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No. 915308


Plagued Moth
Moth Media Productions
"The Hurter of Feelings"
"The Gore God"
"The Most Controversial Commentary"

Plagued Moth: https://www.youtube.com/@PlaguedMoth
Moth Media Productions: https://www.youtube.com/@mothmediaproductions
THE SPECTRE PROJECT: https://www.youtube.com/@thespectreproject3961

Other Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlaguedMoth
Instagram (Privated): https://www.instagram.com/plagued_moth
Merch Store: https://www.plaguedmoth.com/
Patreon (Removed): https://www.patreon.com/Plagued
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/plaguedmoth
Kick: https://kick.com/plaguedmoth
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5NhD8mLigFZNWEIqzdQ9zY
Subscribestar: https://www.subscribestar.com/plaguedmoth


Plagued Moth has a plethora of content including documentaries, such as the Imfamous Four series, covering the Columbine and Parkland school shootings, the Christchurch mosque shooting, and Peter Scully/Daisy's Destruction. He has also been releasing an ongoing series since December 2021, called the Ultimate NSFL Iceberg, with 9 Tiers, with each of Tier IX's entries having individual videos about them, with the last entry scheduled to release likely in the next month, ending his longest series. The next iceberg series has already been announced to discuss the various cartels in Mexico. Plagued Moth is a true crime YouTuber who started uploading in 2018, but didn't gain relevancy until 2021 when he started covering gore videos, the most notable upload from this time is his video explaining the 2020 livestreamed suicide of Ronnie McNutt, an Iraq War veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. This video's purpose was to disprove the misinformation spread about this video when it went viral through TikTok when users were splicing the scene of Ronnie McNutt committing suicide into mundane videos such as cat videos or K-pop fancams. The thumbnail displays McNutt seconds before he ended his life by placing the barrel of a hunting rifle under his chin. To this day, it is his most viewed video, with 2.3M views as of June 7th, 2023. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWBii2xRf2s )

>Spreading misinformation

On the topic of suicide, he's discussed Shuaib Aslam, known online as Shuaiby, who also committed suicide on livestream in 2018, resulting in his mother walking in on her son's body and calling emergency services, unknowingly while on livestream, resulting in doxing herself. The current video publicly on his channel is not the first video he made on Shuaiby. In fact, he made an entire other video that is now unlisted. Moth spread an unfounded rumor originating from 4chan's /r9k/ board, that Shuaib committed suicide because he was blackmailed by a man named Reiko. Reiko had a group of friends who would post on /r9k/, shilling HRT to lonely, anti-social men, and would invite them to a Discord server called "Trap Harem." Accusations from /r9k/ surfaced that Reiko was coercing vulnerable men into sending provocative photos of themselves crossdressing, and afterwards threatening to send the photos to friends and families unless they sent more. Although Reiko and Shuiaby both used /r9k/, there is no evidence they ever interacted. After these inaccuracies were pointed out, Moth would unlist the video.
Unlisted video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qLAwEKZlwk
The current public video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ukoio9w7zmQ

Not only has Plagued Moth made videos about subjects he hardly researches, he also blatantly makes up subjects for content. He has claimed numerous times to have heard of or seen himself. A fabricated video he's covered was a made up video called "Retard Nigger gets turned into Ground Beef by a Shotgun," where a black man is supposedly chained up to a tree and shot repeatedly by five white men each equipped with a shotgun. He previously brought it up in a video and that is when various gore subreddits started discussing the validity of this video. Many suggested Moth made it up for attention, which he denied pretty quickly. It was later confirmed by Plagued Moth that the myth was made up by one of his former Discord moderators, known as Fergie. Fergie was removed from the Discord after being outed as a pedophile, dating an underaged person, and seemingly had access to child pornography. Plagued Moth also has accused him of being a dark web editor, known online primarily as Ripper, as well as Candyyyy and Kindergarden, who has made various compilations of child pornography videos, dubbed "mixtapes." It is unknown if these allegations of being Ripper is true, however Plagued Moth has been adamant this is the case.

>Orbitting and leeching off of fellow content creators for clout

Before his outing, Fergie gained attention from larger creators by pretending to be the creator of Most Disturbed Person on Planet Earth (MDPOPE), a trilogy of compilations of gore and scat pornography, as well as other shock content. Fergie emailed a video to various content creators, including Mista GG, Wendigoon, and Coldraven's Nest. This video was dubbed MDPOPE 5, a 4 hour parody of with over-the-top editing such as an intro with the Joker stairway scene and Bodies by Drowning Pool. It featured content such as Nikocado Avocado's Onlyfans. Needless to say Mista GG, Wendigoon, and Coldraven all took the bait. Wendigoon even featured Moth in the video and asked him if he made it himself, which he denies. But the fact it was confirmed a major admin in Moth's Discord server made the video, he was likely involved in at least sending it to content creators Moth looked up to. The video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRChStTYLxA

There are other cases where Moth would often reply to Mutahar of SomeOrdinaryGamers on Twitter and would then complain that Muta was ignoring him.(shit thread, read the rules)

No. 915309

File: 1686163003382.png (30.72 KB, 400x400, PM2.png)

>Doxing, trolling and harassment

One of Plagued Moth's earliest public detractors was Jimmy J, a former fan, who would make callout videos about him on his channels and then flood his comment sections with alt accounts supporting the video. Jimmy J has been accused of being a pedophile, and he would use alt accounts to send Plagued Moth photoshopped porn of his young daughter who was diabetic. Jimmy J on his own is a massive rabbit hole, involving KiwiFarms doxing Jimmy J. I recommend watching this video by Smithy McSmith, explaining the situation in-depth here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9HdLGBe8kI

In August of 2022, Plagued Moth posted a video discussing the ethics of a channel about putting animals in the same room as a predator. He deemed the video safe for YouTube and should stay up since it isn't gore. However, he spoke of another channel called Medic7 Christian Videos, a channel still up to this day that previously posted Christian songs spliced with gore videos such as the aforementioned Ronnie McNutt suicide video, as well as the Christchurch mosque shooting. Medic7 is a troll who is 15-16 years old. He often trolls a livestreamer named Bill Jensen, who in himself is a Christian trollsona put on for livestream. Bill Jensen is a subsection of the larger TriHard Legion, a community devoted to trolling Twitch and YouTube streamers with racist videos. Most notable streamers they've targeted are Bathrobe_Dwane, the Oddkast Podcast, Bill Jensen, and Ghost Politics.

Plagued Moth was doxxed by what he claimed was a group of pedophiles. Certain trolls and detractors would harass him with his dox. One of these trolls was Medic7.

>LGBTQ+ Alignment

In November 2022, Plagued Moth streamed and later uploaded a video coming out as gender-fluid, using He/They pronouns to his audience. Although he faced scrutiny for his identity, he was mostly accepted with open arms by his larger audience.

>Mental Decline

With the content he reviews and with how thoroughly he does so sometimes, it's no surprise Moth has mental issues caused by being exposed to said content. Other than that, Moth has childhood trauma from an abusive parent and has been diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder. He is also a massive liar.

>Criticisms and his responses

Plagued Moth has been often critized for facilitating gore content on his channel, even if it is censored. Many have found it unethical and immoral for Plagued Moth to react to people literally die on camera in gruesome ways. One example brought up often is when he watched 1 Girl 99 Stomps, where a CCTV camera shows a man stomping a woman numerous times to death. Due to it being very obvious the number in the title was exaggerated, Plagued Moth thought it would be a funny bit to count how many times the perpetrator of this horrific murder. This often has happened to the point where Moth has been compared to the YouTuber "Jinx RELOAD" for his lackluster reaction videos. Instead of reacting to My Name is Jeff Vine Compilation #5, he could be reacting to a man getting part of his lung removed and eaten by a member of the CJNG cartel. Plagued Moth has been known to do this or even make edits of the person dying, for example in his Run the Gauntlet video, he reacts to a man get hit by a subway train and his legs are sticking out rolling as the body is dragged under the moving train. Plagued Moth thought it would be quirky to put "Green Hill Zone Act 1" from the Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack over this man losing his life. Seen here: https://youtu.be/1brInLGD4OM?t=1273

Some of his most common responses:

Calling them transphobic

Calling them a hater

Calling them a pedophile

Bragging about how much money he's made from Patreon

There's many cases of this, can be seen in text on his Reddit, where his responses often get downvoted heavily: https://www.reddit.com/user/PlaguedMoth/comments/

>The End of his Patreon

Due to a terms of service change on Patreon, gore was not allowed as paywalled content. Unfortunately for Plagued Moth, a lot of his catalog, his uncensored catalog at least, had to be removed. However, maybe in a moment of obliviousness, Moth's Patreon-exclusive Discord still had gore. He had a VIP chat for links to gore and gore mixtapes.

That Creepy Reading (TCR) is a YouTuber who started YouTube by reading Creepypasta, and eventually countdown videos. He decided to subscribe to Plagued Moth's Patreon and discovered than not only were there gore links in the server but there were also minors in the server. He decided to take this to Patreon themselves, to let them know that Plagued Moth still had paywalled gore, just not on his Patreon, but on his paywalled Discord server. This ultimately resulted in the freezing of Moth's Patreon and his unprocessed funds. This was explained in detail on a live stream by TCR here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZAYePc-_P4

Plagued Moth initially released a video calling out Patreon and claimed that Patreon not only banned him for being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but was also harboring pedophiles and child pornography on their platform. The fact of the matter is, Moth was facilitating gore on his Discord, that was until he wiped all of his chats and banned anyone who pointed out the purge and any suspected detractors.

Patreon eventually backed down and unfroze his Patreon, but Plagued Moth has other plans in mind. He deleted his Patreon and moved to Subscribestar, an alternative platform in the vain of Patreon, but had lighter rules. Despite the fact that his Patreon was deleted by his own volition, he continued to blame TCR for "taking food out of his children's mouths" when not nearly as many people would subscribe to this alternate platform not many had heard of.

>Critics from the same platform

Apart from TCR, there have been other critics, namely Slimebeast. Plagued Moth has accused both of bigotry meanwhile the latter of pedophilia, because Slimebeast back in 2005 liked a post on deviantart of woman, who moth claimed was actually 13 years old, as well as accusing him of liking lolicon, because he liked nude artwork of a small-built character who was actually a persona based on the adult creator of the art piece.

The TCR exposé: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqCtys25VpI
The Slimebeast exposé: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P63ToS2M-Zs
Slimebeast's response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgNzG8Nfk6Q

That's all for now, thought I'd make a thread about Plagued Moth.

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