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Let’s face it, camming is anything but your traditional job or lifestyle is a huge understatement. Add in a relationship (let alone a marriage) and you have a pretty unusual state of affairs. Most couples would shutter at the idea of strangers watching them being intimate with one an other. Not to mention the insecurities many folks can feel when their significant other is naked and on display for a viewing audience. Yet a growing number of couples are becoming a part of the cam world. I mean if your already having sex why not pay your bills in the process?

My wife Emma and I are a fairly new couple in this camming life. We are also still fairly new at this marriage life. With just over a year of marriage under our belt we have decided to allow a window into our sex life, a window open on thousands of browsers all over the world. Just typing that intimidates me. But, the adventure I take with my wife each day we cam has been extremely rewarding, both, financially, and as a marriage building activity that has helped strength our love and trust with one another.

I know there are a lot of people in this world who would disagree that this could be the case. However, they are right. For them, this would probably not be conducive to a healthy relationship and “they” should refrain from implementing anything of the like in “their” marriage. I am not saying we are the exception. I am simply saying that we all have limits and boundaries and one of the most important things in your sex life with your partner is knowing each others boundaries. If you can learn and enjoy staying within your partners boundaries you will most likely have a healthy, happy, and successful relationship.

When Emma and I first got together I felt my boundaries being tested like they never have before. This is because, on our first date Emma informed me that she made a living as a cam girl. Rather than recoiling at the idea of this I found myself a little bit aroused. After talking about it for a few weeks we decided to make a couples account on a few sites and broadcast our fresh new sex life for the world to see. As a rule we never do anything sexual on cam that we don’t or haven’t done in our personal life. That helps us to preserve and keep sacred the journey, which is a relationship.

Being cam models and also being husband and wife has opened our eyes to sides of one another that may have taken years if ever to see. It has also helped us realize new opportunities to not only find monetary gain but to also give back to a community we are a part of. That is why we started our website [removed]. It is an online adult toy store where we sell the highest quality name brand products for the lowest prices around. The prices are low enough that the everyday customer already gets a great discount. However, for our fellow cam models we are sweetening the pot with discount codes and offering an opportunity to save even more.

In order to help out our fellow cam models we would like to offer a discount code that anyone can use and it can even be given out as a gift or prize to your fans. If you use discount code [removed] you will receive 10% off your entire order on anything in the store. This is a one time discount code that you can feel free to give out to anyone you like. We are also offering the ability to get a one time 30% off discount code to all cam models on their first order and also a personalized 15% discount code that you can use as much as you like. All we ask is that you contact us to let us know you are interested and would be willing to write a review or plug our website on your channel if the site you are on allows for that type of outside promotion. Once you contact us we will send you the one time only 30% off discount code on the good faith that you will write the review. After we confirm that you have done so we will then email you your very own personalized 15% off discount code that can be used on every future purchase from our site. The only stipulations for eligibility is that you are a current cam model on any cam site with an active channel.

As an added incentive, anyone who follows through and writes a review will have their channel and a link to their page promoted on our website for two weeks. We are more than happy to help support those in the community who are willing to help support what we are doing. We know what we are doing is not ground breaking and wont revolutionize the world of cam modeling, however, we believe together we can help each other be as successful in this industry as possible. So, please feel to contact us by email @ [removed] if you are interested. And good luck with your shows and cam model careers.
IF you would like to find out more about us or if you would like to watch our show you can find us @ [removed] or you can find us on [removed]. And don’t forget to visit our website [removed] for the best prices on adult toys anywhere.(absolute degenerates)

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This seems like a basic vendetta post wheres the milk

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