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File: 1426199576618.jpg (172.22 KB, 640x376, tmp_25904-2015-03-12-15-21-36_…)

No. 61171

New Kooter thread since The last one is finally in autosage >>27570

When we last left Kooter, she had started appearing on TV shows and expressed an interest in becoming a TV personality, since she hasn't had any modeling gigs for a minute. Perhaps when her contracts ran out, they got tired of shooping her and putting up with her because of her dwindling popularity.

Her new move seems to be standing there on TV while the hosts compare her to her old shoops and marvel at how different she looks "without plastic surgery!?", proving the Japanese cannot into photoshop and think her shoops were her actual face.

So, discuss how you guys think her TV career will go, if you think she will or should go back to just modeling, how fat and square her face has gotten, etc.

No. 61174

amazing how her pictures from 2012 vs 2015 look radically different, yet these two look like the same girl who just got a haircut

No. 61176

Her teeth got yellower that's for sure. She looks cute though.

No. 61198

It's because these are both unshooped screeencaps from TV appearances, the 2012 one is from when she first got to Japan, the one that made Popteen decide to keep cameras that weren't theirs away from her so people wouldn't notice how she looks nothing like her shoops.

No. 61204

Someone should make a video where they take one of Kota's unshooped pics from a TV appearance and show them shooping it the way she used to, with Japanese subtitles. Then they might finally understand, she never looked anything like that.

No. 61220

is it possible to fill in or decrese the look of her nasolabial folds? if she did that she'd seriously be beautiful.

No. 61236

No. 61246

Amazing how she thinks that toothy half-smile is in any way flattering. For someone so self-conscious about their image, you'd think by now she would have worked on the way she smiles, since she typically looks like she's just seen her worst enemy mid-smile, or inhaling a massive fart.

No. 61248

thank you so much for the answer, anon! i should've known, haha. but yeah it would really help her out. i've never seen them so bad on someone her age.

No. 61254

She's probably extra careful with her smiles because a full smile will accentuate those lines and widen her nose more

No. 61271

Just bad genetics, what can you do.

No. 61297

There isn't much she can hope for unless she does have some work done. She's still cute for now with lenses and makeup and cute clothes, but you can see it in her face that she's about to start aging like her sister. We already know she doesn't take care of herself, it's going to catch up to her sooner rather than later.

No. 61320

This wouldn't help Dakota very much, her nasolabial folds are caused by genetics rather than age. They will get more prominent with age and then it might help, but they're always gonna be there.

No. 61331

I've been here for too long.
I can't remember when /cgl/ blew up about her. 2010?

No. 61343

I still don't understand the label of "real barbie" being thrown on her. Surely these people have never seen a barbie doll in their life.

No. 61350

File: 1426214500612.jpg (145.08 KB, 351x640, FYAB5.jpg)

She looks more like licca chan

No. 61351

The great /cgl/ Dakota dramafest was 2011.

It's something she started tagging her shooped pics and vids with before she got noticed. TBH I don't get it either, her shoops were quite doll like, but not Barbie status, more like ABJDs. Maybe it's juat because blonde hair + blue eyes + "living doll" = living Barbie.

No. 61352

How do you know she thinks it's flattering? I think she knows her face changes in a less attractive way when she smiles and that's why it looks so awkward.

No. 61353

I wouldn't even be bothered by her
nasolabial folds if they didn't look so damn weird. They stop so high up her nose bridge. The only people I've seen who looked like that had bad nose jobs where they narrowed the nostrils too much.

No. 61355

Back when she used to still go to school in FL, an anon on /cgl/ from Orlando who claimed she went to the same school as Kiki and Kota said she had a nose job, based on her missing school for two weeks and coming back with two black eyes and a new nose.

No. 61359

I had some pretty intense rhinoplasty done, a much more extreme case than whatever Dakota possibly did, and my black eyes only lasted 3 days. A quick google says 10 days seems to be pretty much the max. At that point I doubt it would be visible enough for someone to notice.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if she has had it done at some point. She has one of those perfectly perky noses.

No. 61361

I don't know anything about nose jobs. Is 2 weeks enough time to recover from having your nostrils cut? It would seem like you'd need longer but I might be wrong.

No. 61362

It's possible she skipped school ahead of time for appointments and such, too. Not to mention her nose doesn't look anything like her parents' or her sister's nose.

No. 61369

File: 1426216403115.jpg (52.62 KB, 500x750, dakota-rose--large-msg-1178297…)

Her nose does seem like it's been worked on. I dunno, it just looks sculpted. It does seem a little more pointy, but it's still the same width, so the nostrils seem to flare out more obviously. I think before her nose seemed more rounded at the end? She's (kind of) making a smiling expression here and her nose tip looks more rounded/less pointy than nowadays.

No. 61370

Then it could be from a not so great nose job or she had it too young and her face hadn't finished growing. Technically that would be the doctor's fault but I imagine when that family wants something they get it or drive you crazy until they do.

No. 61373

How scummy does that sound though? Allowing your teenage daughter, before her facial features have even finished fully developing, to get plastic surgery. Most parents would insist that their kid doesn't need to change anything about them and that they're perfect as they are and all that shit.
Like, I know everyone here already knows what terrible parents Scott and Cathy are, but it's actually really, really sad when you think about all that they let their daughters do.

No. 61376

The story was that she had a "deciated septum" and they found a shady doc to bill it to her insurance company as necessary, which is a common scam in Florida. This is the Ostrengas we're talking about here.

Most of the work seems to have been done on her nasal bridge, making it smaller.

No. 61377

*deviated, sorry

No. 61378

that does look similar but theres some serious blur going on around her nose and folds. It could be a mix of bad genetics, a small nose job, and aging.

No. 61379

Fixing your septum in Spain is free. I have to fix it, but my nose is broken (long story) and I must have a nose job because my bridge got damaged. I know no one currrr but maybe she had the same problem and take advantage to make her nose look like her "dream nose"

No. 61380

Took* sorry I didn't sleep

No. 61382

I mean, the insurance company sees it as necessary so you don't have to pay. Sorry for 3rd post and OT

No. 61402

this comparison shot really brings it back home that she's all shoop. i think i was gonna go insane from all he PULL comments on how "she might have had jaw surgery" or "shes just improved her makeup and lost weight!"

No. 61404

what idiots.
On the picture on the right it looks more like she heavily contoured her jaw.

No. 61411

I haven't seen anyone say she lost weight, but then again I'm not on PULL. To me it looks like she gained weight, esp. in her cheeks.

No. 61417

Her face looks the same in both photos besides that the short curly hairstyle makes her face even more round but the studio light makes it look less bad than the right one.

No. 61441

>implying the left pic looks better than the right

lolwut, are you serious? She's looks naturally cute in thevright pic, in the left pic she looks like a typical dolly wannabe weeb with a kawaii haircut that doesn't suit her face.

No. 61444

I don't think either of the pictures look inherently bad, especially when you factor in that they're from SUPER bad angles and the lighting is absolute shit. Even someone legit beautiful would look terrible in conditions like that.

No. 61447

And that fringe isn't doing her jaw any favors, her face does look wider/chubbier because by covering her forehead (and nearly her eyes too smh) she cuts her face in half, making it look shorter and wider.

No. 61453

File: 1426231474528.jpg (36.25 KB, 218x212, shoop.jpg)

Damn. She used to have a really cute smile in her early pictures, and I couldn't tell why the smile here didn't look the same. I just realized it's because she shooped the corners of her mouth upward.

No. 61485

I saw her appearanceon PON!, her hair looks darker than usual.

No. 61493

For real? I think it's a carbon copy of Cathy's nose

No. 61495

File: 1426245396270.gif (497.42 KB, 483x270, kota.gif)

Yeah, her 'natural' (I say natural, but still shooped) look from a few years ago was my favourite and where she looked the prettiest imo. I prefer her without the circle lenses, ridiculous skin whitening and all the loli-fying shoop. Shit, I used to think she shooped her features like a baby alien even then. She does it 10x worse now. Bitch is full blown extra terrestrial.

No. 61499

Agree. I can't help but think the baby alien shooping is why she stopped getting modwling and promo gigs. Maybe she thought she could just shoop herself as unrealistically as she wanted, make herself looks completely different and everyone who hired her would just keep shooping her to match it, but she took it way too far. Her recent ameblo pics look nothing like her at all, so the people who follow her there and then saw her in Popteen went "hey, what the???".

No. 61567

man she used to shoop nice
after her modeling career is over, she should become a shooper for fashion magazines or something

No. 61579

Is it awful that I'm imagining how much better she would look if she shaved down some of the protrusion in her chin and like, exercised and took care of herself? I think it's only because of the unrealistic shoop standards she's fucked herself over with because obviously I wouldn't think that otherwise.

No. 61581

This was a really good shoop but wasn't it after effects?

No. 61582

Oh whoa, that explains why we never see her mouth smiling upwards like in the pics.

No. 61583

The fringe is a trend with Japanese and Korean hairstylists to make the face smaller, but because Kooter's jaw is so wide it doesn't work.

No. 61590

she doesn't use after effects. she never did.

No. 61593

I was so jealous of this kid when I saw these images. Beautiful! The kawaii stuff is fucking awful.

No. 61600

lol try harder

No. 61601

File: 1426264476397.jpg (89.79 KB, 382x235, koot.jpg)

No. 61602

you can't believe she could possibly harbor that unholy beauty you see in those videos?

/but seriously. all the proof for that is faulty.

No. 61609

is it just the quality of the photo that makes her teeth look so dirty?

No. 61621


No. 61622

I think it's just dirty teeth that make them look dirty.

No. 61635

She is so stunning here for real. If that's shoop/after effects it's really well done.

No. 61682

File: 1426278100916.png (67.45 KB, 429x212, aw-shit.png)

i… did a thing

No. 61728

File: 1426287537620.gif (944.77 KB, 500x281, tmp_22435-Dakota_aftereffects_…)

So I guess her eyes and chin were just naturally wobbly? And her upper lip just naturally sometimes tries to fuse with her nose on camera?

No. 61882

That look from back then suited her so much more than that ~*~kawaii pastel soft grunge loli with high voice and ghost white skin with big blob eyes uguu~*~ bullshit.
I think Kota is (it's debatable, again, because everyone will view her or someone differently depending on their beauty standards) a pretty girl naturally, nothing super dolly, sure she might look "average/plain" compared to her supahkawaii shoop but she has something endearing to her.
I miss 2011 kota really.

No. 61885

File: 1426296304975.gif (474.41 KB, 463x700, kotakoti_cm_20120224_00387_002…)

She looked so fucking nice there the pics were relaxing to look at in my opinion idk same for her videos.
Now it's super bright and kills my eyes and everything is the same old pastel vomit

No. 61886

lol kooter why are you so intent on making yourself look like a fat baby boy in a wig

No. 61892

she whitened her face to be the same shade as the background, cool

No. 61901

This was such a great look for her. What a shame.
Those extensions though..

No. 61909

I think she's one of those idiots who believes Japanese media only finds underaged looking chubby baby faces with huge eyes attractive. Which if that were true, there wouldn't be nearly as many white bitches getting image based jobs in Japan since ages.

No. 61912

Yeah, she really shot herself in the foot, going full uguu mode. She got the attention she did for her shoops, then she changed her shoops so that her new ones look nothing like the ones Japan liked her for.

No. 61919

i know right? And now she's so boring i used to be so curious and excited about her and now ugh

No. 61925

I looked EVERYWHERE for that baby pink VW cardigan when I saw that gif the first time.
I never found it..

No. 61933

File: 1426301679343.jpg (27.4 KB, 691x600, kotex.jpg)

This was her first modeling gig since arriving in Japan, and she still had the same style as that gif during this. This style may look better in mega-shooped pics, but it looks just like this picture irl.

The alien baby face she does now is actually easier to get away with irl than this style. it's more forgiving.

No. 61942

Holy shit she looks awful, in both pics but in totally different awful ways.

No. 61943

I think that person is trolling, it was obvious she used after effects due to the warping artefacts being only the kind you can get in after effects.

Insert the flopping chin gif as well.

No. 61944

The look suited her but since the body didn't exist in real life, she couldn't keep up that facade forever. The amount of work she put into the vids and gifs was a lot.

No. 61948

Did you check Taobao? Because that's where all her VW stuff came from before she got to Japan. Go to /cgl/ and hang out in a Taobao thread.

No. 61952

All her stuff was fake lol.

No. 61954

I'm not trolling. The flopping chin gif, as well as all of the others were debunked here:


No. 61956

Well that's the funniest crock of shit I've rad in a minute. You can literally see her chin shrink, "Its just shaows!!!" Completely ignoring the fact that her nose and jaw look nothing like her unshooped TV appearances and how she looks nothing like she did on TV.

No. 61957

Uh, duh? Did you mean to quote the anon I was quoting?

No. 61983

>link to pull
>calling after effects shadows

Do you even use AE? Stop trolling.

No. 61988

(different anon. hi!) I think her nose before looked more like cathy's, but that could be just me. Now it doesn't really look like either's to me.

No. 61989

Nah. You stop.
Stop and think for a moment if it's true that Dakota doesn't use after effects (which I believe 100%). Do you know the massive compliment you're giving her? This must give her the highest boost in self-esteem anyone could ever hope for.

What's even sadder is how some girls openly say that they're glad she's not that pretty, cause they felt insecure by watching her videos but now they feel better "cause it's fake". It makes me cringe thinking about the kick she must be getting out of you and other retards' expense. And how fucking stupid you're making all of us look.

Bruh, instead of asking me "do you even use AE", I wanna ask you: Do you own makeup? Can you afford a lighting that isn't a yellow lamp? Do you understand the basics of angles? Have you ever owned a camera with a value higher than $60? Do you even take videos of yourself? Like literally more than one? I'm sure as hell that you either never take videos, or you apply to at least 3 of the above.

No. 61992

This thread just went full on retard…

No. 61993

it's really obvious she uses AE even if you don't know what to look for to tell.

No. 61996

And I suppose a nice camera makes your eyes look like they're half of your face, too, right? Obviously she uses makeup, lighting, extensions, reflectors, etc to enhance her appearance but the main factor in her unnatural elf princess beauty has always been PS and AE.
I hope you're just a troll that I'm stupidly feeding cause damn, it's really sad to defend her horrific editing in 2015. We've all acknowledged that she's fake as fuck but most of us think she's still cute.

No. 62002

Let's just stop replying to the troll. Clearly doesn't know shit about AE.

No. 62003


Sweetie go back to PULL, you're too naive for lolcow.

No. 62005

Even the PULL thread she linked eventually pointed out that it was AE.

I bet this troll is the OP who got shat on in PULL and is hoping to find people who'd agree with her here and failed lol

No. 62007

surely youre joking

No. 62009

PULL is like the fuckin Church of Kotakoti, full of hypocrites who used to relentlessly shit on her and now whiteknight her harder than a virgin neckbeard otaku whiteknights his waifu.

No. 62010

it really is

"shes sooo cute here!!!! i'm so proud of her!"

fuck offfffff you dont even know the bitch who curr

No. 62012

yeah, I checked taobao myself (dw I know all of it was fake) but I could never find it in that specific colour.

No. 62022

Try the /cgl/ Taobao thread, see if you can find anyone there who can speak or read Chinese to help you. Or just search whatever the Vivienne Westwood keyword you have to use to not get caught by customs or whatever.

No. 62027

Her chin doesn't really protrude too much, it's mostly her teeth.
Did she ever have braces? When kids get unnecessary tooth extractions with braces they get this concave, Drew Barrymore-like profile and deep laugh lines like hers.

No. 62036

As far as anyone knows she never had braces. In the last thread one anon mentionedvthaT her havinG a nose job before her face developed enough could cause it.

No. 62040

wow sorry for the typos, im on my tablet and the keyboard is shitty and glitchy.

No. 62044

File: 1426320555732.png (312.61 KB, 750x479, tmp_22435-Kotakoti_quotes27399…)

I guess they forgot all about how she used to act and all the trashy cuntish edgy shit she used to say on Twitter.

>inb4 "but she's chaaaanged!!! she's mature and reformed and sweet now!!!"

Baleeting everything & pretending it never happened =/= mature and reformed

No. 62047


I always imagine kooty saying that

No. 62050

it really was very extreme. they've shit on people for much less. her 9/11 comment wasn't even funny. she wasn't funny.

you generally don't just stop being a shitty person after you've gone to that extreme. you just learn to censor yourself once you get burned for being an asshole.

No. 62059

And the only way she "censored" herself is that she suddenly stopped using English online or responding to anyone in anything but Japanese.

She really was a vile, trashy little cunt to the core, you don't just suddenly outgrow your entire identity because you moved. She just wised uo and got good at hiding it and faking being cutesy and nice.

No. 62060

Yeah, I'm not sure why everyone is kissing her ass now, she's almost guaranteed to be the same bitch she's always been, she never apologized for anything after all.

No. 62061

Because she's living every plain white weeb girl's dream of being a kawaii model in Japan desu.

No. 62066

File: 1426328070624.jpg (193.69 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)

Basically, yes. This is the answer no one wants to admit. Face it, she's been living in Japan for over 3(?) years now as a model, probably has some Japaroo bf, knows the language ect., and every former weaboo with yellow fever on PULL secretly wishes they could do that. Just saying.

I'll be the first to admit I'm jelly too.

No. 62067

File: 1426328144627.jpg (149.47 KB, 600x600, image.jpg)

Who is this guy?

No. 62069

Some half Spanish/half Japanese guy who was also a guest on the show (his name is in the last thread but idr). Not her BF.

No. 62071

No. 62073

Wow, her legs look a little chunky here. (no, not calling her fat/chubby, just pointing out that her legs look thicker than usual).

No. 62076

She did gain weight since before she went to Japan though. It's just a fact. Either that or she was always doughy and just shooped herself skinny.

No. 62077

Also probs doesn't help that the dress is practically vagina length.

No. 62080

What do you mean? It doesn't look that short to me.

No. 62081

Really? It's barely longer than the sleeves. And that's with her arms held in front of her.

No. 62082

I think she's talking about the pic underneath where she's with the guy.

No. 62085

Oh, yeah I meant the one above that from the magazine. I think her legs look fine in the one with the guy.

No. 62114

She photoshopped so much as a child that I don't understand why people use photos from her scene-era "chunkier" days to gauge whether or not she has had a nose job. She was just learning how to use it and wasn't very knowledgeable about what looked aesthetically pleasing. I, personally, do not think her nose looks particularly artificial, and I know an obsessive amount about anatomy and plastic surgery without being one of those pretentious wiki tards that pretend they didn't find their info trawling google to sound smart.

I could see why people would think the pinched in look of her nasolabiel folds equates to rhinoplasty IF they haven't seen photos of Mama Kannibal and how hers has always been like that as well.

Also yeah her chin protrudes a lot or at least too much for the kawaii uguu delicate fairy look. For being so obsessed with her kids looks Cathy forgot to tell her child not to mouth breathe because it can give you crimson chin in the stages of development.

inb4 tl;dr: yeah I know sorry whatever.

No. 62115

Yu Shirota

No. 62116

No. 62117

No. 62121

Her upper lip is being pushed out by the bobby pin she just split in half you retard, it's nothing to do with AE.

No. 62125

File: 1426342475269.gif (794.35 KB, 500x381, tumblr_m1w6gw1lQS1r8thrj.gif)

Yeah, that's what I thought, haha. I was staring at that gif for ages before I realized that the lip thing was supposed to seem like an AE fuck up.
But she does use AE. There are gifs and such showing actual AE warping/wobbling. Pic related.

No. 62126

File: 1426342536123.gif (808.62 KB, 640x360, tumblr_ms1d3d66Ln1sfwp86o1_128…)

No. 62129

For the VW cardigan in baby pink ask you should specifically ask for it in a /cgl/ taobao thread, also i heard there was one on buychina but apparently buychina is a scam.
I want so much of the clothes she was wearing back then and her long milk tea hair i just think that's so beautiful

No. 62130

ugh nostalgia now i'm going to creep on her super old blog on tumblr and earlier blog posts and tweets with the wayback machine.
I wish i could go back to 2011

No. 62133

her style was better, sometimes. Her new style is like 'trying so hard' idk also her old style of pshopping was better, she looked like a real model, not like now

No. 62149


Yeah she totally uses after effects. As someone who does motion graphics, it's really easy to warp and use puppet pins in AE. You're deluded if you think she didn't use them in her personal videos.

The proof is her TV appearances and actual photos in magazines. She's pretty but shooped to high hell by herself

No. 62150

ot but I've ordered all of my taobao stuff using buychina and I was never scammed by them?

No. 62154

Some people have had good experiences, but there are A LOT bad stories too. See their tab on /cgl/'s SS spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlgllpMiw3VNdGpfWFlYazhjblh5emRjZF9qMkJISWc#gid=32

No. 62159

>Charges more for packages by saying it weighs a certain amount when it really weighs less.
Maybe I was scammed, I remember my first order costed over 30$ with shipping and handling even though it was just a mini-dress mad with really thin material that only costed about $18. I've spent $12 on shipping when I ordered a heavier and thicker liz lisa top.

What do you guys reccommend for a shopping service?

No. 62160

Plus the dress was probably considerably less than $18 on Taobao.

>What do you guys reccommend for a shopping service?

>already been given link to an SS comparison spreadsheet

No. 62219

a lot of those things seem like shit a lot of 13 year olds think make them look cool and they grow out of it and have to live with the second hand embarrassment

but the comment from fucking 2011 about throwing a drink in a girls face? a.) most likely a lie and b.) she is not even vaguely pretty enough for behaving like that to make any sense lol I can imagine her and her quivering chin and fivehead pretending she's a supermodel re-adjusting her fake vivienne westwood cardigan and being like "i cannot wait to tweet about this i will look so cool because everyone thinks my fake ass mug is real" in a fake accent

No. 62273


Guys I want a Taobao thread ;-;
Could someone make one in /b/ who has the links to all thekeyword spreadsheets?

No. 62331

thank you guys for actually looking for it for me!! (much appreciated!)

No. 62333

Except she didn't grow out of it and she isn't embarassed about it. She still talks mad shit with her family in English.

No. 62382


I never understood what this gif was trying to point out.

No. 62384

Watch the bottom part of her hair on her right, despite her only moving her eyes her hair and part of her arm slowly creep outward.

No. 62387

OH thanks, now I see. Her whole tit moves too, like it's alive.

No. 62388

The area around her hair is warping and you can also see it by her bangs left side.

No. 62392

No, I thought maybe that's what it was at first, but that's just her eyelashes moving the hair cause mine do that to my bangs also. So I thought that this was just one of the gifs people assumed was AE but wasn't really.

I've never looked at her tits in it though. I'm blind as hell for not noticing how much that moves.

No. 62393

well considering how flat she is IRL I'm guessing she had to do some serious editing and stuffing to make them look that big in the first place.

No. 62412


She uploaded this gif herself on her blog didn't she? I think she was trying to make one of those gifs where only her eyes move.

But then, I don't know how the managed to unmask the entire side of her body.

No. 62418

This at a glance looks good, then you lose count of how much of it is fake top to bottom. Hair, eyes, nose, lips, boobs…

No. 62428

But the strand of hair next to it is standing perfectly still, unaffected by the moving bangs. They like move under it.

When I look at it more, I think it is suppose to be a cinemagraph like
>>62412 said. Her face is perfectly still which gives the impression of one. However, her side is unmasked which is a sloppy mistake. How could you miss that much? Unless it was intentional?

No. 62447

her nose has always looked the same unless she shooped it weird, (like in her scene photos where she would make the til rounder), she's never had a nose job.
also, the "classmate" who saw bruises and whatnot was fake just trying to rustle some jimmies. kooter was taken out of school very young like her sister

No. 62451

They were taken out near the end of middle school when Kaka got myspace famous, up until then they went to school like normal kids, which I guess was just unacceptable to the Monstrengas, their precious little starles mingling with filthy commoner children.

No. 62469

By masked, do you mean frozen so that part of the video doesn't move? I haven't used AE before, only PS and I was just wondering.

No. 62471

Oops, I mean doesn't move/isn't affected by adjustments put on it.

No. 62496

I've never made one, but I think they're made by taking the gif into photoshop (so you can see all the layers), then just put a static layer over the top & erase the eyes of the still layer. Then when the gif moves beneath it, you can only see the eyes move. (someone correct me if this is totally wrong lol)

So I guess she could easily photoshop her face on the still layer if we only see her eyes move (& her face IS static in the gif &.. we all know what her lips/jaw looks like in real life)

No. 62498

The lips are freakily static. They look pasted on.

No. 62531

anyone have pictures of dakota rose wearing that short hair wig for some sort of halloween event? I think that's the nicest she's ever looked.

No. 62583

File: 1426436496677.jpg (82.78 KB, 640x640, afc18030333411e3996322000a9f13…)

this one?

No. 62585

File: 1426436561191.png (1.22 MB, 1023x678, dakota_umecha.PNG)

No. 62586

File: 1426436627013.jpg (36.13 KB, 600x800, B1SfUvYCUAATiCW.jpg)

No. 62600

I like the other two, hate this one because of her retarded upper lip and angry brows that don't match the "smile" she has pasted on

No. 62647

No, she made those early .gifs and uploaded them to Tumblr to prove she was "real". So she would take a heavily shooped picture and only edit her eyes moving so it looked like it was a real recording, she had to intention of a cinemagraph she just made shitty obviously fake wobbly .gifs

No. 62652


its so sad and weird that their parents would be ok with them not being in school at such a young age. kiki and dakota always said they were bullied in school (esp kiki) and thats why they dropped out

No. 62860

It seems sad until you remember they were both groomed to believe they're bettervthan everyone else, and that might have been why they were bullied (if they ever were at all tbh).

No. 62890

I was exactly like that when I was a kid and from personal experience, I wasn't really "bullied" because of it. The only time I got shit for it when when I essentially asking for it and acting like that towards other people. So I don't believe the whole bullying story, I think the most "bullying" they've ever gotten was just a few comments/laughs/stares at their style.

No. 62898

*when I was essentially

No. 62933

she should seriously cut her hair like ths i think it looks great on her

No. 62935

Doesn't work with her hair, too thin, she had short hair before and it was horrible.

No. 62944

you take a video, screenshot what you want frozen, create a layer mask on it and colour in what you want to move, so you play the video, you see what you coloured moving (sorta like erasing it) but the screenshot you took will be the static image.

she took a video
screenshotted one part and then like erased her eyes in the static?
That sorta doesn't make sense as she cant really make that mistake. even if she inverted the layer mask it still would be a weird mistake to make cz then her eyes wouldn't move but her body would?
Unless she coloured her eyes and part of her chest lmao.

but as >>62647 said, that might've not been what she was tryna make

sorry if that explanation was confusing btw
i tried

No. 62976

>screenshotted one part and then like erased her eyes in the static?

That's what I mean, I don't understand how the left side is static & the other side.. isn't

No. 62989

unless its her legitimately breathing in

No. 63137

File: 1426470160288.png (216.38 KB, 383x303, 1426436496677_meitu_1.png)

I did some super shitty meitu editing to darken the hair color and fix the washed out colors.
Also I filled in her lips. Take the fucking hint, Koti.

No. 63212

File: 1426473002416.jpg (145.28 KB, 640x885, image.jpg)

No. 63219

wow she wishes (i son't even like koots but really)

No. 63220

lmaoooooo oook yuka

she still look like a hispanic jewess

No. 63221

wasn't paying attention sorry

No. 63248

She wishes. lmao

No. 63268

Fake account, just saying.

No. 63277

ah makes sense. she has too much unwarranted pride to compare herself to koots, huh.

No. 63278

Her face looks odd on the edit.
Everything else is okay.

No. 63323

He's the Prince of the ass, that's who!
(wow it's been 11 years since I started being a fan of his… )

No. 63327

no, it's legit.

No. 63379

not fake, she changed her username

No. 63401

I can't understand why anyone would want to look like Dakota now tbh

No. 63436

>they were both groomed to believe they're bettervthan everyone else, and that might have been why they were bullied (if they ever were at all tbh).

i don't believe they were bullied, tbh. kaka's the only one who ever mentioned being bullied but the only story she ever had of being bullied was of spanish classmates ganging up on her for being white (most lulzy b.s. ever.)

i never read anything about kota having been bullied, only that her parents took her out of school shortly after kaka was removed for being bullied because the monstrengas didn't trust the system.

No. 63454

>Prince of the ASS


No. 63566

I personally want to look like Kota since she has blonde hair, blue eyes, double eyelids, nice eyelashes, and a cute nose. That's basically why she's appealing in Asia. Yuka has a lot of that appeal for her too so I don't really get why she, and other people with those features, would want to look like Kota.

No. 63576

File: 1426523814785.jpg (2.19 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

ok so I went through my March issue of popteen, according to kontrakoti "DAKOTA WAS ONLY ON 1 PAGE MY FRIEND CONFIRMED"
koti got a full page + 3 appearances in separate pages, so I don't know why everyone's assuming she's being seen less

No. 63577

File: 1426523842701.jpg (2.67 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

No. 63580

File: 1426523897622.jpg (2.11 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

No. 63586

She looks so cute and adorable here.

No. 63591

File: 1426525116272.jpg (1.11 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

I agree, I think the Ank Rogue page is super unflattering though.

No. 63592

She really does, I hate that she shops herself. Obviously the magazine is retouched also but it's not liquefied beyond recognition.

No. 63596

She appears in this show at 04:08. She shows her clothes and how she films her videos. And at the end of her segment she shows some of her drawings too…

No. 63599

I was just about to post this! I actually loved this segment. Even though it's nothing we didn't know about before, it's much more interesting that the other ones which were basically just faq's.

No. 63603

Well, she does look like in this interview.
I never knew she used that much shit just to film her tutorials and what not.

>tfw really jealous of Dakota looks.

No. 63610


She really avoids tipping her head at certain angles jeesh. She is pretty, but she always looks stiff and weird to me as if she's really trying super hard not to make move her head or face too much. Also those super bright lights to wash herself out and make her skin appear better lol.

No. 63628

File: 1426530992925.png (132.23 KB, 494x322, ___.png)

Looks like she still draws those psuedo self-portraits

No. 63629

she looks very cute there! And LOL @ all the shit she uses to make 3 tutorials per year

No. 63632

Kontra posted this but the tiny one with brown hat like 'OMG SHE'S ONLY A PAGE FILLER AND IT'S A TINY PIC'

No. 63637

Kontra talking poop, Dakota had a whole page for that and 3 fairly big appearances. (not just random background outfit pic)

No. 63741

Some people say that everything an artist draws is a self portrait. People draw what they like, they also dress and style themselves how they like. It's not an uncommon thing at all, and it's not as if she's famous for her art, it's just a hobby.

No. 63780

Sure is getting fucking PULL in here.

No. 63784

No. 63791

File: 1426545476681.jpg (73.92 KB, 525x651, gilmore-girls-season-1-19.jpg)

Does anyone else see it?

No. 63793

You know white girls arr rook same

No. 63800

Lmfao. Yaaassss.

No. 64004

i wish she'd style herself like this. geez, it's not hard to ask a stylist for some tips, Dakota. she looks great here for once.

No. 64006

lmao true

No. 64055

Not at all.

No. 64059

yeah, I really fail to see it

No. 64118

Ha yeah, she did.
I remember in the old thread it was posted and everyone was commenting on how small her appearances were and we thought the bigger picture of her in the purple dress was some other model they chose to have a bigger spot because it obviously was insinuated that the small pic of Kota was the only one in there.

No. 64141

Is it just me or do her extensions look reallllllllyyy obvious and shitty here? Only because usually they aren't noticable.

No. 64142


i just went back and checked. kontra said:

"For Popteen's March 2015, it seems that Dakota Rose only appeared on the page for Ank Rouge…I have yet to see the full issue myself, but my friend who bought a copy said that this is true."

so her friend told her that was the only appearance, and maybe only sent kontra that one picture which made her think that pic was the only one of kota on the page

No. 64288

File: 1426615294180.webm (11.97 MB, 470x384, vid-3024261(1).webm)

No. 64293

Yass bitch this is my fav one.

No. 64301

Someone spread it on Japanese sites

No. 64304

File: 1426616844412.webm (17.2 MB, 360x480, ghettothugs.webm)

"ghetto thugs that we work with"
Jeez they were just in a recording studio, and he was polite…anyway, a few seconds of dakota in here.

No. 64307

File: 1426617126707.webm (16.87 MB, 352x288, making_fun_of_Asians.webm)

Original was too large to post

No. 64317

autism the video

No. 64319

She looks like Onision in his emo makeup

No. 64334

File: 1426620096619.webm (19.53 MB, 240x180, beetlejuice_240.webm)

No. 64336

> people think im fake!
> a digital image!

lolol the ironing

No. 64337

When Kaka was the pretty sister..

No. 64338

yeah, all kooter needed was some bangs. why'd it take her so long to do it?

No. 64340

File: 1426620894744.webm (13.88 MB, 320x240, gh.webm)

No. 64344

File: 1426621017667.webm (2.68 MB, 640x360, blackface.webm)

No. 64347

She was mental and scary looking, but I kinda like that hahaha.

No. 64349

File: 1426621299369.webm (17.89 MB, 320x240, bah-emilio.webm)

No. 64350

Yeah, they look super obvious to me too.

No. 64358

File: 1426622191893.webm (10.58 MB, 320x240, 179199915.webm)

No. 64360

>"Get me my phone."
>she actually does it
Jfc, Kiki was like the alpha sister or something

No. 64361

well yeah, she was the older sister. anyone who has older sisters knows what that shit is like. i always had to do whatever my older sister told me.

No. 64364

File: 1426622984789.webm (18.35 MB, 267x200, 178736621(1).webm)

Dakota acting black in the beginning
The rest is just her sister. no1cur

No. 64373

It's just how she asked it without any respect whatsoever.

No. 64394

File: 1426625782819.webm (17.47 MB, 240x320, D3210-240.webm)

No. 64397

lol again. older sister. are you an only child anon?

No. 64399

This, older siblings in general are huge dicks. My older brother was like that with me and I was like that to my younger siblings. If you think Kiki demanding Kota to get her phone for her was awful, it could've been much, much worse if Kota refused. Most older siblings will actually physically hit their younger siblings or just do some really fucked up shit to them.

No. 64402

She could have looked nice here if not for the busted looking lips she drew on

No. 64406

Haha other way round for me, my sister uses her "youngest baby innocence" as a cover for being a total fucking asshole and blaming shit she does on me.

No. 64417

This, my sister is the same
It isn't an older or younger thing, it's siblings in general

No. 64432

i think this depends on the age difference between siblings. the larger the gap, the more likely the youngest sibling will have the power, as the older one "should know better"

but when the ages are close, like kiki and kota, or even me and my sister (she is 4 years older) then the younger sibling is the gofer / slave / punching bag

but honestly im best friends with my sister, yet it is still ingrained in me to defer to her and do what she tells me to

No. 64433

Not really i'm >>64406 and she is only 13 months younger than me. If someone has a shitty personality, they'll act like a dick - age doesn't factor into it.

No. 64434

File: 1426628456579.png (359.34 KB, 700x277, Fat_and_ugly_people.png)

No. 64435

File: 1426629114973.webm (13.98 MB, 1280x720, Best_of_Kotakoti.webm)

No. 64437

Agree with >>64433. There's only a year difference between me and my younger sister and she's the same.

No. 64439

I think many different things factor into it. With Kiki, I think it's how her parents treat her since she was obviously the favorite. Even Kyler, her older brother, was treated like shit by her. Iirc, there's a video of her talking shit about her brother on stickam and Cathy was in the room while it all was happening, not saying a word to her.

No. 64451

File: 1426630812439.webm (19.91 MB, 380x214, closethomothexual.webm)

No. 64577

wow her forehead really IS huge
and she was damn thin in this video
did she have an ed? she is chewing gum like a cow

No. 64596

how old was she here? Sorry if it was already mentioned and I missed it.

She looks older now though, much more so. I know make up plays a huge role in influencing how young you look, but this is extreme. I look at pictures from my family members in the 80s/90s compared to now, and yeah they look more mature, but not older if that makes any sense.

I also know she shoops the shit out of her pics, but if we had past and present Kota in front of us, it'd be difficult to assume that she was younger in this vid.

No. 64608

its ironic that they're calling that guy ghetto when Dakota is walking around with make up that not even cholas would wear

No. 64610

The whole time she was talking about how nobody listens to ugly people even if they're smart I was cringing. Every kid I knew growing up that acted and still act like that as adults, like her and Dakota in these videos, were all taught that same entitled diva shit by their crazy parents. They really were doomed from the start.

God forbid these girls ever have kids cause they'll grow up the same exact way. You can do no wrong, get away with everything, and be successful as long as you're pretty.

Also, unrelated but Koti is pretty cute when she's not wearing her chola makeup in these. >>64435

No. 64614

it's kind of true though, people equate attractiveness with intelligence and are more likely to want to believe/listen to them

No. 64618

from what ive noticed people equate attractiveness with being stupid.

No. 64620

not who you are replying to, but it seems like people equate sexual attractiveness/hotness with being stupid. having a handsome/pretty face, being above average height, not being overweight, and dressing well are the kinds of attractive traits that i think people correlate with intelligence.

No. 64623

people are more likely to assume a pasty,geeky, skinny guy who wears glasses is smarter than girl who is hot. I think it is sometimes hard for people to take attractive people seriously, especially attractive women.

No. 64627

Does anyone have a .rar of her photobook? I want to make a parody of it (even though she's already a parody of herself…)
Or maybe .rar of her magazine appearances would work

No. 64628

yes, what you're saying is true, but you're also comparing a man and a woman. a pasty, geeky, skinny guy might be perceived as more book smart and geeky than a tall, fit guy dressed in business casual with good skin. however, people will listen to the more conventionally attractive guy because he looks like he has his life together.

though yeah, i don't know if attractive women are taken seriously. dressing properly helps, though? like i think a "hot" woman wearing business clothing will be perceived as intelligent.

No. 64629

No. 64631

I think it's because what is perceived as "hot" is usually pretty skimpy, and slutty girls are considered stupid, whereas beautiful is more demure

No. 64635

I think if someone were to stand a guy who looks like bill gates(pale, skinny, glasses, geeky) next to a guy who looks like an abercrombie model and asked people who they thought was smarter, im certain they would choose the geeky guy.

Most people just think attractive people are vapid before getting to know them.

I don't think as a man itd be a hard for them to be taken seriously but as an attractive woman I think if youre smart its hard to be taken seriously or people see you as a novelty "ahhh a pretty girl who is a geek!", maybe that is why so many girls like to pretend to be nerdy for attention on the internet.

No. 64651

File: 1426652689846.png (84.8 KB, 315x231, Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.49…)

She has such a gigantic fucking mouth. No wonder she's always covering it.

No. 64686

File: 1426657977393.png (104.26 KB, 519x341, 1257.png)

She looks like a human version of Freddy from FNAF.

No. 64695

Seriously, Kota looks hella uggz in that video, at least compared to Kiki.

The lowest volume option on these videos isn't low enough, my fucking ears.

No. 64698

Da fuck, Kiki's ass looks huge here.

No. 64700

Haha this is great.
Also, Kiki looks good with dark brown hair.

No. 64704

File: 1426660321164.jpg (135.54 KB, 574x730, tmp_12363-Dakota_Age-189715191…)

Guys, I have a question- the generally accepted consensus on PULL is that the police report that "proves" Dakota is the age she says she is does so becauss it's faked because they listed her eye color as brown.

Thing is, eye color gets misprinted all the time, even on official documents like licenses and, yes, police reports- and remember, this is Orlando we're talking about too.

Not to mention the fact that she posted her own pic of her 18th birthday cake with numbler candles on it that said 18 right before she went to Japan.

So doing the math, if Dakota was born 9/19/1993, she was 17 in 2010 and she went to Japan in 2012, depending on what time of year she went she would have been 18 or 19, not 16. And she would currently be 21, which TBH is more believable for me, because she honestly doesn't look 19 to me in her unshooped TV appearances. It would also make Kiki 22.

Now, the obvious flaw here is that it has her DOB listed as 9/19/93 and her age as 15 in 2010, which is obviously wrong based on simple math. But the thing is, Dakota lies and has lied about so much, who is to say she didn't lie about her age to the police? We know the Ostrengas have done it before.

TBH I wish a FL anon would just go and run a background check on her, or do one online. If I weren't so broke I would do it myself.

No. 64725

I'm almost positive Kiki is older than 22. I remember her being 1-2 years older than me during the myspace era, and I'm 22 now.

No. 64739

Yeah, so many people have said this, I'm also one of them. I definitely remember Kiki being older than me by a couple of years and I am 22 this year, too. Dakota definitely seems like she'd be my age rather than a couple of years younger than me. There's so many instances of Kiki and Dakota stating online in articles/pages/etc that they older and around ages that make more sense.

For example; the Rolling Stone article (http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/kiki-kannibal-the-girl-who-played-with-fire-20110415), said Kiki was "now 18". The article was printed April 15, 2011 and Kiki is born in September which would make her 19 that year and 22 turning 23 this year.
In this article http://aviva.buzznet.com/photos/newyearsresolutionsfromyourfavoritebuzznetstars/?id=64034851 it says Dakota is 18 at the end of 2010.
Also in this video http://kikikannibal.buzznet.com/user/video/1606581/kiki-kannibal-dakota-rose-disney/, if Dakota was born in 1995, in this she would be 11 just about to turn 12. If anyone seriously thinks she looks that age there then they haven't seen an actual 11/12 year old. She looks about 13/14.

No. 64740

I'm 100% positive Kiki is at least 22. I wouldn't be surprised if she were older though.

I can get why Kota lies about her age, modeling itself does descriminate by age, and her beinf a "teenager" is one of only 3 or 4 things she has going for her since she won't lift a finger to actually improve herself.

Bravo has to know about it though. It would have to be on her passport, unless the Ostrengas really are trashy enough to get a fake birth certifiate for Dakota so they can fake her age on her passport.

No. 64742

It doesn't really matter, since she will be turning "20" this year and in Japan, that's the age when you're expected to start settling into adulthood and working on what you want to do with the rest of your life. Dakota isn't gonna have much going for her then.

No. 64793

it's so weird seeing Dakota actually that thin in motion

No. 64795

I think a lot of modelling agencies lie about the ages of their models anyway, so I don't think they'd care that much.

No. 64828

File: 1426689856691.jpg (25.27 KB, 379x438, odldf.JPG)

it's funny she used to overdraw her lips to make them look bigger, and now she uses concealer to hide her lips' existence as much as possible.

No. 64844


Dat eye make-up, holy…

No. 64847

Kiki actually looks younger than Kota in that last vid

No. 64849

her lips are grossly exaggerated, but more than anything, the white accent on her inner eye corners are kind of disgusting

No. 64880

freakin love kotas face there

No. 64893

File: 1426698583476.jpg (59.2 KB, 479x619, clownkota.JPG)

No. 64913


I think this says something about her being with her sister?

No. 64920


from what I could gather from the broken translation my browser gave me, something like kiki gave her gifts for a new apartment or something, and it also said kiki was leaving at the end of the month? or maybe she's talking about moving into a new apt. idk I don't understand moonspeak

No. 64923

She met with Kiki who bought her that cake thing on the photo. She says she hasn't seen her in a very long time. She also mentions Kiki will stay in Japan till the end of this month.

Now lets see if Kiki will keep pretending she is still in Japan lol.

No. 64925

nah she doesn't say anything about moving, but 日本にいる which means "to stay in Japan"

No. 64927

or better, "to be in Japan"

No. 64936

Thanks for posting these again! I've never seen this one before. But Kaka looks really good here.
Lmao exactly. Look how far they fall. Never forget.

No. 64940

"I only made fun of lesbians once and it was because I was being pursued by two older women"
Hm ok so all of this unwarranted and very persistent and constant homophobia is just because of that? Seems legit.

No. 64945

Wow so Koots legitimately hung out with Kaka recently? Holy shit didn't see that coming.

No. 64947

Wow so Koots legitimately hung out with Kaka recently? Holy shit didn't see that coming.

No. 64949

Other than proving Kiki isn't going to be living there, it has also kinda proven Kota isn't really hiding Kiki. One of the comments says that they're a fan of both of them. And Kota has to approve the comments. But the comment did just say her first name, she could reject it if it says her full alias since people could dig up all the dirt on her.

No. 64951

No, that posts only says she got gifts from her sister.

No. 64963

I double posted RIP
Makes sense and Kaka would've uploaded a pic probably.

No. 64971

I'm giving her benefit of doubt. I was leered at and constantly made uncomfortable by a neighbor's older butch friend as a teen. When I'd make fun of her and lesbians, my gay guy friends would actually egg it on. I figured it was no big deal because they were ok with it. Thankfully I grew the fuck up and I'd like to think Kota has as well.

More on topic, why the hell fo they never take pictures together? It's almost like it's been forbidden or strongly discouraged. You can't tell me Kaka wouldn't love to be placed in direct contact with Kota's fan base.

No. 64981


>dakota acknowledging kiki

holy shit is right

it's been two years since she mentioned her sis on ameblo and that was the only time, haha

all these old vids popping back up show how sad it must be for kaka. sure they broke eardrums and were painfully annoying together, but they were best friends. and hell, maybe dakota wishes she didn't have to be so guarded all the time and could have her goofy moments once more.

No. 64984

Eww the green nail on her thumb.. It doesn't stick on her finger properly/her fingers are so weird you can tell so easily how fake the nail is. Looks gross

No. 65016

i'm fat ugly and chinese
I saw all those videos, and I still really want to be friends with her. In the interview, she's so cute and chill.

I don't really hold any of the things she said from like 2006-2010 against her. People change. They don't have to apologise or anything for it, because the past is just the past. Whatever, apart from being nosey there's no real point of bringing those old videos back.

No. 65017

I want to be friends with Kota as well.

>I don't really hold any of the things she said from like 2006-2010 against her. People change. They don't have to apologise or anything for it, because the past is just the past. Whatever, apart from being nosey there's no real point of bringing those old videos back.

I agree with you when it comes to Kota. But I definitely don't agree when it comes to Kiki since she's still a piece of shit human being who feels no remorse to this day.

No. 65019

…….just because she isn't as rambunctious and open when she was younger doesn't mean she's changed. at all. i know some (if not all) of us are biased towards Kota, myself included, it's still stupid to assume things based on her current online presence.

No. 65023


and i do think it's good to apologize for past wrongs instead of pretending they didn't happen, because admitting when you were wrong is a sign of having changed, or wanting to. maturing means holding yourself accountable.

No. 65038

This is the oly time Kota has mentioned Kiki, and I get the feeling it was mostly so she could say she's not staying in Japan, since Kiki keeps claiming to be livng there rather than visiting. IMHO Kota's interations with Kiki seem two sided, like her reaction to Kiki bragging about being scouted.

No. 65039

File: 1426717135468.png (377.53 KB, 800x1280, tmp_12363-Screenshot_2015-03-1…)

Screencapped in case it mysteriosly goes missing, like so many things Dakota posts.

No. 65040


Kooter sabotaging Keeka for trying to sabotage her career lol

No. 65046

They never take pictures together anymore.

No. 65048

Idk, Kota did approve a bunch of comments about how "nice" Kiki is and approved someone asking for pictures of Kiki. Idk, it could be a dig at Kiki, but I think her fans couldn't care less about her. I don't really think she follows this site or pull to know that most things she posts are translated.

And if it was a dig, I think she'd try to dig at more things, like Kiki pretending to be fluent in Japanese and shit.

No. 65049

Nahh, she can't afford to be that obvious about it. She has o pretend to be supportive of her sister because that's how it works, the younger siblings have to respect the older siblings to a certain degree. If she made it obvious then it would make her look like an ungrateful brat toward her sister, especially for giving her gifts, which wouldn't sit well with the Japanese fans who read her vlog and gossip about her online.

No. 65053

funny, you'd think it'd be the other way around with kaka wanting people to draw attention to her being the sister of the model dakota rose, and kota spurning comments about her embarrassing sister.

No. 65057

She could make the not speaking Japanese thing sound sweet. She could go, "My sister doesn't speak Japanese at all so I'm showing her around." Or something like that.

Now thinking about it, maybe it really is a dig. I mean, she could just say that Kiki's visiting, but she went as far to say when she'll be leaving.

It is funny. I wonder if Kota would still accept the comment if someone commented talking about Kiki and saying her entire alias/her twitter username.

No. 65072

>but she went as far to say when she'll be leaving

bb plz, you're looking too much into it

No. 65086

No, that is a bit of an odd thing to do. Normally one would just say their family is visiting and maybe when they arrived, but almost nobody mention when they'll be leaving unless it's mentioned after the fact, i.e. "they left for home yesterday, it was so great seeing them again!". It's unnecessary n itself, and it's suspicious because Kiki made such a fuss to prove she was ~living in Japan in her apaato~ and there's no way Kota didn't now about that.

Personally I say fuck yeah Kooter for the deviously subtle dig.

No. 65094

I think it's digging too deep too. I don't find it odd to mention when someone's trip is over. I've even said similar things in conversation several times in my life when my family is visiting me abroad.

No. 65102

Kiki claims to be living in Japan tho.

No. 65106


>>65102 is right, It would be perfectly fine, except for all the shit Kiki has posted and said to prove she lives in Japan and isn't just visiting. We know they hang out, after all they're sisters and in the same city, there's no way Dakota doesn't know about Kiki claiming to be living there. So, her posting when Kiki leaves, which as we speculated before would be when her tourist visa expired, was just to quietly prove she isn't actually living there permanently like she claims she is.

No. 65107


No. 65108


Uh, are you serious? sigh.

Go read the Kiki thread. And her Twitter, and her Instagram. She's been doing it since she arrived in Japan, even when she was staying at a hotel she still called it her ~apaato~.

No. 65109

Are you new? Go check out her insta, she's said it numerous times. Nobodies gonna dig up "proof" for you cause you're too lazy to scroll up.

No. 65110

File: 1426725447939.png (124.33 KB, 1198x756, Capture.PNG)

Exactly, I'm sure Kota is also friends with her on fb where Kiki outright put Japan as where she lives.
here's a screenshot of her fb

No. 65151

Her japanese is utterly painful to read. She's trying to put in slang and be manly. But when a girl talking like that appears cool for americans in english, it appears weird as fuck to japanese in japanese. She is american to the core in thinking still.

No. 65155

>no workplaces to show
>no schools to show
>no relationship info to show
>only info to show is that she totes lives in japan

toppest of keks

No. 65156

I was under the impression that that Americanism was part of her appeal.

I kekd as well.

No. 65157


I have this daydream that Kiki secretly curses her younger sister's success and she's desperately trying to get more famous than her sister so Dakota finally learns her place as side kick.

No matter if Dakota is shitty, there's far worse cows out there, so I'll continue to like her to spite Kiki. If I was Dakota I'd ask why my older sister is still living with her parents while I'm a model in Japan and the face of a famous idol's make up brand. A lot of Dakota's jobs are small time and ghetto, but you gotta admit popteen and Candy Doll's spokesmodel aren't too shabby for a second rate like herself.

Dakota keep on succeeding in Japan while Kiki fails in the states. Please.

No. 65158

Only her whiteness is the appeal.

No. 65159


Did anyone try adding her as a friend? Make a fake profile of a Japanese dude that would appeal to her.

No. 65160


It's her gimmick. The contrast between her cutesy, girly image vs her foul way of speaking is supposed to be "interesting". Personally, I don't see it, it just reminds me of kids on Tumblr talking like ghetto thugs and saying fuck a lot to sound cool.

No. 65162


Uhh idk where you've been but Candydoll took most of her shit off their site like a month ago. She is by no means the face of Candydoll.

No. 65166

ur so PULL it hurts.

both those companies arent even focused on her anymore, thats the while reason she started doing tv more.

No. 65167

That's not all, she added Japanese as one of her languages. I get someone adding another language as their language if they can at least keep up a conversation in said language. But it's quite obvious Kiki can't since her beau was speaking English to her in one of her ig vids. She also posted a petition with the link in Japanese to drive the point to people she knows irl that she totes speaks Japanese!!!!11!!!

She doesn't seem to be on fb often, he last public post was on Feb 20th. If you wanna try, here it is: https://www.facebook.com/kikikanniballl

No. 65172

we settled that it wouldn't work because she's way too paranoid to fall for a catfish. that's why she blocks random people if they don't have x amount of followers on instagram.

No. 65173

Haven't kept up to date with kooters for awhile. Only get to hear about her through kiki drama for the most part.

1. I'm not from PULL
2. That's getting fucking old.
3. With PULL having the reputation of being 14 year old dumbasses, you think you'd spell out "you're." I always hear "ur" in my head spoken by some partially retarded person.
4. Doesn't PULL hate Dakota? I mean with all those "she's so average" and "she's a HOMOPHOBE!" Being white isn't average in Japan and no one cares that some moronic teen didn't liek the gays. Unless you're gay as a teen, you probably won't liek the gays. Gays or fat people.

I thought Dakota got a few pages in Popteen recently? I should catch up with the thread. Am I wrong?

No. 65185

Noooo, PULL looooves Dakota, they just pretend to hate her so they can like her "ironically" and claim it's totes just to make Kiki jealous, but they're always the ones who swarm to defend her lies on anon everywhere they can.

No. 65187

Because they both have haters and want to avoid that kind of drama. At least Kota probably doesn't want it, Kiki loves drama though.

I can imagine Kota not wanting to post pics of them together in case people find Kiki more attractive (looool)

No. 65198

>I can imagine Kota not wanting to post pics of them together in case people find Kiki more attractive (looool)

I think you got that backwards, lol Kiki is a hag on her own, but comoared to Kota she looks even worse. Kota just probably doesn't want her image associated with Kiki because she still acts like a colossal immature jackass in public whereas Dakota doesn't.

No. 65475

Ive shown people who dont know kota and kiki and they always say kiki is prettier.

No. 65478

Kaka has moronic attitute but she is prettier

No. 65481

Depends on what pictures you were showing of both of them tbh. Were you showing 100% candid pictures of both of them? Kiki looks haggard as fuck in candid pics.

Also Kiki isn't considered pretty by Japanese standards. When she was posted on the forum talking about Kota, most people thought she was anorexic and scary looking.

No. 65719

Does anyone have candids of Kotex and Kaka so we can compare them proper?

No. 65720

Build slowly, add friends of friends, you can do it!

No. 65722

No. 65723

damn I wish there were more of these. there's like 500 candid pics of Kota now, but only like 2 of Kiki. i want a real look at how she looks without 5 softboxes in her face

No. 65732

Same, but she hardly ever goes out and doesn't really have any friends so the only pictures taken of her are the ones she takes herself.
I am on the edge about Kiki's looks. I think if I didn't know her I would find her to be very pretty, but I know how vile her personality is and that overshadows any attractiveness she might have.

No. 65739

Yeah same. In 2012 before I knew anything about her I thought she was very pretty. Now every time I see her I'm genuinely grossed out. I think what crushed it the most is her obnoxious humblebragging and that website she dedicated to making fun of Daniel.

No. 65742

she looked better then though. why is she aging so damn fast? she need a damn makeover.

No. 65744

she should get bangs

No. 65763

>why is she aging so damn fast?

Shit genes paired with a style that accentuates all the features she should be minimizing.

No. 65767


She also eats crap, or at least doesn't bring enough nutrients to her body.
Recently mentioned she had "2 day old make up" on her face so she probably doesn't have a habit of caring for her skin.
Wears fuckton of makeup since she was like 12 years old

Genes do play a role but in Kiki's case, I think her bad habits play even a bigger role

No. 65770


That's absolutely disgusting. I don't even feel clean going out unless I've showered that day, but I don't use shampoo so I don't have to worry about washing the oils from my hair.

No. 65826

There are actually more on another thread, I believe it's the first or second one. You could also probably find the others by searching, "キキ・カンニバル" since that's how I found those two. All the candids of her are from her first trip to Japan when she was going around telling people she's Kota's famous musician/model sister.

No. 65832

File: 1426853982531.jpg (51.58 KB, 600x800, 1416007114479.jpg)

I found the other candids. Kiki better hope kawaii nihonjin don't googgle her name in katakana. One of her threads is on the third page when you search it and some pictures from here come up as well.

No. 65836

I can't get over that fucking 5 head.

No. 65852

she doesnt look too bad in this one but that beanie makes me wanna kill someone https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BUh-d1GCcAAcfzh.jpg

No. 65856

I agree. She'd look really nice if she cut her hair, filled in her brows, started leaving the house to get some color on her skin or at least wore some blush, and wore much more flattering makeup/clothes.
Even though I'm one of the anons who do talk shit about her looks, she's truly not ugly. It's just that her hideous personality makes all her flaws much more noticeable. If Kota actually looked like her tumblr era shoops, was exactly like Kiki, and did all the fucked up shit she did, I think we'd be harshly insulting her looks as well.

No. 65870

>Recently mentioned she had "2 day old make up" on her face

ew fuck, i forgot about that

for years people have been talking about how she'd look better with bangs but she hasn't taken the hint. i don't know how she can look in the mirror and not see this isn't working for her like her older look was.

No. 65970

>for years people have been talking about how she'd look better with bangs but she hasn't taken the hint.
Kiki's a lot like pt in that sense, you tell her she'd look better with a different look, then she gets angry and just makes herself look worse out of spite.

Kiki has actually reacted to the stuff we've been saying about her needing bangs on twitter. The first tweet she was telling her "fans" not to follow beauty standards. And the second tweet was going on about how Rihanna & Tyra Banks are beautiful women that have large foreheads and Asia finds large foreheads beautiful.

No. 65997

>nigga is balding

No. 66009

I have the same issue with bangs. I have large forehead and long, thin face like kiki and I used to have bangs-but they were bothering me so much I would put them to the side. So maybe kiki just hate it too. Although she is so self centered, that if she would want them, and though they make her pretty, I am sure she would even bear her forehead being on fire lol

No. 66019

I get what you're saying, I have a similar issue with my forehead/face, but mine's really wide instead of long. And I've had the same issue with bangs but after a while, you get used to them and feel naked without them.
Though, I don't think Kiki has that issue, since she's had bangs plenty of times in the scene days, she's just really delusional and stubborn. I don't even get how she can be that delusional, especially since she has candid pictures of herself. I remember when I first saw candid pictures of myself, I was like, "damn, I'm fucking ugly, I really need some bangs."

No. 66023

too bad she can't put a spin to make her greasy hair look desireable tho

i also don't get why she stopped defining her eyebrows. i understand she changed up her makeup to copy dakota (and it doesn't work for her), but why stop doing that? it makes her look more washed out since her natural brows are barely there.

No. 66031

I don't get that either, Kota still fills in her brows. You'd think since she's always hopping on bandwagons, she'd hop on the strong brows/eyebrows on fleek bandwagon.

No. 66045

man those nasolabial folds must run in the family

No. 66050

They def look like their parents.

I think Kaka looks better than Kotex in the candids though. The amount of shoop Kotex needs to be kawaii is kind of astounding.

No. 66131

That haircut isn't doing her any justice.

No. 66161

Her forehead weirds me out.

No. 66167

No, Kotex definitely looks better, it's just the fact that compared to her shooped pics she looks a lot different in real life. Kiki doesn't shoop as much so there isn't a huge difference. Kiki looks like a haggard old woman in real life, where Kotex just looks average.

No. 66175

So Kiki claims to live in Japan, but in this post Kota says until the end of this month? (Idk, don't think 'visiting' Japan counts as living there but that's just me)

Also can she stop trying to talk like a guy? It's not kawaii.

No. 66217

thats her moe gap ze

No. 66218

she looks malnourished

No. 66225

I agree. When I saw that comment I was like, "what?" Kiki's not ugly, but she's wearing a style that just isn't flattering on her and she looks malnourished. Kiki just looks like an older woman desperately trying to be young again. That's not to say women who are older or have harsher features can't pull off kawaii jfashion, it just takes a lot more effort. Effort that Kiki just isn't willing to put in.

I wonder if she'll keep up the charade after she leaves or just say she lived in Japan for a 3 months. While technically she did, I think for most people living somewhere entails working, paying bills, etc. Or at least living there on anything but a tourist visa.

No. 66251

Are there any photos of Kaka's profile? She seems to be avoiding showing her nose from the side.

No. 66309

File: 1426961306723.jpg (14.69 KB, 358x382, d (16).jpg)

No. 66342


Kaka=kiki, not kota

No. 66345

No. 66398

Does Kota still wear fake lashes? I can't really tell since she's changed the focal point to her eyeliner in her make up. Sorry this is a dumb question.

No. 66446

There is one, but I can't find it at the moment. But I will tell you, she has a big beak shaped nose, which is why she hides it from the side.

No. 66452

File: 1426974703124.png (425.77 KB, 1133x344, Kikinose.png)

nvm found it!

No. 66457

She's got a Paris Hilton nose.

No. 66485

Did she get a nose job?

No. 66488

What? That isn't like Paris Hilton's nose lollll

No. 66495

No? She just uses filters, brightness, and angles. If she did, she'd show off her nose from different angles and lay off the filters/brightness.

No. 66513

I mean length wise, it's hooked. But width wise no.

No. 66519

I'm so weirded out by her nose and how straight the nostril part is, makes it look like a beak. It's so oddly shaped and ugly

No. 66539

imho her nose is not that bad, as it's not totally out of balance with the rest of the face. I've actually seen worse. but it's just interesting how she and her sis have completely different facial features, like they're not even similar to me

No. 66554

File: 1426981433920.jpg (203.02 KB, 480x480, dakota.jpg)

this looks like the most natural looking photo. No shoop, lenses, or over-drawn lips

No. 66570

>no shoop


No. 66572

I actually think that's what makes it look nice. I know I sound like a dakota whiteknight but her nose is the only thing I'm super jelly of. To me it looks nice from any angle.
The flatness at the bottom makes frontal photos look better because you can't see up her nostrils (aka seraphina), for one.

No. 66576

top kek

No. 66577


Kiki is straight up Scott and Koti is straight up Cathy, except both without all the fat their parents have in their faces.

No. 66581

I didn't even realize that was her at first.

No. 66619

Agree 100% but no one believes me, haha. There have been several arguments about this.

I like Kota's nose, too. She has a great nose but everything else is average or below average.

Kiki's nose could be worse but at least it fits her face as best it can with those weird as fuck features.

No. 66623

Same. I would kill a man for Dakota's nose, it's easily her best feature.

No. 66637

we all have different preferences :D I find her nose quite ugly and witch like from the side (which is only complemented by her chin), on the other hand I think that longer noses - like Kiki's look somewhat cooler

No. 66777

Kotex's nose is cute as fuck but her massive chin distracts from it womp womp

No. 66785

She has a Rumer Willis thing going on with her face. There is too much of it.

No. 66796

Gross, what the hell.
Her candids look better than this shit. I don't know what they did to her eyes but the right one (our right) looks like it's melting off her face and her whole face in general looks fat…

No. 66807

Haha and it's weird because I find KIKI's nose witch-like… Preferences, man

No. 66827

Dude what the hell? She looks completely normal.

No. 66829

All this "tee-hee, preferences" shit is making me feel like this is actually Kiki and Dakota trying to stealthily neg each other on anon.

No. 67064

We know they're both antisocial internet and drama addicts, we know Kiki for a fact lurked here at one point, I wouldn't doubt it if Kota did or does. These bitches iterally grew up talking shit and whoring themselves for attention on the internet, I don't see one or either of them just stopping cold turkey with the level of dysfunction they were raised at. Anonymous strangers on the internet define their entire lives and always have.

No. 67072

I think Kontrakoti lurks here too, she mentioned lolcow in her lateat post about Kooter in Popteen. Kek, I wonder if she'll start a side blog about Taylor R now that she's in Zipper.

No. 67106

File: 1427104654096.jpg (152.63 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Kotas been around Kiki too much recently, she's getting them titties out again.

No. 67108

lmfao that titty length

theyre like four feet long holy

No. 67109

What the fuck, this feels so wrong to look at; she's shooped her face like a 7 year old but is posing in just a bra with her tits out…so messed up.
Also dat shooped on cleavage line, I'm fucking dying. How high up did she want to draw it?

No. 67115

>>67108 she pulls her bra down so her tits look bigger and she does that "I'm pushing my boobies with my arm pose lel" but it actually looks saggy and long as hell. Just telling u she's gotten kikis whorish germs again.

No. 67119

It looks like she has muscular pecs, rather than tits.

No. 67121

this is so bad
is she trying to get into gravure or something?

No. 67122

omg this picture is so hot–too bad it's not a real person. completely warped pixels and nothing else tsk

No. 67123

does that make me a pedophile lesbian? damn

No. 67128

Yes! That's exactly what I was thinking. I kept thinking it reminded me of a Ken doll and I couldn't figure out why.
Looks like she's ditched Barbie's look and is trying to emulate her boyfriend, lel.

No. 67129

not gonna lie, I think she looks hot.
Then again i am a raging homosexual

No. 67132

Saaaaaaaaaaaame man.

No. 67154

She's wearing a double bra you can clearly see it, plus she's done some weird shading, lol you are all just pedophile lesbians.

No. 67164

File: 1427124430261.jpg (47.58 KB, 734x555, unclefuckers.jpg)

No. 67167

There's no fucking way she's significantly changed. She's putting up a good front but I don't doubt for a second that her internal monologue is anything but 24/7 bitchery. Especially considering the kinds of girls she's working with. Honestly, it's hard for anyone not to get annoyed after hanging out with attention whore genki girls. Good for her for learning to keep her mouth shut unlike Kiki, but no way am I buying that she's all sunshine and daisies now.

No. 67169

it really is

u can tell the bra doesn't even fit well against her tits, there's a lot of wiggle room, even if it is pulled down

No. 67179

I hate how she looks in the right pic 2nd row
Like a horse idk how to describe it. It was one of her worst looks imo

No. 67188

I'm a pedophile lesbian unclefucker, clearly.

Kooter doesn't have to worry tho, she's cute and all for an average girl I guess but I'd say underneath all that shoop I'm not really all that attracted to her kek

No. 67189

haha, score!

No. 67206

OMG lol she actually looks like Macaulay Culkin in this, kota pls.

No. 67211

Her eyes are shooped hella far apart again. And kek that fake cleavage going so far up but having no depth.

No. 67214

This. People are delusional if they don't think the sisters are posting here. They've done it before and have even more free time to do it now.

No. 67219

Why don't we get the admin to check? Jrcock posted Kiki's ip address on his blog.

No. 67223

Their IP would constantly change if they're in hotels.

No. 67253

Anons correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't posting pics in lingerie and showing clevage kind of a big no-no for models and personaities unles they're doing it for a magazine shoot or commercial where it's professionaly done? So, why the fuck would she post a pic like this?

No. 67262

This was probably before or after a shoot, she's already modelled in swimwear and has done more revealing selfie stuff previously so it hasn't hampered anything.

No. 67268

All posters are guaranteed anonymity (unless they violate rule 5 or repeatedly break rules and are explicitly warned that next time they will lose all rights and privileges), even lolcows.

No. 67313


Swimwear =/= lingerie.

And yes, posting something like this outside of a shoot is not a good move, even for a foreigner since she's a model for a teen's magazine and has this cutesy pure dolly image.

No. 67424

no shes really not that srs business. they dont hold her to the same standards at all. they just have her for the lulz - just use her for photoshoots and be done with her

No. 67426

Not to the standard they would hold the other models, sure, but it's sill iffy.

No. 67500

I am
You honestly think kooters would come on here and still post like that?
I'm actually a lesbian.
Like i legit am into girls and i am sorry if it pisses you off but some of these lolcows can look quite hot.

No. 67506

Hey they can be as hot as you like, as long as you don't go all fanatic and shit, lol.

No. 67805

File: 1427234381972.jpg (88.38 KB, 453x604, CGzFQYZsW5g.jpg)

I don't know if anyone gives AF about Dakota anymore, but here's a few pics that I found that I had never seen.

No. 67806

File: 1427234404338.jpg (32.16 KB, 479x319, dqvIVIUQf54.jpg)

No. 67809

File: 1427234472877.jpg (43.02 KB, 453x604, HxuT_uKNn7w.jpg)

No. 67811

File: 1427234689043.jpg (54.22 KB, 453x604, LUxo22iF6D8.jpg)

No. 67814

File: 1427234771630.jpg (23.51 KB, 343x366, ijU9Kt_qqiY.jpg)

No. 67816

File: 1427234911313.jpg (47.73 KB, 454x604, 1rXBIzlaoO0.jpg)

No. 67817

File: 1427234996208.jpg (63.03 KB, 448x604, 2bHgjLbQh9s.jpg)

No. 67819

File: 1427235076662.jpg (56.53 KB, 451x604, Sbkh7eFjgnI.jpg)

No. 67820

File: 1427235197329.jpg (33.5 KB, 453x604, SSo91C6GKYw.jpg)

No. 67821

File: 1427235283150.jpg (48.14 KB, 340x604, ZKe3nvdlht4.jpg)


No. 67822

What unfortunate pictures.

No. 67823

File: 1427235380958.jpg (49.02 KB, 453x604, KCwq__jQ8b8.jpg)

No. 67824

She looks kind of like a creeper here, leaning over all stiff like that.

No. 67825

File: 1427235450996.jpg (39.8 KB, 453x604, nMzwUVkLmC0.jpg)

No. 67827

File: 1427235508748.gif (3.84 MB, 844x433, Kota.gif)

I've seen this one, but it's always nice to have gifs.

No. 67829

Whatever happened to that Popteen contest she was supposed to be a 'prize' for?

No. 67830

File: 1427235539294.jpg (96.18 KB, 604x450, GMKqC7Y0Kfg.jpg)

From the popteen vid. Never saw that picture.

No. 67831

File: 1427235561149.jpg (64 KB, 453x604, XAtU2MCVCJY.jpg)

Bad pic of a bad pic.

No. 67832

Am I high or does her face look… swollen here?

No. 67833

File: 1427235629975.jpg (53.42 KB, 355x604, KtxsMcBemwQ.jpg)

No. 67835

File: 1427235693282.jpg (33.91 KB, 403x604, dvzxrU3ewcY.jpg)

No. 67837

File: 1427235759400.jpg (48.92 KB, 453x604, cLxwpVQdmT8.jpg)

No. 67838

File: 1427235784147.jpg (42.6 KB, 604x340, hQISY7Xwp5s.jpg)

>that hat….

No. 67839

File: 1427235866921.jpg (61.94 KB, 453x604, h1p0-qcHwys.jpg)

No. 67840

File: 1427235930713.jpg (78.33 KB, 424x604, yRlpjwxbbF0.jpg)

No. 67843

File: 1427235973398.jpg (31.41 KB, 600x450, -PTCBq7Ab70.jpg)

I just realized I didn't post the link.


No. 67844

File: 1427235992367.jpg (51.58 KB, 454x604, PcY3tJvuCu0.jpg)

Dat squint face.

No. 67845

File: 1427236016791.jpg (30.99 KB, 347x454, rUj-cH5Tflg.jpg)

Pretty cute with volume in her hair.

No. 67846

File: 1427236045785.jpg (66.21 KB, 603x604, VKWg4BReQsk.jpg)


No. 67847

File: 1427236063001.jpg (68.74 KB, 501x604, 9B5XoX-hq1M.jpg)


No. 67848

Jeez, she really is a shapeshifter, there's no consistency anywhere except that she's a white female.

Seriously though, the picspam needs to have some sort of discussion or point or else it's just bumping the thread for the hell of it which is annoying.

No. 67849

File: 1427236081013.jpg (44.09 KB, 403x537, RajGTUPRCMs.jpg)


No. 67852

File: 1427236197785.jpg (39.63 KB, 453x604, lgNJBaTgK04.jpg)

I don't expect everyone to be on at once. I'm sure discussion can/will happen.

Besides, what happened to PULL? I think so many people used to go to PULL because they wanted to see images from Dakota's career and there is a wealth of images out there that never got shared. Seems there is a lot of jelly on there.

No. 67853

File: 1427236229532.jpg (44.82 KB, 453x604, wZdPXve14nM.jpg)

But that's it for now. Maybe more later.

No. 67855

Why should every of her billion images get shared on PULL? It isn't a Dakota fansite.

No. 67857

Holy shit, look at all that icing.

No. 67858

File: 1427236455754.gif (803.67 KB, 380x285, 1414728819742.gif)

Being this gullible. . .

No. 67860

PULL was literally made for and because of Dakota.

No. 67861

I think it's because the current following of PULL is only interested in showing her bad side. Unlike when you had posters like hachi that remained semi-neutral and then left.

No. 67862

>current following of PULL is only interested in showing her bad side
Because Lain totally didn't create PULL for showing her bad site, seriously.

No. 67865

Sure, but they showed all aspects in the beginning. Because they copyright claimed all images and most people didn't get to see too many of them.

No. 67866

That was because there was way less content in the first place and for collections of all her photos you have Kontrakoti.

No. 67867

what's up with her blush? is that a Japanese thing to apply it right there? almost every person I've seen here in america applies it like on the outside of the apples of their cheek and along the cheekbone

No. 67883

it's her natural face, she always looks like swollen

No. 67884

It's supposed to be cute.

No. 67904

it's almost like this is an imageboard or something!

seriously though, i haven't seen most of these so thanks for sharing, picspam anon. i don't know why a lot more that's out there hasn't been shared on PULL before, either. maybe people are interested in seeing her work, but not enough to go looking for it.

she looks like she's channeling haggardly kiki here, maybe she was sick? >>67820

really? i feel like every time i've looked there in the past year, i see people getting prickly at anyone who makes a criticism of her. the only crit they'll all agree on is how she's flabby, lol.

No. 67907

Wha i can tell: her pigtails are so ducking thin it's frightening and WTF is up with her face going all round all of the audden? It's oval or smthg photos? Also, her eyes keep getting bigger and then smaller.

Other than that, her smile is super cute BUT it wasn't straight like that back on the Kickstarter video she was in. I think she deffo got smthg done.

Other other than that: girlfriend is hawt pedo lesbian wink

No. 67912

Mon dieu! Where did that buxom chest of her's go?

No. 67915

she kinda looks like andi autumn to me here

No. 67919

PULL only shares selective information.
whatever suits them.

No. 67921

Her extensions look super obvious in this one…

No. 67923

They do look very similar in a lot of pictures. I definitely see the resemblance.

No. 67924

Showing her bad side? Idk, all I've seen there over the past 2 years is them kissing her ass and praising her. The majority of girls in the Dakota forum are super jealous that a plain white girl got noticed in Japan and not them… As if they're any better. PULL is basically a Dakota fan site at this point. "OMG! She looks so happy here and it makes me happy! I'm so proud of you, Dakota!"

No. 67927

Your post doesn't make sense at all because you contradict yourself with saying everyone attacks her but everyone kisses her ass, make up your mind.

No. 67940

File: 1427249771713.jpg (48.16 KB, 600x450, CA0p2LiUkAA38ii.jpg)

Dakota upcoming tv appearances.

No. 67957

that expression..
I wonder if she understands everything that goes on?? I can understand japanese conversation but i find some japanese comedy, especially standup to be very difficult to understand..

No. 67965

Judge for yourself, it's around 26:00 and she is the only one clapping:

No. 67985

She always looks mildly confused or not part of the convos and fun in the vids.

No. 68051

Her boobs are missing..

No. 68056

Good. I'm not attracted to white trash and crazy.

No. 68057

what happened to dakota's sisters thread?

No. 68065

They aren't missing, she never had any lol

No. 68066

Nothing, it's in the catalog.

No. 68070

it doesn't show up for me :(

No. 68072

Her hair looks nice with volume but obvious extensions are obvious.
Also kek at how bad the meitu shoop is on the other girl. Did Kota edit this and purposely make the girl look obviously/overly shooped so that she looks natural and like she hasn't used shoop at all on her own face?

No. 68075

File: 1427268249852.jpg (673.5 KB, 1000x1500, rinrin.jpg)

It's not overly popular or anything but some girls that are into street fashion do it, I think it can look cute. Looks a bit too much on Kooter though.

No. 68077

Well idk what to tell you, it's there. Just surf the pages until you see it I guess.

No. 68206

File: 1427290474324.jpg (66.23 KB, 550x340, 76527.jpg)

New interview with Kootis and a poor choice of photos

No. 68209

No. 68213

jesus christ, how can THIS be a model… I will never understand……..

No. 68219

File: 1427292301545.jpg (53.89 KB, 600x600, NrvS5nbJJt4.jpg)

I'd LOVE if someone would translate this for me.

No. 68220

File: 1427292318579.jpg (59.23 KB, 454x604, Pb5ki9MsDxw.jpg)

No. 68221

File: 1427292344375.jpg (48.5 KB, 604x453, jIimfmK9h4c.jpg)

A little more picspam, for those that enjoy it.

No. 68222

File: 1427292365509.jpg (63.72 KB, 453x604, nUy_8MLmK-c.jpg)

No. 68223

File: 1427292385618.jpg (50.01 KB, 302x604, UVTQ_U4_5GE.jpg)

Wish I could find the original comic.

No. 68225

File: 1427292460873.jpg (34.37 KB, 451x604, j5gIWmy026E.jpg)

Alien baby face is back.

No. 68226

File: 1427292471022.jpg (79.33 KB, 594x447, VqLC-bCCg64.jpg)

No. 68227

File: 1427292486352.jpg (79.38 KB, 599x446, _Vo8zLbH-ME.jpg)

Not sure what this is from.

No. 68228

File: 1427292511596.jpg (70.33 KB, 594x448, BSS3MXYYRvk.jpg)

More from the same.

No. 68229

File: 1427292543060.jpg (56.49 KB, 452x604, yJaZ9lWj53k.jpg)

I like that she isn't doing everything exactly the same as she did before.

No. 68230

File: 1427292577154.jpg (48.65 KB, 500x375, KHW6Qak50iw.jpg)

This pic is the worst lighting.
They don't do well without full-on lighting.

No. 68231

File: 1427292594695.jpg (62.23 KB, 604x407, 8YDCDVTC_CA.jpg)


No. 68232

File: 1427292624435.jpg (66.28 KB, 604x603, psmeRo3RwQk.jpg)

I don't know how I never saw this one before.

No. 68236

File: 1427292692566.jpg (43.26 KB, 453x604, LkI3JiDrKEY.jpg)

From one of her popteen vids.

No. 68238

Oh my lord, it honestly just gets worse and worse. Next time she posts a pic it will literally be just a white blob with a fringe and two enormous blue eyes poking out from underneath.

No. 68240

lel, who is this guy?
Potential boyfriend? Or just someone they got her to model with? The latter doesn't seem very likely; he's average as hell and def doesn't look like any male model I've seen.
Hm, interesting.

No. 68243

Hey, at least she's smiling in this one.
It looks a bit weird, but now we know she's not channeling Ayanami Rei 24/7.

No. 68247

File: 1427293677372.jpg (65.8 KB, 510x510, sobad.jpg)


No. 68251

File: 1427293944175.gif (3.23 MB, 801x463, 2.gif)

No. 68252

He's just a model.

No. 68253


it was a model shoot. Calm your tits and wipe your drool. It's not even vaguely interesting.

No. 68254

>"This bitch better get that camera out my goddamn face."

No. 68255

File: 1427294202113.jpg (11.22 KB, 215x277, 9DelQoChB18.jpg)

No. 68256

File: 1427294270931.gif (3.47 MB, 841x447, Koti.gif)

Here's a gif

No. 68257

File: 1427294298539.jpg (23.95 KB, 260x604, 6SJi_MM3dUU.jpg)

I like her fresh faced look best.

No. 68261

He's a model? Damn, I'm starting to think any skinny white person can become a low-level model in Nipland.

No. 68262

Yeah it looks like they take all the garbage from the west and drool over it.

No. 68266

Nice ita skirt

No. 68268

is it just me or does something look…. 'off' about her profile?? I'm not good at picking these things out but maybe it's her nose or forehead? probably just looks strange because I don't recall ever seeing a picture of her profile and if i did it was probably edited to hell and back
I see more resemblance to Kiki here than in any other pic I can think of.

No. 68270

Copy/paste from PULL:


Title: "Dakota Rose, talks about her favorites, including Japanese Kazuya Kamenashi and ikemen (ikemen = good looking guys)"

Dakota: Hello, everyone. I'm Dakota Rose. waves
Dakota: From now on, I'll do my best at work when on TV
(It doesn't mean she didn't do her best before, just something to say when introducing yourself properly on TV/media.)
Dakota: I want to put out my own personality. Please support me!
(oh god.. she's living hard on this "LOOK AT ME I'M SO UNIQUE ON TV" thing)
(It's obvious she's reading a script from somewhere.)

Q: What food do you like?
Dakota: I like… um… cucumber. I like たたききゅうり (cucumber salad with seeds). I think I eat it every day. It's not something I get tired of.

Q: How about pickled?
Dakota: I also like pickled (cucumbers).
Dakota: I also like soba, and pasta.

Q: How do you feel about Japanese men?
Dakota: I like Japanese men more than American.

Q: What's the difference between Japanese and American ikemen?
Dakota: There's a big difference, I think, but also resemblance. But a small difference..
Dakota: American girls say the difference, is that not all guys are ikemen
(Sorry, it's hard to translate some of it, I don't know how to put it in English)

Q: Which Japanese talents do you like?
Dakota: Hmm… who.. what was the name (she had problems remembering and asked the interviewer.. ah, yes, that one. I think he's cool (Kazuya Kamenashi).

Pretty boring stuff, as expected from DAKOTA ROSEEEEE.

The article is pretty boring too, basically just:
"Dakota Rose, recently seen on TV, real life barbie, became popular from posting her pictures on her blog etc etc .
She said she learned Japanese by listening to people, and said she has good ears. Which motivated her to study. She was too short to model in America so she went to Japan.
They asked if she was lonely moving to Japan at age 15 (I thought she was 16? Or in real age, 18). She said no, she wanted to work ever since she was 14. She said her parents encouraged her to move (as in supporting her) because she wasn't a bad child (lol wtf).

She wants to continue working as a model, appear on TV because it was fun, and maybe start designing her own clothes. "People always said I was so cute like a doll blah blah but I just saw myself as an ordinary girl. Just like anyone else, I liked to wear fashionable stuff, especially cute stuff."

No. 68278

Yep, that is pretty much the case, as long as you look very white and not dark hair/tan.

No. 68315

I actually like this no fringe or side bangs look on her. I think it would help to balance her face and her fucking chin wouldn't look so big…

No. 68326

omgg that extra absorbent maxi pad sweater

No. 68344

More proof she gets her shit from Taobao, the cat ear keyhole sweater is from the Taobao brand Star's Rainbow.

No. 68389

They shooped her face and forehead smaller, topkek

No. 68399

Seeing these pics together kills me, she has so much chin that she's shooping off and makes her eyes 5x bigger.

No. 68403

Seeing those talons suddenly go so close to eyes makes me uncomfortable.

No. 68506

File: 1427311747088.jpg (38.27 KB, 334x604, F0oaGpUZ6x0.jpg)

Why Dako. Why.

No. 68510

File: 1427311937503.gif (4.54 MB, 637x445, kota (5).gif)

No. 68519

File: 1427312312441.jpg (39.95 KB, 604x303, 0oh3cVN5Yik.jpg)

No. 68520

File: 1427312351678.jpg (29.93 KB, 508x350, MLe25CoZLlg.jpg)

No. 68551

I really miss her old shoops

Now she just lazily edits her pics in some shitty phone app like meitu

No. 68552

File: 1427314755934.jpg (24.54 KB, 281x469, 9090.JPG)

oops posted wrong pic

anyways, she was really skilled in shooping

No. 68555

File: 1427314983670.jpg (31.58 KB, 341x604, p3zoyE52X8k.jpg)

Someone seemed to superimpose a less edited image on one of her most highly edited images.

No. 68561

No. 68562

Do you guys think she's had any work done between now and 2011 (i.e. OP's picture?)

She looks kind of the same but there is something off that I can't put my finger on, and she is in a country where plastic surgery isn't taboo.

No. 68566

The only real difference is that she uses foundation way lighter than her skintone, less eyeliner, bigger circle lens+the haircut.

No. 68585

You guys know ow Dakota's nickname in Japan is Dako-chan?

唾壷 / だこ (dako)
means "spittoon"

I thought it was a funny and fitting coincidence, lol.

No. 68587

I only know that there are many octopus memes with her japanese name.

No. 68588

>"fluent in Japanese"

LOL no. When she's not reading a sceipt her Japanese is so forced, she has to pause all the time ro find words.

No. 68589


Lol, because tako means octopus.

No. 68692

Looks like Yukapee

No. 68721

is this kind of chang supposed to be uncommon or something?
in selfies I look like a goddess but IRL I feel like my naso-labial folds and eyebags are HUGE, esp. if I'm in bad lighting…
it's the difference between a bad photo and a flattering one.

No. 68745

You must be blind if you can't see all the AE going on in her videos.

No. 68770

She's taken the boobie photo down!

No. 68815

File: 1427342436039.jpg (48.61 KB, 604x453, w5kDschvGqE.jpg)

No. 68818


Looks like Popteen links to this IG saying it's Dakota. Lol.


No. 68821

>type O blood

It goes to show how fucking disappointed I am in her when I don't even believe this. I wouldn't be surprised if it's just another special snowflake-ism.

No. 68827

Isn't she underaged?

No. 68828

?? type O is the most common blood type

No. 68832

Oh dang, the more you know. O+ is the most common O- is the rarest. I've only ever heard in passing that O in general is the rarest.

No. 68838

i think AB- is the rarest but yeah, O- is pretty rare. in general, O is the most common and AB is the rarest. what i do know, though, is O is considered the best blood type personality type among a lot of asians. i work with a lot of FOBs, and they like type O. O's are supposed to have better bodies, be more responsible, be more logical etc

No. 68855

>O's are supposed to have better bodies, be more responsible, be more logical etc

Lol, well that's defs not kooter so maybe it is bs.

No. 68857

Something about her stitching a bikini top together in the middle to create more clevage. I can't see enough of it.


No. 68859

I agree with this. Kota definitely shoops and uses ae, but it's really not a good comparison picture.
Also I'm pretty sure she didn't use ae in the video screenshotted on the right, I think she just used makeup, lighting, and angles.

No. 68872

The links are just names of people who will be on he show, what time and station, etc.

No. 68882

I wonder what goes through the magazine staffs mind when they have to put these pictures together on one page. seriously does no one see the stark difference?

No. 68890

They see it, but they don't give a shit. She's young, white, and can pass at speaking Japanese. They would literally eat her shit if they had to.

No. 68893

To add to that, I know a lot of Japanese people can't tell the difference between different white people in general because white people look samey to them, so I assume a decent amount can't see the difference between 352353152 variations of the same face

No. 68904

Plus there's the whole "white people age like milk" thing. All Dakota's face changes between her debut and now go largely ignored because they either don't notice the subtle differences that we do or they just chalk it up to her face changing with age.

No. 68907

Gonna be honest, she looks cute even in the candids. Of course the right pics are shooped as fuck but she still looks pretty in the left'ns.

No. 68909

lol, for a second I thought you were lesbian-chan and you meant you couldn't get enough of seeing Kota's cleavage.

No. 68917

LOL no, even if I was into chicks all her clevage is just bra tricks or shoop. I would want a chick with real tits, Dakota is mosquito bite territory without all those hella padded Japanese bras and swimsuits (srs wtf is up with that??).

No. 68940

there's more than one lesbian-chan in here ;^)

No. 68944


Indeed, there is >:3c

No. 68949

lesbian chans united

No. 68958

It's written in Katakana so doesn't matter what it means in hiragana/kanji.

No. 68960

I feel like everytime she says she wants to appear on TV more, it always happens. So I think if she says she wants to design clothes, she's already started working on it. It's like she foreshadows what's going to happen when she says "in the future I'd like to do this and that"

No. 69225

Doesn't change the fact that her nickname a homonym for spittoon, lol.

Except the singing thing, but yeah. Although given how lazy she is with her endeavors and how unwilling she is to improve things she isn't good at, I don't see her doing well in fashion design. Not only are her outfit choices sometimes cringeworthy, but I don't think she would handle her designs being critiqued very well. Fashion design can get pretty fucking intense.

No. 69312

Right but it's an ancient Kanji no one uses in this era so it isn't taught and Japanese people don't know what it means unless they Google like you did.

No. 69322

Lol, no it's not. It isn't common, but it's not ancient or obsolete. And you seem to be missing the point- even without the kanji, the Japanese word for spittoon is dako, which is her nickname. The kanji has nothing to do with it. inb4 you try to claim 'spittoon' is an ancient word no Japanese person knows anymore, top kek.

No. 69341


Not the person you're wrong with but I don't see the point in whatever it is you're trying to debate either.

I'm a Japanese language student and chuckling over that is… redundant? Like I'm sure whenever somebody Japanese looks at her nickname they think "wwwww spitoon". It probably doesn't even enter into their minds.

Like in the English language the word "who're" as in "who're are you?" looks like whore right? But when would you ever think about that? When would you ever laugh about that?

It's like looking at "kami-sama" and thinking "lol, paper-sama". It's just… not funny.

No. 69342


Not the person you're arguing with *

Sorry I'm on my phone…. Autocorrect.

No. 69486


LMAO I lost count of the times I cracked up laughing before asking smthg that started with "who're"

No. 69497

File: 1427423237900.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.76 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

The shit you see on the dakotakoti's instagram account

"Don't do ANOTHER face lift"


No. 69529

I've never heard of anyone under 21 getting a facelift. I don't think she got one. Is that person just stirring shit?

No. 69530

Her nickname Japanese people call heer is the same as the Japanese word for spittoon. That's it. It's chuckleworthy, but you are way overthinking it, seriously it's not that complicated. It's just something funny I noticed, no idea you guys would get so bent about it.

No. 69537

The person is talking about her changing face shape, she looks more like her older shoops in this one.

No. 69552

Everyone's face changes slightly as they age though.

No. 69557

You just went full retard.

No. 69607

people dont go googly space alien with age

No. 69690

I have nothing against dakota, but it was really stupid of her to cut her hair. Her jawline is just too big for that.

No. 69694

You have a point but I actually like it on her. I dunno, it's different. She had the same old straight, long and box bangs for ages, just like every other weeb. I think it looks cute most of the time.

No. 69701

Oh come the fuck on. Her jawline is normal. What do you want her to do, get one of those creepy v-line jaw shaving surgery koreans get? Her chin is a little big yeah, but her jaw doesn't have to look like a dorito chip, dang.

how dare u anon.

That's because you're ugly and need an irl instagram filter.

No. 69703

i'm guessing you look like jay leno? because there's literally no reason for you to be mad like this.

No. 69704

This one is pretty!

No. 69711

Ummmm…I'm not mad. Just saying anon is being ridiculous about her jaw line, damn. People seem to think that because someone types curse words they're mad for some stupid ass reason. I mean shit, are YOU mad? You bringing Jay Leno into this and shit, what did that bobble head ever do to you to deserve this?

No. 69715

I hope you look like a goddess in any and all lighting, anon. Lmao.

No. 69720

Well not having fugly deep ass nasolabial folds helps. :~)

No. 69723

Talk shit, post face :^)

No. 69725

This smiley triggered me.

No. 69732

I agree with anon, but I doubt any haristyle would help her to hide her wide face a jawline.

No. 69740

long hair still looks better. her hair my be thin but short hair is not as attractive and her job revolves around her looks. she doesn't have the face to pull it off at all.

No. 69741

you sound like a very ugly and angry person lmao

No. 69787

File: 1427468221718.jpg (70.55 KB, 480x327, o0480032713256663379.jpg)

She actually posted a chin shot on her blog

No. 69818

O is the least rare.

Type O
Best traits Confident, self-determined, optimistic, strong-willed, intuitive
Worst traits Self-centered, cold, doubtful, unpredictable, "workaholic"


No. 69833

it looks hella good with her shooped face, but not so good with her natural one IMO

No. 69936

what is this from?

No. 69971

reminds me of mugi.
those gloves remind me of a hostess club style.

No. 69997

Why are people talking about her chin? It looks like a normal chin to me.

No. 70016

Because this is where salty PULL users come to anonymously bitch about their own insecurities by projecting them onto Dakota. Same reason why everybody who gets posted on this board seems to have a "potato nose".

No. 70054

PULL is the kingdom of weeaboo japan experts finding issues that don't exist.

No. 70075

People always have posted this herw, it is because of how she shoops her chin while claiming she looks ~natural~ like this.

No. 70088

yeah, and nobody can deny, than her chin is well developed

No. 70101


Dakota looking nothing like her shoops is Kooter 101. And her unshooped chin is fine, her haircut isn't doing it any favors, but it's still a normal chin. God, real people don't look like anime characters, they can have more than mosquito bite chins and shrunken ski slope noses to be attractive. There's plenty to shit on Dakota for without having to be so weirdly focused on only one of her features.

No. 70179



No. 70181

The heck is on the bottom right?

No. 70183

Shows how professional they are with linking to a fake.

No. 70195

She's been saying she's from Chicago since Asia started noticing her.

No. 70199

Dakota and Kiki were born in Chicago, Illinois tho.

No. 70203

Yeah but they didn't grow up there which is what everyone is thinking when they ask "where are you from". I live in CA now but if I went to Japan and someone asked me where I was from, I'd say "I came here from CA but I'm originally from WA".

No. 70205

They did grow up there until the family moved to their grandma.

No. 70209

When they were both younger than 10. They grew up in Florida.

No. 70210

Kiki was 14 when they moved, just saying.

No. 70221

Gonna need proof of that.

No. 70283

Why, bc I don't have Dakota nasolabial folds? It's true those fuck ur face up especially in bad lighting. It's not my fault you're witch-faced anon, go and talk shit to ya mama because she the one that did this to you not me ha.

It is a normal chin but it doesn't fit the look she tries to pull off. The thing that was funny to me was people talking shit about her jaw when it looks normal sized too.

No. 70285

Seriously, I posted a few threads back about her chin looking normal to me and got ripped the fuck into getting told that my "chin must look like Jay Leno's, hurr". I've seen people with big chins and Kooter's doesn't compare. People bitch about her chin being 'gigantic' more than PT's.

No. 70297

Could you try any harder? How fat and grotesque are you btw

No. 70299

Did her popteen contract end at march? She wasnt at the april issue anymore or at least I couldnt see her in the spreads

No. 70340

File: 1427549818757.jpg (49.76 KB, 600x800, CBMBftwVEAIbbIy.jpg)

And today it's back to flat boobs.
She should really just make her mind up.

No. 70344

that's because her chin looks okay from front-on
It's not necessarily that the chin itself is massive, but the projection of it is

No. 70345

if she wanted to show her bra like this, then she should have taken a black one.
is it some sort of a trend in japan to be showing your bra/boobs, that she's doing it so religiously?

No. 70346

Dat meme sweater but she is late for the attention.

She should get her bangs cut even tho, it makes her left eye look even more lower placed than it already is.

No. 70356

>is it some sort of a trend in japan to be showing your bra/boobs

Nope, in fact it's actually a taboo, but she's a foreigner so it doesn't count.

No. 70366

+ hair extensions.

No. 70369

The fuck is with those blurry lips that have no depth. I honestly wonder if she has someone else do these shops for her.

No. 70374

She uses some phone app for most of her photos these days.

No. 70384


absuing the shit out of Meitu (and probably a few other pic editing apps)

No. 70422

She looks kind of like her self here minus the lack of her nasolabial folds. But she's still a ball of light basically. It's a shame.

No. 70427


Goddamn I love boob window sweaters but I can never find any IRL >:l

No. 70431

You won't find them irl unless you visit club wear or sex shops frequently.

No. 70477

random, but I was watching this video, and this woman looks to hair Kota' natural face shape and also has really prominent laugh lines. Maybe it's because of that (her face shape) that causes them.


No. 70485

OT but this video killed me. Laughed so hard when her lips came out looking like a baboon's swollen ass.

No. 70496

Google image search keyhole sweaters for boob window type tops. Incidently, think I found her white sweater; http://syndromestore.com/products/hollow-chest-kitty-cat-keyhole-sweater-harajuku-japanese-korean-fashion-girls-hotseoul?variant=1133919208

No. 70498

That's a Taobao resell shop, they are originally from Star's Rainbow aka Fantasy Sheep's fashion line as mentioned before.

No. 70546

The lengths some people would go to get fuller lips.
At least she's aware they look awful.

No. 70565

File: 1427586321395.jpg (49.72 KB, 340x604, gX-jHaARvyk.jpg)

Pics of Dakota in Harajuku.

No. 70567

File: 1427586371813.jpg (72.73 KB, 450x604, PU3yhCpiCUo.jpg)

No. 70568

>picnic pattern checkers with striped leggings
No, Kota. No.

No. 70591

What is happening there, are those girls checking out Kooty's manicure results? Or admiring her Cullen-worthy pale skin?

No. 70835

She's a hardcore repeat offender for wearing pattern on pattern. The colours don't even match either. White and blue gingham…with black and grey stripes…just why.

No. 70836

Don't need to see her face to be able to tell it's her…that awful fashion sense screams her name.

No. 70842

>bad fashion sense
>thin ass hair
>bigger than the asians


No. 70924

To me it seems her style was better during her tumblr days. I mean, it still wasn't great or anything but way better than what it is now.

No. 70928

File: 1427638147167.jpg (60.07 KB, 736x414, e3af9133266f5a71f16e7cb5b090c0…)

I agree. I recently revisited her outfit videos and while she still did put a lot of stuff in that didn't match with her outfits, at least she tried.

No. 70930

Wearing pattern on pattern is a distinct style that's a fashion all on it's own. I've seen some designers do it beautifully, but thing is, it's really easy to FAIL hard at it, which is what Kota is doing.

She's a bit thicker than asians, but she's their height. She's wearing clown shoes so she looks like a giant.

No. 70947

File: 1427645080000.jpg (36.22 KB, 500x327, the-fuck-is-this-shit.jpg)

No. 70949

MILK catalog iirc

No. 71012

I remember she used to only wear the taobao clothes for photos or inside, lol

No. 71039

File: 1427658067993.jpg (76.88 KB, 604x454, 2bnnCsd2pMY.jpg)

Some new photos.

No. 71040

File: 1427658084270.jpg (35.88 KB, 604x602, eu3g1isD7cE.jpg)

No. 71042

File: 1427658122591.jpg (39.09 KB, 604x604, YzyXztzNtuw.jpg)

No. 71045

I HATE how every girl in Japan does this stupid and ugly qesture because it looks like their teeth hurt so bad. Maybe if they put those hands a bit further away from their faces it would be cuter.

No. 71049

File: 1427661440135.gif (2.56 MB, 594x460, Koti (2).gif)

Yeah, that should become a thing (commenting on how much their jaws must hurt from being touched like this all the time)

No. 71073

File: 1427665631296.jpg (194.53 KB, 600x900, 353535l.jpg)

No. 71074

File: 1427665676179.jpg (89.63 KB, 600x900, kek2.jpg)

No. 71093


Good lord I'm so happy she overcame this phase. Thinspo in reverse.

No. 71095

I am surprised they don't get tons of pimples there from touching it all the time, I am pretty sure they don't wash their hands before that.

No. 71101

They do this because your face appears slimmer

No. 71124

She looks like she is 12 years old, aka prime real estate in the russian model industry

No. 71125

dat broken ankle holy shit

No. 71128

wtf it looks like she smeared chocolate all over her lips. She may actually want to be seven years old.

No. 71131

okay, good. Glad my eyes weren't messing with me on that one. I'm going rather hard on the cold meds rn and wasn't sure if I was imagining that or not.

No. 71135

Yeah, I know, everything you hide logically appears nonexistent. But it does not make it look less stupid. I've seen some girls doing it when it actually looked okay, but these Japanese models hide the upper half of their face with huge fringe and the bottom part of their face is hidden behind their hands. They should consider surgery instead (if their face bothers them that much)

No. 71157

I love how she just kept the chick next to her ugly while she edited the hell out of herself. lol

No. 71163

OT, but fuck, I wish she'd smile more often.

No. 71214

LOL this, it's hilarious because they always look better than her in the pics that she didn't shoop

No. 71251

This is the cutest she's ever been naturally. She's usually so stiff and doesn't show any personality.

No. 71270

I saw dakota's blurry mug on a poster at my local japanese cosmetics shop today. it was like seeing a ghost

No. 71489

lesbian chan here
that gif gave me a chub

No. 71535

holy shit. she actually has a great smile.

No. 71914

File: 1427747256684.jpg (46.04 KB, 600x450, XtImhlKxoJw.jpg)

Since it's nearly impossible to find old stuff about Kiki without finding stuff about Kota.


No. 71923


Fucking agree. It looks stupid as fuck.

No. 71933

>>At age 18, Dakota is already on her way toward becoming an entrepreneur.
this was posted on 2010, so it makes her 23 years old rightnow.

No. 71934

and I wont believe she was 14 y.o

No. 71935

That's from the time she still lied about her age online.

No. 71985

rofl, this is solid proof you idiots believe only what you want. add 4 years?? totez legit. But I bet if it said she was 1 year younger you wouldn't believe it

No. 72052

File: 1427757532536.jpg (49.91 KB, 389x604, FjMu5t4OAdk.jpg)

I love how "thug" Kiki and Kota were always trying to look before their kawaii days.

No. 72055

Meanwhile being sheltered from thugs and haterz

No. 72058

File: 1427757776886.jpg (22.38 KB, 400x266, 2967004819_1_3_VID6HiAy.jpg)

No. 72114

Kota's responses were so short and sweet and Keekz had to go on and on and on. Typical haha.

No. 72123

She looks like she's being nice. Different story if they were white though eh?

No. 72124

How did she make her hair look thick? AE?

No. 72126

File: 1427767676370.jpg (182.01 KB, 925x670, 未命名_meitu_1.jpg)

I think that dakota really figured out how to make her features work. She spent so (comparitively) ittle time in her shitty little scene phase and then jumped on the next big trend exactly at the right time and moved away from her scene persona completely. Even now, when you search "Dakota Rose", you only find her new pictures (mostly over photoshopped) with long hair kawaii clothes ect. But Kiki Kannibal just returns pics of a washed up, bleached blonde crone.

Kiki will never abandon the 'kannibal' moniker. She doesn't have anything else to fall on for her persona.

No. 72128

File: 1427767710196.jpg (9.42 KB, 170x255, 80.jpg)

No. 72165

she looks like a man in the middle pic. Like a… Idk how is called? Those trans that keep their dcks .. shemale? Well, if that's the word, she looks like a shemale

No. 72172

She looks so dirty.

No. 72184

File: 1427771802017.jpg (26.03 KB, 213x320, 64.jpg)

No. 72186

File: 1427771837273.jpg (70.4 KB, 400x352, sisters.jpg)

No. 72269

I wanna send all her old shitty scene pics to Japan. Drop them from helicopters.

No. 72319

File: 1427784441775.jpg (37.36 KB, 575x800, 535335134lqv7.jpg)

No. 72325

File: 1427784993613.jpg (38.38 KB, 402x604, l.jpg)

No. 72328

File: 1427785164298.png (228.2 KB, 400x300, tumblr_m1z9o5PnDJ1roc7zvo1_400…)

No. 72340

she looks like jesse slaughter in this picture

No. 72384

lmao sure. You can even imagine i'm pt if that will help you sleep at night.

No. 72386

Lol I agree. She surely does look like a shemale in that picture (and many others).

No. 72408

File: 1427805543931.png (231.71 KB, 389x535, Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 13.3…)

No. 72409

File: 1427805600510.png (300.59 KB, 419x540, Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 13.3…)

No. 72565

File: 1427825794685.jpg (11.55 KB, 208x280, QOQq9b_KPhM.jpg)

I think these are new.

No. 72566

File: 1427825822262.jpg (6.16 KB, 133x179, mgDa7MMWnJk.jpg)

No. 72568

File: 1427825878649.jpg (9.96 KB, 208x278, 98vRvkPIufs.jpg)

flood block

No. 72570

File: 1427825895024.jpg (15.12 KB, 210x279, AFwJAZ1suFE.jpg)

I think this one looks best.

No. 72571

File: 1427825911787.jpg (9.83 KB, 207x278, najZYqUKIFk.jpg)

No. 72576

Damn, her hair is thinning like crazy.

This one just looks bad.

No. 72578

Goddammit, I wanted to zoom in on that baldness…don't you have a higher res? I used to think the whole 'balding' thing people said about Kota was just her hair being fair and baby fine…but this really proves it. Sheesh. The way she's parted her hair so haphazardly at the back too doesn't help at all. Looks awful.

No. 72595

File: 1427829264699.jpg (39.33 KB, 540x720, 46a771e2499aa8da3907c39ba8bb03…)

No. 72598

Jesus, that hair line.

No. 72600

holy crap! She's really balding and she's not even 21 yet.

No. 72605

Thanks god they banned bleaching for people under 16 in the EU, Dakota and Kiki are the best example for why children shouldn't be allowed to get their hair bleached.

No. 72609

Or she could have a medical condition.

I'm only 20 and I recently got diagnosed with alopecia. I've never dyed my hair and I only heat style on special occasions like once a month. I brush it and I've always been really careful with it.

One day last year my hair just started changing in texture (getting super static-y) and I didn't think anything was wrong, I just thought maybe it was getting older (it was quite long) and I needed a hair cut. So I went and I got 4 inches off which is more than I usually do… Fast forward a year and I have bald spots all over my head and I can't control it. My balding is actually in the same pattern as her (along the hair lines). I do the craziest shit and spend so much money rubbing cream into my hair and it only helps marginally. Half of the topical stuff makes your hair coarse and greasy so you can't use it if you want to even remotely look like a hygienic person during the day.

Meanwhile… my mom and sister have bleached their hair platinum to high hell, to the point where it is brittle and doesn't even FEEL like hair, for the last 10 years. They heat style every single day. They still have full heads of hair. Seriously fuck balding.

No. 72611

damn. who took that and why? bet she wanted to shoot them when she saw this pic uploaded later. she probably didn't know what it looked like in the back and was assuming they were taking a pic because it looked just as cute as the front

No. 72616

File: 1427831975427.jpg (38.99 KB, 571x333, japaninmo.JPG)

No. 72618

File: 1427832264305.jpg (195.87 KB, 600x800, 20140910_69d0b0.jpg)

No. 72621

man i just dont get why she or anyone woulds tyle her hair like this
she should stick to keeping her hair down, with curls for volume, or just get some extensions damnit

No. 72624

It does seem like this is the most likely reason. Her hair is so thin and there's absolutely nothing of it…seems like that hair type paired with alopecia is just really unlucky.
I always thought my hair was thin, but damn…when I saw Kota's without extensions it was really shocking. The thickness of all of her hair together is like a quarter of some people's. Gosh, less even.
I suppose there's not too much she can do about it, but wearing her hair tied up where it's being pulled tight from her scalp and easily exposing the balding parts is a reeeally bad idea.

No. 72630

Fellow anon with alopecia, I got diagnosed at 13.

Judging by pictures of her like >>72618 she does seem to have alopecia.

The condition can worsen depending on how long she goes without getting attention. While it's not reversible it can be controlled.

Unlike people with normal hair, people with alopecia can't do shit like wearing extensions or dyeing their hair because the follicles are weak, which exacerbates hair loss.

This is honestly why I also don't make fun of her for, because it's a shit condition that you can get due to hormones or shit genetics.

No. 72645

what on earth is that parting? god her styling skills are awful and her hair is so unhealthily thin. i kinda feel bad for her for that.

No. 72649


I also used to suffer from a type of Alopecia: Alopecia areata where i had huge round patches of hair missing. To me it seems to be a psychological problem or coming from stress. I went to alot of doctors and they gave me a lot of different treatments.. nothing seemed to help.
It ended up just going away on its on. Even so I am still paranoid about my hair and look for patches occasionally it hasnt returned during the last 9 years so heads up all you ppl suffering from it I am sure you will be healing soon.

What i mean is maybe Dakotas hair is getting worse from all the stress :/ poor thing! Hair is such an important part of the overall appearance :(

No. 72657

To be honest, her hair would look better if she darkened it and then bought that spray paint hair that comes in a can that's suppose to cover bald spots (too lazy to google.) I don't understand why she has that blah hair color, I think darker hair would brighten her eyes more, her eyes are her best feature in my opinion.

No. 72659

As someone who has had their hair dyed/bleached since they were a child and took the worst care of their hair throughout most of their life, I can tell you it definitely isn't the cause of Kota's balding or anyone's balding for that matter. Even when I was washing my hair often, using heat on it daily, and my hair was bleached to white, I still never had a single bald spot. Also, if you take shitty care of your hair, it's only going to affect the hair you're taking shitty care of. I've stopped taking shitty care of my hair and my hair looks nothing like Kota's, it's actually quite thick.

No. 72660

Yea I mean I am not a Doctor Lol but I dont know how much bleaching hair effects the hair growth itself. I mean yea you have to cut off the bleached hair all the time because of damage but wouldn't the cuticle still be in tact?
I think it might just be bad genetics or stress

No. 72663

She won't dye it because she's obably scared what little hair she has left will fall out. Plus if she did that people would definitely notice and it would mess with her ability to claim she's ~100% all nachuraru dayo~.

No. 72664

It's definitely a genetic thing. I mean, unless you're leaving hair bleach on for over an hour, it wont cause balding. hair tends to repair itself with time and proper nutrition. It's got to be hormones/genetics.

No. 72670

I remember Kiki complaining about having bleach on her head for like 3 hours when she had that fugly racoon hair and it all was done by Cathy, not a pro.

No. 72678

What the fuck…that's mental.
Like seriously crazy. The burning sensation bleach gives you after an hour is unbearable enough.

No. 72680

3 hours?? If not damaging her root follicles, she would of at least have chemical burn. that's some kind of bullshit.

No. 72697

that desperate piece of hair pulled behind her ear.
jesus christ , why doesnt she shoop hair into the bald patches?!

No. 72720

It's kinda weird because it's very easy to see where hair splits on dark hair, and Dakota has so bright hair it must be baaaad if you can tell so easily.
Even girls in Japan often use dark eyeshadows to make the split sectiona look less white.

No. 72761

I'm cackling.
Then rent a blimp with a huge pic of that bad interview/infamous exposure

No. 72763

Holy fuck this actually makes me feel bad for her my god.

No. 72766

Is this edited? I can't tell because I don't know where it's from. I mean I think it has a filter but I don't know about anything else I'm not good at spotting it.

No. 72770

Short hair helps hair look thicker but it can't help this.
Is it actually a result of the bleach?

No. 72779

Not trying to be a hug box starter but you poor babies. One of my friends has it really severely. She has some bald spots and it's really sad. She used to be confident with long hair and now she's just so sad that she can't grow it out. I'm sorry guys. No one deserves this.

Anyway, was it bad during her scene days? I couldn't tell because of the bleach.

No. 72796

File: 1427844182866.jpg (71.49 KB, 600x900, 535236q.jpg)

>Anyway, was it bad during her scene days? I couldn't tell because of the bleach.
Not as much, I think?

No. 72852

why doesnt she try wigs? im not trying to say she should pass it off as natural because no one, not even japan, would believe she magically got lush thick hair BUT … wigs are definitely IN, amongst niche fashion trends anyway.

No. 72858

File: 1427848857742.jpg (20.12 KB, 363x500, kotex.jpg)

I can't find a scene picture where her hair didn't look greasy and fried, but it does look to be thicker.

No. 72861

she looks like shane dawson here

No. 72864

you can tell she's balding up front too, even her fringe look transparent (it looks like there is something under her fringe though)

its scary because she blurred the crap out of her bald spot and it still looks like crap

No. 72868

this actually makes me feel bad for her when I think about that

she probably felt really pretty up until she saw the pics

No. 72886

File: 1427851918340.jpg (5.39 KB, 150x170, KTHHhV9zFVU.jpg)

Wish these photos were bigger.

No. 72888

File: 1427852055692.jpg (5.48 KB, 148x169, HqJCeF_dUXM.jpg)

No. 72912

Damn won't bravo do anything about her hair? It affects her image, they should grant her some sort of treatment for it, I think. Yknow. Being her agents and all.

All in all she looked very pretty in these "natural" pics with a ponytail. Don't look like her features got edited.

No. 72914

File: 1427853786218.jpg (45.82 KB, 432x668, image.jpg)

Dakota Rose pinterest side!!!!

No. 72915

File: 1427853822406.jpg (56.15 KB, 480x640, image.jpg)

Possibly unedited?

No. 72916

File: 1427853865525.jpg (82.39 KB, 600x871, image.jpg)

… Alien phase?

No. 72918

File: 1427853925426.jpg (116.68 KB, 600x900, image.jpg)

KND Kouture…?

No. 72921


I still wonder how they got all those props for photos back then (like? A fucking piano against a snow-white wall?)

No. 72922

I don't think that's kota, isn't it that kota clone from canada? on yt? I'm pretty sure someone just shooped her to look like Kota

No. 72926

THIS BLUSH. How do I do to make my face look like this? Like its a casual " sunburn on my snow-white skin"

No. 72932

Oh god, the shoop in this. That arm is so disproportionate.

No. 72933

I feel bad, too. No extensions can fix bald spots right? Like maybe they just distract from it I guess.

No. 72934

You don't. Kind of looks like an allergic red face on an Irish kid.

No. 72935

Her pigtails are always lopsided.
But wow her hair is worse than I thought. I'll admit I'm jealous because she's cute but her hair is not normal. Makes me feel bad.

No. 72951

File: 1427856209848.jpg (183.78 KB, 500x744, enhanced-buzz-15706-1332873967…)

You mean this girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeQJY5y6L68 don't you?
She does look very similar to her here, but the picture is definitely Kota.
Pic related, same era, same shooping style, same black horns and same pink wall (which was apparent in 80% of her pictures from this time).

No. 72953

Whoops, sorry just realized they aren't exactly the same horns but nevertheless, all else still holds true.

No. 72954

File: 1427856992979.jpg (279.9 KB, 570x800, AnnetteCeliaRosemaryButterfly0…)

No this girl^ she did a devil horn diy tutorial, which she deleted, I guess. But they look exactly the same in that picture as they did in the tutorial. She also has the same wall color, pic related, Kota's wall is pink. And the hair length is the same.

No. 72955

File: 1427857133812.png (432.2 KB, 805x463, 39288_490131144355172_92633130…)

I found a picture of her in the same outfit with the same horns

No. 72960

no way, this girls face looks tragic

No. 72961

She reminds me of Shrek

No. 72963


Hahaha that's just what I was about to post

Was she deliberately going for Shrek ears? This wasn't from the devil horn one, right? Fuck

No. 72976

She was going for butterfly antennae according to her.

No. 72981

That looks scary… I wonder if she could cover it up with spray paint meant to hide baldness. No I'm not trying to be mean here, just trying to offer legit advice to anyone who has this condition.

No. 72992

Oh wow…maybe it is her then. But whoever shooped that pic definitely cloned Kota's eyes at least and pasted them on her picture. Possibly the lips too. But those eyes are Kota's for sure, there's no way they could replicate them that perfectly by warping/editing that girls'.

No. 72997

File: 1427860398557.png (57.17 KB, 977x693, shurekku-chan.png)

Shurekku-chan is supaa kawaii desuu~

No. 72998

File: 1427860587792.png (227 KB, 460x783, Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.5…)

No dumbdumb. They pasted her entire head + bangs. I couldn't find a higher quality picture, but this is the original.

No. 73000

File: 1427860654076.jpg (132 KB, 467x700, 28.jpg)

And here is the original Kotex picture.

No. 73007


If you zoom the pic you can see the white spots where she shooped her nasolabial folds

Also I love her makeup from this era, but I can never tell if she has a brick red/pink eyeshadow under her lower lashes or if it's just a shadow

No. 73017

I'm pretty sure she used to use a sort of bronzey/brown/gold eyeshadow for under her eyes and sometimes a mauve-ish colour.

No. 73030

God kaka can't dress for shit.

No. 73184

I actually think the filter might had made it look worse. The blur/brightening effect is usually there to smooth out skin, so in this case it may well have hidden any smaller locks of hair in that area and made it look totally bald.
Just a theory.

No. 73332

ewww… poor Kota, I feel bad for her. If I were balding I'd be in panic…
I agree with you, no matter how much I hate her behavior and the fact that she photoshops when she doesnt need to, but I feel bad for her… Hope she can do something about it :/

No. 73333

the bangs are a NO NO NO

No. 73338

This is exactly why I can't handle her hair tutorials. From the front, everything's great. From the back, it all comes tumbling down.
It looks like she has a forest trail on the back of her head.

No. 73423

poor kota i'd be balding too if my mother was a lunatic and sister was a copycat attention thirsty bimbo

No. 73634

yeah this is fake.
I remember this vividly lol.
some dumbasses on Tumblr were pissy that Dakota wasn't uploading photos regularly and took that clones pic and edited Dakota's face onto it. They were editing her face onto random pics for fun.

People fell for it too smh.

No. 73653

File: 1427926420946.jpg (25.37 KB, 406x336, 93A.jpg)

>im not trying to say she should pass it off as natural because no one, not even japan, would believe she magically got lush thick hair
She did that before.

No. 73884


Never underestimate Dakota's poker face and Japan's tolerance to her BS

No. 73922

dear god ✞. if that was me once it got to that point i would cut my hair super short and just wear wigs. the sad thing is she probably would do that but as a model she likely has to have natural hair so it can be styled how they want it for the photoshoots. it must be so embarrassing to be in the public eye and be balding so badly. i honestly really feel bad for her, i can't imagine it. i wouldn't be able to leave my room if my hair looked like that.

No. 73925

oh mercy, that poor scalp…

No. 74028

I never thought it was alopecia.
I just assumed she has been bulimic from a young age
(like me lol)

No. 74030

Oh man.. Imagine how bad she must feel about this. :(

Probably not much Bravo can do to fix/help her, to be honest.

She probably have heard it from stylists a lot too since they're used to thick luxurious Asian hair. I have normal white girl thickness and had it mentioned a few times, going to a salon where all the other customers were Asian.

I feel bad for her tbh.

No. 74279

ok but consider the following
slightly darker hair looks fantastic on her

No. 74290

They sell those ugly things at Walmart just look.

No. 74314


Since we know nothing about them apart from what we can gather, it is also possible.
As much as it is possible that she just has really fine hair, is all.

No. 74338

Slightly OT, but as much as I don't like her, I gotta say she looks so pretty in this picture. This haircolor suits her very well. She really used to post pictures that were pleasing to the eye, unlike what we see now.

No. 74438

having really fine hair is one thing
hair not growing in some places is another

No. 74446


Walmart didn't exist in my country.

No. 74447



No. 74494

File: 1428029008143.jpg (104.45 KB, 590x886, image.jpg)

Guys. I'm legit confuse because her older pictures her hair seemed to be just fine.

. Has she started balding now?
Has she always been like this and the older pictures just covered that with editing? Did she used wigs or extensions?

OMG could it ever be that Dakota ever lied about her Appareance? :'(

No. 74496

File: 1428029092798.jpg (70.28 KB, 441x669, image.jpg)

The hairline looked fine in these ???

No. 74497

File: 1428029145651.jpg (67.74 KB, 456x700, image.jpg)

Just a few more examples. Also. Nostalgia.

No. 74499

File: 1428029205277.jpg (44.42 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

This is from a hair tutorial so it couldn't be fake hair right?

No. 74500

And this one because it basically is where her shoops went downhill

No. 74503

File: 1428029326914.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.95 KB, 500x1459, image.jpg)

I'm high. Fucking forgot the pic

No. 74505

dat chin shoop is all kinds of terrible

No. 74506


These are from a while ago, no? And I'm pretty sure her hair is still thin here, she just hides it better. I remember some of her 2011 hair tutorials where people would comment on how thin her hair was as well (when she lifted it up to show her scalp), but it was still pretty thick back then compared to now. Anyway yeah

this is shooped to death and she looks like an alien baby

No. 74514

it looks like she's been balding since at least 2 or 3 yrs ago

No. 74518

File: 1428030878937.png (250.97 KB, 500x346, d (2).png)

That's probably photoshoop or extensions, her hair has been pretty thin for a long time.

No. 74557

Where's that video that she deleted where she did a hairstyle from the back and you could see the bald patches?

No. 74561

poor Koots. I have a growing bald spot smack dab in the middle of my hairline where my widow's peak used to be. Shit sucks.

No. 74565

File: 1428035718951.png (136.84 KB, 500x365, 5676832369.png)

I don't know where that video is but here the screencap

No. 74608

File: 1428041787117.png (385.2 KB, 640x390, wo.PNG)

nono that's not that one. But I found it. It was deleted like 2 or 3 days after it was uploaded

No. 74625

Eh, it's okay-ish now. I have been going to the derma for a while now, and it's been helping me to at least thicken my hair. People with alopecia can't grow their hair back since the follicles are pretty much atrophied [this is if the alopecia is not stress induced, because that's an entirely different case].

But anyway to stay on topic, what she does to her hair is not the best considering she does have a condition. Her alopecia doesn't seem to be at the top of her head like mine does, so certain styles can help her cover any spots underneath and I think that's why she doesn't really pay any attention to it. Her problems are on the sides and on the back of her head, especially the lower part, so when she parts her hair or something, the spots show.

Wearing extensions is really harmful because your hair is weak. Normal hairstyling on a person with alopecia, especially if it's constant, can seriously damage your scalp.

No. 74662

Extensions and photoshop. In the past pictures she used to hide it quite well, but in most of the pictures and videos (yes, she wears them even for some of her hair tutorials) from Japan it's quite visible.

No. 74669

She did mention once that she washes her hair twice a day

No. 74671

It's her own fault for using such damn bright lighting.
Also, I bet it was partly deleted because her 'backdrop' looks looks kinda trashy.

No. 74673

She looked infinitely better like this, rather than the gormless butthole mouth toddler look she's doing now.

I have fine hair too, but nowhere near as bad as Kooter's, and I'm always impressed by how she still gets her bangs looking relatively nice. When I have them they always look a bit crappy because they don't look full enough, even though my hair is significantly thicker than hers.

I kind of wish it was Kiki who had the hair issues, it would be far more satisfying.

No. 74677

It could be because she portions more of her hair into her bangs.

No. 74684

What an unfortunate screenshot. Her bottom hair there looks like Gollum's.

No. 74762

in one of their racist videos (the beaners one I think) kiki is playing a white piano, so most likely its the same.

No. 74772


I miss these days when kotashoops still looked natural and gorgeous

No. 74780

The Gollum thing caught me off-guard and I laughed so hard.

No. 74793

LOL if it was Kiki I know she'd find a way to make it look like a one-of-a-kind hairloss caused by the trauma she went through her life and how she's battling like the Kira Kira warrior against it

No. 74814

In the no-ears Sailor Moon hair pic, she was caught cloning her hair to make her pigtails look thicker.

No. 75278

File: 1428135930063.jpg (48.25 KB, 342x604, -9lKoBvseD0.jpg)

Bunch of new Koti pics.

No. 75279

File: 1428135963434.jpg (57.1 KB, 456x604, 5l27QV2wSwU.jpg)

This one is pretty fuckin adorable.

No. 75280

File: 1428135979597.jpg (76.37 KB, 603x604, DxyXaUuu17g.jpg)

No. 75282

File: 1428136012624.jpg (44.88 KB, 451x604, FR2GwWea_EE.jpg)

Obligatory selfie.

No. 75283

File: 1428136039534.jpg (60.04 KB, 455x604, GALnPm8bTwo.jpg)

I dig that we can see her whole outfit.

No. 75284

File: 1428136064881.jpg (75.51 KB, 604x453, hqv5T8gOh8g.jpg)

She went to see the blossoms

No. 75285

File: 1428136093051.jpg (77.76 KB, 597x445, iXSzQF5XUyo.jpg)

No. 75286

File: 1428136122741.jpg (67.42 KB, 596x448, qm7o2bAWQYk.jpg)

Last one.

No. 75287

Unshopped is cute.

No. 75290

I like her outfit here.

No. 75296

File: 1428137789786.jpg (31.43 KB, 600x800, CBosLZ1UgAMko8w.jpg)

No. 75297

File: 1428137825528.jpg (65.13 KB, 599x798, CBo1bp-VEAEc7iC.jpg)

This one too.

No. 75298

File: 1428137933380.jpg (33.28 KB, 600x450, CBl4c_WUsAEPIuH.jpg)


No. 75300

Shiiit, she looks adorable.

No. 75301

why can't she fucking dress herself?! JFC.

No. 75306

>eyeshadow under her eyes

More like the burn tool in PS around her eyes to make them more defined.

No. 75421

I like that she seems to be bringing back a bit of her old eye makeup application

No. 75423

she is so fucking adorable idc anymore i'm in love

No. 75432

Her occasionally bloated face, rapidly thinning hair.

I think she needs to get her thyroid levels checked. :/

No. 75433

bulimic from the age of 13 here
that seems more like purging symptoms to me lol

you don't have to be super thin to be bulimic but i do find it odd that she lives in japan and hasn't lost much weight so maybe it could be something else

unless she's a binge/purger then it makes sense

No. 75435

why is lolcow full of Ana-chans lately?

No. 75441

Cause they all have that magical 18 inch waist,and they just have to let us know.

No. 75446

And why is lolcow full of complainers lately?

No. 75447

I don't think it's necessarily uncommon to be an ana-chan especially when you post on here lol i think a lot of people just don't bring it up unless it pertains to something being said

No. 75448

Shes really cute,and I'm glad she can rub it in her sisters face.

No. 75449

Confirmed for hamplanet.

No. 75450

Kek so true

No. 75452

Pffft okay Ash chan.

This shit is sooo ot though.

No. 75471

Hey do yall know now who went to see the blossoms in a very similar place and posted an instavideo about it? Keekz! :P (though if she was there at the same time and went along with Kota, I love it that Kota didn't take a picture with her but with a bunch of other girls. Js)

Also, I'm digging this new smiley persona for Dakota and candids every now and then, taking pics with Lik kids and looking like she actually has friends
Even if it might not be 100% genuine, Im digging that.

No. 75473

No. 75515

maybe it was Kiki who took the pic, it'd be funny if Kota didn't want her to appear in these photos and refuse to take one with her

No. 75530

Gosh, would people ever stop assuming Kota hates Kiki to death? They're sister's for Christ's sake, they've always been best friends, but you think that after she's moved to Japan, she changed her attitude and now hates her family, aren't you daydreaming too much?

No. 75537

thank you jfc, finally

No. 75538

if anything i would assume kiki wouldnt want to be in a photo. she seems to be absolutely need to control the photoshopping these days, because she's aged and generally become unattractive, so i can see her hiding from cameras she cant 100% control.

No. 75540

>she's aged
22 is old to you? how old are you?

No. 75542

I think anon means she's aged as in grown older, not aged as in haggard.

No. 75543

Anon meant her apparence, she looks like an old hag.

No. 75545

(at laest, I hope that's what they mean)

No. 75547

I feel like she's the same brat inside and the way she acts towards japanese people isnt this 'new mature' personality . does she do any social media in english? or respond to english speakers?

No. 75550

I'm 21. I'm not saying she's OLD, i'm just saying she is older. she has the kind of face that looks better at 15 than it does at 22. whereas kota has gotten prettier as she got older - she was a butterface at 15 and she's quite cute now.

No. 75558

File: 1428183525130.jpg (121.03 KB, 539x301, keek.jpg)

I always thought she looked 17 when she was bleached, and had good color.

Her natural hair and sickly pale color made her skip a few years.

No. 75562

looks like a vampire right now

No. 75567

She used to be hot, wtf happened.

No. 75569

She looked absolutely gorgeous in her blonde hair era.

No. 75572

It's understandable that people would think that, Kiki was in Japan for 2 months before finally seeing Kota. And she went with their dad to Japan the first time even though Kota lives there so she wouldn't be alone. Kota also tweeted about being stressed and Kiki asked why she was stressed. If they were such ~best friends~ Kiki would know why already. Kota also went out of her way to point out when Kiki was leaving, most likely because she knows Kiki is outright lying about living in Japan.
I don't know if Kota hates Kiki per se, but they're definitely not ~bffls~

No. 75578


chicken neck and receding hairline aren't doing her any favors

No. 75584

And you're saying this even though you're just an observer, who's never even talked or met them irl. I'm not degrading you now (I apologize if it sounds so), but it's too much to say that Kota wouldn't like Kiki based on internet observations. I think for you to say that they're on good terms, they'd have to take dozens of pictures together, talk about each other and to each other on their twitters all the time, make videos together or be almost like conjoined twins or what… Doesn't matter that Kota has a job/jobs and probably doesn't even have that much time to go with Kiki everywhere she'd want to. I also have an elder sister, and I love her so much, but I don't act in a way that everyone around or on the internet would instantly know that I like her or am interested about everything she does.

No. 75592

It actually looks like people hate on Kiki and they secretly wish everyone would hate on her too, including her own family.

No. 75593

agree with both

No. 75595

……. So… Is the place in Kiki's videos the same KOTA went to?

Genuinely curious here

No. 75599

plus she dresses like a mormon now

No. 75602

You have to keep in mind, Kiki and Kota used to tweet each other and stuff constantly. They are only now starting to acknowledge each other on the internet again. If Kota wanted Kiki to stop acknowledging her online, do you really think Kiki would listen? Kiki doesn't respect anyone's boundaries.
I think if they were talking as much as they used to, Kiki would be posting conversations with Kota like she used to quite often.
The first time she went to Japan she was asking a lot about Japan, when she could literally just ask Kota. I don't wanna hear, "but Kota has no time to do that." She really has no time to answer a simple question. Plus Kiki was there in the first place to visit Kota, so Kota would've freed up as much time as possible to see her ~bff~ sister. Same thing with now, don't you think if they were such bffs they would go out of their way to make time to spend with each other? If my sister lived in a foreign country, I know I'd want to see her the second I got there and spend as much time with her as possible. But Kiki waited until she had 2 weeks left in Japan to finally see Kota.
I'm not saying Kota hates Kiki at all, but they're definitely not as close as they were. I don't think you can dispute that. It's like when a friend moves somewhere else, while you still are on good terms and talk from time to time, you definitely aren't as close as you were before.

Also, I was looking back at Kota's ameblo post about Kiki and she deleted all mention of her in her post.

No. 75636

>You have to keep in mind, Kiki and Kota used to tweet each other and stuff constantly. They are only now starting to acknowledge each other on the internet again. If Kota wanted Kiki to stop acknowledging her online, do you really think Kiki would listen? Kiki doesn't respect anyone's boundaries.

Different anon here, but I stopped reading after this. This is ridiculous. You don't know Kiki well enough (or at all) to know whose boundaries she respects or how those two interact. And not tweeting each other isn't proof of anything. I have 2 sisters that I've never once tweeted yet talk to daily online. It's kinda stupid to treat your family as if they were your online friends, when there are more personal ways of talking. Like phone calls, facetime, skype, private facebooks etc. They probably have things to say to each other that they don't want the world reading. Like how's dad? where are you at right now? how much money did you make on that shoot? do you like any guys?. Literally anything either of them say is magnified and blown up by obsessive PULL bitches. If I were them I'd probably be more reserved and private things too.

No. 75642

I'm kinda on the fence here. Like, yeah I imagine they wouldn't like obsessive bitches derailing each interaction they have online but I also imagine Kota is avoiding mentioning Kiki at all, like in the blog post she edited, as mentioned by other anon - either for company reasons or personal ones. (I mean, not even a "hanging out with my sis!!<3" Instapicture/tweet even though they both have fans and followers ~salivating~ for it to happen)

Lest not forget Kiki consistently deletes any compliments about Kota people post on her insta :P

No. 75644

There was an ig video of them hanging out that Kiki posted but it was deleted.

No. 75645

>And not tweeting each other isn't proof of anything. I have 2 sisters that I've never once tweeted yet talk to daily online.
Okay? This has nothing to do with you and your sisters. Kota and Kiki always used to post about each other online, their entire lives are about online fame and getting attention. It's much different than 2 nobody sisters that don't want attention online.

No. 75646


kiki probably asked her to take that stuff down so that she could keep pretending to live in Japan kek

No. 75654

This thread has become a hugbox.

No. 75664

… Why?


LOL too late >:) can't wait to see her trying tho

No. 75665

Are you a child

No. 75718

wow keep calm

No. 75736

OR, dakota is a model constantly doing shoots and just ranomdly felt like expressing a random incident of stress. twitter is kind of like spontaneous brain vomit for some people and usually meaningless. its not like OMG THEY ARE NOT REAL SISTAHZ BC KIKI DOESNT UNDERSTAND KOTA'S SUTORESU DESU

No. 75743


lmao, you can stuff those ~assumptions~ straight back up your ~ass~ God you're pathetic. I bet you're one of those like 5 people on PULL who are creepily obsessed with shitting on Kaka. Tells us more about your psychic connection to Kota's mind and feelings anon-sensei!

No. 75745

the sentence that followed that explained, are you dense?

No. 75771

File: 1428209715228.jpg (86.2 KB, 540x405, tumblr_nm77ibIorR1rr3x6lo1_540…)

No. 75796

Ugly monkeys and a fat white girl lol

No. 75798

eh, anyone will look bad in harsh lighting and better in soft lighting. She doesn't look that bad either way though

No. 75810

her stomach looks so sad

No. 75842

did anyone else notice in that popteen video (the swimsuit one) how they never showed dakota's lower half? and how when the shoot was over they quickly covered her with a towel. well she doesn't look that bad, she's not as skinny as she shoops herself to be but kind of reminds me of the fat members from akb except dakota is the fat member from popteen lol




No. 75916

nah vampires are a lot sexier. she looks like those hagravens from skyrim.

No. 75917

Yeah, I think people are going overboard. I'm sure they joke and act like complete rude pieces of shit behind closed doors just like they used to.

I think that kota doesn't want people to know they are sisters or draw attention to that fact in the japanese fan base because it all leads to their racist videos from years ago and shows what complete fucking monster tards they've been. She doesn't want any evidence leading to her family name. I don't blame her.

No. 75918

those "ugly monkeys" probably look a million times better than you judging by the way you're talking. the fat white girl too probably. lol

No. 75955

Wlecome to 2014

No. 75957

No, the video is from Roppongi Hills

No. 75963

File: 1428240352757.jpg (1.71 MB, 2448x2448, image.jpg)


On second thought, I think you are right (about the photos where Koti is wearing dark clothes) because the building behind them looks like Mori Tower, which is also from Roppongi Hills/at the water fountain in Kiki's video.

Here is a photo from the same place (I took this today actually), and you're not allowed to walk on the grass, probably why dakota was sitting on the ground.

No. 75964

Sorry for the photo going sideways when zooming in, I uploaded from mobile.

It should be working properly from its direct link

No. 75999


Hey! Great pic, dude.

And thank you for that! I couldn't shake off the impression that it was the same place.

No. 76027

I just realized you can actually see the fountain changing colors behind both dakota's photos.

It's not really out of the question that she brought Kiki with her. Not like the Japanese girls know who she is. Pretty sure Kota introducted her as her sister but they won't know who she is online, even if she says "I'm Kiki"

No. 76037

her head looks too small for her body

No. 76050

that thigh chub and alien hand

No. 76056

> lives in japan and hasn't lost much weight
what does that have to do with it
if she was vegan to begin with in america, thats already a pretty restrictive diet in and of itself, im sure her food choices in japan werent much different.
anyway everyone reacts differently to moving to a new country or culture

No. 76057

sorry but lel

No. 76060

Don't most Americans lose weight whenever moving to japan, on average 20-30 pounds? Even Rachel from the YT channel rachel and jun, who was small to begin with, lost weight from the change.

And if she has a restrictive diet it certainly doesn't show

No. 76061

i mean not everyone is super close with their siblings. i don't blame either of them for not hanging out in japan.
back in their myspace and stickam video days, they probably seemed close because they could leech off each other's eccentricity for the sake of good material. and kota probably wanted approval from kiki or something, hence her wacky behavior in their joint videos.
but now that kota is obviously successful by herself and kiki is enjoying her delusions, they dont really need eachother any more.

No. 76062

thats true. maybe because american food industry puts soy by products and hormones in everything. im not advocating mcdonalds or anything, but in countries that ARENT america, it at least tastes a bit better because the ingredients are sourced differently. or its something in the water.
and yea potato chips and other fatty foods are still vegan so you can be a fat vegan

No. 76066

i would say this is the opposite. if shes vegan in america she has to eat very little because its hard to find good vegan food in america IMO. whereas in japan i think it is easier?

but either way i like her body i dont think she needs to change. she looks good compared to kiki. i feel like if she lost weight she would look like kiki who has the body of an old lady imo

No. 76067

How the hell are these girls fat?

No. 76071

it is not at all difficult to find good vegan food in America.
If you live in a major city, there is likely to be at least one restaurant who caters to organic/vegan/whatever hippie kids.
Even if you don't, there's always the option of eating at ethnic restaurants. I have a vegan friend who regularly gets takeout from indian & arabic restaurants because these places usually have several items on the menu that do not contain meat or dairy.
pretty much any place that isn't a basic 'murrican burger stand is going to have a vegan option.
even at a Mcdonalds, you can buy a salad.
but even given the slim, slim chance that you don't have ANY restaurants in your area nearby, there is ALWAYS the option of going to your fucking grocery store, buying fucking vegetables, and making your own fucking vegan food.

you sound like one of those people who find it easier to claim that they live in a 'food desert' devoid of any sustenance other than slurpies and pizza rolls rather than 'fess up and admit you just don't want to make the effort.

No. 76077

i'm not a vegan, so i wouldn't know. ive never tried finding vegan food nor do i ever eat out, i just thought it would be more difficult in america since everyone eats meat here. you sound really mad for zero reason. chill

No. 76079

Not all of us speak English as first language.

No. 76089

And…? At least spell check your post before making yourself look dumb.

No. 76109

Different anon here.
Wow, what a meanie. I bet you've never made any spelling error. Now you made yourself look dumb with such a stupid response. You seem you're not older than 12.
And to answer your silly rhetorical question - if you didn't know, it actually means a lot if you're not a native speaker of English (or any other language). But you would have known that if you had educated yourself instead of sitting on gossip forums.

No. 76112

how many languages do you speak, exactly?

No. 76131


Because, normally when someone bitches about another posters english they are usually asumed to be a native (and perfect) speaker themselves, this in turn leads the ones of us that are nit native speakers, but bothered to learn your language anyway to think that you are being silly, and most likely not multilingual. So chill.

No. 76151

File: 1428264919675.jpg (24.77 KB, 500x381, koti-rose-webcam-pics--large-m…)

Introducted isn't a 'spelling error', it's simply not a word. I wouldn't even come close to typing that kind of bullshit.

>if you had educated yourself instead of sitting on gossip forums

You're also here…?

Have some vintage Kooter to stop this thread going too OT with your rage.

No. 76162

File: 1428265374741.jpg (34.88 KB, 500x751, koti-rose--large-msg-119904841…)

No. 76184

File: 1428266439437.jpg (108.26 KB, 854x471, tumblr_n9r6bv4Cb91skla5oo1_500…)

I guess this kind of displays the notion that Dakota is widely reviled by her peers/doesn't socialise with them.

It seems she's very well liked.


No. 76199

It's near impossible if not extremely difficult to be vegan in Japan since there's a fish base in almost everything. Vegan restaurants are very few and far in between and really only cater to tourists. Buuuut she could just make all her meals at home instead. It's easy as pie to be one in America though.

No. 76207

that's kind of super adorable! I'm really interested what japanese girls make of her, they seem to get along well

No. 76212

God kotas really cute.

No. 76214

>never tried finding vegan food
you don't have to 'try' to find vegan food. every grocery store sells vegetables.
and if you think that one short sentence criticizing your ignorance makes me 'mad', then you should probably spend some more time outside of whatever sheltered hugbox you grew up in.

No. 76216

Not that anon, but if the vegetables were grown with fertilizer she couldn't technically eat them.(even though she seems very lax about the vegan "rules")

I'm not sure how hard core vegan she is, but some don't eat anything that has touched an animal.

No. 76218

>Nothing touched by an animal
How do they live?

No. 76221

everybody hugging her and she's like mmmkay

No. 76222

most of the vegans I've known are not that militant, although I can imagine Kiki trying.
if it involves killing an animal, sure, I can see how that's something to get riled up about.
but salvaging poop to make plants grow better? what's inhumane about that?

No. 76223

I have no clue. Maybe just sunlight and air.

They think the animal is prob. being torchered to get the poop.

No. 76225

ugh tortured.

No. 76244

> It's near impossible if not extremely difficult to be vegan in Japan
jesus christ what is with people
this is not true at all
honestly vegans live off fruit vegetables soy/almond milk and like… grains. ITS NOT THAT FUCKING HARD
if youre in japan, just dont eat sushi or soups or salty snacks (usually have fish product) and youre probably doing a fine job avoiding fish product

No. 76250

Sounds like being vegan means you cant eat anything good.

No. 76254

Yeah, sounds boring. You can't enjoy takoyaki, taiyaki, sushi, ramen and other delicious stuff.

No. 76266

Holy shit it makes sense that she shoops but she didn't fix her worst feature it looks like.

Does Koots know she's balding? I feel like she's not aware if she's doing these
hairstyles and shit.
it's gotten worse since then…

No. 76267

Oh god that's bad especially for thin haired people.

No. 76268

did you read the new rules? Do not make fun of someone's English, not everybody's native and you were a beginner once. Native or not.

No. 76269

She does, otherwise she wouldn't use the clone stamp tool thing sometimes to cover her empty spots with hair.

No. 76270

omfg anon you made my day HAHAHAHAHAHA

No. 76272

there's vegan sushi. with mango, cucumber, tofu etc.. eating vegan is not that different from eating normal when you put in a little effort. if you don't want to spend time with food it sucks though.

No. 76276

hope you're trolling.

No. 76280

I'm not a beginner at all, but I wrote from my phone and the reply field on lolcow from mobile is laggy as fuck so I didn't notice the auto-correct.

No. 76298

i hope you kill yourself

No. 76300

not sure if serious

No. 76309

>the reply field on lolcow from mobile is laggy as fuck

Can you tell me if it's any less laggy if you use Lite mode? Assuming you're using quick reply, this will unfortunately make the quick reply window go away, but you can scroll to the top and make replies.

No. 76327

No. 76351

I feel like if Kota did bother to introduce Kiki to anyone, she would have done it like "this is my sister Kirsten, she's here visiting until the end of the week!".

No. 76356

oh my gosh. I spit my tea all over my lap. That was amazing.

No. 76359

Sorry, it's still very laggy. So laggy I sometimes write my text elsewhere and then copy/paste to the thread.

Quick reply doesn't work on mobile.. I always get sent to the top when clicking posts.

No. 76484

lmao boo hoo, poor baby has to see grammatical errors that are most likely typos or from the language barrier baw baw. i bet you're one of those unbearable, pretentious people that still call themselves a grammar nazi even though it's a dead-ringer for being an asshole.

No. 76486

um lesbian-chan here

hoooo0oo0o0oOoooly shiiiit oh my god

No. 76488

I STILL have not recovered from that dericiousu nosebreedu oh my god

No. 76491

File: 1428330102062.jpg (156.85 KB, 600x901, fm0bwz-l.jpg)

This is insanely cute, I wish she'd smile more though.

I found the error amusing, not upsetting but OK. I'm glad you got that out of your system.

No. 76504

Awww, that warmed my icy little heart.

No. 76511

she should do something to her hair color. looks sooooo fucking bad. but then again, if she dyed it, she would probably go bald.

No. 76522

This must be a pretty old picture and her hair thickness parting looks to be about the same as it is now. I think she might not have alopecia, just genetically really really thin hair. My aunt's was the same.

No. 76523

anyone want to give a translation of whats being said?

i found it pretty cute how totally off rhythm she was the whole time, she has no coordination at all.

about the girls fawning all over her, i hope it was genuine and them not just hamming it up for the camera. i do feel that she is probably seen as a cute doll for the others to play with, and somehow her foreignness puts her at a distance where maybe they have trouble seeing her as a person beyond her cute gaijin looks. sort of like how weebs want to be around japanese exchange students and can't see beyond their OMG JAPANESE-ness and how everything they do is SO CUTE AND AMAZING CUZ OMG JAPAN!! and they disregard how uncomfortable they might be making them.

No. 76527



No. 76528

oh sorry grammar nazi chan, I guess the argument in general going back in forth about a stupid spelling error got on my nerves

sorry boo :)

No. 76535

for a sec i thought this was tara reid

No. 76538

This sort of exercise is common in Japanese schools usually, hence the school-type exercising clothes.
When being interviewed, Dakota talks about this being her first time while they cling onto her.

No. 76578

kinda ot but i'm pretty sure i know this guy

he studied abroad in tokyo the same time i did and got approached on the streets to model. i think he ended up doing a beams lookbook or something

No. 76579

Hey now… I'm pretty sure that they meant it just looks bad on Kota. Besides, even if that's not the case it's just his opinion, no need to let it get to you. I'm sure you look just lovely with your hair colour, anon.

No. 76584

A lot of people have that hair color naturally.

It just looks bad on kota because of how thin her hair is. It has like no dimension.

No. 76594


My non existant dick is diamonds right now.
She grew on me so much.
She looks adorable i like how she's behaving kinda like her cynical/calm self and not like a fake squeaky kawaii desu girl
I am inlove

No. 76598

Funny how there are suddenly so many "lesbians" who think she's just "adorable" when people talked shit for years.

No. 76603

File: 1428349682079.jpg (89 KB, 480x653, o0480065313267841321.jpg)

No. 76607

I have been crushing on her since her first visit to Korea and we got to see her face on that Korean show.

No. 76626

because she's now the uguu k-awa-ii girl and not the disgusting lesbian hater ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She's the same shit but with a rose smell. She looks more cute now but that only her looks, I bet when she arrives home is like 'moderfucker fuck these bastards eugh people staring at me like wow fuck she's blahblablah fuck you Tsubasa, my contract with you is over, fuck every fuckingbody I need more cagüai shit to look like a blooming flower'

No. 76708

pedophile lesbians detected

No. 76710

I hope she does. I always liked her foul mouth kawaii bitch persona, it's the lying about petty shit that pissed me off.

No. 76711

Maybe because she's in the holy land Japan, lol.

No. 76714

>Same shit with a rose smell
So much truth. She's the same disgusting person she has always been, but she's just better at faking and lying her way through semi fame.

No. 76723

pretty much this. its just a front to keep the jobs coming

No. 76750


It's likely the very same person commenting over and over
Reminder: she still gags thinking about yall

No. 76783

File: 1428373786617.jpg (356.34 KB, 1649x900, w600c-e_1264165.jpg)

idk how old these are but she looks lovely in them.

No. 76789

File: 1428374579667.jpg (136.29 KB, 720x960, IMG_0030.JPG)

Reposting that time that someone thought that they saw her at Starbucks.

No. 76825

Is Dakotas nose naturally look like that? Was it a messed up nose job or something? The tip of it is so long and pointy like a prosthetic you get for Halloween. That's really the only thing that bothers me about her face idek care about the laugh lines. That nose coupled with the chin really fucks her up she should just get them done. At least, unlike fillers, it will be permanent.

No. 76827

Srsly that's the only eplaination there could be for so many pedofile lesbians drooling over this potato head.

No. 76833

her arms arent so thin

No. 76839

File: 1428379424915.jpg (162.51 KB, 600x800, 20140325_8060a3.jpg)

Sounds like it's just one person.
I personally am quite fond of her nose, I think it's one of her better features (imo of course.) But I think maybe she should actually get her laugh lines fixed with fillers instead of jacking with her nose. Maybe she could get her jaw shaved too.

I have a huge girl crush on Dakota and I am horribly jelly of her looks. Homegirl needs to look into some hair thickening treatments, though. Her hair doesn't look as good short as it does long, but with her hair being that thin and delicate I can't really fault her for not wearing extensions 24/7.

She's a cute girl, not perfect, but cute. And I hope that she makes a good life for herself, I hope that she ends up happy. I know I sound like I'm from PULL or whatever but I kind of admire her for making a modeling career out of nothing at such a young age (and in a different country as well,) and regardless of the person she is inside I think it shows maturity.

then again what do i know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 76841

thought? the person said they saw her while in line ordering something with soy. Looks like her figure to me.

I hope you're not the same retard who said it couldn't possibly be her because Kootz is too fashionable to wear uggs.

No. 76843

is that Pikarin in the front/middle? God, she's tinier than I thought. Shes almost half the size of Kota.

No. 76873

Are you 5? I don't know, maybe I'm blind? I really don't understand the moaning about her being a fatass. She is way out of shape, but she's not fat.

No. 76876

im not saying shes fat

im saying her arms arent that thin, so i dont thnk thats her

No. 76881


No. 76902

Plus kooter never wears clothes like that in public..

No. 76903

where did the 'barbie' thing come from???
I cant believe japan hasnt dropped that yet.

No. 76919

yea but have you seen that shit form the side? it looks crazy.

No. 76929

But anon i like her like that.
She grew on me because once we got to see her real face i found her rather cute looking but her lack of personality in her vids was off putting.
Now that she's been on plenty of shows and youtube vids where her personality kinda seeps through she grew on me and i am rather fond of her.
She's a bitch with a cute face and it's hot.
Besides i don't think there are suddenly ''so many lesbians'' coming out of the wood work.
I think it's mostly me (chubby chaser lesbian) and lesbian-chan shitting up your hate parade by fawning over her cute moments.

If i am wrong and there are more lesbians (preferably a bit chubby) out there please do let me know ;)

couldn't care less about Japan that country stinks in more ways then one.

No. 76931

Aww why'd you have to kill the dream ;;
I'd like to think her hostility towards lesbians was her trying to deal with curious feelings about girlxgirl love ~*shhh let me dream*~

No. 76941

File: 1428396157671.jpg (41.88 KB, 500x403, x_48d594f1.jpg)

i haven't though! I tried to find a picture of her profile but literally all I could find was this picture of her and we know it is overly shooped.

No. 76943

Have some freakin standards then. Geez.

No. 76944

No, she's straight up homophobic.

No. 76969

What makes you so angry at people being attracted to kooter?

No. 76970

Her hair is touching the cake.

No. 76975

and the beaner comments were her trying to deal with her thirst for mexican D? gurl, that's cute, but no.

No. 76978


take a deep breath and accept the fact that gay people exist and we're allowed to find anyone we want attractive? bitter bitch lol

No. 76979

Ugh, so glad I'm not the only one who thinks her nose is just way too pointy. I believe it was a bad surgeon who caused that, despite people saying that she did not have any surgery.

No. 76980

Well I can confirm that there are at least two of us.

and yeah duh but a homophobe can still be physically attractive? how dense are you?

a lesbian-chan I may be but I just wanna falcon finger her not be kawaii uggu friends. Like any other human I can find someone cute and not like them as a person…

No. 77080

It's yura

No. 77100

pedophile lesbians desu

No. 77115

No. 77149

You are literally retarded.

No. 77151

i still think it's just someone samefagging. i doubt that there are a lot of pedo lesbians. finding kota's baby face sexually attractive is pretty disturbing.

No. 77163

Def feels like samefagging.

No. 77168

it's not. i think she's cute and i've jokingly referred to myself as a lesbian chan as well but i a.) still think she's a repulsive person and b.) am definitely not the one that's saying she has ~changed~ and was being a homophobe because it was to ~repress her confusing childhood gurl luv~
that slim shady can stand up but it sure as hell ain't me. scouts honor but this is lolcow so idc if you think it's samefagging lol

No. 77176

File: 1428422827566.jpg (24.79 KB, 269x303, tumblr_nk4xtuHlNb1shvogjo1_400…)

Lol at the anon going hardo gay over dakota, just shows how shallow some people are, but just know if you ever get the chance to approach her prepare to be mega roasted.

No. 77177

Bitch, if you aint gay, dont pretend to be.
>Aww kota so cute. i aint bothered by her being a homophobia

Go away, fake bitch

No. 77179

>is lesbian
>finds it hysterical to make comments about kooter in relation to sexuality because she probably reads this thread and it makes her squirm

No. 77184

Yura is next to Kota. I'm talking about the one right in the middle.

No. 77185

this is exactly my type.

"When I hear a conversations like “Actress XX has a cute face, but she’s tormenting her manager” I become a fan of hers instantly." - Novala Takemoto

Dakota sounds even cuter when you try to make point out her bad traits.

No. 77188

File: 1428424482383.jpg (60.68 KB, 640x640, tips fedora kyary.jpg)

>quoting Novala Takemoto unironically
>in 2015
We're not in 2004-2006 anymore anon

No. 77189

damn, you're annoying

No. 77190

In her own posts, no.
We have no idea what she wears everyday.

No. 77193

I didn't make that second comment but I made the first. Your paranoia has you screeching "samefag!!!!1" at literally everything you dumb bitch lol

No. 77207


No. 77209

File: 1428426811426.gif (853.38 KB, 420x280, haterswillhate.gif)

There's no expiration date on the written word.

No. 77214

File: 1428426995577.jpg (27.92 KB, 449x226, 0uJC7QMS2oU.jpg)

New pics

No. 77215

File: 1428427031786.jpg (55.81 KB, 450x604, fF23gQ8PMc4.jpg)

No. 77217

File: 1428427134613.jpg (22.13 KB, 450x257, TV02fz1Fg8Y.jpg)

No. 77219

File: 1428427176805.jpg (98.24 KB, 598x597, ZyxD2XHK48c.jpg)


No. 77221

File: 1428427219432.jpg (39.53 KB, 604x340, LwKSONnYkcQ.jpg)

And more

No. 77227


No. 77233

No. 77235

Pretty bad shoop job

No. 77243

gotta love your sarcasm. why the heck she doesn't know how to style herself properly for….anything. bad hairstyle, bad makeup, bad choice of dress - it shortens her already short torso so it makes her look fatter in her waist area (basically accentuating her apple shape)

No. 77248

That would be me.
And i am aware she hasn't changed doesn't change the fact i think she's adorable.

Her older shoops were attractive, her real face is attrctive.
her newer shoops are horrifying

No. 77254


they will continue screeching as people have been doing in every fucking thread on here
''Omg you must be kooter/kiki herself! omg you're samefagging.
Some people just cannot understand that more then one person has an opinion that contradicts theirs.
So far i know there are at least 3 of us since i didn't make either of those comments but i was:

So 3 lesbians on a board wil a shit ton of users ''omg really? so many lesbians everywhere! before you know it they'll take over it's like an epidemic ''

No. 77260

That retard clap at :15

No. 77266

She reminds me of Sid the Sloth here.

No. 77286

lol, god forbid I say something good about her, jesus ..
I really don't understand how you can get so obsessed. I'm not a fan of her at all, but it's really gotten to the point where people nag about every single detail about her.

No. 77289

what and why the fuck is that dress! dakota please, hire a stylist. the only good thing in that outfit / look are the shoes. hesus cristos what an unfortunate style she has

No. 77290


I like her in here but the dress is hideous

No. 77293

you seem to be blind if you think her own styling looks good
fyi it's not being obsessed, it's being realistic

No. 77294

Then what is good styling to you? I'm not saying this is great, but considering how the people next to her look, she isn't a problem to me.

No. 77300

File: 1428436130799.jpg (137.2 KB, 300x362, d.jpg)

To be fair, all of them look terrible. They just need more volume on the hair and it would be like watching a bad show from the 80s.

No. 77313

you clearly didn't read what i wrote before, or you seriously have some issues with your vision. so again: if you go to an event like that, you obviously don't dress yourself like a massive pink lollipop with no accessories and nothing special done to your hair and makeup. it's not about being yourself or kawaii, it's about a certain dress code.

No. 77336

Miss uncaps, the women beside her are old ladies covered in jewelry. You'd be more satisfied if they did trade outfits? All of them look like clowns (everyone usually does as jp events), my point is that I think Dakota looks unusually sweet regardless of her dresscode, which of course, is a subjective opinion. Or according to you, vision loss.

No. 77359

Kota looks cute as fuck.
What the video about beside transformers??
Did she do some major voice acting??

No. 77361

Man everyone has different taste levels and not everyone is going to agree with you.
Yeah sometimes kota can't dress to save her life, but its not that BIG a deal.

No. 77371

Anon, are you Spanish?

No. 77382

Jesus christ we already covered it, do you live under a rock?

No. 77390

lol no way
probably just had celebrities come to the movie premier.
who the actual fuck are the other people

No. 77398

my gender got absolutely offended by your calling me a miss. but i dont think i need to react anymore to a person who is pretty much biased and disregards even objective facts just because someone supposedly bashes on your precious dakota and her fashion sense (or rather lack of it)

No. 77400

No, this was an event to launch a pachinko machine. she was just a guest model.

No. 77401

File: 1428443244270.jpg (95.79 KB, 599x473, 20150407-00000063-dal-000-2-vi…)

oops, forgot to add the pic

No. 77412

File: 1428444101677.jpg (46.22 KB, 450x289, b91fc6ed3839984788f32e9ed1f7c4…)

No. 77417

File: 1428444340136.jpg (210.58 KB, 1024x727, IMG_0879-1024x727.jpg)

No. 77424

The dress looks somewhat like a short version of the one Rihanna wore. It's… Kind of ok now that I can see it's short but I do have a worry:

Can we have Kooters collages?? :D

No. 77427


If we had avatars or dp's, her face on this picture would be mine

No. 77445

the others are tv personalities

No. 77447

its for a transformers pachinko????

No. 77451

I don't even know what's going on. These stills look horrible, but her face is okay in the video.

I think her hair looks like shit and the heavy bangs should be used to fill out the rest of her head. However, her lips are cute! They aren't doing that kawaii cover up shit and it looks nice on her. Probably her best feature.

I'm rooting for Koots success as long as Kiki is in 'merica desperately trying to get Asia's attention. I dunno, I've said this before and been accused of being from PULL, but I mean it. It's so fun seeing a random image of Dakota in some low budget whatever and then seeing lonely shitty Kiki gargoyling up the kawaii.

No. 77455

no way she needs bangs no matter what her fivehead is ridiculous, haven't you seen pictures of her before she got bangs? they're horrible.

she just needs to trim them, they are getting too long and convering her eyebrows too much, she'd look better if they were shorter, but she definitely NEEDS to keep the bangs, even if her hair is thin.

No. 77459

File: 1428448501532.png (85.38 KB, 171x181, ayyy lmao.PNG)

No. 77601

File: 1428462035875.jpg (266.32 KB, 943x629, IMG_0810.jpg)

reminding me of her ufufu days with that big poofy pink dress.

No. 77655

The tights kill me, but its really cute to see her laugh and interact with other people. She has such a cute smile.

No. 77742

that dress is SO unfortunate
who tf does this shit to her???!? sabotage

No. 77746

I think it's pretty obnoxious and paranoid. Like, use common sense. Lesbians aren't some desu rarity. We can also find people PHYSICALLY attractive only, like any other straight person? Since when has thinking someone is attractive ever meant we're a fucking stan or something? What the hell.

Can't toss in a light-hearted joke about falcon fingering to make Kooter cringe without someone aggressively rubbing their massive throbbing hateclits for her and being like "samfug! fake lezbian! u not real! die bitch liar! i'm going to call you a retard even though i'm actually super fucking retarded! i'm 2edge lel top kek -xoxo lolcow expert"

but ahem anyways

No. 77767

Don't mind the lowercase dude, he's pooping on everyone.

Whoever you obsessed person are, don't quit your day job lol.

No. 77772

Wait what

No. 77828

You bitches are creeping into PULL territory. Fact is some people can overlook the things she's said, and people who are still offended by it. should stop thinking everyone should be offended by it.

On another note, Kota's style isn't too bad, it's that she chooses to wear black tights, and it just fucks everything up. If they were lighter it'd look pretty good.

No. 77837

If it means something the falcon fingering comment made me laugh and i intend to use it in the future for hot but bitchy girls i'm into.

No. 77839

Now that you mention it.. in every thread the ''omg ur samefagging''/''you're insert lolcow here herself coming to defend you!'' is always in lowercase.

Hate to be a hypocrite but.. sameperson in every thread :)?

No. 78096

omg ok, we get it. shes a real barbie. noone who looks more like barbie has ever graced the face of the earth.
is she gonna start doing some popular variety shows yet where she gets to make jokes and talk and they dont mention her barbie schtick???

No. 78108

I think she's still pretty =)

No. 78122

I really dislike her fringe

No. 78132

Where is this gif from? It's hilarious.

No. 78284

File: 1428551322803.gif (999.3 KB, 500x210, original.gif)

No. 78292

To be fair I'm straight and even I would be tempted to give kota a kissu, she's pretty qt

No. 78303

No one cares.

No. 78325

are you lost

No. 78329

File: 1428555962302.gif (2.1 MB, 480x360, evillook.gif)

No. 78331

This is legit kinda creepy. I demand this be made into a spoopy banner! (like the one they did for Ashley)

No. 78341

Haha, agreed

No. 78413

is there anyone here, who seriously thinks she'l make it as a successful tv personality ?
(not as high up as rola or now popular sumire and maggy obviously.)

No. 78419

:( you hurt my fee fees

No. 78428

You cared enough to comment on what they said. Deep breaths and continue to shit post, bitter chan.

No. 78577

I really wish she would learn hiw to stop slouching, it would really help her look less wide, and it makes her look bored, dumb and lazy imho. No wonder she never made it anywhere in America, she can't even begin to pretend to not be boring and lazy.

Her spoken/conversational Japanese still isn't good enough to keep up with TV. When she's not speaking from a script or only answering simple questions she's so lost. She should go back and focus more on modeling again and stop being so nonchalant about her career. She acts like Japan is gonna keep kissing her ass forever because she's a ~rearu baabii desu~ and she doesn't have to put any real effort into anything as long as she can fit into her tacky clothes and put on basic makeup. I liked the Dakota that went to Japan, I hate the one that's there now, she's just so boring and uninspired and plain.

No. 78581

>I liked the Dakota that went to Japan, I hate the one that's there now, she's just so boring and uninspired and plain.

Thiiiiis. Even thoughvher face was shooped tovhell, her style was cute as fuck and her outfits and tutorials were cute. Now she's just…. basic.

Does anyone else think Dakota didn't coordinate her outfits when she lived in FL for her kotakoti pics? Her style and outfits all changed completely when she got to Japan, which makes me think someone else was helping her. God knows she has no style these days.

No. 78585

plot twist: Kiki was helping her coordinate her outfits in FL

No. 78589

That's what I was thinking. Damn shame, those outfits were cute as fuck, Kiki could jack that style, go blonde and shamelessly latch onto Dakota, then she could probably pick up a Japanese following.

No. 78590

Is she still with Bravo? They could be picking her clothes for events. Couldn't imagine her picking that shit out herself honestly because they put her in the fattest fucking shit.

No. 78595

Bravo doesn't dress or style her, they just get her gigs. Usualy the shoot or event has either a stylist, or at least a dress code to follow, but we all know how much Dakota hates stylists and insists on doing it all herself. She really should go back to letting Kiki dress her, between the two of them they actually made her cute and stylish, but now since Kota is such hot shit there's no way she would go to Kiki for advice on anything.

No. 78615

> When she's not speaking from a script or only answering simple questions she's so lost
proof ? shes not that damn bad

No. 78622

I'd really, really, really like to think she didn't pick out that dress for the transformers thing.

There's this tiny glimmer in me that hopes she is self aware enough to never do that to herself. That was self sabotage.

No. 78631

The proof is her TV appearances. I get how if you don't understand apanese gery well it an be hard to catch, but there is a difference between the way she talks when being asked basic questions vs. more uncommon ones she isn't used to. She goes from speaking in a casal, level way that seems confident to slow, awkward and unsure responses.

No. 78634

Part of me wans to say there's nono in hell she would wear something that obnoxious and ill fitting, but then I think back to her godawful gingham skirt outfit from when she was in Shibuya and it seems more likely.

No. 78639

I feel like if she did pick that dress herself, it's beause it was the most poofy "formal" looking dress she had. Premiers in Hollywood are overflowing with poofy, flowy, flashy dresses, perhaps she was going off of that.

No. 78641

I hope not because she looks so awful. I liked going by the assumption that japanese people didn't know how to dress her because her body is different from the model norm there and thus she just looks like shit all the time.

No. 78644

Her body isn't "different from the norm", Asians don't have completely different bodies than white people, there's enough variation in body types across all humans so that theory doesn't make sense. owever, Kooter is pretty flabby and seems to hold all her fat in her belly so yeah, strapless high waisted flared dress was a horrible horrile idea. No stylist would have done that unless they secretly hated her.

No. 78891

well, she COULD go the route of melody. and do a sort of J-Melo type of a show (all in English).

No. 78920

She won't. She doesn't wanwant n English speaking audience, and even if she did she wouldn't get very far with it, only reason Jmelo lasted as long as it did was because Melody spoke English slowly and simply enough so that Japanese people learning English could follow along. Even then, most of her audience was online weebs who can't understand Japanese. There's a reason she so uncerimoniously dropped the show to be a spoiled housewife when Miyavi was dumb enough to knock her up, because it wasn't that big of a show in Japan.

No. 78944

…you really skipped over model didn't you?

No. 79035

you can tell that shes been given a run down on what questions shel be asked and polite ways to answer. i think shed struggle on a show where people improvise,share personal unrelated stories and make jokes.

No. 79037

How long has she been in Japan? Hasn't it been something like 3 years? I feel like she should be better at the language..

No. 79077

shes good enough to work there. but not fluent enough to be an entertainer

No. 79094

>asians don't have completely different bodies than white people
yes they do
you can't be serious
unless you're trying to pull the politically correct ~*all bodies are different and beautiful*~ thing in which case I'd say don't take what I said literally for every single white person and asian on earth you twat

No. 79097

Say what you want but she speaks very good Japanese.

No. 79122

Main difference is that people with Northern Asian heritage usually have bigger heads and pret