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No. 856824

Can we get a thread on the Reception Wikis/Qualitipedia? They're drama-ridden AND cow-ridden pieces of shit with no potential of improving. Just "wikis" that review online content - for example, "Crappy Games Wiki" which reviews bad vidya or at least what the users think "bad" vidya is. They have wikis covering both "good" and "bad" games, movies, TV shows, websites, and music. They're on Miraheze now and literally damaged their entire reputation, but were booted from FANDOM before. They're also controlled by hyperautists that barely are able to control their temper for a bunch of electronics. Their rebranding on Miraheze, the most autistic website of all time, as "Qualitipedia" is super cringe as well.

Some people of note on them:
> DarkMatterMan4500 (dox: Zackary Palmer, location: Gloucester, MA): the fascist in charge of these "wikis." Thinks he's the next Jimmy Wales but he's just a fucking neet in his 20s who just doesn't touch grass at all. Tried and failed to hat-collect on both Miraheze and FANDOM. Will most likely die alone and be a fucking lolcow forever.
> GalaxyRailways2199 (dox: Alex Campbell English/"Amy Cynthia English", location: Vancouver, WA): refer to this "person" by it/its pronouns, please. Degenerate fluoride-mind libtard furfag who thinks it's "trans" and has zoophile, pedophile, coprophile, incest, and train-ophile fetishes, among other things (https://archive.is/52law). Has been banned from many different websites, especially DeviantART where it made some of the worst art you can imagine. It raged like a fucking sperg on the Wikis when it assumed autocratic control over Atrocious Deviants Wiki, a wiki for bad DeviantART users.
> Mar9122 (location: Naples, FL): chigger who left because of the "wikis" becoming snowflake lolcows, even if he's a bigger cow than many people on there. He faps to lolicon for a living and starts flame wars for fun, particularly when someone tries to expose his idiotic tard rage. Also thinks he can rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfn0Whpxl9I&t=5s
> Willg8686/Kadabra/Nidoking (dox: William C. Glass, location: Gainesville, GA): a tard who makes "YouTube videos" and plays Pokemon. Considered the king of sock accounts on the interwebz because of just how many accounts he has - not only on Miraheze, but JewTube and Discord too. He for some retarded reasons has huge hate-boners on the neets who run the Reception Wikis, as well as underaged JewTubers and game creators that he harasses - including claiming that a minor sent him porn (https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Willg8686#The_Hall_of_Drama) and that another minor is abusive towards his sister (https://www.reddit.com/r/KidsAreFuckingStupid/comments/kp15ez/this_person_abused_his_little_sister_on_camera/). He also got trolled by ED users.
> Blubabluba9990​ (real name Brian, dox not found): some underaged wacko who regularly starts flame wars on the Reception Wikis because he likes shows made for little kids. There's a thread focusing on him that I found to be somewhat insightful from two other mods who are neets: https://archive.ph/XupDp. He's also active in fandoms that reek of autism like Loud House, SpongeBob, and Mario. IDK if he's as worthy of trolling or lolcow exposing as the rest.
> Zenko/VosKitsune (location: San Luis Obispo, CA): a schizophrenic, right-wing, fundamentalist Christian furfag who often makes incoherent rants and rambles about being bullied by other Miraheze users. She used to be an admin on the reception wikis and also apparently the one person who singlehandedly took down "Atrocious Deviants Wiki" by alerting Miraheze staff. Like all attention whores, she also threatened to commit suicide, but never did.
> TheInterneto (dox: Seunghwan Lee, location: Ellicott City, MD): another fucking autist who sent rape threats to Zenko and the whole Reception Wiki community. He posted CP (pictures of his dick) on the internet at the tender age of 15 last year. Had two YT channels and both got banned. Good candidate for the next Chris-Chan if he doesn't clean up his act.

No. 856841

I've heard of those shit wikis. If I remember correctly, they are Enterfags too.

No. 856853

Yeah. They are. They base their “opinions” on basically all of these reviewers without forming their own.

No. 856871

>constant slapbattle autism
great find OP, although you could have told a bit about their history

No. 856975

I can give a brief history (basically all you need to know):
>Founded in like 2016? by Grust (formerly known as DisneyVillain), another fucking autistic conservatard neet. He created Crappy Games Wiki because he needed a place to sperg out over Depression Quest and Zoe Quinn because TV Tropes banned him (recently, he was outed as a pedo as well)
>Many, many thinskinned autists with similar opinions joined, leading to the creation of Awesome Games Wiki (the most biased one here), Terrible/Best TV Shows Wiki (full of manchildren and Enterfags), Awful/Greatest Movies Wiki, Rotten/Fresh Websites Wiki, and Atrocious/Amazing YouTubers Wiki.
>Some gay libtard Pokefag named PKMNLivesNew started raging to FANDOM staff like the SJW tard he was once he saw "muh Depression Quest" get made fun of on that wiki. This got them banned.
>>You can read the wikifags' "blog" summing it up here: https://crappygames.miraheze.org/wiki/Blog:The_Ballad_of_Ugly_Rat
>They fucked off to Miraheze because FANDOM couldn't handle their autism.
>>It was at this moment that DarkMatterMan4500 rose to power, becoming lead admin on all the wikis, with Grust being an "observer," and started getting a bunch of autists to be his enforcers.
>A flame war-ridden "wiki," the dumpster fire known as Unfavorable Wikis & Users Wiki, was created around the time they moved to Miraheze. It was just slander of all sorts of innocent people.
>People started copying the wikis to make even more autistic wikifag communities when they got blocked.
>Wikifags ganged up on an innocent user named Inkster just because he had opinions different from theirs. He was blocked and created a sock account that tried to expose them.
>DuchessTheSponge, one of the only admins who's a good person, rose to power and became the wikis' "owner" until he outed Grust as a pedo to get blocked.
>Nowadays they just sperg out on their autistic fandoms and complain about their weaponized autism on the Miraheze stewards' noticeboard (which is also autists trying and failing to imitate Wikipedia's stewards). If you go there (https://meta.miraheze.org/wiki/Stewards%27_noticeboard), it's all these wikifags complaining - they've SERIOUSLY damaged Miraheze's reputation.

No. 856991

>They're also controlled by hyperautists that barely are able to control their temper for a bunch of electronics
Kill yourself neurotypical
Reddit and twitter moment(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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