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This is long so if you read this god bless. I don’t know if I’m even posting this correctly, I only started looking at lolcow to see if I could find info about what I’m posting and I couldn’t. Sorry if it’s already posted.

So a few months ago I saw on Em’s insta that she said she isn’t with Danny and in the same picture she thanked a NJ service for domestic violence victims. When I went back to see it again some time later she deleted it.

I decided to snoop through Danny’s social media’s since it was before she announced the breakup on YouTube.

This is where the tea spills.


This is Danny’s post explaining his side and what happened in court between them. He spills a lot of tea on their personal lives and is very well spoken.

Danny’s statements about how he disproved all of the claims in court and the fact that Em deleted the post makes Em look bad. I’m not saying she made up being afraid considering I don’t know Danny other than from Ems content. Nor do I have any details on her claims other than Danny’s post and a now deleted insta. Maybe the court did get it wrong and maybe Danny is lying in the post about disproving her claims.

If it stopped here I wouldn’t have posted any of this because it not really juicy and I’ve never posted here but it got more intense.

After the breakup and court drama Danny began posting about his skunk being taken from him illegally and given away. He never says it was Em but I think we all know it’s obvious.


There’s more comments about it on his public twitter and here


I feel bad for the skunk because I know she’s probably bonded with Danny and the person who has her seems to have multiple skunks? All I found linked to that name was pictures of different skunks. I know that Danny’s skunk isn’t used to living with other skunks. I don’t have proof it was Em that gave his skunk away but only rime will tell sonde Danny is planning to take legal action to get his skunk back according to the links(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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File: 1584189416110.jpg (317.12 KB, 1080x1080, 20200314_083407.jpg)

Em has been quiet about the whole thing but I wonder if this is a reference to some of the backlash she's gotten.

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