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No. 792810

This guy has been pretty easy to enrage. A self-proclaimed Writer, MRA, and openly homophobic/racist

“Poor little pup. What will you do when Trump wins again and
completely shuts down welfare checks, the cost of living soars,
niggers are all in jail, Mexicans can't get their cars started,
and Jews continue not to give a shit, and you're still out of
toilet paper? Wow. That's funny to see dipshits like you drowning
in a fast-running stream without a life jacket. Good luck with
that, stupid, and good hearing from you. Steve“

https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/ihyywm/this_writer_left_me_a_racist_freakout_voicemail/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 792813

Wow. I haven’t thought about this guy for years. This is a pretty weak intro, so here’s some stuff on why this guy is garbage:

He’s basically the OG MRA. He was doing this MRA shit since the ‘90s. Possibly longer, that’s just when I became aware of him.

He made his claim to fame suing states across the US for allowing bars to have ladies’ nights. His argument was that they are discriminatory.

His men’s rights group was called CUNT — (women) Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. He used to try to put ads in newspapers, then would try to sue when they refused his ads based on language/terms of service.

His brother used to be in politics, and has spoken against him publicly. This guy has been disowned by his family.

He’s an alcoholic who gets wasted and leaves super pathetic hate rants on voicemails. He is known for this in the news/politics/law scenes. He used to leave these types of messages on the office phones at my job all the time.

He is an extremely hate filled, pathetic person.

No. 792839

idk this dude seems pretty based i dont think hes a lolcow

No. 792848

File: 1598754559765.png (5.95 KB, 392x136, 4scrotes.png)

>this whole thread
is kiwifarms bleeding into /pt/ again, please consider pic related

No. 792851

are women not allowed to be able to take the integral of a simple function? pls anon

No. 792852

Take your autism back to kiwifarms

No. 792854


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