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No. 63684

Nikki thread.

No. 63689

tumblr: nikki-elli

+ Previous URL: ‘causeallidoisdance’ +

Name: Nikk

Age: 22

Whereabouts: Orlando, FL

"Gender": Non-binary

Pronouns: He/They

Sexuality: Asexual

Romantic orientation: Demiromantic

Google if you do not know these terms.


I enjoy cosplaying, convention going, taking pictures/videos, drawing, play guitar/sing/write (#Discovering May), watching anime/TV/Netflix, longboarding, dying hair.

You can find out a lot about me if you read my FAQ

I have commissions open !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to chat, I prefer if you add me on FB to chat. Tumblr ask/fanmail are shit when trying to hold conversations.

If you ever want advice or just someone to vent to, don’t hesitate to come to me. I love talking to you all and I will be more than happy to calm you down or give you the best advice to my ability.

PS- Want to make easy+fast cash?

No. 63692

File: 1426536941935.png (622.51 KB, 1098x3460, 1426462371531.png)

No. 64575

If these people identify as "non binary" why do a lot of them take on binary pronouns?

No. 64606



Does this person have Dissociate Identity Disorder?

No. 64689

For some reason all the fake bois want to be 'he' and also 'they' at the same time.

No. 64707


Goddamnit, Florida, what the fuck?

I mean seriously, what is in Florida that makes the people there so absoluely mental?

No. 64717

dude, i don't know. the heat, the humidity, the drinking water, maybe. i've lived in this swampass hellhole for almost all my life, and i've never met this caliber of crazy in any other place i've lived.

it's incredible.

No. 64720

Out of all the tumblerinas you could pick, this one seems pretty normal and tame.

Being trans isn't lulzy in itself.

No. 64722


Aaaaaaw here it goes

No. 64733


You're right. Good thing she isn't one.

No. 64837

what I'm confused, isn't she/he/whatever trans?

No. 64919


She's a transtrender.

No. 65065


did you just make that up? loving it

No. 65066

how new to the internet are you? this whole thread.

No. 65216

Wth. I hope you're joking.

No. 67181

She sounds angry.
Also, if you look like a chick and quack like a chick, then you're probably a fucking chick. If you were born female and carry yourself as one, you have absolutely no right freak out when people accidentally "misgender" you. Fuck, the LEAST you can do is kindly inform them and that's something none of these transtrenders are capable of doing. That's because it's nothing they take seriously. It's just a cool bandwagon to jump on so they can avoid being thrown in with the evil "cishets and truscums" what happened to the days when someone who was trans just said" I prefer if you called me she/he" and everyone moved on and was happy.

No. 718435


No. 732438

i know this is 4yrs old but i follow nikk on twitter and insta and he is fully transitioned ftm on t for 2-3 years now. i never thought i would see him on here holy shit(necro)

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