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No. 797199

For those who don't know, one on the left is 24-something FtM obsessed with hinduism and vedas, and one on the right is unknown age male (likely detransed MtF) who has larped as a proana tumblr girl and engineered cancellation by making Kero post something fatshaming on her story. Together started a "right wing" twitter movement known as #kaliacc, and I am surprised nobody is talking about them cause it's some of the funniest larp happening out there on twitter.

Recently there were threads on here about them. What did you do lol? It seems that they're moving and locking their accounts now, especially over that Kero thing? Miya (Sonya) has deleted most of his followers too.

Here's an example of their "stuff": https://twitter.com/kali_zine

Some other notable accounts in their movement from meager milk gathered from their twitters/discord:
https://twitter.com/duckiejesuis - groomer, probably a tranny, attempts to gaslight underage girls on tumblr for clout (most of them are, but this one is a particularly egregious pedophile).
https://twitter.com/aryancowboy - he talked about how he was leaving his wife of 17 years and a mother of his children to go date a 17 year old, justifies it with hindu gods telling him to, some sort of a 30 year old programmer.

They are all dangerous internet wizards so be careful?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 797200

File: 1600995479989.png (2.66 KB, 74x66, discord.PNG)

Unfortunately it seems they've razed most of their public discord too

some stuff still available here [removed]

No. 797207

I honestly think the male trad larpers should have their own threads in general. Especially the generic "huwhyte nationalist" types, they're crazier than the tradthots. From telling men they should marry 12 year olds, to them transitioning into trad Nazi trannies, the girls don't compare.

No. 797209

I think OP got their left and right mixed up. Isn't the left one the proana tumblr larper?

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