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No. 779905

>tries to act tough online. is actually just a whore.
>cant shut its mouth in an attempt to have lips
>involves others into her drama, cant do shit.
>cheated on now ex husband
>failed getting into the army
>spends all day on facebook
>fake being strong because shes a weak thot
>has no real personality
>just a straight up fowl cunt
>hits up other people's baby daddy's/ex boyfriends after they break up
>is an overall a bitter hoe
>talks mad shit and doesnt expect to get caught up
>best part of the pic I'll uplaod is that she made it herself, I didn't even have to make it lol
>is a drunk and got her rez house condemned.
>was desperate after failing the army from her psycho mental health, gets pregnant by another man
>now has 2 baby daddys and isn't even married lmfao
>fat, dumb, ugly, hoe that can't keep her legs closed for shit.
>Used to sleep around the valley to get free Xanax
>gave multiple men the clap
>gets into fights and cant act like a real woman just some thot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 779908

Instagram: darian.jae
Facebook: Darian Jae Jack

No. 779909

karma issaa bitch

No. 779915

10/10 thread, you sure showed 'em!

No. 779918

kek I actually choked

No. 779921


nypa also read the rules & posting guide

No. 779929

This is such a stereotypical vendetta-chan that I have to wonder if OP is taking the piss.

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