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I'll be honest.
This entire thing about Onision and Kai upsets me.
I've been a fan for most of my life, mainly for their content.

Part of me still thinks they're innocent of any true crimes but I could be naive.

Onision has always had drama surrounding his content.

Sometimes you have to separate a public figure's content from their real life.. like a music artist who ends up doing something unforgivable.. I would still listen to the band but not stand behind what one of their members did.

I digress..

Anyways, I'd appreciate if someone could show me concrete evidence with either of them talking to a legal minor sexually.

Keep in mind that age of consent is 16 years in Washington state, not saying that makes anything that they did better or worse.

When you're someone on the internet with a relative sized following, and those people throw themselves at you, if they're legally allowed to consent, unless things were done against their consent, there's really no law broken.

All I want are facts so I can figure out what actually happened.

I acknowledge that both of these people have shown themselves inconsistent and out of control.

All I ask is to keep the hate-posting to a minimum. Thank you.(lol no)

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