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File: 1571107597033.jpeg (58.9 KB, 275x231, 69CBDF79-7F0E-4009-B7F0-2BCAC5…)

No. 718918

Coverage of Miranda Constable / Mira Nagayama / Lina / Miriam Al Fas / Kanadajin3 / whatever else she can think of continues.

> Will move to Saudi Arabia in “3-5” years. At all times.

> “Is totally still in Japan, guyz!”

> Saudi Arabia is superior to the west.

> Husband pounds chip covered bed?

> “Stockers” are trying to kill her

> Now has a gaming channel cause “stockers”?

> “BTS is haram, look at this photo of them kissing a statue!!”

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiraNagayama

Twitter (muslim):

Twitter (japanese): https://twitter.com/doudemomira

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3

YouTube #2: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira

Youtube #3

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

Previous Thread:

No. 718970

Yeah there's no way for her to be in Japan. You cannot get PR for getting married for less than a year for both marriages. You can only get Permanent Residency if you're married 3 years straight. They do not include a year of working holiday and a few months on student visas in that.

They give priority to those who are married to one person because it shows their in a real relationship and marriage. They do not hands them out. Normally it takes a single person up to 10 years. She is silent because she's not in Japan and have no way to prove it.

She used Sam as always to lie for her so people won't be looking for her in Canada in her mind, although no one would care another to. If she was there, he could do a video with her but there's nothing to provide. She's in Canada, Ontario.

No. 719031

I guess the thread title is appropriate. Why are we questioning if she still is in Japan or not. Has noone seen her there? I think a fully suited up white muslim chick would stand out and it would be easy to keep tabs.

I can see her getting a muslim Indonesian dude and marrying him. Especially a stupid one that thinks he's going with her to Saudi Arabia. Her actually having a husband from Saudi Arabia is so moronic it defies logic. Why marry Miranda when they can grab some child bride from a dinky village and migrate to Canada on their own? Look it up, it's easy. She offers nothing to a muslim man, from Saudi Arabia…. now some illiterate migrant worker from Indonesia in Japan, makes sense. I would legit piss myself laughing if she's in Indonesia rn.

No. 719040

Because it pisses her off and baits her to prove herself. If she’s not in Japan she needs to take a picture of her with today’s date outside of her house

No. 719056

File: 1571148720333.png (90.44 KB, 1424x446, スクリーンショット 2019-10-15 9.12.28.p…)

As said in the last thread, she still claims to be in Japan

No. 719063

File: 1571151092374.jpg (957.59 KB, 1242x1633, zTXYGOf.jpg)

^Just in case anyone forgot since the last thread. Mira is an evil, disgusting human being.

I believe he’s Saudi, but the absolute lowest rung of ladder. He is not particularly educated nor skilled. Those kind of Saudi men do exist and they end up bumming around places like Canada instead of prestigious universities. Don’t forget that her marriage was arranged and performed in Canada, where that man must have been living already, and she fully admitted their marriage is not valid in Japan or Saudi Arabia. That man-boy went into a quickie marriage with a peanut brain like her while knowing that his young age(based on recent Saudi law)made their marriage invalid in Saudi Arabia.

No. 719077

holyshit, she is a psychopath

No. 719088

I guess she shouldn't be on Twitter either, women being allowed to have agency is also "liberal agenda", isn't it? \s

No. 719096

It's different when she does it, though!

No. 719142

File: 1571174020112.png (60.37 KB, 275x237, 7475BC20-1666-4F8C-83F5-C55F5C…)

Miranda is totally in japan

No. 719250

File: 1571194370562.jpg (629.54 KB, 587x588, LLIFywf.jpg)

It’s amazing how she will flip flop any position as long as she can gain attention from it. She hated trump up until a year or two ago.

No. 719582

File: 1571273974256.png (162.47 KB, 1242x574, スクリーンショット 2019-10-17 9.59.32.p…)

Miranda is involved in a LONG debate about gender issues in Japan and gets called out by everyone for her lack of knowledge

No. 719616

Fluent in Japanese?? She can't even speak or write English perfectly

No. 719620


nonono that's just because she is SO fluent in japanese that she is forgetting english. tsk.

No. 719643

File: 1571286542148.jpg (327.1 KB, 1237x1337, HOWEZ3k.jpg)

^It’s the return of “our country” and the royal “we” is in her next reply! Just the other day, she was screeching at Saudi teens about “our children” being corrupted in Saudi Arabia, and in the same week, she was complaining that HER country(her own exact words) of Canada is a liberal Hell hole that wants to inject her with Testosterone. You can’t be all three, Mira. Japan fully rejected you, you haven’t been to Saudi Arabia in your life and they don’t recognize your sham marriage, so there is only Canada for you.

>my job

Her chosen HOBBY that she happened to make money off of before completely sabotaging that source of income. All while begging(and lying) for handouts from a lonely Norwegian man. YouTube is also not her employer, just a platform that allowed her to generate income depending on how hard she decided to work for it.

>know the geography and history like that back of my hand

Let’s see: got lost and poorly planned trips so that she missed buses/got wrong trains and frequently stayed in manga cafes instead of a hotel like real employees do on business trips. Also made men who were not her husband pay for her when she conveniently forgot her money or overspent. Constantly mistranslated information and argued with real Japanese about prefectural facts/culture. Let’s not forget that she once claimed that 29.6% of people from Akita had Caucasian ancestry, when that number was actually from a study(commonly used by cosmetics companies) analyzing skin tones. The kanji used was for white(as in pale) skin, not white people. Of course, she doubled down and refused to admit her error, despite being corrected multiple times.

This bitch is really arguing that Japanese has no neutral or interchangeable pronouns and/or honorifics, or even youth trends in speech? Japanese cannot be directly compared with English but if you want to simplify it, yes, Japanese has many so-called pronouns which denote all sorts of things from sex, gender stereotypes, politeness and social hierarchy. Not on the level of fantasy neo-pronouns but Japanese flip the gender on these words all the time in casual conversation. Tomboys using boku, effeminate guys using atashi, small boys using ore and sounding like an old man. Kun and chan not always denoting gender but endearment. As for transgender, you can legally change your gender marker after a confirmation process that includes counseling and doctor approval, making sure applicant does not have children under 18, and finally SRS.

No. 719645

File: 1571286870219.png (158.28 KB, 1214x728, スクリーンショット 2019-10-17 13.33.57.…)

Miranda threatens to "travel" to Canada to vote against people who support LGBT rights

No. 719648

Wtf? You can apply to the International Register of Electors and mail in a special ballot when living abroad. She gets so caught up in huffing her own farts that she always says unnecessary things like this.

No. 719649

Her long rants about gender in Japan have revealed how little she knows about Japan, Canada, and Saudi, yet she claims to know everything about these countries "like the back of her hand"

No. 719671

File: 1571296497666.jpg (48.3 KB, 480x640, aEoZyEC.jpg)

^Mira’s just going to pretend like these two legends don’t exist or that “onee” are not a staple of Japanese variety programs? Quick, Mira. Call NHK and tell them that 4 year olds should not see Miwa-san as the sun on Nihongo de Asobo!

This turd went to Tokyo pride while claiming to be bisexual, sure as Hell knows all about Ni-chome, all the mama-sans and gay bars there, all the androgynous characters in mainstream media and feminine fashion trends for hetero men that would not be tolerated in many places in the west, female-only Takarazuka Revue that has housewives sending love letters to the “male” actors. Oh, wait. Mira spent all her time drunk, chasing men, arguing online and hanging out with only gaijin instead of actually getting to know real Japanese people. Rodi was her only Japanese friend and true link to Japan, but we all know how that went.

No. 719737


Not to mention Matsuko…

No. 719833

File: 1571355178918.jpg (339.92 KB, 1242x1908, MBsTbHR.jpg)

^ Yet another cultural aspect Mira has gotten wrong but refuses to admit she made a mistake. Fucking idiot. Western style adoption, where a child legally becomes part of another family and changes their name, is forbidden in Islam. Only fostering and guardianship is allowed because blood ties are regarded as unbreakable and it is sin to deny another man’s fatherhood. It’s even worse when the adoptive family is not Muslim.

I didn’t realize how big her sperg was in that thread! She totally reverted back to claiming she was Japanese. We, we, we. Our country. My culture. My country. Speaking in absolutes, declaring that all Japanese agree with her and throwing in awkward Japanese replies to Americans.

No. 719843

File: 1571356893757.png (349.58 KB, 1202x1366, スクリーンショット 2019-10-18 8.59.56.p…)

Miranda ranting about not being sensitive about being called a muslim brotherhood supporter

No. 719859

why does she talk like English isn't her first language?

No. 719864

Miranda likes to pretend she is ESL, especially when speaking with people who actually are.

No. 719876

Remember when she said she would never teach her children english?

No. 719900

Is she really arguing there are no left wing liberals in Japan? How stupid is she? She never ceases to amaze.

No. 719930

You’ve never seen a First Nation-Jamaican-Swedish-Japanese-Saudi Arabian woman, anon? Lol

That’s what happens when you live in a bubble and start building an alternate reality from your personal ideals. She has no idea how Japanese think and those that have clashed with her always got blocked.

No. 719942

What actually happend with her and Adriana? I somehow missed it, I just remember Adriannas Post how she does not wear Niqab because of religion. Was there any beef to it or did the Adriannas phase Just die super quietly?(emoji)

No. 719946

She occasionally pops up on Miranda's twitter commenting about some minor Canada/Saudi related topics, but she is clearly not a religious person and doesn't get involved in Miranda's wahhabist bullshit

No. 719954

What do you mean?

No. 719955

Go back and read the tweets and the responses for yourself

No. 719960

Hey, Mira. Since you’ve been lurking in the past couple hours : Your husband is 27 years old, right?

No. 720103

File: 1571444636742.png (93.66 KB, 1166x368, スクリーンショット 2019-10-19 9.23.49.p…)

Miranda advises her followers to watch out for her stockers

No. 720104

File: 1571444687884.png (148.49 KB, 1256x488, スクリーンショット 2019-10-19 9.24.40.p…)

Miranda complains of the evils of social media and Youtube…yet continues to use both nonstop

No. 720185

Is Miranda backstabbing her friend now?

No. 720191

She is constantly fighting with and insulting people everyday on Twitter and she’s blaming “stalkers” for turning people against her? Why doesn’t she stop commenting on strangers’ posts, retweeting herself to get more attention for these posts, inserting herself in sensitive political issues that she has no business talking about and tagging her merry band of assholes to come join her in every argument?

No, they’re still being cunts together but Adrianna doesn’t post every two hours like methhead Mira. Mira will hold on to her and not cross her no matter what because that woman is actually the pampered Saudi princess Mira wishes to be.

No. 720194

Yeah, surprisingly, Miranda doesn't call out Adrianna for her clearly haram lifestyle but has no problem criticizing any other muslim who is not an ISIS-wannabe like she is

No. 720230

I don’t know if Adrianna is playing it smart and simply humoring Mira in order to not get on her bad side(Mira must have personal information on her and her family, so I wouldn’t blame her) or if Adrianna is too dumb to see that all of Mira’s hate applies directly to her too.

No. 720320

I’m wondering whether Miranda has said to her that the Muslim stuff is just a facade, if I were genuinely her friend I’d be pissed by the stuff she posts.. it’s gotta be all one big joke for attention?

Her so called stalkers don’t even engage with her other than calling out her bullshit tweets or comments, and when she isn’t getting enough attention she has to mention them, like with the tweet earlier.

The stupid thing is, she can absolutely have social media without it ‘ruining’ her life, if she chooses to leave kanadajin behind and not identify herself!

No. 720323

Its my understanding that she tried to do that with this new Twitter but people found her account

No. 720338

File: 1571525331846.jpeg (85.92 KB, 594x294, 077C5BDE-4812-4727-A34F-67D6A4…)

The alkanadiya twitter is an account she had before, she just changed the name. Easily found if you’re looking for stuff she has said

No. 720339

Yes but my point was she didn’t promote it or anything. Unlike her new channel where she promoted it.

No. 720349

Yes, she did. She announced it was her new account.

No. 720371

Not to mention following herself and retweeting herself on both accounts, talking about being a “famous YouTube” on the alkanadiya account.

No. 720373

She did that after she was found out though.

No. 720382

No you didn’t. Anyway, why does your hubby sound depressed in his tweets? Why did he end up in Toronto?

No. 720395

What's his handle anon? Drop some SS before he deletes

No. 720407

he's married to miranda of course he's depressed

No. 720463


Lol Miranda making up rumors to make it sound real. This takes back to the time she blackmailed her first visa husband and recorded it to shame him for "leaving her."

No. 720465

What’s with the posts about people “mailing her followers to find her husband”. Who the hell cowtipped? Mailing random fucking strangers she follows isn’t going to lead to her husband but rather it will only lead back to filling her mind with fuel for her stupid plan to make us look like stalkers in the eyes of her “fans”. Gives her an excuse to whine for sympathy and be a “victim”. Don’t do that shit.

No. 720469

Probably Miranda herself

No. 720471

It’s whoever wrote this.
It’s all discord stuff you are not invited to SMH

No. 720480

Nobody “mailed” your followers, Mira. You’re totally lying about that. I just pointed out the fact that you lied about your husband not having a Twitter account and I found confirmation that you are in fact back in Canada. Your freak out and Twitter lock down proves it. Nobody wants your actual address or unrelated family details. You just need to stop lying, going on “we Japanese” tirades you defend your evil views and harassing innocent Muslim girls.

No. 720482


"Screenshots prove nothing!" - quote from Miranda


No one is mailing her followers, and Adrianna was quick to believe her. She never received DMs from "stockers."

No. 720485

Who cares about her rant. This is an image forum. Post images or get out. It’s as simple as that.

No. 720504

Why did Miranda make her alkanadiya account private? Was she triggered by random mysterious "stockers" again?

No. 720511

File: 1571554447722.jpg (285.49 KB, 1231x1550, aDFsaNp.jpg)

Only information given:
> your hubby sound depressed in his tweets
>Lives in Toronto

>Oh, hey, Mira! Somebody just messaged me, out of 2.9 million people in Toronto, and I am definitely not your husband! I will not show proof of the message you sent me, I mean, the stalker sent me, but let’s announce this all publicly.

Mira. STOP. You don’t get out of a lie with more lies. She has opened the sock drawer once again.

Because I said I found her husband’s public Twitter and I told her to stop impersonating a Japanese person.

No. 720512

Who is this Shekahype? A random saudi follower?

No. 720515

What is she saying? Does anyone have the other half of the conversation?

No. 720516

She tweeted two days ago about the messages and tagged KM and a bunch of accounts. The Arabic original post was translated and apparently she requested people to block those accounts because they were sending people messages and it’s the third time.

No. 720529

Wow she really is delulu.

Miranda you go on and on about these so called stalkers yet all you seem to do is dox peoples accounts to get your followers to harass them.
No one is messaging your followers.
Stop making up rumours because literally no one believes anything you come up with.
I do love it when you get caught and lock your Twitter though, just proves us right

No. 720536

Is there a husband or not?

No. 720539

Mira is in panic mode after seeing this >>719960. Yes, >>720516
exactly 2 days ago. Thanks for the frame of reference. Mira, stop lying about receiving messages. I have NEVER contacted you or anyone you know. Nobody knew the information but me and I only shared those vague details here. Don’t go harassing people on Twitter or PULL, asshole.

Mira is creating sock puppets and a fake story to make it seem like stalkers are sending messages but it’s actually all her. Just like every other time she gets caught in a big lie. New stalker gangs and more suicide threats instead admitting the truth.

No. 720541

So she is sending fake sockpuppets after fake husbands?

No. 720545

She's reading old Discord chats up to June 2019. Nothing happened.

No. 720546

I'm confused about what's going on. I saw that a few days ago she told her followers on her alkanadiya account to block her stockers and then she made her alkanadiya account private today. Is that because she saw something on discord and suddenly got paranoid about the "stockers trying to kill" her?

No. 720548

It's the old messages she screenshoted up to June 2019. She was Anonno7 in the chat.

90% of the chats in the Discord group were all fake because everyone knew she tried to get in the first time months before Anonno7 was created.

No. 720552

She is hellbent on making herself a victim, once again another stupid pitiful community post with insane claims.

She actually forgot that rody made a video and talked about her husband because she threatened that he would beat rody up, so he retaliated. You are so so dumb Miranda.

No posts, no tweets, nothing. Where are the hate messages, where are the messages to your followers? There are none, all I see is you crying wolf to your bought subscribers.

No. 720553

Why is she suddenly flipping out now? Did something happen? Or is it just one of her periodic meltdowns to get sympathy from her followers?

No. 720554

More followers and more subs to her new channel?

No. 720589

I won’t do that. What actually are you referring to?

No. 720596

why does no one ever sage in this shitty thread

No. 720701

Why do you shit in this sagey thread?

No. 720729

Miranda, make your twitter account public again and we can show you your ignorance about basically everything that you talk about

No. 720780

File: 1571620625304.jpg (403.11 KB, 1242x1239, XGxiYTY.jpg)

Al-baby hands

No. 720783

File: 1571620721891.jpg (606.08 KB, 1242x1450, fejrapE.jpg)

Looks familiar…

No. 720786

File: 1571621326519.jpg (312.05 KB, 1242x1531, aoE58ZP.jpg)

It’s husbando #3

No. 720792

Oh no we can see his arms! This is haram!

I mean the dude does have fat little hands like the cretin that was eating chips off of the bed but he's not nearly as fat as I imagined.

Where's the proof that this is him?

No. 720810

Is that really him? What's the source? I doubt Miranda would allow him to wear anything than traditional Saudi clothing lol

No. 720824

File: 1571630305224.jpg (862.42 KB, 1242x1586, iG4wOYs.jpg)

>Where's the proof that this is him?

Her immediate reaction to these posts >>719960 >>720382 is more than coincidence. She reacted much too quickly to just a few words. Also the fact that she preemptively started claiming that people were messaging her followers and “not husband” >>720511, even though no one else could have suspected him. If there was no link to him, why panic? If I was wrong, then just laugh it off or ignore it.

^It’s the @shekahype guy.

I need to reiterate: I NEVER contacted Mira, the husband or her followers. She made that up. I don’t have a Twitter or means to reach them. Secondly, Mira, I am not involved with that discord you’re obsessed with and I have never contacted any of those people. You wasted a lot of time there. I’m not in Canada nor do I have contacts there so I’m not interested in digging into your Canadian life. Just stop bullying young Muslim girls and focus on actually being a good wife to that misguided, tiny dude of yours.

No. 720832

File: 1571632121951.png (1.67 MB, 1440x1749, 20191021_002743.png)

You sound like the guy that said he had video of Miranda giving head in a hajib. When she deleted her Twitter sperg boy said "see! It's true! This is my proof!".

She deletes her shit all the fucking time. This isn't proof.

You're telling me peach fuzz lips over here is supposed to be this guy?

No. 720833

Sorry to stop you. Don’t you need a Twitter to be able to view this from the beggining? It says “Follow”. If you didn’t have an account then it says “LogIn”. Anyways someone is obviously having a back and forth with this guy. It doesn’t matter how similar someone looks you shouldn’t post pictures of someone unless it’s 100% confirmed that it’s him. Based on what I can see on this account there isn’t anywhere near the required evidence to post his handle.

No. 720834

File: 1571632385425.png (2.09 MB, 1391x1987, 20191021_003152.png)

Samefag but here's another refresher on those soft pudgy little baby hands that have never worked in their lives. Now tell me this is the same ugly little hand holding that leaf.

No. 720836

Similar doesn’t mean same. People say all Asians look the same doesn’t mean they are the same. You can’t make judgements based on a fucking hand.

No. 720837

If you don’t want people to find out stuff about you stop posting stuff about yourself online. Just a suggestion…

No. 720838

Do you know how to internet?

No. 720845

File: 1571636666197.png (95.98 KB, 1156x436, スクリーンショット 2019-10-21 14.40.56.…)

I don't think this guy is him.
His English seems to be elementary level and he would have already made this account private since Miranda checks lolcow 24/7.

Plus, knowing about Miranda's past, he wouldn't retweet stuff like "How can you marry someone you already know that she has been test driven by many men before you?"

No. 720850

he has the frog lip that we've seen in another image/video

No. 720854

File: 1571644639547.jpg (68.24 KB, 549x983, 1548880839039.jpg)

samefag, pic I mean is at >>>/pt/634362

No. 720855

I forgot about that nasty pic…Why would Miranda pst that? lol

No. 720856

I don’t think it’s the same. This guy has larger fatter hands and the frog lips are much larger.

No. 720861

File: 1571648760222.jpg (334.71 KB, 1242x1504, 3gHR4Gk.jpg)

^Oh, my god. Which idiot is making these threats? Who the fuck is “we”? Nobody is working together or wants to harm Mira and nobody ever said anything about going after her husband. This happens every time. I have a feeling it might be Mira herself due to it being newly registered and not resembling the way anyone here talks because it’s so try-hard, but it might just be some creep thinking he’s edgy.

I don’t see how. That troll provided nothing but anecdotes and taunts towards lolcow. No links to anything, not a hint of a photograph and no new information. Around the same time, a new poster showed up on PULL, teasing about already known information then whining that other poster are mean to “him” before disappearing. It’s not the typical pattern now. Do you want me to quote my own posting history or something?

Look at the timing of this overly aggressive Derek J account that conveniently appeared, suddenly making over-the-top threats when nobody says stuff like that. Remember how Mira freaked out when KM said he wanted to go Japan to take LEGAL action against her and she started going crazy with “KM and his gang are coming to kill me!” stories? She’s doing that right now, trying to cause distraction.

No. 720869


Good find anon!

Oh Miranda this is so low. Please do yourself a favour and stay off the internet

No. 720876

I wouldn't be surprised if Miranda made these posts herself

"Look guys, I'm being stocked!"

No. 720879

File: 1571658763069.jpg (112.75 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20191021_075150.jpg)

Here's a photo from the users account. We can compare his hand with saudi fat hands

No. 720882

This sock puppet’s location so also says “lolcow” and it was made right after it was pointed out that she had no proof of mass threats. Ridiculous Canadian woman.

Even on private, you can still see her joining her regular group of Twitter morality police and ganging up on Saudis, non-practicing Muslims and ex-Muslims. ALL their targets are women. Every single day she does this and she has the gall to call herself the victim of online stalking?! Some of these women are living in Canada too. This is how you know all her claims of blood-thirsty stalkers are just projection of her own twisted mind. She’s the one actually getting off on the possibility of innocent women and gay people getting murdered. She’s the one leaving nasty comments on random young girls’ posts and hoping those other dickheads follow. Have you seen her gloat about getting blocked or getting the girls to delete their accounts?

No. 720885

File: 1571661089513.png (51.89 KB, 1174x182, スクリーンショット 2019-10-21 21.31.37.…)

I'm not buying that this guy is her "husband"

No. 720892

How is that screenshot proof? Mira is known for asking friends to pose as her(Kat) and post on her behalf while giving them a script to follow(KM).

No. 720893

How is a pic of some random arab guy proof that he is Miranda's husband? If there were a pic of them together or something, then that would be proof

No. 720906

Not to mention she must have at least one Muslim orbiter who she could use pictures of. Do not take any baits.

No. 721024

File: 1571688986078.png (137.97 KB, 460x455, fish.png)

Pic related..

No. 721042

If somebody from here decided to go mail this guy making threats on our behalf then we need to let everyone know we don’t stand for that. We also don’t stand for posting pictures of people related to the cow and that can be found in the farm rules. In the end this incident makes us look bad and it only causes more problems than good. Anybody who lurks here could have created a fake Twitter account just to harass this guy. So please keep that in mind when you post information about people, A 50-50 percent chance that this guy is her husband is not a valid reason to just post somebody’s pictures online. The pictures that we have of her husband and the pictures of this guy don’t match up and even if they did it doesn’t prove that that’s actually the same guy.

No. 721052

I appreciate what you’re saying, but she made the sock twitter account and made those threats herself. Don’t fall for her bait.

No one here is emailing or messaging you or any of your followers Miranda, post the caps or shut up.

No. 721053

You realize it's MORE likely Miranda made the account herself?

I agree that anons should not create socks to harass random people, but this screams Miranda.

No. 721060

If she did make it herself then she is abusing the situation. Any mistakes that people make on here or any other forum she will abuse the situation. There’s no pictures of them together. There’s no pictures to indicate that he has ever traveled to Japan. If it was her or someone from the board or some lurker or whatever this type of is type of response is not acceptable. He deleted all his pictures because he’s probably pissed off that somebody’s posting them online. Obviously since he’s following her he’s going to believe her side of the story.

No. 721101

So basically, "this random Arab guy is actually Miranda's husband" story has the same amount of evidence as the "Miranda gave me a blowjob while wearing a hijab but I can't show you anything" story?
Can we all just move on now?

No. 721106

I get it she may just be generally paranoid as fuck about the “stooooockers”. These bits of bogus tea have no use for us. The only thing she does when this happens is make her account private, disable, deactivate and go silent. The more she does that shit the less actual real content we can comment on.

No. 721189

If there was no merit to the claims about that guy, why did she have such a disproportionate reaction? Why did she start harassing her own followers with socks, including that man? It was quite obviously her making those accounts but why?

Except compared what happened with blowjob anon, she actually started claiming there was harassment of her followers and there we saw uncharacteristic threats of violence towards suspected husband. No one seriously thinks a rogue anon was doing all that, do you? I think people forget how insane and committed she was to her socks on PULL back in the day.

No. 721210

File: 1571718743130.png (98 KB, 422x626, Screen_Shot_2019-10-21_at_6.14…)

Miranda comments on the situation

No. 721211

File: 1571718787894.png (70.47 KB, 402x471, Screen_Shot_2019-10-21_at_6.14…)

No. 721215

Meh, the problem is, she doesn’t get all this hate because she was a YouTuber. She continued to get hate because she will never admit what she has done wrong and continues to spread hateful shit on her twitter account. She acts like just because it’s a different account separates her from her old life. Is she mentally damaged? No pity at all for this scum and she deserves all the negative crap she has coming to her.

No. 721235

"My life story is the most obscene conspiracy theory I have ever heard"
At least she is honest about being the most paranoid person ever.
I still don't feel bad for her since she has NOT quit youtube/social media and continues to enjoy harassing strangers with her wahhabist bullshit on her alkanadiya account

No. 721302

She harasses innocent women all day long, most who are very young or in vulnerable situations. She celebrates the deaths of LGBT people and apostates and taunts those who are in danger. Even Kellogg’s cereal was a recent target of her daily derision because she can never stop looking for things to hate. Her entire reason for being on Twitter is to argue or target someone/something, no matter how innocuous their “offense” is. And still says she doesn’t know why people don’t like her?

YOUTUBE IS FUCKING IRRELEVANT. You can forget everything that happened before 2018 because she’s still a nasty, shameless person who finds new people to victimize. She hasn’t changed one bit.

No. 721363

>G-go attack this woman who is totally "stocking" me!

It's a good thing Mira has no fans or friends to carry out her twisted bidding.

No. 721373

She's alienating anyone that was a fan of hers at some point (runningbear, that old man john something?)

Her Muslim followers are actual Muslims so they're not going to attack people they don't know for no reason.

No. 721378

She created a new Twitter account so nobody can “stock” her.

No. 721384

She’s really trying hard, she’s posted links to her ig twice on her community posts. I’m not really sure how she gets away with it but I am glad literally no one cares what she says.
She’s just so annoyed that she can’t get away with being an asshole online without people calling her out.

No. 721398

File: 1571770752783.png (5.3 KB, 322x39, unknown.thumb.png.d590c4d3b70a…)

Taken for PULL: "the canadian election is live on youtube right now and she said this in the chat.
By the by, she nuked her Mira Nagayama twitter around the time of this >>720780 , >>720783, >>720786 posts. Make of that what you will.

No. 721399

please disregard that last thing, it's back up.

No. 721413

Yep sure is!

For the love of god Miranda just delete it, why keep it with not in use written at the top?

No. 721425


If she did that she wouldn't be able to keep pointing to it for "special victim" points

No. 721523

A new account which she will “accidentally” retweet from one of her other accounts because she can’t stand to be out of the spotlight for long. Who wants to bet that on that account, she will have to announce somewhere she is a Canadian IN JAPAN married to a Saudi?

No. 721555

She says she already made one because the Norwegian guy is following her and found her new fake account that she wasRre-Tweeting

No. 721556

If he’s following her I don’t know why he’s holding back on the screenshots when her account is on lockdown.

No. 721569


Miranda's main hobby is bickering online. Plenty of YouTubers don't have evil stockers, because they don't make any enemies.

Miranda has literally made an enemy of anyone she's ever known. She's lied, stolen money, bad mouthed, and showed hypocrisy.

She wants everyone she's wronged in the past to simply forget and leave her alone, for all her reputation to just evaporate.

Her isolation and exclusion from others just feeds the flame of her extremism.

The fact that Islam breeds extremism and preaches "brotherhood" regardless of the person's background or past is very attractive to miranda.

She loves the asspats she receives by advocating the death penalty for gay marriage because an ancient book says so. It gives her the ability to validate and latch on to a moral code and belong to a group.

No. 721631

This is actually a great post and really summarizes her situation well.

No. 721801

Not Mira, I’m being serious. You really think she got nothing right about Japanese society? I think somethings she has said actually make sense since I live here. I want to know what you are referring either say it or sit your goofy ass down.

No. 721807

File: 1571880504931.gif (102.85 KB, 284x280, 98323781.gif)

"I think somethings she has said actually make sense"
"I want to know what you are referring"

No. 721812


Def troll, but what the hell:

She said you couldn’t buy mustard in Japan. She said that Japanese people didn’t wear deodorant and that it was hard to find in stores. And that Japanese people didn’t eat grapes whole.

No. 721818

Don't get me started about what she doesn't understand about Japan (By the way, I have been living in Japan far longer than you, Miranda, and I actually succeeded at becoming a Japanese citizen)
For a start, her rants about Japan not accepting/having transgender people are nonsense since sex changes are legally recognized in Japan and transgender people can be commonly seen on television without any social backlash

No. 721847

>sit your goofy ass down.

You forgot to add “son” at the end.

I don’t know why she keeps acting like there aren’t many of us who have been here longer, been through all the hoops of immigration and societal integration and have actual Japanese families and friends to reaffirm our experiences. She never had a normal marriage with a Japanese, didn’t have family, no long term Japanese friends besides Rodi, never experienced the Japanese education system, doesn’t know what it’s like the have a full time job (and keep it,), always argued in favor of more Western liberal views on immigration and nationality(but only to her benefit), etc. Her relationships with real Japanese people were superficial at best and she always referenced English articles written by Westerners to assert her authority. Who is going to consider someone with limited personal experiences a Japanese expert? Especially one that FAILED to obtain citizenship despite an incredible 99% application approval rate. That’s higher than “immigration paradises” Canada and Sweden!

No. 721852

Why are you all talking about japanese immigration?

Miranda is going to Saudi Arabia, yall!

No. 721853

Because she is still confused about her identity and says "We Japanese" while claiming to be the ultimate expert on all things related to Japan…and Saudi…and Sweden…and Canada…and any other topic that you debate with her

No. 721865

WE Japanese.
As a Canadian/What happened to MY country?
The Western Liberals corrupting OUR children(in Saudi Arabia)

LOL. She said that the cultural aspects of First Nations people were equally part of every Canadians culture, as was Jamaican patois, so nobody could accuse her of appropriation. So that’s about 5 identities she simultaneously lays claim to? Then peppers her speech with AAVE for good measure. I hope she touches on Chicano culture one day.

No. 721872

Only those who know very little will claim to know everything, and those who know most about something know they understand very little.

No. 721924

File: 1571916544047.jpeg (218.87 KB, 1440x1011, AF266B3D-B1CE-40EC-B011-EF4847…)

First of all Miranda, no one ‘found’ that twitter account because you announced it yourself.
Secondly no one is saying they want to kill you or your ‘husband’, there are absolutely no death threats whatsoever. If there were I am positive the authorities would be involved and since you’ve publicly admitted they won’t help, you’re clearly lying.
Post your evidence or stop making these ridiculous accusations. No one is making you look bad - your lies are doing this.
Thirdly, no one is messaging your followers - posting screen shots here are not messages

No. 721925

File: 1571917815349.jpg (874.01 KB, 1398x2300, 20191024_074920.jpg)

Next time, don't make it so fucking easy to find your retarded ass. Your followers out your new accounts every time, Miranda.

You're fucking delulu

No. 721926

You're not afraid of any stocker, Miranda. You just re-opened your Twitter to the public for attention. You're still tweeting on your ISIS bride Twitter. You're so desperate for ass Pat's it's almost sad

No. 721932

File: 1571920151511.jpeg (250.82 KB, 750x765, AE018568-07E8-43ED-8429-B7C1A9…)

She lasted 4 days.

If any of her followers end up here: she’s a pathological liar. The fact she is on numerous gossip sites speaks volumes.
What she defines as stalking is in fact members of the general public posting screenshots of her PUBLIC twitter. She’s getting butthurt because she can’t get away with being a horrible person. She is always a victim.

No. 721933

She's already making herself bad in front of Arabs and Muslims

No. 721934

File: 1571920880962.png (366.65 KB, 1240x1348, スクリーンショット 2019-10-24 21.41.06.…)

Miranda rants about how the stockers are trying to kill her

No. 721936

Damn I didn’t know she said all that yeah they have mustard and deodorant here granted it’s not so great.

Again I’m not Mira and we both know trannies are weirdos here. They are on TV as a joke nothing more. If your a tranny then people will avoid you this is common sense. I knew a tranny at the office who before and everyone avoided him like the plague and still called him a man or outright just wouldn’t talk to him (this is an all Japanese staff). So yeah I think she’s right about tranny shit goofy boy.

No. 721937

Who people talked to before and stopped talking to after his tranny surgery*

No. 721939

Are you the blow job anon?

The only person who would stick up for Miranda and refer to her as Mira is tkyosam.

Although I think that’s a personal tinfoil.

No. 721940

"Again I'm not Mira"
Thank you for your input Miranda. Move along now.

No. 721942

No one wants to kill you, Miranda. We want to hold you accountable for all the shitty things you’ve done and people you’ve hurt.

No. 721943

They're not "tranny", Miranda. You give yourself away here

No. 722065

>It doesn’t effect me

Except she loses he mind and concocts another insane string of tales and/or sock puppets.

Attention everyone! I am making a new account, talking about the same subjects and doing nothing to disguise my distinctive grammar and syntax! Please look for it, I mean, goodbye forever!

>this is common sense

You tried. See you later, when you purposely reveal your next Twitter account!

No. 722106



No. 722141

File: 1571987246377.jpeg (535.76 KB, 1242x1855, 33EC475D-6261-4024-A8FE-6DDF2D…)

Get ready for Miranda's new secret identity!

No. 722142

File: 1571987356052.jpeg (637.58 KB, 1242x2007, 2882F4A4-9531-4527-9CF2-351E49…)

Long rant about her family and Canada

No. 722143

File: 1571987389571.jpeg (583.35 KB, 1242x1994, 6401F8FB-189F-47E4-AEE7-02FB5A…)

No. 722148

File: 1571995335652.png (1003.45 KB, 1900x914, スクリーンショット 2019-10-25 18.21.29.…)

This suspiciously seems like her new channel.
What do you guys think?


No. 722150

she really needs to catch up on the Yaniv thing. he lost his waxing case, badly.

No. 722154

I know right, when I read her spelling I immediately thought annono7. She is the epitome of stupid.

No. 722155

Too shakey. Too long. I also don’t think she would put music in her videos. The person filming jumps way too much for it to be her filming style.

No. 722247

let's be honest she's so obsessed with herself that she would never be able to make a video that doesn't feature her in some way

No. 722269

I agree it's too shakey and too long to be Randa's vid but I wouldn't put it past her to put music in her videos, especially if she thinks she's "annonomous".
She seemed to be very aware of what BTS does for some reason.

No. 722407

File: 1572060339235.jpeg (155.21 KB, 815x493, 5EBDBA13-C140-4F2A-98B7-40CE8C…)

Miranda is going to create another half-assed channel?

No. 722428

I just think trannies are gross and so do most people in japan. Go dilate you freak.(infighting, derailing)

No. 722430

She bs'edv again about her writing YouTube again. She uses her victim status for views.

No. 722432


No. 722433

Got any source for that wild claim, outside of your guts feeling?

No. 722446

>”Curse the day I started YouTube! I wish someone had warned me 8 years ago!”
>”I will no longer upload on YouTube or post on Twitter! Adieu! “
>Lasts one day
>Back on Twitter, as usual.
>”I’m making a super secret Twitter account!”
>Plans to create several more channels.
>Could have easily included English, Japanese and Arabic subtitle options on one channel for the same damn game but chooses not to.

I’m not into this 64 genders, suck my girl dick trans cult nonsense but you’re full of shit, ISIS-Chan. Your little story about working in an all-Japanese office(lol) that happened to hire a transgender person despite everyone hating them is a total lie. You know full well that there is no forced diversity hiring here unless they deal with a significant amount of foreigners(like certain universities). That person wouldn’t have been hired or they would have been fired by now. If they were still employed, it would be because they didn’t cause problems.

Japanese don’t embrace a gender disaster like in the UK, but they also don’t aggressively ostracize and humiliate trans people who aren’t entitled cluster B AGP assholes that are so prominent in the West. They choose to leave them alone. Just like they do with a certain batshit niqabi.

She sure likes to project her own individual feelings on an entire population despite never having meaningful relationships with anyone here. Like I mentioned above, the twist of the Japanese cultural view is that many expect heteronormative, classic transsexuals, which would be “problematic” to Western TRAs. So not particularly supportive, but not hostile disgust either.

No. 722464

File: 1572077793172.jpeg (10.81 KB, 190x265, images-2.jpeg)

Miranda, thank you for your detailed scientific analysis of the attitudes of Japanese people regarding transgender individuals.

Move along now.(infighting, derailing)

No. 722492

File: 1572086805714.jpg (240.83 KB, 1242x1628, O1yHMIX.jpg)

For someone who is supposed to be living her life 100% halal, she sure does spend a lot of time watching videos and and searching for images of haram events going on in a place she has never been. This time, she’s raging about Saudis enjoying music events held at the grounds of a mosque. Imagine associating the most important community building with a place of fun and warmth of humanity!

Mira is NEVER going to Saudi Arabia. She’s planting the seeds of bitterness so she has an excuse for not moving to Saudi Arabia because it’s changing too much rather than her being a miserable asshole who would start trouble there. So why be so determined to stay in “Japan”, a country that embodies nearly everything that is haram? It would make more sense to flee to a neighboring Asian Muslim country rather than the complete opposite.

No. 722508

File: 1572096169657.jpg (279.92 KB, 1434x920, Screenshot_20191026-091819_Twi…)

So does this Twitter profile update mean you feel scared of your so called stocker Miranda?

Is this you hiding in plain sight? You're a sad excuse for a human being, and I hope karma bites you in the face with all this wish death and severe punishment on fellow humans.

No. 722559

With a bio like that she will get reported for hate speech eventually.
You give Islam a bad name Miranda

No. 722661

She's not really a muslim, just a saudi fetishist.
In any case, with a bio like that, it's no wonder why she constantly makes new enemies

No. 722689

She's already become a terrorist just fyi

No. 722714

She represents everything that is negative and destructive about that religion. If I was a muslim, I would disown that looney.

No. 722760

Why not ask any of the trannies who lived here? I say lived because they probably left.

Yeah you are right here it’s more about passive aggressiveness. So the Japanese people who you were cool with will just kind of avoid you if you transition. HR might power harass you to quit as well.

Also again, I’m not Mira and not everyone works an English teaching job. We all know the reputation English teachers have here and you should be embarrassed if you work there over a year (unless it’s your passion etc.)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 722777

Move on.

No. 722780

Nice counter.

Anyways Mira is not in Japan but I’m curious what happens to her next. I think eventually she will start making videos in Canada and just come with a lie as to why she’s in Canada. TkyoHam will make a reaction video.

No. 722912

PULL said Rody was live talking about Miranda but he deleted it. Anyone get it?

No. 722919

File: 1572183284362.jpg (211.62 KB, 1240x1154, seFS62v.jpg)

Mira went crazy in the comments but I missed what she wrote before it was deleted

No. 722920

File: 1572183337617.jpg (216.25 KB, 1241x1145, UPLx1uX.jpg)

Switching accounts

No. 722921

File: 1572183386770.jpg (188.49 KB, 1235x1162, T2ysgm7.jpg)

Changing again.

No. 722923

Wow.. but Miranda is totally not obsessed with Rody.

Man, she wanted that dick in the worst way.

No. 722928

So Rody confirmed that Naruru is a liar and still is obsessed with Miranda. Just 2 weeks ago she said she moved on. B.S.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 722929

Where the fuck did you get that, Miranda?

No. 722930

If you only moved on instead of joining in the chat session with Rody, you'd show the world you've moved on. Then the whole world will leave you for good.

No. 722931

File: 1572189113293.jpg (349.46 KB, 1188x1663, 2e77XLA.jpg)

Mira proving that half of Rodi’s subs are actually her.

>my own FRIEND

She must have been standing in front of the mirror when this happened. But, wait… Mira was already in the chat the whole time, using multiple accounts. How did a “friend” wake her up to tell her about the deportation rumor that has been going around for more than a year? Why is Mira’s notification alarms so loud that they would jolt her awake?

Did anyone ever figure out what she meant by her usage of next woman/next man?

No. 722936

Miranda go make your husband a sandwich like a good little subservient wife

No. 722942

File: 1572196049611.png (2.53 MB, 2258x1014, kanaadajin3-deported-rodi.PNG.…)

"REPENT!" This is hilarious

Miranda must have been really triggered by Rodi

No. 723044

Mira, take a photo holding a copy of today's newspaper from Tokyo/where ever you are. Simple enough to shut down the "rumors".

No. 723062

File: 1572218654255.png (926.11 KB, 1023x640, C09C36FB-E939-4863-B877-4283AE…)

In response to Miranda’s rant there..(autism)

No. 723063

Mira is streaming on her main channel right now. She rambling on that she thinks she is the only normal person on YouTube and “children” in the comments are just jealous

No. 723064

she sounds so insane here. I was born and raised Muslim, and NO Muslim talks like that. she legit sounds like an insane (white) Bible Belter from the Midwest (where I live).

No. 723072

She's live right now, prattling on and on about how her life is destroyed because of YouTube and her stockers.

No. 723074

I know that the rule for most religions is that the converts are usually more gung-ho than those who were raised in it, but holy shit does she take it to the extreme

I feel bad for any normal Muslims she encounters irl, she probably scares the hell out of them with her insane ramblings lmao

No. 723075

Complaining youtube is causing her so many problem in life : create new youtubes channels

Miranda logic!

No. 723076

What is with her accent? She's just yelling and sloppily crunching away loudly on food, smacking her lips.

She did almost slipped up and said "when I'm back in Ja… when I'm back outside of Japan. When I move to Saudi Arabia". kek.

She's now explaining what a vore fetish is. And claimed lolcow has a "deportation fetish".

No. 723094

I’ll try to recap what she has slurred thus far, although I couldn’t listen to it completely: Starts off by writing that she was worried no one in her totally Japanese time zone would be awake this early, despite it being Monday in Japan and people are already going to work or school.
Talking about that friend who was stalked. Kept calling Japanese police stupid, especially since they wanted the woman to stay at the station until was confirmed safe to return home.
Decides to be nasty and eat on stream. Very obnoxiously.
Claims she has taken drastic measures to hide and disguise herself so no one will ever find her. So, I guess she is pretty fat now.
Says her “YouTube fame” is the reason she can’t go out and all YouTubers can never live a normal life again. Compared herself to Boxxy and Jessie Slaughter, then hardworking superstars-from-childhood Britney Spears and Justin Bieber. Encourages her followers to sign up for PULL/lolcow to test her haters. “Haha. They will accuse you of being me!”
More gross eating. How many bowls of cereal?
“Never become a YouTuber! It will ruin your life!” She says she is forced to be a YouTuber because stalkers won’t let her work or even run a tourism website. I thought she was a good Muslim housewife who would never work because that is what evil Feminists do?
Begins a steady stream of lies and fantasy scenarios of how stalkers would try to get her information from tourist sites she visited.
Claims she has seen numerous texts and posts of KM talking of torturing and killing her.
Mentions furries and vore fetishists in the same sentence as those who say she was deported. Apparently her haters are sexually aroused by deportation.
3 hrs in and she’s still munching on something.
Sorry, I’m done with her mush-mouthed drone, phlegmy breathing and paranoia.

No. 723096

maybe she's drunk even though it's haram as fuck but so is pining over another man. nice to know we all have some collective fetish tho anons.

No. 723097

>has to disguise herself

She fucked up so bad that she hides her face in shame. What better disguise than a burka?

No. 723120

Can anyone name a major YouTube star that has even half the amount of “unexplainable” controversy and critics that she believes she has? By her logic, the more famous they are the more insane haters and stalkers they should have, regardless of how decent they are. If she can’t leave the house or show her face, surely it must be 100 times worse for those with millions of subscribers, right? Does Shane Dawson have mobs of killers after him every day? Are 10 year olds studying the reflections in DanTDM’s eyes to figure out where he lives and where he eats? Do the other, more popular Jvloggers have even a fraction of the trouble with Japanese netizens that she does?

It’s almost like… she is doing and saying particularly reprehensible things that none of these people do! For starters: wishing death upon LGBT people, preying in innocent young Muslim girls every day and supporting fucking pedophilia. I’m pretty sure no popular YouTuber has ever done that.

No. 723133

She says she doesn't stalk anyone yet she stalks Rody, all the people she hurt and she complains hope she was forced to quit YouTube because of haters. Yet still makes veggies. She uses victim hood for status when it's all bs.

No. 723164

There's still no proof of stalkers around this month. She can't provide one single evidence. November is coming up close, no sign of stalkers yet. No security camera. No new information on stalkers.

Get on with your life, Miranda

No. 723166

File: 1572250070999.jpg (96.01 KB, 1638x842, screenshot_2019_10_28_1706.JPG)

Here we go again, 2nd stream from Canada. "FAQ"


No. 723167

Is that the Planet Zoo logo……….

No. 723169

why everyone else write these detailed refutations of her 'logic' - she's fucking mentally ill. or whatever you call a learning disability. you're like calling a raving loony out for having 'not enough evidence' that they are the moon queen. it just makes you seem dumb

No. 723171

Well for one she’s accusing people of trying to kill her and lying about literally everything.
I don’t doubt she’s mentally ill but this doesn’t make us look stupid - it only confirms what she’s doing!

No. 723179

She said she has proof of KM making real threats and speaking of torturing and killing her. Where are they? That alone, if they exist, would be legitimate proof that she has reason to fear for her life or get authorities involved. So far, all I’ve seen him say is some bitter, incel-tier variations of “Mira is a nasty ho” and all that trolling in the discord screenshots. But nothing explicitly violent or disturbing. More like a bunch of people going “Mira is an asshole and deserves whatever bad luck heads her way.” and lame school yard taunts.

No. 723181

She's manipulating the creator's logo. It's against their terms of use

No. 723186

Yes exactly this. Miranda claims she fears for her life and cannot go outside etc when I expect it is her ‘stockers’ that actually have to look over their shoulder constantly and worry about whether she’s going to post more lies. The stuff she’s been saying is ridiculous and I have no idea how she gets away with it being up. The second anyone says anything about her she gets it taken down.

No. 723214

If proof existed, she would have posted it already. Miranda is neither cunning nor sly.

During last night's live stream she gave herself asspats because she thinks she's some form of genius. Sweetheart, all you do with your time is obsess over us and spread ISIS propaganda. You're not special

No. 723229

Random thoughts from her later stream since I didn't see anyone say anything.

* Rants about stockers (no surprise).
* Shows drone footage of a river that she apparently took. Seems to be in some random mountain village tourist-trap, but you can only catch a glimpse because stockers.
* Apparently if anyone learns her PC specs, then the stockers will use it against her.
* She likes to binge shows on Netflix. She needs to stop though, because she begins to have delusions that she is in the show, and that the show is occurring to her IRL.
* She recently traveled to Canada. This is confirmed because she saw "From Japan to Egypt" in Netflix. This was added to NA Netflix fairly recently, so she must have traveled recently.
* She gets trolled in the chat to call her stupid theme park "FUBAR Park," because she doesn't know what the word means. Also we're apparently going to "genetically analyze" her husband's voice any time he speaks.
* "If I was deported, I would be proud of it. I must have done something real good. If I'm going down for crimes, I better go for something great."
* Whines more about Rody.
* Stream happened around 3am CST / 5pm JST, and went for about 3 hours. She ends saying they go to sleep "mad early" in her house. So either she's legit going to bed at around 8:30PM in Japan, or she's a little goblin and is going to bed at 6AM/7AM in Canada depending on her time zone.
* She apparently wasted $15,000 on Japanese language school.
* Claims she "has a house [already] in Saudi Arabia." It's free and there's no rent, so once she moves, she's considering getting a second home in Japan.

No. 723232

The stream seems to have been deleted immediately.

No. 723234

Glad I caught it while I had the chance! Didn't miss much beyond the drone shot, which isn't consequential at all. At least she wasn't eating food for the entire 3 hours.

No. 723343

This girl sounds like she's either on drugs, or has the mental capacity of a 10 year old.

No. 723347

Man, Rodi really rubs me the wrong way. Seriously Mira is garbage but so is he. Leeching off the situation and exploiting Miranda's unhinged mental state for YouTube clout and cash. He could move on to other subjects but that requires effort and original thought on his part.

It's the type of manipulative insidiousness that often goes unnoticed really. He wouldn't have a modicum of success if he stopped parasitically clutching onto any drama he can. Or drama he's created.

No. 723374

you'd have to be a bit wrong to be such good friends with Mira in the first place - and we love it! go Rodi!

No. 723375


The Japan YTer market is saturated and Rody is too lazy to make good Japan videos. Miranda videos are probablly his most popular category second to subtitles of Japanese variety shows and clickbait "What do Japanese think about India/Pakistan/Islam/etc"

No. 723380

You (Miranda) think Rody is doing Miranda vids for clout and cash? You really think he's banking from those vids ? F outta here.

No. 723381


I suppose I understand, it's like encouragement for the sake of entertainment/enjoyment in the overarching situation. So encouraging his noxiousness provides milk.

It's just, I hope he has enough introspection to realise he's being a piece of shit. And subsequently improves himself instead of being a dingdong.

Yeah, I get that, it's just frustrating because it's the degrading easy way out. If he put effort into his content I wouldn't dislike him do much. At least Mira before going full Isis Bride/ sockpuppet-chan had some glimmer of interesting/varied content. You could see the effort put into it. (If you put aside Miranese and her flaws)
She had skill for filming and could grow it and make something of herself. But sadly all this crazy stuff happened instead which is disappointing.

No. 723385

Also to continue my response from here

I'm not Miranda you insipid twat. I live in Australia. Your response would have had more validity if you didn't resort to calling everyone who doesn't Stan Rody Miranda. Honestly. It's annoying and you can draw better conclusions.

No. 723386


>You could see the effort put into it.

Miranda half-assed everything, at best. Usually quarter-assed.

No. 723390

Yeah, that's true which is a shame really. Because if she did apply herself her videos could be better if that's what she produces being lazy.

It's also one of the reasons I dislike her. It's frustrating to see her self destruction often attributed to her own flaws and bad behaviour. I just want to reach in rewind and put her on a better path. But then we wouldn't have these funny threads I guess.

It's too late for her to overcome and right her direction I think. She's really gone off the deep end with this extremist shit. I wonder what she'd think about Trump killing baghdadi? And if we'll get milk from that?

No. 723421

People talk shit on Mira all the time. But honestly, her videos WERE entertaining and informative. Were they the best on Youtube? Absolutely not. But she did do good work in presenting Japan, even though you had to take everything with a grain of salt due to her lack of education and active misinformation that she would spread. And of course her using any excuse to get naked in an onsen and take thot pics.

Literally the only thing that stopped her from being a useful J-Vlogger is her complete flip to ISIS vlogging and doing her best to capitalize on her own drama.

Yeah, the real issue is that Rody really likes to flex. He has this idea of how he wants to be presented online in his videos, similar to that of Casey Neistat or Ricegum. Always showing off his drones, or his electronics, or his cars. To each their own, but it just seems a little vapid.

On top of that, he just doesn't have the personality of the people he's trying to emulate, even in the J-Vlogging community. He's just a little awkward. And I feel for him, because so am I. But it's been YEARS of him making the same style of slightly scuffed content with no changes in aesthetic or personality.

I don't blame him for dipping into Mira's drama. He is closer to her than anyone else in the community, and doesn't mind shitting on her. It's not professional, but it's fun when Mira is still being a damn tornado on the internet, especially for the sole fact that Rody even thinking about her seems to give Mira unending rage.

No. 723424


Mira's videos were always incoherent, incorrect and tedious. Let's not let our glasses get too rose-tinted here.

No. 723534

>her videos WERE entertaining and informative.


>active misinformation that she would spread

Those two statements contradict each other. Congrats anon, you killed your own argument.

No. 723576

She was the only western youtuber with footage of some more obscure tourist sites. Try looking up some of them and you'll only find her videos in english and then Japanese language videos.

It's not that her content is good – it was never good. It's that she was literally the only English speaking YTer to showcase some places in rural Japan.

I see a good market opportunity here but that would require a JP YTer to leave the Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka bubble.

No. 723584

File: 1572371117108.jpg (26.57 KB, 480x360, CLflKIM.jpg)

Her videos were always cringy and full of misinformation, but I guess they were a mildly entertaining guilty pleasure…
I kind of had a soft spot for her as an odd weaboo J-vlogger until she was shown to be a scammer who literally believed herself to be Japanese and know more about Japan than anyone who has ever lived

No. 723587

It was all good to laugh at the diehard weebo and just chalk it up with stupidity. But when she started this whole muslim/scammer/stoker storyline, it hard not to be disgusted and troubled. What's even more sad is that she still thinks all this hate has something to do with 5 year old drama with other jvloggers. We are WAY PAST that now.

No. 723604

I'm pretty sure the other vloggers don't even consider her an after thought now. If they do they probably laugh at the train wreck.

No. 723651


She was definitely more of an innocent laugh back in those days. Now her posting is genuinely concerning lol

No. 723669

If you think about it, it's amazing and scary how a person could change so quickly from "Fun videos about Japan" to "I am conservative & religious Islam first. Anti-liberal, Anti-feminist."

No. 723688

is this thread full of little kids that just stumbled in here yesterday? she used to make shit that pandered to alt-right.
I think the pull phenomenon is happening on here now. the people posting are as stupid as kjin and they only deride her because they feel jilted cos they want to be in some kind of partnership with her. for example cristy sab__, here >>723385
i swear to god cristy if you don't stop shitting up the fucking internet with your coat tail riding and single-white-femaling kanadajin…

No. 723706

She was so ugly back then, I can’t believe she reached an uglier phase now. Physically and mentally.

No. 723733

NTAYP But why are you posting my real name Miranda. KM messaged me. Mods can probs confirm that you're just assuming

No. 723738

You lurk? KM lurks? So what was this bs that those two have all moved on? I swear half the people who come here are probably casual lurkers and the hard core low lives who claim to be “not logged in” “moved on” “stopped talking about it” but what do you know they turn up everywhere there’s more tea. Not my business if your obsessed with Miranda or not but don’t pretend you aren’t here when you are because it gives her leverage and discredits anything you say.

No. 723740

Your English is too good to be miranda apart from the ‘your’ but I’ll ignore it.

Who are you and why do you care about lurkers?

Miranda loves to dox people so I expect they check in from time to time, you know, common sense and all that.

No. 723741

Actually I'm obsessed with gmod. Not some wannabee Saudi Arabian-Weeb or whatever she identifies with. She quit youtube so why should I care?

No. 723745

Hoping I'm not assuming too much but Sam is also involved in this drama. He's helping Miranda out to exterminate the "stockers."

Good luck getting thrown under the bus by her.

No. 723746

How do you know this?

No. 723747

Everyone who comes here. Does care. Everyone who has her on push notifications and comes to give us an update, cares. Everyone who pretends to not care, cares. Rody said it in his live show, Naruru was the one who told him she’s deported. Naruru pretends she doesn’t care, she’s moved on. Just own your own shit. Don’t pretend you don’t care and then show up everywhere. Same goes for KM. “KM isn’t stalking her the discord is dead and nobody cares they all moved on months ago” but KM is still here, still there and still in Rodis videos chatting away about Miranda. Why be a fucking pussy about your own opinion? There’s no need to do any of that shit. Chrissy you pretend to not give a shit but you were the one who kept feeding her. Kept uploading her video. Kept interacting with her. Came back to comment, I saw your comment! Here you are now quick as a whistle to see your name mentioned. Then you say you don’t care? That fact that you are here to comment means you care.

No. 723748

File: 1572433674854.png (49.05 KB, 553x456, LELE OKA.png)

I am just here coz KM sent me a message with a SS of my name. To be honest I don't keep tabs oh her. You guys over estimate me. How did you get the name by the way? It's not on Facebook or anything.

No. 723750

What do you know. Here’s the discord. The discord everyone claims they all disband and dispersed. Even if you were not the one to find your name, KM still is here 24/7 and pretends he’s not. Same with Naruru. It’s same shit different pile. I seen your comment on someone’s video not too long ago.

No. 723751

Double post. I’m not the one who posted your name to start. There’s more than one person in her annoyed with people who claim to be unaware or not involved but are right in the front lines.

No. 723752

I said "Hoping I'm not assuming too much"

It's an assumption, not 100% correct

No. 723753

That’s not fucking discord you troglodyte

No. 723754

Rodi said he doesn't want to mention the name in his livestream.

No. 723755

File: 1572434108283.png (28.36 KB, 801x162, LEL asdmsa.png)

It's a PM between two people. We have accounts.

No. 723756

If anything I think it was KM who posted your name. I am a little convinced he is a shit disturber who comes on here and uses lolcow to stoke the flames. He doesn’t use PULL because that’s not annonomous. He uses Lolcow and discord and at the same time he pretends to have “‘moved on”. What happened a few months ago? Someone randomly posted KM’s Twitter post. That’s odd? His account is private. So after a good week of Miranda not noticing his Tweet directed at her, he comes here and self posts. She blows up and it’s more entertainment for him.

No. 723757

Shut the fuck up and go make your Indonesian child husband a sandwich like the good mudslime wifu you larp as, Miranda.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 723758

Didn’t want to mention Naruru or not, we know that’s her. Who the hell else does Miranda hate? We know it’s Naruru. We have been dealing with the Naruru shit back and forth for a long time and she has come here and pretended it’s not her but it is. I really feel like Naruru and KM have the personality of Kat from Osaka. A low life loser who has no life and craves attention. Whenever there’s drama she pops up. Then she pretends she’s not interested. Whenever she has the chance to push someone into talking about Miranda or releasing some drama, there she is.

No. 723759

Only Naruru herself would get this triggered. Point proven.

No. 723760

‘Annonomous’ you give yourself away Miranda. You come here and dox Cristy to shit stir and then say it was KM who doxed her. You’re the one stoking the non existent flames yourself.
God you’re an idiot.

No. 723761

Miranda, you'll be arrested if you keep spreading defamation and slander online in Saudi Arabia. You have the freedom to defame now but until you move to Saudi Arabia, you'll need to be more careful online.

No. 723762

Shut up Miranda, there is no drama. You are the drama writing all these posts yourself!

No. 723763

Stop, get help Miranda. Naru at least pretends to respect camel fuckers. I could give a fuck about your durka durka religion. Now go cover your face and bundle up, it's cold in Canada.

No. 723764

Either way not my issue. I don't like Mirandas actions but as long as she isn't fucking with fans and sock puppetting I really couldn't give a shit about how she embarrasses herself. I backed off from this whole thing because I was sick of the drama and I had enough of that from running a gmod server. I have enough crazy internet people to deal with on the gaming communities let alone people who stalk fans because they said it was okay for their Japanese to be awkward due to being a foreigner. I am very Angry with the fact that Miranda stalked me due to my housemate inviting me to hanami and then contacted my partner trying to ruin our relationship. I have no interest in her existence. Miranda can go take a rusty chainsaw and stick it up her venereal diseased vagina for all I care. Could not give to fucks about her existence. Stop bringing me into your fucking drama Cunt(un)stable.

No. 723765

Discord is nothing more than a group chat and messenger. There's nothing wrong with that, same with WhatsApp and LINE

No. 723766

Why are you so obsessed with that discord Miranda? Post the rest of your SS if you even have any

Honestly though, this reeks of Miranda trying to cause bullshit infighting. Nobody fucking cares about individuals, we're here because Miranda Ann Constable is a scammer, a thief, and an extreme ISIS bride


No. 723768

In other words, your accusation is based on nothing. Still, you want to drag someone else's name into it who most likely has done nothing to anyone whatsoever. That's really fucked up.

No. 723769

Miranda you openly harassed and threatened to dox Bambi a while back, do you not recall?

Clearly your dumb ass tries to fit in by insulting yourself but you give yourself away in the most obvious fucking ways.

No. 723770

do you think kanadajin can spell phenomenon? why would mira dox her greatest stan

No. 723771

File: 1572437405752.jpg (23.72 KB, 264x543, IMG_20191030_080916.jpg)

Spell check, dictionaries, random people she's taking advantage of.

I've stopped asking myselF why Miranda does anything she does, she's lost her fucking mind.

But again, see the attached image. Miranda threatens to dox her actual supporters far too often.

No. 723772

It's called a "White Knight."

No. 723774

White knight or spell check

No. 723777

white knighting who? if someone is shitting on cristy for saying kanadajin "used to be good" when she was always shit, who is being white knighted?

No. 723780

When was that said? KAnadajin has always been a little snake.

No. 723787

File: 1572441291851.jpg (204.85 KB, 1085x340, Untitled-2.jpg)

No. 723788

Let me get this straight, Miranda comes here and threatens to dox Cristy, I’m assuming based on this post: >>723385
Because they say they are from Australia.
There is more than one person living in Australia Miranda, get a grip.

No. 723790

Oh Miranda, when will you learn and just get off all social media…or even better, the Internet? It will make your life so much easier and you'll never have to worry about "stockers" and "trannies" trying to get you

No. 723796

Only KM and Naruru has spoken up about Randa. From what I've seen Kat hasn't spoken about her for a long time, last time I saw it was on PULL years ago. Unless someone had seen something I missed, please screenshot and share. But imo the only person who's still be going on about Kat would be Miranda.

No. 723802

File: 1572447110808.png (140.78 KB, 1154x558, スクリーンショット 2019-10-30 23.51.29.…)

Miranda denies being an extremist

No. 723803

Taking 2 min a day to get a laugh of her stupidity or your pathetic wasteful posts is not 24/7, it's just to see if she's gone yet.
No point posting without any milk or tea.
And when ppl I know are mentioned I'll let them know, then they can do what they want.
I left both of the discords in April/May or around that, no point being there.
And for my twitter I made it private after she started to get my Japan pictures removed somehow.
So how much shit does she got on you sam? Cause you tell lies for her and keep sucking up to her ass for nothing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 723809

File: 1572448878191.jpg (234.53 KB, 1206x1120, mJ9OawE.jpg)

^Lol. Is this a true Muslim belief? If it is, then Mira will spend a looooooong time in Jahanam/Hell. It’s made worse by the fact that she does not practice charity or good deeds that would benefit her in judgement day.

No. 723813

Just because you personally have not seen people speaking up against Miranda doesn't mean they don't exist, Sam.

You have your head stuck so far up her ass you might as well be Quasimodo herself.

No. 723836

This is veering into cringy high school drama posts you see online between kids.

No. 723857

File: 1572459039721.jpg (312.64 KB, 1440x1619, 20191030_140950.jpg)

Miranda: "I've never made a sock account in my life!!"
Also Miranda: -creates 25 different Twitter accounts to post on them once and abandon them

No. 723861

File: 1572460346409.jpeg (24.56 KB, 495x619, images (25).jpeg)

Not sure how your delusional mind got you to thinking I'm Sam…

No. 723867

File: 1572463165303.png (138.67 KB, 1164x688, スクリーンショット 2019-10-31 4.19.07.p…)

Just in case you weren't sure if this is actually a Miranda sock puppet account

No. 723869

File: 1572463317326.png (987.63 KB, 1164x1108, スクリーンショット 2019-10-31 4.21.33.p…)

Miranda seems to be really sensitive about being a SUPER fat and short niqabi

No. 723872

Miranda has the mentality of a someone that age so you’re not wrong

No. 723873

File: 1572463661801.png (575.99 KB, 790x1038, スクリーンショット 2019-10-31 4.26.05.p…)

You would think that Miranda would make a sockpuppet account that looks different from her main propaganda account, but she clearly can't think that far

No. 723876

File: 1572463878133.png (366.09 KB, 1226x1264, スクリーンショット 2019-10-31 4.31.19.p…)

Miranda rants again that WWE = PORN FILTH

No. 723883

If that is true ehy did she mKe that video after the Rachel and Jun thing?

No. 723889

Didn't Miranda say on her live stream that " if you don't like something, just ignore it" and dont go looking for it (referring to her stockers). It's obvious her hypocritical mind can't process taking her own advice.

Miranda, you don't even live there. Stop getting their goat milk sack panties so tight hun and make some more hummus sandwiches with chips for your nonlegal husband.

No. 723891

For someone who quit youtube she sure is loud

No. 723907

So it's all cool in Islam to idolize the royal family?

No. 723921

File: 1572477373456.png (1.36 MB, 2132x1198, スクリーンショット 2019-10-31 8.16.02.p…)

Her twitter clearly shows that she is not a muslim and just a Saudi fetishist

No. 723942

Basically her and Toyosam lived together he covers for her because he is also hated. So I think it’s a bond or something.

No. 724011

And you know he's "covering for her" how?

No. 724014

He made a video

No. 724018

I've seen two videos he's made that involve Miranda, one live stream in which she appears, and one in which he's rating a bunch of J-vloggers including her. If you are referring to the latter, please explain how he was "covering for her" in it.

No. 724023

You're obviously doing the "who?" and "what?" questions. What's your problem? Are you best friends with Sam?

No. 724028

No, I never met Sam. I just have a problem with people who are a little too eager to make baseless accusations. So, if you have proof of something, just post it or shut up.

No. 724056

He is also a visa scammer and lied about having self-sponsored PR. He was married to a Japanese woman, but of course that didn’t last. I wouldn’t doubt Miria massaged his necrotizing pannus in her more desperate times.

No. 724075

"I never met Sam"

No. 724088

File: 1572504947049.png (166.57 KB, 1224x598, スクリーンショット 2019-10-31 15.44.47.…)

Continues rant about WWE

No. 724092


So who has the Miranda hair porn pics saved?

Post em.

No. 724098

If you type Mira Nagayama into google you will find them all

No. 724104

Do I need to add that I'm also not him? My only connection to him is that I have watched, and sometimes commented on, some of his YT videos and live streams. I can say the same thing for at least half a dozen other J-vloggers.

He is not a personal friend of mine nor has he ever done me any harm. Does this statement apply to you as well? If it does, I would suggest that you refrain from attempting to tie him in with the situations that Miranda has managed to create all by herself. It's the decent thing to do.

No. 724105

File: 1572514299645.png (373.36 KB, 815x458, Screenshot_(48).thumb.png.e402…)

All the hair porn pics are online if you look for them

No. 724116

old threads have plenty too

No. 724118

File: 1572518897769.jpg (18.41 KB, 450x600, PZURRoF.jpg)


These images are all easily searchable on Google, as are her videos and old tweets.

No. 724120

File: 1572519993944.jpg (Spoiler Image,18.31 KB, 480x360, 9ntajYg_d.jpg)

Which hair porn image are you looking for, anon?

No. 724125

File: 1572524338772.jpg (130.25 KB, 887x877, K3_penis.jpg)

You don't use your teeth girl. No wonder you could never get a real man and had to take baby-hand fish-mouth.

No. 724129

File: 1572525602909.jpeg (252.25 KB, 750x700, 0C62CCC0-AB56-4819-8A78-6EE917…)

Miranda asks for the origin of this Hadith so she can use it to justify her accusing and judging others, because HypoCRiteS are AmOnG Us

No. 724141

File: 1572527380277.png (156.47 KB, 752x698, adgasdf.png)

No. 724142

File: 1572527419865.png (82.86 KB, 662x373, adgasdf1.png)

No. 724149

Why is she always asking her Saudi followers for information about Saudi Arabia, Arabic or Qur’an clarifications when she’s has her “best husband in the world” right there? He should have all the answers for her and she shouldn’t have to rely on other men for validation.

That Rodi thirst. If she can angrily curse a bunch of Saudi kids she never met just because like K-pop, she should have no concern over the fate of Rodi’s soul. If he’s so bad, she should be happy that he’s supposed to go to Hell. Why is she so interested in “saving” him if the only man she should care about is her dainty husband?

No. 724155

Well because he knows she got deported and he won’t say anything about it. This is very unlike him since he jumps on drama.

His not a visa scammer he is just a liar but if he hid his wife I kind of understand because I don’t believe putting anyone’s family on the internet is a good thing.

No. 724175

Are you serious? Do you really think it's his duty to announce what Miranda is up to?

No. 724180


She was totes always a conservative guys! A hair dying, punk listening, alcohol and drug using, anal sex having conservative Christian.

It's fine that she wants to do those things, but to condemn other young people for wanting to explore themselves, have fun, enjoy their beauty and youth, like she did, is just pure evil.

All the pursuits you could devote your human life to, and Miranda chooses to be a Twitter troll, whose terrible choices have lead to her terrible reputation (that she pretends doesn't exist or is unjustified).

No. 724207


This shit again? It's obvious Rodi is a not a radical Muslim like Miranda yet she wants to use this who " talk bad about a sister" BS OVER and OVER again.

Her husband must be a spineless blob and an awful Muslim for having his "wife" defend herself online like that. LMAO

No. 724297

This screams feminism

No. 724304

File: 1572566580379.jpg (366.39 KB, 450x675, 1560707211855.jpg)

No. 724361

Might explain why Miranda is so against feminism. But it also means we should not believe anything that Miranda claims.

No. 724398

Despite the calm and careful delivery of this man, these quotes are still as horrific as if he had been shouting them. This hateful degradation of women’s intellect and morality exists all throughout the Quran and yet Mira conducts herself in an aggressive, stereotypically masculine way to defend this fantasy. Shouldn’t the husband be doing that for her? Where is he? Why does he act like the submissive wife that she is supposed to be?

She speaks of being compelled to preach and criticize “bad Muslims” due to her her fate in the afterlife but there isn’t any reward for women except watching your heavenly husband fuck big-tittied transparent glittering nymphs that are more perfect than you in every way. Unless she has it in her head that she will be one of women chosen to be reincarnated as a Houri, which is really sad.

No. 724441

File: 1572589530027.png (69.21 KB, 605x353, Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 23.2…)

Females wrestling is EVILLLLLLL .. spoookkkyyyyyy

No. 724451

Women's rights are the reason you get to run your shitty Twitter account Mira, if other women want to use that right to wrestle in a mud pit then they're allowed to.

No. 724462

I watched some of it, everyone there was having a great time.
Would you believe it, actual people with thoughts and feelings in their own country doing something new and fun!
Miranda literally comes across like someone from the westboro baptist church, only a matter of time before she starts spitting Allah hates fags.
Absolutely proves she doesn’t give a crap about Islam, she’s just fetishising Saudi.

No. 724474

Judging from her rants on twitter and here, she's still at the "Allah hates trannies" stage

No. 724494

File: 1572605795763.jpeg (232.75 KB, 750x612, 9F0B0E1E-4411-48FE-B902-DDD9E5…)

She’s been changing her bio constantly. Apparently her Twitter defends Islam and Saudi.

I’m not sure that it does Miranda, you say many hateful things. That goes against Islam.

No. 724495

I'm pretty convinced at this point that the main reason she loves oppression and is against women being uncovered is because she knows how unfortunate looking she is, so she not only wants to cover herself from criticism, but she wants all other women more attractive than her covered so her manlet doesnt get wandering eyes or want another wife. Sad sad life.

Sage for non contribution.

No. 724615

She has already pretty much said that when she said gay people who had sex with other people of the same sex deserved to die due to the haram-ity of it all.

No. 724691

No it’s not his job. The fact that he pretends she’s just in Japan when people ask him on the internet and then tells everyone else in person what really happened is ironic. That’s all I’m saying. His a compulsive liar so it’s kind of his thing though

No. 724735

Be careful what you claim to be a "fact." I think if you knew that that was indeed what was happening you'd have said so upon learning of it. Since up until now you've been posting only vague unsubstantiated accusations, it frames it as being a recent fabrication. So quit pointing fingers at uninvolved third parties when you have no proof.

No. 724738

Why the fuck do white people feel they need to defend other races and religions. They're a train wreck as it is Saudi's and Islam, your defense is only making things worse. And Saudi's will have a target on her head the moment she lands by pissing off the wrong people.

No. 724742

It’s probably Zack. He claims to know things that others don’t. He also has big beef with Sam and well you know, also uses the discord everyone talks about.

No. 724743

It’s probably Zack. He claims to know things that others don’t. He also has big beef with Sam and well you know, also uses the discord everyone talks about.

No. 724744

It’s probably Zack. He claims to know things that others don’t. He also has big beef with Sam and well you know, also uses the discord everyone talks about.

No. 724745

It’s probably Zack. He claims to know things that others don’t. He also has big beef with Sam and well you know, also uses the discord everyone talks about.

No. 724747

People like that only make matters worse.

No. 724778

I know it’s a fact because he told me directly. I actually like Sam I’m just stating that he has a huge lying problem.

No. 724779

>Well you know
Hi Sam don’t get mad you told me this yourself. Also who’s zack?

No. 724781

Stop spreading nonsense. Mr. blowjob guy. If you have info, pictures or it didn’t happen. If it happened then go back to Sam and record him saying it. Sitting online day and night saying “Someone told me Miranda got deported” means shit in the online world. For all you know you could be Miranda. We have had so many anons come in and out with BS then they fk right off.

No. 724782

Blown your cover. Everyone who knows anything about Sam knows he can’t stop talking about how much he hates Zack. If you were close enough to Sam for him to randomly tell you “Randa got deported” then you would also know who Zack is. So is this your way of pretending you are not Zack? But pretending you don’t know who you are? Typical.

No. 724788

>Y-you have no proof
Ok then where is she? If she wasn’t deported why isn’t she back in Japan?

What cover? I don’t follow jvloggers or even Sam for that matter we just talked about the deporting thing since we all knew each other. I have no idea who zack is.
Anything else I can clear up for you?

No. 724792

Are we supposed to not notice that you're changing your story now? Please do us all a favor and shut up and go away.

No. 724793

>But pretending you don’t know who you are? Typical.

NTA but how is this typical? Then you must know this anon personally for you to be familiar with their behavior. Who are YOU?

Lol. The Jvlogging community is cannibalistic. You guys all have dirt on one another and come to lolcow or PULL. And Sam is back in Japan now? Who let that whale back in? Kyodo Senpaku missed their chance to gather him up.

No. 724794

How did I change any story? He literally told me and that’s that.

No. 724795

Because it’s probably Sam. Sam I’ll call you up on Skype hop online we can hash it out.

No. 724796

What the hell are you guys talking about? Bring the topic back to Miranda

No. 724800

Enough of this “Sam this Sam that shit”. Don’t pretend you didn’t know Sam lives in Japan now if he apparently told you she was deported. If you have such conversation then post it. Or come clean who you are because if Sam told you something, and you think Sam is here then why the fuck you scared to remain a no name? Tell us who you are or get the fuck out. You are wasting our time with your evidenceless claims.

No. 724801

I know Sam lives in Japan never said he was deported?

Ok let me just call him up and record the conversation. Hop online Sam.

Are you seriously this slow? I’ll say this one last time if Mira could come back she would. Dummy.

No. 724802

>Or come clean who you are
>why the fuck you scared to remain a no name?

Oh my God. That English. That strangely familiar aggression.

She’s confusing my posts with yours and panicking. She forgets how many people in Japan know all about her. Please call Sam sandwich up. This is too funny.

No. 724803

Lol. Yeah I think so I figured I was talking to her and him.

Hi Mira you know you got deported calm down and you know Sam knows and you know he has a big mouth.

No. 724804

Oh, please. You've gone from "I said 'Hoping I'm not assuming too much' It's an assumption, not 100% correct" to "He literally told me and that’s that." That's a significant change in your story.

No. 724806

Don’t turn this shit around and use the “Hi Mira” card Zack. Yes. Call Sam. Record it and upload it. Or get the fuck out.

No. 724807


No. 724811

No. 724818


No. 724820

No. 724821

Stop spamming the forum. You said you would call Sam and record it. It’s been 2 hours now. Still waiting.

No. 724822

Calm your niqab, go back to tweeting nonsense

No. 724826

File: 1572698742008.png (150.09 KB, 1228x581, kjhtreaesrd.png)

No. 724829

File: 1572698910600.png (141.36 KB, 1264x777, jurewstrdhgdz.png)

No. 724832

Doesn't Miranda see the contradiction in using the pronoun "we" when talking about people from Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Canada? Why not choose one country to identify with?

No. 724840

this isn’t a forum you fucking newfag. learn to integrate.

No. 724842

He hasn’t replied and says he is offline. Guess he is just avoiding me.

No. 724851

File: 1572708534590.jpg (18.87 KB, 275x202, 1568909043798.jpg)

Seriously, wtf is happening right now? Why the fuck has this thread turned into some private chat between two autists who can't provide proof?

No. 724864

>We have a very very very very very conservative mindset here.

No WE don’t. If that unbelievably conservative hive mind were true, then she would have had no problem maintaining a marriage with a Japanese man(men) and making lots of normal Japanese friends. However, it was completely opposite and she was rejected. She keeps asking projecting a fantasy version of Japan that doesn’t exist. It’s only conservative in some ways, more liberal and complex in others. The Japanese sex industry would like to say “Hello!”, Mira! She spent so many years in Japan but only hung out with a revolving door of young foreigners. How the Hell would she know what Japanese think and feel when she never cared to know them? She failed being a wife after 2 months and complained the whole time! She just studies Japanese like an animal researcher and anthropomorphizes them to her liking.

She has never figured out the distinction between a thread and an entire forum.

Just two?

No. 724872

Miranda tries to act smart and only shows she doesn’t understand what “per capita” means

No. 724877

According to Miranda's figures, the number of automobile fatalities in Saudi exceeds the number of all automobile accidents (presumably both fatal and non-fatal) in Libya. The conclusion she draws from this is "Meaning Per every car accident you are more likely to die in Libya." She really does seem to be incapable of logical thought.

Miranda really needs to see this:

No. 724882

And there you have it. She digging this whole Muslim thing so that her so called husband is forbidden to stray and must care for her emotionally and financing because she's been hurt so many times in the past.

We'll see how this goes.

No. 724905

It’s not rocket science that her ‘husbando’ is either on the spectrum or a fugly troll (weird small hands?)
Miranda’s intent was to marry a ‘saudi’ yet she’s likely just befriended someone who couldn’t marry anyone and his parents were eager for him to marry literally any ‘muslim’

No. 724918

I found a video of Miranda's husband on a treadmill:

No. 724925

I also though the comment about traditional Japanese housewives to be a little strange. There are tons of single working women in Japan. It's true that she learned so little about actual culture while there.

No. 724950

Isn't there a growing problem in Japan where more and more young people are choosing to work instead of marrying/starting families? She's such a retard

No. 724999

She learned everything about Japan from 2000-2010 anime.

No. 725064

Yeah that’s not the women’s fault though the men here are pretty pathetic.

No. 725102

Yeah, the age of first marriage and first child are getting later and later. For those that are married there is still trouble finding daycare/being accepted in daycare many areas too. Does Mira think intact Japanese families are putting their kids in expensive daycare because they enjoy wasting money? It’s necessity.

Half the Japanese moms I know are working at least part time or they return to work as soon as their youngest child enters youchien(preschool) at 3. Most families can’t afford the old lifestyle unless they have healthy grandparents living with them and it has been that way for a long time. Also, these days are more young Japanese dads spend more time watching the children while the mother gets more work hours or they may be stay-at-home/work-from-home dad. Does Mira not observe the world around her? But then we must remember that this is the woman that continued a housewife in Japan series despite claiming she was no longer married. Then she would argue with YouTube commenters about how she didn’t need experience being an actual housewife to tell you how to be a housewife.

No. 725145

Just because there’s a boom of women who are not getting married doesn’t mean the amount of people who are house wives is low. Remember Japan’s population is made up of mostly people over 45 years old. Try to find a older married woman who is still working it’s quite scarce. This is a society where men don’t even sit in the delivery room when his wife gives birth because work is more important. This is the same society where younger women complain they can’t get promoted because fear they will once get married and eventually quit the company. It’s pretty much guaranteed that once you get married the days of you working is limited. It’s expected for you to be the one to prepare the meals and clean the house regardless if you are working or not. Visit any in-laws house and you will find that the daughter in law is required to assist the mother in cooking and cleaning. This practice would be a burden in western societies and would be rude to ask the guests, especially based on her gender to clean.(mira, posting from canada)

No. 725154

just to note, third gender is called x-gender in japan aka non binary. Common terms are ftx (female to nb) or mtx (male to nb).
saged bc no one cares

No. 725165

Nobody said the amount of housewives is low or it isn’t common! Just it isn’t unusual to see working women and more untraditional families. Mira asserts that Japan is an ultra conservative Islam-worthy paradise where everyone agrees with her warped views. Did you miss the part where she declares there is a 5x conservative mindset that is identical to hers? She is saying Japanese society reflects her own way of thinking and if you live here you know it does not. Just because Japanese are more conservative or they are considered to have outdated views on gender roles compared to Scandinavia doesn’t mean we’re seeing anything in the level of her barbaric fantasies.

> Visit any in-laws house and you will find that the daughter in law is required to assist the mother in cooking and cleaning. This practice would be a burden in western societies and would be rude to ask the guests, especially based on her gender to clean.

Did you just compare family and ordinary female guests? And even though it is a sexist practice, yes it is very common for female family members to cook and clean together in the West. Which gender utopia do you live? I want to visit some day.

No. 725167

>(mira, posting from canada)

very significant note, thankyou farmhand!

No. 725173

If you both live in Japan, Miranda, how did you make this post in Canada?

You live a sad life obsessed with lolcow and PULL. You try to pretend you live in Japan and yet you live in Canada. Pathetic

No. 725174

File: 1572781244053.jpg (343.44 KB, 1373x882, 20191103_063932.jpg)

No. 725175

Didn't she admit before that they didn't actually live together in Japan?

No. 725179

20 bucks says she and her Indonesian manchild husband got an islamic paper only marriage, teied to get back into living in Japan and were denied. I bet they've been in Canada since the time they had the fake ceremony. She lies about living in Japan, I'm sure she's lying about being a devout Muslim.

No. 725185

Well the guy was/is apparently on a student visa, from what little i can remember reading here, so he could probably get back in Japan no problem.
On the other hand, if Miranda leave Japan, i find it very hard to believe she would be allowed back in.

Anyway, i also want to thank the farmhand who wrote the little note up there!

No. 725186

File: 1572787580169.png (205.48 KB, 769x812, se5rt78.png)

No. 725187

File: 1572787610817.png (192.66 KB, 865x842, fdse5r6.png)

No. 725189

Asking for these videos removed count as good deeds FOR ME!

No Miranda that is not what a good deed is, that is your selfishness. You are as stupid as you are horrible!

No. 725190

And harassing the uploader for not taking the video down is a good deed FOR ME!

No. 725198

The same idiot who left her first Japanese husband because he wanted to take a temporary job offer in the UK and she wouldn't go with him. Using him for a visa to stay in Japan, she was not for love with him or she'd have stayed married with the first husband.

No. 725209

So it's all about getting islam cookies for the afterlife? Sounds like the building blocks for extremism.

No. 725212

File: 1572801550624.png (336.45 KB, 1246x1324, スクリーンショット 2019-11-04 2.17.41.p…)

Miranda continues to complain that Saudi law isn't fair since her "marriage" isn't recognized in KSA

No. 725227

It will never fail to amuse me how she simultaneously takes Saudi Arabia for the one and only holy land where sacred law reigns and STILL ACCEPTS SHE CANNOT AND WILL NEVER BE PART OF IT, by said laws. This alone should be some suicide-inducing identity conflict, but here she is everyday, shilling for the same country that would rather take in bare-haired tourists than her and her refused entrance ticket husband.

I wonder what will succeed after her finally coming to terms with the fact that her newest visa marriage failed hard, and that she's stuck with a useless husband. Will she burn bridges and divorce? Will she backpedal on all the YES MY MARRIAGE IS VALID H8RS and claim it never was to justify the separation? Will she try to justify it on abuse allegations? Will she be able to trick another muslim into marrying her after that? I can't wait.

No. 725235

Most likely she will claim he was not Muslim enough so they had to "separate".

No. 725270

Then what, look for a FOURTH fucking husband? So halal.

No. 725335

Dont forget rules doesnt apply to Miranda. They need to be followed by everyone else, just not her.

No. 725650

File: 1572922327884.jpg (300.57 KB, 1242x1507, vqb6flU.jpg)

^Found something very interesting about all this whining. Her Canadian female buddy there went on to share a screenshot of a rough translation about the law. At the bottom:
>If they’ve been previously married, they have to wait to(two) years after divorce to marry each other.

If that is true, then it is not only the minimum age requirement Mira violated, but it has only been no more than 6 months since she was supposed to have been divorced. She also claimed to KM that she was married before they traveled Japan together! Is this where that “moving to Saudi in 1-3 years” comes from? This current marriage is illegal in multiple ways.

Oh, shit! I honestly thought I was arguing with Sam. Even if it wasn’t Mira, imagine a Canadian person trying lecture people living and working in Japan, especially those who are legitimately married and raising children here.

I never understood why she thought telling that awful story made her look like the good guy! If you can’t move with your husband to his 1-2 year job, you can still wait for him back home until he returns. This is not exclusive to Japanese but what wives all over the world experience when you have to earn money for your family. Why couldn’t she give it a few more months to see how it goes when they were long distance? She was already living with his family, was making friends and working on her YouTube channel so she wasn’t alone or in need. Why did she not even try to make it work? Then after the divorce, she quickly moved in with a new man like nothing happened!

She did the same with Japan. She praised her idealized version of it, even tried to side with nationalists about protecting the purity Japanese culture against Chinese and Koreans. Then she realized all that uyoku shit also worked against her and the law didn’t legally recognize “feeling Japanese”.

No. 725673

yes these marriage rules have been posted in previous threads. her marriage will not be recognised in SA because it breaks a shit ton of the rules, and she couldn't even get a visa to do the Hajj. she'll rot in Canada (just like farmhand confirmed >>725145 )
with the frogman until she finds a pretext to divorce him and change identities again.

No. 725699

Sorry, I forgot if anyone specifically spoke about the two year waiting period. Yet we see her holler about the youngins committing zina and how the world needs Sharia law when she blatantly disregarded SA laws. I really want to know what she was thinking when did that. Was it really just the quickest way to cover up her then-impending deportation? I’m also surprised marriage service at ISNA matched her with someone like that, if her plan was actually to live in Saudi Arabia. Either settling in Canada was always her plan or the service was as ridiculously ignorant as Mira about Saudi law.

No. 725715

The truth must be that he isn’t a Saudi, if he was he has violated laws and I’m sure he would be punished if he returned?
If this is true Miranda is starting to look more and more pathetic. Never seen someone with such an obsession in my life

No. 725717

File: 1572944493144.png (396.43 KB, 1404x2238, Untitled-1.png)

No. 725718

File: 1572944517277.png (457.88 KB, 1404x2238, Untitled-2.png)

No. 725719

File: 1572944546002.png (855.3 KB, 1404x2238, Untitled-3.png)

No. 725720

File: 1572944589572.png (274 KB, 1404x2238, Untitled-4.png)

No. 725723

Why doesn't her Saudi husband translate for her?

No. 725724

Maybe he is but his parents wanted him gone? Especially if he was sent away to study. It happens a lot with Asian students in other countries, their parent want them gone because they're gay or because they've gotten into trouble at home, they're an embarrassment. I'm not sure if this idea translates to SA though. He has the passport somehow but he doesn't live at home and got married to a Canadian without thinking how he'd take his wife home to SA.

No. 725725

File: 1572947178417.png (57.96 KB, 581x702, vgftr657tyuh.png)

He can say "no" to her translation requests

No. 725730

How is it acceptable to keep saying this when she has been obsessed with Saudi Arabia for 3(?) years, went full ISIS for Islam and married a Saudi man? She has no job or responsibilities so why isn’t she studying Arabic all day so she can at least claim to be at an elementary level? This is the same woman who declared she would never teach her children English because they should only speak Japanese in Japan. But she does not have the same dedication to language of the her favorite country and husband’s homeland?

I think this is very believable. Some people are acting like there aren’t black sheep loser Saudi guys too. If he wanted stay longer in Canada/not be forced to return unsuccessful to Saudi Arabia, marrying someone like Mira on the quick wouldn’t be out if the question. He may be that much of a fuck up that he has no choice, or, he’s planning to bail once that PR comes in.

Maybe the dude can barely read or write. Only crayons are suitable for his baby hands. Actually, something is very weird about her constantly asking for translations when she is supposed to be married to a native speaker, followed by her insistence that she cannot read Arabic.

No. 725761

Miranda is finally making the effort to only tweet during Japan timezone

Sad bitch really sleeps all day and tweets all night, pretending she's in Japan. You've been clocked in Canada and are a known liar. I know you're reading this, Miranda.

You know what's better than hiding in sin? Coming clean.

No. 725764

My point about asking why her Saudi husband won't translate for her was to say, he isn't fucking Saudi. He's Indonesian. I mean, comeon. No Saudi conservative is going to allow their wife to engage with men online, break Saudi rules about marriage for her, etc etc etc. But some ignorant backwoods Indonesian, sure.

No. 725772

Backwoods? You mean backWARDS, right?

Remember when Miranda pissed off a bunch of people for subtitling videos in Saudi dialect? And now all of a sudden she can’t read Arabic, that’s a little fishy.
I don’t know what to make of that exactly but being deported seems to be more believable by the day.

No. 725796

I’m starting to think the husband is actually fake. He’s just some random weirdo she picked up at the mosque because he showed her a bit of attention.
Miranda probably lives in her Mum’s basement.. sleeps all day and posts cringe all night.
I think her internal monologue needs it’s own subreddit, it’d be such an interesting read.

No. 725806

The Saudi subtitles were done by her husband. That’s already been established.

No. 725808

Where, fellow anon?

She could have been in contact with anyone who speaks the Saudi dialect, Miranda has openly admitted befriending literally anyone online

No. 725811


Established by who?

No. 725812

Sorry, this isn't a fact. It's merely some bullshit from the mouth of Miranda herself.

No. 725813

I guess it came from her but still.

No. 725839

This scum woman is going live on youtube at 5:00am Tokyo time. Yeah sure we all believe you're in Japan Miranda.

No. 725876

>>725764 Don't think anyone here is in any position to judge Miranda's English. How about shutting up about things you guys are guilty of too?

No. 725918


A retarded ape speaks better English than Miranda. So, move along dear..

No. 725927

Ahahahahaha, shit quality bait. I'll pick on Fuglimoto all I want for whatever I want.

No. 725962

Common, why you have to hate on us vile next level annonomous stockers and haterz? Go back to your islamic univercity, Miranda

No. 725979

Damn Miranda, basically because some of us are not native English speakers, so it’s okay, but you, a native speaker are unable to speak/write properly LMFAO.

No. 725986

>Backwoods? You mean backWARDS, right?

Nah that's fine, it's old lingo. Not really used in usa anymore since it mean a completly different things nowaday, it can still be used in other part of the world, often rural area.

No. 726068

Backwoods means hick/hillbilly, or whatever the equivalent is to someone who lives rural and doesn't have much intelligence.

No. 726072

Lol, this is proof that if you say anything against someone on this forum, people automatically think you're Miranda. Check my IP address. Not Miranda XD.

No. 726081

"Check my IP address"
Regular users don't have this ability, you tard.

Mods have been watching IPs, and they just called Miranda out in Canada. Whether you're her or the white knight stuck so far up her asshole, she's in Canada.

No. 726083

That’s not true, not everyone gets accused because miranda uses her own version of English that is easy to detect.
You’re clearly a newfag so you can’t have read through many threads to notice this..

If you’re a wk, can I ask why on earth would you stick up for this psycho?

No. 726102

The thread is so easily derailed.

No. 726110

>>726083 Call this bitch out by all means. My point is don't be a hypocrite. Miranda deserves all this for her disgusting, damaging behavior.
>>726081 Didn't ask you, did I? lol

No. 726112

File: 1573047486574.png (146.15 KB, 593x477, unknown2.png)

No. 726114

File: 1573047626419.png (190.94 KB, 585x755, unknown1.png)

Google translation:

I am confident that the Saudi warbler has become more aware of expectations and the demolition of all plans.


This puts a Canadian ”and my Saudi husband” the last sentence to justify its intervention in the affairs of the state and the citizen, and I do not hide the huge amount of identifiers of the State in these malicious ways, fools our scientists and demonizing the decisions of the state insidiously


No. 726116

File: 1573047766034.png (122.13 KB, 589x859, unknown3.png)

Hashtag says "intruder"

No. 726135

>Didn't ask you, did I? lol

If you make a post in a public, anonymous forum, It is open for anyone to respond to it. That's the way it works, sweetie.

No. 726138


I doubt they are living together. Miranda is probably living in Canada with her parents while her 'Saudi' manchild is on his work permit or whatever.

Miranda likes niquabs so much so she can disguise herself in the town Walmart.

No. 726565

I did briefly hear a soft-spoken male voice in her second to the last(?) live. Like he was looking to something and she gave a direction to him. Sorry, I can’t stomach watching it again to get the exact transcript but there I do believe he lives with her. However, it’s impossible to know how close they actually are or if he chooses to spend most of his free time with her. She sure spends a lot of time on Twitter and those unbelievably long gaming streams so I highly doubt she’s the attentive and busy Suzy Homemaker she pretends to be.

No. 727016

The electronic bees, or any reference to bees concerning Saudi is a counter movement against the government. Same people who rode hard for Kasshogi and other dissidents. Miranda is going to piss off the right one soon.

No. 727021

Fortunately, she's safe in Canada.

No. 727211

File: 1573264296707.jpg (198.57 KB, 1227x1013, A4cQNCz.jpg)

That’s right you guys! She didn’t make such a mess on Saudi Twitter that she would never be able to show her face in Saudi Arabia. It’s not because her husband wants to remain in Canada like he always planned. It’s not because she lives in poverty due to her own laziness and financial mismanagement. It’s because Saudi Arabia has changed soooo much that Japan, where 99% of people don’t give a shit about Islam and they enjoy more “haram” things than Saudi would in a million years, is more Wahhabist-friendly than the birthplace of Islam.

She posted this at 5 am Japan time and was playing on Twitter a few hours before that. Lol. Also, her food poisoning is due to chocolate. Sure, filthy lazy Mira.

No. 727215

Because Japan is better for a conservative Muslim over Saudi Arabia? What? Goddamn she really is a delusional twat. Confirmed living in Canada.

No. 727216

"We are unsure as to what we are doing now about moving to Saudi Arabia" means "There is no way in hell KSA will ever issue me a visa to live there"

No. 727227

File: 1573267695380.png (163.67 KB, 1204x944, スクリーンショット 2019-11-09 11.48.10.…)

Miranda claims that it is because Saudi is becoming too defiled for her taste

No. 727228

File: 1573267731461.png (65.92 KB, 1238x198, スクリーンショット 2019-11-09 11.49.10.…)

But Japan is still better than Canada

No. 727263

Her and her hubby are probably toasted right now

No. 727266

File: 1573272107489.jpg (206.01 KB, 1204x1913, Cv6NhHV.jpg)

According to this year’s Global Muslim Travel Index, these are the most Muslim-friendly countries to visit. The first list is all Muslim-majority countries, which would be best destinations for the most conservative Muslims and most enforce Sharia Law. Second list is non-Muslim countries, which are obviously better for moderate and laid-back Muslims. If you visit Muslim expat forums, the people there overwhelmingly suggest Canada as a place to live long term, followed by UAE and the USA. A conservative Muslim who wants Sharia Law, strict moral codes and least amount of inconvenience for their lifestyle would never choose a country like Japan. Japan is where Muslims go when they want to ESCAPE the most oppressive aspects of their religion.

I swear, she always looks and sounds baked.

No. 727301

File: 1573280554167.png (43.48 KB, 773x246, Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 22.2…)

Didn't we all call that she will backtrack on her Saudi moving plans because it's not living up to her radical expectations and use that as an excuse?

No. 727306

File: 1573280797705.png (72.9 KB, 593x335, Dumbass.png)

Miranda's all in or nothing.

No. 727324

Yup. Her "reason" is complete bullshit. Even if Saudi has started allowing concerts and intermixing of the sexes, etc., it is still a country where it is FAR easier for her to play out her ISIS fetish than Japan, a country that is full of haram things and has few muslims

No. 727385

File: 1573297144520.jpg (62.62 KB, 608x661, tgGFsFh.jpg)


No. 727387

hell Saudi is paying influencers to come and promote the slave made country. They're not dumb, they know they can't depend on oil and now are trying to move to tourism

what she gonna do lmao

No. 727388

Shouldn't 25,000 be easy for Miranda's husband to pay since is family is rich and has multiple houses and servants?

No. 727389

File: 1573297481651.jpg (266.66 KB, 1440x2560, 2UVt5KA.jpg)

I know these are old but I just noticed the timeframe. She poses this question about paying a $25,000 fine in September 2017. In December 2017, just a few months later, she was selling her new story to KM about going to “univercity” and begging him to loan her money towards a total $20,000. Is that really the fine she would be charged in Saudi Arabia or was that her moving/apartment fee for Canada?

No. 727392

That’s a really good point anon however I believe she was just in credit card debt.
She probably had rent arrears too.

No. 727393

So basically Miranda and her "rich husband" can't afford the $25,000 penalty, so she is making up a bullshit story about how Saudi is now a fake muslim country and Japan is easier for her to practice her religion?

No. 727394

Wait, she's okay with living in Japan?

She's been showing off her Saudi husband and "moving to SA" pride all over the internet and now this?

I smell hypocrisy.

No. 727402

This is what I think. They would get in trouble if they entered the country together and she’s stuck. The man is also poor and she refuses to work, something she brags about openly. She had the audacity to quote this Hadith to someone on Twitter “The poor Muslims will enter Paradise before the rich by half of a day, the length of which is five hundred years.”, as if her situation is anything like that of unfortunate people who have the odds stacked against them. You won’t be rewarded for constantly making bad decisions and being an impulsive mess. This all makes me wonder if this guy was able to pay mahr, the Islamically required payment of money or possessions to the bride as proof he can support her.

It’s pretty funny that she claims she has a gang of killers stalking her in Japan and Japanese police are useless to protect her, yet she rejects the safety of generous harassment and stalking laws of Canada and the lethal punishment the stalkers would face in Saudi Arabia. Now she claims Japan(Toronto) is her safest option in the world after crying endlessly about how she is terrified to leave her house and has to wear a disguise? She’d rather be horrifically murdered without a penny to her name than smell weed smoke or see a K-POP poster.

No. 727411

She said before that mahr doesn't have to be money…it could be a cheap item or something or teaching her about islam…bullshit she made up to hide the fact that her husband is poor

No. 727432

File: 1573309172283.jpg (215.21 KB, 1408x1836, 20191109_091911.jpg)

Miranda claims she's never been on tiktok before but hair porn never lies

No. 727453

File: 1573313304674.png (98.19 KB, 1154x400, スクリーンショット 2019-11-10 0.28.42.p…)

Tiktok made her "disturbed to the max"

No. 727462

File: 1573313903824.jpg (611.81 KB, 1062x1372, Untitled-1.jpg)

She didn't update her About page yet

No. 727465

>cheap item or something or teaching her about islam

It doesn’t have to be exorbitant but something that shows he can take care of her without diminishing her quality of life. He can even pay the mahr is installments, a decent part on the wedding day and then promising to gift her the rest over time. This man is not a tribal goat herder in rags. Anyone jumping from Saudi Arabia to Japan to Canada while the wife doesn’t work will not be obscenely poor. We see her bragging about Louis Vuitton and spontaneously going Okinawan vacations in a storm, then talking about how poor and humble she is while she is in debt for thousands of dollars. They are so poor that they can’t travel to meet his family for the first time, but his family is also rich and have reserved a fully-paid house just for them. The reality is probably they are living off Canadian social assistance while hubby goes to school, shacked up in an old apartment complex sprinkled with potato chips and regret.

Wow, nowhere is safe for Mira! Everywhere she turns, she finds something offensive.l or unacceptable. ISIS camp Mira is coming soon.

No. 727470

It is possible that it's the first time she see Tik Tok because the app was called something else before, Musicaly, and they changed name at some point. Same app, same account, different name. So people that didnt knew about the name change and forgot about Musicaly probably dont even know they have a Tik Tok account now.

No. 727840

File: 1573390918825.png (314.05 KB, 1164x1192, スクリーンショット 2019-11-10 22.01.48.…)

Rant about liberals poisoning Miranda's water system?

No. 727875

File: 1573400388086.png (96.13 KB, 1166x402, スクリーンショット 2019-11-11 0.39.43.p…)

Miranda is currently in another twitter war with "feminists" (i.e., normal people)

No. 727877

File: 1573400481709.png (375.93 KB, 1164x1278, スクリーンショット 2019-11-11 0.41.41.p…)

Releases new eyelash porn

No. 727884

That is pure cringe, I’m dying of second hand embarrassment and also laughing at her failed pronunciation of words.

No. 727889

File: 1573402779234.png (199.79 KB, 1254x754, スクリーンショット 2019-11-11 1.19.59.p…)

"Ive hated feminism from the day I was born"

No. 727890

That was one weird video with her mispronouncing so many words and ranting about how feminism leads to eating microwaved food

No. 727891

File: 1573403327887.jpg (88.71 KB, 450x675, wVS4qIa.jpg)

No. 727903

That photo needs to be posted every time she goes on a rant. To REMIND everyone and Miranda.

No. 727917

File: 1573409748478.png (70.62 KB, 1295x248, TROLLARMY.png)

Stop the backbiting guys and making fantasies

No. 727918

Sucks she won't ever get to go to Saudi Arabia. She would love it! The woman and men get buried differently before being stoned to death. The men are only buried up to the waist and if they can escape their hole, they get to run free. The women get buried up to their necks! It's better because they don't get stoned on their bodies, they only get brutally beaten on their heads until they die! Praise allah for this righteousness! She won't have to suffer the fate of being thrown off a building, that's only for men! Women get stripped naked and raped and beaten in the street, abdulillah!

Let's be real, she hates women because she looks like a fat wet rat and sounds like she's got snot rolling around in her mouth constantly.

No. 727924

She hates women because 99.9% have and will probably achieve more in their lifetime than her lazy ass. She wants an excuse to sit at home and make pb&j sandwiches for her hubby while her off brand iRobot vacuums her shit filled room.

No. 727995

File: 1573425811381.png (1006.56 KB, 1222x1196, スクリーンショット 2019-11-11 7.43.05.p…)

As you can imagine, Miranda is facing a huge backlash from normal people. This was the best reaction to her bullshit

No. 728008

Do you guys remember that video she posted of her announcing to her parents that she became muslim?

You could tell they were cringing so terribly.

I bet you they are not even aware of her twitter, but if they are, they for sure rue the day they ever let her go to Japan because jesus almighty look at this abomination go now.

No. 728019

File: 1573429687607.png (1.14 MB, 1330x864, スクリーンショット 2019-11-11 8.48.01.p…)

Miranda is uploading videos again..She just can't stay away from YouTube

No. 728063

Looks like her plan was to destroy another human being by having others bully those "stockers" to suicide.

She tried to manipulate her followers to do a serious crime.

She tried to commit a crime online!

No. 728078

Yet there is not a single stereotypically feminine quality(anymore) about her and she hasn’t shown any proof of how she has excelled in being a domestic goddess. She’s overwhelmingly masculine. Posting her haphazard culinary attempts once in while and sucking other men’s e-cocks all day long is womanly? She throws chips at her husband, eats like a damn barnyard animal, looks like her grandparents were siblings, has the grammar of a 2nd grader, plays video games for hours, goes on Twitter raids with a group of Saudi MEN, is jealous of teenage girls in a country she will never go, pretends she has commonality with Japanese women when no one likes her, doesn’t have children because of her frequent UTIs and ovarian cysts(with yard-long chin hairs from the hormone imbalance), breaks numerous laws in Japan and Saudi Arabia like a disrespectful, selfish scumbag, etc. This sounds like an ideal woman? She’s just a bro with a vagina.

It’s so funny how the overall message of the video is FEMINISM INVENTED MICROWAVES! I’M NOT LAZY MOOCH, LOLCOW!

Insandiddy. Westwren society.
The way she slurs every other word and breathes through her mouth is terrible. I know she is “exceptional” but why can’t she enunciate words properly or breathe through her nose? Perhaps it’s due to whatever genetic disorder she has.

If she had really settled into this perfect Muslim housewife archetype, what evidence does she have to show for it? Not even a daily non-microwaved, totally nutritious meal of the day snapshot, or, a list of what she actually does all day while husband was supposed to be working all day? C’mon, Imam Mira. Guide us lowly feminazis with your superior wisdom and gain 100 XP for Jannah! It’s your duty to lead by example.

No. 728117

She's now denying stalkers and killers in Japan. She "never had any negative things happen to her except for the food poisoning."

During that time she made a new video and covered her face.

Keep on lying and repenting every minute, Miranda.

No. 728133

The reason why Miranda rejects feminism is because she is a lazy slob who doesn’t want any responsibility in her life.
She doesn’t want to work because she can’t be bothered, she wants her husband to give her money, pay her debts and assume responsibility for everything so she can sit on the internet all day and throw chips at him occasionally.
Her rant had absolutely 0 substance, she sounds like an angry child ranting about how they got grounded. She’s got the IQ of a blob fish.
This ultra conservatism is just an elaborate cosplay so she can go along with being ultra lazy.

No. 728136

Mostlikely a video from 1 or 2 years ago (or more), from the long list of un-edited video she saved up over the years because too lazy to edit them. Or simply an old video she took down, removed her face and hair porn and uploaded it as new.

No. 728160

I’ve been noticing she has been projecting hardcore in her recent comments against feminism. Every criticism or joke about her laziness/worsening appearance, she applies to “Feminists”. THEY are lazy while she has a hardworking “boss mentality”. THEY are fat asses, but she says she wants to get fatter. THEY can’t cook and only eat junk food, but she is now an expert chef despite previously not keeping any food in refrigerator. Everyone else is in a dysfunctional and loveless marriage but she has the “best husband in the world” who never publicly defends her it shows his face. Anything she is guilty of or lacking, she flips it on her boogeymen.

No. 728173

File: 1573481481343.png (157.79 KB, 1246x696, スクリーンショット 2019-11-11 23.10.40.…)

Recently she just blames any problem that exists in the world on feminism…followed by liberalism

No. 728175

More of the same old "REEEEE feminism will make me accountable for my actions and make me be an equal partner and not a lazy mooch". She needs a new talking point, or to hurry up with the popping out of children.

No. 728181

She's stupid enough to be used my Muslims who's trying to get her as their new white slave girl. Marry her, get her to Saudi, try and bribe her family home for money to free her or they'll kill her. They do this a lot there and she's so naive that girls like her, girls who have no strong family connections, are easy pawns. It's sad but she's willingly going on without question. She deserves the future she has, she's making her own little hell on earth.

No. 728196

This is interesting. I was not aware that kidnap of foreign women for ransom has been a frequent problem in KSA. It seems to me now that the stringent requirements for marriages with foreigners were likely put in place in order to prevent such situations. Evidently, Miranda's "marriage" does not pass their smell test. I think perhaps she ought to consider it fortunate that she is being refused entry.

No. 728252

File: 1573493154587.jpg (38.18 KB, 604x453, 2u7q9ox.jpg)

The identity changes happen faster than people can watch her videos.

No. 728256

is this stupid cunt aware that a lot of Muslim women are feminists? I grew up around Muslims and 98% of Muslimahs I knew identify as feminist. They may be conservative in some ways but still identify as feminist. Lol this girl is such a dumb bitch.

No. 728264

Ha ha good luck with that! Miranda’s family doesn’t have any money.

No. 728279

File: 1573500225167.jpg (36.18 KB, 512x512, 1442688937411.jpg)

>What stream? Look at this Japan video. Remember Japan videos?

No. 728519

Wow. so this is what having a mother that drank during pregnancy looks like.

No. 728555

File: 1573529030582.png (354.94 KB, 1244x1322, スクリーンショット 2019-11-12 12.23.39.…)

Miranda is not a lazy housewife and is NOT a gold digger

No. 728556

File: 1573529065435.png (288.27 KB, 1252x1314, スクリーンショット 2019-11-12 12.24.52.…)

No. 728557

i love this photo she looks like a melted candle

No. 728577

But she doesn't know how to cook, doesn't raise kids, wont clean and by her word has her "sisters" clean up for her, please her man or preform other "wifely duties." By her own definition she's a useless woman.

Laughing that other women are calling her out for finding an excuse to lay on a sofa all day doing shit.

No. 728578

File: 1573532545130.jpg (189.02 KB, 1195x862, 2LPLTf9.jpg)

^Mira was saying earlier that even if a woman has 6 kids(or 10), the wife needs to do everything herself and the husband should never help. Then says to trust her. Trust HER? On what authority? She has not a shred of experience being a real wife and mother. She hasn’t created a family. Her child-husband is not a provider. This just a repeat of “Housewife in Japan” where she was never a wife. She’s just a glorified roommate of a depressed fuckup who can’t return home. The closest she has gotten to giving birth is the explosive shits she’s been taking the past couple of days.

She’s basically saying “I am Islam!”

No. 728580

She doesn't have any children, she is no authority on parenting.

Miranda your religion says you should have popped out at least 10 children by now, wtf are you waiting for?

No. 728629

This muslim thing is all a ploy to justify being lazy. The worst thing is she spends to much energy telling real Muslim women what to do instead of being a good Muslim herself.

No. 728634

What's new? She used to lecture Japanese people on what it means to be Japanese

No. 728655

If you look at when she posts tweets to her Alkanadiya account, she's clearly in Canada.

Morning Miranda! Enjoying the snow?

No. 728690

Dont encourage her to make children, can you just begin to imagine the nightmare it would be for these kids?

No. 728698


If that polluted uterus of hers could even conceive

No. 728708

She can't even take care of a sugar glider.

No. 728713

Tinfoil but maybe her marriage isn’t recognized because she’s not the first wife?

No. 728865

Gotta love love love Miranda accusing other people of getting "triggered" when all she does now is get in fights on the internet. Doesn't it get tiring? How many more passive aggressive LMAOs and crying emojis can she type out before collapsing from sheer exhaustion?

Also let's go ahead and say she is living in Japan (which she isn't).. How long could it possibly take to clean a tiny Japanese apartment? I live in a large 2 bedroom and daily cleaning with 4 cats totals maybe 30m. Weekly clean maybe a couple hours. She doesn't even have pets or kids for that matter.

Miranda if you are reading this seriously wake the fuck up. You are wasting your one precious life doing this. You still have many years ahead of you! Don't resign yourself to sloth so young. You can still turn it around, just turn off the computer and get a real job.

No. 728868

I'm kinda of interested in looking at this era of her. I would love to see how Japanese reacted to her (I'm just guessing complete indifference ) Would PULL be the place or do her lolcow threads go back far enough?

No. 728872

You can find everything documented here and PULL if you go back far enough…And if you can read Japanese, check out 2ch to see how many Japanese haterz she had and how they laughed at her weaboo nonsense

No. 728929

it's not interesting it's just BS lol. Miranda's family doesn't have any money to be worth ransom. I could see her "husband" is just using her for visa purposes though.

No. 728956

While that would disqualify them from bing legal, their age gap is more likely the issue. She's married an obviously younger man but she should have married a much older one:
>a Saudi man has to be between 40 and 65 years old to be able to marry a non-Saudi woman

No. 728959

Everything on Miranda from 2011 to now is documented here and on Pull. The only issue is to find the exact part that interest you since there is sooooo many chapters in this story!

Start with the summary on Pull to find the dates that interest you, then check on past Lolcow threads of Miranda with said dates. Hopefully they have not been deleted because of old age!

No. 728970

File: 1573637009778.jpg (135.04 KB, 1200x1086, 1517397450189.jpg)

Stocker! Islam says we Japanese housewives have to clean such house in a special way. A hihan gaijin like you wouldn't understand.

No. 728972

File: 1573637692314.jpg (44.01 KB, 600x450, japanee.jpg)

No. 728980

So funny that this Miranda seems more sympatic then the actial one,…. even if she was just the same old retard….

No. 728987

Magnificent image. All I see is Sloth from The Goonies

No. 728990

You mean the Candy Kid photo? Yes, she does. She looked like she was actually enjoying life and could have been a fun person to hang out with. Just what happened to her that made her decide to dedicate her life to being the biggest asshole possible?

No. 729002

Oh yes, back when she was a bisexual…Even though she was as vapid as always, she seemed pretty chill…Tbh, I probably would have hit that lol

No. 729028

File: 1573656048032.jpg (128.41 KB, 1808x962, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 729034

File: 1573657720678.jpg (241.1 KB, 1394x880, Screenshot_20191113-100848_Twi…)

Why don't you ask saudi fat hands? Have you divorced already?

No. 729060

See, you made a critical error in that translation : Miranda only use the "Saudi" version of arabic, not the general -used all aorund the world - arabic. That's why she couldnt translate it, she wouldnt go as low as using an inferior version of arabic, you know that!

No. 729063

Miranda can't speak/read any dialect of Arabic


No. 729066


No. 729077

For what does she need these translations? Did she see some arabic text online and wonna know what that mean? Or just from Saudi news that she is no effected by western propaganda news? Isnt it a bit rude, just to post some stuff with: "Translation please"

No. 729103

I'm not sure, but at 1:29 in the "new" video, is that her approaching the shrine, in a white jacket, with her hair entirely uncovered?

Could it be that she edited out the parts in which she appeared but missed this tiny bit? If so, then it proves that it was shot quite a while back, before she started wearing niqab, or was even just covering her hair.

No. 729118

Hm no,… I stoped t5he video and this person looks a bit to chubby for Miranda. Its still an old video

No. 729432

The theory about her husband being a non-native Saudi, especially one who just born or lived in Saudi, becomes more believable by the day. There are so many foreigners living and working in Saudi Arabia but just like Japan, there isn’t citizenship by birth. The husband could have grown up with the culture, but not speak/write Arabic at a native level. Tinfoiling but I just can’t understand how frequently she begs for these translations and how Miss More-Saudi-than-Saudi hasn’t grasped basic conversational Arabic by now. How long will she keep saying “I don’t speak Arabic” if it was supposed to be her favorite country?

No. 729473

The Mt. Takao vid is old. Fall is late in Japan, the leaves are very different. This is a feeble attempt at her "I'm still here" BS. When will this idiot stop with the lies?

No. 729498

It is no surprise that she upoload again a video just after she shouted that she quit Youtube and that beeing a YTber is worse.

No. 729509

Her Japan visa, whatever the f_ck it was: student, working, spouse, cocks_cker, simply ran out. She had to leave the country by a certain date.

Mira thinks she can re-apply out of the country , get approved, fly back on Mummy's coin, all is well, keep pumping out J-vids, shake down dudes for cash, muslim fantasies… But perhaps she is in for a shock. All those years of dodgy applications, and people she has pissed off who have contacted immigration. Mira's big, yellowing file stinks to high heaven. Best she try for her SA fantasy land, or at least stay in Canada where her lazy ass can suck on the welfare teet.

No. 729555

That’s right. Even if potato boy had a legitimate work visa and Mira applied for a Dependent Stay Visa, processing her application would set off all sorts of alarms and immigration would have a field day with her background check. Multiple visas changes, multiple marriages, who knows how many name changes or aliases, the notorious and ridiculous online presence, the insane extremist Muslim transformation. No way in Hell any official is going to look at that mess and approve a new long term visa. Any anons hypothesizing that Mira could qualify for any other visa besides standard tourist are clueless.

> or at least stay in Canada where her lazy ass can suck on the welfare teet.

I would not be surprised at all if she is on social welfare.

No. 729567

First it was working holiday, spouse, student after divorce, spouse, now marriage to non-Japanese. There's no way he's in Japan with her, they're in Canada. Everyone keep their eyes out for the Quasimodo in a burka because she's never seen in Japan.

No. 729601

I do have a visit to mt Takao scheduled to do soon, i could grab a few pictures to compare if i think of it when im over there.

But we all know it's a old video she re-edited.

No. 729634

I didn't even think of the radical Muslim stuff. Her obvious history of scamming is one thing, but this is the icing on the cake. Immigration will check and see some radicalized moron, spouting shite about hurting gay people and the glory of Islamic law.

Her goose is cooked. Hope she can get the mental health support she needs, and stops insulting Islam with her cock-eyed, fetishized, fangirl garbage.

No. 729639

All you gotta do is look at the Ginko trees. Mira provably thought it was safe to upload, but (as she ain't in Japan) didn't realize the summer was really long this year. She is most likely pteparing a winter one now too.

Go on Mira. Grab ya phone, walk outside and show us today's date displayed somewhere. You can't, can you? Old footage and gaming videos…. it's not working. People hear and read your lies, and it is pathetic and disgusting.

No. 729665

File: 1573764300402.png (14.04 MB, 2714x3392, 09AF322F-AE79-47C3-B784-ED2C60…)

Randa’s shot of the bridge, and a shot of the same bridge just taken 3 days ago.

No. 729668

File: 1573764635357.jpeg (2.62 MB, 2635x3392, 3FB4E0DE-973C-4057-ADA3-1F55A7…)

Randa’s shot of the stairs and today’s shot of the stairs.

No. 729708

uh oh Miranda, yous got some explaining to do

No. 729709

Another big deal with Japanese Immigration is taxation. If you stay out of trouble and pay your taxes, you are generally good to go. I doubt if Super Muslim ever paid her city tax without being threatened by the ward office, filed a tax return, or ever enrolled in the national pension.

No. 729710

Nice receipts, thank you!

No. 729748

She didn’t pay her taxes. She didn’t even have a real living address.

No. 729805

That’s right! She repeatedly declared that she has a PO Box and praised herself for never registering her own address on things such as PayPal/YouTube or giving her mailing address to friends. She blatantly admitted to using fake addresses or using other people’s addresses. Imagine immigration seeing her name and aliases connected with several different addresses like that. Now that story where Mira raged about officials not believing she lived at that invisible furniture apartment is even more amusing. Inter-dimensional Mira: woman of many identities and addresses.

No. 729820

She knows that she can never get a Japan visa on her own two feet. That's why she recruits men for that purpose, with the man-baby being the latest tool.

I've seen her state before that she has permanent residence. What a load of HORSESHIT. If she had ever been granted PR, she would have howled it from the rooftops and waved her gaijin card around like a proud peacock.

Mira knows that without Japan, the whole Kanada jin san shtick falls apart. That is why she continues to BLATANTLY LIE about still being there, and is freaking DESPERATE to return.

I know you are reading this Mira. Prove me wrong.

No. 729822

Her behavior makes no sense,… still saying she is in japan, on the other hand declaring to quit youtube, deleting most of her japan content and stop that channel. But then uploading again an old footage.
But hey,.. same as always….

No. 729838

The thing is , even if she did get a PR and was living in Japan still, who fucking cares? She still would be hiding in her house with no career or future, typing hate against real Muslims, and going nowhere with her life. So rather than to fess up and admit her lies, she rather pretend and make up stories for people who she claims are her "haterz". But in reality, she care so much about what we think of her. Hence the constant lies about Japan this and Japan that.

No. 729846

True. I was once in an exchange with her in the TY comments section. She would make these huge replies. I said to her WTF are you doing?? I am just some random person on the Internet, and you are putting in so much time just to 'set me straight' in your own sick little mind?

Instead of actually getting off her lazy ass and getting a job/life, she puts in countless hours spewing shite (to prop up her own ego) into the blackhole known as the Internet.

What a complete and utter WHACK JOB.

No. 729852

Yeah… she write massiv texts in the comments and then delete them again if she realize that that makes her looks even mire stupid.

No. 729858

Gotta wonder who enabled this shit. Most likely a combination of sponging off friends, the odd sugar Daddy, YouTube money, the occasional part-time job (i.e. hostess bar), emergency "I'll pay you back" money from Canada.

She built her house on sand, now it is coming back to bite her in the ass.

I see supermarket shelf filler in her future.

No. 729865

You see her work? Really?

No. 729875

Nah. You're right. A steady job for Mira is just pure fantasy. She would sponge and scam before actually holding down anything resembling a real job.

No. 729880

Did she has a propper job for a longer time? I mean the last one was that at a restaurant. She has no educational base for a good job.

No. 729888

At this point it's quit sad that she still confess to be in japan. She has no profit from this lie. Neither in YT or elsewere. No financial profit due to her videos (wich she delete and lost even more money.
Or is she so afraid that if she admit to leave japan, that all other lies will crush like a house of cards? From permanent resident to other lies….
It's a bit lazy btw she could also tell us that she move back to canada due to stalkers and haterz, so she feel safer at home with her family. Instead of constructing that she is still in japan while we know better.

No. 729896


Not again…

No. 729898


The only two jobs she ever had was working at a kyabakura and the restaurant

No. 729907

File: 1573828448188.jpg (46.94 KB, 450x600, 450px-Hostesmira.jpg)

Never forget kyabakura

No. 729940

I feel so bad for the men who paid to talk to that thing.
She would have fit more in with those cross dresser clubs in Shinjuku.

No. 729951

this always shocks me because this makeup is pretty universally flattering.

No. 729978

Mira had better start planning for the future. Soon her youth will be gone!! Imagine her at 35. No education, no skills. Just an angry, low IQ woman on the Internet bitterly raving about her attackers, and how she used to live in Japan, and how she used to be a Muslim before finding the "truth" in Mormonism.

No. 729980

She doesn't need to plan for her future. She got it set up already.
1. Rant and rave about SA changing
2. Join Isis as a baby maker
3. ????
4. Profit

No. 729985

Anon, ISIS is barely a thing anymore.

No. 729990

File: 1573852006982.jpg (32.58 KB, 480x270, Rge7d61.jpg)

>your face when Mira becomes the next Osama bin Laden

No. 730057

File: 1573862736423.png (88.04 KB, 1258x394, スクリーンショット 2019-11-16 9.05.27.p…)

At least Miranda admits that this video is from a few years ago

No. 730068

Ot but the threat of isis resurgence is present? That’s why turkey invading northern Syria and slaughtering the Kurdish is so horrific (google rojave revolution for maximum devastation)

No. 730074

She's nuts. Nobody rich in the middle east is cleaning their own home, they have servants, or sometimes literal slaves from other countries. It's a different culture, people there aren't embarassed by the idea of servants.
I think that whatever he is, he grew up in North America and doesn't want to go back to wherever he came from, so his parents fund this sham marriage until he can find a real native spouse or gain citizenship. And he's got his own life completely, so he won't show his face on Looney's social media. She has to buy brand new scarves to dress up the vaccum cleaner because he doesn't keep any of that himself.

No. 730075

Hi Mira! How's your latest Japan visa application going?

Hope you have LOTS of file footage, 'cause (apart from a tourist visa) you don't have a hope in hell of living in Japan again. Enjoy Canada.(hi cow)

No. 730086

She’s deliberately ignoring the numerous news stories about slave contracts and abuse against housekeepers by Saudi Arabian couples. Servants are even used by normal working class Saudis. A while back, she wrote that her husband’s family had servants like drivers and bragged that the female relatives were all highly educated with degrees. If they are supposed to be married as early as possible, popping out babies and cleaning the house with a toothbrush, how are these educated and successful women achieving all those study hours, university classes, work and child raising all by themselves? Of course, we all know that either these women hold off on marriage and children until they complete university or, they have child care assistance and housekeepers to help out while they attend school or go to work. Those who cannot afford childcare have help from female relatives.

This is another thing Mira ignores about “Japanese housewife culture” fantasy. Japanese mothers often have help from the kids’ grandmothers or they get help from mama friends or neighbors. Has she never seen groups of Japanese moms going out together with all their kids? They watch each other’s children and do favors for one another, share meals or drop off food for their busy friends, just like other mothers around the world.

No. 730095

The idiot is streaming live now

No. 730097

Is she obviously drunk or high again? Nothing beats a wasted fundamentalist.

No. 730099

No. 730100

no caps. she just speaks over the same stupid song.

No. 730101

She just reference PULL comparing photos from the Takao vid. We know you reading this Miranda.

No. 730109

You actually hit the nail on the head. I asked her about taxes she said you don’t have to pay those for youtube money. I think there is some truth to that since I doubt any jvloggers file there hobby money as income.
Here other job was a waitress at some place.

Take it from me immigration is very very very strict right now. If you leave the country with a flag on your status then you have to have a great reason as to why you don’t live with your husband and are traveling without him.

No. 730112

how does this idiot have over 200k subscribers and less than 10 people show up for her streams?

No. 730114

Yeah I’m still laughing at that lol all I did was say I know her and on here and how she got deported then then she deleted everything shits crazy

No. 730119

So she admits being a tax evader in Japan? No wonder her citizenship application was denied

No. 730131

She has some explaining to do as to why she's up all night Tweeting until 6 or 7am JST in "Japan."

No. 730137

Did anyone watch her live? Care to tl;dr her boring shit for the rest of us? Anything of note?

No. 730147

Pinocchio's nose just keeps getting longer and longer.

The loon thinks she can maintain the ruse until she is safely back in Japan. Then she will film outside: la la la decided to go for a walk. See I was here all the time. la la la….

Trouble is, one click on your file, and immigration will see a little red flag next to your name…..

Try YouTubing in Canada! No more kanadajinsan for you. Just change to MsCanada. You'll get heaps of subs!

No. 730176

Yeah she just said you don’t have to report the YouTube money on your taxes in Japan. Which is ok I doubt immigration looks that deep into that but the thing is she didn’t actually have an address or a full time job. So I imagine she didn’t contribute much. I remember complaining to her about my taxes that year and she said nothing happens if you don’t pay them lol.(I payed them)

No. 730198

He had that Pakistani (or similar) tinge to his accent when we heard him as well.

Unlike Japan she doesn't live there and never will so, it's all a roleplay really.

No. 730203

Well I know from experience that you have to submit past records of taxes paid in Japan when applying for citizenship, so that is a major red flag there…along with her apartment with invisible furniture

No. 730218

Yeah PR works the same way good luck getting it without an address and taxes.

No. 730229

But Mira has super powers. She can do ANYTHING. Golden sunshine pours from her CANDY ASS !!

No. 730236

Her video of Mt Takao must be last fall as the leaves aren't red yet here in Tokyo areas. That in December.

No. 730254

Not only that, Canada has rules around whether a resident abroad need pay their taxes. I'm willing to bet Miranda didn't pay taxes to the Canadian government either

No. 730260

Does anybody know why Miranda made her twitter accounts private again? Just part of her natural cycle?

No. 730296

Probably her last video maybe, she’s making sure she deletes any evidence we’ve found or, she’s pissed off some feminists/Saudis/anyone who isn’t a horrible person.

No. 730308

I've noticed that she makes it a point to target and attack Muslims females who are not as extreme and not as confrontational.

No. 730436

File: 1574036113320.jpg (754.71 KB, 1242x2281, 1.jpg.25bebb2a5e19ae7c4fa4d50b…)

Stolen from PULL. Guess this muslim shitck fading fast.

No. 730535

Sod off Mira! Don't you freaking DARE get all high and mighty about social issues, when you continue to LIE about which country you live in. Piss off!!

No. 730536

File: 1574047519932.jpeg (355.34 KB, 882x1679, 4D154AF1-7E88-4D07-9E8E-9FF34B…)

She is the same trash on answers, lying about sleeping after Isha, which in Tokyo would be 17:57 hrs. But we have seen her online on late night and even early morning on JST.

No. 730582

Did she really answere to this with a long rant about how the only correct way of sleeping is???
She mentioned it on YT but the other person dont get it due to the "agenda"….???

Whats wrong with someone who answere on EVERYTHING with islamic stuff?

Whats next?
The only one correct way of cutting a sandwich?

No. 730588

>or what I like to call "printed out clothing pieces"

Sure, but this is someone so inbred and uneducated she probably calls shoes "feet warms." Forgive us for being skeptical.

No. 730604

Someone new to anything – especially a new religion should be humble enough to tell others to seek scholars and people who know better. This is why she couldn't keep married to a Japanese guy, Japanese value humbleness and not hey know-it-all bs.

No. 730605

I truly hope that Mira ends up living in Saudi Arabia, but I sincerely doubt if she would ever have the balls to really do so. Strutting around like a hyper-Muslim in safe, non-Muslim countries is one thing, but actually living it is something that would give this precious snowflake a freaking meltdown.

Go on Mira. Show us all how Muslim you really are. Enough of the 'more Muslim than Muslim' BS. We are all waiting- front row seats to watch the train wreck. My popcorn is extra large, really salty and full of hot butter!

No. 730619

It’s not just us or PULL that triggers her going private and delete cycles. She also has constant drama with other Twitter users and they all end up researching her or sharing her account with lots of people.

Recently, her pro-Saudi gang had some hilarious infighting when one of their members was accused of wrongthink and not being dedicated enough to their cause. When they’re not attacking young girls who don’t conform to their fetishized ideals, they are looking for faults in one another. I think Mira desires to be the “Queen Bee” of this group of middle aged Western shills and that’s part of reason she pushes so hard to be the most extreme.

Ah, Dresslink nostalgia! What happened to her trailer park ass back in Canada that made her hate Chinese and mass produced clothing to such an irrational degree? A Chinese eBay seller sold her a knockoff back in high school and she got humiliated in front of the cool kids? Her own style in the past was very hit or miss and now she is a goth potato sack, so I don’t understand why she imagines herself as a high class fashionista.

No. 730636

Tweeting between Isha and Fajr does not count as "sleeping well"

No. 730644

That reminds me…Didn't KM's emails show that the "brand" accessories he bought for her were Chinese knockoffs?

No. 730696

It was that watch that was a ‘present’ from her husband, I think that was on KMs dollar

No. 730706


Also her fake LV boots

No. 730758

That watch's history is really fascinating! At one point it was a gift from her dad, then a gift from her husband… but im getting slightly off-topic

No. 730807

OMG. She has blacked out the lower part of her face on the thumbnails for her vids on YouTube.

What is the bet she will end up in a psychiatric ward before she hits 35.

No. 730828

She did this on her Japanese channel, but only for a few of the videos on K3.. it doesn’t make any sense.

No. 730851

she's so japanese that she's dedicated to becoming a ninja.

No. 730883

What do you guys think is the most likely outcome?

1) Mira stays in Canada, fades into obscurity, starts a family or a low paying career
2) Mira makes it to Saudi Arabia, the whole thing goes down in flames (many lulz to be had), leaves or gets kicked out of Saudi, eventually gives up Islam
3) Mira becomes a Jihadi terrorist or ISIS sympathizer
4) Mira gives up Islam but keeps going further right wing, becomes a "tradthot" white supremacist
5) Mira makes it back to Japan, resumes her life as a J-vlogger, but the internet loses interest
6) Mira actually develops her abilities as a videographer or gets an education, and makes something of her life

No. 730894


4 sounds the most realistic. Altshits hate muslims so a retarded ex-convert would fit right in. Also if you've already been a muslim, tradthottery is basically the same but modified for white people. She can continue being a desperate lazy pickme quasimodo and aspire to be a neet leech housewaifu~

No. 730899

I doubt that she will be accepted in any white supremacist circles since she mentioned that her parents are jewish.

No. 730903

I think she will hold out on the whole Kanadajin3 spin as long as she can, but eventually she will look real stoopid doing it all in Canada, so the channel will fade into obscurity…..

The chip munching bed pounder is bound to sod off real soon, once he gets orders from his family to come home for reassessment of his life. And much to his relief as Mira spends too much time online and bitching about him working harder to get them back to Japan.

As for Islam, another phase in life. One day, she will put aside her Koran and various veils, and rave about her 'journey' online endlessly like a clueless idiot.

No. 730905

File: 1574148566156.jpg (27.79 KB, 503x698, gimpgirl555.jpg)

#4 but she becomes a gimpgirl555 disciple at the same time

No. 730911

No. 731066


I know she has her own thread but good god her body is terrifying. Like some praying mantis hungry ghost eldritch abomination.

No. 731398

Hi Mira!
Why do you keep deleting all your Community section comments on YT? You never answer my questions. All I want to know is how's the weather in Canada, and how your latest Japan visa application is going.

Is there something wrong?(hi cow)

No. 731408

File: 1574288256959.jpeg (181 KB, 750x502, 2D5CED81-310B-407A-9683-FDCD97…)

Jesus fucking Christ on a bike this woman is stupid.

No. 731413

File: 1574289438190.gif (20.89 KB, 600x453, asymmetrical.gif)

She's some sort of surrealism experiment. It wouldn't be such a sad thing to watch if she was at least decent looking or even, not even so asymmetrical she looks like a landslide. Pic very much related.

No. 731423

I hope trans Twitter picks this up and destroys her

No. 731426

I mean, she’s definitely never going to be 80 because she’s too stupid to live, but.

No. 731437

File: 1574295824550.png (354.53 KB, 1256x1288, スクリーンショット 2019-11-21 9.23.09.p…)

She's been ranting a long time about that issue

No. 731783


Wait a minute… isn’t this the same dumbass who claims she is Japanese, despite no genetic, ancestral, marital, cultural or legal link to Japan? Everyone tells her she is not Japanese. Japanese people say she is definitely not. The Japanese government says she is not and they will never grant her citizenship. Even the most busted, most non-passing trans woman is still more committed to getting as close and medically, physically and legally female as they can. Mira did not a single thing to prove her “Japanese-ness” besides shout that she is! Who is really more delusional? She sounds worse than any gender special.

No. 731803

this girl is mentally unstable.

No. 731811

This simply shows how uneducated she is. Radical is one thing,.. but arguing like this is like discussing evolution, yelling that her grantmother never was an ape….

What's with that story that he doctor wonna give her male hormons when she was a kid?

On one side she said her family accept her beeing muslim, on the other hand that her mother is hardcore christ. How can a hardcore christ accept a muslim daughter?

No. 731938

Just WOW. I know she had a low IQ, but bloody hell! She can never be 80? Hasn't she heard of a thang called "aging"?

Man that weed in Canada must be some powerful shit. Or perhaps it is just her retardation on display for all the world to see! That fetal alcohol syndrome is a BITCH.

No. 731940

Look Mira. You can ban me from this forum and delete my TY comments all you want, but you still need to ANSWER MY QUESTIONS:

1. How's life in Canada?
2. How is your latest Japan visa application going?

I have been watching your channel for years now and have the freaking RIGHT to an answer. Make it snappy!

No. 731941


Anon, you're just failing to translate Mira-speak into English. She just means that she could disguise herself to appear 80 right now but that wouldn't mean she's actually 80.

Mira's still a complete moron though.

No. 731942

to be fair, she's so retarded she'll win a darwin long before then

No. 731973

So I don’t understand her logic at all here with the trans argument. Where was the line of thinking when she was “Japanese?” She could call herself Japanese all she wants and say she’s from Japan, but she will always in fact be a Canadian person from Canada… Now all of a sudden the reverse of this narrative is how she thinks because it benefits her “agenda.” So over her. That stupid video she made to expose “the haters,” was all based on the fact people only allegedly say things that benefit their “agendas?” Just in the same way she can magically ignore any instance of indisputable evidence put before her that will always disprove her entirely. “I never made the sock puppets.” - Well… Except you did in fact do that, and the undeniable proof was you being caught in the act with Kat Loves Osaka. She literally exposed you. So now you magically want me to think you are none of any of the other socks? Get real. Same thing with her Muslim story… I’m sorry, no matter what you say, your invalid, you are literally caught on camera admitting you’re in love with Rodi, and that you were planning to make sexual advances at him while he was under the influence of alcohol. She pervasively sexually harassed him and was premeditating and assault. She’s trash. She’s right up their with onision and sam pepper imo. I could care less if she’s in Japan or not, there still needs to be more discussion on the fact there is documented evidence of her engaging in sexual misconduct towards another YouTuber. She should be deplatformed. But I guess it doesn’t matter, she’s more than murdered her channel at this point, and for her to assert she doesn’t care actually just proves the opposite. Funny how the tables have turned… Rachel makes videos cleaning beaches up being a positive impact on her community, and good role model in Japan, and you’re a bitter Quasimodo who went Muslim for a guy (and when that didn’t work out, you found someone else to satiate your new fetish) that argues about the credence of people’s gender identities online… Absolutely none of my Muslim friends do that, and everything you so is not even in the spirit of Islam. Stop trying to act like your the expert versus people who have grown up their whole lives in that religion and culture, you should be ASKING questions not lecturing anyone. Have shame. By any standard Rachel would technically be a better Muslim than you and she doesn’t even practice Islam. I am so sure she will read this.

No. 731995

Welp, she has said more than once that all her sins are forgiven now that she is "Muslim," so maybe that is why she converted. And so now she doesn't have to worry about being known as a sex pest, because Allah has forgiven her.

No. 732064

>be LITERAL retard
>burble incoherent nonsense on the internet
>anons invest hours writing extensively detailed deconstructions and refutations of the specific leaps, fallacies, contradictions, etc. in your logic, investigate and nitpick the premises, context and consequences of the things you babbled unthinkingly from your randomly firing brain

No. 732088

Hm she really act like she really don't understand why she is still hated…
As somone with a functional brain it's hard to understand that a retard person like her really believe that all is forgotten because allah has forgiven her.
It's even more shitty when you see that she has not changed in any way.

Mira, islam is no "get out of jail free" card.

No. 732108

Right. She operates on this narrative that everything that came before her being a Muslim is now automatically null and void. She also just has this mindset that if she personally doesn't acknowledge it or care, that it's also irrelevant… Well, that form of escapism doesn't really work if you're the only person thinking that way now does it? If I personally decide to stubbornly think the sky is tye-dye colored, and I'm the only person who thinks that it still doesn't change the fact it's blue. My point is, her religion is a personal choice, and I could care less about it as it can't be used as a counter-argument. The fact of the matter is, you did these things, now address it. Coming at me with information you googled on Islam has nothing to do with anything… Like, AT ALL. That's her in almost every argument. Using a religion you personally choose to follow, that doesn't apply to most of the people you are arguing with is not grounds for basis of a rebuttal.

No. 732109

What happened to her being bisexual? I guess that was another fashion trend identity for her too…

No. 732110

I would love to see her get destroyed in a debate with Blaire White.

No. 732115

Sad to say that for many muslim people, islam apply for MANKIND, so in their mindset everyone has to follow the rules and they are automaticly superior because you don't.

But yes its like discussing with a parrot:
Anymone: "I don't think so."
Mira: "But ISLAM!"
A: "But I don't…."
M: "No, ISLAM!"
A: "Hey I just wonna…."
M: "ISLAM! Alhamdulila, allah makes me so much better then you.!"

Nobody cares Miranda

No. 732118


Yea that's valid specifically to her. My Muslim friends act nothing like that. She less than 5 years in this religion, the fact of the matter is, she doesn't know anything. She's likely just repeating what anyone tells her and takes anything she is finding off of good for face value. Yeah, she may read the English translation of Islamic texts, but I would not be surprised to find out she instantly hops to google the moment she gets challenged and does not know how to back herself up… She's practicing her own version of the religion and the fact she believes she's in any position to hold discourse on something she's barely been apart of is laughable. I don't care how informed she comes across, regurgitating information and actually living in practice for decades since your childhood is two different things. Yeah, no one does care. So the fact remains can't disprove anything she's being accused of, and the evidence is stacked against her. I mean, her channel is just dead at this point so I guess I can just accept her downfall and overall defeat and call it a day.

No. 732131

To be clear, I dont wonna say that all muslims are like this, I know also really nice once, I just have really bad personal experiences with some people…

Apart from the fact that she is trash, she killed her channel with her muslim shit. You can not change the content of your channel and saying: "It's my channel I can do what I want, also it was never just a japan channel…" and then crying you loose followers.
Also the choice to delete all vids were not really intelligent.
I still wonder why.
Is there someone in the background that triggers that? Or does she just want to please her "new" muslim followers?
Or does she simply try to hide her past?

Well logic is not the right tool to deal with Mira…
Trying to cover ypur shitty past while spamming the internet with a new BS dont work,…

No. 732292

File: 1574463509879.png (1.78 MB, 1164x1290, スクリーンショット 2019-11-23 7.56.51.p…)

Born a female
Die a female
Be judged by Allah as a female

No. 732293

File: 1574463586589.png (251.2 KB, 1224x892, スクリーンショット 2019-11-23 7.58.47.p…)

Since Miranda was refused a visa to Saudi, she has been pushing the story that Japan is now suddenly better than Saudi

No. 732336

Now that her channel is dead, Mira must consider money options:

1. Family. Good but why continue to be a drain on them? Not a teenager anymore. Enough money was already sent to Japan.
2. Canadian Welfare. Even better. Especially if you feign mental illness. But need to stay in Canada.
3. Husband. Not good. Man-boy unlikely to be able to support a household anytime soon.
4. Husband's family. Possible but very risky. Have to live in SA, so major lifestyle change. Could easily result in physical abuse, such as whippings for misbehavior.
5. Get a job. Start low and work your way up. Put in the hours, get yourself qualifications and proper education on the side. Downside is you have to get off your lazy ass, stop spending endless hours posting shit on the Internet, and approach your life with some degree of honesty. Not likely…..

No. 732437

Are you fucking kidding me Miranda???
Now you really wonna tell us that Saudia Arabia the land of Islam is NOT a good land to live with niqab??? That woman are discrininated because of???
In Japan just NOBODY cares about you.
When I was in Tokyo this year I just saw ONE woman in niqab Shibuya.
Sorry at this pionts she is just NUTS.

No. 732440

They're just wearing a suit Mira, calm down.. they're still female.

No. 732486

She needs more Saudi followers to talk with her.

No. 732520

It's just a bullshit story Miranda made up to explain to her followers why she suddenly can't live in Saudi (The reality is that she can't get a visa because her "husband" can't pay the fine to get their "marriage" legally recognized)

No. 732524

Japanese will not say anything against the niqab but they will not like it. I'm married to a Japanese and the consensus is it is weird but again, they'll never say it. She's clueless in tatemae.

No. 732569

Like a man wearing a dress. He can go all over Tokyo. People will give the odd double-take and some school kids might giggle, but NOBODY will confront them. However, most people think it looks weird. The same as dressing up as a letter box.

Mira is so low IQ and deluded that she is not aware of this, despite having lived in the country for years.

It will be fun to watch her desperate antics as she tries to return to Japan. Will most likely involve another man once bed-pounder chip-muncher has moved on.

No. 732574

Mira: Oh wow I+M so accepted here, all peole suppot me and love the way I am

Nearly everyone on the street: Hm? This girl in the stupid black trashbag-clothes? Who cares?

No. 732591

Japan chewed her up and spat her out. Playing dress-ups, getting all high and mighty, and fetishizing a religion will not change things.

No. 732605

What I don’t understand is why aren’t people of Arabic descent shitting on her for cultural appropriation?
The things she’s been tweeting lately too.. “do oranges in Saudi supermarkets really contain worms?”, “do men pick their ears with keys?”, “what is the origin of the 4x4 with the specific paint job”.. it’s like she sits on google maps living a pretend life.

No. 732644

OMG. Now it looks like she has blanked out the bottom half of her face on all of her YT thubnails.

What a complete and utter freakshow.

No. 732743

It's weird that she asks all those random questions about life in Saudi when her "husband" should be able to answer all of them for her

No. 732745

Holy crap! She has blurred out her face on all her YouTube vids!

That should get her views and subscribers up. Watching a blur rave shite in an annoying, high pitch shrill.

Wish she would just close her channel and never upload again. Don't think anyone really wants to see her face again anyway.

Kanadajin3 is a dead channel. Now she has just thrown in some lime to make it decompose quicker!

No. 732758

File: 1574559637005.png (1.8 MB, 1367x1031, 1.png)

What I dont get is why ninjafy some thumbnails while showcasing her ugly mug in others? Pure laziness.

No. 732956

Glad she stopped posting here on LOLcow. She realized an oop she made.

No. 732960

She'll be back lol
You should know by now that she can't stay away too long from her haterz…she loves the attention we give her

No. 732991

She’s just put her K3 twitter back up minus the tweets about stockers coming to kill her.
Once she’s bored of that she will be back here stirring nonsense.
I have a slight tinfoil that marriage was actually forced on her husband because he is lazy and doesn’t care about the ‘halal’ life like Miranda. He lets her wear the trousers because he’s lazy and to his family it looks like they are the perfect Muslim family.

No. 733025

She doesn't have access to her k3 Twitter anymore, do you mean alkanadiya?

No. 733027

Why does she has no accesss to her own twitter?

No. 733030

My mistake, I mean Mira Nagayama which is what she uses for K3

No. 733037

still my question: why?

No. 733068

We're not entirely sure why. At one point her k3 account was deleted, a few days later it came back but the tweets were making fun of Miranda. Clearly someone overtook the account.
Some time later she claimed to have closed her k3 account because stalkers and haters. She made another twitter account, which if i can count right she's now at 3 different twitter? The normal one, the arabic one (mostly dead) and the japanese one (also mostly dead). There is maybe the anonymous account she claim to have created, but i havent seen a word on that yet.

Tl:dr : we dont really know what's up with the k3 twitter account.

No. 733079

ok thx for the explenation.

No. 733315

Yes we do. KM owns kanadajin3 twitter account.

No. 733368

What we know so far:
@kanadajin3(somehow taken over)
@MiraNagayama(active), @alkanadiya(active, formerly @monokuro_b00)
@islamjapan7(dead, lol. Japanese never care about Islam, Mira),
Rumored new account found by anon: @bedukanadiya(but suspended soon after it was found).
I’m going to count “Derek J” @DerekJ95486830 as her last account because it was created then abandoned within a day after pretending to be a stalker from “lolcow”.

Besides her personal Instagram, she also created @moose_ah8, the account where she pretended to be her own husband to threaten some girl, then turned it into the (now dead) @Lovingsaudi account. Who knows how many accounts she has there.

No. 733380

Thanks! Good information, anon!

No. 733381

Type sage in the email box, it's not rocket science. Stop bumping the thread with your useless posts.

No. 733407

This is Miranda's Facebook, one of a few probably


No. 733410

No. 733418

File: 1574658588751.png (886.14 KB, 1002x680, スクリーンショット 2019-11-25 14.09.12.…)

She looks surprisingly normal in this photo

No. 733427

I guess you have contact with KM still, Miranda? Love the defamation here.

No. 733451

She's a great manipulative liar

No. 733452

Her head tilt looks like he was a romantic interest, those poor people who had to deal with her.

No. 733456

That’s her Swedish ex boyfriend

No. 733457

Not Miranda you idiot. It has been posted on here before and he boasted about it in the discord. It never was intended to be secret information.

No. 733474

No no you misunderstood. I meant how did Miranda know if he's STILL using that username? Is she messaging him now through DM using a sockpuppet to make sure it's him?

No. 733477

Can you provide a post on LOLcow where he said "Muahaha I can now sign up as Kanadajin3! Muahaha! Take that you freak!"

No. 733481

So from this to walking around with a black bag over your head….. Cutural enrichment at its finest. How freaking progressive….

No. 733482

You mean the discord chat that only Miranda mentions all the time? Unless you have a screenshot, it didn’t happen.

No. 733492

File: 1574670438755.jpeg (23.57 KB, 600x600, 03A45953-80B0-4FF9-9553-593129…)

No. 733496

Do you have evidence of KM boasting about having it? Cause I certainly don’t remember that

No. 733506

It could be a bait to get more attention. She now calls herself "Miranda" instead of "Mira."

No. 733514

The discord, I tell you! The discooooord!
If that discord was so interesting, then you would have posted more than just a couple pages of obvious trolling. Where is all the rest?

Whoever is running the @kanadajin3 account seems to be a native English speaker(KM has a distinct way of writing) and I have a feeling they are also another Canadian. I saw them post Canada articles that were unrelated to Mira or her views. However, there have already been several Canadian people who have come forward who either had direct experiences with her or felt compelled to denounce her as Canadians, so Mira wouldn’t be able to guess who it is anyway.

No. 733536

Good point!

What's even more concerning is her spying on Saudi men in Japan through SnapChat's map. Are they at a hotel after the game to sleep, or are they out smoking hookah and dancing to Arabic music in a private reserved bar for Al-Hilal's fans? Her followers warned her not to judge other people's lives. Of course she's the girl who cries wolf every minute of her life.

A lot of Arab men (and some women) smoke and it's very common in the Middle East.

No. 733576

It’s so disturbing! Mira trying to find out where they are going, what they’re doing and who they’re associating with. What those Saudis do is none of her damn business yet she is stalking random Saudi people constantly just to pass judgment on them like she is a member of the religious police. Who would ever think to map out or use location search on these innocent people just because they used Snapchat while in Japan? Normal people are talking about the great game or just showing pride for Al-Hilal. Many Saudis are having fun experiencing Japan for the first time. It doesn’t mean they are automatically doing something depraved or completely opposite of their morals. Does Mira not realize many people, religious or not, can go to parties or clubs and still not partake in drinking or drugs? That you can have fun listening to music and dancing with your friends and be sober?

Now she went private again! Her creepy ass really thought Saudis would support that disgusting behavior. I hope more Saudis take notice of her account and speak their minds.

No. 733579

File: 1574695175563.png (743.94 KB, 890x1224, 11.png)

No. 733648

Man this fool needs to get a life.

Who is enabling this crap? Generous parents or Canadian welfare?

She'd best stay in Canada because she's making enemies everywhere!

No. 733663

So wait. When you think people track you, they're haterz and stockers . But then you go and track other people, it's cool?

No. 733670

This moral police, stalking behavior is turing her into an even bigger Internet Ass-Clown.

Some western fool with a fetishized view of Islam tracking Saudi nationals and passing judgement on them from her parent's house in Canada. WTF??

Hope word gets around the Arab world about this twat.

No. 733677

What gives this troglodyte the right to sit online and judge what random people are doing like some internet police woman?!
It’s so creepy she’s gone beyond being a weeaboo or whatever, she’s straight up obsessed.
Im not sure how Saudi will react to a poorly educated Caucasian Muslim convert passing judgement on people Miranda, it won’t get you a visa that’s for sure.

No. 733684

Japan chewed her up and spat her out, and now she is destroying her chances of living in Saudi Arabia before even going there! OMG this girl is a freaking disaster.

Forget the haterz and stalkers. She is her own worst enemy!

No. 733697

Armchair here, but this looks like a great example of schizophrenic delusions. Pretty soon she'll think she's the new messiah, if she doesn't already. I mean, wow, is she in deep. If I'm right, this is very hard to treat, but someone should get her sectioned asap

No. 733735

Jesus. I remember when Mira first had that drama and fallout with Sharla and the rest of that side of YT.

Now she’s completely lost it and become a Muslim? What the fuck? Time sure flies.

No. 733801

Prior to this phase, she viewed herself as the white savior who must guide Japan towards the proper way to be Japanese. She also had a fixation on the smallest minorities and ethnic groups within Japan, as if she was exact same as them after a just a couple years of residency.

The Mira crazy train never stops!

No. 733814

I respect Miranda. It takes a huge set of balls to become a SUPER DUPER MUSLIM…(emailfagging)

No. 733815

Miranda, your email address is "too fishy"

No. 733845

>>733815 what is this about Anon? Is that guy Miranda? What’s the email address?

No. 733923

cuttlefish2020 AT Gmail

Says so in the Anonymous link

No. 733970

File: 1574764241702.gif (89.53 KB, 260x260, 3JYpT89.gif)

No. 733972

What are you guys talking about some gmail address?

No. 733983

Click on that Anonymous name on the said post…

No. 734006

File: 1574776696706.png (802.13 KB, 1168x1294, スクリーンショット 2019-11-26 22.57.58.…)

"Before islam, I was YouTuber. I threw fame & fortune for Iman."

Is Miranda pretending to be a non-native Arabic speaker of English?

No. 734011

Bish you were never famous, you are infamous for being a lying, cheating scumbag. You now choose to be ignorant and hide behind Islam because it fits your lazy ass lifestyle.
You will get bored one day and you will renounce Islam, like everything else you’ve ever done in your life.

No. 734054

>Is Miranda pretending to be a non-native Arabic speaker of English?

Yes, she likes to pretend she is losing her English (which is her mother tongue) as she speaks more and more of some other language. She did it with Japanese too, and she also did it while hanging around some people from the Caribbean. So now, apparently, since she is learning "Saudi," she is forgetting how to speak English and replacing it with 2nd-language Arabic speech patterns.

No. 734537

File: 1574827976606.jpeg (458.17 KB, 1242x1141, 1648A4A5-450D-4826-9503-26582C…)

“When I move to Saudi…” same Miranda who said on her channel that she wasn’t going to Saudi Arabia, that’s why she doesn’t want to share it.

No. 734567

Now she will go to SA again? Didnt she said that SA is no good country for her to be a good muslim? It's so funny that she really announce that she will have a new identity….. so desperate….

No. 734706

pro tip : always check dates.

No. 734712

June 2019

No. 734726

My bad,.. but when someone post it here I might think its actual.

No. 734746

It does highlight how much she backtracks though, I bet in the future she will claim she never wanted to live there like she denies she liked Japan

No. 734753

She started saying how Saudi has changed and is not a good place to live only recently after she found out about the penalty to have her "islamic marriage" legally recognized and knows that she will never be able to live there

No. 735358

Haven’t checked this thread in years, can’t believe this is all a result of that Rodi guy rejecting her it’s so wild

No. 735393

This is actually a really good summary, no joke.

No. 735411

It is only a matter of time before Miranda will have to confess that she lives in Canada.


Keep up the facade Mira. Have you finished the Christmas in Japan vid you are now workimg on? All that file footage will be so cool, so 2017.


No. 735587

Underrated reply

No. 735639

File: 1575023600284.jpeg (220.43 KB, 750x535, A3C1837E-75A7-4948-A77F-B03936…)

Miranda why do you continue to lie? You don’t live in Japan.
Allah knows you don’t live in Japan, Allah also sees your hate filled tweets and your continued judgements against fellow Muslims that don’t fit your ultra conservative agenda (by the way did you know that’s haram?)
I too absolutely can’t believe all of this Islam fakery and hatred came from being rejected by rody..

No. 735641

File: 1575024715569.png (388.46 KB, 1168x1076, スクリーンショット 2019-11-29 19.51.17.…)

"I ever move back to Canada, I'll move to Manitoba"

No. 735654

It's funny because bill21 only affects Quebec residents and Miranda lives in Ontario

She's making a fuss for no reason, as the bill doesn't apply to her as an Ontario resident.

No. 735716

And even more, it only affect people working for (or paid by) the gouv. of Quebec…. so since she doesnt even work at all…

No. 735775

She's probably trying to explain to her followers why she lives in Canada instead of Saudi…because according to her, Canada is a much easier place to be a muslim than Saudi

No. 735785

In her deluded mind, she probably justifies the blatant LIE by claiming that the Canada thing is only temporary, and that she is actually based in Japan.

As time goes by, any credibility she has with clueless hangers-on or new subscribers to her zombie channel will vanish, as the fake Muslum and fake Japanese resident will be exposed.

As her Japan visa applications continue to be rejected, she will become like a freaking wounded animal! She will double down on everything, continue to target people like non-believers, gays, and Muslims who are not up to her sick standards, and lash out at those who dare defy her "reality".

No. 735850

Yeah but it’s been like over half a year since she got deported he chances to come back are 0. Immigration is extremely strict now in Japan. I got flagged before at an airport due to traveling without my wife (not joking) and I hardly travel and my marriage is actually valid. They almost barred me from re-entering and had to call me wife to confirm where I was going. This was because they suspected we didn’t live together because I didn’t get my card stamped with the new address.

As I was told Mira had been reported (not just by me as well as others as I came to learn after reading these threads) regarding her marriage and they didn’t allow for re-entry to Japan when she went to Canada.

Sorry for the long post but her re-entering is impossible I think maybe on a tourist visa but I doubt she could get a working holiday or even get married here it will probably be rejected. On a side note I know a guy applying from Germany for a work visa it took him 6 months and he was rejected. That was not how things were a year ago.

So Mira I know you reading this and yes he told me what happened.

No. 735876

You are the “Sam told me! I will prove it I will call him right now!” Dumbass. Which I assume is the same dumbass as the dumbass who came here with the “She gave me a BJ we made porn!”. Proof or it didn’t happen. Standby your words. Call Sam and record him saying it.

No. 735877

Hoping to see the receipts. She needs to be banned from YouTube and Twitter.

No. 735892

Lol. Why are you always so angry at this guy? A little too emotionally invested in someone who could possibly be a troll, aren’t we?

No. 735907

Two reasons one is it’s Mira or there trying to get me to expose myself by dropping vid I’ve been on the internet too long to fall for those :^)(:^))

No. 735911

Nobody gives a shit about your identity. You were the one who said “I am going to call Sam right now and film it”. Stick to your guns fool. If it’s true information there’s no reason to hide. Similar to BJ boy you really don’t care about your identity which leads me to believe this is another BS story.

“First date I pulled out camera she wore golden hijab” “Don’t want to say who I am she might find out!”

“Sam told me everything about her! We are really good buddies! I see you online boy!”
“Don’t want to film myself. People will know who I am”

No. 735920

You holding back tears while typing that?

No. 735923

Well, she won't be brutally tortured and murdered legally in Canada so I would say it probably is much easier to be Muslim in Canada vs SA.

No. 735939

Why does she call herself Canadian, if she got a PR for Japan? Oh yeah, because she's a dumbshit that can't even lie correctly.

No. 735940

Wow, she totally missed the opportunity to call herself a Canadian Japanese Ojibwe Muslim. Identity is like simply changing hats for her. I wonder if she was planning to continue to call herself Japanese when moving to Saudi Arabia?

I still think it’s so strange how she proudly states that she doesn’t speak or read Arabic and has never expressed the desire to become a Saudi citizen when she was supposed to love Saudi Arabia more than any other country.

No. 735954

This is completely off topic sorry.. had a thought, when Miranda’s little brother grows up I wonder if he will get into youtube? I hope he exposes her for what she’s really like, seeing as their mum has banned him from talking to her (probably because she thinks she’s a full blown isis bride)
That is if anyone cares about her shenanigans by then, which I highly doubt.

No. 735960

She posted a link to some curious cat account on her Twitter what is that is it a trap to get our accounts?

No. 735970

Did anyone catch Rodi's live stream about Visa fraud in Japan ~10-11 hours ago? I assume he talked about Miranda due to the live title

No. 735971

Nice try baiting us.

No. 735973

File: 1575124285390.jpg (151.45 KB, 1317x497, Screenshot_20191130-093025_Chr…)

She's desperate to try and prove she's in Japan, not Canada.

I bet she's asking herself these questions too

No. 735975

File: 1575125134541.png (1.18 MB, 1164x1174, スクリーンショット 2019-11-30 23.44.40.…)

"halal slaughter is most humane way"

No. 735987

The video shows a halal slaughter house in Denmark not treating the animals well.

No. 735993

Fucking hell she is so infuriatingly stupid, that’s not non halal, that’s animal cruelty. People getting caught treating their livestock like that will get fined and possibly banned!

No. 736127

So why isn't this asshole working a real job? Who is enabling her to sit on her lazy, dishonest candy ass and spout her Disney, fetishized view of a major world religion?

Get a one-way ticket to the Middle East, Miranda. Tell us then about all the rainbows and unicorns you see. Don't forget to film them for YouTube bucks!

No. 736191

it's a muslim husband's job to support his wife kek. why do you think she's going so hard with this islam thing.

No. 736230

File: 1575181637635.png (161.49 KB, 1150x722, スクリーンショット 2019-12-01 15.26.25.…)

Has your marriage been recognized in Saudi Arabia yet?

No. 736231

File: 1575181690356.png (125.82 KB, 1146x516, スクリーンショット 2019-12-01 15.27.39.…)

Miranda is still obsessed with "discord buddies"

No. 736232

She's obsessed with the stockers because the stockers are having a great life outside of social media instead of updating their life moments online for her to spy on.

No. 736273

File: 1575200964001.png (368.84 KB, 1080x2220, 9BADFF66-1CD7-4C03-932E-2714F4…)

Miranda you know damn well that only people like us would respond to your curious cat tweet.
Stop lying about your marriage being recognised, it isn’t..
Look at this post that you made on YouTube complaining that Saudis have to pay a fine to the government for marrying a foreigner for them to recognise it.

No. 736278

Is Mira partaking in some of that legal Canadian MJ? By the look of her writing, it sure as hell looks like it.

What a disgrace she has become. All those hard earned rights that women have won, to be equal to men, and this asshole is prepared to submit to a belief system that does not allow women to travel unaccompanied by a man.

Fuck Mira. She should move to SA and never return. She wants to spit in the face of countries that made her. Fine. Go live in a culture where you must travel with a male guardian. Enjoy your freedom.

No. 736288

This is her game, she would say it isn't about HER marriage, it's hypothetical (but we all know she can't spell hypothetical or know what it means). Her many years of being mad on the internet and a complete fucking spazz has done this to her. She should have taken that money from KM and gotten her grill fixed.

No. 736290

The weird thing is, most people who follow her antics actually wish the best for her. If she cut all the bs, acted honestly and with some personal integrity, and then changed her life accordingly, then most people would be very happy and supportive of her.

But unfortunately, all you keep getting is this narcissistic, delusional, dishonest, self-righteous monster who is painting herself into a corner. I wish her no harm, but I can't help but feel she is headed for a complete and utter meltdown.

No. 736300

I'd actually stop following her nonsense completely if she apologized to those she's harmed and moved on

Until then, I'll remain critical of everything she does

No. 736367

Speak for yourself. I have no hope for Mira to become a good person, I'm here to laugh at the mess she makes.

No. 736374

Totally understandable. She has been a real asshole over the years.

No. 736392

look at all the lies she told to KM and the money she stole from him. she didn't even help him get into school like she promised, let alone the romantic deception.

No. 736444

File: 1575251341565.png (230.12 KB, 1156x1254, スクリーンショット 2019-12-02 10.48.31.…)

Miranda is a typical housewife

No. 736469


"i will never work again"

damn right she won't, no one would ever hire this masquerading loon!

No. 736478

Good luck being supported by bed pounder, no plate chip munching man-baby!

Miranda is just pathetic. What a lazy person. Bet her mother is doing most of her housework.

No. 736501

File: 1575265975300.png (124.14 KB, 1164x624, スクリーンショット 2019-12-02 14.52.34.…)

"We should remember how people get AIDS and other STD.

From liberalism. "

No. 736524

damn shame she had all that unmarried anal sex

No. 736533

She’s in Sams live stream

No. 736542

She knows that her own past life is not compatible with her "cure" list, right? RIGHT?!
Die she really think she can fool people who not digg in her past?
She just shoute her BS out,… nobody cares….

No. 736546

You’re not a housewife you are a welfare scrounger living in your mums basement. Who are you trying to fool?!

No. 736561


Sub-Saharan countries with the world’s highest rate of HIV/AIDS are LIBERAL societies?

>One life one partner

I thought she said multiple 9 year old wives are totally awesome?

No. 736564

File: 1575289189830.png (209.77 KB, 1158x1228, スクリーンショット 2019-12-02 21.19.02.…)

Random nonsense from Miranda
"There is a mosque in every city in Japan"

No. 736566


NGL, I laughed pretty hard at that.

It's getting to the point with Miranda that I find myself invoking Poe's law, but then I have to remind myself that she's serious. She is literally beyond parody, because she's her own best satirist.

No. 736656

Lies and shite don't POUR from Miranda's mouth, they freaking EJACULATE.

No. 736674

What did she say?

No. 736681

He said she lives 1 hour from Tokyo. And she replied “it’s not that far”. He said I know but you are not on the Yamanote line.

No. 736714

Which livestream?

No. 736892

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_WnGlrLJk4(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 736893

No. 736907

Why does she go to such stupid lengths to try and pretend to be in Japan?
You’re not there Miranda it’s so obvious.

No. 736914

Isn't it haram for her to be making chit-chat with a man who is not her husband or other family member?

No. 736915

Yes. Miranda has always cherry picked beliefs that she is partial to and ignored the rest

No. 736931

File: 1575379792680.jpg (88.09 KB, 1400x415, Screenshot_20191203-082832_Chr…)

You look like you've fallen ill since you became muslim. Your skin is discolored, your eyes have no soul behind them, and you look like you're literally ready to die.

You sure about that Miranda?

No. 736936

Damn 5 and a half hours? I just jump in anything important? Only saw Miranda in the chat….
Damn this guy is fat… his tits are so big.

No. 736946

She was never on stream, only in chat.

No. 736955

And are there any interesting things on chat?

No. 736963

Not really. One user was trolling Miranda and it was worth the watch, that's around 4 hours into the stream?

Tkyosam talks about some old Youtubers dead gf and Miranda laughs & says she remembers them too.

Miranda again tries to claim she's in Japan when Ham conveniently asks her about it. Someone later asks what time it is in Canada.

Incredibly boring, not worth the watch

No. 736969

Miranda seizing every opportunity to tell the world about her stalker coming to find where she lives.
Give the stalker stories up Miranda, no one is believing that crap.
If you want anyone to believe you show us evidence, post a picture of yourself in japan with a date (doesn’t have to be today but a recent trip to protect yourself)
Show us the camera footage of your stalker scoping out your house.
How do you expect anyone to believe you?

No. 737042

It is her power source. Without Japan, there is no Kanadajin3. She is desperate to get back, but Japanese immigration has had enough.

Now we can watch her flail and squirm, as the walls of lies begin to crumble, and the reality of a white Canadian women with mental health issues living with her mum and pretending to be some pious muslim becomes plain for all to see!

This heffer is ripe for the milking!

No. 737245

File: 1575465148157.jpg (1.09 MB, 1440x2116, 20191204_081151.jpg)

Miranda is now retweeting the alt-right to get her point across

Miranda there are swears in that tweet, that's ultra haram of you.
I hope you are arrested and lashed.

No. 737264

ha ha she is retweeting an obvious troll from a chan

No. 737324

Have you ever noticed how Miranda uses the work kafir even though she says she doesn’t speak Arabic?
The reason why she doesn’t use the English translation is because it translates to infidel (amongst other non believer words) and that probably sounds too ISIS even for her.

No. 737502

jesus christ I think I rawdogged this girl during the rave days in the late 90's early 2000s before a hullabaloo or purerave party in toronto.
I swear to fucking god she was on the bootyboard.
Aubry would know

No. 737503

JET program buddies.

No. 737535

Did you just admit to having sex with a 10 year old? Because that’s how old she was in 2000.

No. 737642

File: 1575560046233.jpg (542.76 KB, 1401x1921, 20191205_103029.jpg)

Not easy enough for you to get permanent residency. You only got to stay because you scammed poor Japanese men into marrying you

No. 737696

not defending her autism, but m8…that's…really not the reason why. muslims all tend to use that word, it's basically the islamic version of "goy".
>leave islam
I wanna just say that moment she will leave islam it won't look good for her, rip. She chose a dangerous path.

No. 737705

When she does leave Islam, the smartest way she can go about it would be to just abandon entirely her internet presence without any good-byes or explanations - just disappear without warning and stay that way. However, this is Mira we're talking about.
I wonder what people like her did before there was the internet.

No. 737786

She was a total failure at being a Japanese housewife, now she’s attempting to be an ISIS housewife lol
“I’ll never work again”

Be careful what you wish for, Miranda!

No. 737921

Well since she has neither I guess she shouldn’t be worried.

No. 737934

but the BEST way would be to do some videos twerking in her new home, Jamaica.

No. 737936

Before the Internet, people like Miranda bored the asses off their neighbors and wrote crazy letters to the newspapers. Every old newspaper has letters from random lunatics complaining about the “decline in morals” and other bullshit.

She is just Francis E. Dec with worse spelling.

No. 737950

hey hey hey! francis had style and flair when choosing his words. don't do him dirty by comparing him to a retarded leaf.

No. 737986

File: 1575643776320.png (1.11 MB, 1168x1290, スクリーンショット 2019-12-06 23.48.42.…)

niqab is the greatest garment in this world

No. 737987

File: 1575643926365.png (97.78 KB, 1160x414, スクリーンショット 2019-12-06 23.51.10.…)

Miranda hates that we know that she cherry picks her beliefs

No. 737991

She looks like Quasimodo in this picture

No. 738093

b4 I just spill random hate,…are there other woman on the internet that praise god that they can wear niquab and hide there face? I'm sorry,.. it just dont get in my head how someone hypothetically
can say "hello to darkage" dont get me wrong people can choose what they want,.. but its like prefering plain flour as a dish, when the table is full of yummy stuff.

No. 738130

if i looked like miranda i'd praise god for a garment that covered my face too

No. 738132

Once again, why is she looking to outsiders to translate the Quran? Isn't her husband Saudi? Why not ask her leaders at the mosque she says she goes to often.

No. 738140

so right, if you wonna know something, you google it or ask someone you know, like you said, husband, muslim freinds, people from the mosque,…. so why asking on twitter? Just attention? Well its possible that she just has no friends,… OR the whole stuff is BS and she really just cosplay for attention. Everyone can pretend to be muslim or whatever….

No. 738144

Look. I don't like Islam, but I respect it and the right to religious freedom. But can you imagine being related to Miranda? Imagine going to your local Canadian suburban supermarket, family restaurant, shopping mall, etc. with her dressed like this? Hope Miranda is proud of the stress she is putting her family under just to cosplay her fetishized take on Islam.

No. 738153

Right? Is Al-Tinyhands out buying chips?

No. 738187

File: 1575676804016.png (613.64 KB, 1164x1010, スクリーンショット 2019-12-07 8.59.45.p…)

Miranda is on a long rant about how Christmas is evil

No. 738188

Didn't she ask KM for Christmas presents after becoming Muslim? Sounds to me like she's saying it's haram for all other muslims BUT her

No. 738206

Oh look. It's that fag who pops into every ISIS Quasimoto thread just to say he fucked her. You have a gross sexual obsession with her… we get it. Now fuck off and go away.

No. 738303

File: 1575700142532.png (47.24 KB, 596x380, untitled-1.png)

Muslims should not judge on others yet it's okay based on her version of the Qur'an. Miranda is clearly aggressive, spoiled, immature, and stubborn but her husband seems okay with this behavior because…

"Women are crazy."

No. 738314

>but its like pretending to prefer plain flour as a dish, when the table is full of yummy stuff.


No. 738324

I dont get it…..
what do you mean with close?

No. 738352

Christmas isn’t haram, celebrating the birth of Christ as a practicing Muslim is probably haram.

No. 738361

File: 1575726654189.png (588.75 KB, 1164x1020, スクリーンショット 2019-12-07 22.49.55.…)

Miranda thought you might say that

No. 738362

File: 1575726745275.png (701.69 KB, 1166x974, スクリーンショット 2019-12-07 22.51.54.…)

Christmas is a gateway drug that desensitizes people to stuff that is haram

No. 738364

This is what happens when someone has too much time on their hands. Welp, you know what they say, idle hands do the devils work, Miranda.

No. 738375

She references Pagans like they're evil… Miranda the only evil here is your extremism

No. 738397

File: 1575736790463.png (506.57 KB, 1166x1030, スクリーンショット 2019-12-08 1.39.32.p…)

The culture of non-muslims is evil

No. 738400

Why does she feel the need to police Muslims of the world? Does she think all Muslims are stupid and cannot make the right decisions for themselves?
I’ve never wanted to tell someone to shut the fuck up as much as her.

No. 738402

i almost respect her choice to become a hardcore muslim. she gets to hide her ugly face completely, make the choice to never work again, and indulge in her superiority complex by policing how people behave…AND she's applauded for all of this.
having to care about being a respectable person gets tiring.

No. 738414

Is there a reason why none of these characters have eyes?

No. 738417

Because they aren’t allowed to see for themselves how dumb their words look?

No. 738421

because Muslims like randa believes if you draw an art completely is haram! its like you are challenging god to create so they remove eyes or usually draw line across the neck.

No. 738498

I'm Miranda. Look at MEEE. I'm a MUSLIM. Really, I AM. In fact, I am a PERFECT MUSLIM. Look at MEEEEE !! Everybody, LOOK AT MEEE !! MEEE MEEE MEEE MEEEEE !!(autism)

No. 738499

File: 1575757672595.png (1.28 MB, 1166x1292, スクリーンショット 2019-12-08 7.27.01.p…)

"scientifically it’s proven that music leads you astray"
Music is actually the gateway drug to Christmas

No. 738500

File: 1575757844767.png (86.12 KB, 1232x278, スクリーンショット 2019-12-08 7.30.19.p…)

music causes people to have emotions…because emotions are haram

No. 738502

I wonder if Miranda realizes the far right hate her just as much as trans people for being a Muslim

No. 738531

She’s just subtweeting her mum for the crime of having a Christmas tree and Christmas music in her own house.

I mean, no, she’s in Japan where they are always pressuring people into celebrating Christmas even though Christians are a tiny minority of the population, right?

No. 738584

She's so disgusting, but she's right in the sense that music, like all art, cultivates free thinking and creativity, which are anathema to oppressive fundamentalist religions. Neurological studies do demonstrate that music helps you process emotions. Happy music can promote positive emotions. Interestingly, sad and angry music actually mitigate those negative emotions by helping you process them, and aggressive music can be especially empowering.

If you're trying to control people, make them lose confidence, and isolate them, taking away creative outlets is certainly an effective way to do that. The strange thing with Mira, though, is that I don't get the sense that her mosque is particularly conservative. So it basically means she's going out of her way to brainwash herself.

No. 738602

I remember how excited Miranda was to go see the remake of Aladdin…which is a musical…containing music
I guess as always, Miranda is exempt from this fatwa?

No. 738633

She will only police Arab Muslims but not the converts. She is a dangerous woman in the Muslim community.

No. 738638

Her mother did not invite her over for Christmas then?

Music is everywhere in Japan, from every television program to grocery store PA system to the daily 5pm chime played on public speakers. Yet Japan is the best place to live for culture-hating extremist Muslims?

Yes, the Christmas decorations are everywhere despite no deep cultural or religious significance for Japanese. Why isn’t she screeching about her religious rights constantly being violated in Japan? What about all the Jizo and temples shoving their multi-god haram-ity in her face?

>The strange thing with Mira, though, is that I don't get the sense that her mosque is particularly conservative.

I definitely feel this too. She always has to one-up someone or double down on her personal interpretation.

No. 738681

"I definitely feel this too. She always has to one-up someone or double down on her personal interpretation".

Bit of armchair here but yeah. A real inferiority complex mixed with a good dose of narcissism. Couldn't just go to Japan, decide to stay, make a career in education or whatever, get married, etc. But oh no. She had to get on her high horse and act the fool. Absorbed Japan like some kinda Borg and then got on the world stage to act the expert and tell 'em how it's done.

Now it is Islam. She knows better than everyone. And this "Only Allah can judge me" spin makes it much more empowering than the Japan thing. If she was a genuine convert, she would show some humility and keep it mostly to herself. But she wants to strut around like a small dog with its chest puffed out, yapping like an idiot.

No. 738711

File: 1575820136598.png (121.77 KB, 1144x462, スクリーンショット 2019-12-09 0.46.59.p…)

Miranda found a way around the prohibition on music in movies because "if we happen to hear music not at our own will its not a sin for us"

No. 738724

Do you guys think this will be mirandas final transformation? Because I see her pushing saudi away until saudi is too liberal for her, she disappears for a 1.5 day and she just goes full alt right anti libtards white supremacist

No. 738725

Do you guys think this will be mirandas final transformation? Because I see her pushing saudi away until saudi is too liberal for her, she disappears for a 1.5 day and she just goes full alt right anti libtards white supremacist

No. 738922

Oh, God. She’s directly referencing this thread again. Just come here Mira! Stop sending yourself asks.

>we do not exist the house

Wtf does that mean? Is she using more drag slang?

I used to think that was unlikely but now I believe that’s next on her list. It would make perfect sense given her desire for “purity”, superiority over “undesirables” and anti-Feminist stance. The attention would be too much for her to resist. Either that or a communist trans militant vegan.

No. 738949

File: 1575866328041.png (125.85 KB, 1172x648, スクリーンショット 2019-12-09 13.38.04.…)

"Men & women should NOT work together"

No. 738950

File: 1575866368998.png (214.59 KB, 1250x822, スクリーンショット 2019-12-09 13.38.23.…)

No. 738970

Funny,… her busband money is for the household… but her money stays hers….

No. 738977

How selfish of her, you're in a partnership called marriage. You both should help in some way. I'm a housewife but when I get working because I'll get bored otherwise, I'll be helping with some of the bills. It's not fair for him to do everything even though he could. Most of the extra afterwards would be mine but I'm never going to expect him to do everything if I can help a little.

No. 739008

Mira is a joke. Selfish and lazy are becoming her defining features.

Why work when you can sponge off your family, collect Canadian welfare or find another mug to pay your bills?

You reading this Mira? Grow a freaking pair and support yourself financially. Otherwise you will weaken over the years, and may very well end up in the gutter.

No. 739085

File: 1575900552488.png (91.65 KB, 1160x374, スクリーンショット 2019-12-09 23.08.56.…)

Women working and paying taxes is evil?

No. 739094

Speaking of having children, haven't noticed that Miranda is in any hurry to pop out any brats. I thought birth control and family planning was haram, and you should take Allah's blessings as they came once a year or so.

No. 739096

This basically reads “I pretend to be Muslim because it means I don’t have to take any responsibility for my life, I can get my husband to do it. I also pretend to be super conservative because the world rejects these extremist values and I want to continue being a fat lazy bitch. Why should I have to work?!”

No. 739172

at the end of the day, it all comes down to Miranda inability to support herself financially. All this muslim stuff is just a trick.

No. 739178

Besides trying to get Rodi to fuck her, maybe her whole muslim thing comes down to her bitterness over paying dudes to stay married to her and thinks its time to make them pay while she sits on her ass all day?

No. 739195

Hi Mira! You do realize that stuff you post on the Internet stays forever, right?

Then again, perhaps it won't matter when everyone has tired of you and moved on, and your days are spent watching tv at a mental health care facility.

No. 739232

Didn’t someone say she owed taxes to Japan?

This got me thinking: what if she is still working and is now paying her child-husband to stay quiet? She is currently ranting about how it’s the man’s job to pay for everything and how she will never work because she is the queen, but also has stated several times that they are very poor. How can she publicly admit that while saying he needs to pay for everything AND support the multiple children she does not have? It’s deliberately keeping your hypothetical family in poverty with no regard to the burden it puts on the husband or her “children”. She has no morals at all.

No. 739323

Yep she told me directly she did not have to pay taxes in Japan because it was youtube money. Anyways you can’t really get perm residence if you make under 4 million yen since your too low on the tax bracket to be if it society.

No. 739337

File: 1575954319527.png (93.55 KB, 1164x404, スクリーンショット 2019-12-10 14.04.52.…)

Miranda is not a fan of Jews or Christians

No. 739416

Doesn’t want to work, doesn’t pay taxes, doesn’t value education, doesn’t appreciate husband as a partner, doesn’t contribute anything positive to any community she has been a part of. What a catch!

>The Jews!

She’s on her way, >>738724

No. 739470

Didn't she say her mum is Jewish at one point?(namefag)

No. 739489

Didnt she said her mother is a fundamentalist christ, who totally accept her muslim daughter?

Yes I know,.. the pun is intended….

No. 739514


Pretty sure the same can be applied to islam too and every major religion out there…

No. 739532

That’s how things were back in the Middle Ages, but most people are over that trying to convert others shit today. And just, you know, don’t convert (again) Miranda. It’s not that fucking deep. Nobody except maybe your mum cares about what religion you LARP as, except for the laughs.

No. 739558

Mira's channel is now so cool! That moving blur yapping with the shrill, North American accent spouting mindless garbage really does it for me. Her diamond play button is guaranteed!

It's so HOT. I use it to GET OFF.

No. 739614

lol she's projecting, because she criticizes and practically hates anyone who doesn't follow her own weird version of Salafism.

But she's also wrong, because Judaism isn't a proselytizing religion. My father's family are liberal Jews, and I (as well as most of my family, probably) know way more Christians and Muslims than I know other Jews (though I'm not Jewish religiously). Though we're happy to have converts, I don't know any Jews who actively try to convert others, we're all pretty happy for Christians to be Christians, Muslims to be Muslims, Buddhists to be Buddhists, Hindus to be Hindus, etc.

Only tangentially related, but most of the Muslims I know interpret the Koran in very metaphorical, allegorical ways, and that's where they find the deep meaning. One thing I don't get about the literalist interpretation of people like Miranda: how does the 72 virgins thing work? It sounds rather hellish, either for the virgins or for the martyr. Where do the virgins come from? If they're innocents who died, suddenly they're enslaved to some man for the rest of eternity. That sounds awful. Or are they created just for the martyr? Still awful, slavery is all they'll know. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the martyr was a really great guy… but a lot of the time he isn't. He's a murderous terrorist who was a complete outcast in his own society, or he's a brutal authoritarian member of the religious police, or something. Or maybe they're not real people, but just programmed woman-like companions who do whatever the martyr wants… in which case they're not real companions with minds of their own, which renders the relationship completely meaningless.

lol naughty naughty!

No. 739768

I don't think the 72 slave virgins is that hard to get when their whole book features slaves/sex slaves.

No. 739843

the 72 virgins thing has been said to be a misinterpretation. the word for "virgin" is the same as "date" (the sweet fig that grows on trees). The Quran is in fusha (classical Arabic) which most fluent Arab speakers are not familiar with. So fusha is pretty hard to study and requires many years of studying. There's been discussion that "72 virgins" were actually 72 dates, since dates were highly prized in those times and used for trading. not sure about how the English translations got that so wrong, but a lot of early English translations of the Quran back then were written by white male European Orientalist scholars who had nothing to do with growing up Muslim or never lived in Muslim countries.

shut the fuck up, moron.

No. 739870

Miranda is just using Islam to inflate her own ego, cover up her inadequacies, and avoid personal responsibly.

Sad, nasty, delusional, pathetic….

No. 739886

Nope. No one is talking about dates. Read about houris (described by classical islamic scholars) as beautiful female beings who will accompany the faithful in jannah in islamic mythology.


In any case, don't derail the thread with your islamic "apologetics"

Back to Miranda's wahhabist/salafi bullshit…

No. 739889

File: 1576106063162.png (114.49 KB, 1146x612, スクリーンショット 2019-12-12 8.13.00.p…)

Since Miranda was refused a visa to Saudi Arabia, Japan is now suddenly the best country to practice her version of islam

No. 739946

File: 1576116495590.png (160.71 KB, 1108x922, スクリーンショット 2019-12-12 11.06.57.…)

Why Japan over an islamic country?

No. 739999

apologetic? I was born and raised Muslim and have taken Quranic classes for many years. There are always different interpretations and arguments over the Quran. Even scholars don't agree about niqab and hijab!!! Look up itjehad. Get the fuck out of here with your bigoted "apologetic" BS. Fucking kaffir idiot.

No. 740002

You're obviously triggered and can only resort to name-calling
It's time for you to move along
This thread is to discuss Miranda's bullshit

No. 740025

Who is asking her these questions? And why did she answere?
Mira seems to be triggered by taxes….
Sure is japan a great country, nobody fucking cares what ou are there.
But your lazy ass sits in Canada Miranda! Were also nobody cares about you.

No. 740065

>halal food
>in japan
She needs to see a shrink, even their bread, plain ol' sammiches, has lard.
One should go to sunnichat and the other should go to reddit.com/exmuslims.

No. 740125

She's asking herself these questions

No. 740141

It is interesting how many "fans" she has…and how "they" ask the same questions that we are discussing here lol

No. 740142

I asked one of them, but she didn’t answer as I expected. She answered really quickly too which is what I did expect. She needs that constant validation!

No. 740181

Which one is it? Mira or Miranda?

No. 740182

Using the incognito window to ask herself anonymous questions?

No. 740264

File: 1576189202174.png (305.52 KB, 1146x1150, スクリーンショット 2019-12-13 7.19.29.p…)

According to Miranda, it is the "stalkers on discord enjoying random questions"

No. 740275

She keeps going on about this discord and we have seen 1 screen shot? This girl is beating a dead horse at this point

She sounds like a loon "the haters on discord", "someone came to my house taking pictures and looking in windows", "I live in Japan"

Prove it bitch

No. 740282

File: 1576193126951.png (209.36 KB, 1156x792, スクリーンショット 2019-12-13 8.25.17.p…)

"Your information is not based on facts, but rather nonsense echoed from people like navyhato"

No. 740295

>I got rejected
>I can apply for citizenship anytime!
This muslim saga is frying her brain.

I'm predicting it will end in her saying that Saudi isn't Muslim enough, husband wants to leave Japan and she goes full alt right conservative in Canada.

No. 740304

> I got rejected before I CONVERTED

Did not she REVERTED because we all are born Muslims?

No. 740307

File: 1576201805628.jpeg (185.57 KB, 1242x431, 294B051B-142C-4203-8C26-1C2EAC…)

4 minutes later, Miranda starts asking herself about “reverting”.

No. 740308

File: 1576201917839.png (32.45 KB, 836x128, Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 8.47…)

She admits to having key loggers to hack people?

No. 740310

Samefag as the SS above. It's already gone.

No. 740317

>they are happy

what happened to literally everything else she's said about how her family feels?

No. 740330

Imagine your crazy daughter who dropped out of high school and has been burning through money for a decade in Japan decides to subject herself to an ultra-conservative religious sect in one of the most oppressive countries and cultures on the planet. WEW

No. 740354

Didnt she said her mother is a hardcore christ?
I still dont get how she wonna belibe someone that such a mother will accent a muslim daughter.
The fact that she lived so long in a country so far away, were she reached nothing, its a nice statement about her family life.
Or did she even lie to them like she lied to everyone?

No. 740366

Reason why it's because she's in Canada in social assistance.

No. 740374

This guy is great, Miranda doesn't get they put up with mosque's and Islam, they do not approve of it for their culture. The moment a terrorist act happens in Japan by Muslims is the moment Japan will put the brakes on it and may begin kicking people out. Japan wants to stay Japanese and keep it's culture, that doesn't include Islam.


No. 740392

Miranda doesn't live in Japan anymore, she's just pretending. So how Japan feels about muslims doesn't matter.

No. 740396

Oof admitting to using hacking tools was not a good move.
It’s also very haram Miranda, is that why you deleted it?
I haven’t seen anyone write here in that way before either (bad English) so I’ll assume it was a troll question and she took the bait like an idiot.

No. 740398

Is she trying to act as one of the "stockers" in this CC Anon question to lure people into believing that those same "stockers" are "harassing her every single day"?

Zero evidence.

No. 740404

She's an idiot. Noone would believe that Japan with it being mostly Shintou or Buddhist is the best place to be a muslim. Over fucking Saudi Arabia. Not unless she wants to be a missionary for the muslim faith. Now that I can see. Her preaching her distorted version to a bunch of ignorant masses, sure. She might think it could be her ticket back to Japan. Going to Saudi Arabia and doing the shit she pulls online? Bitch is looking for an acid bath.

No. 740412

File: 1576246215211.jpg (348.3 KB, 1431x805, 20191213_090954.jpg)

That's not very Islamic of you, Dumbass

No. 740418

She's just making shit up at this point. Japan has an 8-10% consumption tax, I had to look it up to see that SA has no sales tax of any kind.

The only way what she said makes any sense is if she thinks every foreigner in Japan can just flake out on their income taxes. It only worked for her because she never made enough money to be worth any legal action, except deportation.

No. 740479

The only way loopy Miranda would EVER get another Japanese residency visa would be to marry a Japanese national, and even then he would have to fight long and hard for approval because of her less than stellar record with Japanese Immigration.

Kanadajin3 is finished. The channel is a fetid, stinking rotting corpse. How long will she prop it up? Where will she be in December 2020? Still continuing her silly lies?

No. 740563

They would reject her I recently had two friends rejected for marrying someone older then them. Also since they had no income tax reported they rejected both there marriage visas. It didn’t used to be like this they are doing this now going into 2020 basically before the olympics they welcomed foreigners now that olympics are approaching Japan is getting extremely strict I almost had my marriage visa denied myself I had to prove a 4 million yen wedding bill and ring receipts just for them to give me a visa this year.(no1curr)

No. 740568

Oops nobody cares

No. 740574

Her channel lost everythink,.. not to talk about beeing not in japan,… the choice to delete evething in a muslim halal rage was a baaaad decesion were she lost lot of money.
But hey maybe she rewally have to hide her face … because of police/immigration.
Did she still do such rollercoaster thing?
I mean even long time ago she changed her content and starts boriing people with her new enlighted muslim BS, even if there are muslim people outside that will be new fans of her, the old fans definitly get bored and definitly dont wonna see that.
Yelling at people that it's her channel and she can do what she want, also that kanadajin3 was never dedicated to japan…. well that not helped…

No. 740579

anon that is absolute bullshit. no one needs your wedding bills at the immigration.
unless you are maybe some super suspicious person to begin with lol

sorry but the amount of delusion in regards to japanese visa in this thread is just mind boggling everytime

sage cause probably no one cares anyway

No. 740603

Oops you are a roastie(ban evasion)

No. 740810

She should date Onision.

No. 740833

She deleted this tweet

No. 740849

File: 1576389220253.jpeg (594.33 KB, 1242x1482, 8CC5A531-F9AA-4AB9-8E09-55FFA0…)

Miranda triggered by a perfect description of her, it’s not just white male converts but white converts in general, She is the perfect example of it.

No. 740855

File: 1576391645040.jpeg (30.19 KB, 588x234, images-3.jpeg)

Oh Miranda, search the news and you'll find a large number of white converts to islam who became radicalized

No. 740896

Oh no! I hope Miranda doesn't become radicalised. I don't want to see her be sexually abused, beaten, or even blown up. Hope she isn't THAT stupid!

No. 740951

What I dont get is why doesn't she spend like 5 mins and google before posting dumb responses like these?

No. 740963

Because she is literally intellectually impaired. It’s not deep at all, she’s just lazy and so very very dumb.

No. 741001

Holy shit, how fucking stupid is she? I mean, I've been following this drama for a couple years, so I know she's pretty bad, but how the fuck can she deny there are white Jihadists? That ironically almost seems racist against non-white Muslims…

No. 741018


she should start by watching the documentary "My Son the Jihadi", it's about a white british guy who turned to islam and got radicalized and ended up becoming a terrorist in somalia, killing and raping people and eventually dying, it's really hearbreaking (since his mom and brother are in it) but good documentary.

No. 741021

File: 1576453085190.png (98.37 KB, 1154x440, スクリーンショット 2019-12-16 8.37.44.p…)

Miranda is still an expert on Jamaican Patois

No. 741023

File: 1576453129176.png (204.53 KB, 1172x788, スクリーンショット 2019-12-16 8.38.39.p…)

It's ok that Miranda's husband is poor because he is over 25?

No. 741024

So Miranda is an expert on Japanese, English, Swedish, Arabic, and Jamaican Patois?

No. 741050

I like that she only censors it the second go around.

No. 741117

This post proves she's never changed, just a blanket as a way to hate people while having the excuse of religion, and she still sits on her high and mighty horse to virtue signal how good she is while being a know it all when she starts talking about things that takes decades to learn but believes everything someone tells her as fact. She's lazy about really researching things before going in it. She's the moron who's jump into a lake if someone she likes days it's deep before checking herself.

No. 741131

Let's see what happens as 2020 progresses. Her world will become smaller and smaller as the dung heap she speaks all high and mighty from continues to waste away into a stinking puddle of poop.

No. 741134

File: 1576481227341.png (707.33 KB, 1164x1210, スクリーンショット 2019-12-16 16.26.48.…)

Miranda also hates Netflix

No. 741143

uh oh, is she issuing a fatwa?

No. 741150

File: 1576498999056.jpeg (126.97 KB, 750x360, C859196D-648C-422E-A0B8-A932D0…)

Miranda: Stalkers want me dead REEEEE
Also Miranda: I hope Allah chokes you on day of judgement.

No. 741172

>>741150 not much of a God if he did what she wants. That's a Genie.

No. 741186

If she’s so conservative and wants to be owned by a man and advocates this as the true form of Islam why hasn’t anyone told her to stfu yet?
Quiet woman, this is not the place for you. How dare you speak to another man online!

No. 741187

Her husband probably has a cuck fetish
There's no other reason he'd let her spread extreme ideals online and chat up random men on Twitter. Women should be seen not heard, right Miranda?

No. 741205

File: 1576528920120.jpeg (368.75 KB, 750x681, FAFFB27E-44FB-4CD0-A08D-14D2AF…)

Also Miranda: retweets a pic of the current protests in India against the new citizenship bill in India.. from a woman’s perspective.
100% anti feminism right there.

No. 741221

So while she is raging and fuming online….

Who is paying for her heating, electricity, Internet, maple syrup?

No. 741222


>maple syrup


No. 741306


You've talked a lot about how much you hate Shia Muslims, Sufi Muslims, and moderate Sunni Muslims, and how only your radical, extremely conservative Salafism is correct. But here's the thing: Salafism makes up a tiny percentage of Muslims worldwide, yet it accounts for literally every single Jihadi terrorist attack in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America in modern history. How do you explain why all these terrorists generally agree with you theologically, while the Shia, Sufi, and moderate Sunni Muslims are able to basically live peacefully? Why are all the bad people on your side?

No. 741308

Answer the freaking question, Miranda. Make it snappy!


No. 741346

She's on the bad side because she's a bad person, wants to control people if needed with murder. She's going deep in and she's too dumb to realize it. She married a terrorist sympathizer and next in line to be watching killings in Saudi saying it's okay, I follow the law until she pisses off the wrong man there and they make up accusations about hey to have her head taken, stoned or a nice acid bath by her family for making them look bad.

No. 741361

I'm really beginning to believe the "Saudi husband" either never existed at all, or was a very short fling. She's always been super dodgy/weird about her husband just like she was about her fake "permanent residency" in Japan. Her proof was… a passport and some Saudi currency? A hand, once or twice? Not all married people would put their lives online but for someone who puts herself online all the time it's weird

No. 741392

It is super sketchy. Her Saudi husband won't teach her Arabic? He's conservative but she can talk with men online, go out shopping alone, and judging from what she posts, she violates Islamic codes and he allows it?

I just want proof she is no longer in Japan. I don't think she is there, but there's no proof either way.

No. 741449

The whole Kanadajin3 thing will eventually reveal itself to be a sham.

An immature middle-class suburban white girl, burned out from living in Japan, no skills and very little education. Psychologically dependent upon latching onto things bigger than herself, using them to inflate her ego. Lives in Canada with her family. Always on the computer….

No. 741509

Hi all,

Long time no post. A couple things I thought you might all find amusing about little isis-chan. She recently contacted Victor (Gimmeabreakman) and asked him to remove all the thumbnails with her in it AND, this is the batshit crazy part, she sent him new ones to replace them with. LOL!

Link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwusoCT4IZY - Sorry I don't have a timestamp.

The other funny thing is some time ago a video was made about her called "Formerly "Famous" Jvlogger Kanadajin having a crISIS and she REALLY, REALLY hates this video. She has tried every way to get it scrubbed of YT but hasn't been able.

This video is over 8 months old already and she just filed another complaint to try to get it removed. Anyways these 2 things made me realize that she is really living a sad, pathetic life that she dedicates so much time and energy harassing people online.

Oh you should check out Kanadajin has a crISIS if you haven't seen it yet it's pretty funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzjqXyww1ws before she gets it taken down off youtube.

No. 741547

your proof is here anon. staff can (and did) work it out >>725145

No. 741578

I remember that post, it just is way too coherent and grammatically correct to be Miranda.

No. 741580

Don’t be too surprised. She has demonstrated, on occasion, that she knows how to acknowledge spellcheck and she’ll clear the cobwebs off her dictionary when she wants to be sneaky. There were some lengthy YouTube responses from her that were posted here a few times and anons had remarked how unusually coherent she was. She has also admitted to using using speech-to-text, so that could explain uncharacteristic grammar or speech patterns. But she always manages to slip up, especially the angrier she gets.

No. 741582

Miranda knows how to blend in when she wants to

No. 741588

Nah it’s definitely her, it’s better but it’s still a wall of text and it isn’t that grammatically correct

No. 741661

The only person who would write a wall text defending Miranda’s point, is miranda herself. Also since that time, she hasn’t come to post here. Just lurks.

No. 741765

>The only person who would write a wall text defending Miranda’s point, is miranda herself.

This is what it always comes down to. Not just bad spelling or grammar, because we also have many non-native English speaker anons. It’s the WAY she goes all out and shows her anger and frustration through the text. Hyper-fixation on certain subjects, such as that discord, that NO ONE else would care about. Lashing out at “you people” while pretending to be a seasoned farmer or someone who “randomly” stumbled upon the site, but refuses to leave.

If anyone remembers the efforts she made on PULL 1.0 to sound like different people, even creating cute little back stories for them all, you’d understand that you shouldn’t doubt a post is hers simply because the grammar or spelling is too good.

No. 741804

File: 1576740142966.png (271.17 KB, 1262x1194, スクリーンショット 2019-12-19 16.22.07.…)

Miranda supports the death penalty for leaving islam

No. 741810

PLEASE MIRA. Go live in a Muslim country. Love to see the reactions of the locals to a pumped up, clueless, idiotic white girl telling them how to behave and what Islam is really all about.

Just have your passport handy at all times, and know the route to the airport or Canadian embassy. Just sayn'….

No. 741813

Please save this for the case that she leave islam….

No. 741823

What will happen when you finally renounce Islam Miranda? We all know it’ll happen, maybe not in a few years but it will. As soon as you’re completely irrelevant and the internet stops giving you that precious attention you’ll choose another identity.

No. 741825

File: 1576746567603.png (139.32 KB, 1268x476, スクリーンショット 2019-12-19 18.09.27.…)

Miranda is unable to finish the debate

No. 741836

That God/Allah is her answere on everything was already boring mounth ago.
Beeing unable to have an adequat discuss about a theme just show how backward and stupid someone is.
Also in medieval times, muslim sholars discuss themes openly and were more forward then europeans.
But just yelling to quiet everything that she is right because of allah, is just dumb.

No. 741884

>worked at a place where customers literally throw money at you for flirting with them

No. 741893

hm yeah so true,.. the two jobs she had were (illegal) hostess and waitress, jobs were you need to deal with that,.. also at that time she definitly liked it that men flirt with her,..I dont know why someone should do that but ok,…..

Didnt she said that the women in her SA family are high educated? Why? If women should not work at all?!

No. 741894

She needs to pick a lane with her lies. Sometimes Tinyhands’s family are simple, hyper-religious traditional tribal people who can’t afford to give them airfare to Saudi or money for a camping trip in Canada, sometimes they’re worldly and highly educated and have political influence. It’s a puzzlement.

No. 741895

Anyone see that new documentary on Netflix, Dont F**K with Cats? There's tons of similiarities between Miranda and the Luka Mognotta person. It's just a matter of time before this girl goes full extremist and we'll be here talking about how we could've prevented this sooner.

No. 741974

File: 1576809059220.png (289.7 KB, 1252x1078, スクリーンショット 2019-12-20 11.30.43.…)

Don't ever accuse Miranda of having bad habits

No. 741983

I’m sorry for not being able to find it right now (I think it was about her insects in fruit tweet) but I saw her once respond to someone on Twitter about why she was always asking strangers to confirm Saudi Arabia facts. She claimed that her husband is actually from a small village that he barely ventured out! So now he, who was previously touted to be ever so traditional and Saudi to the core, is ignorant about about the rest of Saudi Arabia because he’s just a simple rural boy. And seemingly, ignorant of Arabic in general since he never bothers to translate for her? You’d think that having a legitimate Saudi husband, and herself steeped in Saudi and Islamic culture all day long, she would be fluent in Arabic by now.

These kind of strange and inconsistent details makes this whole “marriage” even more bizarre. I had a thought that maybe the husband was already a Canadian citizen/permanent resident so he wouldn’t go back to Saudi Arabia anyway. If she had her marriage arranged through ISNA like many of us hypothesized, how likely is it that they would knowingly match a Canadian citizen with someone who could possibly have trouble staying in the country with her? That mosque, which is already under surveillance for suspected terrorist ties, would get in big trouble if they were found to be arranging green card marriages. So I’m pretty sure all applicants must either have permanent residence or citizenship to be considered.

No. 742007

File: 1576820048861.png (96.22 KB, 1164x326, スクリーンショット 2019-12-20 14.30.49.…)

Actually I'm not logged in and I never photoshop anything, Miranda.
You know that you like to make your wahhabist bullshit open and available for everyone to see because you enjoy the attention, whether positive or negative.

No. 742029

That is alot of "if this" "if that", anon.

Let start with you finding the tweet you are talking about.

No. 742032

File: 1576842093001.jpg (73.85 KB, 640x903, WhymH2Z.jpg)

What is she talking about? I don’t have a Twitter account and I can see all of these replies too. You don’t need Photoshop to simply crop a screenshot.

I don’t quite understand your first statement but here is the exchange where she mentions husband is a bumpkin.

No. 742037

She did say that her husband was "tribal" and they can't afford to travel anywhere because he is poor, but the woman in his family are all professionals and his family is wealthy with maids and servants? Which is it?

No. 742038

File: 1576848752317.jpg (147.88 KB, 1428x481, Screenshot_20191220-083131_Twi…)

None of us follow your account you stupid cow.

Wtf is this new lie she made up about Japan? The Japanese don't joke according to super Japanese Miranda

No. 742040

File: 1576849176739.jpg (334.59 KB, 1436x988, Whbaiaggvd.jpg)

I work for a Canadian bank, they're open all weekend, up to the 24th, and then again from December 27th up until December 31st

She's reaching pretty hard to 1) prove she isn't in Japan. Babe, just post a fucking photo of you holding today's newspaper. 2) prove she's ultra Muslim who doesn't celebrate Christmas - bitch we know you do.

Go make your own money instead of leeching off your parents and poor grandparents. Shame

No. 742041

Yeah, you can get money transferred many ways these days. She hiding. But but they have a house waiting for them in SA.

No. 742043

Isn't her husband's family rich? Why would she need money sent from Canada?

No. 742059

Good question… her own lies bite her again…. Even if he can not support her because he is just a student,.. what does she do for living? Right she is just a housewife and will never ever work again,… so how can her husband support her? Is he in Canada?
Lies over lies,….

No. 742068


He changes from being poor and rural to extremely wealthy depending on the conversation Miranda is having at that moment.

No. 742071

It is amazing just how she lies about anything and everything.
Miranda you’re in Canada, your mum doesn’t need to send money to japan unless she’s paying your credit card debt, kek

No. 742098


Is this another of her many accounts? I just can't with this person. I wish I had all the free time she has

No. 742099

That's not Miranda

No. 742127

Paypal is one way to send money everywhere very easily!

Oh wait… she made a fake paypal account and closed it so she didnt had to pay back the 10k she owns them, my bad!
(for the new people here, that was right at the end of the KM drama era)

No. 742156

What kind of reason is there that moneys need to be transfered from Canada to "Japan", also from someone who has to go to the bank in person.
In times of online-banking it seems quit useless.
So is her "husband" in Canada and has to send her money to "Japan" or what?

And why is that a reason that she say goodbye till 5th of January? Does the (not existing) problem of moneytransfer stop her to be online?

No. 742172

It appears this money was supposed to be sent just in time for Christmas! I guess she’ll try to rationalize that money doesn’t count as a Christmas present unless it’s festively wrapped.

Didn’t she vehemently deny that mommy and daddy send her money? Why does an “ethnically Japanese” person with eternal visa need to access a Canadian bank at all?

No. 742173

It’s just another one of her lies that she hasn’t really thought through.
She’s probably going to spend the Christmas period with her Muslim family because Christmas is haram at her mums

No. 742182

Must be a miserable to live a lie 24/7.

No. 742218

File: 1576970653506.png (321.05 KB, 1238x1246, スクリーンショット 2019-12-22 8.23.34.p…)

America is an expert on the American criminal justice system because of reality tv?

No. 742219

File: 1576970747789.png (351.99 KB, 1250x1384, スクリーンショット 2019-12-22 8.25.56.p…)

No. 742220

She's an expert on Canada, America, Japan, Saudi Arabia

What a tit head. Get your head out of your ass, Miranda

No. 742222

Don't forget that she is also an expert on Sweden and recently China

No. 742236

Also Jamaica!

No. 742247

I don't know why she always want to be the know it all. Does it let off some dopamine in her brain or something. I just don't get it. She doesn't benefit off of it with clout and financially.

No. 742248

File: 1576986296011.png (1.25 MB, 1980x1054, スクリーンショット 2019-12-22 12.44.26.…)

Miranda's new image since she is now "made in China cautious"

No. 742249

File: 1576988002796.png (340.17 KB, 654x858, スクリーンショット 2019-12-22 13.13.27.…)

Saudi account also

No. 742277

So she watched the last 4 weeks the daily episode of true crimes? Damn her life is so awsome….. on what japanese TV channel you watch it? Ok thats a stupid question. But I take it at a simple hint that she sits on her lazy ass in canada and watch the daily TV nonsense,.. Or who sits in japan and watch US-TV?
As a full blooded japanese, Mira can watch easily japanese TV…

No. 742285

Yea, we know. You harassed Rachel over it and had an entire scandal. Honestly, her anti-China narrative right now indirectly confirms she was 100% behind all those socks. Though, the thing with KatLovesOsaka pretty much sealed the deal, because she was caught in the act of making socks…

No. 742287

probably gonna be called a dirty commie china shill for this but everything about muslims in china is propaganda anyway, it's so obvious and any digging into it beyond popular videos and western news articles makes it clear that all the "proof" of muslims being genocided in china atm is fake(derailing about china)

No. 742299

You're completely misrepresenting what's going on. It's not a genocide, but Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang (formerly East Turkestan) are being forced into re-education camps, and they're being forced to submit to Chinese patriotism and CCP propaganda. The Chinese government says this is to counteract Jihadism, but it really has more to do with suppressing Uyghur culture, and by extension any independence movement that could arise.

The Uyghurs don't look, speak, or consider themselves Chinese, and they want independence. However, Xinjiang is extremely resource-rich, and it's a strategically valuable area for China because it gives them a foothold in Central Asia, which was historically basically controlled by Russia. China won't give it up, and there's been a Uyghur independence movement since day one. It's the exact same story as what's been happening in non-Muslim regions like Tibet and Inner Mongolia (Nei Mongol), who also feel non-Chinese, want independence, and face severe state repression.(derailing)

No. 742307

File: 1577031263665.png (113.3 KB, 601x430, Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 9.08…)

In the top tweet, Mira argues that the United States doesn't throw enough people in prison (we literally have a higher proportion of citizens in prison than any other country on the planet). Someone called her out for not knowing what she's talking about, and she just called the person ignorant.

In the bottom tweet, Mira promotes an argument for child marriages, which are the major vehicle for pedophilia, child abuse, and prostitution (see "pleasure marriages") in the Middle East.

Every time I start to think I should stop focusing on lolcows like Mira, she reminds me, loud and clear, how awful she is.

No. 742310

This proves she's in Canada, she's only taking about Saudi, America and Canada. If she was still here and be going on about what's going on here in Japan. She's got not a clue.

No. 742313

Her MiraNagayama twitter is hilariously pathetic.

"I'm totally in Japan guys!!!"

No. 742315


She said "Don't act like living in Canada WE don't get your news".


She's clearly in Canada.

No. 742329

Hi, Miranda. You seem to have missed this verse in your Islamic studies.

عن عبد الله بن عمرو أَنَّ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ لَا يَدْخُلُ الْجَنَّةَ إِنْسَانٌ فِي قَلْبِهِ مِثْقَالُ حَبَّةٍ مِنْ خَرْدَلٍ مِنْ كِبْرٍ

No. 742340

Actually your wrong and really disgusting if you are going to deny the validated evidence. An Algerian-Canadian jounalist didn’t believe it either so he went there with special invitation and found right away that there was evidence of brainwashing, abuse and that the Chinese government was putting on a show for the journalists. Now he fights full on for their rights. Leaked documents talking about what the police were instructed to do to these people was comparable to a nazi manual. Stay in your lane Anon.(derailing about china)

No. 742353

File: 1577051134999.png (59.44 KB, 632x238, Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 4.44…)

Randomly found this right now out of nowhere and I agree.

No. 742361

File: 1577053542000.png (57.66 KB, 752x353,