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No. 728283

This guy claims that an English newspaper said this "Call off the search - we've found the new Terry Pratchett." – The Independent

The link is here -


(If anyone knows how to archive that, please do - assuming this is milky enough.)

But if you search the Independent, BJH has only been mentioned once there -


..It's not a good review and Pratchett isn't even mentioned. I can't find any sign of this review anywhere, including on BJH's (obviously self-written) wikipedia page. Presumably because if it appeared there it would have to be linked, and it doesn't exist.

So it looks like he just thought "Hey! This guy just died tragically - lucky for me, because now say any crap I want to sell books!"

His web page is here


And this is the corpse molester's twitter


No. 728289

I'm probably still as sad about Terry as you anon, but is there anything more to this guy than this convoluted watery milk?

No. 728295

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