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File: 1674694026716.jpg (72.3 KB, 234x275, 1672303505365.jpg)

No. 158765

Containment board for Shayna memes and Shatposting.

This is a thread for collecting and archiving all Shay related media, mostly farmer generated. Please curb your autism and save any discussion of milk for the threads on /snow/, and spoiler any NSFW images.

No. 158766

please spoil this please, we don't wanna harm the non-shayfags with the shayrolls

No. 158767


No. 158768

File: 1674694313871.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 908x1103, 1674676421820.png)

She looks hot here. There, I said it. (Repost for spoiler)

No. 158769

File: 1674694423721.png (611.4 KB, 720x537, 1537449942580.png)

Fupa saga was my favorite hands down

No. 158770

File: 1674694531747.png (420.42 KB, 1558x696, Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 4.55…)

No. 158771

So this is what the shaytorium is.. I'm glad to finally have an answer.

No. 158772

Did you draw this lingerie set on her sis? Seek help (she's hot though)

No. 158773

I just don't get it nonnies. She is aware of her weight as evidenced by all the fishing for compliments she does. However, she still dresses for the body she used to have. As someone who was thin as a teen and ballooned up like Shayna, going shopping for pants absolutely killed my self esteem going from a size 4 to a size 12, but seeing my fat ass try to squeeze into my old clothing was even more depressing than that. Why doesn't she lean into this bbw era, when all she does is complain about being fat. I'm going to go against the grain and say she will never go as far as becoming a feeder; she can admit she's fat, but she frames it as something that is entirely out of her control. I wonder if she's honestly so retarded that she doesn't realize that once you stop growing, you have to actively maintain your figure- that metabolism slows way down with age, inactivity and alcohol.

No. 158774

This is nothing that hasn't been said literally hundreds of times over ITT dare I say, seethe

No. 158775

What is Shaynatorium but an autistic circle jerk though? I mean come on, really.

No. 158776

Shorry I'll get with the program Shaynon

No. 158777

File: 1674695141572.jpg (35.83 KB, 217x234, FaceApp_1674695239687.jpg)

Hey ladies anyone gotta light?

No. 158778

File: 1674695195986.jpg (705.32 KB, 1080x1350, FaceApp_1673454175447.jpg)

No. 158779

File: 1674695267496.png (124.89 KB, 308x340, 1665281274871.png)

No. 158780

11 hour shayban by the shaymods

No. 158781

Why are you retards so obsessed with this woman? (Love to all of you retards)

No. 158782

File: 1674695322227.png (500.28 KB, 917x965, 1657488386379.png)

No. 158783

Why does this look like every Chaldean cashier at the corner store ever?

No. 158784

he is fine

No. 158785

We finally got our shaynatorium. I think this is shaytacular news for us. Merry late Christmas nonitas!

No. 158786

The shaysanity of shaytards is so endearing

No. 158787

File: 1674695509102.gif (8.9 MB, 942x567, 1667712544394.gif)

>the Shaynatorium when the other mods catch wind of it

No. 158788

File: 1674695538292.png (163.14 KB, 648x672, 1669081370529.png)

Does this count as Shayna related material?

No. 158789

File: 1674695667944.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1720, 1561513671377.jpeg)

>tfw this is the same person

No. 158790

I thought this containment form was for funny edits. I've seen this same picture of this god forsaken woman (man?) so many times that I will have nightmares about Velma

No. 158791

File: 1674695867355.jpg (313.71 KB, 813x580, 1665184409907.jpg)

Idk I think any media from the Shayuniverse kinda counts, especially semi-infamous memes like that bug eyed tranny Velma

No. 158792

File: 1674696089798.jpg (30.47 KB, 171x237, FaceApp_1674696055208.jpg)

Thanks wanna go out for white claws? Don't mind my brother shayden

No. 158793

File: 1674696177730.jpg (53.87 KB, 254x275, FaceApp_1674696146721.jpg)

>Shayden approaches
This is a ever expanding Shaymen interactive story. Your choices matter.

No. 158794

File: 1674696182298.jpg (387.28 KB, 1790x1214, 1578104829040.jpg)

No. 158795

File: 1674696452961.gif (485.51 KB, 480x299, d2a22954-ef8a-4a32-bc27-15e4b5…)

No. 158796

File: 1674696499379.jpg (159.26 KB, 828x1518, 1664549200695.jpg)

do you remember when?
we used to sing
shay-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-la tee da~

No. 158797

he looks like vinnie from jersey shore. they have gym. tan. laundry. what does shayna have?

No. 158798

pink wine, womack, and ass boils

No. 158799

No. 158800

I'm sorry, I posted it unspoiled at first but then I wanted to be extra polite fsr.

No. 158801

File: 1674696952893.png (919.62 KB, 752x757, Shayhogs.png)

nonnie you dummy. i made this specifically so it could be posted unspoiled. and to answer this question >>1752219 no i just drew it on and then used the emboss filter and it made it look funky. then i adjusted colour.

you are forgiven >>158800 this is time of celebration

No. 158802

pink wine Womack give ‘em whiplash

No. 158803

File: 1674697006303.png (939.96 KB, 585x780, Shaynas Trailer.png)

why does everyone hate this photo of shayna and shayne.

No. 158804

Do any other nonnies have to do a monthly mass delete of shayna pictures/screengrabs off your phone and desktop? its like post nut clarity and makes me feel disgusting.

No. 158805

File: 1674697099148.jpg (169.32 KB, 719x1280, gnarred_out.jpg)

Now I see, cool edit, punish this bbygirl

No. 158806

File: 1674697150487.jpeg (56.79 KB, 229x340, 1658370801978.jpeg)

Cum for breakfast. Does anyone have that gif of her eating a discharge glob? Kek

No. 158807

I have so many buried in my gallery and I keep meaning to delete them…but I never do

No. 158808

File: 1674697759372.jpg (107.35 KB, 639x517, troll-y_mattel.jpg)

My autistic contribution

No. 158809

This is the single worst image I've ever seen in a Shay thread. Her tongue haunts my nightmares.

No. 158810

Kek yes I found a bunch of Womack screen grabs and edits of shaymu on google photos. Made me feel creepy and weird because if anyone found my phone and looked they wouldn’t know why I have ugly rednecks on my photo

No. 158811

Hot? Are you blind Shayna is the ugliest cow on here

No. 158812

File: 1674698202817.gif (412.83 KB, 625x656, Ol Crazy Eyes.gif)

Seriously this chick's eyes freak me the fuck out. Tried to outline them to show insane they appear.

No. 158813

File: 1674698483633.jpeg (394.53 KB, 955x628, The Gimp.jpeg)

the moment i jump scared myself when this freak popped up my phone i knew i was too deep in the shayverse.

No. 158814

File: 1674698520064.png (2.66 MB, 978x3421, What happened Shayna.png)

your punishment is seeing this photo.

No. 158815

please dump them here kek i’m so curious to see which pieces of Shistory nonnies find save-worthy

No. 158816

I'm just referring to those specific photos, undeniably hot. She should hire nonnie as her stylist.

No. 158817

File: 1674698730268.jpeg (59.49 KB, 275x221, 4B8CB078-4C7A-40E1-B402-1441F4…)

Shaynatorium (Welcome Home)
- Retardica

Welcome to where time stands still
No one leaves and no one will
Moon is full, never seems to change
Just labelled mentally deranged
Dream the same thing every night
I see our freedom in my sight
No locked doors, no windows barred
No things to make my brain seem scarred
Sleep my friend, and you will see
The dream is my reality
They keep me locked up in this cage
Can't they see it's why my brain says rage?

Leave me be
Just leave me alone

Build my fear of what's out there
Cannot breathe the open air
Whisper things into my brain
Assuring me that I'm insane
They think our heads are in their hands
But violent use brings violent plans
Keep him tied, it makes him well
He's getting better, can't you tell?
No more can they keep us in
Listen, damn it, we will win
They see it right, they see it well
But they think this saves us from our hell

Leave me be
Just leave me alone
(Just leave me alone)

Fear of living on
Natives getting restless now
Mutiny in the air
Got some death to do
Mirror stares back hard
Kill, it's such a friendly word
Seems the only way
For reaching out again

No. 158818

File: 1674698765085.png (4.67 MB, 1920x1440, 1650396987568.png)

No. 158819

File: 1674698874177.jpg (112.77 KB, 812x833, shayleigh.jpg)

the perfect place to post my pretty shayna OC, shayleigh

No. 158820

I was gonna move back in with my parents but then I got high

I was gonna go on a diet but then I got high

I'm still fupa's mid life crisis and I know why

Because I got high

Because I got high

Because I got high

I was gonna clean my house but then I got high

I was gonna walk my dog but then I got high

Now I'm fat and washed up at 23 and I know why

Because I got high

Because I got high

Because I got high

I was gonna use a chap stick but then I got high

I was gonna take a shower but then I got high

Now I'm selling unintentional scat porn and I know why

Because I got high

Because I got high

Because I got high

No. 158821

File: 1674699007775.jpeg (295.8 KB, 500x500, 0A314D9A-F2FA-44C5-92E0-ABB39C…)

Thread 76

No. 158822

You anons are fucking hilarious.
I can now see why previous threads were locked and hosed down with a flame thrower

No. 158823

File: 1674699167642.png (810.42 KB, 1170x1669, shayhrodite.png)

Wasn't sure if this was main thread worthy so it goes here

No. 158824

No fucking way, we have a shaynatorium fr???? Praise be to cerbadmin

No. 158825

I Shaylute you, brave fallen soldier

No. 158826

File: 1674699340262.jpg (79.12 KB, 640x431, fave.jpg)

What's your favourite Shat cosplay? Mine is Snow White.

No. 158827

Hi shayheads, apologies that I didn’t make it clear in our shaynatorium response but our idea was to put the shaynatorium on auto-sage to avoid malice from other anons. I have just autosaged it. Please link the shaynatorium in all future Shayna OP’s so those who would like to be admitted to the Shaynatorium may check in, and those who hate shayheads with a passion may never see this thread. Happy shayposting.

No. 158828

File: 1674699741819.gif (7.64 MB, 902x500, 1674681432654.gif)

thanks for shayllowing shayheads a place to shatpost cerbmin

No. 158829

autoshayged it

No. 158830

File: 1674699958894.jpg (9.94 KB, 226x223, images.jpg)

s to the h
to the a-y-n-a
girl you shayna

No. 158831

File: 1674700084470.gif (1.9 MB, 2736x1544, 1606004155377.gif)

let the good times roll

No. 158832

Its the flattering bikini anon added kek. Sonehow she actually does look decent compared to the ones she posted. Almost like she could be average passable (with filters and editing) if she just wore flattering lingerie and clothes. Her fully naked body itself and the cheap shit she squeezes in are repulsive.

No. 158833

oldfags type "shay" in the email field

No. 158834

After seeing the shaytorium, idk why it wasn't allowed before. I shaypport the shayna-fags.

No. 158835

Just add a shitbull and you’re golden

No. 158836

I am so FUCKING excited to read this in the morning. I love you shayheads may we live on this funny farm together forever.

No. 158837

File: 1674700594314.jpeg (190.12 KB, 1242x1143, 6DC3CD99-6ACB-448A-9755-D4381E…)

No. 158838

the bikini isnt flattering. we're just suffer PTSD from seeing shaynas boil filled pussy and wonky tits that she appears more attractive to us when those bits are covered up. kek.

No. 158839

This is perfect, I am so happy for you shayfags, it's a shaylabration!

No. 158840

File: 1674700765130.jpg (281.46 KB, 1512x812, 1614722373342.jpg)

Shaynatorium Rising

No. 158841

File: 1674700959713.png (542.8 KB, 720x738, 1628431951721.png)

Shay + The Dad

No. 158842

long live the shaynatorium

No. 158843

File: 1674701065606.jpg (182.62 KB, 933x708, 1633642380222.jpg)

Shay + the mom

No. 158844

File: 1674701080632.jpeg (143.93 KB, 1046x930, shaynasbillsarepaid.jpeg)

Shayna Slatton is my favourite shaymeme.

No. 158845

The failed shaynatorium, for anynonny curious >>>/ot/1469553

No. 158846

File: 1674701207744.png (2.36 MB, 2480x3508, 1572754616111.png)

No. 158847

File: 1674701303536.png (448.87 KB, 582x693, tim blake clifford.png)

he looks like a fat tim blake nelson

No. 158848

File: 1674701408891.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 828x1394, C3AAFB13-7AFA-4CB8-AF08-BF3805…)

WARNING!!!!!! Don't unspoiler this pic until you've looked at this one first >>158788

No. 158849

File: 1674701476121.jpeg (192.25 KB, 1195x1209, CAD27191-BB87-4622-B600-B4BAC7…)

No. 158850

For a Shaynartist, making it to threadpic is a noteworthy achievement. Making it to the Shaynatorium, however, that is the highest honor

No. 158851

File: 1674701585462.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 670.67 KB, 1536x2048, AE2F4099-C166-49EF-A640-1E4093…)

I hope you retards like my autistic edit of the Shaysnatch, it got me perma banned on Crystal Cafe

No. 158852

File: 1674701621074.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 1536x2048, 877F2A63-2266-4641-8148-F01AE0…)

Demonic Shaysnatch

No. 158853

File: 1674701671388.jpg (210.26 KB, 1080x1141, 1566460608351.jpg)

No. 158854

File: 1674701929942.png (Spoiler Image, 143.1 KB, 464x300, shane was here.png)

for all the shayters saying shane didnt have penis-in-vagina sex with shayne. SEE ATTACHED PICREL. her pussy looks way different than usual, it looks all gummy, irritated and used. she definitely let shane rawdog her. if she let hairy shoulders guy do it why the fuck wouldnt she let shane do it?

No. 158855

File: 1674702071344.png (117.83 KB, 275x260, 1505364933815.png)

let's compete for best cap of shays sexface

No. 158856

It's so gross that straight women let men put their penises into them. I feel so badly about their brainwashing

No. 158857

File: 1674702156808.png (Spoiler Image, 551.04 KB, 1080x720, DF84E75D-5780-402B-AA67-29F7F5…)

My favorite edit is the fat bitch project

No. 158858

you cannot convince me this isnt a dude. like shane is literally KNOWN FOR FUCKING TRANNYS. Look at Velmatt's adams apple, hairy legs, and man hands.

No. 158859

i cant tell if youre being factitious but people in main thread are convinced shanes dick dont work and he just sat on her back the whole time like a horse

No. 158860

File: 1674702556897.jpeg (716.15 KB, 1105x1409, 1668905230961.jpeg)

No. 158861

Stfu scrote, her pussy has always been kinda weird but it doesn’t look different after PIV sex because sex doesn’t change a vulva unless it’s an STD

No. 158862

I have no idea what the fuck you’re on about, but you are indeed a scrote if you think alluding to being a virgin is some sort of gotcha. I had sex multiple times a day every day with a former ex and my vulva looked the exact same from the outside. Sorry for whatever scrote you have around you who is informing you of your shit opinions but it’s definitely not true.

No. 158863

File: 1674703220184.jpeg (391.06 KB, 650x943, ADE8C879-3C85-411D-950B-F743FC…)

No. 158864

She got you to self report on how tiny your ex's dick was.

No. 158865

does anyone have the amazing mayochup mermaid art some shaynon made handy? I regret not saving it

No. 158866

I just wanna thank the anon who first called her Shaynus I feel like you kicked off this inshaynity. Thank you.

No. 158867

File: 1674704106975.jpeg (55.79 KB, 552x483, 1AE55EA2-A93E-4370-884E-E080A2…)

No. 158868

Isn't that her actual biological dad? I remember that being deleted from the main thread because posting family members isn't allowed.

No. 158869

Nah babes it’s called making a man eat you out to completion before letting his dick near you. Sorry for your dry tight vaginas lmao get help.

No. 158870

File: 1674704891384.jpg (41.33 KB, 1280x720, preview.jpg)

reposting, but this gif has single handedly ruined monster inc for me, now anytime I see anything related to Monster inc(especially with that big blue monster) i can't help but laugh. Sad

No. 158871

File: 1674705287773.jpg (624.75 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_46bfa81eb1415db15dcea02…)

No. 158872

File: 1674705324927.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1080, tumblr_7c69a7b14ba953d20c7f2b6…)

This is seal-chan btw

No. 158873

What the fuck, this looks like a completely different person, I’ve never even seen this before

No. 158874

I love seal-chan and I love how mad Shat got over being included in the tapestry of sin

No. 158875

File: 1674705509301.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 248.24 KB, 750x938, C455834E-FB6F-4437-9896-F9F80E…)

Shaynus in 40 years

No. 158876

That is her biological dad.

No. 158877

This thread is beautiful and I am cackling. I love you nonnies.
I made this edit, always so proud to see my work shayved and reposted

No. 158878

File: 1674705791329.jpeg (472.38 KB, 750x1166, F0B1DF2F-F72F-47B9-8633-4A68FD…)

How many years until she looks like this

No. 158879

File: 1674705829229.jpeg (133.97 KB, 740x1005, 69F44341-63BC-4505-ABC1-D65BBB…)

can’t believe it’s been almost a year

No. 158880

File: 1674706179735.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 825.98 KB, 1826x2445, F0D69594-42D6-42C2-BF50-B92B70…)

mumma ellen degenerate

No. 158881

Why does this look like my favorite unicorn self-identifying cow?? Was this originally from Lucinda's thread? Shayna could never. She is also literally more than twice her weight now kek. Ironically, Lucinda used to be Shayna's weight and is now an anna queen while Shay used to be trim and is now a lard queen. Oh how the turn tables.

No. 158882

File: 1674706798959.jpeg (1.13 MB, 902x1369, 7AEFE231-12FE-4105-816E-9EE675…)

No. 158883

File: 1674707187822.jpeg (563.12 KB, 802x960, 8F3EA710-CAA3-46DB-8FE4-50EF41…)

My favourite obscure Shay-trivia is her photo ending up in “Scott Pilgrim vs. the world ruined an entire generation of women” music video. (She’s at 2:18)

No. 158884

File: 1674707553449.png (60.99 KB, 224x275, 1665547156327.png)

Reposting the shaynoyjack because I just love it so much.

No. 158885

File: 1674707617520.jpeg (86 KB, 709x684, C3779DDE-8EC3-4339-90D9-ABC5E2…)

That ain’t Shayna that’s Layna

No. 158886

I don't understand how people didn't get the reference. It's very much "Uh oh, I did a stinky!"

No. 158887

File: 1674708541662.jpeg (254.68 KB, 1280x1280, 71739F96-01FE-48DA-AC4A-C1800F…)

She looked cute before the frying pan went up her anus

No. 158888

File: 1674708616534.png (627.75 KB, 800x450, 1668560133555.png)

posting an old fav <3

No. 158889

Can’t believe this place is real. Feels like a feeble dream, nonnies

No. 158890

It’s from like 4-5 years ago.

No. 158891

File: 1674708761564.png (722.33 KB, 640x1138, 9uWuAH0RKIwC77Ibvv6rlKHCveKdcb…)

No. 158892

File: 1674708806490.jpg (75.44 KB, 421x750, tumblr_ogxactwwG11rmiw96o1_500…)

No. 158893

File: 1674708897327.jpg (41.43 KB, 509x490, 1666548835801.jpg)

No. 158894

File: 1674708923038.png (1.41 MB, 1686x1520, 1643189860516.png)

No. 158895

File: 1674708988475.png (488.7 KB, 445x750, 6B214F60-B218-42C3-9C7B-20E80D…)

No. 158896

File: 1674709174948.jpg (57.99 KB, 564x752, 540fa45460ec0c21fa1c44f73393bf…)

No. 158897

File: 1674709193397.png (793.95 KB, 574x960, 004484EB-B15F-46F6-B2CC-8A774A…)

No. 158898

File: 1674709216411.png (1.81 MB, 776x1296, 0E0ACAED-9194-4BCB-AB7E-CFE18D…)

Please go back to brown hair, shay

No. 158899

File: 1674709223038.jpg (125.99 KB, 798x1394, chadandstacy.jpg)

No. 158900

This is my fave shay gif hands down

No. 158901

File: 1674709257524.jpg (63.49 KB, 422x750, tumblr_oca2xaBDo01rmiw96o2_500…)

No. 158902

File: 1674709423357.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 551.24 KB, 922x1028, AFA0549D-D451-4E44-9433-D53D80…)

The swapped lips edit

No. 158903

who tf is that i thought ellen was black

No. 158904

YOOO we finally have a shaynatorium?? ive been fucking WAITING kek

No. 158905

File: 1674709712496.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 1242x1612, gunt-reveal.png)

No. 158906

someone please vocaroo this

No. 158907

File: 1674709927375.png (299.89 KB, 530x538, fat_alcoholic_at_45.png)

I got banned for posting just this image of her face. I guess Big Shaynus was too ugly for the CC mods to handle.

No. 158908

It’s not really a parody if you only change one lyric

No. 158909

File: 1674710587723.jpg (267.68 KB, 1600x900, 1533085787254.jpg)

No. 158910

What the fuck is that facial expression though

No. 158911

lmao the mismatched tits before she became a hambeast

No. 158912

File: 1674711320053.gif (2.9 MB, 275x208, 1610555166595.gif)

No. 158913

God any old Shaytards remember her feuds with keifeon

No. 158914

File: 1674711525348.png (585.81 KB, 480x601, 1533579125815.png)

No. 158915

File: 1674711957978.png (2.21 MB, 1280x1280, 57AFEAF5-32C8-49F6-9F00-A49F47…)

No. 158916

File: 1674712206594.jpg (39.81 KB, 292x340, 1641609692363.jpg)

long live the Shaynatorium

No. 158917

I'm mad cause you did It better kek

No. 158918

lmao oh yeah i do. i think i also remember keifion deciding to stop ewhoring and giving up weed. Back in the day when they were going back and forth on tumblr i remember thinking that they weren't that different, but hopefully i was wrong about that and she turned out normal as opposed to shayna

No. 158919

File: 1674712782872.jpg (478.67 KB, 830x928, 1655653201806.jpg)

No. 158920

File: 1674712948063.jpeg (35.79 KB, 533x610, 3120B881-3BA7-4697-B7DE-9B472B…)

No. 158921

File: 1674712972803.jpeg (31.01 KB, 275x211, 1644615414977.jpeg)

No. 158922

File: 1674713022582.jpeg (233.8 KB, 1080x1920, B64672D3-4C04-4064-9D45-40A3F9…)

No. 158923

File: 1674713048765.png (846.64 KB, 1200x791, shaynatorium.png)

No. 158924

File: 1674713137046.jpg (258.96 KB, 1125x1118, 1538787978263.jpg)

Take a few moments to imagine this scene.


Picture all the details of this relaxing place. The moon has not yet risen, but the sky is just starting to turn to night. The air is cool, comfortable, and pleasant. The temperature is very pleasant inside the bath…. a calm and comfortable evening.

Imagine the fresh smell of the bathbomb… the smell of the clean soap and water. It is a refreshing scent.

Picture in your mind the taste of the pink wine lapping across your lips. The evening is so calm, the air is very quiet, but you can hear the bubbles rise behind you as you fart the bath.

No. 158925

File: 1674713155096.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 455.67 KB, 894x687, 1644467824172.jpeg)

Oops posted without spoiler. This video was so gross

No. 158926

The days of dumpy stoner girls on Tumblr before the disgusting ddlg wave was so sticky

No. 158927

File: 1674713424002.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x1944, C1B4DDAF-0CF5-479B-986B-A18383…)

No. 158928

File: 1674713508406.jpeg (717.01 KB, 1242x1485, 2E3DFB92-D0D9-4C1F-BB68-EDD6FA…)

No. 158929

File: 1674713546502.jpg (27.58 KB, 340x255, 1654628122704.jpg)

No. 158930

Make it pink

No. 158931

I just spat tea everywhere

No. 158932

File: 1674713628372.gif (466.02 KB, 230x231, d407ed51-5ed9-4944-8a19-dc003c…)

No. 158933

File: 1674713679613.jpeg (583.56 KB, 1242x615, A2C2D1E5-29BD-4A09-B388-0355FE…)

Jfc the older she gets the more she looks like her father. It’s baffling considering she isn’t even as old as she looks. Wine and laziness really ages a mf

No. 158934

File: 1674713764193.png (166.55 KB, 253x275, 1642037003568.png)

No. 158935

File: 1674713786940.jpeg (44.54 KB, 161x275, 1647297099053.jpeg)

She looks like a new England bar lady who wears flannels and cusses and shouts at the patriots game.

No. 158936

File: 1674713905571.jpeg (730.02 KB, 1242x1191, 25BFAC16-1A09-43FB-BA83-CECE73…)

No. 158937

File: 1674713997980.jpeg (658.29 KB, 1242x1195, F6715A55-335D-4CDD-9A50-5BAFA8…)

No. 158938

File: 1674714012112.jpg (311.36 KB, 756x962, Ah.jpg)

No. 158939

File: 1674714034204.png (692.47 KB, 1200x791, shaynatorium-pink.png)

No. 158940

File: 1674714114120.gif (1.58 MB, 275x275, 1655686031874.gif)

No. 158941

The lady driving gloves

No. 158942

this is my favorite shay edit of all time

No. 158943

File: 1674714300067.jpg (415.65 KB, 1280x720, Picsart_23-01-25_23-24-45-531.…)

No. 158944

File: 1674714393621.jpeg (351.92 KB, 1010x517, 8718E986-208D-4C5A-A5BE-1568DB…)

No. 158945

File: 1674714420882.jpg (283.87 KB, 1242x2058, 1655686168952.jpg)

No. 158946

every time i open the front page it's entirely shay images. god bless you crazy shayniacs.

No. 158947

File: 1674714503810.jpeg (742.72 KB, 1079x1141, E86FB4A7-90D5-4A2C-8D03-670B1E…)

Most punchable face in the world

No. 158948

File: 1674714615626.jpeg (953.52 KB, 1005x1930, 2DFD9E19-2169-44D3-BD47-CE5907…)

this place should be funny screen grabs from Shayna thread and memes/ugly pics not old selfies of Shayna when she was at her “best”

No. 158949

File: 1674714680107.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1170, BCC96733-9A05-4C15-874F-0E1977…)

No. 158950

File: 1674714802453.gif (1.37 MB, 448x468, imageedit_21_7076743914.gif)

No. 158951

File: 1674714806077.gif (238.67 KB, 174x275, 1641967681886.gif)

we can have all of it. let shaustism speak

No. 158952

File: 1674714851571.jpeg (269.01 KB, 736x1334, 1654755477909.jpeg)

What would you do if she zapped you with bolt of lighting with her staff

No. 158953

File: 1674714960023.png (333.23 KB, 446x457, shabanned.PNG)

No. 158954

File: 1674714996317.png (275.25 KB, 549x785, DE113835-0738-419D-8F68-8B35E4…)

No. 158955

Front page has been all shay pics, shaylellujah

The half red gloves make me kek and how they reappered years later for her last valentines shoot, but my fav is the peach one
Dirty sneakers, the towel in the tub, and the breakdown about how pathetic it looked sitting among sparse candies she paid so much for just to eat while having a breakdown

No. 158956

File: 1674715168534.png (529.38 KB, 746x986, 65863337-0D7E-4322-83A0-BDF158…)

Shayna then vs Shaynus now

No. 158957

File: 1674715213153.jpg (11.18 KB, 275x275, 1610075096779.jpg)

No. 158958

File: 1674715220758.png (8.58 MB, 4000x3000, Peech.png)

No. 158959

File: 1674715282960.jpg (117 KB, 635x620, 1674715379097.jpg)

No. 158960

File: 1674715412976.png (128.4 KB, 533x308, 1655653585308.png)

No. 158961

…why did you make her a twilight vampire

No. 158962

File: 1674715439304.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1220x1373, 2A8CC895-9726-4544-A1B9-7AA834…)

My fav shayart piece

No. 158963

File: 1674715478344.gif (757.86 KB, 275x140, 6B799B19-1126-4F9C-A259-E74756…)

No. 158964

File: 1674715582442.jpg (23.06 KB, 275x236, 1642535578607.jpg)

No. 158965

File: 1674715608710.jpeg (713.76 KB, 3159x1453, CB68977B-52CA-4D43-8127-A65338…)

No. 158966

File: 1674715625267.jpg (664.57 KB, 1242x1170, FaceApp_1674715728913.jpg)

No. 158967

File: 1674715685313.jpg (854.79 KB, 1242x1532, 1674715128211.jpg)

No. 158968

File: 1674715745189.png (135.65 KB, 275x247, 1517876115459.png)

No. 158969

Can you Moids stop coconutkitt-fying Shayna Clifford pics to jerk your little chode too. It’s not funny

No. 158970

File: 1674715823525.png (94.52 KB, 267x340, 8903DD0E-8808-4DE3-9426-C32ADB…)

No. 158971

File: 1674715866200.jpeg (826.17 KB, 1242x1144, 2F48E220-7640-4499-B21E-F3D17B…)

Her real face

No. 158972

File: 1674715914268.jpg (78.59 KB, 275x259, 1641641568516.jpg)

No. 158973

This made me gag

No. 158974

Just realized only her natural floppy titty jiggles in this

No. 158975

I’m checking out of the shaynatariom I can’t with the autistic Meitu edits

No. 158976

>it got me perma banned on Crystal Cafe
good, that shit needed to shtop

No. 158977

Sorry!I'm creating more shamelessly I wad just fucking around in face app

No. 158978

*shay memes not shamelessly

No. 158979

File: 1674716199168.png (354.65 KB, 514x431, shayna.PNG)

The whole thing of Seal-chan posting her artwork and then anons doing a deepdive into her social media and finding out that she's a nazi was so funny kek.

Anyway, sorry to be OT shaynafags. I don't have much to offer but these pics from the doodle board.

No. 158980

File: 1674716228467.png (106.19 KB, 240x340, shayna2.PNG)

Another one.

No. 158981


No. 158982

File: 1674716302725.png (520.09 KB, 616x680, 1666964032062.png)

No. 158983

File: 1674716351153.png (42.66 KB, 275x242, 1533520177879.png)

inshayne in the membrane
inshayne in the brain

No. 158984

File: 1674716395371.jpg (17.91 KB, 149x275, 1673231328181.jpg)

No. 158985

File: 1674716847176.gif (786.18 KB, 403x313, imageedit_8_5143710591.gif)

No. 158986

File: 1674717116444.jpg (561.59 KB, 1080x1760, 1533227548777.jpg)

No. 158987

She doesn't look non-white but her sharpie eyebrows and general style could be very naco/low class latina.

No. 158988

OT but I need to know more about this situation with seal chan, in which thread did it occur?

No. 158989

This my personal fave, toppest of keks

No. 158990

It happened over a few threads. Search seal-chan or try to look in one of the personal cows thread in /snow/, someone compiled her stuff in one of those threads.

No. 158991

File: 1674718031072.png (Spoiler Image, 7.87 MB, 3472x5428, naziseal.png)

the personal cows thread

No. 158992

The four horsemen of the Shaypocalypse

No. 158993

Yeah I found it and hooooly fuck, I was not expecting that…

No. 158994

File: 1674719098041.jpeg (467.5 KB, 908x1254, 1CA09310-BB52-4E49-B81C-523E8D…)

No. 158995

File: 1674719463294.png (96.75 KB, 360x450, big shungus.png)

I made this edit after someone compared Shayna to those dwarves in snow white but I never posted it

No. 158996

Is she autistic? The memes she makes are so hamfisted and detailed

No. 158997

¡Nona! Saw this on the front page and knew it’d be Shayna related. It’s a masterpiece.

No. 158998

Nonnie, everyone here is autistic

No. 158999

File: 1674719977008.jpg (155.66 KB, 720x983, Screenshot_20230126-005747_Ins…)

I'm autistic on here but I have some decorum and discreetness on my social media. I've never seen someone namedrop the site without moralfagging about the terms or trying to act like a femcel on tiktok.

No. 159000

File: 1674720486945.gif (11.46 MB, 236x275, 1618024914284.gif)

samefag terfs* anyways back to shanus

No. 159001

This is amazing, thank you.

No. 159002

File: 1674723074648.jpeg (631.28 KB, 1365x2048, 1662657902947.jpeg)

I'm not even a shaytard but this is a work of art

No. 159003

kek I fucking hate this one so much

No. 159004

I still can’t believe her face in this is taken from the tweet she had pinned up until yesterday, she had no shayme

No. 159005

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave

No. 159006

Tfw it was only like 3 years ago?

No. 159007

What gets me is that even though she was never stunning she wasn’t ugly when she was skinny, how has putting on weight made her so fucking hideous? Or is it just because she’s so rotten on the inside her appearance is reflecting that?

No. 159008

I think it’s a lack of self care her skin looks bad, she’s always broken out or greasy looking, I think her posture is terrible she’s always sort of hunched over from being terminally online, she makes pretty ugly faces due to a lack of self awareness? Her teeth look beyond busted I cannot imagine she ever brushes them, I think it’s more than just “getting fat”, people here will hate me for saying this but some women fatter than shay can be attractive so I don’t think it’s isolated to some weight issue she’s just sort of ugly?

No. 159009

File: 1674729599957.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 316x234, 1596843350027.gif)

No. 159010

File: 1674729615755.jpeg (356.4 KB, 765x2030, 0FD42F93-DD11-4A06-8141-8B9787…)


No. 159011

my favorite cosplay

No. 159012

File: 1674740816463.jpg (447.91 KB, 1191x1039, Picsart_23-01-26_10-16-40-822.…)

No. 159013

damn nona, try googling it first next time instead of outing that your boyfriend has the babydick to the farms.

No. 159014

pretty sure shayna spend less then 30 mins a day standing up. she is either in bed, on her computer, or laying on her couch. i think even just standing and walking more would help. shes like a cryptid.

No. 159015

shayna being her fattest and trying to “embrace her makeupless face” gave us the best content. her butthole eyes were hilarious.

No. 159016

is Shayna to BPD women on lolcow what Chris-chan is to male autists on kiwifarms

No. 159017

File: 1674748154460.gif (535.17 KB, 193x275, 364AEADA-2536-4753-BEDE-C63E07…)

Yes and ethots too

No. 159018

I'm sorry but let me shahonest, shayna & fupaul looked "good" togeather at first. He's probably the best she's going to do and her at her smallest is the best a baby daddy with disgusting fetishes is going to do. Seeing her and Shane Pierre Sonnier, and it's not just because "Oh she gained weight", no they look gross togeather.
Shayna and Fupaul looked the same fucking age. Mark me Shaytarded

No. 159019


No. 159020

Ugh yes, but I haven’t. I have so many screengrabs and recorded OF shows from her no makeup saga.

No. 159021

File: 1674750364573.png (410.58 KB, 428x450, Capture.PNG)

No. 159022

Sorry but Cam was the only somewhat decent dude she's dated and together they looked like they wreaked of the mildewed interior of a car and cigarettes

No. 159023

File: 1674751547289.png (1.2 MB, 650x1280, 54102665-B94E-44F4-A2E4-F8FF7F…)

I agree. If Shay wasn’t into gross shit she could have got a really nice guy that’s similar to Fupaul but not as deranged.

No. 159024

Nona… no…

No. 159025

File: 1674752246430.jpeg (132.14 KB, 750x1334, FE951B09-B2FA-4835-B327-507EC4…)

post and delete a shayna photo from your phone

No. 159026

File: 1674752528362.jpeg (659.58 KB, 1080x1427, 548543B5-DF30-480B-A381-68F54D…)

No. 159027

File: 1674752854544.gif (9.2 MB, 270x480, 1536803196428.gif)

No. 159028

BRB about to make shayna in shay 4

No. 159029

>princess ponch sitting in a sparse pile of candy
And people say she has no self shaywareness

No. 159030

Does anyone have the GIF of her dancing tied to a pole looking like a giraffe having a seizure ?

No. 159031

File: 1674754531446.gif (266.31 KB, 480x270, you died.gif)

No. 159032

File: 1674754703610.gif (5.36 MB, 405x720, GIF-230126_123928.gif)

No. 159033

File: 1674755718368.jpeg (141.54 KB, 1170x681, D68CB68E-E0B2-4A34-B96D-579C83…)

you just know she was trying recreate this “fupa magic” with shane at the airport.

No. 159034

File: 1674755790433.png (Spoiler Image, 206.7 KB, 386x392, shaymeful.png)


No. 159035

File: 1674756822768.jpg (141.51 KB, 613x644, FaceApp_1673212784549.jpg)

No. 159036

File: 1674756867384.jpeg (28.07 KB, 271x275, 1663734963816.jpeg)

No. 159037

File: 1674756943300.jpeg (404.89 KB, 1242x1528, 1666650569566.jpeg)

No. 159038

File: 1674757090082.jpg (250.13 KB, 827x829, IMG_20230126_131653.jpg)

No. 159039

File: 1674757118027.jpg (381.23 KB, 1080x1500, IMG_20230126_131729.jpg)

No. 159040

File: 1674757147776.jpg (492.96 KB, 681x1061, IMG_20230126_131802.jpg)

No. 159041

File: 1674757872673.jpg (542 KB, 1200x1200, Mematic_20230126_133040.jpg)

She's in her mikhaila Peterson era

No. 159042

File: 1674758325128.jpg (213.53 KB, 675x675, FaceApp_1674758269057.jpg)

No. 159043

ethan klein?

No. 159044

the hairless guy makes me so fucking uncomfortable

No. 159045

File: 1674759591787.jpeg (477.53 KB, 2048x2048, A3393AFB-2D86-4212-8595-DF7478…)

No. 159046

File: 1674759702104.png (33.33 KB, 182x275, 00CDA9F2-D09D-4D75-9C03-65BF1D…)

No. 159047

File: 1674759723423.jpeg (50.29 KB, 542x594, C048FB05-32E6-4F85-8944-164BFD…)

shayna loves hitler

No. 159048

File: 1674760176609.gif (248.85 KB, 259x204, imageedit_2_9095143333.gif)

And I'm proud to be an Shaymerican
Where at least I know I'm free
And I won't forget the Fupauls who cried
Who gave that right to me
And I'd badly spread them next to you
And Shayfend Her still today
'Cause there ain't no doubt
I love Lolcow
God Bless the SHAY.TOUR.IUM!!!

No. 159049

Like a week after he left? Some of you are such virgins and it shows

No. 159050

File: 1674760931030.png (506.36 KB, 553x967, 1539102761452.png)

Pedo degenerate aside, they were a cute couple, he actually seemed to like her a lot. I started reading the Shayna threads during the Sol saga, and I've only skimmed previous threads, he brought her a house and took her out to eat on dates, they matched each other's trashiness and retardation. I think Shayna pulled off the girly aesthetic when she was skinny too. I do think she really could've done better, he could have been older yeah but also like taller and with a nicer body. He is super gross, a turd. I don't think he should be married, let alone to another woman with kids. I wonder if someone cowtipped his wife and said "your fiance used to date a pedo pandering porn 'star' who wore diapers and pacifiers and held a teddy bear while he slapped her during sex. He's probably into your daughter" I bet you that lady would've just brushed it off, seems like the type, given she wore pajamas to Walmart and let her fupaul choke her on a security camera and made it a cover photo.
Spoiler for blog
One time my abusive step-dad got with a new chick and she had kids, I told her how he was creepy with us and straight up violent with my mom and she blocked me and told him and he told my mom that the only reason I'm doing that is cause I'm into him(gag) ugh I fucking hate men, some women will just let any creep around their kids. Fuck those moms and fuck those disgusting predators.

No. 159051

File: 1674761161758.gif (388.11 KB, 223x227, 167139270646923994.gif)

I don't want to be anything
Other than what I've been tryna be shately
All I have to do is think of Shane
And I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms
Wondering what I gotta do
Or where im supposed to pee
I don't want to be anything other Dollyyyyy
I'm surrounded by Farmers
Everywhere I turn
I'm surrounded by Shayposters
Everywhere I turn
I'm surrounded by shaydentity crisis
Everywhere I turn
Am I the only one who noticed?
I can't be the only one who's learned

No. 159052

File: 1674761864563.jpg (130.33 KB, 396x378, fullretard.jpg)

No. 159053

File: 1674762052345.png (298.66 KB, 617x800, imageedit_6_3945324716.png)

He didn't like Shayna, despite every scrote shayna finds being ugly they have an HUGE ego. Shayna was young, thin and could be kinda cute. Eager to let him do whatever, she was a "Pornstar" "sex worker". I don't think a baby daddy fat ass without much money could "Pull" someone like Shayna naturally. He lucked up on a mentally ill young woman who he thought was going to be his bangmaid and submissive. She's not. The fact he quickly married a woman with kids is not only scary but shows what he thought of Shayna. 4+ years with her, he didn't want to marry her, hid her and had zero respect for her.
fupaul is a piece of shit, however in terms of "looks" yeah they looked okay togeather if you asked me.
Shayna should date #josh#

No. 159054

Looks like mikhaila Peterson lol

I have discovered I purged all shay related media from my phone and that kinda sucks because I made a thread pic and an edit of soy gribble etc. can’t believe I’ve been watching her threads for like 5 years or however stupid long it’s been…

My favorite meme is that shayna thread really do be giving me brain damage tho

No. 159055

File: 1674763094953.gif (Spoiler Image, 974.33 KB, 238x422, 1551593635241.gif)

No. 159056

File: 1674763227142.png (349.37 KB, 473x357, YAAAAAAAAARG.png)

this one is my personal favourite screen grab from waaaay back in the day

No. 159057

File: 1674763659473.png (149.72 KB, 579x485, bw.png)

No. 159058

File: 1674763929169.gif (1012.21 KB, 1242x1650, pedobear.gif)

No. 159059

File: 1674765411230.png (782.04 KB, 646x519, Capture.PNG)

I was the first Shaybanned, even thought the Shayban was unjust. You see, I was shayplaining about a Shayior ban. One I got for 11 hours for making a shayleted thread like two weeks ago. Shankfully the Admins heard my Scries and realized that a 24 hour shayban, for shaything I was already Shanned for makes no shaysense.
Shay you.
No seriously Janitas don't ban me again, i was already banned for my crime weeks ago. I was unbanned so I assumed you saw that it was an mistake, love you

No. 159060

File: 1674765810578.jpeg (962.93 KB, 2896x2334, 1591919516767.jpeg)

No. 159061

Shat is so boring as a cow. The only appeal of her thread is the shartanons and their ridiculous nitpicking and autism. The memes are the cherry on top of a delicious milkshake.

No. 159062

File: 1674765922770.gif (13.04 MB, 640x408, 1533064380480.gif)

No. 159063

this thread made me realized that Shay gave the fuck up. She at least tried, now it's the same 10 fucking things, all getting smaller/dirter and no creativity. She used to do outfits, do different things, pose, now we are lucky if she puts a fucking hear on her cheek
This thread makes me feel bad for shayna, simply because it doesn't have some of her gross shit,it just looks like she's some girl who gained weight, had a break up and did some dumb shit.
Not all the boring but gross shit that she does in her main thread. You can see her decline in a short funny bite at the shaynatorium. I'm scared shaytourists may get the wrong idea.

No. 159064

File: 1674766016748.jpg (682.66 KB, 777x1482, 1533065484007.jpg)

No. 159065

File: 1674766088177.jpeg (165.73 KB, 640x410, 1532786776000.jpeg)

No. 159066

File: 1674766138878.png (113.88 KB, 1206x787, 1532560869270.png)

No. 159067

File: 1674766215497.jpeg (295.16 KB, 828x405, 1592578644878.jpeg)

No. 159068

She looks so long

No. 159069

Quite the neck she used to have, goes to show just how much she's padded it out

No. 159070

Oh my god what happened to those giant pigtail extensions?? Shayna pls bring them back.

No. 159071

File: 1674766615964.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 1242x1628, 1562291694556.jpeg)

>I'm scared shaytourists may get the wrong idea.
The more women that see Shayna's decline the better. It's stark warning not to get into sex work.

No. 159072

File: 1674766747492.png (2.21 MB, 1841x1010, 1667687814969.png)

No. 159073

No. 159074

File: 1674767209568.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 597.72 KB, 2048x2048, E67C4879-E7FC-4689-997A-B322E6…)

Edited without the weird gut waist

No. 159075

File: 1674767700171.jpeg (54.95 KB, 314x443, 1652098444153.jpeg)

does anyone remember the grayhair/mike slack and his daughter saga

No. 159076

File: 1674767742828.jpg (450.46 KB, 742x1463, ShaynardJr.jpg)

Reminds me

No. 159077

KEK what the hell is this and why have I never seen it

No. 159078

It was one of her attempts to go viral. She shoved a firework up her vag for the 4th of July. Truly a highlight of the Fupa saga.

No. 159079

File: 1674768950955.jpeg (9.6 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

Quick shaytards post your favourite shay face. I'll start

No. 159080

File: 1674768981088.jpeg (5 KB, 219x230, images (1).jpeg)

Uh oh stinky!

No. 159081

File: 1674769020573.jpeg (5.32 KB, 218x231, images (2).jpeg)

Hate it when my hemorrhoids flare up ughhh

No. 159082

It was her asshole, know your shaystory. What I don't remember is if she put a condom on the Roman candle or just stick it in as is.

No. 159083

File: 1674769069192.jpeg (6.19 KB, 232x217, images (3).jpeg)

The lost Hartley hooligan

No. 159084

File: 1674769177077.jpeg (5.43 KB, 231x218, images (4).jpeg)

Caroline Ellison lookin ass

No. 159085

File: 1674769421283.jpg (746.13 KB, 1072x1448, Screenshot_20220318-174449_Chr…)

No. 159086

no one wants to date a girl who has her exes kinks. it worked for fupa cause they both werent as porn sick as they are now. shayna is too far gone now not only physically but mentally to get a good man now

No. 159087

did this fucker take this photo taking a shit on his break at mcdonalds?

No. 159088

File: 1674771263271.jpg (Spoiler Image, 338.89 KB, 1024x1365, E9DD2AA2-9DC0-11ED-A11F-0A289F…)

No. 159089

>>159088 this pic but with some weird 'best pig in show' farming magazine

No. 159090

File: 1674777797074.gif (923.68 KB, 275x155, 5D83CEC3-77C5-4DEC-9BD6-7CFE1C…)

No. 159091

who is josh nonie

No. 159092

Do you all think he's never found lc? The fact that he didn't private anything leads me to believe that he has no idea our imageboard even exists

No. 159093

Jesus christ I seriously wonder what Shayna thinks of the Shaynatorium thread I'm crying

No. 159094

Probably the real reason she’s going off so hard about “mean girls” atm kek

No. 159095

There’s no way cowtippers haven’t tried fucking with him like they do everyone else in her threads. His daughter definitely knows and was cowtipped based off of her DFE right after being posted here.

No. 159096

File: 1674781902006.jpg (37.51 KB, 361x304, Russ-McKamey-Manor_Pic1-e13727…)

Shay's dad reminds me of that McKamey manor guy kek.

I think it's the honker. Very Clifford.

No. 159097

Michael “Mike” Slack of Missouri, also known as Zapman_68 and GNotOld, trucker and right wing MAGA conservatard, United States Armed Forces veteran who buys his daughter sex toys, subscribes to her porn, almost certainly raped her and interacts exclusively with whores who make incest and pedophile content

No. 159098

looks like cory matthews

No. 159099

File: 1674789186785.png (317.28 KB, 282x522, 205A1948-F7AE-4FB7-96F1-87983D…)

fave shay face

No. 159100

File: 1674792059530.jpg (64.1 KB, 717x565, Screenshot_20230126-205827_Chr…)

I like looking at her pornhub comments

No. 159101

Tbh this revelation killed me.
You hear about such things happening but seeing it all with your own eyes was just horrific. And we know shat lurks but she won't dare call him out cos he gives her some pennies.

We supposed to believe people who pay for porn are the good guys. Lmao no. They're just more deranged and obsessive towards certain people.

No. 159102

Gain 100lbs and grow boils

No. 159103

File: 1674794852468.gif (236.51 KB, 320x208, 1666983877991.gif)

No. 159104

I bet Jersh would be Shat’s type too, maybe a bit too young but aside from that

No. 159105

File: 1674795581872.png (64.2 KB, 155x275, 1522398170292.png)

shanya shanya shayna

No. 159106

File: 1674796177537.jpg (30.37 KB, 182x275, 1628346720566.jpg)

shaaaaaaaaynaaaaaaaaa oh oh
(to the tune of hey ya)

No. 159107

File: 1674796603294.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.13 MB, 360x640, 15523097168.gif)

shayke it like a..something

No. 159108

wait i got it: like a hemorrhoid picture

No. 159109

Fucking kek, I love you autists

No. 159110

Bigfoot spotting

No. 159111

File: 1674802670150.jpg (Spoiler Image, 317.5 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel7_big.jpg)

Shayna's vagina looks so much better now that it's been inflated with a layer of blubber

No. 159112

this and the ass boil from her early cam girl days haunt me. blech barf

No. 159113

lmao the deflated ballsack, and that huge beak jfc

No. 159114

Before her fingers became necrotic, kek. She’s so disgustingly hairy, that terrifying mound looks gross whether it’s shaved or not

No. 159115

File: 1674821098912.png (35 KB, 147x162, eughhhhheuguhughuueuueuehg.png)

No. 159116

File: 1674821208517.png (Spoiler Image, 225.86 KB, 350x518, Screenshot 2021-07-22 225503.p…)

tit like a deflated beach ball

No. 159117

there's a specific ass boil that haunts you?

No. 159118

File: 1674832301027.jpg (571.52 KB, 2048x1709, 1628394619667.jpg)

No. 159119

File: 1674832502150.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 178.43 KB, 468x529, C17EDFE3-C60A-429C-9362-7B5569…)

Nta but open at your own risk

No. 159120

File: 1674837087399.gif (180.07 KB, 80x144, 167483588027516283 (1).gif)

My milk's gone cold, I'm wondering why I
Got out of bed at all
The comedian fart clouds up my window
And I can't see at all
And even if I could it'll all be pink
But your pictures on my phone
It reminds me, that it's not so bad
It's not so bad

Dear Shane, I texted you but you still ain't callin'
I left my cell, my only fan, and Ellen's phone at the bottom
I sent two texts two mintues ago, you must not've got 'em

There probably was a problem with the wolf pack or somethin'
Sometimes I type too sloppy when I'm drinkin
But anyways, fuck it, what's been up, Daddy? Thought I was your daughter?
My girlfriend's worried too, I thought you were a'bout to be my father
You told me If you have a daughter, guess what you gonna call her?
You said you was gonna call her Shayna,
I read about your uncle sonnier too, I'm sorry
I wanted to kill myself over some bitch who was farmin'
I know you probably hear this every day, but I'm your biggest fan
I even let you sit on my back at 2am!
I got a phone full of our pictures

I like the shit you did with troony too, that shit was phat
Anyways, I hope you get this, shane ,pls get back,
Just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan
This is Shay

No. 159121

File: 1674837947616.gif (1.53 MB, 836x1342, ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif)

No. 159122

she just needs to go the feeder route at this point. even if by SOME MIRACLE she lost weight and was semi comparable in size to this photo - her disgusting vag would deflate like this again and maybe even worse seeing how much she’s packed on. she is stuck as a hambeast now. accept your fate.

No. 159123

topkek nona thank you for this true masterpiece it’s amazing

No. 159124

does anyone have her tiktoks? those were hilarious

No. 159125

The one you could see while she was camming in her dad's place (I think that was the location) it was like the first time it showed up

No. 159126

This is amazing kek, my only nitpick is that the eyes should be smaller.

No. 159127

they're archived in her threads newfag and/or moid

No. 159128

File: 1674846777952.png (Spoiler Image, 326.24 KB, 684x576, shvg.png)

It was at it's worst during the boil saga when she was waxing without any after care. Also I'm a fucking retarded because I keep forgetting the spoiler.

No. 159129

File: 1674847612074.png (2.53 MB, 1834x1344, Screen Shot 2023-01-27 at 2.25…)

New and improved Nurse Shaynut here to give out Xanax and cheemsburgers to all tha Shaynatorium patients.

No. 159130

I’m screaming This is beautiful shaystans

No. 159131

File: 1674848177337.jpeg (833.63 KB, 1108x1552, EA974C5D-3F9D-4DFB-8519-9E8BF2…)

>If only you knew how bad things were

No. 159132

File: 1674848305913.jpeg (224.61 KB, 1242x2208, 8A5D7795-D564-4199-B194-731D1F…)

Big Shaynus

No. 159133

File: 1674848387964.jpeg (228.81 KB, 1183x1166, FEF885E9-D2AF-4B2C-A119-A37AE1…)

No. 159134

File: 1674848471860.jpeg (1.88 MB, 3465x3465, 3567E8BE-38E2-46D4-9F40-17D25F…)

She got ptsd from showing her boils at an early age

No. 159135

File: 1674848552532.png (130.42 KB, 374x365, 72A7119B-4DF7-479E-B9A1-BB3389…)

No. 159136

File: 1674848754541.jpeg (38.56 KB, 648x322, 7B6963D3-0C22-46CE-AD21-5BE26A…)

No. 159137

I pass by this hospital often/and or signs with it's logo on it…and always start fucking cackling because of my fellow shayheads. Thanks retards.

No. 159138

File: 1674851790596.jpg (65.11 KB, 660x373, 1401380687000-052914womack.jpg)

Oops forgot the image due to brain damage from shay threads.

No. 159139

ewwww those are warts fucking nasty bitch

No. 159140

that's fucking anal herpes

No. 159141

File: 1674853402551.png (460.23 KB, 660x373, AF1BA052-0A87-43C8-8A5E-4A3726…)

No. 159142

File: 1674853648567.jpeg (109.79 KB, 1024x681, 24F94CA8-19D2-4ED2-88A1-E865C4…)

I posted this in a dumbass shit thread on /ot/ before but I can’t watch my local soccer team without doing the same thing lol

No. 159143

yeah that shit looks like herpes

No. 159144

holy fuck top right and bottom left look so fucking painful. why the hell did she let herself be filmed and put on the internet in this state. like jesus christ take 3/6 month to heal yourself if you really need to show you snatch off that bad.

No. 159145

KEKK i love you nonna

No. 159146

File: 1674858475107.gif (1.07 MB, 336x253, imageedit_19_7108003719.gif)

Dear Shane, you still ain't call or wrote, I hope you have a chance??
I ain't mad, I just think it's fucked up you ghosted me man??
If you didn't wanna talk to me at the moment
You didn't have to, but you could've wrote a text back after I broke up with you
I thought I was your baby girl, man, our relationship 60 days old,
I told you i loved you, you screwed my blistering holes,
Waited for the text, For four hours and you just texted, "wow..okay…No"
That's pretty shitty, Shane, you're like my fucking father!!
I want to just be with you, Shane!!, your wife doesn't love you more than I do!!!
I ain't that mad though, I just don't like bein' lied to…
Remember when we met in Texas, you said if I'd sext you you would sext back
See I'm just like you in the way
I don't respect body either

No. 159147

kekkkk im so glad this thread exists

No. 159148

File: 1674861206377.jpeg (226.74 KB, 1200x1051, 964C03CD-DFCE-4582-B95C-B1C123…)

I can't sleep at night
When you are on my mind
Jason Womack's on the shay-dio
Singin' to me "If you think you're lonely now"
Wait a minute, this is too bleak (too bleaque)
I gotta change the shay-tion
So I turn the dial, trying to catch a break
And then I hear Gay-byface
“I only think of you”
And it's breaking my shart
I'm trying to keep it together
But I'm falling apart

No. 159149

File: 1674863797598.jpg (24.53 KB, 394x279, 0961FDBE-9E9B-11ED-B336-0A746B…)

Shayna Shayna Shayna Shayna Shayna Shayna
Shayna Shayna Shayna Shayna Shayna Shayna
Shayna Shayna Shayna Shayna Shayna Shayna Motherfucker
Shane on my motherfucking mind
got five ass bumps at the same time
White wrinkled pleated skirt, Bottles of pink wine
Got a lopsided bust and fifty five pictures of my behind
Get money
Shane out my motherfucking mouth
A Fupaul Mansion, ranch dressing, and a stomach cramps and a frown
A motherfucking store with the floor made of shay dry scalp
Ellen from the block don't got Pills, she got belly pounds
Get money
Shane in the motherfucking car
Dolphin mouth pussy, Summers with my moms
7 years of sex work and still no motherfucking car
Seven-forty-seven full of ham and shitty bars
Get money
Shane in the motherfucking pot
A eyes full of tears and a crotch full of rot
A leopard stuffie with a stink and an mouth full of rocks
All hand wound everyday by a Shayock
Get Shmoney

Hail Mary Mallon – Whales

No. 159150

File: 1674865096603.jpg (124.75 KB, 800x342, imageedit_2_5538004202.jpg)

Post Shay-memes and edited Shay lyrics, Shayna musical meme hour!!
please don't leave me alone in this thread being the only shayhead thats bored/drunk enough, please post Shaynonnies

No. 159151

Spoiler this jumpscare

No. 159152

This is the hardest I’ve laughed in a while oh my god this thread gives me a reason to live
I’ll be back to post a song soon, I have to find a good one and probably make an edit kek

No. 159153

this gif is so funny for no reason the way she just disappears kek

No. 159154

File: 1674868094430.gif (687.85 KB, 230x335, E06D3FD1-9043-4625-A312-C945E1…)

Mumma don't know Shayna’s getting hot
At the spanking spot, doing something unholy
Shane’s sat on her back while she’s hoggin it, she be popping it
Yeah, she repeled his ass quickly
Oh-ee-oh-ee-oh, he left his kids at
Ho-ee-oh-ee-ome, so he can get that
Mumma don't know Shayna’s getting hot
At the spanking spot, doing something unholy (woo)
Mmm, daddy, daddy, if you want it, drop the add'y (yuh)
Give me love, give me Shein, my Amazon gift cards daddy
You gon' need to bag it up, 'cause I'm spending on Oreos (woo)
You can watch me snack it up, It’ll be gone in the a.m
And he, he get me Pocky, get me discount uggs for the Gocky (ah)
Lost my popularity cause I got a little stocky
And when you want it, baby, I know I got you covered
And when you need it, baby, just jump under the covers

No. 159155

File: 1674868544864.jpeg (59.92 KB, 688x387, BFC6114D-FABA-42E6-A613-D22082…)

breakfast at Tiffany's and bottles of bubbles
It pops and pours just like a shay boil
Weed and cheemsburgers, Amazon strings
Please buy me all of my favorite things

Been through some bad shit, call it shay-nasty,
Who woulda thought it'd turn me to calories?
Rather be tied up with bacon covered cheese,
Rather clean my microwave every spring (yeah)
My wrist, it grows, my neck, it shows
Make small deposits, my gut is poppin
You like my belt? Gee, thanks, just bought it

No. 159156

Shane without love
Shane can't get enough
Shane, i like it rough cause if rather feel Shane than Jason Womaaaack

No. 159157

File: 1674869112655.gif (601.5 KB, 230x276, 31dc6485-80f4-4a5a-b59d-c5b8bf…)

You take yo Buttplug fidget spinners and you place it on your mini fridge!

No. 159158

Samefag she got Patton Oswalt again on the third one loll. And the women she got were old

No. 159159

File: 1674869992093.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.69 KB, 922x600, 545F6A50-FAB5-4D08-A71A-159091…)

The PussyWart Dolly - When I Grow Up
Boys call me sexy
And you don't care what they shay
See every time you turn around
They pay me on gift cards
Boys call me sexy
And you don't care what they shay
See every time you turn around
Your dad is paying my drink
Now I've got a confession
When I was young I wanted attention
And I promised myself that I'd do anything
Anything at all for them to notice me
But I ain't thriving
We all wanna be famous
So go ahead and shay what you wanna shay
You don't know what its like to be homeless
Want them to know what your asshole looks like
'Cause see when I was younger I would shay
When I grow up
I wanna be a baby
I wanna wear diapers
I wanna be an alcoholic

No. 159160

File: 1674870530836.png (390.38 KB, 415x519, DEAR.PNG)

Dear Shane Pierre,
We've been way to outta touch
Things have been crazy and it sucks that you won't text back much
I should tell you that I dream of you each night
I rub my nipples and start crying with with no lights

Farmers: (spoken) Why would you write that? She's so fucking retarded. Oh my god why would you admit that?

Shayna: (Thinking) I'm just trying to tell the truth & I'm not to ashamed to say I loved him

No. 159161

File: 1674870819936.jpeg (337.63 KB, 2048x1366, 1663644263022.jpeg)

I've got a figure like a pin-up
Got a figure like a doll
Don't care if you think I'm dumb
I don't care at all

Doordash meal, Hello Fresh
I wanna be tortured
I'm the girl you'd die for

You'll chew me up and you'll spit me out
'Cause that's what sex work is all about
So pull me closer and beat me hard
I'm gonna pop your bubblegum fat

I'm Miss Sugar Pink, liquor, liquor lips
Hit me with your sweet fists
Steal me with a kiss
I'm Miss Sugar Pink, liquor, liquor lips
I'm gonna be your baby bimbo bitch
I'm gonna be your baby bimbo bitch

No. 159162

this is my favorite thread in the herstory bof lolcor

No. 159163

File: 1674871768510.jpeg (17.34 KB, 275x261, 40A02BEA-C83D-4158-B8A9-A508DC…)

If I want it, I eat it
I’m a hungry ewhore
Tried to hide my fat rolls
I’m not that small anymore
I only want to date hot dads
But only if they’re as obese as me
If you see a tweet about how I’m sad
Please give me money for Doordash daddy
This is the part when I get over Fupa
I'm stronger than I've been before
This is the part when I eat cheeeeese
'Cause I can't resist it no more

No. 159164

File: 1674872250206.gif (6.06 MB, 320x579, 167139322838795050.gif)

Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, Shaytards it's our birthday
We gon' party like it's your birthday
We gon' sip pink wine like it's your birthday
And you know we don't give a fuck it's not your birthday
You can find Shayna in the club, belly full of blub'
Look, Nonnie, I got the weed, if you into takin' drugs
I'm into drinkin milk, I ain't into makin' love
So come give me a hug, if you into getting rubbed

No. 159165

u bitch

No. 159166

Is this all just one anon making these song parodies? If so, you're a true Shaystar, nonnie. I want to join in but I'm too high and my brain is on retard mode.

No. 159167

File: 1674872687927.png (253.7 KB, 394x399, Capture.PNG)

Shane left no time to regret
I kept his dick wet was his same old safe bet
Shayna and my one tit high
And my tears dry, can't get on without my guy
You went back to what you know
So far removed from all that we went through (for 60 days)
And I tread a troubled track
My back fat, I'll go back to Fupaul

We only said goodbye with words
I suicide baited a hundred times
You go back to her and I go back to
I go back to us (or ellen)

I love you much, it's not enough
You love meth and I love puff
And life is like a pipe
And I'm a chubby penny rollin' up the walls inside

No. 159168

it's me and and few others Im not Shaylone! I'm happy for Shaynatourim first Musical Meme Friday!

No. 159169

File: 1674872923677.jpg (12.6 KB, 154x275, 1520204513960.jpg)

I'm covering my ears like a sped
When your nudes mean nothing, I go shay-na-na
I'm turning up the fuck machine when you speak
'Cause if my parents can't stop it
I find a daddy to buy it, I go

No. 159170

File: 1674873624163.jpg (65.44 KB, 218x275, 1523122175282.jpg)

i'm not writing a song for this one and you can't make me

No. 159171

super ot but does anyone know what saga the fupa reveal was in? when she revealed that he’d been her secret bf the whole time? been searching the old threads for a while but can’t seem to find it

No. 159172

File: 1674874286629.jpeg (67.34 KB, 247x275, 806D77ED-DB09-4561-939B-8348A2…)

Primadonna Shay, yeah
All I ever wanted was a text, Shane
I can't help that I need it all
The Twitter whore life, the rise and fall
You say that I'm fucking my life up
But I’m still who your dad wants to fuck
Womack I need more money, babe
Because I do not have an ass to shake
Primadonna Shay

Would you do anything for me?
Buy bottomless mimosas for me?
Would you even leave your wife for me?
Put batteries in the fuck machine, now baby
Bimbo queen on an IPhone screen
Living life like I'm in a dream
I know I've got a big ego
I am not a Nazi that was so long ago

And I'm sad to the core, core, core
(Daddy!) Every day is a chore, chore, chore
(Anal!) When you give, I want more, more, more
I wanna be a whore

No. 159173

File: 1674874428309.jpg (934.5 KB, 4096x3190, 1628212204140.jpg)

Been trying to meet you
Must be a devil between us
Or whores in my head
Whores at the door
Whore in my bed
But Shay
Where have you been?
If you go, I will surely die

No. 159174


No. 159175

chefs kiss

No. 159176

File: 1674875459839.jpeg (436.32 KB, 2048x2048, 1635167940970.jpeg)

My pussy tastes like used diaper
Eyes are wide like charcuterie board
I got a taste for men who are older
It's always been, so it's no surprise

Shane is in the sky with plushies, and he's making me crazy
(I come alive, alive)
All he wants to do is sit on his pretty bimbo

Come on, baby, let's fuck
We can escape to the great anal
I know your wife and she wouldn't mind
We made it out to the other side
We made it out to the other side
We made it out to the other side

No. 159177

File: 1674876123091.gif (131.08 KB, 174x275, shayna (1).gif)

Did my fat daddy disappear?
Why'd I put my heart on every text to Shane?
Tell me why the hell no one is here
Tell me what to do to make it all feel better

Maybe it's a cruel joke on me
Whatever, whatever
Just means there's way more cake for me
Forever, forever

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to (cry, cry, cry)
I'll cry until the candles burn down this place
I'll cry until my pity party's in flames

No. 159178

based mallon reference nona

I genuinely haven't laughed this hard at a thread in a long time, bless you inshayne nonitas amen

No. 159179

File: 1674877763881.jpeg (11.14 KB, 208x242, 5D3A50EE-4AAA-47B3-837E-A0FDE3…)

I could stay on lolcow just to hear you seething
Watch you cry while you are tweeting
While you're far away and eating
I could spend my life in this freak surrender
I could stay lost in thread 63 forever
Every moment spent with Shay is a moment I treasure

Don't want to close my phone
Fupa left you all alone
Man I'd miss you Shay
And I don't want to miss a thing
'Cause even when you overdose all day
And go on extended hospital stay
I'd still miss you Shay
Even though I’m scared of diaper kink

They’re too small on you, The outfits you’re repeating
And I'm wondering what you're scheming
Wondering if it's Fupa you're seeing
Just go up a size
You and Kyle Nathan Perkins aren’t together
But I think you’ll stay lost in that moment forever
Forever and ever

I don’t want her threads to die
I don't want to quit lolcow
'Cause you miss your Shane
And your asshole is not okay
'Cause even when I see your nudes
I don’t expect much better from you
I'd still miss you Shay
And I don't want to miss a thing

No. 159180

can never listen to this song again without this new adlib ty nonna

No. 159181

Omg I am SO LATE but wait this was mine nonnie I’m so glad someone saved it… its literally my favorite cow edit I’ve ever done and I am so happy that it didn’t go unseen. I started out making yassified edits of shay because she is so lowbie on every level compared to most “sex” “workers” but I want to start making more interesting edits like this one that are more mysterious

No. 159182

File: 1674879225037.jpeg (440.13 KB, 888x637, E8A602D2-84F2-475A-B5D1-355E40…)

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belongggggg
Fuplahoma, mountain papaaaa
Take me home, country roads

I’m not as creative as lyrical nonna

No. 159183

File: 1674880292734.jpg (165.97 KB, 650x1280, 1545444096388.jpg)

In every scene, it's me and Fupa
Eatstreet cheemsburgers raining down from the clouds
So it seems
The tumblr notes will never let the feelings die
When all the worst and kinkiest have gone

Me and Fupa
Kinky as they come
Me and Fupa
It's not a question now
Me and Fupa
Kinky as they come
Me and Fupa
It's not a question now
Me and Fupa

No. 159184

File: 1674880434248.jpeg (762.14 KB, 2048x2048, A6003D65-1346-4949-9ABC-A5BFC3…)

Implants about to bust
If you're Shaynus, then roll with us
'Cause we make the hick dads fall in love
When we've got our diapers on and up

And yes, of course Shay does
She running out of time to just give up
And no, you don't wanna mess with us
Got Shaynus on my necklace-ace-ace

Star blanket attracting flies
Gut belt ripped all up the side
Looking sick and sex-denied
So let's go-o-o (let's go)

Tonight we're postin’ har-har-har, ha-ha-hard
Just like lolcow is our-our-our, ou-ou-ours
We're tearin' it apart-part-pa-pa-pa-part
You know we're Shaynastarz, we are who we are

Her face is like a rat-rat-ra-ra-ra-rat
Her body’s gettin’ fat-fat-fa-fa-fa-fat
No one’s forever young-young-you-you-you-young
You know we're Shaynastarz, we are who we are

Womack turn it up
It's about damn time to Shay it up
Shay knows she can’t be serious
Comedian farts are hilarious

Shay’s just tweetin’ truth
Who doesn’t love mayochuppy goop
She’s sellin' her pee, sleepin' on floors
Doordashin' it down, hittin' on Fupaul (Shart)

Bimbo sweatshirt in her size
Pink wine dripping down the side
Looking like she’s fully fried
Shay let's go-o-o (let's go)

Full lyrics on Google Play Music

No. 159185

File: 1674880437819.jpg (408.7 KB, 1215x720, Picsart_23-01-27_21-26-36-990.…)


Ay ay ay ya
Ay ay ya

[Grandmother Shaylow]

Que que na-to-ra
You will stretch your ass

Fidget spinner butt plug
You will leak out blood

Let it ooze and poop
Like a squirt upon the rug

Turkey Basters, fireworks,
Hemmeroids and sores and leaks


You will go to the doctors

No. 159186

File: 1674881417608.jpeg (511.62 KB, 828x1058, 5BC653AC-2A92-4437-9B55-87BB62…)

i love you my fellow shaynastarz

No. 159187

File: 1674881463769.png (606.49 KB, 488x486, 1673472509850.png)

Nice to meet you, where you been?
I could show you incredible things
Kink, diapers, fuck machine
Saw you there and I thought
"Oh, my God, look at that face
You look like my next mistake
Love's a game, wanna play?" Ay

No money, brony and fat
I can read you like a magazine
Ain't it funny? Rumors fly
And I know you heard about Shay
So hey, let's be friends
I'm dying to see how this one ends
Grab your passport and my hand
I can make the bad guys good for 60 days

So it's gonna be forever
Or it's gonna go down in flames
You can tell me when it's over, mm
If the high was worth the pain
Got a long list of ex-lovers
They'll tell you I'm Shaysane
'Cause you know I love the old men
And you love to rape

'Cause we're fat, and we're degen
We'll take this way too far
It'll leave you breathless, mm
Or with a nasty scar
Got a long list of ex-lovers
They'll tell you I'm Shaysane
But I've got a blank space, baby
And I will write "Shane"

No. 159188

Kek this could be lyrics to some death metal band.

No. 159189

I actually read this in Steven Tyler’s voice kekekek

No. 159190

File: 1674883219721.png (45.28 KB, 300x300, 2F916702-9467-4244-9922-BF300C…)

Yeah, I'm in the coupe with a fupa, yeah, sipping on wine (what?)
Yeah, posted with my mumma, yeah, she got a dip (what? Yeah)
Posted with my mumma, yeah, she got a dip (what? Yeah)
Posted with my mumma (mumma) yeah, she got a dip (what? anal)
Posted with my mumma, yeah, she got a dip
I'm pissing my pants (yeah)
I'm pissing my pants (yeah)
I sleep on my rug (rug, yeah)
I sleep on my rug (rug, yeah)
My fridge, I got cake (cake, what?)
My fridge, I got cake (cake, what?)
We stay in the house, uh
Can't leave out the place (anal)
I just did a throw up (what?)
Got cum on my face (anal, what?)
Got shit on my face (anal, yeah)
I'm flopping on twitter (yeah)
I'm flopping on twitter (twitter, yeah)
I'm flopping on twitter (twitter, yeah)
I got me some dilfs (dilfs, what?)
They thought I was fat (anal, woah)
Uber parked outside, it's pink like my wine
Uber parked outside, it's pink like my wine (yeah)
I'm tryna fuck on ur dad and doordash some wine (wine, anal, what?)
I'm tryna fuck on ur dad and doordash some wine (what?)
I love all my dads and diapers (dad, diaper)
I love all my dads and diapers (yeah)
I'm a pornstar, bitch, this what I bleed
Fupa try me to play me, I'ma make him bleed
Yeah, I'm in the coupe with a fupa, yeah, sipping on wine (what?)
Yeah, posted with my mumma, yeah, she got a dip (what?)
Posted with my mumma, yeah, she got a dip (what?)
Posted with my mumma, yeah, she got a dip (anal)

No. 159191

anon I want to marry you

No. 159192

File: 1674886801339.jpeg (751.34 KB, 2048x2048, 13FCBD6A-341E-4D1E-AF41-0082D4…)

omg anon I’m saving that edit in my Shaytardation folder immediately fucking KEK

No. 159193

Omg nonna this is a masterpiece the art cover kek

No. 159194

File: 1674890237138.jpeg (16.21 KB, 236x213, F108A560-73CC-4243-B402-9A0534…)

No. 159195

File: 1674890500120.jpeg (371.84 KB, 828x828, 38B23EA5-63F5-4B74-8218-55DAED…)

No. 159196

File: 1674890559375.gif (178.78 KB, 1247x169, 8571AAC3-41AC-45CF-B8C4-B2ABD8…)

No. 159197

File: 1674890980137.jpeg (692.3 KB, 805x1874, 75F6566A-D10E-4379-9464-F1D493…)

No. 159198

File: 1674891186709.jpeg (220.09 KB, 933x1340, BF9C44B2-4823-45F3-AE48-61085C…)

Shayna’s charcuterie board when Shane visited

No. 159199

Wait is the thread locked?

No. 159200

No. 159201

File: 1674914231800.png (2.83 MB, 1134x1638, Screenshot 2023-01-28 at 1.47.…)

remember when she posted this

No. 159202

Nonnie what song is this?

No. 159203

Why does she look so bigger here? I think it's the dark hair plus the weight gain. I prefer ashy brown haired shayna

No. 159204

new tank by shayboi carti

No. 159205

she wasn’t abusing as much filter as she does now

No. 159206

>>159201 this was by far her most awful looking era I hate it so much. It gives me fight or flight response

No. 159207

Which thread was this in omfg

No. 159208

File: 1674919580076.gif (10.86 MB, 416x647, Fupas-Cat-Gets-Abused.gif)

god i hate shayna

No. 159209

Shayna is disgusting for how she dropped her cat, hope it catches on and her retarded ass gets cancelled

No. 159210

File: 1674921062514.gif (15.2 MB, 463x720, Shayna Leigh Clifford.gif)

No. 159211

LC is lagging and the gif is playing in slow motion. I can see the jeans desperately fight to contain her gunt. I now wonder if she dropped the cat because her jeans are so tight that she can't bend down.

No. 159212

File: 1674922731916.png (3.81 MB, 2718x1668, shayna joel armstrong.png)

Nona, do you have the time
To save my deleted tweets
About ~positivity~ and self-hatred all at once?
I am one of those
Melodramatic bimbos
Pedo-erotic to the bone
No shoubt (shay doubt) about it

Sometimes Ellen gives me the creeps
Sometimes Shane plays tricks on me
The lolcow posts keep adding up
I think I'm cracking up
Am I just shaynanoid
Or am I just stoned?

I went to the ER
To analyze my cyclic vomiting syndrome
They said it's lack of sex that's bringing me down
I went to a dad
He said my life can’t be that bad
Just give up and go back home cause it's bringing him down

Sometimes I give myself anal tears
Sometimes my mind just ain’t all there
Shaynatorium posts keeps adding up
I think I'm cracking up
Am I just shaynanoid?
Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Checking my thread when lolcow is down
So I better hold on

Sometimes Womack gives me the creeps
Sometimes my mind begs for a lobotomyyyyy
The pounds keep adding up
I think I'm cracking up
Am I just shaynanoid?
Or am I just stoned?

No. 159213

If someone told me there would be a day shaynus and Aes aka my idol would collide i would have probably kms. I simultaneously hate and have the most respect for you nona.

No. 159214

File: 1674925791390.gif (3.71 MB, 356x353, Shayna abuses cats.gif)

No. 159215

This thread is absolutely shaytarded. I love you all, shaynonnies. <3

No. 159216

File: 1674931753170.jpeg (91.98 KB, 1284x720, BEB7F846-5B95-475A-A026-4208A8…)

I am so sorry for being late, however,

Went from /snow/ 126 (Shayna Clifford)
To Shaynatorium (all around the world), ayy, ayy
Now we're international, so international (oh, yeah)
International (woo) so international

You can't catch me daddy (can't catch me daddy)
I am overweight at about a hundred LBS for sure
Don't test me Vivi (don't test me Vivi) 'cause I am the best sex worker
Fo' sho one two six to the death of me
Spank my body let the coomers have what's left of me
But for now forget about that
Doordash me, baby you're the cheemsburger

You put it down like Seattle, I never sleep
Wild like Oklahoma, my fantasy (Kyle Perkins)
Hotter than Northern Cali, I feel the heat (oh, yeah)
Oh, oh, oh, oh (daddy it's), it's international milk (international)
Oh, oh, oh, oh (yeah), it's international milk

No. 159217

File: 1674933454014.jpg (376.63 KB, 1080x1445, shay.jpg)

I want your love, and I want your shayvenge
You and me could write a bad shaymance (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
I want your love and all your lover's shayvenge
You and me could write a bad shaymance

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
Caught in a bad shaymance
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
Caught in a bad shaymance

No. 159218

File: 1674939218053.png (866.71 KB, 858x656, good 4 Shane Pierre Sonnier of…)

Well, good for you, I guess you moved on really easily
You packed your bags, and left back for your family
Remember when you said begrudgingly that you'd give me my rules? (Rules?)

Guess that you've been cucking your fiancee with tranny cocks
I guess those 12 days I gave to you, got you off
Now you can be a better man since you let out your abuse (abuse)

Well, good for you, you're fucking and chucking
Not me, if you ever care to text back
Good for you, you're doing great out there without me, daddy
God, I wish that I had a wolfpack
I've lost my mind, I've spent the night tripping drunk on the floor of my porn room
But you're so unaffected, I really don't get it
But I guess good for you

Well, good for you, I guess you're getting every kink you want (ah)
You're back in Wichita and her etsy store's really taking off (ah)
It's like we never even happened
Daddy, what the fuck is up with that? (Ha)
And good for you, it's like you never even sat on me
Remember when you comforted me after I cried and called red from your abuse?
Well, screw that and screw you
You will get exposed for degeneracy the way that I do

No. 159219

I'm kind of glad Shay mistreated her cat. I hope some autistic catloving ewhore has an autistic meltdown about it and ruins her sales.

No. 159220

Kek shaylvia rodrigo

No. 159221

File: 1674941410670.png (486.79 KB, 1024x576, download (2).png)

'Cause I-I-I'm on the farms tonight
So watch me bring the fire and set twitter alight
Shining like the firework in my ass on the fourth of July
So I'ma light it up like dynamite, whoa oh oh

No. 159222

File: 1674942511297.jpg (23.68 KB, 366x367, slide_345716_3620901_free.jpg)

You're no good for me
Daddy, you're no good for me
You're no good for me
But daddy, I want you, I want

Hello Fresh lunch, daddy, Anal City
Never was there ever a girl so flitty
Do you think we'll be in love forever?
Do you think we'll be in love?

Hello Fresh lunch, daddy, Anal City
Can we hit it now in diapers, shitty?
Do you think we'll be in love forever?
Do you think we'll be in love?

Daddy, put on your ugly nerd glasses
'Cause we gonna take a ride
I'm not gonna listen to what the farm says
I've been waiting up all night

Take another sip of wine, oh please
Ready for another lie?
Says he's gonna teach me just what kink is
Say it's gonna be alright

No. 159223

File: 1674946004037.png (7.19 KB, 284x284, EEDA7092-EA9A-4B77-BE1E-0887C4…)

loving all my twisted sisters and shayheaded freaks. the nonnies are out of control, nonnie unleashed

No. 159224

File: 1674946011354.jpeg (155.36 KB, 1640x1136, 8231E86F-0F1F-482D-BD4A-152367…)

I want the pedos, the tranny chasers
I want the daddies as long as they’re mine
I want their love,
Love love I want their love,
I want the babymamas to notice hes mine
want you to feed me cheemsburgers and wine,
I want their love, love love love I want their love
You know that my ass bleeds
You know I have hemmeroids (cause I’m a fat bitch baby)
ive got a sad, sad, sad life and bod
I want your dad and all his kids to hate him
Me and him could make an embarrassment
Ooooh ooooh oooohhhh
Caught in a shaymefulness
Oooooooh oooohh ooohhh
His kids don’t speak to him

No. 159225

File: 1674946645226.gif (382.94 KB, 275x151, 1638606828446.gif)

Kek this is a shaymsterpiece shaytards turn it up-up-up-up-up

No. 159226

File: 1674947574135.png (2.84 MB, 2148x1218, Bildschirmfoto 2023-01-29 um 0…)

from an old thread lol

No. 159227

Holy shit that pic

No. 159228

File: 1674948457440.jpeg (473.44 KB, 1085x732, A82F6810-B2F1-4360-A11D-AEF5FF…)

No. 159229

i wanna make the ‘fupa won’t let me’ so bad but im still rambling

No. 159230

File: 1674948501777.jpeg (70.28 KB, 237x275, 149AC1D7-1009-48EE-A478-1F6AF8…)

No. 159231

File: 1674948592599.jpeg (426.68 KB, 986x667, 7AB61B08-EB31-4CD3-8053-B32289…)

No. 159232

Shaydolf Cliffter

No. 159233

File: 1674950759942.jpeg (110.53 KB, 828x1056, ew.jpeg)

My belly goes jiggle, jiggle, it folds
When i try to wiggle, wiggle, my rolls
My asshole's gonna dribble, dribble, you know
Riding in an uber, send me money coomers
Five foot six, I'm the size of, Mike Slack
But luckily I got Womack
I got a knack for incest in my mind
Chugging some pink, pink wiiiine

No. 159234

I love this thread, I don't even got to know the song, this is the only thread that has made me laugh out loud until shat slips out my asshole and a little Shay juice comes out my dolphin mouth.

No. 159235

File: 1674952151985.png (8.87 MB, 4000x2666, Just Bimbo Things.png)

A few fixes and edits

No. 159236

File: 1674952674564.png (512.53 KB, 1024x576, download (3).png)

You know it's all about me [4x]
Don't hate me 'cause I got it goin' on
It's bimbo barbie, I'm hot never cold
I can pornify it any way that I choose
I'm so good (Oh yeah)
Daddy makes up all the rules
I can't help it that I'm late to the trends
Every daddy wants to give me money to spend
Pussy's infectious, come on don't you be jealous
Just join in this fug fest
You know that
It's all about me
It's all about me
Oh yeah, me, myself and I
It's all about me
It's all about me
(You know It's all about me)
It's all about me me me me me
Everybody knows that it's all about me
T-t-t-tweet me I have thousands of friends
T-t-t-text me Shane let me be your girlfriend
P-p-p-pay me so I can overspend
Baby what? Barbie who? Bimbo where? That's me!
T-t-t-tell me I'm hot in these pics I took
C-c-c-compliment me on all my Shein looks
So buy my Onlyfans, wishlist and ManyVids
Baby what? Barbie who? Bimbo where?
It's all about me
It's all about me
Oh yeah, me, myself and I
It's all about me
It's all about me (You know it's all about me)
It's all about me me me me me
Everybody knows that it's all about me
Blame my mom I'm so beautiful
It's all her fault I'm a desperate toad
I'm the leech and my career is a meme
So follow the bimbo you're all on my stream
I can't help it that I'm late to the trends
Every daddy wants to give me money to spend
Boils contagious and orgasms heinous
Grandparents, grown-ups, kids of all ages
You know Belle Delphine ain't got nothin' on me
V-v-v-Vivi ain't got nothin' on me
S-s-s-Sol ain't got nothin' on me
Baby what? Barbie who? Bimbo where? That's me!
You know Dawn ain't got nothin' on me
P-p-p-Pixie ain't got nothin' on me
P-p-p-Puppi ain't got nothin' on me
Baby what? Barbie who? Bimbo where? That's me!
You know it's all about me
I'm a textbook NPD
You know it's all about me
I'm a [baby bimbo]
You know it's all about me, who else could it be?
Up or down, tweet me, pay me
Twitter you cannot not suspend me
Pixie, Sol, Vivi
You know they got nothin' on me
Indoor, outdoor, tits out wherever
That's why I will be milked forever

No. 159237

File: 1674952902593.jpeg (171.52 KB, 537x771, C29AA31E-18F1-48C3-8ACC-EACFF5…)

No. 159238

File: 1674953139090.gif (1.05 MB, 598x435, 167139322838795050.gif)

With such confusion, don't shay's threads make you want scream?

No. 159239

File: 1674954586018.png (255.05 KB, 472x345, Capture.PNG)

Another day has gone
I'm still all alone??
How could this be?
You're not begging me??
You never said goodbye
Shane tell me why??!!?
Did you have to go?
And leave me all alone????
Everyday I sit and ask myself
How did I let him sit on me??
Something whispers in my ear and says
That you are not alone
The farms are here with you
Though you're far away
nonnies are here to stay
But you are not alone
The farms is here with you
Though the thing with Shane fell apart
you're always on the farms
But you are not alone
'Lone, 'lone

Just the other night
I thought I heard shay cry
Asking Shane to come
And hold her in his arms
shane can hear your calls
He won't answer them at all

No. 159240


This thread is so autistic and I love it.

No. 159241

File: 1674957102819.png (149.2 KB, 454x302, Capture.PNG)

Just broke up with Shane!!
Sent twenty texts to his phone,broke up with him,
Now he's gone!
Mamaaa, our relationship just begun
But now I've gone and thrown it all away
mamma, oooh,
I didn't mean to make you cry,
If Shane don't text back this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters
Too late, my time has come,
Send apologies to him 50 times,my body's aching all
The time
Goodbye, everybody, I've got to go,
Gotta go the hostipal and face the truth
Mama, oooh
I just want to die,
I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all!!!

No. 159242

File: 1674957465244.png (623.66 KB, 1000x555, photograph.png)

Look at this photograph
Every time I do, it makes me sad
How did my body get so fat?
And what the hell is that deflated ballsack?
And this is where I grew up
I had a decent childhood which I cover up
My greatest trauma was babysitting
It was too much for a baby bimbo like me

And this is where I went to school
Most of the time had better things to do
Like picking fights with randoms online
I still do it all the time

I wonder if it's too late
Should I go back and get my degree fully paid?
Life's better now and full of hope
If I was them, I'd see through my massive cope

Oh, whoa, whoa
Oh, Daddy, I…
Every memory of bending over back door
I had the degeneracy spread out on my bedroom floor
It's hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye

Every memory of taking it up the front door
I found the photo of the porn that I was looking for
It's hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye

No. 159243

No. 159244

When they said the boil that haunts them the top right was the picture in my mind

No. 159245

File: 1674976088447.png (77.53 KB, 275x183, 8A8F4947-ABB0-4097-BDC8-3354AB…)

I’m no where near the art in this thread but all day in my head this:

Let the kitties hit the floor
Let the kitties hit the floor
Let the kitties hit the floor
Let the kitties hit the floor
Eating.. for four
Doordash much more
(Here we go, here we go, here we go now)
One, nothing wrong with me
Two, except for my bpd
Three, and my canabis emesis
Four, and my internet stalkers
One, something's got to give
Two, I’m a victim please forgive
Let the kitties hit the FLOOOORRRR

No. 159246

File: 1674980373883.png (1.47 MB, 1000x1000, F5830419-1D75-402C-8EDA-1F5672…)

Shaygoth Ur welcomes you, Sonnier, my old daddy.

No. 159247

47 i believe

No. 159248

This song is literally her

No. 159249

File: 1675007411722.png (1.24 MB, 1158x715, CatGate2023.png)

for the archives

No. 159250

I scream laughed

No. 159251

File: 1675009387706.gif (9.98 MB, 480x746, 1675003909825.gif)

from the /snow/ thread

No. 159252

I know there are zoomers here, can one of you make a caput edit of her? Thank you fellow tards

No. 159253

Anon who made this: You're my hero.

No. 159254

File: 1675024716752.jpg (54.83 KB, 1000x1006, 328247902_757671759022022_6941…)

POV: Your cat is missing and you walk into your bedroom.

No. 159255

File: 1675027616106.jpeg (308.12 KB, 1640x924, A6421732-E93D-44EE-97DF-01EEAE…)

You goddamn liberals ruin everything, if a man can’t jerk off to a beautiful young woman pretending to be his daughter then what else do I have besides my glass pipes? I will pay dolly’s rent and buy her door dash all day every day. She calls me daddy, what do you got? Does that make you wanna cry, you little snowflake? I don’t care.

No. 159256

kek i love the shaytorium

No. 159257

File: 1675032873906.jpeg (690.62 KB, 1169x1615, CA2C6D6D-92BA-4CDE-BD59-6ACDC8…)

shayna two sentence horror creepy pasta #1

shayna goes to the abandoned Charlotte Russe in the backrooms

nothing fits

No. 159258

KEK do mike slack next

No. 159259

Both her and Shane are way too thin in these drawings kek

No. 159260

Shay did 9/11

No. 159261

File: 1675045972516.jpeg (248.83 KB, 1540x1046, 7966C76B-7EDD-437C-8CFF-48C106…)

I’m thinking of doing a full Shayna X liminal spaces/dead malls series

No. 159262

File: 1675046171558.jpeg (209.47 KB, 818x973, 3482AFF8-6D1D-4E70-911B-EEE136…)

Samefag, I also made shayna in the backrooms, but it kind of started giving meth den/tuna vibes

No. 159263

If a man can’t jerk off to his biological daughter then he has the right to bear arms and run you THE FUCK over with his semi-truck. Libtard

No. 159264

File: 1675048418313.webm (539.63 KB, 720x1040, received_2390231564487102.webm)

No. 159265

File: 1675051248023.png (1.16 MB, 1284x1229, old asylum.png)

No. 159266

File: 1675052979605.jpg (109.34 KB, 724x868, 1675028596770.jpg)

unedited parallel dimension shat

No. 159267

Don’t ruin abandoned buildings and dead malls for me with this ugly piece of crap

No. 159268

rest in pepperonis, Mr Peanut Butter

No. 159269

File: 1675084421315.jpg (66.02 KB, 234x234, 1674694026716_edit_78650735733…)

How can you see into my eyes like two black turds?
Leading you down into my mind where I've become so dumb
Without my love (love), I'm sleeping on a bed with mold
He left me here and then he went back home

(Text me back) text me back tonight
(I cannot cope) text me back tonight
(Save me) call my shayme and save me from the farm
(Text me back) put my diaper on
(I cannot cope) before I come undone
(Save me) save me from the nothing I've become

Come to my house
I've been living a lie
There's nothing inside
Come to my house

Now that I know what I'm without, you can't just leave me
Come back to me and then spoil me
Come (come) to (to) my house

(Text me back) text me back tonight
(I cannot cope) text me back tonight
(Save me) call my shayme and save me from the farm
(Text me back) put my diaper on
(I cannot cope) before I come undone
(Save me) save me from the nothing I've become

Come to my house
I've been living a lie
There's nothing inside
Come to my house

Frozen inside without your fat, without your love
Daddy, only you are the cure for my bpd
All this time, I can't believe I couldn't see
Kept in the dark, but you were there in front of me
I've been sleeping a thousand years, it seems
Got to open my eyes to everything
Without a call, without a plush, without his rules
Don't let me die here, there must be something more
Come to my house

(Text me back) text me back tonight
(I cannot cope) text me back tonight
(Save me) call my shayme and save me from the farm
(Text me back) put my diaper on
(I cannot cope) before I come undone
(Save me) save me from the nothing I've become

Come to my house
I've been living a lie
There's nothing inside
Come to my house

No. 159270

File: 1675095896431.jpeg (806.3 KB, 1242x1684, 9E41FAD2-AFA7-4B8E-9E5F-6A3D0C…)

If normies non degenerates saw Shayna’s posts she’d be roasted all over Twitter

No. 159271


No. 159272

The lack of shame is what "they" are pushing because there's a lot of money in making shameless men a and women like Shayna. If nobody kink shames them every freshly 18 year old girl will make a onlyfans getting pissed on and you better not say shit because that's kink shaming.
Oh her whole asshole is out? Gross but she's expressing herself plus she's queen, they literally have to show their asshole it's how they communicate. Oh grown man in a school girls outfit? That's a woman and there's nothing wrong with that, thats how some women like to dress.
Keep shaming these people. Keep showing them that normal people don't have twitter worm brain.
The reason shayna has no real friends who aren't sex workers because she knows a lot of people think it's gross and even more think larger as q fucking child is even more disgusting.

No. 159273

*queer not queen shorry

No. 159274

SHAYFAGS I NEED INPUT. I'm going to make Shayna in the sims 4. What iconic Shayrstyle should I use? The turd bun is iconic but idk there have been so many rancid hairstyles I just don't know what to choose!!!

No. 159275

POST PICTURES OF THE HAIRSTYLES SO WE CAN CHOOSE. I have sims 4 open right now kek.

No. 159276

File: 1675104777667.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 640x360, ew9SlR4VJNx-sobj.webm)

pedo fattel

No. 159277

File: 1675104851327.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.2 KB, 2047x1536, media_FnT25MuaAAMQjXc.jpg)

No. 159278

File: 1675106024187.png (410.21 KB, 403x739, chd.png)

turd braids, the dead spider, the cone head, the yaniv wig
There's so much to choose from and it's all equally hideous

No. 159279

File: 1675106066167.png (5 MB, 2472x2088, hmmwhich one(s).png)

Okay, so I really wanted to do her goofy poodle pigtails like >>159201 or her GIANT bun like >>159228 but I couldn't find suitable hairstyles BUT here are some that could work. Whatchu think anon??

No. 159280

I'm thinking of getting some mayochup and pink whine. Burning it under a picture of Fupaul and Shane. To hopefully curse Shayna/shane/fupaul. Hope my ritual works. Shay witches use pur powers for good

No. 159281

They are all too nice and I have that first hair kek, I make my successful mom wear it. It's too cute. Use the second hair and there's some alpha turd braids as well. I'm sure there's chapped lips lipstick, I know theirs veins for tirs overlays but not for only one.
I'm on mobile if not I'd probably make a shaypack kek and share it

No. 159282

the first one

No. 159283

File: 1675110714575.png (295.7 KB, 519x557, 1505253502018.png)

No. 159284

Traits: Lazy, Jealous, Slob; Parenthood life skills: Irresponsible, Uncontrolled Emotion, Bad Manners, Argumentative. Will you shayre the sim? Otherwise I plan to make her as well as her pets, then use a mod to make a gang of toddlers kill her and rescue her pets.

No. 159285

File: 1675111607895.jpg (16.51 KB, 282x276, 1510811950267.jpg)

You can also use Basemental Drugs to simulate her weed and alcohol addiction.

No. 159286

File: 1675112132806.jpg (52.89 KB, 457x354, Mimi_Kanasis.jpg)

Mimi Kannasis

No. 159287


No. 159288

File: 1675123513707.jpeg (467.04 KB, 828x895, F7BCE744-5DE8-4AFF-88E1-9F9FE9…)

this is the crayola model fuckin magic shayna medallion i made during a mental episode

No. 159289

Kek Nona wtf
(I love it)

No. 159290

I love it nona

No. 159291

Nona nona nona this is shamazing

No. 159292

File: 1675126400193.png (701.35 KB, 750x980, kek.png)

No. 159293

File: 1675133306056.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1017, shaysimshayMADNESS.png)

Okay Shaytards, I've downloaded a lot of cc hair and extra cc just for this Shay sim. I am quite autistic so I need some input on how the face looks. It doesn't scream Shayna to me but it's pretty similar. There is something about it that feels off though. I want to make this as close as I can. (Also I'm totally down for sharing the Shaysim but I want it to be perfect. It's what you shining Shaystars deserve ♥ )

No. 159294

Samefag, I want to say that finding hair is #ShayHard. There are really no good cc hairs that convey that kind of "greasy, frizzy, overgrown root, terminal stoner" vibe that she naturally possesses.

No. 159295

Looks fine but you could put the eyebrows higher and make them thinner. And maybe different lips and jaw

No. 159296

Please somehow get the gray bimbo sweatshirt

No. 159297

File: 1675136223686.jpeg (395.28 KB, 828x864, BCEEACE2-CAD1-4E4E-B1D3-ADA0C5…)

Nice! I think make thinner lips (her cupids bow is not that defined), add nasolabial folds, thinner brows and higher up, darker eye colour. here’s a reference pic. I’m so excited to see this sim meticulously crafted by the Shaynatorium kek

No. 159298

File: 1675139217686.png (1.92 MB, 1920x1017, shaysim part deux.png)

Thanks for the help nonnies! Here is an updated version. I still think it could be better but I think it resembles her a bit more. So many of my cc sliders are broken unfortunately, I could really fine-tune it if they worked. Sigh.
I found some trashy "bimbo club" crop tops. One of the swatches says "I like fast men, fast cars, and fast food" KEKKKK

No. 159299

Top kek nonna she’s looking shayalicious. Maybe change her skin to a grey / white / cool undertone?

No. 159300

File: 1675153270334.png (1.37 MB, 1362x960, 1527626463605.png)

Kek I remember making a shaysim and fupa back in the day.

No. 159301

File: 1675153374729.png (1.04 MB, 1204x666, 1527627666225.png)

The good old sleeping on a rug days

No. 159302

Wtf you predicted the jiggly puff stuffed therefore the Shane Pierre Sonnier sage years later

No. 159303

*stuffed, also where did you get that two piece? (Pink skirt with matching jacket?)

No. 159304

*STUFFIE lord sorry

No. 159305

Kekkkkkk the fucking lady gloves

No. 159306

i love the collective shayms4 autism sm

No. 159307

i'm screaming at this i'm in awe

No. 159308

File: 1675169979662.png (1.74 MB, 954x1173, 1508298013903.png)

No. 159309

File: 1675170088895.jpeg (26.85 KB, 174x275, 1515042638272.jpeg)

She has always resembled a garden gnome.

No. 159310

I completely spaced Insensitive as the last Parenthood life skill, I would like to formally shaypologize for any possible inference that Shayna is not inshaynsitive.

No. 159311

The idea of making Shaynas in different races and sizes making a shayverse where they all start off in the same place but slowly develop personalities, wants/likes and their own style seems so tempting to do in sims 4 ngl.

No. 159312

Nona you should color this with paint put it on a necklace and sell this

No. 159313

Whores are flowing out like endless booze into a solo cup, They slither while they pass, they slip away across the Shaynaverse…

No. 159314

File: 1675181707760.png (920.7 KB, 1063x608, 1522956365714.png)

No. 159315

File: 1675183329338.jpg (73.63 KB, 450x600, tumblr_pp0dat6jmg1r45k02o2_500…)

Please paint this. Imagine if someone made a Shayna totem

No. 159316

File: 1675183665093.gif (1.34 MB, 397x397, 1523156524375.gif)

No. 159317

File: 1675186735040.jpg (223.41 KB, 537x810, 1535229013126.jpg)

never forget the terribly edited shrink porn

No. 159318

File: 1675186854132.jpg (Spoiler Image, 621.08 KB, 1200x675, 1535233484111.jpg)

this looks like one of our edits kek

No. 159319

File: 1675187617477.jpeg (97.51 KB, 681x383, Oliver-Tree-Cowboys-Dont-Cry-P…)

No. 159320

File: 1675188723891.png (66.81 KB, 256x256, E4B10E40-ECBB-4052-96EA-7EE08E…)

All this great shaysim tism makes me wanna do one when I’m off work!!! Gonna put the kids to bed tn and let my autism run free can’t wait to share w all you talented psychos kek

No. 159321

File: 1675189849904.png (535.48 KB, 748x682, 1517545058673.png)

No. 159322

should..should I make today "Sharts & Crafts?" Day?? Are Tuesdays Sharts and Craft Days and Fridays where we share music? Don't make me do it nonnie ,I will.

No. 159323

This is creepy, as in creepy of you to make and post a photo that looks like this woman is naked

No. 159324

nta but isn't that just the original picture? i think nonna just gave them new faces and blurred velmas legs

No. 159325

File: 1675194799919.png (546.52 KB, 751x454, Capture.PNG)

No. 159326

i was planning on painting it which is why it looked like this but it ended up cracking apart. i made it last june or july. probably for the better, i don't want to accidentally invoke some dark shaygic…
beautiful work nona thanks for the colorwork!

No. 159327

File: 1675195939516.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 77.86 KB, 772x434, 1515119159164.jpeg)

No. 159328

File: 1675196067097.png (672.48 KB, 1080x720, 1526161843498.png)

No. 159329

I saw Shayna and Shane at Pike Place Market a little under a month ago. She was wearing an ill-fitting pink tracksuit and he looked like a creepy brony with bad hygiene. She was talking really loudly and I didn't hear him say anything back. I guess she was probably showing him all the tourist spots? I can't lie I was really excited to see them IRL, but I didn't want to post on the main thread since there is no milk. Honestly, Shay looks average/normal in person, she posts really unflattering images of herself… I stared at her because I couldn't stop thinking about all of the gross baby diaper shit she posts online.

No. 159330

KEKKKK i can't believe you could just hold it in for so long i mean it's not like you can just talk to your friends that you saw this pedo pandering piece of shit with 130 threads on an autistic gossip site in real life. did you take any pictures because i would've tried but i'm also really unhinged

No. 159331

I love your enthusiastic autism nonnie (I am assuming you are the OP aka the superintendent of our insane asylum). I look forward to the next sharts and crafts tuesday!!

No. 159332

I wish Shaynus would come to Shaycago so I could try to spot her lmao it’s ok if you didn’t get pics, your story doesn’t sound fake to me but I’m surprised she’s not as hideous IRL; she looks like she’d be worse!

No. 159333

How did you not say anything about this after it happened? I call bs, this sounds like some schizo lies that the schizo troid would come up with

No. 159334

I’ve got free time myself but is there any danger to hexing or cursing someone? I’ve heard that if you put the energy out it will come back to you. Lmk, I’m a noob to witchcraft.

No. 159335

File: 1675204164309.gif (90.42 KB, 151x166, 1673950614266.gif)

Shayna is horrible and everything but picrel is how I envision the people bashing her for her attempts at cooking.

No. 159336

File: 1675206094880.jpg (105.95 KB, 340x255, 1536437152767.jpg)

No. 159337

This is so fucking funny I’m in the middle of a laughing fit

No. 159338

File: 1675207934261.png (2.94 MB, 2149x1436, toshaypostornottoshaypost.png)

With over 100 threads, an entirely separate board for the express purpose of sharing memes, Shayna has solidified herself as perhaps the most popular lolcow to have ever hit the scene. What is it about Shayna, Dolly Mattel, Big Shaynus, that has so thoroughly captured the hearts and minds of anons?

The question has been brought to the Shaynatorium before, but I'd like to take a moment to actually dig into it. Please join me in this time of contemplation, nonnies, so that we may step closer into the light of the truth.

Personally, I think Shayna is so provocative in large part because she represents a distorted amalgamation of all things modern women fear: prostitution, dependence on substances, loser boyfriends, online exposure, utter lack of self awareness, intense weight gain, chronic public humiliation, loneliness, and endless hygeine/health related issues. Of course the fact that this could have all been avoided had Shayna simply had the sense to take her parents up on the offer of a free education also strikes at the heart of many an anon, as most of us would love to have the same opportunity for ourselves. Her origin story as a cute girl who achieved Tumblr fame only to slowly descend into a disgusting freakshow is also strikes at the archetypal modern woman, as Shayna's is a cautionary tale for any young girl who spends too much time on the internet.

I could go on, but I mostly want to hear from my fellow Shayheads and nonnies. Why are were here? What is it about Shayna that produces such autistic fascination within us?

No. 159339

Wow, this is pure autism. (and i love it.)

I think she's popular because she is an "easy" cow to follow. She fails at her job which is funny, she fails at most thing which… is funny, and she doesn't change much. You could stop lurking at thread #90 and come back at thread #100 and not lose much. She is also quite gross, as in gross enough to be a lolcow, but not too gross like horrorcows that you don't even want to see.

No. 159340

File: 1675209054413.png (948.73 KB, 1533x1405, Catgate2023.png)

Adding my autism

No. 159341

this is so good please post it in the main thread too nona kek

No. 159342

File: 1675209672209.png (709.73 KB, 730x684, 1646418928443.png)

No. 159343

File: 1675210388428.jpg (101.49 KB, 1017x1024, 327521962_1359241231507989_710…)

No. 159344

I almost became her? I guess… I was a dumbass stoner blog turned wannabe cam whore who was not very good at it but thought I was. (her and I fought frequently too) I had started to turn away from that choice in life when I found her threads and it helped keep me on the right path, not whatever….the fuck this is
Do I think I'm holier than thou? Yeah I guess so.
Part of me used to be jealous she had this infamy but good god I'm glad I never reached shayna-tier stupidity and turned my life around.

Is that what you wanted to hear? Lol

No. 159345

File: 1675214067039.jpg (107.67 KB, 518x718, Screenshot_20230131-174013_Gal…)

Memories consume like opening the ass,
I'm spreading it apart again,
You all assume I'm high here in my room unless I start to drink again,
I don't want to be the one the daddies always leave
Cause in my head I realized that I am a cocksleeve
I don't want you poaching my daddies in my replies
I got dibs on Womack and Slack, had them since My prime
So I'm leeeeaaaking from my ass
I'm leeeaking from my ass, On cam.

Pause the cam sesh,
I tightly grab my ass,
My anus is in such anguish,
It always leaks,
because it's so stretched out,
It is a liabilityyy

No. 159346

What did you guys fight about? Any screencaps or anything?

No. 159347

I don't have any, this was all the way back, the same time or prior to the original first thread. It wasn't significant enough to me to keep receipts not when I was being a dramatic little dumbass in other ways with other people lol

No. 159348

Wow glad you got out.

No. 159349

File: 1675218097973.png (81.59 KB, 561x293, Capture.PNG)

hope nona found her way here, shaytarded ass

No. 159350

NONA this is mainthread worthy thank you for taking part in Sharts & Crafts tuesdays, i'm working on a full 7 day Shaytivity calender

No. 159351

this is fucking killing me

No. 159352

Most of the reason that I read the Shay thread is just because anons in that thread are so fucking funny. I know some anons skip threads and don’t miss anything but the commentary kills me. I have to follow the thread because the anons are so entertaining. God bless your edits and jokes. Strange to think I’ve been following her thread for years and had some of the heartiest laughs of my life from anons I will never meet irl. I have major respect for the artfag anons who have made uncannily accurate fan art.

Ily shayanons, please never shaynge.

No. 159353

This one gets me cackling so good every time. I first saw that retard pigtail meme in the 5th grade on ebaumsworld so it feels special to me

No. 159354

You have to post this in the main thread! Definitely thread pic worthy kek

No. 159355

This. I only got in at like, thread 90 or something. But I don't really feel the need to catch up on all the shay lore because she does the same fucking thing every day anyway. Easily digestable milk for when you're bored and want to have a laugh

No. 159356

Honestly glad we never gotta dig for thread pics anymore

No. 159357

File: 1675260914040.jpeg (89.75 KB, 234x274, 725168F4-C974-444E-8AE7-C74318…)

No. 159358

Drop your favorite Shay Theories nonnies
>shaynas implants is causing her sickness and she doesn't tell the doctors about it
> shaynas very jealous of her step sister
>Ellen is paying for half of shaynas rent for some reason, I assume there's something she gets out of it. Maybe shayna let's her use the house for her boyfriends?
,>doesn't Ellen stay with her parents?
>shayna is addicted to pills

No. 159359

The shiggle I just let out

No. 159360

you made her that bimbo mary magdalene from /snow/!!! cute shayna would unironically love this.

No. 159361

i literally second all of these, hardly tinfoils

No. 159362

Just woke up from a dream about Shayna. It was long and convoluted (trying to find trains to the airport, etc.) But I'll describe the best bits.

She chose me as her "chaperone" (bodyguard) to go with her on this two-week long trip to the Bahamas with this rich old sugar daddy. The whole way to the airport I was being super friendly and reassuring her that I wouldn't even look at the guy for too long, because she'd feel like I was her competition for his money.

We get to the Bahamas and sit in this like giant glass-walled room with views of the beach, and order some drinks. She immediately starts throwing back drink after sugary drink. Then the sugar daddy candidate walked in. He was your average nasty sleezy 50-year-old businessman. But he brought another woman with him. She was elegant, confident, THIN, and beautiful. They say they've known each other for a couple years, and are good friends. Shayna was clearly PISSED that he had another, hotter woman to give attention to, but I started making conversation with her (because I was leaving the man for Shayna to talk to. She sat silently listening to me talk to the woman instead.) The woman was a like an executive biological research scientist for a massive company, learning how to protect marine mammals from her company's operations. This closely aligns with my desired career path so I got SUPER excited (and more than a little gay) so I started talking to her a ton.

Eventually the dude decides he wants to dance so I'm like sweet, and pull the other girl to her feet and start dancing with her. Shayna walks into the corner with her "man" and they talk over even more drinks, but I glance over a few times and he's watching me and my new friend instead of her.

Eventually it's getting late so we all go sit down again and start discussing our sleeping arrangements and plans for the next day. During the entire conversation Shayna is lying face down on the booth seat, not speaking to anyone. Throwing a tantrum. I can tell the man is super turned off by her already. The other girl and I are like "we'll room together, Shayna you can go with him" and she doesn't respond. So the other girl and I go to our room and have a great night.

not gonna shit up the dreams thread with my stupid shatna dreams but it made me laugh that she can't even land a whale in a dream. she got drunk and pitched a fit because he knew other women. The sleezy man got tired of her before the first night was even over. I made a cool new friend and business connection.

Deleted/reposted to add: I was supposed to call her "Dolly" the entire time, but everyone else was using their normal, functioning adult names, so I slipped up a couple times and called her Shayna. She got pissed every time and the dude thought it was funny.

No. 159363

File: 1675277033851.png (4.55 MB, 828x1792, 6A206E29-DE9D-4036-863B-628018…)

No. 159364

Kek same, but for me it was just searching "ugly" or "ugliest person ever" on google when I was a child. That picture is iconic.
Good lord I need thirst trap edits of Shame. The wojack picture would be hilarious.

No. 159365

File: 1675277983097.webm (9.81 MB, 1080x1920, IMG_2723.webm)

Reposting for the archives

No. 159366

Shayna is absolutely jealous of her stepsister. Her stepsister is actually beautiful and she's not a pedopandering baby bimbo e-whore. I assume she has an actual job. Guaranteed Shayna's father talks more about his stepdaughter's accomplishments before he ever even mentions Shayna.

Also Shayna hasn't really mentioned Ellen in a while. My tinfoil is that they're kind of at the end of their "relationship" but I do think Ellen helps pay for her apartment. For what, only god knows.

No. 159367

Ellen is lonely and dying.

No. 159368

File: 1675285976445.jpg (374.78 KB, 720x1282, Picsart_23-02-01_14-12-37-534.…)

No. 159369

When you’re done, drop the Gallery link, I wanna add her my Lolcow Gauntlet (using the Extreme Violence mod to make lolcow Sims auto kill each other until one remains)

No. 159370

File: 1675286787470.jpg (165.78 KB, 422x750, BeautyPlus_20230201133649234_s…)

No. 159371

Please add Jill, Stefany, and Kathy McMahon to the gauntlet… also please post pictures of them killing each other kek

No. 159372

She looks like Madonna

No. 159373

what i find funny is pink probably isn't even Shayna's favorite color, kek, I bet it's like brown or green, she's so deep into this shit every inch of her life is consumed with. She can't eat or sleep without wonder
>Hmm is this tweetable?
>Will this moment be the thing that makes me go viral?
>Hmm, I should buy this so I can take a picture
Bitch can't even use normal drinking instruments without some retarded larp.
In fact when you THINK about it, her house is a bunch of shitty set pieces all splattered with pink shit but only in places she takes pictures.
>Bathroom- Pink shit
>kitchen- a literal jumbled corner of pink she she purchused JUST to take pictures with/videos not really use
her room was basically grey and white, so is her living room. Hold up, it's weird. Every space that isn't used for her porn shit is colorless bland. Always has been.
it's blowing my mind to think that her favorite color isn't pink yet she tailors her whole life down to her ugly ass clothing with sex work in mind.
What a fucking hell

No. 159374

when nonnies exposed she had a step sister, I remember finding her page, I went to look back during shats fucking tik tok phase where she tried to look like a Sims with alpha cc instead of Maxis match, and her sister's tiktoks show her on beautiful vacays, with pretty thin friends, all dressed nicely, like wow. Imagine having that woman as your step sister. Meanwhile you blew up, doing porn and you aren't even successful at it. It must suck.
You cannot tell me that Shayna's step sister and her friend, weren't pretending to be all, "Sex work is real work" when she talked about it, but probably were cringing or just thinking Shayna is weird. IF she even spent much time around them. I assume she stuck with her dad/brother.
But holy shit I was shocked she not only had a female sibling but it was someone the total oppiste of her in everyway.
I also believe it was her who came to Shayna's thread to say,
>can you stop sending porn to her step sister? I love shayna and I support sex work
Or whatever post that was. I think she also called it gross or something.

No. 159375

ellen is really shayna's mother

No. 159376

Anon you made her look like a middle eastern influencer
Tbh her step sister seems like a sweet girl, I think she pities Shayna. Imo she doesn’t think “ew” or cringe when she sees her, she probably just feels bad and tries to include her. I think her parents are the ones who are literally annoyed with her and the step sister picks up on it.

No. 159377

Lol true. She used to wear a lot of black and dark red before the bimbo/pink phase

No. 159378

and her famous
>I hate that Pink is seen as Kinky
Rant, just to make her whole life revolve around that color and the shit she complained about at that time. All for scrote attention sad

No. 159379

why does she look like venus here kek

No. 159380

sorry to reply a day late but i wanted to weigh in. i used to be a stoner blog or at least followed a lot of them when i first started smoking around 18. i remember seeing shayna orbiting around and always hated her face and admittedly was jealous of her body. i never followed her because her attitude and face pissed me off so bad. and as soon as she started doing camwhore shit i saw those post EVERYWHERE because the other stoner girls on tumblr would reblog fucking anything. i started seeing that she and others were doing weird ddlg shit but intermixed with the smoking content. all of them started camming and posting nudes with payment links all at the same time. so i left the scene and unfollowed a lot of them. years later im on lolcow trying to find info on nicole dollanganger, and i decided to explore the website a little more and there she is, in all her glory, shayna. i remember seeing the pic of her eating the penis pasta in a white shirt and being like, wtf, that's that same skinny bitch from tumblr????? i think this was post fupa era. i was so shocked i went all the way back to the first thread and read literally every post, i became shaydicted.
similar to what other nonnies have said, i think i continue to check back in not only because she's a reliable comfort character, but also because i feel like this could have easily been me in a different life. i use her to motivate me to be better, try harder, and to love and value myself. im also a hating ass bitch and i absolutely love to see someone i was once jealous of, physique wise, balloon up to at least +50lbs compared to myself, and also to have literally nothing going for her besides pissing on her own carpet alone without even a decent home cooked meal to look forward to.
at this point, i just feel like i need the closure of seeing her quit SW or being cancelled off the internet/dropping off into obscurity

No. 159381

File: 1675321964950.jpeg (827.49 KB, 1170x1547, 8B5C69E6-D504-4C7A-8A00-FF79F2…)

The Shaytards if they served

No. 159382

File: 1675323791504.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.48 KB, 400x658, GODLOVEHISCHILDREN.jpg)

that's it sir,
you're leaving
the crackle
of pig skin
the dust and
the screaming
the yuppies networking
the panic,
the vomit
the panic,
the vomit
god loves his children
god loves his children, yeah

No. 159383

I'm pretty sure that her brother at least dislikes her. Remember that it was his friends who told him about Shay's tumblr blog.

No. 159384

Idk how to do Dropbox links and I’m on an iPhone so webms are fucky. Hopefully a smarter nona can archive this.

No. 159385

Every man who gets off to shaynas diaper porn is a pedo and needs to be on a list. It's not even just wearing a diaper to humiliate or shitting/pissing in a diaper. It's her literally mimicking an babu.
Shayna whining about the REAL PEDOs pisses me off. She spoke to a real pedo and did nothing. Imagine how often these ddlg speak to men who basically admit "I'm attracted to minors, say you are underaged, that's the age I like. Let's talk about Minors sexually " and they just make a twitter post. Not even calling the scrote out.
Again, there's been famous cases of pedophiles telling people they are pedos and people not doing shit.
From Ian Watkins, I think the subway dude, that dude from Glee.
When anyone says they are attracted to minors BELIEVE THEM. I hate shayna so much, she doesn't even care or see who is really around her. Or she does and doesn't care because it benefits her

No. 159386

Happy national shayhog day nonnies

No. 159387

? Should I update my shaylender what is todays celebration?

No. 159388

File: 1675362941899.png (1.35 MB, 1200x1200, shaytaanintheweight.png)

Shaytaan In The Wait

That fatty had a head like a bovine
Face like she was sucking stale cum through a straw
'Some faces not even a mother could love'
Says the spit and spatter of broken bongs from above
'There's a two now where a one first used to be'
The scale tells our Shaytaan before her sleep
Every night she eats, and cries near her fuckmachine
Then she sees herself stomping around in the mirror with pink wine
Sees an alcoholic worm
With a pink shein skirt on the stomach of a whale
Can't live without weed for a several days
she says
I just want Shane P Sonnier back, she says
She says she wouldn't wait for the boils and the hair to fade
Says you'll want to finger her for three bucks near an Applebee's

Original is Satan In The Wait by Daughters. Sorry nonnies

No. 159389

File: 1675363772800.png (94.43 KB, 620x318, Capture.PNG)

question shaytards, so we no longer can post art? I guess the Shaynatourim is where we'll now get new thread pictures?

No. 159390

Also what does this redtext mean kek, poor nona

No. 159391

It's basically Florida's version of Britain's "sectioning" aka involuntary institutionalization kek.

No. 159392

It's American week in Lidl and they had Mayochup. My first thought upon seeing it was Fat Shat's asshole. Being a Shaytard is a cursed existence.

No. 159393

Just groundhog day lol

No. 159394

File: 1675373182906.jpeg (83.75 KB, 1500x500, C37E373C-6C8B-49E1-9CEC-EF30D3…)

She looks so goofy sometimes like a man in a fat suit being over the top like Eddie Murphy as Rasputia or Martin Lawrence as Big Momma. Comedian fart anon was right. No sexiness just silly zany sex. Womack must feel like she’s a kindred spirit or something.

No. 159395

File: 1675374155455.png (162.78 KB, 1509x345, 1675372702464.png)

Tinfoil theory: shayna wrote this

No. 159396

It’s not Shayna because:
1) Shay would never end the relationship
2) If revenge is on her agenda, you damn well bet her bio mom is on the top of that list and not her dad.

I also feel like she would never shut up about the affair. And also she calls every shes fucking “dad” so how would we ever know any better? Bleak.

No. 159397

File: 1675410630521.jpg (48.39 KB, 300x300, Mother_Love_Bone_Apple.jpg)

Doesn't the lady at the bottom look like shat kek.

No. 159398

File: 1675433128992.jpeg (608.16 KB, 750x917, BF43A650-B338-482B-ADC3-23548E…)

googoo gaga farmers will Shaynus live long enough to be in her elderly ABDL arc

No. 159399

that's andrew wood kek

No. 159400


No. 159401

File: 1675453237465.jpeg (54.86 KB, 900x476, 46048DD1-3443-4032-BDB0-22598C…)

Rest In Peace
He do be a shayna doppelgänger tho

No. 159402

File: 1675468779446.gif (1.66 MB, 261x209, bacon rolls.gif)

Jon Kendall Cox licks bacon grease from shayna's neck rolls

No. 159403

I hate this. This activates my fight or flight

No. 159404

Love this

No. 159405


No. 159406

Holy SHIT KEK her face is so fucking scary

No. 159407

Based Daughters nonnie

No. 159408

Ask your regurgitated questions about Shayna having or not having an implant here sheeeesh

No. 159409

Anyone who still thinks Shayna doesn't have an implant is too retarded to live.

No. 159410

NONITA PLEASE I am fucking spluttering, holy mother of kek

No. 159411

Can someone spoon feed me caps about her necrotic titty implant? Why hasn’t she gone to get it taken care of? All this time I thought it was naturally disgusting but knowing it’s some infected implant coated in scar tissue makes me wanna hurl. She’s gonna go septic and die from it, mark my words. Screenshot this post cause I’m calling it now, her titty will kill her before she’s 40 unless she gets it seen to by a doctor.

No. 159412

because she chooses to spend all her money on garbage and I guess her dad won't pay for it

No. 159413

File: 1675502895141.jpg (142.83 KB, 1262x376, 1.jpg)

use the search function and ctrl+f nona

No. 159414

File: 1675502918893.jpg (177.99 KB, 1251x771, 2.jpg)


No. 159415

Chuckling to myself at the thought of shay laying on an operating table.

No. 159416

As an OG implant tinfoiler, who would get peppered whenever I claimed it when she was still thin.. it's so satisfying how now its flipped and if someone says she DOESNT have an implant they now get peppered kek.

No. 159417

Samefag but just gotta add;
The biggest achievements in shaynology was the titfoilers who wouldnt stfu being right, and the anon who caught fupa reflecting in her sunglasses kek.

No. 159418

dont forget nona who discovered her poland syndrome

No. 159419

File: 1675522375078.png (217.19 KB, 327x673, AEE52A1A-E3DF-4082-85C1-B1C31C…)

No. 159420

File: 1675522410518.png (117.38 KB, 275x248, EF0CA609-BAF1-4816-95CF-5F695D…)

missing chunk from her back where fat was grafted

No. 159421

File: 1675523357796.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 401.11 KB, 1220x2709, 56E9E72E-AC5F-424A-9256-16BE9C…)

And here’s another good shot of the fat graft. We call it her chicken wing.

No. 159422

open up:

- shayna always had one tit with lots of veins
- when she was in highschool there was a rumour one of her tits was an implant. source of rumour was shayna telling different people different stories
- story was that shayna needed to get an implant in one tit due to a medical condition and it happened at a young age
- shayna would never and still has never publicly addressed it
- shayna would love to point out her veiny tit and show it off as “unique”
- as there were no proof, nonas would often i fight or go off topic in long debates over if her weird tit was real or not. got a point it became bannable to discuss it
- as time went on and shayna got more fat, nonas noticed her natural tit was starting to sag but the fake veiny tit would not change
- when shayna would shake her tits or jump around naked only the natural tit would move normally, the fake tit would stay still
- nonas also starting to notice it would be very pink or a different colour compared to her natural tit
- the fatter she got the more obvious it became, the natural tit continues to sag more causing her to get “wonky tits”
- at same time nonas noticed weird folding and swelling around the fake tit
- nona discovers Poland Syndrome and it seems to be our best hypothesis at this time of what happened to shayna and why she needed to get an implant at such a young age
- poland syndrome would also explain why he has a weird chunk of missing fat behind her armpit on that side.

No. 159423

samefag forgot to add:

- poland syndrome surgery they insert a plastic implant under the pectoral so that would explain why her veins are so prominent on that side as the implant is pushing everything forward

No. 159424

I just wanted to say I’m so fucking glad I was keeping up with the threads when the reflection of Fupa was caught in the hubcap and the glasses. Sigh that was some of the creamiest milk…

No. 159425

NTA but it’s pretty sad that her veiny boob is the only thing that makes her “unique” from other naked desperate women online. Really just goes to show how bleak and sickening the sex industry is.

No. 159426

Shaytards what are small things shayna does that causes you to Shay-log?
>Crusty lips- I do not understand how she can get on camera with her lips that dry. Also when she lurks does she not see the comments on her lips? Or is it just something she doesn't even notice?? Dry nonnies answer this pls!!

>When she does her mouth like / or \. That shit is so fucking ugly and it bothers me on a personal level. I do not know why she does it. It makes her mouth look like a dry cut

>Why she never mentions her boobs

I feel like it's something thats she's insecure about, but as much as she overshares and acts like she has no shame, I don't know. I do not get why she hasn't pulled out the victim card. Then again, I feel she never tells us the true reasons for her doctor visits. I know this sounds like a "Shayobession"
But she shares everything, so I do wonder why those things that could make her sympathic would be what she hides.
The scrotes she fucks or lets see her naked, don't care about her small boob. Apperently she's okay with being naked IRL around people with it.

>wearing the same clothes and then saying how cute she looks.

I know we all repeat, but if you call attention an outfit with daily pictures of yourself, how about you NOT wear the same thing multiple times a week
>acting retarded about the pedos who contact her.
>saying she's a good person, who does good things, but all she does is retweet shit or post shit. Doesn't do anything nice for anyone.

No. 159427

The arrogance kek. She has small moments where she acts smug and criticizes her peers, her parents, the haydurs. For example when she said she was too good for college. In her position (a broke loser) I think she could be more humble.

No. 159428

File: 1675561299176.png (1.61 MB, 723x898, 1675556898242.png)

i think that the more talented nonas can make some good edits from this

No. 159429

My new tinfoil is all that shit was projection at her siblings. She tries to look down on them because she didn't take daddy's money and go to school, she is "taking" other people's college funds! kek.
Instead, they are nice looking parts of society and she's the one having to deal with retards talking about minors sexually, retarded cam girls with vendettas, Baldi's Gaysics fucking her, being called a nazi etc.

No. 159430

My favorite thing about the main shayna thread is how nonnies insult the retarded unsaged fags, then when the retarded unsaged fags respond like you know they would, they agrue over and over. With more people joining in.
Like you know that agruing with the retarded unsaged fags means nothing and you are also shitting up the thread?

No. 159431

She’s always had dry, crusty, peeling, cracked, and/or scabbed lips. Nonnies have been discussing it since thread 1 and she’s never done anything to fix it. She’s an addict though and addicts usually have horrible hygiene.
The weird mouth thing bothers me too, she looks like she’s experiencing facial paralysis.

I’ll add to this list:
The Chicken Dance
When she picks her skin on cam
When she neglects or abuses her pets

No. 159432

And that stupid yaniv smirk
Her Retarted twitter posts about insert fucked up thing here as soon as I see "Mumma" I check the fuck out.
That's just off the top of my head.

Also I think about the Shayna threads be giving me brain damage meme way too often lol

No. 159433

Sometimes I think the real Shaynatorium is the /snow/ thread lol

No. 159434

File: 1675566539842.png (80.42 KB, 331x410, 00668678-31C1-4B47-871E-84C90F…)

art of my bimbo queen

No. 159435

she looks like shes gonna grow up to run a bathhouse for cute and whimsical spirits

No. 159436

When she suicide baits or begs for rent money

No. 159437

Her smirk is so ugly. She looks worse in selfies than in candids

No. 159438

This is so accurate and exactly what she looks like. The nose and neck are spot on kek

No. 159439

File: 1675567825182.jpeg (498.47 KB, 861x981, 5D38658A-5EE3-43E5-AF1A-0AD705…)

She’s so huge she built like a damn Mucinex monster

No. 159440

when she announces that she's not wearing underwear in public or when she flashes in public bathrooms. troon behaviour

No. 159441

File: 1675567893988.jpeg (133.59 KB, 933x591, 327233E7-B1F4-4EE9-9C0C-9DFB69…)

Or when Vivi self posts and excuses Shayna of skin walking her.

No. 159442

I know right, she makes me want to vomit. She's not nearly as interesting or funny as shayna. Nobody even mentions her or cares about her, she's just so pathetic, it's weird how she drew fanart of shayna, orbited her and sat in her threads and then invited her to her house. What a nutter. I bet you she wanted her bf to get head from shayna and describe it to her.

No. 159443

put bows in her hair

No. 159444

This disgusts me and I can't quite articulate why, probably because it's nearly 5AM and I need sleep. There's something about her laying there pretending to be a object waiting to used by men. It's gross like she's trying to be a child sex doll or it reminds me of men raping drugged women.

No. 159445

File: 1675573889595.png (79.91 KB, 331x410, 6B658A90-061B-4313-9606-736AC6…)

No. 159446


No. 159447

File: 1675578061026.jpg (143.3 KB, 331x410, Untitled-333.jpg)

bad at ps but i think she should be in all mismatched pinks

No. 159448

Lmao the stains are just chefs kiss

No. 159449

I completely forgot about the fanart! I wish I could remember which thread it was in, now I’m going to have to search for it

No. 159450

File: 1675579733689.jpeg (142.27 KB, 804x882, D38C07AF-2479-4EC4-ACAF-A14A1E…)

No. 159451

File: 1675579758494.jpeg (75.22 KB, 720x1005, 1EAC5997-B773-4B1C-BE62-8A3321…)

No. 159452

The butt shaped lipstick and the ugly pale matte lipsticks. She genuinely hates her lips feeling moist and would rather wear gross colored dry lipstick, I bet when scrotes kiss her they are eating dry lip skin.

No. 159453

late as hell, but i think i can't look away because she's just so bad at literally everything she does. It's so baffling and fascinating that she doesn't have a single thing she's ever done right or remotely well- the outfits she picks, the things she says, just everything from top to bottom is always off, executed poorly, or a complete failure. It's incredible, it's like watching someone trip and tumble down a hill, hitting every rock and branch in slow motion

No. 159454

File: 1675625873661.jpeg (105.37 KB, 682x512, 2E48B836-E09A-441D-9BC6-0A200D…)

No. 159455

Crying at this

No. 159456


No. 159457

shaynas thread is soooo slooooooowwwww

No. 159458

incest & csa girlscout porn

No. 159459

i feel like she's FOR REAL taking the plunge into FSSW after dipping her toes into it a few times now. She's tired of the farms ruining her friendships so we may actually being seeing Shayna finally accepting it and taking things offline. She knows she's never gonna get online fame because of her controversies and hate among twitter whores, and she cant just exist privately cause we'll watch and lol at her antics.

No. 159460

kek, me too, I mean anyone with a functioning brain would want to shay-log over the pedo/rape/incest shit but I’m glad I’m not the only one who is (possibly irrationally) angered by “breffast” and “frens”

No. 159461

Any anons here want to join together on a given day to do a “mass spell” on Shayna Clifford and curse her? I am not sure how witchcraft works entirely but I am willing to participate.

No. 159462

would this be considered cowtipping kek

No. 159463

all i want for shayna is continued self-inflected misery. we don't need magic for that

No. 159464

>>159463 is right, don't waste your candles on shayna

No. 159465

She’s already cursed

No. 159466

this is shaytistic even for the shaynatorium

No. 159467

Speaking of magic shit, I looked up Shayna's birthday on my favorite astrology site. (I could be mistaken but I figured it was june 25, 1998.) It says that she has a "feminine nature that wants to be taken care of" lol and that "role playing is her special defense".

I also think maybe the "call for protection" could describe her virtue signaling on twitter.


No. 159468

the fat hog was born 1997 since she turns 26 this year

No. 159469

thanks for setting it straight. I double checked and her moon sign is still pisces. So she's the "charlatan" of the zodiac. Lol going off of this definition it seems accurate to me.

a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.

No. 159470

her birthday is 26 June 1997

No. 159471

lol nona youre just wasting away your time looking up bullshit astrology not even on the correct dates. shayna is a cancer and the cancer of sex work.

No. 159472

her moon sign is in pisces retard….cancer is her sun sign and you sound like a scrote

No. 159473

this pic is so weird cause the hand looks like it belongs to him, cursed

my fave shayna related image not even exaggerating

how could we forget dIapEr lOsEr

her dad has better teeth than her and hes like a hundred wtf

No. 159474

i dont think it really matters considering its all bullshit. please dont categorize women with astrology. i dont need to be a scote to lol at the thought of you getting all retard hyper over some fan fiction that wasnt even the right date.

No. 159475

i'm not into astrology either but in this case i think there might be something to it. i mean, according to the chinese zodiac shayna is a big old ox.

No. 159476

serious questions for the more spiritual and open minded nonnies - has anyone experienced karma or fear the karma that may be incoming from participating in shayna threads?

this is genuine question and not a clapback cause i feel like ive done things extra cruel on here while making fun of shayna, and even tho shayna is shithead (dropped her cat, fractured its shins) i still feel like damn… karma can be a bitch.. and im putting a lot of shayna hate into the world… what might come back at me?

No. 159477

File: 1675733482547.jpg (Spoiler Image, 457.48 KB, 1536x2048, Fan0G9nUYAAsJh6.jpg)

click for a scare

No. 159478

from what i understand, karma doesn't affect you until your next life. so if you're experiencing negative karma, it's not from participating in these threads; it's from something you did in a previous life.

No. 159479

File: 1675740304424.jpeg (385.43 KB, 750x739, 7FA924A7-F429-4A6E-B805-1EBE63…)

Shayheads I had an idea for some themed music days:
Shemo (shay emo) night
The Sheighties
Pop Shits (shay hits)
The Clissics (Clifford classics)
Ship Shop
“Broad”way musical
Cluntry (Clifford country)
And finally, shunk rock.

No. 159480

Personally I’ve been following the threads for years (since she lived in Oklahoma and was still dating fupa) and my life has only gotten so much better since being a shayanon. Sure when my life is kinda boring I tend to lurk the threads more but for the most part my karma has been really good knocks on wood. If anything I see it anons “punishing” her as the justice that she deserves because no one else in this lifetime will hold her accountable for being a pedophile and enabling men with pedophilia and rape fetishes. I almost think that Shayna’s current “punishment” of being a cow on LC is divine and meant to provide the dialogue of awareness that she herself lacks. Yeah she never really takes our advice but I do think anons have probably helped her in some ways that she and we don’t recognize.

No. 159481

Anon, karma doesn't exist, it's just actions and their consequences. The only problem would be if someone finds out you're browsing Shayna threads or you get doxed or whatever. But that applies to all lc users.
No one knows, didn't happen.

No. 159482

File: 1675791903332.jpeg (156.48 KB, 1080x831, 3397481C-1302-4889-8D47-37549E…)

autistic fan art

No. 159483

This mf needs a shave,

No. 159484

File: 1675810634978.jpg (75.28 KB, 1080x371, shayna thread victim.jpg)

No. 159485

Shayna is a piece of shit. She's one level below actual sex crime moids, her entire existence is to be adjacent to sexual crimes like pedophilia and rape. Well, actually she herself should be on the sex offenders list for flashing her butthole in public multiple times and rubbing her diseased vagina on every seat she sits on in public. So no, I don't feel bad and if karma exists there's no bad karma for hating that pedo loving pervert.

No. 159486

File: 1675815824641.jpg (Spoiler Image, 535.39 KB, 1536x2048, 20221117_111607.jpg)

Body hair longer than his peanut.

Here's a picture of ken the scrote's dick with a shit ring after bumming some other slag a few days after shooting with Shay lmao.

Oh and pissing on them too.

Imagine if this was your da'

No. 159487

File: 1675820504176.jpeg (861.95 KB, 1242x1201, 8EE7CC9A-20C5-4F5C-8F3C-568F1A…)

No. 159488

holy god holy shit I come to the shaynatorium for the first time and I immediately regret it what the fuck. He’s so disgusting. Imagine letting this nobody who rawdogs anyone he can piss on you, only for him to leave just to do the same thing to another ethot the next day. At least he’ll wk for you on Twitter?

No. 159489

An Shaycounter- By Nona
>you are at dinner
>mmhmm your food is great and your company of choice is really being amazing
>you are sitting where you can see both your company and a view of the door
>he/she is talking casually, it's clear that the conversation you are having is in that Sweet space where you are both too busy eating/feeling too full to talk as you were,when empty bellied mintues before.
>"-this is so good nona, man, I love coming here-"
>you nod, smiling listening to her/his rambles. You are feeling great
>The door opens
>you glance, then glance back to your company before your eyes instantly snap back
>here's where the paths may branch (I may make part two with shayna and her scrote)
>You first see a woman
>dark hair pushed back by cheap sunglasses
>hair looks uncombed or at the very least not styled
>pink lips, small and narrow
>dark brows
>no visable trace of make up on her pale face
>she's wearing a black tank top with a DEEP neckline
>You can tell she's not wearing a bra due to the long loose clevage you see in the very deep cut thin tank top
>"Or is it a cami?" you say outloud in a whisper, your eyes locked to her.
>You don't notice your company give you a look.
>on her lower half is a stiff dark denim blue mini skirt
>from your spot you can only see her pudgy red knees
>you catch a glimpse of her upturned old black sandals on equally red fat toes.
>Then you are hit with an explosion of fashion all on a chubby frame
>Behind what you assumed was a soccor mom of 4 kids and maybe in her 40's is a woman dressed in clashing pinks.
>You start from the top which is her hair
>It can only be described as "The color of dry hay" with dark brown/blackish roots
>On her forehead sits a huge bun shaped into a perfectly uncombed roll
>"why?" you say again in shock
>Before your eyes take in two light pink bows, tied to two hay colored ponytails on each side of her head
>it's both childish but a dated style.
>her face is round, a paticular shaped nose
>and on her nose is…irration?
>A orange colored line of what you can't tell is blush or maybe she's allergic
>You divert your eyes, now feeling bad, but then you look up again, you can't help it
>only to see freckles? No clearly fake freakles
>Which makes you sigh inside, that no this woman isn't sick or going through an alleric reaction
>This is a fashion choice
>somehow that idea makes it worse. You continue to study her face
>You just can't look away
>Small upper lip with a slighter bigger lower
>Her face is covered in a clearly too light powder
>while her lips are pink but even from your spot you can see they are very dry. Product free. You can see the deep cracks.
>You want to look away but you can't
>Instead you lick your lips self consciously
>Her eyes are a dark brown or black? You can't tell. Under them are deep eyebags, you can't tell if they are a trick of the light.
>She's constantly moving the unrolled bang from her forehead
>As she does, you catch a glimpse of her eyes better.
>On her dark eyes are big false eyelashes, behind that dark winged liquid eyeliner
>above that dark brown lined drawn on eyebrows
>Everything clashes with the difference in her face and chest area, her dry lips sticking out even more.
>"Why so much make up but nothing for the lips?" you think, glancing at your company wanting to say this but knowing it'd be weird
>"Well maybe she doesn't want to deal with lip products while eating"
>"But she's clearly dressed up??" your mind shouts back at you
>Your eyes move down, as you put down the fork you were holding.
>she's holding a jean jacket
>but she's wearing a white cardigen that hugs her soft build
>You want to gasp when you see the 10 small black buttons of the cardigen are strained, just dark holes that you hope dont catch light and expose anything.
>A big dark mole on her neck
>You look more
>she moves closer to the table directly in your view
>It's like everything is in slow motion
>You see that she's wearing a paper thin wrinked pleated white skirt
>"So why the pink bows??" Your mind shouts
>"why is it wrinkled?" You ask in your mind, wanting a answer
>You want to laugh now and feel bad
>the skirt is so very wrinked, comically wrinkled
>The caridgen and skirt are clearly too small for her chubby frame.
>You can see her soft belly spilling out of the top, straining just like the buttons
>She sits across from you
>You shamefully look away as the woman in black joins her
>Her outfit makes no sense
>girlish bows on an outdated 80's or 90's hair style? You think
>Does she want to look young?
>She's clearly a very grown woman, average height, with a very solid chubby build?
>she doesn't look much younger then the lady in black
>She picks up her phone
>You then are reminded again that she's probably not wearing anything under her shirt
>Considering you can see one nipple hanging over the table, a piece of her stiff hair above it
>but not the other
>what the fuck?
>you feel gross, but the question lingers as you glance up again
>Instead her dark eyes are peering up at you sucking you in deeper
>You watch in horror as the world turns slow
>Her thin upper lip begins to arch up in an unnatural way
>her bottom lip follows, you feel you can can see the plates of dry skin seperating and forming exposing the red moisture of her lip flesh under the dry skin
>What? What is she doing? You think panicking, looking at your company who is now looking at her own phone
>You look back and her face is in this weird..smile
>Oh she's smiling
>you smile back feeling like shit, you had an out of body expereince
>you are shaking
>You don't look up again
>15 mintues later
>Company-"Did you see that chick?"
>the girl in the bows? Wow crazy look that was huh?"
>"Uh yeah" you say nervously the "smile" still in your brain, imprinted. Stuck.
>"Who let her leave the house like that? I guess everyone's style is different"
>"yeah…uh..lets get out of here..and never come back"
>You don't wait for an answer, you quickly began to quicken your pace

No. 159490

I don’t think it’s irrational it’s honestly literal retard speak, unironically nuts for pudding behavior

No. 159491


No. 159492

I can't spell

No. 159493

File: 1675898919732.jpg (299.58 KB, 1152x2048, 20230208_232625.jpg)

Gayfag hairyshoulders was with a tranny today.
I missed the chaturbate show but they made a whopping 4 tokens lmao.

No. 159494

I want so badly to know who tf her “diaper sub” is so I can look him up on the website I pay $3 a month for and find out anything milky. I’m not fully convinced it’s diapermandan

No. 159495

I love how Shayna is selfish and self-involved, but every single 30 something, short, ginger, ugly, chubby, tatted up dad, ex wife/wife haver scrote, is even MORE selfish and self-involved. This is why pick me's never win. Men will always pick themselves, they'll never deal with you.
Also, Shayna still doesn't get that even gross idiot retards like Shane Pierre Sonnier, probably looks down on her for being so easy and letting him do all that shit. A man could be licking shit off your ass, but then twist it around and somehow make a pick me feel like, she's the only fucking gross disgusting slutbag. Not him. You let me lick shit off your ass for $30, I'm not gross for paying to do it.
Shayna will never learn, it's not kink, it's not a joke, it's not funny. These men have no respect and they mentally and physically "Blow their load" early with her because she gives them what they want physically. While being nothing they want in any other way. She's not going to be their second mommy by cooking or cleaning, she wants them to literally be her dad.
Scrotes aren't going to sacifice their comfort for you. Not for long anyway. When they have options they take them and will choose the best one, even if it's "you" they still look down on you. Shane Pierre Sonnier didn't want to waste his time with Shayna like Fupaul did so he left as soon as he felt like it.
Fupaul immedeitly got remarried.
There should be a class on what being a "Open Leg Policy" Pick Me really is and how men really treat you.
We have to stop thinking sex has so much "Power" over men in that they will value/love you because you are eating their ass and doing crazy shit.
They still look down on you and you look down on them. Which is why scrotes release sex tapes, to sexually humiliate you because unless it's some gay shit, the WOMAn is going to get all the blame. Shayna is all sex sex sex, no personality or anything.
Sorry I need to rant, getting sick of the "Shayna could find this kind of scrote" yeah to fuck her, not to date her. There's no reason to date shayna when she likes you. I think post fupaul scrotes sense that.
The less kids, more options and HAVING A WIFE makes it very easy to dump shayna. She's just too stupid to see that. She'd rather have a piece of a man then no man.>>1494670

No. 159496

File: 1675914920458.jpeg (302.66 KB, 1242x888, 69F80F72-5EE0-4920-9992-84A160…)

It’s not diaperdan

No. 159497

File: 1675915768668.png (1.61 MB, 1280x720, EC451D3C-B360-4154-B379-CE208D…)

It’s almost shaylentines day
Will Shayna….
A). Do a new photoshoot for V day
B). Use this same one from years ago

No. 159498

File: 1675915979512.jpeg (56.53 KB, 622x622, F724DE1B-65D8-43B1-8BDD-94CAA6…)

It’s this fag and I’m obsessed with him already. I need a name.

No. 159499

File: 1675916009153.jpeg (588.15 KB, 828x1327, CEA80CE3-1250-4496-927E-3C2DA8…)

No. 159500

File: 1675916045780.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 354.96 KB, 850x635, 8E4A74A9-4C67-49CD-84B4-3AF63D…)

No. 159501

File: 1675916107538.jpeg (436.47 KB, 828x1223, 3E140CAD-9EF8-48E0-AEAD-68D84C…)

Josh Topkek’s faggy hands… she exclusively attracts troons, pedos & gay men

No. 159502

File: 1675916108612.png (520.9 KB, 640x480, B9A6070D-A710-495B-8133-51717A…)

I can’t believe Shayna thought this was ever okay to post on the internet. She looks so fucking huge and this was before she got massive

No. 159503

File: 1675916294769.jpeg (915.94 KB, 1195x1118, 150C869E-F837-48BF-A0EC-176609…)

I’m so glad she stopped doing the thick ass eyeliner she’s still ugly and sucks at makeup but the thick eyeliner was a log worthy

No. 159504

Big Shed huh? Shayna loves her life because she pissed on some ugly ass scrote for maybe $400 despite her probably spending more then that for her flight/hotel for her retareded shoots?

No. 159505

File: 1675916407144.png (5.84 MB, 2048x2048, 987B21C9-8D86-495A-A6E8-9FD8AA…)

No. 159506

File: 1675916477079.png (415.95 KB, 400x506, 65294DCD-52CF-40F0-844B-B46639…)

>Uh oh stinky

No. 159507

File: 1675916564619.jpeg (945.09 KB, 1242x1203, F9BD5A05-CE37-4E47-B303-A00223…)

No. 159508

File: 1675926840040.png (4.38 MB, 2509x2509, Picsart_23-02-09_00-11-31-377.…)

Now my life is bleak like mayochup

No. 159509

Dat scrawny definitionless arm. He is so grotty.

No. 159510

DOES ANYONE. does anyone else.…show their bf pictures of shaygnarly every few months and ask “do i look like this?? r u sure???” i am asking for a friend.

No. 159511

No dafuq but I did show him that gif of her eating discharge cause it looked funny(sage your shit)

No. 159512

no because i'm not a bpd riddled annoying ass faggot

No. 159513

>>159505 you can see the missing chunk of skin here even when she was thinner.

No. 159514

File: 1675957101143.jpg (249.75 KB, 400x506, 1675916477079.jpg)

No. 159515

File: 1675964848938.jpeg (835.72 KB, 828x1326, 657DD0CD-A823-413F-A7BB-4204B7…)

i want shilk (shay milk)

No. 159516

my man knows about shayna cuz he sees me browsing her threads….we call her "ugly vagina girl" although she doesn't have that problem as bad now that she's fat. Ugly everything else girl.

No. 159517

File: 1675969900335.jpeg (406.44 KB, 767x794, 9C36C0B1-DC20-4614-9AE1-4DA15F…)

No. 159518

File: 1675979269052.jpg (66.8 KB, 960x940, t6z0empmqme51.jpg)

reminds me of this

No. 159519

File: 1675981516362.jpeg (59.51 KB, 500x500, 4DAB54B7-1A40-485F-B9E0-60D2DB…)

White Diaper Gabe meeting Shayna for the first time:

“Pooooooooooo! Fuck baby fuck! Poooooooooooooooo!”

No. 159520

My girlfriend usually calls her a rat and other synonyms describing a rodent, sporadically ‘oh her skdjdlshxjdhhfh’ as well.

also blog and offtopic, but I really want to share some good news with my speds.
Couple MTF threads ago I asked nonas for a collage of troons attacking JK Rowling for girlfriend-peaking purposes. It worked, now when I send her screenshots of delusional trannies she finally refers to them as he. I think she’s the one.

No. 159521

File: 1675990826241.gif (14.36 MB, 380x640, doll.gif)

No. 159522

File: 1675990881072.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.08 KB, 362x405, horror.jpg)

No. 159523

File: 1675990995841.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.46 KB, 362x405, bWVkaWEvRm9RbHd0MVhFQUFJUnFJLm…)

this was the original btw

No. 159524

File: 1675991681076.jpg (Spoiler Image, 360.38 KB, 1352x2048, 20230210_011155.jpg)

I'm wheezing

Shat's first b/g video will forever be with the gayest looking motherfucker who couldn't get hard.
How embarrassing.

No. 159525

Ugh you can tell she woke up,didn't brush her teeth or wash her ass. Didn't take a sip of fluid yet. Hungover and covered I last nights sweat. Threw on clothes,pushed her bang to the side and decided with lips drier then hot sand, more cracked then a old sidewalk to take this picture.
WHY??? Why doesn't she notice her lips? I hate it

No. 159526

We he's posing like shayna. He's revolting. The hair, ugly tattoos big as bushy ass mustache. Omg yuck

No. 159527

Why the fuck did he shave his head and beard but nothing else

No. 159528

File: 1676011987732.png (432.96 KB, 533x598, Untitled-2.png)

she looks like retarded white trash. she could get better bangs cut at supercuts

No. 159529

File: 1676015849244.png (Spoiler Image, 117.03 KB, 234x274, 0BC03E01-6026-49C5-824F-E261D1…)

Shayna has ruined my life

No. 159530

File: 1676019327652.jpg (62.51 KB, 600x850, MV5BODA0MTNmNDYtYmNhZC00MWRjLW…)

Mamie Eisenhower bangs-ass bitch

No. 159531

still cant believe she bragged about pissing on a moid

she should be


No. 159532

shayme is something sharted will never feel
because every day is shayhog day

No. 159533

Someone with writing skills needs to write a creepypasta for this image.

No. 159534

I've had nightmares about both these things thank you for combining them and im a dumbass for looking

No. 159535

sometimes the main shayna thread makes me feel like the most autistic in a sea of autists. but then i come here and feel normal again. thanks nonnies.

No. 159536

File: 1676066803146.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1700x2530, 0A759AC4-3EEE-4C34-82C8-81C9E6…)

!! Photo-shay-op Contest Time !!

Shaynify this image

No. 159537

KEK nonna I literally could hear Lana singing it

No. 159538

File: 1676078800384.jpg (531.06 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_2023-02-11-01-24-57…)

Dress shat up as sonic the hedgehog and ken the moid can abuse her.

>Gotta go fast!

At least she'd enjoy the chilli dogs

No. 159539

because i was born female

No. 159540

best post itt

No. 159541

That’s Shaytaan

No. 159542

Item #: SCP-80085

Object Class: contained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-80085 should be contained within a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m chamber with 25 cm steel plate lining all inside surfaces. The containment chamber should be decorated with cheap hello kitty objects and the interior is decorated like a nursery, the room has a liquor cabinet and weed plants growing SCP-80085 is perpetually intoxicated and incapacitated. Any attempts of SCP-80085 to order doordash, dance, or breach containment should be reacted to quickly and with "baby bimbo forced lobotomy" (horse tranquilizer)as called for by the circumstances.

Description: SCP-80085 was found outside of a daycare attempting to eat an infant, and steal some decorative objects within the daycare to be used as props in a pornographic video SCP-80085 was planning to make. 4 children had gone missing in the area and are suspected to be victims of SCP-80085.
SCP-80085 has been observed to eat children under 4 in an attempt to "absorb their youth." These attempts are unsuccessful because SCP-80085 has various physical traits of maturity and face wrinkles .

No. 159543

File: 1676135874572.png (156.11 KB, 680x634, media_Fno9-z9WAAAnfX0.jpg.png)

No. 159544

File: 1676135989758.jpg (339.53 KB, 675x900, loonapix_16756145623039270237.…)

No. 159545

File: 1676136142685.jpg (337.53 KB, 910x1400, 1C28BC06-D17D-4B77-96C5-4ACDE7…)

No. 159546

File: 1676136212694.jpg (179.02 KB, 1000x670, 6B79538F-A386-4844-98DA-A0BD1E…)

No. 159547

File: 1676137377853.jpeg (883.47 KB, 1143x711, AF88B1E4-79D0-4B1B-8334-56C999…)

Crossposting from the sims thread in /m/, I made Shayna in the Sims 2 and I just wanted to share her with my fellow shaynatorium inmates. She lives in a pink trailer and is very stinky.

No. 159548

File: 1676150296377.png (110.07 KB, 1920x955, thread.png)

nonnies in the shayna thread need to learn to sage. i don't feel like reporting them but yeah

No. 159549

File: 1676152013816.jpg (181.64 KB, 685x869, Screenshot_20230211-144649_Chr…)

Anons eat each other alive when there's no milk.

No. 159550

>get it together you old fat bitch! damn!
kekkkkkk I love you ladies

No. 159551

Congrats anon, I feel like I can't peak men no matter what. One of my exes "peaked" because of me but then when we broke up he claimed I was transphobic and all of my dedication to feminism and women's rights (mostly DV and anti-sex industry) is just because I'm a transphobe. Sure.
The other guy I dated did not want to hear that trans ideology is regressive and homophobic, he insisted that it's unfair because there's some "good" troons out there. I'm happier being single than having someone 'agree' and then turn into a wolf in sheep's clothing that tries to cancel me when we break up OR refuses to hear me out any time something of trans degeneracy comes up on the internet.

No. 159552

God I guess I got lucky none of my exes outed me as an avid hater of troopers .

No. 159553


No. 159554

File: 1676174805752.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x1573, E13E753E-6A37-4E7A-8294-BF62DE…)

This is a man, Who’s a father with a teenage daughter….

No. 159555

Imagine meeting your future girlfriend and you figure out she’s a shaytard and farmer.

No. 159556

File: 1676174961244.jpeg (326.75 KB, 956x1550, 5C6C6B48-B9A4-4AF1-B7EC-A100C4…)

No. 159557

File: 1676175071438.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 88.7 KB, 472x715, 7DA554F7-2114-48D6-9319-49928A…)

Ken The Moid has a small ass penis kek

No. 159558

File: 1676219781923.jpg (Spoiler Image, 243.24 KB, 1080x1202, Screenshot_2023-02-12-16-34-43…)

No one wants to see this ken.

>Crystal clear flashlight

Looks like a fucking plastic water bottle kek

No. 159559

As the originator of the term “Shayhead” my heart is smiling at this stupid thread and all you lovely nonnies. When I first said it like 2 years ago(ironically, of course) some retards straight up wished death on me!

No. 159560

Don’t worry nona, those retards will get their Sharma. (Shay karma)

No. 159561

File: 1676258563430.jpg (2.33 MB, 4080x3060, 20230212_201655.jpg)

I jumped on the shayna creation bandwagon in Sims and I even made Sol Salvatore, Baldy Gaysex and Shame Sonnier. She's pregnant from Sol and I made a basement where I will lock them until they die.

No. 159562

HAHAHA STOP NONA this killed me so bad

No. 159563

Kek. I want to see gayfag hairyshoulders please. Did you download cc for excessive body hair?

No. 159564

Can someone explain “Baldi Gaysics” to me like I’m retarded? (I am)

No. 159565

File: 1676307463723.jpg (561.65 KB, 1080x1972, Collage_20230213_185654.jpg)

No. 159566

No. 159567

File: 1676312946500.png (787.11 KB, 969x528, Shayna Elyusim.PNG)

Sorry i just finished Disco Elysium.

No. 159568

Nonaz im literally shat posting and..i CAN'T. I can't, i got diareha now from laughoimh

No. 159569

What are those bumps on the cockhead yikes

No. 159570

This is art. Next thread pic material.

No. 159571

I’m gonna make a confession here, I sent a picture of Shaynus dressed a baby (not naked but in a onesie thing) that had one of those child/infant rape fantasy captions to her father to see if he would cut her off and stop funding a literal pedophile. It’s been a while and I don’t think it worked. Her parents are terrible (and yes, so am I). I will take my ban but it had to be done.(absolute fucking retard)

No. 159572

When did you do this anon?

No. 159573

Over a week ago. I sent it to her dads legit email and then a bunch of things happened like the ER trip that implied her dad is still talking to her and giving her money.
I will make sure that her parents see those pictures of her dressed as a baby with those disturbing captions.(cowtipping)

No. 159574

Oh then what did you expect? Him to say,
>Thanks woman sending me disturbing disgusting porn of my daughter, I'm going to cut her off right this mintue
We don't know what he's going to do or if he saw it.
Also you suck. I feel bad for them

No. 159575

First of all, it’s not like I’m a scrote sending her actual porn just to humiliate her. She is clothed in the picture but the synopsis is evident and they can see that she is clearly simulating child sex abuse. I would not even go to this extent if she just did regular porn but for her to be dressed up as a fucking baby in a bonnet, onesie, and diaper with actual baby props and “selling sex” is something that her parents should know that they are funding and contributing to. Idgaf how much you love your kid, you need to cut them off and let them fend for themselves if they want to be sex criminals.

No. 159576

Sorry nona, i'm so fucking conflicted because I won't lie I've THOUGHT of it. NEVER would do it but I always think
>What would her family do if they knew the extent to what Shayna does? Sexualizing the concept of a dad/mom, further then anyone else does
>What would he think if he knew his daughter has acted like a CHILD for multiple abusive scrotes with actual childern. Wanting them to literally treat her like a child they abuse sexually?
>How does that reflect on them if they knew? Do they think she's sexually attracted to them?
But..it's the forbidden fruit nona. A parents love is so fucking deep. I think they've cut Shayna off as "Deeply" as they could, before shutting her out completely. We don't know if everytime she speaks to them it's cold.
Or if they reach out more then to see if she's alive.
Even when she speaks on her family trips, I never get the vibe they truly all come togeather and Shayna is enjoyable being around. They just deal with her.
Maybe hoping she'd snap out of it.
It's not our call to make Nona. This is even beyond sex work. I'll say I don't think it's wrong and..and I do feel I should finger wag you becuase, bitch why? At the same time, I understand. Just don't nona
I don't even care fupaul's ex is aware of his gross fetish. I just don't know.

No. 159577

and are you the same anon who sent her sister stuff? That'd confirm if that was her sister or not. Who said, "I support sex work and love Shayna" which is fucking braindead retard shit, but I assume she was sent gross asshole pictures instead of the shit you sent.
I feel bad for them as all. Even if he continues to fund Shayna, I assume he does it because thats his loved one. Despite it all Shayna HAS NOT broken any laws.
But I still believe my tinfoil that her and ellen would sit by and allow other women/childern to be abused by their scrotes or at the very least (shayna) would run away. Not tell the police and make a tweet, like she did about the actual pedo trying to talk about his attraction to minors with her

No. 159578

Nonas can we talk about the ethics in Shayna posting? Do you ever feel bad they some of us bond in this way of making fun of Shayna in the Shaynatourim? I'm so conflicted on it. I feel like a bully. I am

No. 159579

Given that he's a creampie specialist and raw dogs anyone who will let him, it's probably some sort of STD

No. 159580

File: 1676322158914.png (915.45 KB, 864x858, Screenshot_20230213-155342~2.p…)

I'm not the same anon as vendetta-chan , but I follow her step sister on Instagram and found this pic. No milk it's just funny to me how much shat looks like her father

No. 159581

File: 1676322192371.png (1.22 MB, 363x412, Screenshot_20230213-155953.png)


No. 159582

No I am not that anon who sent her parents, sister, or grandma any porn. I know anons have in the past but I have never reached out. I even felt bad for her brother because he seems like a sweet kid. But the simulated child pornography is too far for me personally and I cannot watch as it becomes blatantly more and more obvious that her dad is giving her money so she can create content for newborn/infant rapists. I just want her parents to know at this point. She should not be having them bankroll her life so she can LARP as a massive adult “baby” for pennies and pedophiles online. Time to get a real job Shayna.

No. 159583

wow she really does look like him without make up and you can tell he's so proud of his step daughter. Nonnies tried to make it seem like it was a slight towards Shayna.
However it's clear from Shaynas own mouth she was nothing but a problem child. Of COURSE they'd be proud of their daughter whose not doing what Shayna is doing and acting that way.

No. 159584

Also shows how shayna is like twice the size of her cute sister kek

No. 159585

well you know what I can't stop you, before you get banned I'd like to pick your brain. What exact picture did you send and what text? Do you still have the email? (Censored of course).
None of her siblings as far as we know are like Shayna, So I assume she's the bad egg, or maybe the divorce and having responsibility of watching her brother broke her.

No. 159586

I think he looks.. ok, he just looks like a regular man, nice even. Shayna has a man face.

No. 159587

is men having ugly ass dicks like that normal hetero nonas? it made me shudder with disgust

No. 159588

File: 1676324532882.png (1.28 MB, 863x920, Screenshot_20230213-164100.png)

I was wondering what sol the fag was up to lately.. I'm not sure who's a bigger fag him or ken

No. 159589

File: 1676324658611.png (1.09 MB, 864x1269, Screenshot_20230213-163934.png)

He's on the brink of trooning out I can feel it

No. 159590

File: 1676324829455.png (1.6 MB, 864x1920, Screenshot_20230213-164644.png)

I cannot decide who's the bigger faggot

No. 159591

Sorry nona, but this one thing I don't agree on. It's normal for parents to love their kids and forgive them even if they're bad people. Not to mention that Shayna is not even that bad, she's more stupid than she is bad. There are murderers and rapists out there.

No. 159592

File: 1676325379473.jpg (193.72 KB, 827x829, FaceApp_1676325389936.jpg)

Diagnosed clinically inshayne

No. 159593

this shit makes me giggle he looks so fucking ugly. Like a gay soggy genie penis kek, what the fuck. Why is Shayna's roster so comically ugly? Why is Fupaul literally the only semi human looking scrote she ever dated? Kek and even he looked older in that infamous picture with the tucked in shirt and receding hairline. OMG she let these men enter her. Sol isn't even ALL that ugly but he's very ugly at the same time. Sol Gribble, Baldi's Gaysics/aka Gay Genie and fucking Shameful Pierre Sonner. Fupaul WAS the the best she'll ever do if she keeps dipping in the twitter daddy pool

No. 159594

Shayna's that bad to me because she made a post about talking to a scrote who wanted to talk about minors and have her act a spefic age (Underaged) and did nothing but try to get attention online. That makes her horrible to me. Yeah the baby shit is horrible, but I'm sure she's probably talked to legit pedos and saw it as something that was annoying vs. seeing how her life is fucked and she is fucked and actual pedos DO watch her shit.
But at the same time, yeah cowtipping is bad etc. etc

No. 159595

File: 1676325735353.png (799.48 KB, 1201x1600, FortuneStMario.png)

It's the moustache for me

No. 159596

yall must of never made a thread. this would be a terrible thread photo.

No. 159597

kek so her dad is a manlet. explains so, so much.

No. 159598

What is even going on with his outfit here?
>Maid dress
>Furry ears
>E-girl headphones
>Bulletproof army vest thing
>Dick out


No. 159599

File: 1676339715706.png (784.77 KB, 750x917, 44EB21C4-6128-4317-A373-1531BB…)

This is the picture I used. I didn’t want to scar her parents for life but to let them know that they are funding a lifestyle of…this. I will make sure that her dad sees it because he is the one who gives her the majority of her so-called ‘income’.(cowtipping)

No. 159600

Who wants to keep a tab of Shayna's expenses? For example, her 2 bedroom costs $2000/month right?

No. 159601

File: 1676354011860.png (11.16 MB, 1242x2208, 3D84EFB2-606C-4B49-AD52-FD45B1…)

She looks retarded

No. 159602

File: 1676355307363.jpeg (435.23 KB, 2048x2048, C33B7DDB-7B58-499A-BD57-E12C34…)

do you think she thinks she really looks like the left version of this lol

No. 159603

Holy fuck her face is enormous, she’s so fucking fat now

No. 159604

At least before she could justify this intense editing because all her "work" was online. One could even say "hey if she photoshops then it helps her down the line if she decides to leave SW cause he pics dont even look like her"

But now that she's in her FSSW era you'd think she would cut this shit out now so that she doesn't get embarassed when her coomers meet her IRL and she'd 3x the size they expected.

No. 159605

File: 1676388346356.png (421.04 KB, 470x755, Nasty as Hell.png)

Posting here cause new thread isnt up but she gave out more details about her "diaper session" on her diaper twitter.

Why am I shocked? I thought maybe she just let the guy over while he was wearing a diaper, and maybe he took off his pants to show it off. But no… she fucking laid this guy on his back like a baby and PUT A DIAPER ON HIM. Sat on him topless and let him grope her. Then cooked him food and pissed on him. Like…. there is no way she got paid enough for that. She probably got 100 bucks and door dash card for $50.

No. 159606

Fucking vile. Shat is really something else. If I recall correctly the scrote only paid her $200 extra for pissing on him, so you're probably not too far off in terms of pricing kek.

No. 159607

Do you honestly think that people who want to rape tiny and cute innocent babies are seeking out porn of massive obese women in goofy clothing? I absolutely find her content repulsive but contacting her parents because you believe Shayna’s lumpy butcheeks and hemorrhoid filled blown out asshole is actively aiding actual child rape? You need to take a step back.

No. 159608

where new thread

No. 159609

why the fuck is this retard making her john fucking lunch? Bitch, he's not your boyfriend, you let him grope you, let him lay on your bed, in your house, with his nasty dick out and probably peed on him on the bed or floor or some shit.
Probably only made $400 which she instantly spent/wasted on her failed trip

No. 159610

Considering actual pedos have explicitly told Shayna
>I want to talk about minors sexually
>Say you are underaged
Means yes,she directly aided someone who told her they were interested in underaged people and instead of at the very least putting whatever information she had about that scrote out, she just made a wack ass PSA about, "I won't do it, minors don't belong in kink!"
At least twice Shayna has made vague posts alluding that scrotes ask her to say she's underaged.If you believe these men don't use Shayna to get the "Safe" thing for seeking out the real thing, or probably watch her do that shit while ALSO watching the real thing I don't know what to tell you.
Shayna gets hit up by these people for a reason. Men who are into Diapers, pacifers and shit that babies use, because babies turn them on. She's not aiding child rape but she's definitely not doing shit when the would be child rapers/cp watchers hit her up with Shady requests

No. 159611

I can't find it online, so hopefully a well versed radfem Nona can back me up.
But there was a study where men were shown pornography of women with boots on, and then just regular nonsexual images of women fully clothed with boots on and they got aroused by it because they began to associate the boots with the sexiness.
It's sort of insidious because it's not just shayna, you could go on pornhub right now and maybe in the first two pages of most popular you could find something akin to a pedophile fantasy such as
>my teen stepdaughter
>girl scout gag
Or just a woman acting like a little girl. The men see these women in diapers, schoolgirl outfits, or saying things like "daddy" and such and then jerk off to it and orgasm and their brain treats that like a reward and fuels them to get turned on by those things in real life also they were probably sexually fascinated with it to begin with given there's even a market for this.
It's so mainstream and vile and shayna doesn't have a pimp forcing her to do these things she has a supportive family and she just let's these men get off to her. And like >>159610 said she interacts with actual pedos who post bestiality and lolicon.

Mike Slack sexually abused his own daughter and shayna lurks and probably saw it and she still calls him "daddy"
There are probably more fathers and grandfather's subscribed to her who have access to kids. And then see those kids coloring, in a nursery setting, in diapers, cooing. She's gross. She's complicit, I hate when anons say she's asexual or something. Some women are just complicit in male deviance.

No. 159612

am i the only one who hates going to Shayna's twitter for any reason? Keke with that being said is she whining about valentines day? Whats going on with her

No. 159613

You are right. Fupaul having small kids who'd use the items he wanted Shayna to use lets me know that man is a fucking pedo.
fucking her with pacifers and teddy bears while slapping her?
Those men aren't all that attracted to Shayna they like Diapers, they like the props, thats what turn them on. The props remind them of the real thing Shayna is just the flesh wearing/using the props while mimicking what they want.
Again, that video of Kyle Nathan Perkins fucking Shayna leigh clifford who has a pacifer in her mouth, holding a teddy bear and slapping her was very fucking gross and telling. He was probably imagining her being an actual child that age. What Shayna is doing isn't harmless.

No. 159614

Sa, also, lets do a thought game
>A scrote exclusively watches porn where a woman wears diapers, acts like a baby, or underaged in a room styled to look like a kids room.
>He's a pedo
>Scrote writing erotic fiction about a "baby" being drugged by "Mumma" and "Daddy" and molested but..she's an adult and he's an adult
>He's a pedo
So how come people want to beat around the bush or try to downplay what Shayna does and who she panders too. PEDOS.
If a man did half of what Shayna did on the regular it would'nt be no, "He's a fat ass scrote and he does it with grown women" no, he's a pedo.
There was literally a case of a woman into DDLG with some scrote and I believe she was going to let him sexually abuse her daughter.
These men are pedos, Shayna makes content exclusely for men who want to see a woman who acts like a fucking child be beat up, drugged, molested and have sex.
It is what it is

No. 159615

File: 1676406762095.jpg (391.84 KB, 1024x1365, 8BECA612-ABCA-11ED-9887-0E5205…)

No. 159616

File: 1676406906279.png (568.03 KB, 954x602, shaylentines.png)

happy shaylentine's day

No. 159617

ive made a quite a few and made the last one but just dont have the energy to put forth the effort this time. I am satisfied with my contributions to the shay-legacy. Hopefully someone steps up soon cause im getting the shay-kes from lack of milk.

No. 159618

You missed the obvious: “Shay you’ll be mine”

No. 159619

File: 1676409705704.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.64 MB, 2690x2000, shayims.jpg)

here's my rendition of shay in sims 3 excuse the collage, i couldn't pick just one pic to post

No. 159620

okay what if if was guy asking her roleplay being raped and killed and thats the only way he could cum. that same disgust you feel towards the scrote who needs that is the same disgust most of us feel when we see a scote requesting girls act like babies and underage children so he can jerk it. there is something wrong with these people and YES encouraging this shit can lead to someone taking it to the next step. they think, i got away with viewing fucked up porn and its not enough for me anymore, now i wanna see actual kids. and shayna is the reason these pedos get “comfortable” with seeking out what they want. she contributes to the kiddie porn industry 100%.

And dont forget, I know shayna is ugly as rocks, but she can still pass a “barely legal” or even “15-17” years old to an 60 year old pedo. I totally get that its hard to imagine someone seeing her a baby, but a lot of these fucks do like to pretend she’s a 16 year old teen doing fucked up things when she colours in a book with a plug up her ass and says shit like “breffast”

No. 159621

not defending fupa, but i wonder how much of that was actually him just satisfying shaynas weird kinks? i mean, its been years since she’s been with him and she into baby and diaper shit more than ever. their sex lives reminds me of two edgy retards trying to one-up eachother to show off how “cool” and “extreme” they are but secretly both of them arent even into it. In shaynas case I honestly feel like she was asking Fupa do that baby shit during sex cause she was jealous of his kids and wanted the same attention. Probably why Fupa left too.

No. 159622

What’s shayna doing in valentine’s day? My fanfic is for her to walk dog and clean her apartment and herself. I know she’s not doing that and is sad nonas but then she wears diapers and records porn so not sad but indifference
Hope she’s doing something funny

No. 159623

He was into that shit and I truly believe Shayna IS into acting like a baby, simply because she's entitled. She wants a justifiable reason to be useless and not do anything, but still be loved and cared for. So she wants to be a literal fucking baby. Even if fupaul isn't into it truly he DID IT. He dated a woman who was into acting like a child and played into it a hell of a lot, while having children. Fupaul is disgusting and was following shayna in the first place, he favorite her tumblr and she reached out. A man with young childern would never think a woman in a pacifier, holding a bear while you fucked and slapped her is something he'd do to please his spouse. He'd not want to sexualize toddler/baby items. Fupaul would also slap her in public, have her draw pictures like a kid. He was into it and shayna is as well both for different reasons. His sexual.

No. 159624

Feb 14th 2023

Shayna’s ugly dog stairs blankly out the balcony window. The windows haven’t been open in weeks and the air is stale. Her retarded dogs moans lowly, looking to Shayna, hoping maybe today will be the day he feels the sun against fur again.
Shayna growls back her dog. She is furious he interrupted her thought. She looks down at the half written text message on her phone and lets out a sigh as she deleted the message. She takes one file scroll through the messages she already sent and before setting down her phone. She lets out an exasperated sigh before picking it up again and quickly retyping her message and hitting send:

Please Shane… just say anything back so I know you still care. It’s Valentine’s day and you said you loved me.

She throws the phone back down and feels her stomach growl. Making her way to the kitchen, she kicks away her cats by her feet. Apparently they are also hungry. She grabs the orange cat from the paths and yeets its across the room.

“SHUT UP” she yells as the cat lands roughly.

She looks down at the grey cat and lunges at it to release her frustation, but the grey cat narrowly escapes and runs under the couch - scared and hungry. Shayna trips on her thighs trying to grab the cat and loses her balance.


Shayna lands hard on the floor and lets out a growl full of spittle. She scans the floor with rage, hoping to attack the cat who made her fall. But her eyes meet up with an empty Hello Fresh bag.

“Brilliant” she says quickly as she attempts to stand up. “Shane wont be able to resist when she sees more of my cooking”. It takes a moment to get on her feet at her weight, but she finally manages to make her way to the fridge.

She excitedly opens the door and her face drops when she sees what is inside.

“Nooooooo. Not today! Not today!” she yells as she grabs the prepackaged bags. Each new bag shows the same date… all expired more than a week ago. She grabs the final bag and huffs when she reads the date. She hurls the bag of spoiled meat across the room, almost hitting her dog in the process. All three animals surround the bag, willing to eat anything at this point.

Shayna is mad but a look of pure joy overcomes her face when she hears her phone chime. He finally messaged me back! she thinks as she runs to the phone.

Message from Ellen, 2:00pm:
I have a new one willing to meet you

Shayna huffs and quickly writes back:

Shayna - 2:01pm
Thanks for reminding me when my Hello Fresh stuff was expiring! Not! Everything is spoiled and Im hungry

Ellen - 2:05pm
New guy is willing to pay in Door Dash cards if you can meet him tonight.

Shayna - 2:05pm
I dont wanna miss any texts from Shane or Kyle…

Ellen - 2:06pm
Babe… we’ve talked about this…

Shayna throws her phone down mad. She is tired of Ellen telling her to move on. Her stomach growls again as her message pings.

Ellen, 2:06pm
The best way to get back at them is to live your best life . Dont you remember the lizzo concert and how much money we made? Show them what theyre missing…

Shayna exhales slowly as she goes back into her conversation with Shane.

no new messages

She looks around to make sure no one is watching and scrolls back even further until she reaches her convo with Kyle perkins

message undeliverable

Still blocks she things looking down at her own fupa as if she’s remembering something. Her phones pings again.

Ellen, 2:10pm
If you dont take this one Im gonna.. its easy money.

Shayna, 2:10pm:
No no Ill do it. Youre right. Tell him he can come to my place in a few hours.


No. 159625

No. 159626

Kek. You got her body proportions perfect

No. 159627

why hasn't a Shayhead made new thread, I'm incapable

No. 159628

File: 1676418887952.jpg (69.32 KB, 1080x1574, pau-l.jpg)

I can't get over the fact that Paul Breach is The Shungus' twin keeeeek

No. 159629

He is fupa's twin too

No. 159630

guys im having shayna withdrawal symptoms, i can't cope with this the lack of milk is killing me

No. 159631

File: 1676425566613.jpg (141.6 KB, 1078x1080, Screenshot_2023-02-15-01-41-53…)

Our guy ken gayfag hairy shoulders constantly missing the mark is my new fave thing.

She obviously meant black men lmao.

No. 159632

>he wasn't into it
>still did it and got boners at her

No. 159633

I love you autistic bitches, will you be my shay-lentine

No. 159634

Me too, I'm also going through Shayna withdrawal

No. 159635

I thought this was some weird AI thing, but it is really good!

No. 159636

Thank you so much for this one noni, you really have a gift with words. I felt genuinely sad when ellen started texting her.

No. 159637

illl make the thread give me a alittle bit hang tight

No. 159638

i havent made one since one of the single digit threads

No. 159639

>>159242 this or
>>159602 that ????

No. 159640

second one

No. 159641

File: 1676432848238.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1179x1921, 5A11277E-30BC-44CD-902B-88FCE1…)

Sorry this isn’t very different than things already posted but this one scares the shit out of me

No. 159642

>a mid 30s divorced creep addicted to tumblr porn was still able to get hard while fucking skinny dumb young “rising porn star” for like a year before ditching her ass
not defending fupa but it’s not impossible to believe someone like him (dumb old desperate moid) is able to look past things he sees as a kink he isn’t into (Shay’s pedophilia) and still participate/get hard. Men fuck mcchickens.

No. 159643

samefag, just stating iirc Kyle Nathan Perkins seemed more into general kink/abuse shit (slapping/hitting) while the pedo shit seemed to be more Shay’s thing. She’s the common denominator in every situation. She’s a creep who surrounds herself with fellow creeps.
Thanks for your service nonnie please make sure to read the first few posts of the thread I think a few ppl made suggestions <3

No. 159644

I will don't worry haha
Sorry I haven't done it yet - I made dinner and im watching a movie, but it's almost over!

No. 159645

NEW THREAD >>1768423

i tried its been so long
and that thread had so little milk (hopefully more comes)
and it was hard to sit there and go through her thread i need eye bleach

No. 159646

NOT comment about the current thread, it's good, thank you to the nonny who did it

but dae like the shaynatorium better than the main threads now?
Shat is not THAT interesting, especially lately, it's all the commentary and stupid pics and shit that made her thread the best. I never understood when nonas busted a tit over autistic shayposting cus her threads definitely move slower now.

No. 159647

He did it. He has young childern and dated a woman into that. He played into it. I do not get why you are trying to remove this scrote from the age play shit or say, "well he did it for shayna" If he did,So what?
He's still the parent of young childern, one being a girl, who voluntarily did a video fucking his girlfriend with a pacifier and teddy bear.
If anything they both stopped doing the super pedo pandering play and leaned more into BDSM and at one point, it was like they weren't having super kinky sex at all. I truly believe Fupaul was into that shit, he used Shayba to get all his gross fantasies out and simply got bored and she's mentally ill, he's a asshole, it's been 5 Years and the sex isn't worth it.
Nobody is going to buy that a 30 something man with young kids, was just playing along with his young girlfriends pedo pander play, when he's on video and on Tumblr playing right along.
So at this point if he wasn't in it or wasn't doesn't matter. He did it and I repeat, he has fucking kids. A very small daughter.

No. 159648

Would you believe a man if he told you
>Oh yeah, uh that video of me fucking my younger girlfriend with a teddy bear in her arms, and a pacifier while slapping her? I..I was just trying to make her happy man. All those tumblr posts of me saying I'm her daddy and ddlg shit? That was for her bro!!!! I definitely didn't really want to do it!
Kyle Nathan Perkins is into DDLG and fucking adult women who mimick childern during sex.

No. 159649

this keeps making me laugh so fucking hard ily nona who made it
it's almost endearing but also so absurd and AI-uncanny I keep getting the giggles when I see it

the creativity of the shaynatorium is unparalleled

No. 159650

I've never liked the main threads, only went there for the sparse milk she had. Nonnies there are mad and unfunny.

No. 159651

File: 1676486670540.png (370.83 KB, 632x616, sims4lol.png)

I made Shaynus in TS4 too, I tried to use my CC to my advantage here but I don't think I have enough skins and skills to get the typical southern british chav girl face and sallow, poor nutritioned look.

Her traits:
> Lazy
> Self Absorbed
> Jealous
> Slob (I cheated to add a fourth trait)

I would also give her the 'Sugar Baby' trait with the Sugar Baby mod and then make some poor uglies like Womack and that DiaperYarbs guy her Sugar Daddies. You could also get that mod that takes the streaming from Get Famous and makes a camming career. The camming mod was pretty easily straight forward and I don't know how to cheat her sex work career to fail/stagnate. Maybe give her the Aversive Appearance trait as well that comes from another popular mod that I cannot remember.

No. 159652

Samefag but the second look is that formal look she did at Fatcon with the weird shiny bologna dress and the donut bun.

No. 159653

KEK I wish you could make the bun on top of her head

No. 159654

File: 1676495262490.jpeg (184.1 KB, 723x898, 57C4453D-1AC8-440E-A915-BFA9BF…)

Oh no! Shayna-chan got isekaied into the anime world! What will happen?

No. 159655

File: 1676497521371.jpeg (188.76 KB, 723x898, 1A04BAFB-7F8A-48DD-868D-B553DC…)

alt version - my interpretation of what a shaygical girl would look like. I clampified her proportions and added a new, elegant and dramatic background. This shaygical girl would have attacks like:
> Plant of Peace
> Lonely Pet
> Miracle Wine
> Shiny Dream Fupa
> Energetic Dance of Bird

No. 159656

Serious question when was the last time you saw a woman with the style of roller bang that shayna rocks?

No. 159657

File: 1676499299156.jpeg (198.06 KB, 750x1334, 3565F76B-8143-4160-A58A-F3A6C2…)

deleting old photos from my phone. this was screenshotted June 21, 2021. She has gained so much in the past two years.

No. 159658

File: 1676499637496.jpeg (149.83 KB, 750x805, 9595B7EC-C2C1-45C4-968E-83ED87…)

deleting old photos from my phone.

No. 159659

I'd like to add
>Magical smell attack
The smell of unwashed pussy etc. will make the enemies pass out

No. 159660

File: 1676517991572.jpeg (288.52 KB, 691x646, E72BE4EE-373B-4A0F-927A-C24622…)

No. 159661

Historians will study this

No. 159662

turbo kek nonnie, I wish I had the sims so I could do this

No. 159663


No. 159664

Top right is sending me

No. 159665

File: 1676591127761.png (303.04 KB, 679x800, shaysquatcho libre.png)

I wish we got to see more of Shaysquatcho Libre

No. 159666

Question for your shaytards, do you tell people about her in your real life? I would be too embarrassed to share how long I’ve been following the lore. Its annoying though because it’s fine to openly comment on people like Andrew Tate or celebs because they’re “public figures” but people like Shayna are more fun to watch because they self sabotage so hard and just get angry at the world over and over. It does feel like she’s kind of becoming a long standing lolcow though, she must be notorious in other circles.

No. 159667

Don't deprive yourself
All sims games for free

I try not to mention lolcows IRL. A friend was once wondering who Chrischan was and I explained while trying to hide my power level. The only people that know that I watch lolcows online are my sister and my husband because they do the same. There was one incident where I was with my sister in a cafe and a cow from /snow/ walked past and she said out loud "Oh my God cow!" Luckily no one knew what she on about.

No. 159668


No, it would be autistic. It's the behavior of those weird KF moids who are obsessed with Chris Chan.

No. 159669

Wtf anon graphic design is actually your passion. This is amazing, the Misadventures of Shaysquatcho Libre and the Lochnellen Dronster.

No. 159670

my nigel knows bc he saw me browsing the thread and wondered wtf i was looking at and my best friend knows bc she lurks the elon and grimes threads occassionally

No. 159671

i love to hate shayna so god damn much

No. 159672

File: 1676659909085.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1739, AC59EA53-242E-43EC-AC77-7F64DA…)

kekkkkk saw this on tiktok and immediately thought of the fat moid farmers found out was living in a basement with his grandma and was bitching that she made him clean his mouldy shower

No. 159673

Whenever shayna's milk is dry there's always some e-whore on meth writing multiple posts of psychotic screed of sex work "advice" KEK

No. 159674

I’m not even an e-whore or a “sex worker” at all and even I’ve tried to give her advice on sex work with the very little knowledge I have of that industry and moids kek. I would bet other anons who are not in that industry have done the same because the advice we give her most of the time is just common sense. The only reason Shayna is still this retarded is because her parents fund her lifestyle 100%. I pray that in 2023 her parents cut her off for good.

No. 159675

File: 1676681422777.jpeg (143.94 KB, 750x556, C29529BC-01CD-458E-A9DC-4578DE…)

this is one of the worst things she's posted imo

No. 159676

I'd never talk to someone about Shayna IRL for the same reasons as you basically nona, it's one thing to know about public figures like Elon or Musky or Andrew Tate or even at this point CWC to an extent. It's a whole other kettle of fish to try and explain to normies why I follow some ugly sex worker who pedopanders. Like, most people outside of the farms would think it's just nasty and they wouldn't want to see her. I don't even know how to explain why I keep watching her stupid fucking threads to myself, let alone anyone else kek

No. 159677

File: 1676682737110.jpeg (841.28 KB, 1500x1947, 1631363405201.jpeg)

Which circle of hell do you guys think Shayna Leigh Clifford of Renton Seattle will burn in?

No. 159678


nona you brought me back to life

No. 159679

File: 1676693042432.jpg (2.19 MB, 2024x2024, Picsart_23-02-17_21-03-22-982.…)

I enjoy shoopp makeovers

No. 159680

Is this a normal portion size in America?

No. 159681

her and ellen paid $70 bucks each to split it

No. 159682

File: 1676697606626.gif (2.93 MB, 375x350, 26C5A0DE-5E25-4E46-B1A5-DB8A88…)

No. 159683

I lost 41 lbs since last July BC I started to see my body resemble shaynas at that time.
Thank you shayna, you slovenly individual, for the endless motivation, even to this day. I just need about 10 more pounds and I'll be down to my goal weight!

No. 159684

He has been the daddy after all..

No. 159685

kekkkk ily nonnas the womack autists are my favorite anons

No. 159686

File: 1676743260941.png (569.98 KB, 441x511, shayfoodboil.png)

shaycial needs (shay special needs)

No. 159687

good for you, that's awesome!

No. 159688

File: 1676752111695.jpg (789.02 KB, 1200x1200, shaynights.jpg)

I have this thing where I get older, but just never wiser
Midnights become my afternoons
When my Hello Fresh steak is delivered, all of the portions
I've cooked are devoured all at once

I should not be left to my own devices
They come with prices and vices
I slap my face on cam
(Tale as old as time)
I wake up screaming from dreaming
One day, paypigs will be leaving
'Cause my tits are old and sagging
(For the last time)

It's me, Shay, I'm the problem, it's me
On lolcow, everybody agrees
I'll stare directly at the screen, but never in the mirror
It must be exhausting dealing with the aging baby bimbo

Sometimes, I feel like everybody is a pretty girl
And I'm big chungus on the hill
Too big to fit this skirt, it doesn't cover my dolphin pussy
I'm the mistress, but never claimed

Did you hear my raging bpd
I try so hard to hide
Like every other online whore?
(A tale as old as time)
I wake up screaming from dreaming
One day, I'll watch as you're leaving
And life will lose all its meaning
(For the last time)

It's me, Shay, I'm the problem, it's me
On lolcow, everybody agrees
I'll stare directly at the screen, but never in the mirror
It must be exhausting dealing with the aging baby bimbo

I have this dream I go viral, and make a ton of money
And finally stop being broke
The farmers gather 'round and read my thread and then someone says
"She's so fat her rolls will explode"

It's me, Shay
I'm the problem, it's me
It's me, Shay
I'm the problem, it's me
It's me, Shay
Everybody agrees, everybody agrees

It's me, Shay (Shay), I'm the problem, it's me (I'm the problem, it's me)
On lolcow (lolcow), everybody agrees (Everybody agrees)
I'll stare directly at the screen, but never in the mirror
It must be exhausting dealing with the aging baby bimbo

No. 159689

File: 1676757283703.png (93.23 KB, 259x162, Capture.PNG)

saw this in /ot/thought it was shayna

No. 159690

File: 1676757534828.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2048x2048, 1015F269-F57E-416E-8AAA-084CD7…)

Shayna if she never got into online sex work
The hair is dall-e 2 tier but it was impossible to fix it after I removed the bacon bow. Just pretend she went swimming or something kek

Also - I know there’s been at least 40 threads worth of posts about how bad she’s ruined her body, but I think she reached the point of no return for her face. Packing on that much facial fat has sagged her features so much. Even if she lost weight and her body started to look more normal, losing the gigachin will probably just make her look extremely haggard. The right picture is not some supermodel, just probably what shayna would look like in her mid 20s if she hadn’t gone down this path. It’s crazy that she would probably need surgical intervention to get back to a normal mid 20s face. The original pic is hysterically bad - her face looks like it’s bloated and melting

No. 159691

Keeping it real shayna puts TOO much effort into sexwork. I know, she doesn't do shit, but does any of the other girls the "top" girls if any of you know (for some reason) do all this shit Shayna does?
Like she DOES make porn storylines/themes that would do well in gross actual porn with scrotes or someone with sex appeal (yuck). It's a lot of dumb loweffort shit for what? Scrotes to jerk off? Does she think her porn is art? Kek, does she really think she's creating fucking art?
Like she's a streamer or something? A whole room dedicated for poorly made videos. Now she wants a laptop and I do not get it.
I won't lie and say I haven't watched porn (I went through a nasty porn addiction as a teen from being exposed to it, sadly) but…from what i remember there's fucking girls sitting on the floor doing "porn" and getting views. I don't know what sex work twitter looks like, But I assume there's more videos with thousands of likes and retweets of normal sex acts from normal people. Vs. what shayna is doing. I do not get it really. It's the ultimate pick me shit, your whole life is dedicated to making scrotes coom but you trick yourself into thinking it's for "you" because you get pennies

No. 159692

>Does she think her porn is art?
I think she had that delusion at the start, not so sure now. She seemed to believe that sex work was a way of being recognised for her bimbo aesthetic with fashion and make up. She looked cheap and low effort then and looks a hell of a lot worse now.

No. 159693

if shaynus wasnt such an attention whore she could probably have a career in the porn industry as a writer or director. i wonder if once she hits her 30s she will get over herself and start recruiting younger girls under her direction. She would skirt a lot of the drama attached to her name, and she could stay fat and degenerate behind the scenes.

No. 159694

File: 1676799925454.jpg (2.37 MB, 4000x3000, 20230216_083319.jpg)

Was toy shopping in Target for a niece's bday and recognized these cursed Shayrtifacts left on the shelf… I truly felt her pedo pandering presence.

No. 159695

no anon, the bridge of her nose wasn't broadened by sexwork and her lips wouldn't been fuller either. same goes for the size of her eyes. stop making shit up

No. 159696

File: 1676822885181.png (Spoiler Image, 690.07 KB, 513x675, 356C0FF4-C3AA-44F3-9E79-F80908…)

I found this cap from one of her videos in one of the earliest threads and it’s a great representation of how clueless she is 24/7. Yes this is supposed to be a porn video. It is unknown whether that is poop or period blood.
I don’t think she’s autistic but just stupid. She reminds me of the women who post trashy/lulzy photos for Shein reviews.

No. 159697


No. 159698

File: 1676843896680.jpeg (99.86 KB, 676x940, 1632414265297.jpeg)

this is an old picture but why does she look so british jesus christ

No. 159699

File: 1676846071740.jpeg (21.54 KB, 359x398, bWVkaWEvRmx0eUI4YldRQU1oVTVyLm…)

Shayna wishes kek really though, it's bleak

No. 159700

File: 1676857754854.jpg (84.5 KB, 595x596, Screenshot_2023-02-20-00-46-16…)

What are you using your Shay fly swatter on first?

No. 159701

funny how that tweet was a made-up bait story to get OF attention but mike slack did this unironically and all her daughter got back was more irreversible trauma and nothing else

No. 159702

Her ancestry is probably British. IIRC she had an argument with her mother over what their ancestors did because they were some of early settlers or something. There's a lot of Irish, Italians and Acadians in New England so it's impossible to know for sure.

No. 159703

looking back at pictures from her no makeup arc is truly baffling. she legit looked like a bog witch

No. 159704


No. 159705

>POV of the delivery driver of the local chippie when he brings a munchy box to a council estate mother of five.
She looks so much like a smack head Janner, it's unreal.

No. 159706

Why are her pupils so big and her eyes are so small? She kinda has like some sort of animal eyes

No. 159707

People get mad when nonas talk about how ugly her eyes are and they look like shit. It's not some "Nazi" retarded shit. No they literally do look like a large turd in a toliet. Her eyebags are the toliet seat and her large pupils is the huge monster shit.
Nothing wrong with brown eyes at all, but Shayna really does have ugly eyes.It's because she has no eyelashes or very light eyelashes. I remember on her discord someone pointed out that she looks different kek. I think thats why her eyes look so ugly. It's crazy how much eyelashes does for her eyes

No. 159708

>Her eyebags are the toliet seat and her large pupils is the huge monster shit.

No. 159709

what is Shayna's true hair color? Why are her eyelashes so fair? Or is it a white people thing NO NOT RACE BAITING. I'm black and I've seen that some white people can have brown hair or something but have lighter eyebrows. Was she a blonde as a child? I'm genuinely asking. Or did she pull them out with eyelash glue over the years? Im a shayhead year 3, but my brain is foggy from the sharts

No. 159710

yes or no is stayna in womacks will? i feel like she is imo

No. 159711

Some white people have blonde eyelashes and invisible brows while others don't. It depends on your ancestry a bit but it's really a tossed bag–esp in a 'melting pot' like America.
I think the easier answer is to look at at her dad >>159581, he has no eyebrows so thats where I guess it comes from kek.

No. 159712

File: 1676942625801.jpeg (469.19 KB, 1242x1337, 1676939517384.jpeg)

She visits the shaynatorium.

No. 159713

File: 1676942769799.png (2.24 MB, 1265x1467, shaysim.png)

here is my shaysim

No. 159714