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No. 685390

Its more likely than you think:


Mommy Dearest InstagramL https://www.instagram.com/inessa020919/

People are calling her out left and right on instagram but her reasoning is that pedophiles wouldn't pay her precious shekels on patreon, in other words all pedo's are poor.

Obviously she's never heard of Jeffrey Epstein before.
Posting this here hoping maybe something can be done, child services or some shit.(DO NOT post child porn here)

No. 685391

This is definitely foul. I almost threw up reading some of the comments on the mom's insta from pedos.

(Don't know if this is the right place for this thread though, op)

No. 685401

When I try opening the Patreon it gives me a "You must be 18+ to view this content" warning. WTF.
How old is this girl?

No. 685407

What the actual fuck

No. 685408

Yikes, this led me down a rabbit hole on IG and I'm so done with humanity, how can parents either be so uncaring to let their kids post suggestive pics or even exploit them themselves. And why can't pedos just go stealth and enjoy the content quietly, why do they have to post thirsty comments everywhere? I'm gagging
You should post this in pink pill

No. 685412

I disagree this is dramatic enough to be on PT and there's enough mess

Id actually love to see lolcow do something useful and find who tf runs this god forsaken meat farm

We haven't had a horrorcow in ages(Not your personal army)

No. 685416


>Posting this here hoping maybe something can be done

Take it up with the respective platforms.

>child services or some shit

>appears to be posting from Russia

Because an international child services exists.


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