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No. 79886

"hi im yaya and i use they/them pronouns but if we are not friends please refer to me using he/him pronouns. im mexican

"stop reblogging my selfies only to misgender me in the tags your all gaylords"

No. 79893

I'm usually pretty whatever about the whole pronouns thing but this is the kind of thing that really pisses me off. Don't go out of your way to look conventionally feminine and expect everyone to know you identify as a boy.

No. 79903


No. 79905

Embryo and Fetus should make friends.

No. 79910

how are you supposed to know when you qualify as a friend and are allowed to call "him" "them"?! like… do you get a welcome-message or what?

No. 79916

This can easily go in the fake boi thread instead of having its own thread. Can you please do that instead of clogging up the home page?

No. 79933

useless thread
stop making stupid useless threads, there is fakebois and the tumblr thread for this shit

No. 80027

I feel like the only reason people do this bullshit is because they know it will get them more attention from snowflake enablers and nothing else.

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No. 80159

yeah this person is a dork but i like her drawings a lot


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