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File: 1428667636513.jpg (43.57 KB, 640x640, fuzokujo.jpg)

No. 79091

she is so insane.
She got 2 Kids. One lives with her parents in australia and other one with her husband.
She spents all her money at host clubs. Works as kyabajo and as prostitute

No. 79105

yesss thanks for this thread. ive vaguely heard about her on some japanese message boards. whats her ig?

No. 79119

it used to be kabukichoreign but she either changed it or deleted it when someone posted a picture w/her ig on meangyarusecret.

No. 79121

No. 79132

with makeup and filters she looks ok but in some pics, face is busted. she looks ancient

No. 79133

Examples of insanity? She just looks like some hag attention whore. While that can be lulzy enough, I do enjoy me some archived insanity.

No. 79143

>"My parents abused me and are not fit to take care of my child! They drink and do drugs and even force kids to drink alcohol!"
>leaves newborn baby boy at her parents for 3 years to seek happiness ~*elsewhere*~

No. 79144

File: 1428682472122.png (136.92 KB, 313x401, sdfg.PNG)

But just a cup of coffee would kill her right?

No. 79147

File: 1428682547282.png (99.86 KB, 594x274, kab.PNG)

No. 79148


It's quite possibly the most OC self written speshul snowflake idiot story ever.

No. 79149

better take care of her baby.. ah I've forgot she can't see her baby because she doesn'Tcare

No. 79173

Wait, so is this bitch still married to her nipponese husbando? Or did she abandon him and her halfu baby too?

No. 79178

This sounds like a capable mother!

No. 79183

from what I've read they're still married, but she cheats on him all the time with hosts and junk.

didn't she also get a boob job recently? or was that another girl?

No. 79220

yeah but they are going to get a divorce

new boobs and lips

No. 79224

I thought hosts didn't sleep with their client.

No. 79227

they do. not all but they do

No. 79230

She must be seeing some lower tier hosts, then.

No. 79233

I don't know much about her but ….why moved to japan? and working as a host?

No. 79253

Oh hello Melissa!

No. 79254


oh honey. Even the "higher" number hosts sleep with their clients casually.
Almost all of them do. I'd say about 97% of hosts do that shit all the time.

No. 79258

From what I've read, it's discouraged because clients often don't come back afterwards.
Do you have info to back up your claim? Maybe some interviewees have been lying through their teeth…

No. 79264

um it could go either way i guess.
i think at HOSTESS clubs, sleeping with male clients results in loss because men are more likely to hit it and quit it. men go to kyaba for fun whereas women go to host clubs because lonely.
at HOST clubs, women clients get hooked even after sex. even after knowing her "man" is dirty scum

No. 79267


Don't believe everything you read. Hosts are professional liars. They will sleep with their customers if the customer so wishes.
Either for 1. the pussy 2. the money 3. a promise or 4. a place to sleep at.

in some rare cases yes, the customer will achieve her "goal" and might stop going to the club, but most of the time the girls just get more attached as they are usually lonely/desperate/horny women who sometimes fall too deeply in love with their hosts. Hostess world is a bit different but some hostesses do sleep with their customers as well, usually purely for money.

I don't have any concrete prove to show to you but i've been involved in the host world for around 5 years and have possibly seen and experienced enough to be able to stand behind my words.

I don't say this because i want to be a bitch or to tear anyone's fantasies. I tell you this because i wish that many of those clueless curious girls would stay away from hosts. The host world is just plain cruel.

No. 79269

This was interesting. Thanks.

No. 79275

No. 79318

This creepy, decent looking weaboo is pretty fascinating.

Anymore info?

No. 79321

File: 1428708597129.jpg (114.42 KB, 640x640, 11017574_335647633309605_18236…)

OFC she hangs out with Ashley… LOL. They both have busted faces, kids, and are married. Match made in heaven.

I guess Ashley goes by Niina now? Or that's her hostess name.

No. 79325

That thing is scary Anon!

Also…not sure if making a joke about ms skeltal Ashley or if this lady's name is Ashley as well.

No. 79328

ugggh i dont get how people think these two have it good. i cant imagine a more bleak future for a gaijin mother in japan than working as a hostess

No. 79340

File: 1428711327553.png (861.35 KB, 614x626, tfgjhj.PNG)

No. 79341

File: 1428711360665.png (788.27 KB, 623x636, yhjk.PNG)

No. 79342

File: 1428711418950.png (861.89 KB, 967x640, 1.PNG)

Read the comments

So is she single atm?
What happened to her second kid?

No. 79343

File: 1428711440894.png (857.35 KB, 973x637, 2.PNG)

No. 79344

Kill it with fire.

No. 79345

File: 1428711597574.png (937.29 KB, 614x626, rdhj.PNG)

No. 79347

File: 1428711949250.png (935.52 KB, 612x629, cdsc.PNG)

So she started out as a kiddie school teacher.

No. 79348

File: 1428712037984.png (901.12 KB, 619x632, d.PNG)

Became a hostess

No. 79349

File: 1428712071727.png (1.02 MB, 971x637, wec.PNG)

got married?

No. 79351

File: 1428712105626.png (956.23 KB, 972x643, gvjhjk.PNG)

still a hostess at this point i presume?

No. 79352

File: 1428712346564.png (706.39 KB, 628x750, cf.PNG)

became a stripper???

No. 79354

shit im a bit jealous lel

and yea she mustve married that dude if she wants to work at a legit club, you need a visa

No. 79356

File: 1428712658782.png (462.64 KB, 1328x3326, gb.png)

And now she's a prostitute

No. 79358

File: 1428712694435.png (170.43 KB, 325x416, dvd.PNG)

No. 79360

File: 1428713111126.png (114.51 KB, 559x210, gjh.PNG)

No. 79364

Poor kids… And poor husband
Also her husband wanted to break up with her already 2 years ago

No. 79365

File: 1428714816065.png (1.97 MB, 1252x1200, Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 02.0…)

No. 79388

Katie pig face is the perfect friend for sere

No. 79405


No. 79407

people who abandon their kids are in the top ten Most Terrible Kinds of People™

No. 79416

File: 1428720522815.png (371.81 KB, 800x478, 2nror2t.png)

Her name is Ashley as well! There was a thread about her on SR when it was still up. I can't find the original post, but there was a huge stink about her in 2011 or so on gyaru_secrets. She claimed to be half Japanese (even went as far to say her and her mom were ~bullied~ for it) when it was all a lie. People found her mom, dad, and brother, and they were all white.

There's also stories of her fucking her best friend's (Shiena, who this girl also hangs with) boyfriend and constantly using up her best friends and then throwing them away. Not sure how much of that is true tho. Unlike all the other rumors, there's no evidence.

She also overstayed her visa there and then ended up getting knocked up by a yakuza member and marrying him… lols. Makes sense why they're friends.

No. 79426

Damn anon, is there anymore info about her?

No. 79441

Holy god, looking through that site. It's like loveshy for the worst kinds of scum. I would be weary of any white guy in an asian country, half of them seem like sexpats while the other half weebs.

No. 79450

File: 1428723192585.jpg (44.96 KB, 600x134, 1363503141212.jpg)

>>She also overstayed her visa there and then ended up getting knocked up by a yakuza member and marrying him

Omg, wtf? That's so fucking stupid for her to get involved with them, especially as a foreigner in Japan. Aside from all the other shit they do, I've heard that they lure foreign women to Japan with promises of modeling careers, then force them into prostitution/pornography or traffic them to other countries. What a retarded bitch.

No. 79664

Don't forget her baby

No. 79681

but she at least seems to care for her child. Her ig is full of pictures of him.

No. 79683

That doesn't mean much.
social media ≠ private life

No. 79684

Having popped out these children really shows. Her face is cute though tbh

No. 79710

I seriously thought no one could be this stupid, but I guess we have been shown wrong. Her parents taught her nothing.

No. 79711

rofl are you a teenager? Taking lots of photos of your baby doesn't mean they have a happy home life or are properly cared for. You must be one of those people who think a parent putting their kid in a star wars onesies means they're 'parenting right.'

No. 79775

ugh i hate capsule bunny (center)

No. 79779

why tho?

also she used to post a lot about this guy >>79349 but what the fuck happened? She changed favourites ??

No. 79789

her husband

No. 80059

File: 1428795688768.jpg (60.16 KB, 640x465, dodoll2.jpg)

her modeling portfolio, for one.
and her holier-than-thou attitude

No. 80061

File: 1428795752341.jpg (33.28 KB, 267x400, Nowvoyager_SamBruce275.jpg)

any white bitch can 'model' in japan

No. 80069

She talks to random foreigner if they wanna be friends with her. Also her ugly boyfriend is a gaijinhunter.

No. 80449

Didn't she yell to a poor girl on the street because her boyfriend wrote with her?

No. 80577

yep her bf looks like a girl
we got some fine young ladies living it up in kabukicho these days

No. 80619

Lmao. Wow, Ashley is a dumbass. She's sure living the weeaboo dream: possibly forced into human trafficking and trapped in Japan land.

No. 80632


Wow…. Way to gradually slide down the scale of being a sex worker. I don't think being a foreign hooker in Japan is exactly ~glamorous~

No. 80788

No. 81137

File: 1428934261211.jpg (163.48 KB, 640x1136, oK8VdMd.jpg)

This girl is delusional this post is from her ig where she claims she's the only white girl working kyaba in kabukicho.

No. 81139

File: 1428934337512.jpg (180.99 KB, 453x454, Screenshot_2015-04-08-11-20-29…)

Girls response. Also I'm pretty sure she no longer even sees her children anymore or stays with her husband.

No. 81140

File: 1428934505496.jpg (63.81 KB, 387x400, 001.jpg)

No. 81143

so much lies

No. 81164

classic case of "look at me. read this heartbreaking story. feel sorry for me" bullshit.

also, what the fuck she smoking…
>tells people her family died in a car accident
>believes her life would be better if they really did
>that would be including her children

no, bitch, THEIR life would be better if that happened to you. wishing they were all dead just so you can be ~happy~ and satisfied is loopy.

i don't feel sorry for people like this. people who fuck up every chance they get while making extremely poor life decisions, then complaining that everything is so hard and awful for them while never taking responsibility for their own actions. instead, they put blame on everyone else, because obviously Dindo Nuffin didn't do anything to have such horrible things happen to them.

No. 81461

So sere thinks she is better than everybody
Katie thinks the same
Why aren't they best friends?

No. 81683

God bless Angelina for having the senses to avoid this steaming pile of pure cray cray. Love how Jennifer/Sere/Whatever responds with threats LOL

No. 81700

>I wish my family died in a car accident
>pretends she loves her children and it pains her so much to not to be able to see them

bitch, you just wished your kids dead
selfish slut

No. 82276

File: 1429090036448.jpg (182.9 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Why is she doing dansou all the time? Also she changed her instagram "comfortbar"

No. 83758

Somebody reported her to immigration

No. 83806

Where do you know that from?

No. 83807

I thought she had gotten over that whole haffu complex, but on a Tumblr reblog she recently called her self 'white-passing'. Bitch of course you're white passing. You're white.

No. 83808

Her eyebrows look like little caterpillars.

No. 83811

No. 85070


thread about her host club. japanese hates her too

No. 86285

Seems like she opend a bar bow

No. 86286

File: 1429607222967.jpg (176.7 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 86292

can someone translate this?

No. 86323


i peeked at a few pages and they don't have much worth translating sadly. minor speculation about her being married, some lols about her prostituting herself (they mention other girls doing it too without much fanfare lol). nothing that hasn't been said here. she gets referred to as 'that other foreigner who isn't natsuki' a bunch (unless there's another??), they don't seem to give a shit. some idiot even posts PULL's thread about her twice. i wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the more gossipy posts aren't even customers.

I mean someone starts with like 'that foreign girl with the fake boobs, she has kids w/ her japanese husband' and the replies are just about her boobs lol

No. 87086

she is talking so much bullshit. she wrote the adress but the whole building is a yakiniku restaurant

No. 89998

she got reported twice to the immigration

No. 90364

How do you know she got reported twice?

No. 90848

Former friend of her

No. 92781

File: 1430643959598.jpg (148.8 KB, 720x1280, image.jpg)

No. 92782

File: 1430644015217.jpg (124.46 KB, 720x1280, image.jpg)

No. 92793

she needs some money for her hosts

No. 92800

No. 93271

Her poor kids got such an afwul mother

No. 93279

Pardon my ignorance, but what is GFE?

No. 93295


Means girlfriend experience. The other version being PSE which means pornstar experience

No. 93310

is that a normal price? seems expensive to me

No. 93601

But she's totally living it up in Japan as a host guys.

No. 96256

File: 1431127372517.jpg (49.18 KB, 540x699, image.jpg)

Give me attention

No. 96271

Well, yes. It's how she makes money.

No. 96646

That's normal for an escort in Japan. A better girl might cost twice as much. Prostitution is expensive here.

No. 97731

her bar seems to be wannabe host club
"host after bar" lol

No. 104642

she is transgender now. why did she got a boobjob?

No. 106449

Wait what?
Ugh pls post screenshots or something

No. 106452

No. 106453

No. 106454

No. 106457

and on 4/3/15. sorry for spamming but i'm just bewildered

No. 106466


Where did she say she's trans? I thought she was just working as a host for now, not necessarily becoming a trans man

No. 115723

lol i can't
now she says if you call her "she, her" she doesn't like it

No. 115729

she actually looks hotter as a guy i think but wtf… aside from going from boob injections to binders in like a month, what's going to happen to her spouse visa? is she still technically married if she's a man now, i thought gay marriage is still illegal in japan.

No. 115733

she says she wants to be a guy but still works as prostitute.
also she got reported a few times to the immigration already

No. 115740

Her fb uses he/his on it, so who knows if she's actually serious with this.

No. 116146

she works at a hostclub now
and on japanese site everybody says they won't go because sere works at this club

No. 116154

goddamn just post the screenshots

No. 121955

she already got reported to the immigration a few times. but still nothing happend? somebody knows`?

No. 126735

her only costumers are her gaijin friends. japanese forum says they are ugly foreigners. love that forum

No. 126738

screen shots/translations?

No. 134721

So her FB page is gone and she wrote a goodbye post on IG. I wonder what happened??

No. 134966

I wanna know too
Hope its immigration

No. 135308


No. 135349

Her fb account got reportrd

No. 135360

for what?

No. 135363

Deets! Someone Give us Deets!

No. 135757

she used a fake name

No. 135761

No. 135766

No. 135802

She appears masculine and obnoxious irl. jeez

No. 135836

File: 1436568747154.jpg (46.32 KB, 360x480, blogger-image--2027948827.jpg)

Holy shit her husband's ugly.

No. 135849


white pussy hunters are usually fucking hideous

No. 135851

asians in general are ugly sorry but thats the truth

No. 135915


Agreed. Not sure why so many people try to look azn. They're definitely one of the ugliest races imo.

No. 135930

especially the guys.
Japanese guys are mad weird.
>Goes to JPN because institution has campus there
>get hit on like mad by men with horrible English.
Like I'm half black and they are mostly dressed up as the stereotyped american boys ever.

No. 135963

This. Down's syndrome used to be named after them ffs

No. 135991

If we're talking generally every race is ugly.

No. 135998


Nah, blacks are uglier in my opinion.

No. 136001

Must be an ugly white person even white beauty standards being shoved Downs plps throats can't save you.

No. 136024

>asians are the ugliest race
>blacks are the ugliest race

this is the dumbest discussion come on. if you are born of a certain race and grow up with them you will prefer their facial features and often be less attracted to facial features of other races. physical attractiveness is subjective. who gives a fuck.

No. 136027


/pt/ race war when?

No. 136033

>If you are born of a certain race and grow up with them you will prefer their facial features and often be less attracted to facial features of other races

why are black men more into white women then, hm? And don't forget that black women are starting to date white men too…hmmm I wonder why…
Because they're degenerates and can't enjoy anime without being a retard.

No. 136036

>why are black men more into white women then,
Black male/white female relationships make up like 2% of the population, but nice try. you literal cuck.
But even if that were true, let's look at things logically: The people you're talking about are in America and America is full of mostly white people. Most television shows, ads and other media are filled with white people. Why wouldn't they have Eurocentric ideas?

No. 136037

Nah, blacks are mostly ugly because they are usually obese. I went to school with a ton of Chinese people and their average face is beyond disgusting. Plus 99% of the men have zero muscle because Asians have low test so they are either super skinny or have a body like a fat lesbian.

No. 136039

>calling me a cuck
no thank you
>thinking black men dont prefer PAWGs over sistahs
>thinking this happens only in 'mericuh

haha…there's a reality you don't know
that and they don't know how to dress properly

No. 136041

black women dont know how to do their hair and fashion*
and what you said about asians is true.

No. 136044

the obsession with black women is too deep

No. 136047

They're fun to pick at tbh

No. 136048

When you're literally obsessed with black men dating white women to the point of pretending they're "more" into them than their own race, what are you but a cuck? Answer me honestly here. An extreme interest in this sort of thing is the exact definition of cuckolding.
And I'm going to ask for actual data and citations on your claims instead of limetext, thanks, especially since I provided an actual statistic (which you can look up anywhere) that contradicted your claims. :^)
Also "PAWG" is a very ghetto term, so ghetto in fact I don't doubt you spend a lot of time looking up gross raceplay porn with paid actors and convince yourself it's real.
>inb4 you bring up Somalians raping white girls in Sweden as proof that all black men ever prefer white women (as if they don't rape their own kind too)

No. 136058

Can we go back to sere?

No. 136060

>answer me honestly here
There are biracial children fucking everywhere.
Black men are fucking everywhere and I see them on my timeline talking about white women. Fucking white female celebrities with their ugly "B"BC.
Somalian? It's Somali* And they're technically Caucasian so… :^) less soft haired "black" beauty and more kitchen edges for you babe.

I have a black grandma this is why I can speak nignog language and know allot about negroes by the way. Oh and speaking of black men…because I look practically white they worship me. That's how I know this. They put me on the damn pedestal. Yes, I said it. Even my black cousins put me on the damn pedestal. God bless my white genes!

No. 136061

Ok nvm you're just a mentally ill mixed person.
Pls don't go Elliott on us

No. 136062

>mfw this is Micky posting

No. 136064

i dont understand why they fall for the bait. theyre really easy targets.

I don't understand why they need to prove theyre attractive to trolls.
For one person who doesnt find you attractive there are 100 people who do.

No. 136066

tbh I respond because I just like to shitpost and spite stormfags.

No. 136068

>calling me mixed
haha no that's like a black person who is a quarter white. I'm just explaining you why I know these things.
Micky is a full blooded negro even her own kind doesn't consider her mixed looking.

No. 136070

Quadroons are still mixed m8
Elliot thought he was white too

No. 136071

i think they are just mad because asian women are taking white men.

No. 136072

File: 1436594897922.jpg (48.27 KB, 496x270, vs.jpg)

white girls have straight noses but theyre big and manly noses. Asian girls have tiny cute botton noses.

No. 136074

Sere is ugly -> her guy was ugly
Perfect match

No. 136084

File: 1436598525414.jpg (16.95 KB, 320x206, 18bluo0d33p64jpg.jpg)

With plastic surgery, maybe. Lol

No. 136085


it's called "social engineering" and "eugenics" look up margaret sanger, Anton leVay, and alice baily,. Media was a tool to humiliate and destroy family, christianity, black/black families and brainwash them into hating one another. If you haven't realized where society is headed you will see in due time.

No. 136097

most Asians don't even look close to the right with huge (but yes flat) wide noses. yes the less than 1% of model Asians are attractive as fuck but the average Asian is ridiculously ugly with big fat round moonfaces, wide flat Nose, Down's syndrome eyes and brownish-yellow skin. I rarely see any that light.

I think most people are delusioned because on the rare occasion an Asian is attractive (or good surgery) they are hot as fuck but if you take the average the mongloid race is by far the most hideous.

No. 136133

holy shit no1 curs, why do we have to go through this all the time

No. 136141

All the Korean girls into the Kpop industry have work done. Even the onea into the ulzzang thing
That nose is done. They all have the Kpop combo = nose+eyes

No. 136146

Whites have always tried to make it known to the nigger beast that white women are off limits to them, but they rape us anyhow in large amounts.

No. 136152

that asian girl before plastic surgery is still cuter and.more feminine than the average white girl. probably has less stds too.

No. 136156

File: 1436620705903.jpg (57.62 KB, 500x500, vxjm7v9nh.jpg)


>>brownish-yellow skin. I rarely see any that light.

a tan sun kissed asian girl is still pretty. they have the skin tone that white girls try to get but end up look like orange tomatoes.

No. 136169

Obvious idiot is obvious

If you actually had any knowledge about kpop, you would know the girl in the picture actually wanted a nose job, but because her skin on her nose was too tight,she couldn't get one. The exact same reason a dr told me.

Also not every single person has.has work, yea a shit ton of people do probably around 90% but therea still than 10% of plaatic free people so generalizing you dumb moodahfucker

No. 136170

she's got a really weird part in her hair too. Is she wearing a lace wig? or does she have a fusion? What's going on up there?

No. 136172

Why are whites so triggered when you talk about asians, they run to the defense and curse you out.
And then turn around and hate on blacks and make fun of ALL blacks. And when someone stands up for themselves immediately you harass and humiliate them more? this thread turned into kaka. (and by that I mean SH**).

No. 136175

Instead of being triggered and mindlessly raging. Provide proof of at least 10 k-pop stars who didn't have surgery.

No. 136176

because they know they are inferior to asian girls(even an asian girl who eats crap and sits on her ass all day, will still be smaller than a white girl in shape).

No. 136177

and everytime they seeva hot asian girl they claim shes gotten plastic surgery. its jealousy.

No. 136181

What I was saying anon was that whites are eager to protect asians, than blacks.

No. 136183

I tell you a jealous white woman. When they see a hot black chick, instead of saying she's pretty, it's "your pretty for a black person". Puh-leez

No. 136184

because its human instinct for people to want to protect those who are better than them

No. 136185

File: 1436625018171.jpg (36.27 KB, 590x443, wq.jpg)


No. 136190

thats just a bad angle

No. 136192

Every race has beauty.
It's just in the US they become all fat

No. 136206

Im someone who's into the Kpop thing and everybody has something done. The 99% has the kpop combo, and lot of them shave their jawline or has implants (chin/forehead) snsd sunny has a forehead and nose implants and you can see the line of the forehead implant. Is a little scary.

No. 136207

Asians are only pretty if they look white. They're short and stout, I've seen them in person and they look nothing like on tv. They have fat, flat faces and nigger noses with comparably small eyes. I'm not racist I'm just saying the weeaboo delusion isn't true.

No. 136216

File: 1436629836888.jpg (74.73 KB, 565x364, tumblr_ljz7soG2lu1qikshuo1_128…)


ive noticed big asian noses are different from big white girl noses. An asian girl with a big nose still looks cute but a white girl big nose is very angular and masculine. asian girls have flat/curved moses.

No. 136218

Mmmh no? I agree is not the best angle but you can clearly see her face, is not like the video you posted.

No. 136219

There are fatties everywhere. We were neck to neck with china some time ago.
Japan has quite a few but eating disorders are rampant. Who cares now can we go back to that fattie sere?

No. 136221

Both noses are ugly. It's just that Himezawa is not very pretty

No. 136227

File: 1436630418807.jpg (20.89 KB, 695x548, MY_20130719_GNCC1_P_8_3751434.…)

I think the asian girl is cute. even if an asian girl has a big flat nose, it doesnt make them look scary and masculine like a white girl big nose.

asian girl big noses are no where near as ugly as white girl big noses. luckily when asian girls have big noses theyre flat and curved but not bumpy and angular

No. 136235

you just found good examples. there are plenty of asian girls with big, ugly noses. just check ps sites for before and afters

No. 136236

That's not what a gook nose looks like at all, have you never seen them before? They have flat monkey noses like niggers and when their noses are big their nostrils are wide. They also don't have thin faces, their heads and faces are big and masculine.

No. 136242

File: 1436632671203.jpg (353.62 KB, 1000x500, 1352835322307.jpg)

Found ProudToBeAsian^_^.

gb2 tripfagging on 4chan's /cgl/.

No. 136244

File: 1436632978596.jpg (506.16 KB, 1307x1800, play-magazine-june-2011_henry.…)


The fuck are you bringing race into this?

stupid fucking bitch is fucking stupid

No. 136245

File: 1436633007090.jpg (18.52 KB, 307x382, tumblr_nc6n2cVLLG1twr994o1_400…)

No. 136246


this is how threads become derailed because of asswipes like this

No. 136256

I would choose a Flat nose over an angular big and sharp nose. Flat noses still look feminine.

No. 136300

her husbands blog?http://ryotokyo.blogspot.de/

No. 136304

father of her first child

No. 136313

It all makes sense now, he's an "escort" of some sort. He's advertising to all the foreign women out there.

No. 136338

this. weebs worship Asians because all they see is cherry picked images. Wait until the real population comes and lives around you. B-but muh image of one genetic (or surgery who cares) far outlier.

No. 136352

That's every race on the face of this fucking planet. The majority looks like shit with the pretty people picked for media representation. Will you guys stfu about it already?

No. 136366

Thank you, back to that manly beast sere. Her husband was/is a gaijin hunter escort.

No. 136370

Not her husbands blog, but her pregnancy blog.
She wrote this in her post:

"I like sex, nay, I LOVE sex. I could have it all day, every day, even now. But my man is the complete opposite of me. He hates it. Don't know why I had to find out just now but I did and I don't care, I love his frigid head anyway. Some days I do still wish that he would roll over and be intimate with me, but for the most part, him just talking to me makes me smile. I honestly feel like I'm going to be judged for saying this but you know what, I don't care. I have a sexless pregnancy and I'm still alive. In fact, I'm happy. I wish more women would come out and admit it. Because maybe if we could all talk about it a little more, not like its a dirty secret, but as a fact of life, we could all share ideas and find some other ways to spend time with our partners".
July 25, 2011

No. 136373

oops my mistakeI read the first post and second post together. My fail.. Sorry

No. 136383

there are ugly people in all races but there are just more ugly white girls than asian. their nasty attitudes dont help either.

No. 136388

File: 1436657026091.jpg (126.07 KB, 800x533, 1354412455850.jpg)

most people are ugly who cares about race

lets talk about this crazy lady now

No. 136524

And now she doesn't care about her child at all lol

No. 136594

File: 1436711120949.jpg (146.82 KB, 578x1012, image.jpg)

No. 136733

File: 1436736327596.jpg (59.96 KB, 260x400, image.jpg)

As if

No. 136740

>At least, until the girls in question are caught and charged (yes posting slander and my address is a crime punishable by jail time in Japan also deportation and fines exceeding 100万円) I guess they don't know the law as well as they thought.

yeah, because what the fuck is a criminal juristiction, amirite?

No. 136746

Her fb got deleted because she used a fake name

No. 137154

what site was the address posted on?

No. 137161

This is dumb, If a girl broke in why would she take her underwear? Sere is either Retarded or she is making this entire story up. Thats something a MAN would do. Its common In japan for robberies its not like Japan is immune to crime by Japanese. Logic is not in her regimen.

No. 137323

Lies. I'm laughing at the girls who believe her

No. 137696

What a waste of money and human life.

No. 137760

Somehow i had to think about dakotas sister when i was reading that bullshit from sere

No. 137775

Me 2.
It's called spoiled white girl on the internet syndrome.
Symptoms include:
Making their life appear as if everyone wants them and desires to be them. Thinks everyone wants to hear everything they are doing, posting away carelessly all their details in life and meaningless flings.
When problems do occurs in their real life, instead of dealing with the consequences of their own actions, they result to pointing the blame at everyone else. Or at people who simply don't like them
These people are narcissistic, dimwitted, obnoxious, and over opinionated. Brags about things that most likely never happened irl. Also, thinks everyone wants to sit around looking at hundreds of pointless images of them.
They tend to lack personality (however with the obnoxious behavior they pretend they are "original", or "down-to-earth" which in return registers as fake to others).
Intelligent people are turned off entirely by these people because of their fake persona.
Non genuine internet people generally have no real relationships, friends, or anything outside of being an internet face. This is all she has, same for kaka. And the insanity will continue until they snap out of it, and learn what REAL life is about.
Of course one might say "sitting on Lolcow isn't life", however, Most of us do have real lives outside of this and use this only as a source of entrainment.
I say we learn from these people, and not do what they do.

No. 137784

Should add shallow, no one is good enough for them. They believe they are too good for others.

No. 137986

Yupp sounds extactly like her

No. 141034

Anyone have the screenshots of her admitting she spent 4k USD/4000000 Yen on a gold dolphin for a host? or how she admitted she only had her second kid for a visa?

No. 141075

File: 1437426889952.jpg (197.08 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Couldn't find it. Maybe it was on her fb. But she bought a lot of dolphins.
She planned the trick with shiena together

No. 141079

File: 1437427605674.jpg (136.96 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 141088

meaty thighs

No. 141479

October and she is gone

No. 142258

what's her tumblr?

No. 142793

What a fucking horrible woman.


I've been meaning to go to that restaurant for a while, now I think I will just because it'll feel like I'm quietly spiting this wicked child-abandoning cow. Plus, some tapas or an Argentinian steak sounds reeeal good right now…

No. 143244

She is hiring girls who don't have the visa to work at a bar. Somebody report her please. She already got reported 5 times abd nothing happend

No. 152667

File: 1438856512628.jpg (119.68 KB, 640x639, image.jpg)

So she stopped beeing a boy?

No. 152668

File: 1438856529967.jpg (108.1 KB, 640x748, image.jpg)

No. 152669

File: 1438856553586.jpg (115.22 KB, 630x761, image.jpg)


No. 158453

seems like she quit working as host

No. 162528

What is she up to atm?

No. 164005

File: 1439983676749.jpg (91.51 KB, 640x659, image.jpg)

Still a prostitute

No. 164021

Who takes photos like this? Like, come on. Is she 12?

No. 164022

omg you are so jealous of her

No. 164025

:,( yes
>tfw i'll never be able to lick the inside of her big throbbing butthole

No. 164044

or touch her flabby loose-skin mama belly

No. 164051

why are you so jealous of her. she is sooo rich and all the host boys love her

No. 164059

;_; plz stop the truth iz hurting me

No. 164067

Jealous of what exactly?

No. 164477

She is a godess
The queen of kabukicho
And smart! Got pregnant so her guy had to marry her. After the child was born she didn't give a fuck because now she can live in kabukicho forever

No. 220830

Ok it's been a while since I've visited this site… I had a few wines with a girlfriend tonight and we decided to google our "old mate"

my boyfriend cheated on me with her back 5 maybe 6 years ago? So she's always been on my radar. I know that she lied about being raped from her boss in Melbourne, know that she lies about her parents being awful, know that she is also discredits her sons father, and know that she also tried to lie to lock in a guy with twins that turned out to be fake (never pregnant).
She is a disgusting person, google her…

I was going to link them all but there are just so many sites
google renndemolition, short girls guide to life, and celeste von messinger (her alias whilst in adelaide australia)

theres a nice little blog post about her and her boyfriend getting pregnant with her first born and how special and planned it was.

I never wish bad on anyone but this girl is honestly vile. She moved countries to start a better life with her "husband" and father of her child and ended up a prostitute..

I also frequent her parents restaurant in Adelaide, because honestly it's brilliant, I wish they new about their daughter. I don't have the heart to tell them.

This is so depressing.

No. 220861


Does she even have contact to her parents and first child?? That's what I always wondered about.

No. 220910

File: 1452289422733.jpg (92.14 KB, 585x466, 4f7014a23c92c.jpg)

No. 220911

File: 1452289431165.jpg (44.01 KB, 453x604, 4cb6fe98cebdf.jpg)

No. 220912

File: 1452289438251.jpg (85.12 KB, 720x479, 4c642ef183dcd.jpg)

No. 220913

File: 1452289446078.jpg (118.55 KB, 800x535, 4c05f71c2f25d.jpg)

No. 220914

No. 220917


Seems like she's copycatting the famed 'Osaka Love Thief' documentary. Highly recommended if you haven't seen it: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/9K_NxrsqCJc3K3S8dCbLKMgacPbl-KJVQfydjiUUv5U=m18

(prostitutes are frequent customers of host clubs)

No. 220936

Women who can't find real love are going to host club. They believe their hosts love them. Like lorena

No. 220939

Wasn't she a man for like 4 months

No. 220945

And she is a man again lol

No. 220963

File: 1452317063601.jpg (109.58 KB, 627x629, image.jpg)

No. 220972

File: 1452334367436.jpeg (26.76 KB, 443x332, images-8.jpeg)

Fuck me she's ugly

No. 220973

Seriously, I love this cow. She's this dumpy uggo with bad tatts who fucks over anyone she comes in contact with including her children, is a prostitute and a sad loser who just drinks and hangs out with gay boy hosts yet she thinks she is top shit. She still maintains her bogan attitude, just in Japan.

No. 220984

What makes me upset is the fact that she went back to Australia for a holiday with her Japanese husband, but didn't go and visit her first born. Does anyone know if she has even seen her firstborn since she left Australia? What's the point of playing "victim" if you make 0 effort.

No. 220990

They did

No. 220991

She set up a fundraiser asking for $30,000 (kek) to "get him back". If she really cared she'd stop spending money on hosts and bad surgery, but she obviously doesn't give two shits about either of her children. Tbh they're better off without her though

No. 220993

File: 1452353385919.jpg (106.28 KB, 637x465, image.jpg)

Where are her ugly tits??? Gone?

No. 221192


I fucking loved that documentary, thank you so much for posting it! Are there more like it?

No. 221193


They're literally THAT saggy…

I read on here that women in Japan prefer more naturally set implants? She could have gotten them done there. I wish she would take a picture without five thousand filters, especially that skin blurring one that's everywhere -_-

No. 221194

As far as I remember she didn't even got implants but got them filled with hyaloron? Or some other kind of acid (also pretty popular in jpn in order to look 'natural') but as from the picrure above her surgeon fucked it up. She as well as gaya should've need a lift up and set them closer together instead of just filling them up. With Sere's boobs you can see it pretty well, no ones nipples belong in that place (at least not, after u paid shit loads of money to get the boobs done)

No. 221201

File: 1452451399050.jpg (134.17 KB, 680x1082, 1452006686941.jpg)

Saddest post op boobs ever

No. 221205

They legitimately look like water balloons.

No. 221207

Just look at were her nipples at. I she got a propper job on dem tits they won't be on the lower inside of her boobs, how is that even possible??

No. 221208

They aren't even either. While naturally one breast is larger than the others. Sere's are dramatically different. This is an unfortunate pose of all her other pictures. She could have just taken it from a better angle. Jeez

No. 221209

Also her weave looks tacky to me, maybe it's just me…I guess she can't really grow her hair out with all the cheap bleaching she's continuously doing.

No. 221210


god where to begin.

the fact that she works as a prostitute to bring in money should allow her better fucking tattoos. There's no excuses, plenty of world class artists work out of Japan. I'm actually extremely jealous of her accessibility to them - like what the fuck are those permanent drunken scribbles on her hip?

She can also get someone to fucking dye her hair/extensions the right color if she's going to wear them. Olaplaex and luxury hair conditioner is what you need to have healthy bleached hair. Girl needs to stop fucking around, her job is to sell herself this is pathetic.

Also is she really only 22? Her under eye bags. :c Bitch stop drinking.

No. 221211

Her hair is super damaged and since her husband isn't doing her extensions anymore they got super ratty and tacky.

No. 221212

The under eyebags are made (I like them) her real age is 27 though and she already has two children (read the thread honey).

No. 221213

File: 1452453286199.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.77 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg)

If you didn't have enough boob horror.

No. 221214

Not too bad laying down,standing up is painfully obvious.

No. 221215

Stop it please it makes me cringe so hard. That's not how you be(come) a high class escort

No. 221217


Which part, her FUPA, unshaved vag, scene tattoos, messy room, blurred out lines on lines of eye wrinkles, or her post breast feeding boobs?

No. 221218

I did't know he did hair sets. I always thought he was just a random gaijin hunter tour guide.

No. 221219


No. 221220


Hard to decide m8 I guess all?


Gaijin Hunter yes, but he also got a serious job. As far as I remember it was even his own salon. He was really good at doing her messy hair.

No. 221292

Where did y'all get these nudes?

No. 221306

She advertises there

No. 221313

In the year of our lord 2016 she has Photoshop at her disposal and lives in the land that has hundreds of shoopin apps and she doesn't take a minute to mold dem sad lumpy tiddies into a less horrific shape? For someone who enjoys being a prostitute she sure is lazy at it.

No. 221315

Her tattoos look so trashy. They don't even look well placed.

No. 221320

File: 1452481830129.jpg (118.16 KB, 615x636, image.jpg)


No. 221334

File: 1452488338011.jpeg (112.17 KB, 750x839, image.jpeg)

Who's that blonde chick beside her?

No. 221335

German girl
Crazy as fuck. Same level like lorena

No. 221341

I wonder what the heck went wrong that she ended up like the hoe she is today…
Usually it's about parents not raising their child properly or a bad social environment. I'm not 100% sure but my Australian friend told me they have lots of ghettos and criminals over there. Maybe Sere thought it is cool to be like that?

No. 221342

What's her name?

No. 221346

Or on instagram sandora.hime

No. 221348

It's private. Does someone on here has access to it? Sth interesting on there?

Also is she also one of seres prostitutes? cough I mean models

Can someone make a list with all of Seres cough models? Also the Japanese ones? I only know a few and would like to know how many there are already

No. 221351

What happens if immigration finds out that she's not only a prostitute, but also a pimp? Prostitution is illegal (but somewhat greyzoned since maaaany gaijin do it without getting kicked out) but being a pimp and even getting Japanese citizens into prostitution? I can't imagine they tolerate that

No. 221352


Maybe sere thinks she already got away so many shit she pulled, so why should immigration care even further? She feels safe in everything she does so why getting caught with pimping?

I really wonder why immigration is less strict in her case. She should be banned from Japan imao

No. 221353

No. 221354

Since she works in the pink light district for so long now she's probably protected by yakuza.

No. 221390

Soon she is getting divorced. She is gonna stay illegal in japan

No. 221391

Soon she is getting divorced. She is gonna stay illegal in japan

No. 221392

There's basically no possibility for her to get another visa after the divorce within the next 6months. She has 3months to leave Japan after the divorce and she has to wait another 3momths to be able to get married again. But the chance that she'll get a second spouse visa with a second marriage is so small that she won't get one for sure.

No. 221397

how long was she married and on the spouse visa?
you can apply for permanent residency if you have been married 3 years and living in japan for 1 year.

No. 221399

No. 221400

She wasn't even been married for a whole year. And sure you can apply for it, but only if you pay ALL your taxes, have a legal job etc (they'll check everything for pr visa)

No. 221401

Wow, that text almost sounds 'normal' (the writing style) … still wonder wtf happened.

No. 221441


It's a bit offtopic in here. I've started a separate thread for similiarly toned (melancholic slice of red light district life in asia) docus in >>>/b/58674

No. 221446

Thank you so much!! I love documenteries like that.

No. 221561

File: 1452615409420.jpg (89 KB, 640x632, image.jpg)

Oh god not again this shit. She's surely mentally ill

No. 221564

Mentally ill? She's 100% insane and definitely needs some time for herself in a mental health clinic. That bitch needs help

No. 221905

How fresh are they? Don't they take a while to settle down and look less "watermelony?"
Obviously they'll still be "watermelon" but not to the extent of "swollen melon gonna burst" status? Or am I just misinformed?
I never got a tit job

No. 221907


yesssssss thank you so much<3

No. 221908


tbh she looks better as a fakeboi.

No. 221931

She is working at a low level host club. It's so shitty nobody wants to go. Guess they have to change the name soon

No. 222198

File: 1452829597243.jpeg (145.51 KB, 640x850, image.jpeg)


No. 222375

File: 1452914457810.jpeg (92.26 KB, 640x578, image.jpeg)

I wanna punch her in her ugly plastic face

No. 222394

This woman is so full of shit and herself it's disgusting. Who says you wanna fuck yourself?
Sere, you are in no way the prettiest or hottest woman you think you are out there… More trashy than anything else.

No. 222401

she seems to believe that everyone's just jealous of her lifestyle and "riches" when really everyone pities her…

No. 222441

Her hair is a filthy bush

No. 222447

File: 1452962724748.jpg (115.92 KB, 750x1028, image.jpg)

My first email to her

No. 222448

File: 1452962834153.jpg (124.62 KB, 750x1038, image.jpg)

Bitch will fuck anything for a couple bucks

No. 222449


Rima pls go

No. 222452

But im having fun tho

No. 222453


Go back to hate-wanking over Kiki

No. 222454

Kiki is goneee like forever gone

No. 222459


I also think this is funny lol but she's way too expensive, even if she's a foreigner! Just her tattoos shrink her value enormously, and her tummy is ruined forever due to her two pregnancies. Even if I was desperate I wouldn't pay more than 50$ and a box of cigarettes for an hour with her. Even Gaya is more attractive, I mean you could take her to a fancy restaurant or on a business meet, that won't be possible with that tattooed old hag

No. 222542

This bitch needs to wear a bra, her newest IG post is fug.
Her tits are nasty, it would benefit her "look" to keep those things restrained.

No. 222548

But she is so proud of her titties and we are just some jealous bitches who wants to be like her.

No. 222566

File: 1452998803437.jpg (123.77 KB, 720x925, IMG_20160116_204519.jpg)

I know, the jealousy is strong within me. I wish my tits sagged away from my body like this.

No. 222568

Retarded Bitch is retarded and wount stop emailing me

No. 222575

Lol she is overpriced for how fucked up her body is. Ugly tattoos, she ruined her tits and her stomach needs one of those skin reduction surgeries.

No. 222577


God damnit, Rima

No. 222588

Don't forget her ass

No. 222599

File: 1453005945729.jpeg (218.38 KB, 750x1198, image.jpeg)

The post is already deleted but I could safe the conversation.

Yeah Sere you are such a high class escort. i would be ashamed as a businessman to be seen with you in public.

No. 222603

>most men take 3-8 minutes

Damn, that is some shitty sex.

No. 222607

Can a sl00t confirm? I've only fucked 2 guys and one was like this. Fucking terrible shit I just thought he was bottom of the barrel and that was not normal.

No. 222616

I doubt she scares if it's shitty or not, and those times seem pretty normal if there's no intimate stuff/foreplay going on.
Remember, she gets paid to make dude ejaculate, doubt she cares about how long they last, the shorter the better.

Not defending her, just saying what's what.

No. 222630

If you asking 3-8 minutes, that pretty average time for sex. If your asking about foreplay and sex it can be much longer but actual intercourse on average does not last beyond 10 minutes, it can but that does not mean it will. She may specify no foreplay or second rounds.

No. 222631

Damn I thought 15 - 20 was normal without foreplay…

No. 222637

That's what I thought but then again, I've only been with one guy.

No. 222643

For some guys it takes less than a minute.

No. 222650

Damn sex sounds less exciting now.

No. 222652

Well there are also guys who'll be able to do it the whole day, but that's more sth for a relationship, not for 'I need to get rid of some sperm, let's splatter it over some tattooed hags ass'

No. 222676

I don't know what kind of guys you've dated, but that is utterly shitty sex. The average for sex for me and my partners has always been an hour and a half if we go all out. Maybe she just sticks it in and doesn't change positions/do a lot of foreplay?

No. 222678

holy shit. she should have at least tried the squeeze-your-elbows-together-to-create cleavage-look, even if it would be super obvious what shes doing. it would be better than ol' floppy tits here

No. 222679

File: 1453039797303.jpeg (16.95 KB, 240x232, image.jpeg)

Damn. My current bf can keep fucking me for 2 hours (sometimes it takes me a really long time to come). I asked him one day he says he just orgasms and ejaculates and keeps going.

Now I realize if I lose him I'll have to go back to 10 minute sex and that was terrible.

No. 222768

Its not "3 minute sex" the bitch said anal for one hour cmon now

No. 222769

It doesn't make things better. Being a prostitute in JPN is illegal, even for Japanese people.

No. 222819


It's not illegal but a grey zone. People are not allowed to advertise for vaginal intercourse but anything other like anal and stuff is 100% legal.

No. 222831


My last boyfriend was like this, we could go on for about an hour to an hour and a half. Damn I miss those dicks.

No. 222915

I know. But since she's a foreigner, all of these things are illegal

No. 222926

>37 yr old

goddammit Rima, learn to catfish or go home

No. 222927

be nice, she has a "learning disability"

No. 222928


I don't like sere but if she is on a spouse visa even those things are legal.
You gotta inform yourself more about the red light restrictions in Japan.

No. 222929

Had 4 partners so far, one could go on for hours (dude had some pretty damn good self-control, waited to come until I did), the other three lasted about 5 to 20 min.

>Now I realize if I lose him I'll have to go back to 10 minute sex and that was terrible.

It sucks anon, believe me. Treasure him.

No. 222938

She is living in divorce and her spouse visa will expire soon, since even her own lawyer is now forcing her to sign the papers

No. 222963

You need to be cohabiting with your spouse on a spouse visa though, not with whatever host is desperate enough to stay in your shitty filthy flophouse apartment

No. 222965

True story.

Yes, you can somewhat work as a prostitute on a spouse visa (you shouldn't but u can), but she's not living with her spouse since a year (maybe more?) now and has an open law case.

No. 222966


About the open law case, I've read she dropped out because she couldn't win the custody fight.

No. 222967

Really? The last thing I heard was that her lawyer tried to force her to sign the divorce papers, because there is no chance left for her to win the case

No. 222968


I think she first dropped out and then got forced to sign the papers because there is no chance?

No. 222970

Ah that makes sense. Though does anyone know if she has signed them by now? Since she can't live on forever on a 'divorce spouse visa'. And if she has signed it, she'll get kicked out within the next three months.

No. 222971

File: 1453110421076.jpeg (19.53 KB, 457x158, image.jpeg)

Lorena, you are not a bar owner. Don't lie

No. 222972

Lol what page is that from?

No. 222991

She'll probably illegally overstay

No. 222994

But what will that bring her? Like, even if she gets married again after six months, it doesn't mean she'll get another spouse visa.

No. 222996

why u want ur vagina abused like that tho

No. 222998

Different anon here, but if I'm in sex mood, I want it the whole day and no hour less.

No. 223006

File: 1453128917481.jpeg (44.92 KB, 407x405, image.jpeg)

Male detected

No. 223007

she called me a creep and stopped emailing me thank god

No. 223011

Sere is abusing the gaijin in japan thread

No. 223012

Which one?

No. 223013

Why is seres thread in /pt and not in /snow

No. 223014

She is a lil cow moo moo

No. 223016

Saw sere in shinjuku
Her hair was filthy and dirty. She looked like a homeless.

No. 223026

File: 1453140283432.jpeg (151.37 KB, 640x895, image.jpeg)

No. 223027

File: 1453140406998.jpeg (81.45 KB, 640x600, image.jpeg)

Gaya charlie sandra
Prostitute friends 4evaaa

No. 223030

File: 1453140692754.jpeg (126.83 KB, 633x731, image.jpeg)

No. 223033

File: 1453140912222.jpeg (122.69 KB, 606x737, image.jpeg)

Girl is host addicted

No. 223034

*ugly host addicted

No. 223037

File: 1453141232011.jpeg (138.61 KB, 640x740, image.jpeg)

No. 223038

Hair is nice…but that face

No. 223039

most hosts remind me of frogs for some reason.

No. 223040

Err she's paying money for that. He's about as attractive as Manaki.

No. 223042

Probably they are…but they won't turn into princes but rats if you kiss them

No. 223043

I think he paid her, for getting his hair done by her.

No. 223044

Well at least his hair is fabulous.

No. 223056

She looks like 35 in this photo

Please cover up your dark circles..especially if you wear that much make up

No. 223058

She's old. And her lifestyle and alc abuse make it worse day by day

No. 223061

what happened to hating all men kek
now she has become what she hates the most

No. 223062

I bet she still all hates them, that's why she let one live at her place lol

No. 223067

Yeah I don't see the appeal in male hosts either. The ones I've seen all dress like shitty bishounen characters from like 2002 and look haggard as fuck.

Are there actual classy /fa/-tier male hosts or is the male host world just weirdly tacky/that's what nip women are in to?

No. 223079


I might be wrong but for what I've seen on documentaries, apparently japanese female customers put feelings over looks, so they go after dudes that either make them feel wanted and understood, or cocky douchebags to throw money at. Even at host contests, conversation skills and charisma are important subjects to define who's the winner. Either way, seems like being handsome is desirable, but it's more like an extra bonus than a requirement.

No. 223123

That guy only stays because she is the most paying. Yeah lorena messinger not only 1k. Stop that bullshit

No. 223130

She is samefagging at /snow
On the internet she acts all mighty but in real she is scared as fuck to do anything

No. 223215

File: 1453210928264.png (672.58 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 223216

I first thought it was swampprincess! Omg sere that nose, get it off

No. 223218

I guess Tuesday nights are slow business for "high class escorts"

No. 223219

Everynight is slow business for a tattoed old mountain hag without any knowledge of her own languages grammar and without any behaviour.

No. 223222

>>>> she's a terrible person but her look is mildly mediocre. what does a busted face mean anyway?

No. 223224

She looks ok-ish with makeup and photoshop and clothes ON. but age, alc and lifestyle already hit hard on her. She's 28 but already looks like she's in her mid 30's

No. 223227

File: 1453213969114.png (1.06 MB, 640x621, image.png)

Lorena bitch give me mah moneeeey or i'm gonna leave you

No. 223539

Is she really only 22 years old??? She looks like she's pushing 40.

No. 223555

first time reading this thread, I thought she was 35

No. 223571

She is 27

No. 223573

Mother of shit… She needs to lay off the drugs and alcohol.

No. 223602


I think it's the personality. A lot of their customers are mistfit Japanese women who dream of men who are too good for them but wont settle for men in their league so in pops these guys.

When me and my friend are out for walks in the district area these guys can put on the charm if they want to.

My guess is a lot of women are lonely and these guys know exactly how to feed into that and play into.

No. 223851

Sere was fighting a sex assault charge in aussie land wat was that about? She raped someone?

No. 223864

Was she the victim or was the case against her? How I know her she set herself in the role of the victim to get rid off her first babies father maybe?

No. 223870

Exactly as you said anon
She played the victim

No. 223873

I'm so good at this. It's scary

No. 223967

I know I probably sound stupid, but I feel bad for her. She's like the party girl that doesn't seem to realize that their fucking up their life up.

No. 223978

So you don't know her for very long, I guess. I was in that 'I feel sorry for her' state too once, but after you know her for a while you'll be fed up with her bullshit. If she was just that party girl who doesn't realize she fucked up, I'd be ok. But she abandoned two children, she fucked up a mans life, she has a prostitution ring, she lures naiv girls (japanese AND foreign) into prostitution etc. It's just not funny anymore and I can't feel sorry for her at all anymore

No. 224287

She went to her japanese husbands family home. He didn't know anything about it.
She stole some stuff so she could get her spouse visa again

No. 224331

I hope she likes possible criminal charges. From what I hear Japanese cops are shit though.

No. 224333

Her husband went to immigration but nothing happend

No. 224348

Oh she knows she is potentionally screwing herself over. She used to post on public forums about how it was her choice. If you search all the gaijin places you can find those comments from 2011-2013. She is a party girl who makes dumb choices. It seems to be how she wishes to live her life. It is so strange. She seems to be intelligent enough to know better but also has a mindset of live fast die young. If it is what she wants there is nothing we can do or say to change it. That is how milk is made.

No. 224367

Do you have links?
I only know since she arrived in japan she works as prostitute

No. 224590

Nope, she started as a teacher at a daycare but has been kicked out. Then she married, got her visa, gave birth and THEN she started off as a prostitute

No. 224605

> has a mindset of live fast die young
the mindset of too many of these people (many. not all) going to live it up in glorious nippon and avoid real world responsibilities

No. 224611

What are real worlds responsibilities? Lmao

Anyway, if they'd just make their money by doing all this stuff but would keep quiet about it and motherfucking lord safe that money for their retirement or pay some education with it it wouldnlt be so bad at all

No. 224699

What would there be at his family's home to get the papers? There's this one document I can't get my head around how she got it: the paper stating where her husband works and how much he is paid. Unless she has a scheme where she can declare her prostitute income as totally legit.

No. 224703

>What are real world responsibilities

The fact that you have to ask speaks for itself tbh.

No. 224710

> real worlds responsibilities
well for one, a bunch of these girls go here in college or right after college, or hell, skip college altogether and go to japan to continue partying their lives and money away.
if they even have jobs and are not living off of mommy and daddy's money, they are english teachers which basically leads no where.

No. 224740

Sorry but I don't and digging that far back is near impossible on some of the pages. I never thought she would have a page here, so I didn't screen cap. A lot of her drama played out on FB but it wasn't relevant to where people were dumping it.

No. 224765

File: 1453433726387.jpeg (94.89 KB, 635x894, image.jpeg)

How embarrassing

No. 224766

File: 1453433945132.jpeg (77.61 KB, 640x702, image.jpeg)

As if.
She was samefagging here

No. 224768

Who exactly is she trying to attract talking about koala poop and calling herself pussy?!

No. 224769

Sorry, she didn't call herself a pussy she … Just added it into the text to sound even trashier I guess?!

No. 224772

File: 1453436162425.jpeg (20.29 KB, 300x228, image.jpeg)

No. 224777

When people post shit like this can you please post a translation? Everyone here speaks English but not everyone speaks Japanese

No. 224782

Her japanese is aweful but it says

Ohayo gozaimanko (good morning-Ohayo gozaimasu- but with the japanese work manko added in for attempted laughs)

bar owner
Morning host

Vkei, rock, hardcore,vocal

Im a koala come from australia i only eat eucalyptus so i dont smell
Like shit.

Please look after me

No. 224784


I only eat eucalyptus so my shit doesn't smell*

No. 224799

File: 1453449824336.jpg (7.9 KB, 480x360, manko.jpg)


No. 224802

Thank you anon. you made my day with ebichu

No. 224833

>>224765 the only vkei this bitch likes is sug. HAHA

No. 224836

I love you

No. 224841

I didn't even know that she likes any kind of vk. Maybe she 'likes' it to lure more bangya to work for her cough model business cough

No. 224844

That was irony guys

I myself know what real world responsibilities are. I have a legit job and wow I even graduated from high school, all that real world stuff. Working hard etc

No. 224852

> ございまんこ
cool dude

No. 224856

Well, I only ever saw perverts using that term.

Though what's up with all the gaijin whores liking sug? Was so special about sug?

No. 224962

As a vkei fan i confirm sug is shit lol

No. 224980

File: 1453533240574.png (578.26 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Soooo hardcore
She works as host. Her friends are host.
Her boyfriend is a host
Host host host kabukicho money host
That's her brain

No. 224988

As a vkei fan, I actually like Sug.

No. 224999

Lol every time i see her posing as a guy the secondhand embarrassment kills me haha

No. 225001

Same here anon…

No. 225004

Same here

Yeah, but why do people like Sere and Barbie like them? Are they easy with foreign fans?

No. 225008

File: 1453543372766.jpeg (34.09 KB, 640x514, image.jpeg)

Lol, I just bought that exact shirt she's wearing on Amazon for $8. I figured she'd be they brand snob type for shit like Deadheartz, H.Naoto or Sex Pot Revenge. Yaknow, since she's sooo loaded and fashionable.

No. 225021

I always see her in shinjuku and shes dressed like a hobo with dirty hair.

No. 225025

Can confirm

No. 225029

Her brand is 99% this cheap looking host crap which every fucking host wears. It's like the pandora bracelets everyone had a while ago, expensive but worthless.

No. 225030

They look cheap and ugly anyways. I never understood why they wear that shit.

No. 225033

Japanese red light people are just like gypsies. Everything blingy is good to them

No. 225164

File: 1453623506622.jpeg (85.44 KB, 748x538, image.jpeg)

Oh lord

No. 225165


"Not even yakuza mess with me."

Dear lord how delusional can one get, they don't "mess" with you because you are just some random crossdressing little slut, if you step out of line then they will mess you up lmao Sere

No. 225166


wouldn't binding her silicone tits do something bad to them?? somehow the idea makes me so cringy

No. 225167

I really wish they would. But if they finding out she has a prostitution ring, then they will, no prostitution without the yakuzas hand in it.

Though it's not even possible to run a business in kabukichou without having 'contacts' aside that she claims it's her bar

No. 225168

It does, but also to non silicon ones.

No. 225170

Who's Nadine?

No. 225175

Has she posted this on twitter or where did you got that?

No. 225186

The girl she tried to 'expose' with lies made up by another girl called Sandra out of revenge or whatever.

No. 225193

You mean Rabbit?

No. 225217

No. 225251

`Not even the yakuza fuck with me'

No. 225341


"Not even yakuza" fucks with you because once they cum in your cheap ass you're off their radar you basic bitch. You ran away to Japan because being a white slut in AU didn't give you enough attention like lording Japan over thirsty underaged weebs online does.

No. 225346

Do we have any real info on what she did to ruin herself in aus too?other than the fail suicide girl attempt and the blogs etc,

No. 225356

Nothing, I think. She was just another basic white bitch who tried to use a kid as a meal ticket, but clearly she has a pathological need for attention that only Japan's outdated white stereoptypes can fulfill.

No. 225358

As if the yakuza even care about a white bitch in Japan. Seriously they have better things to do than dealing with an emotional unstable prostitute.

No. 225364

Exactly. All the imaginary balls she thinks she has, pff. If she even tried to call a yakuza to settle her petty shit they would launch in her face and tell her to bend over and take it. And whatever clique she thinks she has is just like her- trashy, basic white girls who couldn't hack it in ther home countries and had to resort to prostitution in Japan to feel validation. No authority, no pull, no balls. You could probably trip them and hurt them lol

No. 225389

Nah guys, shes kabukichohoe, number one we gotta be careful of her pimp hand and mediocre japanese or she might set her yakuza on us.

No. 225390

I'm so scared, not

No. 225429

I think i found ashleys baby daddy

No. 225431

File: 1453738313944.jpg (158.43 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 225434

Post that in the /snow gaijin thread. This is the Sere only thread

No. 225435

Also Ashley is taking responsibility for her child, she's a lovely mother and takes good care of her husband. Leave her out of the threads. Better discuss about shiena and what she's up to right now, but as said not here, but in snow

No. 225516

What's Ashley's instagram?

No. 225640

File: 1453769562469.jpeg (142.03 KB, 749x1270, image.jpeg)

That ass, holy shit….

No. 225648

tsuyameki, iirc. Same as her tumblr.
I mentioned that she actually seemed like an okay mom earlier in the thread, but others thought otherwise.

No. 225654

Why is her ass crack so low?

No. 225672

Omfuck that ass looks like a 50yr old white womans that only sits around and has never heard of exercise

No. 225694

I don't follow this thread but when I saw this picture on the front page, I totally thought it was Charms.

No. 225719

Can we also have a laugh at how fail her whole escort website is?
That description haha

No. 225762

>sexy round ass

No. 225771

I wonder when her precious 'model' website is going online.

No. 225774

49 kilo? Naaah

No. 225795

Her ass is like a sad, sagging old pancake.

No. 226072

File: 1453789832707.jpeg (151.75 KB, 640x925, image.jpeg)

No. 226098

File: 1453792693251.jpeg (124.61 KB, 631x896, image.jpeg)

No. 226115

So why exactly does she assume that a person who get's fun for free with a host wears lolita? Has she no money for brand and is jealous on them?

No. 226195


don't know about that but I don't think she gives a shit about lolita, the only thing she might be jealous for is their money but that's maybe a bit far fetched.
Sere is into gyaru and would buy gyaru brands, I bet she thinks lolita is a boring grannystyle

No. 226203

She has a typical Mom Body kek

No. 226213

Yeah, but I doubt if you make a 1000¥ host fuck starter pack a lolita fits into it. A gyaru would! But not a lolita. Lolitas wouldn't go out with some filthy host

No. 226244

>is a mum
>has a mum body

No. 226260

Don't tell me you would pay for this. I mean yes she's a mum but she's also a horrible overpriced prostitute. I expected at least a little bit of muscles and afford

No. 226273

lmao is she comparing herself to rina…. lame

No. 226276

File: 1453828907786.png (328.56 KB, 314x584, ash.png)

case in point

is a mum but at least tries to have a nice body

No. 226290

Let ashley out of this thread or go to snow omg

But yes at least she tries. Seres body is in such a bad shape.

No. 226316

>no ugly tats
>real model
>probably not the leader of a prostitution ring

Just having the same nail design doesn't turn you into a better person sere

No. 226328

hahah i know right. and she awkwardly tagged her and wrote shitty japanese

No. 226336

Her Japanese is worse than google translate

No. 226458

We are all just jealous and crave for a fantastic life like hers

No. 226570

It's so…. long

No. 226644

File: 1453862371919.jpeg (138.61 KB, 640x722, image.jpeg)

Both are crazy as fuck

No. 226648


Both are ugly af. Especially the other girl. She looks like a chipmunk…

No. 226687

Sandra acts like she knows everything better. Miss the time when she was into liz lisa. She is tall as fuck wearing liz lisa lol

No. 226694

Why the fuck does she think that making a face like this is attractive?! She looks haggard as fuck.

No. 226706

File: 1453870399763.jpeg (59.74 KB, 345x611, image.jpeg)

That face tho… Not even purikura can fix that.

No. 226737

How and why did those two become friends after sandra was dating seres husband, being a stand in mother for the kid and was a driving force for trying to get sere deported? All the while sere was going on about how she was going to sue the homewrecker sleeping with her husband and how much she hated his gf

No. 226747

You can't understand the mind of a crazy persson like lorena

No. 226779

Purikura makes it worse tbh
It warps the face to be slim and wow she must have such a long face naturally it's scary

No. 226870

Anyone else saw the chrome hearts discussion on pull??

I think it's ridiculous to be proud of having something so worthless. If it's not out of gold it's junk girls

No. 226901


Fair enough if you don't like fashion jewellery, but it's pretty dumb to say it's worthless if it's not gold.

Nonetheless, acting like you're hot shit because you own some kind of coveted brand thing is fucking moronic. It's not exactly surprising that a bunch of hookers/hosts/strippers/whateverthefuck else are materialistic trash, though.

No. 226912

Wasn't ment that way sorry. It was more ment in the way that if you brag about being such a great high class escort, why the heck are you proud of having some mk niveau cheap ass fashion jewelry. I'd pamper myself with necklaces made out of gold and silver, not from a brand but real handmade customized stuff. You know?

No. 226919


Ah, sorry. I see your point. She acts like some kind of top-tier escort accustomed to luxury while showing off her cheap jewellery.

She doesn't even realise how cheap and tacky she is because she has no self-awareness.
In her eyes, she's a rich, beautiful, high-class escort when everyone else sees her as a used up, cheap hoe.
It's embarrassing, really.

No. 227050

File: 1453951793261.jpeg (91.21 KB, 640x572, image.jpeg)

Waiting for customer <3

The high class escort

No. 227150

File: 1453964333021.jpeg (47.34 KB, 640x296, image.jpeg)

Lorenas japanese is so bad

No. 227161

File: 1453965295124.jpeg (114.48 KB, 616x902, image.jpeg)

Better take care of your 2 kids

No. 227187

Straight out of google translate that shit! Learn Japanese girrrl

No. 227240

File: 1453998325753.png (556.07 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She got a lot of time at deai cafe. Nobody wants her so better take some selfies

No. 227248

Oh no! But the 'host' photo is from a cough professional cough photo shooting. How can you think someone like Sere would ever go to something as simple as a deai cafe, m8 she's a high classu escorto desu

No. 227319

its not incorrent japanese? its just stupid.
> owner of bar
> morning host
> punk rock
> i only eat eucalyptus so my poop doesnt smell
> best regards

No. 227328

What the heck is 'v kei rock hard core' and no one really writes よろしくお願い申し上げます except if google translate or their keyboard tells them to write it that way.

Slightly off topic but,
the unko part reminds me of jrcock

No. 227336

yea its just stupid

No. 227515

File: 1454046729425.jpeg (148.42 KB, 640x849, image.jpeg)


No. 227516

Since when does she look that dirty?

No. 227530

learn to screenshot newfag

No. 227538

It's a video

No. 227542

Point taken, I didn't see the arrow. I retract my earlier statement.

No. 227560

Has she already a new bf or is that someone from her 'work' place?

No. 227562

Its a guy from her `workplace´

No. 227569

I just saw the other clips and all the guys there look so cheap, tacky and low class. I've seen so many better hosts, even in Ikebukuro! Lmao

No. 227571

Well, low class prostitute meets low class friends. Perfect fit

No. 227576

I feel sorry for these guys to have to work with such scum as her. I bet she scares of the few customers that club ever got

No. 227584

Its a low level host club she works at so you get what you pay for

No. 227615

File: 1454082511180.jpeg (44.84 KB, 640x375, image.jpeg)

Host and girl hafu? Wtf
Also why is she taking selfies at the men toilet while somebody is pissing in the background?

No. 227628

Because that's sugoi kakkoii

No. 227858

Ive heard that the divorce is going through. Do we know whats happening, updates etc?

No. 227867

It's not. She is trying to renew her visa recently (so much for she has already one….)

No. 227901

Dumb bitch
Thinks she can renew her visa
You have to say sayounara to your hosts

No. 228149

File: 1454214335771.jpeg (122.06 KB, 632x911, image.jpeg)

No. 228152

I thought she hates gaijin? Yet she hangs out with them…

No. 228159

All her friends are gaijin ugly weeb girls the only japanese people i ever see her with are clients or host guys.

No. 228173

That 'flowergirl' is one of the most naiv and stupid girls I've ever met. If you use some intelligent sounding words, you can tell her that eg Dogs are naturally pink and humen just color them brown so that they sell better, she'd believe it.
Last year she went to Japan on a tourist visa to find a husband and get a marriage visa (well she had one guy, but he was a massive cheater all along, she knew that from the very beginning, but he told her everytime that he'll never do it again lol).
Now she's back in Germany and is suddenly all over korean boys/her korean bf as if nothing ever happened. But I'm somehow glad that she got back to Germany and didn't end up in seres fangs, because all in all she's such a sweetheart who'd never think that a person could be evil

No. 228174

Seriously, how do those people survive in everyday life…. Makes me wonder sometimes.

No. 228181

I think mommy amd daddy take great care of her. Which is also good for her, otherwise she'd have end up like eg vika, sere herself, gaya and so on, the list is long.

No. 228244

File: 1454260051119.jpeg (118.83 KB, 609x464, image.jpeg)

Give me attention
I'm a wannabe host

No. 228258

She later changed the caption to tag one of the hosts in it, to get more attention. In the original post there hasn't been any caption to this

No. 228466

File: 1454309450763.jpeg (105.23 KB, 640x622, image.jpeg)

She loves to samefag at the gaijin in japan thread

No. 228467

Can confirm

No. 228472

Lorena is desperate atm. She can't get a new visa.

No. 228475

Details plz

No. 228477

She tried to renew it but seems like it didn't work

No. 228494

She's already falling.
She has no chance in legally staying in Japan. And with all the lawyers and her ex husband, the reports and stuff she has no chance with staying illegally

No. 228505

But she is not at court anymore

No. 228506

She recently tried to renew her marriage visa

No. 228509

File: 1454325585645.jpeg (43.17 KB, 640x263, image.jpeg)

What a joke

No. 228511

It's not THAT difficult to become a no6 at a club where only 10 people work gurl

No. 228527

God her japanese is terrible

No. 228529

It's veeeeeery basic.

And isn't it bababa'に'なりました ?

No. 228533

In japanese is not necessary to add
sufixes when speaking so that part is fine.
The fact that she cant spell her clubs name etc. is whats fail

No. 228535

Ah thank you! I'm not a pro either, but can understand what she wrote.

So it should be ギャラクシー , right? I mean if she wants to write Galaxy.

May you point out other mistakes as well? That'd be nice, I like to learn of other people mistakes, so that I won't need to make them

No. 228786

File: 1454384936717.png (103.64 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Lorenas ass licker is gonna be lonely when she is gone

No. 228817

Kabukichohoe and kabukichoqueen
Lol fucking weebs

No. 228840

The hoe is back to calling herself reign … sadly … hoe suits her much better than the name of her first born

And Gaya as queen? More a lapdog of the hoe

No. 228846

Where did gaya met her husband? Why did they marry so fast?

No. 228847

Not exactly sure about HOW they met though. They married so fast for visa reasons, since Gaya's dream was to be a kyabajou.
But she stated that since they're both very young (she was 18 that time) that they'll have a more open kind of relationship to get some more experience. No doubt that Gaya is getting a lot of it right now lmao

No. 228873

Reign is the name of her son in australia?

No. 228874

As far as I remember. But maybe it was written in a different way, but pretty sure it has the same pronounciation

No. 228878

You don't need a meishi anymore lorena. You have to go soon :(

No. 228879

File: 1454406787814.jpeg (86.1 KB, 640x395, image.jpeg)

No. 228881

Let's all pay a visit to that rathole together and only order the cheapest stuff they have and refrain from getting served by 'that fat gaijin'

No. 228884

I'm in

No. 228885

Me and a friend did that last year when she worked at that club hahaha

No. 228887

File: 1454410732284.jpeg (99.02 KB, 640x844, image.jpeg)

I'm so hardcore
Mankooo chinko mankoooo

No. 228888

How was it?

No. 228889

She was fat and couldnt speak japanese

No. 228890


As expected. I wonder how she communicates with her 'coworkers ' maybe by using hands and feet ?

No. 228891

Maybe by sucking their dicks?

No. 228892

Unless shes paying them i doubt she sucks their dicks

No. 228905

That's my number 6

No. 228909

This is hilarious.
I would go to her club for lols if it wasn't 2bu. I ain't waking up early to see that joke.

No. 229456

Did her boyfriend left her?

No. 229530

Why do you think so? Has she posted some rage stuff or what?

Because we all know, it wouldn't be her fault if he ever leaves her, but obviously his. Lmao

No. 229811

No new photos of him

No. 232409

No new info??

No. 232458


She is pretty quiet recently. Maybe planning some new shitstorm when we don't expect it.

No. 232471


No. 232701

File: 1454865750298.jpeg (109.28 KB, 640x770, image.jpeg)

No. 232705

File: 1454865962585.jpeg (152.67 KB, 640x867, image.jpeg)

Ugly as fuck

No. 232723

Eyebrow is sad

No. 232732

>trying to speak like a yanki in katakoto

Fucking shameful display.

No. 232734

Maybe she should learn some real Japanese first before starting of using minor accents

No. 232779

Ew lol she got number one at her shit store. The only customer she gets are her ugly prostitute gaijin friends, cause her japanese is aweful and you cant have a conversation with her

No. 232780

i'm probably a total degenerate but that's kinda hot

No. 232797

Only look at the eyebrow for some minutes and you'll realize it's not hot at all

No. 232803

Lol you girls are so pathetic. Ever even met this girl? Been this groups clubs? It's not that easy to get a number and they will do anything to keep her so I wouldn't freak out abour her visa if I were you. I've been here once and of you go shokai maybe you can talk to her for 5 mins but if you wanna actually talk be prepared to pay some big money. You idiots can't afford one hour of her time so maybe you should get a life or maybe a real bf. I'm not gonna read this loser shit after this but really I couldn't believe people cared this much about someone that they will never meet. Talk about pathetic. Lol get off your computers and buy a dildo ha

No. 232806

No. 232811


I tried to go and unless she knows you outside of the club she doesn't do shokai…. :/

No. 232822


I fucking dare you fat girl

No. 232824


Hi Sere,
I think you forgot to write as anon. Nice try girl and very embarrassing

No. 232826

oh shit

No. 232827

nah she's stupid but not that stupid who writes "oh shit" when they get caught lmao obv someone is trolling, foh

No. 232828


Compare the names. They are different from the other posts.
The way 'kabuki reign ' writes sounds exactly like Sere. She is writing stuff like that all the time.

No. 232830

File: 1454882381234.jpg (390.39 KB, 964x1286, image.jpg)

sorry if you're defending me but stop using my tags… >.> it's weird

Why do I have to worry about smelly vag prudes at 7am. Stop annoying my girls. Ew. Wash your vag or go get some dick.

Come my club. I'll not talk to you unless you buy chanpagne (like most of you have AND DO!!) (bad mouth me all you want. Thanks for the money)

Add me on line even. Sere88

See? You're all too pussy to actually talk to me! Even toroto fatty chan couldn't open her bitch mouth when she was waiting out the front of my house the other day gagging for my lady dick. Haha

Just die already. You're all so ugly anyway. Otherwise you would have the lady balls to come to my club and actually TRY to shimei me. News to the losers. It's hard. Ha

Literally no gaijin have come to my club and not spend less that 2万 on me so whatever. If you came and met me you spent and are probably begging me for help looking for work right now. Hahahahhahahahahahah

Pic related: what you say; what you do.

Die ha

No. 232832

Sere, please learn to write proper English… It's a pain in the ass to read your bullahit and nobody is gonna take you serious.

No. 232834


You'd know all about that from your daily life ugly fat sow. Go back to your pillow fort and suck on your toe pretending like its my dick like you can afford it you sloppy piece of shit.

No. 232838

Oh I'm so afraid right now! Lmao
Go to bed Sere, seriously….

No. 232839

>>232830 Shut up Sere, you need to go under the knife for your mom body and wrinkles from all that alcohol. Also possibly get your eyesore tattoos removed.

No. 232840


I don't need a comma to fuck your smelly fat ass but if you want it you're gonna need 1,000,000 yen and a shower minimum ha

Can't even. Why are you even showing me this (you know who you are. I don't care if you're crying now I'm kicking your ass this is lame and boring)

Goodnight idiot girls bye

No. 232843


Oh me too I'm soooooo scared of some nobody on the internet who has two chins when they look up. Ha ha die I really hope you do

No. 232844

..that was a pretty corny reply.

No. 232845


Least I can afford it unlike some ugly birch sitting at home crying into some gakto poster or some lame shit like that wishing she could set foot in Japan.

No. 232846

>>232845 typical ~weeb in japan~ response.

No. 232848

Thanks sere, you made my evening! So much second hand embarrassment

No. 232851

>ever taking this shit seriously on an anon imageboard without proof


No. 232853

>>232844 It's just a friendly reminder that she doesn't have to call other people ugly when she looks like white trash, k.

No. 232854

Sere if you dont care why are you coming here? Lol you act tough andlike youre top shit but ive seen you in action and all youare is a basic trash bogan weeb. Youre the laughing stock of your beloved kabukicho wake up hag.

No. 232855

And yet you claim that you care about your two kids…smh, bitch please, you're a fucking laughing stock. I can't wait to see when karma fucks you right up ;-)

No. 232857

File: 1454884364238.jpg (31.02 KB, 505x431, 1440995699677.jpg)

No. 232859

If you looked at the writing in that photo Kabuki Hoe posted, then you'll probably realize that it's really her. I already google searched the image and there was no match.

No. 232860

>>232855 she has a mom body for no reason, basicallyy. I'm sure her children will haate her when they are older. isn;t she like 30 anyway?

No. 232861

It is extremely obvious that this is Sere. Nobody writes horrible English like her… Well maybe Mira

No. 232862

File: 1454884740012.jpg (77.2 KB, 720x338, 1441389460054.jpg)



No. 232866

27 but looks like shes in her 30s due to too much sucking of oldman cock for cash and alcohol

No. 232867

>>232866 when she gets her lips done she looks 40ish so i wasn't sure :)

No. 232869

She must be so desperate for drama because otherwise she wouldn't bitch around about nothing. This thread was somewhat dying.

No. 232974

She is a pathetic liar
Since when does she live at donki?

No. 232977

Her visa runs out
She is desperate

No. 233002

Naaa lorena is a phatological liar

No. 233014

File: 1454905020755.gif (509.59 KB, 300x230, gold.gif)


>called her self 'white-passing'.

>Bitch of course you're white passing.
>You're white.

The milk is coming from inside the cow!

No. 233017

File: 1454905182432.gif (4.34 MB, 597x440, すごい GACKT様.gif)

No. 233027

Nobody wants to go to your rathole club

No. 233031

>>83807 she thinks shes not white cuz her background is argentinian or some shit
bitch, most of the population from argentina are fuckin european. sit ur stupid fuck flat ass down.

No. 233070

File: 1454908210314.jpeg (25.1 KB, 452x325, image.jpeg)

No. 233101

File: 1454912746203.gif (839.26 KB, 250x320, kek.gif)

No. 233127

File: 1454915480543.jpg (82.77 KB, 460x393, 8gC59UR.jpg)

It's time to go home
And fuck you and your laughable lies

No. 233241

ahahah what the hell happened in this thread lmao

No. 233254

File: 1454932145265.jpeg (119.26 KB, 640x825, image.jpeg)

No. 233255

File: 1454932362552.png (255.39 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Her gaijin prostitute friends

No. 233271

Ha what? You got a number one at a club with barely 10hosts and 'friends' as your customers? Tell me more on how this is glorious and that you're a high class prostitute err I mean escort

No. 233298

Even if I am fat and ugly, at least I haven't abandoned my child, let alone two :)

No. 233301

But she is number 1 one and soooo rich

No. 233310

>>233254 first she's like "im not fat! u guys are fat fucks" then proceeds to call herself fat
cuz she knows she's shit lol yes sere you are fat and have saggy tits and skin, you are not hot shit just an old hag

No. 233314

She is the only one who defends her ? Sad

No. 233529

I think the problem with Sere is that she doesn't understand that people might actually not be jealous of her. Why would I want to work at a host club? Or go to one? "Everyone's jealous and couldn't afford my lifestyle" implies that everyone would totally do what she does if they just could.
I'm not jealous, seeing that trainwreck and thinking of her two children just makes me sad.

No. 233652

File: 1454975780251.jpeg (149.18 KB, 750x1143, image.jpeg)

That reminds me of this picture here

She doesn't jet-set around the world and get paid for that(we are all so jealous of her!!). The only thing she does is sitting in a dirty host club, having her friends paying or her and trying to be a high class escort which she is not by any means.
I don't see anything in her life I would want for myself.

No. 233805

WTF are you talking about anyway anon? Ashley and Taiyo are still together and raising their kid correctly. Gtfo with this shit.

No. 233806

>>233529 yup and she thinks she looks better than everyone, and everyone is fatter and uglier. like ok, you're not the prettiest woman in tokyo, if you were you'd be a super model instead of a shitty host BAHAHA

No. 233820

she should have been a flight attendant, i think they get to hang out at the countries they fly to for a bit

No. 233837

File: 1454992086604.png (201.53 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 233850

No. 233860

Sounds not bad for her. But she would have no mimosas and no expensive brunches. Well can't have everything in life.

No. 233867

If she becomes a stewardess on a private airline she might even get these. But she doesn't have the looks for that. When you work for a private business and get to work on private jets of rich people than you have to look neat an clean. Those girls and women are indeed (in most cases) high class escorts who'll give the passengers some exta services if they pay for them.

No. 233888


But before she's thinking about doing that, she should take care of her children….

No. 234708

File: 1455077609298.png (795.1 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 236522

Lorena is quiet. She finally got deported?

No. 236585

Maybe no visa renewal. Heard that she is having problems with it.

No. 236594


To become a stewardess you need to have an actual education for it. Even the escorting ones for private jets need a certificate. This woman is incapable of focusing enough energy (and money) to get it done.

No. 236612

Last year in october she managed to renew her visa and said she got another 3years??wheres all this talk that shes trying to renew her visa coming from ??

No. 236614

Maybe only tourist visa?

No. 236623

>She said
More than the half she says is fake.

No. 236641


Her husband got a call from
Immigration that Sere tried to renew her spouse visa and wanted to check on the situation.

No. 236643

except you are on duty from cabin door close to open, in charge of waiting hand and foot on hundreds of people - some of whom may be grimier than any man that walks into a host(ess) club, and you cant use sexual favors and hope to keep your job for long

No. 236644

some travel bloggers do this
must be great

No. 236675

Yay! Shitstorm approaching

No. 236692

The Japs will sooner deport all the South East Asian and Chinese women who marry for a visa than a random white girl from Australia.

No. 236698

Nah she will get deported she breaking the law

No. 237161

File: 1455431540236.png (480.44 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Lorena is still a shitty host

No. 237167

How do I become a stripper in Japan? Do I just walk into Roppongi and ask around? Serious question lol

No. 237184

The yakuza.

No. 237194

Basically that. Walk around in some shady red light district and ask the clubs if they'd hire you

No. 237195

Go to 7th Heaven in Roppongi. They take everyone…

No. 237197

What's up with these dolphin figures? Can someone please explain this shit?

To me dolphin figures always have a very cheap looking image, eg you went to Spain or something and needed to get some souvenirs for all the people you don't like that much and you'll get them these dolphins cuz heck they're cheap and there are dolphins in Spain, right?

No. 237207


I just went to their website and it says you need a work visa!! They must be using that as their cover even though it's still illegal. I also wrote to them asking if I really needed a work visa. No reply yet…

No. 237214

You don't need a visa. As is said. They take everyone. Even with tourist visa. I used to work there. They have a special protection system for non visa girls.

No. 237221

They're expensive and useless, just to show off money

No. 237226

But how do they became a tradition? How did they pop up and when do you get them?

No. 237227

Do you have to be a good stripper, I've never done that before, but I thought about working in some club on my next holiday trip over there so that I can afford stuff

No. 237232


Wow, thanks for the info! So you're saying I could fly to Japan right now and go for it? Totally gonna plan for this.

No. 237236


I don't recommend it because 7th Heaven is not a ordinary strip club. You have to drink a lot of alcohol as well and only drink back+private dances are your money.
I would say come here as a tourist and give it a try but don't come only to work there. You would be disappointed

No. 237472

File: 1455504845674.png (700.83 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I puked

No. 237488

No. 237489

She looks so old

No. 237491

Why does she think it's appropriate to post this kind of pictures? Nobody wants to see her ugly body…

No. 237493

Omg so hooot

No. 237499

Lel I might be the only one who likes this picture

No. 237500

Nah, I don't think it's too bad.

No. 237508

Her tummy is really chubby and she looks untrained in general.

No. 237509

Not to mention her flabby coverd in acne granny ass

No. 237510

She's gorgeous.

No. 237511

Her tats ruin it tbh
I wouldn't spent money on such dirty skin

No. 237512

Well, I wouldn't spend money on her or her tats, but in a fictional scenario where this would be just a regular girl w/o who she actually is, I'd think she's cute.

No. 237522

Fattie mc chub

No. 237531

Me too until I'd get to know about her or see her without that massive amount of photoshop. She's either overusing the blurr to hide her frizz or overusing the lightning feature to hide her uglyness…or both at the same time and an extra filter

No. 237544

Magic's in the make up, like they say. & Filters. Annnnd extra lighting. Annnnnd Photoshop. Annnnnd extra blur.
But even if she did look like that naturally, her personality's a no-no.

No. 237581


It doesn't do much magic with her 'high class escort' pictures… They are horrible to look at.

No. 237591

Saggy tits, ugly ass, chubby child birth ruined tummy, tattoos…you can only save this with photoshop if you're a pro

No. 237604

And then when those poor guys meet her in real life, they gonna be disappointed. Very very sad.

No. 237611

The only thing that can save this hag is plastic surgery. Korea isn't too far away.

No. 237622

She already had
Lips and her tits

No. 237623

She got her lips done but theyre still thin and nastey lol

No. 237624

But the surgeon fucked up her tits. She's the shittiest boob job I've ever seen and hell I watch a lot of porn!

Her tattoos can't be fixed by surgery though. They ruined her forever. (I don't mind tattoos though it's known that especially tattoos you can't hide will always and forever ruin your reputation)

No. 237633

Not particularly thin but nasty and bulky looking.

No. 237682

Dude she has like no top lip

No. 237689

her personality/history is really hard to unsee though

No. 237690

lets get dakota/kiki in here

No. 237880

File: 1455591906451.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 237910

At first that looked like the cheap love hotel I've been to at Ikebukuro…took me a while to realize it's disney lmao do they have low class rooms there too?

No. 237916

File: 1455602258603.png (1001.15 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

New visa on the right lol

No. 237924

Old man on the right

She can't get a new spouse visa after divorce for about 6months and even then…I highly doubt she'd get it again.

No. 237930

The layout and floor looks like the Disney Ambassador Hotel, but the wallpaper and mirror decal are different from the basic room I'm more familiar with. I believe it's actually one of the pricier character themed rooms. From my experience, it's really no better or worse than a "nice but not amazing" hotel. The lobby and restaurant areas definitely outweigh the rooms themselves.

But they're not gross or trashy or anything. Sage for Disney otaku sperging and no real contribution.

No. 237934

It might just be the tapestry(? The stuff on the walls)

Hey, being a prostitute is soooo cool…not

No. 237935

Oh, I meant the room wasn't trashy. Sere, on the other hand…

No. 237948


But if she's a number one host, why would she need to work as prostitute still? If she has a well running bar lol why would she still need to work as a prostitute? She wouldn't need to do that.

I have lots of Japanese friends who worked in the right light, but only until the point they had the momey they need to open up their own business. As soon as they had their business, they immediately stopped the sex work

No. 237954

She lurks here everyday ?

No. 237958

She does. Not enough customers

No. 237959

I thought she doesn't care. She does a lot if she lurks here all the time.

No. 237963

You know its her when she is writing about melissa

No. 237968

I'm interested to know how much Sere makes on an average day as an escort. I'd just like to compare figures ;)

No. 238210

By what she takes for an hour, she'll make quiet a bit, if she gets a customer who's willed to pay for her. But she doesn't has frequent ones only one time people and only very few of them.

No. 238222

15000 yen at deai cafe

No. 238223

If they book over her so called model webpage it's 500$ an hour…I wouldn't even pay 500¥

No. 238235

Hi Lorena!!!

No. 238236

Oh please, not even.
I even stated that if this was just a regular girl, not who she actually is, I'd think she's cute. Emphasis on just a regular girl. I would not pay to touch her.

No. 238248

File: 1455693741888.jpg (338.18 KB, 1242x2208, image.jpg)

Lol wat

No. 238275

Nawwww did she fell off her 400$ segway again. I feel soooo sorry, not. There's a reason for why these things are forbidden in some states like the US and EU lol next time she may break her head

No. 238289

Segways are stupid

No. 238294

It say やけど(yakedo)which means burn. So no she didnt fall off the segway

No. 238296

Maybe it exploded and burned her hand…. (I so hope that! Haha)

No. 238302


You can burn your skin/hand when falling off sth. I once burned both of my arms falling of a skateboard.

Or maybe she tried using an electric cigarette and it exploded in her hand

No. 238303

Lol an exploding electronic cigarette sounds lethal.

No. 238311

Those things are like segways, they have cheap components and explode or leak battery acid very often lol

No. 238390

Karma exist!!!

No. 238400

File: 1455724539977.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Dumb and dumber

No. 238436

I can't get over how plain and boring gaya looks, like guuuurl you in Japan and probably gain a decent amount of money with your prostitution. Attend some makeup lessons, visit some beauty salons, and get your boobs done properly and not by that ass of a surgeon sere seems to use.

No. 238476

My very dangerous yakuza friends are gonna ruin her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 238478

Yay Yakuza furendos!

No. 238480

gaya looks like shit bruh

No. 238505

My very dangerous yakuza friends are everywhere!!! They will sent her acne ass back home

No. 238601

And dont forget a stylist or lessons in fashion. She cant never dress herself

No. 238613

If you look up plain jane in the dictionary you'll see Gaya's picture

No. 238649


Only dumb people can be friends with lorena

No. 238651

“never fail to be a guys type"
Haha pls. Girl you fug.

No. 238654

I was talking with gayas guy for a while. He said she is stupid as fuck and he is only using her.

No. 238674


Gayas guy ?

No. 238678

i heard gaya's husband introduced her to prostitution, so she could make money for him. that he supports it. feel sorry for her, honestly… lotsa kabuki boys are wired that way. they pressure their girls into prostitution. so sad…

No. 238685

Wonder what gayas dad would say

No. 238689

File: 1455779603092.jpeg (157.24 KB, 640x814, image.jpeg)

No. 238701

It's astonishing to me how some of the ugliest pig looking girls think they're so drop dead gorgeous and totemo kawaii. Is it a mental defect that shows them a warped version of reality wen they look in the mirror?

No. 238704

Gaya is the ugliest lmao bitch if u were so pretty why did you get plastic surgery and still look ugly as fuck???? LMAOOOOO also lol @ ur relationship. The only dick u get nowadays are 60 yr old balding grandpas NICE A++++ SO SEXY IM JELOUS
btw is her Japanese still shit or what

No. 238710

Found gayas dad on fb
I should write about what gaya is doing in japan.

No. 238717

How did you find him

No. 238726

Na that's pretty mean, why would you do that ? What did she ever do to you personally ? I wouldn't want my family to find out what I'm doing here. So I'd be horrified if someone did that to me and I'd done nothing to provoke it.

No. 238728

On the people you might know list

No. 238729

i'm gonna hafta agree. she seems more like a victim of her hubby. i met lotsa guys like that when i was in tokyo. they lie an say they're in love with you, but they need money to pay debts er somethin, and they ask you to do sex work to help em. happens to lotsa japanese hostesses too. there host bf say they luv em, but make them do sex work to keep goin to there clubs.

No. 238730

File: 1455799341618.png (1.19 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 238732

Well yes obviously this is nothing new.

No. 238798

why you type like that anon lol

No. 238799

you jamaican?

No. 238802

>>238729 Reasons why you don't date hosts. IDK why these weebs don't understand. They like gyaru and shit, is dating a gyaruo not good enough??? LOL

No. 238803

File: 1455817742069.png (218.92 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Even japanese hates her

No. 238804

Translation please?

No. 238809

Well dating a host and have some fun ≠ marrying a host.

Dating a host can be very funny, because they know how to entertain women, it's their job lol and if you can enjoy this for free for a while and even get some stuff out of it that's great. Anyway, not all hosts are total fucktards, most of them, but not all

No. 238858

>>238809 you think a stupid weeb can pick out a decent host from a shitty one? lmao pls

No. 238867

Well, ok no they can't. I was talking in general about people with some more brain than a weeb.

A generic weeb will just see a yellow dick

No. 238872

are they even gyaryuos in the wild anymore?
hosts are the closest thing

No. 238876

Most of the gyaruos I know are either hosts or work in other low class no education needed jobs like construction workers and stuff like that. So the host ones are the ones who look good and have a 'cool' job (in a weeabos eye, because selling your body, braincells and life is veeeery cool)

No. 239019

What, why is there a girl working here? Omg. This club. She used to be a hostess at Elysee.

But that's pretty amazing to be so host-crazy that she actually dressed up as a man and ended up working at a host club lol. Gross.

Cross dressing as a host yet her hair is long, she's clearly nothing more than a girl who just wears cool clothes. If you're gonna cross dress as a host then at least act more like a man. She's just a host-crazy former hostess/prostitute.

(Can't get the context of the last sentence here. みんなの担当狙われてるかもね)

As soon as they employ a woman it's over.
Can't believe it.

No. 239035

Maybe it means lorena wants everybodys host (tantou)

No. 239040

Yes that is what it means

No. 239080

Yeah that seems to make the most sense. I wasn't sure though. Thank you!

No. 239099

I wonder how much money she would have to make to get into the number ranking at such a shitty club.

No. 239101

Just read through that, do they rip into every club or is this one just particularly bad?

No. 239106

Haha no this isn't even bad.
The thread for the club I go to is horrendous…

No. 239333

Yeah they're vicious. The stuff they are saying about her is mild compared to other stuff I've seen before.

No. 239343

Yeah, mostly bitching about other customers instead of the actual cast. Makes me so nervous

No. 239622

File: 1456068248331.png (908.6 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 239623

Argh shes so basic

No. 239642

maybe she should team up with margo, so they can be narcisstic togehter and then both run off to the river. Anyway, where has she been the last few days?

No. 239648

I've seen it so bad that they posted pics of them half naked in a hotel room to prove they do makura. Noting what they bought at a conbini at what time. Their full name real name hometown etc their address if they're not in a ryo. Posting stalkery shit about their hon kanno. It just goes on and on

No. 239661

lol wtf. I just spent a week in Kabukicho, sadly didnt see Sere but hardly any hosts either, some law changed and now they cant chat up girls on the streets anymore

No. 239668

I want to see Delandra and Sere in a catfight.

Bonus if Margo is filming it, so then Delandra goes after her too.

No. 239822

They're making big efforts of beautifying Kabukicho. Also a big fan of those "Don't let people talk to you about prostitution, it's illegal!!" announcements next to the "information desks" (案内所?)…

No. 239825

That's not what that announcement thing says haha. It says "picking up customers off the street(aka the Nigerian and yakuza guys who trick suckers into bars and drug them for cash) is illegal". That's what it is. Other than that the Japanese announcement is about men who go to see prostitutes in rental rooms but inside the room is a different girl. Like a bait and switch(bokkutori) and warning them not to. Honestly Tokyo pd only cares about prostitutes when some shit goes down for example a man gets his wallet stolen by a ho. Sere and her girls will be in Japan forever because the police don't care enough to investigate a few foreign hookers.

No. 239833

yeah i heard the announcements. it's so random, in broad daylight theyre talking about prostitutes. It's so good they got the nigerians off the streets, those motherfuckers were so annoying.

No. 239835

They are still there

No. 239866

Bottakuri. It's usually a place that says it's one price outside but without a proper menu/price written and then the bill comes out to be something rediculous via drinks they never ordered or rediculous tax or charges that were never metioned before. Most of those places open and close very quickly so they don't get caught. Look out for places without a door sign or if they have super low profile. Most places with a website or social media will never Bottakuri.

No. 239905

> "come on baby its japan"
yea thats fucking why im not getting with you

No. 239911

So, did her fucktoy ran off? And why the fuck is her fuckin'dog (sorry lil dog, nth against you, you can't do much abt your shitty owner) more important to her than her children??

No. 239917

Because her brain is fucked up

No. 239922

She needs a holiday in a locked-ward psychiatry

No. 239923

My words
She only got kids so she can get something (money, visa)

No. 239926

did she really 'got money' of her first child? Or was it just a 'oops, what's protection?' baby?

Also her new half nekked instagram photo makes me cringe, her tummy is the most disgusting thing in the world. (and it scares me of getting pregnant myself one day…I don't want my tummy to get ugly!!)

No. 240013

It seemed from her very old Instagram pics that she really loved the boy. Don't know what was happening that she changed that much.

I think she was just lazy af and didn't do any workout after pregnancy. I have a child as well but my tummy looks just fine and is nowhere like hers. Workout is the key.

No. 240137

She sued the father of the child and got money

No. 240894

File: 1456289029915.png (257.4 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Please find a normal person to be friends with

No. 240895

File: 1456289094330.png (796.8 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 240897

Lol this bitch wishes.

No. 240902

>greasy hair, face full of crusty makeup, fat with shitty tattoos

Oh yeah, I'm sure any man would be crazy for you

No. 240904


My boyfriend just said she looks like a drug addicted whore haha.

No. 240911

>>240904 I showed my bf her nudes and he laughed so fucking hard

No. 240916

No darling, non of my men would be interested in your saggy ass n tits, your tat ruined skin, your fried hair or your ugly face. Some would be interested in your money though, that's not 'stealing' lol

No. 240955

I dunno. If she didn't have those awful tats and lost a bit of weight she'd look half decent. Shame about her attitude tho. It stinks :///

No. 241268

But you couldn't even keep your kids, who were yours in the first place.

No. 241270

>literal whore
>single mom
Nah m8 I think my man is safe

No. 241273

looks like she's fresh off a drug binge.

No. 241328


No. 241541

File: 1456430229832.png (326.72 KB, 443x503, Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 2.56…)

lmao wtf is she doing
sere go to bed

No. 241564

Is it just me or does as always look like she's making a super serious face, like she's furrowing her brow super hard? She looks like she's always either trying very hard to concentrate on something or taking a very hard as painful shit. She should get a brow lift or something with all her hooker money.

No. 241599

Hopefully not from the same surgeon that did her tits, oh she would end up as a Van Gough's painting.

No. 241603

She could go to Korea and make a kawaii vacation out of it. Oh wait, no she couldn't, because if she left Japan and tried to reenter they might not let her back in lol

No. 241854

Try hard

No. 242028

Shes still with that guy. just keeping his face out of pics! Seems he quit hosting too. Being Seres Himo lol

No. 242081

So only being a lil'prostitute himself maybe. Someone should check out the gay and crossdresser pages for him

No. 242812

File: 1456633528351.png (1 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Nobody wants to see your ugly saggy tits
She is staying in japan illegal now
Go back home lorena messinger/ishiuchi

No. 242816

File: 1456634450342.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 20.31 KB, 136x222, image.jpeg)


No. 242842

Said she changed her eyebrows, still look like shit haha

No. 242846

They still look the same, no idea what she might have changed about them

No. 242883

What a coincidence, we know she lurks here and then she changes her eyebrows right after an anon mentions her old ones made her look constipated? LOL!

No. 242888

But she is peeeerfect anon

No. 243191

File: 1456717329026.png (170.27 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

In other words"give me your prostitute money"
Lawl friends

No. 243197

Out of commission lol

No. 243230

her customers are literally just her friends. Shiena seems to go a fuck ton, have you seen pics of all the bottles she puts in … why waste that money

No. 243233

Shiena is dumb

No. 243245


Not only Shiena. They are all dump

No. 243549

File: 1456818190796.png (812.91 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Karma, bitch

No. 243551

File: 1456818355263.png (377.22 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 243552

File: 1456818386984.png (455.17 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Shiena, stupid as fuck

No. 243912

File: 1456939025441.png (173.32 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

They know

No. 244002

translate please?

No. 244004

Clearly Sere and her terrible Japanese.

Shes being asked why she is dressing like a man and her response is "because Hikaru is ugly and I was doing well with my friends"

But the way the friends part is worded is odd. That and it's sad she admitted her friends paid.

No. 244005

Nah, the last one says that a friend often fucked with Hikaru

No. 244025

That part about hikaru has nothing to do with sere lolol. Do you know how hostlove works.its the stores
chatboard not everything written there has to do with sere.
Basically the first comment says why does this australian do danso?

Someone replied saying because shes insane.

Last comment was nothing to do with the sere convo just a comment about another member of staff and how their friend often fucks them.

No. 244108

What dumb ass set themselves on fire?….oh wait it's sere

No. 244229

Young Japanese people. It's also a huge trend to set your armpit and pubic hair on fire

No. 244325

Where are you coming up with this bullshit that its a trend

No. 244327

Lol wtf are you talking about?!

No. 244391

It's some sort of a daring. Or if you've lost a bet. There are a tons of vines and even youtube clips about that. It's crazy, but hey, it's Japan, so what do you expect

No. 244496

All the hosts hates her haha. Even the hosts she shimeid

No. 244630

Why did gaya delete her twitter :( sad sad

No. 244648

Heard that lorena is a little bit drug addicted. Everything make sense now

No. 244653

Of cause they hate her shes the dictionary definition of an itakyaku (painful customer)they only like her money.

No. 245660

Can someone report her for using drugs?

No. 245663

Gaya deleted her Facebook too

No. 245667

If they have real proofs…because that's definitely a cause to get deported. Japs see no jokes in drugs

She's scared because the internet knows she's a prostitute. Maybe she doesn't want her parents to find out about it kek

No. 246305

File: 1457448923887.png (928.81 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

They're taking drugs together

No. 246311


Is that the German girl who slept with seres husband and wanted to take over her child? She does drugs as well?
They are all so messed up.

No. 246363

Very sad

No. 246378

Just curious but how do you know they're taking drugs? Do you have proof? What kind of drugs do they take? Just really wanna know that

No. 246676

Friends/hosts of them

No. 246684

Thats very vague and didnt really answer the question lol

No. 246704

Just go to the host club they are going. They like to gossip about lorena & company

No. 246706

Whats the club name? Not galaxy the one she works at?

No. 246708

No it's called six
Or go to the air group club

No. 246738

And there they talk about her taking drugs?

I can't access hostlove it seems. Does it have a region blog like kirari cafe?

No. 246748


I have a screenshot somewhere when she talked about taking weed. Give me some time to find it in my mess…

No. 246750

I looked through the six thread and couldnt find any mention of her.as for the air group thread, which one? Lol theres heaps.
And marijuana doesnt classify here as a drug addict haha

No. 246756


It's still illegal in Japan.

No. 246757

Yes I know

No. 246776

Not on the net
When u go to the club

No. 246840

In jpn, everything is considered as drugs aside of alc and cigs. There's as far as I know death penalty on selling them

No. 246843

I love japan

No. 246857

Me too

No. 247127

File: 1457580210305.png (1009.23 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Omg she looks so hawt and manly


No. 247205

Evil eyebrow is back

The other 'half body' shot is worse though. Who wanna go to a fat host? Her thighs are enormous and I already thought mine were fat

No. 247206

File: 1457591813530.png (970.87 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_2016-03-10-07-35-26…)

No. 247210

Holy shit

No. 247216

her pants look dirty here, like spermed on or something.

No. 247246

File: 1457598103509.jpeg (35.26 KB, 640x415, image.jpeg)

No. 247264

Cant even put together a short sentence properly in japanese lol

No. 247329

Why did she make a new ig?

No. 247461

Threads like this and the one on PULL. I like gossiping but people but I still think that the penten person on PULL is a bit obsessed with Sere…

No. 247470

It has the same name though I think she was just too lazy to delete the old stuff kek

No. 247471

its acid wash jeans silly non /fa/shionable anon

No. 247475

Shiena? Is that you?

No. 247684

I Saw gaya on the train today. God she dresses gross

No. 247718

She IS gross. She looks like a messy and I don't mean her body features, but just how she dresses, her hair etc she doesn't look like the person who takes great care of herself

No. 247742

Yeah i noticed that her hair was all ratty, she looked tired and was dressed like she just woke up and rushed out the door lolol

No. 247747

its just a little ミス

No. 247769


Sounds like the same person posting.


No. 247780

I'm this person. No samefag no vendetta kek

No. 247781

Gaya is nasty as fuck. That bitch looks like a grease ball

>>247769 A lot of people in the gaijin comm don't like her. lol

No. 247895


Is me i dont know her personally i just saw her and thought she was ewwy

No. 247936

Why did Sere make a new Instagram if she is not using it and still posting on the other one? No logic behind that…

No. 248132

No one knows

No. 248158

She wants to see who lurks her.

No. 248161

That's like the easiest, most stupid kind of 'trap' she could've imagined I guess.

No. 248260

Lol that doesn't make sense either since her account is not even private and everybody can see her profile.

No. 248307


Maybe she just wanna see how many followers she could get with the new account and if it gets enough followers in a short time she'll make the old one private again

No. 248332

Umm… so Sere and most of her friends sell companionship and sex so they can buy companionship and sex? WTF? Why?

Or did I get it all wrong? I mean, that's really, really peculiar behavior.

No. 248335

Its actually normal amongst regular host club goers. Sometimes the girls get so addicted to the partying and the attention that they turn to prostitution in order to keep on top of their crazy spending habits at the clubs.

No. 248345

You should watch The Great Happiness Space if you're interested in the psyche of these kinds of girls. It's a documentary following a male host club, and they get a lot of soap workers who see them.

No. 248354

Kyabajou work, so they can see the hosts and the host will go the kyabajou. Endless cicle of wtf

No. 248388

This is exactly the type of world I'm stuck in at the moment actually. I just don't choose to broadcast it all over the net lol. I wish it was that easy to give up. I just paid off a massive debt today to a host club and everytime I say to myself I don't wanna go back again. But the same cycle of champagne and debt repeats on me every month. Very very difficult to get out of.

Kyaba work isn't usually enough to fund this type of lifestyle so I guess a lot of kyaba girls turn to soap or deli health.

No. 248401

Just curious, but on what kind of visa are you on/did you never get in touch with immigration?

And I hope you can get out of that damn cycle. I know some ex kyaba who did this for years and they're all total train wrecks, closer to suicide than to life. Get out as long as you're still able to

No. 248444

I don't understand what she's trying to do with this "host" job. Who is her targeted client base? Gay women? I mean, she's clearly not a dude, so gay men won't be interested. And wouldn't a guy just go to a hostess club? I truly don't get it.

No. 248447

Sorry, I meant wouldn't a straight guy just go to a hostess club?

No. 248452

Same, I don't understand it, especially because she went well as a kyabajou.

As far as I know, only her 'friends' pay for her shitty service

No. 248517

I'm on a regular working visa. I work days in an average job and then nights at a deli health. My deli health shop protects me and I don't have a photo on the home page. I used to work at soap for a couple of months last summer before I got a better offer here and realized the danger there.

Thank you, yeah I've been at rock bottom a few times too. But it's very difficult when you live so close to kabukicho, and the hosts are very tactical about weaving themselves into your life so it's hard to let go.

So anyway I don't know if Sere feels the same way I do or if she even goes to a host club as a customer as much as I do…cos if she does then I truly sympathize with her and hope she gets out of it too.

No. 248519

Do you not have family? Parents? Siblings?

I truly feel sorry for you. Literally prostituting yourself to spend time with men who look like women. Not even trying to rub it in, just… damn sis.

No. 248521

IDK if this is a possibility for you, but could you possibly leave the country for a few months? Just to be physically and emotionally away from it.
Living near Kabukicho is setting yourself up for failure. Move away, change your number/Line and get a friend to shout at you whenever you contemplate going back.

No. 248522

The end of the line for the anime weeb.

Not even Applemilk hit the depths of low self-esteem and shame that badly. You realize there is no going back from this now? This is it. End of the road. I mean imagine meeting some guy and having to live a lie about what you did as a young adult.

I can't think of a single male friend or family member who would stick with a girl knowing she went to Japan and ended up prostituting herself in order to have the capital to "invest" in meeting other Japanese guys.

I wish there was something I could say to cheer you up, but I'm giving it to you straight. The best you can hope for after destroying yourself like this is to live a life of quiet contemplation, hopefully you have enough of an extended family to give you some sort of warmth, because it is going to be nigh impossible to have any sort of family of your own.

No. 248526

You will be alright. People have done worse and come back from it. This is not the way it is going to be for the rest of your life, you can change things. Don't give up hope. You deserve to be loved.

No. 248527

>You deserve to be loved.

lol, are you fucking kidding me?

No. 248533

Thanks for the straight up honest opinions/advice guys. Maybe I should leave Japan for a while and take a reality check.

Hmm anime weeb? Interesting since I have zero interest in anime lol. But anyway thank you for your honesty - it's nothing new to me. But it's given me more motivation to stop this, so thank you.

No. 248536

The only reason you feel any compulsion to change is because I'm not kissing your ass, I'm giving you a sense of urgency. In fact I'm not even giving you that because the moment a guy back home gets a whiff of what you did out there, he isn't going to give you the time of day.

God damn it, when will weebs realize there is no future for westerners in Japan? Every expat I ever met, male or female, who married a local was miserable. Every last one.

>Hmm anime weeb? Interesting since I have zero interest in anime lol.

Whatever the fuck turned you into a weeb of this severity. J-Pop, Mana, gay looking men, le unique and quirky traditions…

No. 248538

Lol fair enough..!
Of course I don't expect a future here long term at all, and the time will come to pack it all in and get a grip. Actually I don't plan on renewing my visa again since renewing it last year.

No. 248539

What do you plan to do relationship wise?

You can't just lie to people you date about what you did there.

No. 248546

Good question which unfortunately I have no answer to. I guess I'll cross that bridge when/if I come to it (which sadly I probably won't)..!

No. 248559

If anon is leaving her past behind I see no need to tell that anybody. Why should she? It's her life and what someone done in the past is nobody's business.

No. 248590

Nice lie by omission. You're disgusting.

No. 248592

No I'm not. There are so many people with 'secrets' and if this is not harming anybody so why need to tell? I see no reason for that. Anon is not harming anybody but herself so what.

No. 248593

This isn't just some random one night stand here or there. We're talking about a girl who ran up such unserviceable debts trying to fuck men in an alien country she had to prostitute herself repeatedly in order to pay off those debts.

Imagine a man who ran up loan sharking debts in his 20s fucking escorts, to the point he had to go gay to pay it off.

It's a disgrace you're advocating she lie to some unsuspecting white dude back home.

No. 248595

If you think the reason a lot of girls go to host clubs is for sex then you are hugely mistaken.

No. 248596

Who cares? She prostituted herself to see them.

No. 248597

There's a difference between lying about something and just not saying anything at all. I'm pretty sure everyone has something in their past that they choose not to talk about. Doesn't mean they're lying about anything.

No. 248598

I already explained the distinction between a white lie about a one night stand and prosecuting yourself in a foreign country systematically above.

No. 248599

You've also prostituted yourself?

No. 248601

Exactly what I think. No guy will go to their girlfriends and ask them if they worked as a prostitute and I'm not going to any guy I met and interested in and say something like: hey just so you know, I fucked guys for money. Nice to meet you.

No. 248602

Stop derailing you fucking shittards. This thread is about Sere, not about the ethics of prostitution.

No. 248603

There is nothing much to lie about having one nights stands. These day everybody has them. So what.
Are you some prude bitch?

No. 248605

That's my point. A one night stand isn't a big deal.

Prostituting yourself abroad systematically is.

>prude bitch

Least I can be honest with my partner about what I've done in my past. I've also never prostituted myself to an old lechy Japanese man :-)

No. 248606

They will ask you about your past, then you will need to lie as you fill in the gaps.

And Asian guys are going to be even more strict about not allowing that shit than White guys.

No. 248608

If you aren't stupid and having a main job and education there wouldn't be any gaps to fill with 'lies'.
As someone else mentioned above. It's not lying and nobody is obligated to say anything if they don't want to share that information.

No. 248609

Stay in Japan and marry some lowlife there. Nobody wants you back in the West. That's why you're there in the first place.

No. 248610

Who says I'm in Japan anyways? Stupid idiot.

No. 248611

Can we actually get back on topic tho?

No. 248615

>lying about being a literal whore to your future husband

You're as bad as the cows. Makes sense as most of you envy these fuckups.

No. 248616

Any news or prove on the permanent residence visa shit someone mentioned in the snow section?

No. 248631

Why does everyone have to know? It's not like you kill people for a living. Anyone's past sex life is no ones bussiness but their own unless they have stds.

No. 248633



It's as if some anons here keep a diary of every sex act they've done in order to ~☆impress☆~ they're partner with their honesty. Nobody gives a fuck. As quoted poster said, if you're disease free it's nobody's fucking business except your own.

Sage for OT.

No. 248637

What was mentioned?

No. 248645

Lorena doesn't have a visa atm.

No. 248647

File: 1457927468481.jpeg (127.61 KB, 640x778, image.jpeg)

Fat legs alarm lorena <3

No. 248655


No. 248668

Whoever goes to host clubs regularly has problems. Can't you date a normal guy? Whoever becomes in debt because of host clubs is a pathetic dumbass. And then to become a prostitute to pay it off, that's hilarious. Sorry wtf that was a good read y'all

No. 248669


No. 248675

Well, I rather think it comes from being mentally unstable. Lots of the girls who visit host clubs have low to no self esteem, depression, or other 'invisible' problems concerning their mental health. They need help, instead of being shouted at for being stupid, but in Japan there's nearly no help at all. I know of some 'rescue' hotlines for minors and there's one (but only for tokyo/suburbs) where girls who got on the wrong way could call. But having these kind of problems is a massive shame in Japan and they'll rather go on prostituting themselves to pay of their depth and going deeper into the night life swamp than loosing their faces

No. 248678

>>248675 Idc about Japanese girls, I'm talking about foreigners lol

No. 248679

Why are the foreign girls any more stupid than the Japanese girls who do exactly the same thing?

No. 248685

>>248679 Are you slow?? They go to host clubs because they think they are a sexy speshul snowflake foreign princess.

No. 248688

Lol if you say so.

No. 248692


No. 248693

Sere is Sere. I think it's unfair to generalize.

No. 248695

Your future husband deserves to know whether or not you were a hooker sis.

No. 248697

>It's ok to whore yourself out in a foreign land repeatedly to pay off debts you accumulated by being a slut in the first place

White girls into Asian guys are cray cray.

No. 248700

Are you really that stupid or do you just pretend to? Who knows what your boyfriend does if you are not around.

No. 248702

Everyone has the right to keep things about their past to themselves if they so wish to. It just depends if you can carry it without it bothering you. If it doesn't bother you anymore and it's in the past and forgotten then let it be forgotten and move forward.

No. 248704

A man deserves to know if a girl he's with did the things she did. It's indicative of low impulse control and it's even worse the fact she traveled across an ocean on a work visa to do it.

No. 248706

Seriously get off the Internet or take your moral shit somewhere else where people care about it.

No. 248707

>moral shit

If you think it's unusual for someone to want to know if their partner has prostituted themselves to a bunch of gooks then you are in for a nasty surprise.

No. 248709


You clearly don't read the other posts aren't you? Nobody is obligated to reveal anything from their past if they choose to keep it to themselves. Your moral shit is damn annoying.

No. 248710

I'm pretty sure not ALL of these girls thought oh hey I wanna try my hand at sex work I'll go to Japan! … It's one of the oldest trades in the world

But anyway if that secret past is going to be shared with a future partner I don't think it's the type of thing to tell at the beginning of a relationship. But what I'm trying to say is that everyone makes mistakes in their past that they don't always want to share. If sharing it would bring more negatives than positives then isn't it better to not say anything? Depends on the people involved I guess. Agree to disagree.

No. 248715

>Boyfriend: Did you date or see none while over there?

Your response would be?

No. 248716


No. 248719

are we talking about prostitution with boyfriend on the other hand or getting a new boyfriend/husband?
If the last one, it's not his business if I dated someone in Japan before him. Don't talk about exes.

If it's prostitution with boyfriend: well it's her fault then and if she can keep it without feeling guilty it's not our business either.

No. 248721

So basically you play word games in order to escape from having to answer the question truthfully.

What if he asked you straight up how many men you've slept with?

No. 248722

Gooks? Seriously? What are you some sort of WASP? Might explain the moral fag shit you're spewing up.

Also did you date or see anyone there? You do know some people have boyfriends even when they work that trade. She can just talk about that. Sex work =/= dating or seeing anyone. It's just work.

Like what does it really matter if she did sex work in the past? It isn't relevant to the present. It's like you meet a guy and you have to know how many sexual partners he's had in the past. It's none of anyone's business.

No. 248726

Are you seriously this much of a delusional weeb you think finding the idea of a girl whoring herself out literally off putting makes you a "WASP"?

How much of a stupid fucking weeb are you? Do you think your precious Asian men also don't think it's a moral black mark against a girl?

If you whored yourself out for random Japanese men by the dozens. Then you owe it to your future partner to fess up. This isn't just "a little mistake" dumbass. Being a hooker in a foreign country because of huge debts you got being a slut in the first place isn't some minor thing.

lolcow really is full of people who just envy the likes of Dakota these days, rather than people who who actually see weebism in of itself as something cringey and embarrassing the site has been taken over by weebs who want to be the next Dakota/Mira and are just butthurt.

No. 248728


Even IF that's none of his business as with how many guys I've possibly slept.

You must be either some 13 year old teenager who has no idea about everything or you are a sour middle aged woman.

No. 248729

The only butthurt person I see here is you. Dumbass

No. 248731

Just fug off gook lover. Maybe you can be a hooker in kawaii nippon too if you work hard enough!

You obviously have some things you've done in your past you're ashamed of. That's why you want to believe you can just sweep it all under the rug. What happened? You can tell us. But don't think that guys are ambivalent towards it.

Still loling at "only wasps don't want a wife who was a prostitute! Muh Asian guys still want me! Baka!"

No. 248733


I'm pretty much happy with my job over here. No urge feelings to come to Japan to be a hooker.

No I'm not hiding any 'ashamed of secrets' I'm just thinking rational instead having a bigoted mind like you.
Be happy with your boyfriend/husband but don't cry if you ever caught him going to a sex worker and you just find out by accident.

No. 248734


White girls and guys into Asian people are an embarrassment and the equivalent of wiggers. Pointing that out isn't bigoted.


The rational thing is to assume such behaviour as getting yourself into debt and Prostituting yourself for the purpose of meeting hosts is indicative of low impulse control and self hatred/low self esteem. The irrational thing is to think it has nothing to do with your character and that it doesn't say anything about who you are.

No. 248750

honestly if a chick's gonna whore herself to old pervs in japan because of hosts she probably likes japanese men. she will want to date better jp guys but you really cant after and during the time you become a hooker. i agree with >>248726 like she tells it how it's true. japanese guys will always prefer a virgin and a girl with a low number of guys she fucked. also why the fuck wouldn't you tell your partner how many people you've slept with. >>248722 you must be insanely fucking retarded and would fuck someone with herpes or worse because you think it's ~not your business~ lol

No. 248754

>whoring yourself out to an ethnic group, literally, because of a fetish based on lowest common denominator pop culture exports

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I hope for their sake you're wrong anon.

Oddly enough I've met a few white and Asian guys who view white girls who are 'into' Asian men as a huge red flag by itself. Maybe they're onto something.

No. 248755

Being this ass blasted over some rando's potential life choices.

Get out.

No. 248756

>>248754 tbh weebs probably love their job because they get to fuck japanese guys regardless lol

No. 248759

That just makes me feel sad to be honest.

Whatever happens to me I'd never stoop that low.

No. 248760

Yellow fever detected.

No. 248761

>Asian guys who view white girls who are 'into' Asian men as a huge red flag

That only applies to Asian guys who grew up in the West and have had bad experiences with Asian-obsessed girls/weeaboos. Random Japanese men in Japan don't care either way.

No. 248762

True. For relationships I think they wouldn't want that though.

No. 248772

File: 1457964909716.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.24 KB, 480x640, f18d80fe5bf0860391a22425c1babf…)

mm her body so hot

No. 248774

Mom pooch and nothing to show for it cuz she doesn't have her kids anymore lol

No. 248775

holy shit who would post this!?!?!!? you seriously think you're hot girl DAMN

not to OT and bring in more dramu, but ashley tamioka has a way better mom bod

No. 248776

im never having kids fuck

No. 248779


You should see her ass picture. It's even worse than that one here!

No. 248785

Is that armpit hair I see there? Eww

And, if a body looks like that after pregnancy I'll go back to my thought of buying a 'rental mom' somewhere in Thailand or the Philippines to give birth to my lil'brat

No. 248788

Or just get a cockatoo! They are like kids but without the hassle of giving birth to them.

No. 248795

Is it just me or do so many of her tattoos still look unfinished?

No. 248821

Every time I pass this thread in pt I look at the pic and I always think of Meghan trainer all about that bass

No. 248892

File: 1457984020849.jpg (67.57 KB, 666x520, Kermit-The-Frog-Meme-None-Of-M…)

That's pathetic anon. How screwed up is your past if you can't talk to your significant other about it on at least a very general level such as "I used to prostitute"? I mean I think you do owe your partner that bit of information just for THEIR sake and so they trust you. For instance, if I'm gonna start seeing a guy, SHOULDN'T I want to know about his past such as his criminal history? The guy could have raped someone 5 years ago, but that'd be none of my business, right? You act like the past is totally irrevelant.

No. 249007

Honestly she doesn't have to tell that person. Now if she had a std that's one thing. What about the women forced into sex slavery? Does she have to tell the world what happened, fuck no. She don't owe the world a damn thing.

No. 249012

>What about the women forced into sex slavery? Does she have to tell the world what happened

That's… not a voluntary decision the woman made anon. It's completely different.

>She don't owe the world a damn thing.

She doesn't owe "the world" anything, she owes a man who may be her future husband the truth.

No. 249031


Anon if no one has to mention anything in their past, good or bad, you're a gambler on a level I cannot fucking imagine. It's really not a hard concept - telling the truth involves the whole truth, and no little fibs thrown in. That's it. If you can't tell your partner the whole truth about your life, why the fuck would they trust you to tell them about other things? What other shit could you be hiding?

No. 249035

are we srsly still talking about how kyaba anon should live their life

No. 249036

If he doesn't explicit ask if she sold herself to other men, than that's not fucking lying. Some people seem to not understand that.
Can we please stop with this moral bullshit, this thread is for Sere. If you wanna discuss this, open a thread goddamn.

No. 249061

Whoa explosion of replies I'm too lazy to link all of them.

Is offended by the term wasp but calls Asians gooks… I only used the term less because of your moral bs but more because who the fuck uses the word gooks other than some racist bitch in an mostly white community.

And sorry no, I never did sex work myself but at the same time I don't think sex workers are bad people and that how many people you slept with doesn't really matter to me as long as you're clean of diseases. Also, a lot of people in the sex trade are much more careful about that sort of stuff than your average one night-stand type of girl.

I just think having a lot of sexual partners in the past doesn't really make a person bad as long as they are loyal when in their current relationship and is clean of stds.

No. 249071

>>249061 barely any japanese people get tested, it's a fact. a lot of them sleep around too, and not every prostitute says u need a condom

No. 249125

We aren't talking about the locals here are we lol

No. 249139

I'm not a wasp, lol. Why would I be offended by the term?

You're making false equivalences all over the place and you're incapable of being honest. You treat the truth like a defense lawyer would. And this is in regards to your hypothetical husband.

No. 249172

Is it me or does Lorena panties all old and ripped off?? XD omfg the armpit xD she forget to shave xD she's soooo bad overall nothing beautiful to see its actually awful D: Like a horror movie

No. 249227

As I said I'm not a sex worker. But at the same time I don't look down on it or think it's bad. I just personally can't do it because I hate being touched and I make enough money for my lifestyle in other ways.

No. 249231

When is it hell week again so we can ban people like >>249172

I don't understand why Japan hasn't reformed their sex ed when they already have such a low birthrate. I wonder how many married couples a year discover chlamydia has made them impotent in later life, when they might want kids, there.

No. 249259

Jojo is following sere. That says a lot about jojo

No. 249273

>>249071 I know right? Thank god I made my boyfriend get tested when we lived in my country jesus christ. It was his first time getting tested and he's 30.

No. 249277

Yuck. Yellow fever.

No. 249280

I'm in my twentys and also never got tested because it's expensive af

Are we all talking about silver haired jojo from the Netherlands who shoops her photos to hell and back (have seen her irl, so don't tryna tell me that she doesn't) and was recently followed by gackt

No. 249285

Yep that jojo girl who is desperate for attention

No. 249329

I don't care how expensive it is, if you are sleeping with anyone at any point you should be keeping yourself in check and they should be doing the same. Most countries have charitable sexual health clinics aimed at under twentyfives.

In my country we're lucky because we can literally pick up a tube from the doctor for free, pee in it, put it in the post and get a text. But if I had to save up a couple of hundred for it you bet I still would. There are serious long term problems that can occur from STDs.
I don't even want to know what Sere might have living in her pants.

No. 249373

I'd love to know our queens customer base
They must be into saggy mum belly

No. 249375


I don't think she gets any costumers. Who wants to pay a shit load of money for that bitch? She is mainly in her cheap host club drinking booze with her friend customers.

No. 249424

>>249277 lol yellow fever because I, an Asian woman, dated ONE Japanese guy??? Dfkm

No. 249444

>I would be weary of any white guy in an asian country, half of them seem like sexpats while the other half weebs.

Come on. Take a look at who the most prolific lolcows are.

I honestly think the single white girls are worse these days. Most of the white guys I met in Hong Kong are professionals and a lot of them being their girlfriends from home.

But look at /pt/ and /snow/, white girls in Asia are so fixated on yellow fever they're prepared to prostitute themselves to old men to stay there, will find even the fugliest Asian men attractive because of their love of Japanese pop culture and so on, texanintokyo, kabuchikoreign, Mira, the list is endless. It's actually making me gag a little to think about it.

For whatever reason white guys seem to grow out of weebism a lot more easily than white girls. No idea why but the whole obsession with being Japanese well into your 20s seems to be exclusively a female thing.

It's odd. I sometimes wonder why it is.

No. 249448

>the whole obsession with being Japanese well into your 20s seems to be exclusively a female thing.

Oh honey, may you never witness the horrors I've seen. It's nothing for guys to make it into their 30s or 40s doing this shit.

No. 249449

>oh honey

I cringed internally. I admit there are sexpats, but they're not fucking Asian girls because they want to become Japanese kawaii desu ne ^.^

They do it because they're sleezy guys. There's a big difference between being a sleazeball for any pussy and being so obsessed with another culture that you want to prostitute yourself to stay there, start calling yourself a real Japanese, call even fugly tier Asian men hot etc.

I still have no idea how some of you over there can find some of these Asian dudes attractive. Her husband looks absolutely repulsive. Even worse than her.

No. 249453

>I still have no idea how some of you over there can find some of these Asian dudes attractive.

Come to think of it. There are people on lolcow who have unironically called venus' husband attractive.

No. 249461

> weary of any white guy in an asian country, half of them seem like…
whoah, whats with the sweeping generalizations? is your judgment based solely on the individuals you encounter online? because let me tell you the gaijin in japan arent all like these snowflakes. there are plenty of normal gaijin, you just dont hear about them (for obvious reason - theyre not being fucktards making the west look back)

No. 249462

* look bad

No. 249463

Not to mention weeb girls are far worse these days.

No. 249503

How are they worse? Both Japanese people and the foreign girls only profit from their Asian obsessions.

Men find it great that exotic foreign girls are attracted to them. Many young Japanese women are interested in Western things and think every foreigner is a bijin. The weebs get to live out their Asian obsession. Win-win for both.

No. 249506

>win win

You're only thinking in terms of the immediate gratification my weeb friend.

No. 249809

Long term this brainwashing will only accomplish so little. The grass isn't always greener on the other side anon. A lot of people find this out the hard way.

No. 250222

File: 1458326827397.png (Spoiler Image, 754.91 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Lorenas nasty std pussy

No. 250224

whats wrong with her boob.

No. 250226

Her boobs scare me, I've never seen sth as ugly as them. Not even Gayas are that worse.

And her pussy looks liket there's either poop or hair all over it

No. 250366

wait is her pussy that dark thing? why is it so dark???

No. 250500

She's banged a lot of guys.

No. 250504

On a serious note anon, having a pussy that colour is normal for even white ppl. Sounds like you've been watching too much porn.

No. 250508

Pink pussy my color pussy

No. 250510

That brown/grey pigmentation on a white gals vadge is not normal.

No. 250514

It's obviously not the average colour but it's not abnormal. It's like white girls who have really dark nipples or lips. They're the minority but it's unheard of.

No. 250515

Even if it is unusual who cares. I'm pretty sure a lot of other white women have it too. A lot of people considered white aren't always 100% white. You guys sound like 30 year old virgin men.

No. 250517

I meant *not unheard of

No. 250522

It's weird how lolcow is mostly women but it's still full of random untrue bullshit about vaginas.

No. 250525

You know you have to be 18+ to post here, right?

No. 250544

Wow is that seriously her apartment? A one-room? lol

No. 250564

Away from parents becoz U know gurls just wanna have fun!!!!

No. 250576

no i'm just curious because my pussy is really pink and i'm haffu. i didn't realize. i've also fucked a lot of people.

No. 250599

That's really amazing! You should tell everyone on your blog right away.

No. 250662

I'm far more concerned about all the bumps in her ass crack….,

No. 250686

Her hair is so dead and damaged.
She seriously needs to stop bleaching it

No. 250696

And she should definitely shave or wax her ass hair. That's even more nasty. Ewww

No. 250731

File: 1458365819824.png (511.27 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Good job shannon and sandra <3

No. 250735

Dont forget gaya

No. 250741

Lol all call for only 100,000yen? Jesus how cheap is that club ??? Usually all call is over 300,000yen.

No. 250742

Well of course its cheap or sere wouldn't be number 1

No. 250744

Is she still with her sex worker bf?

No. 250745

He realised she is crazY

No. 250749

Or she realized that she won't get another marriage/spouse visa anyway and dumped him. Men are 'stupid and worthless and ugly' anyway

No. 250892

I guess her stupid friend 'customers' don't earn as much money as I thought lol…
I would go there for shokai just to see how cheap it really is, (and to see the glorious number one at her prime) but since it's 2bu I'd rather just sleep tbh. 2bu is usually cheap as fuck anyway wherever you go so sere could never get into 1bu looool.

No. 251058

File: 1458473603972.jpeg (187.22 KB, 640x964, image.jpeg)

Mhhg low level
Lorena is good with manipulating friends

No. 251069

I've seen lot's of hosts, but these are the ugliest bunch of dudes which ever came under my eyes. Do they all have trisomie21? kek

No. 251095

Lol what is that bottle she is holding?
Doesn't look like anything to have a song and dance about compared to my keep bottle or any others I've seen before.

Cheeeeeaaaappppp lmao.

Sere if you really think you are kabuki number one then I suggest going for Top Dandy. Try it I dare you ha.

No. 251100

Probably one of those bottles with her photos printed on

No. 251105

You can barely even see their faces…

No. 251106

They're pretty clear on my laptop.

Btw, is top middle a foreigner? He doesn't really look Japanese

No. 251107

he looks japanese

No. 251109

No. 251111

Definitely a hafu. Damn why are 90% of hafu men so ugly while hafu women are usually pretty af?

No. 251595

File: 1458637839411.jpeg (141.6 KB, 640x992, image.jpeg)

Poor dog :(

No. 251635

hey, at least its still alive…

No. 251675

What's 2bu/1bu?

No. 251680

time slot for clubs to be open

No. 251681

"Mizushobai establishments are only allowed to be open at certain times of the day. This is the first time slot for most host clubs. Generally 18:00 or 19:00 until 1:00."

No. 251690

Either post a translation as well or keep it to yourself. Not everyone speaks the holy nipponese language.

No. 251899

1bu clubs are usually open from around 7pm - 1am. And 2bu usually open from around sunrise to 12pm.

No. 251961

No. 251962

Does she even know how to grammar?

Also advertising Shiena as a
>Canadian with big boobs
And considering how many commenters know her tells a lot about how Shiena earns her money.

Adding: wasn't the previous 'manager' kisu?

And: Shiena → visa?

No. 251986

Lorena messinger
Stop pretending. It's not your bar

No. 252040

Yeah if kisu use to be manager and sere is talking about having fired recently fired the old manager what happened between them? The plot thickens

No. 252149

File: 1458795488342.jpeg (169.18 KB, 749x1075, image.jpeg)

Lol they are reviewing each other on Tokyo adult guide.

No. 252150

And what's kisu up to by now?
Soapland work only?

No. 252152

Ew she works at a soapland

No. 252157

At least I heard from some people that she does and has already done that before. But it's clear that she's a shitty manager, how can you be a proper manager without any knowledge?

Wasn't Shiena the current manager of gal cafe tension? And didn't she talk about how that provided her, her 'work visa'? If she's not the manager of that bar anymore, did she lose her visa and is now illegal like sere?

No. 252163

I've seen her around Kabukicho this week, not sure what she was doing. Maybe going to/from Date cafe

No. 252164

Once you have the visa it's valid until it expires no matter if you leave that company or not, so she will have it until next year, then she just needs to get another one again

No. 252170

Thanks for the explanation! But isn't it 'illegal' to leave the company and going on using the visa?

No. 252171


Not sure if this is really correct. As far as I know the company or you have to report it to immigration that you are no longer working. Same with student visas. If you don't go to school anymore but having another year left on the visa you have to leave no matter how long it's valid.

No. 252177

As far as I'm aware it's only IF the company reports you as not working, but then again the only places that Ive known through 3rd parties have never bothered to chase up immigration as they don't want to bother dealing with them

No. 252193


from where do you know that she's working at soapland? any prove

No. 252196

She's a frequent member of that shitty deai and there is proof in this or in the gaijin thread, at least photos of her, but no advertisement because soaplands usually don't advertise the foreigners

No. 252197

Are you just curious or a whiteknight?

A person who knowingly let's a 'friend' commit suicide/kill/help her isn't a good person in any way.

She's as previous anon said a frequent guest at kirari and never seemed to have a real job since she got went to Japan. She's hanging out with Sere, was the 'manager' of her shitty bar, is a 'friend' of Vika (who's also a known prostitute working for sere) and so on. She's just a little more silent about her bullshit, but when sere made her 'exposure thread' and during the time the gaijin in japan threads went overboard she's also been on here frequently to whiteknight sere, herself and the others

No. 252211

Why is lorenas pussy so dirty? Ewww
Poor host had to touch that thing while working. No wonder everybody hates her

No. 252216

New thread picture will be her dirty pussy lmao

No. 252217

File: 1458817156988.jpeg (97.22 KB, 637x1053, image.jpeg)

Nobody likes her shitty host club

No. 252226


I'm so looking forward to that!

No. 252230

File: 1458822231219.jpeg (113.1 KB, 916x684, image.jpeg)

No. 252233


She need to change her description but who wants an almost 30 year old bitch with 2 children? She doesn't even look close to 22. Sad sad sad

No. 252239

If you leave the the place that's sponsoring your visa, you have to notify Immigration within a set time, and also find new employment within a set time (and update Immigration with your new employer information). You're not supposed to stay if you're aren't working, even if you still have time on your visa.

No. 252253

Old dirty japanese guy asked me for nudes. Sent a photo of lorena. He got angry becAuse i've sent him a photo of a old hag

No. 252254

Is she 22 or not?

No. 252258

What do you think?

No. 252259

Depending on the ages of her two kids, I highly doubt it anon. She's probably what…26-28?

No. 252260

She is 28

No. 252265

She's 28

Will she get 29 this or next year?

No. 252278

Omg can't you do math she's 29 this year

No. 252284

To be honest on this, I really can't do math that well, because I have dyscalculia. But thanks for telling me that she's 29.

Usually it's said that things in 'the business' are over when you reach the 35, because of the looks and also your body slowly dying of all the shit it's gone through. She already looks near her 40's though. I donpt wanna see that face without makeup

No. 252301

File: 1458841115302.jpeg (142.24 KB, 533x913, image.jpeg)

No. 252308

Don't make me fucking cringe so hard omg evil farmer you are

No. 252373

I don't want to see this mess without filters, considering the dog has BLACK sprinkles she pumped up the light enormously.
Also, she looks like Gaya here

No. 252387

She got the crazy eyes

No. 252420

That dog looks so unhappy

No. 252638

File: 1458933711351.jpeg (120.42 KB, 640x845, image.jpeg)

No. 252639

File: 1458933771141.jpeg (133.73 KB, 640x921, image.jpeg)


No. 252640

File: 1458933835292.png (143.42 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 252643

He looks pissed omg
"Please take this gaijin crap away from me, pleaaasseee tasukete!!!"

No. 252691

Talked with one of the guys she works with. Everybody hates her because she is batshit insane

No. 252692

What did he say?

No. 252716

She looks better as a man tbh. She'd be sexier trans.

No. 252718

Hi gaya or maybe shiena? Kek

She definitely doesn't look better as a man, her hips are way too wide. And she's getting her ugly boobs done every once in a while anyway just to bind them away.

No. 252721

So you're saying she looks better as a women. Look closely at a side by side pic. She looks worn like all her tattoos are about to start sagging as a women.

No. 252722

Well, after all she has a very feminine body aka hourglass shape. So with clothes on!she'll always look better as a woman than as a 'man'. Tbh her dansou doesn't even look remotely manly to me, she rather looks like a new school emo gurl or sth

No. 252774

Generally hosts don't really look very manly anyway haha

No. 252779

File: 1458991887679.jpeg (95.17 KB, 640x963, image.jpeg)

Poor dog has to live with crazy owner

No. 252785

Lol she can brag about her wads of cash once she gets a 2LDK in Minato-ku

No. 252788

Her dog looks exactly like mine but long haired, I want to rescue the poor baby.

No. 252795

Hollaaaaaa !! Lol

She has no money for sure.
I do the same job as her and it's even tight for me in a real shop. But I don't need to dansou hahaha

No. 252808

Had a dream that police went to seres rathole and found drugs. She got deported

No. 252930

No. 252955

File: 1459073338108.jpeg (128.22 KB, 640x986, image.jpeg)

Her tits are so ugly wtf

No. 252962


I think they look weird because she got breast injections (aquafilling) before she got implants.

No. 253003

That and she didn't got a lift up, which would've been really important. Usually if you get your breast done after pregnancy you'll first get a lift up and THEN you'll get implants. Those saggy tits are ruined forever, not my problem though

No. 253634

File: 1459278626375.png (946.21 KB, 1080x1371, Screenshot_2016-03-29-21-06-44…)

Out of curiosity
>will japan let her back in?

>is on a tourist visa right now

>had a fight over previous visa

>will japan rly be stupid enough to let her back in?


No. 253657

File: 1459280673234.png (151.5 KB, 280x289, kyun.png)

kill me

No. 253666

Looks like he's about to break out in tears. Poor baby

No. 253729

So she must be on a tourist visa the whole time…

No. 253833

They won't let her in
Poor dog
What will happen to her rathole?

No. 253839

Going to get more surgery??

No. 253843

No. 253849

Deporting herself?

Someone watched this?

No. 253888

Total 6 views lol

No. 253890

Guess nobody is interested

No. 253900

The rathole with hopefully burn down

No. 254161

File: 1459414543927.jpeg (46.81 KB, 640x368, image.jpeg)

Home? You mean australia right?
Because japan won't let her in

No. 254190

She doesn't even know how to ginza, why does she want gangnam then? Kek

No. 254209

Peach Airlines…yeah she is totally swimming in money

No. 254236

Nothing new yet…

No. 254247

It's pink, it's 'kawaiiiiiiiiii' desu

No. 254319

sage for derpy/partly-OT psychoanalysis post

since the subject of host clubs is relevant in this thread, I want to give my two cents although it might not interest anyone.

I gave the documentary "The Great Happyness Space" a watch and have been wracking my brain since I started following this thread about what would make people spend the kind of money they do on hosts.
Yeah, I get that they want something "ideal" from a man/woman that a real relationship almost never fulfills. It's chasing a dream that only feels perfect because it is never realized. You are trapped in the cycle of wanting what you can't have and once you've gotten to the "end" (sleeping with the host/hostess) you no longer have interest.
This all makes sense, but only from the perspective of a certain demographic. Not everyone blows exorbitant amounts of money on these clubs, so what is it that draws certain people to do so?

I don't think that the common denominator is the inability to find genuine affection out in the real world; plenty of attractive and otherwise desirable people seek out the club environment. It might be viewed as a lack of self-esteem but I think it goes a little deeper than that. I think that the reason some men and women blow their hard-earned paychecks on knowingly fake relationships with semi-attractive hosts (because to be honest I don't believe for one second that the hosts/hostesses are in any way special or more interesting or desirable than average Joe on the street; it's merely the novelty of having to pay for it that makes it feel "valuable") is the desire to take care of someone else, ie aiding in their wellbeing/contentment.
These club patrons aren't emotionally or mentally ready to have a functional romantic relationship so rather than choosing to remain self-involved they decide to reach out to another person in whatever way they know which in this case is through money. I don't think that they feel like they're "buying" anything so much as "giving" to someone else and in turn feeling the gratitude and respect that comes in turn.

Maybe I'm putting too altruistic a spin on it but that's what I see from the women who attend host clubs, from the perspective of watching this documentary. They seem like genuine and sweet girls who want to be somehow connected to the world around them in a positive way. It's easy to donate to charity or do good deeds but rarely do you get to see exactly what comes from those actions. I think that for some, life becomes a repetitive cycle of work and money and paying bills and there's nothing to show for it. Giving to someone else can break that cycle and allowing the host to carry the burden of financial responsibility gives an outsider perspective on the existential question of Why humans live and strive for more when we really need less.

TL;DR love is all u need bby

No. 254609


No. 254611



No. 254615

Massive fucking frumpy haggard scum

No. 254639

File: 1459511324058.jpeg (143.74 KB, 639x878, image.jpeg)

Omg look at her fupa.

No. 254647

nice wrinkles u hunchback

No. 254652

Omg what a quasimoto.

No. 254658


Your mother should have aborted you

No. 254664


holy fuck you're such a jealous shitposting bitchy dragon-skinned instawhore

No. 254667

File: 1459519257568.jpeg (104.48 KB, 640x960, image.jpeg)

She's a delusional mega vapid cancer

No. 254668

File: 1459519408726.jpeg (101.79 KB, 640x901, image.jpeg)

Omg what a fucking self obsessed FAS troglodyte

No. 254670

File: 1459519602963.jpeg (180.21 KB, 640x934, image.jpeg)

her nasolabial folds

No. 254672

You should have been aborted you wannarexic gigantic fucking lolcow.

No. 254674


nice try fucking dragon skinned repulsive robot hamconstellation.

No. 254676


nice try

No. 254706

kill yourself you fucking thicc fucking snowflake

No. 254728


Admin can check my ip hideous skeletonish salty pullfag

No. 254747

This girl is a weeb

No. 254786

Hideous insufferable fucking damn potato nose

No. 254884

flabby oily mongoloid

No. 254885

The sausage fingers.

No. 254888


Fuck off back to reddit.

No. 254912


yeah ok you lolcow.