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Hello /pt/, I've come here as a poster from an /x/ thread (from origchan) and we need to figure out what the unphotoshopped image of pic related is. We've gotten to the point that we think it's this ugly autistic girl who has an account on Stickam during the mid-2000s. Possibilities are one of her online photos got stolen, or a screencap of her from a webcam chat session got posted to /b/ with the OP impersonating as the girl. This is our chance so if you would be so kind as to lend us a helping hand to lurk further beyond the web, finding the Stickam account. If any of you can find out who the girl is by any chance, then as a group, we'd all politely ask her with at least a few questions. No more, no less.

The earliest recorded sources to these photoshops are said to be crossposted to a Japanese site around 2005, right after the OG thread was made.

To all those posts (shown below), /x/ would like to request the help of those willing to partake in an inglorious mystery of sorts. There has been a pique in the curiosity of the "unaltered photo" of JTK. From what we've gathered so far from subsequent posts, we have come to a possible conclusion of an ugly attention-camwhore (who used to lurk around Stickam) that may somehow postpone the answer to this mystery. If any of you ancient, old, or boomerfags help us acknowledge what her screen/real name is, then we'd love to reward you in a way that is within our ability.

It's not Heather/Katy (known as the /b/ girl that killed herself), the suicide rumor is confirmed to be a hoax. Again, it came from a uniquely ugly girl from Stickam who got mocked and photoshopped to death on /b/.

Sources are here:
>http://pya.cc/pyaimg/pimg.php?imgid=20716(read the rules)

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