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File: 1567385434815.jpg (595.91 KB, 527x530, V0qX5Yq.jpg)

No. 695983

Made a new thread instead of necroing thread #3 >>>/pt/624348

First thread >>>/pt/564208

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx, momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Stream Archive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215
Currently streaming on Twitch due to her cousin and friends. Promised a Onlyfans stream but has postponed it.

No. 695984

Twitch Stream so far:
>says "skkrrtt" alot
>a user named "mr_t3xaz" asked her if she would respond to his emails and she hasn't. says "I assume you don't want me to work on your discord", Moo suddenly pays attention
>someone mentioned she looked different from her pictures and she says she's way more beautiful in person
>Umbranwitch is allowed to speak on her stream and Moo tells her to stop because she can't afford to be "cancelled again"

No. 695986

She herself said she was "more beautiful in person"? Fucking kek.

I honestly hope she tries to play WoW Classic. She'll have no clue what to do, it'll be a train wreck. And we all know she won't commit to levelling, no matter how much she spergs about it.

No. 695987

Jesus I thought she was obnoxious from the amount of SKRRRT alone but now that Umbran joined it‘s gotten even worse.

No. 695993

>is using her "Momo's Peaches" discord for the game voice chat (I wonder if she's going to use her old discord for the "new" one)
>Is just picking out a new layout for Twitch, cousin gets annoyed because she's fucking around with Umbran instead of playing
>Umbran is a mod
>is a "avid book reader"
>says having Umbran around is having a hater and a fan at the same time.
>Umbran wants Moo to "beat the shit out of [her]" and Moo only beats the shit out of men
>Umbran says she went to therapy over her aggression, Moo admits when she played Smash with her she was overly aggressive
>someone mentioned Vamps and Moo looks visibly upset
>threw away a whole package of seaweed cause it fell on the floor

No. 695994

Couln't even start the right game…

No. 695995

File: 1567386860757.png (1.97 MB, 1427x800, 478537568.PNG)

She's not even playing Classic lmao. She doesn't realise she has to download Classic separately.

Don't forget when she burped and called it "burpies".

No. 695996

I honestly can't tell if it's just friends being playfully mean, but Maddie is throwing some sly shade at Moo any chance she gets lol.

No. 695997


That's what I was thinking. Idk if this is just how they normally interact but Umbran is roasting the fuck out of her. Moo looked visibly upset during some of what she was saying but I couldn't tell if it's because of Vamps being brought up or what Umbran said.

No. 695998

Some of the shit she's said is like…I know she's joking but holy shit. You can tell by Moo's face she's made a mistake.

No. 696000


Moo is used to being the bully in all of her friendships so now that she's on the receiving end she's not happy about it.

No. 696001

I wish I was screenshotting, her face when Maddie said "You're all tits and ass you have no brain."

No. 696002

"let me suck on your foreskin." Keeps going like this she'll be banned in no time.

No. 696003

>>695995 I'm not able to watch the stream live, sadly, but why is she creating a character? Wasn't she just ranting about how she was a Horde hater yesterday? Surely someone with as many WoW friends like she claims to have would have already had an elaborate character on file, right? And I'm not a WoW player, so my apologies if I'm wrong on this.

No. 696004

She looks like shit. She could at least get her tits out like the other boobie streamers.

No. 696005

"Not a very pretty eater huh"
I can't wait until Moo snaps on her

No. 696006


If she's played before than yeah, she would have characters already created and listed once she enters a server. If she's playing on a new account then she won't have any characters created.

No. 696008

Holy shit maddie is ACTUALLY more obnoxious and insufferable than momo. I didn’t think that was possible wtf

No. 696009

>said she used to hold her sister down and horked a loogie, but brought it back up. She did the same to Umbran but actually spat on her
>ruined Umbran's sweaters with her washing machine

She's like a parrot. I don't get the point of repeating catch phrases/memes all the time. She can't carry a normal conversation

No. 696010

I was about to comment the same shit. She makes Moo look fucking chill.

No. 696011

Moo really wants to scream at her you can tell how annoyed she is. Reminds me of pictures of her tarding out and bystanders reacting.

No. 696012


I bet she's regretting destroying all of her other friendships at this point.

I'm kind of getting the feeling she hasn't actually played before considering she doesn't know how to do…literally anything.

No. 696013

She never even accepted the quest goodness

No. 696014

And maddie roasted her haha
>”I know everything about world of Warcraft” in a mocking voice

No. 696015

Brandon's getting so annoyed at both of them

No. 696016

She was confused as to why she couldn't kill a dead target lmao

No. 696017

LOL Moo will NEVER stream with Maddie again, she's already had it.

No. 696018

Maddie is so fucking annoying

No. 696019

I think Umbran realizes she's annoying as fuck and piped down for now.
She's also downloading the game while everyone else is playing. She can't be loud otherwise her mommy will hear LOL

No. 696020


If she's going to larp as a huuuugeeee wow fan my dudes then she should've practiced and fucked around a bit off stream so she could at least do the basics. She doesn't know how to pick up quests, she doesn't know how to move things around on the action bar, she doesn't know she can't target dead objects. I feel like this is stuff you'd remember?

No. 696021

Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s lurking here while she waits for it to download.

No. 696022

She's probably hear rn TBH, and realizing her her mommy moo is really irritated with her

No. 696023

Thoroughly enjoys it's lore but I guarantee if anyone in the chat asks about her knowledge, she'll ruin it for herself

No. 696024

Umbran downloaded the wrong game and didn't know she had to pay for it???

No. 696026

God I wish I was watching this mess right now.

No. 696027

Good lort, I'll leave this to you recording anons because this is boring af. Even Moo looks bored playing her own game.
Post actual lulzy shit if/when it happens.

No. 696028

Lmao she said the only time she ever played wow was the mists of Pandaria expansion, she said her dad bought her and says it came out in 2005/2006

No. 696029

>"vaping and weed is the only unhealthy things I do"

Sure Jan

No. 696031

"I don't understand, I'm not a real gamer"

No. 696033

She doesn't consider her eating habits to be unhealthy anon, we've known this

No. 696037

Needs to kill mangy nightsabers for a quest. She doesn’t know what the word “mangy” means. Keeps pronouncing it mang-gi.

No. 696038

OH NO! I posted in the wrong thread. My bad.

Moo keeps having to cut umbran off lol

No. 696039

Umbran keeps complaining…why the fuck did she even play

No. 696040


>Linguistics major

No. 696058

She tried saying she hardly eats anymore then backtracked real hard to say she hardly eats thing she likes anymore lmao.

Also for people who are reading this later, 3 hours in and she's only at 54 viewers and chat is dead. So much for having an appeal outside of camming.

No. 696062

>>696058 This could also mean that her Camversity viewer numbers were padded by bots and fake accounts. Someone with as much personality and gaming talent as baking soda really shouldn't be doing this. She exposed herself tonight.

No. 696063


It's kind of sad that her whole job is social media but she still doesn't know how to be entertaining on her own. Even in her camversity streams she was mad boring if she didn't have Vamps with her to carry the streams.

No. 696067

Made another reference to us, her and Umbran talking about how she smells like hot dog bathwater. Umbran said another thing along the lines of 'I can smell this image'

So much for being unbothered by us lol

No. 696068

Moo just referenced hot dog water smell. So. She obviously lurks.

No. 696071

there's been hard evidence of that for ages anon

No. 696074

Exactly. Moo is just upset con goers noticed the smell. She already admitted some time ago she feels like she doesn't have to shower every day. Also with the recent confession she doesn't even brush her own hair (we can assume she doesn't wash it on her own either) and the fact she rarely does laundry… yeah even an idiot can come to the conclusion she stinks.

No. 696271

Someone is posting old images of her in the twitch lol

No. 696285

> "but forreal you can get banned based on people on your stream, so, be careful"

Umbran talking about her dick in the background while Moo ponders the longevity of her Twitch is italian chef kiss perfection

No. 696289

Did she deleted the info of her channel? I saw it yesterday with a link to her banned twitter account

No. 696312

Twitch stream right now:
She says she's meeting the creator of Umineko because the mystery friend called "Anzu" now (who showed the creator her trash Beatrice she claimed awhile back) said he liked it. The BS from her mouth is insane.

Not that anyone on Twitch gives a shit, this is a total bust for her being off a camsite.

No. 696314

She really thinks she's worth something beyond fap material lol. Most Mangaka/VN/GN creators don't just casually meet people like that.

No. 696317

Umbran mentions forging hall passes in high school to skip to another friends lunch period. Mariah quickly says she did too and did a weird series of blatant one upping lies. That she had a pack of them and would make her teacher sign them, she would erase the date and reuse them. She's in her twenties and they're reminiscing high school. Says LITERALLY the only people she hung out with in high school were gay and trans.

No. 696320

Mariah bragging to umbran about headlocking clotheslining and beating up other players in Lacrosse and putting it on vine, umbran drools and says she wishes she could see that. Says she went to anger management classes and multiple therapists. But she doesn't do that anymore because she's a lover - but if you fuck with her she'll kill you. Also that she has a dick. The mania is strong.

No. 696325

Pretty sure threatening violence is against the twitch TOS

No. 696327

if she knew anything she'd know he's super busy with the new installment and constantly tweeting about how much work it is kek.

No. 696328

File: 1567485198817.jpg (407.73 KB, 1268x718, screenshot.79.jpg)

I was looking at her old stream VODs from 3 years ago. Not only did she look pretty cute but she at least tried to have a stream layout. Jesus christ.

No. 696329

Moo & Umbran bring out the worst in each other and it's great and they're basically milking each other

No. 696756

File: 1567561396472.jpg (751.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190903-214112_Twi…)

She keeps making this face after saying she just got her lips filled today

No. 696771

File: 1567562673239.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 41.57 KB, 360x268, DBBB11A1-4609-4B49-A0F6-E96661…)

Every fucking time she forces a pucker to give the illusion she has lips, it makes me cringe. The more she keeps getting fillers, the more she reminds me of this image.

No. 696870

Anyone have a recorded stream?

No. 696878

Stop fucking asking this every day.

No. 696961

twitch streams are saved on the videos tab so people can stop asking

No. 697331

>said her dad played Doom 64 "all the time". She tried to play it but sucked
>someone asked if she ever played the DB app but she never got into it, has played it
>Never played The Witcher but wants to
>freaks out about Animal Crossing
>when someone commented that "Etika would've loved this" she looked at the chat multiple times but never mentioned Etika

No. 697373

Love how she suddenly cares about directs. Lmao. Reacting means she doesnt have to pretend to play anything. Still boring. Her cousin probably tipped her off.

No. 697405

Her reactions are so empty and boring to watch because she doesn't know ANYTHING about these games it's just cringe worthy. Like watching an old sad desperate mom trying to fit in with her kid and failing miserably.

No. 697421

>>697405 This sums it up nicely, like when parents would say "Pokey-man" back in the day. She can fake interest in things on her IG stories a lot easier, because she probably rehearses and does a quick Wikipedia research job. When she's live, it's evident she lacks knowledge or true love.

No. 697566

Neither of them knew all that much. I mean they’re porting one of the most popular RPGs in the last decade to the Nintendo Switch and neither of them knew what D:OSII was.

No. 700682

File: 1568169824831.png (1.01 MB, 1019x573, unknown.png)

She's streaming WoW again but I can't be bothered to watch any longer. She's so boring and Umbran is as obnoxious as ever.

No. 700702

File: 1568172612845.png (1.3 MB, 1348x1228, blidded.png)

she seems half in the bag lol, and her one eye is doing that droopy thing like we've seen in some pictures lately

also good to see ol' standby GodOfKnockers in the chat kek

No. 700814

Droopy eyelid could be botox. It's a side affect if it paralyzes to much of the forehead.

No. 700893

stream archive link is down, anyone got a reuploaded? noticed it was missing the aug streams in the other thread too

No. 700992

Thats after years of over using botox injections and it sometimes happens. She did say she was going to get some in her eyebags a year and a half ago though, so who knows, but dont start the medchair shit without proof.

Shes just high as usual. That instantly droops your corners no matter what.

No. 700998

Archives are camversity. They are on pornhub.

Otherwise twitch is posted when its posted or saved on Moo's twitch. Other thread wont have twitch things.

No. 701052

NTA but the old Camversity archive link here to Mega was way more extensive than the few streams that made it to PH, and the anon who capped them also grabbed the chat, which is way more relevant for milk purposes than the video alone… the "content" that is on PH is more suitable for, uh, the types of people who post on her subreddit lol… yes we can still find milk there but less so c/w the old archive links

No. 701347

yeah what this anon said, just wanted to know if that month's camversity streams would get reuploaded since they were down
you sure? the mega link is down for me

No. 702086

File: 1568331995137.png (84.11 KB, 1137x715, cucks are bored.png)

kek speaking of reddit

No. 702418

>she was just trying to make more money!!!

It's such a treat when we get incel content on behalf of Moo. They act like she ever cared about anything other than money and Asian dick, how fucking delusional lmao I bet they think other costhots are any different.

No. 709141

this bitch has been streaming WoW classic? i have to laugh. what the actual fuck.

No. 710158

unless I'm mistaken it looks like she deleted all her recent streams from her Twitch?

No. 801945

>>701347 were you unable to raise another link with the past videos? it is basically impossible to get them, probably not even paying, (the links are those of camversity)(necro)

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