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Are you guys familiar with this nobody “game dev” company called Afterlife Games? In which they’ve published nothing but temper tantrums and tirades on Twitter and wonder why nobody wants to work for them? Well, they released a video bitching about the lack of diversity in that new FF game while also calling Barrett Wallace a token black character, admitting that they’ve never played a single Final Fantasy game, and going on a racist rant about Japanese people depicting European culture accurately.

Literally the textbook definition of what an SJW is like: admitting they don’t want to hear the other side of the story and throwing a hissy fit over all of the negative comments calling them out while keeping only the comments that give them a handjob telling them they’re right and everyone else is wrong. Can’t wait for a whole bunch of Japanese fans to call this idiot out for referring to them as “honorary Caucasians who were taught to be white” lol

I linked the YouTube video for your viewing. Notice how he deleted all the negative comments and is just huffing his own copium on Twitter(shit thread, newfag, lurk moar)

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Lol, just check his Twitter and check out the comments and QRTs in that one post


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