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File: 1404249935614.png (37.74 KB, 582x789, f.png)

No. 764

#1: Jrcach is Japanese and lives in Japan but speaks English and other languages fluently. He says he has been to Europe. He posts on Tumblr all day long so I think maybe he is NEET now.

#2: He describes his career as "academic". His old blog had a lot of articles on Kyoto City Library and other libraries so he could be a librarian or just a library fan. He started out leaking and investigating and complaining about libraries and library staff in Kyoto before he discovered Nico Nico Douga.

#3: That blog got shut down because he started harassing Keekihime and that's why he came to Tumblr. He wanted to spread drama between Japanese and English internet. Harassing Keekihime isn't just recent, he has been doing it for years since even before he came to Tumblr.

#4: He says his name means "junior cats" an is pronounced "Yurka". It actually means JRCAch. JRCA is the name of his old blog that got shut down (Japan Reference Critics Association) and ch means like 2ch the Japanese forum where he is a known troll. In fact idol threads on 2ch say "get out jrcach" in the topic and when someone is trolling on anon they say "it must be jrcach, go away jrcach."


No. 881

No. 883

>I could put together my spare time, converging my time and energy in writing a novel about Abbie like Nabokov’s “Lolita”. I wouldn’t because I can see the harsh criticsm from Western people if I write whole honestly as my wishes order me to.
What a fucking creep

No. 986


No. 988

I'm suprised that he didn't do that earlier.

No. 1584

remind me why people still like him after comparing himself to the most famous pedophile in literature

No. 1586

File: 1405007218918.png (304.48 KB, 647x515, jrr1.png)

Why is he reblogging vintage shoujo manga and tagging it with the names of living dolls?

No. 1589

He probably thinks reblogs will show up at the tags so he does that for attention, he does a lot non-idol related stuff lately.

No. 1683

I'm surprised no one reported him for harassment.

No. 1684

Over 10 people did already but the Tumblr support say it is only opinions and that you should block him if you don't want to read them.

No. 1687

I can believe how far up kerukkuma's ass he is, and vice-versa. Even based on her recent gravure pics, she's avg at best.

No. 1707

No. 1723

I'm starting to think he sends them to himself now.

No. 1725

My thoughts exactly

No. 1727

He sends himself anonymous shit but I'm willing to believe people still believe him. After all the shit he's done weeb girls don't care because he hasn't don't it to them specifically. Even if they're black they still suck his dick because he's a glorious nip

No. 1728

He copies all of his information from PULL, odorite sites etc. This is all info girls can look up on their own but are too lazy to do. I hate his groupies more than I hate him

No. 1730

ngl if Jrcach posted what he did about black girls and the idol career from a true "caring" or "honest" standpoint I would give him credit, but given his history of saying black women are more like animals than humans, saying they have bad attitudes and just purpetuating stereotypes in general shows he's racist and can't be trusted. He has a white complex given all the white girls he likes are below average to average

No. 1917

I'll never understand why girls want to be Akiba idols… the rules are so god damn constricting. The girls that actually like Jrcrotch are idiots. Anyone with a brain can see he's clearly a creepy older man with a white girl fetish and is racist as fuck.

No. 2040

File: 1405314686492.jpg (136.24 KB, 640x755, image.jpg)

Remind me how he isn't racist? I wish I was an old Japanese unemployed man so weeaboos would believe anything I typed

No. 2064

File: 1405373413675.jpg (27.72 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

my sides

He's like a three year old

No. 2069

Wth is Aedivine.

No. 2081

File: 1405377418233.png (22.49 KB, 629x474, lolno.png)

Everyone poor can visit uni apparently.

No. 2297

File: 1405461639698.jpg (137.95 KB, 640x860, image.jpg)

He's criticizing her about talking with a lawyer before signing a legal document.

No. 2299

I sometimes wonder what his education level is considering all the stupid shit he pulls out of his ass on a daily basis.

No. 2301

I think he's trying to say she hired a lawyer to look for loopholes to exploit the company or something. He's pretty fucking dumb

No. 2319

File: 1405475787688.png (5.98 KB, 609x134, lol.png)

He sounds like a child throwing a tantrum over all people that ever called him out.

No. 2320

Yeah, he's totally not racist at all. Seriously, wtf?

No. 2325

How does he even know OC? It almost feels like he's trying to get our attention or something.
And I seriously don't get his deal with black girls. What was even the point of linking to that girl's IG? To attack her?

No. 2327

File: 1405497228790.jpg (52 KB, 640x555, image.jpg)

He's disgusting. Having an opinion is now a crime to him.

No. 2329

Of all the things he could say about OC he choses to go with "opinionated". He needs to get the fuck over himself.

No. 2330

File: 1405498215154.jpg (105.49 KB, 640x766, image.jpg)

She makes it known she has a weave or wig and I've never noticed a problem with her head looking big. I think he sends these to himself lol

No. 2331

His groupies and followers piss me off even more than he does

No. 2348

He lurks the site.

No. 2352

He doesn't seem to get any notes anymore anyways.

No. 2380

It's obvious he sent that shit to himself. Like all the other posts by "black girls" agreeing with his racism. And what's his deal with Aminyan or whatever? I looked her up the other day and think she's really cute minus the weeaboo shit. Girl is far from ugly.

No. 2381

She called him out on his bullshit, everyone suddenly turns ugly when not agreeing with him.

No. 2383

File: 1405533866614.jpg (64.4 KB, 640x363, image.jpg)

I think he doesn't like her because of how headstrong she is about her views.

No. 2384

File: 1405534023342.jpg (92.58 KB, 640x796, image.jpg)

She's really knowledgable about idols and she made a post somewhere along the lines saying his information was outdated. After that she became ugly and he started pulling shit out of his ass about her. She recently got a contract with a company in Japan and he's calling her a liar on the fact of how stupid he looks. It's hilarious that a 40 year old men who spends all day harassing teen girls calls someone else crazy

No. 2385

File: 1405537532196.png (31.59 KB, 561x415, lol.png)

No. 2387

I like how he's so adamant about Ami not making it as an idol even though she has something to fall back on, school, if it doesn't work out. Versus Kerrukuma who is on a working holiday visa and when her visa time is up, what will she do? Hope and pray that her agency gets her a working visa?

No. 2388

Kerukkuma said she was promised an entertainment visa afterwards plus she has 10,000 saved up before she came. Keekihime was in the worst position because she came fresh on relying on her manager for money.

No. 2408

He even tried to slander her as anon on the PULL chat today.

No. 2413

What did he say? Screenshot?

No. 2415

He basicly did repeat his posts about her, have no screenshots tho.

No. 2416

He did that with Keeki too. Did PULL users identify him?

No. 2417

The way he writes is quite obvious.

No. 2421

File: 1405567678946.jpg (27.39 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

he's insane

No. 2423

Lol why did he tag Moemo in it? Am I missin something?

No. 2424

He hijacks tags a lot. He's insane

No. 2446

File: 1405596832089.png (6.63 KB, 645x185, 3525.png)

He is so dumb.

No. 2478

A while ago he said half Asian girls have a better advantage than full white girls and they were pissed. But now that he disses black girls they say "don't be sensitive" or "he's telling the truth" it's funny how these things pan out.

No. 2482

This guy… he's fucking stupid. I can't even call him crazy but oh my god, he is stupid as fuck. Dude needs to get a job instead of spending all day on the internet creeping on white girls and shit talking black girls.

No. 2558

File: 1405707301295.png (4.92 KB, 329x154, 5235.png)


No. 2560

It's 3am right now in Japan. He's probably jacking off. Did anyone get the screenshot? He deleted it lol

No. 2561

The funny thing is that Aedivine is one of the black girls that he attacks a lot lately.

No. 2562

It is. His fangirls are just as racist as he is.

No. 2564

I think he has sexual tension for black women

No. 2614

File: 1405782127861.jpg (120.43 KB, 640x983, image.jpg)

Back peddle harder

No. 2622

File: 1405784512429.png (44.74 KB, 944x708, jrcach.PNG)

Stay Classy Yurka

No. 2623

He can't even deny this is him lol

No. 2626

Lol. Jctotch is failing at back pedaling so hard. Most of the black girls he hates on aren't even ugly. The only one that actually is ugly is that Momo chick.

Either way, he's going to have an impossible time trying to deny and hide from this. His racism is all over the place.

No. 2629

The funny thing is, he DID write on his PULL thread about basicly wanting to fuck cats, this makes the part "who wants to have sex with animals?" even more funny.

No. 2634

I don't mind if someone is ugly or not his personality is fucking atrocious. He said "pilfered others materials"

He wrote numbers like "(1)" and he mentioned Japanese as us. He can't deny he made that and he's a terrible fucking person. I wish these weebs will stop licking his ass, because if he said something about white girls or called white people out like thisisnotjapan does they would hate him by now.

No. 2635

Yeah, totally I agree with you there. His personality is fucking atrocious even if someone is physically unappealing. I really wish his dumb weeb fangirls would get it through their heads that they're no better than he is by agreeing with his horrible opinions saying shit like, "He's nut telling the truth." That shit isn't helping anyone.

No. 2636

Only* not nut. Autocorrect sometimes knows what's up…

They're all nuts. Lol

No. 2639

File: 1405790944922.jpg (132.87 KB, 640x841, image.jpg)

He's gross

No. 2642

File: 1405791057521.jpg (87.55 KB, 640x850, image.jpg)

Back peddle even harder by posting the most random black girl other.

No. 2644

File: 1405791173334.jpg (93.95 KB, 640x587, image.jpg)

she's going to him to passively aggressively insult other girls when she's a nobody. These girls are just as bad as him if not worst. Who even is rikachu33???

No. 2645

It's so funny when you can tell that he's been reading this thread. I fucking love it when our lolcows do that. Him posting black girls all of a sudden like in >>2642 is what I'd assume to be his version of "I have a black friend so I'm not racist". Honestly he's probably attracted to black girls…still manages to be racist at the same time.
I really don't understand why people go to him with this shit, but it's probably just that they're nobodies and they think he'll promote them or something. I wonder if they really look at any of the creepy and idiotic shit he says, honestly.

No. 2734

File: 1405903886774.jpg (55.5 KB, 640x503, image.jpg)

He's back peddling because he knows aminyan is going somewhere but he's trying to turn other black girls against her. He's pathetic

No. 2739

He should just give that shit up. If anything, black girls would support Amiyan since there aren't any that are big in Japan. I know I would.

No. 2759

He's a real shit face. He picks menial often obsecure features of a girl and exploits them to discourage her and make her insecure. He and his fans are the worst types of people.

Let me tell you why he started this bullshit- he didn't originally hate Keekihime. He did everything for her, and helped her become noticed on Nico Nico Douga. Therefore he felt entitled to her and after she didn't want his ass he went psycho, and consistently wrote blogs about her on his Japanese literature critic blog. Her fans got him deleted so he turned to weebs on tumblr who eagerly feed his hate and funnel him private information from Facebook about their fellow 'rivals'.

He fed information to Keekihime's management and basically harrassed them into weakening relations with her. He didn't get her fired, but he did influence her agency because he's a massive cancer and needs to be stopped.

He has written posts comparing Abbiekins to lolita and himself to Humbert humbert(the most famous fictional pedophile). This post despite being disturbing got favorites from Lolichiidesu, Abbiekins herself and a few nameless weeaboos who don't matter.

He seems to have a thing for little girls but mothers as well. And always talks about "mother complex"

Has stated cats "turn me on"

Has created a photo of Maxine's sister with hamburgers shooped in around her(to make fun of her weight)

Has told girls to wear white cotton underwear because it holds the smell better(his own words)

Has admitted to masturbating to dance videos

Has white knight himself on PULL chat rooms and forums

He's 40 years old and unemployed considering most of his posts are during 9pm-5am Japanese standard time

Claims to be married which may or may not be true.

Lies on numerous people and guessing anonymous asks are them further spreading lies

The girls supporting him are just as bad if not worst than him, fake and bitchy only wanting to see others fail therefore they feed information. He's the worst type of person, has no goddamn experience in the entertainment industry and is a NEET nobody feeding off the attention he gets from the bevy of teen girls who will believe anyone claiming to be from Japan. I can imagine him going nuts and hurting someone someday if given the oppurtunity.

No. 2760

File: 1405948357558.jpg (142.49 KB, 640x775, image.jpg)

From his "personal" blog. Look at the tags. Here's a link but considering he lurks it may be deleted soon:

No. 2761

File: 1405948415525.jpg (15.03 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

found a livejournal too. I'm trying to dox him. It may not do much but he's scum and deserves to feel how he's treating others

No. 2763

Amen, he's quite the twat.

No. 2764

He's the pig if ever I knew one. How inconsiderate and juvenile.

No. 2765


That's his private YouTube account. I'm working on more information.

No. 2766

Looking at his "liked videos" for shits and giggles. They range from How to tie a necktie, How to Hide an unwanted erection, and a few NikkiHatsune videos.

Hopefully I can find some juicy information to expose him with lol

No. 2767

Why would you like a video on how to hide an unwanted erection, what a lummox.

No. 2773

IIRC, someone on SR said he was a frequent shitposter in idol threads on 2ch, too.
It got to the point where people would actually recognize his shitty opinions even when he wasn't namefagging, call him out and tell him to get lost.
It seems like the only ones who like or support him are nobody tryhard weebs no one will ever, ever pay attention to. Every aspiring "gaijin idol" with even a smidgen of potential hates his guts, and all the "tips" he posts are fucking weird.
He's literally a 40 year old Japanese neckbeard perving on teenage girls online. A living strawman.

No. 2776

It's true as their are entire threads about him

No. 2780

File: 1405965568878.jpg (84.59 KB, 640x721, image.jpg)

Why does he hate her so much when the girls he favors are barely average

No. 2782

It's because he doesn't know a good looking lass if it bit him I the ass. He has shit taste.

No. 2786

Aminyan is freakin adorable. I don't know why he calls Europeans for having big noses, when Abikins his one true love has a really prominent nose, not that that is a bad thing, it just counteracts all his stupid beef with peoples noses.

No. 2792

I'm still attempting to dox him. Just getting info from the Japanese interwebs. He uploaded a lot of videos on a strange site of gutting fish. Maybe he's a fisherman? It was super weird lmao

No. 2795

There are so many Twitters done by japanese 2ch users that hate him, https://twitter.com/Fuck_JRCAch for example.

No. 2796

He didn't tho…he said it was lost in translation or something to that effect.

No. 2797

For being lost in translation, he sure makes this mistake with the cats quite often.

No. 2798

Plus 2ch users talk about him having sex with cats too.

No. 2799

I think that it may just be that she does it, yeah, but she hasn't claimed to be ~hafu~ and generally been a disgusting trainwreck like PT or started any shit/caused major drama like the rest of them.
I'm laughing really hard. they really do hate him so much.

No. 2800

I only seen him say he likes cats a lot twice. I'm fine with hating him but making exaggerated lies like that just makes you seem like you're one of the "gaijin aidoru" girls he shit talked and then went to cry about on PULL.

No. 2801

File: 1405978268044.png (7.02 KB, 579x110, 46436.png)

No. 2802

Um? is that his twitter or something?

No. 2803

No, one of the ones by people from 2ch that hate him.

No. 2804

Okay so someone who hates him on the internet said he's "like OMGEE, he still fucking cats" like a valley girl and I'm supposed to take that at face value how?

No. 2805

You maybe should consider reading the 2ch threads about him plus his old blogs, I mean, he even wrote he loves the smell of cat poo.

No. 2806

ah, i can't read moonrunes.

No. 2809

So, is Fairy Kei sexualising children for you too?

No. 2811

Tbh I think a couple of gaijin aidoru are posting in this thread.

No. 2817

I don't know why there are so many as I personally wouldn't like a army of old men getting a bit to jolly over dance videos and sending creepy messages.

No. 2819

I don't even think there are that many considering they are from all over the world.

No. 2820

Eugh. Me either. That shit would creep me out so bad.

No. 2822

The picture of her on a swing with a teddy bear is from 2012

No. 2823

She seems pretty genuine. She probably just got caught up in that Yukapon crazy a few years back because that swing picture is the only "lolicon" thing I saw of her ever. I don't see any picture with her cunt out and even if it was who the fuck cares. If someone isn't bothering anyone else like Yuka did or completely off the wall insane like Pixyteri why does anyone care what that do. Plus I think she's wearing lolita, not actual children's clothing like Yuka did.

No. 2824

Daddy issues
There absolutely is.

No. 2826

File: 1405986283922.jpg (60.48 KB, 640x524, image.jpg)

What's his deal

No. 2827

He probably doesn't know it himself.

No. 2832

If you read the Japanese it says that was at a photoshoot and on her blog post from yesterday it says that was from the photographer's apartment.

No. 2833

File: 1405988513222.jpg (112.12 KB, 640x935, image.jpg)

A rough translation is "here's a figure tribe man so he had a lot of pretty figurines lol"

an unrelated thought is why she doesn't blog in English when it's obvious most of her supporters are not japanese

No. 2834

There needs to be a net idol general thread for people but not like Dakota or Venus but for people like Kimonotime, abipop, Keekihime and whoever.

No. 2838

File: 1405990323282.jpg (184.79 KB, 640x890, image.jpg)

No. 2839

File: 1405993017496.png (563.94 KB, 957x629, Untitled-.png)

Why the fuck am I not surprised he has an MLP folder

No. 2840

He's a brony

No. 2841

Don't think so but he seems to be into typical cute stuff either way, I remember him posting about Hello Kitty ages ago.

No. 2842

He's used fluttershy in one of his posts and I saw his personal blog and it had Pinky Pie pictures wtf

No. 2855

Suddenly it all makes sense now… Everything has come together nicely.

No. 2869

He always jumps on whatever is popular right now to get more readers, this is also why he writes a lot about the new Sailor Moon anime lately.

No. 2871

File: 1406033664294.png (13.43 KB, 607x232, facepalm.png)

He really wants to create new drama.

No. 2875

I'm not relevant so I'm not going to make a fuss, therefore he shouldn't either. His calling out my European features doesn't bother me in the slightest as I don't aspire to look like another race, it just shows his racism towards others; but we already know that much. Anyway just wanted to share my thoughts on the ordeal ^-^ x

No. 2889

Lol, he just attaches onto whoever we on lolcow dislike or talk shit about, like he's trying to gain our favour. Him suddenly talking about Megannyan, OC and Moemo (or at least tagging Moemo and OC) proves this. Next he's gonna be talking shit about Kiki or Star or something, ha.

Also anyone else notice that he started praising Ami when people on here began posting that she was cute, etc? Gtfo jrcach, no one likes you.

No. 2894

I doubt he will talk about Kiki or Star since he only seems to attack PULL members, he did claim he made Dakota famous tho which is bullshit.

No. 2906

He actually used to call her cute but when she called him out for having misinformation she became enemy #1

No. 3395

File: 1406297166040.png (89.33 KB, 599x511, 35235.png)

Fun fact:
He was the only one doing that at PULL.

No. 3462

Jrcock is doing that stuff for more publicity. He tried to say that Mira looks better than Ami-Nyan and someone asked why he said "because she is black" We all know Mira looks like Quasimodo so he obviously proved to be a racist . He went to PULL to white knight himself lmao and tried to slander Keekihime. Everyone is slowly turning against him and when the English internet hates him I think he'll kill himself because he has nothing else

No. 3463

File: 1406324670944.jpg (104.82 KB, 640x860, image.jpg)

He tagged MeganNyan yet again for no fucking reason. What a whore

No. 3469

Besides that Venus's nose is even worse with being split in the middle without shoop.

No. 3508

oh god the dude should just kill himself. wtf is wrong with him and those gaijin noses? hailies and megannyans noses are perfectly fine. imo he's just craving attention. thats so pathetic. and hes obviously racist why do ppl even support such a trash?

No. 3509

"How do you handle cyberbullying" .Yeah, JrCach must know everything about cyberbullying because he's the biggest bully on this community. Way to go Pedobear!

No. 3513

This guy should just an hero already.

No. 3517

>taking Mira's side only cause PULL hates her

The enemy of my enemy is my ally.

No. 3521

He is trying to get attention so badly, now he even insulted Pastelbat's nose under one of her photo posts.

No. 3528

i heard there was a girl who tried to kill herself due to jrcach's constant attacks. omg…. this dude makes me sick. he's an internet troll but this is when so-called-trolling goes too far

No. 3553

jrcach needs to grow the fuck up

No. 3559

I'm surprised nobody has tried to white knight him in this thread

No. 3560

Probably because the only one that would do that is him and his bad grammar always makes it obvious it is him and he knows that.

No. 3563

agree. he probably doesn't know this thread exists. he aaaalways comes to whiteknight himself. LAAAAME

No. 3569

It is known that he lurks lolcow so it is pretty safe to say he knows about this thread.

No. 3572

He knows he'll be identified for white knighting

No. 3582

Wow.just wow.. how much free time this dude even has?? He lurks all over the fucking internet looking for potential drama. I'm a teenager and even I don't have that much time to sit at pc. Probably he's one of those retired old pathetic jap creeps that have nothing left haha

No. 3602

He's an unemployed pedophile

No. 3604

He is not retired, just some forever jobless old dude.

No. 3609

He used to be a male librarian

No. 3610

Jrcrotch is just an archive of information anyone can access by a google search. This was mentioned on the 2ch thread about him but all of his information and tips are just taken from different sources. Hes not unique in any way. He's basically the equivalent of Mcdonalds to dancing weebs, disgusting, shit quality, but easy as they can be lazy.

No. 3615

yeah the funny thing is he's just an average japanese old man fapping to 12 yr old girls and these stupids follow his advices as if he was an idol expert or some kind of god. so fucking sad

No. 3618

JrCach is a failure

No. 3690

File: 1406557082264.png (6.15 KB, 580x111, 5353.png)

…after his I love Aedivine post, he seems to be at shittalking again.

No. 3697

the dude cant make up his unstable mind.well…aedivine is black so it explains it all. the dude is so racist if his adoptive mother was black he'd sell her into slavery lol
and how miserable your life must be to interfere in other people's personal lives?

No. 3698

Omg Heddie is gorgeous! She's like 10000 times prettier and more talented than Jrcach's fave weeb AbbieKins.

No. 3701

IMO JrCach hates girls who have a potential to actually accomplish something by their own. He gets butthurt easily if a girl doesn't give him any credit. Too bad JrCach, you're Mr Nobody~~ At the end of the day all of us will get back to our promising lives… Except you

No. 3705

I have a secret about Jrcach and I'm willing to divulge screenshots but I fear he'll come after me. I'll give as much information as possible without compromising my identity.

Jrcach is 43 now and lives in a small town near a bigger city that isn't Tokyo. If you become one of his "girls" it's not just people he promotes but he adds them on LINE app. I'm one of the people he did this to earlier on and I asked another girl and she finally confided a similar story. Basically he chats you up, and he's sensitive emotionally. He went in a deep depression after Keeki sent her followers to him. It's really pathetic. He lost his job a few years ago as well as his fiancé breaking up with him so this blog is all he has. My friend told me he asked her to send her panties in the mail to him in exchange for promotion on his blog. when she refused he offered her money but she blocked him. After that he hates her but doesn't mention her much. I think abbiekins is one of the girls who gave into him. I can give more information if you guys are interested.

No. 3718

OMG I was always thinking that there's something weird about Jrcach's and AbbieKins's relationship. He's fucking gross and I'm not even surprised.. Screenshots would be GREAT. That would open everyone's eyes

No. 3720

I can see it coming… "AbbieKins truth". I always knew that little bitch was a whore

No. 3723

She's not a bad girl or anything just desperate for fame but he's built her ego so damn high. He's even offered to marry her from what I heard so she can have a spouse visa and become an idol but I don't know if she accepted. There's a few others I know who have gave in but I know kerukkuma probably didn't. He called me once and he was just breathing super hard. His accent was really thick so I didn't understand him and just hung up.

No. 3725

Kelsey kimonotime and the moe twins didn't give in either. A lot of the girls he latches on to aren't famous so I don't really know their names.

No. 3726

Actually, Jrcach is probably black himself.

No. 3727

Who wants to be associated with jrcach anyways? weird shit

No. 3729

OMG I looove that article. Why I didn't know it existed! I wonder if he's seen it

No. 3730

No he's Japanese in Japan.

No. 3731

But his japanese grammar is shit.

No. 3732

as well as his english

No. 3733

He had a Japanese blog before this and was a librarian living in Kyoto. I know you weebs don't want to believe a precious ~nihonjin~ can be disgusting, rude and a troll but it's true. Saying he's a random black guy makes no sense. The reason his IP says New York is because every tumblr blog's IP says that.

No. 3734

Afro American? My jap friend said he uses kan ji instead of katakana or something which did sound very weird.. erm, could it be that he's not even jap?

No. 3735

That doesn't make any sense. He's definitely in Japan and has said anti-Korean and anti-Chinese shit before so I doubt he's ethnically Korean. His dialect is just different and he just speaks older Japanese because he's from Kansai region and he's old as shit

No. 3736

He claimed to be a librarian living there but you know, just because he claims something it doesn't make it true besides that no one raised in Japan would be that bad in japanese.

No. 3737

His Japanese isn't that bad. Maybe he was raised abroad? His tweet location says Kyoto and he never admitted to being a librarian. That was just his popular blog that keeki's fans shut down.

No. 3739

>he never admitted to being a librarian. That was just his popular blog
Yeah, because things write themself on its own on his blog, right.

No. 3740

Even if Jrcach isn't Japanese why do people conclude he's black lmao.

No. 3741

Don't know since it seems to be related to older drama but it would explain his love-hate relationships with that.

No. 3743

jrcach hates black people actually i highly doubt he's black

No. 3745

Yeah, that is sure why he tries to lick the asses of certain black girls lately.

No. 3746

Jrcach isn't black. I'm sorry to shatter your image of Japanese people but he's Japanese. Look on his 2ch threads the commenters never suspect his Japanese isn't natural.

No. 3748

Like said before, they call every troll him because his bad grammar is so obvious.

No. 3755

Have you even read the threads or are you repeating PULL threads?

No. 3760

Could he be a filipino? He did post about half Japanese😈😨/half filipino girls on his tumblr. He also mentioned them while calling Korean and Chinese hard workers.

I don't think he has talked badly of them yet.

No. 3763

He said Chinese and Koreans leach their way into Japan that they are cheap, have bad manners and are loud.

He called them hard workers in comparison to Latinos and blacks. Stop trying to glorify Japanese people. He's Japanese get over it.

No. 3764

How about filipino? What did he say about them?

I'm really sure he said Filipinos looked like South Japanese people and could easily pass off as one.
I could count that as praise right?

No. 3765

How is that a praise? He said Filipinos often come to Japan and work in the sex industry.

No. 3766

Sorry, never read that.


No. 3767

Why do I need proof when it's on his fucking blog. Look at his archive. People on lolcow are retarded. He's obviously Japanese and if he isn't why would he be black out of all things?

No. 3770

I couldn't find it.

I'm sorry for being retarded, NOT!

No. 3771

lol you're like 12 go away

No. 3772

Who's being 12 here?

-I asked for a link, you didn't provide.
-People question his ethnicity, you call whole lolcow retarded.

Oh, you're being so mature!

No. 3773

Jcrotch is a racist Japanese neckbeard that back pedals. We all know this.

No. 3774

File: 1406570063516.jpg (142.3 KB, 540x780, image.jpg)

Here's more proof Abbiekins gave into him. He compares her to lolita who is the main character of a novel about a pedophile obsessed with an 11 year old girl. Chii and Abbie liked this post showing they give no fucks about him admitting to being a pedo

No. 3775

I don't think he completely insulted Filipino but he did make a post about them and pubs. It was in April or March maybe

No. 3778

Thank you, but still couldn't find it.

He has way to many posts on tumblr, I might look for it later.

No. 3780

I did, seems like you are bad in japanese if you don't see the obvious.

No. 3804

do we need more evidence to prove that he's a pedophile ; attracted to much younger girls?

No. 3811

He's still attacking black girls. He doesn't lick their asses at all.
Either you're a delusional weeaboo or, I don't even know.

No. 3813

From an idol's point of view, why would anyone want to be on his good side or pay him any attention whatsoever?
He's a nobody in the idol business. He has never made anyone famous or successful.
With the way he harassed Keekihime I'd even say no one should ever go near him.

No. 3817

fuckin preach it,gurl! if i was abbiekins i'd call da police or tell jrcach to stay the fuck away from me.but i guess she has daddy issues and likes jrcach's attention.she doesn't seem to get enough attention

No. 3818

Read the thread first before posting, thank you.

No. 3819

I think you're confused. He's posting about Aedivine in a sarcastic way. He hates black girls.

No. 3820

No. 3823

So him calling black women closer to animals than humans doesn't mean anything to you? He's back peddling so he doesn't seem racist. You're either Jrcach or one of his groupy followers. Nobody can be that stupid.

No. 3825

File: 1406580628845.jpg (118.39 KB, 944x708, image.jpg)

You must've missed this too.

No. 3826

Don't fall for his bullshit. He's racist but know he fucked up so now he's trying to not look racist. And the "I love aedivine" thing was a joke. He only posted that black dancer because she's completely random. He said Mira looks better than aminyan for the simple fact that she isn't black. Get your head out your ass.

No. 3828

Are you really that retarded or?
He always starts to write BS like that about people that called him out, just like how he always starts to make racist remarks about caucasians everytime he got called out by some white weeb.

No. 3834

I've only uploaded 2 dance videos, but he's subscribed to me and after finding out that he faps to dance covers, that just really creeped me out.
I knew he was creepy before but this thread just brought him to a whole new level

No. 3837

No he doesn't. He loves white people

No. 3839

Yeah he faps to dance covers a lot

No. 3842

File: 1406583358692.jpg (85.89 KB, 640x603, image.jpg)

No. 3843

File: 1406583392772.jpg (160.29 KB, 640x909, image.jpg)

No. 3844

File: 1406583438611.jpg (115.68 KB, 640x897, image.jpg)

No. 3845

File: 1406583487498.jpg (84.17 KB, 640x555, image.jpg)

No. 3846

File: 1406583523521.jpg (76.42 KB, 640x639, image.jpg)

No. 3847

File: 1406583966606.jpg (152.58 KB, 528x917, image.jpg)

No. 3849

Japanese otaku men are perverts, what else is new? Don't try to appeal to that demographic with dance videos/aidoru aspirations if you find their way of thinking disgusting.

No. 3850

He's not an otaku, just an old creepy man. Don't try to vilify him because he is Japanese

No. 3854

Ew I think I'm just gonna block him from my channel

No. 3855

Aidoru fans are creepy! They stalk idols twitter on xmas to see that they don't have sex with a man, god forbid. Sorry if that particular aspect of their culture is disgusting!

No. 3856

>She lost a valuable chance of procreate a child with me, mostly because she was a bit chubby.
>On biological terms, that’s a serious problem.

God forbid you have a bit of fat enough to pinch.

No. 3857

>She lost a valuable chance of procreate a child with me, mostly because she was a bit chubby.
> she lost a valuable chance to procreate with me
>valuable chance

No. 3858

Haha, did you ever look at his blog recently. Yeah, making fun of caucasian facial features is totally a sign of love.

No. 3860

Get over yourself. He's doing that shit for attention because at the end of the day he's still a reverse weeaboo

No. 3864

And what makes it any different to the ones making fun of POC features? Bingo, nothing and that is what I want to say the whole time. Like said before, he does that at every race were somebody recently called him out, he even said things that would be counted as racism against asians in the past, if we would count all those posts as "But he hates race X!" it would mean he hates everybody.

No. 3866

He is racist to Koreans and Chinese like lots of Japanese are.

No. 3868

Koreans and Chinese aren't a race, you know?

No. 3870

>He's not an otaku, just an old creepy man.
But he is, it isn't called idol otaku for no reason.

No. 3872

You are fully retarded

No. 3873

Jrcach whiteknight detected.

No. 3874

He claims he isn't an idol otaku. He's just a creepy fuck.

No. 3875

He exactly behaves like one tho.

No. 3876

He didn't even start talking bad about black girls until after he got rejected by a few, before that he even promoted them all the time.

No. 3877

>promoted them all the time

No. 3885

I'm calling the person who claims he licks black girl's asses retarded, anon.

No. 3886

You maybe should consider reading this thread, pretty much everyone he attacks now, it is always like this.

No. 3888

But he does, he tries to get in favor with everyone that didn't call him out yet.

No. 3911

Which is why he pasted a picture of a cockroach next to a black girl two years ago

No. 3912

…and called caucasians white pigs, like said before, he does that at every race after he gets rejected by somebody that is part of it.

No. 3913

You're a confirmed retard. He didn't call white people "white pigs". He called a fat girl a pig. It's still wrong but stop trying to deny the fact that he's racist.

No. 3914

You're probably Jrcach

No. 3915

I think you're one of the new people following this drama. Jrcach has been around since 2011 on tumblr and I will confirm he is a racist. He only posts unknown black girls when he's back peddling.

No. 3916

No, I am not him and I never denied he is racist but like said before, he doesn't do racist remarks only at POC girls like you guys want to believe.

Video related, jrcach in a nutshell.

No. 3917

If he hates white people why is all of his "girls" white?

No. 3918

Asian girls are POC and so are Latino and he praises them all the time. He hates black girls not girls of color.

No. 3919

He said he only like the ones that look haffu to him, he always insults people with distinct caucasian features, even ones that aren't trying to be an idol.

No. 3920

I follow his drama since 2009, way before he created his Tumblr.

No. 3921

This. Stop fucking saying POC, everyone.

No. 3922

File: 1406648626207.png (13.68 KB, 511x209, 35325.png)

Everybody from the US is obese.

No. 3923

In case somebody wants to read his deleted JRCA blog, just enter http://news.ap.teacup.com/reference/ at archive.org

No. 3926

Are you talking about MeganNyan? He is just pulling shit out of his ass to start drama. Saying someone has a strange nose is a big fucking difference than saying someone is closer than an animal than human.

No. 3927

Thanks anon

No. 3928

He does that at multiple people, not only Megan.

No. 3930

Who else? This is only something he's done in the past two weeks. Your argument is invalid.

No. 3931


No. 3932

He must have never heard of doing sports. Most girls with a flat belly trains for one, it's not genetics! What a dumbass!!

Next time he claims hair length are genetics sarcasm

No. 3933

Pastelbat, Kanadajin3, HellieChan, just examples taken from the past few days.
Guess what, I am the one who created this thread in the first place.

No. 3934

He said Kanadajin was pretty beautiful in his opinion but okay

No. 3935

File: 1406651041549.png (15.16 KB, 601x308, ohyou.png)

No. 3936

If you follow his drama since 2009 are you Keekihime?

No. 3937

No, it is not like if he wasn't known until recently.

No. 3938

His tumblr has been known since 2011 and perhaps 2010 at best. So if you've been following him since 2009 you followed his own blog in Japanese? Where he wasn't even known by anyone?

No. 3939

File: 1406651314720.jpg (47.79 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

He doesn't have anything against black people at all

No. 3941

I only found out about him by accident because I was following the proudtobeasian faggot's drama back then because he was trying to slander people at 4Chan too, people compared jrcach to this guy and his JRCA blog wasn't japanese only anyways.

No. 3943

File: 1406652466927.jpg (113.87 KB, 640x596, image.jpg)

At the end he says "black women can't be seen as the opposite gender" and on 4chan he posted in a thread listing all of the ugly youtubers, guess what they were all black and he compared them to animals. When has he done that to white girls?

No. 3949

yeah, he said that kanadajin was prettier than aminyan just because she's not black.lmao it's funny cuz kanadajin looks like a damn quasimodo.i don't like aminyan,she's an attention whore but he's fully retarded and racist.plus, kanadajin is a pathetic backstabber that got exposed.i guess jrcach relates to her.they both are pieces of shit

No. 3950

yeaaaaah sure..you keep denying jrcach but we all know its fuckin obvious

No. 3955

Goddamn your writing is atrocious

No. 4005

But he's right.

No. 4011

Agree, Kanadajin has such a crooked face and teeth, anyone's prettier than her.

No. 4023

I'm. Affluent japanese speaker so I keep reading this as "Canadian people" have such crooked teeth

No. 4031

No. 4073

lol i'm almost 99% sure he's sending himself those pathetic asks praising his own old wrinkled ass

No. 4082

People should stop giving him attention. You should know how much he's craving for it!

No. 4111

He has a ton of "fans" cough weebs cough who follow him

No. 4112

yeah, and he has tons of fake accounts and often sends anon messages to himself praising his own miserable ass to make himself look good lmao.he still has a few fans but they either know nothing about him or they're just weebs that will take him seriously because he's japanese…oooor because they're afraid that he'll attack them too

No. 4117

Weebs who're still hoping to become big in Japan with Jrcach's help.

Best case scenario: you'll end up taking a flight to Japan and sucking some pervert's like Jrcach dick

No. 4122

A ton of sockpuppets and a few weeaboo you mean?

Just stop feeding his ego, he might really believe in it and become even more delusional.

No. 4129

After Mira's thing people keep incorrectly using the term "sock puppet account" so I'm going to ask you to not

No. 4133

What term should I use from now on? And how did I use it incorrectly?

No. 4134

He doesn't have a bunch of fake accounts commenting on shit. The only exemption from that is his PULL kugel thing, besides that Niconicoworld, Jrcach3 or whatever aren't a sock puppet accounts they're just more accounts he has.

No. 4168

he's sent shitloads of hate message anon though

No. 4195


No. 4383

didn't this guy say that cats turns him on?creepy shit

No. 4416

he was called out for it on PULL

No. 4418

File: 1406913266025.jpg (53.85 KB, 777x415, tumblr_m0wx5h5APW1qk62o6o1_128…)

No. 4419

File: 1406913346671.png (10.78 KB, 400x86, tumblr_n84cdggkQI1s2a7w6o1_400…)

No. 4424

I can't think of one person that got famous from his advice.

No. 4426

Good point!

No. 4429

He ruined keeki's career. Hes a shit person and everyone who listens to him is terrible

No. 4430

I believe he's trying to make people he hates infamous. people come to his blog for gossips

No. 4431

He didn't ruin KeekiHime's career.But that was a good attempt lol

No. 4432

Really? Because she tweeted about it. He emailed her manager constantly

No. 4433

Whoa,fuck.That's messed up.Jrcach seriously has waaay too much time on his hands.But that wasn't the reason why KeekiHime left idol business?

No. 4434

I don't think this counts as ruined career since she is still doing fine selling her CDs, she only isnt in that one girlband anymore.

No. 4435

File: 1406914233354.png (155.38 KB, 450x246, perfectblue08.png)

jrcach ATM be like

No. 4436


No. 4439

She's not an idol anymore

No. 4441

It's not funny because it's probably true.JrCach is creepy as fuck and he terrorizes TEENAGERS. Some of them haven't even gone through puberty yet

No. 4442

But she still got a nice career. Also the term idol doesn't only to all those underage pedobaits.

No. 4443

she could be a net idol.wait,she already is i think.

No. 4445

She said she was happy quitting being an idol. Shes still a net idol but she isnt an idol in Japan.

No. 4449

But that doesn't make any sense since she is selling her goods in Japan only.

No. 4450

She left the group.

No. 4452

does that group still exist?

No. 4453

And? Like said before, there are billion idol categories and pop groups are only a tiny part of it, there are also net idols, cosplay idols, etc.

No. 4455

you obviously dont understand the distinction of an idol in Japan

No. 4456

Even the japanese wikipedia disagrees with you.

No. 4457

Shes a net idol.
She is not a traditional idol in Japan anymore.

No. 4459

But it is still an idol category so saying she isn't an idol anymore is just dumb.


Also wikipedia says that the traditional idol is a tv celebrity.

No. 4461

but she really isn't an idol anymore because she's not into that stuff anymore

No. 4463

Did you even read anything posted here or are you just that retarded?

No. 4464

She was an underground idol.
She is a net idol she isnt an idol managed by an agency or anything anymore

No. 4465


Watch her video "Keekihime graduates from show business" she says she wanted more freedom and is happy
Youre probably one of the people who think KPP is an idol.

No. 4468

You might as well say Abbiekins, Abipop and ichigo chu are idols by that mentality

No. 4474

Again for the retarded:
Pop idol=/=idol

No. 4475

youre making the exact same point.
this anon thinks its the same thing

No. 4480

Both posts you linked are mine and both are about idol being a big category and not only fucking dancing pedobaits.

No. 4481

Thats what idols are in fucking japan. some are anime idols, some are super famous and some are local idols like keekihime. some are net idols. keekihime said she quit being an idol so why do you keep insisting it

No. 4482

>Thats what idols are in fucking japan.
No, read japanese idol sites and you will see it is the opposite and Keeki said she did quit being in idol groups, not everything.

No. 4486

No. 4488

Just says the same thing I said plus I know her irl.

No. 4493

No. 4496

No. 4541

I have a theory that Akira skyhigh is Jrcach. People will probably doubt it but I just connected the dots

No. 4545

You just went full retard, they aren't even a similar age, nor was he ever a librarian, nor is he from Kyoto like Jrcach.

No. 4547

lol actually akira dated yukapon.jrcach is a racist asshole,akira is kinda nice… well but they both have white fetish. i don't think they're the same person

No. 4550

Akira is 40.

No. 4551

He is still in his 20s you dumbfuck, his older profiles say he is born 1989. The claim he is 40+ was bullshit Yukapon did spread together with the false rape claim.

No. 4552

>1989 can you show proof?

And have you noticed all of Akira's photos are really photoshopped and from the 1990's? In the purikura he took with Yukapon he was at least in his mid 30s. I'm not the biggest Yukapon fan but I'm 100% sure he isn't 25.

No. 4554

You maybe should check out his website, also Junnyan is in his 30 and looks way older than Akira.

No. 4555

I saw Akira's website and I've talked to him personally before all this bullshit. Junnyan is old as dirt but so is Akira. Akira is in his mid 30s-40s. Get over it. Yukapon was wrong but Akira was just as bad.

No. 4556

Are you one of the girls sucking his dick because you're too lazy to make your own blog posts?

No. 4557

And in case you are too dumb to find it, it is http://akira.in/ and entering at archive.org gives quite a lot of info about him and his older username which leads to his older profiles.

No. 4558

No but you guys always claim bullshit without any proof and yet complain when others do the same.

No. 4559

All of his pictures are shifty 90s purikura. Anyone can put up an account and say they're a music producer. I think he catfished Yuka

No. 4560

Look at Akira's tumblr. He gave almost the exact same advice with the same wording Jrcach did about becoming an idol

No. 4561

Confirmed for retard, it is just the same bullshit any japanese "how to become an idol" website says.

No. 4562

Please shut the hell up and learn English.

No. 4563

The posts aren't even similar tbh, I don't see any advice like the ones of Jrcrach saying to focus on your crotch.

No. 4564

No, none like that. But go to Akira's tumblr. He used the same wording as Jrcach. Either if he isn't Jrcach he's probably a catfish.

No. 4565

Hi jrcach whiteknight.

No. 4566

File: 1406931289225.jpg (47.88 KB, 579x300, 3242.jpg)

This thread right now, why can't people stay ontopic.

No. 4567

Lol stop

No. 4568

Oh you.

No. 4569

If it were any 26 year old man that met up with a 15 year old he knew online and had sex with her people would call him a predator. Why does Yuka get the blame and Akira a free pass?

No. 4571

that's only a 5 year difference, I hope you know that Yuka is 20 now. I am more suprised about Nick.

No. 4572

No, when she was 15 Akira was at least 23 by your accounts but I'm going to say he was 23-30. Even if it's "just 5 years" those years make a big difference. If he was American or if Yuka was Japanese he would've got charged.

No. 4573

The reason Yuka didn't out nick and used Akira as a scapegoat is because she was afraid of nick, she still kind of didn't want to lose nick and something she has told a few close friends is that Nick is black and she didn't want that to ruin her image.

No. 4574

Anyways let's just take this to the Yukapon thread

No. 4839

Hey guys. I am keeki. I can give you proof that this is me if you need me but I don't think its relevant.

The full version of the story is in the PULL Jrcach Thread but I wanted to post a part of it here as well. Its quite long, sorry.

"When I went solo, my management said they didn't mind to keep on working with me. I said, I feel guilty and pressured because I didn't bring in so much money, yet they spend so much on me, so if they cannot deal with this, I would totally understand if they wanna quit working with me. But they said its fine and it takes time, I shouldn't worry.
So I said, if I still didn't sell well in 1 year, it was time for me, I would stop and go back to Austria as my own decision. I would quit entertainment business, because I don't wanna waste too much time of my life. For many idols and people in general, it takes many years till they get noticed and get big in the showbiz, but I don't wanna take so much time.
They said okay, and we were on very good terms.
We started going to tv-companies to introduce myself and get some work. I got some jobs already, so things were going well.
Then I moved to Osaka because my Management thought it would be better now to be there. I started living with a host family and got part time jobs, and tried to get more active on the internet (updating blog 3+times a day, etc)

Then, really, ALL OF A SUDDEN, my boss came to me and told me something like this.
"There is an event-manager who wanted you to perform in summer. I was in contact with him, but he started asking many things, he was worried because of your tweets, like, you don't have enough money to buy clothes."
Which btw was because I was trying to save money, so I couldn't buy clothes. Not because I wasn't getting enough paid.
"He also was worried and asked a lot about your visa status, if you are doing illegal work. We both know you don't, so I explained everything to him. But I didn't get any answer for a few days. "
Now thats pretty much all he told me, but he said people like him could increase a lot and that could become a problem.
I was confused, because where would the problem be? I know that bloggin about part time work could be confusing and ppl could think its illegal work, but the idea came from my boss. And if we would just explain, any problem would be solved anyway.
So I couldn't see the problem. But my boss tried to make it look like a problem, it was so weird for me, I just didn't get it. It felt like maybe he was trying to find a reason to fire me even tho there was no good reason.

We discussed a lot but in the end I noticed he was trying to fire me. I said, " if you want to fire me, I totally get it, please don't try to make up weird excuses and just be clear." He didn't get really clear, he never said he is firing me, he just said he would have to cancel the contract. Which imo is the same but idk.

At this time I was slowly getting very anxious because even before this conversation jrcach was writing on his tumblr that my management is gonna fire me. How could he know??? I didn't even know!!!
And I was anxious because you know, what was I supposed to do after I was fired. Go back to Austria? Find work here? Quit the showbusiness?
After a few days, me and my boss worked out everything, we got to the point where it was clear that it was over. I was very sad about it but tbh somewhat relieved anyway. I thought I could keep on doing my part time jobs which were so much fun.
Anyway, turned out I couldn't even get a normal working visa because I didn't graduate university or have 10 years of working experience.
I was completely lost and started thinking about suicide, worst time of my life, really. I felt like I lost everything that I worked for so hard for the past years. I gave up school, friends, much of my own personality, etc, just to become an idol in Japan. Or atleast be in Japan. But it was over, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't find a way to stay, except marry someone or get adopted, which was a bit too much for me.

Then I saw a long email in japanese on jrcachs blog.
It was from my boss. But he wasn't talking to jrcach, but to an event-manager.
This is where I found out, that jrcach was deceiving my management all along. This event-manager never ever existed.
It was jrcach all along. A person, that has been stalking and harassing me on the internet since more than 3 years. A person who just purely hates me and wanted to ruin my life forever.
And now he is totally proud of what he did and boasts about it on his blog.
As if he was a hero. As if it was his life goal to ruin me.

I was shocked. I called my boss and told him about it, he didn't know, but he didn't seem surprised. He said, "I thought maybe it could be jrcach but well… Now we got the proof. Woops."
Really?…??Woops? yeah he was like that. This really upset me.
But what jrcach did there, was illegal. My Management said they would go to the police and file charges, but they never did because I guess after I was gone it wasn't their business anymore.
Anyway, at the phone call, I asked again. "The main reason you fired me, was because of this event-manager, wasn't it?"
and he said yes.
means, he fired me because of , well, jrcach. Someone who planned this whole thing for months just to ruin my life and kick me out of the country.
I never saw what jrcach wrote to my boss, but since I got fired because of him, I guess he influenced them to fire me, through telling them shit about me and making them worry about my career."

more in the original thread.

Also thanks to the ppl who support me here (: <3

No. 4881

THANK YOU FOR SHARING !!!!! You're amazing Keekihime ~ We need to expose this little Jrcach cunt

No. 4892

File: 1407101602186.jpg (5.73 KB, 219x230, images.jpg)

To jrcach:

No. 4895

NP ^^ You're an awesome person and you've proved it numerous times.
I'm pretty sure Jrcach with his shitloads of drama is going to cum…I mean come.

No. 4897

oh fuck it's painful to read…jrcach has way too much free time.makes me wanna slap the shit out of him

No. 4898

and someone here compared him to akira.
at least akira won't ever go THAT far.

No. 4900

I wonder how somebody even becomes like him, there must be some story behind that.

No. 4901

Jrcach is fucking psychotic.

No. 4907

File: 1407102579733.png (128.43 KB, 1280x114, tumblr_n9fjd7gv961tf86ago1_128…)

abbiekins (as well as other girls that seem to support him)sent him her pantsu or/and sucked his cock for promotion?

No. 4909

wooow hes such a piece of shit i cant even..

No. 4910

I actually want to see Jrcach replying to this. Is he going to play the victim again? No one's gonna believe him anyway haha. Pathetic

No. 4911

well that'd make sense.

No. 4913

I mean the insane stalker psycho part, not the pedo one.

No. 4916

File: 1407103273454.png (8.75 KB, 618x137, 4534.png)

He makes a big deal out of it while it was because of her birthday, what an idiot (besides that all his cocksuckers even have a P.O.Box for that the whole year).

No. 4960

If someone has a PO box and people want to send them gifts it's their choice. Jrcach needs to be stopped because he's influencing real life situations. He's insane and I fucking hate him. I really hope more people can dox him. He's fucking crazy and I hope he suffers.

No. 4965

I think it's okay for anyone. I give no fucks at all.

No. 4969

It's not even a P.O.Box for fucks sacke and people asked a lot were they should send her birthday gifts.

No. 4984

when stalking goes wrong..FUCK YOU JRCACH

No. 4985

jrcach is so butthurt bc no one would ever send him anything ugugu. keekihime is not asking for gifts,it's not like she tells people to send her stuff.he's delusional as fuck

No. 5019

my god he really has no life nor job

No. 5025

No, you're wrong! If he threatens hard enough he gets pantsus send to him, remember?

No. 5035

LOL! Poor creep,it's hard to be virgin with no life at age 40

No. 5038

File: 1407172743594.jpg (65.74 KB, 640x608, image.jpg)

This person is my hero.

No. 5039

File: 1407173013164.jpg (44.54 KB, 640x606, image.jpg)

I'm tired with Rikachu33 taking up for Jrcach. She's done this multiple times. At least abbiekins and Chii aren't so vocal about it. If you openly take up for and support this asshole, who has bullied girls for their weight, race, and just no reason like Keekihime then you're just as bad as him if not worst. Why would someone support an idol who openly supports a bully? He took up for Hitler like who are these girls.

No. 5042

Seems like some weeb trying to get in favor with him in the hopes of getting a ticket to Japan.

No. 5043

I can't name one person who benefit from his advice and is doing successful in Japan. If anyone knows anyone please let me know

No. 5045

File: 1407178124420.jpg (112.5 KB, 640x803, image.jpg)

does she ever call him out though?

No. 5049

"Over the edge" my fucking ass. If anything, that hate message that Jcrotch got was pretty damn tame in comparison to some I've sent to other psychopaths. This girl is probably some dumbass trying to get into his good graces because she's a weeaboo idol wannabe.

No. 5052

Who the hell is she anyway?

No. 5055

Her twitter is @rikachu33.

She's a wanna be model in Japan.

No. 5058

Fucking knew it. It's only a matter of time before she starts sending Jcrotch her used panties in hopes of being mentioned on his shitty blog.

No. 5075

File: 1407183721141.png (23.1 KB, 660x475, dssd.png)

i lold hard.that anon is amazing.
that rikachu33 bitch clearly has no idea who jrcach is.im surprised that jrcach published that message.

No. 5076

agree.who could ever support that little miserable jrcach bitch?

No. 5077

OH SO THAT ANON WENT OVER THE EDGE.. please tell me more how decent jrcach's actions are. fucking cocksucker she's no better than jrcach

No. 5078

that's not gonna happen.i can tell.if she's stupid enough to support jrcach's ass,she's also too stupid to become a model.

No. 5079

Jrcach's fans are idiots.

No. 5080

File: 1407184505852.png (382.74 KB, 748x394, sdfsd.png)

"MY LIFE IS PERFECT AND DRAMA FREEEEE PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE WHILE I'LL BE SUPPORTING THIS CUNTY ASSHOLE WHO FAPS OVER 12 YEAR OLDS.". Drama free my ass, if she decides to support Jrcach she's going to have a haaaard time.

No. 5081

oh my fucking god.she's braindead.i hate bitches like her who don't even bother to do some research.

No. 5082

im laughing so hard I'm shaking

No. 5083

Someone made an anti-Jrcach blog before that exposed his drama. He said it was aminyan for no reason at all and the blog wrote a post saying that it wasn't aminyan and they were going to reveal themselves. Next thing I know he got the blog deleted on tumblr for hate speech…

No. 5084

I hope she gets raped by a bunch of niggas because she fucking deserves it.what a fucking two faced hypocrite.jrcach is bullying the whole fucking community and she backs up for him and calls other people bullies.i'm so fucking done here…

No. 5086

that blog was awesome. i guess that aminyan really was the owner of that blog.she got scared lol.
but he's an ass and if he harassed me, i'd do exactly the same haha. someone needs to sum him up tho.

No. 5087

If she's a reader of his blog she'll know his horse shit. I remember her sending "you should tell girls to do X, Y and z" like she's fucking Eva longoria.

No. 5088

Yeah.she fucking reads his blog,she should know about all those dramas jrcach has caused. She pretends to be stupid. Not a smart move…

No. 5089

I'm pretty sure it was Maxine just by the writing style but it does seem like something aminyan would do lol. Whoever made it I don't blame them

No. 5092

I wish Maxine and her mom were still here. They had good sense and went against Jrcach without fear

No. 5093

No. 5095

Yeah I think that blog was a good idea. Jrcach called it a "gossip" blog or smth and she got scared. Come ooon, Jrcach is a fucking drama queen. He also called Derpydanceropinions a gossip blog because anons were sending opinion messages about him. Why ppl get so scared when Jrcach accuses them of such things? He's the shittiest human being on this community, he always lies

No. 5096

nah, it's abandoned

No. 5097

But that's exactly what this blog is.

No. 5100

No it was like "exposing jrcach" or something but he reported it to tumblr and got it deleted

No. 5101

Omg aminyan stole my idea! I remember saying on PULL livechatroom something like "someone should create a blog dedicated to jrcach, like "shit jrcach says" or smth".
Aaand someone did create that blog ! Idk if it was really Aminyan because we can't actually prove but that blog was amazing. So much feels…

No. 5103

How do you know ? People reported Jrcach NUMEROUS TIMES and tumblr didn't do anything about it . cough assholes cough

No. 5105

People get scared because Jrcach runs a hate campaign on them. Usaokun, I don't even know her but because of Jrcach people automatically assume bad things about her. People hates Keeki for a while too. A lot of Jrcach's favorites don't even acknowledge him or are bitches themselves. Most of the people he hates are amazing people who just stood up for themselves. Most of these girls want to fit in so they don't say anything. I know for a fact Kimonotime and MiniMico and Abipop hate him. They say absolutely nothing because they want to be neutral I guess. The only people who like him are Chii, Abbiekins and Ally Sally and weebs nobody has heard of. Nobody successful likes him.

No. 5107

The Tumblr is older than PULL knows about jrcach.

No. 5108

I got asked by someone who I won't name to actually make a group collecting everything about him and reporting him. She told me a lot of people really hate him but most people are afraid. Especially after what he did to keekihime. I just want to shut down his blog somehow but I think emailing tumblr is a waste of time.

No. 5109

I don't even know why Jrcach hates these girls. From what I've seen they've done nothing wrong.
But I am really glad that he doesn't have many fans but as he said he LOVES drama and he's not interested in making friends. He's craving attention

No. 5110

Btw jrcach fails isn't that blog, it was another thing called shit jrcach says

No. 5111

File: 1407186049499.jpg (19.38 KB, 363x200, image.jpg)

According to rumors he's an unemployed hikki but idk how true that is

No. 5114

>implying she hasn't already

No. 5115

I seriously feel sorry for those girls (usakoukun,keekihime,aminyan,hanabiflare,megannyan..etc etc etc…) because jrcach is delusional as fuck,look what he's done to keekihime.that shit is scary! imagine what he could do to them if he had their phone numbers, home addresses or knew their real names. at first i thought he was harmless but that shit is serious. goddamnit, why can't stalking be illegal?

No. 5116


No. 5118

>dat picture
Holy shit, exactly what I've been thinking all this time. It fits so well (except jrcach would probably be even uglier and more socially fucked)

No. 5119

File: 1407186319092.jpg (66.96 KB, 556x640, image.jpg)

This account is owned by a Japanese 2ch user. He has a ton of anti-jrcach accounts and this tweet confirmed the panty allegations.

No. 5121

Sorry late 4 the party!
I wanna hug Keekihime for telling us her story. I didn't know he went THIS far. Wow..just wow… but I can't say I'm shocked, it was only the matter of time

No. 5122

I know one anti-jrcach accout.. it's fuck_jrcach I think. what are the others?

No. 5123

I love Keekihime but it bothers me that he's been bullying girls for three years yet nobody gets this mad until he did something to someone popular. As sad as it is, his true colors are coming to light.

No. 5124

@Fuck_JRCach has 1003 followers while Jrcach only 531. Faith in humanity restored.

No. 5125

The anti Jrcach accounts are hysterical
There's a shit ton lmao

No. 5126

I second that. He's been bullying girls that are unknown for years and no one did anything about it. Because y'know..who cares… Keekihime seems to have an influence on her fans. That's cooooool

No. 5128

whoaaaaa!! that's gold

No. 5129

lol rikachu33 deleted those asks. yea,right bitch,do some research first before whiteknighting that asshole

No. 5131

File: 1407186807107.png (15.72 KB, 663x354, 34.png)

No. 5132

File: 1407186840908.jpg (91.72 KB, 640x833, image.jpg)

A tweetbot sock puppet account Jrcach created to further shame Keeki.

No. 5134

File: 1407186877959.jpg (55.14 KB, 640x462, image.jpg)

No. 5136

This actually might be true. I showed Jrcach's blog to a couple of japanese folks and they were like "what the fuck, japanese people don't think that… he's racist!… he's giving japan such a bad name..we're not like that…shame on him!". He's a typical old fatass racist that probably got rejected by society

No. 5138

well it's obvious he's not very sociable and has no sense of humor. you don't take these kind of comments seriously.
Jrcach is a shame of japan.

No. 5139

Yeah I noticed he has no sense of humor. Probably retarded …and has asperger's syndrome

No. 5140

honestly if a grown American man wrote millions of posts at all hours of the night dissing and criticizing teen girls everyone would call him a creepy neck beard. They're giving him free passes because he's Japanese

No. 5141

not to mention that for example this hekisa guy he is talking about was a famous scammer on nico nico who tried to make a nico nico idol group (U-23), which he wanted me to join, and in order to get a visa he wanted ME to marry HIM or let HIM adopt ME. he creeped me the fuck out. get your facts straight jrcach

No. 5142

i know right! it's super weird and creepy

No. 5143

"Girls who are bullied by Jrcach deserve it."
Liked by Abbiekins and Ally & Sally

No. 5144


No. 5145


No. 5146

she actually wrote that?????? LINK PLEASE

No. 5147

This was a few months ago, maybe 3. Anyone who commented was attacked by Chii and her friends. Ally, Sally and Chii went on to call these girls immature. Yet they are 22 and 25 still in the "aspiring aidoru community". Happychii went later on to post "I hate people."

No. 5149

I reaaaally wish I had screenshots because tons of people saw it so I'm sure someone has them, but she deleted the status for getting so much flack.

No. 5150

Whoa,what a fucking bitch. I hope she burns in hell. Those aspiring idols are so fucking two faced…Act so innocent and cute while support such a bully. Pieces of cunts

No. 5151

I think it is mainly because Keeki is the reason why he even made a Tumblr in the first place.

No. 5152

sounds like those sick perverts who rape women and them blame it all on them because they "we're asking for it". no one deserves to be bullied for not being pretty enough for that pervert freak

No. 5153

"Girls need to learn to ignore negativity"
Okay ally, sally. This is why you guys call out bullies right? And delete your character page on your website right?

No. 5154

its weird…at first he seemed to like keeki but at the same time he was trying to make her look bad.

No. 5155

It is. I also think he was on a quest to find his perfect white girl, make her famous in Japan and then try to one up Keeki.

No. 5156

WORDS OF FUCKING WISDOM. Then I don't mind telling them that they're fugly as hell.. Just ignore negativity gurlz (◕‿-) kira kira

No. 5157

These shark potato twins Ally and Sally are such cowards.. It's like they don't even have their own opinion.

No. 5158

omg that lolichii girl reblogs so many jrcachs posts… :facepalm:

No. 5159

File: 1407188203567.gif (146.09 KB, 300x167, Obama-lol.gif)

Shark potato twins

No. 5160

I don't talk about anyone's physical appearance (besides makeup or coords and things they can change) so I won't call them ugly but they aren't genuine at all. Like an anon pointed out, the age they were when eroge became available to the west doesn't add up. Jrcach also slut shames but they always do incestous Nico Douga things wearing bloomers and whatever. They're allowed to do what they want but don't support a slut shamer when you're doing what he's calling out. Abbiekins is like 12 so her opinion is invalid

No. 5162

abbiekins is 15 or 16.pretty sure he has some serious daddy issues and sucks jrcachs dick

No. 5163

Ally and Sally also befriended and used Akira like a ton of girls in this community did. Yuka is an okay person but she's used people in the past. Ally and sally are "nice" but they use people just as much. But it's impossible to make it in the entertainment industry without using others, it's just about how you go about it.

No. 5164

Yup that's the reason why I dislike them. Jrcach's fans are passive aggressive. All of them. They all enjoy seeing papa Jrcach slandering other girls (their potential rivals)

No. 5165

She's pretty terrible. People from her own town even go on 4chan to tell the truth about her. She's pretty sexist and racist too and said super annoying things before she had her "idol image". Pretty antiabortion, antifeminism, complains about black people, stuff like that.

No. 5166

Someone should sum her up too lol

No. 5169

is it just me or jrcach REALLY LIKES horrible people? like he supports kanadajin3 (who's a total bitch who got exposed.caught red handed.totally).. he constantly praises abbiekins who's also fake as hell and gossips about other jpop dancers that are more known than her…

No. 5170

Don't forget LoliChii bitch

No. 5172

Abbiekins made idolcofessions

No. 5173

sum? Lol

No. 5174

I laughed at how obviously desperate for attention she is

No. 5176

She keeps reblogging Otaku Owls stuff. Who could possibly like those weebs? They're hideous.

No. 5178

not to sound like a bully or anything but they do look damn shitty. and their dancing is half assed

No. 5179

I am surprised that Jrcach didn't even try to whiteknight himself here. Pretty sure he knows about this thread. That's something new

No. 5180

File: 1407189623659.png (37.29 KB, 420x294, 1348938171044_8597975.png)

an advice to keekihime :)

No. 5182

Let us appreciate how terribly out of time they all are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yL2BE6GcjTM
I guess she is brown nosing them because Abikins is a member. In her mind (Ass kissing Abbie=respect from jrcach= promotion= made a JapanZ Idol YAAAYY!!!11)

No. 5183

File: 1407190211566.jpg (99.7 KB, 640x750, image.jpg)

This means a lot coming from abbiekins eternally nine years old YouTube aidoru

No. 5184

he won't because everyone will hop on his ass like hotcakes

No. 5191

I was actually the one who ran that blog, not aminyan. Would rather stay anonymous though - I ended up deleting it because it turned into people just calling him a little bitch instead of exposing how big of a douche he was. I figured it was better to go ahead and do that then have him keep blaming someone who wasn't involved for "slandering" him (like he's really one to talk).

No. 5193

Even though people call him a bitch on here I think people are learning the truth about him. I've come to a conclusion though that people who like him will just keep being in denial

No. 5201

"she isn't well known to debut yet". oh abbie please tell me more how known you are

No. 5202

Well you could've done something about it. We cannot expose him because we don't have much proof. There are few screenshots of him threatening girls tho.

No. 5204

oh god.. caucasians dancing in sailor fukus. how kawaii! NOT. They need to understand that this ain't youtube full of jap pedos that call them cute and talented. The worst part about cons is weebs performing their half assed animu dance medleys

No. 5205

File: 1407211979702.png (457.55 KB, 756x738, asd.png)

Jrcach is calling a teenage girl ugly.

No. 5206

File: 1407212055263.jpg (33 KB, 640x640, timthumb_4326079.jpg)

seriously? he should take a look in the mirror

No. 5211

File: 1407213919165.jpg (47.92 KB, 490x367, g.jpg)

abbiekins in her weeaboo stage.that shit was gold

No. 5212

IMO they're all equally pretty and he nitpicks them because they're as the same race as him.

No. 5213

Imagine her future employer finding this stuff

No. 5214

Meanwhile JrCach's calling out other girls for being weeaboos

No. 5215

~forever 13 years old~

No. 5224

She looks so old yet so young at the same time, its really weird

No. 5225

I think she looks old because her square jaw and laugh lines but because of her face looking chubby she looks young with the later at the same time.

No. 5227

agree.also her big nose and a wide distance between her emotionless eyes makes her look old.

No. 5231

File: 1407236617195.png (370.69 KB, 644x800, 1.png)

jrcach definetely lurks PULL because someone recently made a thread about that girl.
of course,who would't be pretty with so much make up and photoshop on?

No. 5232

I thought Abbiekins was JrCach's favourite

No. 5234


wtf, that looks like a mask

No. 5238

File: 1407248461534.png (13.39 KB, 607x200, lel.png)

i dont even…

No. 5240

ROFL!!! well done anon

No. 5241

Yup blue is the most natural of hair colours guize.

No. 5242

So ok, I also have a story to tell.
Months ago I sent Jrcach a message mentioning Aminyan. He answered to it, saying something like "OMG AMINYAN STAPH SENDING ME MESSAGES SERIOUSLY!!". I did find it weird but I don't know.. I just didn't think much of it.
He mentioned Aminyan many times afterwards and I've been always wondering if it has to do anything with my message. Jrcach is dumb as fuck,you don't just throw accusations out of the blue. I expected him to act more mature because he's a grown man,but I think that's never gonna happen. Even if Aminyan sent him messages asking about herself it doesn't give him the right to bully her. That's not how you deal with people.

No. 5243

"natural".everything in her photos is fake: eyelashes, circle lenses, wigs, extensions, photoshop… you name it. i bet she looks like abbiekins w/o make up,or even worse

No. 5245

He always does that. Accuses girls of things he can't prove to make the look bad so that his fans would dislike/attack them. Pathetic shitheel

No. 5246

Aminyan better guard her career. I have a feeling he's gonna try and do the same thing with Keekihime

No. 5247

File: 1407250445623.gif (345.44 KB, 400x300, 6a00d8341bf67c53ef01a3fd24c90f…)

LOL.Yes,Jrcach, everyone takes your advice. Yes,your majesty, everyone stalks you. Yes, your highness Jrcach,Everyone's famous because of you.
Yes, our ultimate sensei, we're all just jealous of you. Our lives are so miserable and pointless and we're nobody without you! Our great leader Jrcach, you're the planet!

No. 5248

I laughed more than I shoul've

No. 5249

That's why she should't publish any personal information, not even stuff like her hometown or anything. He's fucking creepy

No. 5250

I wouldn't be surprised if Jrcach tried to call someone's school or send them anthrax in the mail. Girls with PO boxes, watch out for anthrax

No. 5252

Exactly. You cannot even mention your town's name or what hotel you're staying at. He's unpredictable… and has nothing to lose because you know..he's old and has no life

No. 5253


WHAT? he hides weapons of mass destruction?
'murrica time to take him down!

No. 5255

It's not just about anthrax but I remember a few years ago venus had her home address instead of a PO box. If you're going to run the PO scam girls then be safe

No. 5256

I would't be surprised tbh.Sometimes I forget that there's lots of serial killers, creeps, pedos, rapists, stalkers and other pathetic assholes like Jrcach out there. And sometimes they cross the line.

No. 5257

good old times.. everyone had their home addresses for fanmail, even yt celebs like shane dawson. this planet is fucking unsafe lol

No. 5260

I don't get why he constantly attacks aminyan. Even for shit that probably wasn't her

No. 5264

even if it was her.. she didn't do anything horrible,did she? it's not like she hurted anyone. i think he just needed a reason to hate and attack her

No. 5265

God, he really seems to be into attacking people that called him out. He calls Megan a photoshop alien while her photos are hardly edited in comparison to the girls he faps to.

No. 5266

He said she called abbiekins ugly


No. 5270

Sounds like if he was mentally like 6yo.

No. 5271

lol but she is,it's a fucking fact.
but seriously he has no proof, right? innocent until proven guilty.

No. 5274

Basically. His writing style "omg mean gurls from infamous gossip forum are attacking me!! keekihime is saying bad things about me !! ugugu,mean gurlz called my fap material abbiekins ugly!!" gets me every time lol

No. 5277

Good point. At least Megannyan doesn't photoshop her pictures to make herself look like an anime girl.

No. 5280

She said she topd her company about him, and they said she doesn't have anything to worry about.

No. 5288


keekis company knew about him too, didn't helped that much.

No. 5290

Pretty much this, I still don't get how dumb japanese agencies are tho because he uses fake names for that purpose.

No. 5292

Oh, well dang. Hopefully her company is better at keeping at bay or whatever.

No. 5293


No. 5295

why is it that dude always has to criticize girls? like now his target is megannyan. so what if she's not attractive to him,it's not like he's supposed to like her.should she get a fucking plastic surgery or what? the guy's a total hypocrite living in his delusional white animu real life girls world.

No. 5296

He's targeting her because she's PULL member

No. 5298

If he tried what he did with keekihime again he could face criminal charges. Japan doesn't play around with that bullshit

No. 5299

He seems to focus on her tho because many other people that called him out at the Jrcach PULL thread have linked their Tumblr sites at their profiles.

No. 5303

indeed,that's the reason.he takes off his anger and butthurt on megannyan

No. 5305

It's quite amusing how he thinks calling my oh so massive nose is getting back at PULL. Yeah, I know my nose is a cracker that's just the way it is; i'm not going to change that because a crazy old man doesn't like the way I look.

No. 5311

Hi Meg :) Jrcach seems to be obsessed with "gaijin features". He often bullies girls for their "gaijin" noses. Like he's constantly insulting Himezawa for having a "big nose". His beauty standarts are damn ridiculous because he often says things like "oh this girl is so pretty but she has a big nose.what a shame". Having a big nose doesn't automatically make you unattractive,he's pathetic. As a matter of fact, many japanese are craving for "gaijin" noses, they wished they had a sharper tip of the nose like in anime.

No. 5312

Jrcach must be really desperate for Meganyan's attention lol

No. 5313

so jrcach uses this "gaijin features" term as an insult?like omg,we gaijins are so fugly,excuse us for being born as gaijins!!!

No. 5314

Exactly, that's why he comes off as racist. Because he aims it at westerners features, rather than just calling someone ugly. I think Himezawa is cute, sure she has a prominent nose but that doesn't make someone ugly.

No. 5316

He comes off racist because he compares black girls to animals. lol fucking white tears

No. 5317

Oh and don't forget the whole "it's impossible for a black girl to become an idol" shit

No. 5320

Obviously, how could I forget. I was second hand embarrassed at how ridiculous he made himself look, and felt angry at how those girls must feel. I really hope he leaves Ami alone and doesn't go to any length to ruin her career like he did Keeki.

No. 5328

File: 1407274017922.png (8.95 KB, 533x130, meitu.png)

Why would he even want that software, shooping himself kawaii uguu?

No. 5338

Probably to shoop aminyans face onto nudes or something and send them to her company to get her chucked out. Just a usual Wednesday morning for him.

No. 5344

Apparently her company saw every thing he wrote about her. I talked to her on Facebook and she told me they basically said "thank him for the free publicity". As long as his "articles" don't get actual attention in Japan they shouldn't be a huge problem unless he contacts them of course. Dakota has a shit reputation with tons of proof but she's making bank.

No. 5355

I feel like he would try to shoop girls to look "ideal" in his eyes but end up making them terrifying lol

No. 5377

Talking shit with no action doesn't matter

No. 5397

lol even Meitu rejected him. No photoshop can fix his old fatass face

No. 5398

I think no one actually takes Jrcach seriously. At least people who are aware of him. Imo girls should thank him for promotion. I'd be flattered if some pathetic jap dude took his time to write tons of posts about me. That's how you become a celeb

No. 5399

LMAO!!! Anon you made my day

No. 5421

File: 1407340323333.png (593.24 KB, 837x460, a.png)

I wonder if he'd fap to her without makeup.she looks like an average caucasian without makeup,not even pretty. yeeeeeeeaaah, "beautiful"

No. 5423

I'll be damned,I knew she wasn't even pretty

No. 5511

I always get so jealous of these ~popular kawaii girls with all there sponsors and shit~ but then I just look at them without makeup and laugh because they're average.

No. 5530

Aminyan announced her contract offer by a Japanese company in July and Himezawa just announced that she has one too and is going to Japan. Jrcach is about to lose his shit. All of his enemies are actually going somewhere. I just hope he isn't vindictive of them.

No. 5533

I just hope their managers aren't dumb shits like the one that managed keekihime. With a manager that dumb… Augh. I genuinely do wish those girls the best.

No. 5538

>without makeup.she
>without makeup,not

>I'll be damned,I knew


No. 5540


No. 5548

File: 1407376966385.jpg (56.49 KB, 640x650, image.jpg)

Yurka's going off the deep end

No. 5549

File: 1407377028075.jpg (110.8 KB, 640x809, image.jpg)

Abbie realises he's creepy but she favorites this tweet because it's about her

No. 5550

File: 1407377066830.jpg (40.09 KB, 640x604, image.jpg)

In midst of wanking himself

No. 5559

why would anyone want some japanese pedofag writing about them

No. 5560

What does it mean?I don't speak jap so..

No. 5606

he's talking about the position of his girls,
putting abbie and lala on he top, keru on the left und erika on the right. and he wants to put "anzu-tan" in the middle and blah blah blah. Shit that no one cares about.

No. 5608

File: 1407417305573.jpg (11.8 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

oh,that crap again…like anyone actually gives a fuck.
lol abbiekins on the top. did she sell him her virginity or what? she's hideous

No. 5609

That ain't even her final form

No. 5610

Lala is stunning but Abbie and Kerukkuma ..WTF

No. 5611

"Ma girls" means "Ma fap material list"

No. 5612

She has a pig nose

No. 5613

I wonder if Jrcach lurks here

No. 5614

Of course he does.He googles himself every day lol

No. 5615

Wait,I noticed that Abipop isn't in JrCock's list anymore… There was some kind of ''doramu'' between them,right?

No. 5620

Pretty much, he even posted Staminarose on his blog when it was still online but it backfired so he sure won't talk about this site.

Sometimes I think it would be better if this site wasn't indexed on search machines tho, it would help against selfposters.

No. 5628

He lurks these forums all the time trying to hop on the first beneficial duramu bandwagon

No. 5629

No. 6101

File: 1407596770524.jpg (147.38 KB, 640x892, image.jpg)

Why does he take every chance he can get whether it's related or not to jab her

No. 6102

File: 1407596840072.jpg (172.94 KB, 640x913, image.jpg)

Why is he congratulating them? He called them pig disgusting.

No. 6103

File: 1407596886099.jpg (156.37 KB, 640x891, image.jpg)

Here he goes again, spewing shit out of his ass that he doesn't know.

No. 6104

He tagged it self promoter so people from here and PULL would attack her.


No. 6106

He's a sour old bloke, PULL don't care at all about this. I think Sabrina is doing nothing wrong, good on her if she is trying to raise money for her trip. She's not scamming, she's clearly stated what the money is for and people are giving it her. I don't see the big deal he is making it out to be. #nothimezawa

No. 6119

cause hes a butthurt asshole

No. 6122

Even though I don't agree with many things that have been said about Himezawa I must say that she DID CREATE THAT WIKI PAGE. And she is indeed a smart self-promoter. The rest of the stuff is just gossip.

No. 6123

omgf jrcach is so lame.hell never get tired of gossip and drama. it's just so pathetic. he's literally poisoning the whole community

No. 6124

I don't think people will attack her. People from PULL and here know he's a pathetic lying asshole so… Nice try Jrcock~

No. 6125


dat butthurt… what i don't understand is.. why can't he leave those girls alone?

don't like them? fine, ignore them.
you think they're scammers, horrible people? fine, that's YOUR opinion, not a fact and you have no right to spread pathetic lies

No. 6127

Pf, people from PULL aren't that bad,they don't "attack people". Not sure about JrCach's "fans".

No. 6130

File: 1407606438302.png (35.2 KB, 1115x290, 11.png)

I hate to second Jrcach but the last sentence.

No. 6131

jrcach clearly reads this thread

No. 6133

Am I the only one here who thinks Jrcach has a FB account?He said he didn't have an account on FB but I'm so fucking sure he has.
Probably owns some fake account and sends friend requests to all the "net idols" or simply girls he hates and stalks them.

No. 6134

Damn you're probably right

No. 6135

maybe you didn't know but jrcach has no fans so don't worry about that haha

No. 6137

How about this Rikachu33 whiteknight?

No. 6138

Well…that's all he has

No. 6139

PULL hates Jrcach

No. 6156

I think everyone does, I bet even his fans do but don't want to ruin their chances to get him to pay them a visit to Japan.

No. 6171

File: 1407613583659.gif (696.77 KB, 500x276, 3736127-atspopcorn.gif)

I'd actually like to see Himezawa responding to this

No. 6172

Those girls are as pathetic as Jrcach, I have zero respect for them

No. 6174

When has jrcach ever paid for anyone to go to Japan (or paid anyone, period)?
Tumblr posts won't pay for tickets lol

No. 6185

Someone I knew mentioned thinking that at one point on their FB, and he posted (can't remember if on his blog or PULL) that he didn't have a FB account.

Lol way to dig yourself into that hole (unless it was one of his white-knight weebs that informed him)

No. 6190

ok i think its time to clean up my fb friends list ~

No. 6193

Let's see…Jrcach has multiple accounts on :
aaaaand many more.

Of course he has some kind of incognito facebook profile. Where do you think he gets all that information from?

No. 6194

Holy shit there are too many.

No. 6407

File: 1407709728994.jpg (101.62 KB, 640x751, image.jpg)

"I'm angry people called me out on my bullshit. Why can't I bully black people for no reason and call them animals? Wahh"

No. 6408

Yet he keeps denying his racism… If anything, he just made himself look 10x worse by posting this. He's such a dumbass.

No. 6433

dat racism….did he come from the dark ages?

No. 6435

He knows that his racist remarks are going to cause another shitstorm.

No. 6461

File: 1407753618852.png (217.07 KB, 624x401, 5.png)

JrCach couldn't get any more retarded

No. 6462

File: 1407753861331.png (34.14 KB, 617x558, 11.png)

This Baby-Mio girl… YOU DA REAL MVP! He indeed TRIED to ruin Keekihime's life cause he's an asshole with no life. I respect this girl for backing up Keekihime

No. 6463

dafuq did just i read

No. 6464

Yeah,like anyone actually buys this shit.You just keep lying JrCock

No. 6471

I was supposed to go back in September because I wanted to visit my mother for her 50th birthday, and then come back to Japan again!
Of course he ruined my fucking life! And hes fucking proud of it!
And Mr Kanno stopped working with me last year already, even if he was annoyed with me (like I was with him but thats another story) it wouldn't matter because i didn't work with him this year at all!
but jrcach wouldn't fucking care to get his facts right, huh? You just want to make yourself look like some kind of japanese god who knows everything and can destroy ppls life ?????
i wanna punch him so bad ugggggggggggggh
sorry for the rant..

No. 6472

I hope he dies

No. 6475

we all know he's a pathetic liar. you should call that little bitch out.

No. 6476

He got you fired but he didn't entirely ruin your life o.o You're so young and I'm sure you have a very promising future!
I hope jrcach chokes on one of his cat's cocks.

No. 6477

Wow that miserable old dipshit is hella pathetic.Don't worry,God punished him already:he's old as dirt,probably incredibly ugly,has no friends, no gf/waifu, and his parents are dead.. not to mention that he has no personal life whatsoever.Haha you keep fishing gossip,old shitheel. It's all you've got left

No. 6493

"/we/ Japanese". Okay dude we get it.

No. 6500

that's just pathetic. he makes japanese look racist and intolerant. i'm sure most japanese wouldn't agree with him.

No. 6507

If there's anyone who seriously wants to get his blog deleted we need to act on it. He's a menace and I want him to suffer

No. 6511

I have reported his tumblr, and twitter. But they haven't done anything at all. I even went in to great depth explaining what he does, and how he has even destroyed a career over his lies etc etc. They don't do shit about it.

No. 6512

me too.they can t do anything about him. faith in humanity NOT restored

No. 6513

Well they can - but they won't because they can't be arsed.

No. 6514

Is there any way we can send a bunch of bots to his tumblr to shut it down or send a bunch of anonymous asks so that he's so annoyed he just stops? We would have to use Proxy IP

No. 6515

Trust me, even all the japanese people that hate him tried that already, didn't help at all.

No. 6517

It did work. They shut his Japanese blog down

No. 6527

I am talking about his Tumblr.

No. 6636

No need to use proxy.He doesn't have any IP tracker,that rumor is false.Trust me.I've told you before that once i sent him an anonymous message asking smth about Aminyan.He accused Aminyan of sending that message afterwards.I live in Singapore, Aminyan lives somewhere in America(?). Or maybe he knew it wasn't her but wanted to make Aminyan look bad anyways.
Besides, spamming his ask box would only add fuel to the fire. He WANTS attention because it amuses him.

No. 6637

How about we perform him lynching?

No. 6638

well at least he has no influence on this community anymore

No. 6658

He does

No. 6666

all he does is gossip.even ppl who used to be friends with him called him out for his shit.he still has few girls who follow his shit advices and ask him for opinion but its not like they attack jrcachs "enemies".they basically know nothing about the dude and i believe most of them enjoy the drama.even keekihime has more fans than this douche.ppl started attacking this idiot even more after she told her story.the power of keekis influence

No. 6667

Agree. Even such "celebrities" like Beckii Cruel, KimonoTime(?), Keekihime called him out and trust me,they have lots of fans. They spread the new about this pervert dipshit so that people can be aware of him

No. 6676

I hope Jrcach burns in hell because he's a sick cat rapist

No. 6687

why did robin williams have to die? god,please take jrcach, he's a useless piece of shit anyway

No. 6764

Klaudia aka BabyMio is amazing.

No. 6765

Jrcach announced a hiatus until November. He's doing it purely for attention

No. 6766

November is in few weeks, I am pretty sure he will continue his shitposting on 2ch while he is gone from Tumblr.

No. 6778

I sincerely hope he dies till November

No. 6815

File: 1407874738827.jpg (60.64 KB, 640x589, image.jpg)

No. 6838


No. 6841

Let me guess. That NoelleBelle25… another Yukapon wannabee aspiring aidoru in glorious Nippon land? She's plain stupid and definetely knows nothing about JrCach.

No. 6844

File: 1407877073827.png (658.67 KB, 1298x628, weeb.png)

No. 6848

File: 1407877233628.png (947.96 KB, 1273x657, 12w.png)

Just another weeb stuck in Jrcach's arse. I hope she finds out about his dirty jobs

No. 6849


No. 6851

AWWW Poor thing,she's gonna miss her sugar daddy. Ugly jelly mean girls are harassing him. Boo Hoo~

No. 6854

File: 1407877536708.png (609.06 KB, 758x709, 4343267896432134678.png)

Where are those girls coming from? There must be a nest somewhere…
Come ooon I love all things cute,my dream is to live in Japan etc. Ugh..

No. 6856

jrcock's fans are so stupid and annoying

No. 6857

File: 1407877644543.png (499.72 KB, 550x375, 43674321267.png)

Okay lol

No. 6858

Ew that's so not kawaii.

No. 6859

Maybe cause they don't know him?Someone should reeeally sum him up.That'd be really great

No. 6862

agree.im too lazy for that atm

No. 6882

File: 1407889901375.jpg (122.61 KB, 640x938, image.jpg)

He's so narcissistic it's insane. He said he made Dakota and Kelsey kimonotime famous too.

No. 6883

File: 1407889927482.jpg (50.96 KB, 640x589, image.jpg)

No. 6884

File: 1407889953719.jpg (71.4 KB, 640x781, image.jpg)

Wow it's amazing how he doesn't have any proof.

No. 6886


No. 6887

It's 9AM in Japan why isn't he at work?

No. 6888

So much for a hiatus lmao

No. 6889

Vomit. I don't even know where to start. "OMG CRAZY JAPANESE KITKATS!!!!" what the fuck.

And lol, "ask Noelle Belle" which has like 380 views. I don't think anyone actually cares or has asked her anything. Trying to be important desu~

> Anti-Christians

No. 6890

Because he is a NEET.

No. 6892

Wow she must love sucking wrinkly, ashy dick huh?

No. 6912

wait,didn't he say he's on hiatus? i knew it. that little drama queen couldn't resist

No. 6913

HA he's only saying it because he got exposed on PULL. Poor JrCach, jelly bitches on infamous gossip site didn't like him. Boo Hoo

No. 6914

I hate jrcach's fans with passion.

No. 6915

File: 1407904828311.png (513.39 KB, 1172x585, 234678.png)


No. 6916

What's up with Jrcach and AbbieKins? Did she really suck his dick or sent him her pantsu?

No. 6917

Duh,you're just jealous anon.AbbieKins is the best looking girl on this community and she's going to be an idol.It's true because JrCach said it!

No. 6919

File: 1407905318193.png (23.42 KB, 635x412, ae.png)

what actually happened:jrcach stalked and harassed aedivine because he didn't find her "kawaii enough", she called him out, he got butthurt and started slandering her even more afterwards.so much of "jrcachs little followers".jrcach harassed keekihime by sending her anon messages,we already know that so…

No. 6920

"Till November"…

No. 6921

JrCach is a typical ストーカー type.

No. 6925

>>6919 I hope he gets infected with Ebola virus disease

No. 6926

I'm watching her videos and she's trying so hard to be cute and desu ~~ its cringeworthy but entertaining

No. 6932

I remember once i commented on these girls nico lives jokingly saying a bunch of pedos much be watching and they laughed about it and next thing you know he was accusing Hanabi of those comments and telling people to block her. I felt so horrible omg.. I sent him messages saying they weren't her but he wouldn't post them so i messaged Hanabi and the two girls from the broadcast and they were so nice towards me :'( he started making fun of the girls appearance doe because she dint believe him and refused to block Hanabi.

No. 6939

oh the feels. something very similar happened to me. he just accuses girls of things he can't prove completely out of the blue. however i think he just needed a reason to spew shit on her since we know he's fucking racist and hates seeing black girls succeeding

No. 6940

LOOKS like 12 or 13, IS 15 or 16. She's basically saying that we're hating Jrcach for no reason and that he doesn't deserve it. Oh ,really?? Jrcach's fans must learn a lesson the hard way.

No. 6941

i genuinely hate jrcach's fans even though i know they didn't do anything particulary bad except not knowing who this piece of shit is. i know it's bad but it can't be helped

No. 6942

He's disguisting

No. 6943

>>6932 Yeah he just wants to start drama and make girls fight each other.What a shitheel.

No. 6963

File: 1407943798457.png (10.94 KB, 612x247, cry-me-a-river.png)

No. 6966

His persecution complex is adorable. Even if the girls he bullies did what he said they did(which I doubt)why not make one post and get over yourself? Why is a 40 year old man holding a grudge

No. 6984

Oh poor jrcach.Why don't people appreciate his attempts to ruin teenage girls' lives? Ugh it's so frustrating, no one understands how hard it is to be a 40 y.o loner

No. 6985

Exactly.Even if some of those girls did something wrong he has no right to treat them like shit or bully for their looks.It's fucking low,man… Get over yourself and move on with your life.

No. 6986

He has no life,remember?

No. 7046

strange how abbiekins and minimico are good friends and minimico called him out on his bs and he stopped talking about her..but Abbiekins still stays by his side… minimico or is it milkymico? idk but that was his baby his top girl before she talked against his bs. Maybe he trash talks her on 2ch idk..but so strange how he dint bash her..must of been his real love lol.

No. 7053

I also find it weird.I'm sure they talk about him IRL once in a while.If my friend took sides with my enemy I'd totally get in a fight with her lul. Idk it's just weeird

No. 7069

Off topic but should I be afraid that he subscribed to me on YouTube?

No. 7071

File: 1408014782899.png (8.54 KB, 483x174, jrcach.png)

if this is permanent, then I am glad he is finally gone,
it's just sad that so many people had to be hurt by his words and actions first.

No. 7072

sure he enjoyed all the drama he's caused

No. 7073


No. 7074

Meh, he still has other tumblr accounts.Pretty sure he'll use those

No. 7075

>>7071 I don't think it's permanent.
Remember that "Hiatus till November".

No. 7078

I am pretty sure that he will continue writting about everyone at 2ch.

No. 7079

He still uses jrcach2(and leaked Keeki's information) and niconicoworld

No. 7080

File: 1408017615580.jpg (53.98 KB, 640x509, image.jpg)

He leaked keeki's information

No. 7081

He didn't post anything on jrcach2 since quite a while tho, he only reblogged his own shit.

No. 7082

File: 1408017656211.jpg (90.93 KB, 640x702, image.jpg)

Him, replying to himself

No. 7083

File: 1408017693057.jpg (119.97 KB, 640x880, image.jpg)

Daddy issues?

No. 7084

File: 1408017730978.jpg (96.82 KB, 640x907, image.jpg)


No. 7085

Jrcach is like a melodramatic cartoon villain, so I'd like to think he'll just kill himself and is depressed but I think he has something up his sleeve.

No. 7086

That can't be counted as information, it is only the information the browser did send to a site with a post, could be anybody.

No. 7087

Thanks. I dont know much about computers

No. 7088

I guess he finally got his midlife crisis, seems like Obon being soon didn't do him any favors (it's the festival where you visit the graves of your ancestors to clean them).

No. 7089

His parents finally cut his internet access off.

No. 7090

…his parents are dead since ages.

No. 7095

uh this isn't even me
I never used an iphone or safari o-o too bad o-o
and it says miyagi ken, i never was there o:
what is this o:

No. 7096

He's so weird

No. 7097

No. 7098

I have no clue but it includes one of his posts slandering you in the data, http://jrcach.tumblr.com/post/78636937628

No. 7117

ding dong the witch is dead

No. 7120

He is still active on Twitter, Youtube and other sites he frequently visits.

No. 7121

He spams everyone at Twitter with this, it is SO annoying.

No. 7122

what does it say?

No. 7123

I knew he wouldn't leave.This attention whore loves doramu too much.

No. 7124

The poster's OS, internet provider, location and all the other stuff that your average visitor tracker shows.

No. 7126

is that even legal?

No. 7127

Even lolcow does that.

No. 7128

oh i thought it was smth like ip tracker that reveals your adress etc. lol

No. 7129

That girl is sooo dumb.Seems like she does everything JrCock tells her.

No. 7142

I wonder if he is quitting his tumblr cause of the alleged pantie thing? I'm guessing he is asking plp to block those Anti jrcach twitter acc cause they know something and he is afraid of it getting out?

No. 7148

I blocked him on LINE but if I see any of his old panty messages I'll show you guys

No. 7164

i thought maybe it was because he realized that what he's doing is wrong..but probably nah.this dude is a piece of shit,i don't think these kind of persons just change overnight.probably got a job or smth

No. 7177

Since he is pulling a Kiki on Tumblr right now with the japanese "hater" Twitter profiles, I am pretty sure something must have happend because of them since he knows about them since ages but didn't give a fuck. Only closing his Tumblr because of the panty thing wouldn't make much sense anyways since it started on Twitter.

No. 7185

He's only closing one of his blogs.He still has tons of other blogs he can continue writing shit about girls on

No. 7195

He never used them

No. 7198

He IS pulling a Kiki tho, just look at https://twitter.com/JRCAch/with_replies and the last post about him telling everyone to block his evil bullies was only 6 hours ago.

No. 7221

hm i think it really has to do with him reading about someone on his line revealing some of his dirty secrets. it started on twitter but..everyone there knows his tumblr..so maybe he is trying to pull some pity with all those bully post in hopes that maybe some of the girls will still stay by his side if more of his line secrets come out..idk…that guy is a mess..I think he is scared but does not like the idea of letting go of his crap completely..Having only abbiekins by his side isn't enough lol

No. 7224

He's a grown ass man it's completely retarded if he feels bullied. Grow some balls Jrcach

No. 7238

agree.a grown man is being bullied by a bunch of teenagers? oh come on..

No. 7243

Shoutout to MeganNyan for warning girls about him on twitter

No. 7262

It's a shame she doesn't want to take any notice of anything I say and warn her against sigh

No. 7263

Why the fuck are there jrcach whiteknights suddenly everywhere? They seem to think without Jrcach they can't become an idol anymore and all his "haters" basicly ruined their career, what.

No. 7264

He is still posting IP tracker screenshots trying to proof that all the anon haters are some of the girls he hates.

No. 7265

ip tracker screenshots? how did he find them? sorry just genuinely curious and don't know japanese. what does it mean anyway?

No. 7266

Whiteknights?Name at least one. He has none. Either it's AbbieKins or JrCock himself. He loves whiteknighting himself

No. 7267

well thats delusional

No. 7268

File: 1408210129303.png (14.83 KB, 659x166, bravo.png)

Old news, but here he basically admits to fucking up Keeki's career and is proud of it.

No. 7270

…was explained already at >>7124
Just look at the jrcach thread at PULL.

No. 7271

Ya know, an IP tracker is something you install on your website.

No. 7274

"It sounds like a lot of girls follow Jrcach because he offers advice on becoming an idol and they're willing to ignore his bad side to get his help.

Girls, please do not do this.

Most of his advice is bad or just made up.

Jrcach never gives good advice like "practice every day" or "take professional dancing or singing lessons". He never links to tutorials or gives advice on managing image or warns of the difficulties in the idol industry or posts advice on online security to avoid being hacked. All these things are very important to someone who wants to be an idol, so it's very strange that he doesn't mention them more often.

But he gives bad advice, like put the camera at waist level so dirty men will stare at your crotch.

Jrcach is also a suspicious person who hurts many people.

He impersonated an event organizer to trick Keekihime's agency into firing her. She could not renew her visa and had to leave Japan at short notice, and had to abandon many of her clothes and things. She had to cancel her Kancolle artbook which would have gone on sale at Comiket this weekend. So Jrcach says he helps idols, but here is destroying one.

He also used to post a lot tagged 'keekihime' also tagged 'dakotakoti' so that people interested in dakota drama would find Keekihime in the related tags. Later he claimed this was his way of promoting Keekihime, and tried to take credit for her popularity.

He also said many bad things about Venus, Yuka, Beckii, and harassed other girls in private. He says he intentionally posts drama on popular people so his blog gets more visitors. He talks about young girls a lot but has trouble naming any adult dancers except Kozue or any male dancers at all."

No. 7329

but that isn't legal?

No. 7330

THIS so much!His advices are shit and it will get you nowhere

No. 7331

File: 1408247784653.png (32.63 KB, 707x441, pedo-romance.png)

lmao he's trying to brainwash that bitch.
oh you silly jrcach,i think you forgot that you ar a bully

No. 7332

File: 1408248118171.png (54.17 KB, 692x484, crymeariver.png)

No. 7333

>>7331 That girl is fucking dumb and annoying

No. 7336

She deserves it. If you won't do your own research you don't deserve to be an idol. If you listen to someone proven to be a pedophile, zoophiliac and racist you don't deserve to be an idol. MeganNyan AND Sexyflanders told her. She didn't listen

No. 7359

Wow then it makes her no better than Jrcock. She is aware of him and doesnt give a fuck. Supporting such a pedo racist… Well damn that bitch is going to have a bad time

No. 7399

her and abbiekins are dumb af and that lolichii girl..I don't see why they feel the need to support him. I really think abbiekins and jrcach have something "Romantic" going on..so gross.. her mom need to step in.

No. 7426

File: 1408263907136.png (161.93 KB, 938x577, femalefreud.png)

I love PULL members. Why JrCock's whiteknights won't listen to them.

No. 7427

agree.theres something very weird about their relationship.all of her "friends" are against this pathetic douche and she's still brown nosing him.where the fuck are her parents, she's fucking 15 and having a relationship with a grown ass man from other side of the world.?

No. 7428

Most idols tolerate him because they are too afraid to tell him no.
. At least they could stop licking his ass

No. 7444

I lold at how people expected him to disappear. He's probably going to come up with another bully blog anytime soon.

No. 7465

No. They just don't care because he isn't talking about them

No. 7476

I think both of you are right. Some girls are afraid he'll attack them, some don't give a shit as long as he's not attacking them. Passive aggressive bitches

No. 7477

File: 1408292305309.jpg (136.8 KB, 640x886, image.jpg)

No. 7478

File: 1408292376337.jpg (115.29 KB, 640x733, image.jpg)

This bitch's Japanese is terribad. She's trying to use it as a secret code or something but it's horrible

No. 7479

No just a bad Google translation.

No. 7493

Noelle is wording her posts are PULL to not have to pick sides. But in a 'I don't want to piss of Jrcach but if he does fuck me over, PULL will have sympathy for me'.

No. 7495


"aaaaah so many words… but, I understood a bit. I am sorry.
PULL is a scary bully site. Gossip is scary. Well, I don't want to go there anymore. I don't want to meet scary people. Jrcach isn't a scary person, right? Jrcach is ok! please, forgive me? <3"

ew, whats wrong with this girl

No. 7496

yes that photoshop is out of this world

No. 7497

Yes I speak Google Translator Too!

No. 7500

what a dumb bitch i thinks she needs a good slap of justice

No. 7502

If PULL is a bully site how would you call jrcock's blogs? come on now

No. 7503

"I don't want to meet scary people.."
"Jrcach isn't a scary person,right?"
"Jrcach is ok!"

Omg the weeb is sure strong in this one. A typical magicaru "aspiring aidoru" yukapon wannabee . Ugh these girls make me sick in my stomach

No. 7504

She's 14, she is only a bebeh in the internet world; she has time to learn and look back on this phase and cringe.

No. 7505

no,bitch.jrcach isn't a scary person,he's the king of gossip and a scum of the earth

No. 7506

I sincerely hope so.

No. 7509

File: 1408306250799.png (9.96 KB, 564x132, yandyman.png)

According to jrcach, we all make up lies about him like we did with Bodyline's owner Mr. Yan which I find funny since he did slander Mr. Yan himself after their issue with Venus.

No. 7512

Because screenshots are lies…

No. 7514

I saw that. She's the biggest fucking idiot sucking his dick so far. From her posts on PULL, she sounds very brain damaged. How dumb doessomeone have to be to use a name on that forum that Jcock can trace back to her if she's so afraid of him!?!?!?


One of her recent posts was, "WAAAAH!!!! WAAAAAAH!!! I DON'T WANT ANY OF THIS DRAMA!!!!"

She's so dumb that I want to punch her.

No. 7516

She is 14 and using the internet since she was basicly a toddler, go figure.

No. 7517

That explains everything then. Hopefully she'll grow out of being such a dumbass with age.

No. 7518

Why is everyone on PULL such a dipshit? It seriously attracts the most autistic people I've ever seen in my life.

No. 7520

I really wish I knew. The shitty people outnumber the chill ones by a solar system.

No. 7526

A lot of them are weebs, who are also some of the most autistic people in the world. Coupled with being young or having little life experience could make them even more clueless.

No. 7544

File: 1408317116440.jpg (88.89 KB, 640x667, image.jpg)

Confirmed for fucking jrcock

No. 7581

Everyone check his twitter. He's brainwashing that weeb girl. He's just scared because his secret about panties came out lol

No. 7582

"Jesus Christ if he were alive would be against PULL"
oh god this just keeps getting better. Jrcach said that this type of bullying will make someone commit suicide. He's a fucking sociopath. He ruins people's lives without regret. He's not being honest, he's a shitty asshole. Anyone that sucks his cock like Noelleweeb abbiekins aka abbie Christine kerukkuka and lolichii and all those ugly little weeb girls are just as shitty as them. Fuck them. They know he got Keeki fired and they know he's the actual incarnation of shit yet they suck his dick every chance given. Fuck them.

No. 7614

File: 1408342152140.png (84.17 KB, 866x494, wtf.png)

I am confused. So she actually has met JrCock??? I don't want to jump to conclusions so It'd be great if KeekiHime herself could explain this

No. 7615

oh shit just now i realized that noelle belle bitch is the same retarded jrcach whiteknight on pull.
she says PULL is a scary place
still stays on PULL to whiteknight jrcock.
dat logic
dumb as fuck

No. 7616

I sent her a message asking if she's actually seen him irl. Didn't answer.

No. 7617

Same here lol

No. 7618

I'm PULL veteran and I can tell you, there are many newbies like NoelleBelle weeb who have no fucking idea what PULL is all about. These bitches don't even bother reading the rules and think they're actually contributing something to the forum.
Also we have many overly sensitive bitches like Hoglee who take everything that's being said about other snowflakes personal.
And yeah, there are always people like Kitti.Rain (or whatever the fuck her nickname is) who're always trying to say something nice about snowflakes and whiteknight them regardless of evidence. Damn they're annoying.
Sadly, mods can't ban them for shitposting on threads or being completely retarded.

No. 7619


No. 7620

File: 1408343654448.png (62.88 KB, 599x579, ddddd.png)

shit keeps getting better. that noelle bitch is talking animu slangu. that's so kawaii and innocent desu

No. 7621

No. 7622

I'd probably make a terrible mod on PULL. I'd ban shit stirrers like October, Candy, hoglee, and those other fucks that start something out of absolutely nothing in a heartbeat. That and anyone that starts mentioning "slut shaming", "fat shaming", "alien shaming" and anyone that tries to fucking white knight snowflakes. And of course the little shits that say, "I'm trying really hard to like her, but she seems mean! Maybe she really isn't all that bad?" such as that EmikoKitten or whatever person. I would be sitting there wiping out dumb shits with my night stick while sipping a cup of tea.

No. 7623

He's still targeting Megan???

God, I fucking hate that noellebelle weeb. Why the fuck must we share the same name… She so painfully stupid. Stop trying to act like a god damn animu character. BITCH, THAT AIN'T KAWAII.

No. 7624

Haha, that's true.
I seriously hate when these idiots start dramas out of absolutely nothing and find everything so fucking offensive.
Hoglee is black and she got offended when someone used the "ghetto" word to describe that black weeaboo chick. She took it personal. Haven't heard much of the others. I hope they kicked Tharthan's ass out of PULL because he's one hell of a snowflake. I hear ppl saying PULL members are retarded and overly sensitive too often. Maybe we should think why

No. 7625

omgf i'm starting to hate noelle more and more every day

No. 7626

Oh fuck she is so weeb it hurts.
I keep reminding myself she is only 14 turbo weeb and that jrcrap is probably the first japanese guy she has communicated with, that's why she is sucking his cock hard.

No. 7628

That's exactly like Venus Angelic's retarded "cooking" video.

No. 7630

It's pretty pathetic that she got so offended by that when other black girls in the thread also called her ghetto and gave zero fucks. Maybe hoglee took it so personally because she looks like a fucking drag queen–a bad one at that in her icons. I haven't been so annoyed with someone on PULL excluding OrangeCitrus and Tarthan, who finally has been banned btw.

No. 7631

Those twitter accounts are weird, sounds like some kind of robot, keeps tweeting the same things over and over again, also retweets Jrcock related posts. Someone said these are JrCach's tweet bots:
And this one
Keeps tweeting about Keekihime and saying "She's a shame of Salzburg."
Stay classy, Jrcach..

No. 7632

well the word Ghetto describes black people's behaviour/style, I don't see anything racist about that word. some white ppl somethimes act ghetto too but it's just the way it is. there are black people, white and yellow people and there are different words to describe them. it's a cultural thing.

No. 7633

I noticed that too. Only Jrcach could retweet Jrcach's posts lol

No. 7636

https://twitter.com/Fuck_JRCAch anti-jrcach has 1009 followers while jrcach only 530.
noellebelle whining bitch should really think about it. when a person has so many "haters" there's always a reason for that.

No. 7638

oh god she's so dumb i just can't….

No. 7639

"But please don't fight with each other! It's scary…"
"Don't say such mean things!!"

Fuck. It hurts.

No. 7640

Yeah.. reading her tweets makes me stupid.
my IQ is dropping..
is droping…..

No. 7641

Jrcock's whiteknights are so pure and innocent desu desu

No. 7647

You don't need to met him to know he is shit irl too, he contacted her agency after all.

No. 7649

But then why she didn't answer?

No. 7650

This is some weird shit.

No. 7652

File: 1408354954491.png (13.59 KB, 328x319, wt.png)

abbiekins is so pathetic.why is she even defending jrcock?the fact is that jrcach always involves everyone into dramas,it's not like girls say anything bad to him

No. 7654

jrcach needs his own article on encyclopedia dramatica

No. 7657

yeah, I didn't meet him, but I am just assuming because someone who did so much shit can't be a good person in RL
sorry for the misunderstanding=/

No. 7659

but then this means he's actually lying >>3847 idk it just makes me feel uncomfortable reading this whole thing

No. 7660

I can't stand this chick,she's a passive aggressive bitch.

No. 7661

The whole article about him dating Keeki sounds like one of his wierd dreams and lol @ him saying he is student at a university.

No. 7673

hes talking about his own ex girlfriend there, he never said he dated me (thank god) (:

No. 7674

hahahaaaaa this is so good

No. 7675

File: 1408374571783.jpg (142.23 KB, 640x828, image.jpg)

No. 7676

Hahaha, they know.
He must be so butthurt that even companies want nothing to do with him.

No. 7685

i remember when he and dansa used to fight. i can't believe he's still around… he's such a fucking freak

No. 7687

she makes venus look good

No. 7688

Any way to trace Jrcock's twitter

No. 7689

Follow me at twitter.com/exposingjrcach

No. 7690

Many people are standing up to his bullying now, hopefully something will become of it and he'll back down.

No. 7691


giving Jrcach 24 hours before I ruin his life follow me at @exposingjrcach

No. 7693

I really can't stand her face. She looks like a fucking ape

No. 7694

How much have you found out about him personally?

No. 7695

3 minutes in, I like her voice at least.

No. 7696

Remember when Abbiekins hacked her own YouTube and wrote "I love penis"

No. 7697

wat LOL

No. 7698

I'm the anon who jrcach asked used panties from and he sent a dick pic. I'm willing to expose him now actually since I got access to my old account.

No. 7699

You go girl! Expose that lil shit

No. 7700

File: 1408383624029.jpg (78.37 KB, 640x649, image.jpg)

I'm not the person who runs the twitter account but here you go if you want to use this. I blacked out some things to change my identity and to protect his. He's a shit but I don't want to be harassed after this. I'm going to look for more chats. I blocked him a month ago so it's hard to search

No. 7701

No. 7702

Now this is going to be good

No. 7706

i hope this is real lol omfg

No. 7707

I thought he could give me private advice or inside tips but I was totally wrong. I found the dick pic he sent me too. I hope I don't get banned from here

No. 7708

File: 1408386814854.jpg (124.34 KB, 640x820, image.jpg)

I still tried to get advice from him but at this point he was coming on way too strong. Absolutely disgusting

No. 7709

What a fucking gross revolting creep. x1000 worse than I thought he was, and that is saying something.

No. 7711

Oh my god, why the hell would anyone want pissy or period pants. Majorly sick.

No. 7713

File: 1408387146261.jpg (103 KB, 588x640, image.jpg)

(Repost because I should've explained more)
His line account is gone now I guess. Probably because when I first talked about the panties thing here. He's probably going to try and hurt me now :( also, I didn't ignore him for three weeks. It was like three days. Maybe he confused me with someone else I guess?

But you guys know the truth. Please don't do what he wants girls. He's crazy. I'm scared now but at least I can do is tell the truth.

No. 7714

omgf. please someone spread this all over the internet. omgf pure gold !!!

No. 7715

Jrcach could be lying about abbie just to make anon more willing to submit to him

No. 7716

>send me your hot sweet panties or I will ruin you
What the fuck? Does he even have anything on you or was he just being his usual shitty threat-making self?

No. 7717

Besides the fact that I posted a picture of my boyfriend and me on line he doesn't or shouldn't have any information. But he makes shit up timelessly. I don't trust him for shit. He will probably know who I am after this(or maybe not because he probably does this a lot) but at least everyone has proof of the truth

No. 7719

Sounds abusive.

No. 7720

I blocked him after the dick pic then he messaged me on another account like nothing happened. Abbie is probably being brainwashed by him. She'll cry when she realized he's a cheeto finger fat loser

No. 7721

what the fuuuuck so sick . omgf i actually remember that jrcach once said smth like "wear cotton panties, they're the best" when giving advice on dancing haha. omgf, this is him. a sick prick
probably deleted his blog because there was too much compromising material

No. 7722

I think there's definetely something sick going on between them. She's so fucking keen on defending him.

No. 7723

No. 7724

No. 7725

abbiekins is a fucking little slut,confirmed

No. 7726

I love that twitter. Whoever you are,anon. THANK YOU!!

No. 7727

Okay, I'm just an outsider and I have no clue what's going on. But yeah, it does sound pretty cheetofinger'd this guy to be not only stalking someone online (which I can understand- insecurity can suck, but it doesn't make it really okay) but making shit up is… weird.

Abusive relationships don't have to involve brainwashing, though. It might seem that way, but it's usually not the intent of the abuser. USUALLY.

… the boyfriend in question JRCAch?

Why would anyone go for him? He fills negative otaku stereotype to a T. He's an entitled creep. This is coming from me (I don't think highly of myself), of all people to be talking.

No. 7728

weebs who think hes an idol expert and will make him famous like beckii cruels manager. theyre just dumb…and ugly

No. 7729

They think he's an expert and -he's- going to be famous?

Like don't get me wrong, you can't spell infamous without famous, but why would you associate with someone like this? I'm not a PR person or anything remotely like that but that's suicide. Unless you're going for some kind of grim Karl Pilkington thing, which even then would be unattractive to the public.

No. 7731

my mistake..
*will make THEM famous

No. 7732

Is this real?

No. 7733

They don't care when he bullies girls because they're sick in the head

No. 7734

File: 1408390079367.png (8.42 KB, 577x241, lol.png)


No. 7735

there aren't many japanese guys who speak fluent english in this odottemita community on tumblr.
he's pretty much the only active one besides akira who is more focused on ruining 1 girl, so I see why ppl would ask him. Of course a random japanese dude knows more about idols and nnd than someone who was already an idol (coughcough)

No. 7736

Aw noes don't compare Karl to Jrcach, I would marry Pilko if I had the chance; he's adorable and is great entertainment. Wouldn't need to watch TV again, just listen to his stupid ramblings.

No. 7737

all the jrcach's whiteknights are getting bashed. looove it

No. 7738

Don't compare anyone to Jrcach. Jrcach is the shittiest human being I've ever seen. There are many horrible people but no one is as horrible as him

No. 7739

Jrcach ruined a girls hard work I have no sympathy for him.

No. 7740

I hope he gets AIDS and dies a slow and painful death

No. 7741

Karl's an okay guy, what I meant was the way Ricky sort of keeps him around like a freakshow deal, only much more benign. Come and marvel at the man who speaks truths in gobbledygook!

Never meant to say they had similar characters. At all.

So we're talking about tumblr "fame". Oh boy. That explains a little, but still. What an idiot you'd have to be to associate with his act if you want to be seen.

No. 7743

I thought about that too but I looked it up and it's impossible to make another account on line because you need your phone number to register. It is strange though

No. 7744

I google searched the image, and no match came up. Just thought I would add that.

No. 7745

I think the pictures are real but even if they're a lie jrcach deserves to know the feeling of being lied on and having your life ruined. Whether it's real or not he's a bonafide creep

No. 7746

i thought i would google it too and see if it's fake.
damn jrcach.. JRCOCK describes you better

No. 7750

File: 1408391672389.png (15.93 KB, 622x328, qqqqq.png)

I guess we can see if the peen matches

No. 7751

Naa, I totally retouched a photo, and reversed search and the original showed up, even though the altered was was very different.

No. 7752

"stay tuned folks" lol it's like a game show

No. 7753

Jrcach could've sent a fake penis pic. Because I'm sure he has a microdick

No. 7754

aahahaha ikr

wouldn't he send a …"better" one then though?

No. 7755


No. 7757

A big black dick wouldn't be realistic

No. 7758

he probably has a tiny wrinkled dick

No. 7760

I don't think exposing Jrcach and fuck Jrcach are the same person though

No. 7761

File: 1408392154287.gif (321.84 KB, 200x151, LOL78.gif)

No. 7763

Fuck Jrcach is one of the accounts by japanese 2ch users that hate him.

No. 7765

i dont think so too. fuck_jrcach account was made long time ago.

No. 7766

fuck_jrcach often reblogs anti-jrcach related tweets

No. 7768

As much as I'd like to believe these… I find it really hard to. You blacked out absolutely everything, this could've just been a fake account for all we know. Tbh I don't think Jrcach is going to take these seriously, he's just going to say "that's not me" and that's that. There's no definitive proof in these shots.

Why would you try to protect his identity anyway? He's a shitlord.

No. 7770

Yes I will only begin to believe if op of pictures submits pictures not blocking out times and jrcachs username…

No. 7771

looks like the ExposingJrcach twitter account has been suspended..

No. 7774

Used unwashed panties are everything but pure tho, yet he is even known at 2ch for asking for them.

No. 7777

I respect Mico but if Abbie and Chii want Jrcach to stop why do they keep supporting him?

No. 7778

Jrcach got his exposed account suspended. Let's make a new one so the truth will be told

No. 7780

I don't know, I suppose Mico just wants to back up her friend.Which is a good thing of her to do, but hopefully Abbie will have learned enough about him blank him out now.

No. 7786

omg Keeki shut up. All you ever talk about is how you use to be famous. Nobody cares.

Besides, I'd hardly say you were THAT famous. (Which is why nobody wants your shitty "advice".)

No. 7787

The jelly is strong in this one.

No. 7788

File: 1408408081522.gif (222.69 KB, 500x278, tumblr_n7i0uadug61ri2d4jo1_500…)

Keeki, nobody cared and nobody will care about you outside of a shitty weeb sub-subculture. Go to PULL if you want your ass kissed by 14 year old wannabe aidoru.

No. 7789

>thinks everyone is keeki
Top kek, she didn't even call herself famous anywhere.
Try harder next time.

No. 7790


>…than someone who was already an idol (coughcough)

Hey Keeki, stop namefagging here in the hopes that we're going to shine your boots like everyone at PULL does. The only thing that you were good for was proving that jrcock was an asshole.

You were never the super idol that you claim you were except in the eyes of your weeb cronies.

No. 7791

>stop namefagging
How new are you?

No. 7792

File: 1408408920366.gif (971.99 KB, 302x196, WMJ5nAL.gif)

Stop samefaging Keeki. We all know it's you.

No. 7793

Go back to Tumblr plz.

No. 7794



>implying you're not keeki

No. 7795

I hope that whoever linked this thread at the Tumblr idol tags needs to burn in hell.

No. 7796



No. 7797

Sorry to disappoint you but I am the OP of this thread and not Keeki.

No. 7798

>implying not everyone in this thread is keeki

No. 7800

>implying only keeki hates jrcach

No. 7802

>impying jrcash wasn't keeki all along

No. 7803

Why do people keep fucking linking threads from here to shitholes like Tumblr and PULL???

No. 7804

In the case of Tumblr they link lolcow as source for screens that were posted here.

No. 7814

Shoutout to you assholes who got exposing Jrcach deleted

No. 7816

That noellebelle bitch just went nuts on pull begging for help, jrcach is not going to be happy!

No. 7817

Link? Fuck that Noellebelle horseface bitch.

No. 7818

No. 7821

"Bawww someone help me out of this drama that I got myself in by whiteknighting a fucked up creep"

lol fuck you Noellebelle. It's her own dumbass weeby fault.

No. 7823


Fuck him for reporting my account. I will ruin him

No. 7824

twitter.com/jrcach_exposed is the new exposed twitter

Fuck him for reporting my account. I will ruin him

No. 7825

I am pretty sure it was Jrcach himself.

No. 7827

twitter.com/jrcach_exposed post it on pull and tell the masses

You want the truth,? Well u got it folks

No. 7834

I think Margeret Palermo made that account.

No. 7835

…did you even read anything in this thread, or?

No. 7838

I wonder if jrcach will tweet anything or just vanish. I don't get Abbie, why is she acting so shocked? she even liked his creepy post about him wanting to write a lolita style book about her.

No. 7840

That Noellebelle dumbass is back on the PULL thread crying. "WAAAAHHHHH OMG!!!! I never expected to get so much drama!!! I know it's my fault, but are any of you willin to help me????" All the logical members basically replied with. LOLNOPE

No. 7843

bhhahhah noellebelle bitch gunna learn lesson the hard way.she deserved.fucking idiot, shes been warned multiple times.

No. 7844

Why did ExposingJrcach twitter got deleted?

No. 7845

Harassment I guess.

No. 7846

Jrcach is a pussy that's why

No. 7847

Harassment?? pft, then how do you call jrcach's blogs? oh god where were tumblr admins when ppl reported jrcach's blog

No. 7848

It'd be cool if anyone wrote an article for JrCock on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
No one could delete it anyway. We've got plenty of proof, the article would be hilarious..ahh I can imagine it. I'd drop the link for every person that supports JrCach

No. 7849

No. 7850

holy shit.it's looooong (unlike Jrcach's cock).. i'm gonna need more popcorn for this one

No. 7851

Read Mico's story. Abi still supported him because she is selfish. That's that

No. 7852

well finally ppl are starting telling their stories. this bastard needs to be exposed

No. 7853

omg, jrcach posted mico on "words dance videos" thread. i didn't know that.. he's so two faced. praising and bashing her at the same time. he did same to keekihime. what a fucked up dude

No. 7855

It makes no fucking sense. AbbieKins didn't want to support JrCach but kept "liking" his posts so that he won't attack her. Wtf

No. 7856

File: 1408426703752.jpg (15.86 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

drama..drama everywhere

No. 7857

File: 1408429067328.jpg (90.77 KB, 640x519, image.jpg)

dishing the truth

No. 7858

THIS IS SO TRUE!! I was thinking exactly the same. She stil kept supporting that dickhead

No. 7860

The truth hurts, Abbie.. Doesn't it? haha

No. 7862

Annnnnnnnnnnd the new twitter account has been suspended.

No. 7863

why the fuck did you ever think he was ""pure""

No. 7870

Those line messages were probably made by a 2ch guy but w.e i feel no pity towards jrcach at all. He just posted on his tumblr trying to clear his name. I hope he has that horrible gut feeling plp get when they feel like they are losing everything. ehuehuehuehuehuehue~~~~

No. 7879

aren't some of his "ma girls" fans? like lala and rikachu33 ?

No. 7882

come on, why the fuck would they suspend that account!!?? wtf??? did someone report it or what?

No. 7883

Yes, they ride his dick too

No. 7884

AbbieKins deleted or changed her tumblr name after she got exposed

No. 7885

File: 1408446073197.png (21.17 KB, 576x450, lol.png)

as i thought..jrcach is denying everything.

No. 7888

File: 1408446350450.png (29.15 KB, 271x200, cereal_guy_newspaper_by_rober_…)

Jrcach is so "shocked"…
Poor thing…

No. 7889

File: 1408447056665.png (23.12 KB, 653x525, 111.png)

Jrcock making lame excuses "I've never…" haha.
remember guys: guilty goes defensive while innocent goes offensive. Jrcock acts like Kanadajin3 when she got exposed

No. 7890

File: 1408447095116.png (24.53 KB, 648x342, ssss.png)


No. 7891

Yeah sure..No one trusts him anymore

No. 7892

This is the lamest thing I've ever read

No. 7893

File: 1408448584219.png (24.6 KB, 500x318, 2db.png)


No. 7894

I think it would be better to make an exposing Tumblr rather than a Twitter.

No. 7895

Yup ,after all those twitter accounts got suspended i think it'd be better.

No. 7896

Yes, and upload screenshots of JrCach being a complete dickhead and proof, not stuff like "inser-random-pic - THIS IS JRCACH HAHAHA" which is pretty childish imo.

No. 7901


No. 7903

No. 7904

Wow, she's too calm.I couldn't deal with this pathetic lying asshole like this.

No. 7909

File: 1408456712708.png (12.24 KB, 659x285, sss.png)

cry me a river. jrcock is trying to gain girls' sympathy

No. 7912

File: 1408456889709.png (29.14 KB, 654x705, sssss.png)

No. 7914

File: 1408457019949.png (13.16 KB, 696x411, wt.png)

Yes, Jrcock..it's a conspiracy against you.

No. 7915

He's so delusional

No. 7917

ah,jrcach brings his old dirty secrets to light..this time he's not getting away with this bullshit.

No. 7918

Pft.All this time he's been making wrong choices

No. 7919

LMAO Jrcach "apologizes" 2014 world tour I hope nobody falls for his shit…but that community has proven to be mindless multiple times. I wonder what else he will apologize for hmm? oh god jrcach.

No. 7921

well even his favourite weeb abbiekinsu doesn't support him anymore…nor noellebelle. haha this is cringe worthy

No. 7922

He should apologize to his mother for being such a failure.

No. 7923

imo jrcach ruined this whole fucking community. there wasnt any drama before jrcach showed up. he ruined abbiekins and mico friendship, he got keekihime fired… thats so fucking wrong.

No. 7924

Naaah I don't think so. His posts barely get any notes.His fandom is slowly fading away

No. 7926

lol i can imagine that it's just the tip of the iceberg .he has done many bad things but of course he won't admit it. get down on your knees jrcock, confess and pray god for forgiveness

No. 7928

The expose account told him to apologize to everyone. I think that's why

No. 7929

yeah and he thinks everyone will forget everything just like that.
no one is going to "forgive" him anyway so..

No. 7930

He should apologize to that haristar girl he made that girl vanish from the internet and all her friends were Aholes and still supported jrcach smh. He should apologize to the other girls like aminyan. No one should forgive him but..I like seeing him like this.

No. 7931

what exactly happened between them?
i remember that haristar girl, she was really annoying and weeabooish but then she disappeared. what did he do to her?

No. 7932

That moron doesn't deserve a single apology. And I don't think he really fucking cares, he just wants his "fans" back.

No. 7933

I don't know the whole story but she disagreed with him and he started talking about how she was fat ect. And her friends were encouraging her to stay but yet at the same time stuck to jrcach's ass and kinda did the whole "she stopped being my friend blah blah sensitive blah blah " well no shit. She was really weebish but she was like 14-15?

No. 7934

I saw her post on a private tumblr like a few days ago and said "Wow I haven't been in this community for years but there's still drama blah blah"

No. 7936

Really? she probably watched from the sidelines after her drama with the community. At least she wasn't a brainless weeb like abbiekins ect. Lol jrcach is probably feeling empty waiting for a pulse from his fan base hahaha. lolichii doko?~~ noebelle?~ i never really wanted you~ but please~ anybody~ gomen ne~~ kerukkuma i made you~~ lala?~~ ma girls!!? TT__TT

No. 7937

Whether the line messages were real or not, they were in the nail of whatever left was Jrcach. The twitter accounts also annoyed his fans so much they don't want anything else to do with him. Abbie even denounced him. What Jrcach is doing could even be prosecuted in Japan which freaked him out I think. He's losing everything and it's hilarious. I'm getting a sick rush watching him be harassed and abused because he did the same to me for a year. I wanted to hurt myself after that time. Give em' hell girls. I hate him. He tried to ruin me but I'm still okay but he's a terrible "person". Btw I'm not Keeki just someone else he has bullied

No. 7939

Yeah it's like watching Kanadajin3 drama. Now I really hope these girls will be smart enough to tell him to fuck off

No. 7940

wut and after he admitted he had an ip tracker on his blogs he's still willing that girls will send him messages? thanks but no. who would want to have anything to do with such a freak?

No. 7941

Oh that must suck! He harassed my friend for over a year!!I really enjoy seeing him getting bashed.

No. 7942

If he makes an ask.fm I would send him questions. On tumblr? Hell no.

No. 7943

he slandered keekihime for over 2 years i think. he pretended to be good friends with her at that time but he spead rumors about her being a "slut" anon. what a weird two faced douche.

No. 7944

But…is an IP tracker even legal? There's an online IP tracker but I thought that installing an IP tracker to your blog is illegal.

No. 7945

isn't it old news that he as that? is it illegal? thats probably why he was so quick to accuse me once of being on of the girls he hates cause i happen to live in the same state.

No. 7946

so can't tumblr do anything about him? after he confessed that he has an ip tracker which is illegal

No. 7947

IP trackers aren't illegal in the slightest.

No. 7948

i wonder how many actual ppl still "support" him.

No. 7949

It's not illegal in most places. At least Swedish, but possibly also EU legislation says that you have to probably tell people that you're storing information about users if it's not obvious, and it's REQUIRED that there is a way for a user to request all stored information pertaining specifically to them, and have that information deleted.

Enforcing those laws though…

And an IP tracker can be argued to not be sufficient to store information unique to one user. More than one person can come from the same IP.

Basically, it's in a greyzone that's never enforced. Only when companies fuck up bigtime is it enforced, but when it is, it's pretty expensive.

As for having someone removed from a service for using stuff like this- wouldn't be suprised if it'd be possible! Companies wouldn't want to be associated with something questionable.

No. 7950

Aminyan made a blog post about someone being in the same state as her and possibly sending Jrcach hate messages about her which is why he said she did self posting. So I'm assuming she already knows who you are?

No. 7952

Jrcach knows where all of his girls live. Isn't that lovely

No. 7953

Well, court says:
"In order for 'personally identifiable information' to be personally identifiable, it must identify a person. But an IP address identifies a computer."
That's what makes IP tracking legal even if you don't state that you have one installed.

No. 7955

Exactly. I live in a dormitory and there are like ~20-100 people using the same IP adress. Just saying, people should remember this before jumping to conclusions.

No. 7956

Yeah, and he knows where they work….

No. 7969

His attitude pisses me off so much. He acts like he's the innocent one after all this shit he's done.

No. 7979

File: 1408469292384.png (32.1 KB, 665x664, orly.png)

so…the prick keeps denying everything..

No. 7980

"This tumblr is closed"… yeeeeaaah

No. 7982

He should really listen to those anons. That message was probably sent by a teenage girl and damn.. she sounds more mature than him. Way to go Jrcock!

No. 7984

Why the fuck does he keep slandering Aminyan whenever he gets a chance? No one even mentioned her. He must really hate her

No. 7985

nah i'm the girl he accused of being hanabi. We both live in the same state.

Jrcach still has hope lol I wonder if he'll gather girls at the end..you never know. The way he is acting like "woah guys, you've been reading all wrong~ short skirts? why i never!"

No. 7986

Because he's butthurt.

No. 7987

How can he be so sure that you are Hanabi? If he knew Hanabi's and yours IP adresses he could say it's the same person if the IP adresses match. But it's just plain stupid accusing a person of such things without having any actual proof.

No. 7989

he doesnt need any proof, he just likes talking shit about teenage girls he doesn't like. thats why abbiekins kept liking his posts. she was afraid he'll start attacking her too.

No. 7990

..And yet he's calling other girls "haters" and "stalkers". Oh the irony… JrCock is the biggest hater on this community.

No. 7998

JrCach vs. The Internet

No. 8008

No. 8011

im facepalming so hard..this dude is so delusional he's talking about irelevant shit over and over again instead of answering to keekihime

No. 8012

File: 1408475588822.png (7.97 KB, 312x158, wwww.png)

Oh really, how does he know? He doesn't !!

No. 8013

omg jrcock is such a victim..those jelly ugly bitches from pull are attacking him. ugugu everyone's so mean to him

No. 8015

JrCach is acting like a teenage girl :facepalm:

No. 8016

Hahaha, YES ,everyone here is AmiNyan. And she also created all those anti-Jrcach accounts//sarcasm

No. 8048

He is turning into Cathy/Kiki v2.

No. 8061

No. 8063

Half Japanese half white girl who models in Japan. Super sweet girl and Jrcach latched into her.
Shaz is sexyflanders on PULL. She is not jealous of lala at all. She posts new information on Jrcach on PULL so he's just a salty little bitch.

No. 8065

LaLa is half white half viet? not japanese - just another fame hungry halfie

No. 8066

"To be honest, I don't even fap to you Mico"

>This implies he faps often to dancers just not Mico

No. 8068

Actually Shaz here, and my username on PULL is Shaz as well. I was another shitty, weeby wannabe aidoru who sucked up to jrcach for all of a week or two last summer before realizing he was a jackass. I actually (sort of) defended him at the time on PULL, and I never made negative comments about him on there, so I have no idea how he's even managing to pull that out of his ass. After he accused Hanabi of saying old men were only watching my broadcast, I sent him a message saying I was sort of wary about doing that, and he took it out of context and posted it after I had spoken to Hanabi herself and found out it wasn't her, whether intentionally trying to make me look like a dick or not, I don't know. He then went on to say that I said he facebook stalked girls - I got tagged in a post on facebook where some people were discussing if on person who friended all of them was actually him, though I had no proof and never claimed that he did so. Basically I'm someone he hates just to hate lol;;;

No. 8071

lala's back in hawaii. she's not a model in japan anymore.
her last name is tsai. that's not a japanese surname at all.

No. 8072

we've established she's not Japanese but she works and is signed with a Japanese company

No. 8083

She's not working for the japanese company anymore

No. 8087

What happened between her and Bravo?

No. 8100

She still works for bravo, she just goes in the summers because she's only 16.

No. 8112

"What kind of lame reason is that for ruining someones career?

Jrcach really thinks he's God or something. Calling us anti-Christians, only because we're going against him."

No. 8114

New twitter: twitter.com/jrcachexposed

You guys need to report this asshole not the exposed twitter. I'll keep making them until he disappears

No. 8116

i block jrcach twitter so he cannot report me

No. 8119

Damn is that exposed twitter serious? they getting on that anonymous lv if they are for real.

No. 8120

She still works for bravo? But she was taken off the site
Shes so annoying

No. 8121

Didnt jrcach graduate from tokyo uni?? It'd be weird if he didnt have a job
Thats a really good school isn't it?

No. 8122

Doesn't matter. you can be the smartest person in the world but if you are a sociopath with no social skills you can be out of work

No. 8123

Thats true…

No. 8137

(where's the peanut dick pic??)

I would be frustrated too if my weiner was that small lel

No. 8171

yoU DA REAL MVP! thanks maan, I support you!! <3 JrCock is a piece of crap

No. 8211

So sick of abbie playing the victim card. She knew he bullied tons of girls but she still messaged him and "liked" his posts. She even agreed with Lolichii who said most of the girls he bullied deserves it.

Most of his followers aren't naive they just don't care about other people and use him for advice.

No. 8214

any of the girls that love him don't deserve to be idols. if you can't research for yourself, or barely know or like anything about jpop idols stop trying to be one.

No. 8224

don't worry about that,they won't be idols anyways. most of jrcock's fans are unfortunate looking teenage girls,yukapon wannabees that don't even know what the word idol means,they just want to be famous in japan.

No. 8292

Jrcach should just end it all

No. 8326

Apparently he is blocking access to his tumblr by IP.

No. 8342

Doesn't seem to work very well tho, he would have to block pretty much the whole world.

No. 8367

That's what proxiees are for lol. Wow he's such a little bitch

No. 8379

No. 8388

I have PTSD from Jrcach dick pic

No. 8393

use Proxy

No. 8394

they're all so hideous.

No. 8489

Seeing how he is back to his usual posting at his main Tumblr, it is pretty obvious now that it all was only a cry for attention.

No. 8493

be >>8489
he should've deleted all of his crappy blogs. it'd be for the best.

No. 8494

No. 8495

The problem is that even choose to ignore him he still will try his best to ruin you, keeki did ignore him for ages and you guys know what happend while that.

No. 8503


No. 8513

No if everyone was unified and ignored him he would've stopped this shit years ago. The problem IS people like abbie who like his posts and ask him questions but want to say "he's creepy". No you can't have it both ways. Either he creeps you out and you ignore him or you like the attention he gives you and you dote on him.

No. 8523

I may have found Jrcach's private twitter account. Noelle was tweeting him.

No. 8540

that could be him all right. she's asking for tips from that person

No. 8551

File: 1408638119744.jpg (23.69 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

After all that's come out, he ruins Keekihime's career, he insists on bullying girls, he asks for soiled panties, he talks shit about girls on 4chan and 2ch and Chii still likes him. If you go to her blog it's all Jrcach reblogs

No. 8552

By the way this is the same person who said that Jrcach's victims deserves being bullied(which Abbie agreed with so idk why she's acting innocent now). You can ask her things in ask.fm/Decorachii

No. 8555

seriously? she's still licking jrcock's ass? oh my god that bitch is unbelievable

No. 8556

What a dumbass.She's no better than JrCach.It's disguisting how some girls can support such creeps like JrCach

No. 8557

that bitch disgusts me as much as jrcach

No. 8559

So Jrcock and AbbieKins broke up?lol

No. 8563

she disappeared from tumblr i think

No. 8564

i dont think its hard since jrcach doesnt have many fans that support him. he just likes causing shitstorms and it amuses him

No. 8565

Oh forever High School drama..

No. 8568

File: 1408647102928.png (21.75 KB, 560x418, words-of-wisdom.png)

No. 8569

ppl started celebrating too early

No. 8573

Oh my fucking god.I bet she wouldn't care if someone commited suicide over these things

No. 8574

Keekihime is reblogging depressive stuff
I wonder if it has to do anything with JrCock drama

No. 8575

She's 24 which is sad

No. 8576

File: 1408648752841.png (12.3 KB, 446x171, kk.png)

I think he likes seeing her like this, all upset and depressive because he knows he has an actual influence on her life. It's so fucking sad that people have nothing better to do with their lives than just wasting their time talking shit about people they don't even know irl.

No. 8577

He's a sadist.

No. 8578

who fucking cares

No. 8579

I fucking hate Chii. She pretends to be nice but she's a fucking bully. She's too old for this shit. "You're no better than him" that makes no sense at all. Why does Chii guard him so much when he bullies everyone and then when someone calls her out she calls them a bully. She acts without logic. Plus how the fuck does she know it's usakoukun?

No. 8580

I've been following this whole Jrcach drama for some time and I have to say this makes me sick. THIS WHOLE SHIT: tumblr "dramas",screenshots,gossip,rumors,lies and all that shit.. What the fuck happened to this community??? It's hard to believe that such an anon jap asshole made such a huge impact on this community. I quit dancing 2 years ago and this shit really puts me off

No. 8581

Who is usakoukun? That's what I'm wondering. She's a faceless person people can blame. I have no idea who this bitch is at all

No. 8582

Jrcach didn't ruin this community. He's an ass but the girls that blindly followed him or KNEW he was a bully yet defends him ruined it. Fuck them.

No. 8583

my thoughts exactly, i'm guessing she doesn't know who sent it? jrcach seems to hate that usakoukun girl with passion.

No. 8584

Taking sides with a bully makes you a bully too. It's the truth.

No. 8585

She's dating the guy in remote girl and she's almost 25. Why is she still in the idol community? I'm tired of bandwagon people who only want fame

No. 8586

I actually agree with that anon, supporting such a bully like JrCock kinda makes her a shitty person. And the fact that she KNOWS JrCock bullies girls really pisses me off.
I'd be different if she was 14 yo,but she's 24! Bullying IS a serious problem that shouldn't be ignored.

No. 8588

She's in the idol community? Or just claims to be in one?

No. 8589

okay i sent lolichii a message asking if she truly said that those girls deserve to be bullied by jrcach.. i really wonder what she has to say about it. i'd lol if she called me usakoukun.

No. 8590

She's into singing or smth

No. 8591

Why all those girls who act innocent and all have such shitty personalities? I thought she was ok at first but now I see how full of shit she actually is.

No. 8592

She posted it like on twitter or Facebook a few months ago after she made a post defending Jrcach. When people called her out she complained that the girls were immature yet she's damn near 25 in a community of girls ten years younger than her.

No. 8593

Well yeah bitches love drama. All you need to do is create a hate blog (take JRCACH as an example), spread a rumor and watch all those girls pulling their hair out and calling each other names.

No. 8594

She's going to a) deny it b) back peddle the hell out of it C)not answer at all or D) not answer the question and call you fake for sending an anonymous message OR blame it on someone without proof like she just did

No. 8595

is she copying jrcock now or what? he also accused certain girls of sending him asks without any actual proof.

No. 8596

if everyone hasn't already, start using proxies. these people love witch hunts and will use any and everything against u

No. 8597

JrCach is her sugardaddy. I'm 100% sure

No. 8598

Look at her valentines day video. He translated it. He translates most of the Japanese stuff for her. He said a few of his followers have seen his face? I'm pretty sure Chii is one of them. She even like the sick ass post he made about Abbie being like lolita/an 11 year old character from a book about an evil pedophile.

She formed Oishii!Project with dansa nohimitsu. Dansa was shit but that makes n sense for her to ride Jrcach's cock.

No. 8599

mico is 19 years old but even she acts more mature than these two (lolichii and jrcach). lolichii is 25 and jrcach is over 40. omgf .
i actually like how she handled the whole situation. she knows that whatever she says jrcach is going to deny it anyway so what's the point.

No. 8600

They're like Akira&Yukapon.

No. 8601

File: 1408650768492.png (151.11 KB, 574x490, 342235.png)

jrcock's bot accounts lol. it's been like 2 years and still calling her a "slut".

No. 8602

Jrcach could kill 10 babies, rape a cat, whip his dick out on TV,join the KKK, have millions of child porn and Chii would still say "get over it" "immature!" "I love his cock"

No. 8603

How does he know KeekiHime is from Salzburg?
And ew, calling a girl "slut".. Does he even know what that word means?

No. 8604

LOL!!!!!Pretty sure JrCock has something special for her

No. 8605

meanwhile jrcach complains about having so many stalkers.the dude has over 10 fake accounts

No. 8606

There's no way in hell Jrcach can have a job or a wife. He's way too invested in stupid shit. He spends his time fishing in Agasaki

No. 8608

imo ppl like jrcach who claim to have stalkers only wishes they had any because that'd mean someone acually gives a fuck about them

No. 8609

Why would anyone support Chii? She knows he's a pedophile and a bully yet she uses every opportunity to validate him. He's anonymous so he's just as fake and faceless at everyone else she yells at

No. 8610

File: 1408651359407.jpg (91.69 KB, 640x673, image.jpg)

If she tries to delete it, here it is

No. 8611

I don't get this either. JrCach is as faceless as every anon here, how come people listen to him?Oh lord, why are people so dumb.

No. 8613

Before joining Tumblr, he actually tried to find out her adress in Austria, go figure.

No. 8614

Jrcach's style: blaming random people for sending anon messages without having any proof. It's getting reeeaally predictable. Anyone else wants to send her a message?

No. 8615

OH fuck… how did he find that out?

No. 8616

If I knew someone actively supported and loved a blog that talked shit about me of course I would be mad at that person. Abbie is okay because she's a weeb but she never wrote stuff supporting him. Chii timelessly supports him and she's old enough to know better than that.

No. 8617

When stalking goes wrong.>>8613

No. 8619

But Abbie doesn't support him anymore, or does she? Besides, having such a shitty person like Jrcach by your side is a no-no for idols.

No. 8620

Was he planning a trip to Austria or smth?lol

No. 8621

Nah she's not Jrcach. Jrcach went on 2ch to post against keekihime and aminyan in Kelsey Parnigoni threads and people ended up saying "Jrcach go away". 2ch already said who Jrcach is but he's pretty involved in the dancing community so a lot of girls don't believe it's him. He spends a lot of time on Nico doing designs during girls' streams, he's like 50 and he speaks english too. he also lives in Yokohama which is where Dansa's account is. Jrcach says he's in Osaka but he can be lying. I'm sure everyone knows who I'm talking about. He seems like a nice guy but maybe "Jrcach" is his dark alter ego.

No. 8622

Abbie only supported Jrcach because she likes having an older man's attention which is fair enough. But I think after seeing his nudes on here and everyone giving her shit, she cut ties with him. Jrcach is probably considering suicide lol

No. 8623

Nah, I'm not saying she's Jrcach, just that she's acting like him.

No. 8624

No way Jrcock is going to harm himself. His ego is too huge. He'd probably enjoy watching other girls suffering

No. 8625

He doesn't seem like a nice guy. AT ALL.

No. 8626

File: 1408652920414.jpg (85.06 KB, 640x533, image.jpg)

This is the guy Japanese people say is Jrcach. Here's some proof we have he is
>went to a National university like Jrcach claims
>is an IT person so he would know analytics
>loves Nico Douga which is weird for someone their ages
(However anyone can do that but it's likely aomeone Jrcach age won't know it)
>loves idols and spends most of his money on them(this is iffy because Jrcach claims not to be a wota but this person is.)
>he's old like Jrcach
>he lives in Yokohama the same location where DnH Facebook was hacked
>He loves Abbie and often posts her Nico stuff
>loves Chii and Scarlett and often does the designs in Scarlett's Nico Douga
>posts about young girls a lot
>damn good English
>multiple times on 2ch people say he's Jrcach.
>When people said he was Jrcach, Jrcach adamantly denied and tried to defend him which is strange even for Jrcach to do.

Now here's some reasons he may not be Jrcach
>the guy who runs fuck_jrcach is a creep himself but him and Jrcach are like rivals
>said guy isn't a bully but just a perv
>Jrcach could be lying about attending a prestigious college
>This guy has sent gifts to Abipop who Jrcach hates but he could be doing that just so people won't suspect it's him
>this guy, let's call him "Y" often supports girls even Jrcach hates
(But he supports abbie more than anyone)
>he seems like a really nice guy

If you guys want more info about "y" I can give it but everyone should know who he is by now. Just don't want to crucify an innocent guy but he probably is Jrcach.

No. 8627

can someone please explain to me…why is jrcach so fucking obsessed with abbiekins? i don't hate her or anything just genuinely curious. i seriously don't understand this abbiekins fetish. the way he talks about her, as if she was a damn goddess.

No. 8629

Thanks for the info! Sounds like our good old Jrcock.

No. 8630

Very young, naive and won't question his bull shit

No. 8635

oh and Y has all the girls added on Facebook and so does jrcach(sometimes he mentioned stuff he could've only known from Facebook). Jrcach took up for Y.
There's a few weird jp guys who add every girl in this "community" though.

No. 8636

Glad I haven't accepted any bloke on FB..

No. 8642

>is 24
>sings Japanese weeb songs
>openly supports someone who is a pedophile and bully
>gets mad when called out for supporting said person
>tells girls ten years younger than her to grow up

No. 8643

Chii is a huge bitch. If you didn't want to get caught up in drama you could've read his blog silently, not reblog every post. And she did say girls deserved to get bullied. She said something along the lines of "The girls he calls out brings it on themselves". Now she's back peddling the fuck up.

No. 8644

Why is she mad at Usakoukun sending girls messages but isn't mad at Jrcach?

No. 8646

Why are they saying Jrcach closed his blog. He didn't

No. 8651

File: 1408662390380.png (151.96 KB, 517x735, Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 23.4…)

maybe lolichii loves him because she's a cat fetishist too

No. 8654

yeah, what's up with that?

No. 8655

why are y'all surprised she supports a pedophile? she has 'loli' in her username

No. 8658

Most of the girls in this community don't agree with Chii at all but kiss her ass because she knows how to use autotune. She's trying to preach about ~positivity~ but won't pass up an oppurtunity to rant how she hates Frozen(or anything popular for that matter), how it's so unfair someone from her town anonymously talked shit about her on 4chan(which is what Jrcach did) or about racism, abortion or heavy topics. She's fake as fuck and rides every bandwagon. She rode Dansa No Himitsu's dick and started OishiiProject with her but when that turned to shit she went with Jrcach because he translated shit for her. Not that dansa is gone she's talking shit about her. Somebody really needs to call her out publicly because she's fake as shit but the first thing she does is call someone else "two faced".

No. 8660

File: 1408664009516.jpg (684.6 KB, 1600x1200, jrcachsudoku.jpg)

Here is a little infograph i made.
Some ppl have issues with his Blog "protection"

No. 8662

She's getting mad at Usakoukun for doing exactly what Jrcach did but on a smaller scale, that's assuming that who she is blaming actually is Usakoukun. Goes to show she only cares when she gets bullied. She didn't even say anything when it happened to Abbie, just when it started happening to her. Chii is a piece of shit and she's too old to be acting like this. Her name is Christi Arrendondo if anyone needs proof of her age.

No. 8663

File: 1408664298376.png (153.68 KB, 509x967, chiifb.png)

chii is fucking awful at personal branding. no talent agency would take someone who can't keep their shit together on their public blogs/fb

No. 8665

File: 1408664484859.jpg (60.02 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

This was unnecessary and passive aggressive as hell

No. 8666

Jrcach was bullying some of the mini cherries of Oishii a while back and Chii still supported him. That looks super bad that you're supporting someone shit talking a group you made

No. 8669

File: 1408664838848.jpg (73.34 KB, 630x600, furry.jpg)

No. 8670

Girls like Chii are absolutely revolting, they'll protect people like Jrcock to the end as long as he praises them, since all she's looking for is attention. I hope he turns on her and bullies her.

No. 8671

oh god ew

No. 8672

File: 1408665017182.jpg (100.76 KB, 720x682, bf.jpg)

aren't idols not allowed to have boyfriends or some shit?

No. 8675


is this a dude ?

No. 8676

Chii isn't trying to be an idol specifically she just hops on every bandwagon she can to become famous in Japan. Still that's terrible for her image lol. Jrcach would have a heart attack

No. 8677

tagged as 'hector', so

No. 8678

haha what a faggot

No. 8679

Chii isn't a "girl" she's an adult woman who befriends 90% teens online and complains that they're "immature"

She openly supports the most two faced, disgusting and hurtful person in this community and when people question her she calls THEM the bully.

It doesn't work like that girl.

No. 8680

If I was Jewish and my friend read and enjoyed Nazi propaganda I have the right to assume they probably hate Jews and I can get angry right? I know that's an extreme situation but that's pretty much why people are mad at Christi and she just doesn't get it

No. 8681

File: 1408665548544.png (441.73 KB, 847x467, fbweeb.png)

I love this

>"I enjoy other's opinions"

>unless the opinion is that you're a weeaboo

No. 8682


wait. she compares using 'weeaboo' to a racial slur, but she supports someone who is openly racist?

No. 8683

>"Spare me the racism debate"

No. 8684

Chii is hilarious. She only started that weaboo movement for reblogs. Speaking of racial slurs she said the N word to friends a few times before her profile become more public. She'll probably make an additional post about this too though.

No. 8685

>spare the racism debate

this was super passive aggressive. I've never talked to Chii but I've observed stuff she's done and she's a piece of work. She's said "black people complain about racism too much" but the next week will say "I'm brown so what! Leave me alone!" oh and she complains about feminism, abortion and all that stuff. she's a lil shit and when people disagrees with her she throws a tantrum.

No. 8687

File: 1408666207020.png (53.49 KB, 336x421, cgl.png)

It does actually surprise me that she hasn't had more problems when all this stuff is out in the open

No. 8691

File: 1408666593965.png (88.08 KB, 466x253, ott.png)

>'does this make me look like a weeb'

No. 8692

I love Keekihime. She's the realest girl in this situation besides Mico.
Chii is being a bitch for no reason

No. 8694

Chii is stupid as hell. someone could mention her on a thread that got three replies on cgl and she would make a Facebook status, Tumblr post and song about it

No. 8695

I wish chii's shitty friends didn't inflate her ego. "people are just jealous of ur success!!!!!!1" What success?! She's been making videos for 5 years and she's been to japan and still nothing has come out of it and her Japanese sucks.

No. 8696

File: 1408667151657.png (455.82 KB, 479x1069, school.png)

>"regular clothes, regular hair"

No. 8697

She's actually a great singer. I think nothing has come of it because she can't promote herself for shit, and posts things like this openly

No. 8698

Maybe people wouldn't call her a weeaboo if she didn't act like one

No. 8699

Oh jesus, does she go to class like that???

No. 8700

The weeb is strong in this one…

No. 8701

woopie-dee-fucking doo. Who cares if you can sing good if you're using 12 layers of editing software and are a shitty person.

No. 8702

File: 1408667494671.jpg (19.83 KB, 275x183, image.jpg)

photoshop does wonders

No. 8704

File: 1408667985697.jpg (87.09 KB, 960x638, loli.jpg)

not overly surprised tbh

No. 8705

File: 1408668016579.jpg (24.25 KB, 480x640, filter.jpg)

iPhone filters more like

No. 8707

This is the first time I've heard about this Chii person and she is such a fucking asshole. No wonder she loves Jcrotch so much.

No. 8709

Her Facebook says she was born in 1993 but she's lying. She's really 24. I saw an article from her school that says her age.

No. 8710

File: 1408668646397.png (574.53 KB, 800x513, desu.png)

guys you shouldn't call her a weeaboo because that is like racist

>but also spare me the racism debate

No. 8711

File: 1408668769745.jpg (33.42 KB, 480x640, okay.jpg)

Yeah - you can't even see her face sometimes

No. 8712

Last time she took up for Jrcach a bunch of black girls called her out and she got pissed lol

No. 8713


No. 8715

No screenshots because Chii deleted it

No. 8716

File: 1408670984416.jpg (42.11 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

What does that make Jrcach?

No. 8717

File: 1408671017350.jpg (147.6 KB, 581x831, image.jpg)


No. 8719

im sitting back laughing as this shit unfolds. jrcach was a bully and shitty person for years and stalking keekihime. Chii knew this and took up for him multiple times. it's hilarious watching them get a dose of their own medicine. they both deserve "bullying" to the fullest extent.

No. 8720

Same here. This shit has been a very long time in the making. They deserve all the bullying in the world since they've enjoyed doing it to others for so long.

No. 8723

Chii deserves every single hate message she gets. She didn't say shit when Jrcach was bullying but now that everyone isn't kissing her ass she throws a fit. Blaming a usakoukun is pretty fucking low. Anyone can use a Lithuanian IP. Fuck Chii. Abbie admit where she went wrong but Chii won't stfu

No. 8724

encouraging everyone to use a proxy and harass the shit out of Chii and jrcach. what comes around goes around

No. 8725

>it's like picking between two friends

No it's not at all. Nobody is messing Lala or Kerukkuma who occasionally liked his posts and who he supported. Chii blamed girls who got bullied by him and even thought she's denying it it's true. She goes on tirades about two faced people when Jrcach is the biggest two faced bully in this situation. Good luck being successful when you support bullying when it a convenient for you

No. 8727

File: 1408673609553.jpg (64.69 KB, 578x722, image.jpg)

lol thisisnotjapan

No. 8744

Lala deleted her tumblr after she became a model i think so people wouldnt associate her with jrcach
She liked a lot of his posts on google+ too

No. 8746

Yeah she just wanted to become famous in japan like that kotakoti girl

No. 8748

AllySally followed him too but they disconnected from him basically. Chii and Abbiekins are the main people we associate with him

No. 8754

File: 1408681003229.jpg (94.41 KB, 564x777, image.jpg)

>he's a shitty person but complimented me so I don't care

The average Jrcach fan

No. 8756

"Jrcach's posts in January 2013 are interesting. Don't click if you don't want Jrcach tracking your visit in his stats and claiming you're Keekihime:

http://jrcach.tumblr.com/post/413105412 … on-because
http://jrcach.tumblr.com/post/412772475 … if-you-are

Jrcach has a cotton fetish because it reminds him of his mother. He said she had perfect boobs and used to stare at them a lot.

In his elementary school for PE the girls wore black buruma. This suggests he is older because buruma went out of style around the 1990s. He also says that he's a middle aged male.

The high percentage of older men in Youtube video stats is partly due to Japan's demographics. Japan's low birth rate means there are more older people in Japan and less young people. Due to the economy, young men also have less disposable income, so a lot of idol fans are older men. This is actually quite insightful.

Jrcach says he has a girlfriend or wife. He says he normally doesn't "faps" to dancers, preferring cute Japanese porn actresses. He says Yuka and Beckii aren't cute enough for him. He's never fapped to Mico but finds her more endearing because she's sexually unattainable. He feels the same way about cute cats.

He went to an all-boys high school and blames the lack of girls for his later interest in high school aged girls.

Also, homo fapiens."

No. 8758

File: 1408681606785.jpg (126.38 KB, 640x913, image.jpg)

A decent person

No. 8764

File: 1408683914808.png (56.92 KB, 577x545, bb.png)

"i don't know what lolcow is but it's safe to asume it's a gossip blog". how predictable.no, loli, JRCACH IS A GOSSIP BLOG

No. 8765

The last sentence.. Oh how sweet…HELL NO..

No. 8770

LOLd at how JrCach made a scapegoat of Usakoukun and AmiNyan.
Idk much about this "drama" but I'm so sick and tired of seeing this "X anon person sent this, Y anon person said this" shit. Do they even know Usakoukun's IP adress? If they did, they could could compare it to the anons IP adress and see if they match.
As I mentioned here before once I sent JrCach an anon message and he blamed it all on Aminyan.
They should just grow the fuck up because personally I'm too old for this shit. And Lolichii is being such a hysterical bitch, she should start acting her age.

No. 8772

Well this says it all

No. 8773

And that was a very smart thing to do. Why would anyone want to be associated with that psychopath?

No. 8776

File: 1408685807020.png (37.24 KB, 436x680, kee.png)

i liker her. i like that she doesn't sugarcoat stuff like other idols. people NEED TO BE AWARE OF THIS ASSHOLE.

No. 8777

>spare me the racism debate
>Chii passively aggressively insulting aminyan who has every right to be angry at Jrcach

No. 8779

abipop liked her post.is she still taking sides with jrcock after all what happened?

No. 8780

Abipoop and tons of girls kiss Chii's ass even though everyone who is decent can tell she's a humongous bitch. She's just old as dirt and is acting like a den mom to a bunch of weeb girls she's no better than. Chii is pure shit personality.

No. 8781

Oh god I hate when these hypocrites criticize girls for being angry at JrCock. Come on now, he's been stalking and creeping the shit out of them for years! Wouldn't you be fucking mad?

No. 8782

By the way, beckii liked Keeki's post even though beckii is Chii's "friend".

I hate how Chii calls people her "friends" but reblogs, interacts and admires someone who tears them down. That's not a matter of choosing sides that's being a decent person. Oh and Kelsey Kimonotime also liked an anti-Jrcach/anti-Jrcach fans status on Facebook about a month ago I saw someone make. The people who are siding with Chii are her real life friends who don't know what's going on at all or people who will ride any bandwagon.

No. 8784

Chii has unrealistic expectations and is a HUGE bitch she's only against bullying when it affects her(which is why she only jumped in this situation when we called her shit out). She's just an overall shitty person and a liar too. She's so quick to call someone "two faced" when she did in fact say girls bullied on Jrcach "bring it on themsleves". That means your friend Naniko, Chii who almost killed herself because of Jrcach "brought it on herself". That means Keekihime who Jrcach hated for no reason "brought it on herself". She is trying to cover her ass. I'll look through my old screenshots to find it

No. 8787

well said anon, well said!

No. 8788

File: 1408686974968.jpg (134.22 KB, 615x883, image.jpg)

Jrcach is such a bullshitter
Why would someone self post this of them self?

No. 8789

it seems like aminyan doesn't want to be associated with this asshole so why would she self post on his blog? oh jrcach logic..

No. 8790

File: 1408687339347.jpg (201.22 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

Sally, "Y" aka the jrcach suspect for years,Ally and Sally's otaku sugar daddy who was on Japanese TV and Ally

so much autism in one picture

No. 8791

"I know it's you". Oh god that sounds pathetic

No. 8792

totari kawaii desu. so much tanoshii desuu

No. 8793

Oh shit that's creepy!

No. 8794

File: 1408687445979.jpg (456.85 KB, 1365x2048, image.jpg)

Rukichan and "y" again I'm not sure if he's Jrcach but people have been saying they are for years and there's multiple similarities as in >>8626

No. 8795

Jrcock said aminyan talked shit about his fans on this forum. What makes him think so?

No. 8797

I think he wants to turn people against her.

No. 8798

But everyone on this thread is Usakoukun or aminyan! Remember! He also said she made a tumblr about him and talked about him on PULL and other BS he can't back up

No. 8799

Yeah JrCock sure talks shit about girls he hates.It's creepy how he wants to make them look bad.KeekiHime is the victim, he got her ass fired but he keeps spreading lies about her. wtf

No. 8800

because aminyan is one of the few people who have a chance without him like Keekihime or Yukapon. she knows Japanese and is getting popular and she's pretty cute. Jrcach only wants girls like Kerukkuma who kiss his ass or go against his enemies

No. 8801

LOL. He's going to call out Usakoukun ,Himezawa, Shaz or Aminyan for talking shit anon on lolcow. I guaratee it. He always does that.

No. 8802

Jrcach playing the victim card…

No. 8804

I honestly don't think Aminyan made that shitjrcachsays tumblr. There's no way to tell now. But it wasn't a "hate" tumblr. It was a tumblr dedicated to "exposing Jrcach's miserable features". I think it was good

No. 8805

Basically this community is broken with
Chii, Abbie, Kimonotime, Ally and Sally, Lala and Kerukkuma who all are popular but have Jrcach on their side
But there's also Keekihime, Aminyan, Himezawa, Abipop who are all kind of seen as bitches and Jrcach hates them but actually have become popular on their own. There's other people like Mico, Maxine who just kind of do their own thing and then there's the weaboos who nobody pays attention to

No. 8806

I kinda hate that Keekihime, Himezawa and Abipop are seen as the villains now just because they stood up for themselves and wanted to expose this asshole. People need to get fucking real.

No. 8807

File: 1408688162760.jpg (146.04 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

How is this not racist? But >spare me the racist debate

almost forgot.

No. 8808

the racist is sure strong in this one.

No. 8809

And he gets offended when ppl call him racist. HE IS A RACIST ITS A FACT.

No. 8810

File: 1408688382220.png (36.63 KB, 859x530, ew.png)

oh my fucking lord

No. 8811


She said she apologized to him so he could stop bullying her this is so sad

No. 8812

JrCach is a motherfucker. LITERALLY

No. 8813

Yea he's a pedo and a mother complex. Jrcach is really disgusting

No. 8814

but he didn't stop bullying her. he's so pathetic. i don't understand why can't he just fucking get over himself and move on?

No. 8815

Guys can we not talk about specific girls Jrcach hates in here? He's going to say they self posted tomorrow morning.

No. 8817

I can actually see this happening already haha

No. 8819

File: 1408689068816.png (39.86 KB, 841x321, 55.png)

Is she talking about Kerukkuma?

No. 8821

Wow, talking shit about your mother's boobs is fucking sick,man…It says a lot about him.

No. 8822

Probably and kerukkuma's gravure CD is coming out next month lol

No. 8823

imo kerukkuma looks better with clothes on

No. 8824

so does jrcock

No. 8825

Oh btw I wonder why JrCach didn't say anything about that dick picture… He didn't even try to explain it

No. 8826

Do you guys think Yoshi is Jrcach?

No. 8827

who's yoshi?

No. 8828

Jrcach didn't explain the dick picture because he didn't want to bring attention to it. Same reason why he didn't tweet back the exposing accounts. So everyone anonymously send as many dick jokes you can to him.

Yoshi = Y = Yutanpo = 2ch has been saying he's Jrcach for years

No. 8829

Actually..Aminyan and Himezawa should thank Jrcach for free promotion imo. No one really buys Jrcach's shit anymore so they don't really have to worry about getting attacked by Jrcach's fans. We know he's always lying/exagerrating shit. The dude just attacks people for who the fuck knows what.
I don't think they're THAT bad, just that as Jrcock said "messed