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File: 1584555903185.png (125.52 KB, 592x930, trapt_im_not_mad_i_swear.png)

No. 764475

The frontman of Trapt, Chris Taylor Brown, is currently suffering from a severe bout of Cabin Fever and losing his mind on twitter, replying to nearly every single person that @'s him. Ranging from Corona Severity denial, calling people idiots / cowards, over-use of "virtue signaling" and "victim complex," as well as using the same copy-pasta to show how Accomplished he is by getting a bunch of streams on Spotify / Pandora for a song he released 18 years ago.

Definitely in an easy state to mess with / provoke.(shit thread)

No. 764479

File: 1584556282706.jpg (441.87 KB, 1078x1356, Screenshot_20200318-122934_Chr…)

Holy fuck, he really going off.

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