to take priority - none of this book now business. Also all artists I know wouldn't talk about getting ink 'finished fast' - it takes as long as it takes.

No. 519208


seriously, being scheduled for 2 weeks is just normal

the fact that shes bragging about it and saying she has "a few" left next month tells me she's bluffing, hoping her old clients will finish their old pieces since she cant get new clients

she's in guelph, outside of locals nobody is doing a road trip to get stuff done by her outside of neckbeards who consider it a date

No. 519295

I believe that anon was referring to how Vic has man hands and arms.

No. 519471

yes i was. can you imagine them jamming a tattoo into someone? no wonder they're so irritated when finished and heal all wonky.

No. 519892

File: 1526582912753.png (7.97 KB, 555x67, schedule.png)

Not for Vicky it seems.

No. 520312

File: 1526640485000.png (1.13 MB, 1440x2149, Screenshot_20180518-064930.png)

Ok Vic

No. 520318

Yup, when she tattoos you she carves in to the Hypodermis, only to use her magic ink collagen to sew up your stretchmarks

No. 520335

Vic also dabbles in plastic surgery. She learned how from you tube videos

No. 520348

Yeah Vic - as we can see by your professional online portfolio…

No. 520416

Vic giving her highly educated, expert opinion on this one

No. 520417

File: 1526663605631.jpg (100.31 KB, 501x793, vic.jpg)

Whoops, meant to post this photo with the above comment

No. 520482

>such as that
word salad from Vic with a garnish of idiocy. She can now call herself a culinary professional as well!

No. 520509

File: 1526672948021.png (331.58 KB, 602x880, s4OF9fF.png)


No. 520511

This. This is great.
Pretty sure she already does claim to be a culinary GENIUS! I'd believe that more then her other lies cause that would explain why she's so… husky…

No. 520534

Who else thought this is Tim Heidecker? It would make more sense if it was

No. 520751

she has never done this in her life, omf. also claiming that it removes stretch marks when it literally says right there the tattoo technique covers them.

excuse you, she cooked from scratch at 5 star restaurants, allegedly during the same years she was doing anger management radio and modeling lol.

No. 520775

Jesus fuck, are you people forgetting that Vicky is the almighty divine being and doesn't need sleep? That's what gives her that beautiful ~natural eyeshadow~, she was a 5 star chef from 9-5, a model from 5-1am then from 1-9 she worked for the radio. It's simple maths guys. Coincidentally she also invented the concept of sleep, which is why she doesn't need it. Before then everyone was like her, now she's the last of her kind, the ultimate ninja sword princess of the night.

No. 520997

File: 1526783380928.jpeg (160.66 KB, 631x915, F5615340-EEC5-45DD-BB8B-DF178C…)

Wearing a shit ton of make up
Horrible quality
>natural tomboy state

Ok, Vick

No. 521001

Hahaha I was shocked when I clicked that image. She's intentionally making the quality bad. It doesn't even look like a regular bad quality front facing camera photo, which I just realized IT ISN'T EVEN. IT'S A MIRROR PICTURE. She's using the regular higher quality back facing camera. You can see her holding her phone up. Anyway, pretty sure she's using an app or photoshop in some way to make the quality look worse.

No. 521006

lol yes, she's clearly using her back facing camera, why is she so dumb

No. 521018

What is this garbage? Does she really think people are this dumb? It’s 2018, no smartphone takes photos like that.

No. 521024

>>520997 she truly doesn’t know the difference between tom boy and drag queen

No. 521025

Who is she trying to fool anymore? Herself?

No. 521026

I’m surprised sticky isn’t making a big deal and posting about the royal wedding since she’s soOoOoo British

No. 521027

the attempt to hide her horrid liner omg maybe just learn to apply it Vicky

No. 521029


I keep forgetting this sad sea hag is in her 30’s and acts the way she does. Such a glorious cow

No. 521041

I love how on her facebook page she posts "we are doing construction" and "we'll be open" etc and talks about her "secretary" like she runs a real shop with employees instead of just her by her scratcher self scratching in a gross back room

No. 521057

File: 1526821426397.jpg (583.89 KB, 2048x2048, 997386F2-948F-4632-B32E-C67B74…)

I don't get what she was trying to go for in these photos. The one on the left looks like she got stung on the lips by a killer bee while her eyebrows look like they're trying to float away off her face in the photo on the right.

No. 521069

Nobodies face is that smooth. Plus where is her giant nose, chin dimple, and double chin? She’s such a mess that I can’t look away

No. 521080

So either she had a shit-ton of filler in her top lip, (and STILL overlines it wtf?) or she used blur for some fucked up reason, probably from blowing it up to "hide the tracks".
No one has lips THAT smooth, unless they're edited or unnatural. Also her lower lip looking somewhat normal with cracks and texture just makes it look even worse and draws more attention to them.

No. 521082

She looks like a drawing. Like her face is so shooped it's entirely flat. Just when I begin to accept how delusional she is she comes up with shit like this and blows my mind again

No. 521084

~Natural lashes guise~ Everyone's natural lashes have natural glue in them

No. 521107

It really bothers me how she gets worse at things over time. Her makeup, photoshop, and lies were so much more subtle back in the day. Her current makeup and eyelashes give me anxiety

No. 521120

Her eye makeup is making my eyes itch

No. 521139


shes blaming it on a bad camera but that is clearly a filter effect, basic fucking tool

No. 521143

File: 1526846298471.png (882.31 KB, 774x678, paint.PNG)


samefag, but upon looking at it more, it's clearly a brush strokes effect with the intensity on low

bad example but:

No. 521147

Oh my atheismo. I literally just now realized that she forgot to draw on her lower "lashes" in the left photo.

No. 521168

File: 1526851300597.jpg (1.07 MB, 2688x2540, IMG_0837.JPG)

This is that privatioboni girl who keeps stanning the hell out of Vic. She was mentioned in the last thread. From the looks of it, she's been obsessing over her for a while (only god knows why).

No. 521184

Its clearly visible where her natural lashline is, and where her false lashes are, kek. Did she REALLY say they were natural?
-I mean not that I should be surprised… It's just flamingly obvious when you wear drag lashes, that you are in fact wearing false lashes.

No. 521187

That was the point, people sarcastically point out how natural they look because she claims those are her real lashes and she just wears mascara.

No. 521222


Are you forgetting that her lashes are black as fuck anon?! She doesn’t even need mascara! She just curls them. Duh!

No. 521225

File: 1526858156319.jpeg (108.83 KB, 602x819, F2D68211-E018-408F-B1C2-7EF356…)


I like how she posted the shoop where she shooped her gut away along with her belly button

No. 521234

Exactly, and her bottom lashes fade in and out of existence at her will because she is after all a superior being

No. 521262

where the fuck is her neck in the right pic? it's so angled the necklace is hanging from her chin and her top is right under it. someone pls draw this b/c it's hilarious.

No. 521267

thankfully that cross is there so she can explain away her belly button

No. 521270

I thought she'd just stuck gems to her neck

No. 521276

Her belly button is just so tiny and cute and perfect that a thin piece of metal just totally engulfs it. She's so smol and cute don't you know

No. 521277

*dies waiting for reveal of infamous tummy tattoo

No. 521297

This fucking woman is ranting about bullies causing school shootings again.

Turns out one of the victims of the one in the news right now rejected the shooter’s advances.

I look forward to Vicky preventing school shootings by fucking all the incels who comprise her fan base.

No. 521336

File: 1526883006452.png (1.2 MB, 1440x1970, Screenshot_20180521-020511.png)

Screencap dump.
1. Vic posts this

No. 521338

File: 1526883114740.png (129.12 KB, 1440x660, Screenshot_20180521-020708.png)

3. Vics damage control to avoid losing neckbeard fans

No. 521339

File: 1526883284537.jpg (798.19 KB, 1564x1564, 20180521_021646.jpg)

sorry reuploading post cause posted wrong inage but this is 2. her neckbeards jumping down her throat

No. 521341

She constantly stereotypes women as being high maintenance or too emotional amongst a million other claims that all women do certain things, yet she gets so defensive of jokes or claims made about all men.

No. 521342

>this kid needed justice for his bullying, a slap to the head about the nazi shit and counselling.

You can guarantee if a woman had committed these crimes she would have said something about her being a crazy feminist or some other garbage.

No. 521369


I think she just desperately needs their attention so she panders to their insecurities which is hilarious considering her "I'm not attracted to betas" horseshit. Then why feed them ??

No. 521416

either way it looks like her head is growing out of her cleavage lol.

probably b/c she knows that's the only kind of guy who could tolerate having a relationship with her.

No. 521418

She wouldn't date a beta though. Not only would she not have a chance, but she's far too insecure to date someone attractive. Plus with all her neediness despite claiming to be injt, she wouldn't want a alpha personality. Not enough attention. What she actually wants is a beta with an alpha's looks but too attractive as to outshine herself.

No. 521419

And for a person who claims to know about psychology she doesn’t seem to know that studies have disproved the alpha/beta thing among wolves, and also found that while women are attracted to assertive they also appreciate kindness. “Alpha males” who are bossy, violent or demanding aren’t attractive to anybody. Unless you live in a fantasy where the only penis deserving of you belongs to an apex predator who isn’t intimidated by your vampiric beauty and has scene hair.

No. 521501


you just described Raven's hopelessly pussywhipped huge dumb ex Ryan. her ideal guy is Ryan.

Ryan would be all over her too: she's "famous" on the internet, loves taking suggestive photos of herself and posting them online, has pretensions of being "alt" while being the most basic bitch, didn't emotionally develop after she was 13, she's a vain, unstable narcissist who never had a real job and she's desperate.

No. 521509


What I find hilarious about that is that Raven is ten years older, has a child, is fatter and arguably a much worse person yet she somehow manages to dick hop and have men continously marry her and financially support her while Vic can't get a dude to even date her. How dumb and annoying do you have to be to have someone like fucking Raven outdo you in terms of male attention ? All Vic has is a handful of neckbeards that she has to pander to in order to keep their attention.

No. 521523

Vicky is likely a prude or just doesn’t put out. Or she hates herself so much that she doesn’t want anyone to see her naked.

Any of those wouldn’t shock me.

No. 521539

All of the above. Is Ryan single? He seems her type, but then again who would ever hope that fate brought Vicky to anyone

No. 521559

File: 1526951117535.png (780.07 KB, 1440x1488, 20180521_205330.png)

lol didnt she date a dude directly after he broke up with a friend of hers? And she keeps accusing women who dislike her of being jealous about their bf flirting with her. She has a dumb insta vid of her babbling in that horrid fake accent saying something along the lines of "when girls are mean to you even even though you were NICE ENOUGH to ignore their boyfriend". Plus, she recently stated she would go after someone's boyfriend if she thought the girl was a cunt. If you continously imply that you can and will ruin someone's relationship if they rub you the wrong way, they won't want to have anything to do with you. And hilariously enough, that kind of behaivour is indicative of her own insecurity and her own need to attribute her self worth to male attention. She actually sounds like the type of girl to be uncomfortable with her boyfriend having female friends because she figures other girls are also vindictive, insecure hoebags. Probably why she constantly tries to paint other girls as overly emotional sluts. Dat projection

No. 521567

I don't know why she feels like being vicious, spiteful and revenge driven is an attractive trait. No one has ever dated someone because they saw them tear others down and fuck married men. Maybe she has such little self worth that she feels this makes her attractive, maybe she's just too conceited and self centred to realise why it was wrong

No. 521620

File: 1526960818828.jpeg (130.47 KB, 640x906, 41AC3537-E746-4609-8790-B590D2…)

Her eyeliner is frightening. I did my eyeliner like that when I was 14-16.

>or lack there of

Such an intelligent queen. Can’t even spell thereof properly she literally thinks it’s two words. I’m so embarrassed for her. She’s so incredibly stupid and always tries so hard to sound smart and fails miserably.

No. 521623

She is a female neckbeard. Not even legbeard. Just a straight up fedora bitch

No. 521626

She didn’t shoop the side of her lip with the ring on it, so you can see her actual lip size.

No. 521627

She's getting suuuuper lazy with the shoops

No. 521631

I have a tremor and that eyeliner looks like it was applied by me. Why would you keep that in a pic you just shooped? this is incredibly lazy

No. 521655


or maybe just too drunk all the time lol

No. 521685

The warping on the gems below her chin is hilarious. None of them are round anymore. Not to mention her obviously drawn-on lower lashes, and eyes that are one completely flat opaque shade of grey, and why is this photo so fucking grainy?

No. 521702

Fits her new persona, she was just sharing a Fox News clip on how there's a cancer vaccine.

Because as we all know, cancer is not a group of cell growth diseases. She doesn't care at all is the stuff she's sharing even slightly real.

No. 521704

Why are her pupils so small? Is that a photoshop fuck-up (like the rest of the image) or is Icky doing harder drugs?
Her eyeliner and mascara is so clumpy and crusty it hurts to look at.

No. 521712

File: 1526996422398.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 61.81 KB, 655x449, E90C292B-BA12-46FA-A994-ACA913…)

>Narcissistic attention whore who describes herself as a 'real life Final Fantasy character'

ah, yeah. Now I remember which Final Fantasy character she reminds me of. Striking resemblance.

No. 521719

She's devolving in to what, if she had just started becoming lulzy, we would presume was an elaborate troll. Have any of her friends ever come here and talked about her irl? No one ever seems to see her, only glimpses of her shop or ratty wig like an urban bigfoot

No. 521724

Not sure why you'd be a fan. Maybe if you were under 13 and didn't know what photoshop was. Her attitude is so cringy though, it's like these kids that like onision…I will never understand.

No. 521750

File: 1527006190763.png (125.84 KB, 325x265, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 12.2…)


gonna go with photoshop fuckup, wanted to have perfectly solid colored iris' but ended up smudging the outer edge of it and coloring outside the lines

No. 521751

But why would she want a solid colour iris? Also what happened to ~icy eyes~? These look like dish water

No. 521755

I’m mostly certain that lip ring is fake as I can remember Vic circa 2013 saying she might start wearing it again. She does have a scar from a previous real one that she sometimes shoops out and sometimes doesn’t

No. 521998

File: 1527046259251.png (63.26 KB, 750x862, IMG_0845.PNG)

How can she think that this looks attractive?

No. 522025

To be honest I think she's going a bit off of the 90s fashion looks. Not that I'm saying this is good or anything like a good editorial but I think she's going for that looks-wise

No. 522101

She has such a huge head and chunky face. She looks like she’s 40 in this photo.

No. 522141

Her whole style is aging rocker mom without the kids and the husband lol

No. 522156

File: 1527090513733.jpg (279.89 KB, 1040x822, ohvic.jpg)

Vic making sure we all know she has no debt and can afford her shack no problem

No. 522168


>"not that this effect me in any way…"

is this haughty insufferable hoebag insinuating that she's not affected by the horrible economy because she's wealthy, successful or in some way "better" than other millenials in any way? fuck off icky, you're not affected because you don't have a job, a house or a penny to your name and are probably still leeching off your parents.

also, dat genius IQ spelling.

No. 522174

I swear, every single time I see something typed out by her, I can spot several grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. It really makes me wonder how anyone could possibly think she's "intelligent". She's such an air-headed bimbo and nothing in the world will ever change that.

No. 522177

File: 1527095395721.png (62.26 KB, 750x867, IMG_0859.PNG)

She's has to be autistic.

No. 522180

>whoever has been at the economy
it's just one guy like how lolcow is one girl

I mean tbf she's not affected by student loans cus she did all her studying on youtube and also she lives in the back of her store so no need to rent an apartment

No. 522247

If it's real then she must be REALLY bending it with her teeth or whatever. When you have a real one it doesn't just curve to the side unless its gigantic. This one fits her lip size, and therefore shouldn't be sitting like that, it should be straight. Or it could be pierced super fucking crooked for some reason, but I doubt it because-> Also the way her lip is sort of bending inwards is a good tell that she's manipulating it to lay like that because again, it would not be doing that if it was just relaxed and not being moved purposely.
Source: Have had a lip piercing for over ten years, and mine never does that unless I TRY to make it do that.

No. 522258

She probably did it herself. Because she's an expert you know. She watched a youtube video on how to pierce and now she has a PhD in it, the diploma is written in crayon and misspelled but it's a real PhD, I swear. She's never relaxed and always overly posed even if she's trying to act relaxed, so I also wouldn't be surprised if she was moving it with her teeth. Also agreeing with you as none of my piercings bend at their own will but then again my face doesn't morph in to a different person every time I take a photo like Shicky so I'm no authority.

No. 522266

OT but reading the crayon PhD made me think of Jorji Costava from Papers, Please.

No. 522270

Still more likable than shingles

No. 522786

File: 1527244490627.jpg (359.21 KB, 1416x1566, Screenshot_20180525-063557.jpg)


No. 522807

Such professionalism

No. 522813

Why does she do this? One moment she's pretending to have a secretary who handles her business. The next moment it's her scouring her books for an appointment.

Does she take zero info for an appointment? Do they not have preliminary appointments before they get tattooed? Does she not file those all together?

These posts bring up so many questions.

No. 522815

File: 1527252810248.jpg (202.53 KB, 611x669, yikes.jpg)

i can tell u she probably books her appointments through fb messenger and doesn't keep track of time or date unless the client says "is tomorrow cool?"

No. 522818

File: 1527253481320.jpg (25.66 KB, 275x249, 1526069810845.jpg)

Oh my that image, spot on

No. 522824

Lol of course this post is deleted now and I'm betting someone got screwed out of an appointment looking at that comment. She probably won't return deposit either if the client asked for it.

No. 522840

Maybe she should just google "megan". That will help. Not like a last name,contact info, date time idea of hours needed for the session are needed- shes got 27 phds a photographic memory except today and is a mensa member! Appointment books are for plebes!

No. 522868


This is so extremely unprofessional it hurts my head. The fact she didn’t take a last name or any contact info is beyond me. This isn’t the first time she has done this. I think the other anon is right about her making all her appointments through Facebook messenger. No other artist does this shit. What a thick skulled mess she is. My Lord! And how she relies on a Facebook status for her apparent booked client to see as a form of contact and reaching out is so goddamn pathetic. This is what happens when you’re a scratcher who never apprenticed under anyone and you don’t know how to handle jack shit.

No. 522869


even if shes doing it via email or messenger, theres no reason why she cant use the search function to find the convos with said person

shes just utterly incompetent

No. 523110

can't tell if she's just this incompetent or making up clients again. that dude should just book another artist, he's not missing out on anything from her.

No. 523112

It does sound made up like why wouldn't you at least take a surname, I know she's incompetent but how would you only have a first name and I swear she's said this before right?

No. 523418

File: 1527343862831.png (813.93 KB, 544x976, vickyAcidRain.png)

How quick will she delete this comment?

No. 523454

yup, she posted a similar status about having someone booked but there was no last name. like, i don't know any tattoo artist that doesn't have a number or email to contact a client with.

No. 523797

File: 1527394296306.png (2.11 MB, 1426x1912, Screenshot_20180527-001300.png)

The teeth on the tiger and the girl are so bad holy shit

No. 523808

And if she's asking on facebook wouldn't she just check through her friends or followers, even just her messages?

No. 523833

the girl is obviously vick's self portrait.

No. 523994

It's meant to be Adrianna Lima but literally every celeb she uses for 'reference' is partially her.

No. 523995

exactly, but vicky logic only makes sense to her.

somehow this gets worse every time i see it.

No. 524008

File: 1527437575727.jpg (141.68 KB, 665x665, uncanny.jpg)

Yeah, the likeness is uncanny, Vicky is such an artistic genius

No. 524112

Why do people keep letting her tattoo them? This one is super disproportionate, discolored, and muddy. The poor girl is going to need laser to fix that shit.

No. 524142

I thought this was a shitty tattoo of david bowie in labyrinth

No. 524228

This is so, so very bad. Peep those Vicky brows.

No. 524247


THANK YOU it was bothering me. Reminded me of someone but I couldn't remember who for the life of me.

No. 524295

the shadows make her look severely bucktooth

No. 524305

The shading makes her nose look like a tree trunk and that mouth looks more like it was just slashed in her face than natural. Classic Sticky.

No. 524332

I don't think it looks that bad?

I don't know anything about tattoos so I thought it was just the way she tattooed people that was bad, as in they healed all messed up or the lines were wrong for tattooing.
But if she did this freehand it's pretty good really, just might not be good for a tattoo I guess.

No. 524450

As >>523797 said, the teeth are messed up on the tiger as well as the shadows on the face and the two tattoos do not mesh well together. They are too distinct for being part of the same tattoo and almost look as if someone made a collage from a magazine. The right side of the woman's face for example should not be unfinished in that oval shape but filled out to where the tiger ends. I'm guessing the stencil she made didn't have the full face and she didn't bother filling it in but left it as is. There are likely more things as well but this is what my non-artist brain was able to notice. Honestly the face on its own is quite nice to me (though looking nothing like the supposed reference), and the tiger minus the teeth is nice, but the piece as a whole is terrible

No. 524462

She also adds so much white that it looks fine for now but will fade badly and look old quickly. I've fallen in to the trap of looking at things local artists have posted and thinking they're talented and their work is lifelike when in reality it's just decent workmanship with poor colouring and a tonne of white to make it pop

No. 524491

File: 1527515432805.jpg (630.58 KB, 1080x1509, 20180528_094747.jpg)

maybe spend some time looking at good tattoos then. freehand means the artist draws the image straight into the skin and i highly doubt that's what she did. here's a similar design that is going to last for years and will look pretty much the same over time, while what vic does looks aged before it's even finished.

No. 524508

Vick's artwork in a nutshell.

>badly freehand copy a celeb's face

>replace celeb's eyebrows with her own crazy ones
>slap an animal on the potrait partially

No. 524509

At first I thought the tiger was decent and the face was shit, but now that some anon posted a way better example of another's artwork, the WHOLE thing looks trash to me now, even the tiger wow

No. 524571

File: 1527533751086.jpg (77.91 KB, 507x485, vic.jpg)

Of course you were eye roll

No. 524589


Oh, so she's only Irish if it means she can get smashed

No. 524596


>dance champion

I’m so sure you were. She always has to be the best at every thing. She’s never mentioned Irish dancing before.

No. 524605

Yeah literally never mentioned at all. She can add that to her resume under her degree at the university of youtube.

No. 524606

Vicky, undisputed Champion of everything, everywhere, at any time. I still don't get how she hasn't died of pure, unadulterated embarassment by now. Pathological lying is a hell of a drug, she surpassed Aly by a long shot now.

No. 524607

Dont you know anon she has a PhD in international interpretive dance and was actually the first lord of the dance but she totally gave it up to be an international model and inspiration for neil degrasse!

No. 524622

I think people are fooled in to thinking her work is good because it looks work in as soon as she's finished so it looks completed or freshly healed when in reality we all know it's gonna fade and bleed in a no time

No. 524624

I've literally never seen another human being with those brows, yet she vehemently denies inserting herself in to unsuspecting victim's tattoos.

No. 524630

File: 1527546248290.jpg (159.33 KB, 1440x960, Iamthelordofthedancesaidshe.jp…)

No. 524633


Omg kek good job anon its as realistic as any of her other photos!

No. 524644

It was taken live at her last show with Riverdance. She's a master of molecule realignment with her mind in order to alter DNA at will if you hadn't heard, she was too much of a badass to be one of the female background dancers and the company was too old fashioned to have a female lead so she morphed in to a man for the night. She finished the show with a flourish of her katana and a tip of her jewel encrusted fedora.

No. 524691


And left the theatre to a standing ovation while her haters cried.well said anon.

No. 524728

Lol this looks like a toothless hillbilly. Shingles is looking into the future with all these aged self portraits.

No. 524762

she probably ups the contrast and puts several filters on it to hide how shitty it is. it's always good to have a reference of a decent version of what she's trying to do, which can be applied to anything she attempts haha.

my sides

No. 524827


She's not the worst out there. Hell, she could even be good if she bothered to complete a proper apprenticeship and was willing to learn from experienced artists. Instead, she chose to be stubborn and up her own ass and as a result, her tattoos don't heal well and the composition is all off. On top of that, she's lazy and doesn't practise or bother to learn the anatomy of the subjects in the tattoos, or how light and shadows work. She also claims to be a tetrachromat which is hilarious. That leads me to my next point… the outlandish claims and lack of self awareness is exactly what makes her a cow. If she was just a mediocre tattoo artist, she wouldn't be all that interesting to discuss/make fun of.

No. 524834

File: 1527571175694.jpg (466.54 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180529_011920.jpg)


Sorry for doublepost but her inability to keep track of her schedule/clients is another issue. Like look at this shit that she just posted, this happens all the fucking time.

No. 524838

File: 1527572834281.png (155.66 KB, 750x1002, IMG_0906.PNG)

This must be why she holds her hair against her face non-stop. I guess she's finally getting tired of doing it.

No. 524839

File: 1527573081289.png (99.75 KB, 749x1011, IMG_0907.PNG)

And here we go again. More ass-kissing and not-so-humble bragging.

No. 524842

Her head is so round whoah. It's either round abd moonish or horsey and drawn in other pictures. I think she's getting fatter and the alcohol is bloating her face or something

No. 524843

>Tomboy nerd

Pigtails and dress= tomboy nerd?
If she's referring to her other pictures where she dresses like a 'boy' she's incorrect there too, she wears a bandanna and sunglasses but has a full face of makeup.

None of those things are tomboy or nerd

No. 524844

>Goes from want INKED to want TATTOOED?
>So close, yet so far.

No. 524845

Whoa. I knew she was hiding a round face, but this is some serious bloat. She’s so puffy it looks like she has some kind of developmental syndrome.

No. 524848

I just watched the video.
>less makeup makes me look diff i guess

>fake lashes

>thick foundation
>pink overlined lipstick
>eyeliner on top lid

By 'less' she means shorter non tarantula false lashes and no lower eyeliner. She still has a mountain of makeup on kek

No. 524849

It's funny because I looked at that guy's insta and he seems like a sleazy photographer but the way Vick is going on, she's trying to squeeze a photoshoot out of him and he doesn't respond with 'yeah okay' or 'let's do it' and just continues on with his creepy compliments because he thinks she's an easy lay. Note how she even offers to do a shoot with less clothes on winky face emoji

What a hoe. I bet she fucks/gives free shit tatttoos to amateur photographers/guys that say they are photographers to get free shitty photoshoots which she then shops and posts on her insta to look like a reeaaaalll model.

No. 524865

He seems to photograph fake titted alternative porno type chicks.
Imagine his horror when Vick shows up for her shoot with her flapjack titties, tranny makeup, gut hanging out and bloated head. He's going to shoot the biggest catfish ever haha

No. 524869

Vicky, you need educated.
– Bachman Turner Overdrive

No. 524870

I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!

No but seriously the pigtails don't make you look younger Vick.
You look like an aging pornstar in her 40's dressed up as a 'sexy school girl' or someone's mom trying to cosplay Harley Quinn.

No. 524871

Pigtails on mature women can work but typically they are low hanging loose pigtails, or messy pigtail plaits. These high ones combined with the scene fringe make her look like mutton dressed as lamb.

But so does everything else she wears/does

No. 524907

Vicki just friggin facetune your face instead of posting blurry trash shots - how can an 'artist' even dream of posting shoddy resolution shots of herself and her shabby tatts…just shows she can't work a camera and does not look around at her 'competitors' and what is expected of tattoo artist's online portfolios these days. Plus you keep your work and your shitty glamour shots separate…that's another no brainer.

No. 524982

the way the person replies makes it seem like she only does one tattoo in the entirety of being open for that day. also not the first time she's offering 'a deal' for the short notice, she's like the reverse of the people on how_to_not_get_tattooed.

No. 524985

There is not enough photoshop in the world to make her look good when she's practically naked

No. 525011

she does nothing to say she is a nerd, nothing at all. she is so damn 10 yrs ago scene, and every time she says 'im a nerd.' or 'im a tom boy' im like….wear?

like, she tries to dress cute, uses cute hair styles makes sexy poses and none of this is tomboy or nerd at all.

at least do a photoshoot with a controller in your mouth and glasses on.

No. 525014

its cus she wants to make it seem like shes that cool girl who hangs out with the guys, just throws on a tshirt and jeans doesnt even need mascara cus her eyelashes just produce it naturally or whatever but also shes some blonde bombshell who does lingerie photoshoots

No. 525015

learn to type and form coherent sentences, anon. ffs.

No. 525022

>do a photoshoot with a controller in your mouth and glasses on.
Oh fuck off with that. That's a terrible idea and you should feel terrible.

No. 525039

The list of things vic has told me she is good at are endless. I haven't seen much talk about her saying she can shred on guitar (she wouldn't shutup about it for a while there) - waiting to see those bullshit videos. Also, if she is so good at video games, why isn't she streaming on twitch? Guys would pay a mint for a mildly attractive girl to play online with them. The thing is she just says she good at everything and never proves it, hoping that the neckbeards wont notice.

No. 525050


not to mention, this "tomboy" still is doing full makeup

not drag makeup? must be tomboy

No. 525095

Still waiting on that totally awesome stomach tat she totally did herself that healed in 9 minutes…

No. 525166

They had too much rage they just couldn't calm down long enough to type intelligibly . Or maybe Vicky's back trying to pseudo insult herself and we know how very weak her grasp on the english language is
>she tries to dress cute, uses cute hair styles makes sexy poses

no one thinks you're sexy Vick.

No. 525179

File: 1527634219724.jpg (69.8 KB, 800x600, Untitled.jpg)

There you go Anon, 100% real, genuine and authentic Vicky Shingles tattoo, she recreated this pose just for the occasion.

No. 525239


Again anon is STILL better at shop than viki is.

No. 525241

What freaks me out about this is that she said that she had an opening sometime that day and the guy just assumed it was his appointment as if she tends to do either only one a day or this guy has experience with her and knows to assume she'd have forgotten his appointment
Side note, I'd love to see Vicky attempt to make a portfolio. It'd just be filled with Photoshop and blurry headshots. Not to mentions she'd look different every other photo

No. 525253

It would just be self insert tattoos and those horribly photoshopped lingerie shots with the fantasy backgrounds all blurred to fuck.

No. 525274

File: 1527642784780.png (107.65 KB, 206x275, 12B45B03-B489-42CE-A882-0D1DE8…)

>want INKED?

Jesus take the wheel

No. 525275

Misread its TATTOOED lmAOO

No. 525329

bless you for providing the laughs since vic spent more time bragging about how well she healed than just posting the tattoom

No. 525362


I honestly don’t think she will ever post it because she can’t liquify and shoop the fuck out of her roly poly body without making the tattoo look warped and more fucked than it would be in the first place (considering all her work is shit and weird proportions)

No. 525372


you two are just describing her insta

No. 525387

Cow spotted at slayer show in Toronto

No. 525391

Please elaborate!

No. 525399

nah fam she just has to draw it on printer paper. since she's "oh so pale" anyways, she won't even need to blend it!

No. 525418

Why did you not take a pic with your phone?
Did the camera crack when you tried or was Vick too big to fit in the frame of the lens? Kek

No. 525421

>mildly attractive
>good at video games

She is neither of those things.
The most video games she probably plays is when her male neckbeard bromigos come around for drinks or when she's watching her one night stand/temporary boyfriend play.

Or maybe she watches the gameplay at her university aka youtube.

No. 525422

Who was she with? I’m always curious about the kinds of people who tolerate her presence.

No. 525424

I saw her too prancing around at the Slayer concert, didn't get there till super late, when the second last act Lamb of God was almost done their set. That creepy Scott Penfold is a radio host on Loaded Radio, has a fiance and spends literally every waking hour of every day asking Vic if they can hang out. I'm sure he loves his fiance so much that he can't wait to get away from her so he can hit on Vic all day thinking he's going to get somewhere with her. He also hit on my friend who is a blonde Playboy model with big tits, so he definitely has a type. There was also this other skinny guy following them so who knows, perhaps he drove. >>525422

No. 525436

More deets! What was she wearing? Was she ham planet?

No. 525485

File: 1527680789709.png (174.89 KB, 1440x827, Screenshot_20180530-074306.png)

So Vicky must have gotten home late and wasted after the show because she posted this embarrassingly bad poem at 5 am. Googled some lines and it seems to be a Vicky original.

No. 525528


was just checking too, had to make sure it was an original work, holy cow cringe!

just gotta read it as slam poetry for full effect

No. 525532

>he also hits on my friend who is a blonde playboy model so he has a type

Uhhh I don't doubt he hits on Vick and this post isn't terrible enough to be written by Vick, but I'd say his 'type' is bleach blondes.
Vick has pancake tits, not big fakies and she's far from a 'model'

No. 525533

>and you fall off my tongue like lace


No. 525534

She's fucking/flirting Scott Penfold. He won't leave his fiance for her and she's drunk vague posting about it because she's getting dicked around. It sounds pretty passive aggressive to me.
Plus Vick is always going on about how she's capable of 'stealing your man' if she really wants and posting memes about how side hoes are dumb. She could be bitter about it.

No. 525540

Saw on his instagram that he posted an unedited photo of Vicky (spoiler alert: she was holding her hair over her face and her nails with possibly the filthiest theyve every been). Im kicking myself for not screenshotting it at the time because it has since been deleted. She was also wearing some kind of fingerless punching glove like the absolute edgelord she is. Also some kind of crop top with the same crusty leather jacket she always wears (it was 30 degrees celsius in toronto yesterday, I can only imagine the smell of her in a leather jacket in the heat).

No. 525555

Well that means he's either fucking her and took it down because him and vick fought/his gf questioned it OR she got insecure about said pic and told him to delete it.

Enjoy your crusty Scott dick Vick, he ain't gonna leave his wife for you.

No. 525556

File: 1527694306329.jpg (24.5 KB, 600x600, BQ2XlqKCcAAdzTx.jpg)

She was indeed following scott loaded around like a dog. She was waving at a mutual friend so no picture was taken. but this bitch is busted in real life her fake hair was all stringy and she honest to god has a body like hank hill. its pretty sad when your wearing a corset and even that doesn't give you a waist line.

No. 525582

This makes me so sad - I tried searching to see if there were cache images of it, but no :(
She keeps her candids pretty locked down in order to keep up the illusion she is a final fantasy, ninja assassination or whatever.

No. 525584

I’m honestly surprised no one is able to get a candid of her

No. 525610

she's just rarely out and about even when she's out she has her head down and kind of keeps a low profile. Between trying to doge dudes in bands she's trying to catfish and girls who's boyfriends she's already slept with (because despite what many think or who she makes her self out to be she's notoriously loose not someone anyone would leave there spouse for but she's a cum dumpster and a home wrecker) coming to the city is a no go for her.

I mean starting a tattoo parlour in Toronto is WAAAAYYYY more lucritive then opening up a dump in guelph, but she would get laughed outta the tattoo scene. plus people would see what she actually looks like and know what a big liar she is, because she's not the curvy final fantasy dream girl she makes herself out to be.

she's just a dumpy english chick with a gummy smile, reprehensible hygine, tits like two milk bags hanging off a nail, and a body shaped of a fridge. her shoops are just delusionary ego masterbation.

No. 525672

File: 1527710651595.png (3.02 MB, 750x1334, 33B91A89-BF5B-4BAC-808F-DFC9FD…)

Seems she posted a pic from the concert on her Instagram, likely because we were talking about it.

No. 525677

Part of me wouldn't be remotely surprised if she just started posting actual drawings of herself instead of photos since she's 99.99999% photoshop anyway. It would be glorious, and her neckbeards would STILL hang on every word and believe she genuinely was 2D

No. 525681

it kinda looks like her eyes are pasted on lol

No. 525682

I'm glad she spends enough time chewing on lace that she can write about it's nuances

No. 525685

Glad to see she still has a feather cut combover worthy of Sweet circa 1970, but I'd love to hear what she sounds like when she's not aware she's around people who know her. Does she just put on an accent for videos or is that what she uses day to day because that must be exhausting. And as much as it has been speculated there's no way in a month of sundays it's genuine. I've never heard anyone here sound like that and it's not just the overall but the weird twang on various words is all over the place since she picked it up from TV

No. 525691

She’s trying to hide her refrigerator figure, but it’s not working.

No. 525695

File: 1527712751432.gif (3.59 MB, 368x368, DisgustingInexperiencedIslandc…)

That's the edgiest outfit I've ever seen, she's such a fucking neckbeard with that reinforced glove.

No. 525699

>English chick
You're 100% accurate with everything in your post except this part, lol.

No. 525703

File: 1527714506191.png (634.66 KB, 889x588, Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 5.06…)

oh god, so saw this on her insta tattoos

apparently she fucked up and drew IIII instead of IV for roman numeral 4 on this tragedy

I'm dying

No. 525704


~~~ItS MilLiTaRY GrAde~~~

No. 525705

File: 1527714668900.png (52.52 KB, 494x300, Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 2.55…)


No. 525706

Lol she's not even fucking English, she was born in Northern Ireland.

No. 525707


>international cover model

Fucking kek

No. 525708

how the fuck do you not catch that/double check/reference that shit before going so far as to TATTOO it on the person?

did the person themselves not get to see the 'before' tattoo and check it over? Was it correct on the before and she just fugged it?

how does it get to permanent-on-your-skin stage and end up like that?

I mean, the entire fucking thing is gonna end up a mashed blob in half a year even if the numerals had been done right, but jesus fuck

No. 525709

She might as well so that way she gets paid for all the dick she sees

No. 525714

File: 1527715470155.png (28.12 KB, 497x147, Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 2.56…)

No. 525715

Lol her comment "good eye" like wtfe bitch you fucked up got caught out and gloss over it like its nbd? On a diff note is that her totally badass stomach tattoo peeking out of her edgelord outfit there?

No. 525716

File: 1527715564501.jpg (50.37 KB, 508x444, commandervicky.jpg)

No. 525757


Anon that isn't her. It's a parody account.


The shoop is more subtle than usual but still noticeable. Legs warped and blurred, bloat and burn on the tits and she accidentally made one eye smaller and higher up while pulling in her nose. NT Vic, better than usual but still noticeable.

No. 525760

If she shut her legs she's still be a solid rectangle with saggy tits slapped on.
Top kek, brave Vicky out here fighting to save her Queen and Country with her mad ninja skillz

No. 525764

I assume she wears a jacket in the SUMMER to hide her midsection

No. 525767

dear lord the cringe

No. 525773


seriously, although appropriate for a metal show, the last few days have been extremely hot, and wearing that, outdoors, in a hot crowd….there's a reason

No. 525790

yes it is, too bad she's too insecure to fully show it off b/c i want to see how bad it came out.

she made her ham hand look even bigger with that glove and i can't stop laughing at that wonky eye. she seems to have issues with them for some reason.

No. 525794

This is such an under appreciated post bc she has the hank hilliest ass I’ve ever seen

No. 525809


“I’m a size large in boobs and ass”


No. 525817

I wish we had the original to do a nice comparison - she can’t fix her bloated stomach or the fact she has zero curves though

No. 525818

Also the sock on our right shows off her hammy legs nicely, guess she forgot that part

No. 525819

File: 1527732338219.jpeg (301.89 KB, 750x1334, C9E36AC9-CE85-4FA0-978A-C65B65…)

No you fucking can’t

No. 525820


she can also wear a cape and drive them off ramps over entire parking lots while fireworks go off and everyone applauds

No. 525829

Most of us aren't as preoccupied with style, she would have done better wearing a band shirt and shorts assuming she owns any. More likely to get laid too as guys are more willing to talk to girls who look like they may share similar interests than the girls who arrive in corsets to a packed gig. At a Behemoth show a girl shoved her way to what she assumed was a clearing just for special little her not realising it was an imminent pit. Someone didn't notice she'd done this, she was in heels and focused on looking hot so she didn't notice him, they collided, she cried and was carried over the barriers before the support act was even over. I can see that being Vicky.

No. 525836

File: 1527734215943.jpg (285.84 KB, 1082x1274, Vicky Kneival.jpg)

Don't you know she's a 7 time world champion in the Red Bull Knock out, she's jumped beta thumpstars at the Queen's garden parties and competed in Mountain trials, Enduro and Supermoto all of which she won and everyone totally wanted to fuck her. She owns 20 dirt bikes, a Harley and several Honda sportsbikes that she keeps in her loft, she was the first woman ever to win the Isle of Man TT and she's raced at Assen alongside Valentino Rossi in his prime. He wanted to date her but she turned him down because she had a modelling gig to go to after the race

No. 525839

File: 1527734861101.jpg (39.16 KB, 420x359, 1527710651595_meitu_1.jpg)

I've just realised, her eyebrows are too close together in this one, because she was hastily trying to get a smaller nose. that's why her eyes are so close together. Also she has moved one eye up by accident

No. 525843

File: 1527735121185.png (187.1 KB, 1440x754, 20180530_225338.png)

Eh tons of dudes in the scene like metal thots. The jacket is still ridiculous though. I was out in a tank top and shorts yesterday and I was dying. I can't imagine being as chunky as her, wearing that jacket and being around a massive amount of people. Not to mention the pounds of makeup and fake hair. She must have been drenched and smelled like satans asshole by the end of the show. Repulsive. She thinks she looked like Xtina though lol. Girl, he was probably referring to her greasy slut phase (which she still pulled off better than you) but keep patting yourself on the back.

No. 525847

File: 1527735627889.jpg (693.17 KB, 1426x2441, Screenshot_20180530-230048.jpg)

You guys it's not photoshopped her face is naturally deformed. HOT. Also, hi Vick. Don't drink and cry too much tonight, otherwise you might get even more bloated and deformed.

No. 525848

File: 1527735771947.jpg (424.42 KB, 2048x2048, E3B798E8-510E-4CC9-99ED-69391B…)

I wanted to show a comparison of her most outlandish close-up photoshops with some of her un-photoshopped pictures. Brace yourselves, because there will be a few more and the differences are astonishing.

No. 525849

File: 1527735810379.jpg (346.56 KB, 2048x2048, CB9E544C-7331-4378-A886-AA0730…)

No. 525850

File: 1527735849555.jpg (533.7 KB, 2048x2048, 0ADC1C0C-F6A8-4917-B36D-9AE972…)

No. 525851

File: 1527735884196.jpg (392.98 KB, 2048x2048, 5A2799E7-3BC6-4B4E-87F6-B7A3B3…)

No. 525859

File: 1527736850407.png (579.03 KB, 1440x2433, Screenshot_20180530-231830.png)

This nutterbutter went back to this post and edited it every ten mins obsessively. She also posted about it in the comments on her insta. Calm down, don't be such a bothered betty.

No. 525861

This bitch talks about herself like a 12 year old Gaiaonline roleplayer from the early 2000s.

No. 525877

File: 1527738993982.jpg (400.76 KB, 2048x2048, 4BC9DD26-93E8-4828-9B20-E6A0D6…)

No. 525881



Think you need to reconsider as these have been shown to be shopped to shit in previous threads

No. 525884

Poor thing, she's so desperate to make everybody thinks that she's the hottest around so she needs to post stuff like this all the time, it only makes her bad photoshop more obvious because people is gonna check out her photos and see the details. And that picture of her at that concert, just stop Vicky, you even needed to use that trick of taking the photo with the camera above you so you don't look that fat. We only can see your huge face and deformed eyes because you're hiding your fridge body.

No. 525886

What a crazy.

Also…i'm pretty sure that IS a motorcycle glove. My brothers have a few motorcycles and dirt bikes and the gloves they wear for bmx look almost identical to the hard knuckle one she's wearing in the photo. They aren't military grade, they are legit just normal bike gloves, why make up a stupid lie like that?

Also, absolutely dying at these pics with Vick's head pasted on them and her achievements underneath. She's like a bad meme. Someone needs to paste her head onto a scientist in a lab and talk about her astrophysics boasting.

No. 525888

File: 1527740587863.png (392.15 KB, 1200x989, Screenshot_20180531-121730.png)

Turns out it is a tactical glove used for fishing, army, motorbikes ect. $6 on ali express.
Military grade is just in the description though along with a lot of other random words.

No. 525889

>wears one paintball glove to a rock show

Vick is special. I'm convinced she was dropped on her head as a baby.

No. 525892

Is she claiming that intj's have super human strength and pain tolerance now? What a joke.

Honestly the whole intj thing is cringe. Anyone that claims to be one is for sure a narc.

She's just a super cold ice queen that is good at everything and men crawl at her feet and when she bleeds her wounds healnup within seconds because she has wolverine blood.

No. 525893


looks like paintball to me

No. 525894

she's pretty much "and then everyone on the bus started clapping" personified and taken to an extreme. it's kind of impressive - how does someone manage to be that retarded, so consistently?

No. 525896

It is. The only reason it says military is because it's a buzz search word. Most of the paintball gear has military or army or police in the title. Maybe they do have similar gloves in the military, but you can be damned sure they weren't plastic ones from ali express.

They look like cheap bmx gloves too. Either way, she's cringe for wearing one utility glove out in public.

Imagine just wearing a camouflage hat out in public and when someone says 'nice hat' being like 'It's military grade'
What an edgelord.

No. 525898

That's an exact description of her anon. What I don't get is that she has fans? Surely it's like onion where 90% of them hate follow for laughs? I tried to show my boyfriend her captions under her instagram photos and facebook statuses and he legit didn't believe me that she is a real person. He was convinced all of it is a troll.

No. 525900

This is gold.

No. 525901


I know she's going for the side swept scene bangs look, but when she wears her hair like this, it always looks like someone that put a wig on crooked sideways.

Cannot believe how close her brows are, wow. One edit away from a unibrow.

No. 525908

So is that really a photo of Vic from behind? Where'd you get this photo from, Anon?

No. 525911

File: 1527744263443.jpg (76.49 KB, 420x359, 1527734861101_mr1527744236714.…)

Yup, that was easy.

No. 525912

File: 1527744480609.jpg (69.18 KB, 810x405, AstoVicky.jpg)

This was the day she discovered a new planet that she named after herself, Planet 'Bella Morte' as she fondly recalled how her mother gave her that nickname as a baby because everything she touched would shrivel and die (she eventually learned to control it and harnessed her withering power for her own needs) the crowd looked on in awe

No. 525918

File: 1527745158946.jpg (219.8 KB, 1200x883, astrovicky2-electricboogaloo.j…)

Vicky stares off wistfully into the distance after a long day in the lab, she has discovered and cured 18 diseases, stopped for a photoshoot, given an interview that ended world hunger, discovered a galaxy and proven that atoms don't function in space they way they initially believed they did (because they're all fat ugly old scientists, not beautiful famous ones like Vicky so of course she proved them wrong), single handedly brought down the far left, knighted a neckbeard, mounted a neckbeard and met with the Queen of England for afternoon tea so far today. All in a days work for our Sticky, god speed.

No. 525920


And for centuries , Planet Bella Morte is where she lived and became an irish dancing ninja. Until she heard news of her homeland being overrun with Muslims, so our brave goddess jigged her way back down to earth to fight this evil.

No. 525940

File: 1527750505629.jpg (550.49 KB, 717x1076, miss vicky.jpg)

Remember when she was crowned Miss Universe? after finding the cure for cancer and bring world peace, she decided to enter to this contest for mortals, obviously a piece of cake for her, because DAH! she's not only unbelievably smart and talented in everything, her beauty is something out of this world. She drank the whole time without getting drunk because she's that badass and even made an amazing sword demonstration.
And haters please, stop thinking she's photoshopped, obviously that's a pro photoshoot and she looks like that in real life, smh.

No. 525943

DEFINITELY has to be the next profile pic. Bravo anon. The little motorcycle glove killed me.

No. 525945

Her talent portion, which was a nunchuck and katana display was what really racked up her points, every male judge asked for her hand in marriage but before she could reply Motley Crue time traveled to present day but as they were in 1984 all riding Harley's so she ripped off her dress to reveal her totally cool and edgy leather bikini and military grade punching glove and jumped on the back with Nikki Sixx then they all rode off in to the sunset in formation with Vicky standing on the back of the bike twirling her Katana like a Frazetta drawing. She was actually Frank Frazetta's one and only muse, every character is based on her and her amazing life. That's why he says they just ;"Came out of my head" because in that day and age someone as beautiful as Vicky could never be believed

No. 525951

Omg anon you're killing me.fucking topkek all of it!

No. 525955

If I could give you money for this post I would.

No. 525980

>>525908 it’s a pic from google, not sure why they implied it was vicky

No. 525985

Not WK but honestly it can be used as that also. Not EVERYONE used IV, and it's way less common to use IIII bc it's just easier to use IV, but IIII is also acceptable.
Also in a lot of clocks from that time it's fairly common to not use IV because of the symmetry in the dial being thrown off from it.
Had it been a different tattoo than a clock it would look extremely weird, and misplaced, but in a clock dial it actually DOES make sense.
IDK about you, but I was actually taught this in school, and somehow it stuck.
I think she just got lucky with this one tbh. She THINKS she's smart enough to know this shit but in reality she isn't.

>"Imagine a watch face with roman numerals, and look at the numerals opposite to each other - all of them are in perfect balance, except for the 'heavy' VIII and the 'light' IV; optical balance is re-established by printing an also 'heavy' IIII. Therefore the main reason why this is done is for symmetry reasons. If one were to divide the watch face vertically, exactly 14 Roman characters would appear on each side of the dial (left & right). If "IV" were used, it would throw off the perfect symmetry of the watch dial.

No. 525987

What… the fuck is that LUMP in her skin next to her piercing? A huge fucking infection or some shit?

No. 525999

Got home from work to find these posts. I'm rolling hysterically anons thankyou so much.

No. 526001

I think the lip piercing got a bit puffy and it's been shooped/makeup on it, so it looks bad. Honestly it was probably fresh at the time, and knowing Vick's lack of hygiene and that fact she loves ciggies, it probably got infected.

No. 526028

She needs to stop with this Christina Aguilera shit. The only thing they share is the horrible eyebrows which xtina had circa the 90s. It's hilarious that she points out that the 'gentleman' said she looks like a younger Xtina.
Sure Vick. If anything, she looks like what she'd look like present day after a diet of jack daniels, sperm and ciggies.

No. 526030

File: 1527780906177.jpg (795.77 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180531_233411.jpg)

I take it back, I can kind of see the similarities kek

No. 526033

When i see a few of these unedited photos she looks like a Canadian zoe quinn.

No. 526057

Thank you anon, I finally see why she thinks she looks like Xtina -she is the downward spiral version that I blocked from memory. Also, Vic and her are practically the same age and Christina (now) looks a million times better.

I see what you mean, but at least Zoe is a somewhat capable human being

No. 526095

Don't know who Zoe quinn is, but I can see it

No. 526116

I got an infection once in an eyebrow piercing because I was too impatient to wait to change the jewelry.
It NEVER looked THAT bad, looks like half of her lip is filled with pus and disgusting things. ew

No. 526120

File: 1527792363913.jpg (521.33 KB, 2048x1871, 857518DE-31E4-4ACC-BB47-E53A33…)

You hit the nail right on the head with this one. Now let's sit back and watch her go on a rampage and attack Zoe for "trying to copy" her.

No. 526133

Her cakey makeup probably didn't help either.

No. 526210

No. 526218


Man viki vs zoe? The milk and salt would flow…that would be epic victim vs victim bitchfight. Between them they have 900 bad tattoos and are inflating their egos on shit they never did.

No. 526418


I've ceased to be surprised by that aspect of things. Raven has fans. Joy Sparkle has fans. Momo has fans. hell, even realstreamnews has fans. it's a crazy world.

that being said, I think most of her fans are just thirsty betas. they don't actually believe in her tall tales, they play along because they like her fake persona and shooped selfies.


>Zoe is a somewhat capable human being

I just laughed so hard a little pee came out, thanks anon.

No. 526464

Can someone please snatch that wig off her head? A horse is missing his tail.

No. 526520

File: 1527869049506.jpg (82.61 KB, 500x684, bretmichaels.jpg)

Seeing as she's stuck in the 80's in some ways and is always trying to look like a hair metal singer why doesn't she go for the bandana to hide her receding hairline? It'd look a bit more believable.

No. 526614

She's like all the worst aesthetics of the 80's glam rock shit and all the hideous 2006 scene trash trends all mixed together in one big edgelord, bigoted, photoshopped, chunky package.

Seriously though, how out of touch do you have to be to build your whole aesthetic off such ugly outdated subcultures?

No. 526648

Maybe she thinks she's popular enough to 'bring back' 2006 hot, which she wasn't and isn't

No. 526654

File: 1527884630809.jpg (221.38 KB, 1520x1014, theperfectband.jpg)

I made the most perfect musical ensemble the world has ever seen, they are of course called The Shingles, a side project from her cabaret act that debuted in 1925 'Miss Vicky and The Bella Morte band'

No. 526662

I think she’s only stuck in the scene days because it was the only time people believed her persona to be true and even though she thinks she’s still famous, she was only famous during the scene kid phase. She wants to always live in that moment. Though now all of her fans have grown up and realize she is a photoshopped bimbo. I don’t think she realizes it but all of her “fans” from back in the day are now the ones trolling her because we realize she’s a phony but she’s trying too hard to keep her lie going

No. 526664

This is perfect. She is really eighties hair metal, I have no idea why this never occurred to me before but it’s her entire aesthetic, how strange!

No. 526666

They have the voice of angels and ever other major rock band was actually inspired by their lyrical genius to the point that noone but the Bella Mortes are original.

Some call Vick the songbird of our generation.

No. 526668

lol @ this, she’s totally poison and stevie nicks rolled up into one.

No. 526670

I heard that the fact that all the rock musicians that died from overdoses actually was a cover up and a conspiracy.
They committed suicide because they could never be as musically talented as Vick.
Did you guys know she can play an electric guitar with a katana upside down standing on the seat one handed with a blindfold on, all the while singing the national anthem?

No. 526672

Poison, stevie nicks and xtina with aids mixed together.

No. 526677

Momo has fans because she's a thot and panders to thirsty neckbeards.
Joy Sparkles HAD fans in the beginning because she was anti onision. Until her crazy came out.

People like RSN AND Raven baffle me as to why they have fans. Horrible personalities and ugly as fuck.
Vick I can understand has her army of neckbeards, but she surprisingly has female fans too, it's weird. Like I understand chicks like Dasha and Kiki and some of the other bitchy weirdos having fans because stans only obsess and whiteknight them for their looks so they could murder a baby or become a nazi and they'd still have a following, but to me Vick even photoshopped is not attractive enough in my opinion to look past the insane claims she makes. She is like troll level crazy. I know she deletes people, but why do more people not call her out on facebook? Literally noone gave a crap about her bitchy funeral post at her mum. Even if a close friend or coworker posted that, I'd immediately say something or at least be like wtf.

No. 526679

People probably have, but she instantly deletes anything she doesn’t like. She mustn’t sleep in order to keep up with it all.

No. 526690

File: 1527889659793.jpeg (10.32 KB, 239x210, images (1).jpeg)

My sides

No. 526698

The Shingles shows used to bring in crowds of 6.8 Billion leaving only a few billion people to keep the world running. She was so good they had to clear off the entirety of Australia to hold one of their concerts. Vicky handmade and developed speakers and screens loud enough to show and hear them all across the country. The whole country was one show, The Shingles merch was everywhere but it sells for millions now. Vicky wrote Sweet Child O Mine while she was fucking Bret Michaels and Sebastian Bach at the same time while twirling nunchucks with her tiddies and they were all on a motorbike doing tricks one handed for a crowd of millions while she scrawled the lyrics on the wing of a dove that flew beside her, that dove flew to Slash's house and showed him the riff that would come to be one of the most famous of all time. She's so humble that she never wanted credit, Slash tearfully recalled in an interview how upon meeting her she returned her Katana to it's sheath just so shake his hand with her military grade glove. He took the idea of wearing a top hat from Vicky too, he still remembers the last thing she said to him; "Here's lookin' at you mate" in a strange, almost otherwordly accent that he was later told was just fake english.

No. 526747

Bless you anon.

No. 526787

File: 1527905919282.jpg (568.83 KB, 1564x1564, 20180601_221950.jpg)

oh no I got a glass shard in my foot how do i get it out… nvm dont tell me , I'm an expert on everything

No. 526788

So ridiculous how she's even trying to show off about this. How'd it happen? some jealous girl glass ya? or you were defending off an intruder in your scratcher den and threw him through a glass door but not before he said how you look like a young xtina

No. 526807

>Scott is trying to drag me [to the hospital]

Tinfoil anon is probably right about their affair. She has a glass sliver and her totally-not-boyfriend wants to drop everything and drag” her into a hospital.

No. 526811

Pretty pussy for a stunt driving PhD owning ninja supermodel. Get a sliver get some sad sack guy to take you to the ER? Wow sooooo tough.

No. 526820

>while she scrawled the lyrics on the wing of a dove

I love you anon.

No. 526824

Why doesn't she just suck the glass out with her mouth? The inside of her mouth is reinforced like wolverine skin anyway. It's probably indestructible from all the smelly std covered rocker dicks she's gulped, what's a bit of glass?

Yeah I think it's probably obvious she's fucking Scott. Why else would he let a retard like her on his podcast? Not acting like the podcast is a big deal or anything, but she sounds like she never knows what she's talking about. Why have someone like that on there?
Either way Scott penisfold is fucking uglllly.

No. 526838

Scott strikes me as as a beta who desperately wants to wear Vicki down so he's always trying to hang out with her, meanwhile Vicki has no friends so she is always available to hang out with. She isn't above fucking people she just happens to admire, usually artists like tattoo artists or rockers or just guys who know how to play guitar and have tattoos.

No. 526865

I get that vibe from Scott too, same as her bromigosss she always talks about. Dirty metalhead betas that wait round for the scraps.
Makes me wonder who Scott penisfold's fiance is. He looks a lot older than Vick.

No. 526955

humble brags about quickly healing a tattoo, makes a post about an itty bitty piece of glass in her skin and being "dragged" to the hospital. also clarifying that she's asking for herself. where did all her super ninja healing power and mensa intelligence go?

No. 526982

Yeah, I guess she did semi brag about it though. Like asking for way to remove herself but Scott is 'dragging' her to the hospital because she's sooo tough and can't be bothered by a hospital.

Actually disappointed she didn't brag about once being a brain surgeon who removed the splinter of glass with a simple fick of her katana. After all, she educated herself at the university of youtube.

No. 527019

There are far more attractive and interesting men and women working at Loaded Radio, so the two of them are most likely just the bottom feeders who haven't managed to find a solid relationship yet, and in his case, just being someone who thinks himself better than his fiancee and so lives in hope he'll find someone else

No. 527034

Scott likely has old-man syndrome. His body is probably as saggy as Icky’s and having a younger girl flirt with him and always be on his side is probably just an ego stroke.

It’s like Rock of Love but with more trailer trash than just trash.

No. 527203


there are other women there?

people work there?

it's an online radio station…

No. 527279

File: 1528024658356.jpg (900.5 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180603-121645_Fac…)

Good ole Vick thinking metal girls don't age. This woman looks like a hybrid of the crypt keeper and gollum in a leather jacket. This will be Vicky in 5 years

No. 527284

No. 527285

Doro is aging but she's a fantastic vocalist and her band Warlock were amazing in the 80's. Vicky only wishes she could be half the woman Doro is. She couldn't handle touring for a start and has no talent. She's the poundland version of Doro

No. 527288

Don’t insult Doro Pesch like that you sleazy bitch.

No. 527302

I wonder if Vicky will shoop her next "modeling" gig to look more like Doro since she seems to like making herself look like her favs

No. 527317

Probably not because even though the bleach blonde heavy eyeliner is not a good look, at least Doro smiles happily and leaves her photos untouched. She's older, but at least she looks human.
Vicky would never have the confidence to leave her candids like that. She has to photoshop everything with the same dumb zoolander anus lips face expression so she appears to be this perfect ageless vampire xtina lookalike.

No. 527331

Inb4 vick claims doro stole her style from her, and also stole vicks other military grade glove.

No. 527375

Don't be silly anon of course Doro stole everything from Vick. So did xtina. Megan fox? She copied Vick too.
I mean, they are all mega babesss but we musn't forget that Miss Bella Morte is the original OG.
Even Marilyn monroe wants to be her.
What? Marilyn was born first?
How dare you anon.
How dare you lie like that.

No. 527377


She was also Lana Turner AND Rita Heywood. Sorry i forgot that. Forgive me anon for the oversight.

No. 527380

She lost her other glove fighting muslim terrorists anon.

It was easy for her, she batted her natural black long eyelashes at them, and with a wink of her green icy eyes, they surrended and told them all their plans for isis attacks.

She punched them repeatedly with her military grade (totally not paintball) gloves and sliced them down with her magical katana skills.
One of the terrorist's wives got totally jealous that Vick was so beautiful and talented so she threw a bomb at her and Vick caught it.

The grenade went off and her glove shattered into a million pieces but Vick's porcelain skin was left unscathed. She killed the last of the terrorists with her extremely precise knife throwing skills, and rode away on a komodo dragon that didn't want to bite her because she's so alpha and an intellectual INTJ which can totally read animal's minds.

And that anon, is the story of why Vick only wears one military grade glove.

No. 527388

Anon, I absolutely love you. More Vicfics please!

No. 527392

Haha thankyou, I tried to include as many details of Vick-lore into the story as possible.

No. 527397

File: 1528056288534.jpg (750.95 KB, 3061x2307, IMG_0976.JPG)

I'm surprised you guys forgot to post this gem. It was on the Loaded Radio "Hosts" webpage. I bet Vick wrote it herself.

No. 527435

File: 1528061464235.jpg (44.75 KB, 458x534, 152806079153544420.jpg)

Why is she making that hand gesture?

No. 527439

These make me cackle every time
I loved the part about the komodo dragon

No. 527441

It looks like she can barely open her eyes because they're inflamed and crusty.
Also lol at her hobbies. Are there more quotes from her on her awesome cooking skills?

No. 527482

File: 1528065224384.jpg (662.99 KB, 3505x1914, IMG_0981.JPG)

Fuck her complexion looks so bad here.

No. 527493


I had not seen this before but omg. And the anon writing the vicfic is awesome.

No. 527496

Looks like cystic acne. Why didn't she wear any concealer to cover it up, even though she still took the time to apply lipstick and eye makeup? Why take photos with your skin looking that bad? So many questions. Then again, nothing this bitch does ever does makes any sense.

No. 527505

Excuse you, those are just pixel artifacts from her crappy front facing camera, everyone knows Vicks was blessed with the the clearest porcelain skin

No. 527511

File: 1528067256997.jpg (137.81 KB, 750x422, download.jpg)

Remember when Vic was in college on two different coasts at the same time? And terrorists tried to diss her? And then they stole her other glove? And she cut the rope bridge to her castle and rappled to the croc infested waters below to make sure everyone was dead, perfect hair flowing behind her? Pic related

No. 527518

File: 1528067908496.png (146.37 KB, 750x881, IMG_0984.PNG)

Looks really bad here too.

No. 527552

She's showing the size of Scott's peen.

No. 527555

The clearest most porcelain skin 'that many contour to get' apparently.

No. 527562

How very dare you, she's a michelin star chef trained atop mount fuji (which she scaled barefoot with nothing but a tactical glove she saved from her military service and a katana to protect her) she scaled the mountain and met her master at the top in 20 minutes (she was taking her time, at a less leisurely pace she only takes 10). She did a magical girl twirl where her totally not extensions tied themselves up by mind control. She spun so fast her chefs whites attached themselves by the pull of gravity alone. As she stopped still with a quick flick of the katana an enemy infiltrator intending to assassinate her for her beauty and skill, lay dead on the floor. She then made a cake using water squeezed from clouds she grew herself and fresh flour she harvested and hauled up the mountain on her back, she ground it finer than any other flour with her bare hands.

No. 527563


Squeezed from clouds she grew herself…man you're funny.

No. 527565

I remember anon. It was 'epic timesss'.

It must have been around the time she was a stylist to the stars and a famous worldclass chef. I remember those times.

Celebrities would flock from high and low for her amazing advice on fashion. Christina Aguilera called her the style icon of the century and begged Vick to borrow her style. Vick said sure because she's an absolute nerd tomboy sweetheart.

She even lent Xtina some black expensive knockoff designer outfits, because she totally likes to lift other babein' women up, plus she's a blonde goth who has so much black outfits in her wardrobe…you do the math.

Her chef job was really great. She actually trained Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver before they got famous, she admitted that Gordon Ramsay was one of her star pupils, but unfortunately he just didn't have the absolute calm demeanour in the kitchen like Vick did. She was able to whip up a five star dish while simultaneously watching a harvard lecture on astro physics. She was cool calm and collected. The other chefs looked on in awe.

Anyway, she gave all that up to be a humble tattoo artist, because she's such a rocker at heart, but Gordon, Jamie and Xtina are still her bromigos and they call her up and joke and sometimes ask for tatts of her amazing artwork.

'It needs more white' she would often chuckle over the phone while she was in her wealthy hosptal grade fresh smelling (totally not a scratcher's shack) of a tattoo parlour.

No. 527566

This tragic image shows Vicky immediately following a terrorist attack on her home planet Bella Morte, she stapled up her wounds, grabbed her throwing knives and ran in to battle, she was unscathed aside from that injury and that was just because the bastards got her by surprise. She grabbed the terrorist by the throat and flipped him over her shoulder before impaling him on her katana. She healed from that injury in 10 minutes, just like her stomach tattoo, and because of her magical sword princess chosen one blood she never scars.

No. 527568

Oh yeah! Wasn't she a stunt double for Xtina back in the early 2000's, she'd step in on stage and dance when Christina's body wasn't up to scratch? Of course she could TOTALLY have sung those parts herself but she didn't want to put Christina out of a job. She's not a bitch, like every single one of those other girls. She's just one of the guys, but she does have an amazing body and she's ALWAYS batting guys off who want her to date them,but she's always been this way, a real life final fantasy character and I mean; who could resist?

She was the first ever blonde goth but she was just too shy and bashful to push that image in public so she let others borrow her style and make it big in the late 90's. This was in between modelling gigs from Paris to Milan and Tokyo to Moscow, she was jetting all over the place and people were just desperate to get her face, or rather her ass, on the cover. But of course this didn't overshadow her humanitarian work; once she had trained up her pupils she singlehandedly cooked 5 star meals for 1.216 Billion people and traveled the length and breadth of Africa feeding people her gourmet meals. Of course she was mistaken many many times for Christina Aguilera and even Britney Spears so she had to give out autographs and it was just so tiring. Vick was hurt that no one remembered her band The Shingles OR her Cabaret act that performed exclusively in London 70 years before her tour of Africa. But she's like…kinda a big deal…so they should have known.

No. 527569

Fun fact: Vicky also invented the all white tattoo, the blacklight tattoo and the tattoo to cover stretch marks! Instead of covering it cosmetically it actually restores the stretched flesh beneath, it's her patented solution she made using Astrophysics and her experience as an Astronaut to create in her lab in the back of her tattoo store.

No. 527571

Unfortunately Xtina and Vick had to stop being friends, because while Vick worked as a stylist, Xtina got jealous.

You see, Xtina was sick of Vick coming in to workkk and all her friends would comment that Vick looked like 'her little younger sister' and 'a younger version of her'

The problem was, when Vicky came into workkk with just pigtails and her tomboy nerd clothes and her face totally scrubbed free of makeup, she was so naturally beautiful, that EVERYONE including Xtina's boyfriend, would say that she looked like a highschool student. Not a day over 18. Metal girls age so well, that's the issue.

So Xtina got jealous and sad of that. Also Xtina's boyfriend really liked Vick but Vicky wouldn't sleep with him because of girl code, and Xtina wasn't really a bitch to her.
She totally could have though.

She made him hit a sign post once when he was meant to be looking at Xtina and asked secretly to marry Vick behind Xtina's back. Vick totally couldn't be bothered with all that though, because she's an intelligent english rose and she found him too beta for her taste.

No. 527572

That's the problem anon, she's too MUCH of a big deal. That's why they never put her on the cover of Vogue. She would have outdone all the other models and been too popular. So popular infact that the public would demand she be on EVERY cover EVER.

Vogue couldn't handle that because they didn't have enough money to pay Vick for every cover. Vick is wealthy as fuck though, so it's not like she needs the cash anyways.

No. 527576

I know it's super top secret anon, but rumour has it that the super special white ink she patented actually contains stem cells of her dna. That's why their tatts heal so fast, because she included her wolverine intj dna.

Unless they PICK AT THEM. Then they don't heal properly. That's why everyone's tattoos botch so easily. They are mere mortals and sometimes Vick's final fantasy dna interferes with their own and gets itchy. They simply cannot handle it and scratch and pick at the tattoos causing them to scar and look blurry.

No. 527596

the vicfic and pics are amazing, thanks for all the laughs.

No. 527598

The best part of all these stories which are funny as fuck is that they are only half as ludicrous as the ones she expects everyone to believe irl

No. 527601

She could never get married, it's the samurai scout code. When she's 40 her clock resets and she just becomes 18 again so she can continue being the ultimate ninja warrior

No. 527616

Why have I never heard her mention even riding a motorcycle or post pics and videos of being on one? I highly doubt she even has her M1 or M2 licence to be able to even drive one. She doesn’t even have her drivers licence for a damn car. I’ve never seen anyone lie so much in my life and try so incredibly hard to be something they are not. Sad sad delusional life.

No. 527624


Anon she helped found the new version of Indian and also Victory motorcycles. Hence the name. Shes just too humble to admit it was her skills that allowed them to be better than anything.

No. 527634

Yeah and the even funnier part is that most of the details in all these Vicky-pastas is actually stuff she has claimed herself on facebook and instagram.

No. 527686

This one is so spot on, I'm dying

No. 527711


She's telling you her waist size anon

No. 527716

I think she's trying to look like she's beckoning you with her finger like a sexy evil witch, but she looks like a special needs kid trying to show you her freshly picked booger kek

No. 527728

File: 1528111245918.jpg (636.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180604-122029_Fac…)

So her posts are being "sponsored" now, does that mean she's paying for them to be advertised? Wow

No. 527741

She was best friends with Indian Larry and helped to pioneer custom paint jobs. She did most of his tattoos as well, he wanted to marry her but Vic thought they worked better as business partners.

No. 527753


Yeah, she's paying to promote her posts…yikes

No. 527756

Oh god this popped up on my feed, same post. It's promoting crap like this though not her work (which she barely posts). It just looks like some random fat chick wants fried chicken , no one is gonna click that lol. What a waste of money.

No. 527765

Wtf. So they don't even have Chik-fila in Canada and she's never eaten it but she's promoting it on facebook as a sponsor.

That's like if an Australian social media influencers was like 'omg eat taco bell, it's great, I've never been there lol' like christ Vick, at least lie and be like 'mmm couldn't eat enough of this when I visited the states'

You fucking lie about doing tricks on motorbikes and put on a fake english accent every fucking day, at least pretend to have eaten the thing you are promoting, you dick.

No. 527778


Or, "Dallas cops do this really wonderful thing- sponsored by Tim Hortons!"

No. 527787

File: 1528131674942.png (318.93 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6497.PNG)


Lol she's in a fight on my friends page saying saying no one should vote NDP because one of the party's constituents wouldn't wear a poppy. She's also apparently watched 100
War documentrys in a month but is too dumb to know destroying fascist dictatorship was what World War Two
Was fought over. Canadian vets literally fought for the people's right to choose to not wear a poppy. CHOOSE, because in Hitler's German you didn't have a choice to dessert against the government.

No. 527809

>May the dead curse you for your words

Oh my god. She genuinely speaks like a neckbeard. Someone get that bitch a fedora.

No. 527816

shes not trying to sell chicken, she's just desperate for attention so she's promoting her posts so more people see them and comment on her shit

she's reaching a new low of sadness

No. 527829

File: 1528137831000.jpg (801.67 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180604_144526.jpg)

Now Vicky is an expert in sociology or something jfc it never ends

No. 527836

Ah, forgive my ignorance. I don't actually have a facebook, so I don't know how the sponsoring thing works. I know when people do it on youtube it's annoying as fuck.

I agree though, it's sad that she wants more people to see her retarded posts. Usually consists of humble bragging or nothing of value.

No. 527837

Guys dont you remember a few threads back someone posted a cap from Ken Burns account talking about how he couldn't have made a single one of his documentaries without her exquisite knowledge of fucking everything? And iirc she earned her PhD in sociology on the plane between yale and ucla everyday! Which she flew. With hee military grade glove.

No. 527838

She always says 'studies show' or 'I read a study/watched a documentary' but never lists her source or gives any links to these 'studies'
It's irritating. Such a childish I'm right and you are wrong attittude.

Also, I don't agree with her theory about successful women picking mates like men or whatever that rubbish was.
Women with money and success tend to choose men with equal or more money or status. But this crap was pretty much just a way for Vick to boast that she's rich.

No. 527843

Honestly she needs to shove her remaining military grade glove where the sun don't shine. I'm sure that bloke she's talking to is just as much of an edgelord neckbeard loser as she is, but there's more truth in what he's saying than her.

I'm convinved she watched the 1997 tomb raider movie and tries too hard to emulate Lady Croft. Look at all the instagram posts where she talks in the phony accent. Apart from the weird american/irish slip ups, she tries to enunciate her words the same.
The way she describes herself as some femme fatale bombshell who is a weapons expert and the tacky way she does her shitty place up like a faux mansion.
If she is remotely wealthy, I'm absolutely convinced that when she isn't overcharging for shit jail tier tattoos, she makes the rest being a prostitute.

Sorry for sperging about 1997 tomb raider, but I watched that cringey movie heaps as a child and seriously anons, if you watch it, you'll get what I mean.
This psycho genuinely thinks she's a blonde tattooed Lara Croft.

No. 527888

She's wrong and she's just using this as another opportunity to brag about how wealthy she is.

If you have so much money, why are you tattooing out of a shack in an industrial area in a bumfuck nowhere hick town in Canada, Vicky?

No. 527896

She can’t have much money as she bums rides off of people or trades for “ink” and buys knockoff clothes on Amazon. She also never goes anywhere, likely because she was too lazy to try to get her Canadian citizenship. If she went somewhere you best believe she’d make a post, but instead she shoops herself into photos of random places like that London one. Oh Vic, never change you beta, poor, pathological liar.

No. 527927

Ummm don't you remember? Lara Croft was based ON her. Shicky was in London when she bumped in to Toby Gard and Paul Howard Douglass who's jaws dropped open at her sheer beauty. Her long blonde hair was thigh length and shimmered as it became tousled in the wind. There was a break in the clouds of dreary London and a beam of light, a Jacobs ladder, as she turned her small, pixie like face to the sun her icy grey eyes glinted and sparkled, the warmth of the sun brightened her immaculate porcelain skin with not a single mark or imperfection. She smiled, it was like a thousand angels singing, and you could see her real lip line underneath her drawn on one. They watched on mouths still agape as she shook out her hair and ran her fingers through it, her hand was covered by a single tactile military glove, reinforced fot self protection. She was wearing black shorts and a strap around her leg and waist that held a wallet and knife, in easy reach in case she needed to protect her countrymen or herself. On her back, slung like a rifle, was her Katana. The fruit of her labour, she handcrafted her weapon in the forges of deepest Kyoto, days of folding and hammering til her trainer exclaimed that she had made the sharpest blade ever made my mortal man, she stood up, shook out her hair and pouted, look at her trainer said "I am mortal, but I am no man, MY hands create worlds within them and smash them just as easily. I am beyond all expectations" then sheathed her still hot Katana that became instantly cold to her touch as she can control temperature with her mind and she strode off back to Canada. Her enormous(totally real and not photoshop at all IRL wow) breasts were squeezed in to a dirty white tank top that smelled slight of cheese and cigarette ash, atop that she wore a cropped leather jacket that was beat up and looked like it had seen decades of wear. The patches, pins and spikes were falling off but just added to her cool and carefree image. But it was when they let their gaze wander down her shapely hips and slender legs to her doc marten boots with hiking socks rolled up over the top that they knew she was their girl, their music. They took her for a few drinks and asked her to return to Derby with them in order for them to create their model based on her proportions and to record her perfect Queen's English accent for use in cut scenes and other parts of the game. Toward the end of development Vic asked them not to add her hair colour or Katana as she doesn't think normal people could resonate and connect with such otherwordly beauty and talent. That's why Lara's hair is dark. Vicky was way too humble and all she asked was that they let her 'show them a good time' one last time before she left and continued on her way. She's a true British hero. An English rose that will single handedly defeat ISIS and has been immortalised in gaming history. She was also the base model for Poison from Street Fighter, they just made her hair blonde and used video of Vicky's fighting skills to model Poison's moves.(wall of autism)

No. 527939

She basically lives in a seedy mid 80's biker romance/ spy/mobster movie and believes that she should decorate according to her 'status' that she has given herself. She's the type who would by a square foot of land in Scotland to call herself a Lady.

No. 527941

Did you also know that Angelina jolie begged vic to turn down the offer to play in tomb raider because she was totally prettier? But vic was busy training SAS in hand to hand combat and camouflage techniques so she graciously put in a good word for Angelina as a gesture of her queenly grace.

No. 527942

i reaaaally hate to be "that anon", but can we slow down on the fanfics? they werent even funny the first few times.

No. 527943

I gotta agree here like at first it was sorta funny but now it's overkill

No. 527957


gonna 3rd the motion that the fanfics be taken out behind the barn

No. 527980

99.9% is shit Vic has said herself and since she's not doing much worth talking about right now people are just fucking around.

No. 527992

Besides we know vik reads here. And because vikfic is so spot on she is now Canada's leading sociologist and historian. She out writes vicfic every other day.

No. 528037

>>527829 triggered by her inability to construct a proper sentence. She tries to hard to be smart, but you have to read what she says like three times over again because it never makes sense

No. 528038

Why is she so obsessed with talking about what women find attractive in men?

No. 528044

if there’s no milk, that doesn’t mean it’s time to start posting super long fanfics to fill up the thread. we can’t sage and therefore these shitposts bump the thread to the top of /pt and become a letdown because instead of milk, it’s just a handful of farmers unable to adhere to posting guidelines.

No. 528113

I'm guessing because she's buttering up her fans. She's claiming women like the kinds of men they are or at least think they are. Like when she was telling one of her fans that they must be an alpha male because they had some random bullshit characteristic. The neckbeards stay on her page because they keep hearing good things by her. As dumb as she is she's good at keeping her degenerate fans with her

No. 528269

Yeah I understand, I don't personally care as I find it amusing to see the elaborate shit they come up with but it is unrelated. Maybe a separate archive for her lore some day

No. 528273

People date within their own socioeconomic status. This is one of the most well supported correlations in sociology. This Sean guy and Vicky are both retards. If they want to play academia at least go take a god damn class at a community college.

>listened to a study

>talking sociology

She could at least try.

No. 528622

File: 1528335222835.jpg (427.05 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180606_213459.jpg)

Why doesn't your immortal ass just suck the glass out of your foot then ? Miss wolverine vampire here can't manage a minor injury from drunkenly stepping on a broken JD bottle wah wah

No. 528697



No. 528810

I thought Vicky heals faster than the average person? Why would someone like that need a padded sock? I mean her stomach tattoo healed in a day. Doesn’t she have super high pain tolerance too?
I’m not understanding. Is this the same Vicky??

No. 528814


Remember, Vick is built like a keg so her poor foot prob has a hard time supporting all that weight kek

No. 529104

She's probably chosen to drop that façade so her conquest can feel like a great alpha saving his queen
That or she's really enjoying this guy giving her all this attention so she's exaggerating how hurt she actually is so he keeps taking care of her. Probably a bit of both

No. 529155

File: 1528514813184.jpg (836.53 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180608_232701.jpg)

Vicky knew there was life on mars , also when people who know what they're talking about challenge her knowledge on the subject, ask for her sources and post their own, it turns out she just happens to use the exact same sources!!

No. 529181

I’m sure NASA consulted with her at some point because Vicky is an astrophysicist and totally knew things about mars that no one else knew.
I’m sure she’s totally capable of being an astronaut and passed all their physical test better than everyone ever in NASA history.

No. 529214

Pretentiousness, thy name is Vicky Shingles.

No. 529285

File: 1528584049376.png (32.78 KB, 570x128, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 6.36…)

>The article i mentioned is the one you just read

No, Vicky, you dense bitch. The WSJ news article he linked was not the additional "piece of research published simultaneously" mentioned in the Independent article (which you just copy and pasted your comment from). It doesn't even mention that research, because the WSJ article was published before that research was even released in Science. One clue is that NASA doesn't publish its research in the fucking Wall Street Journal.


>B-but muh Stanford astrophysics!

No. 529300

Topkek anon. Lol

No. 529802

File: 1528727908108.png (468.03 KB, 530x524, Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 10.3…)

oh the irony

No. 529808

I would think it's worse when the model only looks sorta good when they take the picture themselves. Also, sure Vicky, go ahead and feel that you have any authority on talking about photographers when you've only used one (yourself)

No. 529812

Yes Vicky your photographer is supreme because it is a fucking timer button

No. 529840


Aw frankies just a totes profesh hard working guy you know? Hes also totally in love with me and knows bow to catch my one angle! -vick.

No. 529952

File: 1528763680807.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 1BACAE41-1B4F-4466-8F14-B453A8…)

She shouldn’t be proud of this

No. 529956


She drew a shit version of her shit shoops, badly ripping off another artists style, while claiming to have always draw in this style. I have no words.

No. 529962

LMFAO she draws her own fan art she's like a LARPer obsessed w their OCs

No. 529970


lol not only did she rip off the original artist's work (the face, just changed the shape a bit), but it looks awkward as fuck because she couldnt draw the body in the same direction, so its just this spaz with a broken neck

clearly she is not an artist and has no idea how to actually draw a human body, hell, even straight on (wtf are those proportions)

and its just so shitty but…hey, its not finished, and she drew it with a broken hand because she just had to come up with an excuse for why its bad and also why its so good considering what she had to persevere through - truly the most talented person in the world

No. 529971

File: 1528766061609.png (1.31 MB, 1387x907, shading.PNG)

i just cant get over how the shading looks like it was done by a kindergarten student

No. 530000

File: 1528771788401.png (124.18 KB, 480x480, condom_is_too_long_large.png)

No. 530010


Holy shit this looks like the kind of drawings I did when I was 11 years old trying to draw my bratz dolls kek!!! A 30 something year old ~tattoo artist~ drawing this bad is extremely embarrassing.

No. 530111


Did she seriously draw her shooped version of herself? Her proportions are so ridiculous and those titties are hilarious. Go study human anatomy, icky

No. 530124

and this is why she's a shitty artist all around, idc what anyone says, there's very little redeeming qualities about her 'art' in any medium.

No. 530125

does she ever finish anything? lol what were you gonna do vic, colour this w some dry felt tips?

No. 530276

File: 1528839574597.jpg (12.67 KB, 354x354, x354-q80.jpg)

She piles on a mask of make up. How could she have a nice complexion?

No. 530440

… why would you draw with a injured hand LMAOO

No. 531107

File: 1528997299549.png (445.57 KB, 556x809, Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 1.24…)

still thinks shes a celebrity…

No. 531110

is she tryna insinuate that we photoshop her pics

No. 531113


wtf are you talking about anon, vicky is an international supermodel, of course she's a celebrity. here is PROOF that jealous HATERS take her pics and photoshop them to make her look like a chubby 30 year old woman with fried hair: >>516600

No. 531115

The best part of her rant is the pretty and successful line. She is neither unless fake cow scratcher is a trade.

No. 531330

that and her saying someone taking the time to edit a pic to change the way a person looks is pathetic and a loser, so guess she's talking about herself then.

No. 531394

File: 1529025097558.jpeg (94.66 KB, 640x506, 70A8EA39-AD1E-4C36-85B2-92A17E…)

>Damn imma tear that shit up

You already tear people’s skin up, Icky

No. 531402


blatantly admitting she hasnt given past clients here all

No. 531439

File: 1529030041903.jpg (461.83 KB, 2048x2048, 6C004A47-EDEB-4A9B-8B01-68F841…)

Unphotoshopped version on the left, barely photoshopped version on the right. She does look like a wisdom tooth. Sorry Vick, but some people really do look look like shit without photoshop, including you. The biggest difference is that you are too insecure to show people what you really look like and Blac Chyna isn't. The only reason we even have those candids of you is because your need to feed that ego of yours is so big, you accidentally allowed a "fan" to post every candid photo of you to a public page. That was your mistake, and it was a pretty big one considering you keep trying so hard to feed everyone this fantasy image of yourself that doesn't really exist. Honestly, how do you not get called out by everyone who meets you in person? I would feel pretty pissed if I met up with someone who looked nothing like their photos online.

No. 531554

She must have like 90 IQ to think people would find her lies and photoshop believable. Anyone with a grasp of the subject she claims to know is only laughing at her claims, she can’t form any coherent thought. All her comments are written as if it was an edgy 12 years old (a dumb one, who thinks “my dog ate my homework and my parents died in a fire” is a believable excuse for not being prepared for class and a faked doctors note signed “DoCtoR” is totally legit). As for mbti types: she has no actual idea what intjs are like. Most people don’t, because they are rare as hell and women are even rarer. Everyone who claims to be an edgy intj on the internet is mostly isfp, infp or entp (in her case I’d say isfp) with insecurity issues and self-entitlement. I actually feel bad for her, she is so stupid and untalented and just in general doesn’t know shit so much so that she thinks she is a know-it-all, takes no opportunity o learn or improve because she believes she is already “goals”, has no actual discipline, wit or anything else that would help her survive on her own in the world, and her personality and the way she is handling herself attracts only desperate losers with Peter Pan syndrome. She claimed in an interview to have a mother who’s a doctor, so perhaps her family is wealthy enough to support this leech’es useless lifestyle, but what next? What will happen to her when her parents can’t provide for her anymore? She’s not getting a rich man, because even the dumb ones have standards, and she can’t make any decent and honest business on her own? At first it was amusing but now I don’t even feel like laughing at her, she will wake up one day when it’s too late to change things, and realize how she wasted her life on this ridiculous persona on the internet and didn’t invest at all in anything valuable in life - family, friends, knowledge, experience, social network, nothing. Some cows are funny, but this just feels like laughing at a mentally handicapped person or a child with Down syndrome.

No. 531556

Can’t sage for samefagging sadly, but I also wanted to add how her knowledge of mbti is merely memes about intjs. If she was an actual intj she’d explore the theory (and with high probability also she’d see how unscientific and outdated it is and it really only can function as a language to help understand others better when you’re undeveloped much and need some guidance to develop your social skills). Intj practically means that your most preferred state is using NiTe combination of cognitive functions. Also intjs 3rd function is Fi which stands for values and actually developed intjs are very in touch with their emotions and approach them very rationally. She is none of those things. Intjs are open minded, calm, playful, curious and exploring things, don’t care about how they’re perceived by others and don’t care for stupid powerlevelig or bragging. In fact they tend to be unsure of many things, they see things as “I think this is correct, but there are so many other options that I am not really sure”. They listen and love to listen and get new information.
Again - Vicky is none of these things. Her talk is cheap.(autism)

No. 531564

Myers-Briggs personality types and most personality/IQ tests are a load of crap and people that use them to make themselves feel special are normally really fucking boring/dumb. Says a lot really

No. 531567

What I meant is that Carl Jung formed a hypothesis of those types based on his own observations and they make sense in a way, they can be applied to improve social skills. But yeah, what came out of it - scammy tests online and worthless set of universal stereotypes as descriptions, is completely worthless and a horoscope. It’s basically a “what do you think about yourself” test and the result is always “I am so logical and great and reasonable”, because that’s how most people view themselves, especially the narcisstic ones.
It’s same as introvert/extrovert/ambivert is a concept that can be applied and considered in certain ways, but people just go like in this meme: you’re either an artistic emo introvert who cries alone in his dark room or a loud obnoxious extrovert who “does coke from park bench with his 80 best friends”.

No. 531572

An intelligent person would use just anything to improve themselves, self-reflect, learn, whatever.
Icky… speaks for itself. For her any excuse to be rude, dumb and obnoxious is worth gold.

No. 531594

File: 1529075290283.jpg (489.06 KB, 500x280, G6H5wHU.jpg)

her tattoos are going to look as shitty as they always have, but she'll be so proud of herself for overcoming a sprained arm.

No. 531598

If Vic would go to a bloody gym she might not look half bad. Problem is she refuses to work hard for anything in life

No. 531601

Yes but the gym wont fix stupid. Or her ego.

No. 531622


Your just a jealous hater. Vic's body is ART, many people tell her so. She's always been able to make guys hit sign posts

No. 531626

I think it's not just the gym, she really needs to stop drinking so much. That is what's aging her so much. The ciggies too.

But even after all that and the gym, she'd still be vile as a person.

No. 531631

atleast she'd be able to back her claims up. but then she wouldn't be her.

No. 531635


she could sit in a gym for the rest of her life and she would still have a body like fridge. She just doesn't genetically have the curvy delicate hourglass body she's deluded herself into thinking she has. Thats why she
photoshops her self into her narsissistic fever/wet dream

No. 531828

File: 1529125003551.png (117.02 KB, 750x1117, IMG_1034.PNG)

Oh shit guys, it's finally happening.

No. 531830

File: 1529125044071.jpg (531.23 KB, 4000x3000, IMG_1039.JPG)

Meant to post this one.

No. 531833

File: 1529125285856.png (107.36 KB, 750x1122, IMG_1036.PNG)

Her response to the first comment is completely incoherent. What happened to that high IQ she supposedly has? Oh, right. It was a load of bullshit like everything else she says.

No. 531835

File: 1529125490886.png (97.62 KB, 750x1101, IMG_1037.PNG)

These bangs don't look bad on her. If she's really finally changing her style, I'm shocked.

No. 531845

My lovely old Razr flip phone took better pictures than she does.

I realize she edits and filters the fuck out of every single one, but how are they this blurry and shite?

No. 531868

File: 1529131770725.jpg (159.65 KB, 560x398, IMG_1069.JPG)

She keeps referring to what she's wearing as "gothic lolita" and like always, she's completely incorrect. What she's wearing is more like kogyaru, which is Japanese schoolgirl fashion. The photo attached is gothic lolita. Seriously Vick, do you really not know how to do a simple google search instead of spouting off about things that you know absolutely nothing about? It makes you look like such a moron.

No. 531887

Vicky will just claim that style is whatever you want it to be or that she's 'redefining' the style. Even if she did google it it'd make no difference she'd carry on with her bull in a china shop approach to everything and never redact it.

No. 531893

Her newest insta story she's wearing like a Japanese schoolgirl outfit with only one knee high sock.

One sock…one glove…one contact, why do people think this kind of thing is cool?

No. 531894

Watch out Vicky is creating a new subculture.

Countdown before she turns full weeb begins.

No. 531896

I know she stalks Kelly Eden. Perhaps she's going to try for the whole tattooed not like the other girls weeb image? She's like a more obnoxious uglier Kelly Eden with worse tattoos and blonde hair instead of pink. Both crazy narc fake geek girls. God…can you imagine if they collabed?

No. 531922

Oh god I'm so hopeful for this. The one sock thing is a bit bizarre, I've seen one long sock one short but to forego it all together doesn't look edgy it just looks like she forgot a sock or was too simple to dress herself properly. I'd like to see her evolve from the greasy groupie look though, it's unlikely but it'd be interesting.

No. 531932

>astrophysicist lolita

it's an interesting change of style. perhaps her towering intellect wasn't getting enough attention, so she decided to switch to easier bait. curious why she took the photos with a literal potato.

No. 531952

Sailor moonface

No. 531954

God, she looks like a special ed kid heading to their first anime convention. Look at that goofy grin. I suppose it's a change from the asshole lip pout thing she normally does.

No. 531957

I was going to say this earlier. I am not into lolita fashion, nor am I knowledgeable about weeb fashion, but most people with any bit of internet/chan culture know that gothic lolita/lolita is the frilly dresses (like the one in the picture you posted) and not that weird cheap looking anime school girl outfit she has going on.
It's a bit embarrassing she even put a label on her outfit, let alone an incorrect one.

No. 531959

File: 1529174055915.jpeg (130.65 KB, 640x1057, AA8F29B3-5182-41F4-928B-2ECCB5…)

Even with the potatoe filters you can tell how fat she is. She’s so wide and her arms are like plump sausages. And she’s spreading her legs and pointing her knees in to make them look thinner. Imagine being in your 30’s and dressing like a Japanese weeb school girl. Pretty embarrassing if you ask me she needs to grow the fuck up get off her lazy ass and lose weight. Does anyone else think she looks like Luna Slater here? She has the same body shape and shitty fried blonde hair with the botched fringe

No. 531962

File: 1529174397095.jpg (201.54 KB, 1024x1024, PicsArt_06-16-02.34.01.jpg)

gets asked a simple question, goes on and on about how she wears an xs, asian sizes are smaller than us oned and she's ~curvy af~. so lucky it had a Tue in back b/c ig was loose on her. also she's had dresses like this forever but conveniently never posted them until now.

No. 531973

Lol zero size my ass. And i agree if i squint she looks a little like tuna slatern.

No. 531986

File: 1529180390467.gif (1.78 MB, 300x168, EBF6423E-058C-4A61-A086-948DD9…)


>I’m curvy af

No. 531990

File: 1529180986851.jpeg (42.93 KB, 567x561, 275C08E8-421C-44E1-99EF-FB805A…)

I love how she @‘s herself

No. 531993


There’s no way this fat cow is the same size as me. Just looking at that image of her if she attempted to put on one of my xs clothing articles it would rip and I wear size 0 jeans she wouldn’t even be able to pull them up close to her knees what a stupid liar anyone with eyes can see she’s talking pure shit.

No. 531997

What a load of bullshit. Plus is it me or is the armband not even closed on her right arm ?

I don't even know how she justifies this kind of crap quality especially since it's not taken in selfie mode. Obviously fake alien sightings have a better quality than that.

Can't wait for her to jump on the lolita bandwagon and get ripped apart by actual lolitas lmao.

No. 531999

File: 1529183670420.jpeg (345.63 KB, 1770x1770, D74EBA9C-1CDB-42E7-AE3E-207FE1…)

Twins! But Vicky is more chunky than Luna kek. Also Vick’s smile looks like the fucking Joker

No. 532022

She’s a size 8/10 at best which is an XL in “Asian” sizes. She’s rather short with hammy arms and legs so I’d guess she’s at least 20-30lbs overweight for her size.

No. 532030

love this nonsense, like your "hips and ass" might be bigger than your waist but not like 2 sizes bigger lmao that would just look comical if it was true, like imagine having a size 6 waist and size 10 hips
the skirt might look smaller cus she has it hiked up like below her bra line

No. 532035

Everything about this is Ita as fuck but the "only one sock" thing is killing me the most.

No. 532038

Oh my GOD that's not the armband, that's… the SLEEVE!
Holy fuck her arms are so flabby she had to cut the sleeve KEEEEK!

No. 532040

No. 532042

What are the stripes on the mirror? she seems to warp in from them but that could be optical illusion. You can tell that outfit is made from the cheapest of cheap polyester though, makes me shudder to think of her greasy hair and ratty knotted extensions over her chubby fridge body in cheap shiny polyester

No. 532044

File: 1529192168998.jpeg (235.59 KB, 970x1629, 2C297B87-2842-47E6-A3F5-ACFC05…)

You can fully see her gut sticking out kek

No. 532048

It's really impressive ehiebshe managed to make a modern phone take pictures like a 2001 flip phone. Did she run this through a deep fried meme generator or something?

No. 532052

File: 1529193099819.jpg (200.79 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20180616-185054.jpg)

yeah I spotted this over a field in Iowa last summer

No. 532056

File: 1529193435367.png (962.81 KB, 1080x1496, IMG_20180617_005542.png)

She's hilariously conceited. Who captions a photo of themselves this way? She's giving me Nicole Dollanganger with this hair and shoop.

No. 532057

Who is she trying to convince that this is the same person and it's totally how she naturally looks? She naturally morphs bone structure daily.

No. 532079

File: 1529195833146.jpeg (134.57 KB, 1107x725, EF1717DB-E6D9-45B2-AA06-79D653…)

Something tells me she’s shaped more like her little sister than she’d like to admit. (Cropped for anonymity of course)

No. 532126

The comments on this one are great, especially the one where someone compliments her and says she doesn't need any filters and she responds by insisting this image is not filtered even tho her lashes looking like a damn muppet's. The rest is some girl trying to solicit the violent assault of her stalker ex or something wild like that, I'm surprised vic hasn't offered to slice him into new weave tracks with her precision bladework yet

No. 532132

It’s weird to think that Vic has a regular family. She seems like an experiment that was beamed down to earth by aliens who only had MySpace to reference for designing a “normal” human woman.

No. 532134

Holy polyester hair, batman, fucking kek.

No. 532139

File: 1529210480186.png (243.85 KB, 585x558, Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 10.4…)

all i can see is a shitty tracing.

No. 532150


yup, which is why the body completely didnt match or even face the same direction as the face - she cant draw

No. 532151

File: 1529217027541.jpg (1.08 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180611_205453.jpg)


Thought we had a side by side posted but yeah

No. 532152

You can get the animu dress on wish, just look for "Japanese school uniformy".
Imagine the quality.

No. 532169

so weird how the original drawing kinda looks like her thats probably why she traced it lmao but seriously who draws their own self as anime thats just lame af

No. 532179

The original drawing looks nothing like her except for maybe the lashes and big hair (which she photoshops anyway)
The cartoon has a small upturned nose and natural pouty round lips.
Vick has a big penis nose and pouts her lips to make them look bigger.

No. 532184

>Asian sizes are much smaller than usa if you look at the inchs vs cm's

wtf does that even mean, lol

I also love that the FIRST thing she says when asked for a link is that it only comes in XS (which was a little loose for her)

No. 532207

I guess she's trying to say the measurements are different but in a really confusing way or she doesn't understand that inches and centimetres are different? lol

notice how the girl asks how many inches she is around her waist and she just replies with the size instead but shes tryna say she has like a 25 inch waist lol so she's like 40-25-44 but it fluctuates all the time!

No. 532219

File: 1529255298615.jpg (Spoiler Image, 369 KB, 889x883, Screenshot_20180617-130645.jpg)

The dress comes in US XXS, XS AND S, on Wish.com, not just XS as she said. And the largest size can COMFORTABLY fit someone who's up to like 116lbs or 53kg with a 29inch waist and 36inch bust. She looks like she's stretching it out in the picture she posted though, in her upper body area especially,(compared to how it looks on the model on the website) so it's obviously too small/tight on her. So her trying to make it seem like she's small is ridiculous. (Not that 116lbs is fat, it depends on height. But obviously she's quite a bit more than that if something for someone at that weight is tight on her.)


No. 532239


Damn that weeb dress doesn’t fit her at all It looks like it will rip if she bends over

No. 532250

Vic can u pls explain the one military grade tactical sock

No. 532253

Where did she even get the idea of gothic lolita from that dress? It's not lolita and Vicky should know what goth means. Like I'd somewhat understand if she thought she felt kinda like a sweet lolita. Still really wrong but at least there is a bit of a connection there (Japanese style + innocent). For having such a ~high IQ~ she really can't do basic logic can she?

No. 532277

File: 1529269136835.jpg (706.37 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180617_170050.jpg)


No. 532278

>were one a different island
vicky please stop