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File: 1424381574429.jpg (93.21 KB, 431x700, spsp.jpg)

No. 51609


Created by /baphomet/ (a /pol/ subsidiary) to piss off Swami (attention whoring tranny owner of /fem/ who uses nudes from /soc/ whores to claim as "herself"), /tradfem/ is a board full of "traditional, pure Christian women" who wish to return to the "old ways" of life.

Threads on the board spout the typical nonsense one would expect from those who live by only Jane Austen and romanticism of the past. Here you will find condescending opinions where these "women" (lol) look down upon modern women for things as trivial as birth control, skin care techniques, nail polish, etc.

Potential lolcows? Absolutely, as the admin firmly bans anyone who comes to the board and dares to disagree with them even civilly. In fact, when there was a thread calling them out on how they copypasted their "experiences" from a baby forum via simple Google search the thread was wiped within twenty minutes.

No. 51614

As per usual, you will also notice that these cunts are outspoken against "feminism"– you know, the cool new thing to hate all because of Tumblr.

Now, I'm not a thumping femnazi or anything like that. I don't even use Tumblr, but these posts are fucking laughable. They want to "go back" without realizing that people from earlier decades (and women currently in shit countries such as Africa, Middle East, and Mexico) would kill to be in their shoes right now.

But, yeah, nah. Fuck child labor laws, advancements in medicine, and your husband not being allowed to cheat on you/beat the shit out of you without reproach, right?

No. 51621

File: 1424382210138.png (126.37 KB, 1332x935, Screenshot (419).png)

No. 51622

The reason they copy pasted was probably because it was made by (male) /baphomet/ users. They were probably just trying to start a bunch of generic threads about female shit so the board would have content to attract some actual women. Still, though, I think it's kind of shitty and obnoxious to make a women board and pretend to be one yourself when you aren't.

This. I got a permanent ban for asking them why such moral and traditional ladies were on a site like 8chan. The internet isn't a very wholesome place for ladies to be, especially not 8chan. How would such women have stumbled upon 8chan to begin with? Methinks they aren't such ladies after all lmao.

No. 51623

File: 1424382404645.png (240.88 KB, 1811x880, muh tone police.png)

No. 51624

He banned me before I got to post my reply lmao. Shows how scared they are of opposing viewpoints. And they way they write is really cringy and fedora-ish

No. 51627

I'm actually worried about other girl boards. They seem to be trying to drive off all girl boards in their quest to piss off Swami. The owners of /beauty/ haven't been around in a few days and I'm hoping these cunts haven't driven them off. They have two threads that seem like stabs at them.

No. 51633

File: 1424382833053.png (245.33 KB, 1920x450, muh feminine.png)

Wtf did having no traditions have to do with compromising feminine identity? Lmao. Plenty of families don't have traditions, dude. Why the fuck are you making issues where there are none.

No. 51663

just a bunch of /pol/ fedoras having a roleplay

No. 51665

File: 1424384523637.png (139.8 KB, 1348x863, muh etiquette.png)

No. 51667

>fitness thread
>suddenly all these "females" who just want to play "traditional feminine roles" start praising weightlifting and discuss gaining muscle mass

Not that weightlifting is bad, it's great, but for a board filled with "traditional" women, you wouldn't really expect them to discuss it like that.

No. 51674

No. 51679


someone tried to bring the issue to light and the tradfemtards came into the thread telling people that they have no integrity on the internet lol

its like people want more variety that theyre so desperate to believe that these are real women online

No. 51682

> "traditional, pure Christian women" who wish to return to the "old ways" of life.
>browsing a Korean printmaking imageboard where people post black dicks and crossdressing anime boys
yup, definitely a /pol/ RP

No. 51684

>ITT pure womyn trying to be victims

Wow, seriously?

No. 51689

File: 1424386084945.gif (470.34 KB, 450x192, 1392776975407.gif)


"There are so many icky things about hormonal bc that are swept under the rug! It is made out to be this great feminist victory but it seems like it hurts us- for both short and long term reasons. Being on a synthetic hormone disrupts your own body's ability to maintain its natural cycles. Hormones are so intricate and integral to our entire metabolic function. It's just not something that we want to be messing with long term, especially when there are other options. I'm glad you listened to your body and made your own decision. You are definitely not the only one to have a variety of side effects that didn't seem worth it.

this is not medical advice of course, I am not a professional just someone who has previously experienced various hormonal bc's as well as fertility awareness method :)"

Who the fuck uses words like 'yucky'? What is this fucking post? Who said anything anywhere about the pill being a feminist victory? Are these bitches fucking mentally damaged?

No. 51691

Didn't /baph/ get wiped because the board owner doxed a federal judge and put her SSN in the comments?

Did someone make a "new" /baph/?

No. 51694

>Are these bitches fucking mentally damaged?
>implying they are girls

it's male neckbeards- /baphomet/ precisely /pol/- roleplaying.
The board was made by a skype group
They made the board at 4 AM and immediately started posting in it , not suspicious at all.

No. 51695

It still exists. Its just unlisted.


After these posts is when /tradfem/ and /girltalk/ showed up, literally hours later at like 4am and had a surge of posts. /girltalk/ is kill because the "owner didn't want drama".

No. 51696

Good luck getting anyone in that /boards/ thread to believe it. They and /meta/ are so damned insistent that its truly a bunch of women.

No. 51699

it's probably fags from that skype group invading that thread, defending their roleplay board

No. 51712

Reminds me of those lifestyle lolitas lmao. On that note, should I make a lolita lifestyle board? It could be like /tradfem/, except lolita, and not made up of retarded /pol/ neckbeards.

No. 51713

/cgl/ on 8ch is so, so dead and I wouldn't be opposed to this.

No. 51715

File: 1424387675506.jpg (81.65 KB, 600x750, 1379360719154.jpg)


No. 51718


Alright, I made one. Everyone can feel free to post and shit.

No. 51719

OMFG I have never seen that picture of Jessica before, wtf that is terrible.

No. 51721

Go find the Nigri thread in the catalog, I dropped a bunch a few weeks ago.

No. 51740

Apparently, we're all Swami for criticizing them.

No. 51771

They give really shitty corseting advice, too. Telling a girl who hasn't worn it in years and gained weight to "just try to squeeze into it".

No. 51778

File: 1424393101016.png (30.69 KB, 950x791, mad cunt is mad.png)

Is VPN, I don't care.

No. 51797

Hahaha. What was it a reply to?

No. 51812

Their "fitness" thread.
You know, the one that makes absolutely zero sense because it simultaneously bitches about physical exertion not being "ladylike".

Operating in extremes.

No. 51816

File: 1424395438329.gif (103.45 KB, 450x253, 5aXdIgh.gif)

If you open two tabs and put /tradfem/ in one and /beauty/ in the other in catalog view /tradfem/ is blatantly trying to rip off the board by creating the same topics but the only difference is that they make theirs pretentious and all about how wrong everyone else is for not being like them. The fuck is their problem? This board is like a hybrid of /cgl/, /beauty/, and /christian/.

No. 51828

>makes threads about corseting
>make up skin shit

there.. there are all boards for those topics already.. how stuck up do you need to be to feel like you need your own speshul spaec on a chan where you can talk about such simple shit? is the thought of being disagreed with that frightening for these people?

No. 51839

~*beautiful christian seagulls*~

No. 51851

File: 1424399312529.png (37.12 KB, 1037x226, these retards.png)

The board has existed for less than a week and they expect everyone to believe these stats.

No. 51854

File: 1424399677835.png (55.81 KB, 965x332, retards electric boogaloo.png)

No. 51874

Lol, watch these paranoid bitches get mad and come to the board, too.

No. 51879

I was thinking.. how they type sounds a lot like the sandy cunts that would come into cgl sometimes and get holier than thou about birth control and face wash, I wonder if these bitches are them? they would always appear then drop off, then reappear again

No. 51936

File: 1424410162323.png (150.44 KB, 1920x799, again.png)

They're still dragging this out and are going to make another board.

No. 51975

Someone should make a thread pretending to be one of them and ask if they ever get the urge to sleep with black men.

No. 51998

Surprise surprise, they're a bunch of hypocrites (or, in truth, men pretending to be their own ideal, unrealistic women).

No. 52028

>Who said anything anywhere about the pill being a feminist victory? Are these bitches fucking mentally damaged?

Er. Every historian concerned with the modern period? The pill was a fucking huge deal anon.

No. 52070

No. 52072

They're talking about in that context. That tradfem tard brought it up when it was neither here or there in the conversation with that girl who went off it. Nobody goes on the pill for the feminist victory. Most of us go on it because it fucking helps us with a lot of shit such as undoing ungodly cramps which Midol did fuck all for..

No. 52073

But anon, everything feminism did was wrong, so they have to oppose the pill on that bases.

No. 52131

Aw, they deleted it.

They're slamming in pagans in another post. Lolwow. Bitch, we avoid you fuckers like the plague yet you're always the ones showing up to our charities, Halloween carnivals, and community events up here to scream at us and throw shit so much that we now require police escort.

No. 52135

Its like those people who randomly bring up politics or religion in a conversation which has nothing to do with either of those subjects. They just make everyone around them feel awkward and then nobody feels like talking anymore.

No. 52136

Hi, one of the owners here. You're partially right. I've been busy with college but I still try to check the board somewhat regularly, especially when my co-owner needs help with something or to tweak the css.

When we found out about this drama we decided to remain lowkey for a while, especially because we wanted to make sure people didn't think we had shit to do with this. We didn't want to get the board dragged into something that had nothing to do with it, especially because of Swami.

No. 52175


lol wtf
why do they try to act so tortured

No. 52206

>tfw some bitch talked for me
>now i gotta work and shit

Fucking bitch.

No. 52213

Holy shit, I'm dying.

No. 52217

File: 1424478091932.jpg (131.77 KB, 903x768, 903px-Salome_with_the_Head_of_…)

>be me
>be 18th century
>live my entire life hiding under my fan
>then those goddamned feminists come
>they spew shit about rights and working and everything
>my husband finds out about it
>he tells me yo i think they’re right you gotta b equal to me
>but honey i just bought this new collection of fans
>don’t care, get to work
>tfw i am forced to work
>tfw these goddamned feminists took away my fans
>tfw no fan

Pic related is me on my first day of work. I work as a butcher.

No. 52221

If these people are so against working, why don't they find a rich husband and be a stay at home wife? I don't think it's so hard to do if you're really into it either.

No. 52223

They're not because it's not even really women posting lmao

No. 52227

It is when you're ugly.

No. 52229

They aren't really women. It's /baphomet/ trying to fuck with swami by "stealing" traffic from her board (the one everyone left ages ago).

No. 52231

Let's all post orchestra covers of Nicki Minaj songs in that thread

No. 52233

No. 52236

>mfw I got permabanned for posting Nicole Dollanganger lyrics

No. 52241

I just got banned, too. They deleted all of our posts. Lmao. What stupid, desperate cunts. They stalk their board religiously to see whenever anyone posts. Nothing that was posted was even trolling. It was music, they asked for music.

No. 52246

There's a Jnig ED page now. It has more pics of her receding hairline. Please check it out.

No. 52247


No. 52264

No. 52285


they wanna start shit with /cgl/ lol

No. 52323

Talk shit get hit.

No. 52334

I don't even understand - what is traditional fem anyway? I mean, haven't we come further away from what is considered traditional? No one wants to stay home all day, cook meals, clean and not make their own money. At least no woman i've spoken to does.

No. 52345

A bunch of /pol/ tards pretending to be women who are super Christian and act like they're from the Victorian era.

No. 52358

Who the hell wants to be from an era where women had zero rights?

No. 52359

Christians, obviously.

No. 52368

There are plenty of stay at home moms (and dads) out there though

No. 52369

And are they actually happy?

No. 52380

Ya, wtf? I got a permanent ban for >>51975
I wish I could make another thread accusing them of racism for deleting my post. The majority of the shit they remove don't even feel like trolls. Anything they don't like is an attack on the existence of the board.

No. 52384

I want to be a stay at home mom. Not in the same way these retarded cunts do, though. I don't get why they begrudge other women who want to do something different. Everyone has a different personality and some women don't like that shit. I just want to have lots of children and homeschool them. ;_;

No. 52386

It's a bunch of "women" who think everyone nowadays is a degenerate, so they created tradfem as a way to discuss the right way to be a woman, which is demure and ladylike and well, what I assume you've seen in the board so far.

Yeah but what these people are trying to do is basically go back in time regardless of it being your choice or not to stay at home.

No. 52403

Uh why wouldn't they be? Denmark in particular has a lot of stay at home parents and they are one of the happiest countries out there. Not everyone has to join in the workforce, and it really isn't possible.

No. 52436

There's nothing wrong with being a stay at home parent, but there's an explicit difference between being forced to do that and making the conscious choice to do so. I'd also like to be a housewife one day, but I know that right now that isn't a realistic option and I'm working on my degree.

These are men, pretending to be women, who want things to return to a time when women had virtually no rights. And, they take advantage of the fact that feminism has been ripped to shreds by people like SJWs, because the moment you try to explain to them why there are women in the world who DO need feminism they kneejerk to high hell and everyone attacks you and calls you Tumblr.

And, it really blows that its ended up like this. It shouldn't be this way, but we have retards trying to be the antithesis of Tumblr so much that they're advocating the banishment of something that would greatly benefit women living in shitty, war torn and disease ridden third world countries. Cultures where rape is indeed considered your fault no matter what.

Everything needs to stop being 4chan vs Tumblr or whatever the fuck this has devolved into. These people are idiots and this is partially why feminism in the first world has become a fucking joke, because we have retards making it about video game characters instead of real problems.

No. 52439

You could go get Hola and use a VPN. That's what I did, lmao. There's also Private Tunnel and VPN Unlimited.

No. 52441

No. 52478

They're such retards, lol.

No. 52569


So much this

No. 52707

Their board just seems incredibly pointless. Like, what kind of content do you hope to generate?


This is pretty much a repeat of their "finishing school" thread. This board is just taking topics and trying to find a way to twist them into being ~*feminine*~ and being a lady, somehow. And, its really condescending. Its basically going, "Yeah, well, how everyone else enjoys x or y is inferior to how I, A PURE TRADITIONAL LADY, do!"

No. 52929

No. 53096

They're just ripping off other boards at this point and are a mini pol

No. 55224

So it's like an extremist version of redpillwomen, only with the lack of personal care.

No. 55323

something that always bothered me is how women say they aren't feminists because they specifically do not need it since they live in a progressive first world nation.

Like wtf, what about the millions of women around the world who don't have that privilege? You're against feminism in your own country (which makes no sense since it's what got you the freedom you enjoy…), but support others in upholding feminism. So feminism is a movement that has a limited time span? It's not just a movement though, it's an ideology that maintains equality (not tumblr femnazi bs that wants women to be more powerful than men).

Anyway, so if they were to step foot in a country where women were treated like shit, would they need feminism then? According to them its about location

No. 55336


really it's just a differently worded version of "I'm not like all the other girls!! I only like to hang out with boiz because less drama!!"

okay bitch, then give up all of your rights and privileges that feminism got for you and go get knocked up and let a man boss you around for the rest of your life. yeah you don't need feminism cos its pretty much done most of the hard work for you, fuck off and go live in a third world country if you're so goddamn traditional.

No. 55462

Holy shit, their new "css" is just a fucking wallpaper and its so goddamned tacky..

No. 55465

Honestly, I wish that someone would make a thread saying exactly what you said, but god knows it would just end up deleted because they delete anything that they don't like instead of having an actual set of rules for the board.

No. 55726

Whoever made the black man thread and is now bitching at her in /boards/ for it, I love you.

No. 55764

No. 55778


No. 55784

"Provide timestamped proof that you are a female with two kids or it must be assumed that you are trying to stir shit up."

Are these bitches serious?

No. 55912

Fucking gold

No. 55913

File: 1425237458083.jpg (Spoiler Image, 431.42 KB, 1536x2048, 1425200735050.jpg)

No. 55916

HAHAHAHAHA holky shit

No. 55917


No. 55918

Wtf did he do to his penis, the way it's angled and bent is not normal.

No. 55929

It looks broken.

No. 55933

Seriously. They demand proof on a site where they know there are pedo boards.. These cunts.

No. 56022

what I don't get is why she goes and spams up the make up board instead of dealing with the obvious confrontation in her threads. she avoids acting like a board owner in order to keep up appearances and keeps pushing herself onto other board owners. is she like fourteen or something

No. 56206

>really it's just a differently worded version of "I'm not like all the other girls!! I only like to hang out with boiz because less drama!!"
Jesus, I hate girls who slam the entirety of female population like that. This is fucking hypocritical too, since later they bitch how they hate women, because "wimminz always rag on other women". Guess what did you just do, bitch.

No. 56511

yeah and she's kissing major ass in /beauty/. she acts like its her job to keep the board she doesn't own alive, shilled /tradfem/ CONSTANTLY just a little while ago and got bitchy when she was called out on it. bitch you dont own the board, you have your own and yet all you do is live on someone else's.

why the fuck is she posting there anyway? she hates what the owners wanted /beauty/ to be about. she doesnt want to accept all women. bitch is fucking obsessive.

No. 56518

File: 1425348548787.jpg (Spoiler Image, 699.34 KB, 2560x1707, 1417337012224.jpg)

>try to post in no poo thread
>talking to op
>this tardfem bitch replying to me and spamming every goddamned thread

Bitch can you not

No. 56548

File: 1425354441733.png (214.6 KB, 1677x492, 88cc796ec9f9df44733fe249c1768d…)

swami here

top kek, as they say

No. 56577


bitch this is why you dont mess wit /cgl/
but for real the board was a bunch of wannabee ass lolitas. i bet they were rejected from halfchan sseegel and thats why they made this place.


No. 56578

lol maybe if the owners werent such doormats the bitch wouldnt shill

No. 66101


lol so i guess the owner of tradfem was previously secrtely the owner of /femininity/ and he's flipping shit over someone claiming it because he didnt log in for the two weeks he was supposed to and it went to someone else

inb48chan turns into a place where you can bully people into giving up boards you want

No. 66185

I swear femininity was just full of trannies anyway

same with tradfem probably

trannies do their utmost to outwomen women lol, they think they have to be a walking talking female stereotype to 'pass'

No. 66303

Where's the proof of tradfem and femininity having the same BO?

No. 139108

what a bunch of ungrateful fucking cunts

No. 139562

File: 1437189651589.jpg (372.02 KB, 800x655, 1422844936409.jpg)

you're all worse than reddit and will be fucking exterminated in the coming years by the wave reactionary governments to come.

Even in death you shall find no peace, as the worst of hellfire will torture you all for eternity. Demons will rape you and napalm and phosophorous will melt your skin off as it grows back only to be burned again. Forever.

Even long after the heat death of the universe, your duffering will not evenh be .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% complete, trillions of years from now.

You all deserve nothing but the absolute worst of suffering for all time and past time. If I could shoot you all I would.


No. 139564

lmao ok sweetie :)

No. 139583

Better remove that pic from your folder before your mom finds it on your computer, little buddy ;)

No. 139597

Here's the issue: it's like when people say "I hate Christians", which I really dislike also. They usually mean all dogmatic and extremist types. There's plenty of chill Christians who don't scream Jesus has to save you and that people are going to hell. I know a few of them and you wouldn't be able to tell they're stereotypical Christians, in a good way.

The same goes for feminism. I hate feminists, but what I mean is the tumblr variety, since they're the loudest these days. Just keep doing what you're doing if you think you're a good example of feminism. There needs to be more like that to cancel out the horrible ones.

No. 139627

3edge &
omg admin XD love you

No. 139699

There's nothing wrong with traditional values. I would love to be a housewife, to clean, cook, have children and cater to and spoil my husband when he home, but alas, in this day and age, you just can't live on a single income, especially with kids.

No. 139701

B-but I do, I really do!

No. 139711

>proud christian :))

Yes. Jewish religion really is something to celebrate.

Fucking Jews.

No. 139712

That's why you find a rich fucker. Hell if your partner is rich enough you can get cleaning ladies.

No. 139713

I want to be a rich lesbian housewife so I can focus on a music and design career.

No. 139715

>tfw you will never surprise your husband when he comes home from a long day of work by wearing nothing but an apron whilst preparing his favorite meal

No. 139716

>nazi symbol
>supports jewish religion
shut up niggerkike

No. 139734

> What is love

No. 139789

Something that don't pay the bills

No. 145018

> Baby don't hurt me

No. 145617

But I'm not in love with some rich fucker. I'm in love with a regular Joe.

No. 145763

File: 1438063719442.png (106.92 KB, 1309x452, ee.png)

>forget about /tradfem/
>"huh the thread is bumped, let's see if that shitty RP board is still up"
>pic related
This is exactly how /pol/ and /baphomet/ plan shit out. Literally what woman gives a fuck about "luring" other women into their movement to the point of aping established Tumblr blogs? They know girls don't give a fuck about their fedoracore "traditional" values, so their MO is to discreetly push it on social media. Autistic shit by the same sort of people who plan out fake hashtags for "le epic lulz" and dox people with the intent of sending them pizzas and death threats (which probably hasn't actually happened since like 2009).
In case anyone was still under the delusion these RPing /pol/ faggots are actual women kek

No. 145777

Do these people even know what the 20s and 50s were like? Top fucking kek.

No. 145789

>Don't hurt me– no more

No. 169097

That's why we need to keep places like lolcows alive and defended.

Well, a lot of video game characters are sexualized as fuck… Just like in music videos, comics, fashion. Media problems reflect society problems. Media is a part of society, both are interacting with each other.

They obviously don't know these eras well full of burgeoning feminists (ex:Beauvoir)

No. 170138

Feminism is still shit lmao
>They want to "go back" without realizing that people from earlier decades (and women currently in shit countries such as Africa, Middle East, and Mexico) would kill to be in their shoes right now.
Western women are not oppressed at all.
People hate feminism because feminism is:
- useless slut walks
- double standards
- victimizing women
- thinks regret sex is rape
- created killallmen
- hypocrisy
i'm sorry but theres much more.
Feminism is fucking stupid and i'm a woman.
Also, i love it when feminists hate anti-feminists women lmao
keep bashing feminity and masculinity and shitting on housewives. youre pathetic

No. 170159


I r feminist

>into traditional values

>in college but excited to be a homemaker
>loved providing for my man in traditional ways such as cooking or cleaning
>think both men and women have shitty beauty standards. not super oppression tier though
>no double standards
>think men and women should be able to have their own choices regarding their femininity/masculinity/ should not be shamed for being "traditional"/non traditional

A lot of us are actually like this

No. 170645

It's like you missed the point of this thread, or got lost on your way to the exact board we're discussing here.

No. 170646


good luck living with your head so far up your ass.

No. 170932

Well from what I can tell there was no shaming of anyone going on at that board and it wasn't meant for neckbeards or males at all and this thread reeks of personal army request. Anyone who felt attacked by the existence of the board needs to introspect on their own issues. Congrats to OP on keeping the internet safe from girls who want to talk about non post modernism social issues and interests with each other in anonymity.

No. 171470

Please read the thread. There's no way that so many traditionalist women gathered on some random new board on 8chan. 99.9% sure it's /r9k/ and /pol/ at it again.

No. 171477

>Western women are not oppressed at all.

You know that's why we're laughing at them, right? They want to go back to a pre-feminism era where they WILL be oppressed.

No. 171535

I agree, I'm not a feminist, but REAL feminists fought for EQUAL rights, as in work rights, voting rights and so on. Now its about flinging their vaginas in everyones face as if that will make anyone respect them. (basically reverting women back into "objects" then respectable human beings). Walking around nude does not mean we have rights, just way to throw us in a stone age. It's ass-backwards. Thanks to idiocy in the media brainwashing.

No. 171541

>it wasn't meant for neckbeards or males at all
But it was. It was literally made BY them, FOR them in a lame attempt to lure girls. Since they now know that won't work because they're men and therefore total shit at impersonating or gently goading women online, they're now trying out >>145763.
It's an embarrassment, and you're an embarrassment tbh.

No. 171542


Agreed, I am a feminist. But it's embarrassing nowadays, most of the young girls on tumblr know shit all. It's all about "MY UTERUS NOT YOURS U MALE RAPIST CUNT" on badges, arm pit hair with glitter for their zines, showing off their fanny and going on about "ITS ONLY OUR BODY OMG ITS JUST A VAGINA" and then gets upset when people look like you can't avoid that shit. It's fucking retarded.

Anyone else noticed from cartoons, to anime to quotations nowadays on tumblr it's all about like how men are terrible and how women are amazing/better/stong? Not saying women are bad or anything but I get sort of tired seeing this shit. It's all I ever saw on my last tumblr and now thankfully following decent blogs I don't. I swear, that website needs a separate one just to get away from the dickheads using the pronoun thing, angry feminbodies and dumblr dickheads.

No. 171554

Its funny because the 1920's were a liberating time for women, getting the right to vote and being rebellious. Whereas the 50's were considered a "step back" in the women's rights movement.

No. 171559

> That's why we need to keep places like lolcows alive and defended.

It pisses me off so much how there is like no space for girls at all. We can't have our own thing without loser guys invading it. Fucking neckbeards stick their greasy noses in everything like the faggots from /r9k/ that ruined /b/. Lolcow is awesome bc its a place filled with chicks for once and not guys pretending to be chicks. But now /b/ is a shithole thanks to desperate virgins.

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