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No. 749207

Newly-discovered breed of lolcow Sadhippy AKA Albany Davis Drabot from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I found out about her from her god-preaching comments on a memepage that was shilling lingerie on instagram, i checked out her "feminist" page, mainly composed of cliche quotes and hate-filled rants about rape culture and men.

I eventually dug a little deeper and found some other instagram accounts that had posts that made me question her general sanity, from taking 5 acid tabs at a time to wanting to gut someone open from the pussy up. There are several screenshots of someone (who will not be named for confidentiality purposes) being threatened by her, threats include, but are not limited to: Selling their dead body as a fuck doll, Dreaming about (victim) being raped by a thousand knives, Repeatedly saying she will skin them, Raping their neck hole after she cuts their head off and kicks said head around, Eating them for "God" and acquiring their "Power", etcetera etcetera. Pic related.

Links to instagram(s):

No. 749211

Promising cow, but this should probably be in snow

No. 749237

Moved to >>>/snow/919511.

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