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No. 911403

>goes by "incubaus" or "meatsack"
>claims she is 18 but is actually 17
>lurks 4chan boards for attention as well as reddit
>has weird "kinks" like wanting to be killed and then have her body played with (yes, she has told me this before)
>100 percent narcissist, completely obsessed with herself
>baits men into liking her and then treats them like utter shit until the last second
>tried to get me to have no one else in my life but her(including my own family)
>threatens to commit suicide constantly, also tried to fake her death once
>neglects her dogs
>also super fucking racist as well
>blames everything on her bpd and anxiety
>treats people like theyre not even human
>yet she still gets away with this and everyone thinks she's innocent when she has partially ruined my life and others(/pt/ rule #9)

No. 911404

File: 1678655644260.jpg (191.28 KB, 1596x1078, 20230312_013122.jpg)

>doesn't ever leave the house
>an actual femcel
>horrible person overall and she deserves the worst

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