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File: 1408400389390.png (77.66 KB, 304x184, zoe-quinn-youtube-ubj-304.png)

No. 7781

Surprised nobody is talking about this cunt considering 4chan, Tumblr and every other only game journal aside from Kotaku is blowing up about.

No. 7782

File: 1408401056538.jpg (52.66 KB, 500x748, 1408331687123.jpg)

A basic rundown of this newly surfaced drama:

Zoe Quinn considers herself an indie game developer.
She put forward her concept for an indie game focused around the theme of depression towards Steams greenlight system. Surprisingly her game, now named Depression Quest, did end up being greenlit, however people were perturbed and angered by the game turning out to be not quite what it was described to be whilst in greenlight status. Essentially the game is a wall of text and you pick and choose different answers to progress and thus forth "heal your depression".
She gained backlash over using Robin William's death in order to promote the game and has also been found to be misappropriating donated funds.

The bomb dropped two days ago on the 16th when an angry now ex-boyfriend (Eron Gjoni) created a Wordpress blog documenting how she whilst in a relationship with him she fucked at least 5 Kotaku writers, 3 of which have been identified, in exchange for positive press and good reviews

Since then -

4chan is banning Zoe Quinn threads on sight.
Steam is banning any negative review of her game.
She is submitting illegitimate DMCA claims against negative video of her on Youtube at lighting speed, Cathy style.
(Horrible)nudes have been found and released.

Her ex-boyfriends full report can be read here:


No. 7783

Whats the name of the game.
Also she doesn't have much going for her.
Whats with these special snowflakes thinking they're hot shit just cause they got something green lit on steam.

No. 7784

No. 7806

>5 Kotaku writers

So… did she start with one and got recommended to the others? Was it an orgy? Do Kotaku writers put all indie devs through a casting couch?
So many questions.

No. 7810

This chick is involved in more drama?

1) Didn't she pull the misogyny card when her game was first greenlit and there was some backlash over something I can't remember?

2) Then she was part of that YouTube/Maker/GAME_JAM drama and I seem to remember her pulling the misogyny card at some point during that too? (Admittedly the whole GAME_JAM thing was a giant fuck up.)

3) And now this?

She was held up as an example of oppressed female gamers/developers but now you have to wonder how much of it was her own making. It takes some lolcow superpowers to be involved in so much drama multiple times over such little time.

To be fair, even a lot of the male indie devs seem to be drama queens.

No. 7815


Fuck sake, who writes up an exposé like this? "Acts" and trigger warnings and constant metaphors.

Padding out every second sentence with metaphors does not help to get a full picture and instead just dilutes the proof.

Guy comes off as an tryhard douche. No wonder he fell for her schtick.

No. 7820

In his convos with her he writes a lot like my ex who is a bit of a tryhard in his own right.

But it might just be a method of coping. This is a huge bomb to drop on someone, coming at this in an angle as ~acts~ and through metaphor makes the situation seem less real and therefore dilutes his pain. But I dunno.

But who in their right mind finds out shit like this, but still goes to such lengths to "make it work"?? Having your S.O. lie to you for MONTHS and expect them to do better after a few days? When you know they're the kind of person who's always looking our for themselves and their image? Dude's a weenie.

No. 7822

>Steam is banning any negative review of her game.

Proof of this? 9 out of the first 10 "most helpful" reviews I see are negative.

No. 7828


I see the same, and even some juicy links in the reviews.

Summary of her initial Steam Greenlight drama: http://imgur.com/a/4VOcx

A fourth drama event I hadn't heard of: https://i.imgur.com/NYEgyLe.png

This chick has so many red flags but until now seems to have managed to protect herself by getting the games media on her side through claiming to be an oppressed woman in the games industry.

No. 7833

Isn't it kind of his fault for agreeing to "go exclusive" after like a week of knowing each other? Even if you hit it off really well and talk a lot, you still don't have an idea of what that person is like in different settings, contexts and situations. Maybe I'm just a mistrustful person, but I would NOT believe a person who says they're so XYZ because of ABC until I see some proof of that.

No. 7837


He comes off as an artsy douche. He seems pretty naive so I wonder how old he is? Zoe's 27 or something but he seems like he'd be maybe 20?

But he's not really an important part of the story. The reason this story has got legs is because it's a missing puzzle piece that connects so many strands in the gaming community.

1) The incestuous relationship between game journalists and indie developers.

2) The arrogance of indie developers, as if some media attention makes them rock stars.

3) SJWs imposing themselves on gamers by stirring up shit and controlling the media narrative.

The mainstream gaming press is pretty much fully on the SJW bandwagon and constantly insults their customers (gamers) while praising crap from nobodies like Zoe. To see so many strands blow up at once from a single exposé is pretty entertaining.

No. 7842

I don't follow the gaming industry at all, and it seems pretty clear to even a caveman like me that gaming media is sucking the cocks of people who's egos are too big for their accomplishments.

Honestly it seems that way for a lot of "geeky" industries and communities.

No. 7859


I'm primarily a backend web developer for the last ten years and most of my long term online friends have been in the games industry for the same amount of time. Every media story about the tech industry is so predictable from our perspective.

Honestly I don't even know where to start. I could write thousands of words about it.

1) Pretty much anything open source is fuelled by ego and prestige (instead of money). This means that even a simple bug report can lead to an hour of arguing because how dare some random guy point out your mistake.

2) "Trendy" tech companies like GitHub or Valve that don't really have a strict corporate structure basically descend into high school cliques once they have too many employees for the founders to directly police.

3) Everyone is obsessed with getting more women involved and has been for the last 20+ years. So every single convention has to have some kind of women's panel even though there just isn't that many women interested at the base hobbyist level (e.g. compare accounts belonging to men vs women on GitHub/etc). This means that the slots get filled by incompetents and SJWs and the whole thing is a drama bomb waiting to happen.

Can you think of any recent tech scandal that doesn't fit one of those three? Even all the cries of "misogyny" are actually one of the above at their root.

Generally speaking, the more corporate something is the easier it is to deal with. But so many people try their hardest to not become corporate even if it means they end up high school.

No. 7861

No. 7864

and this http://www.cbsnews.com/news/techie-adria-richards-fired-after-tweeting-about-mens-comments/

>"There is something about crushing a little kid's dream that gets me really angry," Richards wrote. "Women in technology need consistent messaging from birth through retirement they are welcome, competent and valued in the industry."

just because they're woman, right?

No. 7865


>Samantha Brick


No. 7872

It is a nice comment indeed, but the snowflakey bitch who uttered it makes it less credible.

No. 7874

InternetAristocrat posted a video talking about the incident.


Also interesting how everything surrounding her and the incident is getting deleted on sight.

Even in one of the 4chan threads, someone posted a pastebin that has a summary to what happened and somehow the pastebin got removed too.

No. 7875


My review is one of the banned ones. As far as I can tell, it's still visible, but I just can't edit it.


No. 7876

File: 1408441446454.png (11.44 KB, 1037x134, FALSEFLAG.PNG)



the shit is spaced out, like she does, and /v/ is capitalized! there was also a (now deleted) tweet that said [pic related].

No. 7878

No. 7880

File: 1408444240732.jpg (43.27 KB, 368x550, locke_ink002.jpg)

No. 7897

File: 1408452380280.png (79.02 KB, 647x702, 1408452076877.png)

No. 7898


Tumblr link is gone.

No. 7899

File: 1408452427445.png (64.5 KB, 1037x826, 1408452109215.png)

No. 7900

File: 1408452474331.jpg (14.61 KB, 300x200, daf.jpg)


Why does the fact that Reddit is involved not surprise me.

No. 7902

No. 7905

Having just experienced a girl going out with someone else after agreeing to be exclusive, I can say that it is in a way the guys fault, but…

The thing here is that there's an asymmetry. A guy can't easily find another girl. A girl can easily find another guy.

What if he'd have said no? She'd likely have left him.

Insecurity leading to abuse ho!

No. 7906

File: 1408455693070.jpg (137 KB, 1058x396, 1408450070094.jpg)

my badge, my honor.

How do ye fare fellow banned ones?

I tried going to masterchan but its not responding? is moot perhaps the one ddosing it now?

No. 7907

File: 1408456314800.jpg (794.42 KB, 2060x1968, 1408444769670.jpg)

No. 7908

and yet anita is now a former shell of what she once was. Also destroyed by the hate machine.

No. 7911

File: 1408456837401.png (166.25 KB, 931x494, x0JyHJ7.png)

No. 7913

well shit is that real? The kikes run deep.

No. 7916

well shit, this storm is about to blow up big, I am about to get a beer and just watch this all unfold, can anyone make a chatroom for this?

No. 7920

File: 1408457433986.png (41.56 KB, 586x454, 1408456188148.png)

Dobson is joining the shitfest

No. 7925

It does seem like she false flagged herself. After getting doxed she claimed that her dad was getting calls but the number the "hacker" gave was actually a repair shop in Hawaii.

Additionally all three supplied addresses have the same apartment number and the Canadian address seems to be totally made up and has a US style zip code instead of a British style post code.

No. 7927

well well, we still have the other shit to attack, the wife of the guy is the primary target but nobody is doing shit about that.

No. 7935

File: 1408458971214.png (558.08 KB, 2480x2676, 1408458566023.png)

No. 7954

File: 1408461972806.jpg (71.29 KB, 689x456, DSC_0585-001.jpg)

I don't understand how she got so many guys to sleep with her. She's got PT-tier butterface, jesus christ. Did they just put a bag over her head or something? I thought maybe they were just desperate nerds sleeping with her, but then I learned that she even fucked a married guy.

Are guys standards this low now?

No. 7957

Damn, that's the first picture ive seen of her that isn't just her face…

She is…unfortunate.

No. 7958

File: 1408462328587.jpg (90.45 KB, 1024x768, AqvTncHCMAAbw0u.jpg)

Yeah, she seems to try really hard to only post blurry phone/webcam pics for good reason. Her stumpy hands are creeping me out, too.

No. 7960

>Are guys standards this low now?

for ronery betas, yes.

A self-respecting man wouldn't touch that with a 10ft pole

No. 7961


I don't think there's any point in attacking anything. The censorship is acting like a lid on a boiling pot. The only things I think that would help is keeping people talking about it and a shorter video that quickly summarises everything with proof.


I seem to remember that in one of the chat logs she's talking to her ex about the game scene in Toronto or Vancouver or wherever. She doesn't explicitly say it but it reads like she slept her way up that community too.

We will never be able to prove if she false flagged herself but it does seem like it.

>drama occurs for 3 days with no hacking

>Zoe finally posts her response on her Tumblr
>she doesn't actually deny anything, just says the controversy is due to misogyny and that private matters are no-ones business
>she doesn't get any support on Tumblr (>>7935)
>an hour or so later her Tumblr and Twitter are simultaneously "hacked"
>hacking these big services is very unlikely so she would have to have been phished, except her email doesn't seem to have been compromised
>doxes herself with seemingly fake addresses and phone numbers
>regains control of her Tumblr and Twitter like 2 mins later, even though big e-celebs often have to wait a day or more to regain access when they're hacked
>says she's receiving hate calls to the numbers and conveniently has recording equipment already setup
>says her dad is receiving hate calls even though his number goes to some motorcycle repair shop in Hawaii (maybe her dad actually does live in Hawaii?)

No. 7962

File: 1408464211201.png (909.29 KB, 1360x677, 5 guys burgers and fries.png)

That's the weird thing. Apparently these are the guys (that we know of at least) that slept with her. The guy on the left was the married one who was also her boss. As far as nerds/hipsters go they're not bad looking at all.

No. 7963

>Yotsube b
>porn allowed
you fucking monster

No. 7965

Guys don't have the luxury of choosing anymore.

No. 7966


Guy on right is her boss.

Guy on left did the sound/music for Fez, which is Phil Fish's game. Phil Fish is self destructing on Twitter trying to defend Zoe. https://twitter.com/PHIL_FISH

Phil Fish is infamous for being a massive dick but it's weird that he's so invested in this. It's certainly fanning rumours that he fucked Zoe too.

No. 7967


Oh, and I forgot

>deletes her Tumblr once she realises her false flag attempt has failed

No. 7968

we must go to ED and make an article about this.

No. 7970

doxing would have allowed us to find the wife, the other wives as well. Would have allowed us to make it a tiny bit more personal.

Using doxing as an excuse for censorship is very autistic. You cant just relax, hang back and wait for the word to appear, as if it gives you jurisdiction to indiscriminately remove everything.

Yes I did try to rile up the peasants, but what else would you do? We are a human ddos where each and every one of us is capable of doing something unique. The more the merrier and I dont know about you but ruining someones life never is a bad thing, especially since these skanks do the same thing to other white men.

violence, doxing is strength.

No. 7971

File: 1408466109401.jpg (58.39 KB, 550x380, watergate.jpg)

Reddit buckled: http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/2dzrlv/on_zoe_quinn_censorship_doxxing_and_general/?sort=new

Of course, not after first talking to Zoe and spinning it her way: >>7897

No. 7974

imho looks don't have much to do with wether someone is an easy lay (be it male or female) or not. Some people think easy sex is good sex anyways, no matter the face and consequences attached to it (better get some that none at all mindset)

As for the married guy, hope his wife divorce him and take everything away from him. He deserve it for fucking a trashy ugly snobby whore.

No. 7975

First link is her really retarded rant, second link is what she promptly changed it to.
For posterity's sake:

I will not negotiate with terrorists.

This has nothing to do with games and is not a matter of legitimate public interest, but is simply a personal matter. I would hope and request that the games press be respectful of what IS a personal matter, and not news, and not about games. This is explicitly about my private life, which has been regrettably forced into the public and framed by people who pose a threat to my safety and well being as well as that of the people I love. I would hope that the effort people have gone through to dress it up as anything more would not be enough to have those who see it for what it is take the bait.

I am not going to link to, or address anything having to do with the validity of the specific claims made by an angry ex-boyfriend with an axe to grind and a desire to use 4chan as his own personal army. This is not a “she-said” to his “he-said”. The idea that I am required to debunk a manifesto of my sexual past written by an openly malicious ex-boyfriend in order to continue participating in this industry is horrifying, and I won’t do it. It’s a personal matter that never should have been made public, and I don’t want to delve into personal shit, mine or anyone else’s, while saying that people’s love and sex lives are no one’s business. I’m not going to talk about it. I will never talk about it. It is not your goddamned business.

What I am going to say is that the proliferation of nude pictures of me, death threats, vandalization, doxxing of my trans friends for having the audacity to converse with me publicly, harassment of friends and family and my friends’ family in addition to TOTALLY UNRELATED PEOPLE, sending my home address around, rape threats, memes about me being a whore, pressures to kill myself, slurs of every variety, fucking debates over what my genitals smell like, vultures trying to make money off of youtube videos about it, all of these things are inexcusable and will continue to happen to women until this culture changes. I’m certainly not the first. I wish I could be the last.

Because I’ve had a small degree of success in a specific subculture, every aspect of my life is suddenly a matter of public concern. Suddenly it’s acceptable to share pictures of my breasts on social media to threaten and punish me. Suddenly I don’t have any right to privacy or basic dignity. Suddenly I don’t get to live out normal parts of life, like going through a bad and ugly breakup in private. I have forfeited this by being a blip in a small community, while those who delight in assailing me hide behind their keyboards and a culture that permits it, beyond reproach.

My life and my body are not public property. No one’s life and body are public property.

Sexuality is one of the most personal, hurtful, and easy things to demonize a woman over, and also has nothing to do with my games. Yet large swaths of the gaming community are either unable or unwilling to separate the two. I’m convinced that my ex chose 4chan as the staging ground for his campaign of harassment and character assassination because he knew this; he knew that someone claiming to be “from the Internet” has shown up at my house once already, and he is counting on the most reviled hubs of our community to live up to their sordid reputations. This is another example of gendered violence, whereby my personal life becomes a means to punish my professional credentials and to try to shame me into giving up my work. I’m still committed to doing my small part to create a world where no woman is at risk of experiencing this. That said, I am thankful that even boards with a reputation for being the most hostile places online have been able to tell the intent behind these threads and banned them outright, seeing the hate speech for what it is, and not-news for what it is.

As much as those leading the charge against me will do mental backflips to make posting pictures of my tits about “ethics”, the real agenda is plain as day if you give it even a moment of sincere critical thought. No one who would terrorize someone and the totally uninvolved people they love in this way on such a massive and public scale could ever honestly claim to be interested in “ethics” of any kind. These kinds of accusations have been levied against any woman of status in any industry, ever. I have been judged because, if you are a woman, you are expected to constantly “prove” yourself, and even mere accusations can somehow undo all the good you’ve done and justify any measure of depraved brutality against you. Meanwhile, I see major support thrown the way of my male colleagues when they are accused of any sort of wrongdoing. Neither of these attitudes is correct, and they are patently unfair and reductive. Nobody exists in a vacuum, and anyone can change and grow into a better person. Heroes and villains don’t exist - just regular boring-ass people with scars and fuckups and moments of brilliance. And every single boring-ass person deserves the space to keep personal matters private and handled outside the shark tank of anonymous internet boards.

Once again, I will not be addressing the specific validity of any statements about my private life. If you have good-faith questions or doubts, I am more than happy to discuss private matters in private, where they belong. But I refuse to be coerced into making my private life or anyone’s private life a matter of public record, and I refuse to be continually emotionally terrorized by people who have long decided to hate me regardless.

I’m looking forward to moving on and getting back to work. To anyone else who has had to deal with this kind of indignity on any scale, you have my undying support and my ear if you ever want to talk to someone who might understand. To the people who support my work and can see this crusade for what it is, thank you from the bottom of my heart. To those people, I love you, I always have, and I always will.

No. 7976

…why should it matter if the men are white or not?

No. 7977

File: 1408468631555.png (216.06 KB, 640x1719, tumblr_mrk45xFXdv1ssdigko1_500…)

No. 7978

white men are more valuable than non whites.

No. 7983


There's a second reason that her "private life" matters.

She's a poster girl for feminism in the gaming industry and uses that position to attack others. So the quality of her character matters just like it does for any type of leader.

No. 7988

File: 1408470130338.png (579.28 KB, 2053x452, dundundun.png)


/pol/ update

No. 7991

File: 1408470398303.jpg (58.92 KB, 450x600, 450px-Okcupid_8_jul_2014_1.jpg)

lol right

No. 7992

>implying one bad example means shit

whites are worth 10 asians, 100 slimes, 1000 niggers.

No. 7993

File: 1408471001772.jpg (237.95 KB, 1024x1024, Chokeonit.jpg)

Could it be?

No. 7994

>just one
look at this entire board

No. 7995

"White" is a social construct, not a biological one.

But besides that, how about you both stop trying to derail the thread.

No. 7996

File: 1408471678281.png (29.78 KB, 595x286, 1408470891396.png)

Deleted tweet

No. 7997

"white is a social construct"

I miss /pol/ already

No. 7999

>people calling on her BS


No. 8000

He's probably fucking her too and doesn't want to be outed.

No. 8001

plot thickens

No. 8002

No. 8003

File: 1408473217675.png (64.78 KB, 966x638, 1408472979845.png)

No. 8004

File: 1408473276864.jpg (115.81 KB, 530x742, 1408473050562.jpg)

And here is her typical white knight

No. 8005

File: 1408473292770.png (165.83 KB, 1280x428, dumb bitch.png)

No. 8006

then go back there

No. 8007

nodding respectfully replaced fedora tipping

No. 8010

No. 8019

Why are they completely missing the point?

The bad thing isn't her being a whore. The bad thing is she whored her way into getting her game popular, which is the exact opposite way feminism says women should conduct themselves. Feminism says women are supposed to be "equal" in the sense where they can accomplish what men can, without stooping to things like making themselves sexual objects. Feminism looks down on the stereotype that successful women fuck their way to the top.

And here's Zoe. Not only fucking to get her game popular, but continually promoting the "women are victims therefore everyone needs to protect them!!!" attitude, and putting blame on the nerds at wizardchan who didn't do anything but be nerds. She's a lying, manipulative cunt who shouldn't be a representative of a positive role model of women in gaming.

And her "game" is shit, too. Even for what it is it's still poorly written and does a horrible job portraying clinical depression.

No. 8022

>The bad thing is she whored her way into getting her game popular

an that's what people in >>7977 are saying

No. 8023

Sorry, I just read Zoe's post and the guys' posts before typing that. It still doesn't make sense that she thinks the thing people are mad about is fucking a bunch of guys. If this was a legitimate corporation's employee this would be a PR nightmare, they'd fire everyone involved just to try to stop it.

No. 8025

File: 1408478861527.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.91 KB, 500x748, 1408478459254.jpg)

Ugh, apparently she did work for a bunch of nude shoots for burlesque sites. /pol/ posted a bunch of pictures from her photoshoots.

No. 8026

File: 1408478985968.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.66 KB, 454x680, 1408478062811.jpg)

She must have gained weight recently. She's not overweight in any of these. Her face is still really unfortunate, though.

No. 8027

File: 1408479118853.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.18 KB, 667x1000, 1408477959816.jpg)

No. 8028

File: 1408479191485.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.2 KB, 454x680, 1408478164590.jpg)

I don't know if I'm supposed to spoiler all these, but I'll just keep doing so.

No. 8029

File: 1408479257345.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.34 KB, 454x680, 1408478211370.jpg)

Seriously what face is she trying to make here? Is she trying to do ducklips?

No. 8030



Daniel Griffiths could be another?

No. 8031

File: 1408479377281.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.7 KB, 453x680, 1408478308818.jpg)

God the contrast and brightness in this set is making my eyes hurt.

No. 8032

File: 1408479458429.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.96 KB, 680x453, 1408478419813.jpg)

This is the only one that isn't mediocre or bad so far.

No. 8033

File: 1408479489546.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.9 KB, 680x453, 1408478896951.jpg)

Shit, I meant to post this one, not that one.

No. 8034

File: 1408479550951.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.34 KB, 680x453, 1408479038670.jpg)

No. 8035

File: 1408479659418.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.57 KB, 680x453, 1408478991771.jpg)

Seriously, the brightness/contrast isn't helping. She looks barrel-chested, but I can't tell if she really is or if it's just too washed out.

No. 8036

File: 1408479718047.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.82 KB, 453x680, 1408479121210.jpg)

No. 8037

File: 1408479759230.png (74.79 KB, 1366x768, gfdgf.png)

No. 8038

>**This is not me being dismissive – the harassment came in large part from a community site for adult male virgins, who were apparently angered by the suggestion that a woman could possibly understand depression. Since women can get sex whenever they want, and what else is there to be depressed about than not being able to get sex? It was all very peculiar. To clarify, with thanks for various inputs, there is nothing wrong whatsoever with being a virgin. However, there is something wrong with stalking and harassment, and any community that provided a bed for this needs to take a look at itself.

oh god

No. 8039

File: 1408479837646.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.15 KB, 667x1000, 1408478786020.jpg)

I forgot this one from this set.

No. 8040

File: 1408479977174.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.68 KB, 368x550, 1408478773767.jpg)

I guess once she started getting fatter she couldn't make rent being a camwhore, so she moved onto being a regular one instead.

>Insulting people because of their sexuality is bad!
>So fuck you, you disgusting virgins!
>That's not meant as an insult though~

No. 8042

File: 1408480120539.png (Spoiler Image, 554.93 KB, 667x1000, 1408479318892.png)

and someone on /pol/ just posted this shoop.

No. 8043

Please do. She's downright repulsive in some of these. We're talking about up/inward travel of scrotal contents by at least a few inches.

Yeah. And part of me feels like she hasn't actually suffered depression. But I'll try the game and then speak more.

>starts drama by cheating on boyfriend
>frames wizards for something that didn't happen
what a cunt

No. 8044

and I thought no one could put Monstrengas to shame

No. 8045

Someone just posted a big ol' imgur full of these.

How someone could do a bunch of awkward photoshoots consisting of dressing in cheap "punk" and "gawffic" clothes, pose while stripping, and put them on display, then bitch about how private her body choices are while knowing all these photos are still on display, is beyond me. It seems like such an oxymoron.

No. 8046

File: 1408481429795.jpg (Spoiler Image, 179.94 KB, 680x453, 1408479673252.jpg)

Oh, well this one isn't so bad, I…
>dat eyebrow piercing

Oh god, is it supposed to look swollen like that? Is it just bad lighting?

No. 8047

File: 1408481618364.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.88 KB, 453x680, 1408479706057.jpg)

No. 8051

File: 1408482125531.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.84 KB, 453x680, 1408479761200.jpg)

Flood detection is killing me.

No. 8052

File: 1408482299245.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.18 KB, 453x680, 1408479816628.jpg)

This was just posted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh3mAfaJGus
I giggled, I'll admit it.

No. 8053

File: 1408482507390.jpg (Spoiler Image, 215.45 KB, 453x680, 1408480051666.jpg)

I'll stop dumping these for now, the secondhand embarrassment is getting to me.

No. 8056

If anyone is interested, I can tell you about my first play-through of the game and my impression. Took notes while playing it. I have diagnosed depression that I've been struggling with for years, and I know several other people with insight and experience with mental health issues and treating them.

No. 8057

Yes!!!!!! Maybe it'll discourage people from buying it out of curiosity.

No. 8059

yes, please

No. 8064

Well, it's free, so nobody is required to pay for it. I'd still urge people to send their cash to someone who needs it, and then just talk to people they know to learn about depression. Because this game won't give you a great insight.

It does a fairly good job at being dull and depressing, but it's clearly partly unintended. The writers have things to learn from visual novel creators. Yep, it's that bad.

The game depicts the main character as a guy in his twenties. He has a job, a satisfying social life, a mother who's a bit of a cunt but otherwise a good connection with his core and extended family, and quite importantly a devoted, stable girlfriend.

Why would he be depressed you ask? Good fucking question. His job is a little tedious. He's insecure. His mom is a bit of a cunt. But this usually doesn't add up to depression.

The MC experiences sleep problems as a result of his depression, but he pulls out fairly easily, even going to work tired after fucking up for two days in a row. In reality it's very difficult to pull out of (and impossible to do quickly). Sleep problems feeds a negative spiral. Managing sleep is a VERY important part of managing depression.

It's silly how the MC is so reluctant to seek therapy. Even though the expositional cop-out of having status bars tell you how utterly and deeply depressed you are, you still don't seem to be desperate enough to do ANYTHING that could stop you from being so goddamn depressed, like I did. I get that there's a bit of a stigma and reluctance, but most people reach a point where things get fucking grueling, and they either seek help or try to kill themselves.

So, in my playthrough I decided to get pills, and stay on them. The alternate universe this game describes is a utopia, where antidepressants, quote, "side effects […] are negligible". Bullfuck. It's common that you take two or three kinds of antidepressants before you MAYBE find a kind that works. They ignore the opportunity to show two common side effects, namely anorgasmia and varying degrees of impotence, in a scene where the girlfriend very lovingly sets up sexytimes, but the main character is forced to turn her down because of muh feelings.

The game also fails to show that it's common to get out just a little, then relapse, then seem fine, then relapse. And that it goes on for years. No, the MC just gets better.

All in all, it's not an atrocious "game", but it's hardly something you should pay for. I'd be hard pressed call it good. But it's something. Maybe it'll increase awareness a tiny bit. Though profiteering off of depression is less than noble. I understand games take money to make, but a more appropriate way of funding would have been to have a kickstarter to cover the basics for the team, which wouldn't be much. Or maybe do it as charity?

And amusingly, the game didn't make me want to kill myself, despite its initial warnings. I'm actually a little pissed with how it misrepresents treating depression, which is a lot better than feeling depressed.

Hope this wall of text is of some worth or use.

No. 8069

all in all it seems like she took notes from tumblr girls that grasp for any type of illness, and managed to completely fuck up even that twisted version.

No. 8074

File: 1408488070936.png (67.45 KB, 620x487, gfdgf.png)

No. 8075

File: 1408488329899.png (19.79 KB, 568x194, CONSEQUENCEZZZ!!1.png)

No. 8076

There are elements of real depression, but there is no real trigger for the depression and it develops unlike real depression. It's not a pure tumblr depression though, I picture those being closer to CWC crashing into slumber. You can feel depressed, but that doesn't make you depressed.

And it seems like the ploy of releasing this as free because or Robin Williams suicide is a little misguided. Sure, celebrities commit suicide and it causes more suicides, but that's not the main theme of this game. He was supposedly diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder of some sort. It's the kind of thing that Dignitas would help you die for. It's still possible that his depression played part in it, but it's very much arguable that he was of sound enough mind to decide that suicide was reasonable.

Oh boy.

Part of me wants to think "oh, nobody involved knew anyone was involved with anyone else", but that's probably not the case.

Word salad.

No. 8077

What fucking bullshit. Any time someone in the tech industry has been accused of sexism, assault, or actual rape it's made the news and been discussed ad nauseam on tons of websites.

No. 8079

File: 1408489161105.png (45.1 KB, 603x343, OPPRESSION!!1!1.png)

just shut up already

No. 8080

No. 8082

File: 1408489333358.gif (1.38 MB, 250x184, oie_2384946V9ZPOeSt.gif)


have a good laugh guys

No. 8085

File: 1408490302745.jpg (67.34 KB, 414x640, wut.jpg)

No. 8091

File: 1408491750052.gif (5.71 KB, 200x200, 1391395023716.gif)

lolcow.farm is neat

No. 8096

File: 1408492384842.png (218.44 KB, 472x1656, dumb bitch.png)

about ruining that charity game dev project

No. 8102

I hate this woman so fucking much. I'm a noobie web developer and my bf is a programmer, so we're actively involved in the "tech community" and this fucking woman always causes so much drama and annoying shit. Says the most ridiculous stuff.

The worst part is that my good friend who is a technologist follows her and sometimes retweets her. This same friend also retweeted something by Zoe Quinn earlier today. It's actually pretty upsetting because this girl was my best friend but she's gotten so into social justice that it's just hard to even talk to her now.

No. 8106

You'd think that her sleeping with a bunch of guys to help further her career would be enough for tumblr to turn against her. She puts a bad name out for any woman involved in that industry, goddamn.

No. 8108

If all you do is think of a game idea, is that really enough to call yourself a developer? This thing with the TFYC project is disgusting. And really just shows what Zoe's bottom line is, making money instead of making good games.

No. 8124

Why don't they understand, it's not about the sex. It's about using a form of bribery to achieve success illegitimately. Zoe basically did the business equivalent of "sleeping with the prof to get an A".

Imagine, you and the other girls in class have been struggling in a weed-out course and the hardass prof only hands out a finite number of A's, you're busting your asses, pulling allnighters, and scrape up some B's and B+'s. Then you find out some bimbo who never went to class got an A, and is bragging about it to everyone, dropping not-so-subtle hints on how she got it.

This is the same shit. There are other female developers out there, who don't sleep around to get noticed, who work with good teams and make actual games instead of a mediocre wall of text, who should be getting praise and greenlighted on steam. Instead she took the spotlight when another more deserving indie developer could have taken it, and sings her own praises about how successful she's become and what a strong female role model in the videogame industry she is. It's a slap in the face to hardworking developers with integrity.

No. 8129

File: 1408510876312.jpg (645.79 KB, 2160x1152, BANNER.jpg)



HTML archives of;
—/v/ threads
—Her Tumblr, Before and After pruning and false flag.
—Websites and articles she got taken down.

Screen grabs of;
—Reddit and 4chan mod abuse
—Damage control
—Deleted Comments, tweets, websites, /v/ posts.
—SJW tweets and general tweets related to these events
—Evidence disproving the hacking and harassment
—Wizardchan vindication

+Loads more


Feel free to debloat the archive and re-upload and distribute. Just keep this information alive, get it out there!


[[ I'm currently perma banned from all boards, please assist to spread this info around. ]]

No. 8130

File: 1408511466003.jpg (131.25 KB, 728x546, topkek.jpg)

Everytime I read the term 'wall of text' can't help but imagining those longass motivational powerpoints with ugly backgrounds,animated transitions and WordArt

No. 8131

thank you based anon

No. 8134

File: 1408512484163.jpg (73.85 KB, 318x369, Thumbs up 2.jpg)

I'm glad to see there are anons like you fighting the good fight.

I will do my part.

No. 8135

There may be some useful material in this post

Sadly I just don't have the time any more to sort through this kind of stuff.

No. 8140

Thank you.

So not only her "game" is a shitty browser based novel, it's not even good in portraying depression.

Of course, search all over Kotaku and you will find only praises.

No. 8142

I don't disagree with your appraisal of the cyoa's treatment of depression at all, but I would like to point out that not all depression has a "trigger"

No. 8143

well, why didnt you sleep with the professor? if sleeping was a succesful method to make an A, then why not? its not like modern tests actually test your knowledge or anything useful, just that you memorised the necessary answers.

if sleeping with bosses could succesfully create a product, in this case, a game, which it did, why is it wrong?

No. 8144

File: 1408522697711.jpg (408.67 KB, 1040x377, 1.jpg)

The Plot Thickens


No. 8145

File: 1408522746930.png (454.15 KB, 1205x1880, 2.png)


Beyond words.

No. 8148

>fucked a married guy.
I thought Brandon was married as well as her boss (that she fucked before being hired).

No. 8149


So I heard OC is back online?

No. 8152

File: 1408525460716.png (237.07 KB, 960x2179, 1408509976685.png)

I don't remember seeing this here, I snagged it from a /v/ thread before it 404-ed.

It shows the response from the charity that she bombed.
>Think it was just some shitty event
>These people actually thought it through and are informed
That's actually rather sad seeing as they'll get the hate for being reasonable and she'll get praised because VAGINA and because MUH FEELINGS.

No. 8153

File: 1408525871218.jpg (212.16 KB, 1319x855, 31c8be_5264552.jpg)

My theory on the censorship "conspiracy".

I bet a bunch of these sites got together after the last "misogynistic attack" that made media waves and decided that something needed to be done to protect women. They all agreed on some kind of loose rules but didn't expect something to blow up on so many sites at once and reveal a common thread.

Or, it's all Gawkers fault (see pic). Not really much proof for this though.

No. 8155

Also there seems to be multiple indications that the censorship at Reddit was down to a couple of admins (i.e. paid staff) rather than subreddit mods.

No. 8156

File: 1408526625254.jpg (46.17 KB, 1676x192, df.JPG)

Yeah, some anon on /v/ claimed this yesterday.

There is no evidence if he is telling the truth but it could be one of the possibilities.

No. 8157

wow, he is full of shit

No. 8158

File: 1408526765470.jpg (829.79 KB, 1046x2229, 1408526070016.jpg)


>Video Game Journalism.

No. 8160

I think this guy is full of shit

I mean…"they wanted blood".

No. 8161


The Fine Young Capitalists thing sounds like case of #3 I mentioned in >>7859

The whole tech/gaming community is very "beta" and obsessed with getting more women involved. They try to create opportunities for women but since there just isn't many women interested at the grass root hobbyist level (except for art), the vacuum gets filled by SJWs and drama queens and opportunists and so on.

There's even programming textbooks where every metaphor or real life example is written with feminine pronouns. Because fuck 99% of your readers, got to please the 1% of women. I've seen this in computing textbooks going as far back to the early 90s but never seen it in any science or maths textbook.

They'd be better off not pandering to women and just let them climb up the ladder like everyone else. But the industry is like an "omega" who would rather take the abuse.

Also I think the TFYC is kind of a bad idea from the get go. The reason mods (game mods, not moderators) suck these days is because everyone wants to be a "designer" and not actually do the hard work of making something.

So many people come into our IRC channel saying they have an idea and need an artist, and a programmer, and a mapper, etc. "Back in my day", we'd make sure we had something people could play before asking for help.

No. 8162


And also this is why "alpha" dicks like Phil Fish are supported as long as they say the right SJW shit.

No. 8163

File: 1408528460640.jpg (32.15 KB, 545x219, adff.JPG)

I am female and I like video games but because of shit like this I will never ever call myself a "girl gamer".

These bitches wear it like badge of honor, also using it to spread their shitty SJW agenda.

No. 8164

oh. took me a bit to realize its controllers they are holding

No. 8165

I like Phil Fish and all that, just because I found his whole shtick thing funny and I did enjoy FEZ, but this is bullshit.

No. 8166

The issue was never nepotism in the gaming industry, it's the fact that Zoe Quinn is one of the first to rattle off these strong principled stances and then completely disregard them at her own convenience. She is a sleazy hypocrite and a liar and so are the rest of her sleazy disgusting friends. She does not stand for social justice or feminism or anything. She only stands for herself and will lie at the drop of a hat to get ahead. She has come out of this completely ahead of where she started when this shitstorm hit.

No. 8167

File: 1408530767405.png (181.83 KB, 431x750, tumblr_inline_nakspsad2P1s71z4…)



Phil Fish attacked some guy on Tumblr who said that Zoe sexually harassed him.

No. 8168

File: 1408530812428.png (187.24 KB, 875x669, fL6drnP.png)



TotalBiscuit wrote a Twit Longer acknowledging the scandal but also staying out of it because he said there isn't enough proof for him to do a video about it. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s4nmr1

But apparently not supporting Zoe 100% isn't good enough which lead to SJWs attacking him, including Phil Fish.

No. 8169


*some guy on Twitter (who appears to be another indie dev)

No. 8170

Is Phil high on attention again?

No. 8173


When is he not?

No. 8174

this dosent actually deny anything, it just actually gives evidence she was there and it might of happened.
really, attacking him like so, it seems like hes implying it was deserved, if it happened

No. 8175


C'mon, nigger.

No. 8176

All races evolved in the same way under the same conditions. Okay.

No. 8177


To get pedantic, "white" is actually just something on the on the census and has different definitions in different countries.

Caucasian is the actual race and covers groups as far as northern Africa and western India.

I don't know if >>7995 was being pedantic or buys into that "race is a social construct with no genetic basis" bullshit which is clearly false.

No. 8178

File: 1408536222008.jpg (44.43 KB, 876x293, ll.JPG)

Her ex confirming that Zoe spends a lot of time "making connections"

No. 8179

File: 1408536257623.jpg (272.56 KB, 526x2959, wCwcD1L.jpg)

With a screencap from their conversation

No. 8180

File: 1408536996468.gif (1.93 MB, 235x240, 1353116343889.gif)

>maybe 5

No. 8181

File: 1408537177219.jpg (74.03 KB, 881x690, oiou.JPG)

Her whiteknights are pathetic

No. 8182

File: 1408537180724.jpg (3.56 MB, 4985x5046, 1408535722359.jpg)


No. 8183

It's explicitly stated in the first goddamn post.

No. 8185

>if sleeping with bosses could succesfully create a product, in this case, a game, which it did, why is it wrong?
Except it didn't "successfully create a product", it just advertised a mediocre one. And what makes you think university level classes don't test knowledge properly? Did you go to a shitty university? There's a reason why bribery is seen as bad, and is illegal/can get you expelled or fired. Whether it's by sex or money or favors you didn't earn the position by your/your product's own merit.

No. 8186

File: 1408538211772.jpg (16.42 KB, 638x173, ew.jpg)

just to see if I have this straight.

the fucking drama hurricane that follows this noname notalent dev all started when anonymous 'troll' posts to wizardchan trying to rally up personal army to… uh, link her to the thread, because OP clearly wasn't capable of doing that themself. furthermore this dastardly devil

A) knew where to find pics of the noname dev,

B) instead of posting a fullbody pic to show off what brings all the indie devs and bloggers to the yard, uses a cropped face shot that leaves much to the imagination, AND

C) the pic this 'troll' chooses to upload just happens to have the filename my_picture.jpg.


No. 8188


As far as I know that was the original cause of the drama with Steam Greenlight and Wizardchan a few months ago.

She kicked up a fake shitstorm about being harassed and all the gaming press jumped on board with another "misogynist male gamers" story even though there was no evidence.

Now the same gaming press won't report any of this current drama because they want more evidence.

See >>8158

To be fair, if you aim to run a respectable journalism site there probably isn't enough concrete evidence and TotalBiscuit is taking the right path. But TB also applies the same evidence requirements to SJWs unlike Kotaku etc.

No. 8189

File: 1408539188322.png (1.06 MB, 1310x1258, 1408534517828.png)


Some legitimacy to the story shows up.

No. 8190


And let's not forget that Gawker owns Kotaku.

No. 8199

File: 1408542704509.jpg (470.95 KB, 582x2813, hm.jpg)


No. 8204

Goddamn this whole thing is freaking me out. I've strayed from it for a while now, but I've been posting on 4chan since it first started up-no joke. It was always my weird sanctuary because I was always such a odd kid, and I literally grew up on that site. I never hurt anyone, I was never a violent and hateful kid-just a weird one looking for a place to belong. And now I feel like that's all coming crashing down. This is all too weird and deep for me. Maybe (most likely) I'm being dramatic-but I never thought 4chan would let themselves be ruined by an over sensitive camwhore with a victim complex. :(

No. 8206

In my opinion she looks really good in those photo shoots. She's not a 10/10 but when guys are looking to get laid a girl like that is a nice score for most. But she is fat and sincerely hideous now. Did she sleep with these guys before or after becoming a marred land whale?

No. 8208


Honestly, this is par the course.

I'm an old school goon and my SA forum account dates from 2001 (and I think I had two older accounts before that). SA used to be an edgy trouble maker like 4chan but turned to shit around 2004 or so.

Every website seems to move to the left and become more heavily moderated the more popular it becomes. 4chan took a big turn for the worse after the Project Chanology media coverage brought in tons of newfags back in 2008 or whenever.

I'm not worried about the end of 4chan, but I am worried that we are long overdue for a replacement.

P.S. It always makes me laugh when people like TotalBiscuit claim to be old school goons when their accounts are from 2005 or so. If your account is older than 2004 you won't even be invited to the hidden goon piracy sites.

No. 8210


They say 2007 in the watermark. I think she was a butterface but her body was fine.

No. 8215

Well after. This all happened earlier this year. So 5 separate guys thought fucking an ugly fat grrrl gamer was more important than their jobs. Maybe she's really good in the sack, who knows.

No. 8219


Man I wish I had been present for the SA golden era, unfortunately I was only 10 years old in 2001, and I only begun lurking 4chan in 2006.

No. 8220

At least our precious Lolcow is safe…. r-right guys?

No. 8221

File: 1408548482357.png (1.39 MB, 1756x1452, 1408546402506.png)

Journalist paying her on Patreon,

Conflict of interest.

No. 8222

File: 1408549544972.png (606.02 KB, 1200x1063, 1408548444317.png)

More shitty Journalists enter the fray.

How are they this incompetent.

No. 8223

File: 1408549711168.png (77.71 KB, 301x394, THE NODDER!!.png)

tips respectfully towards her

No. 8225

Also, of all the pictures to be found of her online, they choose this one, where she looks normal and relatively cute. Instead of some of the other pictures (seen ITT) where she looks like a goblin.

No. 8228


>I will just throw money my hard earned money at her and pay her monthly for doing nothing

>That will show those internet trolls!

How can her white knights be so retarded?

No. 8229

File: 1408551745324.png (32.81 KB, 687x461, 1408551049797.png)

Shots fired.

And to think that TB was trying to stay out of it until SJWs attacked him for not 100% supporting Zoe.

Let's give a round of applause for Phil Fish and all of Zoe's white knights.

No. 8233

The more journalists that stick up for her, the more I wonder if they've all indulged in similar activities, if not had a piece of her pie specifically.

No. 8234


TB is going to town on Twitter. It's pretty obvious that everyone attacking him are just repeating SJW stuff and didn't read his post.

This Twit Longer is what the white knights claim is evidence that TB is a misogynistic thug: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s4nmr1

Maybe he will now also be sympathetic to Wizardchan and others who have suffered the same type of character assassination.

No. 8235

File: 1408553363023.png (168.42 KB, 686x1286, similarity.png)

Did anyone notice this?

(His twitter is deleted btw)

No. 8237

probably coerced into it by threatening to file a false rape accusation. Surely the married one was extorted the moment he put his cock into her

No. 8238

File: 1408555239182.jpg (183.91 KB, 516x400, CANT_STOP_THE_BUSS.jpg)



[CANT STOP THE BUSS] Unorganized Mess Edition




— "Zoe Quinn Dating Simulator" the Game the Movie source files.
— TFYC Confession.mp3
— New Link Dump.
— RPS/Escapist Journalists getting BTFO.
— More counter argument caps to spread awareness and to combat SJW shitposters.
— Hilarious OC, including Tumblr's new comic.
— New developments in the SJW web wide conspiracy and censorship.

>Possible upcoming breakthroughs.

— Multiple Journalists backing Zoe Quinn's Patreon, Conflicts of interest.
— "Robin Arnott" one of the 5 guys was an IndieCade judge who awarded her game.
— Total Biscuit entered the fray! Blowing everyone out. Possible video incoming.





No. 8239

I think she is just incredibly easy to fuck.
Some guys like that a lot.
Especially if she does all the kinky stuff they want at the first "date" without wanting to be loved afterwards.

No. 8240

regular people, yes. But these were betamax SJW's, so who knows

No. 8241

But why are all those dudes she fucked defending her publicly? Why compromise your career for an one night stand?

No. 8244

File: 1408556276931.jpg (180.65 KB, 1222x831, 448.jpg)

No. 8245


Keeps the pussy on tap I imagine.

No. 8246

No. 8248



Just reposted on /v/, some guys are making suggestions, try to stick around maybe will help on round 3.

No. 8250

File: 1408558107421.jpg (210.76 KB, 604x1286, asfasfa.jpg)

So comments are now on moderation.

I never realised what a pussy David was.

No. 8260

File: 1408560845231.jpg (3.34 MB, 2000x8324, 1408559646658.jpg)

Reminder to let people know about this place, so they can store Information here.

No. 8264


Don't invite masses of chanfags here. The reason this is actually one of the best threads on the internet about Zoe is because it's not getting spammed to hell.

Also, good use of SJ terminology in that image.

No. 8268

The more I read about this, the more of a shitty person this Zoe chick turns out to be, and that extends to the entire indie game developing scene, too.
Is it all just really horrible, ~so edgy, so alt~ white chicks in their 20s and their gross "hipster" orbiters? Because it seems that way.
>"This person sexually assaulted me when I went to this place"
>"Fuck off you little shit no one wanted you there"
I mean jesus fucking christ

No. 8270

I have not been here for long, and I agree. Censorship of major outlets means it'll spread further- a bit like squishing down on a big cream pastry to try and make the cream go away. It'll just spread over a bigger area. Probably reach people it wouldn't have otherwise.

This place is small for a reason. Let it fill its purpose.

But by all means, spread info.

No. 8345

No. 8347

File: 1408574015828.png (48.65 KB, 722x768, robin arnott.png)

No. 8350

File: 1408574299418.png (629.81 KB, 1592x3460, kn0rn3flakes fucked up.png)

Some former vidya journo turned PR scum was hired by Zoey to spam and infest every discussion about her in reddit, with often copypasted and blatantly idiotic arguments.
He namedropped in another reddit by mystake, and proceeded to delete everything to cover up. Too bad google cache saved everything, albeit momentarily so.


No. 8353

File: 1408575091187.jpg (311.63 KB, 654x1660, 1408574257898.jpg)

No. 8355

File: 1408575481781.jpg (1.13 MB, 1548x1050, Silencing Abuse.jpg)

There's this piece of how Phil Fish basically threatened a (recently)former friend to back down when he came up and mentioned being sexually harrased by the quinn at wedding.
Turns out it was Phil Fish's wedding.

No. 8356

File: 1408575544886.png (1.8 MB, 2000x1000, Silencing Abuse 2.png)

Second image. No wonder he had the mother of al twitter meltdowns.

No. 8359


Doesn't look very much like he's crashing the wedding… The indie game scene seems really fucking toxic.

No. 8361

I like how Phil looks kind of like a stereotypical fat neckbeard, and Ouren actually looks like an attractive, mostly stable human being.

No. 8362

File: 1408577550786.gif (3.04 MB, 350x260, beer chug.gif)

doing god's work based anon

No. 8363


don't invite any fags here (keep a good thing good), just copypaste the info and spread the links like fuckin santa claus

No. 8365

File: 1408578654009.png (359.52 KB, 1992x1708, Klepeck Rebuttal.png)

can someone repost this to 4chan. i got banned for making a zoe thread a couple of days ago when it was a bannable offense

No. 8366


i liked giantbomb :(

No. 8381

guys guys

for real though

i never heard of no helen of troy with hank hill butt


you don't sell your soul if she don't got any gams

i can't wrap my dongle around WHY

they're makin with the makes and she ain't got no cakes

butterface NA 2014, okay yeah, can't hide that with fuckin neon hair

chunkmaster thighs, sure, she doesn't work out at all

shittastic attitude, fine, she's a total pimple popper

but but but there's no butt

why you gotta play me like this

she better have the tightest 18-year old poontang or deepthroat mad blowies like monica lewinsky

cus she's giving out more free samples than Costco

No. 8383

Because by doing that you're turning your body into a commodity in an industry where women are constantly trying to prove that they are more than that.

No. 8389

did you copy this comment from subreddit drama?

No. 8390

I feel legitimately bad for him. He gets sexually harassed by that thing, and he gets attacked for it. Poor guy.

No. 8392

File: 1408590080262.jpg (1.85 MB, 1856x6496, 1408589000302.jpg)

Game Jam Theory, with substantial evidence.

No. 8395

File: 1408591563332.jpg (1.26 MB, 1939x2161, Doublestandards.jpg)

Double standards in action.

No. 8396

File: 1408592003485.jpg (296.06 KB, 1649x571, DEAD.jpg)

We're doing something right.

No. 8400

File: 1408593928625.png (641.04 KB, 2036x928, shilling.png)

No. 8401

File: 1408594450465.jpg (93.63 KB, 460x648, 1403075655154.jpg)

>397 patrons
>$2,135 per month

No. 8406

there is another bastion of information here guys (stumbled across it on google):

No. 8409

That conspiracy theory in the first post on page 3 is such obvious bullshit. Come on.

No. 8414

File: 1408597208671.png (167.77 KB, 589x352, 1408594999502.png)

So, is it over?

No. 8419

doesn't exactly reek of genuine sincerity, does it?

notable moment to be sure though

No. 8420

She deleted it soon after, so who knows.

Zoe isn't exactly a person you'd turn to for genuine sincerity though.

No. 8425

haha that popcorn is juicy enough for me

No. 8426

that's prolly a fake. there have been fake tweets posted before, and It's highly unlikely she would give up like that (but if it is real then we have a confession we can use in pushing forwards).

No. 8427


I think that screenshot was probably shopped.

No. 8428

File: 1408598635083.png (46.97 KB, 638x617, Real.png)


They're now trying to push this whole "Doctored Images" angle, By false flagging with fake crap.

If this was really an ironic image by a /v/ user it would have had "Delete".

Don't perpetuate this nonsense.

No. 8430

Not sure what you're trying to say, it's not hard to shoop a tweet and not have it say "delete".

No. 8431

why go the extra mile?

rather than refraining from putting forth additional effort to add a "delete" button

anon's point is that we need to keep the signal in the signal to noise ratio as high as possible

No. 8433


VICE and Tumblr censorship (her Tumblr has now been deleted too).

No. 8437


a german site seems to have written an article that isn't complete bullshit on this. i'll see if I can translate it.

No. 8441

That comic is great.

And thank you Jon for not being a SJW cocksucker like Arin

No. 8442

yeah, didn't work out well. someone who is fluent should translate this for the cause.

No. 8443

File: 1408605200797.png (14.93 KB, 653x211, plebby san.png)

If you're curious about the artist, her tumblr is here. http://plebcomics.tumblr.com/

No. 8445

File: 1408606187552.jpg (649.29 KB, 1446x680, based.jpg)

No. 8456

0 Okay, so I wanted to add some points that go alongside the corruption, but not into it. Sorry if I repeat anything; hopefully if I do I'll at least add to the discussion. (It's long so adding numbers to sections to make it easier to refer to.)

1 Zoe had repeatedly said cheating was rape. Now, the actual logistics are kind of odd, but the idea is that your partner can't fully know what they're consenting to if they're being cheated on, which is the informed consent source of statutory rape charges; they're consenting, but they don't fully understand what they're consenting to. Most people would at most consider this a technicality, but she was dead serious about this, as far as I can tell. What this says is she was either willing to do something she considered as rape if it felt good to her or was lying and posturing to gain fame or attack other alleged cheaters. Either way, it shows she's willing to make exceptions for herself.

2 Zoe is claiming her nudes are leaked. These are professional (crappy) photos that can be accessed if one pays for them. Not only was her sleeping with devs a form of monetizing her sexual actions, she quite literally is a porn model. Her sexuality is professional business and therefore open to public scrutiny. That she tried to misrepresent this speaks to her credibility; I'd guess most of us don't judge porn models for having sex until they have secret affairs.

3 If the chat logs are real, which I 100% believe they are, she's extremely abusive. She took multiple actions that either instilled or exacerbated his anxiety and depression; she gave/worsened someone the illness she said she was campaigning for awareness of. But beyond that, she guilted him for doubting her faithfulness (obviously a reasonable concern), she put him in no-win situations, she manipulated him into cutting off friends she didn't like, she'd say things that hurt and then suggest he was too sensitive (and claim his hurt feelings hurt HER feelings), she'd make her hurt feelings the most important thing, she'd conveniently have a panic attack whenever he pointed out an inconsistency in her stories (and near the end said she might hurt herself), she'd shun him when mad at him (or cheating), and that's not even getting into what some sites claim is emotional abuse when a woman is the victim. Without a doubt she was gaslighting, a vile pattern that social justice extremists have turned into a buzzword but don't really understand.

4 She likely falsified claims of harassment. It has always been unverifiable at best, completely transparent excuses at worst. She's even gone so far as to claim real life actions without proof, without police involvement, even once claiming someone robbed her (but conveniently forgot to take the smartphone she then used to cry for donations on). What she's doing has been dubbed Damselling, but has also been dubbed a Wounded Gazelle Gambit. In clearer terms, she is exploiting the gendered expectations that women must be protected and men must protect in order to shield herself from harm, in effect using the exact patriarchy and sexism she rallies against.

5 She's trying to make this about misogyny. It certainly isn't, as a gaming industry man with a gf/wife who does as little as sext with a woman risks his career. Remember how two men got fired over the Dongle Incident? She had unprotected sex with multiple people in situations where it was impossible to get tested every time. (Her boyfriend claimed that, as of the time of his writing, she never did send him any STD results.) The outrage that would follow a male dev for exposing multiple women to STDs, and INSISTING on condomless sex, would be enormous. The only sexism here is how they're all gathering to protect her like ants around their queen instead of throwing her to the wolves.

6 She's claimed in the past that she grew up in some redneck town where she had to pretend to be "not queer" in order to survive. She cites Gone Home as her reason for coming out and her memories about some girl she loved back in her teenage years. I don't believe her for a second that she's "queer". But while she's obviously not a lesbian she could potentially be bi, so we can't just say she lied about it until something else comes out. (More than likely she's using tumblr's mentality where you can be queer despite being cis and straight because sometimes you think girls are pretty. Or that you're trans because you aren't a feminine woman.)

7 She has never, truly, taken responsibility for her actions. First she blamed the loneliness that came with depression. Then alcohol. Then she blamed her mother's and ex-husband's alleged abuse. In order to get press, she blamed wizardchan. Now, she blamed her exboyfriend's lies, she blamed gamers, she blamed /v/, and has now started blaming MRAs (who, for the most part, don't care or even know unless they're gamers). Even in confessing the flings with her then boyfriend, he had to ask each time and she only admitted to as few as she could get away with.

8 She has funding for some sort of game jam directing right into her paypal account. While she's unprofessional and shortsighted enough to possibly explain this as a bad decision, those same features also give a good chance she's committing real fraud with this campaign that has no start date, no visible plans, no transparency, just in a really stupid manner.

9 We don't even need to suspect that she's slept with other site staff or that Gawker is putting censor pressure on these sites. She's famous for making a game about depression. She's publically said or implied it's based on her own depression. It's only a matter of time until she cries suicide attempt (with no evidence) and these sites don't want to be blamed yet again.

10 Her game wasn't an accurate description of depression. I've been depressed since I was at least 10, properly diagnosed at around 18, and am into my mid 20s now. The majority of the crossed out sections were the choices I would've picked even at my worst. I have five estimates on what her depressive perspective is:
A) She's had one or several depressive episode(s), but not a long bout of depression. The story doesn't seem to last more than half a year and has a happy ending, despite her epilogue claiming it's open ended. Unless the depression has an discernible cause (like an abusive relationship or a terrible job), it's usually lifelong.
B) She was describing parts of her personal story and writing (fan)fiction about how she would've been cured if only she'd been allowed that cat/taken that appointment/told off her mom/etc. Needless to say, this is silly if the case. One decision isn't going to alleviate your bad month. I suppose part of this was her goal of framing it as a game with status bars… but she could have just made the product in a different format and thrown that out.
C) She was writing a story solely for herself, ignoring that depression is extremely complex to the point where some doctors have started classifying depression as a category rather than an illness and that it's often found with other disorders/illnesses. If this is the case then advertising it as a story of depression is dishonest; you're not going to raise awareness about depression by suggesting there's an average depression path that neatly works out in the end.
D) She doesn't have depression and is working off of what friends/family/tv have told her. This would account for how it doesn't mention the difficulties with cleaning or dressing oneself and the vague ideas of not wanting sex being based on busied thoughts. The motivation for a lot of the other behaviors seem off too.
E) She has Something Else that she doesn't know or admit to having that coloured her interpretations of the illness. This theory is most fascinating to me, but (imo) this isn't really the time for armchair psychology.
I've heard more than one review blasting the story for being a prettified version of depression, just like >>8064 mentioned, where medication is perfect and therapy cures everything. In reality, therapy can make it worse if you have an (undiagnosed) underlying mental condition and the majority of anti-depressants have some kind of side effect*. Also, getting in to see a therapist in less than a year is a joke unless you're rather well off financially in a privatized healthcare system. The whole thing is sanitized: no mentions of suicidal thoughts or actions, no self-inflicted injuries, no self-destruction behaviors, no binge eating or starving or purging, no outbursts, no forgetting/putting off bills and finances, no crying fits… Everyone was supportive even if they didn't understand and there was no real tension between the player and the girlfriend; in that situation, break ups and divorces are common. And as the above quoted anon pointed out, they ignored that most people slip in and out of depression and/or have episodes their whole lives.
(It also bugged me a lot that they made the player character gender neutral and gave the "partner" a gender neutral name… but then made her distinctly female. If you're going to squawk when a game isn't 100% LGBT friendly you should start with your own products.)
*I know how shitty the side effects can be first hand. I'm still losing weight from taking Paxil more than two years ago, which was 40 pounds in about eight months (because of the weight gain I wouldn't go outside and sobbed whenever I had to get dressed); I started at about 110 pounds (5'2", F). It also dulled me and took away my ability to feel joy. Wellbutrin made me so constipated I had to stop taking it. It can take a decade to find the best medication for somebody, and that doesn't always end up being a perfect fit.

11 My god is it a relief to finally be able to say how bland I think she looks. Limp hair, funny nose, generic piercings and tattoos. AWFUL fashion sense. And her sexual posing is so awkward! And her choice of shoot with paint peeling off the walls is hilarious. (My guess is she's one of those ~sexually liberated kinky~ types who secretly love being dominated by men, which would explain why these power hungry social justice guys go right for her; they can act out their brutal fantasies without having a feminist breathing down their neck about patriarchal-masculinity-BDSM-is-basically-rape bullshit.)

No. 8467

File: 1408616746617.jpg (311.94 KB, 740x1080, 1408611426424.jpg)

No. 8469

File: 1408618806206.jpg (33.33 KB, 639x321, 1408618050874.jpg)

No. 8470

No. 8474

File: 1408621138706.png (55.2 KB, 622x371, 1408620636800.png)

Anita doing a battle cry.

Go betas, go!

No. 8476

File: 1408622015176.jpg (1006.14 KB, 1928x1722, 1402914652758.jpg)


So, the Betamancer has begun it's summoning…



No. 8480

No. 8481

No. 8485

We can report Zoe for tax evasion using the IRS Form 3949-A. What we need at the moment is:

So we need, at minimum:

Her birthday
Her address
Suspected amounts she didn't report to the IRS

Can someone help?

No. 8486

Guys this isn't an attack board and I wouldn't be surprised if a mod wants to clean up your posts.

We come here to observe and laugh at self destructing lolcows, not to destroy them ourselves.

No. 8487

It's not against the rules though

>es. This means the following things are permitted:

>Inflammatory and hostile comments

>True or false accusations
>Personal information of people aged 18 or older, including names, addresses, and phone numbers
>"Cyberharassment" / "cyberbullying" / "cyberstalking"
>Pornography involving people aged 18 or older
>Shitposting and trolling
>Personal armies, grudges, vendettas

No. 8499

File: 1408627055246.jpg (192.66 KB, 1496x608, hm.jpg)


No. 8500

zoe pls go

No. 8511

She's either the biggest idiot or the worst liar.


>not having different passwords and isolating your accounts on different services


No. 8515


When you gain access to someone's email you don't spam all their contacts. You try and gain as much dirt and steal as many passwords as possible.

No. 8519

File: 1408628477411.png (59.62 KB, 840x455, Twitter Search Monitoring …)

No. 8520


In all the screenshots people censored out the addresses. But I saw them and all three had the same apartment number and the Canadian address was totally fake.

Also I never saw hundreds of posts on her Tumblr. Where's her proof?

She just can't stop lying. Even though this will probably blow over I'm sure she will be back for more lols within 12 months.

No. 8521

File: 1408628718832.png (9.97 KB, 698x83, Twitter Search Monitoring …)

maximum butthurt

No. 8524

File: 1408628974867.png (21.61 KB, 809x167, Twitter Search Monitoring …)

It's not like your noodz were stolen from your pc archives, cellphone or something, just sayin'

No. 8526


To get access to her sets you can join this site: http://www.brokendollz.com/dollz/doll_join_profile.php?iddoll=73

Also reader her profile.
> what do you masturbate too: THE LOVELY FEDORA

No. 8528


oh the irony

No. 8529

i wonder if she still gets money from this shit

No. 8531

>I am so horrified by…the despicable hypocrisy of these foul mouthed bigots who pretend it's about "ethics".

The irony is palpable.

No. 8532

> dildo / vibrator / fingers / other: YOUR GIRLFRIEND


No. 8534

File: 1408631778802.jpg (356.16 KB, 1840x943, aEdT0jJ[1].jpg)

The real Depression Quest

No. 8535

No. 8536

No. 8537

File: 1408632557314.jpg (652.47 KB, 1000x1109, THE_FIRE_RISES.jpg)



[THE FIRE RISES] Burn It Down Edition




— Content Dump from the day.
— HTML Backups of some new Articles/Forums
— New Link Dump.
— Continuation of RPS/Escapist Journalists getting BTFO.
— Gained more allies, revealed more foe's.
— More counter argument caps to spread awareness and to combat SJW shitposters.
— Continuation of some Hilarious OC.
— Chronicles of Ears the furfaggot and JonTron's twitter blowouts.
+ More.

>Possible upcoming breakthroughs.

— Game Jam exploitation theory being confirmed.
— Reveal of the REAL 5th guy.
— JonTron's Live Stream, check threads for info.
— New Internet Aristocrat Video Friday
— Possible video from Thunderf00t.
— Total Biscuit Possible video incoming.





No. 8538

Thank you anon!

No. 8539

>implying it's remotely okay to create conflict of interest
>implying there aren't laws against doing such things in other contexts
>implying anyone thinks there was a direct exchange of "Give me a 5/5 and I'll suck on your chode for 5 minutes"
oy vey
ay lamoa

Keep up the good work. What's the news on the TB video? Just a rumor, speculation, or is it based on a statement?

No. 8541

File: 1408633691971.png (389.15 KB, 1270x1408, 1408632260392.png)


>What's the news on the TB video?

Speculation mostly, Today he got absolutely reamed by vile SJW abuse, I have no doubt he won't do a video about it now. Not necessarily about Quinn, but about the types of people surrounding this event.

No. 8542


>twitter kickbacks

Man, this cunt will try and turn anything into a sit-on-your-ass business.

No. 8543

I wasn't really a fan of Jontron before this, I had no idea what a bro he was.

I have never liked Arin and his slimy FAS deformed wife.

There's been a lot of rumours that both Arin and Suzie are both huge SJW's which would explain Arins sticking up for Zoe Quinn on Twitter, and that a large part of why Arin and Jontron (allegedly) fell out was due to the fact that they didn't like how opposed Jontron was to the extremist side of this social justice bullshit and that because of that Arin and Suzie picked on him a lot together.

It's fucking weird that Arin doesn't even acknowledge Jon's existence any more, and that he wasn't even invited to Arin and Suzie's wedding. I mean they collaborated for years.

No. 8544

Where's the VICE article? I can't find it.

No. 8545

David Jaffe weighs in on the situation during a Gawker interview.


No. 8546

No. 8547


Isn't this from like two years ago when some Gawker reviewer called him a misogynist because of something in Twisted Metal?

No. 8549

I'd like to do a callback to my post from 3 days ago >>7837

> 1) The incestuous relationship between game journalists and indie developers.

> 2) The arrogance of indie developers, as if some media attention makes them rock stars.
> 3) SJWs imposing themselves on gamers by stirring up shit and controlling the media narrative.

It's all played out so predictably hasn't it?

I actually think the lack of media coverage is progress. With Anita everyone was running articles about how misogynistic young male gamers are and it even made it to the MSM like the BBC. Not many sites are running such articles this time because they're on the back foot.

I don't think there's really anything else to be won from this specific scandal unless somebody unearths something new or presents all the evidence in a very convincing viral video or something.

Zoe and the SJWs have won a Phyrric victory and each time they try to run bullshit like this it will be less effective.

> The armies separated; and, it is said, Pyrrhus replied to one that gave him joy of his victory that one more such victory would utterly undo him. For he had lost a great part of the forces he brought with him, and almost all his particular friends and principal commanders; there were no others there to make recruits, and he found the confederates in Italy backward. On the other hand, as from a fountain continually flowing out of the city, the Roman camp was quickly and plentifully filled up with fresh men, not at all abating in courage for the loss they sustained, but even from their very anger gaining new force and resolution to go on with the war.

> —Plutarch

No. 8587

Jontron appears to have called off the stream.

No. 8607

We need you on our steam group covering the whole ZQ shit and gaming journalism thing

No. 8631

Zoe Quinn masterpost, tons of good info. http://factualwiley.tumblr.com/post/95257701354

No. 8633

oh why YES! on the Encyclopedia Dramatica article about this, there is a link to (what may be?) her personal information that you'll need to use Tor to access. This is what is says for the first two things:

DOB: 08/13/87
Address: 4 Barber St, Medway, MA 02053

I didn't do the doxxing, and i don't really know how one would check this info, but it's a start. An estimate of unreported income should be easy to come up with.

No. 8634

Just because she's scamming for donations doesn't mean that they're undeclared on her taxes. It's a waste of time.

No. 8638

In any case this would call into question the dox she says was hers

No. 8639


>I have no doubt he won't do a video about it now.

>Not necessarily about Quinn, but about the types of people surrounding this event.

did you mean "I have no doubt he will do a video about it now"?

No. 8645

Like I dont get why 4chan is deleting shit.
Its not like its even a good game.
I get people wanna cover up that big name video game review sites want to cover up their huge fuck up, but all for some shitty game when they can just throw her ass under the bus.

No. 8648

4chan and reddit are deleting shit because posting dox and organizing "harassment" or raids are apparently against the rules. I doubt many of the staff members of either site actually support or like this woman. They're just covering their own asses.

No. 8650

File: 1408662181034.png (582.18 KB, 600x938, 1408660261400.png)

No. 8652

But what makes her so different from the countless other people 4chan has doxxed and raided?

No. 8653

The sheer number of threads and posts about her plays a role, but the reality is that threads like these have been getting deleted for years.

4chan has been deleting "give her a call /b/" and related raid threads for a long time now, actually. They just usually have fairly slow and shitty moderation. They recently brought on a lot of new janitors though, so enforcement is becoming more swift.

Also, it can be hard to distinguish between the threads just discussing the scandal and ones that are trying to organize raids. Some people are posting her name, phone number, and other things in threads that weren't made for that purpose, which also creates even more seemingly heavy-handed moderation.

No. 8661

child, those gag-ass pictures are out there for free

don't say i didn't warn you though

i've seen cuter hogs with mud spilling out of their mouth

oh wait

No. 8667

they're also probably pretty fuckin fed up with it all

no excuse, not by a long shot, but it's not like ZQ fucked everyone at reddit and 4chan

No. 8668

another good thing that is coming out of this investigation is that if you EVER funded, sponsored, or in any way supported zoe's work, then you are automatically in a modicum of suspicion

ruined ruined ruined

No. 8673

New MundaneMatt video on the subject

No. 8674

he links here though >:/

from tumblr

don't want no fags faggin up the place

No. 8718

File: 1408671072996.jpg (1.11 MB, 1223x3800, image.jpg)

No. 8721

File: 1408671957443.jpg (490.61 KB, 1616x1488, image.jpg)

Evidence of someone legit doxxing and putting Zoe's twitter name next to it.

No. 8722


Can Zoe please be murdered

No. 8726

Hi guys. Sorry about having to ask for this favor but is there any posts/tweets/etc. that correlates between Zoe and the five guys she's fucked gaining an advantage i.e. positive review, donation, job promotion etc. There is so much shit at this point to shift through I just can't get all the evidence I need to win this stupid argument I'm having with an couple local SJWs.

I know I've seen them but I can't find them and shit is getting deleted left and right.

Thanks again.

No. 8728

File: 1408673845207.png (1005.19 KB, 807x684, REAL TIME HACKING IN PROGRESS.…)

No. 8729

wow, is sessler part of zoe's fuckpack?


or is this an old picture? please tell me it's an old picture

No. 8730

If anyone's wondering, the thread they're looking at is http://4archive.org/v/thread/259122764

No. 8731

File: 1408674700222.webm (2.64 MB, 1240x800, 1407692431096.webm)





No. 8732

File: 1408674884157.png (21.72 KB, 575x106, 1.png)

Recent picture, unfortunately. You'd think people involved in video games would understand how computers work. They're worse than soccer moms.

No. 8734

no my heart

No. 8737


This is painful. This is painful to look at.

What a world.

No. 8738

This is just standard hypocritical and self-righteous SJW behavior. I doubt Zoe, crazy and vindictive as she is, is actually involved with that doxing.

No. 8739

File: 1408676223190.png (38.6 KB, 588x218, Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.5…)

No. 8740

i used to think sessler was worthy of respect

what happened to his rational capacity for analysis?

is there something else here? maybe zoe's pig nipples secrete raw cocaine?

No. 8742


>comparing this shit to the movie Hackers.

Shit, Sessler, what happened to you?

No. 8743

Zoe thats what happend.

No. 8745

I have no clue who this guy is, except maybe seeing him like once on G4 years ago, but based on his 30 most recent tweets he seems like a major tool.

No. 8747

File: 1408679184144.png (73.46 KB, 807x519, johncantchickenoutnow.png)

We will see…

No. 8749


He's streaming now, but he's just playing video games.

No. 8759

maybe he's sending a message

none of this is about video games anymore

No. 8761

Is Jon Tron that fat ass gamer with the retarded piercings?

No. 8762

I have to leave for work in a few minutes, but I'll get on it over the weekend, if there's still an interest?

No. 8763

>fat ass

No. 8766

Fish is a real subtle one ain't he?

No. 8767

File: 1408685113616.jpg (15.25 KB, 230x207, 1345638988712.jpg)







No. 8768

What happened?

No. 8769

No. 8771

No. 8774


There is no direct proof and and it's basically a non-story because the industry is so corrupt anyway. TotalBiscuit has done videos about payola in the games industry before so it's really nothing new.

I think there's only two issues that can really be pushed with adequate proof.

1) Greg Tito the editor in chief of The Escapist admitting that he is biased and requires no evidence from SJWs. See >>8144 and >>8145 People really should be writing to his employer to get him fired.

2) The sheer hypocrisy of Zoe's actions vs her stated beliefs and yet she is still held up as a beacon for women in gaming.

No. 8775

File: 1408685780413.png (24.31 KB, 604x358, m.png)

No. 8778

Honestly, at this point, I don't care about Zoe Quinn. I don't care about gaming journalism. But holy shit, the sheer retardation that is arising from this shitstorm is too good to look away from.

No. 8783


Yeah, the white knights like Phil Fish have provided the majority of the lols.

No. 8785

File: 1408686485303.png (154.32 KB, 963x721, 1408683469261.png)

It gets better

No. 8786


It's so stupid that I don't think it's a false flag. I think it's a third party having their fun.

No. 8796

File: 1408687587586.gif (193.56 KB, 389x297, lol_internet[1].gif)

>Hello everyone, I am the head mod over at /V/ and leader of 4chan.org and Anonymous.
this ayy'd my lmao.

I agree, it's a little weird. Phil Fish wouldn't have the mental capacity to write that he's trying to cover up the story, even if he was lying.

If it -is- a false flag, then OH BOY.

No. 8803

I think so too. Like, why would anyone one target Phil Fish or Polytron? Wouldn't it be better to dox Kotaku or one of the five guys? If it isn't a false flag, it's probably some 3rd party pissed at Fish and capitalising on the scandal.

No. 8816

Doesn't anyone find it odd that Phil Fish came out from under a rock just before all this happened? And interestingly enough with an Andy Kaufman avatar. Then suddenly some random blog pops up shitting on Zoe Quinn (feminist indie dev darling), suspicious "hacks" occur, and groups like 4Chan who all the SJW hate take the blame. Andy Kaufman. Andy fucking Kaufman.

No. 8832

File: 1408689916728.bmp (3.05 KB, 32x32, down_arrow.bmp)

what does this tweet being fake mean for us?

No. 8836

File: 1408690131487.png (28.18 KB, 499x266, Tweet.png)


He's had Kaufman as his avatar for well over a year at least.

He always pulls shit like this and then says he's cancelling Fez 2 and makes all his tweets private.

He's just a massive dick but because he has the right connections and says the right SJW shit he mostly gets away with it.

People have thought for years that he may be autistic or something. Even in Indie Game: The Movie he's a twat.

Also watch him crying after watching himself Indie Game: The Movie: http://blip.tv/indiegamethemovie/phil-fish-watches-indie-game-the-movie-for-the-very-first-time-6222223 Most people would just feel awkward after watching a documentary about themselves but Phil cries over how inspirational he is.

>"that part of the end where I say if I could inspire wom–kids, If I could inspire kids"

No. 8844

File: 1408690689489.jpg (75.43 KB, 460x515, zhutKXi.jpg)

Wrong guy, was talking about this faggot

No. 8860

My Steam says that Depression Quest downloaded an update around half an hour ago.

Not about to play that piece of garbage just to check what it is, and I wouldn't even be able to tell since I didn't play it before. My best guess is she updated something about the donation button at the end. Possibly it may have clarified how much of the donations go to charity and how much stays in ZQ's greedy pockets.

No. 8872


There's a donation button in the game? Is that within Steam's rules?

A donation button would definitely get you banned from the iOS App Store.

Remember the EA vs Steam Battlefield 3 drama because EA didn't want to pay Steam's fees on DLC?

No. 8879


Yeah it says something like a -PORTION- of the proceeds are donated to a suicide hotline without specifying how big a portion, from what I saw on an LP video.

No. 8882

if only there was some way to link this all toether

No. 8897

File: 1408693648667.jpg (273.07 KB, 800x533, 1365509981988.jpg)

>How are MULTIPLE accounts being hacked SIMULTANEOUSLY but their EMAIL remains fine?

>How are these websites, Cloudflare, Dropbox, twitter etc, (who have professional security out the arse) being hacked so easily and frequently? SHOULDN'T THIS PROBLEM BE NATION NEWS?

>Why is there NO ACTUAL PERSONAL INFORMATION in Phil Fish's "DOXX 1.5g File", all relevant information like addresses, phone numbers and anything RELEVANT to personal Information is blanked out or missing.

>IF they're being DOXX why is none of this information anywhere? It WOULD be spammed all over the internet. You cant even find a PHONENUMBER.



This is 2014, people have a HIGH DEFINITION camera/video/audio recorder in their pocket, they can screenshot their computer instantly and record video.
There is no reason they cannot provide evidence, UNLESS IT DOESN'T EXIST.


I hope they do fucking time for this Flase Flag hacking bullshit on /v/.

No. 8898

File: 1408693889544.gif (97.34 KB, 300x324, 1408690552487.gif)

No. 8900


Yes, when you're "hacked" in 2014 it means one of the following:

1) Your email password was phished (you're a dumb ass).

2) You used the same password on another website (you're a dumb ass).

3) Someone guessed your security questions but this doesn't work on many sites such as Gmail (and you're still a dumb ass for using guessable answers).

So unless these hackers have found some new Heartbleed level exploit, then for these hacks to be true then Zoe and Phil's email accounts must be compromised. In which case we should have major upcoming dox dumps, except for the fact that Zoe and Phil seem to still be in control of their email accounts.

Not to mention that it takes hours or days to regain control of hacked Twitter accounts.

No. 8902

From /v/

Polytron was hosted on Cloudflare. The changes made to the page can only be made by the owner.

Phil and his cohorts have obviously arranged a staged event in which several high crimes were committed.

1) false accusation of a felony
2) Breach of contract with industry giants Sony and Microsoft
3) Cyber terrorism (for uploading a bot that attacks the FBI)
4) Felony corruption for divulging usernames and passwords of his employees to the public

It was obviously not Anonymous or 4chan. To falsely state that it was a moderator from 4chan is libel.

Phil is going to prison. Everyone involved in this scandal is going to prison. These people aren't even celebrities, they're middle class American and Canadian brats. They do not give a fuck about the law, the law does not give a fuck about them.

The file on his "hacked" site contained private figures from Steam, Microsoft, and Sony. In Microsoft's case, the archive also contained source files for Fez on 360. We're talking about a product that generated six figure sales for a Fortune 500 company. Their lawyers are going to demand an investigation, and it isn't going to be pretty.

The archive on the site also contained a masked executable. This EXE runs a bot that emails violent terrorist threats to the FBI.

Also, this "attack" implicates that Cloudflare has weak encryption, which it objectively does not. This "attack" will also be investigated by Cloudflare, whose security specialists will review the server logs.

No. 8905


CloudFlare is not a host. It's a reverse proxy that sits in front of your server and absorbs the traffic.

The name servers for Polytron are set to MediaTemple so that's probably where the actual server is hosted.

All you need to do is gain access to the real MediaTemple server and make the changes there which will propagate to CloudFlare within a few seconds.

CloudFlare is absolutely irrelevant. As much as chanfags claim to be experts of the internet, 99% of them are completely tech illiterate.




No. 8908

Wait what???

No. 8909

>Hello everyone, I am the head mod over at /V/ and leader of 4chan.org and Anonymous.
This reads like something Chris-chan would write trying to impersonate 4channers, jesus.

No. 8924

>what happened to his rational capacity for analysis?

He started thinking he was hot shit because he did a show on video games for a decade.

No. 8935

File: 1408710876512.jpg (247.34 KB, 900x633, 1408544016267.jpg)





No. 8972

There goes that Capital V again.

No. 8975

>It is actually /v/ pretending to be Zoe pretending to be /V/

No. 8982

File: 1408720898776.jpg (240.95 KB, 531x702, FALSE_FLAG_PHIL.jpg)



[PHILIPPE'O FISH] /V/ 'professional mainframe hackers Edition


Mods on full damage control again, SRS raiding /v/ and /pol/, Flase flag hacking attempts galore! Come get your fresh content!


— 4chan raises over 5k in a day for TFYC
— SJW against 4chan raising money for feminism.
— SRS starts a chan raid over TFYC fundraising.
— Infamous "/V/" strikes again!
— Zoe and gang raid 4chan, again.
— Content Dump from the day.
— HTML Backups of some new Articles/Forums
— New Link Dumps.
— False Flag Attacks galore!
— More counter argument caps to spread awareness and to combat SJW shitposters.
— Chronicles of 1337 HAXX0RZ, COCAINE MAN and A ROTTING COD.
+ More.

>Possible upcoming breakthroughs.

— /pol/ notified FBI about false flag hacking and requested investigation.
— New Internet Aristocrat Video Friday

JonTron and TotalBiscuit Both stepped down from the fight, probably dude to pressure from their jewtube networks.
>Action Points enters the fray!





No. 8993

yeah, undoubtedly

my favorite part is the capital /V/

No. 8995

don't forget facebook hacking

No. 8996

keep fighting the good fight

12" dongs all around

No. 8997

Lol yes, how stupid they can be. They forget that by default Facebook sends you notifications for every new location and device logging in your account and temporary blocks them as long as you don't approve it.

No. 9004

Are you people dumb as shit? There's no false flag. It's a 4channer who hacked the site and is obviously hamming up the /V/ joke/meme. Fish is way too dumb to pull off something like this.

No. 9006

I think it's a third party.

I heard that one of the trolls from CWC wiki usually like to stir shit between 4chan and others

No. 9009

Third party is quite possible. I think it's a member of some imageboard or an ex-channer who is well aware of the culture. I don't know if their intent was necessarily to frame /v/ though. They're just a troll.

No. 9010

[citation needed]

No. 9012

File: 1408731915650.png (169.03 KB, 1239x740, asd.png)

Sounds reasonable.

No. 9023

I'll debunk that and prove my point when I get home from work. I hate Zoe and these milquetoast SJW betamaxes as much as anyone else, but /pol/tard conspiracy theories are completely derailing any intelligent discussion about this.

No. 9027

File: 1408734785304.png (2.09 MB, 1920x2416, lklk.png)

zoe's guardians aka betamax collage

No. 9031


>This may seem harsh but the truth is these people are overwhelmingly young and very naive, angry and bitter, emotionally stunted and honestly quite dumb. These guys (it's always guys) tend to be unattractive and have poor social skills that are reflected in their horrible opinions about women and their inability to date successfully. They're bitter at people - especially women - who are having regular sex because they're not. They're mad at anyone else who happens to be happy with a significant other in their lives or who keeps a healthy circle of friends. They're likely still living at home, in debt from college and often not financially stable (they feel "poor"). It makes them upset about women's advancements in the workplace, AA policies that don't benefit them and other minorities getting ahead in any little way. They basically can't stand anyone who's enjoying life and not spending their days bitching endlessly about other people. They're alone, regarded as stupid, lead empty lives, contribute nothing to anything meaningful and they know it. You attack the flaws in "their" beloved forms of media (comics, games, movies), ban them from a messageboard, etc., and they become enraged to the point of mental breakdown and start making death threats because that's all they have in their miserable, pathetic lives.

Calling out a hypocritical slut who cheated and emotionally manipulated her boyfriend and having proof of nepotism in gaming journalism means you are Marjan now.

No. 9032

File: 1408735306081.jpg (389.87 KB, 720x2376, 1408732795038.jpg)

While those same knights bully a 10 year old on twitter who stands his ground instead of whining about being bullied on internet.

No. 9033


Anon indie artist speaks up. Any indie dev or artist who speaks out against Zoe should have their voices heard, since the vast majority of them are keeping silent as they fear for their careers.

No. 9035

Feminists attacking a ten year old? Threatening his life?

No. 9037


The pro-SJW pro-Zoe crowd is hilariously blind to the facts put in front of them. Seriously, I guarantee none of them have looked at the myriad of evidence that's been posted all over 4chan, and if they have, they quickly dismiss it as being fake or inconclusive.

It's pretty amazing how brainwashed they've become to the narrative that game journos/tumblrinas have been spouting for years, about how gamers are terrible, mysogynistic people and that we might as well worship the ground women walk on.

I myself just want to play vidya without everything getting twisted by the Anita's and Zoe's of the world twisting creative minds to their selfish agenda.

No. 9040

File: 1408736277651.png (14.09 KB, 552x117, 986574.PNG)

No. 9045

File: 1408737384497.png (11.11 KB, 150x150, 1408586685634.png)

Can someone explain to me what these fine young capitalist people are? And what this 'contest' is they are talking about? This is new information to me.

My understanding was this:

-person making game
-person has partner
-person has sex with five journalists who then give her game some good reviews
-when partner finds out they were cheated on they tell the Internet and the internet explodes
-person pretends they are the victim
-person fakes being hacked and more hilarious stuff
-some of the people the person cheated on with tells gamers he wishes he could burn them to death in a building or something?

That's what I understand so far from reading this thread. What holes are there in my understanding?

No. 9046

File: 1408737407699.png (97.8 KB, 1006x470, escapist.png)

No. 9047

Zoe ("person" in your post) allegedly claimed that the contest was sexist, dox'd them and refused to talk to them when they tried to contact her. I think that was right before the shit hit the fan.

No. 9049

Is that and the thing where she had sex for reviews connected? Or did she just do one bad thing and then the cheating came out afterwards by coincidence?

No. 9050

Unrelated coincidence. She has a long history of cunty and crazy behavior.

No. 9051

>give up on your dreams. they are actually nightmares.

that's some jaden smith shit right thurrr

No. 9052

No. 9054

The guys she doxed tried reaching out to gaming media, and they all took zoe's side on it.

So yes.

No. 9055

Too much about morality and less about professionalism in the work place. I know she's trying to discuss how politics are driving indie development, but she tried making a political argument tying it to gaming so she's just as the clicks she's attacking. I hate SWJs with a passion, but comparing female and males to apple and oranges was pointless. The only pro-point of her opinion was about holding journalists to an ethical standard and trying to judge games on the merits of its design rather than reaching non-existent political agendas in gaming.

No. 9056

just as bad*

No. 9074

File: 1408745684358.png (12.39 KB, 280x232, 12832902.png)

Phil Fish is currently trending on Twitter.

No. 9080

File: 1408750467983.png (82.28 KB, 1312x2249, techbabble.png)

No. 9098

Does anyone have a mirror of the zip? The original was taken down hours ago.

No. 9099

File: 1408754959654.jpg (47.58 KB, 654x319, indust.jpg)

so someone must have grabbed a backup drive then on site.

No. 9102


Jumping ship while there's still time to get out clean?

No. 9103

Seems like it. It says he made the decision and told his boss two weeks ago, so why make the announcement now? Even if he's not doing it for that reason, after all this drama, people will be suspect.

No. 9109

No. 9111

>Every site is toeing the line because they are very afraid of what this might mean for the “industry” - and I use that term loosely because the game journalism industry is to the journalism industry where shitting in a kiddie pool is to Olympic Swimming.
A+ analogy

>today at lunch boss tells story about interviewing a woman from Kotaku once

>this woman is super aggressive and extremely entitled
>her behavior freaks the fuck out of coworker also conducting interview
>woman mentions Kotaku
>Boss: "Oh, what's that?"
>Woman: "You never heard of Kotaku???
>afterwards, coworker goes "PLEASE tell me you aren't considering her
>Boss: lolnope.jpg

No. 9112

Kotaku and the whole Gawker network of sites have been known to be utter shit and completely unprofessional and sensationalist for years now. I'm surprised people still read them, and find it funny that people are suddenly surprised to learn they're a bunch of nepotistic hacks.

No. 9115

File: 1408759429948.png (838.36 KB, 985x619, lol.png)


No. 9116

File: 1408760011239.png (437.64 KB, 910x898, 1345638988711.png)

No. 9117

embedded version

No. 9118

File: 1408760746771.png (119.94 KB, 202x256, white people.png)

No. 9122

she also had her team of sjw cunts bullying and threatening wizardchan after she lied about them hacking and doxing her, which is the equivalent to beating up a hikkikomori the one day in 5 years he leaves his house to bury his cat.

she's pretty much the worst type of person and her blind white knights of her crooked vagina are blind as fucking bats and don't realize they're being used too.

No. 9124

>/v/ shows up eating, asking if it's a video game.

alright that's pretty accurate.

No. 9155

File: 1408775025652.jpg (756.06 KB, 824x4036, thejews.jpg)

No. 9157

fuck man… the maians were right…

No. 9163


No. 9167

File: 1408783348539.jpg (71.81 KB, 712x400, 1408780991731.jpg)



No. 9199

Oh, a new one.

interesting, thanks!

No. 9200

Who's this?

No. 9201

Its zoe quinns real name.

No. 9202

Five Guys: Valkenburger and Lies

No. 9204

File: 1408789580011.jpg (186.61 KB, 1182x1014, f17.jpg)

i've seen the suggestion that it's part of a social experiment being conducted

despite there being a significant probability that the user who posted it meant it in jest, this whole thing has been givin me the creeps lately

i for one could buy it

No. 9205

>>that picture
Someone has never been to wizardchan.

No. 9207

I don't think people are surprised to discover they're hacks. They're surprised to discover they're so stupid and open about it.

Remember the journalist that was so wrapped up in the misogyny explanation that they revealed they spent money on Zoe's hotel room?

No. 9214

For anyone saying that her ex boyfriend shooped facebook messages she sent him, here is proof


No. 9216

File: 1408793550674.jpg (460.78 KB, 500x1520, 1408787661785.jpg)

the holy nod man

No. 9217

Nathan Grayson deleted his review

forum mirror is still up
grab it before it goes

No. 9218



>still trying to delete stuff from the internet

God damn retards don't they understand that this will just make things worse?

No. 9234

whoops patricks review I meant

No. 9242


Since so many journalists jumped on her Patreon I assume that means that they can't report on her future projects.

They probably still will though. Dumbasses.

No. 9248


More reddit mod nonsense, apparently some mass shadowbans happened thanks to some heavyhanded guy by the name of Ocrasorm.

No. 9272

any more updates on this?

No. 9273

File: 1408811862707.png (1.16 MB, 1024x730, Quinnspiracy.png)




This is the complete compilation for the past week.
>Disregard previous archives!
Please post The download link on relevant /v/, /pol/, reddit and tumblr threads/blogs.


Contents Includes,

— Recent[Unorganized FIles]
— Compilations and Inforgraphs
— False Flag Hacking and Harassment
— Censorship Collection
— Comments and Discussion
— 4chan Screencaps
— Damage Control
— Article and Blog Screenshots
— Gender Bias and Double Standards
— Journalists
— TFYC Support

— Collection of Zoe's tweets
— Collection of random tweets

— [Archive] HTML Websites, some Media
— Shit vidya Journalism - 4chan Mega Collection Dump
— Link dumps and copypasta
— Nudes
— Original Content
— Photos
+ More.

NEW Video from InternetAristocrat:

NEW Video from ThunderF00t: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RQIpwi-K9s





No. 9275


That thunderfoot video is bullshit.

1 hour ago (edited)

WTF. Are you click-baiting? Skip 90% (@19:30) of this video to get the the Zoe Quinn-relevant part.. the whole 30 seconds of it. This whole video you're rehashing old shit about R. Watson and Sarkaesian(sp?) which is already in other videos you made. I understand you want to hop on the Zoe-drama reporting train, but for God's sake, do it properly, man! Just referring to Aristocrat's video in the end– while having QUINNSPIRACY in the title – is pretty underhanded and lazy. Thumbs down."

No. 9293

might be better? kind of a faggot but gets to shit at about 5 min in - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnBqvJ7mMfo

No. 9299

Twitter doesn't let her block people anymore, she must have reached the limit


No. 9443

>Even Twitter knows you're full of shit


No. 9479

is the thread still active? or at least live?

No. 9480

Yeah, it's a collection of faggots, but they do go quite in-depth about it.

No. 9482

No. 9484

No. 9489

Was watching some youtube video of some pretty popular streamer twitch people. When they reached the Quinn part of the news decided: "It was too depressing" & "This is showing how much of a piece of shit the internet is, causing destruction and smiling gleefully about it"

fuck I respected these people man.

No. 9492

fuckin christ

it's like peeling back the band-aid and finding maggots the size of bears

what else don't we know?

No. 9493

File: 1408836275395.png (11.08 KB, 386x290, 1408297624721.png)

i feel u, i was started following a lot of lpers i liked listening to on twitter and when this broke out they all end up supporting zoe and rting anita. then i have acquaintances on other sites blabbing about all this sj bullshit. i just want to play video game

No. 9494


zoe asked reddit mods to delete shit about her.

No. 9501

Her bf phones us too? The guy she cheated on?

No. 9509

File: 1408838563094.jpg (41.24 KB, 481x267, andblocked.jpg)

this Twitter exchange with Ben Kuchera two years ago strikes me as prophetic.

No. 9510


we need to confirm if she is one of THE Valkenburg

No. 9515

oh my god

she paid em all off?

well also the sex too but damn

No. 9519


No. 9524

File: 1408840562822.jpg (10.93 KB, 480x360, OH SHIT.jpg)

if the identity is the same
IF her birthname is Chelsea…

No. 9542

No. 9559

Aw, she's cute!

No. 9594

File: 1408847145546.png (698.61 KB, 2182x2332, 1408845879140.png)

No. 9596

This whole thing is worth it, just to see Anita get pissed off that her scapegoat isn't what she's made them out to be.

No. 9600

Isn't it very possible that Chelsea van Valkenburg is just a fake alias she used in the past, and Zoe Quinn is her real name?

No. 9602

All the names sound fake tbh.

No. 9638

File: 1408852221760.jpg (958.64 KB, 912x5568, 1408850244786.jpg)

more stuff

No. 9666


Personally I thought it was worth it after Phil Fish lost his shit (twice).

ALL of the best lols from this drama have come from idiots walking into the crossfire.

No. 9676

It's more likely that she made up "Zoe Quinn" for accessibility and to be edgy. "Chelsea Van Valkenburg" doesn't scream indie game dev, plus thezoepost mentioned she had problems with her family–so she probably wants to separate herself from them.

I mean, why does Phillipe Poisson go by "Phil Fish"? It's an edgy/"quirtky", simple name, that fits the "industry".

No. 9703


To me "Phillipe Poisson" sounds edgier. Phillipe Poisson = Phil Fish in French.

But Wikipedia says Phillipe Poisson is his original name. He's such a dumb ass he can't event run with his birth name.

No. 9732

If she really is a Van Valkenburg of the "Moneybags" Van Valkenburgs, it could point towards an explanation of why so many people are trying to cover this up. It's unknown how well her relationship to her family is, but maybe she has a business card of one of their lawyers? Doesn't even contact them, just name drops and these sites shit their pants when they google the name and see a fancy Harvard law degree.

No. 9739

File: 1408860703095.jpg (87.1 KB, 715x318, shill.jpg)

meh… could be, but if thats the case, why be an indie dev with a donation page thats goes to your account. Wouldn't you be paying for everyone elses shit?

Funny screen cap from /pol/ grain of salt.

No. 9742

I was working under the assumption that she doesn't take money from her family/is estranged from them. And that she puts pressure on people through threat of that connection, without actually using it or having a means of using it.

No. 9826

TFYC indiegogo page disappeared? What happened?

No. 9827

No. 9831

just check the catalog on either /pol/ or /v/ (preferably the latter) and you'll find info. they're still looking into it.

No. 9832

this is all getting a bit sp00ky

No. 9837

File: 1408871539238.jpg (249.7 KB, 1673x737, ee.jpg)

video just before it was taken down

No. 9839

File: 1408871887916.png (83.91 KB, 1331x376, wuuuuuuuhhhhh.PNG)

link established?

No. 9840

File: 1408871933494.png (188.13 KB, 1600x2000, 1408868818705.png)

Indiegogo hack page before it was taken down.

No. 9841

No. 9842

no false flag no connections

No. 9843

Not the same video, just look at the stylization of the title
>You are an idiot!!

No. 9845

File: 1408874233551.png (31.67 KB, 798x331, fuckmyshit.PNG)

i'm just going to go to bed now, and deal with this shit in the morning.

No. 9846

the text itself for copypasta or links

Reminder that if this image and this video are true that:
>Zoe Quinn's real name Chelsea Valkenberg.
>She's part of a wealthy family with a shit ton of connections.
>People are beginning to find more and more evidence that Zoe Quinn doesn't even exist.
>Reddit mods are in on it.
>It's all part of a larger campaign PR spreading over tons of sites on the internet.
>Reddit mods can read user's PM (potentially site altering).
>TFYC was hacked (proof below), and since Indigogo uses Cloudflare, the hacker probably got inside assistance.
>If this ever hits the mainstream press will all be labeled misogynistic cyber terrorists.
>The entire thing was potentially a false flag.
>We are being played like a fiddle to be made an example of.

TFYC hack statement:
Video pointing out here alleged connections:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMUb1TDDYQo [Embed]

it's not all necessarily legit, but it's still 2legit4me.

No. 9847

Van Valkenburg family she is connected to isn't super rich.

Upper middle class

Father works Robotics at GE
Brother ESPN

No. 9852

Am I the only one who thinks getting distracted with "What her real name is" is fucking stupid?

Once again another "hack" this time to Zoe's competition, funny how everything that would help Zoe in some way ends up getting hacked.

No. 9856

it seems sort of strange that as this "Valkenburg" thing was coming to light (as well as the reddit shit), suddenly something else happens that distracts everyone.

No. 9859

I'm more concerned that these flare ups happen to people that aren't directly involved. Why the fuck would anyone want to hack Phil Fish? Why would someone want to hack TFYC?? An answer that would make sense is a third party who just wants to stir shit. Hacking Fish and TFYC don't do anything to help or hinder the "ultimate goal" of exposing shitty journalism. Just creates a smokescreen that makes everything chaotic for a few hours, or a day. Unless it's a Van Valkenburg conspiracy false flagging to look like a 3rd party shit stirrer.

No. 9867

Just a wild speculation, but isn't it not entirely unfeasible that this has been, among other things, a viral campaign to get TFYC more cash? Like, that that was the end goal all along.

No. 9868

No because Quinn got it shut down originally, there was no coverage because Quinn wasn't involved. The message wasn't getting out.

It's only through happenstance we came across the Game Jam thing while working through Zoe's past.

And if it is a giant conspiracy just to get some people money to make games that women design, well they are smarter than me.

No. 9869

Someone make a indigogo to hire a private investigator lol.

No. 9882

This is a great idea actually

No. 9883

i bet mommmy and daddy cut her off

No. 9898

Not that we should believe someone found to lie over and over for their own gain, but she said both her mother was abusive. Her being estranged makes sense, either because she cut them off or they cut her off.
I'm more interested in the ex-husband. If we know who he is we can find her legal name in docs and see if she has enough family power to be unique in the censorship.

No. 9906

/v/ is going full retard with this old money conspiracy shit. Unless they strike gold and find something like a murder charge against her real name it's a complete dead end.

Their time would be better spent setting up a wiki and documenting all the undisclosed relationships between journalists and developers.

No. 9908

I wouldn't expect /v/ to do anything more than chase red herrings and believe in /pol/ conspiracy theories.

Though, I am waiting for that anon who said they might document the different ways game "journalists" violate journalistic integrity by comparing to guidelines in a reuters handbook.

No. 9915

File: 1408918532448.jpg (146.43 KB, 639x867, derp.jpg)

Okay all bets are off.

Polygon now reporting this.

No. 9918

Ugh. This is a pretty serious issue and people are just treating it as "lol neckbeard gamers XDD"

I tried to find a non Kotaku/Polygon/Gawker article about this and came up with http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix/2014/08/24/american-airlines-flight-diverted-sky-harbor/14534377/
Which only reports that something happened, but does not go as far as to pin the blame on "LizardSquad" for doing it just because they said so on twitter.

No. 9929

File: 1408925998982.png (18.57 KB, 114x84, other.png)

>linking to lolcow

Here we go.

No. 9931


An archived thread of Wikipedia shenanigans.

No. 9973

IRC Q&A WITH ERON (ex boyfriend) HERE: http://pastebin.com/RkmHvqBv

No. 9974

>Aug 24 23:02:43 <Cyberserker> Last question is from several people actually. I wanted to save it until the end due to how popular it was.
>Aug 24 23:02:44 <Cyberserker> "Would you say Zoe was a "big girl" for you?"
>Aug 24 23:03:27 <Eron_G> she is heavier than people I usually date.

No. 9975

File: 1408958363285.png (124.35 KB, 650x547, medium_Screen_shot_2013-11-07_…)


Eron still comes off as a try hard pussy. Who the fuck says "explicate" in ordinary conversation? "Elaborate" or "elucidate" would more accurate and more common words.

I love how he still thinks that Depression Quest is a good game that pushes the boundaries of the definition of a "game". These kind of text games have been pretty common on iOS for the last 2 years or so and are 10 years ahead of Zoe's crap.

Device 6 was a lot of people's choice for game of the year in 2013 and it beats the fuck out of shit like DQ.

No. 9988

He likes DQ because it's just as tryhard as he is. I just now tried to play it and couldn't do it.

No. 9989

>These kind of text games have been pretty common on iOS for the last 2 years
These kind of text games are literally what video games looked like when computer games became a thing in the 60s/70s.

No. 9992


That's not true at all. If you played any of the old text based games and some of the newer ones you'd know they are completely different.

Old style text based games only use text as an input and display method. There may be a plot but they're not interested in telling a story per se.

The new style text games are really more like interactive graphic novels. They want to tell a story and use the medium to amplify it.

What makes Depression Quest so bad is that it doesn't use the medium at all (unless the medium is 90s web pages) and it does nothing to help build atmosphere. Even the story itself is shit and focuses on unique encounters and multiple endings and other shit that actually detracts from telling a good story.

How Eron can believe that Zoe is pushing boundaries is beyond me. Even Blackbar on iOS is better than DQ, and that game made me ragequit because it relies entirely on you having the same daily vocabulary as the writer. But at least it told a story that piques your interest enough to want to know what is happening to the characters.

No. 10008

File: 1408972821679.jpg (297.35 KB, 900x805, tumblr_natuonMkhG1rdwac3o2_128…)

Reading over the chat, we need to take on board what Eron has mentioned.

When the harrasment stops, we starve the beast, when we go against their narative of us, their propganda dies.

If we make a joint effort, people like Zoe and Anita who have such a following due to propaganda of…

"4chan/gamers are against women, if you don't support me, you hate women!"

I'm going to write out a small plan, for now, check this comic out…

Anita is pissed, for the first time in two years her mask has ever so slightly fallen out of place, we're doing something right guys.

No. 10012

File: 1408973342324.jpg (86.65 KB, 689x456, DSC_0585-001.jpg)


Ew why have they drawn her thin?

No. 10013

Does anyone have a screenshot of Anita going after The fine young capitalists at twitter?

I think she deleted them, again, breaking her narrative.

No. 10017

It shows you how much they believe in their morals by attacking the people who are supporting your ideas. It's clear that all they care about is their own personal gains.

No. 10018

File: 1408977552142.png (3.53 MB, 1520x3443, game_jam_jared_connection.png)

jared added to the mix, might even be the sixth guy

what the fuck lolcow fuck off with your automated bullshit i'm trying to post legit stuff here

No. 10019

File: 1408977743671.png (338.58 KB, 849x1500, zoe_bullshitting_tfyc.png)

have some more fuel on how zoe is a lying bitch, too

No. 10020

File: 1408977901208.jpg (1.77 MB, 2746x3258, redditmods.jpg)

and here's some more shit on how reddit is covering it up

just screencaps tho so take it with a grain of salt, but it would be a lot of effort to doctor all this shit together

No. 10021

I guess it's based on her old nude pics where she is pudgy but not fat.

Man, she has ballooned up through the years.

No. 10027

I like how sites are trying to turn this into a joke now.


No. 10028

Good job man

No. 10029

Someone give this to the guy she lied to, the more lies we uncover the better, any update on the CHARITY she's against?

No. 10031

That site is completely unknown anyway and they have only around 200 likes on facebook.

No. 10032

No. 10040

Man, I really hate her writing style.

(I vaguely remember from thezoepost something about her saying that she's always upfront in her communcations with people, and from the screened FB convos, I really don't see that, at all; she's really bad at communicating online.)

No. 10045

To the pompous hipster tryhard, anything that isn't like something else is probably "pushing the boundaries". Or he's advocating for 90s web pages to be considered video games now.

No. 10115

what even the all shit fuckery

No. 10116

there was an earlier link with the additional links he alludes to:


No. 10125

No. 10145

File: 1409037470888.jpg (1.58 MB, 1949x2352, 1408987862199.jpg)


I've been following the Wikipedia side of this. Wikipedia's policy is to describe reliable, published sources. In order to keep the article true, it needs to be proven that the sources covering her are not reliable. Here are the standards.

This works. We were able to get the Escapist taken off the accepted source list because of Greg Tito's statement admitting they do not fact check on these topics.

Focus on the following sites:
Daily Beast
Daily Dot
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Look for statements made by their staffers on social media that indicate how their publication does not meet Wikipedia's standards. Please post your findings in the thread.

No. 10151

Must be from all the cum she has swallowed lately and Patreon money.

No. 10152

Man, we need more PW proof.

No. 10180


Should also find out who this Mr. Stradivarius is because from the WP Talk page he seems VERY interested in keeping the information in favor of Quinn.

That said, this bitch doesn't even deserve a WP page in the first place. She's made one notable game in her entire life and that's it. Should just delete the whole thing.

No. 10186

One of the WP guys, Euclid? or something is confirmed to be a friend, so Stradivarius may as well be one too.

No. 10191

From this point on, everything this thundercunt does will always be deemed bad because of this scandal. No matter how hard she and her fuckbuddies try to erase all signs of the scandal on the internet, someone already compiled it and saved everything somewhere. The only thing she can do is remove herself from the internet and probably move away, to another planet, preferably. She can take Anita and all other "feminists" and SJWs with her too. There they can make their own society that conforms to whatever shit belief they have.

No. 10196

Imagine a country run by Zoe, Anita and the organizers of Dashcon.

No. 10197

they would kill each other in 3 days

No. 10198

In no time, they'd probably be on each others' throats. They'd end up fighting against each other and competing on who is the most special snowflake to rule them all.

No. 10199

Zoe should have a trial by fucking combat. Or combat fucking. Seems like it's the only thing she's good at.

No. 10200

add some PMS for additional keks

No. 10202

I imagine them all sitting in a circle not doing or saying anything for fear of being offensive. Then one girl cracks from the silence and they all kill her. Then everyone gets killed one by one as they crack, and the last person is completely psychotic.

No. 10214


What is the actual proof that The Escapist is no longer accepted as a source? Wikipedia doesn't have any kind of list of trusted or banned sources.

No. 10223

http://factualwiley.tumblr.com/post/95620655494 This post lays out the entire Zoe is Chelsea connection. This is also the most concise Zoe Quinn masterpost on the internet.

No. 10244

she changed her name once

No. 10251

No. 10253

File: 1409105803309.png (918.29 KB, 1205x3774, euchidtwittr.png)


Euclid most definitely is in Quinn's camp. Stradivarius I am not so sure on. I honestly think he wants to follow Wikipedia's policy. So if "credible" news articles are backing up Quinn, then he will support them. But for the record he was in favor of changing the working about Quinn's fake harassment from WizardChan last Dec as "Quinn reported being harassed". So I think he is overall a neutral party.

This is why we need to discredit the news outlets. They are proven to be corrupt then we can ignore what they say.

No. 10254



The Escapist is not on the list

No. 10275

I still don't understand why Zoe even warrants a Wiki page.

No. 10295

All this shit that Zoe and her friends keep insisting on about how we're trying to "punish women" makes me think they're all into kinky S&M shit and are trying to get us to roleplay with their sick sexual fantasies. Jesus Christ, we aren't interested, you fat fuck. Even if you were thin and beautiful, you can't just walk around expecting to spread your legs and devour any man or woman with your whoregina. Some people have morals and aren't filthy sluts like you. WE DON'T WANT YOUR NASTY CUNT now GTFO the internet and stop trying to force this "everyone wants to raep me" bullshit because no one besides your sissyboy femdom-loving cronies would ever pretend to believe the general public is anything but disgusted by your vile lust.

No. 10296


Well looking at the page's history…

>Randomly created on May 30 2014 by Shaun Edmonds. Some random gay cosplaying gamer guy who created his Wikipedia account only to create the Zoe Quinn article.

>Pushed for deletion by a Wikipedia reviewer for lack of notability.

>In flies Missvain to rescue the article. Her entire reason for being on Wikipedia seems to be to create articles about women. She describes herself as "a consultant who works works with organizations and individuals regarding cultural heritage, open culture, women-centric, and free knowledge services. I'm a feminist, with a proud history of being independent and passionate about the role of women in Wikipedia and beyond"

So basically she has a Wikipedia page because she's a woman and feminists hold women to lower standards.

My friend had his Wikipedia page deleted a few years ago for lack of notability. Even though if you search for his name on Wikipedia it's mentioned in other articles because he was a prominent modder and has been a lead developer on AAA titles before. Yet making shit like Depression Quest gets you an article because a bunch of white knights will defend you.

No. 10300

fuckin lol, that page is five time as long as the actual page

jesus christ

No. 10467

File: 1409225780585.png (493.84 KB, 1318x992, 1409224723917.png)

No. 10478


I looked for other Wikipedia articles of people I know. Even though most of them are mentioned in various pages on Wikipedia, only one of them has an article (well actually his company has an article but it's mostly about him anyway).

But then his article is mostly about some industry drama he was involved in relating to companies exploiting indie devs. His article survives because he was quoted on game journalist sites and those qualify as sources on Wikipedia.

So it strikes me that Wikipedia's notability and source requirements create a bias towards drama queens. Someone could be an industry giant but if "journalists" don't talk about them they barely matter. This is why Zoe Quinn's article is longer than Kim Swift's.

(Also note that Kim Swift's article wasn't created until June 2012, five years after the release of Portal.)

No. 10479

>quoting kanye
>identifying as a feminist


No. 10498

i mean at this point

it's a fuckin joke, right?

like seriously, no one is THAT dumb

right? please?

No. 10545


Small victory gentlemen. On Quinn's Wikipedia page, it has been edited to show that Zoe Quinn's 2013 "harassment" from WizardChan was just from her own twitter account.
Before it said: "In attempting to publish the game through Steam's Greenlight service in December 2013, Quinn was the target of harassment both online and through sexually explicit phone calls."

Now it says: " In attempting to publish the game through Steam's Greenlight service in December 2013, Quinn reported being the target of harassment both online and through sexually explicit phone calls."


No. 10581

You know, after editing to remove unreliable sources, this page got really short. And doesn't really say much about how she's notable except herpderp game dev while only listing one of her games.

No. 10635


Precisely why I think the page should just be deleted altogether. She's a nobody. Other people with far better credits haven't got a page, why should she get one because she got to be in the middle of some indie scene drama?

No. 10706

File: 1409422190675.png (135.92 KB, 516x545, polygon.png)

This popped up on my newsfeed today.

>mfw internet drama is now hitting mainstream

No. 10709

I did a literal spit-take upon seeing this.

>purely for the work they do

What, being a professional victim? She supported a cheating nepotist.

>implying she's in any actual danger

No. 10717

>driven out of home
I imagine her looking on her computer in her living room, seeing a mean comment and running outside to get away from the computer.

No. 10740

I read the comments, and not to sound like a tinfoil hatter, but they totally sound fake. The way it's written sounds way to similar to fanfics I've read written by teenage girls. I don't ever think a neckbeard who is angry about some bitch ruining their vidya is ever going to say "I just want to bite your neck and drink your hot blood" and other stupid corny shit. It's similar to how other net idols have tried to get sympathy by posting obvious fake hate and it just reads generic comments like "DIEDIEDIEDIE" because they're not creative enough to think of what their critics are actually criticizing them for.

No. 11091

File: 1409527695397.webm (2.98 MB, 854x480, 1409526322184.webm)

Just saw this and thought you guys might like it. I admit I giggled.

No. 11103

No. 11105

this is gr8 m8

No. 11149

Does anyone find it strange that after so much censorship of this Zoe Quinn drama, the iCloud hack pics are being allowed everywhere?

If there was a legit reason to censor stuff it would be stolen nudes of lawyered up celebs.

No. 11177


No. 11179

her self-satisfied smirk is perfect

No. 11210

What anime is that?

No. 11214

Durarara, episode 11

No. 11525

No. 11601

Man, the Wikipedia situation is a fucking joke. They're even avoiding following their own policies, sourcing articles that equate taking control over someone elses character in a game via an exploit to rape, and removing sources listed as reliable.

No. 11767

Wikipedia is filled with sjw and feminists with a vehement agenda.

No. 11774

I'm surprised they fucked up their own game so hard. I thought that they were supposed to be all anal-retentive autists who need citation for even the most mundane of claims, and that shit needs to be neutral or neutralized. But I guess they got too porous.

No. 11810

That's what confuses me. Aren't wiki editors supposed to be impartial?

Also, do they just let any rando become an editor? I thought they had a screening process or some shit to preserve quality.

No. 11872


From Zoe's youtube channel, some white knight monitoring IRC chat where they interviewd Zoe's ex

unlisted vid btw

No. 11873

File: 1410103453788.jpg (431.52 KB, 800x1500, 1410097627993.jpg)

No. 11974

File: 1410186864736.jpg (801.21 KB, 3372x1120, Anita.jpg)


No. 11976

It was made 20 days ago when the whole drama started. Read the latest posts.

No. 11977

I'm pretty sure she and Kiki would be BFFies

No. 11986

I introduced a friend who has a PHd in Women's Studies to some SWJ tumblr blogs and she almost had a heart attack. She said most those blogs threatened to set feminist issues back a decade or two. The misinformation and absolute diatribe these women propagate is incredibly naive, self-serving, and
damaging. She couldn't even start on the Zoe scandal and the way Zoe uses feminism as a crutch for spreading female stereotypes in low female to male ratio professions.

No. 12727

File: 1410523162977.png (1.37 MB, 1280x941, tumblr_nbrb3b6BHQ1r2zn66o3_r1_…)

Some evidence that she may have been faking donations. Could be that she donated with a private name (she uses some account labelled Patrick or some shit). Since it's a charity they're probably going to No Comment on it soon to avoid the drama. Once found out she changed the link to lead to some national hotline that's too big to care.

No. 12729

That's interesting to hear. Maybe you should suggest that she blog about it? I'd love to see a blog that picks apart SJW arguments.

No. 12736

god this shit is pathetic. zoe quinn is a useless sack of crap who wants money for nothing. she and anita have zero talent other than being a victim

No. 12751

File: 1410534291720.png (231.29 KB, 1642x1052, 1410456268081.png)

No. 12756

>has sex with game devs for higher positions of power

Jesus. Who in the hell would want to have sex with someone this ugly? Good god, get some standards.

No. 12963

> standards
> gaming journalism


No. 13079

>no affiliation
Oh fucking wow.

I no longer give a shit what happens to her, she deserves anything negative things may happen to her. ANYTHING.

Making money off of depression by "raising awareness" with a shitty game that doesn't do a good job at doing just that was bad enough. But now she's not even donating money to the charities. She can go rot.

I'm glad to hear that there are people who study this who aren't insane. I always keep an open mind when I hear a reasonable person say they support equality and feminism, but if some random person says they're a feminist I'm instantly skeptical. I think the damage is largely already done.

They don't let any random person edit an article once it's protected. There are varying degrees of protection, to my understanding. Check out the World of Wikipedia article on ED for a very factual look at shit that obviously doesn't happen.

No. 13350

> http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-things-i-learned-as-internets-most-hated-person/
If she seriously thinks she's the most hated person then she's 100% crazy. The internet's pretty much moved on from her. Hasn't Chris-chan been around for like five years now and there's a wiki dedicated to trolling and hating on him?
The whole thing is just her trying to get the hate directed back to her. Probably for profit. Your patreon gets you fucking $3000/month, how much more do you want you greedy cunt.

No. 13384

Of course she does. TBH, unless I just haven't been paying enough attention, I'm a bit amazed she didn't try to cash in on the whole celeb nude leak thing and get her private nudes 'leaked' too.

No. 13386

holy shit. she really is playing it up like it's because she's "feminist". but why would a feminist cheat on her boyfriend with at least five guys? why would a feminist profit off of depression and commit fraud? why would a feminist supress and harrass a project that would promote female game designers? these aren't things that are rumors either. they're facts.

she's playing so many people and I bet she's loving it. I really hope something really bad happens to her.

No. 13512

ZQ is 100% anti-Fappening

not because of "Da Misogyny"

but because it took attention away from her

No. 13513

>the Internet decided to make me the center of a supposed global conspiracy
>supposed global conspiracy

bitch please

you're not Enron

although you're big enough to be mistaken as such

No. 13514


Factual Feminist, actually parsible content

No. 13528

This woman! She is so based. Seeing that video cheered me up, you sometimes almost feel gaslighted as a guy who likes video games.

No. 13557

File: 1411005389595.jpg (493.57 KB, 1000x2900, 1409126432755.jpg)

Anything new?

No. 13608


It makes me happy to see CDPROJEKT on there. The cry against the Witcher games being sexist because you can sleep with women (and get pretty art cards of them) makes me love them even more. (also totally a girl too)

The US is so anti-sex/nudity it's mind-boggingly. It's just tits. Get over it. Nudity is just kind of everywhere where I'm from.

No. 13613

easy fancy skins and shit. a little expensive though, but if you're not great at computer and how did you get here…

>were harassed for using the term "trap"

it's a term of endearment many transsexuals like, goddamn

>support japshit

some of it is influenced by a culture that has some serious problems with gender roles, coming from someone like me who wouldn't dream of calling myself a feminist.


great game, backed it from early on, never play it anymore because I'm a scrub. a great babbys first fighting game because of how friendly and in-depth the tutorials are. plus the animation is great, characters are colorful and the VAs clearly had fun (check the cast playthroughs where they get shitfaced, it's hilarious).

No. 13716

No. 13756

>implying if he shot up a school they wouldn't blame videogames

No. 14447

>I would prefer not to be associated with this. It feels wrong to me. I think it feels very off to reach across the fence from journalist to subject in this way. I prefer professional distance, especially given the accusations being levied at us from outside.

What the fuck? An actual attempt at professionalism? From a games journalist?

No. 14461

At first I didn't take this shit seriously but then when I watched an informative video summarizing everything with evidence? Holy shit. How can this nasty ugly bitch corrupt gaming journalism this much??? Just what the fuck! Are they that desperate for fat smelly pussy? Jesus. And Anita needs to fucking disappear.

No. 14520

File: 1411550277235.png (86.84 KB, 807x520, rantic.png)

So who heard of EmmaYouAreNext.com? The site promising the release nudes of Emma Watson. Based on GamerGate and The Fappening, a lot of the media believed 4chan was targeting Emma due to her recent speech at the UN in support of feminism.

See these big media outlets following the anti-4chan line:
> Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2014/sep/23/feminists-rally-emma-watson-4chan-nude-photo-threats
> BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/29322764

But now that the countdown on EmmaYouAreNext.com has ended, what happens when yo go there? See the pic.

Rantic.com does not seems to be a real marketing company and appears to be the same source as the GTA V PC version cancelled prank

Most successful 4chan media prank since hackers on steroids?

Also Emma's actual UN speech speech seems to have been a bit of a joke.

> Emma Watson: "Feminism too often linked with man-hating"

> She is launching a campaign called HeForShe, which aims to get more men and boys fighting for equal rights.

Yeah I'm sure shaming men into towing your line will do lots to help the "man hating" image.

No. 14524

>Yeah I'm sure shaming men into towing your line will do lots to help the "man hating" image.
Uh, what?

Anyway, it was clear from the start they were bluffing and didn't have shit or else we would have seen them all by now. None of the other celeb nudes were held until someone decided they didn't agree with what she said.

It wasn't really successful just kind of stupid really.

No. 14526

File: 1411552153867.png (155.72 KB, 600x499, ByKZyWbIgAAPUK9.png)


The entire HeForShe campaign seems to be about getting men to post pictures of themselves with signs supporting "gender equality". OK, so why not get women to post as well. Why not call the campaign "EveryoneForEveryone"?

No. 14528

File: 1411552245825.jpg (30.95 KB, 600x300, ByO8ATuCIAA0RUs.jpg)


> "gender equality is your issue too"

> "HeForShe"

No. 14532

It's not even that new a concept. This is just a clear case of them getting caught red-handed doing it.

Heard it indirectly, was unsure why 4chan users would have the control or whatever to keep her n00ds hidden. Seemed unlikely, like >>14524 said.

There's no sister campaign?

It's true that we need to work for equality, but I am not ever calling myself a feminist. I'm fine with explaining myself each time. Educated people seem to see where I'm coming from.

She touched on the subject of men suffering from gender stereotypes. Strange, seeing how this has nothing to do with what she's talking about. She just brought it up and then abandoned the issiue.

The "commitment" you're supposed to make is:

"Gender equality is not only a women’s issue, it is a human rights issue that requires my participation. I commit to take action against all forms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girls"

Yeah, that sounds pretty equal. Gender equality is everyones issiue, so lets focus on the girls. Getting to have a speech at the UN, but not thinking it through enough. Shame on her.


No. 14536

File: 1411559409538.jpg (102.14 KB, 600x767, ByKjM6aCAAAkh46.jpg)


Considering the widespread media coverage I think it was a pretty successful prank.

No. 14569

>She touched on the subject of men suffering from gender stereotypes. Strange, seeing how this has nothing to do with what she's talking about. She just brought it up and then abandoned the issiue.

Whenever feminists touch on those stereotypes it's always stuff like men not being emotional. Yet as a guy I'm as emotional as I want to be. I'm not suppressed.

Feminists seem to be concerned about the growing humanist and men's rights movements and so are more eager than ever to involve men. But it basically amounts to a bunch of patronising women telling men that they know what's best for us.

I don't see how people like this can be trusted to achieve equality.

No. 14571


>I don't do a thing therefore all men do not have this problem

When my boyfriend's cat died he tried so hard to cry, but nothing would come out.
He was so overwhelmed with sadness and yet he no outlet for which to release this outlet. What followed was a few hours of horrible, dry sobs with no tears to show for anything as his mental state wrestled with his emotional state, and this was because his entire life he had been conditioned from birth to always be the tough guy, the hard man, to never show weakness, to never let anybody see you cry, to never cry full stop.

TL;DR, shut up.

No. 14572

File: 1411576042258.jpg (965.17 KB, 800x7194, ZYnC3pY.jpg)


naturally, the whole Emma Watson nude pics leak is fake

it's a PR stunt


No. 14580


Oh, you're another one of those patronising women that knows what's best for me.

I'll shut up now. Thanks for valuing my opinions.

No. 14583

Don't get your knickers in a knot, bro. She was clearly talking about her boyfriend, not you. YOU may have no trouble expressing certain kinds of emotions, but some men do.


Your experience =/= Everyone's experience… imagine that!

No. 14585

>Your experience =/= Everyone's experience… imagine that!

You do realise that's exactly what >>14569 is about? Feminists claim to speak for me, they claim to understand my experience. I say they don't and I'm told to "shut up".

I'm not the one dismissing anyone's experiences.

No. 14595

Feminists want to be in control, and insist that men can't be allies. So yes you have to listen to them. Men and women a like. If you don't agree you have internalized hatred.

No. 14657

Crying can be hard. This is normal for all manner of reasons. It CAN be because of it being percieved as emasculating.

But listen to what he's actually saying. There are some quite pressing issiues that aren't just "oh you can't cry". Stuff like drafting men to combat roles, custody being won almost exclusively by women, or if you want more social issiues try the inherent inequality of heterosexual dating.

There's no reason for you to tell him to shut up.

I do, too. I don't attribute it to gender roles. I have far more important personal problems relating to gender than not having an easy time crying.

No. 14826


nothing really new, just more bullshit

the part that made me laugh was calling Vivian James "an anime girl"

it's funny, Cracked was always one of the bottom feeders, but i used to think they had decent content from time to time

No. 14865

Oh my, not even making the world worse, it's dooming the world. I wouldn't argue that cheating, nepotism and loss of journalistic integrity would have such a severe impact, but…

>#7. "The Whole Thing Is an Ex-Boyfriend's Revenge"

Considering the extensive coverage this has recieved, arguing that this is only about the aspect of her cheating on her boyfriend is inexcusable. But hell, pretend exploiting your sexual attractiveness, specific to your gender in this heteronormative society, is fair and equal conduct befitting someone claiming to be a feminist.

>#6. There's #Gamergate Porn

Because this is relevant how? The main issiue they seem to take is with drawings of Vivian. Also, I find it funny how they hate on futa/trap drawings of Viv. I was under the impression that inceasing acceptance of transsexuals was one of the goals of modern feminism? But I guess they're supposed to be treated differently- no porn of them allowed, clearly. Equality, people!

Next, they go on to hate image related. Clearly, it's intended as fapfuel. Drawing ponos and vagoo are signs of a doomed society, people.

>#5. The Lawyers Against Gaming Corruption

What about the elephant in the room? You know, the whole conflict of interest and corruption thing of the subject we're talking about?

>#4. Zombie Social Media

I suppose I can agree. People blindly defending or attacking in this matter are jackoffs. Quite like the author in this article, who doesn't know what they're talking about.

>#3. The Sworn Enemies of Justice

Apparently, critizing tumblr feminism is a sign of the end times. I'd like to argue the exact opposite.

>#2. The Alleged Corruption Never Happened

Holy shit on a saltine, this guy is fucking retarded.
>The alleged scandal is a pathetic fantasy. A woman bestowing sexual favors so that men will look at the video game she made?
Well, there's that, which we KNOW happened, but there's also the fact that she committed fraud, claiming to donate to charity, but doesn't have the reciepts to back it up.

>#1. #Gamergate Is the Wrong Banner

I'm confused, really. Apparently, since this hashtag is used by jackoffs, one ought abandon it. It's not like it's valuable for keeping discussion of this in one place OH WAIT. But suppose twitter banned it or so. A new one would spring, and it'd be exactly the same, albeit a tiny bit smaller. Imagine all such things were magically banned, and now you have censorship. And again people, this is an article titled "7 Reasons "Gamergate" Proves Humanity is Doomed". Using the wrong hashtag. I'll collect my cyanide pill on the way out, thank you very much.

Shit like this drains me. I need a fucking reality check, to make sure I haven't gone insane and that I'm living in some nightmarish world where people vehemently defend cheating, lying hypocrites.

No. 14866

File: 1411706973572.jpg (335.21 KB, 900x843, tumblr_nal15blCpT1rdwac3o1_128…)

I canceled my image post because of mean tweets.

No. 18042

No. 18047

Cracked was for Cheeto-fingered neckbeards who proudly donned their fedoras at first, but now they want the annoying SJW audience it seems.

No. 18071

Anita is at it again: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-29626809

>Feminist video-games talk cancelled after massacre threat

>Ms Sarkeesian tweeted that she had not cancelled her lecture because of the email itself, but rather because she had not felt that the security measures would be adequate.

>"Requested pat downs or metal detectors after mass shooting threat - but because of Utah's open-carry laws, police wouldn't do firearm searches," she wrote.

This chick has lost it. I wonder how many times she can pull this stunt before more people stop taking her seriously.

Also another woman copied Anita's stunts a few days earlier: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-29616197

>Ms Wu fled her home on Friday 10 October after graphic sexual threats were made against her.

What is with these people and leaving their homes?

No. 18072

These are people who don't understand the internet and are trying to take advantage of it, it's as simple as that.

2 trolls saying "I'll kill you bitch" on twitter either seriously frightens them because "muh triggers" or they see an excellent opportunity to take advantage of it because it fits into their professional victim narrative perfectly. Or for some, maybe a bit of both.

No. 18075


It's also fear mongering as Anita is basically saying to her followers that they should take stupid threats seriously. Anita may be disingenuous but such a mindset would be really damaging to one of her young followers who believes everything she says.

But that's pretty much how a lot of the cultish SJW stuff works. Even "mainstream" feminism is very fear based.

No. 18076

More importantly, why would any university invite a shit stain like Anita to do a lecture??? What kind of value would that add to the student's lives? It's like Ronald McDonald lecturing kids on eating healthy at McFats.

No. 18082

No. 18087

>"We all look up to Anita," said Young, who hopes to work in the video-game industry. "She's a big hero not only in the video-game industry, but in the feminist world."
Well that's just a big crock of shit on all fronts.

No. 18200


can we talk about the bigger lolcow here, phil fish?

if you have skin as thin as he does you should never interact with the public. ever

No. 18222

Oh my god, right?? I follow him (along with a bunch of other lolcows) on twitter, and I'm so disappointed his tweets are locked now. The guy's just nuts, not to mention a huge crybaby.

No. 18226


Thing is, Zoe Quinn / GG must be Phil Fish's third or fourth public meltdown. He was already a joke.

I'm sure he will be back in a year or so ranting about some shit and then make his Twitter private again once people start disagreeing with him.

Also did anyone see the Seth Rogen dick pic thing?


No. 18316

its really weird seeing legitimately famous people involved, not just video game nobodies.
this shit is so dumb on all sides and its not even amusing anymore its just annoying.

No. 18336

Exactly. Why are celebrities encouraging this? It's literally just 14-year-old SJWs with RPGMaker blowing shit out of proportion.

No. 18352

The worst thing is SJWs just get more attention with this shit

No. 18357


It's a catch 22. People like Anita need attention to survive, but on the other hand do you just let SJWs take over? SJWs have a history of wrecking communities because nobody told them to fuck off early on.

No. 42359

sorry for bumping an old thread but I need to get this out of my system because I just found it
Exactly. It's horrible how a cesspool of vice and pretty much the pure essence of free speech is scared of one goddamn manipulative camwhore who guilt trips and blames people for her own mistakes and selfishness, doesn't have any talent of her own so she just needs to cover it by crying and being as much of a bitch as she can.

I'm a female in tech. I've always been interested in computers and I currently have a degree in computer science and I'm specialized in web programming. So it goes without saying that 90% of the time I'm the only woman present. And thanks to people like Sarkeesian and Quinn, I will continue to be. They're the ones who are scaring women off the whole field, telling them to take every piece of critique as a misogynist attack, encouraging women to be as thin-skinned and helpless as possible, demonizing the whole industry just because it's male-dominated. Well guess fucking what, in IT you don't get anywhere without skills. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, if you're a good programmer you're taken seriously and you'll get a job. If you're a shit programmer, then it shows. Programming has concrete results to show and your understanding of the paradigm is easy to test, so you can't really fake your career. Cold mathematical logic is objective.

These bitches are so busy whining about everything that they PRESUME is wrong with the industry just for a quick buck to support their own bullshit projects. They're using peoples' good intentions and riding on the subject of feminism just to support their own agenda. This is nowhere better showcased than in what Zoe did to that tFYC game jam. She purposely ruined a group encouraging women to start making games just because she felt it was competing with her snowflake project.

It's like the whole world is crazy. I see rabid articles building a strawmen army of misogynist terrorists to defend their queens and throw all the ethics of journalism out of the window. They don't even bother to check the facts or interview anyone from the opposite side, they just come up with quotes from "scary internet anons" that can't be validated for legitimacy in the sense that it's some goddamn anonymous person in the internet spewing crap on Twitter. All criticizing discussion of Zoe and Sarkeesian is deleted and banned around the web. What the hell is happening?

I'm pretty sure that if I just wrote an article how I was violently raped at my workplace because I'm a woman in tech and that's what regularly happens to women in tech, ezines like Gawker would swallow it without a question and print it out without never checking the facts and slap on a couple of clickbaiting headers.

No. 42372

dude no one cares

lol thanks for bumping an old and annoying ass thread just TO MAKE IT CLEAR to all of lolcow how much of a cOOL programmer chick you are. Irony. No one truly cares. Fuck off.

No. 42374

Not even that anon, but holy shit you are one sandy cunt. She didn't make it about being a cool programmer. She vented, which is something some of you have done on this board since it's creation. She's obviously not looking to impress anybody when this site is inhabited by, let's face it, all fucking chicks. You got defensive for no fucking reason and whether you like or not, Quinn is still up to her usual bullshit and so is Anita. It's horseshit like that that makes ALL fucking women look bad.

Here's an idea; Don't rely so heavily on lolcow for entertainment that when you see a thread which you don't give a fuck about get bumped, you get ass ravaged because it isn't about what -you- want to be a gossipy cunt about. I don't give a fuck about Ashley or Micky, yet I don't pitch a fit when their threads receive more traffic than Traci or Quirky's.

You wanna be a cunt? Head back to halfchan /cgl/, because their Tumblrina asses could sure use it.

No. 42377

I'm not talking about their threads more so than Gamergate. It's done and over with. Why she felt compelled to humble brag on this shitshow that has finally ended is beyond me. I have a science degree in a heavily male dominated field as well, and this shit just confirms that most girls in fields where the female to male ratio is 1 to 50 have some sort of attention whore complex where they constantly need to make irrelevant situations about them.

No. 42391

>GamerGate is over

You really are retarded, aren't you?

No. 42398

I mean it kinda is though. Anyone who still thinks this shit matters /updates on it is super retarded. There really is nothing else new to say about it. Do you have anything truly relevant and remarkable to to shed on Gamergate that isn't just the media circle jerking?

No. 42406

It's over and it has showed us that SJWs are better people than gamers.

No. 42419

You cared enough to post.

No. 42445

What the fuck are you talking about? It was relevant to the post to mention that she's a woman in tech because she can speak from a relevant viewpoint, unlike some sociology/literature/graphic design student who thinks she has any idea what's going on in the IT field. She mentioned that as someone who works in the field while representing the minority gender she knows it's due to the person's own incompetence if her or she is not skilled enough. IT is like one of the few industries that don't have a wage gap between women and men because your pay is evaluated by your skill which can be easily measured by your results.

>I have a science degree in a heavily male dominated field as well, and this shit just confirms that most girls in fields where the female to male ratio is 1 to 50 have some sort of attention whore complex where they constantly need to make irrelevant situations about them.

I find this hilariously ironic. Instead of focusing on the point about people who know nothing about what they're rallying for and being huge hypocrites, you attack the poster's gender mention.

No. 42542

Fuck off. Her complaints are valid.

No. 42592

It was pretty much that petty "I'm not liek other gurls watch me hate on muh gender liek Tumblr does XDDDDD" bullshit. Little does nigger know that there aren't guys here to be impressed.

No. 42639

>It's over and it has showed us that SJWs are better people than gamers.

how so? i haven't followed it since like october

No. 42664

The fact that there are few guys here is evidence that she's giving an honest opinion.

She wasn't saying she's unique amongst her gender, just that some women in male-majority fields like programming and game dev are completely fucking crazy and take all forms of interaction as perceived slights or discrimination. Look at people like Shanley and Sarkeesian for prime examples.

Disclaimer: I'm a male who works in tech. I'd love to have more women in the industry, and the only woman coworker I had was a lot better than many of her male colleagues. I'm not sexist, I just don't like narcissists and professional victims. The industry grows more and more SJW by the year.

No. 42670

By irrelevant I mean that the situation itself is IRREVELVANT. Not her relation to gamergate. I mean gamergate itself is irrelevant. I repeat. Gamergate is irrelevant and she comes here to try to make it relevant by relating it back to herself. Which it does relate to her, but why does she feel the urge to make this defunct debacle relevant again? Because she needs her slice of attention whore pie that she missed out on. I have no issues with venting. But I would have thought that a 3 month old thread would be bumped with new scandals or information, but instead what do you know lol. It's about a girl proving she's an oh so cool programmer who hates them sjw.

No. 42673

All you're doing is rehashing her arguments. I'm not saying her points aren't invalid. The fact that she needs to bump the months old gamergate thread just to whine and vent about her experiences as a womyn in STEM~ just prove how much attention starved she really is. She couldn't have just, oh I don't know, not commented and kept that shit to herself? No one cares about this anymore, at least on here. She brought no new information to the table. She just wanted to talk about herself and how she's so much better than women in her field.

Finally someone gets it.

No. 42940

) here. According to your surprisingly incoherent and bitter rage I'm beginning to think that you're either a troll or a MRA so I'm going to ignore the ad hominem arguments to answer WHY I bumped the thread and to open my point better.

>I just recently, like a couple of days ago, saw a seminar where some lazy anti-GG bitch made feminism all about her instead of women. So the problem isn't "dead and buried". She spent the whole seminar just talking about herself and why her feelings are the most important, which is the main problem with these fake feminists.

>This also happened fairly recently. After a discussion about Gamergate in Facebook I was told (by a Quinn supporter, who actually had no fucking idea what GG was about) that I'm not a real feminist because I don't defend lying, manipulative camwhores.
>I want to see more women in the IT field and people scaring them off by telling they'll get harassed by default aren't helping.
>Because I want to see more women get interested in CS and possibly game development people like Quinn and Sarkeesian aren't good role models for girls who might be interested. They don't have any talent and nothing to show off their hard work besides a massive victim complex. Yet they're the ones who get the spotlight instead of actual female developers. Even they themselves don't help recognize female workers in the tech field, they're only talking about themselves and ruining competitors (again, the tFYC case). Which is sickening because they're using people for their own benefit, it reminds me of a charity that collects money for some noble cause but keeps all the dough for itself. Oh wait, Sarkeesian did do that.

>The fact that she needs to bump the months old gamergate thread just to whine and vent about her experiences as a womyn in STEM~ just prove how much attention starved she really is.

Excuse me, but you've spanned like 10 replies here with your incoherent rage that wouldn't even have existed if I hadn't mentioned my gender in my first post. Just ignore it and let the thread sink.

>She couldn't have just, oh I don't know, not commented and kept that shit to herself? No one cares about this anymore, at least on here.

I could say the same to you.

Polite sage this time.

No. 42941

Also correcting myself.
>I want to see more women in the IT field and people scaring them off by telling they'll get harassed by default aren't helping.

What I meant to say was:

>I want to see more women in the IT field and people WHO KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT THE INDUSTRY BECAUSE THEY DON'T WORK THERE OR HAVE A QUALIFYING DEGREE OR ANY EXPERIENCE BESIDES TROLLS IN THE INTERNET scaring them off by telling they'll get harassed by default aren't helping.

No. 43253

Thank you for such an enlightening post.
Dunno why you're getting so much shit for it.

No. 43375

.. What? I didn't say YOU were the Tumblr. I saying the person who started shit with you was because they felt the need to also go BLEH MUH ALSO COUNTER STEM DEGREE!

No. 43393

Oh for fuck's sake you may think you're calling her out on her "attention whore" ways but the truth is that you're a much more autistic motherfucker trying to bitch and moan about someone else venting. From her post I don't see her being "teehee I'm the only woman in IT" but rather "I'm the only woman in IT most of the time and it annoys me that two bitches are going to keep it that way for a while thanks to their shit antics".

Seriously go back to 4chan to be a whiny cunt.

No. 43394


Jesus Christ THANK YOU. I read her post, thought it was also insightful, and this faggot bitch starts chewing her out. Typical catty bitch that is impossible to work with (most of you know the type).

No. 43398


We do whatever the fuck we want here. Thread is old and someone bumps it? I'm sorry, I didn't know someone was fucking you with a sandpaper dildo every time an old thread got bumped. THERE IS NO RULE ON BUMPING OLD THREADS. Get the sand out of your vag already.

No. 49912

humblebrag? "I am a female in tech"

holy shit you're retarded

hey guys, I'm a male janitor in a male dominated field. /humblebrag

No. 49913

Holy shit, did you just bunp a month old thread to say the same shit everyone else did?

No. 361925


No. 361931

* this isn't the current zoe quinn thread
* you're either shitposting or you really are an idiot

No. 367974

Man this thread is a great flashback to the early days of Gamergate.

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