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No. 162354

What would you do/think if you saw someone you know/your Nigel following Shayna/a sex worker like Shayna? How would you feel? Would your opinion of them change?

>no fantasical bullshit for example

"I'd cut his fucking balls off and nail them to the wall"
Just be honest

No. 162355

90% chance they’re a coomer/degen and 10% they know of her lolcow antics and are my similar breed of autism. If it’s a man then it’s 100% for the former and I would lose all respect for them immediately. I would not even take it seriously and think it’s some big betrayal but just laugh at the state of their sex drive and brain cells to be wacking off to a woman who is never aroused and hates sex. Like they are extremely pathetic because it takes a specific kind of retard and/or kinkster moid to follow big Shaymu.
> my Nigel
regardless if it’s Shaynus or some more attractive, famous porn star, I find any sort of porn on my boyfriend’s device then I will cut my losses and break up immediately. I hate wasting my time and I just don’t really care to fight for a coomer under any circumstances. Moids will claim it’s old, you’re crazy, blah blah. You establish that boundary early on and stick to it. If you let it slide and stay then it’s proof to the moid that he can get away with violating your ethics/morals and possibly more in the future.

No. 162358

File: 1684211686932.jpeg (243.42 KB, 1170x1439, EE77B5F7-486C-40C0-8B7E-C17F42…)

Ty Nona for making this thread in response to my off topic post in the main. I did it to myself but I’m bored and decided to look for some keks by searching for Shay’s IG and lurked through the other cows/SWers that she associates with. I ended up on this hag’s page but lo and behold my friend’s husband follows her. Kek I seriously was so embarrassed about finding it out because I can’t really be like hey so your husband is a degen moid huh?

Anyway I can’t take either of them seriously anymore. Who knows what kind of perv shit they’re into

No. 162360

>decided to look for some keks
I cant take YOU seriously

No. 162363

My husband already knows about Shayna. He looked over my shoulder to see what I was laughing about and I had to explain. He thinks she's gross. He likes fit, athletic women and she's the opposite of that. He did cry with laughter when he saw that there had to be warning put in the OP not to excessively nitpick her vagina.

If I ever caught a friend's husband looking at Shay's social media, I would probably tell my friend and show her the evidence. Any retard coomer moid risking his marriage to look at fat $3 fat OF whores deserves what he gets.

No. 162365

If they followed her to laugh or if they genuinely liked her/her porn?
If it's the first, I would think it's funny, if it's the latter, I would look down on them.

No. 162374

Yo she probably doesn’t know about him following her. You should tell her.

No. 162378

Nah she’s made some comments that have made me wonder about their private life in the past and this just confirmed they’re degens on some level. I’m sure she’s aware anyway because he publicly follows and comments on many porn accounts. Plus I’m not autistic enough to be like hey girl your man follows this hag porn lady who is friends with a pedo pandering lolcow. I’ll look crazy.

No. 162439

If it were my Nigel? I'd laugh him out of the room while also telling him he's disgusting, I'd have zero respect for him and it would be over. If my Nigel were to waste our hard earned money on some degenerate shit like this, I wouldn't stick around. Gross. Not to sound vain, but I am far more attractive than Shaynus and if he's into THAT then I'll find someone who appreciates me. Wouldn't be hard at all and he knows that kek. He can have all the hogs he wants. As for anyone else in my life, I'd have a serious intervention with them and then decide whether or not it's someone I wish to continue associating with. In my experience, pornsick individuals are not stable human beings and need help. Now… if any of the above were following for keks… I can't be a hypocrite and clutch my pearls, probably just kek alongside them.

No. 163082

Honestly I think it would be hilarious to have someone to discuss Shay drama with. If it was a male following her for sexual purposes i’d constantly send them fugly shay pics and never let them love it down. She is the definition of uh oh stinky.

No. 163121

File: 1685524996153.jpg (13.21 KB, 399x267, Chick.jpg)

this thread inspired me to vet my nigel. i showed him some photos and he guessed her age as 30, said it was the unsexiest thing hes ever seen, and that she looked like this girl from nostalgia critic.

moids are very stupid, nostalgia critic girl is SO OBVIOUSLY better looking, but if one sane moid can compare the two, that must be what all moids are doing. just being completely blind

No. 163125

They don't look that similar to me, aside from being fat.

No. 163127

You think that woman if fat? Back to the anachan thread with you

No. 163136

the nostalgia critic girl is cute, clean, and has nice skin. your moid sounds retarded.

No. 163137

File: 1685669875640.jpg (33.41 KB, 300x400, fat-scoo7.jpg)

No. 163141

Your perception of reality is warped

No. 163143

File: 1685705514056.jpg (35.14 KB, 500x500, artworks-000431013348-tin1d7-t…)

No. 163144

Lindsey Ellis is cute dafuq wrong with your nigel

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