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lmao this image board is truly something else.

So I understand the culture being an oldfag and all, but thank god I grew out of that crap.

anyways lmfao.
this is worse than 4chan i've never seen a group of individual so insecure that they are hounding "internet celebrities"

you folks are a sad result of this culture of over glamorizing celebrities

idk what im trying to acomplish i'm just a oldfag
but girls lmao. stop! holy shit hahahahah get a hobby stop obsessing over people that literally give 0 fucks about you while they're living they're "fake" lives to the fullest, but all of you are living in this pit of a website loathing something you aren't lmao.

No. 780333

No. 780334

Autism. Autism never changes.

No. 780341

We have many hobbies. You'd see if you checked /ot/ or /m/.

Talking shit about vapid narcissists is one of them.

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