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No. 820415

Insufferable “porn creator” from Yorkshire, UK. Huge attention whore, built her “brand” on tumblr but now active on twitter, OF and tiktok, jumped into sex work as soon as she turned 18 and somehow seems to fancy herself some kind of guru because she happened to have done reasonably well.

>brags about having a “big ass”, her entire image revolves around this, yet it’s evident through videos where she’s not posing that this illusion is achieved mostly through angles and lordosis

>repetitive content in the same dull monotonous tone and infuriating awkward fake giggle
>has previously admitted that she fakes her orgasms in her porn and therefore her “clients” aren’t actually getting what they have paid for
>cosplays as child characters to make cringeworthy gross content
>swears against doing any anal content ever, preaches about her boundaries and how it’s something she would never do
>has a skin tag next to her butthole from a previous anal injury, saves up to get this removed
>doubles down on the no-anal rule: “I paid good money for this asshole i’m not going to ruin it!” etc
>MV sales begin dropping significantly as she’s getting older and her tiny teen image doesn’t run as well any more
>magically decides to start making anal content (the desperation is real)
>pumps out anal content left right and centre, yet still claims she doesn’t enjoy it ??
>botched nose job that she spent 3k on, looks no different to how it did before
>loves talking about her cYcLoThYmIa she’s so manic and different uwu
>jumps from phase to phase, pitiful to watch
>claims to be lesbian at one point
>claims to be into dudes but strictly polyamorous
>claims that she’s now a full service sex worker/escort, this quickly fades away and is never mentioned again when nobody shows any interest
>starts a hate campaign online against a guy who “sexually assaulted her in her sleep”
>retracts this claim when said guy, who happens to be a love interest she had conflict with, decides he wants to be with her
>claims the sexual assault was her fault for being too “drunk and messy”
>flips out on twitter when called out for her victim blaming mentality
>is still in a relationship with this person today, they make awkward couples porn where he doesn’t make a sound, all videos with him mysteriously get taken down
>edits and filters her images and videos to make herself look like a child
>sticks a suction dildo to her Nintendo switch and rides it on camera ??
>makes creepy tiktoks naked trying her hardest to look smol and cute
>desperately trying to appeal to the incel gamer audience without a shred of originality
>sells advice and promo to beginner sex workers yet can’t even sustain a singular social media page without getting suspended

Social media:
Twitter: Fxturewar
Manyvids: daddyslittlegirl
Tiktok: suspended(>>>camwhores thread)

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