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Random artist/streamer

I'm not ENTIRELY sure this is where I'm supposed to post this but this drama is already lolcow material.

I met this girl on Discord because she was flirting with my boyfriend, I ended up confronting her and the images below is what ended up happening. She lied about her age to me (she said she was 24 but multiple people have said she's 27), justifies cheating just because someone is hot, primarily dates on discord despite being older than 70% of the users, falls in love with random eboys and harasses them for nudes and gets mad when they don't send, doesn't respect boundaries at all in relationships, ect.

again, im not sure if this is something that should be posted here but i'm assuming she's someone who's a semi relevant person due to her not accepting friend requests unless someone is a donater to her or a mod for one of her discord servers. any help is appreciated and if someone tells me to delete this because this is in the wrong section, Ill post it somewhere else.

her discord is HadEnough#9415(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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hhh https://imgur.com/gallery/Iwauu4N


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also pic is unrelated to her, i just picked a random pic on my phone cuz it needed one to post ;__;

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Girl, your boyfriend is just as fault as she is because he is enabling the homewrecker. Dump her and find someone who doesn't talk to girls online or have more male friends than female and is honest and upfront about his relationship status.

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