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Tennille Kalitta/Jensen/Brenner/Wilton. Been around the interwebs forever. Has most recently turned to vlogging, channel Wilton in Real Life. Thrice-married, birthed 3 children she didn't raise due to neglect, lives in Northern Michigan in a falling apart-trailer with husband #3. 43 or so years old, 300+ lbs, terminally unemployed, currently living off husband's disability. Any time she comes into money, splurges on crap and then cries poor every other moment. This ss is from her most recent blog featuring her most recent splurge, the Jeffree Star Blood Lust palatte. Typical bizarre choice, since she doesn't wear makeup. Witness the results. Her vlogging seems some kind of strange attention-whoring compulsion, since she gets over the top butthurt by even the
Smallest of criticisms.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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