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33 years old Scottish Deviant who claims to being son of Bruce Watson from the band Big Country, with Asperger and a more than 2100 followers on Furaffinity and Deviantart, Cunt Boy and he still lives with his parents.



some informations and evidences are from Atrocious Deviants WIKIhttp://archive.vn/lg9fy

others were been archivied by me.

he's very obsessive toward a finctional character from Final Fantasy known as Freya Crescent.
he claims to being the best feet fetish artists even if in other's eyes he makes huge mistakes with anatomy.
he begs to the people to commission him to allow him to buying illegal drugs mixed with weed
he can't taking criticism and he disables the comments like a snowflake to avoid criticism or other comments offtopics which are not related to the drawing
this guy complains about to don't having people watching his stream even if 3-4 people joins in his streams during late night
once he was exposed about making a pedophilic joke about Cream porn (Cream is 6 years old in the Sonic serie)
he stated to hating kids and minors but he draws underages characters into fetish art anyway.
he whines about the people who uses Patreon for gaining moneys or about artists who are more popular than him
someone told me he stalks his watchers to be sure they don't unfollow him and he comments on their profile about
he asks too much to the people to loving his "ship" Bru DotBat and Freya Crescent
recently he started to spamming his posts about to follow his twitter and wanting to reach 1000 followers at the end of the year including some threats to increase the commissions prices. http://archive.ph/B9tTU http://archive.ph/CumG9 http://archive.ph/Z2m47 http://archive.ph/R6MqI http://archive.ph/sh0JY
some of his former friends claimed he killed his EX Girlfriend's hamster smoking next to them.

some of his shit can be found via Way Back

the most interesting part about this guy is that many people comparated him to Chris-Chan about to begging moneys to buying useless trash to collection or for killing his liver with drug, never forget to mention about his way how he begs to the people to doing shit he wants because "he's bored"

his socials:

https://bigsta.net/account/trowelhands/ http://archive.ph/8TdC3
https://twitter.com/Trowelhands http://archive.vn/AMQky
https://www.facebook.com/Trowelhands http://archive.vn/A5zoU
https://www.deviantart.com/trowelhands http://archive.ph/Lup2K
https://picarto.tv/Trowelhands http://archive.vn/capsN
https://inkbunny.net/Bru http://archive.vn/BNJR9
https://www.youtube.com/user/Trowelhands http://archive.vn/q4oGR
https://ko-fi.com/Trowelhands http://archive.vn/9B66k
https://www.furaffinity.net/user/trowelhands/ http://archive.ph/9Ym6S

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Anon I’m gonna be honest with you I can’t understand most of this post

No. 785461

in a few of words, he threats others like if he owns everything because his dad is from the band Big Country, i'm new here and i need to know how separate the format.
most of the informations came from the Wiki and used as thread source and following the requirement for it,
i wish i could edit it to make this thread more clear as possible, but not sure how

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Check out the rules and lurk a bit more to get familiar with the board culture. New threads get posted in /snow/ not /pt/. There is a thread pinned at the top of /pt/ where you can post some info and people who are more experienced with making posts (and with better grammar, spelling, and articulation) will make a thread if there is enough interest in the subject, but tbh this guy doesn't sound milky enough for /pt/, or at least not the type of milk that people on these boards pay much attention to.

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>cunt boy
just post about her in one of the tranny threads in snow then dummy

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