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No. 811101

Get ready for some cringe. This guy is the ultimate edgelord and claims that weed solves all problems. He's a real tough guy and will threaten violence towards you over the internet for questioning his shitty gardening skills. Jeff has no highschool education and is a histrionic. He's very easy to trick if he thinks thinks that you are going to advance his "popularity" or "fame".
Jeff is an epileptic and chooses to drive after several near-fatal accidents involving others. Jeff hates faggots and wants to be famous still.

No. 811102


Poke him and he will tough guy threaten you over the internet free of charge.

No. 811123

lame thread. tried to troll him and he's actually kind of cool, albeit an edgelord(samefag OP)

No. 811131

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