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File: 1426954681507.jpg (194.04 KB, 767x556, 1426791113543.jpg)

No. 66250

No. 66253

Yikes, the weight loss is so obvious on the right compared to the two left pics.

No. 66255

looking at her makes me feel physically sick

No. 66258

File: 1426955938895.png (9.44 KB, 848x107, Capture.PNG)

anyone know how tall she is?

No. 66261

How is she alive?

No. 66279

No. 66280

Same. I'm feeling kinda gross and tired at the moment and scrolling down and seeing OP's pictures of her literally made me nauseous. Ugh.

No. 66282

How are the pants she's wearing in the left and right pics actually tight to her legs? Where the fuck is she buying these?

No. 66284

File: 1426958472975.jpg (128.97 KB, 864x551, 3362.jpg)

Is it just me or does she actually look even fucking worse than Valeria Levitin?

No. 66285

Whoops, I meant left and middle.

No. 66286

pretty sure those are long pants made for toddlers, thats why they are tight. she mentioned once she shops in the kids section

No. 66287

Ah, yes. That makes sense. And is actually really disturbing to think about.

No. 66304

im just wondering who even takes her to target when they could take her to a hospital instead, wtf
definitely worse off

No. 66311

She horrifies me I've seen people with EDs that had more meat on their bones die and she's alive…?
I'm so freaked out.

No. 66317

Yup, it's legit scary. I keep waiting for her to die but…it never happens.
She is quite literally a walking fucking skeleton. I don't understand how it's humanly possible.

No. 66323

BMI 8.5 assuming 45 LB

No. 66357

I'm disturbed by the cover photo on her Twitter right now. Is that an illustration of someone making themself puke?

No. 66360

I know pics of Ashley are disturbing because of how thin she is, but you're right about that twitter picture. It's the one thing I've thought the most disturbing. Pink puke with hearts and stars.

No. 66361

File: 1426966564947.jpg (194.12 KB, 690x900, tumblr_mtlqmkcqyw1s2xpeeo1_128…)

Found her long lost brother

No. 66363

What a shit toy! The head's okay, but even the girl on the box has got a WTF face going on.

No. 66365

File: 1426967406252.jpg (45.64 KB, 400x259, rosa_lee_plemons.jpg)

Fact of the day:
This is the lightest person in history (apparently). I think it was a medical thing because she weighed 1lb at birth.

I was looking at human skeletons in sideshows. I was wondering how many had EDs, but the ones I looked up had medical conditions.

No. 66366

when i said
>had medical conditions
i meant physical before anyone pulls me up on this

No. 66367

There's a motivational speaker who physically can't put on fat, she has to eat something like 10000 calories a day, looked like this. Maybe it's the same thing.

No. 66369

This one seems to have been anorexic.
It looks like most simply slipped by out of awareness, because no one really understood why one would cease to eat.

No. 66370

Being able to eat that much sounds like a dream, but I bet it's as difficult as dealing with an eating disorder.

I'd say she had anorexia, yeah. You've got me searching the history of recorded cases of anorexia now.

No. 66373

An explanation of one case in the 1600s:

"Contemporary superstition blamed the wicked power of an apple given her by an old woman some months prior to the start of the condition"


No. 66384

I'm so glad that old thread is stop. Every time I see her face from close I want to puke

No. 66387

There was an old photo of her floating around on FB and someone commented that their toddler had the same patterned leggings from Target. Ashley, a 24 year old woman, wears clothes intended for 3 year old children. Seriously what happened with contacting adult protective services for self neglect? She absolutely needs to be in a hospital and she's clearly unable to make a sound decision on her own.

No. 66389

A bunch of people were wondering if Ashley is "too far gone." There is an ED hospital called Denver ACUTE that treats people with single-digit BMIs. Here is a case study of a woman whose BMI was 7.7 at its lowest. She got to a healthy weight and finished college. Really interesting bc it talks about the medical stuff in detail: http://www.iaed.org.il/wp/wp-content/uploads/The-Refeeding-Syndrome-Pathophysiology-and-how-to-avoid-it.pdf

No. 66392

Well, shit. Reading all of that, I can't help but wonder if we should give Ashley's information to them.

No. 66393


hospital anons, you can't just put someone in an ed treatment center and even if you do a few weeks isn't going to fix her. she's an adult and isn't hurting other people and can probably reject hospitalization.

No. 66397

I am a denver fag. Is there anything I can do to help her get treatment?

I fucking don't know what I'll feel like when she dies man.

No. 66405

Me too. It's terrible because I keep waiting for these threads to break the news. How does she not shatter when people touch her???
That's Ashley's BMI? That's creepy as fuck.

No. 66410


There's a gene, SRT-1 which everybody has but not everyone activates. This gene allows people who are extremely thin survive on little calories. That's how Holocaust survivors were able to survive with such starved bodies.

Obviously a lot of people in the camps were also killed because they we were weak, and many died from disease too, but yeah.

I bet Valeria Levitin was able to survive as long as she did for the same reason.

No. 66411

Hello! Also a Denver fag here. I'm not really sure if we can do anything since she doesn't live here and we can't say we know her personally.
And I don't know, either. I think I'll probably not be surprised but I will be sad even though she's such a bad person because no one deserves to die like that.

No. 66412

That Velasquez lady. It's a shame she gets made fun of so much :(

No. 66413

Wow, thanks so much for the info anon! That's really interesting. It makes a lot of sense though because it looks like she should be gone by now.

Also why doesn't her mom do anything???

No. 66415

What's the situation in the US with medical bills? Does everyone pay. I haven't paid much attention to Obamacare because I'm more concerned with the NHS, but could she get free treatment? Excuse the naivety, just not a 'merican.

No. 66417

FUnnily enough, one of the ways to activate the gene is through calorie restriction. But it's really a toss up whether you will or won't activate it so no one should go around starving themselves trying to see if they can.

Ashley can totally get Baker acted, that's the only good thing about Florida. Her mom should force her into treatment.

It's complicated. Most states have Medicaid, and those on permanent disability get Medicare, and Obamacare has made insurance coverage very cheap and you get penalized for not having health coverage, but no, not everyone is covered and some people do have to pay out of pocket.

No. 66419

I get Medicaid because I'm a NEET leeching off my mother. Every medical expense is 100% paid for from the doctors I choose, even when I had to have a rather specialised surgery.

I told Ashley about how she could apply for all those government benefits on Tumblr, and then again when she came into the first thread on here. She has absolutely no desire to get help, and I honestly wonder if she even has the mental acuity to accurately fill out a government form on her computer at this point.

No. 66421

I'll never understand the attitude of Americans who don't believe they should contribute to a national health care thing. Bombs are more important, yo.

Wouldn't the mind set Ash has just fuck up any progress she'd make?

I was typing the above when your message popped up. How can she not want to feel well? Fortunately something I'll never understand.

No. 66422

Ashley is in her 20's, so I don't think her mother is able to force her into treatment since she's over 18. There's also rumor that her mother also suffers from an ED and Ashley claims they've had competitions to see who can lose the most weight, so… it's possible her mother is… proud?

No. 66424

I take Ashley's claims with a pinch of salt tbh. Why can't she be sectioned? Seriously, as much as I dislike her personality, nobody deserves to suffer the way she must. (Not WKing here, just putting myself in the situation of feeling so ill all the time).

No. 66425

Wow, that's sick as fuck. Thanks for the info, anon!
It may be farfetched but I don't know, there must be some reason she's crazy, right?

No. 66427

Two words: Baker Act.

Ashley CAN be sectioned. Shmegeh got Baker Acted and she's like, 20 something.

The Baker Act allows for involuntary examination (what some call emergency or involuntary commitment). It can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals. There must be evidence that the person:

possibly has a mental illness (as defined in the Baker Act).
is a harm to self, harm to others, or self neglectful (as defined in the Baker Act).

No. 66429

It must be a form of suicide for her. Her life must be torture. I mean it just can't be easy to be that way. Wanting to eat, resisting the need, binging, purging, being worried that you haven't purged all the food.

I doubt she can exercise in her condition so that method of calorie-loss is not an option.

I can only marginally understand it but she must really not want to live.

No. 66440

File: 1426974312927.png (22.04 KB, 581x559, 1415494978870.png)

That's like our section 2 of the Mental Health Act. No way would she not qualify.

She constantly thinks about food. I mean, her latest tumblr is a cartoon gif of a slice of cake and she's tagged it #binge. It's obsessive.

Pic: I can't get my head around this.

No. 66465

That's why I don't think she has a real therapist. Any real mental health professional would have her involuntarily committed for sure.

No. 66484

we should meet up denver-chan

No. 66490

Yeah they would. She says she is limited in funds so I doubt she can afford a "real" therapist anyways. And whats the deal with her being in therapy for depression? Nah, full circle back to your point, they'd commit her for her physical state if that were true.

She went to a dentist. Why wouldn't she/he have called someone? It just blows my fuckin mind she hasn't BEEN committed before. Has she?

No. 66492

She's definitely been hospitalised before (some of her old pics on the old threads were taken in hospital rooms)

No. 66494

then why arent we doing this? what can i do

No. 66501

Because we are not mental health professonials, a law office (police), doctors or judges. It has to come from one of those people.

I guess if we found her address someone could call the police and ask to do a well check and then MAYBE it could happen that way.

No. 66503


No. 66506

i wish i wasnt too retarded to read this

No. 66509

well she lives in orlando thats all i know

No. 66511

No. 66512

Weren't some people here penpals with her?

No. 66514

not i unfortunately. id do something if i could. not a whiteknight fag just know what the misery is like and having someone else take that step for you starts the ball rolling

No. 66517

omg.. I don't know what I would do if I suddenly saw someone like that in real life. Probably be super terrified and run away crying or something

No. 66528


Some anons already tried that. Cops showed up and it passed Ashley off, but nothing seemed to come from it.

People see her all the time. I'm sure they have tried. They won't take people into that ED programs who aren't willing to work with them. No one on this board can fix this, which is pretty much always true.

No. 66529

yet you can involuntarily commit any other human on earth. why is she the exception?

No. 66533

No. 66535

i can't believe this count lose more weight

No. 66537

The shit of it is that even if she was to be involuntarily committed, they would not be able to hold her "forever". Unless her mental state improves she will just relapse the second they cut her loose. Someone linked to the "Thin" documentary on YouTube and pretty much all of those girls were either faking their recovery in hospital or relapsed back to their "sick weight" as soon as they got out.

No. 66538

*cunt. i'm sorry

No. 66542

At least I'd be able to sleep at night knowing I'd tried

No. 66544

The thing is, ED's have a high relapse rate. Alisa from Thin relapsed a lot and then finally was able to recover. Shelley has recovered, too. Polly passed away after the film.

Also, I think Ashley is so mentally unwell that she would be held more for 72 hours. Especially since she weighs so little.

No. 66549


I was going to say that Shelley went back to a low weight, but after ECT she seemed to get better. I like to see her photos on ig.

Britney was in a similar frame of mind to Ash. She didn't want to recover and was out about it. Her mother had an ED too.

My friend recovered and even had breast implants because her pre-ana boobs were quite large and the anorexia made them ugly (to her). I've mentioned her before - she recovered and then died of cardiac arrest under anaesthetic for a routine op. Her organs were fucked. Sad that she tried so hard and life dealt a shitty blow.

ECT though. Idk if Ash could even tolerate it. I wonder how much really intensive therapy she's had addressing her disorder.

No. 66550

…adding this - if their apartment is so small, I doubt Ash could've hidden the sound of barfing from her mum for long. Makes me wonder if there's some truth in the claim her mum has an eating disorder but who the fuck would watch their daughter go through it???

No. 66552

Doubtfully any. I don't think she can afford it. I don't think she'd survive recovery either, even if she somehow avoided dying from refeeding. Let's say she got to a healthy weight within the next year - she's always going to be at risk for a massive heart attack any moment for the rest of her life, among other things I'm sure. Her bones are probably hollow.

No. 66558

I'd give it a go just to feel a bit more energy and not so ill, but I'm not her.

No. 66580

ECT is only used as a last resort to treat treatment-resistant depression. It's basically inducing seizures, so there's no way it would be performed on a medically unstable individual.

No. 66585

I think a lot of people really overestimate the amount you can force someone to 'be better' like >>66550, what should she do, monitor Ashley 24/7? Or kick her out so she doesn't have to deal with it or something? Someone that doesn't want help, you can't fix them, even if you ship them off to a hospital or something it's ultimately their choice.

No. 66606

I know right?
pls marry me, Denvie-senpai

No. 66607

But is she having seizures and shit? Has she posted about that kinda thing? She'd do that if she was having them but is she?

No. 66608

You shouldn't just give up on people either. If my son was just like Ashley, you bet my sweet ass I would do everything in my power to help him because his life is worth fighting for, even if he doesn't see it.

It's really hard with Ash because she has a raging personality disorder but still. Her mom should be doing something to help her daughter.

No. 66618

Yup. You do whatever possible to help people you love even if it does involve monitoring her. I've done more than that for sick pets ffs.

Ash's ex bff in recovery has spoken about maybe having ECT and she has seizures. I've had it myself and physically the only effect I had was nausea and a headache afterwards. I'm just thinking of options.

No. 66628

She mentioned passing out a lot

No. 66631

That's normal if you're barfing everything up.

No. 66638

I mean.. I don't disagree, but most people aren't equipped to deal with the constant bullshit you get from an adult with an eating disorder. I mean really monitoring her constantly, people even get away with shit in treatment centers. >>66618 A sick pet is not the same as years of frustration from someone who doesn't give a shit/everything is about them/they refuse treatment/ won't do anything for themselves.
Not that we really know anything about her mom but I wish people would stop pretending you can fix people that are so set in fucking their lives up/her mom isn't doing anything/ you can control another adult.

No. 66642

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iy_RPP2eIfk what you say reminds me of this girl

No. 66655

jesus christ, i'd forgotten that clip

No. 66720

This is probably exactly what a documentary on Ashley would be like.

No. 66782

Aimee Moore is at least trying to get better.

No. 66790

That was really disturbing and eye-opening. She almost seemed like she had a mental illness beyond anorexia though? Not sure if anyone else agrees.

No. 66791

yea ashley's gotta be the same level as the girl in this video
and the first time i saw that girl, it made me believe there are EDs beyond all help
like these people are literally so deep into that ED mindset and cycle of behavior, its really beyond help i think.
and that denver program someone mentioned, sure they bring someone to a better place physically, but seems like it was complete medical force.

No. 66798

Holy shit that made me so sad. I seriously imagine this is how Ashley would be. Except even worse. Wow.

No. 66801

If that's Aimee's mom in the clip, I imagine Ashley's mom is the same in that she really can't do much for her. You can tell Aimee's mom loves her and wants her to get better, but all she can do is watch and cry and hope.

No. 66805

People don't want to pay into the system because they usually are paying more for hospital visits for the people who aren't putting money into the healthcare program instead of lowering the cost for themselves. Maybe it's because America is too big of a country, and we can't fully support our lower class sometimes. And also there's a huge debate on how efficient the Welfare system actually is.
This country is just a mess.

No. 66815

The part about her taking the barf out of the toilet and putting it back into her mouth to make her barf more… Jesus Christ. And all of that room service she ordered for a single binge breakfast… her mother just shells out the cash for all of that shit.

Why doesn't her mother (or Ashley's mother) just stop buying the binge food? It's not like they will be any malnourished than they already are since they puke everything back up anyway. Am I missing something?

No. 66822

Did you see that girls fucking tantrums though
It's like drug addiction man, and more often than not, even though it's killing the victim, friends and famil keep enabling it because the pain of saying no to an addict (and the fighting, screaming, crying that result) is just as hard as watching them die before your eyes
Fucked up but true

No. 66823

I wonder if ED treatment is like treatment for drug addictions… Usually doctors won't prescribe behavior changing medications to drug addicts while they're getting clean because their strange/bad behavior is usually 80% of the time the active drug use and fallout afterwards

No. 66838

Yea I feel like Ed and addiction get different treatment. Meanwhile Ed patients probably trade one addiction for another

No. 66864

for drug addictions they need people to detox first, I don't think there is a comparable period with someone that has ED. even putting on enough weight can be a really long process and you need the person to work with you before that.

No. 66866

I just meant not jumping to conclusions and diagnosing mental illnesses other than ED during treatment, and waiting until they're more stable. See what behavioral issues clear up and which ones stick around

No. 66870

I think Ashley's mother does restrict what she buys her for eating so she has less of a chance to binge… and that's why she has binge food on her amazon wishlist for other people to buy her.

No. 66927

Ah so that's where the "my mom doesn't buy me food" thing comes from

No. 66950

She probably has to buy food every day so that there's no excess food left in the home. Not a good way to live. I bet it would be a violation of her lease to install locks on the cupboards/fridge, too.

No. 66953

I wonder what Ash's mom thinks of all the gifts that show up in their mailbox.
Ash has said stuff about not being able to get the mail herself, and how her mom won't get the mail or won't give her her mail (and someone mentioned Ash telling her that her mom threw away her package). I wonder if any of what she says about her mom is true, in this regard. I've learned to not trust anything that Ash says.

No. 66960

That is probably true, reason being so she can't binge. She seems to receive all of her dvds and cds and figurines without issue

No. 66971

I wonder why her mom won't take away her internet. It really enables her in the worst way possible.

No. 66982

I have a feeling things at home for Ashley and her Mother are quite similar to that. Ashley refuses to take any responsibility for her actions and her Mother is all she has to point the finger at. They probably receive some government assistance and if the ED is bad enough she can collect social security. As a hard working woman in my 20s paying into SS it pisses me off to no end that my hard earned money is being pissed away instead of going towards treatment to an individual that is a complete waste.

No. 67343

If ash is baker acted she will be held for a mandatory of 72hours then a judge and the psych dr will determine if she is a danger to herself or others and able to go home or not.

No. 67344

It pisses you off you have to pay for someone with a deadly mentall illness to live? If ash never worked before will receiver less then 300 a month for Ssdi and the ssi will pay the rest up to 700 a month everybody is entitled to ssi.

No. 67355

Not necessarily. If she's had this ED for a long time, like under 22 (which seems to be the case), she would collect SSDI under her mother's work credits. If that's not the case, she wouldn't collect SSDI at all since she has no work record. She would just get SSI.

No. 67394

I'm pretty sure the reason she gets mad at the parcels is because she knows it's binge food that her daughter is baiting out of people online.

No. 67413

there's no point discussing it really. she's not going to ever get help or she'd do everything she can to fuck it up.

nah, i think she eats the butter stuff herself, and she uses the tokens people seem to be buying her more often. i'd say the main reason she talks shit about her mum is because she doesn't like her attempts to stop her binges with food other than she buys.

No. 67416

File: 1427155015706.jpg (44.53 KB, 492x328, this.JPG)

she really thinks she'll be in a position to settle somewhere else?

if her dysfunctional relationship with her mother causes her anxiety, would she qualify for some housing aid? i don't understand why she stays where she is if she's so unhappy.

No. 67417

The only place she'll be "planted"is six feet under.

No. 67418

>if her dysfunctional relationship with her mother causes her anxiety, would she qualify for some housing aid?
You need to wait years and years and years before you get housing aid if you're alone out on the streets with five children. Ashley isn't getting housing aid, and it's a damned good thing that she won't.

No. 67419

If her mum kicked her out would she literally be homeless?

No. 67442

nigga looks like a skeleton lol

No. 67444

What would happen if you would force feed her?

No. 67445

She'd rip out her tubes

No. 67446

What if she was tied up?

No. 67449

I feel like it's probably illegal to tie up and force feed someone. I know it's not a great source but in Orange Is the New Black it was illegal to force feed someone unless they were unconscious.

I always remember my aunt (a nurse) telling me about a woman who had a feed tube in her stomach that was sown in and she ripped it out several times, they couldn't restrain her due to her human rights or some bullshit.

No. 67451

They'd have to prove you were mentally incompetent first, but it's possible. If your rights are signed over they can pretty much do whatever they want to keep you alive.

No. 67480

>> http://8ch.net/cow/res/82510.html

Ok, which one of you started this one?

No. 67497

You're damn right it does…except you said, TO LIVE. Which clearly is not the case. She has no interest in recovery or seeking help therefore pissing my tax dollars away. There are times that I go to the grocery store with a budgeted list in hand to feed myself for weeks with and that's a struggle all on its own. This chick is getting 10 dollar almond butter in the mail to vomit back up. So yeah, I mind.

No. 67522

I'm an innocent.

No. 67541

Do you by chance know of Chris chan's "monthly tugboat"? I feel like that would buttrage you even more.

No. 67561

Lol. Yes, I have. Of course it does. I have no problem helping those in need if they cannot help themselves. But there are too many "Chris Chan's" in this world.

No. 68078

File: 1427268699650.jpg (108.29 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


No. 68098

"I don't get food stamps, I'm broke, and I want to shop at Whole Foods. Help me buy expensive foods that I'll just puke out. I have it worse than some people, asshole."

I've been trying to ignore what a giant piece of shit she is, and I can't anymore. Jfc. Can she just die already? Someone push her really hard into a brick wall. I want to know if she'll turn into dust.

Fuck, she's not going to get better. She's not even a decent person.

No. 68099

Is anyone here from Orlando and could clear up what your state's policy is like regarding benefits? No one on sealed-up-tight can seem to agree.

No. 68118

>someone push her really hard into a brick wall. I want to know if she'll turn into dust.
Is it bad that I laughed at this?

No. 68132

If shes poor she could go so much further shopping at aldi and walmart than a place like walmart. Idg why she even needs to buy groceries.

No. 68133

I mean a place like whole foods

No. 68136

Ashley will die contributing nothing to this world besides being a victim for people to feel bad for. I wonder if that saddens her.

No. 68137

You fucking idiots.
WAL MART AND ALDI DO NOT PROVIDE THEM, OR ELSE SHE WOULD ADD THEM. Do your research before you type up word garbage. Now just go back to sleep since apparently you can't hold up a decent argument.

No. 68138

You are very serious about your grocery store gift cards.

No. 68140

chill out, goddamn

No. 68154


Ashley go.

No. 68161

ok, calm down Ash.

No. 68164


Or you could just, you know… not have any grocery store gift cards on your wishlist. Because nobody really NEEDS their young eating-disordered 'fans' buying them expensive binge food to be puked right back up, do they, Ash? Apparently you can't hold up a decent argument either. Awwww.

No. 68165

Don't beg for food. It's embarrassing.

No. 68167

You know what actually makes me mad. That she thinks she is entitled to expensive food. My parents have to live on a very small amount of money and they just buy what they need and from cheap super markets. And they feel blessed that they still have food to eat. But no little miss spoiled skeleton thinks she is entitled to expensive food to puke out.

No. 68168

Her mother buys food. If they're so poor then yeah she should shop at budget stores. Anyone who is SOOO poor they have to beg for food couldn't afford the cab fare (which she says she takes) to the supermarket. She has the luxury of a home to get wishlist shit sent to, a phone to add shit to her wishlist on amazon. She spends her own money on shitty cosplay accessesories, tattoos and crap from Target. She can afford to buy cheap food. It all looks the same when it's been regurgitated.

No. 68173

really just wishing she'd fucking die already she is just the scum of the Earth at this point.

No. 68233

That's cold dude. No.

No. 68239

Hasn't Ash specifically said she refuses to get SNAP/food benefits?

She has too much pride for someone who has virtually nothing and depends on her mom for everything.

Her mom should kick her out. I get that Ash is her child and all but Ash isn't doing anything to better herself and is most likely extremely difficult to live with.

No. 68259

Sorry it's a little off-topic, but I'm honestly appalled at how rampant these wishlists and gofundme sites have gotten.
1. I can't comprehend why anyone would think that someone else should pay for their food, top surgery, vet bills, etc.
2. A lot of these are scams and people are stupid.
3. I truly can't wrap my mind around why ANYONE would give these people money over a legitimate charity.

Who are these people? Why do they think tumblr teenagers should finance their lives? Who the hell are these people crowd-sourcing them?

No. 68275

She doesn't get benefits but it's laziness and fear of being found out, not pride. Someone with that much pride wouldn't whine about how weak she is and beg strangers online for money andfree stuff.

In order to get disability and Medicaid she'd have to show sufficient proof of hardship, which means going to a real doctor and getting an exam and documentation of her condition, probably meeting with social services in person at some point and maybe having a case manager assigned to her. That puts her at risk of being seen by someone who has the power to lock her in the hospital.

Not to mention she always complains about how she has no energy for basic tasks so she's too exhaaausted to try to help herself by applying the assistance. It's easier for her to hide.

No. 68281

She's a sick, lazy, narcissistic child who feels the whole world owes her for HER bad life decisions. She's delusional. Funny how she always talks about karma, bitch you're living in your own personal hell.

No. 68292

File: 1427298264816.jpg (302.05 KB, 387x614, ash.jpg)

Decided to check my IG feed and I jumped back a bit. She looks worse than usual.

No. 68295

She's a literal skull jfc!!

No. 68296

>Ohayou! ('Morning' in Japanese)
My face literally twitched in disgust.

Damn, she looks like absolute shit. I knew her face looked much, much thinner when I saw the comparison image here: >>66250 but this really puts it into perspective. I just want her to get the world record for thinnest woman and on some national television broadcasts before she dies.

No. 68300

screamer material

No. 68301

Yeah, she's definitely lost even more from her cheeks. I know we always speculate on how much longer she can go on, but she really has got worse lately so…

No. 68303

Damn. I didn't think it was possible for her to look that much worse. I have no idea how her organs are functioning for her to not be on permanent bedrest.

No. 68304

No. 68305

she hasnt posted any body shots lately so she probablky is on bed rest now

No. 68306

Oh wow. Yeah she's not too far off. How tragic. Is she in recovery?

No. 68307

in and out of recovery for a while. she seems like a genuine nice person though

No. 68308

All of these clothes look so fucking bland and basic. Pulled-out-of-my-closet core.
I literally just repeated "This is not an outfit" for the first 20 seconds of this video.
I don't know why that bothers me more than her more obviously serious issues.

No. 68309

That's a shame. Well hopefully one of these attempts will stick for her. I'm sure she's getting overwhelming amounts of hate on her channel.

No. 68310

Surprisingly, people on YouTube seem very considerate of her. Mostly nice commments on everything, except the occasional backhanded "Sorry to tell you this but you are way too skinny! That doesn't look good anymore!". It's a pleasant surprise.

No. 68311

she seems to want it so yeah i hope so too. especially for anyone who wants to get better (for any kind of mental illness really)

No. 68312


Yeah, I wanted to scream outloud but didn't want to startle my kid.

I don't know how she can continue to lose weight. She will die at some point. I don't think she can last more than a year. If she doesn't die from organ failure than something like an illness can easily do her in.

No. 68313

probably because shes actually trying and wants to get better unlike ash who regularly avoids any kind of help or support and welcomes death happily

No. 68316

Agreed. Her outlook on life and rotten ass attitude towards her illness has gotten way out of hand.

No. 68317

Damn, I thought she looked really cute in that video, but when you look through her other videos:
She only looks nice with makeup on viewed from a distance with a nice camera. Otherwise she has that same fat face with a scrawny body.

No. 68320

Meh, she's just another ana chick - they're ten a penny online. She's nowhere near Ash's level.

No. 68325

You're probably right.

No. 68339

File: 1427301182900.jpg (23.98 KB, 550x410, 8421-justasweaboo.jpg)


>TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: Ohayou means good morning in Japanese

No. 68362

File: 1427303216977.jpg (15.37 KB, 422x119, Capture.JPG)

This came up on the side panel when I clicked on the link!

No. 68367

The shadows on this make it worse, like her skull's being held up by an inch thick piece of cartilage or something.

I really do wonder if she's seeing a therapist (if) if it's connecting to her facing death? She's written things about tomorrows are never promised and shit. Maybe she's at the end, facing her immortality. I'd say she'll be dead within 3 month.


nice way with words

No. 68373

She claims she is, I find it hard to believe any licensed professional would not have her admitted. Although by the looks of it they probably can't do much medically. Her internal organs are mostly shot. She's definitely lived way longer than I ever expected.

No. 68381

Unfortunately, this is her life. Blogs and Target. If tumblr were to shut down she would have absolutely nothing.

No. 68383

It makes me sad that Ashley wastes her time browsing this thread and trying to save face.

Just live your life, Ash. What little is left of it. Your desperation makes you look really pathetic and somehow I like you even less because of it. Go do something you enjoy instead of sucking up all the negativity.

No. 68386

True that. It's a darn shame.

No. 68392

Then again, I imagine she does enjoy the negativity on some level, so I guess she is doing what she enjoys. Major victim complex.

No. 68406

Sick, but absolutely spot on.

No. 68440

File: 1427307817751.jpg (413.34 KB, 1280x1707, анорексия001.jpg)

She's even famous on a Russian psychiatry site. Well, photos from her tumblr and one of shmegeh.

Ash smiles at her worldwide fame.

No. 68447

Ashley's ex friend Erika is also there. Or at least Erika's bony butt is.

No. 68466

I would be terrified seeing her irl. Does she shop outside a lot?

No. 68474

A fair amount. I imagine she gets out of the house maybe once or twice a week and is usually at Target.

No. 68475

Her face could just look thinner due to the lighting, though she's definitely going downhill, so who knows.

I wish she'd put a new wig on that wishlist.

No. 68478

Omg, right? If she listed a nice wig and someone bought it for her I wouldn't be the slightest bit mad about it. All the clothes in the world and a busted cosplay wig.

No. 68489

Link to the site, please?

No. 68492

She's not famous. She's a spectacle. When she is gone, she will be easily forgotten. What an eyesore.

No. 68499

No. 68501

That's what it is. Haha, I spent all this time trying to figure out what part of her body that was. Why did she take that photo? Why???

I like the articles on that Russian main page. I don't speak Russian, but translate is good.

No. 68558

Oh, please, no:(

No. 68559

Because you're a shallow piece of shit, lol.

No. 68560


That most recent photo is horrifying. She references that she's sick and tired of being sick and tired. Ashley, do you realize you did this to yourself? And do you realize that you have the power to at least try to change it? Does a future of feeling healthy and energetic and yes, maybe even happy, not appeal to you at all?

No. 68569

Hell, idk. Maybe doctors told her there's not much they can do for her at this point. I've read about that being the case in situations like Ashley's.

No. 68574

I don't think she's too far gone. I mean, yeah, it would be an uphil battle but she is young. I've been in treatment with people like her who are recovered. She would have to go to a specialized hospital like Denver ACUTE. No question about that. A lot of medical professionals don't know how to treat people at risk of refeeding syndrome, unfortunately.

No. 68575

Makes sense. Thanks,good to know.

No. 68580

Were these people as thin as Ashley?

She'll never get treatment but whatever, her life. I will feel bad for her mom because losing a child cannot be easy.

No. 68590

That's what I thought. The filter makes her look smaller. Pretty sure she can't lose anymore weight without dying or removing some ribs

No. 68591

No. 68592

Lela my fave part is the "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired" bit. I'm sick and tired of working my ass off to get my adult shit done, but I know it will pay off. Ashley, you are sick and tired for no goo reason. You make yourself sick and tired and refuse to do anything for yourself. You're a piece of shit towards others and everyone outside this thread is realizing that now.

No. 68596

LOL at Ashley saying she wants to visit Japan, and eventually move there on Instagram.

No. 68600

How does she shave her knees without slicing her skin to shreds?

I honestly hope she gets help for both her mental and physical problems. She could be an amazing role model for ED sufferers.

No. 68601

If Ashely never became proana i wonder if she would have went down the aidoru route.

I think if she never became anas she would be wearing circle lenses and trying to become famous in japan.

No. 68608

Maybe her leg hair fell out.

That sick and tired thing. A lot of anons here have some kind of mental health problem, so will probably relate to this - at my worst ever periods of depression I would do ANYTHING to not feel that way mentally and physically. I would've taken fucking rat poison if I was told it'd work. Even now I'm on poisonous as fuck anti psychotics. If she's so sick and tired I'm fucking positive she'd get some kind of help. Even if it's a shot of something or other to boost her system. There's got to be SOMETHING that'd make her feel less ill and I refuse to believe there isn't.

Her reluctance to see a doctor or whatever is her own fault, so I'm not buying into this pity me bullshit. I bet she gets ig comments STAY STRONG, KEEP FIGHTING. Keep fighting? She does FUCK. ALL. to help herself.

I know, "no shit", but fucking hell. Idk what bothers me most, her attitude or her stupid fucking enabling followers telling her she looks pretty when I've seen healthier looking corpses on gore sites.


No. 68609

This. All of this. At least you're making a valid attempt with medication. That says that you know you're better than the illness.

No. 68611

>I will feel bad for her mom because losing a child cannot be easy.
Shit, anon, I honestly think that at this point her mother will be glad to finally be rid of her. Then she will finally be able to live her own life.

No. 68612

Hell yeah, I've been taking that shit for years. It would be so easy to sit back and let do gooders live your life for you, sorting out bills, doing your shopping, babying you but who wants to do that and feel like shit all time? (Ashley). Maybe that's part of why she never wanted help so she doesn't have to do anything. If you don't want to do it for yourself, ffs she should do it for those who have to deal with her crap.

Has she got any siblings? Imagine being holed up with her all day. I bet she's grateful for her job to get out of the apartment.

No. 68615

Sad but true. Hell I know I would be.

No. 68616

lol wat

I'd really like to know what her mom thinks. Her honest opinions, not through Ashley's distortion.

No. 68617

Watching her die must be awful. Imagine knowing that one day you'll find your daughter dead in a chair.

No. 68618

Oh absolutely would be heart breaking I'm not denying that. But years of turmoil and being a slave to her disease can often lead to resentment. I'm sure there are days where she just wants a break. She had probably hoped for her daughter to find someone and start a life, not decaying in her room (or living room supposedly she doesn't have one)

No. 68624

If her mom really loved her she would have forced treatment on her

No. 68625

I have a feeling it's way more complicated than that and she's probably taken her in and admitted her a few times. But it's like beating a dead horse at this point. Ashley has to WANT recovery for herself.

No. 68633

I think the assholes sending her money to buy food (or actually sending her food) must be infuriating to her mom. She's spoken about there being no food at home; I think it's because she just binges and purges it all. And here are enablers sending her shit. Don't they know that they are hastening her death? No wonder her mom doesn't always give her her mail.

No. 68639

Which is why her mom controls her mail, and, out of context, sounds evil

No. 68640

Agreed. Her Mom is a single working parent probably on a strict budget and most likely refuses to buy her a ton of junk to binge on… That's what her followers are for.

No. 68666

I wonder why also her enablers send her binge foods? I mean would they also be inclined to hand over the drugs to an addict so freely, like they do to this pathetic wretch? What actually makes this one so special that she feels entittled to other peoples money?

No. 68670

followers are probably naive and think she is recovering or has some other debilitating illness that can be easily cured by "just eating"

No. 68677

Major victim complex. Just beyond irritating.

No. 68680

That girl who sent her cookies has bulimia, though (or maybe anorexia binge-purge subtype. I just remember that she throws up too). I wonder how she'll feel when Ashley dies mid-binge.

No. 68688

I was JUST going to type something similar to that last sentence when I read this
I was thinking, how would a follower feel to know she died while puking a jar of almond butter up they'd sent her.

Maybe they think that seeing how she's not got long they want to make her "happy". I'm not sure that many people send her stuff. Some of the things on her wishlist have been there forever. Maybe she buys it herself and pretends people have sent it hoping others will follow.

No. 68690

Ig followers, I beg you…yes, I BEG, please more screenshots?

No. 68691

I'm totally pissed off with wannarexics/pro anas flaunting their fucking bones and cutters posting their fucking fresh cuts online. What's wrong with these people?

No. 68697

(Ash talking about Japan)

ghost.in.my.pocket @vabuabara huuuuuuge fan of the culture- I plan on eventually visiting- and maybe even residing there. It's become an obsession haha
vabuabara: I sooooo want to visit as well! I hope your plan can come true!!!

What kind of caps would you like? I've posted a few caps in the past, and posted the cap of her face today. I'll take a cap everytime she posts if that's ok as well.

No. 68699

You're a star. Any shit like that. Delusions, etc.

She seriously can't believe that. If she's suge a huuuuuuuuge fan, why doesn't she do a blog or learn the language. She really is useless.

Thank you, undercover anon.

No. 68702

fuck HUGE*.

No. 68704

I'm guilty as fuck to posting cutting pictures, but at least I was fucking smart about it. I never tagged them as anything, and I never followed anyone. So, even though my blog was public, you'd pretty much have to be creeping on notes from some post that I happened to reblog to find me.

Plus, it was honestly a way for me to recover. Because I'd have all my frustrations out on that blog, it would take time away from me being able to hurt myself. idk.

No. 68707

I had a blog to record the progress of my shitty skin with different creams and that was all private because it's embarrassing! I've been a self harmer since the beginning of time, like before internet and the only people I'd seen do it in pics were Iggy Pop and Sid Vicious (no I'm not that old), but god. It's gone too far.

Things like EDs and self harm - it's good to be out in the open and discussed but there's something so wrong about having a full account of your fresh cuts for the world to see. It plants ideas in peoples heads when they might not have thought about it before.

No. 68708

Sooooo poor and picks one of the most expensive holiday destinations.
Fuckin weeb. She'd die on the bullet train if not on the ride over.

No. 68709

well thats depressing

No. 68711

She wouldn't even get medical insurance to take the flight. If her life's desire is to travel, why isn't that motivation to get herself healthier.

No. 68712

There's this other tumblr girl. Who almost has Ashley's body. She stopped posting around December :-( http://misshealthgeek.tumblr.com is her link. Any one know about her?

No. 68715

Oh yeah, I found out about her from one of the Ash threads. No idea. I'm sure some searching would find her.

No. 68722

Oh shit she's tiny. Well if it's been awhile hopefully she's in recovery somewhere.

No. 68724

And she's said before that she can't fly because it would kill her. Maybe she's forgotten it, is dismissing all previous medical advice, and thinks she's immortal. Starvation shrinks the brain…

No. 68726

No. 68731

I've seen a fair amount of women and girls like this on insta. Almost all claim to be recovering/making progress, but none of them seem to gain any weight. :(
And yes, I know that eating disorders are more complex than weight, but if your BMI is below 15, are you really able to think clearly?

No. 68735

One of them was. She was about 8 inches taller, though. She's recovered and doing well, as far ask I know. Ashley isn't all that rare. She's just one of the few people at her weight who is addicted to social media and has an audience.

No. 68737

That gummi woman's a case in point. Recovering, eats nothing but frozen yogurt but not gaining weight.

I think their intentions really are to recover.

Exactly this.

Shame we can't have a private forum somewhere to discuss these people. I know we'll get stick for being OT in Princess Ashley's thread.

No. 68739

Gummi woman?
Agreed about the private forum.

No. 68741

No. 68743

File: 1427337807980.jpg (29.87 KB, 288x588, Capture.JPG)

She eats all that crap, but still looks stick thin.

No. 68744

Jesus that woman eats a ton of froyo. Expensive addiction, which is exactly what it is and has no nutritional value. Her calories are way too low. That's not recovery that's maintenance.

No. 68746

She says she eats pizza, donuts, brownies, all that cereal and pop tarts so I'd expect a bit more weight on her.

No. 68747

this is true. Granted, this was years ago, and thankfully I have (mostly) gotten over my SH.

I was also very vocal about me being in recovery, and that my relapsing was very few and far between. I had mostly text posts about my progression and reblogs from other people. I tried to help as much as I could, and even though I'd post some fucked up pictures every now and then, I never glorified it, and I always made sure that people wouldn't be triggered by it.

I don't know, just seems like Ash could at least do something like this, since she seems to always be on tumblr anyways. She wouldn't even have to necessarily be in recovery, but she could at least spread some facts and awareness about how awful it has affected her and that people should get better before it's too late.

No. 68749


Ash sends her food. (Pic)

SH is really addictive. My shrink tried to explain it in his psychobabble. I didn't understand him, but I agree. I still haven't got the guts to walk around with short sleeves even when it's really hot.

You'd think she would do something positive. You know how people who have cancer or some other hideous illness. When they recover, or even when they're terminal they go out and do things to raise funds/awareness. She's a selfish bitch to the bone.

No. 68750

And come down from her delusional soapbox/pedestal?? Never.

No. 68751

File: 1427338424222.jpg (141.75 KB, 971x637, Capture.JPG)

forgot pic

No. 68752

Oh shocker it's a bunch of junk. What a psycho.

No. 68753

"help each other get better", "u keep fighting".


No. 68756

Haha! I know right what a crock of shit.

No. 68758

>Hello kitty pink hot chocolate
That just sounds like it's PURE sugar. Urk.

No. 68760

That woman eats like a 5 year old. Lucky charms for a snack are you fucking serious? You have a child and a Son walk your ass to the kitchen and cook your family a decent meal dude.

No. 68763

A husband and a son**

No. 68765

"Artificially flavored" - yum!

Makes you wonder what her son and husband eat

Look at this guy. He's almost a male Ash.

No. 68768


omg you guys are right, what was i thinking??? Like this narcissistic, selfish, sabotaging cunt would want to do something productive with her time.

At least in her defense, she's to 'weak' and 'exhausted' and 'sick and tired of being sick and tired' to get out of bed.

No. 68769

Oh wow. He's very, very lucky.

No. 68772

I'm not excited for the Florida summer heat to come she's gonna be posting more leg.. Er, patella in the flesh.

No. 68773

That teenage boy who died from cancer raised £3.2 million for charity during his final year. Mustn't have been half as tired and weak as poor Ash :(

No. 68774

File: 1427339477243.jpg (37.9 KB, 525x700, IMG_0168.JPG)

Here you go. Let's desensitize ourselves in advance.

No. 68776

You're sick bruh

No. 68777

I hope she's a donor. I'd be so down to dissect her.

No. 68778

Hahahahahaha. Well done.

No. 68794

I'm pretty sure she purges. She's the one who sent ashley cookies, IIRC.

No. 68802

File: 1427341559458.png (799.43 KB, 1027x618, Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.4…)

No. 68804

She did? Awesome. Another moron. I just flipped though her instagram and she's seriously the same size in every picture. What a headcase.

No. 68808

They talk with so many smilies and emoticons, I feel like I'm on yahoo chat all over again. I can't anyone who write that way seriously, online or not.

No. 68840

Ashley loved crashing that post which was really a thank you to somebody else. Almost…almost as if…she doesn't like her having other friends?

No. 68841

I feel so sad for Ashley's mom having to watch her daughter rot away and having ash paint this "abusive" image of her, I just watched an intervention where a girl very very thin but still larger then ashley, her treatment team said she is beginning to develope brain damage and she realistically had days left to live.how does ash survive? What if she becomes like terry shivo and gets so bad she becomes a lifeless Vegtable? She will be fat then an have absolutely no control of any of her functions. Quite a scary fate..

No. 68847

File: 1427347410760.jpg (90.58 KB, 720x960, 10304333_10152586431626065_666…)

That Beanie Babe crap she posted that had arrived today from a follower? She uploaded this to facebook on 23rd.

No. 68858

What I've noticed on these "recovering" anorexics' instagrams is that they keep eating shit food all day. Processed shit, sugary shit, pizzas etc. They eat like m&ms for breakfast, oreos and an apple for lunch (see guys - healthy!) and hot pockets for dinner with iceberg lettuce as a side dish.
I mean it's fine to snack here and there (especially considering their size) but can't they eat three normal meals a day?

No. 68865


Idk. That gummibear princess says she's into running, but I don't see anything in her diet that looks the sort of food you'd put into your system for energy.

All those empty calories in donuts and pop tarts. For the calories in them you could have something really nice like hummus and a warm pitta with a mixed bean salad (that sounds very nice to me anyway). You know something that's filling and doesn't give your stomach a hollow feeling after the bloat of scoffing sugar junk wears off.

Maybe she doesn't like nutritious food?!? I know some people live on crap, but I don't understand how a "recovering" anorexic would be able to deal with such a poor diet.

There again, she barfs it all up apparently.

No. 68868

Not the same plush, sorry anon,

No. 68869


Could've been a sale on the things at target and she bough them all herself.

No. 68870

She eats a lot of pretzels.

No. 68925

This makes me feel a bit sick. I didn't think she could get more scary then she already was, but i am wrong. She could be in a horror movie right now as some possessed demon girl or something.

No. 68926

You know what i have been wondering about. Does Ashley have seizures that come with being at such a dangerously low weight? I know Erika has them and she isn't even near that point of dead (Especially now that she is recovering and gaining weight, which I am really glad about)

No. 68927


Is it wrong I saved this pic as an art ref for a monster? I realise she's sick, but man is that some damn fine nightmare fuel for drawing

No. 68928


Who is this Erika girl? Can you link her??

No. 68929

No. Leave Erika alone. She's in recovery.

No. 68930

I think she has some other illness that is aggravated by her ED

No. 68931

File: 1427367106686.jpg (131.26 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

First felice, now this irrelevant whore. She's so thirsty for fame that she latches onto these retarded proana princesses. Literally everyone in her world has an ED. WTF is wrong with you?!

No. 68937

can this sick ho even push a cart

No. 68970

Or even go there without help at all.

No. 68983

File: 1427377508125.png (233.82 KB, 293x547, thanksmrsskeltal.png)

Looks like 8chan has been having fun in their own Ashley thread.

No. 68984

No. 68987

If Erika is gaining then it must be in her toes. She's not recovering the way I hoped for her and had an insanely long way to go. I think she's way too medicated.

No. 68988

She'd be great on the Walking Dead, no make-up needed.


No. 68991

trrying still qualifies as in recovery if u ask me

No. 68999

She's not going to put on weight 1-2-3. I'm sure some of whatever she's gained is going to repair her organs and other stuff as well as putting on body fat. It's a slow process.

No. 69004


This and there's refeeding syndrome to be concerned about.

No. 69009

Erika has a bunch of other issues and obstacles that make it even harder to recover. She has severe PTSD from child abuse. She also has pretty bad self harm and probably a few other mental health problems. She's mentioned other ED treatment centers couldn't treat her because they weren't equipped to treat all her other issues. She was in the hospital but she needs long-term residential treatment which is hard when you have so many issues and insurance won't cover it. So it's more complicated than just gaining weight. At least she's not on My Pro-ana encouraging people to starve anymore.. She seems to be trying.

No. 69015

Plus she also has kids. Isn't her husband also abusive?

No. 69029

She's another one who needs to stay off the internet. Some of her ig pics are disgusting. Too much attention seeking.

No. 69031

File: 1427384387271.jpg (Spoiler Image, 495.12 KB, 1023x607, ew.jpg)


I'm putting it under a spoiler image because this is a seriously nasty picture of Erika showing off her nasty wound and cuts on IG.

No. 69037

Agreed. She's trying and yeah it sounds like her husband is a total prick. I'm with you on the pictures though, nasty. I'm just glad she was smart enough to cut ties with Ashley.

No. 69042

File: 1427385919700.jpg (82.94 KB, 640x640, 11024109_1416236265343638_3219…)


Man I feel nothing but ultimate pity for this woman.
Some of the injuries she's inflicted on herself really defy believe.

Her daughter is incredibly beautiful as well, like a little cherub. I hope for her daughter's sake she able to recover and that she doesn't grow up with similar issues.

No. 69045

>wound specialist


No. 69055

Yeah I don't think its healing correctly. She posted the fresh wound a week or so ago but I believe she took it down.

No. 69057

HoooOOOoooly shit I'm gonna add that recovering anorexics should NOT go to this Erika girls insta. Do not not not not. There is nothing to laugh at/no ~for teh lulz~/Nope.

Like unless you guys have been there I don't really think you could understand how Unreal most things feel when you weigh less than 70 pounds. Posting your foot long self harm scab doesn't really seem like anything at all lol.

Just don't go to her IG is all I can say. This girl is conventionally attractive and knows how to put on makeup (excluding the bad contouring) which can be very very dangerous for those of us who are trying to recover. It's like the opposite of Ashley who is a billboard posterchild of scaring you out of being ano.

No. 69059

She hot?can someone link me to erikas imstagram. Much props in adavnce.

No. 69061

she weighs 68 pounds you dumb bitch

No. 69062

Nope. I'm gonna leave her out of this sorry. She's a total sweetheart. She makes jewelry to send her followers just because it's good for her.

No. 69069

Erikas instagram is fluffykittendandbunnies

No. 69070

You must be fuckin retarded. Ever internet before?

No. 69074

Yeah, I just opened the spoiler tag and realized it was there. I'm extra stupid when mobile browsing.

No. 69080

File: 1427388137891.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-03-26-12-37-29…)

So. The days you get childish toys make them worth fighting? Jesus your priorities in this life are mind numbing.

No. 69084

Ok, so I'm not the only one who finds her heavy contouring disturbing? She uses way too dark bronzer to sculpt her cheekbones when she's a walking skeleton. It's scary to think that she feels the need to use slimming makeup techniques. Her body image must be insanely distorted. Its sad.

No. 69088

She might be nice but she is not immune to criticism. It IS disturbing to post gross wounds and no one needs to see that.

No. 69089

You guys must have absolutely no clue about what anorexia is or what it means lolololol

No. 69091

You're right. I've never suffered from any disorder other than anxiety and often forget what can be emotional triggers for others. She should definitely know better.

No. 69094

Lmao no shit the bitch weighs 50 pounds. What priorities would you have if you weighed 50 pounds? Dumb ass

No. 69095

go away ashley

No. 69101

Not Ashley. Nice try tho better luck next time
>I'll green txt too so I can be as cool as you

No. 69104

ashley pls

No. 69105

Pretty sure I meant versus recovery you ignorant fuckwit. We all know the deteriorating physical state.

No. 69106

Hoooly crap. How did she even do that? Did she just carve a huge chunk out?

No. 69107

I'm the same bitch who called ashley a ho that can't push a shopping cart but ok boo

No. 69109

When she first posted it, looked like she just sliced it super deep.

No. 69110

p sure anon understands it, they were just commenting that it was sad

No. 69111

I wanted to pick the sweater fuzz out this one so bad

No. 69113

Oh shit. Yeah, yup never mind that's the one she posted that I saw. I couldn't look at it long it was too much for me.

No. 69115

Yeah my comment probably sounded a lot more volatile than I meant after scrolling through a few "well durr durr durr you moron" type things in this thread. How could you expect anything to make sense coming from someone who weighs as much as a young child and won't eat lol sorry.

No. 69119

Ew. Just ew. WHY does she post pictures of cuts and wounds and stuff? And then she goes and uses tags so anyone browsing the tag can find it. Gross.

No. 69124

Because she's extremely sick and needs help perhaps

No. 69126

We know she needs help, but it's not ok to post gross stuff like that for the world to see. Especially since a lot of her followers like Ashley, have names like ana.skiiny.mia and teens following her.

No. 69127

File: 1427390306292.png (1010.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-03-26-13-13-52…)

Very, very sick girl. These are just as disturbing IMO.

No. 69128

True. Sometimes the words trigger warning only pique ones curiosity even more.

No. 69130

So what are you going to do about it? Bully her off the internet or s/t? Report her IG? I mean there really isn't anything else you can do besides ignore it.

No. 69131

I hope that doesn't happen. She's sweet to all of her followers, follows back and is the polar opposite of Ashley. She's making an effort to recover and that says a lot.

No. 69132

No, I am not going to bully her. I guess ignore it on IG.

No. 69135

This thread is about Ashley. Erika is not relevant here, because she was smart enough to cut Ashley out of her life ages ago. I really think that you all should leave her alone.

No. 69138

The disturbing trend with these "recovery" IG accounts (I've discovered there's a TON of them) is that all these girls claim to want to get better but months/years go by of them posting their plates of 1/4 cup of steamed broccoli or whatever and nothing changes. Or they actually eat normally for a week, gain a couple of pounds and then freak the fuck out and restrict calories or puke to get back to their low weight. I really don't think many of them really want to recover. They feel safe with their ED so they pretend to recover to get other people off their backs. There's a few accounts in general that annoy the shit out of me but this thread has a habit of getting off topic so I'll refrain from linking to them.

No. 69139

She reminds me of that girl that cuts huge portions out of her flesh. What's her name again?

No. 69140

It's pretty logical really, no more anorexia means no more attention. It's like those celebrities that do everything to stay relevant

No. 69145

I really wish Ashley would get a new wig.

No. 69146

What is erika ill with? cancer?

No. 69148

Yeah, she could get a cute one from Arda wigs or something. Hers looks like it's rotting D:

No. 69151

Not like she will ask for things she actually needs ha ha

No. 69153

Right? Beanie babies are life tho.

No. 69154

Well those annoying accounts aren't entirely off topic if they're currently BFFs with Ashley and they're enabling each other. Gummybear_princess11 is a good example of attention seeking faux recovery. The fact that she's older and has a young child and acts the way she does pisses me off. Actually trying to recover would be one thing but she posted that she had the opportunity to get treatment but her husband told her they'd have to cut out expenses in their budget to afford it. She decided going out for diet froyo every day was more important than getting treatment. Like she actually said that. Fucked up priorities just like Ashley. Plus she and Ashley send binge food to each other so it makes sense they haven't had a falling out yet.

No. 69163

I really hate Ashley but I can sympathise with Erika and wish her naught but the best.

I hope she's able to recover before it's too late. Ashley can burn.

No. 69164



No. 69169

Perhaps start a general ED thread for these people? Iirc Ashley was first brought up on this board in a ~thinspo queen~ thread we had ages ago, we could have something similar again.

No. 69172

Obviously, but i saw she was seeing an oncologist on one of her instagram captions, whats this about?

No. 69177

No. 69184

There is already one (it's named thinspo queens tho), search it in catalog

No. 69189

Yes, I know.
>~thinspo queen~ thread

But since it's full of months old replies it'd be worth making a new one, especially if someone can put together some links to various people in the OP.

No. 69236

Im all for a separate forum

No. 69239

Erika is sick for not covering her dosturbing and frightening self harm scars around her children. That's traumatic for them to see their mother like this. This whole thing is so much shaping who they are I feel horrible for them.

No. 69247

People baby children far too much. In my experience (yes all weep for me) I grew up with a BPD mother and she is covered in self harm scars and has been for as long as I can remember. I've always known what they are and what they're from and I'm not fucked up or damaged from it lol. All it did was make me think my school-friends were retarded when they went through their "so self harming emo omg my life is tragic look at my cat scratched wrists and pity my oh so horrible life" white kid phases.

In summary; I grew up understanding the effects and extents of mental illness and didn't engage in any pathetic attention-seeking alongside almost every 14 year old back then.

Stop wrapping kids in cotton wool lol mental illness is rampant right now and shielding them from the effects only makes them hide their own issues when/if they arise.

No. 69253

I agree. Children can handle the truth and will generally become better adults because of it. Thanks for sharing.

How do you know she doesn't, though? I don't think I've seen any self harm visible in the photos she posts with her children, but honestly I don't care enough to double check.

I've been following Erika for a while and I've been wondering if her children know what's going on with her regarding her mental illnesses. I hope they do. I hope someone is explaining it to them so they're not just confused and scared.

No. 69260

Amen sister, well put. It will only help them be able to adapt in different social environments instead of being under a rock.

No. 69262

That's good that you turned out well adjusted but not everyone turns out like you. Being a child with a mentally ill parent (or sick in general) is traumatic. It doesn't mean everyone who goes through that will be messed up but there is an increased risk of problems later on, so why risk it?

If I were Erika I would do whatever I could to avoid exposing my children to visible self harm/ED. Just because they're bright doesn't mean their brains are developed enough to process everything. You can't have a rational adult conversation with a five year old about why mommy's destroying herself. There's no way to tell if they'll develop mental health problems of their own later but you can't deny that it's traumatic watching your mother waste away.

No. 69263

I used to be her close friend and pal, I can answer some questions as long as it's nothing I feel is too personal, or that would give me away (if she reads these, I don't want her to come after me)

No. 69266

If you have a parent with mental health issues you're more than likely to have them yourself. Most are hereditary.

Being a child with a mentally ill parent isn't easy, I didn't say it was, but it's not traumatic if you're raised with an understanding. When I was 18 I was diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety, and it wasn't the end of the world for me because I understood what needed to be done (telling family when I was suffering, seeking professional support, as well as having a support system in place) instead of what most people do these days and keep it to myself out of shame and fear of people losing their respect for me.

Kids don't have a firm understanding of much, especially at Erikas kids age, they just accept shit and move on and as they grow older they'll start to figure things out more. You don't need to have a rational adult conversation, you just need to explain it in terms they would get. "Mummy is poorly and sometimes she hurts, but she still loves you" is more than enough explanation for most kids.

If you hide your sickness from your kids they won't understand shit about it if they start suffering too. I have strong opinion about kids and mental health issues, mostly because I grew up the way I did (and that wasn't easy either, don't get me wrong) and it helped me deal with a lot later in life instead of flailing around trying to find my own way. I've got 20+ years of mental health experience instead of the 5 I would have had if my understanding began when I was diagnosed.

Kids need to learn about mental illness. It ends ridiculous stereotypes, stigma, raises understanding, and it might not help them all later in life but it will help enough for it to be valid.

Sorry, but your opinion is wrong.

No. 69267


this sort of makes me feel better anon, I haven't self-harmed in like 5 years but I still have scars on my legs and I know eventually my son will ask and it hurts just thinking about having to explain to him what they are

No. 69269


Erika or Ashley?

No. 69270


Sorry, should have specified! I was friends and penpals with Ashley for a while.

No. 69272

Do you know anything about her mom?

No. 69274


how do you feel about her nowadays? did she try and get you to send her free shit? try to get you to feel bad for her constantly? did she talk shit about other people?

No. 69276

If you know her address, why haven't you contacted adult protective services?

No. 69278

Her mother DOES have an ED and they DO compete, from what she told me. Now, as far as her mother being abusive, I think she is just distant because her own disorder combined with Ashley's has to put stress on her.

I bought her amazing gifts - spent a ton of money. She DID send me things back, and they were nice things, don't get me wrong, but I did feel like I was being used solely for gifts. She eventually stopped sending me things because "stuff in her life was preventing her" from it.

How do I feel about her now? I pity her. I feel as if she has so many ways and choices that could help her out of this, and she rejects them all. She gets mad at nothing, she would act like people hurt her when SHE hurt THEM.

No. 69280


Is this one for me?
If it is, I was not aware such a thing existed for adults. But I do now!

No. 69281

I did, and a bunch of people on 4chan and here did as well. We reported her mother for abusing her, and her for self-neglect. About a day or two after this occurred, she deleted everything off her ghostxperfume Tumblr, deleted her ghost.in.my.pocket Instagram, hid or deleted absolutely everything. What happened is one of two things. Either she panicked that when the police/social workers would arrive at her house, they would find her blog and that she was fabricating stories of abuse, so she deleted them out of fear for being charged. Or, what I consider most likely, they arrived at her house, her mother explained to them all the situation and that her daughter has a long history of lying to everybody about her situation for pity, and that she refuses all help; then they forced Ashley to delete her Tumblr account where all her lies about her abuse and situation were, maybe under threats.

One day after that, she remade her Tumblr as sealed-up-tight or something, and her Instagram soon after. Noticeably, she never commented on her 'abuse' or her mother again after she deleted the first time. A few months? weeks? later deleted her Tumblr once again, then remade it as her current URL and made her Instagram private. That's where we are today.

No. 69284

Jesus if I knew her address I would report her daily.

No. 69285


Oh, okay, thanks!
Honestly, she needs help, because I don't think her mother abuses her. I have never talked to her mother of course so my opinions aren't 100% backed up with fact - but I do not think abuse is going on.

No. 69288

Again, I was not aware that you could call protective services on an adult.

But I am considering it now.

No. 69295

You're misunderstanding what trauma means. I didn't state opinion, I stated a fact. Just because you understand something and can cope doesn't mean it's not traumatic. Most people who experience trauma will NOT develop PTSD or other long term problems (with the exception of a few situations like combat or rape where the majority of people do develop problems as a result). But in most other traumatic situations most people will be resilient and trauma won't affect them too much. It doesn't matter if you understand mental illness, it's still hard having a loved one go through any kind of illness. I never said people shouldn't be educated. Education isn't the same as having the person you rely on fall apart in front of you.

No. 69300

I don't think anyone did report her for self neglect, just the alleged abuse. It might be worth reporting for self neglect because if Ashley was lying about the abuse then they may have just investigated her mother and left it at that. Ash's address is publicly available if you search for "Ashley Anne Isaacs Florida." sortedbybirthdate.com has her apartment info.

No. 69301

Thanks for this. I'm going to look into it.

No. 69305

Good for you. I know people have said Ashley is beyond saving but it's fucked up to just accept that she fell through the cracks and is going to die because everyone gave up on her. It's harder to get social services to do anything about disabled adults vs abused children so the more people report with evidence the better.

No. 69306

Nope. I reported her for self-neglect, as did a few other people. Whether or not they investigated these claims is another matter.

No. 69307

At least you made an attempt. They usually have to build a case before making contact in which multiple reports would help.

No. 69310


Agreed. I'm not a big fan of her, but she needs the help.

No. 69311

What made you stop communicating with her?

No. 69315

These threads, and the tumblr blog that was taken over. Her and I hadn't talked for a while but I assumed she was busy or that she was just really stressed and wanted to be left alone.

I then discovered the tumblr, then these threads. I heard people talk about stuff I noticed on my own about her, and saw some things I didn't know about that made me feel differently about her.

No. 69320

What blows my mind is, me and my sister and our friends used to go on /b/, and I actually REMEMBER hamataro chan. It baffles me that they're the same person!

No. 69330

This is correct. If you talk to adult protective services on the phone they'll tell you whether or not they're accepting the report and if they don't have enough evidence yet they add your call to the person's file so the calls do add up.

No. 69334

To be fair, the only person who gave up on Ashley is herself. She is the only reason she is in this state today, simple as that.

No. 69336


This seems to indicate that they begin investigating within 24 hours, though?

No. 69339


Here's the form you can fill out and fax, I chose to fax it because I could write more things into this versus blabbering about it on the phone.

No. 69340

Anyone have the phone number for the adult services?

No. 69343

(800) 962-2873

No. 69344

more people reporting her? the deletion of shred-my-anxiety is imminent. lel

No. 69348

I may call too.
What should I say? what shouldn't I say?

No. 69349

Operation Report Ashley™ has begun

No. 69350

anyone know her mom's full name?

Just say you are disturbed by this person's erratic behavior and mental/physical state. She is a danger to herself and others according to the content she posts.

No. 69353

File: 1427413129578.jpg (151.54 KB, 777x361, apt.jpg)

So using the search info that anon posted above, I found what is likely her apartment complex. If she really does live in a 1 bedroom, she has one of these two floorplans (from the complex's website). Posting this to maybe get a better handle on her actual living situation with her mom.

No. 69355

Lolcow rules:

[…] This means the following things are permitted:

Personal information of people aged 18 or older, including names, addresses, and phone numbers; also known as "doxing"*

So guys where's the Ashley dox?

No. 69358

Ashley Isaacs
6030 Oakbend St. Apt#9207
Orlando, FL 32801

for phone I just put n/a

No. 69359


I believe her mom's name is Rebecca Isaacs?

No. 69360

Thanks. I just sent the fax and I faxed some images of her and her social media accounts as well so they could confirm she's real.

No. 69361

Is there an email address or just fax and phone?

No. 69362

TO ASHLEY: I know you are probably going to freak out and attack everyone on here for "wronging" you. Honey, the people here are trying to get you help! I know you can't understand that and your mind continues to tell you that you don't need help, but you do. We can't just stand by and let you kill yourself if there's even a shred of hope that we can save your life.

No. 69365

Just fax and phone I believe.

No. 69368

Birthdate: November 21,1990
Lives with mother Rebecca Isaacs
Height: 5'1"
Weight: approx 40 lbs
Claims to have therapist, but if she actually does they need to be investigated for malpractice. With disabled adults they usually won't investigate if they are able to care for themselves of if they are capable of calling 911. Ashley is mentally incompetent based on her self imposed physical deterioration and lack of understanding of the consequences of her actions.

No. 69371

Spot on, on the printable application they leave a spot for her disorders. I put Anorexia, BDD, Bulimia, and Depression, etc..

No. 69376

are you people serious

shes not even worth the taxpayer money

quit this shit, she's a shitty, boring person that tries to fuck up other people's lives

why do you want a selfish cunt like this to keep living, on everyone else's dime? there are better charity cases y'all could be working towards

No. 69377

She won't understand. Her personality disorder make her feel attacked no matter what.

Ashley, the people who just tell you what you want to hear and give you binge food are NOT helping you. They're giving you instant gratification but standing by while you kill yourself is not the right thing to do. People who gave up and are letting you do whatever you want are not helping you. You cannot understand this because you're sick.

No. 69378

lol. She won't be able to last more than a day without tumblr.

No. 69379

I called - they said all available councelors are busy at the moment.

Will call again later.

No. 69382

I'm not saying that she is some charity case and I've bitched about her living off of taxpayer money before. But when she dies and it will be sooner than later, I can at least say to myself that I tried to help this lost cause.

No. 69384

damnnnnn, this shit is getting serious.

I'm glad you guys are doing something that I would have never been able to figure out and do myself.

And who gives a shit that she's a shitty person? that's no reason to not at least try to help her. she doesn't deserve to die just because she's awful.

No. 69386

Right? Seriously Jesus Christ have some humanity.

No. 69387


My thoughts exactly.
She is a shitty person.
But she is still a person who deserves to live.

No. 69388

Not everyone here wants to watch her die, unlike her "friends" who send her food.

No. 69389

uh, why do you even need to justify it to yourself? it's not your responsibility

there ARE other things, more important things, than you can dedicate your attention, caring, time, to, instead of helping someone that's hellbent on destroying herself, and others, for attention

honestly, i read the news, and i couldn't give the slightest fuck about ashley. she's a joke. if i want to impact the world/prevent suffering, i'd choose many, many things/people/causes over her

she's money. there are worthwhile people that get denied help because they can't fit the budget when people like ashley take up their resources

some people really do want/need help/assistance

it's not about not having humanity. she's NOT WORTH IT. i'd advocate helping people that CAN BE HELPED. this is a complete waste. you're only patting yourself on the back for being such a good little slacktivist in the face of someone's unraveling, but there are millions of other people you could direct your attention towards, that wish they had this kind of caring

No. 69390

i don't want to watch her die. she's my least favorite lolcow. i just couldn't care less about her, because she's a shitty person. i'm not saying "kill shitty people", but they want to be shitty? they want to fuck with people, and fuck themselves up at the same time? fine. there are people that actively lift others up, and try their damndest to make their lives better

i'll help those people, if anything

No. 69391

Oh, so that's why you're lurking here? You don't give the slightest fuck about her? You don't know me, and what I donate my personal and/spare time to. Hush now. You're making an ass of yourself.

No. 69392


They're spending what, 5-10 minutes of their time to maybe get someone help? It's not exactly a huge time sink here.

No. 69393

idgaf what happens to mrs skeletal
i just want delicious dramu

No. 69395

Exactly. I don't think I'll wake up tomorrow and be like oh man I wish I had those 8.5 minutes back.

No. 69396

So sick of the hero complex these boards get every few months. The best thing about staminarose was the rule not to get involved.

Ashley goes out in public all the time. She's in contact with multiple doctors. She's been reported before. You aren't saving her and there are at least ten posts in this thread alone that say anons wish she would die. Just leave her be in real life.

No. 69397

reading drama =/= caring

No. 69398

I don't really call once a week to Target all the time. There's also zero proof of her being in contact with any therapists/medical professionals. Not everyone is going to agree on this, and we will all be back to hating on her by the end of the night so just chill the fuck out and quit whining.

No. 69400


Exactly….if you don't like it…don't report her…it's not going to stop us from doing it.

No. 69401

You have to stay on the phone or you get bumped to the back of the line.

No. 69404

it's not that. i'm saying choose your battles, etc. she actively worsens the lives of many, to feel better about herself, and has been doing this for years

doubt you're going to solve her psychological issues in full, so you're p much trying to let her continue spewing the barrage of passive aggressive/rude shit she spews toward people that ARE trying to better themselves

i wouldn't even complain if the OC in question was a decent person under all the dramu, but ashley is pretty shit, man

No. 69405

Yeah. We get it.

No. 69406


I realize that, but I'm not at home right now. I'm not in a position right now where I can stay on the phone for too long. I'm going to call later though, within an hour, because I'll be able to wait for as long as I need to.

No. 69409

I think she spews all that shit at them because she's jealous as hell that she doesn't have the strength to get the help she needs.

No. 69410


No, because you fuck up the lolcow.farm for everyone else when you insist on harassing them. There's such a mob mentality on here and then you idiots jump to action and kill the cow (or board the last 2 times).

No. 69412

Oh I'm sorry you guys was I ruining it for everyone? Was an act of humanity so excruciating for you all to endure for a few posts? Apologies. Let's let her rot.

No. 69415

lol, and that would be… what? she's got NO problem making herself present on the internet, and wants attention for killing herself slowly, so if she really wanted to get better, what's stopping her? it'd remove her from her 'abusive' environment

there's nothing stopping her. she's strong enough. she doesn't care. she's such a shit person. some people are just shit people.

lol, you really think it's so honorable? i'd prefer that 16k to go towards people with debilitating, life threatening illnesses that want to improve their lives

i live in florida, and this is pretty much a red state, so getting people to warm up to safety nets/welfare spending is difficult. our welfare budget is, on average, about 2b less than more progressive states, with fewer people. we have 20 million people here. i do not think she's worth the use of taxpayer money, considering that there are MILLIONS of people here that NEED and WANT help

No. 69416


When you are in that much pain, you don't care who you attack - if they have something you want, whether it's happiness, money, a home - you will say the nastiest, most vile things to make yourself feel better.

No. 69419

Again….if you don't want to report her or try to help her, dont. I and many other people on here will still do not regardless. I am aware other people also need help. I am aware she's an awful person.

But I also know what illness can do to you, how horrible it can make you behave. I am not saying at all that she shouldn't be repremanded for her actions or that her illness can be used as a shield, but I still do not think letting her kill herself is a humane or proper thing to do.

Tldr don't report her if you don't want to but we still will

No. 69420

*I and many other people on here will still do it regardless

No. 69421

Not to mention she spends her life in a perpetual state of starvation. Shit, my husband and I start sniping at each other if dinner is a little late.

No. 69422

You act as though helping Ashley will single-handedly bankrupt Florida's wellfare system. Write a letter to your senator. Donate to progressive candidates. I don't know what to tell you. Complaining here will do nothing.

No. 69426

Looks like you should also take your crusade to tumblr because sealed-up-tight is also advocating that she be reported to adult protective services.

No. 69427

i do all of this already. we have a very high population of conservative voters here (cubans/oldfucks), so unfortunately, making any progress is a very difficult task when a good chunk of the people here seriously believe that welfare spending = the beginnings of the red terror. obviously she won't, but america doesn't negotiate treatment prices/medications the way other countries do, so ALL treatment is severely inflated, for no good reason. her treatment will cost a pretty penny, and she doesn't even want help. what she does want, is attention, for fucking herself up.

i get that people can get nasty when they have illnesses, whatever, but there's really a big difference between being crabby towards your boyfriend, and promoting that people reach out to you, developing relationships with a number of people for months, with the intention of messing with them, and then purposefully trying to be sly and break them down.

that's pretty messed up.

it's tumblr. it's to be expected.

No. 69428

No need to take anything anywhere, I can read the posts here without them being dumped in my ask.

No. 69429

Welcome to America and being a product of our government. Florida isn't the only state battling this, boo fucking hoo. Move.

No. 69431


haha! We won't flood you.

No. 69433

florida is one of the worst, though. it sincerely is. AGAIN, my point is there are people more deserving of help. seriously. if you understand all of these facts, how can you want to take away from people that genuinely need help, for some fuckwit that doesn't gaf about anyone else?

the problem isn't even me living in florida??? that's not what i'm talking about.

No. 69434

She's milking the system either way, dude. Maybe if she was forced into recovery she would not be such an epic failure/piece of shit and would contribute to society one day. A long shot, but possible.

No. 69435

O God the drama that will come from this will be delicious. Please continue anons

No. 69436

I think 10 minutes of my time is worth potentially saving someone's life.

No. 69437

yes, but her getting 200 dollars worth of SSI on top of 30k treatment, and continued SSI is some shit.

and no, i doubt it, man. you know that shit ain't gonna happen. even before she developed her ED, the attention seeking roots were planted. i guarantee you'd she'd still do the depression-dance to prevent her from doing ANYTHING meaningful or beneficial.

No. 69438

Touche' you're probably correct on that. Man she sucks so fucking bad.

No. 69445


No. 69447


Ashley, we want to HELP YOU. Don't you see that?

No. 69448


go away and we will lol

No. 69449

No. 69450

No. 69451

Nah mate

No. 69452


i think it's past the point of ever leaving you alonee, sorry.

No. 69456

I don't think it's her. She didn't call us all imbeciles.

No. 69458

You wanted attention, now you got it

No. 69459

Well, if it makes you feel better, the reasons you mentioned (budget concerns and a welfare system that is already stretched thin) are probably why it is u likely that anything will come of this. Especially since she's been reported in the past and nothing changed. Best case scenario: she gets help. Worst case scenario: she limits her online presence, which eill hopefully keep her from hurting more people and begging for binge food

No. 69463

It's past the point of simply leaving her alone.

We all know she is weeks away from her death. As much as she wishes, she cannot make her mistakes go away. She can run all she want, delete her blogs all she wants…but we and many other people know the truth.

There are two possible outcomes to all of this. She could finally get help, get better, and live her life. In that outcome, all the problems she complains about will be gone. She will be in good health, she will be able to go places and have fun and catch up on all the years she wasted away alone in her apartment.

But, the other outcome, which seems more likely at this point, is that she will die. She will rot away, her mother will both feel released of this anguish and forever in guilt that her only daughter died after being offered a way out. She will die and all that she will be remembered for is all of this, all this posted here, on her other blogs, everything. She will die at 24 years old, with nothing behind her.

Anorexia is the most fatal of all mental illnesses. You only have two options - to die, or to survive and overcome it.

That is why, Ashley, we are doing all this. You seem to think we are trying to make a joke out of you or lock you up to waste away - we're trying to prevent that. Yes, not everyone on these threads likes you or wants that, but most of us do.

No. 69467

No can do dear, an intervention is needed whether you want it or not.

No. 69468

You should screencap all important info before she deletes it. She's most likely going to freak out especially because she's an adult now.

No. 69470

what would be considered 'important info'??? Cuz I have plenty of free time right now to screencap some shit.

No. 69471

If she has rants about abuse or the binge food she sends to people in recovery.

Some of it has been captured in the threads but just to make sure.

No. 69472

File: 1427421990474.png (603.79 KB, 612x612, jhh.png)

This girl I posted here is the AMAZING Maira Isabel. She's a tumblr user that some of you may know or remember.

The pic on the right is her in 2011-2012. Still not even as far gone as Ashley - but still, very very sick. And on the right, is a fairly recent picture (she still looks like this, this image here is just one she compiled herself, so it was easier for me to post).

If anything, her condition was worse, for the fact that she WANTED help, but she was so low that she could not muster the courage nor the support to get treatment. She really WAS abused, she posted many pictures of bruises her father had given her. Her blogs were DELETED by tumblr for 'glorifying eating disorders'.

So to anyone saying Ashley can't do it, YES, SHE CAN. If this girl, Maira, can do it, ASHLEY CAN TOO.


No. 69474


Anything posted about her mother's 'abuse', anything regarding her 'therapy', anything about her condition really

No. 69476

Aww good for her. What a beautiful girl! Looks so much better already.

No. 69481

File: 1427422550151.png (327.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-03-26-22-12-00…)

Oh man she really is delusional if she thinks she can do anything about it.

No. 69483

>cyber bullying

No. 69484

I love how she thinks these are threats. Bitch, please you brought this on yourself. Who are you going to run to? The internet police? What we MADE you more sick?! Impossible. You nauseate me.

No. 69485

only to ashley is people trying to get you help considered bullying lmao

No. 69487

WTF is a safety coven?

No. 69488


If she's so strong, why hasn't she done anything to help herself? Why hasn't she picked herself up by her bootstraps and said "I don't like this, this has to change!" Cyberbullying isn't people posting hotline numbers for centers that help and rescue people in her condition; cyberbullying is telling people to kill themselves, and whatnot. None of which we have done, for the most part. Bravery isn't whining on tumblr, bravery is facing your fears head on and making a real change.

No. 69489

This is sort of a self-propelling problem at this point. She needs serious mental help and is way too delusional to understand what's actually going on.

She is completely and utterly fucked in the head, which is why I can't even find any humor out of her insane beliefs and monologues. The state needs to institutionalize her.

No. 69490

sooo fucking sad how she sees all THIS being cyber bullying.

"omg, internet police? yes, i'm being bullied. what are they doing? oh, they are threatening me to get help, because if I don't, I will surely die because i am killing myself."

get the fuck over yourself. we only want you to see that you can actually have a life, and to get better, and to ya know, not die at the age of 24.

No. 69491

Exactly, that's what's so horrific about all of this. In her mind, people trying to help her = people trying to hurt her and exploit her. It isn't the slightest bit funny, it's scary and almost unreal.

No. 69492

her tumblr echo chamber duh where morons buy her food to puke up and other inane bullshit to feed into her eternal victim-child mindset

No. 69493

A safety coven is a group of people that base their lives around health regulations and making sure that every pair of scissors is covered by a little blunted rubber cap

No. 69494

Victim complex. It's her defense mechanism she has no other response. She's secretly shitting her pants.

No. 69495

[ ˌsībərˈboolēiNG ]

the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature"

There are no threats. There are no intimidation. Just a bunch of people fed up with her woe is me act and trying to get her to see how fucked up she is. We are trying to help her. She sees it as imminent death - which by the way, WILL happen if she doesn't decide to change.

No. 69499

I completely agree. She's a shuddercow, not a lolcow. She can't look after herself at this point.

Everyone in this thread is pointing out how dumb her bullshit posts and accusations are. Well no fucking shit, she's fucking nuts. Try and understand why she's saying this insane shit rather than laughing at her for saying it.

It's not unlike sitting around laughing at a schizophrenic guy ranting about Obama sending angels to kidnap him or something.

No. 69500

Oh wow, I just logged on and caught up on all the drama. "Cyberbullying"? She is really, really sick.

I'm not sure how I feel about all of this, but I would be really happy to see her actually get help this time.
I think it is just really, really unlikely. She is past the point of ever being able to willingly get better, I think. A healthy state of mind is far gone after the abuse her body has taken. I think she needs to be forced into treatment before she can think clearly and realize she does want to get better, but I don't think that's ever going to happen (being forced into treatment.)

But yeah, I imagine she's probably freaking the fuck out right now.

No. 69501


She LITERALLY believes we are after her. It is EXACTLY like a schizophrenic person who had those kinds of delusions. In her mind, in her state, she TRULY believes we are ganging up on her.


Yes, I agree. I think she deserves and needs treatment, but it is up to her to accept that. It seems like she won't.

No. 69503

And that's the problem with delusions, you can never convince a truly delusional person they're wrong in their beliefs no matter what you say or how hard you try. It's impossible.

No. 69504

Which is why she needs treatment! She cannot feasibly live the rest of her life, however long it will be, thinking this way.

No. 69505

I cannot believe she still thinks we are "cyberbullying" her after reading some of y'alls messages.

No. 69507

Nah, she knows better. This is just her call to send the white knights in.

No. 69508

Her little message has no notes on tumblr so far. Where is her ana-army?

No. 69510

Yup, ushering in her enablers for back-up.

No. 69511

She's going to outlive Erika imo.

No. 69512

Did you guys see the post about her on Reddit? Oh man, some of the comments are so fucking brutal.

No. 69514

Yeah. It's scary because you know she's mentally ill but then you see just how severe her delusions are. She has completely lost touch with reality and genuinely believes that protecting her from herself is "bullying," while leaving her alone to happily kill herself feels like safety to her. There's no reasoning with her, her mind is gone. When you call DCF you need to stress that she is paranoid and delusional about people trying to rescue her. I've never seen anyone that far gone mentally and I've been around people with dementia.

No. 69515

Yall think she can even get off sexually

No. 69516

First note from theforestcat. Lol!

No. 69518

I'd rather not go there. That's the least of her worries.

No. 69519

Just saying it would be enough for me to kill myself. Be done. If I couldn't plus was in her state. She's over 21. I'd purchase a fucking gun and be done.

No. 69521

Probably not, but neither can I.

No. 69524

Why would you kill yourself when you live in a delusional world where everyone pities you, coddles you, compliments you, provides for you, etc. all while you have to do nothing but be on social media and watch cartoons all day and eat a bunch of junk food without getting fat!?!?

No. 69527


That's what's so ridiculous about this all. She has so many people sending her expensive items with their hard earned money. She doesn't need to work because her followers do it for her.

No. 69528

IF she could lift a gun anon… I mean someon else could do it for her if she wishes.

Which may never happen. Not wishing death on her btw)

No. 69532

You're saying that if you were in her position you would kill yourself?

I don't think she really wants to die. I think she just wants to keep existing as she is. She seems content this way ( or so it appears as she isn't seeking recovery.)

No. 69534


I'm honestly shocked they aren't here defending her honor yet. Although it's a school night for most of them. Way past bedtime.

No. 69535

I don't think recovery is even possible for her at this point.

No. 69539

We could stir the pot a bit. They probably all just lost the URL.

No. 69542

The damage does seem pretty extensive and irreparable.

You think she realizes that and has just resigned to her fate?

No. 69543

Haha. Naughty. I like it.

No. 69545

Dude she wants to go to Japan. I think she thinks one day she'll get better.

No. 69546

Has anyone ever like sent her mom anything on facebook? Telling her about what her daughter is saying and doing online

No. 69547

or maybe she thinks she can handle going to japan as she is

No. 69548

Lol, I forgot about that. That's pretty tragic.

No. 69553

I'm just saying that at her state (im the sexual anon) she has literally nothing to live for. Nothing. I'm not suggesting she off herself im just saying if I was in the same state… Literally my own self love would be all that helped me live.

No. 69554

i agree, i mean, clearly there is SOMETHING she is living for. but for what?

No. 69555

I disagree. I don't think she's capable of knowing better.

No. 69556

Yeah, I understand what you mean.

But like someone else mentioned, she has all the free binge food and free stuff that people send her to live for. Guess that's enough for her. Whooo knows

No. 69563

Yup. Free shit to enable her space wasting. She has it soooooo rough you guys.

No. 69565

Neither do I, and unfortunately the ignorant (and probably also sick) girls who continue to back her up are only validating her sick thought processes. It's sad.

But yeah, posting that on her tumblr was definitely a call to arms for her white knights. Needs that validation and protection.

No. 69570

More delusions. She wants to travel but doesn't ever plan to recover. She doesn't have the mental capacity to see that she can't continue living the way she is. It's like that person who was on death row and when he was having his last meal he said he'd save his dessert "for later," not understanding what it means to be executed. Ashley isn't retarded but she's sick enough to be considered mentally incompetent.

No. 69580

You just gotta wonder where she finds pleasure in her life away from the web. If at all (sexual anon lmao)

No. 69584

Target & Whole Foods. Bout it.

No. 69586

So anyone got any updates about the reports made to her? Did anyone get a reply from the adult services place?

No. 69593

I imagine it will take a few days. They're probably bombarded with cases.

No. 69609

its so cute when people pretend to care

No. 69621


No. 69628

What do you have against reporting her?

No. 69629

Idc but u ppl are so fake

No. 69633

Then stfu. Would it satisfy you to say it will bring more lulz? Nobody gives a shit what you think. It's not a malicious act, nor is anyone claiming sainthood over reporting her.

No. 69634

I didnt say she was funny or that reporting her was mean. I just said u is fake and transparent.

No. 69635

Okay, ash, (or possibly one of her white knights): typing like some kinda of n00b isn't going to mask your presence here. You have a choice to ignore this thread, and yet you continually revisit, and for what? Are you gonna call the cyber police? DID YOU BACKTRACE IT?!?! Folks here are trying to do you/her a service. They clearly care, and you're just buttmad because you're too sick to see that What's happening here is not bullying or harrassment, it's genuine concern for your/her well being.

No. 69637

actually, i did call the fuckin cyber police!

No. 69638

K, k, then I'm fake. I never reported her and even if I did, I don't have to like her or give a fuck about what she thinks of it. It's two people's lives on the line: her poor mother and herself. Not to mention she needs to stop spreading her toxic shit all over social media to vulnerable kids. There are more people to think about that just Ashley you narcissist.

No. 69639

who cares. im not about to argue with yall over this dumb lil biotch. baiiii

No. 69646

Okay bye!

No. 69648

File: 1427436922502.jpg (62.39 KB, 599x599, image.jpg)

No. 69651

I would report if I was in the US, I think she might not get better but at least she needs to get off the internet. She scams people into buying her stuff, pretending she is in recovery and claiming her mother doesn't buy her food. And so the money is wasted on her shitty binge foods.

No. 69652

omfg i am dying

thank you

No. 69654

"…but it stops here. I will not take your harassment and bullying any longer. I will show that you are harming me. And I will show that I am brave."

Oh, I wonder if she's going to do something drastic to stop the "cyberbullying." I hope it gets her the attention she needs.

The only one harming you is yourself, Ashley.

No. 69660

I've seen them claim

1) People need food to survive. Ashley's evil mom doesn't buy enough food, so Ash NEEDS her followers to give her food/money, lest she starve to death against her will.

2) It's okay to send Ashley binge food because she deserves enjoyment! She shouldn't be disallowed sweets just because she's sick! Stop being a meany head!

3) This food is super fattening. Maybe she'll digest a tiny bit of it before puking it back up! We're helping her get better! Okay, yeah, puking is terrible for her health, but, um….

4) Okay, yeah, puking is really bad for you, but, like, binging her happy, okay? It's totes fine to do things that are only positive in the short term and extremely negative in the long term because seeing Ashley be sad is just, like, soooo hard. And this ISN'T enabling, because reasons.

No. 69663

(Lat to this. Missed the dramu. That cut isn't really deep. She said she used a scalpel and cuticle scissors. Looks like she started the cut then snipped surrounding skin away. That's why it looks grazed. The wound isn't as nasty as it looks. It's where the skin can't close together because she's cut the skin away).

No. 69665

"I'm gonna show that you're harming me"
That's some emotionally manipulative shit right there. I mean the whole post reeks of manipulation and guilt tripping but that part in particular?
That's the worst part of it all.

I don't even live in the States so I couldn't report her, but shit's not cyberbullying and she knows it.

That's the thing I hate about tumblr and probably why she gets so coddled over there. Having a mental illness suddenly means you are excused from being self-aware of your own wrongdoings. It doesn't matter if it's her safety coven, people keep enabling her and if they were truly their friends they'd put her bullshit aside and get her help.

No. 69667

Omfg you're not brave. You're a coward. You don't have to live with "so many mental illnesses." You're a coward for using crap ass coping mechanisms for over 10 yrs. when are you gonna realize it doesn't work? Because you botch all day about how you're not happy.

No. 69668

She's telling people to not self-harm and suggesting other coping methods. The picture is disgusting. This doesn't seem like attention seeking, it seems like an honest attempt to help other self-harmers.

No. 69669

I self harmed and I wish I'd seen that in my worst phase.

No. 69670

Posting massive wounds she inflicted isn't help. If anything, a huge wound like that is something a SHer would aspire to creating. Giving details of how she did it isn't helpful. I self harm (and do the scissor trick) and I think it's disgusting she posted the image. If this was Ashley, all the ones saying how inspirational Erika is being would freak out. She shouldn't be doing it.

No. 69671

adding - those are the worst wounds for healing. You're left with a BIG welt forever, as opposed to a finer line scaar. These things are white and raised.

No. 69674

>Her mother DOES have an ED and they DO compete, from what she told me.

> from what she told me

Oh my sweet summer child.

No. 69675

People on tumblr are always posting sob stories about how they're going to get kicked out of their house for coming out/how they can't make ends meet for this month's rent/how they've been fired and can't make it 'til the end of the month/how they ran out of money for their meds, etc., so they try to get gullible people to donate to their cause. Some of them have donate buttons on their pages, so people keep giving them their money.

It's basically a huge self-pity party where they can't get their shit together because they have *~issues~* and therefore their followers should get them out of trouble and help them with their responsibilities.

Added to this is the fact that tumblr actually encourages this kind of behavior and they're on a perpetual "treat yourself" state that no one seems to question because omfg we have issues okay? WE the millennials have it SOOO hard okay? Since being a depressed shut-in is the only thing that resonates within these people, they just accept it when others ask for "help", and if you dare question it then you're an oppressor and fucking ableist you shitstain.

Her followers probably think that she's making super small steps into recovery and she shouldn't be pressured into not half assing it for once in her life, and most likely her circle of enablers also must suffer from an ED and that's why they agree to send her binge foods.

Again, it just seems to me that these people couldn't give a shit if she dies, until she is truly gone they'll baw because she was such an angel who totally didn't deserve to die ;_;

No. 69678

It reminds me of addicts recounting their most horrifying stories in an effort to keep other people from using. The most self-destructive might take it as inspiration, but people that still have some hope may heed the warning.

It's the same with that picture. It's disgusting. People that are far down the SH rabbit hole might look at that and see something worth aspiring to, but it's not like they wouldn't self-harm if they hadn't seen that picture. But I can guarantee that there are self-harmers that have a romanticized view of SH that are going to see that and be at least slightly put off.

Anyway I hate that people think someone they follow shouldn't do anything that might trigger them. It's one thing if they're seeking you out and saying/doing triggering things, but if you're choosing to follow someone that does things that trigger you, you're the one at fault for keeping them in your life.

No. 69706

Her latest tumbr post though!

You aren't battling shit dude. You're swimming in a sea of your own self pity it's disgusting. Kind of impossible to look away from a human train wreck. Don't act like you don't love all the attention, sicko.

No. 69708

of course she loves it. If she didn't, then she wouldn't have bothered to even post that. she knows that we're gonna go batshit over what she said in it. it's just fucking sad.

No. 69727

Why does she think her tumblr's at risk? Who said anything about getting her account closed?

Why in her latest post is she saying she's being bullied over her appearance?

>Don’t like my appearance? Then don’t look. YOU are the ones that need therapy if you simply cannot handle someone that looks differently, and is battling a series of illnesses on a daily basis.

It's got nothing to do with her appearance. People are wanting to get her help to prolong her life.

No. 69737

Wow she totally missed the point. She thinks she's being attacked because people don't like however she looks? Uh, no. This is why people are reporting you, you're clearly delusional and incapable of understanding reality if you think what you're doing to yourself gives you a "safety coven" and people who are reporting you for being a danger to yourself are bullying you.

No. 69742

Ash, love, we're just trying to help you battle those illnesses. Nobody said you weren't sick. It's obvious you are. But you gotta lose this victim complex you have because we're not trying to hurt you at all.

No. 69756

My sides!!!!

"Don't like the way I look?" No bitch, I don't like seeing someone who could be helped dying and poisoning the minds of others.

No. 69762

she probably thinks we are sll jelly of her "thinness'

No. 69769


dude, I 110% think she REVELS in being the bonespo queen. if she had a full length mirror I guarantee she would post even more pics of herself.

No. 69774

Late here, but when I SH'd I deliberately looked for extreme SH pics, it stopped me from going too extreme and eventually helped me stop. I didn't want those scars and and I didn't want to be cutting huge gauges in my skin.

No. 69793

Oh absolutely she would. That's one of the reasons she likes to go out during the week. Gotta find that mirror and bodycheck her bones.

No. 69840

File: 1427475197900.jpg (121.37 KB, 540x698, IMG_20150327_114912.JPG)

For anyone who didn't see this or who doesn't go on tumblr. Here's a cap of that latest post.

No. 69850


No thanks. I'll keep my teeth, hair and use of legs over an unnaturally low BMI if you don't mind.

So sick of dickheads posting STAY STRONG on every ED/cutting account. "Hey, I just binged and I'm gonna barf it all up". "Nice. Stay strong". "Here's a cut I did just now, gonna do a deeper one tonight". "Okay. Stay strong". So annoying.

No. 69852

She either has very few followers, or nobody's liking her posts. She gets 6 likes tops.

No. 69856

Agreed. Saying "stay strong" is okay when the person is in recovery or trying to make better choices, but if someone is doing damage to themselves, they don't need to hear "stay strong! keep fighting!" they need to hear the kind of stuff we have been trying to tell her…

No. 69857

I was on the same boat. I have those lumpy, white scars all over my arms, and I wish I had seen someone like Erika posting what she did in a context that is trying to show the HARM of the disorder, instead of trying to show it off. Of course, I understand why people think she didn't need to post it, even though I disagree

No. 69858

No. 69859

we need therapy because we can see the truth? we see what she is doing to herself, and doing to other people? who is she kidding?

No. 69861

If she wanted to, she could report this thread and others on 8chan, reddit, wherever else she's posted to the cyberbully chief. Fact is, if she did it'd draw attention to her condition and people would take notice of the state she's in. Questions of negligence from doctors, etc. She know it.

It's not bullying, Ash. It's called tough love. You don't like it because we don't include free gifts.

No. 69865

File: 1427477232535.jpg (32.79 KB, 493x335, f8cdc380c6bbee30483e839a7b5995…)

>It's not bullying, Ash. It's called tough love. You don't like it because we don't include free gifts.

No. 69867

It's not even tough love. It's seeing a human being who is a danger to herself and alerting the appropriate authorities. http://www.myflfamilies.com/service-programs/abuse-hotline/frequently-asked-questions states everyone should contact DCF if they see a vulnerable person being abused or neglected (including self neglect). No, it's not like this is going to make Ashley all better but at least people took appropriate measures to prevent further harm.

And of course you're not going to be happy about it Ashley, since you don't want to lose your current situation where you have a free place to live and scam people for binge food, but this is not bullying and if you can't see that then you really are delusional.

No. 69881

I feel like her likes have decreased since sealed-up-tight keeps following all her followers.

No. 69885

I noticed that boots person being a dick. Haven't they heard of block user function? I suspect the kind anon questions are Ash's posts to herself. Why would they hide their identity from her otherwise?

No. 69892

One of the latest sealed-up Qs about it not being any of your business. Would they ignore tens of milk bottles piling up outside an old lady's door, or the cries of a child when you can hear a parent beating the crap out of it?

No. 69895

File: 1427481883782.jpg (35.3 KB, 540x275, IMG_20150327_134003.JPG)

It's no longer just her business when she publicly posts in online, and constantly draws attention to herself and her situation…

No. 69896

Wonderful, another person to follow

No. 69898

File: 1427482118363.jpg (110.19 KB, 540x750, IMG_20150327_134437.JPG)

No. 69901

Lolcow vibrant-oxymoron just "liked" that comment. Hi, sweetie!

No. 69903

What? Is she bagging up her puke and sending them to her fan base now?

No. 69906

skorobunny posts a fair amount of gory stuff on her tumblr. figures that she's fascinated by Ash.

No. 69910

No. 69911

Exactly. It's like those hoarder TV shows where the people get really upset that the city/police/whoever are threatening to condemn their house because they feel like it's their own business. Except it's not just your business when your house is not only killing you but is considered a biohazard. At some point it becomes other people's business.

Ashley is too mentally ill to care for herself and she's also scamming people and trying to trigger vulnerable followers. Deceiving people into buying her binge food and being an asshole might not be illegal but her disregard for her own safety is something people can do something about.

No. 69912

> my followers better be nice to me!
fucking what. she can't say anything without being manipulative in some way.

No. 69921

File: 1427483554991.png (842.44 KB, 1024x1016, 696969.png)

So did she buy this, or did a follower gift it to her? If she bought this, why can't she afford food and other necessities?

No. 69923

Ashley, I really want to see you get better. I want to see you go and visit Japan. You have so much that you can do in life and you're ruining yourself. Please get help.

No. 69924

File: 1427483809214.jpg (22.43 KB, 526x294, heyguise.jpg)

> is sailor moon any good
holy shit come on, where do these people come from? its one of the most famous animes ever, i think even more so than DBZ, and they ask if its any good?

No. 69925

She hasn't thanked anyone in that post, so that'd mean a)she bought it herself or 2)she's being her usual self not thanking people for gifts.

I wonder if she likes anything that isn't aimed at kids. I'm not being judgemental here because I can still shed a tear at ET (shhh), but none of her interest involves anything of a more adult mentality.

No. 69927

they don't give a flying one about Sailor Moon. they just want to buttkiss her.

No. 69928

Agreed - I myself adore sailor moon, but I do have other interests that are for adults/not kids.

I think she bought it herself mainly because as you said, there's not any credit. She usually at least says "from a follower", even if she doesn't credit the person directly.

No. 69929

I think she lost a lot of followers because they're afraid of being harassed by lolcow.

No. 69931


No. 69932

Have we even harassed any of them?

No. 69933

That and/or they've seen the other side of her, a lot of people inboxed me asking for the lolcow links, and said they didn't realise what she was like until they found S-U-T/lolcow.

No. 69935

I am one of them - I asked through S-U-T because I didn't see that there was a new lolcow thread. I was a follower of her, and then S-U-T followed me, I checked them out, became intrigued, and found out the truth. I can only hope her other minions will follow through.

No. 69937

No, but I can see why they might still be concerned. it's a smart move on their halves

No. 69938

What happened to that function on amazon where you could see what'd be bought on someone's wishlist? I stopped being able to do that around a month ago.

We don't harass them. We just question their sanit…here.

No. 69939


No. 69940

A lot of people were asking me about reporting the S-U-T blog, and, can it even be taken down? Like is it even against tumblr rules? I think they may have posted something about that but I can't remember.

No. 69942

Nope. It can't be taken down. She's not violating anything.

No. 69943

The blog has broken no rules, no details have been posted and no direct contact has been made with Ash, I read the guidelines very closely.

No. 69944

Good. For all this time, Ashley has had no reason to change because she has everything she wants. Free housing, constant supply of enablers (whether they know it or think they're actually helping) buying her binge food, plenty of attention. She doesn't have to work, gets free stuff and her followers just praise her for doing nothing. Maybe finally having people stop making it easy for her to continue like this will force her to actually face the seriousness of her situation.

And no, you are not "battling mental illnesses" every day. You are giving in and not trying. What you are doing is like a drug addict battling withdrawal by getting high every day. Because at least they won't feel sick right? You just want instant gratification and struggling to get binge food is your idea of "battling."

No. 69946

I love the blog - don't get me wrong! I was just curious. I love the owner too, even though I have no idea who they are. I was simply wondering because Ashley is probably trying to get it taken down. I assume.

No. 69949

It would be nice to see how much all her gifts are worth. Just the food gift cards alone are hundreds of dollars, possibly over a thousand. There's been gift cards for Panera, a couple pizza places, Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks, and all the candy and expensive nut butters. She's received multiple Whole Foods gift cards and lately whenever one gets purchased she adds a new one to her wishlist. I wish we could see the receipts to show the people who think she's keeping down the massive amounts of food she buys with their money.

No. 69951

Thank you kind anon.

No. 69952

If she was fighting the illnesses, then yeah she'd be "battling" with them. It's an insult to everyone who really does work on trying to sort out their problems every single day. In reality she's sitting on her arse letting whoever's going to listen to her pity her because she looks frail and using them to get things.

It's really out of order asking for things over, say $10, when she sends out cheapo stickers and jelly beans in return (if she sends things in return).

No. 69954

gross question, i know, but does she throw up in the public toilets when she's out eating? that must be awful (for the next customer wanting to pee).

No. 69955

She does send things in return, they're nice things too, BUT I have heard on the S-U-T blog that she just regifts items from other people. I received many nice items from her, personalized notes, etc. I've just heard that the items she sends are the rejects of what she either didn't like or want.

No. 69956

She doesn't eat out. She just uses the only toilet in her mother's apartment. I wonder how often the apartment maintenance people go inside. Usually apartment complexes have the power to enter any units whenever they need to.

I can't imagine the living conditions are good in there. If she's hoarding and clogging the pipes that would be a safety issue for the apartment, wouldn't it? If adult protective services doesn't do anything couldn't her landlord check out the state of the apartment?

No. 69958

She sends nice candies and snack foods, but the dark side of that is it's just stuff she can't eat herself, and she sends them to recovering bulimics.

No. 69959

One of my past housemates was bulimic and she used the downstairs toilet to throw up in. It used to reek of ammonia and bile all around the area. Really gross.

No. 69960

Can anyone on here confirm the thing about her hair being fake/a wig?I believe it, I'm just curious

No. 69966

the stuff she can't eat because of her "sensitive teeth".

No. 69970

If you look up Whole Foods near her address you can see the location she's spending hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards on binge food. I bet the cashiers there could be witnesses if adult protective services needed evidence of her harming herself. They probably wouldn't go to that much trouble but still.

No. 69972

Is the re-gifting that big of a deal, tho? She's a shut-in and she has no credit card (she used to use Gia's) so she can't order stuff online. I'd rather the food she gets go to people who will eat it rather than purge it. The re-gifting is probably the least-offensive thing she's done.

No. 69974

She sends junk food today people who are recovering from purging themselves though. She's either oblivious or deliberately trying to trigger them.

No. 69975

No. 69977

She claimed to buy it, and it is offensive when you spend a ton of money on someone who can't even buy anything back. It hurts to give someone a gift in good will, and then they just give it to someone else cuz they don't want it. And she can buy things on her own - she is constantly posting pictures of her at target, whole foods, ect. I don't know who on here saw old posts on her previous instagrams or even followed her, but she would post videos of her at places like Krispy Kreme, talking about what she bought. Yes, her mom could have taken her, but it's also likely she wasn't, as she goes places alone now, in a worse state.

Also, if she can receive mail from followers, she can receive online mail. I've seen it said on here that she has her own card that her mom puts money on.

No. 69978

By online mail I mean things she's ordered online. Sorry to confuse.

No. 69979

You sound a bit greedy tbh. Who cares if she paid for it herself or just regifted it? She took the time to send you something.

No. 69980

I guess it's hard for me to muster pity for people who spend a lot of money to send food to a person who openly talks about bingo and purging. That's just stupid.

No. 69981

No it's not that bad compared to everything else she does, but that's not saying much. Generally regifting and taking credit for the gift is either rude or just a social faux pas. It's not the worst thing you could do. But it's just one more thing to add to all of Ashley's shitty behavior.

No. 69982

"bingo and purging" - bulimic grandmas.

No. 69983

Its a wig. She's not healthy enough to have a full head of hair. Its been the same shape and color for a long time now.

No. 69984

No. 69985

She recently posted about wanting to dye her hair or buy a new wig on Twitter. Is she pretending her current hair is her real hair or what?

No. 69986

At the time we were sending each other things, she wasn't nearly as bad as she is now. I didn't really know it was bad to do - in hindsight, I feel like a dumbass, because I would like to go back in time and not even contact her. It was very stupid of me, that is why I am on here today.

Sorry to come across as greedy. It just hurts to know that something you worked hard to obtain specifically for one person was just disregarded and given to someone else like it was nothing. But again, I was stupid for ever trying to be nice to begin with.

Yeah, I think the quality of the hair looks bad enough to be hers, but it is way too full to be real.

No. 69988

Erika is almost as bad as Ashley and still has a full head of hair. I honestly can't tell if Ash's hair is real or just a bad wig.

No. 69990


I don't think you came across as greedy. Especially compared to how greedy Ash herself comes across…

No. 69991

Erika's hair is real, but she does have a longer wig that she wears, but admits it's a wig and she just wears it because she likes how it looks.

As bad as you guys may think Erica is, one thing she has that Ashley lacks is honesty. She admits when she needs help, admits when she's fucked up, etc. Not saying she's a pure angel 100% of the time, but yeah.

I think Ashley's hair is a wig. It looks like a wig version of the hair she wore in her hamtaro chan days. Kind of sad when you think about it. I wonder what her real hair looks like.

No. 69993

I meant bad like weight wise, not personality. I think most people here are supportive of Erika.

No. 69996

Some anon claimed they met with her IRL before, and that it's a wig that stinks really badly

No. 69998

That's what I assumed, no worries. I have just seen some not so nice posts about Erika on here, which I don't get.

Oh. My. God. Get out lol. Does anyone have any caps of that? I'd love to see this

No. 69999

ahahahah, that's so gross. I'd at least buy those wigs in bulk, if I was trying to pass em off as my real hair. Hell no i wouldn't wear the same wig for years, day after day.

No. 70000

She has posted some selfies without hats and it looked like hair, just really unhealthy hair. Either way her hair really isn't a big deal compared to the other lies she tells though.

No. 70001

She doesn't even wash them???? Wtf

Yeah, but still, it's a little odd.

No. 70002

At least it's more believable if the wig is in horrible condition. A healthy nice wig would be obvious. Why does it look so bad? I have no idea about wigs.

No. 70003

On one of her old tumblrs she said she uses product and straighteners on her hair. Wigs are similar to regular hair, overuse of heat and product makes it get fucked up. Of course, you can use special shampoo or treatment to help your hair, real or wig, but she doesn't seem too.

Also, damaged hair that's real can grow out, and come in fresh and new. Now, as for wigs….

No. 70005

*to not too!

No. 70006

File: 1427489082874.png (23.83 KB, 460x293, wig.png)

From S-U-T

No. 70007

Synthetic wigs need to be washed every 5-6 wears and conditioned. They also need to be replaced often. You can't wear the same one regularly for years because the fibers break down, shed, etc.

So in short, her wig is bad because she's letting it rot on her head for too long and also not washing them.

No. 70008

If you look at older pictures of her, the "wig" seems to have gotten longer. I think it is her hair, it just grows really slowly.

No. 70010

I guess that's not surprising given how she takes care of her body. Wonder what her real hair looks like.

No. 70011

File: 1427489313241.jpeg (6.7 KB, 300x225, th.jpeg)

Could it be the same wig from here….?

No. 70012

Maybe her head got smaller.

No. 70013

File: 1427489414699.png (243 KB, 333x330, gollum.png)

No. 70017

its likely a real hair wig but its old and she doesnt take care of it, thats why it looks dry and brittle and fucked up enough for people to think its her actual hair

its just an old shitty wig, there is no way she'd have hair that thick in the stage of almost death shes at

No. 70018

I think it's her real hair here, the wig she is wearing now looks thicker, even though it's worn out

No. 70019

she lost a lot of fat in her head, so the wig will look longer because its sitting lower on her head because there is no fat under the skin to cushion it

No. 70020

File: 1427489987755.png (25.69 KB, 525x341, jkbkhjk.PNG)

No. 70021

File: 1427490030264.jpg (14.63 KB, 572x64, wiggy-o.JPG)

>a new wig

No. 70022

Ashley posted another "stay strong" ask on Tumblr. Does she actually think that reporting her for being a danger to herself is the same thing as bullying her for looking different? It's hard to imagine someone being that deluded.

No. 70024

Self ask.

No. 70025

what life is there to focus on?

No. 70027

In her deluded world "staying strong" doesn't mean trying to recover but "I'll keep throwing up food and I'll still live and be thinner than all of you fat bitches"

No. 70028


No. 70029

File: 1427490353293.png (152.21 KB, 281x425, jkl888.PNG)

>i'm only here for the free food

No. 70030

She doesn't get much attention on twitter. No free food there, babe.

No. 70032

If it's a human hair wig, you can style, use products and shampoo and condition it like regular hair. Her wig though, looks like synthetic fiber. I've worn mostly synthetic wigs so it's pretty easy for me to tell.

No. 70034

And just to add, the wig I have now is synthetic and the ends look exactly like the ends of hers because mine needs to get trashed.

No. 70037

Someone repost that pic of that hairless cat with Ashley's eyebrows so I can imagine her without a wig on.

No. 70038

File: 1427491616714.png (200.41 KB, 592x327, 1421542827784.png)

No. 70039

Lmfao I love you

No. 70041

File: 1427492624028.png (6.47 KB, 380x110, ew.PNG)


No. 70043

who did she send that to? wtf

No. 70045


No. 70048

So any news on reporting her to the authorities?

No. 70064

Per 19 on this page it seems like reporters can't follow-up in most cases. http://www.myflfamilies.com/service-programs/abuse-hotline/frequently-asked-questions

No. 70066

that blows but i guess we will know for sure if she stops posting for a while

No. 70068

she can't get rid of her mental illness or hide it really.. the best thing is to be honest. life is shitty sometimes all you have to say is 'mommy is sad and she loves you very much'. trying to hide mental illness, financial and marital problems is bull fucking shit. teach them a lesson - everyone's a god damn human

No. 70081

wow you all went full retard again didn't you.. remember when everyone decided to CALL THE POLICE on PT, how did that work out?
obviously ashley needs help but harassing the hell out of her is classic stampinarose/lolcow 'but i'm helping' bullshit

No. 70083

so what? no sense in not trying fgt

No. 70087

But it's not actually harassment, which is what makes Ash look even crazier. Reporting her for giving graphic descriptions of how she is recklessly hurting herself is technically the responsible thing to do so you can't fault people for calling adult protective services because they're not in the wrong. Watching her freak out about so-called bullying is just a lulzy side effect.

No. 70093

We're not responsible for "saving" the lolcows.

No. 70094

we can try though

No. 70097

We already hashed this out yesterday. Bye.

No. 70145

White knight retards posting in the auto-sagged thread 😂 nobody reply so their feelings get hurt

No. 70147

Stop shit posting. No 1 currrr. She's the one going full retard just because strangers are thinking more about her well being and the well being of others than she does.

No. 70148

Ahh, bless them. They tried!

No. 70211

no other lolcow is constantly on the verge of death tho

No. 70269

File: 1427531565444.jpg (115.6 KB, 1200x1600, 45t356yrtyrthgwrtg.jpg)

No. 70276

File: 1427534560518.jpg (333.2 KB, 1200x890, jason-and-the-argonauts.jpg)

No. 70277

File: 1427534607248.jpg (48.3 KB, 256x435, MrBone_frontcover.jpg)

No. 70279

File: 1427534851266.jpg (130.05 KB, 256x341, Grim_Fandango_artwork.jpg)

No. 70281

No. 70282

File: 1427535106240.gif (988.53 KB, 350x197, jawn.gif)

No. 70294

File: 1427539765718.png (87.6 KB, 249x324, ss (2015-03-28 at 10.45.38).pn…)

hail satan

No. 70295

Ash, you're not supposed to wear a watch in the shower, silly!

No. 70308

lmao tards

No. 70311

666 and all of these skeletons….this thread sure is getting spooky 😱

No. 70318

never as spooky as ms. skeletor

No. 70319

Srsly sp00py

No. 70321

go back to tumblr omfg

No. 70382

>>70269 is this really necessary? Aren't we trying to help Ashley, instead of mocking her with pictures?

No. 70385

who gives a shit, this is an anonymous imageboard

No. 70398

File: 1427561111737.gif (281.37 KB, 300x100, spoopybanner.gif)

No. 70400


No. 70403

should I send it to admin-kun?

No. 70407


No. 70409



No. 70412


No. 70428

File: 1427564322762.jpg (221.77 KB, 562x538, 31-scaryface.nocrop.w529.h316.…)

No. 70436

Fucking nightmare fuel anon

No. 70445

This is still lolcow fag

No. 70446


No. 70457

Sick burn.

No. 70458


No. 70495

but Denver Acute is not supposed to be the last stop, for Ashley or anyone else. Residential or even inpatient programs won't take someone with a single digit BMI or other medical problems, like a prolonged QT, etc. so Denver gets them medically stable, then they go to a residential program from there. the girl in the case study went from ACUTE to the eating recovery center for months after.
but back to ashley.. as a therapist myself, the only way id ever believe Ash is seeing a therapist on an outpatient basis is if she is officially on palliative care. otherwise they'd lose their license.

No. 70502

technically you can apply online and all you really have to prove is that you have less than $8,900 on the books total and that you don't net more than about $700 a month. i don't know that i believe she doesn't have medicaid. and if you have medicaid, you automatically qualify for SNAP, and i believe one of them Obama phones too. though, idk if ash has the wherewithal to figure those forms out, they're not simple.
getting disability is another story.. she would have to have an exam by a real doctor. i was a case manager for the mentally ill when i was an MSW intern and I've called the mobile crisis on much saner, and more physically stable, than ashley.

i said it before. as an LMSW, i just can't believe she sees an therapist on an outpatient basis. 1.itd be pointless and 2.they'd lose their license.. unless, she's on palliative care. id really like to know.

No. 70512

then why are you on this site?

No. 70525

I don't think she wants to die. Not really. People who actually wish for death don't have future dreams like visiting Japan. And she still has interests (shows, movies, her collections, etc) that make her happy. People who are suicidal have lost the ability to have interest in or find happiness in their usual hobbies.

All of that leads me to believe that her other mental illnesses prevent her from actually believing that her current physical state will kill her, and soon. I bet she actually believes that she can just continue on like this because hey, being skinny is supposed to be a good thing, yeah?

No. 70540

Ashley I know you can't see it, but people are genuinely trying to help you.

No. 70551

Spot on. The delusions are definitely hindering her ability to see things as they really are.

No. 70576

it's got to be so hard to have a single clear thought when the body is that deprived of nutrients, muscle, liquids, fat, all of the above.

No. 70579

Her recent tumblr post saying the foods on her wishlist are ones she likes to "challenge" herself with. She is so unbelievably full of it.

No. 70580

she could actually challenge herself by asking for help, if she had a coherent thought it'd be that she needs more help than she can give herself

No. 70581

File: 1427587448604.jpg (44.82 KB, 469x334, lol.JPG)

I just made a screenshot of that and saw your post. I was all OMFG as well. Challenge herself how?

No. 70583

She'll eat anything, right? Why is the crap she begs for a challenge? ^_^

No. 70584


>spreading lies

lol okay ash, whatever you say.

No. 70585


Agreed. That would be an actual challenge. The only reason she said that was so this person would help her out with her list. She's such a slimy scammer. Fuck, a saltine cracker is fucking triggering for someone in her condition.

No. 70589

I just want to send her a whole box of diet/light foods and sugar free shit. Wah wah.

No. 70595

File: 1427587960819.jpeg (81.67 KB, 500x500, s346301672588089353_p433_i3_w5…)

This would be a good start.

No. 70599


Lol. Nice!

No. 70616

You got it exactly right. She is so mentally ill and her physical condition has only decreased her cognitive functioning. She's talked about how her doctors told her she could die any moment, which should be a wake-up call but instead she gets offended and disagrees. The sicker she gets the more out of touch with reality she gets.

This is what really needs to be stressed to adult protective services. They've probably never seen a case like Ashley and would have a harder time determining whether she's mentally competent or not. She's not actively suicidal and she's coherent enough to pass a mental status exam (the ones that ask what country you're in, the month and year, etc) so it would take a more comprehensive assessment to determine that she's unfit to care for herself. A DCF investigator probably has no experience with someone like Ashley, and most anorexics are mentally capable of refusing or accepting treatment. But Ashley is a severe case and is putting herself in imminent danger with no regard for her own life.

No. 70622

What the fuck. Ashley you KNOW you're lying. As delusional as you are you know you're deliberately getting people to buy binge food. Mind showing us the receipts from Whole Foods? You can't tweet about your food addiction and love for macaroni and cheese and then try to claim you're not purging. You're full of shit. You're not even trying to recover and you've said multiple times you have no interest in recovery. How could you spend HUNDREDS of dollars at Whole Foods, Panera, Domino's, Uno's pizza, Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks and wherever else? If you kept that much food down you'd gain weight. You are lying through your teeth. Show all the receipts or be honest.

No. 70627

Hell, plenty of your followers are sick and would still buy you binge food even if you were upfront about it. At least stop scamming the people who genuinely believe they're helping you recover. We know where you shop for food and there are probably many witnesses who would remember seeing you with piles of binge food. If you want people to fund your addiction you can find sick pro ana fans or fetishists who would be happy to enable you. Leave people in recovery alone and stop using them.

No. 70639


She used "Challenge" for a reason. That way when people send her food, she can binge on them and purge. Then when people ask, she can state that she failed her challenge and her disorder is harder than she thought.

She gets the food she wants and people will continue to feel bad for her.

No. 70643

How can anyone with a brain cell believe she's "challenging" herself to keep food down? It's an insult to people GENUINELY in recovery to do this. Why can't they see what she's doing? What's wrong with them?

No. 70645

In one comment she mentioned buying macaroni cheese at Whole Foods, so she's not even trying to buy food that she wouldn't purge.

No. 70646


I don't know. They want to help her, but they don't want to get her into recovery. Since they can't or don't know how, they rationalize that sending her food she wants might help her gain weight. She plays them, but they refuse to see it. Maybe by choice.

No. 70663

I saw these at Rite Aid today. They're only $1.50.

No. 70669

No. 70687

Honestly at this point ANY food is bad for her/triggering to her, because if she throws it up, she's going to damage her health. Also, she can't say 'I'm challenging myself, these foods don't trigger me!' and then say on another post 'food itself is triggering/a fear for me'.

I wish she didn't think that it's fooling anyone (even though, it is sadly, her 'followers'). One of my closest friends is a recovering bulimic, and she said when you're that down, any food is a trigger because even foods that were once deemed safe become the enemy. I can't possibly believe that there are foods that don't trigger her/that she doesn't throw up.

Otherwise, she'd look a lot better than she does now.

No. 70690

If she needs money for food so badly $1.50 is too much to spend on toys. Also, these toys are usually 4 to 5 bucks elsewhere, like CVS, wallgreens, etc. There are people out there who really DO struggle with money for food, and I can bet you 99% of them would spend that $1.50 on food because every penny counts when you're poor.

Of course, when you have free food and gift cards up the wazoo, worrying about food money isn't first and foremost on your mind.

No. 70744

It's such a blatant lie but I think people who haven't seen how manipulative she is just pity and fear for her so they naively think that sending her food might really help. But really, think about it. How much money have people spent on food for Ashley, both gift cards and food sent in the mail?

She's had a steady stream of Whole Foods gift cards getting bought for her because she keeps adding them to her wishlist as people buy them. Just those alone are hundreds of dollars, plus the gift cards for pizza delivery and Panera and other restaurants. She is an addict who is posting sob stories about not having food and having an abusive mother to scam people. She IS bingeing and purging with the gifts from people and lying about it. Hundreds of dollars on overpriced mac and cheese down the toilet. She's scum.

Ashley I know you know this is all true. Just admit that you've been lying to fuel your addiction and wronged people, it would show some real effort to be a better person.

No. 70781

She doesn't really get that many gift cards, and the only free food she gets is candy and peanut butter.

No. 70782

As somebody who IS in that situation, that $1.50 would have gone to the dollar store for a box of cereal, or to Trader Joe's for a block of tofu to make soup with, or beans to add to rice. Anything that I could stretch out. I only have $150 for the month to spend on myself, my mother who I take care of and two dogs. It's very difficult. Sorry for the blog post, but seeing how Ashley claims she's struggling for food, yet spends her money on shit and purge food for friends it makes my blood boil.

No. 70787

Can't imagine how difficult it is to bring up things like pasta and bread lmfao the idea of her hocking that shit up is gross.

No. 70800

It's hardly challenging food for her if she eats it repeatedly.

You should send me some recipies! I hate how the middle class television cooks over here bring out those eating on a budget type books. It's okay if you have a cupboard stocked with all the fancy herbs and ingredients they add to the low price food they use, but they're no use. Off topic, but like the idea of your soup.

Bread and pizza. That stuff's hard to swallow let alone regurgitate. Does all this purging leave internal scarring?

No. 70809

My boyfriend's parents take care of two mentally handicapped guys, and one of them somehow learned how to regurgitate (i know, fuckin gross) to like, re eat their food or some shit, and now that dude's esophagus is fucked to hell and he doesn't really have control of those swallowing muscles anymore. So, I could only imagine how it is for her to eat, when she has probably purged more than he has.

No. 70814

It's weird that in all the time I knew bulimics I never asked them questions, and only had the info they gave. The one who blocks up the plumbing told me she was at the point where she'd randomly retch involuntarily even when she hadn't eaten anything. She'd lost control of whatever stops you vomiting.

No. 70815

Same girl I mentioned in that post. Once we out and I asked if she wanted a small coffee. She said no because it'd hurt her stomach. How can she/others binge on such large quantities of food without it being agonising as soon as they've eaten a few mouthfuls?

No. 70820

weird question but if you're a bulimic and you're throwing up regularly, if you suck a dick and it triggers your gag reflex will you throw up all over the dudes weiner or what?

No. 70823

these are the questions you never see on myproana.

No. 70828

i'm a recovered bulimic and for me personally i feel like i actually lost my gagreflex overtime. i can deep throat pretty well tbh. maybe i was just a bad bulimic, idk.

and just for sake of being on track, for some reason i feel really off-put whenever ashley talks about hentai and shit. i also feel really bad for her.

No. 70829

I read an interview with a sword swallower, and she said similar to what you said. She trained herself to be able to not get the gag reflex somehow. Good to see you're recovered.

On track comment, I felt a bit ick when I read that she masturbates over hentai. Over cartoons.

I notice her facebook friends don't live in Florida and I'd guess the reason she doesn't have local friends is because she's hard work. I'm pretty sure she could tame her behaviour so that people don't go running when they make friends with her.

The people she's been bff with seem like nice people. Of course, E is damaged, but despite not agreeing with some of the stuff she posts, she has a kind heart. Her real life social skills must be really bad.

No. 70830

(…also idk if you ever saw that clip that was doing the rounds a few years ago of the Chinese bulimic who was purging then eating her puke? She was trying so hard to puke she was almost sticking her entire arm down her throat. Your reflex must become numbed or something).

No. 70858

File: 1427622034958.jpg (135.89 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

My personal lmfao provider.

No. 70860


No. 70861

Notice how she's posting pictures of @therock and saying how hot he is? Odd how that coincides with us revealing her colour prejudice on lolcow.

No. 70862

File: 1427624668529.jpg (20.58 KB, 612x166, soldier.JPG)

More lol

No. 70864

Shut the fuck up Ashley. Each gift card is at least 25 dollars. There have been several Whole Foods gift cards, over a hundred, two hundred at least. That's hard to keep track of because you're sneaky about adding them but you've had multiple people buy them so far. Panera + Starbucks + Domino's + Uno's + Cheesecake Factory = 125. Plus Amazon gift cards that could be used for food or buying grocery store cards. Plus 16 dollar nut butters. Plus imported candy. That's just a sample of the gifts you've received. Show us your receipts for those trips to "challenge" yourself. I guarantee all that mac and cheese and pizza don't stay down or else you wouldn't be getting even more skeletal. And where'd you get the money to spend 70 dollars at the Japanese restaurant, where you SAID you binged and purged? You did not work for it so you didn't earn it. Your mother? A follower?

No. 70865

*a hundred to two hundred dollars' worth of Whole Foods

No. 70869


Anyone have the link to it?

No. 70870

Yeah she kind of shot herself in the foot when she made that post bragging about how she spent $70 on Japanese food that ended up being puked up. So now everyone is supposed to believe tha you are challenging yourself with fear food when you explicitly stated that you aren't trying to recover? So what are you challenging yourself with? How much more junk food you can regurgitate in one go?

No. 70883

She just add another Sephora gift card to her wishlist. Someone already gave her one a while back. What is she even going to do at Sephora? Makeup doesn't cover up an ugly personality.

Even the non food gifts are things she doesn't have to spend her own (or mother's) money on binge food. Buying her toys and makeup means she can use the money she saves on food instead. I knew a severe bulimic who was just like a drug addict, constantly broke from using every bit of spare money for binge food and begging family to get help with money and "groceries" that just got purged.

No. 70910

She visits a lot of public places for someone with "crippling social anxiety"

No. 70911

WARNING! THIS IS SERIOUSLY DISGUSTING. Don't watch if you're squeamish or don't want to feel sick all day.

No. 70912

> Found a cheaper giftcard than the $50!

No. 70913

She only leaves the house like once or twice a week to buy binge food. Social anxiety wouldn't stop an addict from getting her next fix. But taking selfies in grocery stores and Target while wearing those bright children's clothes with cartoon characters (when you're a woman in your mid twenties), I don't even have social anxiety and I'd find that embarrassing.

No. 70943

Can confirm. ex-heroin addict with crippling social anxiety. I gave 0 fucks when it was time to buy. Social butterfly activation = call from dealer

No. 70964


No. 70965

Idk who that is, another lolcow?

No. 70969

Junky-business from tumblr

No. 70974

Jfc her knees.

No. 70980

I just had a horrible thought… What if she never left the camwhore scene? She could be earning her binging money through exclusive fetish sites… Just a thought I had after all her super grotty masturbation/hentai posts.

No. 71054

Her wish list is 9 fucking pages. Unreal.

No. 71081

Some of her friends actually do seem nice, but deeply damaged.

No. 71082

Mine is like 29 pages, that's not too unusual.

No. 71100

Why did she tag the photo of The Rock as #inspiration? For what? Pretty sure that guy hits the gym hard and has a healthy diet of adequate calories with lots of lean protein and healthy fats. Could this mean Ashley wants to be healthy one day? Am I reaching for the stars here?

No. 71141

Fucking hell! My mind just got blown. I remember hamtaro-chan, and I remember something about her getting sick and having a heart problem, and she disappeared. I had absolutely no idea this was her. Fuck.

No. 71143

When she disappeared it was because she attempted suicide if I recall correctly.

No. 71260

it's so sad that her entire life will be a massive waste when she dies. like no one will look back and think of her as an inspiration or for fighting hard. she is literally just living every day as a corpse and refusing to help herself.

No. 71309


Wow. I have non purging bulimia and this is really motivating me to change.

This is a sickening video and one of the most disturbing things I've seen.

No. 71313

That's a big mouth.

No. 71318

I'm too afraid to watch it. Can you kind anons briefly explain what happens in the video?

No. 71334

Korean woman shoves her hands in her massive mouth and vomits creamy-colored liquid into a bowl several times, and then I turned it off.

No. 71361

is that the same as 'binge eating disorder which is a real disorder' which hulu has talked to me about constantly for the past 2 weeks?

No. 71364

>I felt a bit ick when I read that she masturbates over hentai. Over cartoons.

Why does that make you feel sick? Some people prefer 2D porn to 3D. I know me personally I think 3D porn is disgusting and could never get off to it.

No. 71366


An Asian woman is shoving her hand down her mouth to spew yellow vomit into a pot in front of her. After doing this and violently vomiting several times, she then begins to drag her hands through the vomit and pick out the chunks to eat. This bores her, so she begins to drink it

It is oddly intriguing

No. 71367


I have binge eating episodes, but I offset them through over exercising and fasting. It isn't as severe as purging bulimia where people do it several times a day, but it is pretty bad.

I really need to get control.

No. 71368

Non purging bulimia means you "purge" through over exercise and things like that… And yes, BED is a real ED too.

No. 71374

Is it a fetish thing or due to having an ED?

No. 71376


No. She is so out of control and desperate to purge more of the calories her body needs, that she will resort to drinking her own vomit to induce more puking.

No. 71452

Really good to hear the video had that effect. I can imagine that purging through vomiting is like a downward spiral, so don't start.

I hope you're getting some help with this. You know what you're doing isn't healthy and there should be support for you.

I'll be honest, when I was on a diet (a healthy diet) there were times when I thought, oh god I wish I could pig out and then just bring it up. Logic kicked in, and the fact I HATE vomiting.

Also, brutally honest, these pics of Ashley and thinsp skeletons helped me get my head in check. To me it's not worth all the health issues associated with fasting, purging whatever to lose weight.

(I understand it from the control perspective, but choosing lesser calorie intake is control enough - and saying no to junk food is a big buzz).

Sorry for being OT, but have a life as opposed to one like Ashley.

I'll stop being mother now.

No. 71453

that woman looks really fucked. all her head is distorted. this should be used in awareness discussions.

No. 71454


Thank you. Yes, that video was almost traumatic for me. It has put so many thoughts of changing myself in my head that I have not had any sleep tonight.

Thanks for the response

No. 71460

As someone who's spent the last 5 years recovering from bulimia, there are things I want to tell you that I wish I'd heard before I started browsing pro Mia forums and dipping my toes into unhealthy dieting.

Firstly, bulimia in most cases will not make you thin. You will be constantly bloated, your face and belly retain water and will constantly look swollen.
Secondly you will have stomach cramps and if you're unlucky, stomach ulcers. I've been in otherworldly pain. Even now my eating is near normal, I still get excruciating pain when I eat certain foods.

Your teeth will start melting away, getting yellow and then transparent on the edges. The lack of nutrients made two of my teeth fall out, out of nowhere.

Your hair, nails and skin will be so bad. You'll get premature wrinkles, thread veins around your mouth.

If you want to lose weight the sensible way, use the ' my fitness pal' app, drink 2l of water a day, start exercising and cut out soda. Bulimia is not the short cut, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Please please take care of your self

No. 71554

File: 1427727347326.jpg (319.96 KB, 384x575, spoopyskeleton.jpg)

Struggling but fighting? ok Ash.

No. 71565

Yeah, I don't see why hentai is gross, I like it sometimes. But not when it's crazy tentacle/rape/hardcore shit.

I do however find the mental image of her masturbating very disgusting. Those skeletal hands touching her…eeech. Don't want to think about what someone in her state's vag would look like.

No. 71568

I don't think anything thinks bulimia is the cool new diet. Most who actually have it are really sick and cant stop themselves. Sheesh. Yeah, everyone should know that eating right and exercising is the only real way to lose weight and keep it off, but this is why Anorexia and bulimia are considered mental disorders.

No. 71571

don't think anyone ^

No. 71589

I know we're not here to bully her appearance but holy fuck, that arm looks like it belongs to something from 486BC

No. 71620

I'm on ssi for bipolar/PTSD/ borderline personality disorder and also battling bulimia. I get less then 500 a month to
Survive. It pisses me off ashley gets so
Many gifts becuz she looks sick. I am sick and struggling but I actually go see my psyche doctor and see a therapist I'm actually fighting and I don't get shit for it becuz on the outside I seem fine. Plus I
Guess I don't cry enough about how fucking bad my life sucks on social media all day. I hope she's great ful for all this stuff she gets there are people so much worse
Off then her. She lucky she has a mom
Who deals with her mental illness. My mom gave up dealing with my illnesses long long ago. Yet she still thinks she's the saddest most abused girl in the world. I'd love to go to whole foods and target all the time and et gifts but I can berely survive right now. To
Me she is a spoiled brat. If I seem bitter I am. She makes me sick.

No. 71641


No. 71702

MyFitnessPal is notttt a good idea

No. 71727

Bulimia-chan, no one wants your 'fitness' advise, as you have no idea what you're talking about. thanks.

No. 71731


>Guess I don't cry enough about how fucking bad my life sucks on social media all day.

Nah, you only do that on anonymous image boards.

No. 71732

Why not?

No. 71744

Yea I'm a big fat cry baby today so forgive me for venting here

No. 71799

All you fucktards are so hateful u even turn on each other. This board is about ashley and how she sucks stop being so cunty about every fucking thing someone says

No. 71808

Welcome to the internet.

No. 71812

Damn, that's a bit harsh. Sad anon just whined in one post, which is nothing compared to Ashley's constant begging for attention and binge food money. I have a good life and she still pisses me off for scamming naive people and trying to sabotage other people's recovery.

And whining aside that anon has a point. Ashley is privileged enough to have a free roof over her head, an iPhone and Internet access to beg online. There are so many mentally ill people who are homeless and left to die on the street while Ashley has the nerve to badmouth her mother while taking advantage of her.

No. 71826

this. i've had bulimia for 7 years, but only 6 months of being dramatically underweight before getting hospitalized and weight restored.
as of now, i've been bp free for 1 month due to a big ass dental scare… my front tooth broke in half. i went to get it fixed and found out more great news - i have major enamel erosion and probably 10+ major cavities (i didnt ask for deets - i was too busy bawling)
so yea EDs are so fun. good times. not.

No. 71832

Because this is a board for shits and giggles, not your personal confessional. We just want to have some lulz, not hear every bitch compare themselves to this dramu queen. It makes you sound worse if anything.

No. 71864

I'm a different anon, but here's my unsolicited opinion:
Apps like MFP can make certain people very obsessive, which is counterproductive to recovery. Of course it's helpful for many people, but if you tend to obsess over things, be careful.

No. 71875

Why do people keep making these personal OT posts? take this to your blog. Lolcow is not your blog. Stop.

No. 71882

Because we're sick of bitches like >>71620 and >>71460 and >>71826 making off topic posts and whining about their struggles with bulimia which doesnt contribute to the thread about Ashley.

No. 72102

Nah. It just goes to show that Ashley isn't special. Girls like her are a dime a dozen. She's not the only person in the universe "struggling" like she thinks she is. Her sense of entitlement is so irritating to me.

No. 72122

I'd like to know what Ashley's idea of fighting mental illnesses is, since she claims to be fighting them. Is she taking any steps to improve her situation, or does "fighting" just mean waking up, doing the same thing, and not dying?

No. 72199

File: 1427772973804.png (37.31 KB, 673x265, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.3…)

My sides are in the stratosphere.
Yeah Ashley, sure you're 'fighting.' That's why you beg for binge food on the internet and lay around all day rotting in your mother's living room.

No. 72206

SHE ISN'T BATTLING ANYTHING. she has said time and time again that she refuses to get better, she has chosen not to recover. what the fuck is she battling? her decisions on what to binge and purge on next? what dumb stupid kawaii picture she's gonna upload to her blog next? fuck when is she gonna die, she is literally such a waste on society and everything that she says is such a massive contradiction to her actions.

No. 72210

Fuck all you bitches you laugh at others pain because you're all equally dead inside none of this is really funny. Ashley acts out because she is sick. You are all taking this too far

No. 72211

Baww more.

No. 72214

Baww spew more hate to make yourself feel better. How dare you wish death upon anyone for something so trivial like her guilt tripping people buying her things. Like yea that's bad on her but to wish she was dea for that? That's sick and pathetic.

No. 72216

if she was a less shitty person i'd feel bad for making fun of her but her personality is disgusting

No. 72219

Wow maybe I too can absolve myself of responsibility for my actions! I've got 3 mental illnesses, how much acting out does that entitle me too!?

No. 72233

Nobody is saying she isn't doing shitty stuff. She is. But she isn't stealing money. She's just like begging. Wishing someone to die is never ever okay unless they are like a child molester or something.

No. 72242

I agree that wishing death on her is wrong. Her being sick is no excuse for her shitty actions, though.

No. 72250

Of fuck off, she's already dead. Wishing someone death isn't gonna do shit. What are you, 5?

No. 72285

Someone's PMSing around here.

I like that people are posting about their experiences here because if one thing Ashley's done in her life. it's someone making her a lolcow and making them realise they need help for an ED.

Stop being a bitch at anons. This thread goes round in circles anyway and it'd probaly be dead if nobody went OT occasionally.

No. 72288

OFFICAL lolcow*

No. 72310

Ohhh PMSing as an insult, 3edgy5me.
Shit can go off topic but you bitches make it a sob fest/pity party/competition/try to fun validation. It's pathetic. And OP wasn't talking about how ashley gave them a wake up call. They were comparing their situation to hers and whining about their "unfortunate life." The irony alludes everyone here.

No. 72327

Don't like it, gtfo?

No. 72354

File: 1427787190677.jpg (54.76 KB, 500x500, image.jpg)

No. 72359

Sick burn

No. 72361

Stop being an edgy motherfucker.

No. 72362

Stop being an edgy motherfucker.

No. 72385

Anon in question is trying too hard.

No. 72387

When the only way to
Seem badass is to rip on a "already dead girl" anon status, you're a lame duck son.

No. 72388

well they do have a point

at this stage, even if ashley recovered, she has a lot of organ damage and heart problems already

No. 72391

I wasn't making it a "whose life is worse" competition with Ashley. Honestly despite the gifts and shit she gets my life IMO is much better. I'm not about die and I
Don't have a lolcow thread so I think I'm doing a >little< better then her. There are more ways to bash someone then just saying her hair is a wig she should just fucking die. I included a little bio about my situation to put Ashley's behavior in perspective. I don't need sympathy I don't feel sorry for myself.. Are you projecting your feels onto my post?

No. 72396

These fat bulimics comparing themselves to Ashley is so ridiculous, at least Ashley is good at having an eating disorder. It's almost like you are jealous of her.

No. 72397

In her physical condition, it's possible her "therapist" is actually an end of life coach

No. 72398

Anyone jealous of Ashley truly is as sick as she is, so your point is kind of useless

No. 72399

No. 72401

File: 1427801352665.jpg (7.98 KB, 225x225, 5155212 _a6e8648b07d743b98c4b3…)

No. 72402

File: 1427801773932.jpg (36.04 KB, 379x475, Trollingfordummies.jpg)

No. 72405

Actually bulimics are usually of normal weight. This thread is shit now. Post a picture of yourself if you look so good. I bet you look as hideous as you sound. Run along now piglet. Pretend to be smart and skinny/pretty and oh so much better then any one else. I guess everyone has a coping skills yours happens to be being a piglet troll. Bet you have two hams for thighs. And a big pot roast belly covered in stretch marks. Maybe some colonel
Sanders original recipe chicken for tits. Meaty mcpigmeat.

No. 72406


In agreement. The troll is weak as fuck.

Also, here is a what to look forward to with this thread:

- more screenshots of Ashley being a victim
- Ashley scamming more people for food and plastic crap
- Ashley going to Target
- Ashley posting sickly pink baby things on tumlr.
- Ashley talking about #fighting and #struggling
- Same old snotty bitch ragging on anyone who doesn't post about people not talking about Ashley being a scammer/skeleton.

Keeping these threads going is only giving her ammo for more pity and the attention she craves.

No. 72435

I haven't been on in a few days but wanted to give you guys an update that Protective Services finally got back to me (I sent the fax in with photos) and she said they are starting investigation this week. She did say that she would let me know when they would make contact but right now it's just an investigation.

No. 72442

Holy shit. That is amazing news. Thanks for the update dude

No. 72443

Great job anon, I really hope this leads to Ashley getting the help that she needs. I know it's going to be scary for her to read that, but hopefully it's the start of a new life for her.

No. 72453

Oh wow, that's awesome. I hope something comes of it.

No. 72458

File: 1427818540621.jpg (33.15 KB, 624x253, kash.jpg)

No. 72469

I do too. The woman said its not the first time she's seen pictures of Ashley and that they have floated around the office before. She seemed just as disgusted as I was. She said they are doing their best to build a case and like we all suspected the more reports filed the bigger the case.

No. 72470

Man, I hope they drag her away.

No. 72482

No, no one can force you to get better, especially when you're dealing with EDs. The situation is special for you though, because you are in danger of dying, and soon. If someone doesn't do something to at least bring the danger level down a little bit, you will be dead before you decide to get better on your own.

No. 72500

She was diagnosed over 10 years ago. I think it's clear she's not going to do shit about it unless someone puts their foot down.

No. 72513

Brand new commenter here, through I've been reading this and previous threads for a while. I've followed her for a long time, honestly to make sure she is still alive and just because I'm curious.

I didn't want to comment on here because I don't like how there's multiple (or maybe just the same person, idk how to tell the difference on here) people commenting how they want her to die. That's just messe up, no matter how manipulative or shitty or whatever a person is. Idk, I feel like that's just wrong to say..

I'm commenting on here because I also want to fax a report in on her. Everyone deserves a second chance and to live a good life. I noticed some of the things myself and saw that other people see it too, but no matter what, I believe she deserves to have a good life too and to be helped. I know she doesn't see it as help, which is why she should realize that she should get some sort of help. But we really don't know what EXACTLY is going on, and instead of sitting around posting gifs and photos making fun of her, we should just encourage her to seek help and try to recover.

Anyways, getting to the point, how do I report her to adult protective services? I want to help her in any way I possibly can, and it seems like this would be the only way to show that people DO actually care for we well being. I looked it up, but it's only giving me info for my state, so I'm a little lost. I saved photos of her and took a screen shop of her address, and feel like I have enough info to give, and now just need to figure out how to send it in?

No. 72519

Google Child Protective Services Florida. They have a link to an application you print, fill out and fax back. I listed all information I could think of and faxed photos as well. Much quicker and more thorough than calling.

No. 72529

THIS. The idea that you have to want to get better doesn't apply here. That applies to addicts/ED sufferers who have insight and the ability to make decisions for themselves. Most anorexics have at least some ambivalence, they may not be ready to recover but they're aware on some level they need to. Most anorexics would be terrified and want to change long before getting to Ashley's level.

Ashley lacks insight, she's like a schizophrenic who isn't aware their hallucinations/paranoia aren't reality. She's demonstrated she's unable to make a sound decision. This isn't about forcing her to want to recover, it's protecting a mentally incompetent person from immediate danger.

No. 72531

No. 72533

No. 72536

And stop being a hypocrite. You've been going to recovery accounts giving hackneyed advice and trying to look supportive. Some of these girls are teens. If my anorexic daughter had a manipulative monster like Ashley trying to give her recovery "advice" I would file a restraining order. How do you think it makes someone feel when they're struggling with gaining weight and trying to cope, while you're happily skeletal and giving advice you won't even take yourself? Why don't you worry about yourself?

No. 72539

I needed help. I got it. If I hadn't, I would've hoped someone else would've recognised I needed help and acted on it.

Wanting to you see in a better situation (health/home/mind) is the opposite of being selfish.

No. 72541

Thank you.

I really do hope that she can get the help she deserves. I know it's difficult for her to see that people are trying to help because her mind must be in some sort of unhealthy haze from a combination of mental illnesses and no proper nutrition. I think once she starts recovering, her mind will be in a much better state and she will then start to realize that everyone is just trying to help her get better.

No. 72543

This. It's not harasssing you. It's trying to help you because you and those in your immediate area will not help you, and you are unable to help yourself. You are in danger of death as it stands. This is saving a life (YOUR life), not harassing you Ashley. We want you to live. And maybe it is selfish that I just want to be able to sleep at night knowing you aren't in danger anymore and I did something… tried to take you out of that situation.

tl;dr - whiteknightfaggotry gtfo do u even know waht website ur on phagg0t

No. 72545

If you have tumblr then message sealed-up-tight off of anon and I'll give you the details.

No. 72572

Screen capping everything to show this website is obsessed with this girl.

No. 72573

Just give whoever the link :)

No. 72574

Because we're so prone to deleting posts, right…?

No. 72575

No. 72583

I have a tumblr but I think I can do it from here now that I have the link, ty. I was on a completely different website trying to figure out how to send in a report. It was for old people who are being abused….. lol

And sorry, I don't know how to tag the people who replied to my comment, but thanks again. I'll be sending the fax today or tomorrow.

No. 72587

Ok Ash.

No. 72593

Right, because a bunch of messages from people legitimately trying to keep her from harm and get her help is really going to be incriminating. Yes there are a few out of line anons saying they hope she dies and I think those posts are totally uncalled for and evil. Ashley truly is sick beyond helping herself and needs someone else to reach out even though she can't see that.

And don't forget Ashley herself claimed she is being abused by her mother and that she is unable to leave. This investigation could put an end to that abuse if they find it to be true.

No. 72601

And if she really does have a therapist who thinks it's ethical to have someone in medical danger sit in his office to talk about feelings, then they can investigate the quack who would treat a patient who could have a heart attack at any moment as an outpatient.

No. 72604

For ages I wondered why she wore shorts/short pants in public if she was sick of the stares/comments etc and then I realised she wears toddler clothing, there's no possible way there's any trousers/long skirts that are long enough to fit her height but small enough to fit her weight.

No. 72614

Do it ash,because when you report these threads for so called "harassment", the officials will read the threads and see all the evidence of your declining mental and physical health and maybe then you'll get the help you need. You're not fit to make health decisions for yourself. I thought you wanted to live, ashley. Do you even know what you want at this point?

No. 72620

Wow, Ashley just gets more and more delusional. She's going to talk to her therapist about working from home? What? Her priorities are so backwards. And seriously, there's no way this therapist is real. How can a licensed therapist sit down with a 40 pound woman who has no interest in recovery? Therapists will automatically hospitalize an anorexic if their weight gets to a dangerous low or if their vitals are bad. There's no way that with her weight, purging, fainting and low heart rate that any therapist would feel safe with her out of the hospital. It's an ethical issue and a liability issue.

No. 72622

I'm still convinced it's an end of life counsellor

No. 72628

Couldn't be. Ashley is incapable of understanding the consequences of her actions. End of life counseling would mean she accepted the reality of her condition. But instead when people, including doctors tell her she needs to get help or die, she defiantly tells everyone they're wrong. And she doesn't have an inoperable tumor. It's possible to treat her. Maybe she's too far gone, maybe not, but there's still a chance and Ashley is just refusing help because she thinks she can live like this indefinitely.

Hell, she thinks she has enough time and energy left for a job? Although that's probably a desperate move to get binge food now that some people have stopped buying it for her.

No. 72631

where the fuck is she talkin about a job? who would hire her?

No. 72637

Lmao, I'm curious to know how Ashley intends on 'working from home.' What the fuck does that even entail? Isn't 'working from home' just an excuse that soulless stay-at-home-moms use to try to pretend that they're actually doing something with their lives?

Seriously, if this bitch manages to 'work from home' in her condition and ACTUALLY EARN MONEY, I'd be dying to know how.

No. 72638

pretty sure shes talking about doing therapy from home… not job

No. 72639

She's so full of shit. The timing on her posts are everything. Just as word about APS was out that they responded on here, she's freaking the fuck out trying to make it look like she's giving a shit so maybe people will back off. Too late, we all know your game. Just let it happen.

No. 72642

I don't think so. If that were the case then her comment about "ugh anxiety idk" wouldn't make sense. Working a job would have reason to cause her anxiety… being able to do therapy sessions in her home should not.

No. 72646

either way its all lies. no therapist in their right mind or licensed by law to counsel would let her telecommute to anything unless it was from a hospital bed with one of those feeding tubes you cant purge from under 24 hr watch

No. 72647

Of course you're seriously thinking about working from home and it's not an attempt to make people think you're together enough to do it.

No. 72648

No. 72650

File: 1427835559536.jpg (141.22 KB, 663x284, dafuq.jpg)

No. 72652

Tumblr. I posted a cap.

No. 72654

Oddness. She's really excited that she's going to TRY TO TALK about working from home.

What's seriously amazing about trying to talk about working from home?

No idea about how excited she is that she suddenly had this idea she thinks is seriously amazing?

No. 72655

Like, it's not as though that's top of her priorites

No. 72656

I think Ash is getting more and more delusional. She always says she's sick and tired of being sick and tired, and that she can only sleep in a recliner and whatever. No way she can do any kind of "work".

No. 72658

I think she just wants a reaction

No. 72674

It's either delusion or she's trying to fabricate "evidence" that she's of sound mind. "See, I'm not mentally incompetent, I have a job." She's said how she's too exhausted to even reply to comments online at times, how could she hold down a job? Even if it's some dumb work from home nonsense, like those little online odd jobs.

No. 72675

She's probably seen an Avon representative ad on craigslist.

Definitely doing this so she looks like she's capable of looking after herself in front of the APS

No. 72676

A while back she had an online shop on Instagram where she sold her old clothes and anime stuff. But she can't even walk to the mailbox so even that wouldn't work. Is she really do delusional that instead of taking care of her immediate health needs she's more focused on making a little quick money?

No. 72677

Little does she know that scrambling to find odd jobs in her condition makes her look even more out of touch with reality.

No. 72679

I'm all for her getting a job. Even if it's a stupid Mturk gig, at least she's doing SOMETHING to change her current inert situation. The problem is how authentic her motivation is. If it's just to buy binge food then what good would that be? Regardless of her motives, I believe getting a job would teach her a thing of two about responsibility and if she fucks up it would def. help giving her a small dose of the real world.

No. 72683

Yeah, maybe when she realizes she isn't physically or mentally able to handle even take-surveys-for-pennies jobs she might understand she can't go on the way she is. But probably not, her delusions are pretty strong.

No. 72684

maybe its a scam to get people to buy her a new laptop

No. 72685

But if she is doing those online survey gigs she'll see it takes hours and hours to earn one $5 gift card. Maybe she'll feel a shred of remorse for scamming people out of hundreds of dollars? But probably not.

No. 72689

I think calling adult protective services and telling them that she's at risk of organ failure but her priority is finding a job will just strengthen the evidence that she's mentally incompetent. So go ahead, Ash, good luck with the job, never mind your priorities are literally insane.

No. 72698

One of the problems with therapists (if she's got one) is that they can come over all encouraging when they know you've got a cat in hell's chance of achieving something. They never say straight out LOL, YEAH RIGHT.

No. 72702

Nah, when she fucks up she'll just blame other people as usual.
I don't really hold out much hope of her changing at this point.

No. 72707

File: 1427840096105.png (63.85 KB, 486x770, tfc.PNG)

theforestcat just posted this, bit of a coincidence, no?

No. 72710

who is the forestcat in relation to ash

No. 72711


No. 72714

An aspie follower

No. 72716

One of her whiteknights/followers

No. 72717

Enabler. Follows a lot of disordered women. Don't think she actually has an Ed though.

No. 72718

No. 72721

LOL I knew the only thing Ash could do was those online gigs where you make like a nickel an hour. It doesn't seem like free money when you consider you're doing hours of menial labor for pennies. It'll take her forever to earn one binge worth of food money.

No. 72728

>ashley tells everyone all excited-like she gets a job
>followers are happy for her and assume she no longer needs them to buy her shit
>ashley gets 50 cents for one week of clicking random surveys
>realises she won't be able to afford binge food any more
top kek
do you think she'd tell her followers she was 'fired'? or that she 'isn't mentally capable of it after all'? or would she continue to delude them and learn to accept not getting free food shipped to her?
she either has to admit she isn't capable of working even just clicking random shit on her computer for pennies, meaning that any investigation would rule that she's most certifiably mentally incompetent – or, she keeps on pretending she has a job and loses her constant stream of donations, but gets to say she 'has a job' if anyone investigates her.
what will she decide!

No. 72730

Seeing as how Ashley's therapist is either imaginary or grossly negligent I'm sure she'll get the green light to get a "job"

No. 72733

I really hope she follows through on the job thing. It's just more evidence that she's mentally unfit to care for herself. Can you imagine being an adult protective services investigator showing up at her door and Ashley being like "look, I have a jobI'm so responsible " and showing how many Swag bucks she earned? "I earned hundreds of Swag bucks, that's almost four cents!"

I'm guessing she'll exaggerate her "job" like she did with her "mouth surgery."

No. 72737

She'll probably give up as soon as she realizes it's a ridiculous idea and then make something up about how her job discriminated against her. Then she'll get even more sympathy and gifts.

No. 72738

is she "theforestcat"?

No. 72740

discriminate because of her appearance

No. 72745

is who theforestcat?
This is theforestcat http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-384969471/joltography/photos
she has cute pics of animals and seems okay apart from being an ash enabler

No. 72747

is ash "theforestcat"

No. 72748

No she's "shred-my-anxiety".

No. 72749

She's got major aspie vibes and gets weirdly clingy with IG/Tumblr famous anorexics like Ashley and Erika, and does a lot of ass kissing. It's cringey.

No. 72751

yeah but is she also secretly this blog as well? i have a feeling she is.

No. 72753

I don't think so, although it would be funny if she stole her friend's old username and pretended to be her after her friend left tumblr.

No. 72754

I'm pretty sure forestcat said she was aspie. She can here once, maybe thread 1 or 2 and pretended she'd hacked into her own thread or sth. I didn't get what she was trying to do, but she thought it was funny???

No. 72755

CAME here*

No. 72767

Maybe Ash can get a part time job cleaning toilets.

No. 72769

i could imagine that happened. how is she talking about getting a job at home and another blog is magically talking about what jobs to get from home?
anyways, i'm somewhat new here so i don't know who aspie is??

No. 72773

She comes here WKing sometimes.

No. 72775

Aspie is one of her stickam friends. She used to post a bunch of videos of herself stepping on small animals and whatnot. It was really gory and it took a long time for her to get reported. I don't know why Ash and Aspie were ever friends, but my theory is that it has something to do with chocolate. Aspie's dad works for Cadbury.

No. 72776

Cadbury is the worst chocolate.

No. 72778

Beggars can't be choosers.

No. 72781

You're right. She probably didn't get the free giftcards then.

No. 72788


Probably as she said her pc was really old and she missed playing World of Warcraft.

We must admit that she is good at this :/

No. 72792

Kinda makes you think what she'd be like without the ED.

No. 72801

i know she had an ED while she was ham-chan, but looking at those old videos of her she seemed outgoing and confident. maybe if she'd had some therapy earlier she could've had a good life. no idea what her intelligence level, talents or skills are, but she seemed to enjoy life.

No. 72807


But I do deeply hope she gets the professional help she needs. If she dies (and hopefully she doesn't), I will take it down.

No. 72815

She'd still have a personality disorder either way though. She just had more energy back then, but if not the ED there would be something else, like drugs or self harm or risky sexual behavior. The ED is just a symptom of her deeper problems. But she has about average intelligence and could probably function in society if her physical health were better.

No. 72823

So let me get this straight: she's up for the hours of daily clicking that a thing like theforestcat is posting about, but it's too hard for her to apply for benefits. Mmhm. Or if she's looking for a real job, wouldn't it be too hard for her to fill out the application?

Unless it's

No. 72827

File: 1427846774441.jpg (18.85 KB, 450x122, lol.JPG)

No. 72841

Haha blogging?! You mean reblogging stupid kawaii pictures and text rants? With her level of manipulation bitch would make a killing selling used cars.

No. 72880

Agreed. She's not stupid, she's just starving to death, and if she were even a little bit healthier I'm sure she'd be able to do data entry or something.

No. 72959


She is really good, saw her last post? She said she hasn't paid her wheelchair now lmao, she has no limits!!

No. 72967

Just saw it. Yup. She's good at it.

No. 73119

Slice the Pie isn't so bad, but it does get annoying having to listen to mediocre artists. Sometimes they run out of artists though and you end up listening and reviewing Rihanna songs. I've earned about $70 with it but all these things are so tedious, it's really not worth doing. Everyone knows of swagbucks but it really doesn't seem all that great.

No. 73152

>Avon representative
But they have to go out in order to get paid. She can barely leave her house if it isn't for when she needs binge food.
Let's be realistic here, she's not doing it to change. She's stated several times she's not looking to get better but "hopes others do".

The only two reasons she may want a job are:

1.- She's scared of Adult Protective Services opening a case and finding all the shit she's been doing, and she's trying to look like she has it together so they leave her alone.

2.- She's running out of enablers so she's acting like she's getting it together to then ask for more shit. People will eat that up and they'll most likely send stuff to help her have a new star or something idk.

Either way she's not going to get a job in her condition, so good luck with that Ash.

No. 73154

File: 1427884779951.jpg (52.02 KB, 496x447, years.JPG)

She seriously thinks she's got years.

No. 73157

That's just… I have no words for these levels of delusion.

No. 73185

Agreed. It's been 15 years since she was first diagnosed. Pretty sure she's not gonna do shit about it. That's a long time to be sick.

No. 73194

She seems smart, all things considered. She speaks well and clearly. She seems quick witted. I can't imagine how different her life might be had she been raised in a different family - a family that had been diligent about her being in therapy for any mental issues that surfaced with her.

No. 73216

sorry for ot but what's the deal with this bitch anyway? she's slowly morphing into an ~eceleb~ wannabe herself with her 1/64 cherokee princess bulimic heroin addict foster mom social justice makeup artist bullshittery.

No. 73227

I wouldn't dump the issues in her family. Look how resistant she is to gettin better. It's not always a parents fault. She seemed to have been raised by a single mom, it's hard to survive with a crappy waitressing job and a kid.

No. 73230

Okay, this screenshot should be sent to APS because it shows she clearly doesn't understand reality. She has no plans to recover and could literally drop dead any moment, yet she thinks she has years to get a job and be independent. She truly does not understand that she is harming herself beyond repair. That's a mentally incompetent person.

No. 73244

I don't think she really believes it. I think she puts on a big front for her followers so she can continue to be viewed in a positive light.

No. 73252

Haha, that's what you consider smart? Maybe she might be sharper if her brain weren't starved, but she's like a toddler with dementia. She has no education, and while you can be intelligent without a degree, Ashley is vapid and can barely put a sentence together without sounding like a little kid. She's not stupid but she's not very bright.

She'd have to regain her physical and mental health, which might not be possible at this point, and then she could try to get a real job somewhere that doesn't require a high school diploma or any work experience. That kind of job isn't going to get her financial independence. She wouldn't go to all that trouble for something with no instant gratification. Ashley is just doing this job search thing as a superficial gesture to show adult protective services that she's "trying."

No. 73492

omg god forbid you compliment anything about ash on this thread

No. 73494

Well, yeah. There isn't anything about Ashley to compliment. The only thing she's remotely good at is manipulating stupid pre-teens and people with actual mental deficits.

No. 73499

I agree. She's not quick witted. She just makes a bunch of peurile jokes/posts as well as 3edgy5me replies. She really is still the same person in those youtube videos from 2007.

No. 73504

Calling her smart isn't a compliment, it's just an inaccurate observation. And yeah, she's mentally in the same place as she was ten or more years ago. She stopped developing and has the mind/impulse control/awareness of consequences of a child. It's like the idea that addicts stop developing mentally at the age they become addicts. And being at that low a weight has likely caused brain damage. There was that one girl on Intervention whose doctors found signs of permanent brain damage and she wasn't even as bad as Ashley.

No. 73514

Birds of a feather flock together

No. 73542

File: 1427917418571.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-04-01-15-39-06…)

Going OT for a minute to Erika who just posted on IG. Click the link in her bio and watch her heart breaking video. Now THIS is a woman who is deserving of help.

No. 73560

Is it wrong that I just don't trust any of them now? I've been keeping an eye on Ashley for a long time, wondering how I could help. I never bought anything for her off her wish list because I didn't see how that would help her fundamental issues. And I just don't trust any of these crowd funding efforts from people like this because there's no guarantee they'll use the money as they say.

If someone has been poor and bad with money and made bad choices their entire life, there's no reason to think they'll suddenly course-correct when receiving a windfall like this.

No. 73569

I understand what you mean, but Erika has been wanting recovery for a long time now. She just could never afford all the treatment she needs and she can't leave her kiddos either. Her husband is a worthless asshole and she really has no family. I don't believe she has the luxury of duping people like Ashley.

No. 73607

It's fine not to, but just take a look at the wounds she gives herself. These are not typical attention-seeking cuts. They're deep, and it's very obvious she is desperately troubled. I believe her mainly due to the fact that it's quite obvious she loves her children, and you can't tell me that with her appearance (scars/weight) someone has not reported her for being unfit to raise her children. I doubt she wants to lose her children.

No. 73608

She's mentioned in passing things like that her false eyelashes she found in a dumpster and back when she was employed (as a sysadmin, i think?) she managed her money well enough that she apparently owned her own condo. She doesn't seem like the type that's going to piss it all away on frivolous crap. She sounds pretty practical.

No. 73612

Why does she stay with someone like her husband? she should take her kids, divorce him and then she'd be eligible for Medicaid and have no co-pays.

No. 73619

It's never that simple.

No. 73624

I'm certain that if she did that, her children would be taken away and her husband would ruin her in every way possible.

No. 73629

She's already said her husbands family would completely destroy her if she did such a thing. They have a lot of money, a huge house, etc, if she left him, he and his family would be able to take the children as they would be better able to provide for them financially.

Isn't hard to make a case against a visibly mentally ill woman. I like Erika, she's the best parent she can be given her issues, she's only in recovery /because/ of her children so if he takes them away what has she got?

(or so this is what she has said multiple times)

No. 73633

Exactly. Something like this. Way more complicated than we will ever know with him being an immigrant.

No. 73636

I trust her. She's different from Ashley in that she's had to mature and I really do believe that she'll do great in recovery. I don't have children, but I imagine it's a massive kick up the ass to strive to do your best for them and be the best you can be. She'll always have issues with her past, but I'm pretty sure she's heading in the right direction.

No. 73746

Nigga is you blind or jsut dumb? Are you saying a court would look at her, wasting away like a skeleton, no job(?) battling every type of mental disorder known to man and go yes. Yes, you take the children.

Nah, man. She ain't stupid.

No. 73771

I am neither blind nor dumb. I've just had too much experience with dysfunctional families. It's not fair to the children to grow up in an abusive enviornment. But as other anons have pointed out, there's a good chance Erika's kids would be taken away because of her state so I guess the in-laws can lord that over her.

No. 73775


This is OT of Ashley, but I'm not ascribing malicious motives to Erika - only that all I've learned indicates that the problems these women have are akin to addiction and mental illness.

Neither addicts nor the mentally ill can be trusted to dig themselves out even when they're given all the tools to do so. Like no one would think that would work.

That's what she says, however her makeup is impeccable, her roots are done, her clothing is name brand, and she's flashing a skein of wool roving in one photo that wasn't cheap. I'd say I'm not judging, but I totally am. She doesn't look like she's strapped for cash. If she really found those eyelashes in a dumpster, they're holding up better than any artificial eyelashes I've ever owned, and I've had a few.

But whatever. The subject is Ashley. I don't mean to derail. I'll stop talking about Erika except to say I hope she does get help.

No. 73781

She is stuck in an eternal teenage mindset.
>it's not my time yet! i'll become independent when i grow up
but "growing up" never comes. she thinks this is highschool where she has her whole life ahead of her and doesn't seem to understand that when you become a certain age, that's it. life rarely gives you second opportunities for this stuff. Most girls her age are in college or planning their careers - for some reason ashley feels she doesn't belong in the same group as them and relies on her mother instead. lets say that even if she was healthy and turning 60 years old, she maybe, MAYBE would realize what I've written in that paragraph and realize how much she fucked up. youth is not eternal and it will leave you whether you "grow up" or not.

No. 73787

All I'll say is I'd rather pass the cost of a jar of butter on to Erika than spend it on plastic crap for someone who'll get fuck all out of it.

If your mental illness is making you physically ill and you get a wake up call like a stroke it's going to make you want to feel better. Erika's mentioned illnesses caused by her ED and she's working on fixing it because it shook her up.

No. 73789

I get this.

The longer you have to take out of "normal" living, the more out of touch you become with your contemporaries. She's still stuck in a high school kid way of thinking, when if she'd not been ill, she'd be graduating from college.

If she truly wants to make something of her life, she can't hang around. For the reason above and…the obvious reason.

No. 73818

Hair lightener is not expensive. Either are second hand stores and thrift shops. She's got a great sense of style and can look trendy in almost anything. I've found lots of nice name brand things thrifting. Her makeup doesn't have to be a Tarts pallette to look good. Lashes cost a buck at the dollar store. I have a feeling she's a thrifty frugal gal.

No. 73821

**Tarte my b

No. 73955

Straight link To Erika's fundraiser. Her goal of 1K will help her get about 40 sessions of therapy in 13 weeks, which is pretty intensive. I'd say that spending money on someone who WANTS to recover is a pretty good way to show Ash what goals are truly deserving of donations.

No. 73957

No. 73963

Lol, even in Ashley's own thread Erika is stealing her thunder. Ashley must be secretly pissed off that Erika is getting more donations and support than her.

Erika's fundraiser is off to a good start. I'd be more inclined to donate if it were for inpatient to be honest, not alternative medicine or outpatient counseling. She's talked about how facilities have been unable to accommodate her but she's not that special, there must be some facility that can treat her PTSD and ED. She needs more than therapy and given how much she's made in one day she could raise enough for inpatient.

Also, I trust Erika to use the money appropriately, but how do these sites make sure donations are used for what they're supposed to be? There is this psycho girl (look up blueeyedscam) who scammed people out of thousands of dollars by pretending to have cystic fibrosis and got away with the money.

No. 73976

My bf best friend has that but he eats around 2000 and up and looks somewhat skinny healthy for all the shit he has to eat.

No. 73978

Ash is so full of shit on wanting to get better. She knows once she gets better no one will baby her dumb ass anymore, let alone seend her free shit.

No. 73979

Housing aid is ridiculous when it comes to florida. It takes years, and people that really need them hardly ever get the help first. And not to be a bitch but Ash I think ash really blows things out of proportion.

No. 73980

I did too.

No. 73981

FL fag.
Are you talking about the EBT cards(p-much a food stamp debit card)

No. 73982

Its cause we wont buy her the whole foods cards.
Shes dying from not purging expensive food.

No. 74039

They don't qualify for housing aid anyways unless Ashley is considered legally disabled and receives benefits. She's over 18 and a legal adult and her mom has a job. Housing aid has a years long waiting list in most major cities around the country. But as far as EBT cards and Medicaid goes, she's more than qualified.

No. 74041

Doesn't Ashley get SSI though? I think SSI requires someone to be legally disabled.

No. 74043

She claims she does not get any help, but I call major bullshit on that. I think she does. There's no way her mother would be able to afford an apartment in Orlando and only be waitressing as well as taking care of Ashley's other needs.

No. 74044

She absolutely gets ssi. Mom is her payee, hence why she's always begging the internet for shit

No. 74046

True. They could already get a voucher to stay where they are now. Some things we will never know because she is never going to be honest about these things.

No. 74048


Her mother's apartment is 900-something a month plus utilities. It's a lot for a waitress and her mother's spending too much of her income on rent, unless there's another source of income. Ashley has been adamant about saving and spending her own money, so it's likely she's getting SSI.

No. 74051

They'd be in some low income/HUD housing if they got assistance, not where they are now.


No. 74053

File: 1427988725170.jpg (272.93 KB, 362x551, whatever.jpg)

No. 74055

I'm so glad that Erika is fundraising for treatment, not just for her and her children, but it also shows a stark contrast to Ashley begging for useless junk and binge food. Erika understands that she needs to be healthy because she's responsible for here children, and she willing to endure the pain and difficulty of recovering in order to get better. Meanwhile Ashley's current life goal is finding a new TV show and coming up with harebrained schemes to get quick cash. Pathetic.

It's evident she hates seeing people happier/more successful than her, which is why she befriends people who are struggling and dumps then when they get better. I'm going to enjoy seeing Erika recover while Ashley seethes in private.

No. 74059

I was super happy to be able to donate to Erika's treatment, wondering if Ash'll start a fundraiser or something. Not that I'll be donating, I don't trust that she'd use the money for treatment.

No. 74073


The Office (US version & UK original both) are on Netflix. All seasons, just like, seven or eight bucks a month.

Money well spent. This is why I don't donate to these bitches.

No. 74074

If she's getting EBT I doubt she's getting over 15 dollars a month. Fl is a fucked up state unless you are black and popping out kids left and right.

No. 74077

Every single qualifying adult gets at least 100 dollars a month (without children)

No. 74078

Yeah, I've wondered why Ash doesn't just get a Netflix account or torrent shows instead of getting hundreds of DVDs. Hell, she could get one of her lackies to lend her an account.

No. 74081

I know someone who is single (not married, no SO, no kids) and she only gets $20-$30 a month from SNAP.

No. 74082

On the one hand, people have said they'd be happy to donate to Ashley for treatment, but she can't be trusted and these sites don't control how the money gets spent. She would scam the hell out of people and they'd be unable to get their money back. Hopefully she doesn't get any ideas after seeing Erika's fundraiser. If Ashley tried to get donations for "treatment" she is going down for fraud.

Semi OT but there's a girl on Instagram who also has an ED and scammed people by faking cystic fibrosis and using her dead aunt's medical equipment to takes selfies with. There's a criminal investigation now but in the meantime all the donors who lost money can't do anything and there are still people giving her gifts.

Let that be a lesson to you, Ashley. Criminal investigation, so don't even think about it. Unless there's a way to pay directly to the treatment facility and proof of treatment, which I would be totally cool with.

No. 74085

No. 74086

Blueeyedbarbie, right?

CF is cruel. A few people I know have died from it at very young age, early to mid 20's. Those who have had transplants seem to get rejection within a couple of years :(

No. 74088


I'm guessing a large part of it is having a hoard of tangible stuff. Stuff is important. Experiences, not so much. If experiences mattered as much as the stuff, then she might be more motivated to get better.

No. 74091

She probably at least works part-time. SNAP benefits and Medicaid are all income based, so it's a sliding scale depending on what you make.

No. 74093

No. She's an older lady, she doesn't work because she's in her 60's and is bipolar.

No. 74094

I have a real hard time believing that is all she gets. I work full-time, am single never married, no children, and I get $115 a month as well as Medicaid. So, something went wrong there.

No. 74117

Yeah, it's Sarah and she's a classic case of malingering and probably has other issues. She would also post constant sad selfies with makeup to make her look sick begging for gifts and attention. She used to be anorexic and still is bulimic but since she doesn't look sick anymore she had to make up a disease for attention. I feel like that's what Ashley would do if she ever gave up her eating disorder.

No. 74119

I don't think she has access to a computer at all. Maybe her mother has a computer that she doesn't let Ashley use (I wouldn't want her getting vomit and food stuck in the keyboard either) or maybe she can't afford one because of having to take care of Ashley's ungrateful ass.

No. 74124

OT but Erika's goal has been reached!

No. 74144

Yeah, but she clearly has an iPhone and you can watch Netflix via the app on the iPhone. I do it all the time.

No. 74148

I think Ashley does have at least a laptop. After I commented on something SUT posted, a few days later I checked my tracker and I had gotten some views from Windermere FL. Time Warner Cable is the ISP. As I understand it, isn't that just an internet provider? Also, Safari.. IOS.. it's a MAC computer…
Browser: Safari 8.0
IP Address: Operating System: OS X
Location: Windermere, Florida, United States Resolution: 1280x800
ISP: Time Warner Cable

No. 74157

WHAT?? I didn't know about this girl. I haven't got time atm to go through all that safe space♥ about her. Is there a York Notes thread about her anywhere?

Maybe she doesn't have a package with a massive data allowance. I can't get Netflix (pisses me off) because of capped broadband, but then I don't have a landline phone.

The US Office is total wank.

No. 74158

Um…safe space♥…WTF? Is that a word filter? I typed something like all that safe space♥ about her.

No. 74160

WHY CAN'T YOU TYPE WE B safe space♥

No. 74161

lol fuck it

No. 74184

Try to replace one letter in the word? I'm curious now.

No. 74187

w e b s1 te

No. 74188

lol, nice

No. 74192

Who is Ashley actually directing the posts like "I don't need you to remind me of my million flaws" to?

No. 74208

Either us, SUT or anon messages that she hasn't posted.

No. 74226

but…but…she said everything her #cyberbullies said was a lie!

No. 74227


I can sum up the CF girl (there wasn't really much to read). She and friends she recruited posted seeking funds to cover medical and wedding expenses. A friend posted that she was having an emergency lung-removal, but the girl posted healthy photos immediately before and after this supposed major-ass surgery. When challenged, she posted "proof" photos that were proven via reverse-image search (really, idiots? You didn't know that was a thing?) to belong to actual CF patients and sufferers.

Made off with $1000s.

Eventually friends denied she had CF or a life-threatening illness.

No. 74231

Thanks. She's still carrying on with this? Shit. Is that the real person in the pics with an oxygen mask on looking healthy despite claiming to be at death's door?

I saw the scam to send her to Disneyland. Incredible.

No. 74262

She's still never admitted to anything and just blocks anyone who questions her. She's still trying to convince people she has CF. I think she and Ashley have similar mental issues.

No. 74294

File: 1428009533663.png (932.28 KB, 1100x1213, Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.12…)


"I'm guessing a large part of it is having a hoard of tangible stuff. Stuff is important."

Ha ha, nailed it!

No. 74308

She's got a laptop. She's mentioned it before when someone asked her if she played WOW. She said it was shitty, but i'm sure she uses it.

No. 74356

Don't know what's sadder, that this actually describes her life, or that she doesn't realize that her deplorable attitude isn't cute.

No. 74367

Tumblr exists to make these attitudes look cute.

No. 74368


It's funny enough if a relatively well-adjusted person posts it. It's sad when you know it represents how a person really feels.

No. 74379

File: 1428017349553.jpg (322.25 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nm7cdb8tdF1upnbl4o1_128…)

jesus fucking christ this came up on my dash and i nearly screamed

i did not know it was possible for her cheeks to become any more hollow and i do not understand how she is alive, let alone living outside a hospital setting. jesus fucking christ. i know of so many people who have DIED at weights far, far, far higher than hers, and some of those people were actually doing a valiant job and pursuing recovery. why does she get to continue to live when all she does is flaunt her awful greed and selfishness?

oh and ash, if you're reading this thread, don't take my comment as a compliment. you are terrifying to look at, in the worst way imaginable, and i am horrified that no one has intervened on your behalf yet. i can't wait to hear that you've been court-ordered into long-term treatment or that adult protective services busts through your door and is shocked by what they find (i'm sure you'll be live-blogging it with pics covered in kawaii stickers).

No. 74389

Haha! So true. All of it. She really is a fright to look at. But hey, she finally got what she wanted, she's skinny now. All is perfect in her fucked up mind.

No. 74395

pretty sure she does it because she likes attention. draw string pants can be pulled as tight as you want.

No. 74405

she looks like a living corpse

please tell me this is all shooping.

No. 74439

Whole Foods doesn't accept SNAP/EBT. If she does get food benefits, she has to go someplace like Publix with the hoi polloi.

No. 74442

not true. was on snap/ebt, and they definitely do. i bought my milk there regularly.

No. 74476

EBT is accepted at any place that sells food. Only exceptions would be small businesses that couldn't be arsed to get authorisation for those transactions.

The restriction on EBT is that you can only buy food with a nutritional content label (again, with a few bizarre exceptions), and no hot foods. Which is pretty fucked tbh, like what if you don't have any cooking implements, or you're homeless?

Anyway, Whole Foods really isn't that elite. There are some products that can only be purchased there, but admittedly most of there items are extremely overpriced. It's fun to look around there regardless and sit around and eat some of their hot food. You can't really do that at Publix.

No. 74479

I trust Erika too, she 'recovered' or at least weight stabilised when she was pregnant and caring for her kids during the first few months since she knew she had to be healthy for them. I hope all the best for her

No. 74481

Erika has seizures and I know almost daily had them when she was at her lowest that she posted

No. 74482

Watch as Ash is going to post a fundraiser for mail supplies or a motorized wheelchair or a new toilet for her to puke in

No. 74483

I'd be super scared to be Ashley's friend tbh what if I was driving her and stopped short and she died of internal injuries or something

No. 74492

yes i've always wondered how some people get to such dangerously low weights and live, while others at higher weights have some random complication and die.
not that it really matters.
ash is remarkable i guess

No. 74507

Don't give her too much credit, she's just lucky.

No. 74524

This. Sheer luck.

I am not saying that I think she should die, but the fact that she hasn't died yet, when most others in her state would have died years ago? I think this works against her sanity, because she seems to think that she's invincible.

No. 74525

File: 1428032166124.png (155.62 KB, 1080x533, Imspecial.png)

Her situation is different! Pfffft.

No. 74528

Lol as in she's not suffering but basking in her ill perceived glory.

No. 74539

Man, as someone with CF this is just hilarious. It's really apparent that she's uninformed about it, what a fucking sociopath.

No. 74610

>my situation is different

Yet she refuses to explain why
ayy lmao what a snowflake

No. 74676

Fuck this bitch on behalf of all of the people with kind hearts and good attitudes who died far earlier on and/or at much higher weights. Ash seems to think that she's fucking magic because she's managed to "live" as practically a corpse for so long, but it won't go on forever. Her situation is no different from any other human.

No. 74680

If what she does is "living" and she's smug that she's continuing to exist and outlive others then congratulations to her.

There's more to life than target, shit tv shows and plastic crap. What she's doing isn't living. At this point she's no more than a burden. Not that she cares in her own world.

No. 74682

If gullible people didn't feel sorry for her, she'd have no "friends".

No. 74702

go eat a cheeseburger today everybody

No. 74705

Will do. 😉

No. 74706

me too :D

No. 74709

Big Mac here I come

No. 74720

You're a moron. Read something. They absolutely take EBT and no one is fucked on SNAP its free money for food so stfu. She can buy frozen shit and pop it in the microwave. You can buy cold deli fuck I bought ctablegs with it once.

No. 74727

I've been eating Lindt chocolate bunnies. I don't even give a fuck if I gain some pounds. I sure as hell aren't going to throw them up.

No. 74728

Screen shot for Internet bullying. Have a nice Good Friday.

No. 74730

Is this a threat or did you forget the pic?

No. 74731

File: 1428073565822.jpg (15.92 KB, 580x419, jesus-naz-wept.jpg)

I get a slight theforestcat vibe there mixed with a sprinkle of Ashley dust.

No. 74732

It's just a retard.

No. 74733

What are you going to do? Report an anonymous message board to the police? Smh

No. 74734

Ah, I do believe that screenshot contains all of our personal information so that you can actually make a case, yes?

No. 74737

File: 1428074900773.jpg (687.45 KB, 1216x1786, 1427068975664.jpg)

Thank you lord and savior Ash
Patron Saint of internet bulliez


No. 74756


She can't possibly know what "living" actually feels like. (spoiler alert, it's fucking awesome)

She also is pathologically incapable of cutting the bullshit. Her situation is different. Mm hm. OK sure. citation needed.

No. 74768

Oh shit. I bet the FBI is gonna come for me all the way here in eastern yurop because i posted few skeleton pics

No. 74769

>spoiler alert, it's fucking awesome

I like this.

Reported for posting thinspo!!!!11

No. 74770

and remember you are beautiful and unique and greatly needed in this world hugs

No. 74859

How did this whole thing start? Erika and Ashley? Ashley and the other girl(s) and guy(s)? We ever find neck beard? Imo Ashley's going over the top because Erika is actually recovering and had clearly put on weight and is choosing to get help.

No. 74945

>I myself am working towards appreciating what my body endures for me. 

What the fuck is this nonsense on her Tumblr? Appreciating? No, you should be terrified and trying to change, not just being happy that your body has put up with more self neglect and self destruction than most people's bodies could survive. You're not special, you're just damn lucky.

No. 74981

>I actually.. Have plans for some sort of book in the (WAY DISTANT??) future.

Silly Ashley. Corpses can't write books.

No. 74983

Hell, I will give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe appreciating what her body has to endure means that she wants to respect her body more and work toward getting healthier?

And the "way distant future" book thing… that's the second time she has mentioned future plans (the other being a trip to Japan). And you know what, Ashley? I would totally read your book if you got yourself weight restored and actually recovered mentally and physically from this shit. But that starts by giving up some control and putting yourself in the care of people who know how to help you. Please, please, PLEASE consider that!!

No. 74985


Holy fuck this is so delusional I don't even know what to say

No. 74990

The thing is she's not doing anything that would allow her to have a future, yet thinks she can just plan ahead for a future she won't have if she continues like this. She seems to genuinely believe she doesn't need to change anything and she can just somehow magically achieve her goals for the future while staying like this.

That is severe delusion. If people are still making reports to Florida Adult Protective Services, these recent Tumblr posts are a good example of how she does not have the mental capacity to understand what she's doing to herself. I think she's gotten positive reinforcement to keep ruining her body, like she's not dead yet even though people have told her she could die soon, so she must be invincible!

No. 74995

Someone on sealed-up-tight asked if Ashley self harms. I thought she pulled off her fingernail not too long ago? I wonder if it just fell off on its own from malnutrition and she said it was self harm to relate to her many self harming fans. Then again she does a lot of self destructive things that aren't typical cutting. She's mentioned in the past that she drinks energy drinks even though her heart can't handle the caffeine.

No. 74998

>I myself am working towards appreciating what my body endures for me.

Can someone please translate this? I haven't got a fucking clue what the hell she means.

No. 74999

File: 1428098685649.jpg (95.79 KB, 640x480, IMG_4583.JPG)

dont have to tell me twice

No. 75003

Memoirs are usually written by people who've achieved something. Even the tragic life story genre books are about overcoming obstacles. I think she's stuck on chapter three atm.

No. 75005

STOP! You should use a spoiler for that. Carnivore gore. Ick. I am SO OFFENDED.

No. 75006

I do know that nails get weak and brittle when malnourished… THAT malnourished though? It wouldn't be hard to believe if they occasionally fall off

No. 75008

File: 1428099033098.jpg (19.75 KB, 400x300, anorexia_hand-46yo woman #1.jp…)

This anorexic woman's nails are pretty fucked.

No. 75010

Holy shit… you sure that's anorexia?

No. 75011

No. 75013

Found out it's called Onychorrhexis, fact fans.

No. 75014

File: 1428099332645.jpg (6.73 KB, 277x182, images.jpg)

Pic related.

No. 75016

I have no fucking clue. Usually people say that kind of stuff about positive things, like appreciating your body for running a marathon or giving birth, not "thanks for not dying at a BMI of 7 and letting me get away with bingeing and purging with my weak heart. I appreciate my body for enduring, so I guess I can keep doing more of the same!"

No. 75018

Yeah, it's not like you think I'll appreciate what my body does therefore I'll abuse it even more. That's how I show appreciation. She thinks she's way smarter than she is.

No. 75021

File: 1428099909427.gif (587.54 KB, 217x199, vomit.gif)


Why can't you go for a higher quality burger at least?

No. 75022

you think im rich motherfucker?

No. 75026

She should be apologizing to her body for the hell she's put it through.

No. 75039

I can't stand anorexics like ashley. You know, the ones with no future/talent/intelligence/drive for anything. I think the perfectionist/type A anorexics are the only ones who really recover. Ashley's type just clings to this pathetic "achievement" because she sucks at life.

No. 75040

lol it makes a good drunk burger. Cause ya know, you'll probably puke it out right after.

No. 75045

I personally go for taco bell when I'm wasted. Or pizza.

No. 75053

I always thought Ashley was kinda weak though just bc she seems to binge every single day. I know she manages to purge it all up but surely if she had actual control she wouldn't binge?

Just seems weird for her to have this better-than-you attitude when she's got less self control than most.

No. 75063

it's evolutionary. when you stop eating and when you deprive your body for so long, the instant you put any food in your mouth that you don't deem "safe" (especially sugary things), you binge. your brain is starving and it wants those calories. when i was sick and whenever i binged, it wasnt like "fuck it, i'll just eat whatever i want, i'm gonna binge today!" it felt like i had no control of my hands putting food in my mouth until after it was over. it's a really weird feeling, honestly.

No. 75073

That's startlingly accurate. I've seen two very distinct types of anorexics: the type A perfectionist ones who are high functioning, and then the overall unstable self destructive anorexics who usually fuck up their lives in other ways. They're usually borderline and/or have a host of other issues so recovery is harder because they just generally can't cope with stress and have other diagnoses to deal with even if they recover from the ED.

Ashley's definitely the latter type. To be honest Erika is the second type, too, although she has more motivation and desire to recover because of her daughters so I think she has a better chance.

No. 75112

No matter how shit she acts and what shut things she does she deserves life and a life that is worth living. I hope adult services actually forces her to recover. Her mom needs help with this she can't manage this on her own anymore.

No. 75122

Kind of over the "let's dictate who gets to live" shit. Nobody can decide that for anyone and the most fucked up ppl (rapists, pedos) get to live despite everything. Anybody wishing death on anybody isn't gonna work so why give a shit about it?

No. 75123

What state do you live in with such a generous SNAP program?? Where did you get that $100 figure from?

No. 75125

Lel I'm well versed in anorexic behavior….and also a type A.

No. 75126

Wtf can I get monies in ca for being poor?

No. 75128

What is wrong with her besides being skinny as fuck? I mean what did she do besides being mentally fucked up to get bullied by landwhales?

No. 75135

When I worked in care, people who were nearing the end of their life lost toe nails due to refusing nutrients, so she could well lose a finger nail.

No. 75136

worst troll attempt na

No. 75138

I would like Ashley to explain exactly how she sees these threads as "bullying."

No. 75139

1. Im a newfag. 2. who is Ashley?
fuck off and copy paste somewhere else. Im asking a genuine question.

No. 75143

Surely you have enough braincells to put the name and the title pic together.

No. 75144

She's said racist stuff and does crappy things to other people.

No. 75147

Not if you dont give a shit about insignificant crazy nutcases. So if I get this straight, you landwhales are picking on her because she is crazy and skinny. What else?
everyone on tumblr is an asshole. For the racist part, Id like to see proof.

No. 75149

There's proof in the old threads, go read them.

No. 75157

But.. but… anon doesn't care about insignificant crazy nutcases! Not sure why he/she is on lolcow at all if that's the case, but whatever.

No. 75162

Generous? It's income based across the board. Pretty standard.

No. 75163

To tell yall fat bitches that yall had a bad childhood and that yall are wasting ya time. Whats wrong with sending food to someone who is recovering for example? No wait, I dont need to understand. Its disgusting to see yall fat beached landwhales having access to the computer. Go back in the ocean with you!

No. 75165


show proof or gtfo

No. 75168

That was fucking awful to read, go back to your cave.

No. 75170

File: 1428112812360.jpg (2.55 MB, 3755x2513, ocean.jpg)


No. 75173

She fought with a black chick 2 years ago so she's racist. I never bought that shit either.

No. 75176

File: 1428113624698.png (351.1 KB, 1080x1692, Notraciststall.png)

No. 75180

tumblr doesnt know what racism is.
She clearly said black TWITTER. AKA jadapose. AKA making crackajokes. AKA making so called dark skin jokes. She is right.

No. 75187


go to bed racist-chan

No. 75188


georgia gives you even more than that, unemployed people get $200 a month and even more if u have kids or are a veteran

No. 75191

fail. im black. but try again.

No. 75192

File: 1428116171852.gif (204.49 KB, 600x538, sigh.gif)

>lolcow farm

No. 75212

The girl at 6:20 weighed 49 lbs but later on in the segment she is weight restored. Just to show that there are people as ill as Ashley who do recover. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToaWoDRbY-Q

No. 75227

Has anybody been around since she was hamtarochan?

How did she go from >>70011 to what we see today?

I wanted to know how long she had been anorexic and tumbled across some old youtube she had 6-7 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxtWbNvy7dPUVGeLlX0SmYQ

She mentions she has anorexia in a video from 6 years ago, how long has she been THIS bad?

No. 75355

My guess is that she's been on a slow spiral for the past 3 years

No. 75373

I think she's been working her way to what we see the whole time. Even in that video, the brief glimpses show that she's not well. Her teeth are fucked, her knuckles are huge.

She came to my attention three years ago, and she was shockingly skeletal, and she's only gotten worse even though I didn't think it was possible.

I don't think anyone whose seen her on the Internet has seen Ash pre-ED. This is the result of what she's been doing to herself all along.

No. 75390

I've already donated, but just saw that she had raised the goal and I don't know how I feel about it.

No. 75486

$1500 is half of her impatient cost. I think before it was just a basic outpatient treatment. She's fucking strong as shit and WANTS treatment to get away from her deadbeat husband. She has no income and debt. Her husband works at a car dealership as a cleaner. If you've followed her long enought her husband isn't supportive at all of her recover because he's just plain ignorant.

No. 75502

$1500 is a very small amount of money all things considered, especially when it comes to actual treatment

treatment is incredibly expensive

No. 75604

I don't think we've ever seen her truly pre-ED. Sure, she had more weight on her at some point, but even in the 4chan days she was suffering from bulimia enough to have the telltale cheeks. And yeah, in that video on youtube her teeth are horrible, I can't imagine how bad it had gotten by that point.

It disturbs me on some strange level. I know she's suffering and I do feel bad that another human is suffering when we put all of her disturbing behavior and asshole antics aside, but it disturbs me on a deeper level and I can't put my finger on why. I guess that people in her life have let her get this way, and that it's been going on THIS LONG. I don't get it. It'd be the story of the century if it happened in my town. I live near her in fact, maybe she lives in a bigger city where no one gives a shit.

No. 75610

Word. I dislike her as a person, but the amount of pain and suffering she goes through in a daily basis as a result of her deterioration boggles my mind. She's probably cold all the time (FL and A/C), she probably can't sit or lay down comfortably because she has no fat, her teeth have to hurt when she eats sweets, she's passing out…I don't understand out her Internet friends are okay with enabling her. I hope she gets help.

No. 75632

I honestly think her friends think they're helping her when they send her sugary junk food. I honestly think they think they're helping her stay alive.

No. 75643

Just realize