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Europeans proceed of the admixture of three ethnic groups, the neolithic farmers of anatolia (light skinned, dark haired, dark eyes, gracile features and shorts, the nearest groups to them are the southern europeans), the WHG (cromagnons, they had blue eyes, dark or red hair and very possibly a cinnamon skin colour) and the yamnayas (proto indoeuropeans, they were very tall compared to neolithic farmers and WHG, they were tanned and their eyes and hair were dark). The Hunther-gatherers were assimilated by the indoeuropeans, who are more near to northern europeans genetically.
Btw all europeans share the blood of tose 3 groups.
The Y-DNA of them:
-Neolithic farmers = mainly G2a followed by T2a
-Hunther-gatherers = I1 and I2
-Indoeuropeans = R1a and R1b(/pol/ retard)

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Ma'am this is a Wendy's

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I see the /pol/ scrotes are at it again

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Wrong, I'm not from /pol/ but from /his/, that's very different muh lady

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>saying shit like this
>this thread
>this thread in /pt/

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Hey, more respect, you don't know how hard was researching all the info (It's official information, not pol bullcrap) and summarizing it in cartoons >:V

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do you know where you are

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